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The Latest from Democratic dinner: Sanders marches

New weather report for Gulf just came in...Tropical rainstorm will affect us Monday.

Here's a thread - Song remakes better than the original artist

Dear Mr. Comey, I will start out with a blanket statement before getting to my point.

One of Connie's (Constellation's) pups today

Man arrested trying to record sheriff; Normand suspects Sen. Vitter

Why Most Black Voters Still Aren’t Feeling Bernie Sanders

What I learned today about Hillary that I didn't know.

Tarantino joins activists to protest police brutality in NY

Katy's surprise Birthday gift to Hillary!...What's in the Box??? (photos)

Anyone know how the voter turnout is in Louisiana today?

Report into Pasadena police killing of unarmed teenager Kendrec McDade to be published

Report into Pasadena police killing of unarmed teenager Kendrec McDade to be published

Brookings Institute Sharply Critical of Federal Marijuana Policy

Live Coverage of Important Iowa Event for 2016.......HERE!

Oil reservoir found in Golan Heights, says company

WOW! Incredible, so beautiful! Sona Avedian: Ex Marine Reveals Remarkable Transgender Transformation

How Texas' workers' comp laws endanger many workers

Katy Perry sang "Roar," which has become an anthem for Hillary Clinton's campaign.


Hillary needs Katy Perry, but Bernie doesn't!

Left shark is a Bernie fan

Tennessee For Bernie

Second Korean family reunion in North

Hillary Clinton Finally Set To Visit Stephen Colbert’s ‘Late Show’ On Eve Of Next GOP Debate

Bernie Sanders and crew lead 'symbolic march' to Dem dinner

Don't you think Justin Trudeau should sell 24 Sussex (PM's official residence) and build

102 countries pledge not to oppose UN action on genocidele

David Plouffe: I never thought I’d write this email

O'Malley Rallies Before JJ Dinner - He's Been Everywhere, Man

The terms "race card" and "gender card"....

What is a Ute?

People shold follow Carson and Trump around Iowa singing this.

Ever see Divorce Inc? Damn, what a court racket.

Has anyone noticed the double standard about Clinton's campaign finances?

VIDEO: Katy Perry performs 'America' and Hillary rally

Starry, starry skies or Where's Waldo?

My daughter just brought home a "2nd chance" adoption doggie- Jasmine is a very lucky doggie.

HRC is a Political Badass

Is C-Span showing the Iowa dinner speeches on your system?

Worst song by a major artist

One year later, Angela Menino reflects on life without her Tommy

I"ve Had a Cough for a Week

White House Resumes Strong Defense of Hillary Clinton

My new name for Fox is the evil channel

Name a band or performer you first appreciated AFTER they broke up / retired / passed away

Republicans are IN-

The Economist: Who will fight the next war?

Bernie Sanders rallies with supporters before Jefferson Jackson Dinner | 01:55 (video)

Live Stream of the IDPJJ Dinner:

On the same day as Katy Perry is doing a concert for Hillary Clinton, two left sharks for Bernie

Cole and Marmalade's Halloween!

Isn't the viable woman more important than the viable fetus?

Jefferson-Jackson Dinner Live Stream

What America’s immigrants looked like when they arrived on Ellis Island

CSPAN Now, Iowa Dem. Jefferson-Jackson Dinner, SPEECHES by 3 candidates 9:45 PM ET. Katy Perry now.

NFL to fund study on link between concussion, brain damage

OMG! Katy Perry's concert for Hillary Clinton has a string quartet...

David Plouffe sends email endorsing Hillary.

The Hacker Wars...

What kind of jobs will Bernie Sanders create?

By 2024, we may have had 28 out of 36 years of US presidency held by 2 families.

Watching the Jefferson Jackson Dinner

cpan is replaying Katy Perry singing at the rally right now

Move Over Katy Perry - Martin (Guthrie) O'Malley Brings His Own Wonderful Voice to JJ Rally (Video)

Wanna see the Donald's new Pet? No, it's not about "hair".

JJ dinner in Iowa broadcast right now!

Does Hillary have a chance to take Arkansas or any other Southern states in the General?

