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Barack Obama says Hillary Clinton 'would make an excellent president'

Obama: McCain trusts the Ayatollah more than he trusts John Kerry, a former Senator and Vietnam vet

Religion In The Comics - 021

Obama Rebukes Congress Over Iran Deal Partisanship

Apology To DU'ers I Offended.

Wife found some grumpy cat pics

Interesting family dynamics . . . . . . . . (Ron & Rand):

Video Shows Fight Between Cops, Christian Street Performers That Left One Person Dead (Graphic)

Gender doesn't matter, according to Robert Reich. The hell it doesn't.

The Enemy

Just to beat my head against a wall one more time, yes, bigotry against Islam is racism.

Sen. Sanders: Fifty years of Cold War is enough.

Police: Mother Left Quadriplegic Son In Woods, Traveled To Md.

Obama’s meeting with Castro infuriates GOP presidential candidates

Kaminsky and Stewart Win Wooden Awards

Robotics team qualified for the championships, but can't compete without help

The twisted metamorphosis of Scott Walker’s Wisconsin: How

ETs for Hillary: Why UFO Activists Are Excited About Another Clinton Presidency

Riverside High School Robotics team needs our help.

A Wake-Up Call for US Liberals

"Partisanship has crossed all boundaries." —President Obama (video )

Chili Peppers - Wet Sand

"I don’t recall a time when the Democratic Party’s most prominent office holders sounded as meek."

Walter Scott’s Homegoing

The most (and worst!) racism I saw, was not in any particular area...

After asylum claim denied, family returns home

Hero, Ramsey Orta, Erik Garner Videographer, Released on Bail, after DA Refused to Take Bail Money.

In the Middle East, our enemy's enemy must be our friend

Fear Monger

Obama Turns The Tables On The GOP With Foreign Policy Endorsement Of Hillary Clinton

Egyptian Court Sentences American Citizen Journalist to Life in Prison

How to beat Jeb Bush in a general election?

The Facebook page of the "Christian" band who started the brawl at Walmart

my wife has another job interview on Tuesday. My Step mother-in-law told my wife

UTEP, other institutions secure $5M grant to prepare for less water in Rio Grande basin

Days of forty-nine

Blackwater guards to be sentenced in Iraq shootings of 31 unarmed civilians

Venezuela to deliver 10 mln-strong petition to U.S. president

Israel treating al-Qaida fighters wounded in Syria civil war

Racist NRA CEO Wayne LaPierre: ‘Eight Years of One Demographically Significant President is Enough’

There are good people and racists everywhere. But Massachusetts today is more likely

there are wee leaves on the trees and the flowers are popping up

Former Arizona Governor Raul Castro Dies

‘I’m done': Guest walks off Hannity after ‘brainwashed’ black folks remark

Found at Twitter. Posting because it just brings a smile.

4-11-15 On this day in Labor History the year was 1941 in 2:00

4-11-15 On this day in Labor History the year was 1941 in 2:00

4-11-15 On this day in Labor History the year was 1941 in 2:00

Great day in Green Bay tomorrow!

Rauner hopes deal will speed resolution of union dispute

Wisconsin Republicans Really Hate U.S. Constitution, Abrahamson Looks Likely to Prevail

Isis video shows destruction of ancient Assyrian city in Iraq

China orders media giant Sina to 'improve censorship'

SNL - Hillary starts the show...

Valery Gergiev, Conductor - London Symphony Orchestra, Performing Maurice Ravel's ''Bolero''

Foster won't run against Kirk, backs Duckworth

dictator soda

Hillary Clinton Weighs How to Recast Ties to Obama

Doctors at University of California health clinics go on strike

An extremely interesting take on SCOTUS

Pepco, SMECO continue outage post-mortem.

BDS Victory: Veolia sells Israel businesses targeted by Palestinian-led boycott campaig

40 years ago: The last commercial flight out of Da Nang

This week, a bill to give the president Fast Track authority —will be introduced in the Senate.

Martin O'Malley: 'One unjustified police shooting - like that of Walter Scott - is one too many'

Compare the speeches of two American Presidents.........

Thousands of women recount the first time they were perved on by a grown man

Has DU been down for a couple of hours,

Was it just me?

