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I'm putting this here because the State of Texas is f*#king with our lives.

Happy Birthday Fannie Lou Hamer (October 6)

I'm not sure how to do a cross post, but please read...

Is a significantly weaker Joaquin heading for England?

Zimmerman "(holds his) Christian values very close," so he'd Tweet Dead Trayvon only once, not twice

Heads up! Bernie coming up on Chris Hayes. nt

I'm not sure how to do a cross post.

Saskatchewan shelter names kittens after political candidates

*** One of our own needs help - Bertha Venation and her beloved wife. Please read ***

I only believe polls that show my primary candidate "surging."

John Kasich Tells Critics Of Medicaid Expansion To Read The Bible

Getting really tired of Biden ' s coy games.

Jason Chaffetz, grandstanding charlatan: What you need to know about the GOP’s shameless up-and-come

An experiment to see if your republican friends are truly reasonable...ask them this:

Krugman: The TPP looks better than it did, which infuriates much of Congress.

Monsoon II

coochie coochie coo

Texas Passed A Harsh Anti-Abortion Law. Now, We Have Proof It’s Hurting Women.

Bernie Sanders - FeelTheBern5 (For those of us who like this series of videos)

A moment for the heart to calm

Carly Fiorina’s ultraconservative rage

One Hour to go! October 8, 2015 - Thunderclap InfoBomb for Bernie - 6:30PM EDT / 3:30PM PDT

Employee at Clinton's email hosting company feared a cover-up

Florida judge that got into fist-fight with public defender is officially suspended

Historic: Bernie Sanders Files Sweeping Labor Bill Eliminating ‘Right-To-Work’ Laws

Combat Vets Destroy the NRA's Heroic Gunslinger Fantasy..Nation:

O'Malley planking

It seemed to me that the passing of 100-yr old civil rights activist, Grace Lee Boggs, ought to be

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Disasters! & a Kitteh gif

Bernie Sanders proposes sweeping labor law reforms


Bernie Sanders proposes sweeping labor law reforms

Rubio Accuser - Cheating on wife in Florida? Wire fraud? (cracked GOP)

Bernie Sanders proposes sweeping labor law reforms

An unnamed source close to Democratic planners says

Top Scientists Say That Political Pressure Is Undermining Their Research

AP INVESTIGATION: Nuclear Smugglers Shopped Radioactive Material to IS, Other Terrorists

Economist Targeted By Elizabeth Warren Had Long History of Corporate-Sponsored Reports

OH GOD!!!Steve Kornacki in for Rachel covering Biden

I stated here why I won't vote for HRC but

Jindal: Oregon Gunman's Father Is A 'Failure' Who 'Owes Us All An Apology'

2008 'Annie Get Your Gun' Clinton

John Oliver on Mental Health (video)

Shaheen Seeks Waiver of Reimbursement Policy for Portsmouth Shipyard Workers on Long-Term Assignment

Shaheen Seeks Waiver of Reimbursement Policy for Portsmouth Shipyard Workers on Long-Term Assignment

Shaheen Seeks Waiver of Reimbursement Policy for Portsmouth Shipyard Workers on Long-Term Assignment

Panel overrules judge's tossing of mine violation notice

Labor calls for ban on imported firearms to be extended to cover new shotgun

Brit HUME wants his Roger MUDD minute - BIDEN vs Teddy KENNEDY -

Is Wayne Lapierre a cult leader?

Nato Says Russian Ground Troops In Syria, Turkey's Airspace Violated Again

Oh what a beautiful face.

Clinton tries to turn tables on congressional Republicans in new ad:

Hillary Clinton just punked her republican rivals by sending them copies of her new book

Sad that the term Billary is now allowed on DU. HRC Room.

Congressional Hispanic Caucus Public Policy Conference Martin O’Malley and Bernie Sanders to speak.

Harvard's prestigious debate team loses to New York prison inmates

Westboro Showed Up to Protest Transgender Homecoming Queen. What They ...

I can't stand guns. I hate gun violence. I support Bernie Sanders.

Texas executes man who killed Mexican, robbed him of $8

Systemic Scleroderma

NBC poll says a Republican will probably win Iowa

Australia Deports Anti-Abortion Extremist Troy Newman

Australia Deports Anti-Abortion Extremist Troy Newman

Australia Deports Anti-Abortion Extremist Troy Newman

Tennessee board drops vote on seeking God's mercy over gay marriage

Bogota councilman calls for alcohol prohibition

I just read about China's new "credit score" system, and this is insane

11 Trillion Gallons of Water Fell in the Carolinas in the Past Week

Watch how French workers don't take cuts timidly

US Officials Ask How ISIS Got So Many Toyota Trucks

Colombia's Paramilitary-Linked Politicians Want in on Transitional Justice Peace Deal

Judge Orders Retrial for Johnny Hincapie, Convicted in ’90 Subway Killing

Judge Orders Retrial for Johnny Hincapie, Convicted in ’90 Subway Killing

Mass Grave Found in California Reveals Prehistoric Violence Against ‘Outsiders’

Guatemala: Top bribery suspect points finger at former president

Perspective from a Jaded Old Democratic Feminist Person

Why is the US Government Persecuting IFCO/Pastors for Peace Humanitarian Organization?