John Bel Edwards, David Vitter advance to runoff in governor's race (UPDATED)

Sanders’ supporters could doom his campaign

Hillary and Bill .... great pic

Two brave families sit with Martin O'Malley at JJ Dinner

Why Obamacare Can’t Lower Costs

*Speeches starting now, with Bernie.

It’s funny how inconvenient my lack of faith as a bereaved mother can be for those on the outside.

The last three coins I found were all heads down/tails up dimes.

"Bush has no money, he's meeting today with mommy and daddy, and they're working on his campaign."

Bernie's happening NOW, on Facebook:

Bernie's JJ Dinner Speech is Fired Up! Listen to the crowds!

Bush is sitting around being miserable. He could be doing a lot of cool things....

Auto Workers Set Sunday Strike Deadline in GM Contract Talks

Sanders points to Clinton's shifts on issues

Bernie is on fire In Iowa

Bernie Sanders on TPP at Iowa dinner tonight

AP story on Bernie from tonight in IOWA


Saudi Arabia may run out of financial assets by 2020 says IMF

Bernie's speech was terrific - tonight in Iowa

Anti-vaxxers convinced Sesame Street character Julia is Big Pharma conspiracy to ‘normalize’ autism

So I just watched Bernie in IA I just listened to Bernie in IA

GREAT line from O'Malley


Bill Clinton Rallies Iowa for Hillary Clinton as ‘Honest and Trustworthy’

The War On Whistle Blowers...

Sad Homeless Puppy Transformed!


Noam Chomsky blasts modern GOP as extremists whose only policy is ‘don’t do anything or bomb’

Without naming them, Bernie Sanders knocks Clintons on DOMA


"Hillary Clinton has been listening to people all over IOWA" HRC up now to speak on c-span

Hillary gets best and loudest crowd reaction at JJ dinner

They're gonna blow the roof off the place!

Jeb Bush Throws A Fit And Tells America He Has Better Things To Do Than Be President

What exactly is Marco Rubio's appeal?


Hillary: 'I'm running as a proud DEMOCRAT'

Here's an observation from Iowa: Sanders and O'Malley are campaigning for the Nomination...

I'm getting really sick of Hillary supporters telling me why Bernie is bad for America

You can tell Hillary has had a great month

For side by side comparison:

Well, I'm calling this one for Hillary

"When women speak some people think it's shouting"

Full Speech: BERNIE SANDERS Fires Up Crowd at Jefferson-Jackson Dem. Dinner, Iowa, Oct. 24

Hillary Clinton: "Some times when a Woman speaks out, some people think it's shouting..."

Republicans are fucked in Louisiana

Full Speech: Bernie Sanders Fires Up Crowd at Jefferson-Jackson Dem. Dinner, Iowa, Oct. 24

Is anybody else having trouble with ActBlue?

FULL Speech: Bernie Sanders Gives Speech At Huge Jefferson Jackson Dinner In IOWA 10/24/15

Referring to women as shiny objects is sexist.

It is striking how many Sanders' supporters left after his speech. What once was raucous is

Why Angry Old Men Calling a Meeting to Yell at a Woman is a Spectacular Failure

Martin O'Malley: Quotable at the Jefferson-Jackson Dinner (Video)

I was very impressed with Martin O'Malley

So Hillary is ahead. As H.L. Mencken said, "Nobody ever went broke understimating the taste

South Park's most recent episode was one of the greatest pieces of socio-political commentary

An idea for preventing future Benghazi-type nonsense in Congress

Thousands demonstrate in Tel Aviv: 'No security without a solution'

Iowa J&J: O'Malley and Clinton are both still working the crowd. Sanders is gone.

Is this the end of the two-state solution (as we know it)?

Have you ever watched "Forbidden Planet" on the BIG screen?

This is how Forbidden Planet looks on a BIG screen

TYT: Ben Carson Wants To Police Colleges For Liberal Bias


Central Texas wildfire 100 percent contained

Driving around the Northeast / eastern midwest, you quickly realize how significant socialism is

Fears of failure grow for rods on (SF) Bay Bridge eastern span

Happy Birthday, Hillary Clinton

The Thrill of Victory!

