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TCM.. "Leave her to Heaven" Gene Tierney. Amazing movie!! Tonight 10/14/15 8pm

DU Member Cascadiance got me thinking about GDP perceptions, and it changed me a bit

U.S. justices question Obama administration electricity markets rule

So NBC fires Trump. Then hire him to do SNL? Isn't that free campaign air time?

Hillary misrepresented her past support for the TPP during the debate

Why can't Bernie point out that Democratic Socialism is an American thing?

Miners union to Walter Energy: 'It can't always be about more money. Judas had more money'

Miners union to Walter Energy: 'It can't always be about more money. Judas had more money'

Nationally ranked college debaters from the College of William/Mary graded the 5 Dem candidates

Miners union to Walter Energy: 'It can't always be about more money. Judas had more money'

Nationally ranked college debaters from the College of William/Mary graded the 5 Dem candidates

Jessica Mendoza should broadcast the World Series

Now that we've had a little time (and dinner) to talk and think about the first debate...

Buying a gun for protection is usually for the mathmatically challenged

"Liberal" isn't a dirty word anymore

Two Cardinals say they saw the fight go out of Lions

Bernie Sanders Has a Secret Weapon, and the Media Elites Just Don’t Get It

Trans-Pacific Partnership text won't be available before Canadian election

Video shows police tasing a bloody, restrained Matthew Ajibade in the testicles before his death

Looks like everyone agrees with Sen. Sanders

Russia Hits Locations near Aleppo; Claims Opposition Forces Low on Ammo, RPGs.

Measure to increase U.S. debt limit could hit House floor soon

Fuming Bernie supporters: Why is CNN deleting our comments?

Ted Cruz sees Clinton indictment, but for White House interference

Today, I donated to both Bernie and Hillary.

A Father’s Advice to His Gay Son in the 1950s

Second Republican Congressman Admits Benghazi Committee Was ‘Designed To Go After’ Clinton

Rob Ford's brother Doug will host an event Harper will attend this week. Talk about desperation.

Taiwanese Animation News Takes on Democratic Debate - OMG

Marco Rubio Looks for Funds From Former Walker Donors

Note to Bernie Sanders: PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE...

E.J. Dionne: Clinton Wins

Bodies of dozens of elephants found poisoned in Zimbabwe

Parents are having their newborn babies cosplay as Bernie Sanders

Tom the Dancing Bug Toon: Dear Old Trump University

Israeli Police Under Scrutiny for Shooting Knife-Wielding Assailants (3 videos)

10-14-15 Labor Standing in Solidarity Against the Nazis in 2:00

10-14-15 Labor Standing in Solidarity Against the Nazis in 2:00

10-14-15 Labor Standing in Solidarity Against the Nazis in 2:00

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseeker Check In!! Church Night!! What Happens in Vegas

Four Senior Males Recent Remarks - "God Help Us If Hillary Wins Presidency - My Head Hurts.

'Had a great night,'

Greenpeace Is Shopping for Dirty Coal-Power Plants

How the Sanders campaign is misunderstood and why he may have won the debate

Well all I can say is WTF

Customs Computers Down At Airports Nationwide

Asked whether Black Lives Matter or All Lives Matter, Bernie Sanders nailed the answer

Krugman: The Waaaaah Street Factor

'Out of Control' Inequality: Global One Percent Owns Half of World's Wealth

Hightower:'We Are Writing the Rules,' says Obama. Who's 'We'?

Tree Lobsters #98 Side Effects

If Dems help to pass TPP, they will hand over the White House to Republicans

Bernie Sanders puts a groove on (well, kind of) during taping of ‘Ellen’

This kind of thing is only supposed to happen in little league when my dad is watching.


So I talked to some people I know

Missouri judge strikes down St. Louis minimum wage increase

Alienated voters and strategic voters

Video shows water spout tornado as it destroys a mail truck on Sunshine Skyway Bridge in Florida

A fake "doctor" who covers all the bases!

Texas executes man who fatally shot Dallas police officer

New York teen dies after hours-long beating at church

Argentinian trans activist Diana Sacayán found dead

World Commemorates International Day of the Girl Child

Civil rights groups blast plan for King memorial at Confederate display in Georgia

World Commemorates International Day of the Girl Child

Clinton Campaign Responds: "Gowdy's Inquiry Has Zero Credibility Left."

World Commemorates International Day of the Girl Child

Who remembers this?

Stay classy Toronto. This was ugly.

How does Clinton/Castro poll against Trump/Nugent?

Did The Democratic Debate Change The Odds?

Large rally Spring Preserve Nv.

Can Poroshenko Control Ukraine’s Right Wing?

Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders call for Edward Snowden to face trial

Because everyone knows pundits' opinions are more scientific than Internet Polls.

The debate on who "won" the debate is really silly

Hillary Clinton Punched Down During The First Debate -- And It Worked

Texans owner Bob McNair donates $10,000 to anti-HERO effort

Honey, Do I Look Fat?

Second Republican Congressman Admits Benghazi Committee Was ‘Designed To Go After’ Clinton (HRC GRP)

A Chevy Impala that defines “Muscle car” - /BIG MUSCLE

Rachel Maddow: Bernie announces he raised over $2 million since the debate.

