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Archives: April 1, 2015

NYC SKP is out of surgery.

The GOP’s Warning Signal?

All 5 living mayors of Indianapolis (4R, 1D) co-sign letter against RFRA

Walmart Asks Arkansas Governor To Veto Religion Freedom Bill

Russian internet trolls are trained to spread propaganda in three-person teams

UK candidate steps down after calling on Israel to kidnap Obama and put him on trial

The Trans Ex-Convict Who Crashed The NSA

First Black female Naval Aviator visits Pensacola

Iraqi Troops in Center of Tikrit, Prime Minister Says

The Ukraine crisis is not what it seems

Drought: Sierra snowpack 'worst in a century'

Amy Goodman: "Bush, The Iraq War, and Torture: From Assessment to Accountability & the MSM!"/Hofstra

Petition to the White House to revoke Scientology's tax-exempt status

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Texas woman says she was looking to release her anger when she broke into a yoga studio and set fire

Indiana Shut Down Its Rural Planned Parenthood Clinics And Got An HIV Outbreak

We went into Los Angeles today and saw the Natural History Museum.

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Pencive & a new Kittehs gif

Mike Luckovich Toon- Last Supper Vacancies

Study Suggests Diet Soda May Lead To Belly Fat. Critics Aren't So Sure.

O'Malley still believes that 100,000 arrests in a city of 600,000 is a great idea.

Rachel is talking about that Terri Schiavo madness from ten years ago

The veil is being lifted

Overpass Light Brigade against Fast Track

Breaking: Wal-Mart Asks Governor Hutchinson to Veto H.B. 1228

The Ins and Outs of Introverts and Extroverts

Uh OH, New Jersey Lottery Falls Short Of Targets After Chris Christie Privatizes Management!

Dumb Criminals: Texas Man Poses As Cop To Cut In Line At Drive Thru

Question about tax return.

Sitting Down for a Conversation with White House Photographer Pete Souza

Indiana licenses discrimination, but at a high price

Photo of a Syrian Girl Surrendering to the Camera Breaks the Internet’s Heart

Dog Aggression

*Elizabeth Warren coming up on Rachel show.

So IF Jesus and 12 friends wanted to have dinner in Indiana

Gilbert buys One Detroit Center, persuades Ally to move

Went to freeperville to see if they were mad at Pence

Mother Jones: A Bunch of Idiots Took Selfies in Front of the East Village Fire in NYC—and Fox News

How the average American became a debt slave

I really think Democrats are starting to wake up

‘Stormlapse’ Photographer Ryan McGinnis Shares His Most Epic Shots of 2014

"Rotten Ice" - Long, Stunning And Absolutely Essential Piece By Gretel Ehrlich

2016 NV US Senate Election. Lean Republican with Sandoval,Lean Democratic without.

(from Indiana) "an honest man's pillow is his peace of mind"

Malloy Writes Time Op-Ed: 'Mike Pence Knew What He Was Doing'

Indiana Shut Down Its Rural Planned Parenthood Clinics And Got An HIV Outbreak

Wow - watching Elizabeth Warren on Rachel Maddow's show

This band often evokes strong emotions

RFRA Legislation Approaches Dangerous Territory. Religious Right Has Drawn Its Line In The Sand.

I'm not surprised Elizabeth Warren isn't running because with her temperament

Pardon my English,

I was switching between the "Titanic" and the basketball game during commercials.

How 'One Nation' Didn't Become 'Under God' Until The '50s Religious Revival

The real role of 77th Brigade

UConn Coach Ollie Won't Travel To Final Four Because Of Indiana Law

Federal Credit Programs and the Birth of Lemon Socialism

Scary Indiana

Amazon has invented tiny plastic buttons that allow for instant product ordering

RFRA Is A Springboard To Theocracy.

Joni Mitchell Reportedly Hospitalized in L.A. After Being Found Unconscious

U2, Kasey Kasem and the banned Negativland song

Joni Mitchell Hospitalized After Being Found Unconscious

U.S. corporations pressure two states accused of curbing gay rights

TYT: Video Catches Cop Planting Drugs, Assaulting Unarmed Black Man

Al Green - Tired Of Being Alone (VIDEO)

Be on guard, women. The next wave of abortion restrictions is here.

