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Archives: October 20, 2015

This week marks the end of the Benghazi "scandal": (HILLARY GROUP)

Venezuela's president calls for prosecution of food magnate

Sasha Obama And Cute Date Attend Homecoming

Our own swing state.

Liberals sweeping Atlantic Canada with 66% of all votes counted so far

The scab is off - he did not keep America safe

Venezuela’s currency is so worthless that even some thieves won’t steal it

Smacks of Socialism.

Hey millennials: is Hillary Clinton Authentic? Rodham 2016

@tammybaldwin thank you for spending yesterday with @HillaryforIA so proud you represent my home sta

Pat Woodell dies at 71; actress best known for 1960s sitcom 'Petticoat Junction'

Some questions for Chafee supporters

I love my President! Astronomy Night @ the White House.

Just bought my Star Wars: The Force Awakens tickets

Judge Sets March Bench Trial in Lawsuit over Voting Machines

Judge Sets March Bench Trial in Lawsuit over Voting Machines

what if Trump promises to prosecute Bushco for Iraq?

A message from Thom Hartmann to the Bernie Sanders Campaign:

Judge Sets March Bench Trial in Lawsuit over Voting Machines

Polling Data: Clinton vs Obama & Clinton vs Sanders (OCT 18)

Canadian Election: Atlantic Canada is solid Liberal red.

Socialism: It's just the beginning.

Cummings Responds to Explosive New Report on Chairman Gowdy’s Links to Stop Hillary PAC (HRC GROUP)

Found of Reddit: Steal the Bern

Forget the war on drugs: Alcohol ruins more lives than all other drugs combined

Rebels without a clue (NH)

Tower of Satan: Ritualistic markings at London's Tower of London castle were to keep the Devil at ba

Ex-Corps Worker Charged Over Confederate Flag Incident (FL)

Confederate Battle Flag Spurs Complaints at Football Game (NC)

MEMO to M$M: NON-candidate Biden is still a NON-candidate so it's NOT "News" until he announces, so STFU

on The Daily Show tonight (10/19) and The View tomorrow morning (10/20

Man emerges from 'Rickroll' lock-in charity challenge

Remove Confederate symbols, but don’t blame just the South for slavery

Jim Webb considers running as an independent

It's Official: Texas Cuts Off Medicaid Funding to Planned Parenthood


Early results are excellent showing for Neo-Con Steve Harper's demise.

Greene County (Tenn.) Confederate battle flag resolution fails by 20-1 vote

Inside Clinton's Benghazi hearing game plan

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseeker Thread. Biden His Time & a new Kitteh gif

Private probation company once called 'judicially sanctioned extortion racket' leaving Alabama

Fair and balanced poll for Clinton and Sanders supporters

Day 12; they still think I'm a husky

Who invented radio?

Rhino Hunter Sues Airline So He Can Bring His Animal Trophy Home

'Bernie's Flat Tax' is in reality Senator Gillibrand's Family Act, currently co-sponsored by about

Canadian Election Open Thread

Houston Texans owner donates $10K to anti-LGBTQ campaign

The journey to kill a black rhino

Hillary Clinton will do a live interview Friday with Rachel Maddow...

Today activist Lynnette Shaw ends the War on Medicinal Marijuana -

Rachel Maddow just announced on her show...

Once again, the GOP overplayed their hand with a Clinton Scandal.

I won't tell you which is my vote, but I will tell you that you are the newest member of my IL.

Ka rooka rooka rooka koo!

I don't remember if I've ever done this before with an animal post

What is an "IL"?

Experimenter Official Trailer 1 (2015) on Milgram study. Film opened October 16.

Rhino hunter goes to court

CIA: Trey Gowdy Altered Documents To Frame Hillary Clinton

"I would be fine with either a Bush or Clinton presidency." Goldman Sach's CEO

America - a Social Democracy

Polish your crystal ball: Biden - In or Out?

CTV News projects Liberal majority, Conservatives become Official Opposition

BREAKING: CBC reports Justin Trudeau will form a Liberal Government in Canada

CBC: confident prediction, Liberals will win.

Sanders in Iowa Focuses on College Affordability (video)

Kansas judge sets trial date for lawsuit over voting machines

U.S. Senate hearing shows waning influence of police on prison reform

Gloria Steinem: why the White House Needs Hillary Clinton

Corporate Socialism or Democratic Socialism

Background checks for ammo sales on the ballot says Newsom

Koterba toon: The autumn leaves

Dennis Prager acknowledges right-wing media bias - inadvertently!

World Trade Center 7 and the NIST Report

Bernie Sanders encourages audience members to share stories (video)

Switzerland Has Its Own Kind of Obamacare

The Daily Show with Trevor Noah - Donald Trump: America's African President

Liberals win in Canada

Amazing street art

UIL enters gender politics debate with proposed birth certificate requirement

Outplacement ideas for Stephen Harper?

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, October 20: TCM Spotlight: Trailblazing Women

David Talbot's book on Allen Dulles is out!

Since socialism is all the rage nowadays...

10-year-old girl has brain surgery, expected to make full recovery after being hit by train

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, October 21: TCM Guest Programmer: Nathan Lane

Trump campaign bus becomes anti-Trump artwork

Compiled exclusively from official US government documents or sources : Prior Knowledge of 9/11

Programing me to vote for Bernie started before I could walk

Liberal Party leading in 160 of 170 seats needed for a majority Canada Govt.

Dov Zakheim - 9/11 Comptroller and Remote Control Planes

Slaves were immigrant workers? Texas Mother Teaches Textbook Company a Lesson on Accuracy

Q: Do you buy the party unity argument?

Religion In The Comics - 043

Ohio Delays Executions Until 2017 Over Lack of Lethal Drugs

Liberals WIN in Canada!

Venezuela's President Calls for Prosecution of Food Magnate

Luckovich - Trump's Pet

Joe Pisarcik? nt

Stop everything! It's the new Star Wars trailer: The Force Awakens

Star Wars The Force Awakens new trailer released

Nerds crashed Fandango.