TYT: Trump On Shutting Down Mosques: Yeah Sure Whatever

TYT: “Texas” Means Crazy In Norway

'O'Malley gave a rousing speech at the Iowa Jefferson Jackson dinner tonight.

I noticed that Sanders flip-flopped on Obama.

Confederate flag insults nation and military (LTTE | NY)

Remember Rebels’ ugly past (Editorial | VT)

'Martin O'Malley is stressing that he is a presidential candidate of "actions, not words"

Recalling the day UD football routed the KKK

Will O'Malley is my favorite dude on the trail

Four homes vandalized with swastikas in north Phoenix (AZ)

The Case For Tammany Hall Being On The Right Side Of History

100 days before caucuses, O'Malley, Clinton, Sanders lead Iowa Democratic pep rally

Make your prediction. How long will the Democratic field remain at three candidates?

Henrico student explains how racist song played over PA before homecoming game (VA)

Lake in Chelan County gets new name instead of racist one (WA)

Rubio, Not Trump, Is Now the Defining Figure in the GOP Race

Martin O'Malley Gives Speech At Jefferson Jackson Dinner In IOWA 10/24/15 Part 2

Racist comment on poster at Duke (NC)

I just listened to all the candidates at the JJ Dinner (I couldn't earlier). We should be proud.

Bernie Sanders draws sharpest contrast with Clinton yet-MSNBC

Bernie Sanders Points To Clinton's Shifts On Issues In Iowa Speech-Huffpost

Back in the day.. Could the Zombies go toe to toe with the Beatles?!?

Stone Mountain monument is progress but not perfect

Average of last 6 Latest National Poll Results - Source:

Bernie Sanders Blasts Clinton Record on Gay Rights, Keystone, Free Trade-ABCnews

Massive takedown of Aryan Brotherhood of Texas praised in Washington

Clinton, Sanders, O'Malley take the stage for Democrats' big night in Iowa.

Clinton, Sanders, O'Malley take the stage for Democrats' big night in Iowa.

In Iowa, Bill Clinton addressed a shameful example of gender imbalance

State's first bear hunt in decades will resume Sunday, but not in Central Florida

Sanders Goes on Offense Against Clinton in Key Iowa Dinner-Time

Bernie Sanders draws sharpest contrast with Clinton yet

Grab your tissues and join me. This made me bawl like a baby...

At Key Iowa Dinner, Bernie Sanders Sharply Criticizes Hillary Clinton's Record-Bloomberg

I have to say it. I have been pretty depressed for the past few days, but not now.

Good photo of Bernie!

Interview with Elizabeth Warren from 04 - Hillary Clinton and Credit laws

Daylights savings time doesn't make any sense at all

At what point will our candidates begin to discuss issues more in depth and move away from

Can Bernie Sanders's Reddit Army Get Organized?

Japanese commercial

Fox News showing wrong movie for "Back To Future"

True DIY Living - primitive technology

DIY Living (video)

Maureen O’Hara, Irish-Born Actress Known as Queen of Technicolor, Dies at 95

Scheduled Dem debates AND fora:

What If They Gave a War and Everyone Came?

Highlights of the J-J Dinner:

Daily Holidays - October 25

Poppy is pissed off, it would appear (Awwww....!)

Mike DeWine wants to be Gov in 2018

Can we get rid of caucuses?

Pull down that battle flag now, Ole Miss

Dr. Beny Primm, Pioneer in AIDS Prevention, Dies at 87

Jeb Bush Goes Off: I Could Be Doing ‘Really Cool Things’ Instead of Being President

Legislatively, Bernie Sanders Accomplished More Than Hillary Clinton Ever Did

Al-Nusra leader Abu Suleiman al-Masri reportedly killed in Aleppo

I was on my way to bed, but

The Disproportionate Risks of Driving While Black

If TPP passes with support from Democrats, we are fucked for 2016

The Lost History of Gay Adult Adoption

Tony Blair half-apologised for the 2003 Iraq war

'This Twitter link is to the powerful closing 30 seconds of Martin O'Malley's great speech

