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"_______ Believes In Dirty Bombers And Open Airplane Windows, But Not In Polls"

Who you got in the Series?

Can somebody copy & post LBN Link, 'Bill Gates Just Endorsed Socialism, Sort of, A Boost for Bernie?

[ActBlue] You're making a difference -- daily update for 10-26-15

"We don't need unions, the minimum wage, OSHA, healthcare or any other 'socialism'"

2 great Thanksgiving/Christmas side dishes (or just Fall/winter recipes)

"Imagine a world with out them You may say I'm a dreamer, But I'm not the only one"

Keyboard commandos vs actual activism and support.

Bill Gates just endorsed socialism, sort of: A boost for Bernie Sanders?

Video: Two prominent Israelis envision replacing Dome of the Rock with Jewish temple

ILA endorses Clinton, will host event for her in Charleston

A question about intellectual honesty. RE: Clinton's charge of sexism

bought a new HP laptop

"Well", tsk tsk, "she was no angel".

Why is it when a bogus charge is leveled at Bernie and doesn't stick

Vaping flavors.

I just trashed three forums - Now DU is awesome again

Should A Self-Driving Car Kill Its Passengers In A “Greater Good” Scenario?

REI closing on Black Friday for 1st time in push to #OptOutside

Official World Series Thread (without spoilers)

Greenland Is Melting Away - NYT

Clinton Aide Says Polls Showing Hillary Up Big Are ‘Crazy Wrong’

The artist/song you once loved that you are sick to death of hearing now.

Not since 1903.

10-27-15 Founding of the National Negro Labor Council in 2:00

Senate Rejects All CISA Amendments Designed To Protect Privacy; It's A Surveillance Bill

10-27-15 Founding of the National Negro Labor Council in 2:00

10-27-15 Founding of the National Negro Labor Council in 2:00

10-27-15 Founding of the National Negro Labor Council in 2:00

Hillary Clinton is Mrs. October

Thom Hartmann: Clinton lied to Rachel Maddow on DOMA and played "poor me victim" on "shouting"

White Millenial liberal Socialist dead beat bean sprout eaters

Sanders admitted on Rachel Maddow that he was originally against Gay marriage.

Very Special Interests: Why Clinton Is Courting Kayakers and Yogis (Hillary Group)

Catalan 'independence declaration' to trigger showdown with Madrid

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseeker Thread. Surgeon Forward & a Kitteh gif

Would this make you throw up in your mouth, or was it just me?

Hundreds rally for Bernie Sanders at UMass Tuesday night

Jordanians slam Palestinian Authority for rejecting idea of security cameras at Temple Mount

Pro-Clinton Super PAC Launches Biggest Ad Buy Yet ("How did the GOP get here?") (Hillary Group)

It's OK to hack your own car, US copyright authorities rule

Topographic Maps with satellite overlays - free, online

Bernie Sanders shouldn’t throw stones on LGBT rights


Reports: Daniel Volquez, father of Game 1 starter Edinson Volquez, dies at 63

Hillary Clinton to launch TV ads about working women as Republicans debate

Did Joe Buck just call Lucas Duda "Doo-doo"?

Let's be honest about three things:

WTF!? Fox!?

Hickenlooper offers full-throated support for Hillary Clinton

Police: 2 dead after explosion inside World War II-era tank

Uefa calls investigation into attack on black fans at Dynamo Kyiv

Uefa calls investigation into attack on black fans at Dynamo Kyiv

PROOF: The Meme Going Around that Bernie Was Against Marriage Equality in 2006 is FALSE

New undercover video accuses TX doc of violating partial-birth abortion ban, medical experts disagre

That's one way to silence Joe Buck ... Just pull the plug

World Premiere of 'When I was a Boy' video from Jeff Lynne's ELO

Conservative ReTHUG activists give the goons a warning

Maddow confronts Bernie Sanders over past opposition to marriage equality

"Zero Tolerance" policies in the schools are bullshit

Fox has technical problems at World Series

Justin Trudeau walks a day in a PSW’s shoes (health care aide)

Bernie Sanders's plan for free public universities

Expect a long campaign

Koterba toon: Red meat and cancer

Making Insider Trading Legal

The Evolution of Leadership: Hillary Clinton and DOMA

TierOne Bank ex-CEO trial reveals chaos of bank’s executive culture

If you want to be depressed, and who doesn't, I have a great documentary for you

Sorry the link is to foxnews| Olivia Wilde implies Donald Trump's views are 'really sickening'

13 reasons to adopt a black cat:

I'm looking at my medicare choices, Oy!

FBI chief again says Ferguson having chilling effect on law enforcement

Palmetto State Poll-Clinton -43% Sanders 6% 0'Malley 3%

Politics Done Right - President of Physicians for a National Healthcare Program Robert Zarr speaks

McDonald's asks judge to toss out U.S. labor board's 'massive'' subpoena

Bernie did NOT categorically oppose gay marriage . . .

