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It's been 12 years. So remember Cubs fans...

FIVE Minutes Everyone! Time to check in!

It is SO quiet here.

***Official Debate Thread for Hillary Supporters***

Kerry Condemns Palestinian Attacks Against Israeli Civilians

So does Anderson feel the Bern?

Ice forms a block in the freezer

SenGillibrand just dropped by to meet @[email protected] supporters! other pics

WeWork Strikes A Union Deal, Ending Clash With Cleaners

WeWork Strikes A Union Deal, Ending Clash With Cleaners

WeWork Strikes A Union Deal, Ending Clash With Cleaners

Happy to be a Democrat.

The Crazies and the Con Man

Too Nervous To Watch Debate..

ATTENTION EVERYONE: CNN.COM will show the debate for free... just FYI

Official Debate Thread for Concerned Americans!

Joe Maddon for President! n/t

Tonight's winners will be the American people

Are we live blogging this debate on the Bernie Group?

What do you expect from Jim Webb?

CNN is so damn annoying.

CNN scrags Sanders on their debate web page before the debate even begins!

Field Poll: Obama’s approval rating in California highest since second term’s start

***Debate Thread for Undecided and NICE People***



O'Malley pre-debate warmup

Vancouver firefighters union opposes oil terminal at port (public safety)

Third Way Statement on Announcement of a 12 Country Deal on the Trans-Pacific Partnership

Vancouver firefighters union opposes oil terminal at port (public safety)

Vancouver firefighters union opposes oil terminal at port (public safety)

Help Please

"Democratic candidates in one another's face for the first time."

From what Im hearing form the debate hosts

CNN's Intro was horrible towards Bernie

Shep Smith Rips NBC For Hosting Trump After Cutting Ties

Noah Richler's latest ad

They have Ted Nugent, we have Sheryl Crow.

Think that I'll go with the Blueberry Diesel for the debate..

Can we get some $1 donations for a hit it out of the park Bernie answer tonight?

Debate thread for Wookies ONLY!!!1!1!

Bernie and Hillary shook hands

Sheryl Crow: You GO!!

Next time, give the debate to PBS.

***OFFICIAL Unofficial Debate Thread Better Than The Other OFFICIAL Debate Threads***

Lincoln Chafee Support Thread!

Thanks MIRT for working so hard tonight

No matter how cynical I become, it's never enough to keep up.

***official thread of the other threads****

Is CNN's stream for the debate working for anyone?

**** I hear there are threads? ****

Anywhere To Listen to Debate

The Al Jazeera News Channel is also broadcasting the Debate tonight. A reporter at

Three groups urge the candidates to go "bold on economic populism issues" during Tuesday's debate.

Congrats Marlon James - we're proud of you

Well, based on the introductory remarks, it's Bernie by several lengths

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Gone Fishing! & a new Kitteh gif

Hillary starting out strong

Answering Cooper's snarky, baited questions isn't a debate

FREE Bernie Sticker!

Is SETI on the track of something new?

Bernie sounds like the most authentic candidate on stage.

Cooper leading with 'big' 'contentious' questions.


Capitalism is not small businesses.

FYI, pissed off entitled Hillary just showed up as soon as Bernie said 1% LOL

Pork or nothing: how school dinners are dividing France

What is with Anderson Cooper

Leads with Baltimore/crime issue.

Anderson Cooper is coming off like an ass.

FBI investigation into human trafficking leads to 21 local arrests, rescue of two victims

Correct me if I'm wrong: In the Intro, Bernie Sanders said nary a word about himself. ISSUES.

Listen To Democratic Debate on 101.1 KXL FM and 1190 KEX AM

Hillary got this! HRC ROOM

Did Bernie Sanders just refer to himself in 3rd person?

O'Malley has a very sincere demeanor.

I am so proud to be a Democrat. We are seeing a "true" debate tonight. The GOP is bankrupt of ideas.

How are Bernie's comments regarding mental illness and gun control

Go Marty!

Adults. The Democrats are such adults. Instead of pandering they lead. That is the big difference.

O'Malley standing strong on gun safety legislation

Pretty exciting debate so far.

Webb just parroted many NRA talking points.

OMG, even my conservative Republican parents

On Immigration Policy, Wider Partisan Divide Over Border Fence Than Path to Legal Status

"But if we took the bones out...."

Swedish 'Bearded Villains' mistaken for ISIS cell

Happy 74th birthday, Paul Simon

CNN/Cooper/Bash are doing a terrible job with this debate.

"The worst decision in American history"

Democratic debate drinking games are no fun. Too much reason and rational thought.

Where is Joe Biden???

NEISD trustees request report on handling of Confederate names (TX)

I Fall Asleep Everytime.............

Hillary looks presidential.

I vote for Jim Webb as the WORST option

Deadly explosions rock Maiduguri, NE Nigeria

Commercial break: Sanders & Clinton are both doing well, IMO.

Five fine candidates... They differ, they disagree, but all would be fine leaders of this country.

Don't forget to read @BestFansStLouis tonight

Confederate flag-toting Superman at St Cloud State (MN)

This not a debate. It is a series of replies to Anderson Cooper's machine gun attacks on

Bernie Sanders: The Story of a Woman's Private Turmoil

NEISD trustees request report on handling of Confederate names (TX)

Classy, Bernie. Classy.

Jim Webb is the best Republican on the stage.

Ex-Sen. Ben Nelson leaving insurance group CEO post, returning to private law practice in Nebr-D.C.

Thank you Bernie



GO BERNIE! Let's talk about the issues not the damn emails. Enough of the emails


So far I would rank them (according to personal preference) as

FMF Supports New PPFA Policy, Congress Must Stop War on Women

Martin O'Malley, DWS SMACKDOWN!

FMF Supports New PPFA Policy, Congress Must Stop War on Women

FMF Supports New PPFA Policy, Congress Must Stop War on Women

Hillary to Cooper on emails: NO

Impressive Slate of Candidates. Clearly, we are the party of adults having intelligent debate.

The Best Moment of the Night

EEOC Launches Hollywood Gender Discrimination Probe

traffic is backed up for miles on west bound I-10 near me

EEOC Launches Hollywood Gender Discrimination Probe

Hillary: "I represented Wall Street"??!! O_O

Civil rights groups oppose King monument at Confederate site

Hillary's much better in the debate stage than she is on the stump.

Did Clinton just say banks would stop being criminal

O'Malley just caught Hillary flat footed on banking LOL

OK - I've been listening by streaming for 30 min. First - they sound superb. Just superb.

Brunswick High students asked to change out of clothes with Confederate symbol (MD)

FYI, Jim Webb showed up drunk I'm pretty sure

Anderson is an asshole and Webb is right as much as he has nothing to offer n/m

So far I'm proud of all our candidates tonight.

Obama’s Open Hand Meets Cuba’s Clenched Fist

Lincoln, Jim. Thanks. Pay your bar tab and go home.

When the smartest people in the room are on the podium,

As one who is listening - I know what Cooper reminds me ads that are edited to speed them

hahaha fuck you donald!!!

Your Damn Emails. Gets a standing ovation

Syria conflict: US-Russia air safety talks after 'near miss'


My early post debate poll predictions

Hillary admitted to being Wall Street's candidate.

All I know is that all these Democratic candidates are a lot smarter than I am.

1%Hillary thinks working 10 hours per week will pay all bills other than tuition

I just hope they ask Lincoln Chafee a metric system question.

I'm not watching the debate...

O'Malley is doing really well tonight.

O' Malley: Trump the carnival barker


"Donald Trump - that carnival barker in the Republican party"

The Danes are Great!

Sheriff: Lamar Odom found unresponsive at brothel, hospitalized

O'Malley...Trump, carnival barker!

Clinton no regrets on patriot act vote.

Gov Father of Dog Killer tweeted this!!!

Hey Andy, I'll give ya a dime for every time you let them FINISH A FUCKING ANSWER

Chafee lies, Sanders gaffes on Patriot Act response.