Tony Blair concedes link between Islamic State and Iraq War

George Osborne accused of bullying peers over tax credit cuts

The Life and Death of an Amazon Warehouse Temp - The Huffington Post

Martin O'Malley Gives Speech At Jefferson Jackson Dinner In IOWA 10/24/15 Part 2

Lessons In Popularity From Russia's Putin

Palestinian Car Torched In Apparent Jerusalem Hate Crime

Max Aaron, Evgenia Medvedeva win at Skate America

A day at the airport

Senators vexed that companies could share data

Sanders wishes Republicans a speedy recovery from ‘amnesia’ over wrecking the economy

Walsh: Parking plan will open spaces

Reminder to vote

Albert Einstein: Why Socialism?

Ever have one of those days when you don't feel like doing a damn thing?

A tale of two inns, three centuries of history

My brain blended two movies into a most awesome dream a couple nights ago...

Cape’s only Medal of Honor recipient honored

Steady growth seen in medical marijuana use

Walsh repeats an Olympic mistake

I was wrong about new atheism, Sam Harris, and Islam

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Awwloween 2015 Edition

Future energy system needs nuclear, says UK academy

War without end: Syrian slaughter continues as US and Russia contend

NAFTA's ISDS: Why Canada Is One of the Most Sued Countries in the World

Spike Lee: Rahm Emanuel Tried to Bully Me Into Not Making 'Chi-Raq'

Need Help from Admin

Need Help from Admin

Ukraine government faces test in local elections

Poles vote in election expected to shift parliament to the right

Lockheed Martin, Boeing Rally Around Saudi Arabia, Wave Off Humanitarian Concerns

Remains of US soldier returned from North Korea to family

The Walking Dead 6.3 "Thank You" (spoiler alert)

article: " No wonder Oprah is buying into weight loss: corporations profit from our flesh"

Puerto Rico considers simple solution to debt crisis: Don’t pay

Flights between Russia, Ukraine to be banned starting Sunday

‘Everybody is leaving Afghanistan’: Refugees flee increasing violence

Cologne braces for new far-right HoGeSa rally

GM's Opel denies violating EU emission standards

You gotta love the look of the latest HuffPost/Pollster chart..

Anyone here had successful treatment for a fractured lumber disc?

'Despicable' conditions at Apple contractor in China

Daimler raises money to keep refugees warm

A new candidate enters the fray

Remains of US soldier returned from North Korea to family

Hillary Clinton Celebrates Run of Success at Jefferson-Jackson Dinner

The British flying wing

Foreign press asks why have bankers only been prosecuted in Iceland?

MADE in the USA vintage clothing sale warehouse find

MADE in the USA vintage clothing sale warehouse find

Please turn on your television-The Most Reverend Al is "discussing "Hillary's Big Week"

Does anyone even want to think about Donald Trump having to give a serious, dignified speech?

MADE in the USA vintage clothing sale warehouse find

Couple who sued Kentucky clerk Kim Davis marry

Couple who sued Kentucky clerk Kim Davis marry

YouTube Will Completely Remove Videos Of Creators Who Don’t Sign Its Red Subscription Deal

Polish election: voting begins as Eurosceptic party challenges for office

TTIP: EU negotiators appear to break environmental pledge in leaked draft

Leaked Doc Shows 'Toxic Trade Deal' Putting Environmental Safeguards on the Chopping Block

Democratically elected Honduran president, ousted by coup, describes Hillary Clinton:

"Some are trying to rewrite history" on Defense of Marriage Act

UK: Armed forces veterans have 50% increased risk of motor neurone disease

Sleepy kitten

Exclusive: UK nuclear deterrent to cost 167 billion pounds, far more than expected

Had this discussion yesterday - wondering if the color of the

(US money blog): RushCard disruption reveals why prepaid debit cards should not exist at all

Hillary Clinton got nearly $1.6 million from big banks in 2013

OK---go ahead ---blast away!


What does GIF mean? nt

A high school teacher helps clarify 'socialism’ for Donald Trump & the rest of us.

