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Archives: December 11, 2015

Hey look!

White House Readies Executive Action On Gun Control

Why are tea party republicans so unnecessarily cruel?

[ActBlue] You're making a difference -- daily update for 12-9-15

OK, I called the cops on taterguy.

New Poll Reveals Americans’ Double Standard About Religious Violence

It Just Dawned on me-

To my Facebook friend who asked "Should Muslim-Americans be allowed to buy firearms at gun shows?"

Americans like Muslims more than they like Donald Trump

Watchdog Files Complaint On Mystery Bush Super PAC Donors

H1B Work Visas

Islamic State oil is going to Assad, some to Turkey, U.S. official says

Trump Supporter Busted For Lying On CNN About Her Own (R) Political Career

VIDEO Hillary on Seth Myers Late Night 12/10

What an interesting map!!

Ohio police officer charged with murder and manslaughter over two incidents

RIP, Thomas The Dog, Sorry You Got Hit By A Car

Dec 10 New Jersey state :Rutgers-Eagleton Poll Clinton 60, Sanders 21, O'M 1 WHOW!!

Michelle Obama pushes college education - GREAT video!

They have no shame: It’s confirmed, Fox News lied egregiously (again) in its latest Benghazi “bombsh


Support Bernie Sanders in DFA's endorsement poll

Brand New Garden State Poll HRC 60% SBS 21% MOM 2%

Commandos say no to women in special ops jobs, survey finds

I took my granddaughter to see "Suffragette" (The vote for women in England and trigger warning)

Senate panel scolds Trump’s Muslim ban – minus Cruz, 3 others

Is The California We Know Dying? | msnbc

Polling Flood! Eight Polls Point to... a Stable Race-NH,SC,NJ and National -Today in Primary Polling

'Grateful Doe' identified after dying in 1995 car accident

Tax Rate Inequities

Like spiders?

New England police union endorses Donald Trump

A reminder, if a poll shows a candidate being +2 or -1 since last month, it means nothing's changed

Corporate America Is Turning its Back on Science

Oh God!!!!Help me please!!! Help me!!!! Oh God!!!

Federal agency probing Alabama license office reductions

“Welcome to America. Here’s your complimentary bulletproof vest.”

We can end gun violence

Martin O'Malley & advocates demonstrate in front of bigot sheriff Joe Arapio's 4th Ave Jail (watch)

Gun violence in America, in 17 maps and charts

Finland detains Iraqi twins over IS massacre in Tikrit

O’Malley Campaign Calls for Removal of the Confederate Naval Jack Flag at The Citadel

5 Ways Donald Trump Perfectly Mirrors Hitler's Rise To Power

Bernie Sanders launches Colorado presidential campaign effort

Eggplant Parmesan recipe, requested

Senator Sanders on Income and Wealth Inequality

Debate over removal of Confederate monuments stirs passions

Debate over removal of Confederate monuments stirs passions

Hillary Clinton called out on hypocrisy over Islamophobia

Citadel cadets who wore KKK-like hoods are suspended

The Supreme Court -Reveals its Racial Sleight of Hand.

10 Stories About Donald Trump You Won't Believe Are True

TCM Schedule for Friday, December 11, 2015 -- What's On Tonight: Christmas Classics

Ever pet the cat and get shocked?

List of Bernie Sanders presidential campaign endorsements, 2016

Martin O'Malley Gains His Own Young Convert to His Campaign in Texas (Jeb's Young Donor Director)

I hope we have a lot of trolls here at DU.

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseeker Thread. Trump Day & a new Kitteh & Doggie gif

Trump may love Harrison Ford, but the feeling is not mutual

CBS/New York Times poll: Hillary Clinton continues to lead Democratic field 52% - 32% BS

So - what's the worst Christmas (or whatever holiday) present you ever got?

New Delhi remix

An AMAZING Article: "A reminder: Terrorists want us to be terrorized"

10 dec 1948--universal declaration of human rights

Israeli breakthrough helped cure Jimmy Carter’s cancer

Ada Byron, countess of lovelace, (b. 10dec 1815) founder of scientific computing

Ada Byron, Countess of Lovelace (b. 10 dec 1815) founder of scientific computing

Ada Byron, Countess of Lovelace (b 10 dec 1815) founder of scientific computing

Fans, Protesters Surround Site of Donald Trump Rally in New Hampshire

NYPD: Candy bar used in apparently random attack on man in subway station

TCM Schedule for Saturday, December 12, 2015 -- The Essentials - Afterlife Adventures

It is time to take our party back from the 1% fringe

Who really picks our candidates?

Oklahoma ex-cop guilty of rape in sex abuse case (updated)

DU lawyers: My friend is being forced to train his H1B replacement. Is this legal?