Fox probing claims 'Maze Runner' cast took artifacts

Fox probing claims 'Maze Runner' cast took artifacts

Why is the US Government Persecuting IFCO/Pastors for Peace Humanitarian Organization?

Halloween is coming #15…

Halloween is coming #16…

Halloween is coming #17…

George W. Bush Enjoying New Status as Smarter Bush

From the Daily Show:

Halloween is coming #18…

Halloween is coming #19…

Halloween is coming #20…

NBC’s Andy Lack to Meet with Keith Olbermann on Possible MSNBC Return?

'Friend, What are you doing next Tuesday?

A reminder of what the real story is on the neo-paramilitaries of Colombia:

cross-posting with permission about this amazing woman, grace lee boggs.

If your gun is used in a crime, you should be charged with a felony.

Elrod kitty rescue by Sandra Mikrut Virginia Beach, VA

(Quiz): Do You Own A Cat Or Does Your Cat Own You?

Yale Releases Archive of 170,000 Photos of Depression-Era America

The NRA Reckons Australia’s Anti-Gun Laws Are “A Mistake”; Australia Tells NRA To Go Fuck Itself.

Driver question

Carson: Losing Gun Rights Is More 'Devastating' Than Bullet-Ravaged Body

Lake Murray Dam's Floodgates Opened During South Carolina Flooding for the 1st Time Since 1969

Halloween Whopper makes people poop green, hilarious memes abound.

GOP Madness Here To Stay. Without Wave Election Will Still Control The Agenda For A Long Time..

Newspaper article about flooding around my cousin's area. I grew up around there.

Yanks lose! Yanks lose!

Yankees only managed three hits. Astros only needed five.

The NRA is probably the most socialist political organization in America

Marco Rubio, Jeb Bush start to take the gloves off

haha Rubio gets asked about cheating on his wife at a presidential campaign

Washington Gridlock – A Brief History of How We Got Here

Bernie was great on MSNBC tonight

California outlaws using info from eavesdropping TVs to target ads

Coal Executive Finally Brought Up on Criminal Charges

Tourists are left screaming in terror after a brand new glass-bottom walkway CRACKS under their feet

Ugly New Revelations for Hillary & Email Saga

For the Record: Joe Biden didn't "leak" Jack Shit

Going somewhere they don't have Internet access. Back in a few.

Yes, There is an Imperialist Ruling Class

Environmentalists Praise Wildlife Measures in Trans-Pacific Trade Pact

Fox News host: Australia has 'no freedom' because of laws against hate speech

Bill Clinton JUST APPEARED on The Late Show with Colbert

Outrage Stirred as Police Deploy Snipers to 'Observe' Anti-Austerity March in UK

As Experts Push for 'Killer Robot' Ban, UK and US Stand in the Way

War crimes ambassador: Russia, al-Assad regime vulnerable to prosecution

Video boosted by Carly Fiorina looks like miscarriage, not abortion – experts

Sweden introduces six-hour work day

Former UN chief John Ashe charged with taking $1.3m in bribes

Authorities Shift Blame for Certain Fatal Police Shootings Onto the Dead

Finally got that shirt I've been waiting for -

Disaster plan developed for use if St. Louis landfill fire reaches buried nuclear waste

Cross posted from the Texas Group

After Mexico’s Tlatelolco Massacre: Coping with Political Tragedy

War Crimes Charges For Demolishing Ancient Malian Shrines

Coastal Commission approves nuclear storage facility at San Onofre

Lindsey Graham Asks For Federal Disaster Relief for SC, SQUIRMS When Reminded He Voted AGAINST

VW CEO says recall to start in January, be completed end-2016

Salma Hayek helps launch "Latinos for Hillary"

Congress should act on 'scandalous' fantasy betting: Reid

AP NewsBreak: Alaska Hired Consultants Ahead of Obama Visit

Floating {Fire} Ant Islands Seen After Floods In South Carolina (HuffPo)

Kentucky pet store worker nearly crushed to death by python

Christian group awaits fiery Wednesday apocalypse

Judge rules that anti-Planned Parenthood activists can give Congress undercover videos

From Brave New Films

Gov. Jerry Brown signs Fair Pay Act for women workers

Video of 18-year-old Palestinian chased by Jewish mob and killed by police shocks global audience

Smokey Johnson, longtime Fats Domino drummer, has died, magazine reports

Christian group awaits fiery Wednesday apocalypse

Russia Says Militants In Syria Are Moving Armor Close To Mosques

Hillary rockets up to 46% at predictwise

It Appears That There Is NO Level Of Violence To Cause The GOP To Act To Control Guns.

HuffPo: This Is How A Prison's Debate Team Beat Harvard

The World's Silliest Empire

Hillary Clinton sends Bobby Jindal, other Republicans copy of her book

Workers removing Ten Commandments from Oklahoma Capitol

Workers removing Ten Commandments from Oklahoma Capitol

Episode 534: Exclusive Guest: Flint City Councilman Eric Mays on Flint's Toxic Lead Filled Water

Newly-Discovered, Ancient Humans Were Tree-Climbers Who Walked and Used Tools

D of J release re: Strong Cities Network

Aurora borealis is at storm level.

Just a few of the killers the NRA has enabled with help from Congress

Cuban envoy wants answers re. 1976 Cubana airliner terror bombing off Barbados

Remember when David Letterman called Trump out on his foreign-made ties?

