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Archives: October 8, 2015

BOOM: Alan Grayson Files Ethics Complaint Against McCarthy, Gowdy over Benghazi Committee

Cat shot by arrow upgraded to excellent condition

Tucson Sanders Event Update

Since there is a final agreement on TPP, will the actual document be publically

CNBC: Hillary's nuance doesn't play in Wall St bashing

Ragù, a Meat Sauce Done Right

According to Carson:

Hillary is against TPP. Hillary haters continue to hate her.

Silent thread for the captain and crew of El Faro

Surreal ! Killer's mom not only bonded over guns , but read Donald Trump to him as a child

House Republicans create special committee to harass Planned Parenthood

Amnesty International Says The U.S.-Supported Coalition In Yemen Is Committing War Crimes

Sanders Welcomes Clinton To Trans-Pacific Partnership Bandwagon, O’Malley Says "Wow"

Is pro-Bush super PAC obscuring spending?

reposted from GD (Woke this morning to gunfire)

R.I.P. Kevin "the kid from Old Yeller" Corcoran

American Banker: Bernanke and Geithner Defend Crisis Response as Some Challenge Legacy

Catholic priest sacked for remarks on pedophilia

A new study shows how unique Republican views are across the developed world

Please Rec this...

Matisyahu 'Proud' He Stood Up for Israel Against BDS Movement

Repair or replace food processor

Omaha Steve Money Bomb for Bernie

Journalist Matthew Keys Convicted Of Helping Anonymous Hack LA Times

A new Simon's Cat cartoon!

Ben Carson: Pompeii Victims Should Have Outrun Lava - facepalm worthy report by Borowitz

Bye Bye Ben Carson

Gigi shows you how to handle telemarketers.

As autoworker militancy mounts, UAW issues “strike notice” to Fiat Chrysler

US Pacific Fleet commander threatens China over South China Sea

Catch Bernie Sanders on Morning Joe tomorrow!

Headed for a showdown in Quebec

Bevo XIV will miss Texas-OU due to ‘life-threatening condition’

Screw the past

Ken Paxton, prosecutors spar over grand jury records

Luckovich - Benghazi

Hillary Clinton Promotes the TPP in Singapore 11-17-2012

Top appeals court to review Rick Perry charges

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseeker Check In!! Church Night!! Comfortably Numb

Former ONU Head Football coach passed away.

Please think good thoughts for this little kitten I found this morning

A message to gun owners

Rachel will moderate a Dem candidate

O'Malley, Sanders, Clinton at Dem Candidates 'forum,'

Anybody else get an eerie feeling that an accident is just waiting to happen around Syria?

Conservatives announce that anyone wearing a niquab will not be allowed to give or receive federal

Uh oh...

Guns make gun sellers and gunmakers rich. Everyone forgets that truth in the arguments.

As of today, congressional endorsements matter.

Ben Carson the Evolution Denying "Doctor" _does have a solution for school shootings:

Hillary opposes the TPP...that's great!

Do you think Matt Taibbi loves Bernie?

Bernie Supporters: Let's Get Pumped Up!!

At least one US military jet diverted over Syria to avoid Russian warplanes, Pentagon confirms

NPE: Bernie Sanders Raking In The Money!

Shooting in Oregon: 11 essential facts about guns and mass shootings in America

Mike Malloy - Conservative Pigs Rip Obama For Oregon Shooting Remarks

Imagine the GOP outrage if someone said

Imagine the GOP outrage if someone said:

The very low tech world of "All the President's Men"

Imagine the GOP outrage if someone said:

Palestinian girl shot by Jewish settler in East Jerusalem

Happy Birthday, Comrade Marshal President Prime Minister! (George Takei asked me to share)

NJ bear walking upright through neighborhood. Don't let him come to Florida.

Russia to Bomb in Iraq, create Baghdad Command Center for Syria, Iraq and Iran efforts against ISIS

Pennsylvania's new online voter registration draws thousands

Bernie Sanders: I Differ With Hillary Clinton In Many Areas | MSNBC

AFSCME president Lee Saunders gets message from members about Bernie

Who would do such a thing?

Bernie Sanders Speech at Congressional Hispanic Caucus


Canned hunting....on MSNBS now, title is Blood Lions.

Excessive Force used against James Blake

Mike Malloy - The Most Vicious Superpower In The History Of The Human Race

Racist P.O.S , Rupert Murdoch, suggests Barack Obama isn't authentically black

Dear valued worker,

Blood Lions on MSNBC

"No GMO" is now officially an advertising gimmick...

Rupert Murdoch: Carson could be ‘a real black president’

Tough Words From Judge as She Sends Abuse Victim to Jail

Increasingly, U.S. IT workers are alleging discrimination

11-Year-Old Shoots 8-Year-Old Over Puppy, America Remains Free Of Tyranny

Murdoch Has Absolutely Lost His Fucking Mind

let's get it straight..hillary did not come out "against" the tpp

I've been asked to make a relish tray

Alternet: Bernie's Gun Control Critics Are Wrong—His Stance Has Been Consistent for Decades

Elizabeth Warren torches Big Oil in a signature Elizabeth Warren moment:

Just for the record

The Elevation of Incoherence

I support President Obama on most issues, and maybe my assessment is wrong, but it really seems

Vox: Hillary Clinton's flip-flop on the TPP makes no sense

Robert Reich: Saving Capitalism for the Many, Not the Few

Cillizza: Clinton’s opposition to TPP is a sign of how worried she is about Sanders

Hey, fellow RKBAers.