Fox News Teaches Kids How To Run Toward Gunfire, What Could Go Wrong?

Anyone snuggle in sleep?

Immigration: Hillary supported "close to slavery". Bernie did not.

Republicans discuss possibility of brokered convention - Time to get rid of Reince Priebus?

Raucus debate in New Orleans over Confederate monuments

Greenfield public forum set on Confederate flag controversy (MA)

Honduran player Arnold Peralta shot and killed

Battle of the numbers for electricity co-op

Nathan For You is freaking me out now.

The Duggars Will Help You Steal A Baby In Five Days Or Less, Maybe

Even Karl Rove thinks Trump is an idiot.

For those students at the Citadel

Suspect in Colorado Planned Parenthood Shooting Charged in Court, Exclaims “I’m Guilty”

Obamacare Foe Marco Rubio Insured Under Affordable Care Act

Suspect in Colorado Planned Parenthood Shooting Charged in Court, Exclaims “I’m Guilty”

Suspect in Colorado Planned Parenthood Shooting Charged in Court, Exclaims “I’m Guilty”

Cuban dissidents report crackdown on Human Rights Day

Sleepy days over for Venezuela congress

So, HRC is now mocking the First Amendment?

Time’s “Person of the Year” Is a Woman for the First Time in 29 Years

Time’s “Person of the Year” Is a Woman for the First Time in 29 Years

Democratic presidential candidate calling for removal of flag from The Citadel.

Time’s “Person of the Year” Is a Woman for the First Time in 29 Years

Democratic presidential candidate calling for removal of flag from The Citadel. EDITED

Want World Peace? Bring Women to the Table

Want World Peace? Bring Women to the Table

Want World Peace? Bring Women to the Table

Funny or Die - "Climate Change Deniers' Anthem"

Martin O'Malley on Countering Islamophobia

For my friends in this group:

Write the MSM headline when Bernie wins NH. Challenge: you can't print his name.

Did anyone just watch the Nathan For You finale?

Texas director of Bush young donor effort to join O'Malley campaign.

Anyone smuggle in sleep?

Martin O'Malley on Countering Islamophobia

Does Hermione Grainger muggle in sleep?

Media Quack Calls Meteorologist "Pornographer" for Reporting the Weather

Malala's Father, Ziauddin Yousafzai, can be heard on BBC4 Podcast. Worth listening.

Curious as hell...Why do people on DU always hold back what

Good Grief!

Is a brokered convention a less disastrous outcome for the GOP than a Trump nomination?

Why Hillary Clinton had a very good year

spelling matters...

Is Yahoo in a death spiral?

(Updated 12/10) Latest Democratic nomination poll results - courtecy of

Cops are raping black women and killing unarmed black men and women, yet...

Jon Stewart will be on Colbert tonight

Bernie's new ad: Effective Leader

Israeli tech to protect planes at Seattle’s airport

Former Police Officer Daniel Holtzclaw Found Guilty Of Rape

Donna's TV Ad in Baltimore - Check it Out!

Chipotle in Seattle closed for repeated violations

The Muslims who shaped America – from brain surgeons to rappers

New Tom Jones album is great, from what I've heard so far,

An old one but holiday (and election season) appropriate

Constituency Groups for Donna - Join the Fun!

It's an old video you've probably seen before but..

Fire one more round, but hate is not a lone assailant

The Chris Matthews show or... Trump and Trump all the time

Pro-Macri cartoonist Nik tweets about "this historic day" but posts dictatorship-era photo from 1982

Get off my lawn!

'Christian' caught on camera throwing coffee and ranting at Muslims praying in a park

Happy birthday, John Kerry

TYT: Media Actually Debating Trump’s Muslim Ban Proposal

I found the song Trump can play if he gets the nomination

I am using Bernie's own way of winning hearts and minds.

Just an idea: what if Trump, right before the Iowa Caucus drops

TYT: Trump: Muslim Ban Has Nothing To Do With Religion

Photo Captures A Cop Comforting His Dying Horse After An Accident

Secret investors buy one-time DU nemesis Las Vegas Review-Journal

TYT: Woman Reveals EXACTLY Why Donald Trump Is Popular

12 things you can learn from Hillary Clinton's throwback photos

JMS on Twitter said, "If you feed people a diet of fear ..."

A question to my fellow primary voters: Do you believe in the oath of office of the President?

Have You Heard about Maryland Congresswoman Donna Edwards? She's Running for Senate

TYT: Bill O’Reilly Challenges Trump On Muslim Ban

Perspective (on San Bernardino, terror, and Trump)

Fort Worth to host 2018 Texas Democratic Convention

TYT: Man With Noose And Confederate Flag Says He’s Not A Racist

Loretta Sanchez? You fucked up Big Time..