What does Doctors Without Borders think of the TPP?

Colbert: Florence + The Machine Perform “What Kind Of Man” (Tuesday)

Colbert: Bill Clinton Explains Why Sanders & Trump Are Doing So Well (Tuesday)

Shin Bet Seeks Lenient Plea Deals for Hamas Operatives to Avoid Testifying About Torture Methods

Daily Holidays - October 7

Trump defends his vocal support for eminent domain: ‘I think it’s a wonderful thing’

Why Hillary Clinton is more progressive than Bernie Sanders, in one sentence

Harvard's prestigious debate team loses to NY inmates

As many of us have suspected all along, bacon is the key to long life.

Elizabeth Warren's Next Target Is Big Oil

Family lays soldier to rest, 65 years after he went missing

No, Donald Trump, Mideast wouldn’t be more Stable under Saddam & other Dictators

Home Depot customer opens fire on shoplifters in Metro Detroit

Facing ISIL Propaganda, Russia Denies its Syria Campaign is a “Holy War”

With Renewables on the Rise, Dirty Fuels Losing Competitive Edge

The Hornet’s Nest

Dogs could be euthanized for barking at neighbors

Cops drag woman out of car, punch her senseless for alleged seatbelt-violation.

VW CEO: recall of cars hit by scandal to begin in January

Close Quarters: Asylum Shelters in Germany Struggle with Violence

Fighting erupts in Syria amid Russian airstrikes, activists say

Looming Doubts : Merkel's Grip on Refugee Crisis May Be Slipping

Nobel prize for chemistry: Lindahl, Modrich and Sancar win for DNA repair research

So I was driving across a bridge

MSF seeks humanitarian investigation into Kunduz attack

VW: Recall likely completed by end of 2016

EU anti-smuggler mission 'Sophia' starts patrols

Merkel, Hollande to respond to refugee influx

Lightweight American politician didn’t even have sex with dead goat

Biden backing Asia trade pact despite union opposition

Biden backing Asia trade pact despite union opposition

Japan's Shinzo Abe's new cabinet features wrestler and TV anchor

Biden backing Asia trade pact despite union opposition

Democrats will tell voters why America IS great in their first debate

How Putin Will Win in Syria By Mike Whitney

Palestinian woman stabs Israeli near Jerusalem holy site: police

Salma Hayek Backs Hillary Clinton For President, Announces She Is A Member Of 'Latinos For Hillary'

The Rude Pundit - Why We Barely Talk About the Terrible Policy Ideas of the GOP Candidates

German industrial production slumps in August

Oil spill threatens Belgian coast

Spanish judge seizes passport of ex-IMF chief Rato

WaPo: Why Hillary Clinton is more progressive than Bernie Sanders, in one sentence

Florida mom vows to stop her children from learning about Ay-rabbic numerals and Shee-harrah law.

Robert Reich: Bernie Sanders and the free market

Pastor charged for stealing $21K from church to pay off mistress

Poll: 70% of syrian refugees are fleeing from Assad, 30% are fleeing from ISIS.

Cnn is talking of new Ad by 'Draft Biden movement" in which Joe is talking of accident

Thailand denies labour abuses after IndustriALL Union complaint

Thailand denies labour abuses after IndustriALL Union complaint

Thailand denies labour abuses after IndustriALL Union complaint

Wayne Newton: Radicals gonna be radicalin' unless we pop open a cool, frosty can of The Donald

I Used To Be A Conservative, Now I’m All In For Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders Is GOP Ally In Opposing The Export-Import Bank

The Surreal Reasons Girls Are Disappearing in El Salvador: #15Girls

Brad Ashford (DINO? NEBR) calls for end to lawmakers sending taxpayer-funded mailings

High-Cost Patients Had Substantial Rates Of Leaving Medicare Advantage And Joining--

Russian missiles 'hit IS in Syria from Caspian'

That white guy in the Carlos/Smith Olympic photo

Bernie Sanders gaining on Hillary Clinton in California

4chan and the Oregon shooter: What the suspicious thread says about a horrifying subculture

The Undying Evil of the Last Bush Administration

Wednesday Toon Roundup 1: Wayne's World

VW drivers' lawyer condemns carmaker for 'staggering' lack of information

Wednesday Toon Roundup 2- The Smartest Monkeys

Russia Is Bombing Ambulances in Syria

Wednesday Toon Roundup 3- The Rest

Gun owners buy guns because guns kill people in an efficient manner.

Couple of Bernie Toons Today

Patient wins high court challenge against company's cancer gene patent

Weapons technology: UN delay could open door to robot wars, say experts

New california Poll-Bernie makes gains

Julio Iglesias says he will not perform in 'clown' Donald Trump's casinos

LePage approaches full lawlessness

Nato’s bombs fall like confetti, not containing conflict but spreading it

What is the function of a gun?

Your Weight Is About to Be Redefined

Hillary Clinton Delivers a Lame Attack on Bernie Sanders' Free College Tuition Plan

Bishop escaped abuse charges after MPs and royal family intervened, court told

For Republicans, Killing Unions Is More Important Than Improving Education

Increasingly, U.S. IT workers are alleging discrimination

Benny Hill This

Russia would consider air strikes in Iraq at Baghdad's request: RIA

Doctors Without Borders wants a never-before-used mechanism of the Geneva Conventions to investigate

Britain urged to stop providing weapons to Saudi Arabia

You might be a First Amendment Extremist if you believe that...