McDonald's asks judge to toss out U.S. labor board's 'massive'' subpoena

McDonald's asks judge to toss out U.S. labor board's 'massive'' subpoena

Obama to police chiefs: US safer because of your efforts

Arrest of girl who texted in class prompts civil rights case

25 New Structural Engineer Petition Signers!

Hillary Clinton Asks NC Governor to Veto Anti-Immigrant Bill

Has anyone heard how the student who got body slammed


Hillary Clinton: 'No Excuse' For Attack At Spring Valley High School

Game 1 of World Series delayed after Fox Sports telecast lost power

Christian Bride Passes Traditional Daddy Vag Inspection Before Wedding

Ex-Im Bank vote divides Florida U.S. Senate candidates

Thank you, Mother Jones

Supporting Young Children's Friendships

Video of Paxton jail booking may remain confidential

Police Brutality vs: Social Media and You Tube

An opportunity for stronger action and renewed leadership to protect human rights at home and abroad

Exxon Knew about Climate Change Almost 40 Years Ago - Scientific American

What will be Trey Gowdy's next haircut?

Volunteer! An Iowa Weekend of Action, November 7-8, 2015

Guess it continues to happen

It is a national embarrassment that there are enough insane voters in America...

Gavin Newsom our Lieutenant Governor started a new group with some very common sense regulations

Dad who shot 'snooping vid drone' out of the sky is cleared of charges

O'Malley's Secret Sauce

O'Malley's Secret Sauce

Connecting the Dots Between the “Identity Politics” of Black Lives Matter and Class Politics

HC on Steven Colbert

The Clinton's, Haiti and Why Sanders is the Better Choice.

Social Security Advocates Shrug At Budget Deal

Strategy: Remind voters about Hillary's vote in favor of the Bankruptcy Bill

Took the cat to the vet's today, not good news

You know what I like best about Ben Carson?

Apparently this Familia guy is the new Mariano

Bipartisan budget deals are a good thing sometimes

As we approach another election year, a reminder of an oldie but goodie--

Palling Around with Nazis: Netanyahu’s political ancestors are also guilty by association

I wish I could have submitted this video in the perspective contest.

If the Student was a White Female nobody would try to defend the Cop Slamming her

Not sure if this is the right forum to address how much I was disenchanted that the

Coalition to Stop Gun Violence: the NRA is A Terrorist Organization


If you missed it...

Martin O’Malley, Iowa and the American dream

Martin O’Malley, Iowa and the American dream

Clinton on Colbert tonight

GOP Presidential Candidate John Kasich goes ballistic: 'What has happened to our Party' (VIDEO)

Refugee crisis: The map that shows how Europe is becoming a fortress to keep people out

Wooohoo! I hit 20,000 posts!

13th Inning!!!

...having a bad night

Nothing is written

Oh Baby (x 2)

Almost live: Hedge Clippers direct action inside Boulder's St. Julien Hotel

Shell halts Carmon Creek oil sands project in Alberta, Canada

What's for Dinner? Wednesday Oct 28

Notorious jewel thief Doris Payne, 85, charged in earring heist

Rand Paul vows filibuster in unlikely bid to block budget deal

U.S. weighs special forces in Syria, helicopters in Iraq

Labor friction escalates between California port truckers, shippers

Stephen Colbert Asked Hillary Clinton If She'd Let Big Banks Fail: 'Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes'

What PG & E and other private electric companies want to do to Californians for going solar.

Russia Goes Online to Win Support of ‘Generation Putin’ for Syria Campaign

An excellent article about the Alberta economy

"David Vitter wouldn't last a day at West Point."

Are we really blaming the teacher now

Bernie's interview by Charlie Rose

Seriously, Secretary Clinton?

Jeb! advisor Gen Michael Hayden praises Hillary: the 'right formula going forward'

Jeb! says his Dad throws shoes at the TV when Trump is on

Fox News Ratings Plunge As Rachel Maddow’s Viewership Grows By 31%

Stephen Colbert asked Hillary Clinton if she'd let big banks fail: 'Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes'

Exclusive: Feds Investigate Hobby Lobby Boss for Illicit Artifacts

USAID and the Criminalization of Social Movements in Paraguay

Houston Equal Rights Supporters Raise Over $3 Million – Five Times More Than Anti-LGBT Activists

Whoa. The Royals won last nite.

Daily Holidays - October 28

Dallas Police Seek Public’s Help In Solving String of Brutal Anti-Gay Attacks

Beached in Brazil, a Young Penguin Finds His Human Soul Mate

Palestinian leaders, Jewish activists reject cameras on Temple Mount

'Heaven Or Hospital?' Parents Allow Child To Make End-Of-Life Choice

Picked up my Bernie banner today!

Meet the Prohibition Party nominee for President

Like it or not Jeb is right about his brother, George W. Bush's leadership was "awe-inspiring."

Syria’s Christians | Erico Matias Tavares | LinkedIn

This is what I wrote on FB about that assault of a student. An officer was explaining it.

Never mind rewriting history, Netanyahu is focused on revising reality

What is the history on "when women talk, others/men think its shouting". It seems a total invention

Here are Edwards, Vitter's radically different ideas on how to improve Louisiana public schools

The strategy of Sen. Vitter to tie Edwards to Pres. Obama is the wrong idea in the governor's race

State Medicaid costs called a ‘runaway train’

This Is Not a Drill. Ted Cruz Is Well Positioned in the GOP Presidential Race.

Ag Commissioner Sid Miller: Hands Off My Meat

Gov. Abbott’s M.O. – Raid First, Ask Questions Later

Martin will get his chance on Maddow tonight!

Austria to build Slovenia border fence to 'control' migrant flow

Al Gore: Optimist?

