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The American Middle Class Is Losing Ground - PEW Research

Interview with Heoic Chicago Independent Journalists Who exposed Police Brutality..The Intercept:

All the police saw was a young black male with a high-top fade

The Detailed Universe: This will Blow Your Mind...

Trump is no more racist than mainstream Israeli policy

Trump Set To Lose A Fortune As Muslim Business Partners Begin Boycott

other than Google, are there any Free web-hosting services out there? not talking about free-Intro

Scientists discover chemical that breaks down Alzheimer's plaques in mice

Muslim Store Owner in Tears After He’s Beaten by Man on Mission to ‘Kill Muslims’

Scientists discover chemical that breaks down Alzheimer's plaques in mice

Motion Picture & Television Fund Unveils Plans for Kirk Douglas Care Pavilion

Why I don't carry a gun

Trump wants Ban on entry to US by Right Wing Christians who have proven dangerous

Donald Trump: The White ISIS

Explain Me This

Let's have some fun... phone polls

TYT: Bernie Sanders Unveils Aggressive Climate Change Platform

Open carry gun advocates planning a 'mock shooting' at the University of Texas during finals week

"I am a warrior for the babies" have they announced a motive?

12-7-15 The Bonus Army in 2:00

Dear Media: You're The Daddy, And He Looks Just Like You!

12-7-15 The Bonus Army in 2:00

12-7-15 The Bonus Army in 2:00

It's raining here today.

TYT: Republicans React To Trump’s Muslim Ban Idea

Tom Brokaw Reflects on Trump’s ‘Dangerous Proposal’ to Ban Muslims | NBC Nightly News

12-8-15 NAFTA Signing in 2:00

12-8-15 NAFTA Signing in 2:00

Heard this old song on the radio, got to thinking about Bernie. Give me something to believe in ...

12-5-15 Together in 2:00

Israeli officials remove 30-year-old Islamic sign in East Jerusalem

UN Adopts Russian Initiative Restricting Space Weapons

12-9-15 Founding of the Noble and Holy Order of the Knights of Labor in 2:00

12-9-15 Founding of the Noble and Holy Order of the Knights of Labor in 2:00

TYT: Fox News Thinks Islamophobia Is Pretend

12-9-15 Founding of the Noble and Holy Order of the Knights of Labor in 2:00

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Thursday, 10 December 2015

Steller: Resorting to vigilantism makes bad situations worse

Sean Hannity’s searing hypocrisy: Having conservative beliefs is only OK if you’re a Christian

Jon McNaughton's Newest Painting is Out

Medics: Bethlehem youth shot dead with illegal ammunition

Hey Gang! Just came in here to share with you about our Bernie phone bank tonight...

TYT: Media's Trump Honeymoon Phase Is Over...

Rebuilding Chinatown After the 1906 Quake

TYT: Ted Cruz Says Girl Was Jailed For Jesus

Chris Hayes is tearing Steve King a new one about Dear

TYT: Guy Pulls Off Ultimate Christmas Card Prank

Muhammad Ali Hits at Trump and 'Misguided Murderers' Sabotaging Islam

Steve King of Iowa is on Chris Hayes now

Netanyahu Allies Donated to Groups Pushing for Third Temple

The five types of violence waged against people of color

about insults and browbeating

TYT: Anonymous WANTS YOU To Troll ISIS “Daeshbags"

How Google is pushing you to vote for Bernie Sanders

What do you think ISIS's goal is?

Feed the Bern

TYT: Viral Video Proves People Don’t Know The Bible From The Qur’an

Peaceful Protest Planned Outside Hotel Where Trump To Be Endorsed By NEPBA Tomorrow

Only 3 Congressmen Showed Up for Hearing on World's Most Dangerous Infectious Disease - Huff Post:

Yep; clinic shooter was a christian right wing anti abortion gun nut

TYT: Read Trump’s Lips: No New Muslims



San Bernardino shooting: Couple radicalized before they met, FBI says The Islamophobe behind Trump's Hate

Santa, oh Baby!

Bernie Sanders Looks Forward To Beating Trump

Sanders still polling strong in New Hampshire

Stunning Art About Emotional Trauma In Alaska

Dallas council member Phillip Kingston endorses Martin O'Malley in Democratic presidential race.

Bernie Looks Forward To Beating Trump

Bernie increases lead in NH! (Vermont senator viewed favorably by 83 percent of likely Democratic)

Conservationist, philantropist Douglas Tompkins dies at 72.

We're ba-a-a-ck, and look what we got....

Asking everyone for good thoughts for a dear friend


Vermont senator viewed favorably by 83 percent of likely Democratic primary voters (NH)

Just saw this on Facebook

“I have never, ever seen a person running for president come through here. Not one time.”

Conservationist, philantropist Douglas Tompkins dies at 72.

1914~1918. A BBC History of the Great War: 1. Explosion

I was brainwashed into being a crusader as a child!

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers Check In!! Church Night!!Trump Day

Symone Sanders, Bernie's press secretary, claims "don't ask about ISIS" was tongue-in-cheek

Bernie Sanders song tribute: FEEL THE BERN!