BP Oil Spill Still Harming at Least 20 Animal Species

Is this photo a fake?

TYT: States And Groups Boycott Indiana Over Anti-Gay Discrimination Law

TYT: Bill O’Reilly Temper Tantrum Over Negative Killing Jesus Reviews

Grandson has "Davey Crockett"

Bernie Sanders: 'Banks are too big to fail, their CEOs are too big to jail'

Let's Face It Folks. Indiana GOP Will NOT Back Down. No Matter How Much Protest Or Boycott.

Breaking: Madison, WI becomes first in nation to make 'non religion' a protected class

My grandma always told me a story...

J. Paul Getty's grandson found dead; family requests privacy in 'extremely difficult time'

Joni Mitchell has been hospitalized, so I think the best way to send vibes is to post songs

CT governor Dan Malloy for president?

Amber alert for 1 year old Seattle boy

just wanted to say thank you SO VERY MUCH to all that helped in the blanket campaign

Now that Draft Warren is over, what happens to the money?

The family and friends army is mobilized.

What if All the Players and Coaches wore a Rainbow Patch

BREAKING CNN: Al Gore to enter race within "72 Hours"

Scott Walker, Allergic to Dogs, May Run Against Political History

"Real Religious Leaders Must Stand Up for Real Freedom"

DU is being sold


Honda develops the HR-V, complete with 10 selfie cameras.

JD McPherson: "Let The Good Times Roll" - David Letterman

Palestinians to request Israel be suspended from FIFA

Koch-backed group steals constituent identities to write Congress *against* Net Neutrality

After Friday, Obama will have visited 49 states during his presidency.

Gov. Steve Beshear (D - KY) can destroy Mike Pence in Indiana with one edict

Ukrainian Jews fleeing war arrive in Israel in time for Passover

Utilitarianism versus psychopathy - by Cory Doctorow

Has anyone been watching the new PBS three part series on Cancer?

Thank you, Behind the Aegis, for being a moderator

Seems Like A Lot Of Dems Are Quiet On The Indiana Issue.

Transgender Day of Visibility

Turkish prosecutor killed by extremists despite rescue efforts

Indianapolis Star's follow-up editorial: 'Half-steps won't fix'

Forget The God Damned Phony Fix. Just Abolish That POS Legislation.

One of the authors of Indiana's RFRA is going to feel the $$$ pain too

How to tell if your religious liberties are being violated.

Rude Kansas Rep does not know how email works...

Comedy Central dissapeared from our apple TV box today March 31

Exposed: Mike Pence's 2000 Congressional Campaign Site Was A War On LGBT People And Women

Which Country's Cooks Spend the Most Time in the Kitchen?


Finally watched 'Life of Pi'.

Inside the town Scientology built. Clearwater, Florida.

Hamster decapitation video prompts Mississippi university student to leave school

Suiting Up for the Moon

San Jose airport suffers fifth security breach in less than one year

When The Rabbits Next Door Start Fighting Again, Who You Gonna Call?

Nebraska farmer silences oil and gas committee with invitation to drink water tainted by fracking

Google is having fun today

Prosecutors: Police witnesses uncooperative in Ohio shooting

NBA 2K15 APK v1.0.0.58

Manny To Run Hillary Clinton's Campaign

I like to think I generally have a pretty good sense of humor, but...

march was a fat sack of bullshit. i am so glad it's over.

Welp, I'm 28 now.

Daily Holidays -March 32

Ok, got me.

Might be a software or database update glitch? Timing issue?

Germanwings Crash Prompts U.K. Cinemas to Add Disclaimer About 'Wild Tales' Plot

Group expected to file Collin County complaint against attorney general

Joni Mitchell on the "Failure of the Baby Boomers"

US To Venezuela “Resistance is Futile”

Photo of the Day

BEGIN Japanology Hiragana

Germanwings crash video 'must be handed to investigators' (4 minutes ago)

Moonset, April 1!

