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Democratic Presidential Race Explodes After Data Breach

Wasserman says they need the Sanders campaign to agree to an independent audit

Debbie Wasserman Schultz Is Acting Just Like the Villain Bernie Sanders Says She Is

Riddle me this-

If Hillary runs as a victim in 2016 she will lose to Trump

Sam Seder: Ben Carson's Bizarre Analogy Between Carpet Bombing & Brain Surgery

Ukraine Defaults on $3 Billion Bond to Russia

So why exactly does the DNC host separate lists of voter info for different candidates?

Dow Craters 369 As Slowdown Reality Sets In

TYT: Trump: We Should Have Stayed Out of the Middle East

MSNBC to DNC Commun. Director Luis Miranda on Sanders: 'Why Is This Public, Not Resolvable?'

The language I see used to describe DWS and HRC are very familiar to me.

Sam Seder: Bill O'Reilly: Censoring a Charlie Brown Play is Terrorism

Super-thin French models must have doctor's note of health

Nurses Blast DNC Attack on Sanders Campaign Warn of Long-Term Consequences for Next November

Happy Birthday Keith Richards!

Clinton campaign: Sanders staff may have broken law

BOOM: NBC verifies authenticity of documents showing Bernie staffers accessing Clinton voter data

TYT: Republicans Compare Childlike ISIS Strategies

At this particular moment in time

hey, pope photo op--great choice for a saint here:

A Trail of Medical Errors Ends in Grief, But No Answers

Shades of Watergate

WTF is going on?!

A suggestion for Bernie supporters

(Updated 12/18) Latest Democratic nomination poll results - courtesy of

If you stole my data I would hope somebody

Jury finds San Jose cop overreacted in shooting

Maryland DNC member ready to resign if DNC doesn't reverse its action

American leadership about more than 'just bombing somebody', Obama says

As pope turns 79, conservative backlash mounts

teresa's view of the poor:

"Searches included terms that point to Sanders’ team gaining access to proprietary lists..."

2016 Primary Campaign Tips: If You Can't Win, Cheat!

Interfaith Sanctuary a vital safety net for Boise’s homeless for a decade

Don't see this if you don't want to lose your faith in humanity...

DWS is going to be on Chris Hayes tonight.

No data was "stolen"

A Brand New Ignore List

Guest/Panel Lineups For The Sunday News Shows (Sanders on MTP, This Week)

Let me just remind all the crows, the FBI has an active criminal investigation

Pussy Riot On Trump: We Laughed When Vladimir Putin Rose To Power, Too

Post debate Fox poll, Trump up 39%. Bush 3%. Oh my. (CNN)

Bernie Sanders on politics, Clinton and guns: The Guardian Interview

Sanders Campaign’s Breach of Clinton Data More Serious Than Disclosed

UPDATE: Rafael Correa Praises Colombia's FARC Deal

Bernie's getting good practice

Data breach exposes Democrats' vulnerability (NGP VAN)

Those who claim the Bernie campaign engaged in criminal acts are spreading conspiracy theories

the big data snoop: who wins, Bernie or Hillary

DWS on msnbc saying she personally called Sanders yesterday and informed him

Politico: "Sanders takes Clinton data then sues the DNC"

The GOP theory of competition

Debbie Wasserman Schultz Is Acting Just Like the Villain Bernie Sanders Says She Is

Congrats Skinner, et al on the servers move/upgrades. We didn't

Can Anybody Tell Me What This Chineese (?) Symbol Means?

Three new fishing snake species fished out of the Andean slopes in South America

I've been appreciating the lack of vile responses I've been getting lately

Three new fishing snake species fished out of the Andean slopes in South America

Howard Dean coming up on MSNBC now

Why am I on Clinton's mailing list now?

Does Clinton now have it in the bag? Should Bernie just throw in the towel?

Progressive Group Launches Ad Campaign Defending Sanders Amid Data Breach

"Vicious" season 2

This is the audit trail that logged all the intrusions committed by user "rdrapkinNH"

Halt to San Jose kindergartners’ Santa visit angers parents


Raul Castro Says US Policy Foments Cuban Migration

Error message while trying to edit an OP

Stupid, useless discussion on MSNBC (Hayes show) just now.

Poll: 30% of GOP voters support bombing Agrabah, the city from Aladdin

I think Jeb is going to rise in the polls

Sanders staffers make a mistake, so everybody is mad at Clinton?

TYT: Bernie Sanders Raising Massive Cash WITHOUT Corporate Donors

This will get resolved one way or the other. The damage is done in my mind, though.

"You left your door unlocked so me stealing your TV is not wrong"

TYT: Do Black Lives Matter To Fox News?

The damage is already done in my mind.

Screenshot of VAN actions taken by Bernie staff in data breach

It seems pretty clear

TYT: Price Gouging CEO Martin Shkreli Arrested

Bernie Sanders and the DNC: It's war


Why would you schedule a debate on the Saturday night before Christmas other than to reduce viewers?