Israeli Settlers Are Only Innocent in Netanyahu’s Warped Mind

Ford Motor Just Called Out Trump For Being The Liar He Is, And It’s Magnificent (TWEETS)

MI6 doesn't operate like Bond and would never hire someone like Bond

Residents and officials outline their hopes for $55 million Route 79 forum

Morning Joe is pretty entertaining this morning. Trump was pretty funny yelling at the Iowans "What

Kitten adopted by ferret family

Energy officials likely to put out RFPs on bulk-electricity plan within a day

Charter school campaign claims to have surpassed signature threshold

Ancient permafrost quickly transforms to carbon dioxide upon thaw

Yigal Amir's brother arrested for incitement

Turkish police storm offices of opposition media group

Kasich said he will call out his Republican colleagues at Wednesday's debate.

Gay priest decries 'inhuman' treatment of homosexual Catholics

The Other Gun Lobby

The Other Gun Lobby

X-Post from GC&RKBA: Coalition to Stop Gun Violence: the NRA is A Terrorist Organization

Westhampton trail cams 'capture' black bear, moose, bobcat and fisher

Comcast explores charging customers for internet data used

The Rude Pundit - Cops in the Classroom: How Pathetic Are We?

'Spotlight' film illuminates Boston clergy abuse scandal

Police department is first in state to make body cameras mandatory

Marty Walsh says pricy lawyers could be done in a month

Bwwwaaaahahahah! RNC puts Rand Paul in Bathroom for Debate Prep

AP-GfK Poll: Support for tighter gun laws ticks up

Environmental group, gas terminal owners fight pipeline ruling

IndyCar boss: Boston race ready, set, go

Rolling Stone: Why Can't We End Mass Incarceration?

Wow, just WOW...Joe is eviscerating Rubio and thinks he should just go home if he hates

Faux Nooz spreads information from hoax website

W.Va. school placed on lockdown after man demands to sing Justin Bieber songs over intercom

Women's Rights and the candidates...

Notes on the budget from senior advocacy groups

Blasts from the past - Hillary and her NEW DEAL

Sanders campaign: We'll consider Hillary for veep

Yeah, We Can Win (pics and videos)

B.R.A. deal with Sox a strikeout

6 Things You Need To Know About Postal Banking

A lot of people are afraid of adopting black cats. Here are 5 adorable ones that you could get

Tourists of Empire: America’s Peculiar Brand of Global Imperialism

DeLeo denied patronage links

US Releases Saudi Prince Accused of Rape, a Week Later He's Caught Smuggling 2 Tons of ISIS Drugs

 The Radical Life of Rosa Luxemburg

Aquafina to say it comes from same source as tap water

Noam Chomsky: Electing the President of an Empire

Iraq: We Didn't Ask for U.S. Ground Operations

New Hillary Ad Is Everything You Should Hate About Politicians NSFW

Why doesn't the Clinton camp and Democratic Party elites attack

Hillary Clinton’s Sexism Attack On Bernie Sanders Isn’t ‘Pathetic,’ It’s Genius (Hillary GRP)

Afghan insurgencies compound misery, complicate quake relief

Oh, DO listen to Democracy Now this morning--

City Council may have to take public stand on raise

MBTA pension liability growing, despite added contributions

Really sad that some will over look

Cape Wind developer Jim Gordon not giving up on project

And Now Trucking Is Suddenly Slowing Down

Hillary Clinton unveils "equal pay" ad

Hillary Clinton’s Mega-Donors Are Also Funding Jeb Bush

Ta-Nehisi Coates on James Comey's remarks about the "Ferguson effect."

U.S. student performance slips on national test

What do you do?

Yet more soldiers in our "well-regulated militias"---

People for Bernie, Wall Street and Other Big Money Interests for Hillary

Sanders campaign: We'll consider Hillary for veep

Tonedeaf NYPD police union head calls for boycott of Tarantino films

Rallygoer to Trump: ‘We Can’t Wait Until Melania Puts Class Back Into the First Lady

Republicans look into Ben Carson's eyes and see character and brilliance...

Hey a friend turned me onto this. I found some unclaimed money. Give these a try.

If Carson The Surgeon Was As Nutty As Carson The Candidate

Clinton’s claim that DOMA had to be enacted to stop an anti-gay marriage amendment

Wednesday Toon Roundup 1- Debate Prep

When an Atheist Rapper Takes on Religion

Wednesday Toon Roundup 2- Coffin Nails

Hi everyone from MA. I think we need to thank DU member 'unhappycamper'.

Wednesday Toon Roundup 3- Budget and Boehner

Wednesday Toon Roundup 4- The Rest

Kansas public official suggests that students and other “slow learners” shouldn’t vote

Ben Carson: I'm not religious, but have deep faith

The Benghazi Hearings We Need

OH MY HEAVENS! Where Did YOU Come From?

A good post-mortem from the Tyee.

The Creationist Style of Crime Control

Nope, no sexism in the Sanders campaign.

Shell halts Carmon Creek oil sands project

Catholic Theologians Condemn Ross Douthat's Recent Piece on the Pope

Opinion: Charles Koch — oops! — praises Obamacare without knowing it

Where Bernie Sanders Can Improve

United we win, divided we lose

The Nation: Bernie Sanders Is Actually Quite Serious About This ‘Political Revolution’

Sometimes, this can sum up voting and our choices in candidates

A Sexist

Priorities USA, Hillary-supporting SuperPAC, launches new ad.

Luckovich Draws: Trick or Treaters At Dr. Carson's Door

Just A Note To Give Kudos to KPETE!

Hastert slated to plead guilty in federal hush-money case

For my fellow Clinton Supporters. Sung to the tune of Badgers

Women can’t have it all – because the game is rigged

I liked this.

