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12-25-15 And So This is Christmas? in 2:00

12-25-15 And So This is Christmas? in 2:00

12-25-15 And So This is Christmas? in 2:00

War on Christmas?

TINSEL & TRADITIONS (photos from Christmas long past, you will love this LINK ADDED)

Colorado pot grows used as much energy as 35,000 homes in 2014

Thumbing Your Nose at Zeus

'Logan's Run' co-author George Clayton Johnson dead at 86

Merry Christmas GDP!

Amazing Grace, music and beautiful pictures of trains. (Trains of Winter)

I'm heading up to The City tomorrow

“It’s not as if we conjured this guy Josh from thin air. recommended to us by the DNC and NGP VAN

You learn something new every day.

Time To Make Independent Contracting Against The Law.

It's been a good Christmas. What did you get?

Should we be trying to get our conservative relatives and friends to register to vote?

Pope Francis Rebukes Consumerism In Christmas Eve Mass

Volunteers give away free pot to the homeless this Christmas Eve and it's all for a good cause

People Aren't Smart Enough for Democracy to Work

Ambassador of the Vatican to Russia Archbishop Ivan Yurkovich said that the Catholic world treats

Is It OK to Shoot Down Your Neighbor's Drone?

Free E-Book, Zong/Congo: The Covenant of the Yellow King (fiction)

Christmas Eye Candy: WH Xmas Cards from the Past

Do not post definitions.


Fox stunned as Treasury head informs them the economy is better under Obama

We Wish You A Merry Christmas - Japanese Christmas Song (HD)

Late-night earthquake rattles Pakistani capital, Afghanistan

3rd X'mas Gigant Christmas - Yuujou ni Ribon

3rd X'mas Gigant Christmas - Yuujou ni Ribon

The two simple things Bernie & supporters in Iowa and NH can do to beat HRC next month

8 Injured in La Paloma House Explosion

Ok, Christmas is over. Can we PLEASE start listening to real music again?

Narendra Modi of India Meets Pakistani Premier in Surprise Visit

Alabama tornado adds to Christmas storm woes

"So This is Christmas"~John, Yoko, and the Harlem Community Choir*~1971

Has anyone heard from freshwest lately?

RT Media won't tell you that between Monday-Wed Bernie drewmore than 31,0002his rallies&town meeting

How One Woman Tried To Warn Everyone About The Housing Crash

Should there be a full criminal investigation of the Bernie Sanders data breach?

Our Christmas Heroes.

FDR- The Test Of Our Progress.

A blessed Feast of Stephen to you!

Christmas: CNN presents The Shroud of Turin is REAL I tellz ya!!! REAL!!!

Get The Facts: The REAL Job Creators.

Refugee/Immigrant Crises End Of Beginning Of Malthusian Scenario.

let me share with you my white christmas

Looking to adopt a cat

Mosque catches fire in southwest Houston

Valeant Pharmaceutical Chief Is Hospitalized With Pneumonia -- Can He Afford The Drugs He Needs?

Why a gangster’s grandson can give up hopes of a Cuban Christmas present

Why a gangster’s grandson can give up hopes of a Cuban Christmas present

Ex-Colombian Paramilitary Leader Captured in Venezuela

Daily Holidays - December 26

Chile Considers Building Permanent Pier In Antarctica For Tourism, Scientific Research

The GMO Issue: False Claims, Pseudo Analysis And A Politically Motivated Agenda

4 injured in Christmas night movie theater shooting in West Mobile

Huffington Post: Shy Shelter Dog's Reaction To Getting Adopted Is The Definition Of Joy On Earth

Big storm expected to hit Omaha region Monday (expect more bird pix added link to Christmas Eve pix)

Ears are attuned to varieties of birdsong during annual Christmas Bird Count


The winning Christmas tweet of the year comes from Bette Midler



Analysis: Where does torture end and moderate physical pressure begin?

Santa Heard that someone wasn't in the Holiday spirit yesterday...

ISIL oil smugglers trapped as Russian bombs rain down

Syrian rebels to start evacuation from Damascus' southern districts

Amsterdam to Halt Trams in Memory of 1940 Strike over Nazi Persecution of Jews

Addressing fault-lines within the Saudi-led coalition

Forward: Is America Getting Ready To Elect Bernie Sanders as President?

Arab League Condemns Abduction of Qataris by Armed Group in Iraq

Fire sweeps through Saudi hospital, at least 24 dead | Reuters

Gladys Knight and the Pips member William Guest dies at 74

Black Lives Matter Protests Roil Cities Across The US

Clinton : We need more kindness in our country

Tom Joyner reportedly booted from Radio One against his will: What happened?

Help! I can't find the post with the Ted Talk about how the media manipulates people.

"Sorry, I left my conscience in my pocketbook." Please come CAPTION Fox's Andrea Tantaros!!!

anyone want to track a right wing rumor mill?

For U.S. Merchants of death it's Christmas all year long!

Hillary superfan Froma Harrop issues an "apology" about Bernie and doubles down

As Oil Money Melts, Alaska Mulls First Income Tax in 35 Years

The new Messiah

OK baseball fans. Whose signature is this?

