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Archives: April 14, 2015

Senate votes to strip private toll road company of eminent domain powers

Pondering Clinton vs Clinton From Paris by Steve Clemons

Psssssssssssssst! Former Blackwater guards sentenced in 'staggering' massacre of unarmed Iraqis

How I met your mother:

Texas House OKs pension fix

Saudi expands foreign ties beyond traditional ally US

Obamacare saves the day again!

Meet the Iowans in Hillary Clinton announcement video

TPP Action Alert: Fast Track legislation to be introduced into Senate tomorrow

TPP Action Alert: Fast Track legislation to be introduced into Senate tomorrow

Bolivia Accuses Assange of Putting Evo Morales' Life at Risk

Really tragic story about one really messed-up "family."

Rubio and the water glass

Planned Parenthood Says It Could Lose Cancer-Screening Funds Under State Budgets

Bolivia Accuses Assange of Putting Evo Morales' Life at Risk

Why it is critical that HRC wins in 2016

Why is everyone referring to Clinton by her first name?

Shelby Gives The Ford Raptor 700 Horsepower And Stripes For $45,000

Unions, angry Republican voters rally in support of Indiana's wage law

Cruz, Rubio, Huckleberry,

Rep. Molly White staff won’t schedule gay activist, calls it a "waste of time"

News about Fukushima

Don’t Mess With My Bacon, Egg and Cheese.

GM to end production of current Chevy Volt

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Haters Gonna Hate, Hate, Hate, Hate, Hate . . .! & a new Kitteh gif

The Nasty Blowback From America’s Wars: The Brutalizers and the Brutalized (Ray McGovern)

This Should Be CSPAN'S Theme Song

S-300 will not prevent potential Israeli strike on Iran

Armed rangers guard last northern white rhino male

John Oliver Compares IRS Budget Cuts To Zayn Malick Leaving One Direction

Kid's Reaction To Hillary Clinton's Campaign Video

Welcome to the future: US cops pay Bitcoin ransom to end office hostage drama

Sources: Michael Crabtree to Raiders

Monday Evening TV 1965 - 50 years ago

Report: US Taxpayers Bear 'Hidden Cost' of Poverty Wages

Tennessee court calls off the rest of the state’s scheduled executions

Today in Herstory: Robin Morgan Leads Sit-In Against Grove Press for Sexually Exploiting Women

New Jersey gay therapy ban is upheld over boy's challenge

Walmart uses Georgia ‘conscience clause’ to refuse woman’s miscarriage treatment.

North Carolina college employee shot dead

Wales: abandoned puppies now under RSPCA care

Sheriff Compares Killing Of Black Man To Mistake 'Made In An Operating Room'

Georgia Man shoots at armadillo, bullet hits mother-in-law

Hillary Clinton Ad Campaign Prompts 18+ Warning In Russia For Clip Of Gay Couple

Chile's Lagos criticizes Venezuela's Maduro

Rubio, Crazy Cruz and others have done 'splainin to do about their stand on Cuban embargo

West Coast sardine season called off amid population decline

Walmart Pharmacist Refuses To Fill Prescription For Miscarriage Patient Citing ‘Conscience Clause’

Unions, angry Republican voters rally in support of Indiana's wage law

Unions, angry Republican voters rally in support of Indiana's wage law

Security forces confiscate thousands of electrodes at Gaza crossing

Here's the thing - don't expect me to be enthused about someone who cozys up to a mass murderer.

Earworm... Glory...from academy awards

Here's how Hillary Clinton plans to raise tons of campaign money

Robert Scheer on Hillary Clinton (he's not a fan)

Edward Snowden Is Acting Very Strange Inside Russia

Expanded Supreme Court gives historic victory to Beduins in land dispute cases with state

Huge California water supplier plans to reduce deliveries

Are we comforted by a project "For a New American Century?"

"Shellfish Suppression Act", a California ballot proposal.

Football writer Jim Dent faces long prison term after 10 DWIs

Germany Proves Life With Less Fossil Fuel Getting Easier

Rockies spoil Giants' latest celebration

Cathedral of Hope in Dallas names new senior pastor

' there’s no way students are going to pay it back'

Walker embraces Bush failed and disastrous Preemptive War Policy, with Dumb Ron Johnson's support.

Martin O'Malley sings covers of the Pogues. And other Irish songs.

Florida Man sets a bouncer on fire...

Former Gov. Deval Patrick to join Bain Capital

Breaking news! Latest update

Austin City Limits Creator Bill Arhos Dies at 80

Anoushka Shankar / Norah Jones - "Traces Of You"

Guy tries to make it into the Darwin Awards...

MSNBC Anchor Misidentifies Joaquin Castro As 'Cuban-American'

Rubio, Paul, and Cruz...