New ‘Daily Show’ host in storm over ‘racist, sexist jokes’

Judge denies open records lawsuit against Haslam

Amnesty death sentence report: China, Iran, Saudi Arabia and US carry out most executions

Shell is one step closer to Arctic drilling

The Supreme Court’s Death Trap by Linda Greenhouse

Republican White House hopefuls attack Obamacare but took $352 million for their states

Iran nuclear negotiators have reached broad understanding, says UK

Ants are now eating more junk food - just like us

Hillary Clinton announces she's not running

Ted Cruz Attempts to Parlay Obstructionism Into Campaign Asset

FWPD: Fight over lottery winnings led to murder-suicide

BREAKING. VND s wrong., HILLARY IS RUNNING. ...And Picks Up Jeb Bush as Running Mate.

FAO: Venezuela Is An International Leader In Food And Nutrition Policies

Free Brazil Movement Leader Denies CIA Link

Man kills woman, himself in California office shooting

Today it would have been 19.

Breaking -Christie is history


Because this was genius working. Enjoy.

Wednesday Toon Roundup 1: The Backlash Cometh

Your OB can get you jailed for a miscarriage and there’s not much you can do about it

Wednesday Toon Roundup 2: Pence the Dense

Wednesday Toon Roundup 3: April Fool's Party

Wednesday Toon Roundup 4: The rest

Is Monsanto's herbicide Roundup causing fatal kidney failure?

A crime against peace

Provocative Labels Expose Sweatshop Horrors to Shoppers

Chris Rock Keeps Taking Photos of Cops Stopping Him

Joni Mitchell Rushed to Hospital After Being Found Unconscious

Will the United States Become a Footnote in Afghanistan’s History?

Nerds vs. Robocallers: Go Nerds! right’s made-up God: How bigots invented a white supremacist Jesus

Election complaints filed against Scott Walker, Jeb Bush

Iconic singer Joni Mitchell was diagnosed with Morgellons. ... she's awake and in good spirts

Monsanto Fined for Not Reporting Toxic Chemical Releases

Head of rebel special forces detachment admits Russian tanks, troops 'decisive in eastern Ukraine

What ever you read today---Don't Fucking believe it!

If you can't get insurance for it, if you have to wait 72 hours, if you have to have 2 face to face

George P. Bush Wins First University of Texas Latino Leadership Award ... not April fools

Big Ed: Cut his mic OFF!!!!!

Face it bigots, when you've got corporate entities from Apple to NASCAR to Walmart

Man has 40 children by 20 women - says: 'I'll never stop because God says go forth and multiply'

I am amazed that Indiana hasn't also outlawed

NRA: Burden of preventing rape is on the victim. Carry a gun.

UK Parties: The Conservative Party

Life Is A Lemon And I Want My Money Back

Jindahl's on his way...Pfffffffffffffft.

Exclusive: The final moments before the crash

Big oil takes measures to fix crude transport, I think they read DU.

What I am looking for from my government

What my hometown Indiana friend has posted on her Facebook page

wish me a bit of joy today, please

Severe Storms Looming for Early April

Hateful Woman's Parenting on Toddler is to ‘Beat the f*** out of it or kill it’

Forget the Flying Car. I'm getting a Flying House.

Two years ago today...

Coyote Spotted Roaming Along Roof Of Queens Bar

Tread cautiously today, DUers. What's truth and what is not will be

On the (moronic) Morning Show on Sports-talk WIP in Philly

Former Pa. Gov. Corbett: From pension critic to collector

Indiana pizza joint says they will refuse service to same sex couples...

The Problem Isn’t That Trevor Noah Is Offensive. The Problem Is That He’s a Giant Dope.

Driver killed at NSA had history of robbery, prostitution

UN refuses to comment on Palestine's membership of ICC

GOP: April Fools Day

The weakening of Unions has fucked with the Democratic Party and its historic support

Thousands on strike in Vietnam over insurance law

Wonder how much longer we have to wait to know

The BBC' Spaghetti Harvest

Former VP Dan Quayle 'hurt' by national criticism of Indiana

IS seizes most of Yarmuk refugee camp in Damascus: PLO

Despite progress, Iran nuclear talks hit impasse on details

Climate Change Elevator Pitch: Naomi Oreskes

Dumb Letters To the PD Dept: "Dem Gurl Scowts Supptor Bebeh Killurs!"