Broken Government

Black Enterprise: [EXCLUSIVE] Bernie Sanders Press Secretary Responds to ISIS Comment Backlash

UT Austin Says Planned Mock Mass Shooting Protest Would Be Trespassing

These Photos Show Jupiter From ‘Above’ and ‘Below’

NAOMI KLEIN on Paris Climate Negotiations, Demonstration Dec. 12, Saturday, 12 Noon, Paris

CNN/ORC poll: Hillary maintains 18 point lead in Iowa

Mountain Lions

Gorgeous Aerial Shots of Some of the World’s Largest Salmon Runs

Bernie Sanders to set up shop in Montgomery, Selma, Birmingham

NYT: You Asked, Bernie Sanders Answered

Filmed on December 9th 1967,

So Help Me God, I’m Going To Eat One Of Those Multicolored Detergent Pods

The Latest: Power back for most Oregon, Washington customers

Crowd out the door and in the halls for Martin O'Malley @UC Berkeley

I find this fascinating:

Poll: Trump and Clinton have commanding leads in S.C.

Call me jaded. I see propaganda all over the place. Our media is pathetic.

Texas Joke

Give up the Dean Scream search. All you'll get from Bernie is substance (and occasional grouchiness)

About our pathetic media and propaganda.

Secret Santa brings gifts of cash, hope to Ferguson

Secret Santa brings gifts of cash, hope to Ferguson

E-Cigarettes May Contain Chemicals Linked to Lung Disease

Gay Man Charged With Boyfriend’s Murder After Refusing To Let Him Out Of Car Before Wreck

Marco Rubio Quietly Undermined Affordable Care Act

13-Year-Old Obama-Denouncing YouTube Star Endorses Bernie Sanders

Colbert on Jhindal dropping out

U.S. Ready To Send Advisers, Helicopters To Iraq To Help Retake Ramadi

Video: Follow along with Martin O'Malley campaigning across Eastern Iowa

Texas Ammosexuals Plan To Stage Mass Shooting

Third Eyewitness To San Bernardino Shooting Says It Wasn’t ‘Terror Couple’ Who Carried Out Attack

Follow along with Martin O'Malley campaigning across Eastern Iowa.

I support Bernie because the Democratic Party leadership is long overdue for a shakeup

So Trump caved on the $5 million appearance fee demand (CNN debate)?

Why Bernie Sanders Can't Win

NSAA gives initial OK to plan to let districts decide policies for transgender athletes

NSAA gives initial OK to plan to let districts decide policies for transgender athletes

Are You Baking Christmas Cookies?

Cute Tiger & Puppy unlikely friends play together & Swim

Report shows Japan loopholes aid illicit trade in ivory

Google, NASA: Our quantum computer is 100 million times faster than normal PC

Whack A Log, See If It Poops A Treat!

Bernie Sanders' Biggest Limitation

Trump used to think it was disgusting to be hypocrite

Who will snap the Golden State Warriors streak? Make your fearless prediction

Cummings: Unredacted Email Debunks Rehashed Conservative Conspiracy Theory

Republicans OK $14M land-transfer lawsuit, say Utah must regain sovereignty

"Let me be very personal"

I needed something positive - Swan Queen

Editorial from The Globe and Mail in Canada: 'Republican Party has become unfit to lead the country'

The other day I'd had enough and swore I was leaving DU

New Zealand cuts interest rate to 2.5 percent

Adding to the cart

Does supporting the death penalty for adultery and apostasy make someone a "radical"?

In Berkeley, Democratic presidential candidate Martin O'Malley vows to soldier on.

I finally started watching "Kill the Messenger"

Tell the white house that you support strong encryption!

NYT: What’s the Matter With Polling? (JUNE 20, 2015)

GOP -- Ebola versus Muslims

Hillary Clinton honors Angela Merkel being named TIME's Person of the Year

Billions of Barrels of Oil Vanish in a Puff of Accounting Smoke

Help DFA decide who they should endorse for President


TCM Schedule for Thursday, December 10, 2015 -- What's On Tonight: Claude Chabrol

What struck me about the Sanders Baltimore speech wasn't that he refused to answer an ISIS question

Bernie Sanders is everywhere!!

I think I'm going to stop using twitter. I barely use it now

Poll: Trump and Clinton have commanding leads in S.C.

Five states are getting crushed by low oil prices

New Dec 9, 2025 South Carolina State Poll: Clinton 65%, Sanders21%, O'Malley 3%

Hillary has had 113 minutes of network news coverage, Bernie 10.

Fanatics without borders

Sponge injection could save the lives of domestic gunshot victims

Flaw in the code.

My otherwise healthy kitty pukes. Frequently.


We should so absolutely get one of these for the Lounge!!!

Portsmouth city council discusses Confederate monument at closed meeting

Families First Conversation with Bernie Sanders

Palin Hails Trump’s Call For Muslim Ban As ‘Common Sense’

Update: Fake Mass Shooting Moved Off UT Campus

Texas Secessionists Now Have Their Candidate And He’s A Former Legislator

I've got it! I figured out what Donald Trump is doing and why. It's simple and brilliant.

Trump’s religion test for immigrants is standard practice in Israel

Paper Airplane trick

Bernie Sanders Foreign Policy: Iraq, Iran, Israel, Rwanda, Greece, China

Brazil's top court suspends impeachment of President Rousseff

Brazil's top court suspends impeachment of President Rousseff

Anyone struggle with sheep?

Woman Attacks Muslims Praying

Since a lot of people want to label GMO food here is what I propose.