Two songs from John Trudell(In Memoriam)

My father tried to argue with me over religion. I told him

Texans begin nightly smashing windows of Muslim family only six weeks after they move in

Sunrise to Sunset: Working People for Hillary (AFSCME) Iowa Council 61

Brace yourselves. I'm about to say something nice about a Sanders' endorsement

So I will update you on SSDI/Cobra/Medicare (cautionary tale)

Does anyone know where I can find information on what the CinC is doing to fight Daesh?

Cringe Season

Former Alabama Gov. Don Siegelman held in solitary in prison, son says.

Poll: Hillary's 'electability' is highly over-rated among Democratic voters.

Our own Alison Hartson is testifying in front of California Senate tomorrow

Our own Alison Hartson is testifying in front of California Senate tomorrow

GRiZ - A Fine Way To Die (Ft. Orlando Napier)

I just signed this petition from Move On that is very similar to the "Flush Rush"

Former Cop, Daniel Holtzclaw, Convicted of 18 Counts for Sexual Assaulting Black Women

I have a question about Jimmy Carter

Our own Alison Hartson is testifying in front of California Senate tomorrow

Guns and where to draw the line in the sand

Obama Tells Rivlin: With No Peace Process, U.S. at a Loss on How to Defend Israel Diplomatically

I find it troubling that MSNBC and CNN have Trump so many times on TV, is this

Hugh Laurie, an athiest! This is a scene from one of his movies

Putin's Power Play in Syria

I think we need a change of pace for a bit

Martin O'Malley: "Don't give a damn about your thoughts on me. Stop jailing women, children"

Cult Of Personality

Oil settles below $37 for the first time since the recession

52 yr. old A.A. professor detained by police while taking lunch break near his Mass campus.

Native Americans call for ban on Christians entering the US

Marianne Faithfull - As Tears Go By (VIDEO)

Michelle Obama wants you to go to college

U.S. Muslim women debate safety of wearing hijab amid backlash

Daily Holidays - December 11

SpaceX to launch satellites Dec 19

Would you be interested in this?

Lawmakers “Speechless” At Hearing On Contracts

Jon Stewart Crashes Stephen’s Monologue (And "Trumps It Up")

Just a little feel good moment before I call it a night!

Michel Platini: Uefa president loses suspension appeal

Michel Platini: Uefa president loses suspension appeal

President Obama Signs Education Law, Leaving 'No Child' Behind

Lost Girl end

Time to puke: "‘I hate n*ggers. That is all’: 5 Ohio deputies probed for years of racist texts"

Bob Dole: Obama Is A "Good Man," Cruz Is "So Extreme" And Trump is "Over The Top"

Elliott Naishtat won’t run for re-election to the Texas House

UT-Austin campus carry panel recommends that guns should be banned in dorms, but not classrooms

Bernie Sanders Has Stuck To The Same Message For 40 Years

QB Kyle Allen to transfer immediately from Texas A&M

New entry in the stupid criminal department...

Sinaloa Cartel vs. ISIS?

Dogs That Immediately Regretted Their Poor Life Choices

Putin vows 'extremely tough' action on Syria threats

So one of the weapons used in the Paris massacre came

New Zealand chooses blue and black silver fern design as likely alternative flag

Harvard Poll of Millennials Finds Integrity Means More Than Experience

More good cops:Cops Break Into Wrong Home, Shoot Innocent Homeowner, Kill His Dog, Then Each Other

Scott Walker Sister of Benghazi victim says H

Video catches men shouting N-word while attacking a white woman on a date with a black man

About the tweet button

Meet the “British Bernie Sanders”: Now this is how you push back against the right

What now?

Ben Carson Employs Fear Tactic in Swipe at Bernie Sanders's Proposal for Free College Tuition

'Daaafish': Iraqi cartoonists target IS

WBUR Poll: Trump’s Call To Ban Muslims Not Hurting His Prospects In N.H.

as valid now as when it was recorded

Hillary: Republic Attack Ads Begin

DFA "PUMPING" Hillary in On-Line Member Vote... ONLY One Vote and Dean Endorsement First! REVISED

CEO of CBS News Caught Celebrating Trump’s Bigotry: He’s Making Us ‘Phenomenal’ Profits

Federal union endorses Hillary Clinton for president

Krauthammer: Why is anyone taking Donald Trump's latest stunt seriously?

Anonymous Just Declared War Against Donald Trump

Democrats campaigning aggressively on gun control, dropping longtime reticence

Just got it in the mail: Welcome the newest American Permanent Resident!

Hillary Clinton slips, Bernie Sanders rises among young Democrats: poll

Shootings may push states to give FBI mental health records

Janis Joplin's custom-painted 1964 Porsche sells at auction for a record $1.76 million

Easy way to help Bernie: phonebanking Iowa this weekend!