Could someone name one Democratic candidate that the Republican Party will not unite against in the

New York questions big retailers over 'on-call' staffing

Update on Florida man: he's been busy but is thinking of you all

There is an outbreak of canine influenza in the midwest

Queen of the idiot birthers says Walker will win because statistically we have not had a presidentia

There is an outbreak of canine influenza in the midwest

Former NFL RB Lawrence Phillips suspected of killing prison cellmate

How military chaplains are finding new ways to treat vets with invisible wounds

Impoverished tribe struggles to stop surge in teen suicides many of you "low life poor slobs" spent your money on a cruise ship or casinos?

"So far she's your only choice unless you skip voting"

Time does pass.

HRC has finally revealed her true colors.

Sh!t Southern Women Say

AP: Children of Holocaust survivors inherit the role of witness

I just read about Pam Bondi's fundraiser with 6 wealthy Scientologists last year...Jolly also.

Celebrate International Dark Sky Week!

Gov. (R-NE) Ricketts urges people to 'jealously' guard right to express beliefs (religious freedom)

For the recoed: HRC's IWR speech

Rep. Hank Johnson forces lawmakers to hear the names of police shooting victims

Bitter, much?

Walmart suddenly closes five stores nationwide for 6 months due to 'plumbing issues'

Coal job losses more than offset by other energy gains, but not in W.Va.

Coal job losses more than offset by other energy gains, but not in W.Va.

Sheldon Silver’s son-in-law arrested, accused of defrauding investors with $7M Ponzi scheme

Dash cam: Officer who shot black man told boss he ran away

WATCH: Hillary Clinton's greatest Israel hits

Juan Cole: Clinton on the ME is similar to Obama, but more interventionist

Coal job losses more than offset by other energy gains, but not in W.Va.

There is a possibility that HRC could actually go FDR if she wanted to...

A Comedian’s Takedown of Victoria’s Secret Angels Was Pitch-Perfect

WIBC/Indianapolis Drops Rush Limbaugh

Mother decides to leave anti-vaxxer movement—but not in time. All 7 children get whooping cough

11-year-old has criminal and felony charges against him for kicking trash can in school

I Don't Hate

In the sea, a deadly form of leukemia is catching

Socialism in North Dakota

Bill O’Reilly: Hillary Clinton has an advantage because it’s ‘open season’ on white men in America

Why I Do This

Giant sea lizards in the age of dinosaurs: A new birth story for baby mosasaurs

Obama's hair. Why, dear God, why??????????????????????????????????/

Video. Walter Scott Passenger Speaks: 'He Didn't Deserve to Die'

Cardiac tissue grown on 'spider silk' substrate

Wow what a stretch. If this doesn't smack of pathethic and dumb

California CPUC Member Pushes For Comcast Merger Rejection

Documents show Texas Dept. of Public Safety spied on Mexico

Locals Only

Pantex workers considering strike

Pantex workers considering strike

Synthetic muscle ready for launch into space

3 former Beaumont ISD employees sentenced for fraud

San Jose: Freeways reopened after hourslong negotiation with man on overcrossing

When you land, can you stand? One-Year Mission video miniseries: Functional performance

REPUBLICANS DRINKING *[email protected]!?#* Waterglass, The Tapes

Check out today's Google Doodle

Clinton's logos rebranded:

An Anti-Hillary Campaign On Twitter Gets Taken Over With Classic Sarcasm

Mark Kirk Says People Drive Faster Through Black Neighborhoods

2016 Campaign Likely To Be The Most Hateful, Incendiary, Racist & Misogynist In US History.

any trackers around?

2 APD officers face investigation, possible criminal charges

Bob Corker Says Iran Bill Can Withstand Obama Veto

first farmer's market of the season is saturday!

Britain's Biggest Robbery Heist - Robbers walk away with $300M.Cops did not respond to burglar alarm

Wikipedia vs Quackery – Standards vs Chaos

Prediction: Scott Walker will be the Republican nominee.

The Shockingly Familiar Killing of Walter Scott

The American Dream - Wow!

The most banned and challenged books of 2014 (Excellent reading list)

When I hear the media always saying, during these times of police misconduct, that it's only

Life for a Tourist in Venezuela

Parental Advisory

It's been difficult to write what is happening to public education in this country now.

Dumb Criminals: Jersey Man Steals Car So He Won't Be Late For Court Date

How to Respond to the Kansas "Cruise Ship" Judge Judys

Nasty, sexist posts. Why, dear God, why? n/t

CEO Cuts His Pay, Raises All Workers' Pay To $70,000 Per Year Minimum

People need to quit focusing so much on their stupid lawns.

business names for candles

OMG, I'm never going on youtube again


UK Parties: UKIP and the English Democrats

A bank teller today illustrated how Bill Clinton may provide a "halo effect" for Hillary

DawnsBrain: Ten Facebook Pages You Need to Stop Sharing From

Jimmy Cliff - Many Rivers To Cross (VIDEO)

U.S. Encouraging Cuba To Shift Toward Democratic System Of Corruption

Daily Holidays -April 14

More than 200 sickened on San Diego-bound cruise ships

What to know about recent food recalls and bacteria listeria

Attempts to dislodge cougar hiding under LA house fail

The Hill: Labor unions ramp up opposition to Obama trade agenda

Committee OKs bill targeting union dues

First Church of Polydeism - If A Tree Falls In The Forest...