Robert Reich: The rich don’t work anymore — working is for poor people

At least nine dead as fatal storms hit Germany and Austria

Indiana Pizzeria: No Pies for Gay Weddings

Comic Aamer Rahman on 'Islamophobia as a flavour of racism'

Supreme Court’s Big Gay Pandora’s Box - By Michael Tomasky ....

Grabbing Africa's Seeds: USAID, EU and Gates Foundation Back Agribusiness Seed Takeover

Rachel Maddow - Senator Elizabeth Warren: 'We put the wind in our own sails'

The Biggest Fools in America: Those who help “Republicans” get elected

TYT: List Of Forbidden Words Released By Hillary Clinton Supporters

A Glimpse Into the GOP's Backward Bubble

A Bigger Deal Than You Think - By Josh Marshall

Hannity And D'Souza: Why Are Gays Mad At Indiana But Silent On Sharia Law?

TYT: Louisiana Denies Dying Man Compensation After Robbing 30 Years Of His Life

Yemen FM calls for coalition to send ground troops

The damage caused by the undeserving rich (e.g., Carly Fiorina)

Majority Report: Why There's No Pleasing the Anti-Equality Right

Venezuela In Turmoil For Lack Of Flour, Milk And Diapers

Old Everglades Jetport site targeted for revival in air show plan

Dick Cheney: Obama Admin Is The 'Most Damaging... Since World War II'

Tom The Dancing Bug TOON:Lo, In The Land Of Indiana

Obama authorizes sanctions to combat cyberattacks

TYT: What Really Happens In The Church of Scientology

God, please help the idiots who think a business refusing to bake a cake for the Klan

"Howling in Donetsk:" Pepe Escobar Reports From Eastern Ukraine

Amazing: Scientists discover that 1/2 oz songbird makes 1700 mile open ocean migration trek

R. Maddow: I don't see any distance between her (HRC) and Wall Street interests there.

Ted Cruz for President 2016!!!

Aasif Mandvi on Twitter and Trevor Noah

'Ba, ba, ba, BaBarbra Ann', damn, this is funny...silly, but funny!

Religious education, religious literacy, and Islam as an exceptional religion

James O'Keefe is at it again: Tries to start ISIS club at Barry University

1886 SCOTUS: Santa Clara County v. Southern Pacific Railroad 118 US 394, corporations are people too

"Deciphering the Mideast Chaos"

Jeb Bush Is Confused About Religious Freedom

Rachel Maddow - Religious right puts GOP at odds with public opinion

Prosecutor denies reports of cell phone video from inside Germanwings crash plane

It Is Pretty Clear The Religious Right Will Still Discriminate Regardless Of The Law.

After Christie’s privatization, NJ lottery missing targets

Anyone gone to ESPN's new homepage?

Timeline Photos - Glacier National Park's Photos

Remember how Corbett almost sold the PA Lottery? NJ's is not doing well.

Yanis Varoufakis: “Greece Will Adopt the Bitcoin If Eurogroup Doesn’t Give Us a Deal”

Majority Report: Republican: Obama's Only Visiting Kenya to Make Us Look Stupid!

Not an original thought by any means, but here's my .02

The case for Bush 2016: Why I like Jeb

Republicans warn world that Obama U.N. plan could be undone

Why aren't women's reproductive rights being as viscerally supported as LGBT rights?

Helicopters circling overhead - I guess this is the right place to ask?

Son of Argentine president denies news reports about account

Disciples Of Christ Church Says NO To Indiana

I've been scanning a treasure trove of old family photos...

The Conservative Group Behind Scott Walker's Political Rise

Mourning the Passing

His nose breathing freaked me out.

Indiana Pizza Shop Owners Go Full Derp Over New Law

David Letterman: 'This Is Not The Indiana I Remember As A Kid' (VIDEO)

Thom Hartmann: How Much Dark $$ is being funneled into our Democracy?