Third Eyewitness To San Bernardino Shooting Says It Wasn’t ‘Terror Couple’ Who Carried Out Attack

Events 2016

A Tiny Sliver of Sanity

bell hooks: Feminism Is the Social Change Movement That Has Been Most Honest With Itself

United Nations: Human Rights Day 2015

Freed Guantánamo convict returns to the fight

Tourism Vital To W. African Nations, But Beaches Washing Away, Hotels Closing As Oceans Rise

Clinton Leads Sanders: Primary voters R very confident in Her ability to handle Economy & Terrorism

Middle class no longer the majority

Republicans are so panicked they are looking to Romeny

OK Frackers Sued For Earthquake Damage: Paying For It Would Be Worse Than Grapes Of Wrath

NOAA - Sep-Nov Warmest On Record For Lower 48; Every State Above Historic Averages

New Report Tallies Some Of The Cost Of The “Walmart Model” Economy

Great Scott! Trump stripped of ambassador role and honorary degree

Darth Trump

If President Clinton says Hillary Clinton would make a great president then I believe him.

Mother of well-known conservative blogger and pundit shoots holes in his story

AEP Dumps ALEC to Help States Implement Clean Power Plan, Expedite Renewable Energy

Trump: "I would fix the Columbia River, which I would make run faster and produce more energy...

Occupation With a Human Face

I am a black man and interviewed a former white supremacist. It was a powerful experience.

Trump Calls For The Death Penalty For 'Anybody Killing A Policeman'

Plastic-Bottle Homes Are Popping Up Around the World

Muslim anti-ISIS march not covered by mainstream media outlets, say organisers

I am, like, SO jealous of Bruce

Donald Trump Campaign Plans to Win ‘100 Percent’ of Black Vote

Friday TOON Roundup 1 -The Eagle Knows

Friday TOON Roundup 2 - Bad Reporter

Friday TOON Roundup 3 -The Issue we can't escape

Friday TOON Roundup 4 - The Rest

Bernie Sanders can win: How Politico gets it wrong

The Equal Treatment Times

Happy 290th Birthday, George Mason. Founding Founder, He Conceived the Bill of Rights.

This Shkreli thing is bugging the sh*t out of me.

Empowering the Ugliness

Aren't you LOVING this trend-line of polling in New Hampshire?

Warning: CEO Class' Next Big Attack on the Incomes of Ordinary Americans

Hidden Portrait Found Under 'Mona Lisa' Painting

Air traffic controller who misdirected Michelle Obama’s plane is charged in meth case

"Trump is getting all the press, but the Bernie Sanders movement is more important for the future"

'Daily Show' Debunks 'Good Guy With A Gun' Theory About Mass Shootings

Income inequality happens by design. We can't fix it by tweaking capitalism

Photos of Christmas 2015 at the historic Hotel Bethlehem (PA)

Right wing idiot, I know its redundant, exposes himself to whole world for 14 seconds of fame.

Economic Elites Will Only Give Up Power and Wealth When Forced to Do So

Who needs a Bernie fix?

Burned girl who lost family in arson asks for Christmas cards

Who's Profiting From $1.2 Trillion of Federal Student Loans?

Hillary Clinton tells Seth Meyers: Donald Trump is no longer funny — he’s dangerous

It Starts: Junk-Bond Fund Implodes, Investors Stuck

2016 National Democratic Primary (update) Clinton 54.8% BS 31.2% MOM 2.8%

Keeping US Safe

Nation’s Oppressed Christians Huddle Underground To Light Single Shriveled Christmas Shrub

Man indicted, will face death penalty in slaying of 6-year-old Versailles boy

'You are home': Canada's Justin Trudeau welcomes Syrian refugees

Yet again - more delays in building S. Carolina's nuclear reactors.

woman dresses as favorite celebrity, Malala Yousafzai, and experiences Islamophobia on way to class

Where Is My Mind?

Anonymous Message:Donald Trump Banning Muslims

They would rather attack DUers than folks who beat up mixed race couples

NYC: MTA Records Highest Modern One-Day Subway Ridership

Ford introducing 13 new electric car models by 2020

Sharpton to host 2016 Democratic hopefuls at racial justice forum

Climate Change Could Force Out Residents Of This Small U.S. Island

Hillary Clinton tells Seth Meyers: Donald Trump is no longer funny — he’s dangerous

Jamie Woon - Forgiven

Trump campaign team on Latinos: 'They can't vote.' On Muslims: 'Who cares?'