Clinton thinks there are protections for whistle blowers.

So, Hillary voted FOR the war in Iraq, FOR the Patriot Act, FOR banking deregulation...

Michigan House OKs powdered alcohol ban bill, headed to governor soon

Patton Oswalt tweet: A Vanderbilt heir is grilling the candidates on socialism.

Bernie says Snowden should be prosecuted.

Oh dear. Clinton's biggest difference from Obama is that she's a woman?

Did Hillary just play the gender card?

Dem Debates: Has Environmental/Climate Policy Come Up As A Question Yet?

I'm thinking the Republicans are drinking heavily right now

Pot Question Coming up after CNN makes 130K in ads

Okay, everyone. I've made a decision tonight on who to support.

Watching the debate on the CNN stream....

Lamar Odom in Nevada hospital

Bernie is presenting himself well

Did you just see that horible commercial on CNN? Brought to you by NumbersUSA?

Ya know it takes me a little longer.......oh my. eom

Shameless plug

I think it's fair to say that Bernie is winning the debate.

Sanders Says Americans Are Over Clinton's 'Damn Emails'

Veiw from the right. ( spin )

Nestle drawing millions of gallons of California water on expired permit, suit claims

*** The Official Hillary Clinton won the debate thread***

Webb is not my fact he sucks...

Big headline on CNN website "Tired of hearing about damn emails"

Dana Bash has been bashed.

Clinton just made Obama and herself sound weak

Hillary swings... and that BALL IS OUTTA HERE!

Quick conclusions on tonight's debates.

Love Hillary's comments about Repubs & the way they villify big government.

Hillary Clinton is poised, polished, and an adroit politician


We have agreement on paid family leave

Kumbaya moment live right now, on family leave. nt

Cooper repeatedly cuts off O'Malley's applause lines.

Clinton-Sanders 2016!

Clinton can't take a position on pot.

Sanders/Clinton 2016

Hillary won't take a position on recreation marijuana even at this stage.

I think I see where the two campaigns are going

__________ clearly won the debate because ___________


"The Iranians"

I just feel sorry for Chaffee and Webb.

Canadian watching: Dems win this debate.

Webb sounds shell shocked.

Jim Webb... Great line about who your biggest enemy was...

Flash poll: Who won?

Rank the candidates performance from best to worst

One thing is clear: The vote on the Iraq War is STILL an issue.

Clinton misremembers.

Alabama Walmart Cluelessly Stocks Gun Counter With 'Gun Oil' Lube

I'm Proud to be a Democrat Tonight.

Doubt Biden joins the race after tonight. N/t.

Compared to the Republican field for POTUS

O'Malley knocked it out of the park

I think everyone can agree this was a great debate

DWS has done us a huge disservice.

POLL: Who won the Democratic presidential primary debate?

The NRA lost this debate big time!

From this Bernie supporter: Thank you for a respectful debate to Sec. Clinton, Sen Webb, Sen Chafee,

Bernie just asked for $30 ok even just the $1 minimum works

Debates Are Over, So.... Which candidate did BETTER than you expected them to do in this debate?

Choose your winner: Last name only! Who won the debate? Who Lost the debate

Who won?

Thank You Clayton.

The candidate breaking through in the Democratic debate? Bernie Sanders.

Taegan Goddard: Hillary Clinton Was The Clear Winner

Clinton still pretending that whistleblower protections would somehow have kept

Why does Matthews have John Podesta on with two pundits?

ZOMG! Chris Matthews is really sucking on MSNBC. Changing channels. nt

Hillary did very well. Bernie earned a national stage and is now fully validated.

Results of First Debate- no minds changed

The commentary is tripe

Let us all say it together.

"Your damn emails"

Bernie and Hillary did great

Enough of the damn media fluff! What an impressive debate, a true debate, a substantial debate.

O'Malley: "I think Assad's invasion of Syria will be seen as a blunder"

Wouldn't it be cool....

For some real post-debate coverage: TYT

Bernie talking to Cuomo, Cuomo saying it was a gift to Hillary the comment about the emails

Clinton in debate with surprising endorsement of tuition free college

After watching the Democratic debate tonight

Video of Bernie's comment about emails is up in Video forum.

So, my impression of the debates...

Poll is up about who won the debate.

David Axelrod- "...If I was a member of Hillary's campaign I would be ecstatic..."

Which candidate did the best for her/himself in tonight's debate?

College Democrats squawking over tweet from Pachyderm leader

Which Debate Was Better for America?

Did I Hear Wrong Or Did Hillary Get The Benghazi Comments By McCarthy Confused With E-Mails?....

Huckabee responds to Dem. debate with racist tweet:

CNN debate numbers are in. HRC between 12-15%, Bernie...80-85%. The rest single digit....n/t

Bernie Comes To Hillary's Defense: America's 'Tired Of Hearing About Your Damn Emails!' (VIDEO)

Each of our top three had some wonderful moments.

Pleased to announce that I just heard, via fb,

Many Americans have just 'met' Bernie Sanders for the first time

Tweet from the Washington Post:

The media lost the debate, the American people won it

Bernie Sanders Won the Debate, and Perhaps the Election, When He Defended Hillary Clinton

Bernie Sanders wins the Internet during Democratic debate

Hillary and Bernie may be the most popular for a reason.

Hillary Clinton was right: The economy has done better under Democrats

Gene Robinson and Steve Schmidt: Hillary won...; Matthews: Sanders won

So how did the predictive markets respond? (Hint: Biden lost)

Hillary couldn't stop talking - kept running over the allotted time

Bernie Sanders' night: Authenticity wins the Democratic debate

All MSNBC Commentators Are Giving Debate to Hillary Rodham Clinton (Tweetie Equivocated)

Steve Clemons put this up on Facebook,

Were any of the questioners - except the ones in the videos

A gift from CNN

Reddit Sanders comments on debate:

Hillary: "I told Wall Street to cut it out!"

Sanders then Clinton

CSGV is descending into a strange emotion filled world, and it is fascinating to watch....

Breaking: The Media Declares Donald Trump Winner of the Democratic Debate

Sanders: "Congress does not regulate Wall St. Wall St. regulates Congress".

The Clinton campaign must be loving the Suffragette trailer aired during the debate after show

Clinton CRUSHES it.

Bernie on with Tweety - MSNBC now n/t

How many years does Hillary need legal pot in Colorado before.....

WaPo: The candidate breaking through in the Democratic debate? Bernie Sanders.

Snowden Drives a Wedge Between the Democratic Candidates

Bernie Sanders wins with Fusion focus group

Tweety, S T F U

Sanders: "no, I don't think she's corrupt... I think she's doing what she can in the system"

As I read post-debate analysis (and listen to CNN), I am keeping this in mind - the vested interest

hmmm...a local station WTVM (Columbus...ohio?) poll gives Bernie 73%

Weighing in on the debate...

Kudos to the Admins for Keeping Everything Running Tonight!

NPR: On The Clock: Clinton Gets The Most Speaking Time At Democratic Debate

Huckabee goes all racist and shit... (dig at Bernie)...

Time online poll - 74% pick Bernie, Hillary 17%

In Western Washington did the Evil Comcast company choose to interrupt the debates

Huckabee: I Trust Bernie Sanders 'Like I Trust a North Korean Chef' With My Dog

I'm late, where can I watch entire debate?

SNL is having Trump host.

Call Madame Tussaud Right Fucking Now!!!!!!

what did omalley say about DWS? my cnn link froz at that exact moment, like it did when Hillary

I'm going to donate to Bernie's campaign right now for the first time

CNN focus group says Bernie Sanders won debate

Listening to the focus group on CNN - they are NOT getting the answers they expected.

