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Archives: October 24, 2015

Pres. Obama,best troll ever,calls the GOP "grumpy cats".

ACLU lawsuit against NSA mass surveillance dropped by federal court

Logan High School - Three hour lock down - kids just released

Election Officials Behaving Badly (Suspiciously?)

Putting Hillary On The Witness Stand Highlights Republican Cluelessness. It's Her Greatest Strength

Keeping us in ignorance is no accident. The primary 'horse race' is nothing more than a shiny

Dems now view Socialism more favorably than Capitalism

What about "Bernie/O'Malley" for 2016!" Throwing this Out Here!

Great sketches from the Benghazi hearing.

Sasheer Zamata Says Women's Rights Still a BFD!

Brilliant, Absolutely Brilliant:What I Learned From Watching the Benghazi Hearing

"Mrs. Clinton Just Called..."

Alaska's 'bridge to nowhere' plan finally scrapped

House to start voting Monday on revival of shuttered trade bank

Okay I'm all in

A New Strategy for Bernie to Think About?

FBI to help Florida sheriff probe police shooting of black musician

Gallup: In U.S., 58% Now Back Legal Marijuana Use


Just a reminder***Hillary is on Rachel at 9:00 PM!!!!!!!

Nearly 450 killed in Russian strikes on Syria

Patricia has now made landfall.

Little lizard

Friday Talking Points (367) -- Hillary's Very Good Week

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseeker Thread. TGIF! Ben (Ghazi) There, Done That & a new kitteh gif

The Why--Hillary in 2016---this had 80,000 views and a lot of criticism in July of 2013

Suffragettes on Parade! In 1915, thousands march for right to vote

Rachel just teased a ? about undoing DOMA & Dont Ask Dont tell

A critical mass of medical knowledge could soon end the death threat of cancer, but politics stands

Get a copy of your birth certificate

Luckovich Toon: This IS a Witch Hunt!

Was there a reverse "Bartman" tonight in KC?

Trump Doesn’t Believe Polls Showing He’s No. 2

Petition demands MSNBC fire reporter after misleading report on Jerusalem terror attack

Newspaper front pages at a newsstand in Philadelphia this morning.

Subaru car/dog commercials

Trump: When I’m in Office, Every Store Will Be Saying “Merry Christmas”

CWA Petitions Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission to Investigate, Fine Verizon for Appallingly Da

CWA Petitions Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission to Investigate, Fine Verizon for Appallingly Da

CWA Petitions Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission to Investigate, Fine Verizon for Appallingly Da

Clinton stirs up crowd in Alexandria, Va., at afternoon rally

Thinking outloud (something to piss off supporters of anyone! Equal Opportunity venting)

Vets For Bernie: Why the Most Anti-War Candidate Has Many Military Supporters

Friday Night Catnip: Mandrake Memorial - Puzzle (1969)

Observations from the front lines....

Venezuela slams US corruption probe into state oil giant

Alaska's 'bridge to nowhere' plan finally scrapped

Feds fine San Francisco Zoo over death of young gorilla

20/20 is Doing a Story About State Rep. Justin Harris

California officer sued for copying photos of woman he arrested

For someone supposedly so liberal, Hillary has a strange intolerance for civil disobedience.

Hillary had a great media day!

VP pick for Hillary or Bernie?

House to start voting Monday on revival of shuttered trade bank

Stackable, Portable Apartments Are Tiny Homes for the Homeless

O’Malley: Both Sides Share Responsibility for Violence in Israel.

Cut & Paste transfer from GD

O’Malley: Both Sides Share Responsibility for Violence in Israel.

Statement by Democratic Members of the Select Committee on Benghazi - Oct 23, 2015 Press Release

Trump mouths off...

Gordon Lightfoot immortalized in bronze

BUSTED: Republican Trey Gowdy Caught Using Private Email Server

Fox News analyst pleads not guilty to CIA fraud charges

O'Malley slams anti-Islam hate in Michigan talk.

Toronto Blue Jays tie the game with the Royals.

O'Malley slams anti-Islam hate in Michigan talk.

Poe - Angry Johnny (VIDEO)

"taking all three of my daughters to a tattoo parlor and having them completely body tattooed"

El Niño: Authorities warn public to prepare for heavy flooding across California

XKCD comic for Gates Foundation on World Polio Day

Poll: Clinton on the rise in Iowa

KKK Plans Protest Of Martin Luther King Jr Tribute At Stone Mountain Confederate Memorial

Lookee here from GD-Pee

Coming out at 57.