Indonesian forest fires on track to emit more CO2 than (total annual carbon output of the) UK

Joe Biden: If I Don't Move I Will Be Demoted To Secretary Of State

Who's going to a debate watching party?

Ok... let's be honest for a moment.

Way cheaper catalyst may lower fuel costs for hydrogen-powered cars

Anime Milestones-Full Metal Alchemist.

Edward Snowden: Smartphones can be hacked into with just one text message and then used to spy on th

Queen, I'm too busy

TCM Schedule for Thursday, October 8, 2015 -- TCM Spotlight: Trailblazing Women

Salma Hayek has endorsed Hillary.

Self-described 'minion of Satan' to give invocation next year at Lighthouse Point City Hall

Benghazi on the Record: Asked and Answered

Congratulations Cubbies! Congratulations Cubs Fans!

Imam network launches site to counter Isis propaganda

We should have warned John Lewis to watch his FB page.

Could Candle Soot Power Electric Vehicles?

If a rolling stone gathers no moss, how do ceiling fan blades get dirty?

Dementia means never having to say your sorry! (I guess U don't remember "Love Story"?)

Halloween is coming #21…

Halloween is coming #22…

Abusive, homophobic drunkard wants Jalapeno Mac and Cheese--fascinating display of assholishness.

Halloween is coming #23…

Halloween is coming #24…

Halloween is coming #25…

Halloween is coming #26…

At Campaign Events, Sanders Sticks to the Script

Slate: Hillary Clinton Comes Out Against TPP, at Least Until the Democratic Convention

Conrad Black to Bay Street: Justin can be trusted

Go Cubbies!

The fundies may have been right about the world ending after all.

GOP rep: Leadership candidates better not have skeletons in closet

American Airlines pilot dies mid-flight

Jackass star Steve-O sentenced to 30 days in prison over SeaWorld stunt

"Carson: I Won't Become 'A Vanilla Envelope' Just To Avoid So-Called Gaffes"

I'll start

Congressman John Lewis Endorses Hillary Clinton

TCM Schedule for Friday, October 9, 2015 -- What's On Tonight: Rogue Body Parts

25 things you may not know about Bernie, and 25 reasons to love him even more

Scientology Ramps Up Campaign Against 'Going Clear,' Targets Academy Members

does this guy still have a vote? ~ CNN: Dick Cheney endorses Kevin McCarthy for House speaker ~

hillary has become a bernie stupid does the campaign think we are?

Stop Calling the Iraq War a 'Mistake'

Huge oil discovery on Golan Heights

Nurse used same syringe on 67 people at N.J. flu clinic, state says

Coping with Helping

Q: What is "relentless"? Who has "shenanigans"? Whose culture is one of "corruption"?

GOPPERS Are Pissed That Present Leadership Did Not Shut Down Government Permanently.

Congressman John Lewis Endorses Hillary Clinton

California vaccine law: Opponents' repeal effort fails, but fight goes on

Christie has challenged Putin to get into the ring with him?!

Things That Shouldn't Happen When Walking the Dog

US Officials Ask How ISIS Got So Many Toyota Trucks

Tommy Chong’s cancer battle takes a turn for the worse

Fiat Chrysler Reaches Tentative Deal With UAW, Averts Strike

The war on Halloween

Has anyone else arranged a Catholic funeral in the last few years?

2 weeks after CEO Martin Shkreli announced he would lower the price of Daraprim, price is the same

Hillary Clinton's Email Server Was Hit By Repeated Cyberattack Attempts From Foreign Countries

Silly New Yorkers think vegan fruit sandwich is 'barbecue'

Tarrant County tax man references Hitler while cutting ties to United Way

Martin O’Malley: Sanders Doesn’t Think We Should Have “Common Sense Gun Safety Requirements”

Ecuador: Documentary About Yasuni Slammed for Misleading Public

On the bright side.

"Good guy with a gun" opens fire on shoplifter.

Kasich To Female College Student: 'I'm Sure You Get Invited To All The Parties'

Can I get some kicks and recs for the wonderful people in our community who support each other?

Fortune: “Frackers Face Mass Extinction”

11 Reasons Why Kanye West’s Gay Discrimination Claim Against Fashion Is Insane

Nice CBC Feature On President Carter.

Tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow..

Atomic bomb test subject of new 'Manhattan' season

Atomic bomb test subject of new 'Manhattan' season

Journal Media Group to merge with Gannett Co., Inc.

One flag for all (MS)

Christiansburg's Confederates aren't thinking clearly (VA)

Argentina's Parliament Members Condemn Arrest of Venezuelan Official

Harvard University debate team loses to New York inmates

Alabama Puts Up More Hurdles for Voters

London police shoot man after Taser shocks 'had no effect'

Rescued raccoon finds new life as a house pet and Instagram star

Salvation Army worker physically and sexually abused boy of 11, inquiry told

Clinton with a big lead among the top 1% and those who cannot afford the internet.

Now, I am really confused. If Hillary is now supporting Bernie's issues,

New Mexico native shares Nobel Prize in chemistry

WaPo: Clinton’s "opposition" to TPP is a sign of just how worried she is about Sanders

A fearless spruce grouse.

Hillary's New Vid: Featuring her Benghazi-Stalker, Trey Gowdy

Daily Holidays - October 8

Louisiana gubernatorial debate: 5 things we learned

Join me in a toast to my late dad...