The 1 percent are parasites: Debunking the lies about free enterprise, trickle-down, capitalism and

Hillary Clinton: The International Neocon Warmonger

Ex-guards sentenced for Iraq shootings plan appeal

Elizabeth Warren Slams Big Oil, Says Major Companies Profit From Pollution

Koterba toon: Hillary in small town USA

Food from Fukushima could be hitting Britain's shelves through legal safety loophole

UAE Gave $1 Million to NYC Police Foundation; Money Aided ‘Investigations’

Picturesque city

Nestlé's California Water Permit Expired 27 Years Ago

International Japan Court Rejects Bid to Restart of 2 Nuclear Reactors

Group hopes recycled hotel soap helps save lives worldwide

FBI Investigating Former White House Military Aide

Hillary.... Nah, this is a post about the world's first robot chef

Chevron exposed falsifying evidence in Ecuador oil pollution trial

Chevron exposed falsifying evidence in Ecuador oil pollution trial

Government and Media Fantasies About Cuban Politics

The Photographer: Self Portrait

Government and Media Fantasies About Cuban Politics

The Atlantic interview with Tom Cotton- scary shit

Article: Be careful -- you could kill your cat

Mark the date: Loony Tune Ben Carson to make "major announcement on May 4

Bloomberg: Conservatives Regroup on Religious-Freedom Bills

Man critical in hospital after arrest by Baltimore police

Former Gov. Patrick has new job at Mitt Romney's old firm

Iran to appoint first female ambassador since Islamic Revolution in 1979 -reports

How many repub candidates will there end up being?

Right Wing Watch: Steve King edition: 'Screechy' Hillary Clinton Won't Play Well In Iowa

Everybody needs to pick a side in politics, right?

Marco Rubio.....citizen question

Talibangelicals go after Dan Savage

$ 50 million under the sea - Wreck of 'City of Cairo' found

California's Record-Breaking Heat & Drought "Is Only The Beginning"

Food, Farming and Climate Change: It’s Bigger than Everything Else

The FDA Just Released Scary New Data on Antibiotics And Farms

$ 50 million under the sea - Wreck of 'City of Cairo' found

Stolen yorkie hails rescue van to take him home!

Daredevil on Netflix seriously kicks ass.....

"Atheists come to religious area for convention"

Abraham Lincoln was shot 150 years ago today - Barack Obama wrote about his life in 2005

I would like to conduct an experiment.

Pentagon: 'IS' has lost over 25 percent of land in Iraq

Senate Committee to Challenge Obama With Vote on Iran Bill

Hillary Clinton, Just an Unrecognized Burrito Bowl Fan

Hillary visited a Chipotle and no one noticed it was her!

So.. Cruz is a hedge fund dog..

GOPers Put Idaho At Risk Of Losing $46 Million Over Fear Of Creeping Sharia Law

How We Can Hold American Companies that Use Sweatshop Labor Accountable

Passenger: Walter Scott was dear friend, ‘helped me to become a better man’

Spokesman: Sanders 2016 run choice by April 30

Fmr GOP Rep Bob Inglis Gets JFK Profile In Courage Award For Recognizing Reality

150 years ago tonight: Lincoln shot at Ford's Theatre...

WY Snowmelt Dates 1-2 Wks Earlier In 2000s Than '72-'99, Critical For What Ag There Is

I am finding that the CBS Morning news show to be the best of all. Their selection

General Dissusion is now.................

Scientists Seeing "Amazing" Sea-Surface Temps Around Australia, Pointing To Record 2015-16

Tuesday Toon Roundup 1: HRC Pro's and Con's

Since Jan, 2014, 976 Tulare County CA Water Wells Have Failed - Dry Or Contaminated

Study finds hiring discrimination in STEM academia

Tuesday Toon Roundup 2: Only Cons for this party

Here's comes Hillary's economic populism...diagnosis, but no prescription

Tuesday Toon Roundup 3: The Rest

Progressive Muslims


IN Working To Restore Gay Rights Damage . . . By Hiring PR Firm To "Fix Image"

Would someone on DU please explain to me how

Arrow Truthers

Rachel Maddow - Marco Rubio running for president 'without a net'

Police Academy: "Disarm him before he can use it..."

Free Cone Day is Today! Ben & Jerry's

Rachel Maddow - 2016 candidates line up their big money backers

No alternative plan? - "I'd be happy to elucidate said plan..."

He's such a TEASE! "Why you keep fooling, Little coquette, breaking hearts you are ruling..."

Obama’s trade pitch falling flat with Dems

Japan halts restart of nuclear power reactors

Here’s what we know about Marco Rubio’s faith of many colors

You can Believe our Founding Fathers, or you can Believe the Teapublicans

Here’s what we know about Hillary Clinton’s quiet faith

Anyone familiar with Buffalo Bully Stix or Bingo buffalo tail treats?

