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Archives: December 28, 2015

Cop Crashed Cruiser Into Ditch After This Owl Attacked His Head

Sen. Sanders in Nevada (some pics) periscope Reno 4 Bernie Sanders Live

Full Interview: Bernie Sanders on Face the Nation

Just chillin waiting out the months till

Got to Give the People What They Want, the OJAYS

OWS Teacher, Jailed and then Fired By NYC School System , Wins Job Back.

12-27-15 FDR takes over the Rails in 2:00

12-27-15 FDR takes over the Rails in 2:00

12-27-15 FDR takes over the Rails in 2:00

All lanes of I-70 closed in St. Charles Co. for Monday morning rush hour

Bernie's appearance on Meet the Press

Bernie LIVE! in Reno Now

Editorial: Cops targeting blacks for petty crime

Why Sanders supporters are reading 2008 primary polls incorrectly.

'Unprecedented' Flooding Soaks UK; Thousands without Power and Hundreds Evacuated

First Book mixes market forces and philanthropy to help poor children

The fact that Republicans are PISSED OFF at Paul Ryan and his "Muslim beard" is DEE-licious.

Desert tower raises Chile's solar power ambition to new heights

10 Foods That May Disappear Thanks to Climate Change

Here's my hope for the New Year. John Lennon says it best.

It appears a fair number of DUers are unaware of an opioid crisis,

Anyone here from the Garland/Rowlett TX area?

Apple Watch Users Discover Another Way to Go ‘Hands Free’

Trump won't stop until he insults every minority, Hillary until she exploits every minority.

German experiment will test whether the welfare state can be replaced by a basic guaranteed income

gratuitous kitteh pic - we guess we're friends

Child killed in drive-by shooting in Southwest Miami-Dade

The Republicans could finish third in 2016.

Jaw dropping: Sanders in statistical dead heat with Clinton in ARKANSAS!!

Behind the Ronald Reagan myth: “No one had ever entered the White House so grossly ill informed”

Israel warns Brazil faces diplomatic downgrade unless it accepts settler as ambassador

Which of our candidates will bring out the most voters for them

Israeli ministers vote to impose new measures on human rights groups

Former major-league outfielder Dave Henderson dead at 57

NYT: How Hillary Clinton Went Undercover to Examine Race in Education

Haskell Wexler dies at 93; two-time Oscar-winning cinematographer and lifelong activist

Hillary or Bernie. NAFTA or The New Deal. Third Way or Bedrock Democratic Party Principles

Let's see who can guess this one...

O'Malley calls for welcoming refugees, immigrants at Iowa STAR PAC meeting.

MSNBC head admits massive Trump coverage is because of ratings

Bin Laden's former bodyguard Nasser al-Bahri dies

O'Malley calls for welcoming refugees, immigrants at Iowa STAR PAC meeting.

MSNBC head gives shocking reason for network's 24/7 Donald Trump coverage

What is "before it's news?" Is it a CT site or what?

New national poll: Hillary 52%. Bernie 12%.

David Duke: Trump Speaks “A Lot More Radically” Than I Do

My first poll post in forever! The race has been insanely stable from Oct on (No movement at all)

Almost All Major Oil Companies Have Known About Global Warming Since the 1970s

Why Banning Secure Email Won't Stop TerrorWhy Banning Secure Email Won't Stop Terror http://readers

Justice Department Shuts Down Federal Asset Forfeiture Program

Bernie Sanders Is Polling 5.6% Higher Nationally Than Obama Was In 2008

Private Prison Exec Waves Off Criminal Justice Reform, Predicts More Profits

Last Year at Least 56,000 College Students Identified as Homeless

2,000 pack Reno Ballroom to hear Sen. Bernie Sanders

Just saw Back To The Future II

Copper: a world trade in 3000 BC?

Too bad that Hillary fucked over the org she went under cover for. They disavowed her.

I hate for my kid to see me when I'm stoned

While Bernie is wooing Trumps constituency...

Do regular dogs see police dogs and think "oh shit it's the cops"?

