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Any other previvors here?

Washington Post journalist reportedly convicted in Iran

I am not going to link them...

Anyone else on pins and needles 'til The Walking Dead comes on?

EVERYDAY IS A WINDING ROAD by Sheryl Crow ~ Dem. Debate Warm Up

Anyone else waiting for the season premiere of The Walking Dead?

Trump won't be next president: Obama

Druze-Israeli Deputy Minister Says Yemen Jews Told to Leave or Convert to Islam

Joe Rogan Smacks Up Milo Yiannopoulos On Religion

Trump, Israel and the Jewish vote

‘Devastating’ proposed pension cuts rock Teamsters in Midlands

USC asks head coach Steve Sarkisian to take leave of absence

‘Devastating’ proposed pension cuts rock Teamsters in Midlands

‘Devastating’ proposed pension cuts rock Teamsters in Midlands

Has it really been four years?

Here's one for the software guru.

Omaha woman ran over toddler's foot with lawnmower, police say

Wasserman Schultz: Under 'conservative Republican presidents we were losing 750,000 jobs a month'

Japan wins the rugby world cup.

Rush Limbaugh: Everyone knows about McCarthy/Ellmers! How can they deny it?!

Jury Comment: Put on your "big girl panties"?????

To this day no one has told me how Hillary will get the republicans to fall in line

If anybody didn't see Sen.Sanders on MTP Sunday... Youtube Video

Diane Abbott hates Jo Cox

Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard: Russia is bombing al-Qaeda terrorists. Why is this a bad thing?

California to ban 'Redskins' for school sports, keep Confederate building names

‘Jessica Jones’ Pilot Review: Marvel Goes Even Darker in Their New Netflix Series

8th grader suspended from school for wearing patriotic T-shirt

Photos: Fontenelle Park unveils sculpture series celebrating Omaha Tribe

Photos: Fontenelle Park unveils sculpture series celebrating Omaha Tribe

Put on your big-girl panties and deal with it: Sexist? Homophobic to a male?

Unicorns, ice cream and what?

Good grief

OKAY! okay BLUE JAYS! blue jays LET'S! - PLAY! - BALL!

‘The New York Times’ Goes Truther on the Temple Mount

just wanted to say you all do a great job

Jonathan Pie: Reporter gets angry about Matt Damon, David Cameron, Alan Sugar...etc'!

Just a reminder that Hillary is a Leader --not the follower as

Wasserman Schultz Doesn’t Answer Question About Bernie Sanders’ Electability

Chase Utley suspended 2 games for slide into Ruben Tejada, will appeal

Criminal Occupational Hazard #38-

Republicans love to declare themselves to their party

Looking for the Florida DUer who helped Faulkner build his sailboat, the Ringdove.

Hundreds rally against Confederate sign on Mississippi flag

Pee In A Cup For Your Medicare? Now I Have Heard It All.

Obama defends Clinton over private email server, blames controversy on politics: (HILLARY GROUP)

Here's proof positive that Fiorina is a tech. marketing genius.

Nebraska given grant to aid ailing monarch butterfly population

Controversy after scientist finds rare bird -- and kills it

Halt and Catch Fire gets 3rd season.

Suspect in custody, victim taken to hospital after parking lot shooting following Cowboys game

Suspect in custody, victim taken to hospital after parking lot shooting following Cowboys game

California isn’t the only state with water problems

Hillary and Julian - new photo

Turner leading in Houston mayoral poll

The Green Mile

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, October 13: TCM Spotlight: Trailblazing Women

As Paul Stalls, Cruz Seeks Libertarian Support

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, October 14: Robert Osborne's Picks (and Lillian Gish's Birthday)

Memphis officer dies after being shot in Cordova

Obama defends Clinton over private email server, blames controversy on politics

Instead of the TPP, may I suggest that we the people join with people in other countries

Halloween is coming #37

Halloween is coming #38

Amarillo Anti-Muslim rally turns into tolerance rally -- attendance of one for anti-Muslim rally

This astonishing chart shows how moderate Republicans are an endangered species

Hillary Clinton has been a strong proponent of the TPP.

Halloween is coming #39

Halloween is coming #40

Halloween is coming #41

Man in critical condition after shooting in a AT&T Stadium parking lot, suspect in custody

10:55 CST, all the candidates are in bed

Franz Boas' rejection of scientific racism

Corpus Christi Police: Woman steals police car to evade arrest

An evil prank.

Caught a little of the 60 Minutes Obama interview

As flood recedes, skinflint South Carolina faces huge infrastructure tab, limited federal aid

One Of My New Favorite Songs

U.S. Deportation Rates Hit A 10-Year Low

Diamond Julilee National thanksgiving

#RiseUpOctober Stop Police Terror!

Honduran bank at center of money laundering case to be shut down

Honduran bank at center of money laundering case to be shut down

Yay!!! DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz says Bernie Can Win Presidency

I Really Hate To Make This Post

Gun nuts freak out over Texas students’ #CocksNotGlocks open carry protest

Official Event - Rally in Las Vegas for Bernie, before the debate.