Manhattan Rezoning Fight Involves a School Called ‘Persistently Dangerous’

So, where is that Rain you promised us?

Did Your Senator Vote for CISA?

How We Confront Despair Over Climate Change - Wen Stephenson On His New Book Part 1

How many of them are Bernie contributors?

For those wondering how much influence Pollster's moderate smoothing has on trendlines

Bern Baby!

Sports events tickets...where the billionaires really soak the middle class suckers...

Bill de Blasio Moves Toward Endorsing Hillary Clinton, as Allies Tap Their Feet

Northrop Grumman wins $80B defense contract. Someone in the airforce is tickled to death right now

Britain is heading for another 2008 crash: here’s why

GOP Stench In The Air In Boulder, Colorado. Can Smell It From Westminster.

A bad idea with the potential to go horribly wrong.

Cross post from photography group.

The media is lying to you about Sanders and this is how he wins Red States

Greatest threat to the United States

Ryan Budget Would Shut Down All Govt Except Military. Would He Still Get Paid.

Iran Has Always Clandestinely Sought the Bomb, Admits Ex-president

Superman visits England

Hillary Clinton just took this big swipe at Wall Street and Colbert's crowd went nuts

How Much Are Pollsters Really Getting Paid?

Former House Speaker Hastert pleads guilty in federal hush-money case

Egyptian Activist Hangs Israeli Flag, Calls for End to Media’s ‘Dishonest Reporting’ About Jewish

My Mother Was a Dorothy!

Multiple wounds on body of Russian soldier who died in Syria: report

Hey Kids, Let's Make a Ghost Costume!

Iran accepts invitation to Syria peace talks in Vienna

“Does anyone have a plan?” Here’s how we fix decades of overseas neo-conservative adventurism

Dennis Hastert pleads guilty to federal charge

If only the US media were like Ven, International Socialist condemns persecution of press in Ven

San Francisco to vote on requiring CCTV for gun sales

Hastert and Hastert Rule needs to be hung around Repukes necks

Venezuela uses photo of journalist it detained to promote how well it treats foreigners

Why Black Lives Matter Activists Are Showing Up for a Palestinian Woman Threatened With Deportation

Venezuela ex-prosecutor speaks out on Lopez 'sham trial'

Venezuela ex-prosecutor speaks out on Lopez 'sham trial'

Venezuelan National Guard Assaults Journalist during Protest

New KTVT Texas primary poll released!!

Sheriff to Announce South Carolina Deputy Ben Fields to Be Fired: Sources

Venezuela: Where Spying Is National Pride

Feds: Florida-Georgia KKK Leader Gets 7 Years in Prison

Personally, I find Lindsey Graham's interview about dating Palin, Fiorina, just abused-wife-ish.

Psychologists Urge People With Low Self-Esteem to Watch G.O.P. Debate

Lone Star State Poll -Hillary Clinton 59% Bernie Sanders 10%

President Obama: "Fewer gun safety laws don't mean more freedom, they mean more danger."

Let the big banks fail..Meet Alan Blinder, Hillary Clinton's economic advisor Wall St. 1%er

Hillary Clinton's attack on Wall Street doesn't include her advisers, presumably

Is it possible the Clinton camp has info on Bernie saying sexist stuff over the years ?

NOAA refuses to comply with House science committee subpoena

Oklahoma Supreme Court blocks state law aimed at criminalizing women's health providers:

Top 100 CEO Retirement Savings Equals 41% of U.S. Families

Venezuelan Doctors Make a Run for It

Has Fox Noise already identified Hastert as a (D)?

Why Moderates Support Bernie Sanders

Breaking: Cretin SRO officer who attacked student to be fired. has been shutdown AGAIN! Please read...

You Can't Work Your Way Through College Anymore

10 Intoxicating Facts About Edgar Degas's ‘L'Absinthe’

Matheson Museum declines confederate statue (FL)

John Nichols discusses democratic socialism

Bernie Sanders may not be sexist, but those implying HRC supporters only care about gender might be.

John Nichols discusses democratic socialism

Trans-Pacific Partnership could undermine climate regulations, top economist warns

Hillary is protecting women and Children both times-Elizabeth Warren's candid interview about Hill

Wow! Frenchy musta gone to some tough-ass schools.

Texas: Clinton 59% Sanders 10% O'Malley 3% Undecided 28%

World's Slowest Rube Goldberg

Forging the Other: The Badmouthing and Disrespecting of Youth

Sun Sentinel: Marco Rubio should resign, not rip us off

Texas: Clinton 59% Sanders 10% O'Malley 3% Undecided 28%

Honda unveils hydrogen-powered car with 400-mile range

Very Good Advice From Bill Watterson (Calvin & Hobbs)

TYT: Obama Helping GOP Cut Social Security

Scientology Could Get Its Own Senator

The Mystifying Support for the Confederate Flag in the Northeast Corner of a Union State

Rachel Maddow: 'There Is a Difference' Between Sanders, Clinton on LGBT Rights

Israeli Health Tech Is Heating Up With A Wave Of Interest From Abroad

Rand Paul will filibuster debt ceiling bill

Sharpening Contrast with Clinton, Sanders Touts Bold Positions in Tough Times

UBER drivers here? Questions

can anyone in PA tell me

Carson Leads Trump Slightly In Texas KTVT-CBS 11 Dixie Strategies Poll

Proposed Constitutional Amendment, Limiting Idle Wealth

DeBlasio Moves Towards Endorsing Clinton

Hillary Clinton would let Wall Street banks fail in move away from bailouts

Why can't Bernie get endorsements??? No one likes him!