Bolivia Accuses Assange of Putting Evo Morales' Life at Risk

Romero Britto sues Apple

Why Are Possible HRC challengers So long To Announce?

Venezuela's president sees no oil price recovery this year

Joel Pett cartoon...

If America wants to be this big strong country that saves the world...

Hillary Clinton can not beat Jeb Bush

Ten books that give school librarians headaches

Christie fails to report income, avoids $152,000 in taxes

'Strong' evidence of Syria regime chemical attacks: HRW

Stereotypes kill

Stop Letting the Rich Move to Puerto Rico as a Tax Haven (Ted Cruz connection)

For eagle fans. A couple of pics and an update on the kids.

‘I went from broke to an instant millionaire here’ (Cheverito!!!)

White Christians brawl with cops & shoot at them, cops show restraint

Hillary's van is not very "green"

On Staying Alive Despite Being Black

This latino writes an Open Letter to Ted Cruz, marco Rubio and Jeb Bush

Here's How Republicans Handed Hillary Clinton a Big Fat Opportunity On Social Security

Hillary channels Elizabeth Warren in campaign bid

The only commercial Hillary needs to run

Hillary Clinton Is Too Ambitious To Be The First Female President

Hillary channels Elizabeth Warren in campaign bid

The 'FORCE' does exist...beyond death.

Report Shows US Invasion, Occupation of Iraq Left 1 Million Dead

Is Netflix sending you extra discs?

Why aren't people more angry at the dems supporting Corker's Iran bill?

The Repuke criticism of Hillary that makes steam come out of my ears

Anyone who isn't a Trident fan might consider signing this petition

Hillary must feel so proud...One million dead from Iraqi invasion and occupation

Less than the square root of minus-impossible-one. . . . Please come CAPTION The Donald!!!

The Trial of Henry Kissinger By Christopher Hitchens

Walmart Withholds Medicine From Lady Who Miscarried, Because She’s Probably A Sinner

Stereotypes kill (cross post from GD)

Privileged White Guy Comes To Agonizing Decision

Rep. Hank Johnson blasts Congress for its silence and inaction on police shootings

Hillary Clinton is the Most Qualified Presidential Candidate Ever

Law Passed: No Vaccine? No Welfare Benefits

Texas church members accused of starving ‘demon-possessed’ toddler and then trying to resurrect him

Vatican to train army of exorcists to deal with rising number of ‘demonic possessions’.

Cruz’s Constant References to Jesus Drive Millions to Atheism

WMATA's first 7000-series train to debut on Blue Line

A bluebird wants inside my house!

Marijuana Plant Extract Reduces Epileptic Seizures by Half

Bloomberg Markets The $5 Billion Race to Build a Better Battery

Pic Of The Moment: Marco Rubio Is Running For President! America Reacts

Miami-Dade enrolls 400,000 in Obamacare, more county enrollments than 43 states

If Hillary is nominated, she will need a VP with experience.

The judge in the Alanta teacher sentencing case has acted so

Is there a way to put an entire group on ignore?

The Freepers and Birthers show their "whites and male Christians only" attitude...

GOP is still on a "Christian nation" bender...

Percy Sledge has died

OMG! Wikipedia wants someone to kill the Pope!

have you seen the google doodle for today? 155th anniversary of the pony express

ok, people. we have a handle on this. when did clinton announce?

Bullet ricochets off armadillo - wounds mother-in-law in Georgia

Blackwater Guards Sentenced for Killing Iraqi Civilians, Still Insist They Did Nothing Wrong

If Obama closes Guantanamo prison, Rubio says he would reopen it

Purple bandaids, "Let him die" and violent killer cops.

New police brutality outrage over video that claims to show California cops CLUBBING DUI motorist

"I saw John Wilkes Booth shoot Abraham Lincoln"

R&B singer Percy Sledge dies at 73

Rachel last night was terrible.

Moving Medicaid To State Would Put Children On Hook For Parent's Long Term Care.

How Were Percieved Your Two Last Dem Candidates ( Plus Hillary now) From France

"you can’t do analysis of American politics if you don’t 1st understand the GOP as xenophobic"

"Christian" word salad, "Gay abortionists?" edition...

The last surviving person to view the face of Lincoln. An exercise in creepy...

Here kitty, kitty. "Mountain Lion P-22 Hunkers Down Overnight in Los Feliz Home's Crawl Space"

Gary Cass: Satan using gay abortionists to destroy humanity


Henry Giroux: The War on Terrorism Targets Democracy Itself

Newly-built aircraft-carrier specifically designed to handle F-35 can't handle F-35

Wolf criticizes UPMC wages; health giant suggests union motivations

PHOTO: Hillary Clinton's 'Scooby' van from

Oil-Rich Nations Are Selling Off Their Petrodollar Assets at Record Pace

The Banality of Henry Kissinger

Percy Sledge has passed.