Scalia: 'Most black scientists in the U.S.' benefit from not being admitted into top programs

Wendy Davis to Campaign for Hillary Clinton in Iowa

Wendy Davis to Campaign for Hillary Clinton in Iowa

‘Jane Does’ Ask Court to Keep Planned Parenthood in Medicaid

FBI Unable to Access Messages Sent by Gunman Before Garland Prophet Muhammad Shooting

TYT: Israel Legislators Sign Petition To Ban "Neo-Nazi" Trump

Wendy Davis will campaign for Hillary Clinton in Iowa next week

Starr County tax assessor-collector, other county employees charged with theft

The Detroit Free Press this morning~"This is the America we are proud of.."

Why the west’s view of the Saudis is shifting

TYT: Fox Facepalm Of The Week: Hey Kids! Fight Active Shooters!

TYT: Trump Spokesperson: So What. They’re Muslim.

Wendy Davis will campaign for Hillary Clinton in Iowa next week

Middle-class families, pillar of the American dream, are no longer in the majority, study finds

Donovan - Get Thy Bearings

TYT: “Warrior For The Babies” Pleads Guilty

'Funny' coincidence.Study ties Md. alcohol tax increase to decline in gonorrhea cases.

'Funny' coincidence.Study ties Md. alcohol tax increase to decline in gonorrhea cases.

TYT: Trump And Hillary Agree: Screw Internet Freedom, ISIS Is Scary!

Alaska governor proposes state’s first income tax in decades

Neil Merryweather - Sunshine Superman

Season of the Witch - Mike Bloomfield, Al Kooper, Steve Stills

Heads up! Jindal farewell tour coming soon to city near you

Longtime warden of Angola prison in Louisiana to resign

Hillary Clinton Says Donald Trump Is Supplying ISIS With 'New Propaganda'

Zombie Jesus Nativity Scene Will Stay Up Despite Complaints

Zephyr Teachout: 10 Reasons I Support Bernie Sanders for President

Of Moose and Men: The Rocky & Bullwinkle Story

The Sanders Polling Anomaly

Americans More Optimistic About Sanders’ Presidency Than About Any Other Candidate

#Scalia, please leave that white robe and hood at home.

Abby Martin: The Empire Files - The U.S. School That Trains Dictators & Death Squads

NASA To Exit Space Station By 2028 In Move Toward Moon

#GOPDildo creator is using Photoshop to alter images of politicians holding guns (NSFW but funny)

Colorado Clerk’s Anti-Gay Marriage Sign Condemns Those Who "Choose to Violate God’s Written Word"

Elementary school locked down after open-carry dad keeps on showing up with gun

When Planting Trees Hurts the Environment

A boy told his teacher she can't understand him because she's white. Her response is on point.

Dubai Retail Giant Dumps Trump

CA policeman rapes 21-year-old with internal 'cavity search' & department attempts to bribe her

Company threatens managers: If workers unionize, we'll cut your pay 60 percent

Showing How US Can Stand Up to Wall Street, Europe Advances 'Robin Hood Tax'

Will Any Presidential Candidate Connect Federal Tax Policy and Police Killings?

Study Finds E-Cigarettes Contain Chemical Tied to ‘Popcorn Lung’

Inslee declares state of emergency due to flooding, landslides

Why aren't millennials buying houses? They can't afford it.

sang Christmas Carols outside the National Republican Center in D.C. All Donald Trump themed songs o

Watch Hands Go Up When Hillary Clinton Asks Who's Been Affected By Substance Abuse

Bombs and guns won’t beat us, but our own hysteria will

I just got a new job

The worst mistake in American filmmaking is coming to an end

The Little-Known Origin of 'Gay Rights Are Human Rights''

Amid China’s Smog Worries, One More: Counterfeit Masks

More than 400 evacuated after Gaines County well blowout; fix could take days

Sydney police arrest teenager and man over 'terror plans'

WTF: Talk about fucking stupid, tone deaf gun nuts - Per Mother Jones Magazine

@Muhammad Ali

World's first IVF puppies born to surrogate mother dog

Father of Paris attacker "I would have killed him myself beforehand", if he knew of plot

Daily Holidays - December 10

BOWLED OVER: Changes on way as bowl system reaches 40 matchups, most ever

In what country are 70% of science and engineering students women?

RationalWiki: List of natural scientists who became creationists after obtaining their PhD

Hearst lied to DWS; don't let her pass that lie on to you!

So, why does Bernie do so much better than Hillary in New Hampshire, anyway???

Brine Deposits Are The Source of Ceres' Bright Spots

Lawmakers to push spending deadline to Dec. 16

Update - Marlin city manager: Water treatment plant was not removing solid waste properly

The Power of Nightmares

County to Consider Mandatory Gun Insurance and Bullet Tax

Woman Who Shot At Fleeing Home Depot Shoplifters Gets Probation, Gun Rights Revoked

Man Allegedly Flashed Gun At Muslim Women At Limerick Outlets

Re-watching "Back the the Future"

22 Sealed In - poem by a W.VA. coal miner's daughter

How the gun lobby outsmarted itself and helped engineer its big Supreme Court defeat Monday

Has Trump insulted African Americans yet during his campaign?

FBI arrests major pill repackager: hundred million dollar fraud

Guess what I did this morning?