Lying @CarlyFiorina slips two new words in a rarely told tale: 1. Planned & 2.Parenthood

Fifa crisis: Brazil's Jose Maria Marin agrees to extradition

US Black Lives Matter Protester Outside Police Chiefs’ Convention Takes Down American Flag

I am dismayed

You are not the candidate you support

Trump already lowers expectation on debate

TYT: Hillary Clinton’s Lead Grows In Iowa

More Trouble in Coal Country: Health Care at Risk for 12,000 Retired Miners and Their Families

Catholic nun excommunicated for being secretly ordained as a priest

Gay priest decries 'inhuman' treatment of homosexual Catholics

The Richest 1% by 2016 ~

No, your apology is not accepted, you entitled little sociopathic prick

“It’s the Super Bowl of organizing...we want to make sure we take the time to have real conversati

Sepp Blatter: Russia 2018 World Cup 'agreed before vote'

TYT: Trump Declares Polls Dummies, Losers, Babies

Right now, we need a different kind of politics

Martin O’Malley to host pitch contest for civic tech entrepreneurs in Boston

Aung San Suu Kyi & Myanmar's 'Muslim-free' election - Al Jazeera English

Iranian Poets To Be Whipped And Jailed For Shaking Hands With Members Of Opposite Sex

Christie & Paul Green Room In Bathroom Where They Belong LOL.

I'm hoping when the next economic collapse happens both parties wake up to idea of

Gov. Cuomo Signs Women’s Equality Bills Into Law

Gun deaths involving children are devastating. The NRA has no idea what to say about them.

Gun deaths involving children are devastating. The NRA has no idea what to say about them.

Gov. Cuomo Signs Women’s Equality Bills Into Law

I saw Denny walking faster than Usain Bolt runs

Bernie's Monster Mash Up is the Best! Happy Halloween week!

Gov. Cuomo Signs Women’s Equality Bills Into Law

A taste of karma?

Nice mention of my Sherlock Holmes novel

ok, this is a tough one. There's a FB page that's been in the news a lot lately....

Send Sherlock to the future

TYT: Cop Flips Black Student In Her Desk (VIDEO)

Putin's Approval Rating Rises to 88% in October, Levada Says

My friends and I would not have made it through high school today

Martin O'Malley to join Maddow Wednesday, video

Kelly McParland: U.S. and Russia to convene talks offering a rare hint of progress in Syrian crisis

China Steel Head Says Demand Slumping at Unprecedented Speed

Rick Lazio made the mistake of treating Hillary like the little woman who can be easily dismissed.

Sociologist Stephen LeDrew on the Rift in the Atheism Movement

Walmart Discontinues Sale of Israeli Soldier Halloween Costume

Another facet of inequality in the U.S.: Retirement

To all those on the net who justified the body slam of the female student-the cop got fired!

Tomato modification - a good or bad thing

Breathing while black in America

Pic Of The Moment: Meet The Lineup For Tonight's GOP Debate

Will you watch the World Series or Repub debate tonight?

The Clergy Hoping To Shatter The Divide Between Religion And Abortion Rights

Bremerton Washington Football Coach - Praying at 50 yard line

Senate's Republican Presidential Hopefuls Come Out Swinging Against Budget Deal

South Carolina Deputy Fired Over Student Confrontation.

This Desert’s Become a Psychedelic Wonderland

30 min less of Andrea Mitchell is nice

Women "run for their lives" from Central America gang violence - U.N.

What have you done for exercise today?

“Lafayette, we are here.” - interesting things about Rev. War

U.S. money-laundering probe forces closure of Honduran newspaper

Texas Mother Teaches Textbook Company a Lesson on Accuracy

Communist leader elected Nepal’s 1st woman president

I loath Maureen Dowd her piece today; "Clinton bested attackers, but question remains"

When is Elizabeth Warren going to endorse Bernie?

Ally of Panama’s ex-president arrested for alleged corruption in Italian radar purchase

Bricklayer Steve Davis came across these strange items, which were rolled up in a ball.

Jane Sanders is starting to play a bigger role in her husband’s campaign

Backlit clouds spark end-of-the-world speculations in Costa Rica

Backlit clouds spark end-of-the-world speculations in Costa Rica

When is Elizabeth Warren going to endorse Hillary?

Fears of failure grow for rods on Bay Bridge eastern span

Republicans squabble over green rooms

Demonstrators in Peru March 180 Miles to Protest Lead Poisoning in Children

Demonstrators in Peru March 180 Miles to Protest Lead Poisoning in Children

Teddy the porcupine

Bernie Marches W/ Verizon Workers, As Its Exec$ And Lobbyist$ Give Big To Hillary

John McCain: Bernie Sanders, NOT Hillary Clinton, Has ‘Record of Advocacy’ For VETS

Colombia President Santos offers truce with Farc

Colombia President Santos offers truce with Farc

538: "Maybe Republicans Really Are In Disarray"

Lion turns the tables on illegal hunters by killing man looking to shoot him

Prosecutor in case of Venezuelan leader apologizes for "sham trial"

Sanders' Strategist: We'll Talk Other Things if Clinton Continues Sexist Accusations.

Who "Created the Monster?"

Mind Control

It's up to us to make the world a better place!