Energy Department cancels plan to ship nuclear waste to Idaho

Iowa poll shows Sanders vulnerable on gun issue.

Beirut Marine Barracks Bombing Fast Facts


HIV cure research: Scientists create two-headed protein to deplete HIV reservoir

Girl with service dog wants US Supreme Court to take case

DEA raids tribal land to destroy pot; tribe says it was hemp

Vice President Joe Biden to appear on 60 Minutes in his first television interview since announcing

Mosque blasts kill 55 in NE Nigeria

Vote to proceed involving self-governing by Native Hawaiians

Sanders on Colbert tonight....pretty soon....nt

Prosecutor: Peru army officer got $10K per cocaine planeload

Sen. Al Franken Admits Being Warned About 9-11 Beforehand

Awake in our Mythology

Saw A Ben Carson Bumper Sticker In Arvada, Colo. (N.Denver) This Evening.

Anyone familiar with a Martin 000-15 guitar?

Light Pollution Map

Colombia's Patriotic Union: A Victim of Political Genocide

Heart of a Dog - New Laurie Anderson movie and music.

New Adele album Nov 20th.

Clinton's lead over Sanders increases by 5% after Biden drops out

Gwyneth Paltrow is at it again. Bras cause cancer.

Lincoln Chafee’s Polling Was … Consistent, At Least

No clown car for the Democrats--but here on DU

Why Angry Old Men Calling a Meeting to Yell at a Woman Is Always a Spectacular Failure

Why this Yankees fan is rooting hard for the Royals to win the WS

Hillary Clinton Got The Biggest Post-Debate Polling Bounce

Sometimes the best cure is pizza, beer & a western

Need help from Wisconsin 3d Cong Dist

Bad news for Sanders if he falls behind in New Hampshire

Well its nice that everything in GD-P is back to normal

Updated New Hampshire Primary Source: After watching Benghazi hearing, key Democrat backs Clinton

Back to back, Jack: Royals win the pennant for second year in a row

Woman Told to Move Car (TN)

Benghazi hearing floods Clinton campaign coffers with cash

Hillary Clinton --some have asked me for the link to the OP--that got 80,000 views

TCM Schedule for Sunday October 25 - Jeff Chandler

You can watch Rachael Maddow's Hillary Clinton interview segments here

Key union endorses Hillary Clinton --today--a GOTV victory for her

TCM Schedule for Monday October 26 - Star of the Month: David Niven

This is a big endorsement. Yooge.

Chafee did his homework before voting for the IWR and voted against his party ...

The Royals are off to the World Series

Clinton---cunning baffling and powerful--Debate, Biden, Benghazi, Webb, Chafee

Rachel Maskell all alone by herself in defence debate

Anyone remember Senator Fred Harris progressive populist 1976 campaign? A Forerunner of Today

Stackable, Portable Apartments Are Tiny Homes for the Homeless (via KamaAina in GD)

Mrs. Aristus, R-Washington, is strongly considering voting for Hillary Clinton!

Texas couple paint their house bright shade of teal only to receive DEATH THREATS from neighbors who

Maryland Coastal Bays Program

This 46-Gigapixel photo of the Milky Way will blow your mind

Hubble spots mother lode of 250 ancient tiny galaxies

Framing socialist policies with American examples

Math professor finds odd patterns in voting machine returns: Republicans block her investigation.

Even conservatives admit the Benghazi show trial was a flop and say it improves HRC in primary polls

In unexpected discovery, comet contains alcohol, sugar

Hillary Clinton is fading fast...

I'm going with Hillary.

Private investigator linked to Vitter campaign arrested, accused of recording Sheriff Newell Normand

Attempts at shaming only work when you have credibility with those being shamed

Louisiana high court rejects Jindal Common Core appeal

Jeb Bush, campaigning in Nevada, suggests Texas for potential nuclear dump

Hillary Clinton Sharpens Her Barbs Against Bernie Sanders

Bush Crime Family may pull the plug on Jeb!

Daily Holidays - October 24

Democrats In Trouble?