American Charged in 1997 South Korea Murder Pleads Not Guilty

In Light of American Surveillance, European Union Legal Decision to Protect Europeans'

In Light of American Surveillance, European Union Legal Decision to Protect Europeans' Internet Priv

Iran lobbied for Russian campaign in Syria, officials say

Colombia’s local elections are a mess — and the voting hasn’t even started yet

In Light of American Surveillance, European Union Legal Decision to Protect Europeans'

Transformation artist needed

Breast Cancer: “As I Lay Dying..”

School Board Settles With Families of Students Who Died After Being Hypnotized by Principal

South Carolina people are still not out of danger.

Recess in Seattle: How We Won the Right to Play

World's oceans facing biggest coral die-off in history, scientists warn

Group: IRS should probe shadowy pro-Schuette spending

Ooooo, triangulating to the LEFT.

Developer Reroutes Keystone XL Approval Process Through State

Public gets its say Wednesday night on proposed Brockton power plant

Risk of global financial crash has increased, warns IMF (before we've fixed flaws from last one)

White privilege: Massive shootout/brawl, 9 people killed, no murder-charges.

Islamophobia on the rise in the U.S., but some still reject it

Found a very interesting "personality test" was actually pretty revealing.

Casino developer Wynn files libel lawsuit

Serious crash on I-495 injures 3 during rush hour

Can you sue the police for slander and libel?

No bail for man accused of hoarding guns, explosives

Psychiatrists to talk about teen's mental health in teacher's murder

Bernie Sanders is Ayn Rand’s worst nightmare: He’s changing how we view socialism

Bernie coming up shortly on Morning Joe....n/t

(Plymouth) Nuke plant never addressed 1992 safety advisory

Foes fear eating Grand Prix costs

This Has Become Routine By Paul Craig Roberts

Drug co. to pay $9M to MassHealth

5 Reasons Monsanto Is Crashing and Burning (well, we can certainly hope so)

Edward Snowden interview: 'Smartphones can be taken over'

Jewish Man Stabbed in Jerusalem Terror Attack

Bernie will be on Morning Joe in a few...

DraftKings CEO insists company can police itself

Max the Cockatoo Throws a Fit

Israeli ministers and lawmakers barred from sensitive Jerusalem holy site

Boston City Council could get 14 percent raise

I haven't watched Morning Joe in a long time -

Matt Barnes drove 95 miles to ‘beat the s–t’ out of Derek Fisher

Huntington Theatre faces uncertainty as BU plans sale of building

Sweden Is Moving Toward the 6-hour Workday — and It’s Turning Out Great

Clear Sign Trump Wants 'Out': Put Up or Shut Up

RIP Gail Zappa - "Keep the government out of your underpants" (2012)

Sources: NBA to likely investigate Derek Fisher-Matt Barnes confrontation

(Solar!) Tyngsborough to offset electric bill

'The Muslims are coming!' Court allows comic advert on New York subway

Blatter, Platini suspended from soccer by FIFA's ethics body

Sefolosha, cops differ on late-night sidewalk exchange

Blatter, Platini suspended from soccer by FIFA's ethics body (xpost)

Hillary on standing up to the NRA: “We can’t just say, OK, nothing we can do about it...We have got

FBI digs up $600,000 from California yard of former armored truck driver

FBI digs up $600,000 from California yard of former armored truck driver

Rupert Murdock: Ben Carson Would Be A Real Black President

Lew rules out letting Congress extract 'unacceptable' policies to lift U.S. debt limit

Nuke plant never addressed 1992 safety advisory

Senate approves defense bill despite veto threat

Hillary's flip flops prove the left is winning.

Jeopardy's latest star Matt Jackson coming up on

Hey gun fanatics

What is Russia’s Strategy in Syria & Why does Egypt Approve?

Clinton supporters: are you maintaining your principled support for TPP?

If Russia is Region’s new Gun for Hire, Afghanistan Warlord wants to Bring it In

Nigeria’s Boko Haram is about Vengeance, not Islam

Chinese hospitals still offering gay 'cure' therapy, film reveals

US navy to challenge Chinese claims in South China Sea

Merkel and Hollande urge unity facing Europe's crises; Far-right says "No".

Bangalore Plagued With Floating, Flammable Toxic Foam - Surreal Photographs

Transgender Woman's Slaying in Philadelphia Believed to Be 20th This Year in US

So then which ReTHUG candidate for Speaker is hiding something

Congress probing US spy agencies’ possible lapses on Russian offensive in Syria

US considering nuclear deal with Pakistan: Report

Beijing ‘100% covered’ by web of surveillance cameras

"Ghost Moose" Manifest Collapse Of NE Populations, Drained By Ticks In Warming Winters

Belarusian Journalist Svetlana Alexievich Wins Literature Nobel

The reason pro-Palestine Boston students picked Bernie Sanders’ rally to make a statement

September 2015 Atmospheric CO2 Content 397.64; Sep. 2014 395.26; Sep. 2013 393.51

O'Malley: Leadership isn't changing your position on the eve of debate

Russian NGO Committee Against Torture bankrupted by state fines

Thursday Toon Roundup 1- Feel Safer?