FBI arrests suspect when agent recognizes him at coffee shop


Go behind the scenes with Hillary Clinton at the Democratic debate

I do like that Rachel disseing R.Paul

TPP requires countries to destroy security-testing tools (and your laptop)

Ed Schultz "Democrats did themselves NO favors last night.

sharia law, anyone?

Now that a high ranking Congressional leader, a second congressman, and a staffer have . . . .

Your cat can pick up on how you are feeling

TCM Schedule for Thursday, October 15, 2015 -- TCM Spotlight: Trailblazing Women

UC Professor began sexually harassing students FOURTEEN years ago and was just now disciplined.

Second Republican Congressman Admits Benghazi Committee Was ‘Designed To Go After’ Clinton

Who knew? Bernie can dance!

Well, time for me to take a voluntary timeout from DU for awhile

Mississippi Dude Worries Removing Confederate Flag Is Bad For The Jews

rolling east on the california zephyr

In Serious Gaffe, Sanders Treats Opponent with Dignity and Respect

Arizona Republican "compromises" on gun control.

Nurses union drops Sestak, backs McGinty

Nurses union drops Sestak, backs McGinty

Nurses union drops Sestak, backs McGinty

The RIP Bullet

Picture indeed worth a 1,000 words.

Kirk Supports Clinton Despite Opposition to Trade Deal

TCM Schedule for Friday, October 16, 2015 -- What's On Tonight: Scary Kids

Suspect dead after Canada hammer attack injures 10 at aboriginal government office

New Questions Face San Antonio Water Pipeline

The CNN Democratic Debate BEST line was.....

Slightly less than 1,000 words

The mighty, mighty Royals will defend their pennant!

Trump Has A New Target: Bernie Sanders

Hey Abbott????? Royals VICTORY


Two Shot, Gunman At Large On Syracuse University Campus

TCM Schedule for Saturday, October 17, 2015 -- The Essentials - Set In Arizona

Congrats to the @kcroyals on advancing to the ALCS!

Hillary Clinton is Wrong About Edward Snowden (New Yorker)

Trevor Noah had his best night as Daily Show host tonight.

Are we going a little overboard with the focus on principles?

Trump: Russia Not to Blame for MH17

Surging Liberals dealt blow as campaign co-chair resigns

Dick Morris: Bernie Sanders Won the Debate

My first sighting of a yard sign in Los Angeles... (believe it or not)

New tally shows at least 1,621 killed in Saudi hajj tragedy

AB Inbev, SABMiller merger would brew 70% of worlds beer

Corpus Christi teachers not happy with new $1M math curriculum

Mr. Sanders Bring Us a Dream (Mr. Sandman Cover)

Putting the Putin on notice?

Post-Debate Poll Finds Bernie Closer To Hillary Than Ever Before

Does anyone know anything about this website?

37,600 Unscientific Click Donors Raise $1.3 Million for Bernie During Debate! Stats Baby!

Under fire from Democrats, Dallas lawmaker stands by Tweet with Nazi meme

TPP Critics’ Nighttime Fears Fade by Light of Day - Jeff Frankel

An Untold Story of American Immigration

Oregon to Mississippi: Change the state flag

Clinton, riding momentum from debate, wins union backing and accuses Republicans of targeting...

William Pitt on voting for the IWR: "History defends this explanation"

Football Coach, A convicted felon, Punches Referee During Youth Football Game

Members of New Hartford, NY church arrested - allegedly beat teen to death

Clinton, riding momentum from debate, wins union backing and accuses Republicans of targeting...

We've maybe not seen it simplified like this: Comparing Car purchases and Gun Purchases

It doesn't matter who won the debate.

DEA bought millions in cell phone trackers and training, payment data shows

Ecuador asks Britain to allow Julian Assange 'safe passage' for MRI scan

DEA bought millions in cell phone trackers and training, payment data shows

I live in the South, and I've almost learned not to speak ill of anyone.

Democratic Socialism Explained

A Second Republican admits Benghazi committee created to politically attack H. Clinton

Alien technology possibly spotted orbiting a distant star

Putin may hate it, but NATO may be about to expand again

CNN: Blitzer To Chafee: You'll Look Silly If You Don't Drop Out Soon

California Unveils Website To Combat Revenge Porn

Donald Trump says Russia isn't to blame for MH17, despite evidence

Greenpeace Is Shopping for Dirty Coal-Power Plants

AG files campaign finance complaint against Freedom Foundation

This Isn't an Intifada, This Is What Binational Israel Looks Like

Toon that about sums up the "who won" debate


The Problem of Abuse is the Greatest Challenge the Web Faces Today.

New PPP Poll Shows How Wildly Unpopular The Republican Party Has Become

Ted Cruz Demands Portrait Gallery Remove Bust Of Planned Parenthood Founder Margaret Sanger

3,500 acres burned, 150 homes threatened in Bastrop County fire; 2nd fire near Jarrell

Thom Hartmann: Bernie Sanders Vows to Stop 'Disastrous' TPP Deal

Thom Hartmann: The GOP Speaker Job Sucks

Thom Hartmann: Is This the End Of This New McCarthyism Witch Hunt?

Tesla's Model S Level 2 autonomous system (Autopilot) goes live.