Sam Harris’ detestable crusade: How his latest anti-Islam tract reveals the bankruptcy of his ideas

(1993) Seattle Times: Twin Towers Engineered To Withstand Jet Collision

Memory Lapse? Trump Seeks Distance From 'Advisor' With Past Ties to Mafia

Whew!..Bad weather has apparently been put on hold until 2AM (PST)

The Great Privacy Rights Give Away

2 Faced Bernie Sanders: Part 1. The "I didn't mean the apology" edition

Have you guys heard Michael Burry (The Big Short) give the commencement address to UCLA?

If you have ever ordered from, you are almost out of time

Reno Gazette-Journal goes one-on-one with Bernie Sanders

Japan's New Year's symbols of prosperity

It appears a fair number of DUers are unaware of the Door Buzzard thread

Mandy Patinkin on Colbear... What a wonderful rant!

Karl Rove: Obama wishing Americans “Merry Christmas” in Hawaiian proves he’s un-American

O'Malley begins 4-day swing in Des Moines.

For Bernie, economic inequality is the biggest issue of his political life...

Skip a Letter to Santa, I'm Writing to Bernie Sanders

The Man In The High Castle

Sanders: Trump is ‘Getting Nervous’ - Quoting Donald Trump’s assertion that wages in the United Stat

Damn it, I guess I have to do a "Warn Off" for Overtime Politics (Ignore them, entirely)

Stop using race, religion to hide incompetence, Johor sultan tells politicians

It Is Sad To See So Much Destruction. These Disasters Show How Important Functioning Govt Is.

Ellsworth Kelly, an Artist Who Mixed Abstract With Simplicity, Dies at 92

Chiefs are in the playoffs. Royals won the WS . First time ever both KC teams

Welcome to the bullshit…

Long Range: Winter is Coming…January Pattern Change Details, NY Metro

Horses 2

How modern Germans view Americans

Blaine County Democrats

Once the dust settles...

9/11 - WHO DID IT and HOW : Rebekah Roth talks to Bill Ryan.

Molotov cocktail damages California mosque; intent unknown

Retired Air Force Colonel Morris Davis on the Republican Presidential Candidates

Kansas new E-Cig laws will lose lots of small businesses and cut jobs and make vaping too expensive

TEPCO confronts new problem of radioactive water at Fukushima plant

"I don't believe any nation is made stronger by breaking up families."

Who is the real Hillary?

Meadowlark Lemon, Harlem Globetrotter Who Played Basketball and Pranks With Virtuosity, Dies at 83

Wall Street is Clinton's achilles heel and for Sanders's sake it will stay that way

Daily Holidays - December 28

a friend of mine had a terrible tragedy happen Christmas day. Her son killed himself

Paris attacker Samy Amimour buried in unmarked grave

Ted Cruz says federal government wants boys and girls to share showers

Train Derails in Neosho Due to Flood Waters

Both Directions Closed on I-70 in St. Charles County

Emergency declared as rain keeps falling; concern turning to rising rivers

Israel Renews Building Plans in Hot-button E1 Near Ma'aleh Adumim Settlement

Cow dung patties selling like hot cakes online in India

Japan and South Korea agree 'comfort women' deal

Who’s to Blame for the Acts of Israel's Extreme Right Fringe?

Have no one before me. Obey me. I love you.

Australia train derails with sulphuric acid cargo

Iraq forces in 'full control' of central Ramadi

JinnyOops! rusted hope

movie: Young Style

Iranian football matches postponed as air pollution soars

Staff shortage left NWS scrambling to cover tornado outbreak

Videos prove that Trump has said that wages in America are too high twice.

How 'The Force Awakens' Heralds A Feminist Future For Star Wars

Henry Ford and the new minimum wage.

Women At War: The Intrepid Mansel Sisters

Pentagon Mutiny on Syria Dismissed by 'Liberal' Media

Voter Sees The “Real Hillary” Her Campaign Seeks To Reveal

Update - Cause of mosque fire in SW Houston declared 'incendiary'

The simple truth: The people with lots of money don't want leftist government.