For the Lego videogame fans...

Lauer to Rubio: How Can GOP Elect You After ‘One-Term Senator’ Obama Criticisms?

Putin’s Mideast Gains Trump $27 Billion Loss From Iran Agreement

And yet another: John Kasich: 'Seriously considering' presidential bid

It's Equal Pay Day. Time to make it happen!

UN Security Council Bans Arms Sales to Yemen’s Saleh, Houthi

An Illustrated History of Kurt Russell's Wondrous Movie Hair

Senate Panel Deal Paves Way for Vote on Iran Nuclear Bill

U.S. Drug Spending Increases Most in 13 Years to $373.9 Billion

Idaho Is Not Fooled: Keep Your Sharia Money, Tyrannical Federal Government

The Hill: Iran Whip List: Dems on the fence (and what we could maybe, kinda do)

Richard Wolff's April 2015 Update: “Basic Economic Changes Today: Within and Beyond Capitalism”

TSA Screeners At DIA Manipulated System To Grope Men’s Genitals

Henry Giroux: The War on Terrorism Targets Democracy Itself

It's Equal Pay Day. Time to make it happen!

Year After Denying Federal Control, Bundy Still Runs His Bit Of Nevada

Chris Christie Pushes Means Test for Social Security in New Hampshire

Maryland Finds ‘Free Range’ Children At Park, Throws Them In Baby Jail

Hillary Clinton’s Progressive Problem

Tim McGraw to Perform Benefit Show for Sandy Hook Promise

This is going to be a FUN 18 months LOL...hypocrisy- CHECK!

SF Supervisor Scott Wiener gets ‘stalked’ to work by angry nudist

State lawmakers take aim at UC brass’ lofty salaries

Can the working class still change the world?

Exorcists warn Vatican over 'beautiful young vampires' and satanic yoga

I heard on NPR that when Rubio got on the plane after annoucning his run, that the person in the

Why Does WaPo Protect Identities of Cops Who Tased a Shackled, Mentally Ill Woman Until She Died?

April 14 equal pay day...

Hillary Clinton makes first campaign stop in Iowa – politics live

Play ruined by disturbance

No more instant coffee in space! / Power nap w/ coffee

Donald Trump: How Can We Win If Obama Keeps Saying ‘ISIL’?

Hi, guys.


Two mysterious bright spots on dwarf planet Ceres are not alike

Is there DU interest in Starting a Martin O'Malley group?

When I go to DU Norton displays "Suspicious Web Page Blocked You attempted to access http://www.demo

Women Preferred 2:1 in Academic Science Jobs

2 articles on Mars' water discoveries

Shale Oil Boom Could End in May After Price Collapse

what's for dinner - tuesday, april 14th

Alaska's Gov Walker presses Medicaid expansion as legislators try to cut program cost

Obama meets Iraqi PM, offers $200M in aid to help those displaced by Islamic State

US Senate not only place Repubs are stalling on confirmations; Alaska, too

The leader of America’s biggest union federation tells Steven Greenhouse why he’s no fan of the TPP

Flat Earthers deserve more respect than either theists or atheists for their ideas

April 14--This is how long women have to work each year to make pay equal with men...

Color map suggests a once-active Ceres

So, I had this inexplicable craving for Chipotle today...

Democrat Agrees to Corker Bill for Congressional Review of Iran Deal

The arrow points right and it's bright red.

Need a Job this summer?Be a Surveillance Role Players

Monday's SpaceX launch scrubbed, rescheduled

Report On Fukushima Unit 1 Containment Inspection 2015

It Doesn’t Get Much Better Than Hillary Clinton’s 404 Error Page On Her New Website

For Hillary's running mate -- Sherrod Brown

Transcript: NPR's Full Interview With Sen. Marco Rubio

Vladimir Putin Is The Most Influential Person In The World, Time Readers Say

I Won't Be Silent. Silence Is Violence

Is this Hillary's new logo?

Why are people dying for the republicans

Rest in Percy

Getting Hillary's Attention

#FallWithPaul #CarnivalCruz #MarcoPolio

Good. Now fire Deputy Fuckyourbreath. Reserve Deputy Charged With Manslaughter In Eric Harris Death

Chicago Police Violence & The Purging Of Misconduct Allegations - Sarah Macaraeg Discusses

'click farms'

"Hillary Clinton is going to be the next president."

Okay ... So I'm sitting in a Doctor's waiting room ...

One difference between our countries

We have a problem poster who skirts the edge, self-deletes, etc.

Oh my God...Oh my God...I can't believe I did this..

Newsflash for Republicans: If you want more people to work, you need to increase welfare benefits

The ExxonMobil Explosion That Nobody Is Talking About

Bernie Sanders: Why?

Robot chef that can cook any of 2,000 meals at tap of a button to go on sale in 2017

Food truck workers attacked in LoDo (Denver) after customer uses racial slurs

Florida Woman Covers Husband in Barbeque Sauce, Chases Him With Butcher Knives

I would like to have a substantive discussion on ...