For those who were inconvenienced when DU went down for a while...

Ex-NFL Safety Darren Sharper May Have Penis Monitored As Part Of Probation, Report Says

A Thought About Hillary Clinton

Since DU was down for a couple of hours

President Obama: GOP Has "Crossed All Boundaries" In Partisanship On Iran Deal

Netanyahu said to fear Iran will stick to deal once signed

Former CIA asset, "exile" Luis Posada Carriles attempted to assassinate Fidel Castro in Panama

If the Universe Is Teeming with Aliens ... WHERE IS EVERYBODY?

Mexico Murders: New Arrest In Slayings Of 43 Guerrero College Students

The Le Pen family: family feud ends in political patricide

Daily Holidays -April 12

Elizabeth Warren group post.

RIP President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, gone 70 years today

If the Universe Is Teeming with Aliens ... WHERE IS EVERYBODY?

Sunday marks 70th anniversary of death of FDR

Photo of the Day

Garden flowers with a new old lens

Obama To McCain: Back Off John Kerry

Plague hits prairie dogs and changes US ecosystems

Pope Calls Armenian Slaughter ‘First Genocide Of 20Th Century’

Islamic State Group Attacks Iraq’s Largest Oil Refinery

Netanyahu said to fear Iran will stick to deal once signed

Harry Truman on liberals and fake Democrats.

Edvard Munch’s Famous Painting The Scream Animated to the Sound of Pink Floyd’s Primal Music

Dr. Housing Bubble 04/10/15

waiting for SCE this morning

DU down for a bit

“Our billionaires can beat their billionaires.”

US concern rings hollow for Egyptian-American activist

Whether anybody realizes it or not, the Scott shooting IS going before a grand jury.

Amazing! (Harpo)

Barack Obama says Hillary Clinton 'would make an excellent president'

Justice for the 96 (VIDEO)

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) BYO LOLZ Edition II

Maybe this would help. Every cop's gun should include a camera that can't be turned off.

Fukushima Robot Dies Three Hours After Entering Radioactive Reactor Vessel

Oh noes!! How dare she!! Hillary's going to use her gender

Well Murdoch and his goons are making their feelings re Hillary Clinton

The Case Against Gay Marriage: Top Law Firms Won’t Touch It

Hillary Clinton just doesn’t get it: She’s already running a losing campaign

A New Phase in Anti-Obama Attacks

Iranians Are Much Talked About on Sunday Morning TV, but Never Heard From

Ron Paul criticizes Iran position taken by his son, Rand Paul

Shark kills 13-year-old off France’s Reunion Island

Christian Street Performers brawl with, shoot police at AZ WalMart - dashcam

Come on DUers! Let's show how generous we can be

Video: Islamic State group destroys ancient ruins of Nimrud

J.R. Smith to players: Be careful out there

Watch Live Cam of Giraffe birth from the Dallas Zoo!

Death by Electrical Experiment

Thabo Sefolosha NEW Video of Arrest ... NYPD Officer Swung Baton

Chris Copeland released from hospital

Kerry on Sunday talk shows today, April 12


Israel refuses to probe bombing of civilians in Gaza

Lowe’s to Stop Selling Bee-Killing Pesticides to Protect Pollinators

Epic Chinese Music - Kung Fu

Sharpton expected to preach, attend shooting vigil in SC

white petition to put a woman on money

Lol at the Saudis trying to get Pakistan to fight the Yemenis.

Mother dangled toddler over cheetah exhibit before fall, Cleveland Zoo says

Mother dangled toddler over cheetah exhibit before fall, Cleveland Zoo says

8 things you need to know about Hillary Clinton and climate change

Hillary better not try and run against President Obama in 2016

ZATOICHI THEME song: Otento-san sung by Shintaro Katsu

Is there any way posts can be automatically marked as read when I read them?

Final Round of the Masters, Tiger Still In It!

This Senior Dog Walked 30 Miles To Find Her Old Home, Only To Be Turned Away Again

Australia Becomes First Country To Ban Import Or Export Of Lion Trophies

Amazing Revelation By Scott Walker Appointee On Climate: It's Them VOLCANOES!!