Netflix's Winter on Fire: Ukraine's Fight for Freedom

Star Wars tickets.

WaPo accidentally publishes Biden candidacy story, abruptly yanks

The Trailer!!! (Force Awakens of course)


CBC calls MAJORITY GOVERNMENT for the Liberal Party of Canada.

New here

Need advice from apartment dwellers.

Freedom Carcass Out to Be Motto:

Justin Trudeau Headed for Victory in Canada, National Broadcaster Projects

How do I explain about Bernie's free college program?

See EPIC Views of Rotating Earth Daily from NASA’s New DSCOVR Observatory Website


Hillary did not win me over

Prospect of TTIP already undermining EU food standards, say campaigners

Oh Canada, I knew you'd come to your senses and oust the doughboy.

Some of this I never knew about Hillary Clinton.

Can Bernie win working class white ethnic voters in Staten Island, Bayside, Queens, Bensonhurst?

Doctors Bow In Reverence To Cancer Victim Who Donated Organs 'To Be A Great Kid'

Mexico's congress accused of caving to soda pop industry in tax cut plan

Mexico's congress accused of caving to soda pop industry in tax cut plan

Don’t Count Out Martin O’Malley.


*Martin O'Malley coming up on The Daily Show.

Which better describes Bernie's political philosophy

Republicans to charge media to cover 2016 convention

Wouldn't it be sick if they played Harper's concession speech at Rogers Centre?

Why do polls show Sanders and Clinton losing to Ben Carson, but not Joe Biden?

Analysis: Harper's loss is 'a rebuke of historic proportions'

First question:

Is the advanced search functionality down?

I got polled by Gallup tonight....

Reuters poll: Hillary surging.

It would be massively helpful if we could select and delete our mail.

Any O'Malley supporters attending the J-J dinner in Iowa this weekend?

Center-Left Canadians Vote Strategically, Smash Conservative Party to Pieces.

Listening to the Harper concession speech

Let's get ready for the new government.

a few shots from my trip to illinois

"Chewie, you oughtta be in pictures!"

Just saw a clip of Biden on CNN saying he likes Republicans

Last Argentine polls before Oct. 25 election show strong lead for Daniel Scioli.

Israeli society is crumbling under the weight of occupation

Talk therapy found to ease schizophrenia.

David Palumbo-Liu: What's Behind the Explosions of Violence in Palestine?

New poll: everyone is surging*

Millenials are the key to Democratic success, and overwhelmingly, they want Bernie

Biz Markie's Insane Ad For Marshmallow Only Lucky Charms

Facebook unveils warning system to let users know when ‘government-sponsored’ hackers target them

Gaven Newsom? You are a Stud!

"Most Americans need Bernie Sanders..."

In Canada, Stunning Rout by Justin Trudeau and the Liberal Party

Kuwaiti writer's support for Israel provokes social media backlash

Fatal Beating Of Eritrean Prompts Soul-Searching In Israel

Clinton-Castro? Many Democrats Like the Ring of It

Wait, Hillary can't save us?

Redditt AMA: I am Sibel Edmonds- Ask me anything on “The Real Hastert Scandal”

Tarleton State Univ. prof resigns after hanging from tree with hooks in chest in front of students

Star Wars VII: classic or modern theater?

Tropes that don't make sense

Garcetti's South L.A. forum ends abruptly because of Black Lives Matter protesters

Seth MacFarlane’s Intro for Bernie is Incredible

Southlake life coach accused of bilking U.S. out of $26 million

Street Artist Defaces Cosby Mural at Ben’s Chili Bowl

Asobi Seksu - Mizu Asobi

Asobi Seksu - Goodbye

Governor defers to Stone Mountain officials on King monument (GA)

City selects language for Confederate fountain sign, rejects disclaimers (MT)

Unknown suspect trespasses at Augusta business to hang Confederate flag (GA)

Lord Ashcroft suffers kidney & liver failure hours after 'pig-gate' David Cameron book is published


Local governments express concern over running afoul of Heritage Act (SC)

Aqua Timez Mayonaka no Orchestra

The Stars Were Out~ 14-year-old Ahmed Mohamed~Astronomy Night at the White House.

Justice Department Data Reveal 29 Percent Drop in Criminal Prosecutions of Corporations

I asked everyone to tell me the details of Hillary's economic plan.

The long, sad decline of the United States’ alpacas

Daily Holidays - October 20

Vai Chính Vai Phu -Tu Quyer

If you're voting for Hillary because you think she can win the GE, you're part of the problem.

For the long term and especially the short term, the Democratic party needs to embrace Sanders.

The Imaginary Cuban Troops in Syria

Legacy of a ‘Disappeared’ Family in Argentina

Legacy of a ‘Disappeared’ Family in Argentina

IDF razes Hebron home of terrorist in fatal 2014 West Bank attack

Guatemalan General Accused Of War Crimes Dies

Border Patrol agent fires shot across Arizona-Mexico border

"He's a Maniac; He wants to give away FREE Stuff"!!

How 30 hours in immigration detention on US-Mexico border opened Kalgoorlie photographer's eyes

How 30 hours in immigration detention on US-Mexico border opened Kalgoorlie photographer's eyes

Cuba: End The Blockade Immediately!

Real Confederates Never Knew Any Black Confederate Soldiers

Last night I watched the Canadian Election results

For Offenders Who Can’t Pay, It’s a Pint of Blood or Jail Time

"I won't vote for Hillary" is the canary in the coal mine

A close shave? Terrified jihadists leave their BEARDS on the battlefield as they shave their faces e

Bernie has already Won

Federal Appeals Court Upholds Connecticut Gun Law

Gov. Malloy Searching For Consensus On State Budget Cuts

Oscar Pistorius has been released from prison into house arrest

Oil collapse gives US colleges a test on backpedaling donors

Boston Common dig in search of Revolutionary War relics

Former Bee Agricultural Co. pres. indicted by Jackson County in $15 million criminal activity scheme

****October Photo Contest Preliminaries--Thread 1****

****October Photo Contest Preliminaries--Thread 2****

****October Photo Contest Preliminaries--Thread 3****

Three common-sense gun policies that would save lives

Bathroom carry: Don't forget to wash your hands, grab your guns

America’s Path to Fewer Gun Deaths

America’s Path to Fewer Gun Deaths

Sweetie Darlings! Filming Has Begun on AbFab Movie!