Harper Follows Fellow Climate Liar Abbott Into Political Oblivion, But . . . .

Women poised for historic place at cabinet table (in Canada)

This - should be fun.

"corn is stupid"

DEAR ABBY: Decision to join religion must come from the heart

Curbelo (R-FL) Draws Attention To 4% Of House GOP Who Acknowledge Validity Of Climate Science

Meet China’s most in-demand Obama impersonator

The Louder the Monkey, the Smaller Its Balls, Study Finds

Did the Wisconsin Public Employees Union vote to support Sanders?

Remember this next time somene tells you Republicans are better at keeping America "safe"."

A vote for Bernie Sanders is a vote in support of single payer health care insurance

Live sketches from the Benghazi hearing

Debugging Bill Gates On Climate Policy - "Miracles", "Technology" And All That Jazz

Pope Francis rebukes dogmatic Church hierarchy

Hillary Clinton's secret to getting through an 11-hour hearing: meditation & yoga

Its a pretty brilliant strategy, really . . . . . .

Ta-Nehisi Coates's "Between the World and Me" is the next book you should read

Hillary, and the Dow Jones Industrial Average, had their best weeks of the year. Coincidence???

United Continental Reaches Tentative Pact with Mechanics Union

United Continental Reaches Tentative Pact with Mechanics Union

United Continental Reaches Tentative Pact with Mechanics Union

TRIGGER WARNING. I watch child pornography to prosecute sex crimes. The kids’ silence is deafening.

9 reasons Denmark's socialist economy leaves the US in the dust

Children's right to freedom of religion or belief must be protected, says UN expert

Charleston Branch NAACP Announces Secretary Hillary Clinton as Freedom Fund Banquet Keynote Speaker

Hillary Clinton Celebrates Run of Success at Jefferson-Jackson Dinner

Trey Gowdy

Zen Kitty Kat and Friends. Ohmmmmm

Really revealing comments from Jeb Bush in South Carolina

Catholic Religious Ed Teacher: I Look at My Students, See Future Ex-Catholics

Bernie and 14 Elections

I've shared many videos on Facebook--but this one by far has generated the most WTF's.

TYT: Ben Carson Would Intensify War On Drugs

Will Hilary continue the "Trickle Down Recovery" for the 99%

Bernie Sanders goes on the attack at Iowa Democratic dinner

Sam Seder: Donald Trump Does Not Look Uncomfortable With This at All

Martha Roby not getting what was so funny---in mho---was the best part of the Hearing.

Sam Seder: Interviewer Desperately Tries to Have a Coherent Q&A With Ben Carson

Get rid of David Vitter? John Bel Edwards is Democratic candidate for governor, election Nov 21

US sends 'message' to Abbas with $80 million aid cut

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, October 27: TCM Spotlight: Trailblazing Women

Good old Chuckie Todd trying to rehabilitate Trey Gowdy's Committee

Iowa JJ: Clinton attacks Republicans, Sanders attacks Clinton

This petulant, entitled, cry-baby rant from Jeb Bush is awesome.

Martin O'Malley Remarks at Iowa Democrats Jefferson Jackson Dinner.

Martin O'Malley Remarks at Iowa Democrats Jefferson Jackson Dinner

Berlin's Jewish Museum closed for WWII-bomb removal

VIDEO - Trump supporter assaults Latino protester while others chant ‘USA! USA!’

Eastern Europe’s Compassion Deficit

Haha, Mr. One Percent is on "Face the Nation" (Christie)

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, October 28: Treasures from the Disney Vault

Pig Boy: Big Time Science Guy

OMG - Christie on Farce the Nation the lies

Democracy Now: A CIA tie to JFK Assassination? Book on Ex-Director Allen Dulles Questions

Some of the CNN Interview with Sen. Sanders

Noam Chomsky blasts modern GOP as extremists whose only policy is ‘don’t do anything or bomb’

Ben Carson on "volatile" past, trying to stab a friend

They hate us for our freedom

The Muslims who saved Jews from the Holocaust

Tony Blair is sorry the intel they sexed up to justify the Iraq War wasn't better sexed up.