Chris Hedges: The Illusion of Freedom

German experiment will test whether the welfare state can be replaced by a basic guaranteed income

EXCLUSIVE-Seized documents reveal Islamic State's Department of "War

State-Level Brawls Over Medicaid Reflect Divide in G.O.P.

Pornographic email scandal roils Pennsylvania politics

Open letter to Rabbi Susan Talve from St. Louis Jews

Harvard Medical Scientists Say Police Killings Should Be Recorded As Public Epidemic

Hillary, even the Pentagon thinks Regime Change for Syria is Wrong!

Newsthump: MoD insists Trident replacement would also be adequate flood deterrent

The GOP has become the party from George Orwell’s nightmares

A great movie this year.

South Korea, Japan Reach Deal On Women Forced Into Sexual Slavery ..(from WWII)

Pentagon Mutiny on Syria Dismissed by 'Liberal' Media

Iowa: 92% white. N.H.: 94%. Why do we Dems frontload 2 of our whitest states

Ted Cruz and David Barton-Dominionist Movement and Rain Movement, To Move Evangelicals

Seymour Hersh's Latest Bombshell: U.S. Military Undermined Obama on Syria with Tacit Help to Assad

Saudi posts record $98 bn deficit in 2015

Clinton Most Admired Woman for Record 20th Time

Bernie Sanders Revs Up Crowd In Nev. Calling for "Political Revolution"

May the FORCE be with you all!

Independent Runs for President = Dumb Waste of Time and Money

Hillary Clinton named Most Admired Woman for the 20th time.

Higher One Holdings Inc. Must Repay Millions To Students Over 'Deceptive' Financial Aid Practices..

POLL: Meme of the Week – December 28th

We are being played like suckers

Database configuration issues expose 191 million voter records

Kentucky's new Governor...brace yourself

Database configuration issues expose 191 million voter records

4 International Soldiers Among Missouri Flood Victims, Sheriff Says

Cruz rally gets creepy...

Smoking Gun: Where the Money Goes

Colbert nails Trump: “He’s my old character with ten billion dollars,”

‘How do you buy $7 billion of stuff you don't need?’

Do you stand with me in harshly condemning Donald Trump's remarks about Bill and Hillary Clinton?

I have just found a reason to get Twitter: Emo Kylo Ren ** spoilers **

Bernard Sanders - Oct. 16, 1973

Meet Charlie Sly, the man telling — and recanting — tales about doping, Peyton Manning and Ryan Zimm

Firefox plugin to eliminate the Kardashians?

Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton Most Admired Man and Woman

Bernie calls out Trump on wages, Trump changes tune

Instructor Responds to Cellphone-Using Student

Naked And Armed: Newark (OH) Homeowner Thwarts Christmas Burglary

Tax funded college education at public universities?

Why would anyone trust a candidate with corporate donors to care about anyone BUT corporations?

I really wish we could all stop with the infighting.

Daughter discovers her fiance is conservative

Combine Alabama Woman, possibly doped up, and guns...

TOM TOMORROW: 2015 The Year In Crazy - BOTH PARTS 1 & 2!

Anyone get over night bloody noses in dry climates?

"Even Christ had to bust a few heads!" . . . Please come CAPTION Ted Cruz and Gaylon Willey!!!

Ask Japanese what they think about AMERICANS / USA / AMERICA

KRUGMAN: "Not being Donald Trump doesn’t make someone a moderate, or even halfway reasonable."

Hill's "most admired woman" status continues to sink, from 21 to 13;loss of 38%

Hillary, outspoken against Citizens United in early campaign speeches, vowing to overturn

Monday Toon Roundup 1- GOP

Monday Toon Roundup 2- The Rest

There are still humans out there

Ted Cruz: Be afraid. Be very afraid.

Watch the implosion of the Greenfield Bridge on the Parkway East (Pittsburgh) this morning:

When ya puppeh gets busted:

Caltrans sign hacked, showing support for Donald Trump

Israeli army: 2 Palestinians killed after stabbing soldier

Obama named Most Admired Man in World & GOP is fuming!