I don't normally promote conspiracy theories...

Slavery and our Presidents


The Texas Chainsaw Murderer is alive and somewhere in SE Pennsylvania

Yelp Users Troll Indiana Pizzeria That Refuses To Cater Gay Weddings

Yelp reviewers rip Indiana pizza shop that endorsed 'religious freedom' law

Guardian Media Group DIVESTING From Fossil Fuels- Reallocating Funds To More Sustainable Investments

Arkansas Gov. To Discuss His State's Religious Freedom Bill At 11:30

BREAKING. John Kerry To Run For President....

Indiana Gov. Pence: "April Fool!"

Indiana RFRA deal sets limited protections for LGBT

Islamic State group seizes Palestinian refugee camp in Syria

Redditt Socialism plays an April Fools joke on itself

? US approves Arctic drilling/Submits Plan for Cutting Greenhouse Gases ?

Pic Of The Moment: Not An April Fool's Joke: NASCAR Slams Indiana's Anti-Gay Law

Fire forces mass evacuation in central London

A fascinating exhortation by Cardinal Parolin, Vatican Secetary of State,

CERN researchers confirm existence of the Force

I'm going to leave DU.

happy all fools' day

'Your employee crashed a plane...why are you refusing to answer questions??'

Indiana Pizzeria Vows To Never Deliver A Pizza To A Gay Wedding

Clever - stored energy on a rail

Nick Clegg on course to lose seat at election, according to Lord Ashcroft poll

hilaria--roman festival that predates all fools' day

Locals set up webpage: Ind. Lesgilators who backed RFRA - (businesses) + a peek at the "fix"

Texas bill cuts HIV funding, boosts abstinence education

Today in Herstory: Suffrage Groups Split Over Philosophies (31 march 1915)

I'll Bet Indianans Would Re Elect Pence And RFRA Supporting Legislators.

'Germanwings passenger video' is authentic, says French magazine

Gender Equality Is Here! Sexism Is Dead! We Can All Go Home Now!

After marathon debate, Texas House OK’s $210 billion budget

Hutchinson conference on Arkansas' RFB law on MSNBC now.

The Google is at it again...

How much do you love your kittehs? And Voltron?

More Things You Have To Believe To Be A Republican Today, April Fool Edition (But That's Redundant)

No hate crime charges for suspects in St. Louis beating

BREAKING: Arkansas governor says he won’t sign religious liberty bill, asks lawmakers to change it

Indy Star Columnist: Tully: Pence out of his league as governor

Tucker Carlson: Critics Of Indiana's Anti-Gay Law Are 'Jihadis'

One ringy dingy....... Walmart is on the phone Governor!

Maybe this brouhaha will ensure a social conservative runs as a third party...

Florida chef fires back at KKK threats over his interracial marriage

Majority Report: Ted Cruz's Dad Incites Right Wingers to Ponder Killing Judges Over Same-Sex Marriag

Best April Fool's Joke - a fake valcano eruption

U.S. Oil Imports From OPEC Have Plunged to a 28-Year Low

Sluggish Small-Business Hiring May Portend U.S. Job Weakness

In fire on Mexico Pemex oil platform, 45 hurt, 300 evacuated

Hutchinson calls for changes to HB1228

Former IAEA Deputy Director: Current Deal’s Breakout Time Would Be Seven or Eight Months

Majority Report: Louie Gohmert So Dumb on Iran It Even Surprises Fox News

the daily news dude.