Preliminaries for the OCTOBER PHOTO CONTEST are up in GD!

UN Watch names UNRWA employees inciting hatred

Abused Dog Runs Away From Home - Tails of Hope

Isn't this like putting the cart before the horse? GOP lawmaker floats impeachment for Clinton

UK steel maker to lay off 1,200 amid cheap Chinese imports

Texas Lieutenant Governor, Anti-LGBT Hate Group Attack Houston Equal Rights Ordinance

Police withhold videos despite vows of transparency

EU Trade Deals with US and Canada Blasted as 'Attacking Public Services'

We have Stephen Hawking, you have Kirk Cameron....

George W. Bush's Military Lies: The Real Story About the Undeniable Service Gaps He Got Away With

House Republicans' Latest Bad Idea: Impeaching the IRS Chief

The Nation: The Democratic Primary Doesn’t Need Joe Biden

Vitter has learned from Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal that there is a strategy to dodging debates

3rd Circuit to NYC: Being Muslim is not Reasonable Suspicion for Surveillance

Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders Find Common Enemy in Drug Exec

Clinton Shows Big Lead Over Sanders in Latest NBC/WSJ Poll

Questions the left won't discuss about gun control, but should - and soon.

Federal judge issues temporary restraining order blocking state plan to halt Planned Parenthood

The looming military showdown in the South China Sea: Gertz

Moderates and Democrats say a ‘coalition’ House speaker could end stalemate

The Bloody Game of Chess Surrounding Syria

Clinton Shows Big Lead Over Sanders in Latest NBC/WSJ Poll

Bill and Hillary Clinton: The Greatest Political Couple of a Lifetime

Poll: Trump, Carson dominate GOP field as Fiorina falters

Trudeau declares victory in Canada as Harper resigns

Isn't this lovely!

Boehner to sign defense bill, sparking showdown with Obama

(Germany) CDU parliamentarians' 'secret plan' to build fences at Germany's border

Milwaukee Bucks Center John Henson says he was racially profiled in Whitefish Bay

A Recycling Program in Mozambique Is Reducing Waste and Empowering Women

Faith-healing parents convicted in newborn’s death lose appeal to top court

'Joel Oldsteen' trolls Joel Osteen hard on Facebook

We’re Flirting With Another Recession

Major shake-up at troubled Deutsche Bank

Secret Money Connection Exposed Between GOP, Super PAC Who Aired Benghazi Ad

French bank fined for violating US sanctions

Secret Money Connection Exposed Between GOP, Super PAC Who Aired Benghazi Ad

John Kiriakou: The Sad Fate of America’s Whistleblowers

UN says 35,000 displaced by Syrian regime's Aleppo offensive

Hillary Clinton Calls for Regulators to Look into Daraprim Price Increase

So, Star Wars VII will obviously be promoting "white genocide"...

Thousands march in German anti-Islam rally

Clockmaking teen from Irving meets other science lovers, president in D.C.

Benghazi panel outs CIA source, then tries to cover its tracks

Debt-ceiling delay could mean workers miss November paychecks

No costumes needed...

Time To Take Out The Trash.

BUSTED: Trey Gowdy Caught Being Bankrolled By Anti-Hillary PAC

Really great poll result for HRC (Hillary group)

CIA Director’s Personal Email Allegedly Hacked

Hillary Clinton had evidence of Bush's treason, but never brought it to light

NBC -WSJ Poll HRC 49% (+7) SBS 29% (-6) JB 15% (-2)

George Bush shocks GOP donors as he unleashes wrath on Ted Cruz for ‘sucking up’ to Trump

Migrant crisis: Dutch alarm over child brides from Syria

Clinton Rebounds in Democratic Race, Gaining Against Sanders and Biden Alike (POLL)

[ActBlue] You're making a difference -- daily update for 10-19-15

People are upset that Gowdy has ties to Stop Hillary Pac. Surely that can't mean they think

Trevor Noah (Daily Show) goes fan-boy on Martin O’Malley: If I could vote, “I would vote for you”

My apologies to Clinton supporters.

Barclays Reaches $325M Settlement With National Credit Union Agency Over US Mortgage Claims

ABC/Wapo poll:Clinton rebounds in Democratic race.

Cop kills black musician whose car broke down. Police refuses to say what happened.

So our bombing of the Doctors Without Borders hospital has slipped out of the news

Clinton, judged winner of debate, holds big national lead over Sanders

Over 500,000 refugees, migrants reach Greece this year, arrival rate rising, says UN

(Greece) Delayed land register is never-ending epic

ABC-WAPO Poll- HRC- 54% (+12) -SBS -23% (-1) JB -16% (-5)

Clinton, judged winner of debate, holds big national lead over Sanders

Let's hope the Benghazi report is not scratch-and-sniff! . . . Please come CAPTION Trey Gowdy!!!

Tuesday Toon Roundup 1- Kangaroo House

Tuesday Toon Roundup 2: Bush V Trump


(Greece) Tax wave risks the public wrath

Will someone PLEASE give Peter King (R-NY) a bran muffin? ANY kind of fiber. Then get off his lawn.