Video killed the radio star (1980)

Ty Dolla $ign - Straight Up ft. Jagged Edge

Albuquerque Police Union President arrested for child abuse

Ta-ku - Sunrise/Beautiful feat. Jordan Rakei

Why ‘Tolerating’ Anti-Vaxxers Is a Losing Strategy

Pets and anti-freeze.

How to fix inequality

Trump's Face Pulled From Dubai Luxury Golf Course Project

Stephanie Miller is awesome: New Redneck alert system!

The Internet - Girl ft. KAYTRANADA

On Request: A Democratic Primary Limerick Thread

Alessia Cara - Here

Road trip--off to see my daughter graduate from New Mexico State in Las Cruces.

A little foggy at the park this morning

Nature Is Speaking: Reese Witherspoon is Home

Priest paid his male ‘sex master’ from collection plate

Suff Daddy - Suff Gucci (Mane Remix)

Scientists See Catastrophe in Latest Draft of Climate Deal

These Lawyers Want Slave Labor Warnings on Your Cat Food

Police officer shoots man climbing out of wrecked car. No charge.

Nosaj Thing - Cold Stares ft. Chance The Rapper + The O'My's

Dow and DuPont, two of America's oldest giants, to merge in jaw-dropping megadeal

I Scratch Your Back....

Kali Uchis - Know What I Want(esta. Remix)

K-Pop group Oh My Girl detained at LA airport on suspicion of being sex workers

Faraji Heritage Experiment - Mwana ft. Bheidh La¦üidir

Oil Investors Are $230 Billion Poorer a Week After OPEC Decision

Robert Glasper - Reckoner (Audio / Live At Capitol Studios / 2014)

Refugees get taste of Christmas in Germany

Homeboy Sandman - Anything

Dream job for one talented photographer! US Dept of Interior looking to hire a photographer

Rachel Maddow - Shelby chooses partisan games over ISIS fight with nominee stall

BADBADNOTGOOD & Ghostface Killah - Ray Gun ft. DOOM

Begin the coronation process for our next president.

How the TPP Will Affect You and Your Digital Rights

Youtube video to get out the vote in Virginia (and vote for Bernie)

Texas Taxpayers Foot $2.7 Million Bill for WrestleMania

Obama care for Marco Rubio

Bernie Sanders Has Stuck To The Same Message For 40 Years NPR (podcast)

Need some CPA advice.

Interest-Free Finance on its Way in Russia?

Laquan McDonald's Murder: What Did Rahm Emanuel Know & When Did He Know It?

National Bernie Sanders Apparel Day (12-12-15)

I lost a measure of respect for Steve Kornecki ...

I just got Bernie's book in the mail!

Pic of The Moment: The Media-Trump Complex

Fela Soul - Still Ego Trippin' (Soul Mates Remix) by Amerigo Gazaway

Is right wing hate thinning them out

Millennials Waking Up From the American Dream

On Religious Intolerance And Ethnic Hatred

CDC: Donald Trump and Ted Cruz Test Positive for Fascism Virus

Donald Trump was fired as a global ambassador for Scotland. Which is ironic ...

DEC 20 Westside Caroling for Bernie / LA 4 Bernie Holiday Party

Senate rips up Obama's nomination wish list With the end of the year approaching, 19 judges

Gorgon City - Here For You ft. Laura Welsh (Deetron Remix)

Rupert Murdoch, welfare queen

Donald Trump “has gone way over the line”: Hillary Clinton unloads on Trump, NRA, more...

Amtrak faces $95 million hit as Congress celebrates new highway bill

Ted Cruz using firm that harvested data on millions of unwitting Facebook users

Electric Wire Hustle - If These Are The Last Days

The Deadliest county in America visa a vie cop shootings

Issues - Senator Sanders on the Economy

Elephant in the Room: Terrorism and the U.S.-Gulf States Alliance

Anti-GMO Terror? Mail bombs sent to Mexican pro-GMO organization.

Ben Carson joins Donald Trump in threatening to leave GOP

Accused of Supporting Torture, DePaul University Dean Faces Calls For Resignation

Ava Luna - Ice Level

Separation of church and state - I think not

5-day spending patch / energy & ACA affected / sone Dems concerned (5 articles)

Defense Contractors Laud Themselves for Steering Candidates Toward Militarism

Humane Society Of Tulsa Seeking Home For Dogs In Need

Hillary Clinton to outline counterterrorism plan

Humane Society Of Tulsa Seeking Home For Dogs In Need

ODESZA - Light (feat. Little Dragon)

If nothing else, the Trump "solutions" to America's problems ...

Congress’ Conflict of Interest: Owning Stock In Pharma Companies That They Deregulate


Republicans Give the Kochs and Big Oil Billions Annually To Export Domestic Oil

Members of Ukraine Governing party brawl in parliment

The Displaced Person: Reading Flannery O’Connor in the age of Islamophobia.