What is your favorite DU username other than yours of course?

Al Jazeera America becomes the latest new media organization to unionize

Large pension fund files plan to cut retiree benefits under new law

Progressive Presidential Forum this fall? Sanders met with DeBlasio

Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton lead in swing state polling

It is not the DNC who is forcing Hillary on anyone.It's just that there are more Hillary supporters

Christopher Columbus Was Horrible, Worse than ISIS!

O'Malley's Addiction Treatment and Prevention Plan

Students, liberal group persist in push for seats at Boulder’s Republican debate

Bernie Sanders scores his first congressional endorsement

Take Away Guns, And Someone’s Just Gonna Invent, Manufacture, & Use A High-Powered Knife Launcher

Grayson to File Benghazi Ethics Complaint Against McCarthy, Gowdy

Uh oh. Argument over whole milk heating up again.

Kid shamed for "smelling like pot" commits suicide

I ate two Burger King black Whoppers yesterday, ask me anything

For those of you feeling a bit blue or sad today

Alone in Alabama: dispatches from an inmate jailed for her son’s stillbirth

Anyone been to see "The Walk"?

The Biden vs Clinton meme... I will say this once only

The Fight To Replace John Boehner - Julianna Forlano Part One

Scientist: We've grown a human 'mini brain'

Why don't people believe in gawd?

Mickey Mouse protection, the TPP and why America remains unequal

Cutting OCO May Be Solution For NDAA: Kendall

The Huffington Post Union Campaign Has Officially Begun

Rachel Maddow - Democrats plan counter to GOP political abuse of Benghazi committee

The Huffington Post Union Campaign Has Officially Begun

Oh My, The Pope Is "So Radical"

The Huffington Post Union Campaign Has Officially Begun

Iowa, New Hampshire Democrats Not Sold on Clinton—or Biden in Focus Groups

TPP gets praise from environmentalists, criticism from pharma and tobacco.

George W. Bush Enjoying New Status as Smarter Bush

Supreme Court Denies Request to Hear Insider Trading Case

Fortune 500 Companies Stash $2.1 Trillion Offshore as US Taxpayers Foot the Bill

Bernie Sanders wants Wall Street execs jailed for 2008 financial crisis

Amalia Ortiz - Women of Juarez on Def Jam Poetry

Why is U.S. Refusing an Independent Investigation if it's So Clear its Hospital Airstrike was an "Ac

Befuddled Jags Fan helps train Befuddled Billy Crystal Yankees Fan in his craft.

Absolute Proof, LaPierre lies,". more guns stop the shooter" (watch 1 minute, very graphic!)

[ActBlue] You're making a difference -- daily update for 10-7-15

O'Malley camp: Democrats 'party of the middle class?' Time more leaders started acting like it.

Dear President Obama, If TPP is as great as you say...

LOL! Today we pray for Trump

Koterba toon: US House of Representatives

Bernie Sanders, What the Hell Have You Done for Us Lately?

Marcy, Sweetie and friends at the park.

PEOPLE Magazine Supports Obama-Asks Americans To Call Their Congressman & Support Gun Controls

I guess the world listened to David Byrne - "Stop Making Sense"

The Carr brothers are before SCOTUS today..

Authorities Shift Blame for Certain Fatal Police Shootings Onto the Dead

Some proposed new punctuation

An anthem for Bernie

Top European Court Rules That NSA Spying Makes U.S. Unsafe For Data

Latest Quinnipac Swing State Primary Polls. Clinton in lead, Biden overtakes Sanders

Swear to Dog, I checked my e-mail and I have a message from Salma Hayek

Survey: two out of three of Americans likely to use High-Speed Rail in USA

Sanders gets his first congressional endorsement

What are this white supremacist's intentions with a tiny Nebraska town?

Monsanto and Syngenta Tighten Stranglehold on Global Food Supply

Lounge Detectives, how did this happen?

House Democrat Alan Grayson files ethics complaint against McCarthy, Gowdy

New York Times Editorial Board Calls On Republicans To "Shut Down The Benghazi Committee"

Huffington Post Arabic and the Absurdity of ‘Liberal’ Expectations | Ramzy Baroud

Question that should be asked of Trump, Carson, Bush et al about "gun free zones"

Any word from Bravenak and 1StrongBlackMan, anyone?

How Yarmouk Came About: Israel’s Unabashed Role in the Syrian Refugee Crisis | Ramzy Baroud

I prefer Hillary over Bernie on Guns. I prefer Bernie over Hillary for President

Can someone remind me what the US is doing in Afghanistan??

Subduing al-Quds: Israel’s High-stake Game in al-Aqsa and Why Netanyahu May Prevail | Ramzy Baroud

WaPo: Why Bernie Sanders’s small-donor success matters, in 2 charts

Divert the Serfs to Maintain the Empire | Philip A. Farruggio

O'Reilly Bashes Sanders And Clinton For Promising Americans 'Free Stuff'

10 Easy Ways for Men to Smash Gender Roles | Mickey Z.

Who’s Trying to Silence Cindy Sheehan? | Mickey Z.

Looks like idiots like George Zimmerman will soon be able to openly carry a gun in Florida

(Vegan) Food for (Healthy) Thought? | Mickey Z.