Congress kills U.S. oil export ban, boosts solar, wind power

A top Texas private university opts out of 'campus carry' gun law

I had been on the fence as to who to vote for

TYT: 'Baby Scumbag’ Arrested, Accused Of Sexually Exploiting 12-Year-Old

WHO is responsible for keeping DNC's firewall up? DNC & NGP VAN (the vendor) OR Sanders Campaign?

Hawley Brett is the other Sanders staffer given access to the Clinton data files.

You don't have a properly outfitted computer desk unless it has at least one cat on it...

Looks pretty clear that DNC/DWS doesn't have legal leg to stand on

Arkansas ex-prison chaplain charged with sexually assaulting inmates

Iowa polls at this point in 2004:

Sanders Campaign’s Breach of Clinton Data More Serious Than Disclosed

TYT: Ted Cruz Battered On Fox News Over Immigration Flip-Flop

Some Of My Swag Collection.

Sanders:Clinton's Pursuit Of 'Regime Change' In Libya Helped Rise Of ISIS(repost from locked LBN OP)

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseeker Thread. TGIF! Fa-La-La-La–Repeat & a new kitteh gif

Sanders seeks signatures on petition to DNC

Bernie Sanders and the DNC: It's war

Uproar Over Arabic Calligraphy Assignment Closes Virginia Schools

Arkansas ex-prison chaplain charged with sexually assaulting inmates

It occurs to me that all of us owe the admins a big "Thank You"

Israel plans to build walls around Palestinian towns

MSNBC to DNC Commun. Director Miranda on Sanders: 'Why Is This Public, Not Resolvable?' VIDEO

So could someone give me a cliff notes of the latest?

No surprise: Tech sites aren't buying DNC hysteria on breech

Four unsuccessful baseball teams have to pay a record luxury tax.

The Clinton campaign attempts to make an issue of personal honesty and credibility at her peril. n/t

Bernie's IT guy was most likely telling the truth!

Annie, a cheetah, is on the loose in southern British Columbia right by the US border. Be warned.

Rachel, Rick Snyder, and Michigan. Maddow

DNC Changes Name to "Elect Hillary Clinton President 2016"

Blue lava.

"How Berned Is Bernie Sanders By The DNC Data Breach? A lot. At least for now"

Catch Rachael tonight...

IEEE: "Hydricity" Would Couple Solar Thermal and Hydrogen Power

Raul Castro urges US to end broadcasts aimed at Cuba

Raul Castro urges US to end broadcasts aimed at Cuba

Cuba says Obama welcome to visit but not to meddle

Jesse Valenzuela “It’s gonna be like Branson for alternative rockers. Let’s start our own theater.”

So, is Aharan Wasserman, VP of NGP VAN, related to Debbie Wasserman?

Breaking: Sanders Manager Says DNC Has 'Stolen' Campaign Data

From the tech community on /. about the DNC "breakin"

Sign My MoveOn Petition: Lift The Unfair Sanctions On Bernie's Campaign

Clinton campaign response to the Sanders lawsuit

"This is someone who said he was going to run a different sort of campaign."

Watch: Shop Owner Jumps On Armed Robber's Back

Nashville Methodist group "adopts" Syrian refugee family for gifts and holiday cheer.

Shirley Maclaine just made me laugh. The Apartment. Well, the writer/s.

This is the absolute best thing that could have happened to Bernie

China holds war games in South China Sea

No Training, Yet Administering Care to Patients - OUTRAGEOUS!

Did I miss something?

Charlie Pierce asks right question: Why did DNC leak the story?

Is someone good with photoshop?

Clinton Camp Demands Sanders Undergo “Independent Review” For “Stolen” Data

US investigating possible 'friendly fire' airstrike killing Iraqi soldiers near Fallujah

The voter data is rented, not owned, by the campaigns.

Bernie Sanders' union supporter calls for him to consider independent run .....

Purely for sake of argument, could you imagine a competitive 4 candidate national election?

I noticed that my neighbor had left his front door standing open.

My 2015 "McLaughlin Awards" (Part 1)

Oregon 43 landslides and rivers above flood stage

Nina Paley visits The Creation Museum in Kentucky. With photographs!

Seen on Expressway southbound out of Boston

Just a reminder

Guardian: 'Game-changing' perovskite solar tech could be cheaper and more efficient

DWS/Hillary won't get this Genie back in the bottle

Top NYT editor calls San Bernardino social media report 'a really big mistake'

Church of Me

A is for

Sanders' campaign is making a classic mistake

There's an excellent analysis of the data breach posted on slashdot

For those of you who are willing to vote against your selfish self interests, I feel sorry for you

Venezuelan Workers Protest Amid Privatization Fears

CNN’s Tapper Grills Sanders Adviser Over Data Breach: How Are You the Victims Here?

and then there is BS.............We will NOT support Hillary Clinton

Sign The Petition:Re-instate Christian professor who wore a headscarf to show solidarity with Muslim

Clinton Spox: Sanders Camp Was ‘Stealing Data,’ ‘Like Kids in a Candy Store’

"Holy, Holy, Holy! Bernie Supports Almighty"

Actor James Cromwell arrested at power plant protest

Fracking Expands in Latin America, Threatening to Contaminate World's Third-Largest Aquifer

Fracking Expands in Latin America, Threatening to Contaminate World's Third-Largest Aquifer

I hate this.. really hate it..