Debate poll conducted by Google Consumer Surveys..... Sanders 49.2% Clinton 31.2

Bernie is going to win this thing.

Daily Holidays - October 15

A few photos Oct 13 #DemDebate

How the Press Can Deal With the Benghazi Committee

Alarming Reports of Global Plague of Fact-Resistant Humans

WaPo reaches late Amb. Chris Stevens' mom abt shameless ad showing her son's grave: “If I could sue

Game-changer Fossil teeth place humans in Asia '20,000 years early from' 80k to125k years ago

Predictable GOP Response To Debate. "Dems Giving The Country To Undocumented Workers.

For DU..."Stand By Me" performed by Playing For Change

DC church says bike lane would infringe on its constitutional rights of religious free-dumb.

I'm going to hell for this one....

Lawd! This snake in NC went catfish noodling and caught a big one.

Fuming Bernie supporters: Why is CNN deleting our comments?

Baltimore police seen taking people from City Hall protest

U. of Florida to keep biblical inscription despite atheist protest

Investigation sought on using violent inmates to fight fires

Donald Trump IS Your Drunk Neighbor! LOL!

Jindal is to blame when it comes to Louisiana not meeting federal standards with the new Real ID law

3 Louisiana governor candidates provide more budget details at debate. David Vitter's absent.

Yes, Bernie Won Every Poll On the Internet. Hillary Still Won the Debate.

At Boston Forum, Federal And Local Officials Discuss Region’s Transportation Future

David Vitter's $4.5M spend in last 20 days still leaves him top dog in governor's race

Hastert hush-money case returns to US court in Chicago

Battle looming over Colorado immigrant driver’s licenses

More horrible than rape: Spengler

The Biggest Losers From The First Democratic Debate Are Republicans

Spotlight: Housing program helps Venezuela fight off poverty

Former Panama President Martinelli faces political spying charges

Australia gives greenlight to massive coal mine despite environmental concerns

If Hillary won the debate, then why did she win?

Germany orders mass recall of VW cars

Scottish nationalists strong on endurance for long road to independence

How Clinton tipped her Neoliberal hand during the debate

Can atheists find spirituality without God?

What a President Hillary Clinton might encounter?

Vietnam Slams US Over Annual Religious Freedom Report

Obama To Announce Thousands Of Troops To Remain In Afghanistan Beyond 2016

Japan restarts second nuclear reactor despite opposition

How are media pundits "scientific"?

Heckler and Koch vindicated in G36 accuracy row, but lobbying concerns linger

Could this be the Chinese Spring?

Hillary's impassioned rant against Snowden base on delusion

McDonald's pushes movie to schools that shows McDonald's as weight-loss tool

Morning Joe... "With Bernie's poor performance at the debate..."

You know that creep that was bothering Chelsea Clinton?

Felt the Bern.

EU ponderously slow tackling refugee crisis

Bernie vs Hillary = People vs corporate media

Forest rangers discover 26 elephant carcasses in Zimbabwe

Colbert: Clinton to Banks- Cut it out!

Colbert: Clinton to Banks- Cut it out!

My scale told me a story I liked a week ago Sunday

For Throwback Thursday: Mary Tyler Moore and Donald Rumsfeld, 1975

Judge strikes down city's minimum wage law

Insiders love Hillary Clinton

Queen Hillary Came to Play

New outdoor chess tables available in Forest Park

Bernie Sanders busts out some dance moves in L.A. visit

Laumeier Sculpture Park opens new center and asks what a fair world would look like

Obama to extend US troop presence in Afghanistan beyond 2016

East St. Louis lays off eight police officers

The Nation’s Katrina vanden Heuvel on Bernie Sanders

On the Trail: Stadium bill will be shipped to a deeply skeptical aldermanic committee

A somewhat belated response to a post about women composers...

Clinton Should Retire Hostile Iran Rhetoric

Hillary is still the Democrat for war: Her bellicosity toward Iran sounded very dangerous

Biggest winners in First Data's IPO? The workers (5,000 workers $42,000 average)

Does a Religion Need to Worship a Supreme Being? New Hampshire Supreme Court Considers the Question

I don't like socialism.

BREAKING: Cookie-making elves living in tree trunk in Ted Cruz's yard throw support behind Carson

Cross posted from DU:GD-P (without the sighhhh) ...

Glenn Greenwald: Hillary used slimy innuendo against Snowden that’s been used about her emails

How Bernie's Socialism Wins the Race (and why Republicans love socialism)

Another GOP congressman says Benghazi panel meant to hurt Clinton

What One Historian Wishes Bernie Sanders Said About Being a Socialist

Brazil Supreme Court Freezes Impeachment Efforts Against Dilma Rousseff

Pennsylvania Senate OKs limits on union dues, PAC collection

Pennsylvania Senate OKs limits on union dues, PAC collection

Pennsylvania Senate OKs limits on union dues, PAC collection

Both Sides DON'T Do It.

Breaking - Joe Scum (who pushed Bengazhi more than

Absolutely amazing! Watch Koko the Gorilla adopt & cuddle kittens.

In Serious Gaffe, Sanders Treats Opponent with Dignity and Respect (SATIRE!) By Andy Borowitz

"just the way you look tonight...."