Briton finishes first-ever solo row across the Pacific Ocean

German man dies after blowing up condom machine

[ActBlue] You're making a difference -- daily update for 12-27-15 (getting close to Dec goal)

'Am I A Muslim? Donald Trump Totally Thinks I’m A Muslim': Famous Atheist Has 16 Questions For Trump

Christmas Eve in my family gave me hope

Saint Raygun made most admired top ten list over 30 times

Re Hillary's most admired status

Warmer on the Greenland ice cap than many other places in the Arctic

how does one upload pics

Andraé Crouch, Wayne Dyer, Clementa Pinckney and 12 other religious figures who died in 2015

Updated forecast calls for 5 to 7 inches of snow (first pix now posted)

In the I of the Beholder! . . . Please come CAPTION Donald Trump!!!!

To bypass Window 10's privacy invaders, use this tool (Windows 10 Privacy)

Wolf-PAC Remembers Anti-Corruption Warrior Terry Backer

Our valiant CBP--detaining suspicious foreigners trying to sneak into our little paradise on earth

Travel to Alaska

Bernie puts Trump in his place

How Hillary Clinton Went Undercover to Examine Race in Education

$250,000 a Year Is Not Middle Class

Alabama uses (BP) oil spill money for renovation of governor's mansion

Leonard Cohen: Democracy

Established Energy Continues It's War on Renewables

TYT: Obama Criticizes Cable News's ISIS Fixation

‘She is a woman, it’s not a card’

Harlem Globetrotters Legend Meadowlark Lemon Dies At 83

Why I think that anyone who takes big corporate $$$$ is corrupt.

More Importantly - 'It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia' returns on January 6th!!

"It's a purchase"

TYT: New Visa Waiver Program Hurts America

Oh No! Meadowlark Lemon has died!

St. Martin (of the Poor) O'Malley Gets Martyred by the Press.EDITED

TYT: Muslims Shield Christians From Al-Shabaab

Central Wisconsin Veterans Memorial Cemetary at King, Wisconsin December 27, 2015

Today's letter from Bernie

Parents call the cops on teens distributing a banned book

Ohio man gets 56 years for recording students in bathroom

TYT: Surprising New Poll Results On Abortion

YouGov/Economist National Poll: Hillary 53, Bernie 39, Martin 2


Truck Driver Who Knocked Down Bridge Said She ‘Didn’t Know How Much 6 Tons Was’

GM urged to make air bags standard equipment in Mexico

Why does Martin O'Malley have so little support in Maryland?

Woman Said she Redirected Tornado to Another Neighborhood When God Gave her authority over winds

TYT: Surrogate Mothers Refuse Abortion Despite Contract

TYT: Black Woman Dies After Kicked Out Of Hospital

Bill's "women issues" vs Trump's..

Holiday Etiquette: Think Twice Before Complimenting Someone's "Ugly Sweater".

Editorial: Our persons of the year for 2015

@RepMcNerney's endorsement of @HillaryClinton -> The Next Climate Crusader in the White House

Full Frontal W/ Sam Bee: CRUZCUTS

Mitzvah Day brings interfaith cheer to needy families

Can you humans see the duck in my face?

Another fantastic pic for the rally in Reno, NV last night

Sen. Sanders tackles corporations, Trump

Anyone here see the Dr Who Christmas special?

New Hampshire paper compares Trump to Biff from 'Back to the Future'

Good Morning, Vietnam: In turnabout, US to arm former Communist enemy

CSI: Living Room

Here in Houston,Texas...

Jane Sanders Knows Politics, and How to Soften Husband’s Image

Trey Gowdy to Endorse Marco Rubio for President

My goodness gracious! We're hosed!

Anti-Social Suki kitty rescue by Kelly Birmingham, AL

Unintended result: Gacy probe clears 11 unrelated cold cases

Just an FYI about retrowire's GFM for his wife's family.

South Korea, Japan reach agreement on 'comfort women'

Milan Bans Cars to Combat Horrible Smog

The aptly named "Monster Vote"

So they let an anti Bernie thread stay in GD?