She Crushed Carly Fiorina in 2010. Now She’s on a Mission to Do It Again.

Holy copyright law, Batman!

Clinton Campaign Features @KevinMcCarthy — No, Not That One

Update :Rachel Maddow is hosting a forum with all 3 candidates

So GRR Martin wrote and released a new book.

Venezuela’s Censorship Goes from Bad to Worse

Sheryl Sandberg Releases Women In the Workplace Study

Sheryl Sandberg Releases Women In the Workplace Study

Big backup on northbound I-15 while riding into work this morning..

Order issued for capture of directors of La Patilla, Tal Cual y El Nacional (Spanish)

Another reefer truck hits 11 foot 8 bridge- crash #98

The Ben Carson Is Just Like Michele Bachmann With A Penis Olympics© Continue RE: Oregon Shooter

Remembering Grace Lee Boggs, author, feminist, civil rights activist, community organizer

Texas Campus Carry To Take Effect On 50th Anniversary Of Tower Massacre

Remembering Grace Lee Boggs, author, feminist, civil rights activist, community organizer.

Child care costs more than college in these 24 states

Carson Would Beat Clinton, Biden, Sanders in Ohio, Pennsylvania: Poll

Univ of CT student arrested after rant when he is refused mac & cheese

25 Accidental Inventions That Revolutionized Our World

How Mass Shooters Get Their Guns

The world is ending today. Again.

Carving Dicks in Dixie (Extra Scene from 'Heritage and Hate’)

The Daily 202: Elizabeth Warren wins another battle in war on Wall Street

Theresa May's immigration speech is dangerous and factually wrong

Westboro church runs from High School students that elected Transgender homecoming queen

Kittens battle over tissue box

Leaked: Video which proves the specific structure and criminal action of Golden Dawn neo-nazis in Gr

McDonald's drive-thru oral sex couple 'turned their car into human zoo'

Generation Forward PAC's first Iowa ad for O'Malley

David Cameron attacks Corbyn's 'terrorist-sympathzing Britain-hating ideology'

Just saw my DVD'd Good Wife.......gonna be an a w e s o m e season!!!!!!! eom

SS United States Could Be Heading for Scrap By End of Month

Martin O'Malley led the call for Wall Street prosecutions in this campaign

What Bernie Sanders' gun control plan reveals about the power of political parties

Bernie Sanders Leads Hillary Clinton in New Nationwide Poll With First Debate in 6 Days

Inside the world’s only sanctuary for exiled journalists

Remembering Anna Politkovskaya on the Anniversary of her Death

How Picking The Wrong Dogs Papers Left Me With The Right Dog by David Rapp Hatfield, United Kingdom

Bill O'Reilly Denies The Existence Of Child Hunger: "It's A Total Lie"

The US has a long history of companies (including legit ones!) selling woo...

"It's Not Their World It's Everybody's" - Excellent Track, Powerful Scenes, Should Go Viral

Doctor Margaret Flowers Arrested at Senate Hearing on Kunduz

Democrats on Benghazi Committee Release Devastating Fact Sheet on Gowdy

"IT fired" "no one was charged"

They Decided to Foster a Tiny Kitten But Didn’t Expect the Family Dog to Become Obsessed!

Pic Of The Moment: Ben Carson On Gun Control

They went to great heights to make this movie ...

Oil Drillers Hunker Down for More Pain One Year Into Bear Market

Joe Biden’s secret weapon against Hillary Clinton? Honesty.

5 Indefensible Tweets From The NRA Since The Oregon Gun Massacre

One Southerner says the Confederacy was a ‘con-job’ on white people — and its legacy still is today

Monsanto Q4 Loss Widens, To Cut 2,600 Jobs

Love Bernie. Respect Hillary. O'Malley has great ideas. But then there's Joe.

2005: Fiorina out, HP stock soars

Jeb's REAL reason for enlisting the help of his brother (cartoon)

DRUDGE (in shadows) wants media to talk about Hillary's "lovers" - yours first, DRUDGE!1

Field Poll: Support for Hillary Clinton drops among California Dems

Call to Action. Work Social Media for Bernie's benefit: Grijalva and Smith.

'Agrihoods' Offer Suburban Living Built Around Community Farms, Not Golf Courses

And to the victims of this latest tragedy; we republicans offer "Our thoughts and prayers"

Social media has changed everything....

Gearing up in Florida!

Bobby Jindal: They like me! They really like me!

This really summarizes how screwed America's priorities are....

Mike Huckabee’s 1998 Book Is Full Of Fake Quotes From America’s Founders

How Hillary Clinton’s Loyal Confidants Could Cost Her the Election

Once the Biggest Buyer, China Starts Dumping U.S. Government Debt

High school player intercepts spiked ball.

NBC News : The Reasons for the Decline in Support for Gun Control

Is that Kim Davis (Praise Jeebus) contemplating a movie career?

Digby: They think they’re all Clint Eastwood: Donald Trump, Ben Carson & the right’s demented gun ..

Robert Reich nailed it again...

It's Halloween season, post scary stories here

Paradox of the First Black President

Carter: US Not Cooperating With Russia Against Islamic State

Rep. Raul Grijalva to endorse Bernie Sanders

War Crime in Afghanistan?: Outrage After U.S. Airstrike on Hospital Kills 22 Patients & Staff

Kremlin Sets out to Extend Control Over the Russian Internet

Any ideas on how to afford a drug that costs $1000 / month?