Greek gov’t to auction 10-year TV licenses

Tuesday Toon Roundup 3: The Rest

"Everything he's ever touched has turned to gold." Except the four bankruptcies, but who's counting

Bernie Sanders Is Very Worried About Your Data

Bernie Sanders, Democratic Socialist Capitalist

Trey Gowdy comes undone: The GOP’s new Ken Starr has lost all claims to credibility

EXCLUSIVE: Settlement with union over private-sector contracts could cost millions

EXCLUSIVE: Settlement with union over private-sector contracts could cost millions

EXCLUSIVE: Settlement with union over private-sector contracts could cost millions

Justin Trudeau is a Hottie

Democrats Divided on Whether Joe Biden Should Enter 2016 Race

Talk Therapy Found to Ease Schizophrenia

Tweety Praises Trump For Going After Bush for 9/11 - Dems ‘Never Had the Stones’

Jay Carney: Corporate Mouthpiece now? Apparently.

I'm sorry. I remember 1999 and all the excitement about The Phantom Menace.

Repost by request: Reunited at last

Four new national polls show HRC support expanding since debate

I'll support Hillary if she's the nominee. But it'll be real hard to give a damn beyond dread of GOP

should we just close down the election process and allow

The math is clear: Hillary Clinton has better odds of becoming president than anybody else — by far

Are there any actual policy distinctions between Sanders and Clinton on *EDUCATION*?

Republican Healthcare Plan

O'Malley deserves a look from Latino voters

Another Clinton comeback kid The Comeback GAL--PLUS4 polls with her leading

Did the U.S. Just Quash a UN Report Calling for Drug Decriminalization?

F-35C & Ford Carriers – A Wrong Turn For Navy: CNAS

Rachel Maddow - Gun violence taking alarming toll on children

Orrin Hatch not happy about TPP. May strip out 'fast track' and force renegotiation.

So, what should Hillary Clinton do at Thursday's Benghazi Hearing?

WTF! ‘Anti-sitting’ principal relents, gives teachers back their desks

Trump, Carson and anti-PC crowd bed down with white supremacists, women haters, race baiters

Indiana student arrested in attack on Muslim woman

Democratic Socialism

How we are all contributing to the destruction of coral reefs: Sunscreen

My view just now while watching the prelims

This Newly Declassified Video of the US Testing Chemical Weapons Is Insane

The 5 Phases of Gentrification -- When can it be stopped?

Margaret Atwood on our real-life dystopia: “What really worries me is creeping dictatorship”

Dumbya Bush, or any family member, has never been publically questioned about "Bin Ladin Memo"

We are Democrats. Let's Roar!

George Bush unleashes wrath on Ted Cruz for ‘sucking up’ to Trump

Florida Man Gets Into Argument Over Graham Crackers, Knocks Man in the Head with a Hot Sauce Bottle

Benghazi Hearings Cancelled After Clinton Drops Out of Race - Borowitz reports this co-incidence

ACLU Files New Appeal in Drone Lawsuit

BBC: Canada election: Seven things Justin Trudeau believes in

Something we can all agree on for a change. 50 bad facts about George W. Bush

This Photo of Hillary May Surprise You... But It Really Shouldn't

Spiritual/religious leaders who are also mothers?

Item 18 doesn't sound like much but changed a life forever

Prison guard beating inmate (venezuela)

The Walking Dead - Where to go next?

A sea change in-

Rush Limbaugh Laments That "You're Never Gonna Be Able To, Figuratively, Hit The Girl"

CNN/ORC poll: Hillary Clinton wins debate, but Bernie Sanders rises

ALL Democratic debates will be broadcast nationally.

Worker's Cancer Linked to Fukushima Blast for First Time

Fire dancers

Jim Webb To Drop Out Of The Democratic Race

Jim Webb is dropping out

Israel Restaurant Offers Discount to Jews, Arabs Who Eat Together

Al Gore to UVM: I’m Optimistic About Stopping Climate Change

So it turns out that Jeb! really is the Fredo of the family

Monsanto Solicited Academics to Bolster Pro-GMO Propaganda Using Taxpayer Dollars

Well well well "pistol packing Pastor" was sleeping with the other guy's wife? Got her pregnant?

Few in Venezuela Want Bolívars, but No One Can Spare a Dime

Three Texas Private College Presidents Say No To Guns

A brilliant profile of Donald Trump, featuring this splendid tidbit:

It looks like Biden's poll numbers are starting to trend downward. I think people are really

Rachel Maddow - Donald Trump solidifies Republican primary lead in latest polls

OMG Fargo referenced Jeff Waynes's War of the Worlds

Jim Webb to quit Democratic primary

Trump speaks the truth and

Treasury: China not manipulating currency

Trump doubles down on 9/11 comments

As far as the republican party is concerned, it is Trump and Carson all the way. I guess their

States probe VW over emissions, look for settlement money

Re: Jim Webb

Benghazi Hearings Cancelled After Clinton Drops Out of Race

Federal ruling protects pot dispensaries that follow state law

Staying free of nicotine using Allen Carr's system

Clinton tops 2016 field in drug industry donations

The Dark Grey Market: Canadian Cannabis

Just how low can Jerome Corsi go?

Bernie Sanders Favorability Ratings Skyrocketed During the Past Two Weeks

I hope Hillary supporters heads don't explode

Heee's Baaaack! . . . Please come CAPTION W., ol' Numbn*ts!!!!!

Media Matters Sends Select Committee Members Copies Of - THE BENGHAZI HOAX

The Denmark Double Standard

Congratulations Canada!

When will the Democratic Party ask itself why it is losing so many members?

Kabul University to Open First Gender Studies Program in Afghanistan

Kabul University to Open First Gender Studies Program in Afghanistan

CBC Uses Legos to Cover Canadian Elections

Top 10 cat commericials for your viewing pleasure

Kabul University to Open First Gender Studies Program in Afghanistan

At 100, woman still working 11 hours a day, 6 days a week

Light 'em if ya got 'em, eh?

George W. Bush unleashes on Ted Cruz

Martin O'Malley goes after Hillary Clinton on 'Daily Show.'