Ohio authorities: Trucker held in 4 slayings a serial killer

Bernie Sanders Clearly Won The Debate -- On Twitter

Colombia’s congress suspends constitutional reform for peace debates until after elections

Who really believes that Wall Street would donate to Hillary if they knew she did not have their

Socialist and Marxist criticism of Senator Sanders

Hillary Clinton serves notice to Bernie Sanders: No more truce

I think I'm going to fire off another $twenty, to Bernie 2016 for a job well done. nt

Daughter of Peru ex-president Fujimori leads in polls

Mexico performs first Mass in indigenous Nahuatl language

DWS going to be on faux noise with Megyn Kelly now.... eom

Guatemala ends search for landslide victims

Clinton "I represent Wall Street" while Sanders represents "Working Families"

Josh Marshall's take - "Taking stock of a tepid debate"

The Candidate Breaking Through in the Debate

NRA Loses First Democratic Presidential Debate Big Time.

Time Online Poll: Vote Now: Who Won the First Democratic Presidential Debate?

and on a light note...

Smithsonian scientists say vines strangle carbon storage in tropical forests

Smithsonian scientists say vines strangle carbon storage in tropical forests

Police in Peru Injure and Kill Protesters with Impunity

My prediction: nothing changes

Mediate: Bernie Sanders Wins… At Least By Google Analytics

Mmmmkay... transit screwed me over one stop from home

"I'm the only one up here that doesn't have a SuperPAC"

Best and Worst Lines of the Night?

Repubilcan vs. Democratic Primary Debates: The Difference

CNN Post-Debate Poll has Bernie as winner

Democratic debate outperforms Clown Car debate on internet streaming.

I get the feeling there's going to be some poll numbers disavowed tomorrow.

This needs some immediate attention.

Hillary Clinton Turns Up Heat on Bernie Sanders in a Sharp Debate

Clinton Leans In

Lincoln Chafee is nice and decent...I really like him...

Tweetie just dropped the G-D bomb over wars.

ENOUGH OF THE EMAILS!!! ~ Bernie Sanders

'Our justice system has reinforced our country’s cruel history of racism and economic inequality.

I guess Hillary "won" the debate....But I don't know why

This was a classy, issues oriented debate so I thought I'd check out Red State...

Clinton: ... the health insurance companies, the drug companies, the Iranians

Clinton crushes it

I wonder will Chris Matthews get a time out for cussin ?

Who does DU think won it tonight?

I think the debate went well tonight,

Clinton crushes it

Are you for or against birthright citizenship in this country?

Clinton Leans In

Bernie Sanders Won Me Tonight

"Martin O'Malley Totally Nailed This One Answer"

LOL CNN/FOX/MSNBC Can't believe it

The Democrats prove they belong at the grown up table

That moment,The Power of it. Who Won the Debate? The U.S.A won the debate.

Huckabee Jokes About Koreans Eating Dogs To Jab Bernie Sanders

HA! HA! HA! CNN ignores their own poll numbers and calls Clinton the winner!

Bernie Sanders Won the Debate, and Perhaps the Election, When He Defended Hillary Clinton

2nd Anime Promo Short for Kanji Test Streamed.....

Did tonight's debate change anyone's mind on their choice of candidate?

2nd Anime Promo Short for Kanji Test Streamed.....

Bernie Sanders causes searches for 'socialism' to spike on Merriam-Webster


FOX Focus Group Came with Hillary, Left with Bernie!

Sen. Bernie Sanders says "Black Lives Matter" and mentions Sandra Bland in the debate

On Track for History: Hillary Shines at Dem Debate (HILLARY SUPPORTERS GROUP)

Editorial: Bernie Sanders' night: Authenticity wins the Democratic debate

Christopher Columbus unambiguously committed genocide in Hispaniola.

William Pitt stated:

Hannity just claimed 62 cents of every dollar he makes goes to taxes!

We are close to our goal. (edited w/link)

Is there a way to watch the debate online now that they are over?

Hey, Admins. Nice IOPS. I didn't notice any lag at all tonight. Thank you. nt

Oral surgery

sleepy meerkat

CNN Poll lol...guy falling all over his mouth

Here is why I know Sanders won tonight's debate, regardless of any pund-idiocy.

Clinton’s ‘Enemies’ In Pharmaceutical and Insurance Industries Have Supported Her Campaigns

Bernie's Opening Statement (video)

Bloomberg: The Hillary and Bernie Show

poll numbers across the Internet is amazing

VIDEO: Sanders help save reporter Andrea Mitchell from a ‘dangerous situation’

I'm slowly losing weight on the fast diet. So far I've lost 7 pounds

Hillary Clinton Nailed It in the Democratic Debate

Anyone else noticing how CNN's Post-debate "Reality Check" is anything but?

Nice little brain teaser I heard earlier

"I represented Wall Street in Congress"-HRC

Clinton Delivers Skillful Debate With Key Assist From Sanders

First Democratic Debate First Impressions: Makes Me Proud to Be a Democrat

CNN’s Facebook Poll Shows Sen. Sanders As The Winner Of A Majority Of Debate Issues

TYT: The CNN Democratic Debate WINNER Is...

GOP has a mad.

Cooper Grills O’Malley: How Can Your Leadership Be Trusted After Baltimore Riots?

First Debate: The Line of the Night

So where are the scientific polls showing Hillary won the debate?

What about Denmark?

FULL TRANSCRIPT: Democratic primary debate

Question about soliciting for assistance.

Recomendations for a LAN IP Scanner?

Fact Check: Clinton lied about her support of the TPP

Interview with Pauli Murray (February 13, 1976)

Internet Media Weighs In On Dem Debate, Declares Winner

Michael Moore: History was made tonight.

Bernie Sanders wins the search wars in EVERY U.S. state

This is what propaganda is, people. Pictures of Hillary everywhere, being declared the winner.

Sanders won because he went from fringe candidate to neck-and-neck challenger in one evening

Mainstream Media Coverage Of Our Debate Party

Since I didn't get to see the debate, I'm wondering: Did anyone bring up Socialism?

Mainstream Media Coverage Of Our Debate Party

Bernie Sanders: Black Lives Matter

I think our entire party won tonight...we have some great candidates to choose from and...

Ed Schultz on Bernie Sanders #DemDebate (short video)

this is a computer and phone question

No one is saying: How many times did Clinton say to vote for her because she's a woman?

Among long shots in debate, O'Malley does best.DMReg

Among long shots in debate, O'Malley does best.DMReg

Dumb Criminals: Maryland Convenience Store Robber Had Uber Getaway Car

Focus Group Says Sanders Was Big Winner at Democratic Debate

History was made tonite

Watch Bernie Sanders help save reporter Andrea Mitchell from a ‘dangerous situation’

Nate Silver: The Media Underestimated Hillary Clinton. It Overestimated Her Debate


Best and worst moments for all

Bernie Sanders Clearly Won Tuesday's Debate -- On Twitter

LTTE re: Trump's plan to deport 11 million illegals

Hillary Clinton Turns Up Heat on Bernie Sanders in a Sharp Debate

A word of appreciation for Bernie Sanders and his supporters.

Hillary Clinton silenced her critics

Let me try my hand at this: Hillary was a stealth ninja tonight, slicing her opponents to ribbons!

as working poor, who do you believe will change your life after one debate

First UW female president announced

Hillary Clinton Takes Control in First Democratic Debate

Bernie tops all the quick polls on the debate

Gloria Steinem's Life on the Feminist Frontier

Any tips on putting in drip irrigation in Los Angeles.

This badass runner is using her body to crush weight stigma and shut down fat shamers.

"I'm sorry, and I say this as a Bernie fan,.."

Bernie Sanders gained 35,163 twitter followers during the debate--over 1.5 times more all combined

The Most Mysterious Star in Our Galaxy

IF Americans are sick of war, Hillary probably didn't do as well as you think.

Let's not forget the biggest message of the evening:

Neutral Salon writer: Bernie won.

Chinese middle class now the world's largest

Chicago Tribune Ed; Sanders' night: Authenticity wins the Democratic debate

Quick impressions of the debate.

Anyone else disgusted by Hillary's continual repetition of "god given rights?