12-18-15 The Struggling Heartbeat of America in 2:00

12-18-15 The Struggling Heartbeat of America in 2:00

12-18-15 The Struggling Heartbeat of America in 2:00

Five Humanitarian Crises Largely Overlooked in 2015

Five Humanitarian Crises Largely Overlooked in 2015


Merry Christmas to all, and to all a

Potential ID theft

Do we really want threads encouraging people not to vote for the Democratic nominee in the

The law suit is genius. Pure genius.

If Hillary's team had done what Sanders' people did,Sanders' folks would be screaming bloody murder.

Let me go on the record now with my prediction that the DNC and the HRC Campaign

Campaign shenanigans have existed since the first elections.

Did you know that the very same thing occurred in 2008?

Beauty!No time 4 HRC to focus group test her debate answers

We need just 4 donations to reach donation #1,000

Denmark plan to seize migrants' assets

Remember the 3 legged pit bull?

Bernie's campaign broke the cardinal rule of party sharing data:

Suit challenges removal of Confederate monuments

Suit challenges removal of Confederate monuments

I thinks some are forgetting something

Why are the debates for the Democrats on Saturday nights?

Debbie Wasserman Schultz Is Acting Just Like the Villain Bernie Sanders Says She Is

Dems who say they won't vote for Hillary if she's the nominee remind me of...

I just watched a Nicholas Sparks movie. You may shame me now

My two-word criticism of Star Wars EP7

Republicans are so bullish on war that 30% would bomb a fictional country

TYT - DNC Defends Attack On Sanders Campaign

It's no mystery why the DNC decided to go to the press when it did.

O'Malley Staffers Get Ready for Debate.

It has become very sad that some folks on DU find it important to encourage people NOT to vote for

Video: Nebraska deputy's daring leap onto runaway semi saves the day

China 'social credit': Beijing sets up huge system

I Don't Think That DWS & DNC Anticipated A Lawsuit Would Be Filed....

Did one or more people in the Sanders' campaign access data from the Hillary Clinton campaign?

Wow. Clinton's Facebook page

Has Bernie been silent about this data

TCM Schedule for Sunday December 20 - Eleanor Powell

Can the DNC data breech be resolved in a civilized manner, with an appropriate solution?

I will be voting for Bernie Sanders ...

I tread *ever* so carefully into this forum to help me sort this out...

Sanders Campaign had just tested a soft web based predictive caller

TCM Schedule for Monday December 21 - Girfriends

Who watches the debates?

Anyone watching Colbert?

I will be voting for Hillary Clinton ...

An interesting 6 - 1 hide for me. What was the main offense, do you think?

One good thing; people are definitely gonna tune in to that debate tomorrow.

A random excerpt from Hillary's facebook comments tonight.

Stephen Colbert giving it to Bush to his face (2006)

The image of a broken system -- fire Wasserman Schultz now

If a security company says it is not possible that someone can unlock your door

OK, really dumb/obvious question here:

And he just reached a deal to get his access back

Bernie will regain access of his voting files Saturday morning

DNC to Restore Voter Database to Sanders Campaign

Bernie Sanders' campaign will regain access to voter data after a fight with the Democratic National

Please be ready for Hillary to show up at tomorrow's debate...

Voter Data Access Issue ‘Resolved,’ Says Bernie Sanders' Campaign

Police: Football player killed shielding girls from gunfire

FINALLY, the Sanders campaign cooperates

All right, my pissed off post mortem now that access had been regranted

Anyone else think Bernie would have done a much better job in the presser than Weaver?

Take a breath

One of the biggest errors of this move - and not yet spoken ...

Whether you're neutral, or fall on one or the other side in this spectacle...

Will Bunch: Why the Bernie Sanders Revolution Is Not Televised

Jerry Seinfeld ‘happy to be in Israel again’ for Tel Aviv shows

So my cat's going to the vet

Debbie Wasserman Schultz is toast -- DNC to RESTORE VAN access to Sanders

Sanders Campaign Says DNC Will Restore Voter Data Access

Sanders Campaign Says DNC Will Restore Voter Data Access

I may be nearing a tipping point on Clinton and Sanders

Two evenings ago,

Now that THAT'S over and done with...

Nothing wrong happened period

One way or another the Sanders campaign screwed up.

The Bernie vs. DNC Scandal and Major Transits to the US Sibley Chart

Newly discovered hack has U.S. fearing foreign infiltration

Tweet: Hard to see how this is just a campaign helpfully trying to alert a vendor of a problem

Today shows that Bernie will meet attacks with firm resolve and action

BREAKING: DNC caves to Bernie Sanders, campaign regains access to voter database

So how much money do you think was donated to the Sanders campaign today?