Anderson Cooper Offers No Apology for Slandering Bernie Sanders

Parents promise lawsuit after son dies in Adams County jail

What's for Dinner, Tues., Oct. 20, 2015

Landowners fill courtroom, urge judge to keep their legal battle against Keystone XL pipeline alive

First photos - from the early days to 3D

Dangerous TRAP Laws Blocked in Ohio and Oklahoma

Dangerous TRAP Laws Blocked in Ohio and Oklahoma

Dangerous TRAP Laws Blocked in Ohio and Oklahoma

Jeb's son George is a Crook, too.

Clinton Campaign Announces Support of Over 50 African American Mayors from Across the Country

Israel Minister Compares Mahmoud Abbas to Hitler

In hunt for answers on failed health insurance co-ops, Ben Sasse plans to block all HHS nominees

Meat Hydra - Epic Meal Time

Shuttered: The End Of Abortion Access in Red America

Texas Violating 14th Amendment, Denying Birth Certificates To Immigrant Children

Amazon to Hire 100,000 Temporary Employees for Holiday Ramp-Up

GOP Congressman Already Floating Impeachment For Hillary Clinton

PPP: Clinton regains lead in New Hampshire

More signs it's over for liberals and progressives in Democratic party:New PPP NH Poll

Demolition contractor guilty of manslaughter in 2013 Philadelphia building collapse

Social media seems to play a large role in the lives of everybody, including

The polls have spoken. Hillary won the debate.

TIME CRUNCH FOR DEBT LIMIT: GOP needs votes; conservs want conditions

Jim Webb to drop out of Democratic presidential primary

We can no longer tolerate a justice system that persecutes the disadvantaged & let's the elite slide

U.S. South Wages a Long War of Incentives, and Citizens Bear the Brunt

Women are everywhere so why are we invisible on film?

Women are everywhere so why are we invisible on film?

Looks like a good case for arbitration:

Housing Starts Rise Close To An 8-Year High In September

Big Pharma turns against TPP

PPP: Trump has a big lead in New Hampshire

Martin O'Malley on the Daily Show

U.S. Rep. Barbara Lee: Americans want to end the country's longest war. Why won't Congress listen?

10 years ago, Jim Webb was a rising Democratic star recruited by MoveOn and Dean

Three Russians killed in Syria: pro-government source

Bully Trump Whines About His Lack Of Secret Service Protection

You have to forgive us old farts.

Meet the husband and wife team destroying Worker's Comp across America

The Future Of The Democratic Party Will Be Decided By The Supreme Court

Jeb Bush, Terri Schiavo and pure evil

watching couples on home improvement shows

Joe Biden Draws Distinctions Between Himself and Hillary Clinton

Oct 20, 1947: The HUAC Opens An Investigation of Communism in Hollywood

UNESCO chief ‘deplores’ bid to name Western Wall part of Al-Aqsa

Bernie has action, Hillary has only ever had words. Actions matter....

In other words, We The People are not blind blind to what is happening....

One last thing before I change my focus to the US election :-)

Re Gowdy. The GOP is without any sense of irony

Mrs.Greenspan just got her ass told off by Senator Boxer

If Today’s Republican Party Were to Come Up With A Good Idea, It Would Die of Loneliness

Light goes infinitely fast with new on-chip material


Biden Says Predecessor Cheney Is a ‘Decent Man’

Fetal-Tissue Bans Are All About Making Abortion Providers Look Like Monsters

Fetal-Tissue Bans Are All About Making Abortion Providers Look Like Monsters

Fetal-Tissue Bans Are All About Making Abortion Providers Look Like Monsters

Obama Keystone Veto Would Help Trudeau Reset Alliance With U.S.

New 2015 Wealth Data: U.S. Inequality at its Ugliest Published on Monday, October 19, 2015

University of Phoenix gets $3.7 billion from the U.S. government while early education is defunded

UPDATE x4: Here are 20 things George W. Bush did *after* 9/11.

VW made several defeat devices to cheat emissions tests: sources

Poor Andrea...Now James Carville is ripping Mrs. Greenspan a new one over Benghazi.

Officials Squabble As Underground Fire Burns Near Radioactive Waste Dump In St. Louis Area

Personally, I will lose all respect for Stephen Harper if he goes to work for Fox.

To my Sanders supporters!

In Major Shift, New Guidelines Scale Back Breast Cancer Screenings For Younger Women

Did anyone just see James Carville on Andrea Mitchell???????

Latest Gowdy Fakery: Name Of CIA Source In Clinton Email Was No Secret


Under Trump fire, Jeb Bush Focuses On 9/11 even as Hijackers got Florida Licenses under his watch.

Federal Judge Keeps Wisconsin Voter ID Law Intact

(Former IN GOP Rep) Dan Burton lobbying for Scientology group

Bernie Sanders: Alabama Republicans are 'cowards' trying to 'suppress' vote

I keep hearing "well-regulated militia" as a precondition to gun ownership.

Liberal Comeback Unprecedented In Canadian History

US appeals court upholds Connecticut gun laws passed after Newtown school shooting

Americans Are Drinking Themselves To Death — And Alcohol Is Ruining More Lives Than All Other Drugs

PPP (D) -Clinton reclaims NH lead; Trump still up big- HRC 41% (+6) SBS 33% (-9) JB 11 (-4)

The oil patch may have lost a big opportunity with the Harper era

Koppu Kills 12, Dumps 30+ Inches of Rain on Philippines

GWB - Will We Finally See Justice?

Pic Of The Moment: Congressclown Is So Panicked By The Prospect Of A Hillary Clinton Presidency...

The US drone assassinations

Former Sen. Jim Webb Announces Withdrawal from Democratic Presidential Race

Watch A Shark Feeding Frenzy Right On The Beach in NC

Canada Elections: Israel Loses 'Best Friend' As Justin Trudeau Defeats Stephen Harper

Gloria Steinem: Why the White House needs Hillary Clinton

Big Pharma Crony Now In Charge Of Drug Safety

Champi becomes 20th super-typhoon of 2015 (previous record was 18)

Kucinich was a fringe candidate in 2008. Sanders is not.