Native American Day 2015: Facts And History For North America's First Residents, Before Christopher

Bristol Palin outraged over girls receiving free birth control

‘There is no co-existence with cancer’: Right-wing Israelis demand gov’t give military ‘free hand’

Martin O'Malley: America can choose a President with experience, vision and results.

Martin O'Malley: America can choose a President with experience, vision and results.

Excuse me sir ...

EXCLUSIVE: Yehudah Glick Willing to Temporarily “Suspend Jewish Access to Temple Mount” for Peace

Ladysmith Black Mambazo

Margaret Atwood on Climate Change, Her New Book and Why Socialists Are Better with Budgets

Did U.S. Weapons Supplied To Syrian Rebels Draw Russia Into The Conflict?

Energy Storage Needs to Think Bigger Than Batteries to Beat Fossil Fuels

World Parliament, the Dalai Lama and my cousin

Solar powered water purification

from Mr. Rogers:

World Parliament, the Dalai Lama and my cousin

I live in the Florida Keys

South Carolina lawmaker: Mississippi hurts own economy with Confederate symbol on state flag

Outraged citizens protest in Costa Rica in support of stabbed good Samaritan

For the love of water: El Salvador's mining ban may cost $300m 'compensation'

For the love of water: El Salvador's mining ban may cost $300m 'compensation'

Imagine if the GOP spent less time on class warfare,

Peru will stick to local law in debt dispute: Finance Minister

Van/car/rv dwelling

Chile Willing to Negotiate Bolivia's Access to the Sea

NOAA declares third ever global coral bleaching event

NOAA declares third ever global coral bleaching event

Accused Serial Cat Killer Is Son Of Retired Police Captain

I know a few homeless people that are working poor

finally got a sunset

Is there a way to upload an epub/pdf or similar file

Pressure sprayers (gardening) used as shower

Daily Holidays - October 12

The Families Funding the 2016 Presidential Election - The New York Times

The island where men are disappearing

Brazil opposition demands sacking of Congress speaker

I hope i'm not pissing someone off

Bernie Sanders Is Changing American Politics—But He’s Not Thinking Big Enough

Here’s Bernie Sanders Response When ‘Meet the Press’ Host Asks If He’s a Capitalist

Reich: Resurrect Glass-Steagall!

Obama Administration Pushes to Help Students by Rolling Back Joe Biden's Bankruptcy Bill

DNC vice chair disinvited from debate for wanting more debates

The ‘It’s All Obama’s Fault’ Video That Will Have You Laughing So Hard You Might Explode

NJ A-Hole Uses Halloween Decor To Depict Obama As An ISIS Terrorist Killing Americans

No increase in Social Security benefits expected for 2016

D.N.C. Officer Says She Was Disinvited From Debate After Calling for More of Them

Portugal: Europe’s Left Batting 1000...the Left win in Portugal elections

New Report: TTIP free trade deal 'would remove people's rights to access basic human needs like wate

Cenk Uygur VS Ann Coulter at Politicon 2015

Bet you he's waiting for 2020

Peter Gabriel - Biko

Imbecile Gohmert Pyle flips out over Benghazi during Planned Parenthood hearing

Republican Congressman: 'We Have to Get Our Act Together'

The speech none of our gubernatorial candidates can give: Robert Mann

WI GOP Begins Retroactive Decriminalization of Scott Walker Fundraising

Bernie Sanders’s Strategist: This Is How We Win

WikiLeaks: ISPs to hand over copyright infringer details under TPP

Two powerful Gulf sheikhs talk Syria with Putin

In unusual rebuke, state environmental agency rejects landfill bid

A Black Trans critique of "justice or Else"rally, esp. for all of you expressing love for it.

I was surprised and disgusted by the love shown for "Justice of else" rally on DU

Poll: Clinton opens huge leads in NV=Clinton 50, Sanders 34--& SC

Is there no way to get a video to disappear off the Latest Page?

Missing Jon Stewart acutely as the primaries get into full swing...

Plane wreckage 'containing many skeletons and painted with the Malaysian flag is found

WD rocked lat night.

Chris Hedges: ‘A Pipeline Straight to Jail’

(Boston) Low-income entrepreneurs welcome added assistance

Lower gas prices means no Social Security increase next year

Price carbon — I will if you will

Constitutional Amendments on the November 3 ballot

What do people who are at an appropriate weight eat on a daily basis?

I think it was a mistake that she acknowledged

Will Historic South Carolina Floods Wash Away State Leaders' Climate Denial?

Dell and EMC make their mega-merger official

World Bank VP - $100 Billion Total For Poor Country Climate Aid "Picked Out Of The Air"

China seizes 804kg of ivory along with rhino horn, bear paws

"homeless waif" will win the nomination and go on to win the White House!!! JMHO

Clinton opens wide leads in Nevada, SC

POLL: Meme of the Week – October 12th

Nearly 800 million people suffering from hunger worldwide: report

Ankara: Police blocked ambulances/ general strike to take place amid anger and grief

POLL: Meme of the Month – September 2015

Adobe's Monument Mode feature

Breaking: Ben Carson announces he dropping out ...