Five Steps to Rediscovering Spirituality as an LGBT Person

Bernie Sanders just came reeeeeeally close to coming out as an non-believer

Perks of being a PCO in WA State

Ben Carson, Ted Cruz pay visits to metro as both rise in Iowa polls

Van Gogh's 'Starry Night' was re-created with bacteria

Pope Francis fails to persuade majority of bishops on remarried Catholics

Repeat of Rachel/Hillary interview on MSNBC starting NOW.

F-35 pilots under 200 pounds 'are at a serious-level risk' of fatal whiplash if they have to eject

Hillary Avatars

Martin Shkreli: "I Would Destroy Bernie Sanders in a Debate"

Bernie Sanders: 'We Need to End the War on Drugs'

Legislatively, Bernie Sanders Accomplished More Than Hillary Clinton Ever Did

Didja hear what Limbaugh said about Hillary's hearing performance?

What Happened to Jeb Bush? Too Much Money

US Engagement in the Middle East Is Riskier Than Ever

F.B.I. Chief Links Scrutiny of Police With Rise in Violent Crime

President Obama vetoes $612 billion defense bill that would have created war-fighting 'slush fund

Solution to Medicare Part B Cost Increases? Look at "Outpatient" Observation Status

Kaiser Family Foundation Report on Income and Assets of Medicare Beneficiaries

Blech. Took my first dose of liquid Zoloft today.

Bernie Sanders rocks into the Quad Cities

Bernie Sanders rocks into the Quad Cities

Portugal's Anti-euro Left Barred From Taking Power

Job fairs for service members, vets being held nationwide this fall (Oct-Dec)

The WWII-Era Plane Giving the F-35 a Run for Its Money

Lawsuit Says Gresham Security-Guard Supervisor Wanted to Defend Shopping Center Against Demons

Mother cat breaks into vet clinic to be with her abandoned kittens

The War Over the Periodic Table

Price of US prison calls to plummet after regulators slash sky-high phone rates

F-35 pilots under 200 pounds 'are at a serious-level risk' of fatal whiplash if they have to eject

The U.S. Military's $1,000,000,000,000 Question: Is Stealth Worth It?

Clinton stirs up crowd in Alexandria, Va., at afternoon rally w/ Gov. Terry McAuliffe

Mega-storm Patricia drenches Mexico as it weakens

Iowa Republicans confess to being batshit crazy...

Wisconsin Governor Walker signs bill restricting secret investigations

Air Force Poised to Buy New Bomber, Avoid Acquisition Death Spiral

This girl saves a kitteh!

Why America won’t exit Afghanistan any time soon

Conyers asks FBI director about spy planes flying over Dearborn

Rep. Martha Roby attempts to explain herself in op/ed. It doesn't go well.

Valeant must untangle web of allegations on Monday call

Canada's feminist Prime Minister Justin Trudeau targets GamerGate in anti-misogyny call to action

Prosecutor in opposition leader's trial flees Venezuela

Microsoft declines union’s invitation to bargaining table

Microsoft declines union’s invitation to bargaining table

Microsoft declines union’s invitation to bargaining table

Two more Cosby accusers go public as total nears 60

Populist, Pernicious and Perilous : Germany's Growing Hate Problem

Hillary Was Handed the Presidency...On a Silver Trey

Prosecutor in opposition leader's trial flees Venezuela

Rally in Iowa Sat --> Katy Perry & Bill to hold rally w/ Hillary --Photos.....& tweets

Deadly bomb blasts target Bangladeshi Shiites ahead of religious procession

Brazil Supreme Court seizes anti-Rousseff lawmaker's alleged assets

Scott Walker signs bill restricting ‘John Doe’ probes in political corruption

Argentina won't likely cry much for Cristina Fernandez

Maldives vice president arrested in probe into explosion targeting president

We DEMAND Answers Too!

well I am a little late to the revolution but I am getting there.

The Satanic Verses -autographed by Sandra Fluke.

Tear gas released twice in one day in Kosovo parliament by opposition politicians

Hillary Clinton Got The Biggest Post-Debate Polling Bounce

Dr. Ben Carson's prescription: Abolish Medicare

Weekly Address: Protecting our Planet for Future Generations

Japan, Turkmenistan sign huge deals

Japanese Nature Videographer Gets Adopted By Kitten

German Bundestag goes to court to keep lobbyists secret

Sheriff catches private eye working for Senator David Vitter secretly taping him

Sing-a-long: "It's Gowdy Doody Time."