Ben Carson Loses Brain Surgeon License After Making Numerous Brainless Comments

Did The Democratic Debate Change The Odds?


The Iranians are not MY enemy.

Democrats debate watch party in Rochester draws fans of Bernie Sanders

Another debate toon

Krugman: Actual Existing Hillary

The Iranians are not MY enemy.

The End.

Thursday Toon Roundup 1-More Debate Reactions

Blankenship trial—Prosecutors win key pre-trial motions; UBB miners testify

Thursday TOON Roundup 2 -House Terrorists

Thursday TOON Roundup 3- The Rest

Blankenship trial—Prosecutors win key pre-trial motions; UBB miners testify

[ActBlue] You're making a difference -- daily update for 10-14-15 (day after first debate)

First Dem Debate: Time to Start Printing the Clinton/O'Malley '16 Bumper Stickers?

Not CT, From Washington Post - serious scientists - alien megastructure

Government: No benefit hike for Social Security next year

After years of hesitation, Democrats rally around calls for gun control

Seeing stars, again: Naval Academy reinstates celestial navigation

If Hillary Clinton Becomes Next U.S President,

Toon — Repubs watch Dem debate

L.A. school board votes to fire teacher Rafe Esquith, accused of misconduct

CPI for all items falls 0.2% in September; energy declines outweigh food, shelter...

Will the Republican Party unite or disintegrate??

Hillary Clinton’s Happy Brew

Kane, investigators spar over who had access to Supreme Court porn emails

Chris Matthews used these images to show why Bernie won the debate & how the media is biased

The Plot to Steal Millions From Chicago’s Schoolkids

Teenager asks cop for help, gets slammed to the ground and handcuffed

Is it just my imagination?

What War Photographs Leave Out

VLA Reveals Spectacular "Halos" of Spiral Galaxies

Lew says debt limit deadline is now Nov. 3

Tesla installs 'autopilot' update on its electric cars

Nearly two-thirds of GOP voters in NJ say Christie should end presidential campaign

Anti-choicer Admits Regulating Women’s Sexuality, Not Abortion, Drives Planned Parenthood Attacks

Supreme Court expected (SEC) to issue rules to provide investors transparency on company donations

Anti-choicer Admits Regulating Women’s Sexuality, Not Abortion, Drives Planned Parenthood Attacks

Cop drives his car into suspect fleeing by foot - "It was an accident!"

live feed of GOC Hearing (LePage/Good Will Hinckley investigation)


Cop handcuffs trash-talking citizen, spits in his face, THEN arrests him for assault

Hillary Clinton Accepts Endorsement of International Union of Painters and Allied Trades

House Of Dodge

In what universe would Trump's kid attend a free public college?

I honestly couldn't give the ghost of two shits who people thought won the debate.

Secret Jefferson-Era Chemistry Lab Discovered in UVa Rotunda

Can And Will Congress Stop The TPP? David Dayen Part Two

Help out with this Baltimore Sun Debate Poll

Bernie Sanders Scores Big Win in First Democratic Debate

New evidence that humans migrated to Asia long before Europe. Damn Neanderthals!

Oscar Pistorius to be released from jail to house arrest on Tuesday

"The actual strategy behind his (Putin's) Middle East push and why the NYTIMES might be obscuring it

Campaigning for Bernie -- An Easy Sell.

2.85 million followers Actress Alyssa Milano endorses Bernie

A toothless speech from a defanged Abbas

Venezuela: Land of No Milk and No Honey

Sometimes we see what we want to see

TPP deal contains some exemptions on temporary foreign workers

Robert Reich: Why Hillary Clinton Is Wrong for Refusing To Resurrect Glass-Steagall

Peru Announces Probe After AP Drug Plane Report

Benghazi committee be warned: Hillary Clinton is the comeback kid

What does the heightened awareness of police-brutality mean for "movie-cops"?

"political correctness"

Second GOP Congressman Admits Benghazi Panel Was "Designed" To Target Clinton

Bernie Sanders, Seth MacFarlane Team Up for Hollywood Fundraiser

Obama to slow pace of withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan

Monsanto hid Roundup’s Cancer Risk According to California Lawsuit

Poverty can kill: New York’s poorest residents live 11 years less than less than Wall Street fat cat

Obama to again delay Afghanistan drawdown

Canada OpEd: "... the loss of Clinton’s support is a major blow for the TPP."

Here’s what we’ve seen after 1 Democratic and 2 Republican debates:

Suburbanites are becoming the new face of homelessness in America

What is a Democratic Socialist? (best definition ever!)

Hillary. Stop. This (AS YOU WELL KNOW) is what happens to Whistleblowers:

Hastert to plead guilty to sexual misconduct - BREAKING on MSNBC

New insights into the dynamics of past climate change

Why Bernie Sanders dominated the Democratic debate

Are some Republicans just getting plain tired of the lies?

Art Small has passed away

Killer Whale Dies Following the Muddy Disaster at Marineland

The Republican Civil a Black Republican

Carson to suspend campaign for book tour..........

AWESOME ALERT: Georgia activists project Bernie2016 logo onto CNN building in protest!

Russ Baker: Crucial Background to New Redford Movie on Bush and Rather, Part 1

Scientists identify (potential) climate ‘tipping points’

Well, THIS will piss you off: The F-35 trillion $$$ Boondoggle.