Thursday TOON Roundup 2 - Repubs

Thursday TOON Roundup 3- The Rest

Not all are equal in WI when it comes to Walker

Donald Trump takes campaign against windfarms to UK supreme court

Florida judge harasses domestic violence victim before jailing her: ‘You haven’t even seen anxiety’

The Atlantic: Hillary Clinton Tempts Progressives to Embrace Cheneyism

Shia LaBeouf endorses Jeremy Corbyn for making British politics 'very exciting'

"Real Black"

Scientists say a dramatic worldwide coral bleaching event is now underway

Quartz: Hillary Clinton doesn’t have a “likability” problem—we do

Salon: Bernie Sanders is Ayn Rand’s worst nightmare: He’s changing how we view socialism

What If We Made Gun Culture Uncool Like We Did Cigarettes?

The reason pro-Palestine Boston students picked Bernie Sanders’ rally to make a statement

The biggest mystery in mathematics: Shinichi Mochizuki and the impenetrable proof

Ravitch Challenges Charter Schools: Put up, or SHUT up.

Oct 7 Quinn poll of FL Dems Hillary Clinton 43; Bernie & Biden at 19 each

The difference between principled opposition to the TPP vs. opposing this particular deal today

The True Cost of Terrorism: Tunisia's Tourism Industry Struggles to Survive

CNN: Bernie Sanders' case: I was right first

This is just nuts. how can we possibly be proud of this sort of "exceptionalism." It's a tragedy.

Obama apologises to MSF president for Kunduz bombing

Jane Goodall Interview: 'Even Chimps Understand Sustainability'

Hillary Clinton’s supporters lead in poor grammar usage

Rep. Cheffeze forgot he was talking to Ann Richards daughter and makes a fool of himself..

Quote of the Day: "The Republican Party Left Me"

Why Israel Should Be Worried About Russia’s Role in Syria

Court Rules Clinton's Private Email Backups Shielded from FOIA

Antonin Scalia Serenaded Ruth Bader Ginsburg Over Gay Marriage Ruling With Bob Dylan Song

Allentown Mayor forgets to report contributions from developers (is under federal investigation)

Ben Carson Has Absolutely No Idea What the Debt Limit Is

'You know stuff happens."

Syrian army retake lost areas under fire cover of Russian warplanes

Putin celebrates 63rd birthday with ice hockey game and seven goals

Where Your Taxes Go

UK Deploys Troops Over 'Russian Aggression'

Woman Arrested After Doing Yoga On Metro Tracks

Single-Engine Plane Crashes In Compton Back Yard

Biden would be only Democratic candidate backing TPP deal if he runs for president

Woman Arrested After Doing Yoga On Metro Tracks

What did YOU do in school today?

Jobless claims fall to near a 42-year low

The Daily Show - Trevor Noah Continues the War on Bulls**t

Russia pursues a new Baghdad Pact

Martin O'Malley has the best gun control proposals, hands down.

Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders and Martin O'Malley are confirmed for 11/6 Winthrop forum. Hosted b

Bernie Sanders gets the NewYorker profile treatment, is dubbed "The Populist Prophet"

Colbert (Wednesday): What Does The Jeb Say?(& a look at Kevin McCarthy's strong, English-like words)

Greg Sargent: How worried is Hillary about Bernie?

BBC: Is this manga cartoon of a six-year-old Syrian girl racist?

Cillizza: Hillary Clinton’s TPP flip-flop, annotated

Generic drug price gouging brought to you by PhRMA (and POLITICO)

Martin Matishak: Clinton’s Big Switch from ‘Moderate and Center’ to Liberal Activist

We live, let’s imagine, in a city where children are dying of a ravaging infection.

Doug Schoen: Hillary Clinton Veers Both Left And Right

Success...I nabbed the other kitten this morning...and two more after that.

Svetlana Alexievich wins 2015 Nobel prize in literature

Sanders wins over Democrats in some rural areas; walks the talk on union members

Bernie on Morning Joe October 8, 2015 (video)

Hillary's opposition to the TPP is a win-win for labor leaders and for Hillary

Mediaite: David Brock Admits Hillary Will Likely Flip-Flop Some More

Rachel Maddow - Clinton lead holds as Democratic race heats up and debates loom

German prosecutors raid Volkswagen offices

Will Pitt: The Deadly Fraud of "American Exceptionalism"

The Daily Show - Are All Cops Racist?

How Could A Complete Nincompoop Like McCarthy Ever Get Elected To Anything?

Follow live: VW's U.S. chief faces Congress on diesel scandal

Speaking of Scams-Mainstreet Host

What's for Dinner, Thurs., Oct. 8, 2015

Clinton Denies Coordination with Super PAC in Woodruff Interview

Rachel Maddow - Would-be-speaker, Kevin McCarthy, apparently challenged by speaking

Gas prices jump 20 cents overnight

Criticizing Islam vs. Anti-Muslim Bigotry

Liberal watchdog group requests investigation of Poliquin for ethics violation

Carly Fiorina’s war on math: Her pixie-dust plan to balance the budget and make America perfect

Religious freedom ambassador refuses to wade into niqab debate

GM to SUV owners: Don't drive these ,they can catch fire in the motor.

Tell me again why America is "broke".....

Tony Benn: 10-Minute History of Neoliberalism

Life After Guantanamo: Exiled In Kazakhstan (Trailer)

TPP: It’s Not a Deal, It’s Not a Trade Deal, and It’s Not a Done Deal

The New Vast Right-Wing Conspirator - CEO of Breitbart - Wants to Take Out Both Clinton and Bush

God Told Me To Do It! I Must OBEY!

10 Chilling 911 Calls [With Audio] | TWISTED TENS

The Reigning GOP Debate Champion!!!!

How Did the Democrats Become Favorites of the Rich?

Can India modernize its manufacturing economy … without relying heavily on coal … ?