Weekend Toon Roundup

Oil For Food Scandal - George Galloway - World needs to hear this

Poland’s right-wing opposition looks increasingly likely to emerge as the largest party

The Media Was Duped EASILY & PURPOSELY Over & Over By The Benghazi Committee's "BOGUS SCOOPS"

Chinese first lady Peng Liyuan’s charm offensive wows the world but disguises a harsher reality

A look at the fishing pier in B&W this morning

Warm welcome awaits Justin Trudeau on world stage

Happy Birthday, Hillary Clinton

PPP: Hillary +10 in NH over Bernie

Eurozone crosses Rubicon as Portugal's anti-euro Left banned from power

Islamic State claims responsibility for Bangladesh bombings on Shias

'Armed with reason': Texas campus carry law sees pushback from academics

Fans fill Adler Theater for Bernie Sanders

It is World Polio Day

F-35 out, which aircraft next

Yiddish Curses on Republicans

About How Poll Numbers and TV Exposure Work

Landscape shifts: Democrats could take control of Senate

Our new NH poll once again finds a 1 point race for Senate- Maggie Hassan leads Kelly Ayotte 44-43:

I just got an unsolicited call about Duck Cleaning...

Bush cuts costs, advisors, salaries

Got the DECADES channel? Dark Shadows marathon

[ActBlue] You're making a difference -- daily update for 10-23-15

Speaking in Mich., Martin O'Malley slams anti-Muslim hate...we can not let fear defeat compassion

Good morning Berniacs!

Republican Legislation Will Use Religion to Defund Planned Parenthood and Obamacare

Alaska: State of Emergency - Why is Alaska Sinking?

Can we endure another Benghazi hearing?

Guns, what works and what's just stupid

Hillary Clinton’s Big Week Is the Turnaround We Expected

Hillary Clinton’s Big Week Is the Turnaround We Expected

Trickle Treat

Some positive news. Patricia rapidly crumbled from a category 5 to a tropical storm.

If this doesn't move you you're tough-Lonely 95 year old listener Bill Palmer

White House Resumes Strong Defense of Hillary Clinton

Penis selfie leads to gang member receiving 14 year federal prison sentence

DNC Reverses Ban on Corporate Cash to Fund Convention

Trey Gowdy just elected Hillary Clinton President

That old Nature vs. Nurture question

GOP Wants a Benghazi Committee for Planned Parenthood

Jack Lessenberry: time has come to get rid of charter schools

Socialism isn’t a dirty word in American politics anymore

Elizabeth Warren vs. Hillary Clinton (2004)

Oklahoma Earthquakes Are a National Security Threat

Modern times.

Did anyone see Melissa Harris Perry this morning? ...

Why are there so many posts in the General Discussion and LBN forums that clearly have to do with

Third Way Founder: Clinton has done a good job straddling the two wings of the party

San Francisco's motley Market Street Tamed, So Far, by Car Restrictions

Congressman Calls for More Oversight After Drone Papers Revelations

My atheism does not make me superior to believers. It's a leap of faith too

This Is Why It’s Going to Get Even Tougher

I just found this on the AFSCME FaceBook page

Earthquake swarms.

US and Russia discuss prospect of talks between Syrian leaders and opposition

October 24, 1929: The start of the disaster

Lucy and Linus (cartoon)

Fighting perceptions, evangelicals and Muslims commit to oppose religious bigotry

Jimmy Carter: A Five-Nation Plan to End the Syrian Crisis

Wisconsin Republicans Fast-tracking Bill that Effectively Kills Workers' Comp

Al-Qaeda leader in Syria is killed in Aleppo in a 'devastating blow' to terror group

GOP's helping hand for Hillary Clinton

Lets talk about Corporate Socializm

Another view of the great white shark video off Alcatraz

It's come to this.......Even cats can't lay off the sauce

The Day the GOP Turned the Benghazi Tragedy Into a Farce

Wondering if "Advanced Tech Support" and if Panda software is a scam

Fela Kuti: Nigerians celebrate their beloved Afrobeat icon.

Nice photo of some of the top women tennis players in their best outfits......