PSA: If you compared this to Watergate, you looked stupid.

Reminder- in October, Wasserman-Shultz dis-invited a Vice-Chair of the DNC to the Las Vegas Debate

Sanders campaign's Clinton data searches appear to violate federal law.

Friday night's agreement doesn't end the lawsuit, according to a Sanders aide.

Simple Poll: Does the DNC want Hillary to be the nominee?

Fire Debbie Wasserman Schultz as DNC Chair

Imagine if the breach was reversed!!! No fucking way the DNC removes Hillarys access!!!

New Hampshire poll has race neck and neck.

What do DWS and VW have in common?

2 new meds = 12hrs of deep sleep today.

Pls help! clarify for me . . .

Let's get to what matters. Will the voter file story move the numbers?

Sanders camp, the perpetrator, shapeshifts into victim

Don't you just love the "Give 'em enough rope" strategy?

From Bernie's website: DNC to Restore Sanders Campaign’s Access to Voter Files

Amusing, light read.

China Calls US Bomber Flypast Near Spratly Islands 'Military Provocation'; Pentagon Says It Was ...

Don't let the data breach distract the conversation away from the issues. NT

The Sanders campaign should keep their suit ALIVE as long as possible,

DNC =?= Deliver the Nomination to Clinton

An overhaul for Travis County DA’s insurance agreement with Texas Mutual Ins. Company

Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick Appoints Allen West to Texas Sunset Commission

Bernie WILL be the next president!

The Force of Higher Purpose

The DNC heeled right before an 11pm meeting with a federal judge

None of the data was exported or downloaded

I'll take more submissions for this month's contest

something else is pissing me off about Wasserman Schultz

Sweeping Surveillance Act Included in Last-Minute US Federal Spending Bill

1. your enemy can win by causing you to waste your time; 2.

After Today Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is DU

Daily Holidays - December 19

What's in a Watt?

NM Gov. Martinez (R): It's my party and I'll chug if I want to, chug if I want to

I guess Bernie shares one thing in common with Trump.

It is again like 2007 with the Primaries, Mrs. Clinton attacking the current President and she lost.

If Bernie Sanders would have joined the Democratic Party back when he first...

Just because...

Southern Christian Leadership Conference reacts to new Confederate Flag billboard (VA)

Shattering the Myth of Mother Teresa

Plans for PCCs to oversee fire services 'dangerous'

The Sanders staff went into the Clinton data set & intentionally searched Clinton data with specific

Was it ironic that I began receiving Hillary Clinton emails in October...

I predict Hillary will throw Debbie under the bus tonight.

Great article

Merry Christmas, Y'all

Wow. In just 24 hours, Sanders has gotten the DNC/DWS to back off... a great victory!

TX Pol Threatens to Slap Anyone Who Tells Him ‘Happy Holidays’

Trump campaign: "What good does it do to have a good nuclear triad if you’re afraid to use it?"

Non-Sequitur sums it up.

Does ANYONE think it is reasonable to hold a political debate on the Saturday before Christmas???

Foolish gamble by the DNC at this time

Clinton camp: "egregious breach of data and ethics"

UA removes portrait of Confederate General with KKK ties from Morgan Hall (AL)

Confederate flap leads to new course in Montgomery County (VA)

Here's what I just heard from the Right about Obama.

I'll Register My Drone When You Have to Register Your Gun

Wendy Davis Haunted by Her Campaign Stance on Guns

Final straw in gun crime reports

Is there anything HRC needed less than she needed a new IS flap?

who is showing the debate today?

Pissed off at the DNC?

Will the DNC fire NGP VAN? Will they even investigate why they allowed repeated

the great Server debate is about to begin

Weekly Address: Top 10 Things that Happened in 2015

Anyone else noticed that the # of threads displayed in Latest is very few?

Somehow I think there will be a much larger audience for the debate tonight

Equal access

HRCs commitment to democracy in America is nonexistent.

Time for Damage Control. A full independent audit of DNC security protocol and access logs.

US voters support bombing Aladdin's Agrabah - Al Jazeera English

A day to be remembered or forgotten?

This may not be a big story elsewhere...

Stukas off-series

Do we know who the other 3 Sanders staff were who downloaded files?

You Too Can "Step right up and be a tough guy (or gal)"

"The sky is falling!"

The Danger of Running a "Values" Candidate: Why Hillary is the Workhorse for Me

NM reps prefile bill allowing business owners to refuse service based on religious freedom claim

Do you think Bernie Sanders should personally address his campaigns theft of Hillary's

Fire Debbie Wasserman Schultz

Now where were we?

Toon: Softening Us Up

DNC Agrees To Give Voter Data Access Back To Sanders Campaign

Results from DU for Bernie at Act Blue yesterday WOOHOO (record day!!!)