Vote for Bernie. After all, you don't want a Republican naming Supreme Court Justices, do you?

Another "WTF?" story, Milwaukee kindergarden teacher still teaching even though has 4 DUI's

Bernie Sanders Supported Border Vigilante Minutemen Group In Symbolic 2006 Vote

US to base spy planes in Singapore

Muslim store owner in tears after he’s beaten by New York man on mission to ‘kill Muslims’

Donald Trump Solidifies His Lead, but Leaves Many Nervous

Two former Maverick County officials plead guilty to federal bribery charges

Hamas denies Clinton remark that ISIS visited Gaza

FLOTUS on the track: Michelle Obama makes rap video for college

Trump Is Devouring The GOP, And Fox News Fed It To Him

iPhone IOS9.1 Safari question

ISIS attack in Israel is just a matter of time

Trump and Felix Sater - did he lie under oath???

Chinese-backed electric carmaker picks Nevada for $1B plant

Fox News Suspends 2 Contributors After ‘Inappropriate’ Comments Against Barack Obama

Apparently Trump has a Russian-immigrant MAFIA connection

Proposed state legislation would devastate historic preservation, critics say

Here’s The Insane Gun-Themed Family Christmas Card A Nevada GOPer Sent Out To Voters

Which religion's brainwashing gets brains whitest?

Trump 'postpones' Israel trip after Netanyahu criticism

My neighbor called the cops on me!!

Dec 10 NEW*** CBS National Poll: Clinton 52%, Sanders 32, O'M 2 %

SCALIA: I can say stuff like that.....I have a black friend.

Middle-Class Americans Now Officially Less Than 50% Of Population - Pew Research Center

Trump Cancels Trip to Israel After Netanyahu Denounces Proposed Muslim Ban

More Than Half Of US Renters Are Now 40 Years Old Or Older

Fox SC GOP poll: Trump before Muslim remarks: 30%; after Muslim remarks.....

Trump Cancels Trip to Israel After Netanyahu Denounces Proposed Muslim Ban

NYT nails it on Trump. HIS ISLAMOPHOBIA DID NOT COME OUT OF NOWHERE--GOP peddling this for years

The Ku Klux Klan is using Donald Trump as a talking point in its outreach efforts.

Any here have experience with motor assist wheels?

Hey Republicans: YOU set the state for the carnival barker.

North Korea claims it has hydrogen bomb

Paris Talks - No Emissions Verification, No Financial Aid Structure, No Way To Hit 2C W. Pledges

Trump's spokesperson: "Who cares? They're Muslim"

MSNBC plays rough with Trump

More rain for the bay area!

Unfortunately this is too close to being true.

Be the Bird, America~

In 2006, Bernie Sanders Voted In Support Of An Immigration Conspiracy Theory

Ted Cruz Endorses Far-Right Pastor’s Plan To ‘Rescue’ Black People From Sexual Immorality

"Besides, it's a screwy religion!" . . . Please come CAPTION Donald Trump!!!

I woke up to heavy rain and wind in San Francisco this morning

Gun Buffs Want to Pretend to Shoot and Kill People at UT

This boomer is not clueless. This boomer is aware that the job market sucks big time.

Bernie Sanders’ New Hampshire favorability is ‘almost unheard of’ in new poll

Bernie Sanders’ New Hampshire favorability is ‘almost unheard of’ in new poll


Ouch, poor O'Malley losses support in the new CBS/NYT poll

Trump's Middle Eastern "Friend" Reveals The Farce

CNN/WMUR poll: Dec 9, Since Sept-->Clinton’s numbers have since increased 10%, with Sanders 4%

There is a current post about Bernie refusing to talk to the press in Baltimore

How Donald Trump's Extremist Policies Are Not That Different From The Rest Of The GOP

North Korea's all-female pop group, Moranbong, perform in China - BBC News BBC News BBC News

Pacific Northwest hit with heavy rains, flooding

St. Paul teachers threaten strike over school violence

Little Rock fights for police records secrecy in civil rights lawsuit

Thursday Toon Roundup 1- Morally Bankrupt

Thursday TOON Roundup 2 -Death Cult

DFLer wins special election to northern Minnesota House seat

Girl Who Survived Fire Receives Christmas Cards

Thursday TOON Roundup 3- Climate

Supreme Court Justice makes controversial comments

Step down or face forcible removal, Saudis tell Syria’s al-Assad

Thursday TOON Roundup 4- The Rest

Trump Fires Back At Mayor Nutter

My question for Burt Reynolds is "How the fuck does anyone "DESERVE" AIDS?"

Geneva Police Hunt Terror Suspects as UN Site on Alert

I’ve protested the death of my father, Eric Garner, for more than a year

Lisa Pathfinder Spacecraft designed to account for gravity, time and space VOA News VOA News

Seattle Space Race

Morning Digest: Supreme Court hears argument in case that could end 'one person, one vote' rule

Four Wounded in Car-ramming Attack at Beit Arye, West Bank

Ronda Rousey Breaks Silence After Knockout Loss To Holly Holm

I met my first tRump supporter yesterday.

White supremacist groups see Trump bump

New Study Links Drinking Milk To Higher Risk Of Parkinson's Disease - Newsy Newsy Science

St. Paul teachers threaten strike over school violence

Chinese researchers unveil brain powered car

What has Barack Obama done that gets so many people angry?