This is how grown-ups do it!

Jim Webb had chance to kick Bernie's ass tonight and decided not to do it

Main debate lesson: You' ll be out of reality if you didnt saw

Guns Are Cheaper At This Tennessee Store If You’re a Christian

First burial mound of New Stone Age’ people unearthed in Siberia

Tacoma: $15 Local Minimum Wage, $12 or $0 Rise

The culinary habits of the Stonehenge builders

To Fix National Poverty Crisis, Study Shows Even $15 Wage Won't Do the Job

Crowdfunding increasingly used for basic survival needs

Germany to expand hydrogen-filling infrastructure to 400 stations by 2023

A Pipeline Straight to Jail

China has had a telescope on the moon for the past two years

Fusion Debate Panel - Focus Group Responses

There is absolutely ZERO difference between belief in the god of Abraham and this;

Matt Cassel taking over as Cowboys quarterback

APWU Joins Civil Rights, Financial Reform Groups Urging Senate to Reject Nominees to USPS Board of

Stanford University Study: research shows how to make effective political arguments

The first televised debate among the candidates for the Democratic presidential nomination, held Tue

The first televised debate among the candidates for the Democratic presidential nomination, held Tue

Bernie Sanders Repeatedly Scolded For Attempting To Unionize Debate Moderators

Bernie Sanders Celebrates Winning the Debate with National Nurses United

Team extends the lifetime of artificial atoms using a mirror 10X

Daily Holidays - October 14

Can Putin pull off the miracle?

Boone County GOP Activist's Praise of Sorority Butts Draws Ire

The moment when Hillary Clinton won the first Democratic debate

Media: Hillary Won | Internet: Bernie Won

Non-Sequitur today.

Louise et Léo prénoms préférés des Français pour leurs bébés en 2015

Climate Change is a Moral Question Above All

How long 'til Webb drops out, d'ya think?

If internet click bait polls had any validity...

George Soros is spending $256k on a Louisiana political race

David Vitter's latest television ad features his wife Wendy

The After Debate Headlines....

Bernie won because he gave away the most free stuff!

I am going to post this here because

University of Houston to Host a GOP Presidential Debate

Why Was Lawrence Lessig Missing From the CNN Debate?

HRC----"I never took a position on Keystone until I took a position on Keystone."

Jeremy Corbyn has transformed Labour from resisting social movements to supporting them

Okaloosa County: Teachers can lead school prayers

Bernie Sanders’ Defense of His Pro-Gun, Pro-NRA Votes Was Absolutely Terrible

Halloween is coming #47…

I think we need a real debate with just Sanders and Clinton

Halloween is coming #48…

Halloween is coming #49…

Halloween is coming #50…

What do political terms even mean anymore?

Halloween is coming #51…

Hillary touts American exceptionalism...

Headline on GMA now -

Thousands of students pledge to use sex toys in protest campaign against gun law at Texas university

Is This Billy The Kid? (New photo)

Instead Of Benghazi, Trey Gowdy Starts Wine Drinking Club

GMA some talking said Bernie gets a bump from this eom

Bernie Sanders says debate performance prompted $1.3 million in donations

However we feel about last night, can we all agree that...

How come one of you OCD types haven't put all of Mr. Scorpio's posts in order?

A Vaccine That May Beat The HIV Virus

Democratic debate live stream outdraws GOP debate

Bern feels the burn.....

Mike Huckabee tweets out racist joke about Asians eating dogs during Dem debate

Clinton Gives Commanding Debate Performance

At Creighton University watch party, Bernie Sanders the favorite in first Democratic debate

Mark Halperin: Sanders staff tried to get him to prep more...

Police: Daycare owner was attacked while protecting kids

The Who ~ Won't Get Fooled Again

Drunk woman livestreams herself driving drunk. But, was this in Florida?

Well, the NYTimes is in the bag...and in the wrong!

NYT: Democratic Debate Turns Hillary Clinton’s Way After Months of Difficulties

Cops to discuss man’s fatal beating inside New York church

Angry driver shoots Georgia woman in the back because she was driving too slow

Hillary may have won the debate....

Republican Presidential Candidate 3rd Qtr fundraising

Holy Haggling! Save Cash At This Gun Store By Stating A Religion

Per Bernie

Hillary Clinton Won the CNN Debate With a Surprisingly Spectacular Performance

O'Malley's Closing statement at the debate:

Tia Oso nailed it - the Black Lives Matter question was total softball.

What does the world eat?

The winner of the debate is.... the Democratic Party.

Labor union ads target Walmart during Democratic debate

Labor union ads target Walmart during Democratic debate

Labor union ads target Walmart during Democratic debate

Here Is a Short Dog in Tall Grass

FULL - CNN Democratic Primary Debate 2015 - CNN 2016 Presidential Debate 10/13/2015 (Complete)

Endless Rounds of “Vietnamization” as America’s Colonial Armies Collapse one by One

The Winner of the Debate Was the Democratic Party And America

Bernie Sanders swept all of the focus groups and won on Google, Facebook and Twitter.

Bernie Sanders Is Changing American Politics—But He’s Not Thinking Big Enough

Loxahatchee animal cruelty bust largest in U.S. history

NBA, Reality TV Star Lamar Odom Found Unconscious in Nevada Brothel


After 2013 Event Netted Only 68 Invasive Snakes, Florida Reboots Python Challenge

[ActBlue] You're making a difference -- daily update for 10-13-15 FIRST debate results

Indonesian Plantations Pledge To Do Better Blahblah Monitoring Systems Blahblah Environment Blah

Rahm Emanuel, POS

Simplest definition of Democratic Socialism...

O'Malley's stats are inaccurate.

Pick One:

Kitten Update...They're all Doing Well

Do-or-die time now...

Iowans’ Reaction To The Democrats’ Debate

National Interagency Fire Center - 2015 Highest Total Of Acres Burned On Record

Bernie Sanders Wins the Debate, According to Various Polls

former nba star found unresponsive in a brothel....bad timing....

Changing my home page to the Chicago Tribune -

The Hillary Clinton Panic May Have Just Ended

Inside Corporate America’s Campaign to Ditch Workers’ Comp

You don't have to be an astronomer to love Venus... - 4 visible planets...

Bernie Sanders’ Biggest Donors

So... post debate. Webb and Chaffee, et al.

When you stop hijacking Hillary with email questions, you see a brilliant, solid, experienced leader

MYSTERY: Why don't Hillary's supporters vote in internet polls???

Debate: Sanders Rejects Intervention While Clinton Slams Iran, Putin and Supports Syrian Rebels

Wednesday Toon Roundup 1- Debatable

Wednesday Toon Roundup 2- House of Insanity

The biggest losers were Republicans

Wednesday Toon Roundup 3- The Republican Challenged

Sanders needs to do better on the "Are you a capitalist?" question.

US producer prices fell in September because of cheaper gas

It is the morning after and Hillary still won despite what meaningless internet polls say.HRC ROOM

Wednesday Toon Roundup 4- Middle Eastern Infernal

It's starting to smell.....

Wednesday Toon Roundup 5- Prn ain't what it used to be

Wednesday Toon Roundup 6- The Rest

Capitalism on trial: Bernie Sanders creates fireworks early in the debate

"Thank God!"

Kevin McCarthy Enters Rehab After Admitting Struggles with Nouns, Verbs

Hillary Clinton Wins Big in Vegas

Martin O'Malley's gracious and inspiring closing statement

Clinton Still Backs Patriot Act

DU for Bernie at Act Blue just got donation #700

The secret surveillance of 'suspicious' blacks in one of the nation's poshest neighborhoods

Can we all agree on this: Props to the DU Admin for keeping this place humming last night.

News over in GD-P

Liberman: Israel should revert to a military government to eradicate terror

Hillary Clinton wins Dem debate


My 19 y/o: Hillary reminded me of the Spongebob episode where he tried to be "normal"

3 students shot at house party near a Nashville university

Hillary last night-"I'm a progressive"

The Democratic Debate from the Trenches


It really doesn't matter who media declared as winner of debate. It was good for Bernie.