Brent Grimes’ wife slams Tannehill in Twitter rant

Bernie Sanders no longer authentic-as his wife is remaking him to be "soft" -'relatable"

Is director Michael Bay a right-winger?

Here in Houston,Texas...

how fucked up is U.S.? Donald Trump tied with Pope Francis in poll of most admired men

A blessed Feast of the Holy Innocents to you


Gay activist skewers Jeb Bush in new satirical children's book

Honest NFL Headlines: Week 16

Dodgy database exposes details of 191 million US voters

Brady supports Peyton. That seals Peyton's guilt.

The Recapture of Ramadi from ISIS is a Very Big Deal

Breaking - no charges in Tamir Rice murder by cops

Reince Priebus urges GOPers to donate to Bernie in order to politically undermine Hillary

Harvard Medical Scientists Say Police Killings Should Be Recorded As Public Epidemic

Drugs my brother had in him at the end.....

Tom Tomorrow's "2015 in Review." So funny, it's sad.

Obama gives military largest raise in 5 years, GOP refuses to give credit

Miniature trains carved from a carpenter's pencil:

Nothing more disgruntling...

Cleveland Officer Will Not Face Charges in Tamir Rice Shooting Death

It's pretty scary that Bernie can't distinguish between secured and unsecured loans

My Annual MLB Hall of Fame Projections for Jan, 2016

Guns and Racism

Unlike chicken Republican candidates, Sanders not afraid to hammer Trump

"Next Year, There Will Be a Woman Up There!" Said my daughter,

Virginia republicans to require loyalty oath for primary voters

Strong women are a top GOP enemy, as well as all other minorities, Planned Parenthood, and science.

No snakes on Hillary's Plane. Samuel L Jackson supports Hillary...

Statement from the Lawyers of Tamir's Family

Bernie Sanders wins best use of social media in politics in 2015 Whippies!

Trump throws a Twitter-fit after Bernie tells truth on him. Very interesting...

Anti-vaccine Californians are rich, white, but not necessarily highly educated

I'm so glad.

APPARENTLY Ben didn't get the memo about no crying in baseball...or presidentin'

Janis Joplin got it RIGHT!! #FeelTheBern

Holiday Squee

Nature's Warning Signal (Abrupt tipping points)

Sanders: Trump is ‘Getting Nervous’

We the People have spoken!!!

Maryland’s state song is way off-key, panel says

Snow-starved Northeast will finally see a winter storm

Georgia Donald Trump backers feature Confederate flag on support page

Doubling down on W (by Paul Krugman)

5 Health Resolutions You Can Actually Keep This Year

5 indigenous massacred in alleged land theft in north Colombia

Boko Haram attacks Nigerian city, killing at least 80

Anybody for Calamari?

Some memes:

5 Health Resolutions You Can Actually Keep This Year

The HTTP 451 Error Code for Censorship Is Now an Internet Standard (as in Fahrenheit 451)

Thousands Rally in Support of Argentina's Public Media

What's for Dinner, Mon., Dec. 28, 2015

Cuba Inaugurates Direct Air Link with China

Hahahahaha! Scott Walker Has Some More Problems.

What Is Día De Los Reyes? 6 Facts About Three Wise Men Day In Latin America

Bill to CAMPAIGN for Hillary in NH

The dog food treat I made from the remains of the Christmas Turkey are so tasty...

Personal data of 191M Americans leaked online

Have you started getting mail from that woman?

Need to find a new home for two dogs....

Trailing Hillary among Democrats, Bernie looks to Trump supporters

Top 10 Healthiest New Year's Resolutions

Bernie is the ONLY bona fide candidate!!! PERIOD!!!

Obama’s ‘Boots on the Ground’: U.S. Special Forces Are Sent to Tackle Global Threats

Outrageous Christie puff piece from NPR...