This article raises a good point: Why are the pundits' opinions more "scientific" than online polls

Entertaining & Spot-On: Seth Macfarlane Introduces Bernie Sanders at LA Rally 10/14/15

Ok, here's one. What songs should never EVER be covered or redone by anyone else...I'll start

Who has a Republican Nemesis? I do. Darrell Issa.

Rachel Maddow - Hillary Clinton harbors no illusions about Republican good will

Rachel Maddow - Debate reflects well on Democratic Party

What's for Dinner, Thurs., Oct. 15, 2015

Where's the journalistic integrity?

President Nixon I AM NOT A CROOK Walt Disney World Room

Threads that Say "Polls Say Bernie Won theDebate" Are Misleading...Facebook Polls are NOT Scientific

When they miss target & end up killing someone else -They label person EKIA “enemy killed in action"

Guns as a deterent

Good Will-Hinckley leader confirms LePage’s funding threat forced Eves out

BREAKING: Bad news on COLAs for Seniors

Trump in Richmond Va. <60% capacity. "big, beautiful door". echoes Nixon.

Meanness, Hatred, Racist & Bigotry Works For GOP - US Has Long Way To Go.

I hope the Benghazi Committee becomes the GOP's "Benghazi"

Hillary didn't win the debate, but she still won anyway

RachelMaddow Exposes Media Bias Against Bernie Sanders

About the House Speaker

Jobless Claims in U.S. Fall to Match Lowest Level Since 1973

1366 Bets on Silicon Wafer Innovation with New Plant

Jennifer Lawrence Calls Out Hollywood’s Gender Pay Gap

Jennifer Lawrence Calls Out Hollywood’s Gender Pay Gap

First, decide who you think won Tuesday's debate. Done? OK, now vote in this poll:

Bernie on Ellen yesyerday

First Post DNC Debate Poll Results (Gravis Marketing)

Pic Of The Moment: New Poll: Even Republican Voters Think Republicans In Congress Are Just Terrible

Climate change explained

Warning- Your head may explode from the cuteness overload herein.

This happened 33 years ago today - The Reagan White House Thought AIDS Was Pretty Hilarious In 1982

Can anyone explain to me what we've accomplished in Afghanistan?

So I'm happy. How do I know Bernie hit on all cylinders at the debate?

Global Capitalism: October 2015 Monthly Update (commentary on Hillary's debate remarks)

CAPITALISM: As American As Apple Pie

Did-Bernie-Sanders-win-the-debate? DailyKos

New Jersey to Chris Christie: Chuck the campaign

Hilllary speaking now LIVE__Crowd growing outside HillaryClinton event is San Antonio.

Mike Huckabee: Asians Eat Dogs, Unlike My Son, Who Just Kills Them LOL!

Jeb Bush At Lehman Brothers: Florida Official Joked About Bush’s Influence Over State Pension

Did I miss the discussions of Sanders purchasing the top twitter topic?

How About That Democratic Debate? (Colbert video)

Why Sanders may have "won" the debate

U.S., Scottish investigators identify two suspects over 1988 Lockerbie bombing

HA! Jeb Bush campaign forced to change design resembling SEC logo

8 O'Malley's March Videos Every Martin O'Malley Supporter (Or Interested Voter) Needs To See, Stat

10/15/15 Morning Joe: Bernie not pre-packaged like Hillary

Here's how you know Hillary won the debate.

Southern Baptist leader: Boycott gay weddings, even your own kid's

This Is The Cubs’ Best Chance Yet To Break Their Curse

The Drone Papers

Take me out to the Ball game -for selfies and such

Shoppers at San Jose Target shocked when they hear loud porn over PA system

These are the faces of the Bernie Sanders grassroots army

2007: Remember when Hillary defeated Obama

What Happened to Michael Vick’s Dogs? New Film Highlights Their Amazing Journeys

Call your congress critter about the Benghazi Committee / $4.7 million and 525 days wasted

The reason so many of us are talking about racism despite recent progress

D.C. church says a bike lane would infringe upon its constitutional ‘rights of religious freedom’

Kucinich Wins Debate Poll, ABC Covers Up Results

Prof. R.D. Wolff's Global Capitalism: October 2015 Monthly Update

Prof. R. D. Wolff's Global Capitalism: October 2015 Monthly Update (cross-post)

Passive bumper stickers

Question about end of life cancer treatment...

Donald Trump Gets Burned In This Hilarious Obama Diss Track Parody

You hear a lot about police dogs, why do you never hear about police cats?

Trump supporter spits in protester's face

Did Bernie Sanders win the Democratic debate?

do you think the designation "poor folk" is demeaning?

TYT: Why Planned Parenthood Shouldn't Try To Appease Republicans

Morris Communications requires all of its newspapers to run anti-refugee editorial

Ben Carson 'Suspends' Campaign For A Book Tour

Bernie Sanders truthers, step down: There’s no conspiracy to hide that he “won” the debate

Dumpster To Road Trip: The Tara Adventure kitty rescue by Emmie Silver Spring, MD

Proof that Donald Trump is your drunk neighbor.