Anderson Cooper, Worth Tens of Millions, Doesn't Relent on Attacking Bernie's Socialism

Why Bernie is making such a huge issue of income inequality, poverty & minimum wage

Baby Deer Doesn't Want To Leave The Man Who Saved Her Life

Life in Taiwan

Kerry: Temple Mount to receive round the clock surveillance, Jews will not pray there

Moose goes grocery shopping in Wasilla

Howler Monkey article reminded me of something

Forests face peril as invasive insect confirmed in Duluth

Republican lies about "takers" in America-graph

How about a big shout-out for John Kerry.

Bernie Sanders is Electable!

"Benghazi, Joe McCarthy and the witch trials: Trey Gowdy’s farcical hearings

What is up with all these traffic circles?

Even Those Who Don’t Like Pickles Will Love This One! (kitty)

After Suing The CIA, Human Rights Group Burglarized – All Evidence Needed For Lawsuit Stolen

New Report Details Growing Threat of Politicians ‘Playing Doctor’ (gynoticians on the rise)

The Advocate: President Hillary Clinton would compromise on civil rights if necessary

TierOne Bank ex-CEO was 'driving force' behind fraud, former president says

New Report Details Growing Threat of Politicians ‘Playing Doctor’ (gynoticians on the rise)

New Report Details Growing Threat of Politicians ‘Playing Doctor’ (gynoticians on the rise)

Draft proposal to Bernie Sanders: Employment & Prosperity Opportunity Act

Maldives police arrest vice president Ahmed Adeeb over plot to assassinate president

Bernie Sanders: Our first agnostic president?

CNN hires jolly Islamophobe Bob Beckel, formerly of Fox News

Is Bernie and his supporters tough enough to face the Republicans and the corporate establishment?

3-2-1 Countdown to DARK SHADOWS on the DECADES

Suicide Prevention Director Partners With Gun Enthusiasts To Raise Awareness

How the nation’s most notorious crime-gun store cleaned up its act

The calls are getting louder for a Sanders/Warren ticket

MS Stem Cell study (big thanks to applegrove)

Large cluster of great whites surprises, concerns shark experts

Professor Claims Women 'Don't Understand' Fracking

TYT: Jake Tapper Short-Circuits Jeb Bush On Benghazi

If Hillary wins the election the transition team will give the first indication of how

A New York City Soup Kitchen Opens Its Doors To Assist Homeless Pets

All the “Hillary for president” you can possibly handle

A New York City Soup Kitchen Opens Its Doors To Assist Homeless Pets

A New York City Soup Kitchen Opens Its Doors To Assist Homeless Pets

Stage Fright

What's In It For Trump?.....

TYT: Martin Shkreli Trolled By Rival Drug Company

@GovWalker signed the bill eliminating John Doe investigation in private today . slithering snake

TYT: Most Americans Hate Republican Foreign Policy

An Easy Way to Help With Obamacare Enrollment in Florida

Christmas is coming - consider my books for your garden loving family members!

Howlin' Wolf

Obama Administration Calls for Limits on Testing in Schools

TYT: The Disturbing Reason Ben Carson Is Winning In Iowa

One thing I haven't heard much of from the candidates is nuclear power industry, in

Screamin' Jay Hawkins


Federal law requires a data base to verify voters.

Who can you trust?

Multiple deaths, injuries reported after car hits Okla. St. parade crowd

Warning: Polling Results May Contain Shocking Content the half....when did they start posting "snap chat" photos

Actress Maureen O'Hara Dies at 95

"Clinton World"

STILLWATER, OK: 3 dead as car plows into crowd at football game parade in Stillwater, OK...

Obama Administration Calls for Limits on Testing in Schools.

Back To The Future Writer: Donald Trump Was Absolutely Inspiration For Alternate Reality Biff

I support darkangel's proposal for a Self-defense group.

Hillary's week soars; for GOP, not so much

Who can you TRUST?

New imagery

TYT: Trey Gowdy’s Epic Benghazi Fail

What's with all those stacks of stones in the woods?

You and your buddy are out at a bar, but he's being a drunken ass...

Has DC Health Link unleashed an entrepreneurial spirit in District residents?

Has DC Health Link unleashed an entrepreneurial spirit in District residents?

Rockin' the Bern in Davenport, IA !