Hillary Clinton wins endorsement of federal workers' union

Jury deliberations continue in trial of white cop who allegedly raped 13 black women

I am underwhelmed by Ted Cruz...watched his interview with Joe Scar...or tried to...

Rachel Maddow - GOP Too Afraid of 3rd Party Trump to Confront Him

Trump, ISIS and Other Simpletons of the World

Donald Trump will not be barred from Britain despite Muslims outburst

Here --pass these

MBTA investigates train departing without operator

Big Cat Enthusiast Owns Six Tigers And Two Lions Barcroft TV

As It Fights ISIS, Pentagon Seeks String of Bases Overseas

Hillary Clinton wins endorsement of federal workers' union

Charter schools are a ‘gravy train,’ say researchers

Hillary Clinton Statement on Endorsement from the American Federation of Government Employees

Nation's Largest Federal Employee Union Endorses Hillary Clinton

Bernie Is Right: The Military-Industrial Complex Is Alive and Well

Rubio's Money Men

Letters, former players level complaints against Razorback volleyball coach

Six in ten jobless will be foreigners by 2017 (Sweden)

Marco Rubio Wants To Arm Suspected Terrorists

Craighead assessor reinstalls cross display, draws new complaint

California police open hate crime probe in vandalization of Sikh temple

Ok. Can we all agree... at long last... that the Obama/Duncan education policy has ....

Plano TX Muslim family gets car windows smashed twice in last week

Catholics should not try to convert Jews, Vatican says


****AUTUMN PHOTO CONTEST Finals**** are now up in GD!

Krugman: "the base turns to candidates who drop the euphemisms while going straight to the racism

My elderly guy has left us.

An MBTA train left Braintree Station without a driver

"You're going to be the best educated barrista at Starbucks."

Rachel Maddow - GOP timid in condemning Trump anti-Muslim plan

Exposing One of the Largest Accounting Scandals in American History

Russia to sue Ukraine over outstanding loan

Answer to mass shooting - science steps in

Chanel pays record price for retail space on Rodeo Drive

Union Made Toys for Christmas

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar: What Donald Trump and ISIS Have in Common

Bernie Sanders has 10-point lead over Hillary Clinton in New Hampshire: poll

During the past few days, I've called 100 registered Iowa Democrats...

Most Americans are nervous or scared about Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton

From the "Morons With Guns" files.............

Bernie Sanders’ incredibly favorability in New Hampshire is almost unheard of!

Moving Company Offers Free Services For Victims Of Domestic Abuse

One of the World's Only Globe-Making Studios Celebrates the Ancient Art of Handcrafted Globes

Less Talking, more listening

Handlebar rotation

China’s Steel Industry Bleeds, Prices Collapse, Losses Mount, and Now the Government Gets Gloomy

Zombies appear in U.S. oilfields as crude plumbs new lows

While standing on a very busy street corner I observed

Luckovich - Christmas Trump

Trump is OK because they called Reagan a fascist too?!?!

Ted Cruz’s Latest Ad Is A Substitute For Masculinity

TYT: US Police Vs. Good Police: A Comparison

Near unanimous UN support for Israel 'an important achievement'

Largest federal employee union endorses Hillary Clinton

Every Day Is Christmas For The NRA

Alice Goffman on the School to Prison Pipeline

Reminder of what registering non-Christians looks like

Right now, our country is undergoing a Fascism Stress Test.

The tumultuous history of the drugs that helped cure Jimmy Carter

It's Too Late to Turn Off Trump - Matt Taibbi / Rolling Stone

some of the ground-work in Hillary, her Team, volunteers etc....

Wu Tang Clan Donates Sale Of $2 Million Album To Charity After Discovirng Buyer Is Martin Shkreli

St. Paul teachers threaten strike over school violence

a thought....actually, a reminder, to share

So I was thinking about the latest volley in the War on Christmas.

**a lot of love for Hillary here in Exeter w/@GovHowardDea Portsmouth NH -Dec 11: FRIDAY

Maduro asks Cabinet to Resign, Plans Restructuring in Face of Electoral Defeat

Mike Pence Asks Catholic Church To Stop Being Catholic; He Gets His Answer Today

Woman pouts after losing gun permit for shooting at shoplifters: ‘I will never help anybody

Today is World Human Rights Day

Engadget's guide to the 2016 presidential election (Bernie gets an A- !)

Golden Globes - CAN NOT believe - nothing for

In Honduras' chaos, a man's killing tells a nation's story

In Honduras' chaos, a man's killing tells a nation's story

Brand New Ipsos Reuters Poll- HRC 56% (+5) SBS 30% (-6) MOM 5% (+1)

What's for Dinner, Thurs., Dec. 10, 2015

Sarah Palin OK with ban on Muslims entering the USA- Has similar ban on Muslims entering Bristol

More Bernie Light Brigade

America's iconic war machine

Since the Full Metal Fascist Genie has been Released from Bottle, The GOP Debate is much wach TV

'With over 7,000 signatures, I'll officially be on the ballot in Virginia.

Nicki Minaj Gets Political: Her Take on Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump and Why the War on Drugs 'Has

Defending the people of Venezuela from the “whores of the Empire”

CEO of CBS News Caught Celebrating Trump’s Bigotry:He’s Making Us ‘Phenomenal’ Profits

Geneva police hunting 5 suspects related to Paris attacks, source says

So what can we do about Trump and the GOP?