TYT: Sean Hannity Makes It Rain On Lincoln Chafee

Nice article on Hillary's likeability

Latino leaders planning large-scale event at CU-Boulder on day of GOP debate

Clinton Fails To Mention Petro Dollar In Reasoning For American Military Empire To Bomb Libya

Bernie unexpectedly meets Sandra Bland's mother & sister & it was AWESOME!

Happy Halloween: More on "AHS: Hotel"

"Hillary won the debate. Bernie won the voters."

TYT: Woman Sues Nephew After ‘Aggressive Hug'

Why do we care who "won"?

WA State slashes by two thirds ‘puny’ fine for worker killed in manure pond. Help make this right.

WA State slashes by two thirds ‘puny’ fine for worker killed in manure pond. Help make this right.

Suburbanites are becoming the new face of homelessness in America

WA State slashes by two thirds ‘puny’ fine for worker killed in manure pond. Help make this right.

CNN shut down Bernie2016tv

Stuff I don't expect to see in my lifetime...

TYT: Historic Ratings For Democratic Debate

Was Edith Cushing in the movie CRIMSON PEAK named after Peter Cushing? I haven't seen it,

When Bernie Promised to #SayHerName #SandraBland

Maddow praises Martin O'Malley’s “great night.”

Remember when DUers still tried to defend RT?

Three candidates on the debate stage had character.

E.J. Dionne Jr.: Clinton won the debate, but Sanders made it interesting

Hillary Clinton gave the exact right answer to explain her flip-flops. It still might not work

Germany vows tougher control of spy agency after new revelations

Obama's Goal of Ending Two Wars Now Slipping Beyond His Grasp

Illinois will delay pension payment, citing cash shortage

TYT: "Liberal" Media Swears Hillary Won Debate. EVERY Poll Says Bernie.

Putin Derides `Weak' U.S. Policy as Top Diplomats Discuss Syria

Faux news is a riot

"During the debate, the candidates mentioned the middle class eleven times...

Why Hillary Clinton Can’t Win by Going After the NRA

Guess what--Another game 5 tonight.

What Do We Really Know About Osama bin Laden’s Death?

What Did Clinton Mean When She Said Snowden Files Fell Into the “Wrong Hands”?

AP: Fairytale nation? How Denmark compares to the United States (U will luv this)

Gov. Baker Unveils Opioid Legislation

Two Words That Should Put Every American On Notice That We're Being Manipulated.......

Daycare owner: 'I was holding my own' in fight with father (update)

Iranian Americans Ask Hillary Clinton to Clarify Offensive Democratic Debate Comment

The Verdict Is In: Bernie Won The First Debate

CNN: This is how the NRA loses

2 men who beat gay couple banned from downtown Philadelphia

2 men who beat gay couple banned from downtown Philadelphia

Fair warning: The newest Hillary meme is...

Do cat cafés help reduce stress?

Lawyer: Mom too meek to stop fatal beating of son in church

A DU poll regarding online polls

CNN Shuts Down Bernie2016TV!! Because They Aired Raw Video Of The Debate!! CNN Censored Them!

Cardinal Sarah says the Christian family counters both Islamic, Western extremism

spooky puppy from tumblr X post in the lounge

Mental illness is the wrong scapegoat

It's NOT a death cult...

Bogus online polls explained in 4 Tweets: (HILLARY SUPPORTERS GROUP)

A bargain at twice the price

Bernie TV debate coverage was shut down by CNN. John Ellis of BernieTV explains.

Watch Bernie Today on the ELLEN show, NBC, 3:00 PM ET

Bill Gates: ‘We Need an Energy Miracle’

Huckabee Suggests Poor People Should Be Sold Into Slavery For Stealing

Thinking Outside the Box by Moving Into One

KoKo the Gorilla just turned 44. Guess what she got for her birthday?

Newark diocesan Catholics could be barred from sacraments for opposing Church teachings

Clinton's strong debate is general election warning for GOP (Hillary Grp)

Colts' D'Qwell Jackson doesn't know what happened to football that spurred deflate-gate

Hey, did any of you watch the debate the other night?

Ed Schultz News and Commentary: Thursday the 15th of October

WTO meeting to extend poorest countries' exemption from drug patents due to expire on 1/1/16.

Tennessee CO-OP Community Health Alliance to shutdown.

Judge orders Utah to keep cash flowing to Planned Parenthood

Marco Rubio Has Already Won The Billionaire’s Primary

Move Over Bitcoin, Here Comes PotCoin

AP: US Special Ops Knew Afghan Site Was A Hospital Before Bombing

Time to re-evaluate your Medicare plans

Jim Webb has a new campaign slogan

Since Hillary Clinton "won" that debate so handily, why isn't the DNC scheduling more of them?

Texas education commissioner will resign Jan. 1

How much did Hillary pull in for donations on debate night?

I need help re Eluard and Ernst

What Netflix should be telling us -Bernie Sanders truthers, step down: There’s no conspiracy to hide that he “won” the debat

Trump threatens to pull out of next debate.

I smell steak I see steak I eat steak

Going to see some old Austin crazies play tonight.

If the Republicans choose someone who is not a Member of the House as Speaker, how will they pay...

When Butterflies Shouldn't Fly Free

GOP Branding Dems As Communists. Giving Away Free Stuff.