It's getting close to the time to consider

Who's buying sex and drugs in Detroit? Suburbanites

Just spoke with a crazy bagger

Bad Day...

Fortune: Hillary Clinton's reversal on TPP: Bernie Sanders is fulfilling his purpose

4 things the GOP won’t tell you about Ronald Reagan (Jane Timm)

Invaluable website comparing gun stats amongst countries.

Sen. McCaskill rips 'Morning Joe' over Clinton coverage

Alabama voters can still get free voter ID'S at all county registrars. Or am I missing something?

Chuck Todd: Why Clinton’s flip-flop on trade is so unbelievable

Bernie Sanders Leads the Way on Major Issues. Hillary Follows His Lead!

I am hosting a Debate Watch Party-so far 100 have signed up-need bingo cards

Clinton scared, fearful, shaking in her boots, abandoning positions, jumping ship!

The Problem With Using Chicago to Make the Case Against Gun Control

You know what is wrong with America?

PSA re: Presidential comments at Roseburg...

Amid student outcry, CU defends hosting, paying for GOP debate

Study Finds US Gender Wage Gap Persists

Study Finds US Gender Wage Gap Persists

Study Finds US Gender Wage Gap Persists

oh, the possibilities!

How California Birthed the Modern Right Wing

Need info about medical coding

Dear conservatives: Your entire movement is an exercise in self-parody.

If you're reading this, Thanks Omaha Steve!

Faith versus Science: Ben Carson’s Scientific Ignorance

Spencer Stone, French Train Attack Hero, Stabbed in Sacramento

O'Malley's Plans

Central States Pension Fund Prepares To Slash Hundreds of Thousands of Workers’ Pensions

Why - House Republicans are refusing to share unedited Planned Parenthood videos with Democrats

Official DNC graphic. Why am I not surprised?

I bet Labor Unions forced Clinton's hand on TPP

WCPT 820 Chicago - Long Time Illinois GOP Rep Primaried. DID NOT VOTE TO SHUT DOWN GOVT!!!

JetBlue Opens Urban Farm at JFK Airport to Feed Passengers and Local Food Banks

Be Clear: Sanders opposes the TPP; Clinton does not oppose it.

We mourn for Oregon shooting, but gloss over bombing a hospital: The brain science behind empathy

Sad Loss Of Pensions. Why Did Teamsters Support Reagan In 1980.

does anybody know what ole benny boy's morbidity and mortality rates as a surgeon were?

Wisconsin Democracy Campaign Denounces Republican Plan to Smash the GAB

Kevin Drum: I Doubt That Hillary Clinton Used a Private Email Server to Evade FOIA

Carson: I faced a gunman in a Popeye’s

It's legal to take "upskirt" photos in Wisconsin

Putin's Angels: Inside Russia's Most Infamous Motorcycle Club

Dont shoot me-i have a wife and kids-shoot them

O’Malley Campaign Says Clinton Finance Plan ‘Falls Short.'

Who would you like to see be Hillary's Vice President?

Frankie Ford, singer of ‘Sea Cruise,’ dies at 76

to the driver ahead of me yesterday in the toyota with the hilary bumper sticker

Could Running For President Destroy Ben Carson’s Legacy?

Hero in French train attack reportedly stabbed

Tea-Party Flag On Display In Southern Utah University Facility

Going to a movie today? Find out best time to pee

The Portland Gasco Building, to be demolished by Halloween

Burning all fossil energy would raise sea-level by more than 50 meters – and (de-ice) Antarctica

Praying for a "strong African American'' for Trump

"... you and I can't be equal." A letter from mech. eng. senior to female classmates.

Mystic Unicorn

Pic Of The Moment: McCarthy: Stop Playing Politics With My Admission That Benghazi Is Pure Politics

Most doctors are not scientists, Ben Carson paper bag edition

Most doctors are not scientists, Ben Carson paper bag edition

Multiple dam breaks in Carolina is a warning about the severity of the weakness of our

Jeb Bush Says His Own Brother Did Too Much To Protect Voting Rights

Rachel going to moderate Democratic debate!

WATCH: Israeli undercover agents shoot unarmed youth at point blank range

Is it just me or is the NRA really quiet right now?

Hillary is either supporting Obama or

Isis appears to have killed three Christian hostages in Syria

1956 - segregated lunch counter in Tennessee

The Atlantic: How the Trans-Pacific Partnership Threatens America's Recent Manufacturing Resurgence

It is completely reasonable to be skeptical of a politician who has just changed a position or two.

U.S. Sen. Lankford Moves to Permanently ‘Sunset’ Federal Wind Incentive

The Ugly Charter School Scandal Arne Duncan Is Leaving Behind

Common Dreams: Flipping on TPP, Hillary Clinton Proves Chameleon-Like on Corporate Trade

McCarthy withdraws from speaker nom...Breaking...

Election postponed McCarthy withdraws from the race for Speaker

WATCH: Hillary Clinton Says Kim Davis Got What She Deserved

‘Oath Keepers’ To Boycott Waffle House Until It Apologizes For Being Mean To Guns

Superstar chef Paul Prudhomme dies at 75

Ted Nugent calls anyone who doesn't have a gun with them at all times "losers"

New Horizons Finds Blue Skies and Water Ice on Pluto

Carly Fiorina’s Medieval History Degree Will Help Her Beat ISIS, Crush Albigensian Heresy

GTA Issa speaking on GEM$NBComcast

"Free Trade" and TPP are simple issues, despite their complexity. The princple is what matters.