Hurricane Olaf becomes most-southerly major hurricane on record

"Of the Half-Billion Poorest Adults in the World, One Out of Ten is an American"

Cogniflex? Anybody heard of this?

Grad students fight back at Yale: “I’m trying to support myself and my son - but it’s not working"

I love this new word 'Megastructures'.

Marine Le Pen goes on trial charged with anti-Muslim hate speech

Will Howard University’s TV Station Be Auctioned Off to the FCC?

Nebraska Democratic Party 2016 Presidential Caucus Series

Greene Co. Commissioners Overwhelmingly Smack-Down Resolution to Fly Confederate flag at Courthouse

Human rights activist forced to flee Russia following TV 'witch-hunt'

The 'lynching' of Habtom Zarhum: A history of incitement

I know some hate The Leftovers. I think it's the best thing going.

Here are a few claims already debunked by previous Benghazi committees....

If Hillary gets the nomination, I wonder how many disaffected dems will

Big asteroid will safely pass Earth on Halloween

Efficient commuting

Third Russian air strike on Syrian rebel group (FSA) kills leader

Day 12: Pack members still don't suspect anything

Oklahoma cracks down more on disposal wells after Cushing quakes

Watson: Bernie Sanders asks us to rebalance capitalism

"We must do more" Senator Durbin re Syrian refugees

Genome-edited plants, without DNA

My vote for Hillary in the GE is NOT a vote for the "lesser of two evils"

Many Low-Income Workers Say ‘No’ to Health Insurance

Emerson Poll: Hillary 68%, Sanders 20%,

LEDs from food and beverage waste created

Canadians Elect Guy Named Justin as Their Leader

Tesla shares dive after Consumer Reports yanks recommendation for Model S

FedEx pilots vote to ratify new labor contract

If---and I say if---Bernie loses New Hampshire....

FedEx pilots vote to ratify new labor contract

FedEx pilots vote to ratify new labor contract

Democrats mull exit from Benghazi panel: House member

The First Bobbie Jo - Pat Woodell - Has Died

Texas Attorney General’s Thorough Plans To Discriminate Against LGBT People

Watchdog to probe alleged mustard gas use by Islamic State

Canada election does not affect decision on Keystone pipeline: Kerry

Third Russian air strike on Syrian rebel group kills leader

If O'Malley is running to be Clinton's VP, he's not doing it right! (HRC Group)

US Labor Department settles allegations of systemic hiring discrimination at Hospira Inc

Denver Rescue Mission's doors locked based on complaint from Ballpark Neighborhood Association

Netflix is reviving GILMORE GIRLS

Why Bernie Sanders Is Starting to Attract Conservative Voters (Bernie Group)

Rick Pitino implores Louisville ex-staffer to do the right thing, 'tell the truth'

TODAY - Walter Mondale: Living Legacy - a Forum w/ Biden and Carter

States Can Combat Antiabortion-Rights Restrictions by Protecting Patient-Provider Relationship

I remember my days back at old Trump University.

Ted Cruz Goes Full Racist; Ignorantly Bashes Black Activists

Dumb and Dumber: A tRump-TaliBen ticket?!

Regardless of the Democratic Primary Results,

Morning Consult National Tracking Poll

The DU just got a HUGE thank you from TakePart for covering the Black Rhino story in LBN

Hilary Clinton is a liberal.

We live in an oligarchy. Clinton/Third Way Dems might ignore it. But that's the truth.

Monarch butterfly migration at the NC beach

Another hour, another poll...(Clinton +32 over Sanders)

I'll say it AGAIN: "OMG!!! Socialism!!!!"

The Donald gets a new pet :)

A 23-year-old Google employee lives in a truck in the parking lot and saves 90% of his income

Want Powell's Iraq email covered by M$M? Benghazi Panel Dems need to ASK Clinton

Busted: Watch Mississippi lawmaker openly race-baiting at GOP rally to oppose black school funding

Hillary Clinton back over 50% in Huffington Post agggregate polling

‘I’m sorry if this is hard for you’: Little girl breaks tough news to parents

Lamar Odom on kidney dialysis, may need transplant

Tesla shares fall 10% on Consumer Reports blast

OMG! Bernie Sanders' support is COLLAPSING!!!

Ad for 702 Accounts adds luster to Clinton campaign.

Defining "wealth" : can *everyone* be rich?

India Uber driver guilty of rape

Kari's Law a success, worked as it should. Mixed feelings though. (& E petition)

I will give Hillary this I believe she would be great on the environmental issues. She witnessed

will Biden release his decision statement tomorrow morning?

Egypt fixing Tutankhamun mask after botched epoxy repair

UVa student Martese Johnson files $3M suit against ABC agency, agents

just curious who thinks we should take more Syrian refugees

Bernie Sanders: No Regrets Defending Hillary Clinton On Emails

Transgender former US Marine shares inspirational story to encourage others to accept themselves

Yet another anti-choicer who thinks sex is icky...

Whiteclay business owners concerned with growing number of belligerent, threatening homeless people

Whiteclay business owners concerned with growing number of belligerent, threatening homeless people

Martin O'Malley Charms and Sings on The View

***New Music Thread***

Motorcycle stolen in 1983 turns up in flood debris near Lincoln (FIXED)

'Bad Blood!

Panicked establishment gets ready for war against Trump

Brief video: A Republican Tribute to Hillary Clinton (HILLARY GROUP)

Senator Jim Webb Remarks Withdrawing from the Democratic Nomination Race at the National Press Club

Has anyone gotten the flu even if he/she was inoculated (at least) three weeks prior?

It appears that our Canadian brothers and sisters

Why Has Carly Fiorina Seemingly Dropped Off The Face Of The Earth?

John Barleycorn Must Die

Chelsea on her "thick skin": "I don't remember a time when ppl weren't attacking my parents." (HRC)

O'Malley: 'We already have too many candidates of Biden's generation.'

Colombia’s inspector general targets yet another prominent leftist politician

Suit expanded, alleges handymen sought sex for repairs

Articles from the Daily Mississippian on the state flag

The difference between science and religion.