Follow-up: Texas assistant coach gets leniency after hit on referee

Feds Arrest Fox News Commentator, Allege He Lied About CIA Past

Faux "news" got suckered again! (Fake "expert")

Feds Arrest Fox News Commentator, Allege He Lied About CIA Past

Fox News Regular just arrested by Feds

High-speed rail would spur billions in economic benefits

Cross posting this link to an OP in GDP by kpete

Bernie Sanders Has a Secret Weapon, and the Media Elites Just Don’t Get It

Where do Argentina's candidates stand on the Political Compass?

Murder charge expected in fatal shooting outside AT&T stadium after Cowboys game

Sander's supporters: What would you do if Bernie ultimately asks you to vote for Hillary?

A Word About Polls

Hillary’s Turning Point, newly energized Clinton campaign hopes Tuesday’s debate signals a new phase

Medicare Premiums May Soar as Social Security Payments Stay Flat

White House Walks Back John Kerry's Comments Linking Israeli Settlements To Palestinian Violence

Enough. Enough. Enough enough FUCKING ENOUGH.

Debate Wrap Up: Let’s Give Fox the Last Word

Wolf Blitzer is Boring with the stupid questions to candidates

2015 World's Best Sentence

Maine Charter School Operator: Yes, We Fired Dem After La Page Threatened Us

Texas students can soon bring guns to dorm room. Here’s what they can’t bring

They Both Won

Why Are Republicans Terrified of Union Power?

Hey Bernie, I've got your VP right here.

Seminole ISD superintendent arrested on suspicion of drunken driving, was in district-owned vehicle

Look at comments under every story. Berners slamming CNN.

A psychological perspective on Trump's appeal to his base.

Contradicting de Blasio, Stringer and James Debut Union-Based Affordable Housing Plan

The Thursday Slatest: Bernie Won the Online Polls, and Hillary Won the Dang Debate

Contradicting de Blasio, Stringer and James Debut Union-Based Affordable Housing Plan

Dennis Hastert, ex-House speaker, is expected to enter guilty plea

Contradicting de Blasio, Stringer and James Debut Union-Based Affordable Housing Plan

Mayor: Greeneville Town Hall Won't Fly Confederate Flag (TN)

Am I the last to know this?

Anderson Cooper vs. Bernie Sanders on Illegal CIA wars

Despite Polls And Focus Groups Saying Bernie Won, Pundits Insist Hillary Won Debate - TMFS Sketch

The goal of the media until the election is first to milk the candidates for money

Who won? Well, we'll have to wait and see what the real polls

This video clip sums up Tom Brady's season so far

October 15, 1943

October 15, 1943

October 15, 1943

Afghanistan, a Perpetual Haunting


Canadian envoy who hid Americans during hostage crisis dies

Spirit - 1984

Republicans Hand Hillary Clinton Another Gift On Benghazi

Gun Suicides Plummet in State After New Licensing Law, Skyrocket After Law Repealed in Other State

N. Carolina elections board weighs dumping official over Confederate posts

China’s Obsession With Pet Turtles Threatens a Rare Philippine Species With Extinction

Bernie Bits: Did Sanders Really Lose the Democratic Debate?

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Friday, 16 October 2015

I love how Hillary changes her twitter avatar to whats happening on any given day.

Stop the Madness: Schizophrenia in America

Not so fast! Clinton Now Re-Opens Door to Supporting Obama Trade Deal

Bernie Gave Helluva Defense of Email Scandals. There Are 32 Problems With It

How They Do in Oxford (MS)

Bobby Jindal Lies To Parents About Winning GOP Nomination

Stop the Madness: Schizophrenia in America

Full Show 10/13/15: Vegas is Berning

A $1 billion city is being built in New Mexico, but no humans will be allowed to live there

Coming Out Day Video Shares Advice A Father Gave His Gay Teen In 1959

A $1 billion city is being built in New Mexico, but no humans will be allowed to live there

PPP Poll: Clinton’s Lead Shrinking, Still Substantial

Six White Horses...

Bernie Sanders has fewer ‘fake’ Twitter followers than Clinton or Trump: analysis

Chile president announces process to create new constitution

Obama to deploy 300 US troops to Cameroon to fight Boko Haram

PPP is polling NH this weekend

Medellin officials arrested for stealing conflict victims’ subsidies

The gifts and ghosts of Lamar Odom

Cruz, Gohmert demand Smithsonian’s National Portrait Gallery to REMOVE Bust of Margaret Sanger

The strange star that has serious scientists talking about an alien megastructure

Bernie's intro at the debate is going viral on facebook(Nearly 150k likes, and 220k shares so far).

Sorry, corporate media, but we are sick of this shit!

'Liberation for some is liberation for none'

A Massive National Security Leak Just Blew the Lid Off Obama's Drone War

#KeepShoutingOnGuns trending on Twitter!

Huckabee keeps the hits coming

My first Bernie Sanders meme!

Wayne Simmons, Right-Wing Media's Benghazi Expert, Declared Fraud By Federal Prosecutors

No photos...

A U.S. trade director looking for professors to help sell still-secret TPP.

Maine committee investigating LePage funding threat votes to subpoena governor’s staffers

Both Hillary and Bernie did well. Congrats to both. Hillary will most likely be the nominee.