Why is this right-wing hack being given so much space here all of a sudden?

Indian prime minister makes surprise stopover in Pakistan

Why aren't all of us...

Meth user arrested in WalMart. Drove a motorized cart, drank wine, ate an entire rotisserie chicken.

Sith Lord Sexypants

Happy Holidays From The O'Malley Team!

I think we can put to bed the "We have to vote for Hillary or the Republicans win" argument.

Let's talk about real issues

UK flood warnings: Homes evacuated amid heavy rain

Boxing Day travellers frustrated by rail shutdown

Observation: The viral Bernie posters have taken the weekend off.

How very appropriate - Hillary endorser Emily's List is offering champaign flutes to donors

Democrats are too kind and that is a problem

TYT: Hillary Clinton "Hispandering" Pummeled On Twitter

Sanders is a good man who needs better advisers

Did Campbell's soup cans used to be bigger?

Primary blast from the past: Clinton aides claim Obama photo wasn't intended as a smear

Top Syrian Rebel Leader Killed In Russian Air Strike

Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree to be used for Habitat for Humanity projects

US generals supplied Syria with intel over ISIS to avoid toppling Assad – Seymour Hersh

The Sneaky Way Austerity Got Sold to the Public Like Snake Oil

Man Pulls Gun On Clerk Over 'Faulty' Penis Pump

Sergi Foundation: financial aid for emergency vet care

BBC Arson suspected fire at Bill Clinton's childhood home

Obama Wins the War on Christmas!

Where New Yorkers Worship

Do fathers still expect to be asked permission to marry their daughter? Is this a sexist tradition?

LA Times OpEd: To understand Donald Trump, look to the far-right in Europe

Woman who supports torture and the death penalty calls for more kindness.


12 reasons for America's fascination with Donald Trump

WP: Bernie Sanders shares something with Republicans: Bashing the media

A mission to serve unites volunteers helping out at homelesss shelters on Christmas

TYT: Harry Reid Legally Bribed To Give Corporate Handouts

TYT: Congress Sneaks CISA Into Omnibus Bill. NSA Gets Everything.

TYT: Judge Stops New Debtors' Prison

Turkish MP faces treason charges after telling RT ISIS used Turkey for transiting sarin

Federal Officials Say Fire at Houston Mosque Suspicious

Killing of Syrian Rebel Faction Leader Imperils Planned Peace Talks

TYT: Muslim Family DENIED Disneyland Vacation

POLL: Bernie Sanders Would DESTROY Trump In General Election

What kind of blues is it when you ask your baby for water?

Alzheimer's: Deep Into the Darkness On Pluto

Killing From A Distance: One Former Drone Operator's Disturbing Experiences (w/ Cenk Uygur)

The Christmas story is like the Star Wars prequels.

TYT: FCC Stops Price Gouging Of Prison Phone Calls

Alzheimer's: Deep Into the Darkness On Pluto

Rats, bugs and ‘natural’ deaths at Florida women’s prison, the nation’s largest

How Hillary Clinton Could Ask A Single Donor For Over $700,000

Pussy Riot member on Trump: Everyone laughed at Putin too.

[ActBlue] You're making a difference -- daily update for 12-25-15

"Why This Socialist Feminist is for Hillary"

The Solar system is one crazy place as it zooms along

TYT: Senator: Disability Benefits Lead To Heroin Abuse

This place just depresses me.

Cat not giving a damn, takes a selfie

Sanders wins because he advocates the better platform, not because Clinton is weak.

Firefox update?

TYT: Chick-fil-A Going Gay?

Onshore Wind costs less than coal, why is there not a huge move to use it?

Europe is watching the US Election closely; Aghast at the Trump phenomenon.

TYT: Tips To Save Money: Live In A Van At Work

Post a song that you like by an artist or group whom you hate...

Back to the 1930s – Hitler, Da'esh and the West

Circadian Rhythm of Genes Changes with Age

Three Years After a Horrific Rape, is Delhi Safer for Women?

Three Years After a Horrific Rape, is Delhi Safer for Women?

Three Years After a Horrific Rape, is Delhi Safer for Women?

Do you stand with Hillary Clinton in standing up to bullies?

TYT: Paul Ryan Wants To Cut Social Security

Cli-Fi Is All the Rage

In Sweden, a Cash-Free Future Nears

First post Christmas Ipsos-Reuters Nat'l Poll- HRC 60% SBS 28% MOM 4%

Earn Less, Spend More: New Report Shows Women are Gouged by the Marketplace (Pink Tax)

Earn Less, Spend More: New Report Shows Women are Gouged by the Marketplace (Pink Tax)

Earn Less, Spend More: New Report Shows Women are Gouged by the Marketplace (Pink Tax)

With a little help, 3 Omaha men bought and donated 8,064 diapers to Open Door's Lydia House shelter

Top 10 Conservative Idiots #8: A Schlonged Time Ago Edition

Hillary, Rubio and Cruz all get foreign advice from the same consulting firm

Legal challenges to Wisconsin Act 23 (2011) are not over, (Associated Press).