Advanced Nuclear Industry to Regulators: Give Us a Chance

Has Sarah Palin accounted for her whereabouts on the night of 10/13/2015?

Ollanta Humala defends his performance after drop in rating

Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff’s Approval Ratings Languish (10%)

Bernie Sanders got more online buzz than any other candidate in Democratic debate

After last night don't expect to see Biden to jump in the race. N/t.

Fox host complains about Dem Debate: Democrats are "giving stuff away" and "buying votes":

Dem Debate: “On Syria, Martin O'Malley is right. Clinton is wrong.”

The most talked about candidate of the debate was Bernie Sanders — by a long shot

So how many repubs voted in the internet polls? Hillary has more enimies on the right who also vote

Most U.S. voters not aware of Democratic debate: Reuters/Ipsos poll

Today's headline should be "Bernie Saves Hillary's Bacon"

Sanders generated most search interest

Hillary Clinton's Progressive Pandering Is A Positive Thing - David Dayen Part 1

Lynyrd Skynyrd Guitarist Gary Rossington Suffers Heart Attack

For Justin - "AM Joe" Pundits Flip for Hillary! (Hillary Group)

Trump wants Secret Service Protection and in doing so insults Obama

First Republican Debate...Bad Lip Reading version...

Food inflation: It’s getting hard for Venezuela to feed itself

USA: "Worst Sinners In The World"

Bernie Sanders Clearly Won Tuesday's Debate -- On Twitter

Food inflation: It’s getting hard for Venezuela to feed itself

Post all the post-debate pro-Hillary propaganda here!

I wrote a predictive debate results post yesterday, early.

Democratic debate live stream outdraws GOP debate according to CNN

The complete twitter timeline of last night's debates

Bernie Sanders’ Defense of His Pro-Gun, Pro-NRA Votes Was Absolutely Terrible

Hillary was seriously well prepared for the debate last night.

Deciding the "winner" is a bit more complex than some make out.

Curt Schilling Has A Democratic Debate Take For You

Journey drummer Deen Castronovo sentenced to probation after pleading guilty to domestic abuse

So when should I expect my free stuff to arrive?

Hillary supporters don't go to rallies, don't vote in internet polls, what DO they do???

Hillary Clinton’s Democratic Debate Magic

I think it's important we discuss the outfit choice.

The secret surveillance of ‘suspicious’ blacks in one of the nation’s poshest neighborhoods

Dem Debate: Martin O'Malley Stands Up to the NRA

Lt. Gov R-Dan Patrick Fighting Democracy By Trying To Limit Labor Union Membership

TPM Editor's Blog--- Hillary's Big, Big Night

Best pic from the debate

It was kinda nice last night...

26 more elephants killed with cyanide in Zimbabwe

Russia’s Reality Trolls and the MH17 War of Misinformation

"China overtakes US, now has world's largest middle class" -- thanks to the off-shoring of jobs

VIDEO: Sanders help save reporter Andrea Mitchell from a ‘dangerous situation’

California voters split on Dianne Feinstein running again in 2018

Technology: Free solar smartphone charging station starts juicing at foot of Tokyo Tower

Both Sad and Wonderful & very, very cute

Charlie Pierce : Hillary and Bernie need much better answers on specific topics

The morning after: Clinton's chance to win nomination increase to 73%

Hil supporters are loving the MSM today.

Anti-capitalism is on the rise

The Hill: Sanders would ‘absolutely’ end NSA spying

Surely one thing we can agree on is that Chafee's done.

TYT on the debates.

Vox: What they said vs what they really meant: Democratic candidates on "America's greatest threat"

The man who wasn't there: How debate affects Joe Biden by David Axelrod

Ben Carson stops a shooter

Debate: Read what Hillary said about Social Security v e r y carefully.

Anderson Cooper called all of us stoners

Josh Marshall -TPM-Hillary's Big, Big Night

'Long Shot' Kucinich Buries Democratic Rivals in Nationwide Poll Among Independent Voters

Iowa party leaders join forces to fight for the Iowa Caucuses

Arguably the most cogent 9/11 "conspiracy" theory I've read so far

Cross-Posted from Creative Speculation

Breaking: Trump wants free stuff from the government

America won when Sanders said "The American people are sick of hearing about your damn emails."

I'd say sometime around March of 2016 this place will look like this.

Incarceration Rates Are Literally - Off the chart

As a political junkie for over 4 decades I have always appreciated Lincoln Chafee's presence

Everything is not a conspiracy.

Fact-Checking the Democratic Presidential Debate

What People Are Saying About Governor O’Malley’s Debate Performance So Far

Lowest debate moment: Anderson Cooper bringing up Bernie "honeymooning" in The Soviet Union

When it Comes to Debate Twitter Chatter, Bernie Sanders Comes out on Top

Read what Hillary said about Social Security v e r y carefully.

The stark difference between last night's debate and that Republican clownshow

60 Minutes edited out questions about gun violence from interview with President Obama

PsBattle: Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton during the presidential debate.

Apple Faces $862M In Damages After Patent Lawsuit Loss To University Of Wisconsin

Hillary fans lack the excitement of Bernie fans, that explains the online polls!

My take

Political Prediction Market: Clinton up to 70%, Sanders down to 15% Biden down to 11%

Hillary Lied: She keeps saying what she did with her emails was "allowed"


Who had the most air time? Clinton, but Bernie wasn't far behind...

My neighbor has been sitting on the fence

Hillary's Response to the Question about Edward Snowden

Last night was a testament to the Black Lives Matter movement

On enrolling undocumented residents in Obamacare

Who Won? WE Did.

Who had the most air time? Clinton, but Bernie wasn't far behind...

CNN's Democratic Debate Draws Fewer Viewers Than Network's GOP Face Off

Clinton Gets Huge Cheers For Planned Parenthood Remarks In Dem Debate

Former VA Governor Doug Wilder:Hillary is going to have to change using the gender card

Flashback: Republicans Block VA Benefits

Google search interest in candidates during the first debate (very cool)

I Wasn't Able To Attend A Debate Watch Party Last Night And Would Like To Hear Comments From Those..

I am disappointed in Anderson Cooper...

So where do we stand on social security?

Bernie Sanders and gun control

25 Creepy Urban Legends That Are Actually True

Tuesday Night Football: post-debate thoughts from Jacobin

Only 2 candidates have spoken about Tariffs and Value Added Taxes. Bernie Sanders and

Hillary Clinton Leads All Candidates in YouTube Views..

In Serious Gaffe, Sanders Treats Opponent with Dignity and Respect: Borowitz was watching

Police: Woman linked to 1973 disappearance is actually alive

Did the Polling Agencies Take the Night of the First Democratic Presidential Debate Off?

Bernie Sanders Touts Big Fundraising Haul After Dem Debate

Hillary Clinton wins the Presidency of the Punditocracy.....

Just donated to the Sanders campaign for the first time. I'm on board.

Pic Of The Moment: Winners And Losers After The First Democratic Debate

Does last night's debate make it more likely or less likely Joe Biden will enter the race?


Most repeated statement of the Democratic Debate...

How do we define victory?


Tuesday was a good night for both Hillary and Bernie

Bernie Sanders says debate performance prompted $1.3 million in donations

Martin O'Malley was the most pro-Latino, pro-immigration candidate in the Dem debate

Really, Hillary Clinton? Is that how a President gets things done?

Sanders calls Clinton 'naive' on Wall Street

Robert Reich: One of the most important differences between Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton

Who won the debate on economic issues?

Chart: How the Republican Presidential Debate Topics Compare With the Democratic Debate

What Did Clinton Mean When She Said Snowden Files Fell Into the “Wrong Hands” ?