Adorable Predators

Saudi Man Faces Beheading For Protesting As A Teenager

spreading the word!

Medellin officials arrested for stealing conflict victims’ subsidies

A journey from cancer patient to survivor.

Background checks in CT: gun suicides plummet, yet overall suicide at an all time high.

I'm sure you can find something to like and to not like here. Like all of us, Hillary is human.

A thought after watching the debate. Hillary is Perfect for Our Times

School Board considers name change at Le Conte (CA)

Netflix is DEAD!!!!

This Is Why We Should Pay Attention To Bernie Sanders On Social Security

Some information to keep on hand for the anti-gay fundamentalists

Just how do we break up the big banks. Anti-trust laws are unlikely to be addquate to the jog.

Berkeley School Board considers name change at Le Conte

CNN, Editing the Debate Video and Shutting Down Bernie TV.

A tale of two Taneys: State House statue not facing same debate as Frederick bust (MD)

More than 11 Million Mexicans in Extreme Poverty

Deficit shrinks by $1 trillion in Obama era

Denmark and US comparison

Recreational marijuana in Oregon.

Gun Suicides Plummet in State After New Licensing Law, Skyrocket After Law Repealed in Other State

As if we needed any more proof that Ayn Rand was evil down to her DNA

Whoever uses this as their official campaign song wins.

Iowa can't show the math of Medicaid savings estimate

Teamsters renew push for potential pilot strike at Allegiant

Teamsters renew push for potential pilot strike at Allegiant

Teamsters renew push for potential pilot strike at Allegiant

Roasted eggplant soup

WikiLeaks’ Anti-Feminist Rant

A Proposal for better Gun Control

Ex-John Jay assistant admits saying ref 'needs to pay,' denies ordering players to make hit

Teeth from China reveal early human trek out of Africa

Really what does a broken up big bank look like?

Dear Joe..

Is this Bernie Sanders official channel?

35 Depression Era Photos That Put American History into Perspective

Hillary fans, are you fine with her relative militarism, esp when she's more hawkish than Obama?

Meet Mayor John Fetterman

Actor Randy Quaid, wife released from Vermont jail

Singing while black: Oakland choir threatened with ‘nuisance’ fines after tech workers enter

Racism alleged at grade school, educator on administrative leave

'El Chapo,' Trump among favorite Halloween getups in Mexico

EXCLUSIVE: Democratic National Committeewoman says her party is 'clearing a path' for Hillary

Crossing guard, school board member arrested over child porn

Texas Republican Forgets Bernie Sanders Is Jewish, Compares Him To A Nazi

The CNN Democratic debate transcript, annotated

Fox's Bill O'Reilly Compares Black Lives Matter Movement To The KKK

The History of 'APRONS'

Alabama Republican To Black Vet He Disenfranchised: Stop ‘Being A Victim’, Walk 45 Miles To Vote

from twitter-since debate bernie has rasied 3.2 million

Utter chaos at Florida's Okaloosa County School Board meeting.

Naked woman destroys Subway while high on drugs

Danish zoo criticized as it dissects lion before crowd

The Feds Just Got Sued for Letting Nestlé Bottle Water in California’s Drought Country

Bernie Sanders rejects donation from ‘poster boy for drug company greed’ Martin Shkreli

America's Top Fears

Arrested Gunrunner Smuggled Weapons By Bus Into NYC

Reports: Bulgaria Border Guards Shoot At Migrants

US Dispatched a Murderous AC-130 Airborne Gunship to Attack a Hospital

Kevin Anderson: Duality in climate science

New products from Gardein: Crab cakes and Sweet & Sour Porkless Bites

Sundance TV censors?? Since when??

A Brief History of U.S. Gun Worship

If you need a good laugh or cry....not about Bernie...about Florida.

A few others...

Bernie Sanders on Ellen revised (2 youtube videos)+(vimeo video full interview)

GOP Rep. Hanna: Benghazi Committee Was Designed To Go After Hillary Clinton

Cuba-based band plays at White House - a first in 50 years

Cuba-based band plays at White House - a first in 50 years

Oct 15 four days away from election day and the Liberals have the momentum in Canada. A majority

Joe Biden's Family Says Yes -- Will He?

a cross post from GC that I think should be here.

Oh, shit. It's started AGAIN. Today on Facebook "Like if you say Merry Christmas."

Chinese Media: Military Must Be Ready To Counter US In South China Sea

Mike Malloy - Why Bernie Sanders Dominated The Democratic Debate

A Florida style school board meeting. I wanted to laugh and cry...that bad.

I got carried off to Old Virginny today - come with me to the Blue Ridge Parkway

The horrifying lesson of Tamir Rice: White America will use “objectivity” to justify the murder

Coming October 21, 2015 : Jaws 19

So we/du have been linked-to on a certain wingnut site for how long?

Hidden Pines fire has destroyed 34 homes, but only 25% contained 5:34 p.m. Thursday, Oct. 15, 2015 |

If Facebook likes or votes mean nothing, why did Hillary spend $630,000 on

Rising numbers of Americans believe climate science, poll shows

When you look at this art print of Ray Charles, you will KNOW you are seeing genius in action.