Muhammad Ali on Donald Trump: 'Muslims have to stand up' to anti-Islamic speech

What to do if there is an active shooter. Sent to us by county HR

What next for Venezuela?

UT-Austin campus carry panel: Guns can't be banned in classrooms

What Does It Mean....

Just a reminder to everyone...

Latin America: The Aborted Neo-Liberal Offensive

Trump delays Israel trip until "after I become President" of the United States

Pic Of The Moment: Shame

Feds Arrest 'Emir' of an ISIS-Related Recruitment Effort in Minnesota

Stay classy, Jones and Carlson.

Pullmantur Zenith (a division of Royal Caribbean Cruise lines) anchored on a protected reef

Debunking the 3 D’s of Israeli hasbara – distortions, diversions and defamations

Donald Trump pisses off real Bald Eagle...

Bernie flies coach. He respects the money he's been GIVEN too much to waste it...

Barry Schweid, Legendary AP Correspondent, Dies at 83

CBS Chief Cheers Trump: “Go Donald! Keep Getting Out There!”

Donald Trump surges to 35 percent in national poll on 2016 GOP race

What can be done about the Supreme Court judge, Scalia? He makes

Army Sergeant Sentenced in Conspiracy Case


Clinton no longer leading 2:1 in SC primary

How Cliven Bundy Changed Our National Politics

Del Caño's response to Macri: "he demands 'unity' from us in order to get away with austerity."

Muhammad Ali on Donald Trump: ‘Muslims have to stand up’ to anti-Islamic speech

New App for the banned.


Trump "coincidentally" expands his far-Right rhetoric after Le Pen's triumph in France!

U.S. Household Wealth Fell $1.23 Trillion in Third Quarter

Over 60 dead as Kandahar airport siege ends

Nearly Half of Youth Say 'American Dream' Is Dead: Harvard Poll

OKC Bombing Conspirator Asks Judge to Allow Sale of His Guns

Sarah Palin Bans Muslims from Entering Bristol Palin

Navy Women Were Secretly Filmed Showering

COP21: US joins 'high ambition coalition' for climate deal

The polls remind me of bouncing basketballs. I'm gonna ignore them until after New Years

Happy 43rd birthday to...

Islamic State finance chief 'killed in air strikes'

After 1,739 days, the Vince Gray investigation finally closes with no charges filed against him

Anyone struggle to steep?

Best bumper sticker I've seen in a long time

Officer Grilled Over Inconsistent Statements in Freddie Gray Trial

MY PREDICTION: This gif is going to be recycled on DU. Merry Trumpmas, everyone.

He recognized a need and found a way to help.

Stubborn Boston Terrier tricks T-Shirt

12 Years, 3,000th post!

Could use some good vibes

Runaway Boston train was tampered with, governor says

Top Rwanda genocide suspect arrested in DRC

Scalia Better Off in “Less Advanced” Court

The last time

White supremacist groups see Trump bump

Citadel KKK Christmas skit (!)

Islamic State finance chief 'killed in air strikes'

Orangutan finds magic trick hilarious

ok, enough with kittehs and sheep. It's time for...

Yep. Harry Reid "went there"

DU Hip Hop fans - recommendations please!

506 of the best viral videos from 2015

Ammosexual reproduction

I don't always travel, but when I do

Why This Socialist Feminist Is for Hillary

Connecticut to limit access to guns for people on watch lists: governor

Impeach Scalia.

Bernie is the candidate who has always had a "comfortable pair of shoes" to walk a picket line.

Developing: CAIR Capital hill office evacuated by police

Trump ignores UK critics and claims country has 'a massive Muslim problem'

Three years later . . .

Japanese PM's website hacked by whaling protesters

Structured Settlement Companies Preying On Low Income Americans

Why are Americans so worried about terrorism, possibly enough to vote against their financial interests, when...

Ben Carson proposes healthcare overhaul to increase Medicare age to 70

So - there really IS no answer to Daesche?

Scotland cuts ties with Donald Trump. He says it should be ‘thanking me’ instead.

Guys, I hate to be alarmist, but it looks like we are in some serious trouble.

Amendment on Trump's Muslim ban splits GOP

Chavism Loses a Battle: Can It Recover and Rectify?

CA state employee assaults praying Muslims

The IMF Joins the New Cold War

Polls Measure Likely Voters. What About New and Disenfranchised Voters?

Citadel Stunned After Photos of Cadets Looking Like KKK Emerge

Iranian MPs call for death penalty to be abolished in drugs cases

NY Daily News Editorial Cartoon...

Former Jared Foundation director sentenced to 27 years in prison

Man is the most insane species...

N.C. man dies in police custody after officer uses pepper spray

Hillary has had 113 minutes of network news pre-election coverage, Bernie 10.

Witness disputes injury timing in Baltimore policeman's trial

White House Finalizing Plan to Take Major Gun Control Action Using Executive Authority, Valerie J...

Salman Rushie death sentence

Scalia channels U.S. top court colleague Thomas in race remarks

Here's how CEOs cash in on hundred-million dollar corporate stock buybacks

This lady has a problem with law abiding deer!