Winning most predicted by 1. endorsements, 2. fund-raising and 3. polling.

My impressions from attending JJ Dinner

Happy Halloween (Happy Father's Day, Not So Much)

CBS News polls: Bernie up big in NH, HRC up big in SC--Iowa close

Almost half of U.S. voters unaware of Sanders’ Jewishness

Blue Goose Bash for Bernie fundraiser for those in (or visiting) midcoast Maine

Arne Duncan: ‘White suburban moms’ upset that Common Core shows their kids aren’t ‘brilliant’

Republican Alert!

The Canadian election - the Marquess of Queensberry would have approved.

I watched "Cooties" last night, and it's a great horror comedy.

Donald Trump Mocks Jeb Bush for ‘Meeting with Mommy and Daddy’ to Boost Campaign

Remember when we had a President who help the 1% during economic recession

TOON: Benghazi: Gowdy's Waterloo

I love the variety of sunrises at the beach--even on the same morning

Definition of "attack" seems to be very fluid around here among all sides

The Hill: Clinton tops 2016 field in drug industry donations (one of her enemies???)

All James Bond Films ranked from worst to best

CBS/You Gov polls-good news for Bernie

Martin Luther King: on economic justice.

I am Latina but pass as White

China communist party paper says country should join U.S.-led trade pact (TPP)

Sherrod Brown's OpEd on Fixing Our Broken Tax Code (Its GOOD) - Add your voice!

Egypt to scan pyramids, seeking new discoveries

EU will 'fall apart' if no quick action on migrants: Slovenia

is this the group for (foreign) mopedcars?(europe)

Why did Sanders leave the event after he spoke?

Very Different Campaigns on Display for Iowa Democrats

moped cars (europe)

Anza-Borrego B&W

Pharma terrorist Shkreli’s public temper tantrum: “I would destroy Bernie Sanders in a debate”

Ben Carson Once Again Compares Something To Slavery, This Time Abortion

New Hillary Clinton campaign ad: "Cut It Out!"

Sanders takes heat for ignoring VA problems

The GOP Has a Tech Talent Problem It Might Not Solve

Iowa takeaways: Sanders ups critique of Clinton policies.

Why are young feminists so clueless about sex?

"Pakistan civilian, military top brass knew about Osama's presence"

Bernie's Toast!

Governor O'Malley brought an Iowa DREAMer with him. Hear her story.

Joe Biden is one of the best public servants in American history. Look at this pic.

The Battle Behind the Headlines: Can we fix the media bias against Israel?


What happens at a Minnesota precinct caucus meeting

Chris Christie, Sipping a Smoothie, Was Kicked Off an Amtrak Car For Screaming on His Phone

Christie Reportedly Gets Kicked Off Of Amtrak's Quiet Car For Being Too Loud

'O'Malley was only candidate to get entire stadium up on their feet twice. Even the rich folks.'

Look for a very large number of candidates to begin

Is Europe Outperforming the United States?

Bernie Rally, Speech and 'People's March' to the J-J Dinner in Des Moines, Iowa Saturday, WOW!

Martin O’Malley did pretty good last night, he didn't attack ANYBODY!!!

Hillary Clinton vs Bernie Sanders

Lets get the O'Malley Group in on this

Christie: Black Lives Matter 'create' call to kill officers

Fair And Balanced Poll For Sanders Supporters

Prediction markets now have Jeb! nomination probability only two points ahead of Trump...

Do you think it's ok, when you see a self identified progressive/liberal/Democrat accuse women of

Again, what is Clinton's take on Social Security going forward?

Benghazi Hearing: While Republicans Barked And Snarled, Hillary Smiled (HILLARY GROUP)

Sanders scores big at Iowa dinner that changed the race for another 'unelectable' candidate in 2008

Tony Blair says he's sorry for Iraq War 'mistakes,' but not for ousting Saddam


Break Up The Dolphins!!1!

Saudi Arabia supreme court upholds death sentence on Shia cleric


Can Paul Ryan Save His Party?