'Game-Changer' Study Says There's A Better Way To Treat Schizophrenia

11-Year-Old Rape Victim Who Was Denied Abortion in Paraguay Could Find Justice in Human Rights Court

President Obama Needs to Cut Ties with This Alleged Grifter (Sac mayor Kevin Johnson)

Michigan GOPer Lawmakers Sexpelled From Congress To Hook Up Again?

U.N. leader urges calm amid escalating Palestinian-Israeli violence

What if she does...

President Obama Needs to Cut Ties with This Alleged Grifter (Sacramento mayor Kevin Johnson)

Glen Allen HS apologizing after racist song plays at football game

PSA: You do NOT seek radical change in government by electing a president.

San Antonio man gets 7 years in prison for sex with girl in Honduras

San Antonio man gets 7 years in prison for sex with girl in Honduras

Why Kentucky farmers are quitting tobacco and turning to an unlikely new crop

Trump Says We Need “Big Fat Dose Of Global Warming”

I have a Bernie story. More accurately, a Bernie T-shirt story.

22 Caribbean species survived the Ice Age, then went extinct when humans arrived

22 Caribbean species survived the Ice Age, then went extinct when humans arrived

If Biden Decides To Run - He's Not Getting Off To A Good Start.....

Donald Trump Tripples Down On 9/11 Comments

New species find in Central Otago confirms link between Australian and South American shorebirds

Any other DUers in $iliValley?

The media is trying to stir up B/S between Hillary and Biden

The original Acid Queen-Merry Clayton

"Carry... in case of a conflict with another person."

Thomas Jefferson and the Origins of American Religious Nationalism

Ed Schultz News and Commentary: Tuesday the 20th of October

Pillars of Light Shine Over Argentina (Photo)

Pillars of Light Shine Over Argentina (Photo)

Key Bloc of 50 Black Mayors to Back Hillary Clinton (HILLARY GROUP)

Donald Trump and Joe Lieberman sitting in a tree . . .

How does Hillary get disaffected Dems? The answer is Bernie.

The mayor of Albuquerque saw a homeless man with a 'Will work' sign. It gave him a great idea.

MO'M on The View:

Martin O'Malley on The View

Place your bets, folks...


CPL holder shoots armed robbers after being mugged

today's team hillary meme: biden should go out on a high note

Army intelligence system said down during hospital attack

I am in Poll Hell today. Every other thread is "X% vs Y%! Yippee!!!"

Whoa! "Volatility, thy name is Granite State." (HILLARY GROUP)

Poll over at DKos needs some Bernie support love

Rand Paul Calls Marco Rubio's Syrian No Fly Zone Plan 'Naive' And 'Foolish'

Luckovich draws: "My Pet Goat" and its a hoot!

PPP:NH republicans want Sanders as the democratic party nominee because they think he's the easiest

UMass students to hold rally highlighting US Sen. Bernie Sanders' 2016 presidential campaign

Does anyone have any pertinent on the people running for office in Sammamish?

Paul Wellstone had the stones.

Fewer Teens Are Smoking Cigarettes—But More Are Smoking Pot!

Corgi Puppy Can't Deal With Mini Pumpkin

I've come to the conclusion that to be a conservative today means you have to be mean to the poor

Leaked Audio Reveals Venezuelan Opposition in Secret Talks with IMF

If Hillary wins and picks a few Wall Street execs to be in her cabinet, what will be the excuses?

Peru justice minister resigns in scandal linked to first lady

U.S. and Russia Agree to Regulate All Flights Over Syria

Benghazi Committee On Defense As It Readies For Clinton To Testify; Hillary "looking forward" to it.

Cummings Calls on Gowdy to Correct Record, Release Blumenthal Transcript after Inaccurate Claims

The Latest: Muslim woman's alleged attacker dismissed by IU

8 minutes of Edgar Allen Poe and Christopher Walken, BOOO

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Spy Planes Detected In Bolivia's Air Space, Government Says

This Is The Man In India Who Is Selling States Illegally Imported Execution Drugs

TAVIS SMILEY Presidential Candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders (video)

Rent in San Francisco is so expensive that it’s cheaper to commute from Las Vegas

George W. Bush On Ted Cruz: “I Just Don’t Like The Guy”

No Groundswell for Biden in New Hampshire: Bloomberg Politics/Saint Anselm Poll

He's a fucking SOCIALIST for Christ's sake!

2 FB comments about MO'M after Daily Show interview:

GABBY GIFFORDS: "Gun Violence IS A Women's Issue."

Execution drug shortage makes some think of firing squads

Sanders calls for federal probe of Exxon

A Federal Judge Just Gave an Epic Defense of Planned Parenthood That Everyone Should Read

States That Didn't Expand Medicaid Paying More For The Program

Arkansas's highest court keeps executions on hold, for now

Buffalo Springfield


French far right leader on trial over Muslim prayer comments

New Canadian PM Justin Trudeau brings same support for Keystone XL pipeline

Patriots aren't 'America's Team' but Tom Brady's stardom carries over to Europe

The Drone Papers (from an anonymous whistleblower through The Intercept) A policy of assassination.

Army Intelligence System Said Down During Hospital Attack

"Historical Revisionism: Conservative Civil War Delusions"

Canada withdrawing fighter jets from Iraq, Syria, Trudeau tells Obama

Canada's new Prime Minister ca 1997

The Man Behind the Dragon Tattoo

From a friend's FB page: "Huh! Watching last night's The Daily Show"

I Was a Drone Warrior for 11 Years. I Regret Nothing.

Little Piggy

Cute bumper sticker I just found on an Electric Vehicle forum I frequent

Dick Cheney is not a "decent man". He is fundamentally evil...

(Farmington, MN) Schools could get solar panels on their roofs (and save $100,000-$200,000 per year)

Bernie, Corporate Media and the truth.

Would District Consider Asian-American Names as Replacements? (TX)

Hillary's emails more secure than the Director of the CIA's emails?