Astronomers make a remarkable discovery in the center of the Milky Way

Tony Abbott urges Europe to adopt Australian policies in refugee crisis

Student Town Hall for Bernie today

Latino GOP Groups Warn 2016 Candidates To Stop Offending Hispanic Community

Wait, Didn’t Our Ancestors Eat Red Meat? // Food myths (video)

Hilarious segment on local drive time RW radio yesterday

Problems I have with Bernie

Mystery Space Debris to Make Fiery Return to Earth

Those Plumes of Methane Leaking Off the Coast of Washington Are Really Bad News for the Oceans

About citizen videos of violent cops

The EU's stinking refugee deal with Turkey

22 Shipwrecks Found in Single Location in Greece

Official Event: Derry, NH Town Hall Meeting, Friday, October 30, 2015

Sheriff David Clarke says police brutality and racism have ended

Really ? - Woman of the Year - gotta be someone better

Clinton's campaign released a video about the lessons she learned from her mother, Dorothy.

GOP Circus Is In Town Tonight – Here’s What To Expect

Connecting the Dots Between the “Identity Politics” of Black Lives Matter and Class Politics

Updated: Sanders moves to clear up possible questions about eligibility for NH primary

Lacking Federal Protection, Rural LGBTQ Workers Falling Through the Cracks

This year we're having a Republican Halloween...

Rep. Julio Gonzalez Doubles Down On ‘Religious Freedom Bill’

Is Cecil chuckling in Big Cat Heaven?

Slew Of Major Retailers Say No To Black Friday

"Do you know how crazy this election is?"John Kasich said.

now that brown has endorsed Hilary, how worried are you about Warren?

How Bernie Sanders Evolved on Gay Marriage

Will Any Republican Call Out Cruz’s Failed Planned Parenthood Strategy?

Sugar isn’t just empty, fattening calories – it’s making us sick

Here is the link to a pdf file that you can download and

Flipping a teenaged girl in her desk is EXACTLY like entering a several-dude melee

Tracey And Jon Stewart Join Farm Sanctuary

Just something interesting I noticed...

Laugh all you want, gang; but, we eventually have to face one of these clowns in the general.......

"The Drums of War"

Judge Blocks Alabama From Ending Planned Parenthood Funding

Martin O'Malley will be a guest on Wednesday night's Rachel Maddow show.

Spotted in the San Francisco Bay area!

Supporting Young Children's Friendships

How Bernie Sanders Evolved on Gay Marriage (Hillary Group)

Bernie Sanders is in big trouble

Don't call him Paul. Call him Speaker Paul D. Ryan

Canadian inventor tests new prototype of record-setting hoverboard

Jared Huffman (CA 2) endorses Hillary Rodham Clinton

Ben Carson: "I tried to hit my mother in the head with a hammer"

Military Blimp Came Off Tether at Aberdeen Proving Ground

President Obama's Really Good Day!

Hillary's campaign's attack on the VA: Swift-boating.

The "sane" Republicans can't take the craziness any more - Kasich lost it at a pre-debate rally

Former employees speak out about Disney's outsourcing of high-tech jobs (H-1B Visas)

Who is Bernie Sanders?

Briton sentenced to flogging in Saudi Arabia to be freed

Reversing Citizens United

"We must be humble about what we have become."

Another week of media oohs and aahs and endless discussions of yet another Republican primary.

Boy shot while family poses with illegal guns in Tennessee home

Ted Cruz Brags About Destroying GOP; His Followers Love It

Please ask me what my "best interests" are.

Heads up: "The Great Race" at 2:30 p.m. EDT on TCM.

U.S. lawmakers to trim defense bill, won't change Guantanamo rules

Bush proposes overhaul of Social Security, Medicare

JK live on CSpan3 at Carnegie...

Since veterans issues are finally being discussed, let's look at what needs to be done:

Walgreens to buy Rite Aid for $9.41 billion creating drugstore giant

Oklahoma judge rules man competent to stand trial for beheading

Bishop who killed cyclist while driving drunk gets 7 years

Ryan nominated for Speaker

Andrew Cuomo signs bill to require meningitis shot for students entering sixth- and 11th-grades

Is there a separate juvenile justice system for young white collar criminals?

Clinton declines to take position on legalizing marijuana

This is it...

Where do you think the blimp will come down?

Huffington Pollster updated their national "trend" about 20 minutes ago:

Democratic race develops for NLR House seat

You Gov Poll-Clinton 61% Sanders 29%

Redskins defensive vets dine and dash; rookies pick up tab

Advice from Indiana Republicans on gay marriage fight: Walk away

Edit: Someone beat me to this by a minute. See the link:

Watch 'Peace in the Valley,' a new documentary about the Eureka Springs civil rights ordinance

Three Sustainability Tools are Enhancing Environmental Benefits of Biofuels

Christian marriage adviser: Use ‘fear and dread’ to control your wife — as God intended

Have we ever done a more than well deserved appreciation thread for EarlG? Let this be it for today

Historical Photos

What is the craziest thing a Republican candidate will say / do at tonight's debate?

Strategy: Remind primary voters about Hillary's support for increasing H-1B visas


Insurers limit plan types for 2016 ACA exchange in Houston

Trump Rally goer Wants White First Lady To 'Bring Class Back'

WANTED: Massive $2.7B Surveillance Blimp Adrift Over Pennsylvania

A Trojan Horse In Clinton’s Pledge To “Enhance” Social Security?