Heard a terrific piece on Alternative Radio this morning

Ben Carson, Soup Nazi: No abortions for you after rape or incest, live a "very useful life" instead

Author Junot Díaz called unpatriotic as Dominican Republic strips him of award

Hillary Clinton, Nominee in Waiting

HILLARY ON FIRE: She's completely turned around her campaign with her best month yet

Dear Hillary Supporters

What's for Dinner, Sun., Oct. 25, 2015

Both Bernie AND Hillary said no to privatized prison money: why not privatized public ed money?

It needs to be asked. Is Ben Carson self-medicating?

Timberwolves coach Flip Saunders dies

Ok, so Hillary has Katy Perry..

LePage attempts to turn Maine Republican party against fellow legislator

Clinton on top in Iowa, gains in New Hampshire

Historian Says Don't 'Sanitize' How Our Government Created Ghettos

A Shiny Object for Bernie Sanders

'Get to your feet.

How Does Prison Gerrymandering Work?

Hillary supporters keep telling me we won't have single payer in America anytime soon

Sanders tears into Clinton's ambitions and record at Iowa Democrat fundraiser

While Fox Condemns #BlackLivesMatter Rhetoric, It Condones This Disgusting Talk About Hurricane Pat

How You Can Get Bernie Sanders Elected

Sanders tears into Clinton's ambitions and record at Iowa Democrat fundraiser


Missing a gun

7 Churches Burned in 2 Weeks

What are you reading this week of October 25, 2015?

Ukraine PM says won't repay Russian debt if no restructuring deal - paper

Bernie and The People march to the Jefferson Jackson Dinner

Far in Space, a Glance at How Earth May End

Pardon the mess: Jeb! Bush campaign meltdown in progress. (pic hvy)

The Hill: "Clinton camp: Sanders engaging in negative attacks"

I cannot access "MY POSTS". It always says "not found".

Something Funny For Your Sunday

Letter from Martin about last night

1997 Daschle's very bad abortion bill to stop another very bad abortion bill. Bad idea.

Palestinian Woman Shot Dead; Israelis Say She Was Armed, Witness Disputes It

Chris Christie, yelling into his cell phone, asked to leave Amtrak 'quiet car' after complaints

The power of the people is stronger than the people in power....

Candidate Carson touts U.S. health savings accounts for elderly

Crews To Begin Hunt For Oil Leak Near Sunken Barge In Lake Erie

Crews To Begin Hunt For Oil Leak Near Sunken Barge In Lake Erie

1997 example of a very bad defensive bill to stop another very bad bill. Didn't work.

Here's the 2016 Presidential candidates in a nutshell.....

J. Martin contributed to NYT article that doesn't mention issues in his tweet, @

GOP proposals would limit Wisconsin school districts' ability to raise revenue

Go Cousins!

Bernie's Revolution

A Question for You All

GOPigger Paul Ryan doesn't help American families.

I am getting a bit tired of constant victim status for Hillary

I would much, much rather see the history books say that ELIZABETH WARREN was our first woman prez.

Poland lurches to right with election of Law and Justice party

Tom DeLay salivates as he armchair quarterbacks the yummy possibility of an OBAMA IMPEACHMENT

Sanders getting ‘a little more pointed’ on Clinton, but not ‘negative’

Russian Presence Near Undersea Cables Concerns U.S.

All right I have a question about the process.

How many MISTAKES does it take to qualify for the Presidency?

Tesla Technology about to be given to all NATIONS OF THE EARTH in 10 days!

In 1983 ‘War Scare,’ Soviet Leadership Feared Nuclear Surprise Attack By U.S.

Hillary Clinton Shows Her ‘Eye Of The Tiger’ In Iowa

I POSTED THIS COOL THREAD about Hillary. Hillary Clinton Shows Her ‘Eye Of The Tiger’ In Iowa

Hillary, Bernie, and the Banks

The Latest: O'Malley tells Iowans he's a doer.

Day Of ‘Disillusionment’ As Voters In Ukraine Go To The Polls

Chris Christie Asked to Leave Amtrak’s Quiet Car After Creating a Clamor

Scioli, Macri in tight race to first runoff in Argentine history.