Protesters Call for Downtown (Houston) Aquarium's White Tigers to Be Put in a Sanctuary

DU for Bernie at Act Blue had a RECORD day yesterday!!!

Weekend Toon Roundup- Hunter would have had a field day with this bunch

For those of do not support Hillary Clinton..

Audit #1 Shows 9x Bernie staffers saved stolen data into their own account.

250,000 clickety clicks in one day

The silver lining for Hillary supporters in 'Datagate'

History doesn’t repeat itself but it does rhyme....

Something I'm noticing in the Hillary/Bernie wars

If Bernie doesn't win IA and NH he is done. That's the motivation behind stealing

Russia wants to maintain ties with Turkish people, Turkish leadership 'not eternal': Putin

Florida could boycott companies that boycott Israel

The next thing to hurt Hillary will be the imminent market collapse.

The "Honey Pot" Theory.

President Obama commutes sentences of 95 federal drug offenders

I must admit it will be really ironic if Sanders gets scuttled by a Clinton style scandle

Avalanche hits Norway's remote Arctic Svalbard archipelago

I use to like Bernie. I use to like to listen to him on Thom Hartman's show "Brunch with Bernie"

The DNC/DWS tried to cripple the Sanders campaign, and were forced to back off by the courts.

Should Bernie start thinking about ending his campaign?

The relish with which Hill supporters are running around calling Sanders

LOL; 30% of Republican voters say they support bombing Agrabah; the fictional kingdom in Aladdin.

The genie is out of the bottle. Bernie has shown his true nature.

So MSM gave Dems a few minutes. Tomorrow we'll be back about Mudflap 24/7.

The HRC Defense Team Is Out In Force Today - Damage Control Must Pay Very Well

A shroom, a cookie, a bowl...

Governor's role in hotel disturbance draws national attention

The anger being directed toward Bernie and his supporters is really unhealthy.

Obama vetoes anti-climate change measures passed by Congress

Too Many Malicious Memes to Manage.

BernieGate! It really brings you back to the old days!

As of now, I am no longer a Democrat.

Hey, look on the bright side of all this!

Justin Trudeau on Donald Trump and the politics of division...

Trump will be a handful for either Sanders or Clinton.

Why is there no information about tonight's Democratic debate in the NY Times this morning?

I'm submitting this question for tonight's debate.

DNC stands for, "Debbie 'N Clinton"

DNC stands for, "Debbie 'N Clinton"

I just find it amazing that supporters of a candidate whose campaign in 2008.....

Our candidates know how to fight. I wish Dem reps would do so more often

DNC Rybak says "It's not easy" for vice chairs to keep things fair...

A real leader, after misdeeds by his people, comes out and takes full responsibility for

The war on Sanders officially started

Nine Iraqi soldiers killed by 'friendly fire' in US-led coalition airstrike

JP Morgan Chase to pay $307m for steering investors toward own products

I'm submitting this question for tonight's debate.

Oh Okay, It's Debbie Wasserman Schultz's fault Bernie Sanders staffers stole

Homeless charity to return donation by notorious entrepreneur Martin Shkreli

The Most Interesting Man in the World says:

Question for Josh Uretsky and his apologists.

A season of inequality

Has Debbie Wasserman Schultz been committing election fraud?

Crowd Cheers As ‘Old Dixie Highway’ Gets New Name In Honor Of Barack Obama (VIDEO)

You know who else disregards their misconduct by playing the victim?

TYT: Republicans Asked If They'd Support Bombing Agrabah, From Disney's Aladdin

That data was dressed too sexily to be ignored.

TYT: DNC Screws Bernie Sanders Campaign After Voter Data Breach

The myth that the DNC had to publicly go after bernie

New Information Shows DNC Violated Its Own Rules When It Shut Down Sanders Campaign Data Access

TYT: Bernie Sanders Raising Massive Cash WITHOUT Corporate Donors

Tokyo Olympics: '£9.98bn Games bill six times over budget'

TYT: Bernie Sanders Declares War On The DNC

Legal question about entering a house with an open door. Isn't motivation taken into

Republican debate: Did anyone notice that Rand Paul called out Christie for the bridge closure?

Bernie campaign team stole an opposing members campaign data.

Rotten to the Core.

Thanks Skinner, YOU ROCK!!!

Does anyone else feel like this about O'Malley?

Bernie took the High Road, Will Hillary ?

It really is incredible that the DNC tried to kill Bernie's campaign yesterday.

Merry Christmas Bernie!

TYT: Violent Cop Says Ferguson Protesters "Ruined His Life"

NY Times: New York Hotel Phone Operators Try to Put Layoffs on Hold


Stupid phasing from the left #467: Free College

I've always liked and respected Bernie Sanders but many of his supporters are doing him a disservice

‘Wolf of Pharma Street’ Holds Up Unwelcome Mirror to Industry

Continuing grim tradition, President Obama, first lady meet families of San Bernardino shooting vict

I Have A Suggestion For An Onion Article.....