This sucks big time, we lost a great piñata

Mysterious Ripples Found Racing Through Planet-forming Disk


A silent thread honoring the victims of BK's green poop producing burgers

North Carolina Teabagger Candidate Needs Your Help Murdering People, We Think

Former President Bill Clinton Now Following Bernie Sanders Lead on Citizens United! Sort of!


Same-sex marriage one year later in Virginia

A rotten Apple

Same-sex marriage one year later in Virginia

HuffPo/BREAKING: McCarthy Drops out of race for Speaker of House

The Looting Class & It's Hoarded Gold

NYT: How Hillary Clinton Would Regulate the Big Banks

Brian Williams is running over Andrea Mitchell

"Not a sermon - just a thought" is a crock. of. shit.

Baltimore Police Commissioner Stunned by Poverty in Baltimore

Just Two Black Eyes-- October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month

Mildred, grab the camera and take a picture of the cat and dog watching TV

More fun with a gun!

McCarthy was forced out be cause he told the truth about the Benghazi committee.

The GOP is Our Self-Made Punishment for Tolerating the Intolerable

Question about the Speakership

It's all out civil war in the ReTHUG party

More than racism: Did you know?/Do you remember?

Bernie Sanders is Ayn Rand’s worst nightmare: He’s changing how we view socialism — and exposing

This Indian web series' gender-flipped world explains why we need feminism

Benghazi committee tries to take out Hillary, takes out McCarthy instead

Uh oh, the trendline has finally caught up with reality

Absent while on duty. . . . Please come CAPTION Kevin McCarthy!!!

A documentary series starting Oct 13 - looks very good

Two questions...

"Preventative Care" in the ACA...a flaw

Does Bobby Jindal have any brains whatsoever?

In the hallways, Democrats are all smiles about the GOP troubles

Ex-Hurricane Oho Going Where Few Hurricanes Have Gone Before: Alaska-Jeff Masters

We Heart: Engineering Student Jared, a True Feminist Ally

We Heart: Engineering Student Jared, a True Feminist Ally

We Heart: Engineering Student Jared, a True Feminist Ally

Who would you want for speaker

GOP Official Drops Support for United Way Because "Hitler Made the Trains Run on Time."

a photo dump of our trip down to manitou

How obvious can something be? re: McCarthy dropping out

Scary thought

Is it and when is it appropriate to use right wing sources on this site?

Major Broadcast News Networks Ignore Poll Showing 78% Of Americans Want Citizens United Overturned

Names of El Faro Crew Released

Ticket giveaway for Bernie Sanders rally draws big crowds at CU-Boulder

Rachel Maddow Chosen To Moderate Democratic Candidates' Forum In South Carolina

Gossip out of NC: McCarthy dropped out because of ongoing affair w/Renee Ellmers (R-NC)

Reports of Russian missiles headed for Syria crashing in Iran

we're 2.5, maybe 3 months into harvey's diet and, if anything, i think he's gained weight

Fast food sushi

Jeb Bush Opposes Reauthorizing The Voting Rights Act

An interesting tweet from @FreedomWorks:

Putin’s supporters praise him as Gandhi and Buddha

Congratulations, Republicans, the monster you created has turned on you. Again.

Steve Scalise's run for House majority leader likely over

Nancy Pelosi's prescient words on the day John Boehner announced his exit.

Just Sayin'

McCarthy's alleged paramour voting for Chaffetz

A few more poll updates from Huffington Pollster:

Oregon legislator hadn't met a transgender person — until now

US officials: Russian missiles heading for Syria landed in Iran

A Group Of Baboons

Free Computer Recycling in Twin Cities, MN

2 weeks after Sleaze bag Shkreli announced he would lower the price of Daraprim, price still same

BEWARE: Daniel Webster R-Fl speaker wannabe is a JEB CRONY

Please do not alienate Democratic heart owners

Oregon's first week of recreational pot sales tops $11 million

Jeb Bush says W did too much to protect voting rights..

Florida man set up fake job interviews, collected urine samples, police say

Complaint Filed Against 23 House Republicans For Illegal Agreement To Misuse Taxpayer Funds

Senate Democrats Unveil Gun Control Legislation

Nancy Pelosi for Speaker!

NPR: "some members were audibly crying"

Gotta say, Brian Williams is good at what he does.

Suicide by gun.

Need info on medical Coding (X-post from Health Group)

How Hillary Clinton Can Help Prepare Bernie Sanders for the General Election

Could the next speaker be the same old speaker???

Jill Duggar and Hubby Rejected as Missionaries for "Lack of Education."

Does Donald Trump have dementia?

How Can We Bring Back Critical Thinking In The U.S.?

Hillary Ingested Shrooms Prior to Statement Opposing TPP

Kim Davis's Private Adience with Pope Francis

Rahm's hand-picked public schools ex-CEO faces criminal charges. $23 million no bid contracts..

6 Unbelievable Facts About Porn!

Porta-potties for the homeless?

Teaching Beagles to Use the Dog Door.

Ex school CEO in Chicago faces criminal charges for 23 million in no bid contracts.

Just cross the line and make Nancy Pelosi the Speaker and move on!

25+ years of Limbaugh, and Fox News, has now led to the demise of the GOP.