Cruz: Like a dog humping Trump’s leg

IS leader urges uprising in Saudi, attacks in Israel: recording

Weather Channel Pretty Useless Anymore. Don't Really Cover The Weather In Real Time.

Consumer Reports: Annatomy of a swindle (This is a great article that everyone should read)

I don't remember Christmas Dinner being like this

The Next Climate Crusader in the White House

Why Buy Cable/Satellite TV Service? Higher Rates-More Commercials-More Mindless Blather.

Could I drop cable...

Martin O'Malley looks good also!!

The feminist news quiz of 2015

The feminist news quiz of 2015

I can go along with this...

Christmas card.

OAS: Macri's AFSCA takeover puts it “back to when governments had full control of the media office.”

OAS: Macri's AFSCA takeover puts it “back to when governments had full control of the media office.”

Great reviews keep pouring in for Michael Moore's "Where to Invade Next"

“The Big Short” A must see..and...

How much longer must women wait for true equality?

How much longer must women wait for true equality?

How much longer must women wait for true equality?

Meet the Fossil Fuel Lobbyists Raising Money for Hillary Clinton/Mother Jones

At a recent family get-together celebrating our granddaughter's third birthday...

Only one person worse than Trump: Frank Luntz

Desktop Time !

Twelve months of sexist jerkery – and those who stood up to it

Twelve months of sexist jerkery – and those who stood up to it

Twelve months of sexist jerkery – and those who stood up to it

The next POTUS!!

Remembering 2015: Wild & Wacky Teapublicans

"You and yours have never and will never benefit from Republican policies,

Thank you, DUers, for the hearty laugh

It's time for employers to back domestic violence victims and stand up to abusers

It's time for employers to back domestic violence victims and stand up to abusers

It's time for employers to back domestic violence victims and stand up to abusers


Other Governments in Space?

The final poll is up here

'I'm alone': migrant children explain why they risked crossing the border

How to pacify a generation: tell them to think “happy thoughts” about chronic social issues

Halleluja! - SHHHHH!

Anti virus protection

Is cash bail unconstitutional? Activists sue over system 'favoring the wealthy'

O'Malley Camp Has a 'Novel Idea' for DHS

The Year in Borowitz

There's a reason "THEY" don't want him as President,

We just saw the most exquisite movie: The Danish Girl.

bette midler's christmas tweet:

Sister Rosetta Tharpe--'Didn't it Rain' --Wow.

X-post from cancer forum (Ruby the Liberal posted the orignal). KarynInMiami has passed

Home page has a separate depiction of the titled video, "other governments in space"

Mike Malloy - Ted Cruz Exposes His Children, Then Plays Victim, Then Starts A Fundraiser

Anybody use a French Press or Pour-Over Coffee maker?

Silver cleaning tip needed.

Okay... How did THIS get fucked up today?

New Michael Moore film: "Where to Invade Next"

I hope everyone can see Bridge of Spies.

Massive floods in northern England

Stats on police killings

Major Pushback Against Texas' Open Carry Law

just bought my first electric guitar.

Mike Malloy - Texas Official Will Slap Next Person Who Says 'Happy Holidays'

South Africa's lion hunting industry to be hit by new US protections which may reduce clients

How does a post here regarding a bogus hide, itself get hidden?

MSNBC Host To Rick Santorum: What Are You Doing About ‘White Men With Guns’?

Chicago police officer shoots, kills man and woman

California wildfire burns 1,200 acres northwest of Los Angeles, closes highway

Sanders election is predicted to national audience of one million people:

Bernie: "I'm getting a good feeling about Iowa"

Congress Quietly Ends Federal Medical Marijuana Prohibition

Sad news. My aunt passed away.

Income Tax in Alaska? What would Sarah do?


So, I've gotten a 1:35 model of a Vietnam era M-113 personel carrier.

Churches offer refuge for Central Americans facing U.S. deportation

Unstoppable Porter Ranch, CA, methane gas leak being called worst catastrophe since BP Gulf disaster

How the U.S. Missile Defense Agency burned $231 million

A year of reckoning: Police fatally shoot nearly 1,000

Rites of Passage, or Amtrak from Spokane to Chicago: Infinite America, Part 2

Guest/Panel Lineups For The Sunday News Shows (Bernie Sanders on FTN & MTP)

Infinite America, Part 2A: How to take pictures through a window

Families Want Answers After Chicago Police Fatally Shoot 2: 'So Many Questions'

RW Fundamentalist Message To Nonbelievers - You Must Repent & Convert.

That is some serious fugging snow coming down in the Washington State

European Cities Warned Of Possible Terror Attack, Say Vienna Police

Czech leader calls migrant wave in Europe an 'organised invasion'

Wise words from Maajid Nawaz

Trump Claims Credit For DHS Deportation Plan

What's your favorite line from Blazing Saddles?

Re- whether Uretsky was a "plant," WARNING!

Help please ... I have to make dinner rolls for a meal tomorrow

so the day before Christmas Eve, I shut my wedding ring finger in the sliding door of my closet

How a scene in the new Star Wars should have gone (SPOILERS, obviously and a bad pun)

So now the Sanders' campaign is suggesting that the DNC is behind the data breech

Who planted the "he was a plant" story????