Meanwhile in GD (not P)

The DNC needs to a better job of vetting candidates and their staff

I spoke to an Elected Official in Iowa today...

Manny just got tombstoned

Debbie, Nathaniel, and Hillary...The Unholy Trinity

Toxic Water In Michigan is killing people

Congratulations. We're all showing our ugly sides today.

Thanks Cha, you rock!!!!! And Happy Merry Days to the HRC group

TYT: Congressman Pranked By C-SPAN Caller

Hillary Clinton Says She's Unaware Of Receiving $150,000 In Oil & Gas Contributions

Bernie Light Brigade in Da Bronx reporting in!!

"Unintended" my a** ..... John Roberts is a corrupt POS

Apple's Tim Cook: Tax People Not Companies

Mount Union beats St. Thomas for record 12th Division III title

When The News Is Wrong - Correct It. Good for this reddit poster!

Hasty, Fearful Passage of Cybersecurity Bill Recalls Patriot Act

Just FYI: You are a terrorist.

I spoke with my sister, Bravenak, this morning...Here's a video for her

The new Axis of Evil

Bernie Sanders Mural Pops Up in Philly

The gun industry’s biggest threat is Obama leaving office

Former NFL Running Back Clinton Portis Has Filed for Bankruptcy Protection

Bernie has paid lobbyists on his staff and his campaign engaged in data theft.

Like it or not, HRC will need Bernie supporters next November. Or vice versa

Party time!

Listen up...This is Democratic Underground

Trump spokesperson okay with using nukes

Hey guess what? Trump sides with Sanders!!!

Our 20 Most Popular New Recipes of 2015

'9 to 5' Turns 35, and It's Still Radical Today

President Martin O'Malley

Gov. Elect John Bel Edwards Supports Light Rail Between New Orleans and Baton Rouge

I just want to say -

O Root of Jesse...

For relatively minor disagreements about policy emphasis, there is a lot of vitriol.

Will Hillary go after Bernie personally tonight?

Who voted to give immunity to gun corporations

If the DNC can't play by its own rules, then why should Sanders play by them?

BREAKING: Martin O'Malley missing his Rolodex!

Who voted for the Border Fence

Jets vs. Cowboys TONIGHT!

Keeping our eyes on the ball tonight

GERD sufferers, can I ask about your symptoms?

You mean the story about all those black Confederate soldiers is a lie too?

Who voted for immigration reform

Who voted to make English the official language of the US?

Might I recommend this Snopes article.

Trump spokeswoman; "Why have Nuclear Weapons if you are afraid to use them"

Security is focus at churches, mosques amid heightened fears

Security is focus at churches, mosques amid heightened fears

Iraq Blames U.S. Friendly Fire for Killing 9 Troops

Putin says Russia ready to increase military role in Syria

MannyGoldstein appreciation thread

Regarding Manny's TOS violation.

I am grateful for today on DU!

Bernie Sanders: Libya Disaster Evidence Hillary Clinton Learned Little from Iraq ‘Mistake’

GOP Debates: 3 Times the Audience. Nobody is watching the Dems

County attorney: Suspects in attack on protesters are ‘sick people’ (MN)

Clinton Goes For The Jugular After Data Breach

Digital detox: Australians seek out nature properties to overcome technology burnout

Anyone with any sort of training handling classified or otherwise confidential information

Would anyone want to help with this?


incredible satellite photo of our beautiful state

Please stop telling me that corporations can always do it better than government

Armed Gang Using Gay Dating App Grindr To Target And Rob Men In London

To those who are asking people to "punish" the DNC by cutting off donations:

Governor Animal House

Donald Trump is now defending Bernie over the data breach?

Daughter and Mom and the Studebaker

I really did see this coming.

I only have two people on Ignore. One was only added yesterday.

Let me talk to you about RAPE and HOW this is NOT it.

Candidate for The State Of Ohio's 43rd District State Representative Endorses Senator Sanders.

Don't read this

Call me a cynic but the question is, why did NGP VAN Data Co. firewall drop?

Some Saturday humor...

Not a single Hillary is Ahead Poll on the front page

Controlling the conversation

Don's message: "This CBS 60 Minutes piece by Scott Pelley tells my story better than I could ever

Debbie Wasserman-Schultz did not go to law enforcement, she went to the press


The Predictability of Political Extremism

Sanders will attack the DNC tonight.

Love this T-shirt...


Radioactivity in Marcellus Shale Gas Wells report released December 16.

TWm Testing, one, two, three. Testing, one, two, three.

HuffPo Article: Dem Drama

Anyone know if Bernie voted against the 9/11 health bill yesterday?

Unsustainable student debt and free college tuition: Is Sanders right or is it just a giveaway?

Make Tyranny Great Again.

Saturday's Dem debate goes up against NFL, 'Star Wars'

Here it is for all to see-

Important question: did DNC inform Hillary and MOM about the Oct discovery?