Honest Political Ads - Gil Fulbright for Senate

Benjamin Netanyahu Welcomes House Speaker John Boehner To Jerusalem

Atlanta teen who received controversial heart transplant dies in chase with police

Texas lawsuit: Racial slur printed on wedding reception photos

Indiana Pizzeria becomes the first to openly deny services to gays

Charlie Victor Romeo (WARNING: Intense)

Republicans Trolling for Obamacare Horror Stories

Iowa State Daily: Sexual Assault is OUR Problem

Alan Colmes Calls BS on Fox

Staten Island cops allegedly get points for each arrest

Today is the first anniversary of the most hilariously narcissistic art world blog post ever

Indiana hate pizza yelp page

Arkansas Governor Seeks Changes to Religious Freedom Bill

Nick Hanauer calls out Spokane senator for killing Washington minimum wage bill

Cynthia Lennon dead at 75 (John's first wife):

Mice sing just like birds, but we can’t hear them

Sea Slugs' Bruce Irvin makes April Fools’ DUI joke

The Strawbs

Watch Ted Cruz Repeatedly Say He Wants To Repeal Something That's Not A Federal Law (vid)

Scientists calculate the diffraction of light with quantum physics

The Emerging Republican Advantage

Lufthansa CEO at crash site: 'Long, long time' to understand

Does anyone know how RFRA polls in Indiana?

Teabaggers and failed humanity quiz

Buy, Buy 'American Pie' Manuscript for $1.5 Million.

Right-wing Website Reboots to Fight Bill C-51

HELLO, Indy Pizza... before we take your order... Are you now...

Howard Dean: Obama should walk away from Iran talks

President Obama just sent 22 people this letter....


Turns out the Last Supper was originally meant to be held in Indiana

Secure video teleconference from the Situation Room of the White House...

USC Athletic director, ‘proud father of a gay son,’ skips Indiana playoff meeting

Sexism and Anti-Semitism have NO place in American comedy whatsoever...

Mike Pence’s New Fan Club: Wiccans

Invasion of the ISS...

Kentucky: Our Same-Sex Marriage Ban Isn't Anti-Gay Because It Applies To Straight People, Too

Toon: Is this seriously going to be a new trend in America? Wow.

North Carolina's Governor Says He Won't Sign State Senate's 'Religious Freedom' Bill

Poll: Ted Cruz's GOP Support Jumps By Double Digits

Mother Accused Of Child Abuse For Buying Her Daughter A Suit

On Monday a woman in Indiana got a 20 year sentence--for a miscarriage in stressful circumstances.

Vermont populist rallies Las Vegas union members to take on ‘billionare class’

Indiana: Luckovich Nails It in One 'Toon

The US and Colombia could cease exports of food to Venezuela to overthrow of Maduro

Bernie Sanders: Greed. Greed. Greed.


LOL! Old John Fugelsang tweet

In Great Britain the National Secular Society won a battle against Sharia law last year.

Happy Fertility Symbol Day!

Iraq Claims Victory Over Islamic State in Tikrit

ADP National Employment Report: Private Sector Employment Increased by 189,000 Jobs in March

An Apology To Chris Christie....

Michele Bachmann is a horrible, horrible person.

Bernie Sanders: I Could Beat Hillary Clinton

Pauline Frederick Paved Way for Female Journalists

Is this the world's loudest PURR? Pet cat Bluey registers 93 decibels - as loud as a Tube train

Joni Mitchell: My Heart and Soul

April Fools?

Packs of black-market foot soldiers raid Venezuela markets

Rachel and Elizabeth Warren, last night...didnt see a thread here yet on this

Bucknell expels three students for racist comments on campus radio

Today would have been our 15th wedding anniversary

Cynthia Lennon - In Loving Memory

Janet L. Norwood, former Bureau of Labor Statistics commissioner, dies

Howard Dean lines up behind Netanyahu and Tom Cotton on Iran nuclear talks

Death Don't Have No Mercy.

How often have you posted something you regret at DU?

Poll of African-American voters gives Rahm 10-point lead over Garcia

Wisconsin nixed a T-shirt that may have violated NCAA rules

Poor Governor Hutchinson. His son is a self- professed Progressive and a union organizer

Did Walmart force Arkansas Gov Asa Hutchinson to cave on Religious Freedom Restoration Act? (VIDEO)

Kentucky: Our Same-Sex Marriage Ban Isn't Anti-Gay Because It Applies To Straight People, Too

Lausanne Has Kerry-Mania

Governor Brown Directs First-Ever Statewide Mandatory Water Reductions

ISIS Wants a Truce

Fukushima MELTDOWN to cause '10,000 Chernobyls' in South Atlantic

Once again, Texas leads the charge to the bottom



Indiana will lose Disciples of Christ convention over anti-gay law

Here's an interesting fellow

Seattle workers hail 'historic moment' as city sets course for $15 minimum wage

Bryan Fischer tweets Mother Jones. Hilarity ensues.