Can anyone give me information on how health insurance works for travellers

Video Shows Immigration Protester Dragged Across The Ground And Kicked At Trump Rally

CNN reporting Russia pivots 180, now says it supports the Free Syrian forces.

Bernie Sanders Love

“So I'm Not Prepared To Give Up On Libya,” Clinton Declared On 'The Rachel Maddow Show'

Trey Gowdy might as well give his heart to Gawd!

Gail Collins, NYT: Happy Birthday, Hillary Clinton (HILLARY GROUP)

Do Bernie fans not understand the difference between people and corporations?

Guest/Panel Lineups For The Sunday News Shows

Exactly as I remember it! (Hillary Group)

PPP (D) -Hillary Clinton hits 70% mark in North Carolina on first night of polling

#HillaryMen: The Secret Weapon Behind Hillary's Dramatic Resurgence (HILLARY GROUP)

R.I.P. Maureen O'Hara

Plouffe Endorses Hillary for President (Hillary Group)

Donald Trump Rally? Crowd Chanting “USA USA USA"

cats can feel shame

The Great American Brainwash: Half a Billion Dollars to Turn the Public against Hillary (HRC GRP)

No matter how much evidence is provided Hillary supporters won't

Putin Accuses West Of Double Standard Over Syria

Just a bunch of jumping, leaping cats

Russia Ready To Support Syrian Rebels Fighting Islamic State, Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov Says

Nov 3, 2015 Ballot Description

What's for Dinner, Sat., Oct. 24, 2015

Little damage reported as record-breaking Hurricane Patricia loses force over Mexico

Third Way Predicted Sanders as liberal "candidate TBD" to challenge Clinton in 2014

See? I told you Trump would not be the nominee.

"…We have to take it seriously."

US steams ahead with new rules to curb pollution by superyachts

Heading to San Diego

"Benghazi, Joe McCarthy and the witch trials: Trey Gowdy’s farcical hearings

You ought to know this about me… I'm in to S&M

I am not seeing any thread titles.

Halloween is coming #53…

Too bad Hillary's not for gun control when it comes to foreign policy.

OPD officer married to child care provider with revoked license says guns are missing from home

Georgia man faces prison again for stealing sea turtle eggs

Germaine Greer defends trans comments in wake of petition

What do republicans think of Ben Ghazi now????

NATO report into Kunduz hospital air strike delayed

Video Shows Latino Protester Dragged Across The Ground And Kicked At Trump Rally

Remember, when the Empire speaks, the truth is the opposite of what is said

Martin O’Malley wants Americans to warm up to ‘business opportunity’ climate change presents.

Slovenia struggles with torrent of refugees ahead of EU crisis summit

Vatican synod ends with opening to divorcees, no change on gays

After Crushing Defeat Republicans Quietly Move To Drop Clinton Email Investigation

The Future Of The Democratic Party Will Be Decided By The Supreme Court

Three Bills introduced hint to why GAB needed to be dismantled.

Alabama white supremacist leader, wife caught after violating parole for murder solicitation

Anybody else here see the new Spielberg film "Bridge of Spies"?

The case to make for Bernie...

So sad there's not anyone excited about Hillary's campagn

It's so sad there's such a lack of support of REAL people for Hillary.

Dozens arrested in Rikers Island protest

Czech Republic under fire for 'stripping refugees to take their money to pay for their involuntary d

David Plouffe says he's supporting Hillary Clinton for President.

Ambert Alert IOWA child (13 years old) life in danger!!! (UPDATE CANCELLED)

My Birthday week in 2 photos #HillYes

Hillary interview on Rachel Maddow's show:

Syrian Army Got ISIS Poster Boy

Rise Up October protests in New York call for a fundamental change in U.S. policing.

Pelosi, White House address spike in transgender murders -

At Least 3 Dead After Car Drives Into OSU Homecoming Parade

Condoleezza Rice asserts 'Bin Laden Determined To Attack' wasn't a warning.

Pure Michigan…

I'm not sure if this means I'm racist or not

Collectors Item: Vintage Spaulding & Rogers Power Unit 1 $425.00... Price reduced for fundraiser..