Mike Malloy - Carly Fiorina Really Likes To Make Stuff Up

In solidarity with Bernie Sanders for the debate tonight....

Manny? If you're reading this... c'mere.

National Nurses to members to protest outside DNC chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz's office today...

2 Options

Danny DeVito Lets party Watching Bernie tonight!

The one good thing about the data breech is that we might get another SNL skit...

How Hillary handles "Datagate"at the debate will decide if I vote for her or stay home in a General

Josh Uterksy is responsible for this problem.

And now a musical interlude:

See? Even children know that Donald Trump is an asshole...

TYT: DNC Defends Attack On Sanders Campaign

I am unable to edit thread in Hosts

As you all know. We have lost one of our members this morning due to a

SEC barred from requiring disclosure from corporations

Hell Hath No Fury's take on Datagate

Manny Goldstein is alive and well and posting on Facebook.

30% of Republican primary voters nationally say they support bombing Agrabah...

Re: Manny -where is he now?

From Dkos: Should Bernie Sanders be fundraising off a conspiracy?

A few people here wonder why I take a lot of seriously...

False narrative turns to ash

i am giving my dad the gift of salmon for jewmas this year

Campaign manager Robby Mook and Sen. @DonnaSoucy knocking on doors before #DemDebate because #603for

If Clinton gets the nomination and Sanders endorses her, as he most likely would . . .

Anti Trump Montage

Mike Malloy - CNN Aiding And Abetting Hate Speech in GOP Debate

Dear President Carter: Your monitoring of suspicious elections has been invaluable. We need you

Petition to remove Debbie Wasserman Schultz as DNC Chair grows at rapid rate

Top 10 Conservative Idiots #6: Stormtrooper Edition

There's been much divisiveness around here and not just lately

Coal demand stalls internationally

ARCHIVES: under Martin O'Malley, MD developed a Greenhouse Gas Reduction Plan

Aryan Nations Fading into Racist History (SPLC)

Remember this guy? He got his ass handed to him

Anxiously awaiting the same ban-hammer application to Hillary supporters

Oxford students campaign to remove 'racist' Rhodes from college

Did Bernie just get the Obama Muslim moment (Dec 2007) from Hillary?

Elizabeth Warren fought Wall Street in last year's omnibus. This year it paid off...

The Unelectables..

Meet Martin O'Malley: Everything You Need to Know

So this attempt to destroy Bernie is also Hillary's latest flip flop

Meet Martin O'Malley: Everything You Need to Know

Tennis - Roger next year

Has Democratic Party Learned a Lesson?

There is another possibility. This might have been a planned heist by the Sanders campaign.

An Explanation of What Bernie Sanders Staffers Actually Did and Why It Matters

Do You Believe In God? The Opposite Of God-Believer Isn’t Always An Atheist. Here’s More.

Simon's Cat Christmas Collection

15 Religious Moments In 2015 That Give Us Hope For The New Year

Religious Right: Bible Dictates Laws & Economic Policy But Islam Not a Religion Because It Is A

Couple scales down expensive wedding in order to fund getting a Syrian family safely to Canada

The multiple audiences for the Year of Mercy

The Hidden Fortress's Influence on Star Wars - Star Wars Minute

Good afternoon, Moon!

NGP VAN says they were never alerted to such a problem,

So much to do today, but....

Latest Battle in War on Christmas Is Texas Nativity Scene Skirmish

An explanation of what Hillary Clinton Staffers actually did and why it matters.

Debbie Wasserman Schultz must go, and the case Bernie Sanders must make tonight

Russia is a monster.

Assad makes rare visit to church in Damascus frontline

Michael Moore has Cocaine in his Pocket...


MannyGoldstein, 35,500 posts, member since Aug 2005

"Why would an atheist respect the Calvinist God?"

Just to be Clear (toon)

President Obama tells GOP an inconvenient truth on their climate change stance at (VIDEO)

What if Chump had an English Accent?

Tonight - Debate - How will this mess playout for the few who watch

Cool Hand Bernie...

O'Malley is a candidate worth considering.

O'Malley is a candidate worth considering.

Let me get this straight, Bernie's campaign steals data from the Clinton campaign

Yesterday's DNC events set to music

88,000 Developments Potentially Affecting Endangered Species In 7 Years; 2 Protective Moves By FWS

American Jewish Group Urges US Army To Stop Denying Security Clearances Due To Israel Ties

Even though the price of food and utilities has risen at least 15% in the past year.

"Profound" Impacts Across The Arctic In Record Heat 0f 2015; 70% Of March Sea Ice 1 Year Old

Camille Cosby receives subpoena

Christie seeks to maximize key endorsememts in New Hampshire

Mekong Delta Rice Crop Takes A Hit From Saltwater Intrusion; Rising Seas, Failing River Flows

OK, so a prominent DUer was banned for disloyalty to the Democratic Party.

Tonight's Debate: Will You Watch?