Islamic extremists ignored contact attempts by wife in California shooting: sources

Hillary Clinton Talks Tough on Executive Action

Afghan spy chief resigns after rows with president

Anybody struggle to sweep?

Heirs of Meyer Lansky want compensation for Cuban casino

CAIR D.C. Office Evacuated After ‘Foreign Substance’ Received in Mail

I expect to be going through Atlanta via 85 and getting on 75 a week from this coming Saturday.

Heirs of Meyer Lansky want compensation for Cuban casino

Arkansas State University on lockdown. Suspect surrounded by police. Active shooter but no shots

Connecticut will become first state to ban gun sales to those on federal terrorism lists

Nearly Half of Youth Say 'American Dream' Is Dead: Young voters are more supportive of Sanders

I wish someone would invent a getter-upper. I mean, a small robot that would follow you around

The media model is obsolete.

Prof. R.D. Wolff's Global Capitalism: December 2015 Monthly Update

Here's why I'm voting for Bernie:

The title to my Versa is in the mail!

Prof. R.D. Wolff's Global Capitalism: December 2015 Monthly Update

5 things I learned writing an e-book about Bernie Sanders

Prof. R.D. Wolff's Global Capitalism: December 2015 Monthly Update

California police open hate crime probe in vandalization of Sikh temple

Bernie Sanders campaigning to knockout presidential candidates with the help from MMA fighters

Defense Industry Giddy Over Prospect Of New Middle East War

Police surround armed man at Arkansas State University

Rahm Has Damaged The Holidays For The People Of Chicagoland And The Loop Merchants.....

Wisconsin university panel to vote on freedom of speech

"Listen to me..."

Scalia and conservative misconceptions about afirmative action

Sanders Supporters flood the Secretary of State's office in Arizona as Bernie gets on the ballot

Judge says police improperly using phone tracking data

White House Finalizes Proposal To Expand Background Checks On Gun Sales

Surprise: School That Is Tolerant of Anti-Vaxxers Suffers Massive Chickenpox Outbreak

Hillary leading Bernie Sanders among liberal primary voters

Newspaper finds 85 dental patient deaths in Texas since 2010

Just saw "Inequality for All" - the documentary on Robert Reich, last night.

Dec 9 Hillary Town Hall in Urbandale, Iowa

Separated at Birth? Il Duce and Il Douche

Hillary Clinton 2016 TV Ad "Doubled"

Cruz defends dictators, NSA limits in security speech

Jeff Bezos/Donald Trump Pissing Match on Twitter.

Senator Jeff Sessions Defends Trump On Muslim Ban, Says It's 'Appropriate To Begin To Discuss This'

Its a Time of when there is Much in the window but nothing in the room.

Police: FBI investigating suspicious cell phone purchases in Jackson, Cape Girardeau

VOX: I asked 5 fascism experts whether Donald Trump is a fascist. Here's what they said.

Dear Media: Stop Using the Term 'Radicalized' Unless You Apply It to White Christian Extremists, Too

tRump Supporter Goes Off on CNN

Senate approves short-term bill to keep government running to Dec. 16

Inequality for all, Robert Reich

el Chapo vs. Isis - just getting more and more surreal

White Supremacists Credit Trump With "Surging Interest"

Active Shooter Reported at Arkansas State University

10 Questions Every Patriotic American Needs to Ask Donald Trump Supporters

Rahm Emanuel is in Deep, Deep Trouble

French MPs vote to force supermarkets to give away unsold food

'Jews can’t be terrorists,' Jewish Home MK says

Video shows men yelling racial slurs during Bellingham, WA fight

Texas Tries To Redefine “Personhood” To Keep Blacks and Hispanics From Voting

Brand New You Gov Economist National Poll HRC 56% (+2) SBS 35% (+1) MOM 2% (-2)

German court lets off 'Sharia police' patrol in Wuppertal

What are the chances we could put a flash mob together for middle of next repuke debate?

The ACLU agrees with the NRA and Paul Ryan about terror watch/no fly lists

Afraid of the Bern? From Merkel to Google, Media Bias Tries to Hide Sanders’ Popularity

Why liberal Muslims,ex Muslims, reformist Muslims dont criticize militant islam

New Jersey Man Admits Conspiring to Back Islamic State Group

The ACLU agrees with the NRA and Paul Ryan about terror watch/no fly lists

another reason why we need single payer...

Charter school next to future Planned Parenthood clinic sues antiabortion protesters

After Germany Arrests, a Look at Other Deadly Exorcisms

Former Gulf associates abandon Donald Trump over anti-Muslim comments

He is who we need!!!

Women Terrorist Robert Lewis Dear's Batman Comment

Bill Clinton's Bethlehem fundraising put on hold

This mayor hit the nail on the head!

My message to Muslim Americans by Hillary Clinton

Fox Business Network to Host Another G.O.P. Debate Next Month

Remember the reports of a third shooter in Bernardino? I wonder...

Is anyone else as frightened as I am?

What can we learn from the spectacular failure of Obama-era school "reform"?

Did You Do Any of These 6 Activities Today? Then You’ve Got Class Privilege

So homo sapiens are the only hominid where facial bones grow differently

Michigan woman pouts after losing gun permit for shooting at shoplifters

Macri operatives accost Mothers of the Plaza de Mayo during International Human Rights Day march.