1927 Chevrolet Paddy Wagon

How To Deal With An Annoying Child

A deceased brother, and The Star's editorial

Indianapolis Bakery That Refused To Make Cake For Gay Couple Has Gone Out Of Business

Prison Doctor Allegedly Took Away Inmate’s Wheelchair To Punish Him For Complaining About Abuse

Gov. Brown just ordered a 25% mandatory reduction in water usage

xPost: "Real Religious Leaders Must Stand Up for Real Freedom"

Hillary Clinton Room Post. -Thank you MIRT!

Trevor Noah defends self in backlash to old tweets

Re: Indiana's Religious Freedom to Discriminate Law

She Thought He Would Just Laugh At Her, But Then He Said This

What food is acceptable after a wedding?

Chorus of Outrage as Obama Administration Approves Arctic Drilling for Shell Oil

CERN researchers confirm existence of the Force (7 hours ago)

There is another Super typhoon in the Pacific- Maysak

Pat Robertson: President Obama Thinks He Is The Messiah

Memories Pizza could become a memory - Indiana Pizzeria Won’t Serve Same-Sex Marriages

I know this isn't "computer help and support" but it is fun. Meet my latest "Desktop" computer:

Wonder Woman’s Jet Now on Display at The National Air and Space Museum

Hillary Clinton Was The 11th Most Liberal Senator

Hutchison did not veto the anti-gay bill.It became law because Monday was the deadline for to do it.

McConnell tells other countries not to trust Obama when it comes to combating climate change

Immigrants Are Too Wary to Even Learn About Obama's Immigration Plan

Jeb Bush Lobbied Pension Officials For Donor

The Enduring Appeal of Roasted Chicken Provençal

Analysis: Yemen Ground Operation Carries Major Risks

Russia Committed To New Height In BRICS Partnership: Putin

What's for Dinner, Wed., April 1, 2015

We're in WI. The DSCC and the DNC seem not to have noticed we have problems here.

Transgender birth certificate change gets initial approval in Colorado House

World biomass update

1 news organization. 2 crime stories. 2 groups of suspects & 2 very different types of images.

Mike Pence Runs To Fox For Damage Control Over 'Religious Liberty' Law

Birther website says Ted Cruz is the new Reagan because everybody hates him and thinks he’s stupid

"Love They Neighbor"

McDonald's raising its minimum wage

These Women Are Fighting the Pentagon Over Its Handling of Sexual Assault Claims

It's That Time of year again, folks!

A Song For All Seasons

GOP: At the Doctor's Office

Embarrassing: Rand Paul Fails Miserably at Explaining the 1st Amendment

New Jersey Sen. Bob Menendez indicted on corruption charges

The West Wing - Charlie's Tax Return

our hosts are AWESOME

Sen. Robert Menendez indicted.

Proposal Would Fine Cops $15,000 for Trying to Stop People from Filming Them

Facebook Creates County-by-County MLB Fandom Map for 2015 Season

New Jersey Sen. Bob Menendez indicted on corruption charges

"Going Clear" left out the grim fate of elderly Scientologists --

Yemen: Running Updates Thread: Houthi fighters backed by tanks reach central Aden--

5 Things You Didn't Know About Easter

LMAO .......

Maundy Thursday 2015: The History Behind The Holy Thursday Before Easter

Cynthia Lennon, John Lennon's first wife, dies

My "WTF?" of the day, no, this is not an April Fools joke...

Parody of the bigoted pizza place's website

"Florida Banned Use of 'Climate Change' because Florida is F*cking Stupid" --Ben Cohen

So, imagine for a moment that you're Secretary of State Hillary Clinton

Indiana Gov. Mike Pence Declares Himself a Vegesexual


OMG ...........