When Hillary is doing fundraisers with her Wall Street donors, do you think

Hillary D. Rodham's 1969 Student Commencement Speech at Wellesley

Overnight ratings indicate CNN debate a ratings winner

i just pissed myself. wait for it. "the dodgers beat the mets," lol.

I think the entire Democratic Party owes a show of thanks to . . . . .

Hillary Clinton won — by a landslide.

No Matter How Good Dems Are The MSM Will Do All It Can to Win The Election For GOP

1992 Hillary Wellesley College Commencement Address

America’s Child-Marriage Problem

I have never been more proud to be a Democrat

Politico. No links, no names but "Clinton won" HAHA

Moment of greatest debate concern

Eighteen earthquakes in the East Bay in the last 24 hours.

This is really a good post on reddit

Oh no! "They" got to NPR, too! "More Than Anyone, Hillary Clinton Helped Herself..."

US stocks drop; Wal-Mart slumps on weak guidance

Seriously CNN? You work for Hillary now?

You know the economy is bad when Wal-Mart says sales will be flat in 2016

Do any other Bernie supporters feel better about voting for HRC in general election?

Does 'win the debate' mean anything ? If so, what? Does using a sports

Regardless of what happens to Sanders in the Primary's he is educating millions of young folks

There is no doubt that Bernie's supporters are the most enthusiastic

Democratic nomination betting odds (from Paddy Power):

Post-Debate Presidential Straw Poll: Hillary, Bernie, ? (look who is winning)

Halloween is coming #52…

Bernie won the debate. Corporate Media we are *NOT* fooled.

O'Malley Impressed Iowa Voters

Hands down the winner of last night debate was

This is true

First Democratic Debate Results: Socialism 1...NRA 0

How to be Classy with a Dirtbag Right Winger

My favorite moments from last night's debate (with video)...

Bernie, just keep doin what you're doin

There's a Monster at the End of This Article

A real disconnect between pundit and voters on last night's debate.

Jay Bookman: Hillary Clinton gets the night she needed


Under the bus with Sorry, haters: Hillary Clinton won the Democratic debate

Debate scores record ratings — for Democrats

Hillary voted with BushCo because she trusted them

The Democratic Debate Just Crushed Donald Trump's Favorite Bragging Point

Time Once Again for the Wednesday Addams Dance Show

Lincoln Chaffee's list of excuses for voting "YES" on Glass-Stegall repeal in 1999:

Michael Moore: Sanders won the Dem debate

And Speaking of Losers...

From Whitewater to Benghazi: A Clinton Scandal Primer

I was rather disappointed in two things about the debate:

Hillary Clinton won the debate (and six other takeaways from Las Vegas)

A blind man at a well

Did Bernie Sanders win the debate?

At the First Democratic Debate, Black Lives Mattered for Exactly One Question

Gun shop found liable in shooting of two Milwaukee police officers

The protests worked: Bernie Sanders said her name at Democratic debate

Three candidates won last night.

Another conspiracy.. possibly

Democrats ready for Black Lives Matter question but topic gets little debate time

Republicans Have Privatized Justice; This Is Why Corporations ALWAYS Win

Vox: One sentence that explains how Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton differ

Political Prediction Market: Clinton's odds up after Democratic Debate

The Democratic debate revealed Sanders’ true strength

Asked whether Black Lives Matter or All Lives Matter, Bernie Sanders nailed the answer

Should We Have A Pool for Joe Biden's Not-Running Announcement?

NYT: What Is Glass-Steagall? The 82-Year-Old Banking Law That Stirred the Debate

What really defines who won or lost the debate

National Nurses United Leader I interviewed last night on why her union is supporting Bernie Sanders

Ignore the Media Pundits: Bernie Sanders Won the First Democratic Debate

SECOND writer: Hillary won the debate

Did O'Malley perform well enough in the debate to be considered for VP?

Clinton gets first day of good press in months. Must be a conspiracy!

"News outlets roll over again; let Walker off the hook with Bradley appointment to Supreme Court."

37,600 People: Sanders Won the Debate

Dem Debate: Bernie Stands Tall Among Rivals on NSA and Snowden

Afghan hospital bombing: panel ready to begin US war crimes investigation

Hillary Clinton’s Democratic Debate Magic

Man tries to put out garbage fire by driving over it in a van loaded with ammunition

Colombia has 4th highest business tax rates in the world

How political dynasties and corporations monopolize Colombia’s media

Hillary Clinton Debate Performance Chills Biden Movement

Dead mouse found in Subway sandwich in Oregon

National high school debate team give Hillary 'A' Bernie gets 'B'

Rahm Emanuel Blames Chicago Crime Increase On Backlash Against Police Brutality

Humanist group says Rankin County teacher called atheist student a "fool"

Martin O'Malley has done more than any other Democratic candidate to earn the NRA's hatred.

Martin O'Malley has done more than any other Democratic candidate to earn the NRA's hatred.

Restaurant owner Danny Meyer eliminates tipping

Bernie's the only game changer

What you won't see in the media about last night's debate:

As a mother paying off Parent Plus loans and watching my kids try

Raising a Transgender Child...

Martin O'Malley: So what if I endorsed Hillary Clinton six years ago.

Bernie raised more than $ 1st 4 hours!!!!!!!

Martin O'Malley: So what if I endorsed Hillary Clinton six years ago.

NYMag: "Banished were fears of an unlikable, unrelatable, robotic Clinton:"

Jake Tapper, Don Lemon call Facebook a place for "kids". "Kinda big with the kids." Putdown.

Shooting a therapy dog/ Kansas City Star

From Rachel Maddow's MaddowBlog: Why Clinton’s debate dominance may change the 2016 race

Marvel & Netflix now looking at a Moon Knight TV series

"Congress doesn't regulate Wall Street. Wall Street regulates Congress"!

Hot Dad Martin O’Malley Lost the Debate But Won Our Hearts.

Justice Dept. announces new post to combat extremists


The Biggest Scam In The History Of Mankind (Documentary) - Hidden Secrets of Money 4 | Mike Maloney

Interesting phone call last night.

Could it be?

US 'will not press for Farc extraditions' from Colombia

US 'will not press for Farc extraditions' from Colombia

National Nurses United Leader I interviewed last night on why her union is supporting Bernie Sanders

Nine U.S. Governors Ask the Congress to End the Blockade of Cuba

Lamar Odom? Amazing how addiction has no boundaries..

Nine U.S. Governors Ask the Congress to End the Blockade of Cuba

RFK, Jr. Praises Patrick Kennedy Coming Forward to Address Importance of Addiction and Mental Health

Morning After WTF

SO...Huckabee gets spanked for making a joke about dog-eating Koreans and blames LIBRULS...

Trump has big leads in both SC & NV in new polls

As a Rhode Islander, I am embarrased by Lincoln Chafee's Democratic Debate Performance.

"Calling ALL Berners!" Time to vote in the internet polls!

In Final Step, Top Iranian Council Approves Nuclear Deal

Krugman: There was a time when Wall Street was quite favorable to Democrats. Not any more.

"Are you a ____________________?"

Another Lesson From Yesturday' s Dem Debate:

Buena Vista Social Club to Perform at the White House

Edit: Reminder, Bernie on Ellen on Thursday October 15th!

GOP campaign call with debate host CNBC gets heated

So Apparently This is How Ed Reform Really Works in Chicago.

If Clinton wins the nomination...

Veda Ponikvar, the most powerful woman on the Iron Range, has died

CNN claims that public believes Hillary won the democratic debate but CNN poll says otherwise

Council Bluffs, IA residents sound off on Democratic debate KETV video

WAPO: People are getting shot by TODDLERS on a weekly basis this year

Eureka! Thanks to all who followed the post about my kitty and for your great advice.

Don't Be the Patsy in Fantasy Sports (opinion)

Majority of CNN Focus Group Think Sanders Won First Debate

Guess who uses private email accounts ? Alabama Republicans, that's who !

There is a learning curve with each lens. My second shoot with the 14mm

CNN aired an Ad from a Nativist Hate Group during the Democratic Debate last night.