The Media's Failure With the Biggest Story in the World

Western U.S. Snowpack At Lowest Levels Ever Recorded, USDA Confirms

With ‘Hillary for America’ Memo, a Campaign Sets Its Mission

For Drinking Water in Drought, California Looks Warily to Sea

I don't get hillary's campaign roll out at all.

How long has it been since Democratic President was elected 3 times in a row?

Actual Rand Paul Quotes On Coal That You Will Think Are Satire

The ghost of Lehman Brothers still leeching millions from American higher education

What if another country decided to start a war here to save us from inhumane treatment?

nytimes: Do Assassins Really Change History?

Rick Lazio:Republicans better expect at some point during the campaign to be on the defense against

"But I play a person in the movies." . . . Please come CAPTION Tucker Carlson!!!

Steyer: Get GOP Candidates On Record Early On Climate; Raise Competency Question Early

Syracuse To Divest Fossil Fuel Holdings From $1.8 Billion Endowment - Guardian

15 Policy Questions for Hillary Clinton to Answer

"But I play a person in the movies." . . . Please come CAPTION Tucker Carlson!!!

70 Years Ago Today: FDR Dies Suddenly in Warm Springs, GA

One thing I admire Obama for

Tell me, which woman do you admire the most.

Here is how ya know the GOP is scared of Hillary

Has anyone else seen this blog?

NASA astronomer immortalizes Malala by naming asteroid after her

Catholic Church ‘will pay price’ for stance on gay marriage

A New Phase in Anti-Obama Attacks

Could Todd come up with anymore softball questions for Rand Paul?

Dem Party & Clintons Get Net Pos Ratings - GOP Leaders, Party and Pres Candidates All Negative

Formatting problem

What the Hillary Leading Among Dem Reveals about How People Wiew Politics.

"The South surrendered at Appomattox, and the North has been surrendering ever since."

Post analysis finds few prosecutions among thousands of fatal shootings by on-duty police

HBO subscribers...

"Fuck Your Breath"

Residents allowed to return to tornado-hit Illinois town


Mercy Is Ours to Give, if We Choose It

Ready For Hillary?

God Can Help Companies Turn Customers Into Daredevils

Rep. Sean Duffy on 2016: 'I'm backing Scott Walker"

Found this on my (not pregnant) daughter's tumblr...

Catholic Church ‘will pay price’ for stance on gay marriage

Bitch; just make the cake. Bill Maher

Unions, activists rally to protest budget cuts, 'anti-union' policy

Nearly Half of Game of Thrones Season 5 Just Leaked

A toddler disc jockey fascinates South African fans

Indoctrination at the Dinner Table: Rand Paul and Ted Cruz Have Serious Daddy Issues

Video: Ice Cream at Hebron checkpoint ( B'Tselem )

Obama’s Nuclear Plan for a Secret ‘3rd Term’

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, April 14: Robert Osborne's Picks

Elephants Are Not Food Tell the United Nations to Condemn the Killing and Eating of Elephants E act

If Warren doesn't want to run for president,

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, April 15: Star of the Month: Anthony Quinn

Catch-22 keeps Fremont from acting on anti-illegal immigrant housing ordinance

Ex-Lobbyists for Spies Are Overseeing Government Spying

BOSTON GLOBE Opinion Piece: "The world of threats to the US is an illusion."

Pope Francis calls Armenian slaughter 'first genocide of the 20th century'

Factory Farm Meat: Why Vegetarians, Ranchers and Conscious Omnivores Need to Unite

Squee! Found over at Fort Russ. Helena Eremina's Hedgehogs (pic heavy)

2 students charged in sexual attack on Florida beach in daylight, 100's watch do nothing!

Well, crap. A happy anniversary on Friday, so karma slaps us in the face on Saturday.

Happy Easter!

Demand the truth about fracking and earthquakes

face the nation: white male to replace white male

5 Worst Things About the Techno-Libertarians Solidifying Their Grasp on Our Economy and Culture

Huffington Post adds Ted Nugent to its Dickipedia

Kerry Praises Clinton but Says He'll Avoid " Hurly Burly" .