Zack the Golden Retriever and the ice cream man

Chris Rock on Control

Vladimir Putin Celebrates His Birthday By Scoring Goals, Firing Missiles

I see Budweiser (AB/InBev) is trying to buy Miller (SABMiller) beer

Links to US Central Command and CIA websites.

Vigilante shopper goes all wild west in Auburn Hills

m$nbc ...once again at a trump rally....the reporter at the Hillary rally earlier talked over her

The Caucasian's Guide To Black Churches

Johnny Manziel's family home burned down, and arson is suspected

Georgia school pays up after teacher tells 1st grader his mom is bad because she doesn't believe...

To heck with videogames being "too violent." Are they too expensive?

Washington Post: Lindsey Graham defends his vote against Hurricane Sandy package

Warning, sinners!!!! God's gonna end the world today........and he means it this time!!!!!

Ars Technica: Net neutrality on chopping block as Democrats fight to save FCC’s rules

I am so glad that my husband is NOT a gun humper!

Eight Miles High

Dylan & IBM Watson

Greg Hardy comes back ‘guns blazing,’ talks up Tom Brady’s wife

Democrats far better than Republicans at grammar

Mr. Sanders Bring Us A Dream

The real reason the NRA is hated..

McCarthy seen short of full majority in House speaker race

The Worst Cities for Black Americans

Proposed Constitutional Amendment, No Special Treatment for Wealthy Elites

Yes, Really: McCarthy Tells His Critics To 'Stop Playing Politics' With Benghazi

Iran's supreme leader bans negotiations with the United States

Bombing of Afghan hospital wasn’t a ‘war crime’ -WaPo

New Dental Device Helps Sleep Apnea Patients

It's nice to see Bernie supporters celebrate his first endorsement from a member of Congress

Texas appeals court to weigh felony charge against Rick Perry

Can Hillary Clinton change the gun debate?

Hillary Clinton Backs CFPB in Main Street-Wall Street Debate

Three new Quinnipiac polls out today - Florida, Ohio, Pennsylvania

Russia bombed hospital eight months ago in Ukraine. Never admitted responsibility. War crime???

Sanders rolls out Workplace Democracy Act

Carl Bernstein- "Hillary will go up there and make monkeys of the Benghazi Committee."

Utah: loser white supremacist skips hearing, gets warrant

What's this about DUers????

President Obama apologized to the President of Doctors without Borders

Apple holding $181 billion in profit offshore, study says

I head the term "thighbrow" for the first time ever, just this morning

Poll: Clinton leads all Dem challengers by double digits. (HILLARY SUPPORTERS GROUP)

Representational Democracy at work

Trump backer Rick Joyner: I Prayed For Drought To Strike California

Good effing grief - look at flood water in South Carolina

Enough Is Enough: Time For Gun Control Is NOW

Harper is trying to BUY my vote.

Reality check on Gun Control..

These People Are the Secret to Bernie Sanders’s Success

NYT: Shut Down Benghazi Committee, or rename it Inquisition of Hillary Rodham Clinton (HRC GRP)

No Surprise: Hillary Doesn't Support Reinstating Glass-Steagall

"The public's perception of Hillary Clinton"


Italian priest defends paedophiles and blames 'love-seeking children'

Cubs fans switch letters at store across from Pirates ballpark for ultimate prank

Michele Bachmann: Carolina Flooding Is God's Wrath For U.S. Israel Policy

Rifle-carrying men cause Portland schools to go on lockdown

Civil rights icon, John Lewis, endorses Hillary clinton

ex-"governor" GOODHAIR will get an Appeals decision on his felony charge (other charge dismissed)

How do I sort thread replies sequentially?

What happened when a southern kid came out to his family

Lupus and Syphilis--Is there a (non-causal) Connection?

This Desk That Converts Into A Bed Takes Napping Up A Notch

John Lewis has endorsed Hillary Clinton

Increasingly, U.S. IT workers are alleging discrimination

Cold War Rhetoric: The Kept Intelligentsia

Iowa, NH Focus Groups Show Bernie Support--Morning JOE/Bloomberg

The Double-Speak of American Civilian Humanitarianism

Portland businesses organize to fight $15 minimum wage

Belarus 'does not need' Russia air base - Lukashenko

Ben Carson: Pompeii Victims Should Have Outrun Lava

Iraq Leans Towards Russia In War On Islamic State

NYT EDITORIAL: Shut Down the Benghazi Committee

Senate Set To Pass Bill Funding Israeli Anti-Missile Programs

"When you do see police they seem to be in male & female pairs and often smiling": A Yank look at UK

Why Las Vegas Needs the Chicago Cubs to Lose Tonight

FL bear hunt to go on unsupervised. Over 2000 licenses issued, limit 320 bears. Won't work.

GOP rivals say they don’t think Hillary has accomplished anything—so she sent them "Hard Choices" (HRC)

Bernie Sanders to rally in Boulder on Saturday

Bernie supporters have better grammar.

Bernie Sanders: 'His World Revolves Around Helping People'

Since wildbilln864's thread in GD about Jeb! was just locked...