Did Comets Spark Alien Life in Europa's Oceans?

Sanders calls Clinton 'naive' on Wall Street - "Going to Wall Street and saying 'please stop'

TYT: The CNN Democratic Debate BEST Line Was...

Iowa Democrats Praise Hillary Clinton After Debate

France's Proposed Solution To Israel-Palestine Conflict Sidelines U.S.

I started an online poll,

Bernie Sanders: Climate Change Is The Biggest National Security Threat "That is a major crisis."

Prosecution of Corporate Crime Has Plummeted Under Obama Administration: Report

Hubble's Stunning Jupiter Maps Reveal Weird Structures // Video: water geysers on Jupiter moon

Martin Sheen will narrate the documentary that is now in production about the Don Siegelman

Sanders would 'absolutely' end NSA wiretapping program

Childish Republican Candidates Could Learn From Democratic Debate

Nebraska governor, attorney general turn their attention to Whiteclay

Wal-Mart Heirs See $9 Billion Vanish in a Day as Shares Plummet

Bernie Sanders: 'Congress Doesn't Regulate Wall Street. Wall Street Regulates Congress.'

Bernie Sanders Saves Andrea Mitchell From Being Trampled After Debate

Nebraska governor, attorney general turn their attention to Whiteclay

Am I the only one who thought the debate was pretty weak on racial issues?

I believe one of the neatest things I saw in last night's debate..

The "socialist" Label ...

Banking while black: College students handcuffed after ‘uncomfortable’ white customers complain

A few words about democratic socialism from some democratic socialists

Anderson C. said Wolfe would be the moderator for the next Republican follies

Last night's debate and the coverage made one thing clear:

Ex-Scientologists: David Miscavige Is a 'Terrorist'

Trump: I should have Secret Service protection

South-west Ohio’s last abortion clinics to stay open while fighting to keep licenses

Obama Administration Hits Back at Student Debtors Seeking Relief

Hillary Clinton Says Bernie Sanders 'Not At All' Tough Enough on Guns

Between the MSM and Debbie Wasserman Schultz..

Bills to expand gun access on university campuses proposed in two US states

Crowd At Dayton Debate Watch Party Reacts To Bernie Sanders

The story of the first mass murder in U.S. history

Fuck the who "won the debate" hoo-ha

Bernie Sanders Post Cnn Debate Interview With Chris Matthews (youtube)

UK's first Ebola patient 'critically ill,' in isolation

Bernie is not a Capitalist

The Florida Democratic Debate Focus Group

Oversight panel obtains unedited Planned Parenthood footage

Add American history to the pile of things Dr. Ben Carson is a bit fuzzy on

Post DNC Debate Poll Results

When ‘Conservatives’ Become Radicals

Latest experiment at Large Hadron Collider reports first results

NYTimes: 'The Web Spoke: Hillary Won', ALL of the comments call them out

Rest of the debates need to be cancelled

Will Hillary get-away w/ NEVER having to answer for her Wall St./MIC/Private Prison big donor base?

And so it begins...

"Say Hello To My Cruise Missiles"--the latest from Pepe Escobar

Zoo meerkat expert sentenced over assault on monkey handler

Railcar cleaning firm cited, faces over $900,000 in penalties after fatal Omaha blast

Railcar cleaning firm cited, faces over $900,000 in penalties after fatal Omaha blast

Herman Cain posted this on FB today.

Last Night Was Like Becoming An American All Over Again

Railcar cleaning firm cited, faces over $900,000 in penalties after fatal Omaha blast

Anderson Cooper’s Claim About Bernie Sanders’ Soviet Union Honeymoon Was Redbaiting and Deceptive

Newly Released Democratic Debate Ratings Prove That Voters Want Substance

Isis Inc: how oil fuels the jihadi terrorists.

Putin Slams US On Syria & Strongly Raises Issues with Partners

Jeb Sends Intern To Ambush Trump; Backfires Hilariously

Suffolk man says he won’t return Confederate plates (VA)

Revealed: The subconscious thoughts of the Pundits

What's for Dinner, Wed., Oct. 14, 2015

Bernie Sanders Scores Big Win in First Democratic Debate

How Bernie Changed the Democratic Debate The other candidates followed his lead, and leaned left.

Dixie State University Wants New Nickname, Mascot (UT) says and has...

If she won 'hands down,' then why wouldn't she do MORE debates?

Michael Moore: Sanders won the Dem debate

Where can Bernie improve for the next debate?

Bernie got $2 million since last night

Rep. Ron DeSantis: Easy-to-win congressional districts 'shortsighted' for GOP

Indiana man arrested for OWI

Democratic debate hits record 15.3 million viewers

Is capitalism the cause of racism? Of course not.

Why Donald Trump loves online polls

Mother of Saudi man sentenced to crucifixion begs Obama to intervene


Democratic debate sets record for number of viewers.

Ed Schultz on DemDebate (youtube videos)

TPTB want Hillary to win real bad

Joe Biden’s Checkmate Move – Endorse Hillary

Bernie Sanders’ ‘Enough of the emails!’ top debate moment: TiVo

CNN Debate’s Question Assignments Raise Concerns Of Tokenism

I hadn't looked at the Pollster aggregate for awhile...

Look, the truth is, this was HRC's debate to lose. And she didn't.

Bubble plumes off Washington, Oregon suggest warmer ocean may be releasing frozen methane

This was Bernie Sanders’ night: The candidate of anger and honesty won the Democratic debate

It was 7 years ago this month that then Senator Obama urged the Senate to bail out the banks


LePage calls Maine election reform effort ‘a scam’

The candidate breaking through in the Democratic debate? Bernie Sanders.

Privatizing Democracy: You Had to Pay to Watch Last Night's Debate on CNN

All Pundits are Morons! Ignore Them!

David Koch Delivers Suit With Note Reading ‘Wear This Tonight’ To Marco Rubio’s Hotel Room

Democrats 2016: After Months of Struggles, Clinton Helps Herself at Debate

Another Confederate flag-waving incident, however, this one was inspiring...

"Capitalism" is an economic system - "Democracy" is a political system.

The Democratic debate revealed Sanders’ true strength In politics, it’s character that counts

Joy Behar: I am ‘aroused’ by Sanders

A big problem with NAFTA and the TPP

Mike Huckabee Blasts Racism, Then Tweets Uber-Racist Tweets

Who Won the Democratic Debate? Progressives, Hands Down

The Real Debate Last Night Was Between Democratic Socialism and Casino Capitalism

NIAC: Clinton Should Retire Hostile Iran Rhetoric

The full Democratic debate of Oct. 13 in one youtube.

Entire Tennessee school district closed because of Obamacare.

Anyone know a safe way to watch Doc Martin Season 7?

Rethinking high deductible health insurance--patients cut care as well as costs

Photosynthetic microbes could produce alkanes on par with oil-producing nations

Christie Camp Hopes To Capitalize On First Democratic Debate

Inbox: Senator Markey endorses Hillary Clinton for President.

Santa Claus elected to North Pole city council - for real.

Clinton Promises To Enact Her Agenda Whether Or Not She Gets Elected - (The Onion)

Bernie Sanders Repeatedly Scolded For Attempting To Unionize Debate Moderators - (The Onion)

Sen Ed Markey of Mass. just endorses Hillary Clinton

Bernie Sanders hiring Howard Dean's 2004 pollster

Hillary Clinton: Capital’s Plan A

"’s our job to reign in the excesses of capitalism" - sounds good...

DC insiders think Bernie Sanders lost the debate. Here's why they might be wrong

In the last GE 126,000,000 people voted

In an unprecedented case, two police officers just won their lawsuit against a gun store

Arab states urge Abbas to restore calm; fewer at West Bank protests Monday

California drops plan to let violent inmates fight fires

Clinton's chance to be nominee now at 77%; highest level since pre-surge Bernie

Hillary Clinton Punched Down During The First Debate -- And It Worked

Let's get busy

Once again, Bernie won the debate, and here is why, and here is how:

Mike Malloy - Republicans Are Incapable Of Even Governing Themselves

Mike Malloy - Ben Carson On Oregon Murders: 'I Would Not Just Stand There And Let Him Shoot Me'

My kid's animation for College Humor!