Elizabeth Warren Room Poll

AP: Shop: Ban of those who nixed gay rights bill served purpose

AP: Shop: Ban of those who nixed gay rights bill served purpose

The FDA’s phony nutrition science: How Big Food and Agriculture trumps real science .......

What century are we in?

I hate this country because of Republican conservatives

Kerry Says Iran Deal Critics Were Wrong Before And Are Wrong Now

Sudan leader set to extend chaotic rule in lackluster vote

Panama Summit: The US, Cuba and the 'H' Word

Providence Beats Boston University, 4-3, for NCAA Hockey Title

Bike riders play chicken with a train in a major race

7 N.Y. Teachers of the Year blast Cuomo

Rising Dem Leadership

'My 'Yes Men' are even expressing grave doubts." . . . Please come CAPTION Bill O'Reilly!!!!

good Joe Conason opinion piece (HRC GROUP POST)

VIDEO: Obama: Clinton 'would be an excellent President'

April 12, 1900 & 1937 pot & Harlan County in 00 and The U.S. Supreme Court, on a 5-4 vote in 37

I just donated $20.16 to Hillary's Campaign.

Do we know when HRC's announcement will be made...The Masters is important too ya know.....n/t

TOON: Petulant Child

Kamala Harris Urges Forgiveness of Student Debt from Predatory Colleges

Hillary's launch of her campaign will not be at noon as some might think.

Candlestick Park Demolition Photos (n/t)

Horror Music

If a candidate, let's say Hillary, announced a desire to 'LIFT THE CAP' to help fund Soc Security

Hurdy Gurdy Man

Any Owl experts here?

Obama's tax return by the numbers; he made less than last year

Cat pushes dog into pool

Gilligan's Island as an R teaching tool "You must be one of those silly doctors that voted

The Pacific Ocean may have entered a new warm phase — and the consequences could be dramatic

Iran - 5 demands dropped; PBO: partisanship crossed lines; Dems divided

This whole 'fun' meme and Hillary Clinton. I think she should tie

What We Know About Hillary Clinton's Positions on Tax Issues

US Capitol locked down for two hours after apparent suicide

John Kerry Drops A Truth Bomb On Republicans About Hillary Clinton’s Sec. Of State Record

***WATCH*** Down covered Bald Eaglets babies are eating without being fed.

ISIL targets casinos?

Brazil bracing for day of nationwide protests

SeaWorld totally screws it up again...

What are you reading the week of Sunday, April 12, 2015?

Bloomberg Politics National Poll: Rand Paul, Jeb Bush Face Primary Obstacles

How good is your eyesight?

It's my sad duty to inform you of the death of WCGreen.

Walker Finds National Politics is Much Harder

AP: How new drugs could save billions of dollars

Republicans Unite in Opposition to Clinton

On Dec 4, 1969..I saw the results of police murder..murder of Fred Hampton, Mark Clark in Chicago.

New York professors join BDS movement

There's a groundswell of drama in anticipation of Hillary Clinton's announcement of her candidacy

I'm trying to wrap my head around something, and need some help ...

Zionist Union: Israel should seek green light to strike Iran if nuclear deal violated

SpaceX to attempt historic soft landing again on April 13 | VIDEO

Bill Maher terrifies Bill O’Reilly: An atheist has the Fox News host running scared

HRC will bring a permanent darkness of deceit and despair forced upon the American people to endure

Bill Maher terrifies Bill O’Reilly: An atheist has the Fox News host running scared

Toon: Ok, I'm In!

MoCo police take Philadelphia woman into custody for leaving son in woods

Toon: Not What We Meant

I Support Hillary

National Cornbread Festival April 25-26 (recipes included!)

So True….

How to survive the Hillary hype: Liberal dreams and the media’s big Elizabeth Warren trap

How many Republicans will run in 2016?

Hillary Clinton To Nation: ‘Do Not Fuck This Up For Me’

They are blaming Obama for the lunar eclipse. No, I'm not joking.

How to survive the Hillary hype: Liberal dreams and the media’s big Elizabeth Warren trap

CNN reporter corners Rand Paul on gay rights: You believe in freedom ‘but not when it comes to marri

We need a real progressive third party candidate in 2016!