Love this recipe from TGI Fridays

Gun reform is happening across the US, just not on Capitol Hill

Why Every Liberal Should Join Me In The NRA

Meet Charlotte, The National Zoo's Baby Porcupine mouth insert foot

Your Drunk Neighbor: Donald Trump

Campaign Sees Online Enthusiasm With “Meet Hillary” Contest

Adolf Hitler Tired of Being Compared to Donald Trump

Conversion guide to print and post on a cupboard door

UPDATE: Man with gun who prompted ASU lockdown now in custody

if you are not a person til voting age per the gop than how can you be a person in womb?

BREAKING: GOP planning for a brokered convention... (Source: MSNBC MTP Daily)

Rachel Maddow interview with Sen. Sanders: Knocks Donald Trump's Scapegoating Strategy

Operator Error ‘Primary Focus’ Of Runaway Red Line Train Investigation

Petition to MSNBC and CNN: Stop promoting Donald Trump

Donald Trump Is The Ugly New Face Of The Republican Party


41% v. 27% find Sanders honest/trustworthy (+13%); 31% v. 53% find Clinton honest/trustworthy (-24%)

"Bernie supporters flood the Secretary of State's office in Arizona as Bernie gets on the ballot"

Dem Rep. Says Up To 20 Percent Of Muslims Want To Impose ‘Caliphate’

When I wasn't fending off the starlings

Disabled Iraq Veteran Just Showed Us How to Shut Down Anti-Muslim Bigotry

First Time in Human History CO2 Levels Exceed Safe Zone Permanently...Upworthy:

SF housing prices continue to soar. Tiny apt, 264 square ft, listed for 425k (xpost from GD)

U.S. Jobless Claims At Five-Month High; Import Prices Fall

New Sanders Campaign Ad "Rock"

The first aerial test of the F-35 gatling gun

Zombies Appear In U.S. Oilfields As Crude Plumbs New Lows

O'Malley to #FITN2016 Candidates: Stop Running WMUR Ads.

New Ad: "Effective"

O'Malley to #FITN2016 Candidates: Stop Running WMUR Ads.

White House Finalizes Proposal To Expand Background Checks On Gun Sales

GOP Peparing For Contested Convention


A couple of Yoopers have a History Channel Show

O'Malley to visit mosque after Trump pans Muslim immigration.

O'Malley to visit mosque after Trump pans Muslim immigration.

70,000 Muslim Clerics Issue Fatwa Condemning Terrorism

Psychiatric Drugs Are Being Prescribed to Infants

NO President Obama DID NOT "divide our country" . . . .

Yes, Virginia. There is a good person in the race who has taken on Donald Trump from the beginning,

Yes, Virginia. There is a good person in the race who has taken on Donald Trump from the beginning,

San Jose seeks respect with psychedelic underpasses

Yes, Virginia. There is a good person in the race who has taken on Donald Trump from the beginning,

San Jose seeks respect with psychedelic underpasses (xpost from CA group)

Caliphate: a question

Cruz: Middle East was safer with Saddam Hussein

The U.S. Symbol, the Bald Eagle, tries to bite Donald Trump during photo shoot

It seems that study Scalia cited was deeply flawed.

Trans Pacific Partnership, anything new from our candidates?

House Republicans Denounce Obama’s Handling of Prisoner Exchange

Guns and Thunder on the Supreme Court’s Right by Linda Greenhouse

China to grant residence rights to 13 million unregistered citizens

It’s Time to Ban Guns. Yes, All of Them.

Senate committee talks Turing—“My biggest challenge is to not lose my temper”

Israel's Occupation Is Morally Indefensible

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Friday, 11 December 2015

DREAMER Cesar Vargas: Bernie Sanders Champions Immigration Reform, Not Hillary

Reddit figuring how to win Iowa

Its Official. Trump voters are dangerously uninformed

*~Holiday Depression & Stress~*

Alton Brown reviews Amazon's dumbest kitchen gadgets

Davenport, Scott County IOWA Phone Bank with Wendy Davis! Dec 17

Consumer advocates urge regulators to investigate T-mobile's false ads, abusive debt collection

Merle Haggard Cancels Tour Dates, Assures Fans He's Not Dead

Bernie Sanders Gaining Support Among Tea Party Hardliners

Consumer advocates urge regulators to investigate T-mobile's false ads, abusive debt collection

Consumer advocates urge regulators to investigate T-mobile's false ads, abusive debt collection

Consumer advocates urge regulators to investigate T-mobile's false ads, abusive debt collection

Do we need any more evidence that the GO(PU) is the party of xenophobes and racists?

The Man in the High Castle: What If - Behind the Scenes

McCaskill bankrolling hotline to aid embattled interns in Jefferson City

Handling Holiday Stress: Tips and Advice to Manage Stress During the Holiday Season

Beheading the Blacksmith of Balkh: Iranian Americans scapegoated again

Clinton to reward persistent students with Keota visit

Truth-Out: Bernie Sanders and the Limits of Electoral Politics

Could GOP tRumpfear reverse the new draconian GOP voter restrictions?

Bernie Sanders campaigning to knockout presidential candidates with the help from MMA fighters

Turns out all the Bernie in 2016 and Obama in 2008 comparisons are bogus.

Louisiana Marshals Charged With Murder in 6-Year-Old's Death