LOL! Charlie Rangel Makes Himself Smoothie To Watch House GOP Chaos

When Health Insurers Give Patients the Runaround, Lives Are Lost

Palestinian woman stabs Israeli man in Jerusalem, is shot

You gotta love Charles Rangel

Palestinian stabs 4 Israelis in Tel Aviv, shot dead at scene

The unsteadiness of the GOP is not a good thing.

Trending on Twitter now - #ScareMeIn3Words

Oregon Shooting Hero Chris Mintz Leaves Hospital

Alabama Is Still Living In The 1960s; The Return of Jim Crow

Former Congressman Ken Hechler, D-WV, hospitalized in serious condition at 101

NATO Backs Turkey as Tension With Russia Grows Over Assad

When a gunman threatened Ben Carson, Carson told him to target a Popeyes clerk instead

How dictators celebrate birthdays: Putin scores 7 goals in hockey game, praised as Buddha, Gandhi

Anyone with experience with 1% UHT (Ultra High Temperature) milk

Oil Prices Climb Back Above $48 On Conflict In Syria

If reports are correct, I think the House GOP is having a Mental Breakdown.

Druid College UK Begins First Term

If you do a Google search of: Kevin McCarthy-Renee Ellmers affair...

Scientists find a link between children’s cancer and Fukushima radiation

Pinochet ordered killing on US soil of Chilean diplomat

NM Sec Of State (R) - accused on 65 counts.

McCarthy: House GOP May 'Have To Hit Rock Bottom'

McCarthy's Problem Was Caused by

Mom Accused of Kicking Her Boyfriend's 17-Month-Old Son to Death

Who should be the next Speaker of the House?

Hi, all :-)

Yep, seems totally legit to me....

In 1968 Eugene McCarthy, Democrat, was running in the DNC Primary, he filled Fenway Park with

Chicago Cubs Fans Hold World Series Hopes Based on 'Back to the Future' Prediction

Robert Reich on Facebook: "Just Now in the St. Louis Airport..."

Kevin McCarthy’s implosion signals a full-blown Republican revolution

Drug tests for Medicare recipients?

The Case for Fewer Dimensions

We are winning, and we will keep pushing until most Americans agree with "wealth redistribution."

Oklahoma used wrong drug in January execution: newspaper report

Who the N.R.A. Really Speaks For

Bernie Sanders: Don’t be shocked if my message resonates with Republicans

Open Letter to Ben Carson From Fellow Seventh-day Adventist: Stop the Islamophobia

70% of Mongolian nomads now have solar power

Oakland's Top Housing Official: There Is No Affordable Housing Crisis

How Big Can Schrödinger’s Kittens Get?

The “give me a f**king bacon, jalapeno mac and cheese” kid is booted from UConn

Should firearm seekers have their heads examined?

GOP Has Dismantled The Constitution, And Consumers Are Getting Screwed

This Cheetah Had Nobody To Love Her, So One Pup Stepped In To Be Her Best Friend

Committee: Remove Confederate battle flag from Florida Senate seal

Bob Evans employees claim Confederate flag cost one his job (MI)

Lili Elbe - Some interesting transgender history:

This is awesome! LOL Wild Chase Involving Stolen Police Car

Children's cancer linked to Fukushima radiation

Committee offers options to explain Confederate fountain (MT)

The Speaker is not required to be a member of the House.

Jeb Bush Opposes Reauthorizing The Voting Rights Act 'As Is'

O'Malley in the media:

OK, who's planning on attending a debate watch party next week, and where?

RIP Paul Prudhomme

Palestinian citizens will always be enemies in a Jewish state

Florida man who landed gyrocopter in US Capitol grounds refuses plea bargain

when did steve kornacki start shilling for hillary?

Are all repuke electeds banging each other?!

Ben Carson, future Pres/VP nominee, says armed Jews could have stopped Holocaust

Anyone else inundated with those Asian beetles???

Arne Duncan's left many scandals behind as he leaves. Billions to charter schools....

AP INVESTIGATION: Nuclear black market seeks IS extremists

Head of VW in US will tell Congress he knew of emissions rigging in early 2014

Roman court ratifies sentence against Corriere della Sera for defaming Cristina Kirchner

Italian intelligence lied about hostage rescue to hide ransom payment

Russian Missiles Aimed at Syria Crashed in Iran, U.S. Officials Say

Senate Democrats unveil gun control measures in wake of Oregon shooting

Gerrymandering And The Importance Of Local Elections - Julianna Forlano 2

Hey, wasn't the whole world supposed to be destroyed yesterday?

Charles Pierce: This Speaker of the House Sh*tshow Is Far From Over

Carly Fiorina Gains Blessing Of The Koch Brothers' Dark Money Network

Bernie Sanders Touts His Republican Support

Upstairs Inferno (Trailer 1)

Bryant assistant becomes Division I's first openly gay basketball coach

Michigan’s Defense of Its Same-Sex Marriage Ban Cost Taxpayers $1.9 Million

Some House Republicans were crying after McCarthy withdrew from the speaker’s race

Breaking: Klopp in at Liverpool - New PDX studio...Calling all Portlandia Berners!

Racist Right Wingers Are The Biggest Threat To America Today

Krugman: Remember when the fear was of China dumping US debt. It's happening. - New PDX studio...Calling all Portlandia Berners!

History of this group, and ideas

Student Wearing Halloween Costume Prompts Pueblo County School Lockdown

The jury glitches are getting old...