Novemer 2015 Warmest November On Record, 2nd Warmest Month Ever Recorded

Another Manny post - Underground?

Newly Released Memos Show High-Level Concern Re. Climate From Bush 1 Administration - 27 Years Ago

I'm attending my first Sanders event tonight.

Dickie Moore of the Montreal Canadiens has died

So best way to and where-

The Tangled DNC Web of Deceit and Despotism Diagrammed

To DWS and the DNC.

DNC can try anything and everything to slow us down, but they can't silence us....

Absurd Creature of the Week: The Littlest, Most Adorable-est Seahorse Fits on Your Fingernail

Here's your nomination, Hillary

That day in 2013 when 14,000 strong, intelligent African American women

in case you missed this

NASA Releases New High-Res Earthrise Image

What time is the debate?

Why Bernie will not run as a third party candidate.

Ballot Draw

Israel: Breaking the witness

Announcing new DNC/HRC meme!

HuffPo: 5 Horrible Things Congress Just Snuck Into Law

Debbie Wasserman Schultz must go, and the case Bernie Sanders must make tonight

WTF did Hillary Clinton have to gain from this?

Why did the DNC let the Bernie-Hillary story leak?

Re: Manny. We're not there yet...

"She may beg, she may plead, she may argue with her logic And then she'll know the things I learned

Datagate: 2008 Hillary Team Tried To Steal Data From Obama

Report: Mexico's Monarch Butterfly Reserve Lost 24 Acres

I'm going to go ahead and drop this here.

Police Investigate Shots Fired at Wisconsin Mall

Struggling DNC craves tax dollars for convention

Report: Mexico's Monarch Butterfly Reserve Lost 24 Acres

Climate change effects hitting closer to home

Remember the good old days?

Do you trust the Iowa Democratic Party?

Horrific moment matador is gored in the heart during bullfight in Mexico ... and he SURVIVES

Terminology question

Hey, it could be worse. We could be the Republicans!

Why the Bernie Sanders Revolution is Not Televised

Tomorrow marks TEN YEARS on DU for me. Do you know what that means?

Bernie Sanders raised more than one million dollars yesterday.

Call me a cynic but the next question is did Clinton people view Bernie Sanders data?

Can somebody please tell me what Hillary Clinton did wrong in this whole data breach kerfuffle?

Amid DNC dust-up, Sanders raises $1 million in a single day, campaign associate says

President Teddy Roosevelt was right over 100 years ago. He's right today....

Takes notes, Hillary

Whew, finally caught up.

Andrew Lloyd Webber helps the Republcans update their debates

Is It Time For A "Progressive" Forum?

Canadian Raphael "Ted" Cruz Has Awesome New Slur For Foreigns

Four Questions Bernie Sanders Needs to Answer

I've heard dogs snoring, but a cat?

The White House is prepping for a huge solar storm that could kick us back into the Dark Ages


Drunk/Slurring Republican Governor Martinez Orders 911 to Call Off Police On Her Own Party?

Manny being kicked is DU's loss, not Manny's

Daily Kos Article Claims Bernie Is Fundraising Based Off Of A Conspiracy Theory.

What's for Dinner, Sat., Dec. 29, 2015

my work party is tonight

Hunter S. Thompson Sets His Christmas Tree on Fire, Nearly Burns His House Down (1990)

The last day DU has been like the Judean Peoples Front and the Peoples Front of Judea.

The Wild Horses of Fort Polk

I cant believe they through Manny Goldstein of the site!

For 40 years I've had a mad crush on Peter O'Toole

Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton Staffers Hurl Accusations Before Debate

is the NPG VAN guy Aharon Wasserman related to Debbie Wasserman Schultz

If someone agrees to the TOS of a site by checking a box, should they be held to that?

on a completely different topic--a friend and I were wondering why it is deemed necessary to cut

3rd 2015 Dem Meta Debate Coverage and National Watch Party

DNC bought and paid for by Hillary?

An Explanation of What Bernie Sanders Staffers Actually Did and Why It Matters

Toon: Hazard Warning

The one good piece of fallout from this hacking scandal/kerfuffle:

I'm seeing zero discussion here on the TV for tonight's debate. Football on one, all

Sanders Raised More Than $1M After Data Breach, Aide Says

The data breach isn't playing well for Bernie on network news.

Reading DU with FOX on in the background

Snopes on the Data breach

Magic Johnson Endorses Hillary

2008 DWS didn't like Dean's rules at DNC. Bypassed him, went to media first to complain.

Mike Malloy - Republicans Will Lie And Lie And Lie

Turkey's Erdogan Meets Hamas Leader Meshaal In Istanbul: Sources

How to watch tonight's democratic debate.

Need a new staffer?

Sanders Campaign Rumbles Back To Life After Two Days Without Field Data

Ohio State upsets No. 4 Kentucky in CBS Sports Classic in Brooklyn

Dig it!

More colleges seek exemption from LGBT anti-bias rules, rights group says