Bernie: 'I Don't Know That a Man Would Be Treated The Same Way That Hillary Is'

Why Is The Democratic Party Afraid Of Larry Lessig?

Official death toll in Mexico from Hurricane Patricia? Zero

Fox News Hires Stupid Hosts for Its Equally Stupid Viewers

"How Republicans saved Hillary Clinton. Again."--WaPo

Jimmy Carter: A Five-Nation Plan to End the Syrian Crisis

John Nicholes asks "Which Shall Rule?"

Blame Mahmoud Abbas for Violence? But He's 'Mr. Irrelevant'

Do we need sideline and dugout cameras?

Obama picked Wasserman-Schultz for DNC chair.

Russian Islamic State Airstrikes In Iraq: ISIS OK For Russia To Target, Baghdad Says

Mayor Emanuel's big fundraiser sends a big message

Dear Bernie Supporters

CBS Poll: Statistical Tie in Iowa: Clinton 46-Sanders 43, NH Sanders 54-Clinton 39!

Wow, WOW!!!

Sanders getting ‘a little more pointed’ on Clinton, but not ‘negative’

Fox needs a cleanup in Aisle 4 after this "computer model projection by Reuters" for 2016...

wOW!! WOW!!! WOW!!!

NEW: JJ Rally Speech/March. On Stage Bernie Rouses Large Crowd & Starts March in Des Moines.

Clinton and O'Malley directly attack Sanders' record on gun control. Crickets.

I will not abandon any segment of American society

"Do the White Thing" Spike Lee revisited by Brooklyn Hipsters

Israeli self-inflicted hate...

Bernie Loves Animals & They Love Him! Bernie Has 100% Pro-Animal Welfare Rating!

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Monday, 26 October 2015

Songs with enigmatic lyrics

October 25, 1899

[ActBlue] You're making a difference -- daily update 10-24-15

“I Love Adolf Hitler”: BDS at South African Universities

Hillary Clinton And Bernie Sanders Fight For The Obama Mantle In Iowa

Hillary Clinton’s Good Week Turns Great With Pitch Perfect Speech At Jefferson Jackson

Conservationists are thrilled: 6th newborn orca spotted

Moonrise at sunset

This Week In God (Maddow Blog)

10-23-15 The Cause & Effect of Unskilled Temps in 2:00

10-23-15 The Cause & Effect of Unskilled Temps in 2:00

10-23-15 The Cause & Effect of Unskilled Temps in 2:00


Chuck Todd Attacks Elijah Cummings For Refusing To Participate In GOP Benghazi Witch Hunt

Nebraska Game and Parks nixes 2016 mountain lion hunting season

October 23, 1958 74 killed

Okay, Natural Nancy, PhD....satire or not?

Poland swings further right - Law and Justice party wins

Twenty problems with 20/20's coverage of the Justin Harris 'rehoming'

Poland lurches to right with election of Law and Justice party

love is . . .

An open line. Plus, Waltons, other billionaires take La. board of education

Tea-party zealots fast crippling US business efforts abroad

Waco prosecutors withheld public information on May shootout at Twin Peaks

Amy Schumer, senator cousin again call for gun control bill

Ready for Warren endorses Sanders

If the legislature wants to make the Medicaid program more complicated, it needs to commit to outrea

But Bernie’s been consistent!!!!

This Week Has One Hour

Last Minute Halloween Costumes

October 24, 1861 You know it is dangerous when they want to hire under age 18 orphans

An open line. Plus, Waltons, other billionaires take La. board of education

Where was Bandwagon Chris today?

Politifact: Clinton changed on torture TRUE

Building on momentum has a long march. But each step is important

Ben Ghazi is right outside Your Window..Take a Look ..You probably can see HIM

'Rehome Justin Harris,' Democratic Party says

Justice Ginsburg’s Cautious Radicalism

Hillary Clinton, Nominee in Waiting

STOP the freeway expansion; Highway Department feeling some heat

Some great pictures from the Jefferson Jackson Dinner Iowa

10-24-15 Minimum Wage in 2:00

10-24-15 Minimum Wage in 2:00

10-24-15 Minimum Wage in 2:00

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