Calling Protesters in Chile ‘Dumb,’ Pope Francis Sets Off Uproar

Unlicensed 'Doctor' in Vegas Says He's Self-Taught Sovereign

Medellin gangs use ‘horror houses’ to torture and dismember victims

Medellin gangs use ‘horror houses’ to torture and dismember victims

Haven't we had enough of fucking pet goats

The American history of Bernie Sanders

SIGN THE PETITION: More debates = Democrats win the White House

1984 Reds-Cubs Home Run-Foul Controversy

The new stupid.....

A looooooooong time ago in a galaxy far far FAR away

Kevin McCarthy: “Benghazi is a Salem Witch-Hunt”

Gwyneth Paltrow: ‘Nobody is worth the money Robert Downey Jr. is worth’

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Friday, 9 October 2015

Fleeing Corruption Charges, Ex-Panama President Seeks US Asylum

Video Shows Teen Girl Accusing Sacramento Mayor Johnson of Sexual Abuse

I wonder how resident DU gun enthusiasts feel right now.....

Mother Jones: We Were Sued By A Billionaire Political Donor. We Won. Here's What Happened.

This Court Case Could Unshackle Americans From Student Debt

Not Conservative enough.

Honduras prosecutor unaware of US money laundering case

Honduras prosecutor unaware of US money laundering case

I just asked my transgender roommate about the RCC.

Trade Deal, Keystone Open Clinton To Flip-Flop Charges

Power out? Plug your house into your car

Toyota Fuel Cell Plus Concept Comes From A Future Hydrogen-Based Society

Former campaign staffers say Bernie Sanders was abusive: "Bernie was an asshole"

Former Uruguay President Mujica Meets With Argentina's Scioli

for those who haven't noticed "the working poor' group got created

for those who haven't noticed "the working poor' group got created


Fellow Billionaire calls Trump a Self Promoting Huckster

The Little Siamese now needs your good vibes...he won't eat and I'm syringe feeding

Mayim Bialik: How Women’s Studies Classes Changed My Life

Morning Joe Interview Gets Nasty When Dem Senator Alleges Anti-Clinton Bias

Democratic congressman posts Craigslist ad for Republican Speaker job on Facebook page

The Ugly Charter School Scandal Arne Duncan is Leaving Behind

Jeremy Hunt forced to backtrack in row over NHS doctors’ contract

Hillary Having Fun On The Campaign Trail (HILLARY SUPPORTERS GROUP)

Secret Service Agents Reveal Hillary Clinton Is A Nightmare To Work With

DuPont found liable in Teflon Toxin Trial. Congrats Mike Papantonio!

Three Killed, Two Seriously Injured in Louisiana Gas Plant Explosion

I'm screwed now! Rep. Blake Farenthold (R) has found me.

Can we stop calling Sander's movement a revolution? Edit: I've changed my mind.

Anti-vaxx group funds $250,000 study of vaccines and autism, with predictable results...


Video: California officers ignored dying man's distress

Donald Trump Says Bowe Bergdahl Should Have Been Executed

I feel...

Resources for food preparation?

Donald Trump takes campaign against windfarms to UK supreme court

Ronda Rousey Wants To Fight Justin Beiber

Kirk Watson steps down as Senate Democratic Caucus leader

Could 29 Republicans be found who would vote for a Dem Speaker?

struggle4progress got a hat tip at this site....

Wesley Clark: How to defeat Russia's Syria gambit

Odor leaves them holding their noses in Toronto.

Texas Attorney General sues Volkswagen in Travis County

Team Clinton gets another notch on their holsters

Have you noticed?

Unsealed Documents Show Pinochet 'Directly' Involved in Capitol Hill Assassinations

Turkish President Warns Russia Over Trade Ties

Benghazi brought down Kevin McCarthy before in brought down Hillary Clinton.

Benghazi Panel To Release Sidney Blumenthal Emails

the inmates are literally running the asylum known as the republican party.

Hensarling and House Republicans urge caution before Speaker vote in letter to colleagues

UN Announces Government of National Unity for Divided Libya

Rep. Paul Ryan on House speaker's job: Thanks, but no thanks

If it's this hard for Republicans to pick a speaker, will picking a candidate be any easier?

New Tally in Saudi Hajj Disaster Shows at Least 1,399 Killed

Sowing the Seeds of War in Uruguay

WorldNetDaily Pundit Suggests The Obama Administration Is Behind Mass Shootings

Lawsuit in Iowa Challenges So-Called 'Roadside Zoos'

Calling for Universal background checks again?!

The Canadian Elections: Cover-Up and Steal (Again)

Is money making merely a game in our society?

The Pornography of Hatred

Pinochet ordered killing on US soil of Chilean diplomat

Southwest Airlines plans to roll out first new employee uniforms in 20 years, other changes

I did not realize the Oct 13 debate seating is by invitation only.

*5 years ago* YOUNG GUNS ad - Cantor Ryan McCarthy

How McCarthy's Benghazi 'Gaffe' Became A Game Changer For GOP -- And Should Be For The Press (HRC GRP)

The way forward for the GOP.....and the entire country

American Horror Story - Season 4 - Can't find another thread. Thoughts?

Raul Grijalva Discusses his Endorsement of Bernie Sanders on CNN

"It is total confusion — a banana republic." Republican reaction to McCarthy not running for speaker

You can hear Boehner singing......

Houston judge orders closure of troubled Crestmont Village apartments (owned by nationwide slumlord)

Lining up to get free tickets to see Bernie at CU boulder!

California cops, want to use a stingray? Get a warrant, governor says

Hillary, I Don't Believe You Oppose the TPP

Reuters: Clinton courts left with promise to break up risky banks