Dear Democratic Underground for Bernie... signed Bernie Sanders US Senator

Mike Malloy - The Two Biggest Violators Of Human Rights

Dear Democratic Underground for Bernie... signed Bernie Sanders US Senator

Gun permit restrictions eased amid terror wave

when Ayn Rand couldn't be a bigger slime, this happens

Parents are having their newborn babies cosplay as Bernie Sanders

Here are the actual results from the CNN focus group last night after the debate.

M$M Headline Fraud: 'Hillary Wins'

I think Bernie won

The joys of home ownership

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Thursday, 15 October 2015

Clinton had a great night, but Sanders winning the focus group is reminiscent of Obama in 07-08

Russia to Help Palestine Become Independent State

Youth football season canceled after ammo shells with officials' names are left at field

The debate proved that Hilary is skilled and competent enough to be

Twelve Years Later, Hillary Clinton Is Still Defending Her Iraq Vote

Time again for your favorite 10min+ Songs! (see rules to play!)

2016 Presidential Debate Viewership Numbers

In Serious Gaffe, Sanders Treats Opponent with Dignity and Respect

Breaking: Dem Sen Sherrod Brown Slams Obama-Backed TPP As 'Massive Sellout of American Workers'

Well, we know for a fact that

A quick take on the debate

MATT TAIBBI: Hillary Clinton's Take on Banks Won't Hold Up


More VW trouble: 2016 diesels have new suspect software

2 Brothers Were Beaten for Hours at Secretive New York Church, Police Say-One died

Oh my---Fargo-second season--- gonna be good.

DC insiders think Bernie Sanders lost the debate. Here's why they might be wrong.

Watch Bernie Sanders Rescue MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell From Being Trampled (VIDEO)

Ariz. GOPer: Let's 'Take Guns Away From Blacks As They Are The Main Killers'

CNN: Wall Street has made Hillary Clinton a millionaire

Bernie defends Hillary, while attacking the media but FOX edits out the attack on the media

Idiot Alaskan Governor Says We Can Drill Our Way Out of Climate Change

Islamic State Battles Insurgents As Syria Army Prepares Assault

Michael Moore: Sanders won the Dem debate

The Most Mysterious Star in Our Galaxy

How Hillary Clinton Calling Iranians Her "Enemies" At CNN Debate Is Troublesome

GET WELL SOON Willie Nelson (Cancels, Postpones Shows Due to Health Issue)

Cubs verify Kyle Schwarber ball, will leave it on video board

TV Ratings: First Democratic Debate on CNN Draws a 15.3M Viewers (Democratic record)

Conservative ads aimed at Chinese, Punjabi voters claim Trudeau backs brothels, pot sales to kids

Aunt who sued her 12-year-old nephew says insurance rules forced her hand

Rand Paul called out his own campaign for a ‘dumbass’ Internet move

This is how its Done. Crushing the NRA

Why Bernie Lost the Democratic Debate (his singular focus on anti-corporate economic populism)

Israel Approves Sealing Jerusalem Arab Areas to Stem Attacks

The "Auntie" isn't the monster she was made out to be.

Slim resources, high need challenge advocates for human-trafficking survivors

My god is a great and loving god....

It took the rw'ers a full day to think of it, but Bernie's a Nazi

Canada Votes: Liberal Party Breakout Over Conservatives 6 Days Before Election Day

Watts Bar Unit 2, last old reactor of the 20th century: a cautionary tale

Russia Says Warplane Eyeing U.S. Jet in Syria Not Meant to Scare

Bill Clinton to Philadelphia Thursday for Hillary fund-raiser

"The Dumbing Down of America -Who Lit the Fuse?"

Had the Goldman Sachs CEO said his picks are Hillary Clinton or Jeb Bush?

I watch all the "Beachfront Bargan" house hunting shows. Just occured to me that all those

How Soon After Hillary Is Elected Will Fox News Declare Sexism Over?

Stonewall movie 2015 version-review

I represented Wall Street...

Mark Zuckerberg visits San Quentin: ‘We can’t jail our way to a just society’

Voters Overwhelmingly Say: 'Bernie Winner of Debate!' Corporate Controlled Editors Ignore Them!

Ignore the Bernie gang on DU. Hillary won the first debate.

Democratic Debate: A Rundown

RED 4K Video of Colorful Liquid in Space

Bozeman, MT: bear wanders high school halls

A Progressive or a Radical?

Sanders would vote for legalization, Clinton refuses to take a stand

Apparently a primer on online polls needs to be posted. Because the last 24 hours have been silly

Can Hillary supporters show us *ANY* place on the web where Hillary supporters are the majority?

remember how they waged war in 92? they knew where to find info

It won't be official for a few minutes, but... (edit: it is now official)

A decent baseline source for gun-incident information.

US Sen. Ed Markey endorses Hillary Clinton for president in 2016

MORE good news!

DKos's One Pissed Off Liberal...nail on head again.

Toyota to Phase Out Gas-Powered Vehicles, Doubling Down on Hydrogen

Four artists to rock for Sanders Oct. 23

Okay, Hillary supporters; let's put this to bed. Show me a poll (internet or otherwise)...

The Democratic debate revealed Sanders’ true strength

Banner flown over ball game; twitter link

Florida 2000 redux in the Rangers-Blue Jays game.

Hillary Clinton's Big Climate Change Accomplishment Was Actually a Huge Failure.

Ohio & MJ

US Aid to Afghanistan Has Largely Been Wasted and Stolen, Report Says

Why would anyone listen to the very same pundit class that was wrong in '08?

Finally we have a Scientific Debate Poll and it show Hillary won by a wide margin

How Bernie Sanders Raised $1.3 Million in Four Hours

Berkeley astronomer in sexual harassment case to resign

Suspect dead, 10 hurt in hammer attack in Canadian office

The Atlantic: Why Bernie Did Better Than the Pundits Thought

Viral Study That Says You Are More Likely to Be a Psychopath if You Drink Black Coffee Is Bunk

Alternate Universe Reality: Bernie doesn't run again Hillary, but Rahm Emmanuel does

Just saw where Lamar Odom is on life

On substance, Hillary was horrible in the first debate. Bernie crushed her.

LOL Tweety says Bernie CRUSHED it based on social media!

Hasbara or Not: Apartheid in Israel is Doomed

This is powerful

Texas vs Toronto - Craziest seventh inning ever

Kris Kobach files to prosecute three voter fraud cases in Kansas

Ben Carson on Popeye's: I'm god-fearing so I'm not lying, it was a long time ago, I got french fries

Let's get one thing straight: When it comes to politics, *nothing* is scientific or objective.

Congrats to the @bluejays on advancing to the ALCS!

Last night's debate winner: progressive values by Rep. Alan Grayson Candidate for U.S. Senate

Jays beating Rangers 6-3 in the 8th inning.

IUPAT Union Endorses Hillary Clinton for President.

Jupiter's Great Red Spot Is Shrinking

Why Hillary Clinton Is Right on the TPP

CNN Democratic Debate: The Young Turks Summary (youtube video)

Hmm - a Real Non-freeped Scientific Poll says Hillary Won! OHYEAH!

US Sen. Ed Markey endorses Hillary Clinton for president in 2016

On media bias on the debate coverage

America's Biggest Shale Gas Field Is Choking on Its Own Supply

Will Ellen DeGeneres Feel The Bern on Thursday?

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Blah, blah, blah.....blah dee da

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Just spent 2 minutes on Facebook and learned 2 things.

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As I see things, the differences between Hillary supporters and Bernie supporters,

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Urgent need for help (so close to our goal, please help if you can)

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