Economic Collapse Will Limit Climate Change, Predicts Climate Scientist

A Conservative Florida Republican Explains Why He Shot Down an Anti-Gay Adoption Bill

House Republicans Want To Strip Protections For People Living In Mobile Homes

Progressives, If You Want A Democrat To Win In '16, Drop This Non-Existent Elizabeth Warren Campaign

Disgraced Republican Slapped With $76,000 Bill For Special Election To Replace Him

Who supports Rand-ish?

Commander Poopypants shoots off his big bazoo again...

The US Carried Out 674 Military Operations in Africa Last Year. Did You Hear About Any of Them?

The Birthers are showing their true colors. Lily-white.

AFSCME's most successful social media blitz ever and the DU is there!!!

Hillary's Logo Deciphered!!!

Cop Protects City by Issuing Citation to Man in Wheelchair for Not Having Proof of Disability

Docs Show Gov Jeb Bush Funneled At Least $1.7 Billion Of FL Pension Cash To George W. Bush Donors

Remember those two Nevada cops murdered by far-right nutcases?

Republican candidates for president order a burrito from Chipotle (satire)

Girl sends heartwarming message to dad in Space

Magic Johnson endorses Hillary

The wrong way to think about California water

Gap and Target among 13 stores probed for hourly wage practices

Today's interactive Google Doodle:

Good morning Bay Area!

Texas Woman Arrested in Alleged Attempt to Resurrect Dead Toddler

RIP, Percy Sledge. And thanks.

The Truth on Proposal 1 & What It Will and Will Not Do

AFSCME's most successful social media blitz ever and the DU is there!!!

AFSCME's most successful social media blitz ever and the DU is there!!!

Chris Christie Calls for Raising Age for Social Security, Cutting Benefit for Some Seniors

Permafrost wildfires burning in Siberia

Rest in Peace Percy Sledge

Christie to propose overhaul of Social Security benefits

Have you ever heard of Charles Avison?

Sarah Palin’s Facebook page removes photo of guy who may have been a little too ‘excited’

Police get punched, put into headlocks, shot, but show shocking restraint with white 'Christians'

Food truck workers attacked by ‘rich’ guys hurling racial slurs

New Evidence Suggests Middle East Conflict Predates All Human Civilization

Joe Biden 'not ready' to decide on potential 2016 presidential run

LIVESTREAM: Hillary Clinton's first campaign event in Iowa

For those inclined towards old-fashioned serial comics and supporting their future…..

American business owners, you're on are NOT President Santorum's "central focus."

Toon : Happy Hour at the U. S. Capital...

Members of mayor's panel: Want more housing in Seattle? Don't pass these new rules

Tori Spelling Rushed to Hospital After Falling on a Hibachi Grill at Benihana

Reserve Deputy Robert Bates Turns Himself in at Tulsa Jail for Stun-Gun Mix-Up

France Surveillance Bill Draws Criticsm .

Fuel for the road: coffee break and a chat about college and child care.

Asking for vibes for my mum who is palliative. She's in no pain.

A Good Professor Is an Exhausted Professor

Anyone seen Cha lately? I have not been posting as often and miss

US places sanctions on leader, backer of Yemen's Huthis

Student Commits Suicide - Suicide Prevention Hotline Links, Lifeline, 1-800-273-8255

Hillary Has More Facebook Fans In Baghdad Than Any US City

White House Indicates Obama Will Sign Compromise Iran Bill

Hold on....our God has spoken...

Cannabis group is a go!

Obama Meets With Jewish American Leaders To Defuse Iran Fears

Rand Paul has a plan for our veterans!!

"I am an Immigrant"

Larry Williams was covered by the Beatles, Stones, Who and Led Zep. NOT in HOF

EXCLUSIVE: Cops Raid Cannabis Oil Activist Because Her Son Discussed Medical Pot Facts at School

The Richest 85 People in the World Have as Much Wealth As the Poorest 3.5bn--This won't end well

U.S. gets 233,000 H-1B petitions, a new record

Robert Reich: I’ve known Hillary since she was 19 years old, and have no doubt where her heart is.

Up to 400 migrants died in boat capsize off Libya: NGOs

Truth in Media: Feds Says Cannabis Is Not Medicine While Holding The Patent on Cannabis as Medicine

Democratic Former Gov. Deval Patrick Joins Bain Capital


I want to have a discussion here about how to overhaul law enforcement locally

What are the chances that the NRSC will swiftboat Duckworth in the 2016 IL US Senate Race like they

U.S. Holocaust museum rips revisionist cartoon contest in Iran

Fox: New Evidence Hillary Killed Lincoln By Andy Borowitz

One Company’s New Minimum Wage: $70,000 a Year

Turn Up the Heat!--Hillary Campaign needs to Champion Populist Change

Just saw Hillary talking in a close intimate setting about

If not Hillary, then who?