A Thousand Miles in Their Shoes -- a great site on the trek of war refugees

Fmr. prosecutor weighs in on flag indictment (FL)

"Party Loyalty" and the Purpose of Parties (warning: Long read)

A win for election integrity (NC)

Cans of 'parrot meat' in North Beach (SF) store window spark controversy

Racist signs target mayoral candidate Ben Chin in Lewiston

A racist fruit basket....

For doing practically nothing.....

Sanders still has a narrow lead in the average of the 4 post debate NH polls

Man gets 27 years in border agent's slaying

An Island You Don’t Want to Visit - Snake Island

188 D vs 247 R: Third-Way 'Pragmatic' Democrats are leading us to permanent minority status!

5 myths about the flu shot

It's better to cross bridges than to burn them...

BOG post of the Weekly Address: Working for Meaningful Criminal Justice Reform

Reunited At Last kitty rescue by Kate in Kokomo, IN

Astronomy Night at the White House (Long, but fun!)

West Wing Week: 10/16/2015 or, “The American Soundtrack”

We live in an age where evangelicals screaming "If you are not a Christian you are going to hell."

Weekly Address: Working for Meaningful Criminal Justice Reform

Lots of positive encouragement on his FB page

Netanyahu Compares Abbas to ISIS and Hamas on Eve of Kerry Meeting

Feds side with Alaska Native group in artifacts probe

Feds side with Alaska Native group in artifacts probe

OMFG - ABC is finally carrying the arson at the African-American churches

These Fairytale Trees Only Grow at Incredible Altitudes

These Fairytale Trees Only Grow at Incredible Altitudes

New Bloomberg NH Poll - Sanders 41% Clinton 36% Biden 10%

Do I call the installer back for one dented tile?

Mormon apostle Oaks: Kentucky clerk wrong not to issue same-sex marriage licenses

FOUR immigration lies by Donald J. Trump & the GOP. Watch Robert Reich explain. (3 min video link)

Teamsters Say Union Buster C&S Wholesale Grocers Aims To Kill Jobs at Safeway

“Star Wars” lets Princess Leia age realistically: Is this an alternate Hollywood universe?

US Sen. Elizabeth Warren urges supporters to join 'gun safety' movement

Teamsters Say Union Buster C&S Wholesale Grocers Aims To Kill Jobs at Safeway

Simon & Schuster makes Benghazi-related chapter of Clinton's memoirs available for free online

Teamsters Say Union Buster C&S Wholesale Grocers Aims To Kill Jobs at Safeway

‘Clock kid’ Ahmed Mohamed and his family will move to Qatar

What's Inside Brooklyn Navy Yard's Building 664?

Formerly homeless man now owns three restaurants

The People V The Corporations/Wall St/The Mic

Listen up Bernistas! I think this is Canada's message to US

10-19-15 In the Streets and the Shareholder Meetings in 2:00

10-19-15 In the Streets and the Shareholder Meetings in 2:00

DU Music CHALLENGE: Name the single greatest vinyl OR CD box set from ANY genre.

Reid Offers Surprise Support For Ryan As Speaker

10-19-15 In the Streets and the Shareholder Meetings in 2:00

Latest HuffPost/Pollster graph shows Hillary spiking.. and Bernie and Joe in decline.

Closing public trails for hunting season?

Liberals Calling for a Constitutional Convention Are Delusional

Hillary Clinton slams Branstad's Medicaid privatization plan

Joe Biden gauging politics, staffing for 2016 run

Spokane Indians Change Jerseys to Salish Language

Very Interesting...

Altar Welfare: Churches Steal $71 Billion A Year From Taxpayers, Spend Little On Charity

$8 Million to get on all 50 ballots

Institutionalized racism at banks

A song aboot Toronto?

My choice to be the next Speaker of the US House

Bush* says, ‘I just don’t like the guy,’ and he doesn’t mean Trump

What Makes the New Atheists So Charitable?

Handcuffing Little Kids May Not Be 'Reasonable,' Says Obama DOJ

Religious Leaders Oppose DA Who Says Bible OKs Death Penalty

10-20-15 Merle Travis-Songs of the Working Man in 2:00

10-20-15 Merle Travis-Songs of the Working Man in 2:00

10-20-15 Merle Travis-Songs of the Working Man in 2:00

Comment Malcolm X Suggests Cure To Racism In Newly-Discovered Handwritten Letter

It Is Expensive to Be Poor

This is How Ecuador Takes Action on the Cotopaxi Volcano Emergency

This is How Ecuador Takes Action on the Cotopaxi Volcano Emergency

Bucks' John Henson says he was racially profiled at Wisconsin jewelry store

Four-year old shot in the head in Albuquerque road rage incident

I trashed a thread,

Disaster scenario for B1G championship game outlined

Police Say 4-Year-Old Shot in New Mexico Road-Rage Incident

Breaking: Morning Consult Poll: Hillary 56%, Sanders 24% (Hillary +32)

Russia Builds Massive Arctic Military Base

Someone is going to be pissed.

Former Federal Worker Sues, Alleging Anti-Gay Bias At Aviation Agency

Israeli Café Offers Half Price Hummus For Arabs And Jews Who Eat Together

Canada to end airstrikes in Syria and Iraq, new prime minister Trudeau says

NYC Pride 2019 is Stonewall 50 WorldPride

Fmr Repub. Webb Enters Race Via Twitter, Exits Via Press Conference... Slams DNC re Hillary

Mass media suddenly notices rash of arson fires in black churches in Ferguson area.

Not a bad idea really

Christopher Walken read one of Poe’s most famous works

Dailykos: 'That is factually not correct:' Media starts noticing Republican Benghazi lies

Art 2

Comic Books/Manga /Anime

Joe Biden changes story on Osama bin Laden raid

Ted Cruz Welcomes Backing of Anti-LGBT Bigot Who Believes Gay Marriage Will Lead To Worldwide Disast

Does anyone have any info about.....