O'Malley calls for 'shameful' detention of undocumented migrants to end

Carson Threatens to Leave Party If GOP Officials Keep Plotting Over Convention

Yet more CT stupidity, about the San Bernadino shootings...

O'Malley calls for 'shameful' detention of undocumented migrants to end.

Serial liar Carly Fiorina doesn't like being told she's a serial liar

Police: Texas Lutheran University football coach charged after naked 'sashay' on front porch

Cuomo confronts Fiorina on her reckless "baby killing" rhetoric

Portland Baroque Orchestra Celebrates Timbers Championship With Special Hallelujah!

Sharpton to host 2016 Democratic hopefuls at racial justice forum.

Islamic State seizes Unesco heritage site in Libya

The fascinating history of how Jefferson and other Founding Fathers defended Muslim rights

’Muslim motherf*cker’: NY man launches glass-smashing attack on cafe staffers

Bernie Sanders Has Stuck To The Same Message For 40 Years. hillary?...not so much.

Portland Baroque Orchestra Celebrates Timbers Championship With Special Hallelujah!

Syria: Ultimate Pipelineistan War

Connecticut to limit access to guns for people on watch lists: governor

American Nightmare: the Depravity of Neoliberalism

Byrd Stadium to become Maryland Stadium after regents' vote.

16 miles of PA headwater streams in danger from coal waste

I'm a bond novice seeking help

Trump Supporter Busted For Lying On CNN About Her Own (R) Political Career

Beaumont Imam 'forced to resign' after Trump comments on Fox News

Threats, harassment, vandalism at mosques reach record high

Morrison Milling Company recalls corn products (mostly HEB, Fiesta and Pioneer brands)

We are Sacrifice Zones: Native Leader Says Toxic North Dakota Fracking Fuels Violence Against Women

Theodore Shoebat is not only an anti-gay kook who wants to kill gays...

Islamic State finance chief killed in airstrike

Bernie Sanders in Iowa this weekend

Harrison Ford smacks down Donald Trump.

Tennessee College Gets To Boot Pregnant Homos, Keep Its Precious Taxpayer Moneys

give Bernie 6 billion $'s and he will

On the anniversary of the 13th Amendment (Obama Group)

Kerry Heading To Moscow For Direct Talks With Vladimir Putin

Gun-Lovin’ Texas Heroes Will Show Everybody How Fun Mass Shootings Really Are

Dow Off 300 As U.S. Oil Under $36 A Barrel

NY Judge Shuts Down Daily Fantasy Sports In State; Companies To Appeal

ACLU Pushes For More Transparency On No-Fly List

x p ACLU Pushes For More Transparency On No-Fly List

Goose-Steppers in the G.O.P.

Anti-Choice Protesters Need Your Children To See Adorable Fetus Pix On Their Way To Class

Consumer Sentiment in U.S. Rose in December to Four-Month High; Retail Sales in U.S. Increase...

Will Mark Zuckerberg's brand of for-profit philanthropy hurt traditional nonprofits?

Standing in line listening to two Star Wars fan boys

Question to FBI Dir.: "If I buy a gun on the internet is it delivered to my home?"

Anti-Choice Protesters Need Your Children To See Adorable Fetus Pix On Their Way To Class

Anti-Choice Protesters Need Your Children To See Adorable Fetus Pix On Their Way To Class

This Week In Crazy: The Wrath Of Trump...and more...

Ben Carson campaign at war with itself

"Syria: Ultimate Pipelineistan War"-- latest from Pepe Escobar

Martin O'Malley Puts America's Best Face Forward at ADAMS Center Mosque in VA

Clueless, talentless, has-been d-bag Dee Snider has 2nd thoughts about the Donald using his "music"

If you ever need reminding the 80's suck ass, just watch a video

House Resolution to declare Darwin Day

Heads up.

How Thomas Jefferson Created His Own Bible


Planned Parenthood denies DeWine's report on fetal remains disposal

the latest on my shingles saga...

Oregon ‘Oath Keepers’ Declare Victory Over Federal Jackbooted Thugs, Go Home, err, Redeploy.

Bernie and New Hampshire

Man arrested with gun at Arkansas State made 911 call; police notified about him day before

What's for Dinner, Fri., Dec. 11, 2015

Notorious Pharma Villain Martin Shkreli Buys Rare Music Treasure

Out $54,400 for lethal injection drugs, Nebraska wants its money back

I live in Connecticut. I don't necessarily agree with my governor.

71% Of 17-24 Year Olds Would Not Qualify For Military. Pentagon.