Vatican synod holds line on gay marriage, but offers hope on communion for divorcees

More debates? Yes, please

Clinton to speak Friday at Charleston NAACP annual fundraiser

4 dead 33 injured at Oklahoma State homecoming parade

911 Foreknowledge - Bin Laden Determined to Strike in U.S.

"All the shouting in World will not do What I would hope all of us would want"

Collectors Item: Vintage Spaulding & Rogers Power Unit 1 - xpost from ebay

Sen. Sanders talks with Jake Tapper on CNN State of the Union, Sunday

Feds Raid Indian Reservation To Destroy Industrial Hemp Crops

Look at this crowd supporting Hillary here in Des Moines! #HillYes Katy Perry Rally for Hillary

About the 9th Annual Late H. Lee Atwater Award for Right Wing Evil…

Halloween is coming #54…

Torrential Rain -- Up To 20 Inches In Spots -- Pummels Much Of Texas

Idaho agency finds historic footage of parachuting beavers

Iowa Democrats Jefferson-Jackson Dinner / Saturday, October 24, 2015

Bernie Sanders on Why Big Media Shouldn't Get Bigger

R I P Bill Keith

The New American Exceptionalism

It's Gardner, with a capital ggggagggg

Who Said it: Trump or Mr. Burns?

Checkpoints Stir Palestinian Anger In East Jerusalem

David Gilmour - Breathe - Guitar, acoustic guitar and electric guitar.

cnn carry Bill Clinton from Iowa rally now..Katy Perry is singing now..Live link

Unarmed marijuana dealer shot in face and killed by cop who won’t face charges

Bill Clinton is Giving "HUUUGE" Speech in Iowa for Jefferson -Jackson Dinner!

Barack Obama's 2008 Campaign Manager, David Plouffe, endorses Hillary Clinton

UAW Sets Sunday Night Deadline For Pact With GM, Strike Possible

Jeb Bush Plays Down Speculation That His Campaign Is Doomed

Amazon Prime members- The Man in the High Castle is on this weekend

I'm Sorry : Blair Takes Blame For Iraq War And Admits conflict Caused The rise Of ISIS In Astonshing

Bill Clinton said this about Hillary just now

BuzzFeed journalist attacked by far-right Jewish extremists in Paris

Private jet spending. Well, look who’s #3!

Half-and-half male-female Great Mormon butterfly emerges

Cognitive dissonance

Megyn Kelly Flips Out Over Positive Hillary Clinton Benghazi Coverage From Media

Bill Clinton Speaks while Feel The Bern plane circles overhead.

Is there a connection between the massive campaign dollars and the incessant cheering for Hillary?

Zionism’s Inevitable Demise

This is what I've taken away from some members. Hillary will take money from special interests, so

58-0 - hi Grits

Presidential hopeful Martin O'Malley sings in Osage, seeks support.

Thank You, Governor O'Malley, For Standing with Muslim Americans Today.

Thank You, Governor O'Malley, For Standing with Muslim Americans Today.

Bernie Sanders Wants To Bring Back Your 40-Hour Workweek

Can't join us in Iowa? Tune in LIVE to CSPAN tonight at 9pm

how to apply for a shotgun license in the UK

Trending Tweets for Bernie needed!

Presidential hopeful Martin O'Malley sings in Osage, seeks support.


Katy Perry wins best dressed in Iowa!

Have a positive OP in GDP for Hillary? #HillYes

Baby Leo succumbs to illness after spending his life in NICU

Wait Wait...Don't Tell Me! For Oct. 24, 2015 - Neil deGrasse Tyson

Bernie In Iowa

Alabama wins, Auburn loses!!!

Hurricanes strength greatly overrated.

Fla. man battling to recite Satanic prayer at commission meeting

Sanders' Not-So-Katy Perry Concert During Iowa Campaign Swing

ABC covers (sort of) Bernie's Davenport Iowa rally.

The CSPAN video of Hillary Clinton Rally in Iowa Is online #HillYes

LGBT Faith Leaders Got Together To Combat Religious Homophobia; 5 Takeaways

Cat with an agenda

Veterans For Bernie Sanders: Why The Anti-War Candidate Is So Beloved By Former Soldiers

Veterans for Bernie Sanders: Why the anti-war candidate is so beloved by former soldiers

Starts tomorrow!

Marching to the jjdinner on Saturday night, Sen. Sanders leads a crowd (pics)

Ronald Reagan sounds a LOT like Bernie Sanders:

The heavy rains in Texas today...

Ukraine rebels expel Médecins sans Frontières from region