Sec Clinton endorses a Constitutional Amendment against Citizens United

SO...Ted Nugent would ride on Harry Reid's boat to save his dying child, then he'd shoot Harry.

New Bills Would Force City Contractors to Disclose Boardroom Demographics

how come so many DUers are sporting an International Harvester logo?

2016 US Presidential Election- Electoral College Vote.

aaand here comes the Donald....

R.I.P. Buttons (cat)

In a red state like Indiana,even the Democrats vote for Republican legislation

Hillary Clinton vs Bernie Sanders top donors compared

Graphic Designer Creates 'Hillvetica' Font Riffing On Clinton's Campaign Logo (LOL)

The Ingenious Design of the Aluminum Beverage Can

using sexism as a tool. still makes you sexist.

An update on the Seekers Temple in Beebe

O'Malley in May according to Irish Central

Vatican Paedophilia Scandal: Archbishop Jozef Wesolowski Stored Over 100,000 Child Porn Videos

Russia slaps warning on Hillary Clinton video ... and the iPhone

Hillary Clinton Rocks The Kochs By Announcing Support For Overturning Citizens United

Kity rescue: Loki's New Life by Cassandra Dunn

Pat Robertson: Child Of Woman Who Had An Abortion Might Worry She'll 'Kill Me Later On'

Mich. Middle School Student Bullied by Classmates, Reportedly Called ‘N--ger’

Dallas Woman Posts On Facebook “A Female Shouldn’t Be President”

Ypsilanti firefighters rescue kittens during training

Marco Rubio Faceplants Into 2016 By Not Seeming To Know That The 21st Century Already Started

Will HRC's positioning shut down serious primary challenges?

Working, but Needing Public Assistance Anyway

Finally: List of 80 People With as Much Money as 1/2 of Humanity

Downpours on upswing: Research finds flooding on the rise in central U.S.

Florida Republicans say gay-rights advocates 'hijacked' state adoption bill

State Attorney:killing a wounded, fleeing boy by shooting him in the back merely “reckless/negligent

Living While Black and Poor in Gentryville- A Story for Yuvette (Henderson)

Living While Black and Poor in Gentryville- A Story for Yuvette (Henderson) (xpost from GD)

Hank Paulson--guy in charge when the 2008 crash came--endorses Jeb Bush.

Things You Didn’t Know About Olive Garden

Gay-rights advocates 'hijacked' state adoption bill' say Florida Republicans

BIRDIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A FINAL UPDATE. The nest is empty... =(

You will NEVER GUESS Hank "TARP" Paulson's pick for President. HINT: starts with "J"

Frolicking Piglets Never Fail To Bring Joy!

Civil rights case filed to stop Florida boy's circumcision

'Gee guys, that's a real shame.'

Old Joke..Arguements Between Men and Women..

It’s National High Five Day, And Our Furry Friends Know Exactly What to Do!

Neocon "Chaos Promotion" in the Mideast (Ray McGovern 4-14-15 Common Dreams article)

Who makes your skin crawl the least?

Tsarnaev Trial Jurors Cannot Attend Boston Marathon: Judge

RAUL CASTRO: Remarks at the Summit of the Americas

Rule 1 when I taught: Never keep a child from going to the restroom. Seems that's changed now.

G7 foreign ministers arrive for talks in Lübeck

Hey there!

Beautifull poetry here..... (Irony)

Protests in NYC at Brooklyn Bridge. Anyone know why?

White House Rips Republicans As Obama Vows Veto of $3 Million Tax Cut For Millionaires

Gary Trudeau's take on Charlie Hebdo

So, this is my opinion on the election.

is a canadite's religious belief private?

Protesters in New York Demonstrate Against Police Brutality, Attempt to Take Brooklyn Bridge

A very low key comment.

Obama to remove Cuba from state sponsor of terror list

Congratulations To Venezuela's Bolivarian Socialism; 200% Inflation Is An Achievement

What Do You Want from Hillary?

Will HRC get the Bubba vote from the Red states that Obama lost?

Congress would be able to review a final nuclear deal with Iran under a bill approved unanimously

Harvard Heat Week: Why We Act for Fossil Fuel Divestment

Bernie Sanders Jabs at Hillary: Do You Know What She’s Running On?

President Lincoln was shot 150 years ago today

Marco Rubio Is The Lipstick, The GOP Is The Pig

Van Morrison ~ Into the Mystic

Warren & Cummings Launch Middle Class Prosperity Project

What teachers make...You want to know what I make?

Ex-drug officer says he stole cash, planted drugs many times

You have the ABSOLUTE RIGHT to FILM police as long as you dont interfere

(cute) Honey. you've worn me completely out. Let's take a nap.

How do I delete my Account please?


Lawyer representing whistle blowers finds malware on drive supplied by cops

Atheist exposes 'inequality' in jury selection process

This too shall pass

Needing / Getting

Where Are Hillary Clinton's Democratic Rivals? Seriously! What Will We do?