Study reveals Chinese medicines contain Viagra, rat poison and endangered animals

Jon Stewart Crashes Colbert’s Show, Becomes Donald Trump

Meet the members of the National Rifle Association's board of directors. —

Study reveals Chinese medicines contain Viagra, rat poison and endangered animals

Ohio AG DeWine: Planned Parenthood threw fetuses in landfills

Get Noam Chomsky's must-read book "Masters of Mankind"


Prime Minister's reaction to refugees arriving in Canada will be a highlight in world history

Ben Carson Threatens To Leave The GOP

An Open Letter To Wu-Tang And Martin Shkreli

Donald Trump's response to the question: "Are You A Bigot?"

Junk Bonds Are Tanking and Icahn Says Meltdown `Just Beginning'

This coming Monday the SyFy channel will do a minseries, "Childhood's End."

The Tea Party Controls Congress: Hide Your Wallets

Arboretum with a wide angle lens

Guess who Trump's Campaign co-chair is...

Chapter 21 Omaha: The Unauthorized Biography of George Bush (Webster Griffin Tarpley/Anton Chaitkin)

German Physicists Reach Milestone In Nuclear Fusion Energy Quest

Oklahoma racist rapist cop Daniel Holtzclaw Guilty

Members of Congress who have endorsed a Democratic candidate for President

Police seek ‘person of interest’ in case where man was attacked, called anti-gay slurs on DC Metro

In Memphis, A Movement To Mark Lynching Sites

Metro Transit Police investigating report of man being beaten, called anti-gay slurs on DC Metro

Banksy is taking on the refugee crisis with a mural of Steve Jobs

This is Your Capitalism at Work

Muslim woman shot at and another nearly run off the road in Tampa after leaving mosques

In which I rant about how the news is reported

Albuquerque police union president arrested over child abuse

Dow falls 300 points as oil plunges to $35.59 a barrel

Washington state teen pleads not guilty in social media hate case

Feds, deputies step up search for Waller sheriff's stolen guns...(oopsie!)

Trump Tower website has outage after Anonymous' anti-Trump rant

Jordan Klepper: Good Guy With A Gun (from The Daily Show With Trevor Noah)

Jordan Klepper: Good Guy With A Gun

"With over 7,000 signatures, I'll officially be on the ballot in VA. Thank you to all the volunteers

Clinton will travel to Minnesota, a hotbed of domestic radicalization, to give a major address layin

What happens when you call in sick???

Dean Skelos and Son Found Guilty on All Counts in Corruption Trial

Florida sheriff's deputy indicted on manslaughter in man's death

Jordan Klepper: Good Guy With A Gun (from The Daily Show With Trevor Noah)

Canada Welcomes First Planeload of Syrian Refugees

French Far-Right Party Leader: Trump’s Muslim Ban Goes Too Far

Watch ****LIVE now--Hillary Clinton Tulsa OK...Oklahoma Jazz Hall of Fame

Dow, DuPont set $130 billion megamerger, could spark more deals

15 Quotes From People Who Knew the Young Bernie Sanders

Two Syrians arrested in Geneva, traces of explosives in their car

French PM says far-right win would open road to civil war

DNC pulls WMUR as debate co-sponsor over union dispute

Ted Cruz Is Obviously Unable To Tell The Truth

Trump Tower website has outage after Anonymous' anti-Trump rant

Winnipeg police make arrest in case of Tina Fontaine

Tokyo cops are using drones to police other drones

Computer learns like a human and (sort of) beat the Turing Test

This term for a long-handled gardening tool can also mean an immoral pleasure seeker

Cuba and US to restore postal service after 52 years

How the Bitter White Minority in the South Ended Up With Huge Power in Washington

Ex-deputy charged in 2 Ohio killings — one while on duty

Trump Issues Twitter Warning Shot to Cruz After Reported Critique

Shit Is About to Get Real in California, El Niño Report Predicts

Alabama opposes inmate's request for stay of execution

Montana's Blackfoot River & 'A River Runs Through It' {Slideshow}

Officer guilty of raping black women 'picked the wrong lady'

Good news. My brother is employee of the year at the hospital where he works!

Officer guilty of raping black women 'picked the wrong lady'

Why Bernie can't win.

Pakistan test-fires nuclear capable ballistic missile

Psssssssssssst! Ted Cruz using firm that harvested data on millions of unwitting Facebook users

Alabama man calls killing of 3 Mississippians 'big mistake'

Judge says no excessive force in artifact looting arrest

That's Democratic counterparts not Democrat Luke Russert

Hillary Clinton To Lay Out Steps for Protecting U.S. Homeland - Dec 15

A $1 trillion investment in infrastructure could create 13 million decent paying jobs....