Dependency culture debunked: Study finds welfare makes people more likely to want to work — not less

Grading the Texas Legislature: F in Governance, A+ in Hatred

Let's read some David Futrelle, shall we?

Cherry Blossom Watch Update: March 30, 2015

The Indiana Fiasco's at the Statehouse next dilema: Imelt/GE Letter

Anyone here chosen to turn gay today?

Germany: Super-stealth submarine powered by hydrogen fuel cells

Anchorage closes in on low snowfall record

Hillary Clinton criticizes Arkansas pro discrimination law

Eleven former teachers and administrators guilty in cheating trial (Atlanta Public Schools)

Are Female Genital Piercings FGM? UK Says YES!Are Female Genital Piercings FGM? UK Says YES!

Some questions for the Indiana pizzeria who won't make a gay couple a pie

Elizabeth Warren and the LGBT community.

Today, I'm glad I'm alive...

Lost Girls: Remembered half a century later

Governor Baker, please. No non-essential state funded trips to Indiana.

Mike Pence's favorite film?

Megyn Kelly's Misinformed Defense Of Indiana's Anti-Gay "Religious Freedom" Law

I think I know why the religious right is attacking both LGBT & Women's rights...

Thom Hartmann: The Next Ice Age May Be Sooner Then You Think

Scientists Splice Cow and House Cat. Have They Gone Too Far?

Thom Hartmann: Why the GOP is Sabotaging the Iran Talks

I have a question.

Fox News Hosts Get Their Butts Handed to Them by US Veterans

University removes Common (a hip-hop artist) as graduation speaker amid police whining

Hosts: Requesting a pinned thread.

National Suicide Prevention Hotline

2016 Presidential Election religion thread.

Was Hillary Clinton, While Secretary of State, Running a Secret Spy Network?

Thousands of people evacuated and West End shows cancelled as smoke engulfs central London

Today is Rachel Maddow's 42d birthday!

Walmart Vows To Defend Whichever Gays Buy Their Cheap Shit

What A Story: Seth Hutchinson is the star of his father's press conference

Having a FB discussion with my nephew and his friends

New Poll Finds 74% Of Americans Would Be Comfortable Blaming Female President For Problems

So that Indiana Pizza Place won't cater to gays but will still go to hell cause they serve Pig

Indiana's website appears to not be functioning at this time.

Chris Rock takes a selfie after cops pull him over - 3rd time in less than 7 weeks

Coroner: 2005 post-Katrina police shooting was a homicide

New seating technology helps board planes seven times faster

Alternatives to using commercially canned produce.

MPs sign open letter condemning US violence in Venezuela

Yuck in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil...

The Boehner Invitation to Japan and His Current Visit to Saudi Arabia and Israel

Venezuela's anti-Obama signature drive passes six million

Hugo Chavez' favorite daughter makes UN debut as US bashed

Hugo Chavez' favorite daughter makes UN debut as US bashed

This is my last post here

Gruber: ObamaCare quote in court case 'taken out of context'

In March of 2015 American police killed more people, 111, than police killed in the entire United Ki

Vatican bank agrees landmark tax treaty with Italian regulators

Prosecutor fired amid reports of sterilization in plea deals

Johnson County supervisors to vote on travel ban to states with ‘religious freedom’ laws (IOWA)

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Thursday, 2 April 2015

The Consequences Of Privatizing Public Housing - Toshio Meronek Discusses

David Letterman: 'This Is Not The Indiana I Remember As A Kid' (VIDEO)

U.S. Won't Charge Former IRS Official Lois Lerner With Contempt

Breaking News - Non-threatening package thrown over the wall at the US embassy early this morning

Pardon Don Siegelman. A Democratic Political Prisoner Railroaded by Karl Rove.

Indiana Pizza Place Forced to Close Doors After Refusing to Cater Gay Wedding

Cynthia Lennon has died

Antarctica hits highest temp recorded: 63 F

Gay marriage is a sham. They never last.

Canadian diplomat's teen son shot dead after botched drug deal in Miami

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I take a handful of pills and use my inhaler twice a day.

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