Black Violin - Stereotypes

Losing Palestine

A 200 ft blimp trailing a 2 mile tether cable is loose in Pennsylvania.

What % of the people need to support you to say you have the support of "The People"?

Dangerous "Assertions" of the Freedom of Navigation

Which way is the wind blowing?

It's a great month to be a Hillary supporter!

GD:P. I love this forum, but a funny thing happened during

The South Is Jailing People Just For Being Poor

Getting a GPS device repaired

Sheriff says.."Student Started It"

Carl Icahn Pushes A.I.G. to Split Up

One way to thwart telemarketers

Would it be legal if a teacher had a basket on his/her desk

Newspaper Blasts Marco Rubio: 'You Are Ripping Us Off, Senator'

China's Hunger For iPhones Keeps Growing

Earliest Known Handwritten Draft Of King James Bible Discovers - It Was A Translator's Collaboration

Amish man sues to buy firearm without photo ID

I had planned to unskew all of the recent polls,

House committee advances Republican bill to limit joint employment

Republican Latinos come out swinging as they warn GOP (VIDEO)

I'm supporting Bernie, but here's what I see:

Arizona appeals against FDA seizure of execution drug

The war on women by #Republicans has grown into a war on sick people

Gowdy launches hearings to find out what Hillary knew about the blimp

Republican Presidential candidates respond to the loose Blimp story

Is Wisconsin prime to lose its valued fetal tissue reseach and medical cures??

Jeb Bush Begs Wealthy Donors For One More Chance

Bernie Sanders doesn't just talk about standing with labor, he actually stands beside them...

When I was teaching in the dark ages before teenagers had cell phones, there were pagers.

Raury - Forbidden Knowledge (Audio) ft. Big K.R.I.T.

NFL fines DeAngelo Williams for raising breast cancer awareness during breast cancer awareness month

Why Hillary Is the Boss

CEO sets minimum wage of $70K for his employees, profits double after one year.

I've had it DU. Nothing personal I have met many great people here I will cherish my whole life.

BREAKING: Bernie Sanders Backs Budget Deal

Suicide Squad - cool new images

The student who was assaulted just lost her mother. She's an orphan now and in foster care.

Sanders backs budget deal despite defense spending concerns

Rosetta finds oxygen on comet 67P in 'most surprising discovery to date'

Crossposted from the Lounge

University of California unveils plan to curb climate change

Bernie's record breaking crowds!

Why People Don't Ride Public Transit in Small Cities

Whoopi Goldberg calls Bernie Sanders "one of the smartest voices out there".

Why Bernie Sanders’ marijuana proposal would be a big deal

Stranded by airline, a disabled D.C. activist crawled off his flight. But the humiliation was far fr

Is democratic socialism the right path for America?

Student reaches out to Satanist Temple for postgame prayer

32 years later, SF family shuns daughter for marrying a black man

Steppin' Razor

Student reaches out to Satanist Temple for postgame prayer (xpost from GD)

Legal question.

Serena Williams to Black Lives Matter Activists: 'Keep It Up, Don't Let Those Trolls Stop You'

The Economist/YouGov Poll

Hillary Clinton Comes Out Against Abolishing The Death Penalty

French high court: BDS activists guilty of discrimination

YouGov national poll for The Economist: Clinton 61 / Sanders 29

Pennsylvania ruling may allow new Sandusky case to proceed

What if your self-driving car decides one death is better than two — and that one is you?

The coup continues in Portugal

Proposed budget bill would have devastating effects on millions’ Social Security benefits

Adventures In Auto-Correct

For all you Bernie fans, he will be interviewed by Wolf Blitzer on CNN this hour.

Earliest Known Handwritten Draft Of King James Bible Discovers - It Was A Translator's Collaboration

I'm going to use my 27,281th post for a rant about soap.

Earliest Known Handwritten Draft Of King James Bible Discovers - It Was A Translator's Collaboration

GOP Candidates Rewrite Histories To Omit White Privilege

Bill Clinton Rallies Superdelegates as Hillary's Campaign Hints at Growing Roster

My goodness! That upward trend is getting pronounced...

Just took a shower but couldn't wash the stench of Lindsey wanting to "marry Carly" off of me

Another Mississippi university stops flying state flag

This so called 'unity' among ReTHUGs is one big joke

Bar that served the ‘N*****ita’ closes its doors, quits social media

So, Paul Ryan is getting a $49,500.00 a year raise

My Nephew just received his promotion to Staff Sergeant (Air Force)

Arches Health Plan to stop operations

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Thursday, 29 October 2015

Mozilla Firefox has just screwed up my PC...I get no sound and we can't figure it out...

Why would you demean/patronize an opponent like this?

How Dennis Hastert Is Like Jared Fogle and Jerry Sandusky

The Real Kingmakers in the G.O.P. By Ryan Lizza

BREAKING: House approves budget deal in big 266-167 vote

House approves budget deal in big 266-167 vote

Mahmoud Abbas Seeks U.N. ‘Protection’ for Palestinians

Anti-Clinton Groups Take Shape

O'Malley: Clinton, Sanders need to stop 'bickering.'

Two old farts

Martin O'Malley meets with Aurora, Columbine, Newtown families.

Clintonistas starting to gloat over Hillary's superdelegate lead!

Hillary Calls for Review of Death Penalty; O’Malley Denounces It as ‘Racially-Biased’

I'm getting more and more calls to jury duty from GD-P these days.