Millions Face a 50% Medicare Premium Hike If Congress and Obama Don't Act

Talbot: Show courage, honor and remove statue (MD)

U2 - October

Combat Vets Destroy the NRA’s Heroic Gunslinger Fantasy

Netflix sees god

Gun Shop Hangs Confederate Flag Back Up, Begins Selling Them (CA)

Palestinians are fighting for their lives; Israel is fighting for the occupation

If your child commits a crime, you should be charged with a felony.

County returns Lenn Park land surrounding Confederate monument back to donors (VA)

Obama Secures Votes To Protect Iran Nuclear Deal

538: Why Hillary Clinton Feels Safe Running To The Left Of Bernie Sanders On Guns

I am not at all opposed to focusing first on mental health

Alabama GOPer Who Spoke At Neo-Confederate Event: It's No Hate Group! (AL)

Roseburg, Reeling From Massacre, Finds Security in Gun Ownership

Venezuela Worst in World as IMF Forecasts 10% Contraction

Donald Trump, am Going too make America great Again. Trump four, President!

Again, take the Confederate flag down (FL)

Congressman John Lewis has endorsed Clinton

A new form of mimicry: plant seeds mimic animal feces to facilitate dispersal by dung beetles

Sen. Grassley if you want to save money

NASA rocket launch from Wallops Island could make glowing clouds Wednesday night

NASA rocket launch from Wallops Island could make glowing clouds Wednesday night

NASA rocket launch from Wallops Island could make glowing clouds Wednesday night

New St. Louis Stadium: Naming Rights Sold For "National Car Rental Field"

Congressman John Lewis Endorses Hillary Clinton

Airbus has a plan to stack airline passengers. Diagrams of upper seats.

Syria's Assad Using Cluster Bombs on Civilians - Human Rights Watch Exposes War Crimes

I just wanted to say 'Farewell' to all of you. It was nice knowing all of you but it all had to end

Siblings at Odds: He's an Evangelical Preacher, I'm an Atheist

For Biden, Easing Hillary Clinton’s Grip on Minority Voters Could Be Tricky

Hamas Releases Video Encouraging Knife Attacks on Jews

Bernie Sanders Cool Chat: Support for John Lewis, Growing Up, Segregation, Working Class Roots

I want to see Bernie make an issue of this: No Social Security COLA and 50% hike in Medicare.......

A NASA Experiment Is Going to Light Up the Sky With Beautifully Colored Clouds Tonight

Gallup Leaving 2016 Primary Horse Race

Hillary not supporting TPP

A question about the bombing of the MSF hospital in Afghanistan

Clinton opposes Pacific Rim trade deal

Lengthy ethnic religious ceremony spurs discontent in Heights neighborhood

If Obama is truly sorry for bombing MSF hospital, killing 22, he'd call an independent investigation

Pope Francis again a top contender for the Nobel Peace Prize

I do not agree with the neoliberal ideology in economics and foreign policy.

Video of Hillary Clinton's Oct. 7, 2015 comments on the Trans-Pacific Partnership

Iran's supreme leader bans negotiations with the United States

Mentally ill people aren’t killers. Angry people are.

How ESPN's Fear of the Truth Ruined "Black Grantland"

What's for Dinner, Wed., Oct. 7, 2015

Gerrymandering may prove a Pyrrhic victory for the GOP

NYT-Shut Down the Benghazi Committee

Clinton, Sanders, O’Malley to attend Rock Hill presidential forum

Thursday, October 8...Bernie on Morning Joe

Harvard's prestigious debate team loses to New York prison inmates

Even Greedy Wall Street Bankers Think We Should Act On Climate Change

Here’s How Big Pharma Games The System

A Peoples President.

Hillary Clinton Comes Out Against TPP

Puppy and cheetah cub pals:

Shelter Dog Makes His Own Bed

Emirates now offering flights with a shower and a bar

See, I put myself on the line for DU, what do I get- It's still green LOL

Goodbye updated

whatchamacallit has endorsed Bernie Sanders!!!

Pennsylvania Dad Fulfills Dying Wish to Walk All Four Children Down the Aisle

$15 tip...

Graham opposed Sandy aid but wants help in South Carolina Eric Bradner

Nevada pays S.F. for 'patient dumping' scheme

Watch RFK deliver speech on gun control in Roseburg, Ore., weeks before his assassination

Americans Fall In Love With Obamacare As New Poll Shows Growing ACA Support

James Harden Thinks He Should Have Been MVP

Woke this morning to gunfire.

This is the best present I could think for all DU peeps.

responsible CCL holder opens fire on shoplifter at Home Depot

so Hillary is cooperating fully....and just suddenly realized they had a backup server all along?

East coasters-- keep your eyes to the sky tonight.

It's Time For Jeb Bush To Pull The Plug On His Completely Wrecked Campaign

East coasters-- keep your eyes to the sky tonight.

Vigilante Gun Nut Opens Fire On Shoplifter In Home Depot Parking Lot

Vigilante Gun Nut Opens Fire On Shoplifter In Home Depot Parking Lot


Battling IS, Iraqi Kurdish fighters exposed to mustard gas

One of my cats is extremely unhappy and there's nothing I can do about it.

Ed Schultz October 5

Ichiro Suzuki re-signs with Marlins on one-year, $2-million deal

How a team of Obama veterans helped Bernie Sanders pull in a record number of donations

Bernie Sanders gaining on Hillary Clinton in California

Gunfire after police seal Saudi Shiite town: resident

LePage order, revealed after months, was withheld in violation of Maine law

Freedom Caucus endorses Rep. Webster for Speaker

Maine Family Planning sues state over $185,000 repayment order

Ted Cruz fights for liberty AND freedom!