Tamir's death is justified

Origins of the Irish down to mass migration, ancient DNA confirms

Act Blue tips are good for the D party

Sorry There Ain't No Better Way of Puttin' It:

Why Hillary Clinton's Stint as a Civil-Rights Secret Agent Matters Today

Police: Student finds remains of suspect in '10 shooting

NYC Rise Up 4 Tamir tonight at 6:30. Live Periscope from NYC

Sister Rosetta Tharpe “the Godmother of Rock and Roll"

DKos: Sanders campaign disavows its own nutty conspiracy theory

John Erlichman admitted that the whole point of the federal War on Drugs

Spong applauds removal of Confederate flags from St. Paul's

Donald Trump changes tune on wages after Bernie Sanders broadside

After Sanders criticism, Donald Trump flip-flops: US wages 'are too low'

Unlimited Corporate Money In Politics Killed Democracy Long Ago

Can someone please explain the hostility at DU to me?

Ameren Missouri opens all floodgates at the Bagnell Dam

Cleveland Cops, Prosecutor and Grand Jury: "Ooops. Our Bad."

Sen. Sanders speaks at Las Vegas home of Erin Bilbray who just endorsed him

The land of the bean and the cod: Infinite America, Part 4 - Massachusetts

Sorry Hillary fans but when it comes to LGBT rights, Bernie was there LONG before Hillary!

Johnny Depp Intends To Buy Site Of Wounded Knee Massacre, Gift It Back To The Native American People

Puppy Bowl Overshadowed By League’s Rampant Heartworm Pill Abuse

The Door-Buzzard Club

No grand jury necessary, folks..

German man dies from shrapnel to the head after blowing up condom machine

Bernie just welcomed a MAJOR ENDORSEMENT from Erin Bilbray!! A Super Delegate!!

Iran Hands Over Stockpile of Enriched Uranium to Russia

Shale's Running Out of Survival Tricks as OPEC Ramps Up Pressure

Day off! #HillaryClinton strolls around NYC with granddaughter, daughter, husband, son-in-law

Why Do Employers Still Routinely Drug-Test Workers?

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Killed ISIS Commander’s Cell Phone Shows Direct Ties To Turkish Intelligence

well- its cut off always go to a jeweler and not the ER if at all possible

What other countries think of America...

Santa stabs bus rider; Denver-area cops seek suspect

Well Submitted my IMDB entry for the movie I am Co-directing

Samuel L. Jackson endorses Hillary Clinton

No abuse or torture under interrogation - no matter what

Environmentalists say deforestation worsens flooding in South America

Environmentalists say deforestation worsens flooding in South America


looks like another Liberal talk station bites the dust

Commentary: U.S. should repeal law that gives Cubans expedited path to citizenship

I think I'm in Bizzarro DU

Commentary: U.S. should repeal law that gives Cubans expedited path to citizenship

Syria and Iraq: Ethnic cleansing by Sunni and Shia jihadis is leading to a partition of the M East.

Just signed up for being a delegate for Bernie!

Judge stops Missouri from revoking abortion license

Bernie Sanders counters Andrea Mitchell's shallow interview by directing the narrative

14 Incredible Archaeological Discoveries Made In 2015. These artifacts will leave you in awe.

Krugman: Doubling down on W

Future to Believe In | LIVE from Las Vegas with Bernie Sanders Bernie2016tv

It Was Nice While It Lasted......

O'Malley attracts intimate crowds amid snowstorm.

O'Malley attracts intimate crowds amid snowstorm.

Four New TV Ads

Omaha misses brunt of snowstorm; snow emergency canceled

Bernie Sanders Women's Leaders Lunch Las Vegas FULL Speech

Elephant seals at Ano Nuevo -- picture heavy!

WOW. Photo of an astronaut shows how big the International Space Station is

Debt Distress Level At Highest Since Recession

U.S. Fears Grow of a ‘Newly Awakened’ Russian Navy

Where does Donald Trump fit on the Republican political scale ??

St. Martin (of the Poor) O'Malley Gets Martyred by the Press.

Watchdog: Israel Quietly Develops Plans To Build Settlements In Strategic West Bank Area

Statement by Clintton campaigna on @realDonaldTrump's latest attacks:

This Week in God

Hey DU'ers, take a look at Retrowire's post about a Christmas miracle.

Arizona woman shoots victim in eye for not believing in God...