A reminder for the debate tonight - #1

Hillary Calls for Review of Death Penalty; O’Malley Denounces It as ‘Racially-Biased’

The Bernie interview with Wolf was good...

Martin O'Malley meets with Aurora, Columbine, Newtown families.

Grocery Store’s Act Of Kindness For Child With Special Needs Puts Huge Smile On Her Face

PMQs verdict: Corbyn just hammered Cameron

Martin O'Malley will be a guest on Wednesday night's Rachel Maddow show.

Perspective on Ohio Issue One

Man Fails Paternity Test Because Unborn Twin Is The Biological Father Of His Son

BREAKING: Christie protests tonight's "cannot break your foot off in opponent's ass" debate rule

I hope Trump calls out the JebusEnoughfuggingBushes Latinos

Iran To Attend International Talks On Syria's Future For First Time

Aw,Come on!

Our militarty's illegal experiments: And we wonder why bird and animal species are in

Charles Koch Whines About The Monster He Created

Question about debate

The Congressional GOP is destroying itself: Why its reliance on extremists is slowly poisoning it to

Michelle Obama - who jokes: 'All right ladies, Prince Harry is here!'

Does anyone else not give a shit about the "debate" tonight?

A Matter of Honor

Polling: Clinton in single digits


[ActBlue] You're making a difference -- daily update for 10-27-15

So What Will Be Jeb's Clever Answer Tonight For His "I've Got Better Things To Do" Rant?.....

Witness: TierOne Bank CEO knew of bad loans; they were written on a napkin

Congress Delays Train Safety Technology Mandate 3 To 5 Years

The House science committee is worse than the Benghazi committee

Those of us with social consciences would have been thrown the to the floor too

If Marco Rubio Won't Vote On A Bill That Has No Chance Of Passing...

Clinton campaign to run ads during GOP debate in NH and Iowa

I just killed a mosquito! And I did a double check on the calendar - yep, it's still late October!!

Yes, Polling Trajectory Shows Bernie Sanders Defeating Hillary Clinton and Winning the Dem Nominatio

Lindsay Graham just went there!

Abraham's family tree

Hillary Clinton focuses on economy while campaigning in NH

Hard drive says it is full, but is it really??

So who are your latest celebrity crushes?

As Asian-American Electorate Grows, GOP Aims to Turn Local Wins National

These are the 28 Democrats who voted for 'fast-track'—twice & Senate members too

Office Has Cat Library! Employees Can ‘Check Out’ Cats To Take To Their Desk

Clothing-Optional Gay Retreat To Open Near George W. Bush’s Ranch In Crawford, Texas

So how many of you frothing HRC or BS supporters are registered democrats?

H.A. Goodman: "Polling Trajectory Shows Bernie Sanders Defeating Hillary Clinton and Winning

Transgender rights are Human rights

Hillary Clinton Comes Out Against Abolishing The Death Penalty

The story told was that Hillary had name

Ben Carson's perplexing stance on abortion

O'Malley shows up in Boulder, slams GOP candidates.

O'Malley shows up in Boulder, slams GOP candidates.

Idea for a new Bernie logo:

Russia's Awesome Responsibility

NBA x NFL Jersey Mashup.

Watch Sanders' National Student Town Hall Live Online

New U.S. Combat Mission in Iraq Is Not New

Attention ALL WOMEN....(NOT meant to be derogative to Women)

#FreeBacon Sizzles on Social Media After WHO Meat Report

I think it is time for me to talk about Post Traumatic Stress

Another union endorsement

I channeled Middle Finger Mom this afternoon.

On live NOW! Bernie for Students!

Real-life tractor beam levitates objects using sound waves

Bernie's campaign is not in trouble

Marco Rubio Is Blocking His Own Judicial Nominee

Black American Seeks Asylum in Canada Over Police Brutality

Hillary On 'Colbert': Talking 'House of Cards' Murders And Letting Banks Fail

Bernie up now with the students!

Subway's Jared is even more disgusting and disturbing than first thought

Royals catcher’s mystery shinguard substance raises questions

Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret

New Law Would Make It Illegal To Come Out As Gay In Russia -- Lip News

Sanders will propose nixing marijuana from federal list of dangerous drugs

Bernie-ing Out: Has Hillary Extinguished Her Primary Opponent? (Hillary Group)

I'm watching the Clown Show tonight! Yuck! ... but I want to see fools in action. Warning! Just

Warren: Ryan budgets are 'truly breathtaking' ?? in a bad way

Elton John

Third Way Democrats warn of 'economic populism' and Bernie Sanders

The beginning of the end for Jeb!

Bernie announcing plans on marijuana legalization. MSNBC stream.

Clinton supporters are again crowing that Bernie has platued, how many times has he supposedly

Hillary Clinton now has well over 500 super delegates & Bill is working to get more on board: (HRC)

This sounds like something Trump would say:

Martin O'Malley meets with Register Editorial Board, video

Is Bernie voting yes on cutting SS and Medicare?

Nicaragua: Community win as gold giant concession revoked

Nicaragua: Community win as gold giant concession revoked

Colombia seeks to legalize medical marijuana products

Bears notified Cowboys of Jeremiah Ratliff release as a security precaution

A dozen female Senators will host a fundraiser for Hillary: (Hillary Group)

Why the Democrats need Martin O’Malley

The real story of “Our Brand Is Crisis” is how we screwed up Bolivia: Behind the bland Sandra Bulloc

Team Clinton Responds to ‘Mack Truck’ Swipe From Sanders Aide by fund raising..