Dana Bash just asked Rand Paul how he is going to take on

GOP strategist is tired of Hillary Clinton’s ‘woman thing’: Don’t ‘drown me in estrogen’

The Detroit story that's coming to you........

Fontenelle Forest full of life for Nebraska Science Festival

Seems too perfect to be coincidence or maybe it's me.

Egypt's Sinai Peninsula hit by deadly bomb attacks

High school teacher accused of bullying student with online Instagram post | FOX31 Denver

The Canadian health care revolution

Lionel Richie - Easy Like Sunday Morning

Sierra Club : Tell McDonald's to stand up for people and the planet

Why I think Jesus didn't exist


Cop on Paid Leave After Allegedly Tickling Body of Man (unarmed) Killed by Police

Hillary Clinton announces - video:

ok who broke DU? Skinner says it was an ISP issue.

The Hillary Clinton announcement video is impressive

Aaaaaiiiiii! MA-MA-CITA!

****Hillary Clinton Announce's Bid for President****

New emotion recognition model: Humans perceive feelings of others via pattern recognition

Hillary Clinton Launches 2016 Presidential Campaign

you have to believe in the small things so that you can believe in the big ones.

A glass fiber that brings light to a standstill

Hillary's announcement tweet.

This Afternoon John Kerry Didnt Seemed Really Excited re. HRC Announcement

Republicans Promise Smooth Transition of Hate from Obama to Clinton

Hassan Nasrallah: The War in Yemen Announces the End of the House of Saud

A few links for Hillary's roll out

Correct address for Hillary

Shorter height is directly associated with increased risk of coronary heart disease

My friend Rob's obituary.

Former Republican Says No One Who Voted for the Iraq War Should Be President—Including Hillary Clint

Complex organic molecules discovered in infant star system

Hillary Clinton announces 2016 bid with video:

Inkjet-printed liquid metal could bring wearable tech, soft robotics

Hillary's story

Hillary's strong position on women's rights.

O'Malley sings on the campaign trail.

Due to medical reasons, I have been out of the loop. WTH happened to the Kochs?

Why Hillary Clinton Is Probably Going to Win the 2016 Election

What's for dinner, Sunday April 12th?

CBS political director John Dickerson new Sunday show host

Hillary's Campaign Launch Video Hits Republicans Where It Hurts Them Most

Good news on the anti-vaxx front out of Australia

Some Repub from PA is talking about infrasture that

Hit the critics with this little factoid: George Bush 'legitimised' repressive regimes five times

Hillary's announcement video. Lovable people, cute kids, even a dog, but no substance.

Jefferson Airplane TODAY!

Democrats Surge: Hillary Clinton’s Facebook Page Gets 500,000 Likes In Just 15 Minutes

Nate Silver: Clinton Begins The 2016 Campaign, And It’s A Toss-up

Scary conversation by some 16 year olds a couple of weeks ago...

Morning Joe will be interesting tomorrow...Joe is getting his republican talking points even as we

Did anyone else's font change when DU went up again?

Saudi Arabia rejects Iran's call to end Yemen raids

Hey, check out my cool new avatar.

Fargo Cafe Banned Republicans

Opposition hacker gets 10 years for spying on Colombia peace process

Drummond hits back at those who accused company of paramilitary ties

John Fugelsang: I felt a great disturbance in The Force;

A reminder of the Statement Of Purpose of The Hillary Clinton Room

Walker's bio for his HANNOVER MESSE presentation in Germany


Now that Hillary is officially in - The Media CANNOT have it both ways.

Scientists think they have spotted the only black flamingo in the world

SEE IT: Video shows Tulsa man’s last moments alive after accidental police shooting (WARNING: GRAPHI

Stephen Hawking sings Monty Python's 'Galaxy Song'

My Favorite Hillary Announcement

My FAVORITE part of Hillary's announcement? That warning about the brown acid.

I've been mostly lurking for a long time now.

Australia to Stop Welfare Cash of Anti-Vaccine Parents

IMO, things that should be major issues in 2016 in addition to driverless cars: is for

UK Parties 2015 General Election Political Compass

Hillary says she wants to be my champion?

Democratic Stuff .com has HILLARY items for sale

Bill Kristol wants Dick Cheney to run for President...