Ex-teammate: Arrested NBA player was giving cash to homeless

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Thursday, 8 October 2015

Boehner blaming Dems for lack of gun legislation

Today in Congress

Bernie Sanders leads 2016 race among ‘aggressive progressives’ with 50% of the vote

Bernie Sanders, What the Hell Have You Done for Us Lately?

Why on Gods earth would you want to shoot a Bear?

can you please make an entire thread go away?

Am thinking of moving back to Washington

Uribe denies involvement in 1997 massacre

Urban Outfitters parent company asks employees to work for free

Hi, new here. Bernie supporter!!

A merger of threads and why can't we be friends?

Kasich mocks female students at town hall event

Argentina: fugitive ex-spy traveled to US

Argentina: fugitive ex-spy traveled to US

Guatemala volcano roars back to life

Off the Grid, But Still Online

Julio Iglesias Says He’ll ‘Never Again’ Perform in Donald Trump’s Venues

Julio Iglesias Says He’ll ‘Never Again’ Perform in Donald Trump’s Venues

Food Industry Warns Of Life-Threatening Shortages From Climate Change

Colorado governor creates task force on American Indian mascots

House Republicans Create Special Committee To Harass Planned Parenthood

Nicaraguan dog to be flown to Ottawa for snout-saving surgery (graphic)

Nicaraguan dog to be flown to Ottawa for snout-saving surgery (graphic)

Colombia Still under Paramilitary Threat Despite Ease of Tension

Is Clinton placing President Obama under a public transit vehicle?

Honduras football boss Yankel Rosenthal charged in US

Honduras football boss Yankel Rosenthal charged in US

Oklahoma Pre-K Teacher Who Called Left-Handedness 'Evil' Resigns

Shouldn't GOP repay taxpayers for Benghazi?


O’Malley Says of Clinton on TPP: ‘Wow! That’s a Reversal!’

US vs Russia: What a war would look like

Boehner Criticizes Democrats Over Mass Shootings: "President can rail all he wants"

'Got an idea? Pitch it to Governor O'Malley.'

Question to other Bernie Supporters

One joke, two airheads, one lunatic, and a couple of guys from Florida

House Votes to Create Panel to Investigate Planned Parenthood

Cuba’s Jorge Risquet: the Brother I Never Had

Canadian military ponders integrated force with U.S. to respond to hotspots

How a Reclusive Computer Programmer Became a GOP Money Powerhouse

Some Children Just Can't Stop Themselves From Tempting Innocent Pedophiles, Explains Priest on Live

So it appears both Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton are very similar!

Any interest in arranging DU get-togethers to watch the debate next week?

America's biggest gun problem is willful ignorance

Sanders is losing to someone who isn't even in the race yet

Will Hillary Supporters Please Stand Up? She's Done A Remarkable Job!

Tonights the night! - AHS: Hotel

Why is a Thom Hartmann discredited post on DU allowed to stand?

Yahoo Politics: Hillary Clinton doesn’t support revival of Glass-Steagall Act

Undercover Gunmen Open Fire At Palestinian Stone-Throwers

Toon: Protester at Sanders Rally

As evictions continue in Albania, Romani women reach out to local elected officials

HuffPo: Hillary Clinton Wants To Crack Down On High-Speed Wall Street Trading

Families Of Teens Who Died After Hypnosis By Principal Will Get $600,000

So turns out that Bernies position on marriage in 2006 was pretty much Hillary's position

Edward Snowden, Purdue, Barton Gellman and National Security vs. Academic Freedom and Over-Reaction

Risk of global financial crash has increased, warns IMF

E.O. Wilson: "Of Ants and Men" You need to see this PBS documentary.

Des Moines Register: Hillary Clinton says she wishes super PACs were banned

California governor signs bill aiming to double energy efficiency

Mexico army chief will not let troops be questioned over student massacre

Sirota and Perez: Hillary Clinton's Wall Street Policy Being Shaped By Two Bankers

Cross posting over here...

Pope Francis to visit Mexico in 2016, Vatican confirms

Pope Francis to visit Mexico in 2016, Vatican confirms

Is it just me? Carson's voice! Noooooo!!!!

Rolling Stone: Robert Reich on Why Capitalism Needs Saving

Citing concerns with campus carry, professor emeritus to withdraw from University of Texas

I was waiting at the checkout counter at the local Albertsons, when a headline in the

Saudi-Led Airstrikes Kill 15, Wound 25 At Wedding In Yemen, Witnesses And Officials Say

Cubs countdown to game start at 19:08 central

Tears of Avia-Kickstarter.

Hillary: Was For It "Before She Was Against It": TPP TRADE DEAL!

How to Roll Back Russia

Frank Zappa's Widow Gail Zappa Dead at 70

7 Times Jason Chaffetz Has Chaffetzed Someone

Thomas Edsall: How Did the Democrats Become Favorites of the Rich?

I am so happy about Jerry Brown's decision on Right to Die legislation.

Sen.Sanders to Visit Boulder

Ladies and gentlemen, please.

Clinton's Quotes Favoring Pacific Trade Pact She Now Opposes