Can somebody educate me

Artic drill rig protesters will have to stay in safety zone

Public Accommodations and Private Discrimination

Valerie Plame and Joe Wilson- "America needs Hillary"

Sen Warren: "Pres.Obama, SAVE Our American JOBS!" NO TPP Fast Track!!! - Ed Schultz

Brown eyed girl

WTF?!? "Is Hillary Clinton Married"

Turn: washington's it...Anyone?

Biologists Confirm God Evolved From Chimpanzee Deity

Fort Bragg ends Spanish-language Catholic mass

The Clinton and Bush Dynasties

Recognize these two characters?

Bret Stephens on the Iran talks:

Paddy Power picks Hillary Clinton to be President by overwhelming odds

Hillary Clinton’s Soft Populism Is Not Enough

Chicago offers reparations package to police torture victims

This public school teacher has no sympathy for the Georgia cheaters.

On Your Mark- Get Set- GO! Penny Farthing Race 1928

Get off of my lake.

Hillary Clinton says she would Support a Constitutional Amendment on campaign finance reform

Hillary Clinton goes unnoticed at Chipotle

Watching Planet Ocean on Starz.

Get to Know Marco Rubio, the Biggest Idiot Running for President

Malcolm-Jamal Warner Tweet On "FUCK YOUR BREATH" ...

I have to say that I just looove Hillary's hair style.

OMG it's John Boehner! Tot not happy about Hillary Clinton.

Can anyone here help we with account delaying?

'No jab, no pay:' Australia cuts benefits for parents who don't vaccinate kids

US, UK thank Russia for evacuation of their citizens from Yemen

Coal Is Dying and It's Never Coming Back

Hillary Clinton did not have never an easy time in Iowa 7 years ago

Did you all see the picture of Skinner in GD?

Pat Robertson: Gays Will Force Christians To Like Anal Sex And, Eventually, Polyamory And Bestiality

Conservatives Turn Clinton Campaign Logo Into 9/11 Towers

Eva Moskowitz Success Academy and the restroom usage rules. Unacceptable.

A Mom And Her Pup Are Now Safe And Sound. Thanks Eldad! (Oreo races to protect Cookie Monster)

Arrows and bots and 'dos, oh my!

Want to see some GOP heads explode? Barbara Lee for VP

Those with mental health conditions should wear wristbands, says Tory candidate for Cambridge

UH Oh, Jeb Bush's Administration Steered Florida Pension Money to George W. Bush’s Fundraisers!

Umpire Says He Was On LSD When He Called No-Hitter

Gomer: “Christians Are the Only Group in America” That It’s Okay to “Abuse and Misuse”

White House Rips Republicans As Obama Vows Veto of $3 Million Tax Cut For Millionaires

Chris Christie Caught Red-Handed Stealing $380,000 From Taxpayers To Pay For Lavish Lifestyle

Chris Christie thinks he can openly evade hundreds of thousands in taxes and still run for President.

Obama pro-union rule to take effect

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Wednesday, 15 April 2015

1 man dead, 1 injured after railcar explodes in Omaha

1 man dead, 1 injured after railcar explodes in Omaha

1 man dead, 1 injured after railcar explodes in Omaha

Human Rights Watch Daily Brief, 14 April 2015

Neocon ‘Chaos Promotion’ in the Mideast--"Wesley Clark Spilled the Beans"-Ray McGovern

Charles Barkley recalls trying to gain 20 lbs. in 2 days so the 76ers wouldn't draft him

Fleeing Yemen war, refugees arrive in Horn of Africa

How can we eat well and conserve water?

Entitlement Society...rightwing meme puked out by O'Reilly this week

Crushing the Occupy Movement - How Wall Street Used Government Forces to Suppress Political Dissent

Wisconsin senator loses appeal of Obamacare lawsuit

"Hillary will be fighting for equal pay for equal work"


In second launch attempt, SpaceX fails to safely land rocket back on Earth

Remove this kitten from its Pennsylvania owner!

EEOC Says You Can’t Prevent Trans People From Using Their Preferred Bathroom

Robert Kennedy Jr apologises for Holocaust reference in autism speech

Wisconsin: Resources for advocating for saving the state's land conservation funds

CNN's Jake Tapper to Rubio: ‘You’re the Candidate of Yesterday’ on Gay Marriage

So this just happened.

Marvel Superhero Artist Herb Trimpe, ‘Father’ of Wolverine, Dead at 75

Well Christe has decided to rebuff my position to reduce the age of SocSec to 50.

Wow, maybe good Karma is coming my way

I wasn't going to vote for Hillary but based on the disgusting reactions, think I will out of spite.

Young Conservative of Texas at Texas Tech to hold campus carry rally

I won tickets today to Def Leppard. They are coming in October. The local station is running a

Child when you get stopped:

Nebraska lawmakers want more study before oil wastewater disposal well is approved

First Pluto-Charon Color Image from New Horizons