Storm Clouds on horizon... Latest NYT/CBS poll out on gun control

This is absolutely BEAUTIFUL! (The San Jose chapter of the Bernie Light Brigade)

Jurors deliberate in trial of ex-deputy charged in raid

Time: "Hillary Clinton and the Democrats’ National Security Problem"

Leaders From Donald Trump’s Christian Faith Want To Excommunicate Him From His Own Church

(Salon) Noam Chomsky on Paris attacks:

Just got an email from Democracy for America, after voting in their online poll.

The Latest: Arkansas State suspect charged, bond set at $50K

FEEL THE BERN the Music Video - An Anthem for BERNIE SANDERS (New)

Airbnb hosts discriminate against African-Americans, study shows

Who should pick presidents? Party leadership or the people?

U MD Stadium named after segregationist changes name.

Friday, Dec 11-->Hillary Clinton Tulsa Oklahoma Jazz Hall of Fame

Want to really PISS OFF ISIS?

Someone didn't like a Trump campaign advertisement in Cody, Wyoming

Republicans discussed possibility of brokered convention

David Pakman: Fact & Fiction: The Impact of Climate Change

Tokyo Police to Deploy Net-Carrying Drone to Catch Rogue Drones

Islamic State truck bombs kill up to 60 people in Syrian town: Kurds

Facebook Now Lets You Find And Delete Friends Who Support Donald Trump

2015: The Year in Bernie Sanders

Take the Bernie Road.. It's the only road to travel!!

The South Carolina Education Association Recommends Hillary Clinton for President[

Swiss Chard question. I've been all over the real answer.

Do you have tbe stones to ask me why?

What is it called when something bites you in the ass?

one of my favorite "heartwarming animal stories" and this one happened just recently

Arkansas Supreme Court halts birth certificates for same-sex partners

Teen Who Provided Access To Loaded, Unsecured Gun Used To Kill Toddler Given 1 Year Probation


Arson fire investigated at Coachella mosque

Martin O’Malley Knocks Donald Trump During Mosque Visit.

Martin O’Malley Knocks Donald Trump During Mosque Visit. (Video)

Repug Party collapses further- Carson threatens independent run

Venezuela Election Aftermath: Privatization Looms

FOX News Attempts to Troll Guy at Art Fair

pay phones/ what happened to them?

Managers at Menards Stand to Lose Big Money if Unions Form

Consider donating, even $1, to Timothy Smith, Bernie's NH campaign chair At least, "like" him

U.S. And Russia Trade Accusations At U.N. Over Ukraine Conflict

When do we know when to say goodbye?

Colombia’s chief of police called into questioning over wiretapping journalists

OMG, I can't breathe.

A Brazilian minister threw wine at a senator over a sexist comment

Edited: Clinton campaign DREAMer to become U.S. citizen

Did CounterPunch actually try to justify Munich?


Heavily Orthodox NJ township removes menorah, keeps Xmas tree

Dec. 11 and it's 79° today.

Suburban Chicago public menorah vandalized

Need CPA information

Americans' Dim Views Of Islam Have Gotten A Little Worse

Want to really PISS OFF ISIS?*


State Department Can't Find Emails Of Top Clinton IT Staffer

An Xmas song for the rest of us.

For some reason, The links won't work. Please view, I'll try again.

Chicago's "Black Site" Police Scandal Is Primed to Explode Again

Announcing the 2016 Arkansas Times Musicians Showcase

Can Capitalism and Mankind Both Survive?

The Age of Stupidity is Upon Us

Former Alabama Gov. Don Siegelman Held in Solitary For Calling Thom Hartmann Show

What do you do?

On The Turning Away

Gwinnett County, GA teacher asks Muslim student if she has a bomb


A Portland University Wants Federal Permission to Ban Transgender Students

SHALOM...from the other side (Adele parody)

Bernie is actually doing quite well in the polls.

Rep. Marcia Fudge to campaign for Hillary Clinton in Iowa

We shouldn't be trying to "piss off" ISIS...

A Super PAC Was Actually Fined For Breaking The Rules

Bill Clinton's Pennsylvania fund-raising very disappointing.

Rahm's lost Ronnie Woo Woo. "When you lose Woo Woo, You've lost Chicago."

University Of Wisconsin Regents Approve Freedom Of Speech Resolution

Rolling Stone: "2015: The Year in Bernie Sanders"

"For all the folks who say Bernie Sanders can't win ..."

Obama Going To Pentagon To Discuss Anti-IS Campaign

$700 million mine-hunting drone can't find explosives

Some teasing about the Bloomberg/Ann Selzer Iowa poll coming tomorrow

Star Trek predicts Republicans: Captain Kirk explains the Constitution to them

Not a Clinton fan and don't think she is a great Democrat, but if she wins the nomination......

Challenging Israeli impunity in the ICC