Five years on, it's still the pits for Chilean miners

The media’s lying to you about Bernie Sanders

Hillary's SC lead has plummeted from Clinton 78: Sanders 8 on July 30

While We Sleep, Corporate Execs Strip-Mine America

Paul Krugman- The Crazies and the Con Man

October is LGBT History Month

Morning Joe talk today is about how Bernie will lose it in the debate cuz he's "cantankerous."

Why are so many upset about TPP's copyright provisions?

Anti-abortion lawyer to speak in Omaha about Planned Parenthood videos

Clinton opens wide leads in Nevada, C 50,S 34, B 12; SC C 49 S 24 B 18

Brand New Virginia Polling: Clinton 40%-Biden 23%-Sanders 23%; Biden leads all Republicans

South Carolina: HRC: 70% Bernie 20%--Clinton lead fueled by huge black vote

I'm thinking of starting my own petition, RE: Colleges and gun law

Check out this map of Detroit's electric rail system in 1915

Talk About Inequality

A bombing EXACTLY like the one in Ankara happened earlier this year.

Empty Rhetoric

Video shows Saturday stabbing attack at Damascus Gate

Would Jesus be cool with keeping poor kids in orphanages?

LIVE UPDATES: Three Wounded in Two Jerusalem Stabbing Attacks

If the people in the Open Carry movement are going to start shooting thieves on sight.....

Arab wounds 4 Jews in north Israel stabbing attack: police

6 arrested in Air France union violence that left executives shirtless

My open letter to Christine Gregory

Dana Nessel: Schuette's Absurd Waste of Millions Battling Same-Sex Marriage

The WSJ is Still Mad at Elizabeth Warren

Seriously considering disconnecting from the Tubes

“I represent the Messiah,” Farrakhan said to the crowd.

Don't miss this moving commercial promoting organ donations.

Few Rivals as Hillary Clinton Still Leads

Monday Toon Roundup 1- GOP

While that "good" guy with a gun is assessing whether or not he needs to kill you - Let this sink in

Monday Toon Roundup 2- Gunz N Gawd

Monday Toon Roundup 3-Middle East

What is with our MN leaders endorsing Hill? Was that even

Monday Toon Roundup 4-The Rest

Celebration of a Psychopath

When men are photoshopped out of politics.....

WTF? ... Even crazier Stand Your Ground 2.0 law proposed in Florida

We got ISIS wrong in Syria. Let’s get it right in Afghanistan

Julian Assange: police removed from outside Ecuadorian embassy

Violence is not a product of mental illness. Violence is a product of anger.

The Republican Primary Clown Show - Julianna Forlano Part 3

Here's a website every DUer should bookmark for primary research:

Baby Boomer's, Busters, X'ers, Next'ers, & Millennials

**** October Contest Submissions thread. Theme: PERSPECTIVE--look up, look down, move around ****

Ukraine and Russia have signed new gas supply deal -minister

*****Comment Thread for October contest. Theme: PERSPECTIVE--look up, look down, move around*****

To condemn, or not to condemn (Horrendous article from Mondoweiss)

Anti-secular Republicans are ignorant of what secularism even means

I have been wondering about something the past couple of days.

Mega-Gangs the New Plague in Venezuela

Paul Krugman comments on Angus Deaton, Today's Nobel Prize winner in Econ

Boehner wanted to use the Benghazi investigation to 'cause political problems' for Clinton too.

Bernie's Debate Dilemma

None of the Democratic candidates, if elected, can fix things,

Marine base in Hawaii to keep 'God bless' sign

Death toll hits 30 in recent wave of Israeli-Palestinian violence

South Carolina, Nevada CNN polls find Clinton far ahead

South Carolina, Nevada CNN polls find Clinton far ahead

I didn’t think TTIP could get any scarier, but then I spoke to the EU official in charge of it

Martin O'Malley: America can choose a President with experience, vision and results

Why Bernie Sanders Has Already Won the Democratic Debates

I need Skinner to check and see if you received my check made out to DU. Thanks.(sent end of Sept)

More fuel for the fire: U.S. delivers 50 tons of ammunition to Syria rebel groups

"Cocks not Glocks" - Texas students respond to shooting and conceal carry

The Future is TERRIFYING

Horsey Goes Wild

How stupid are conservatives? This stupid.

Cecil the lion killing: Walter Palmer, U.S. dentist, won't be charged

New York's Bus Terminal: Overcrowded, Fragile and Largely Ignored

Is America’s Military Slowly Becoming Obsolete?

Indian president declares support for Palestinians ahead of Israel trip

Egyptian court releases two of Mubarak's sons

Ben Carson’s Historical Ignorance: Pledge Of Allegiance Is Proof Of America’s Christian Roots

I implore you to give up your hopeless fantasy!

Armed with rocks and knives, the children of Oslo come of age

Labour: TPPA could encourage 'land-banking'

Cat Soap Opera

Yemen PM meets President amid reports of growing differences

Based on the Halloween Whopper I ate this weekend, my digestive cycle is roughly a day and a half.

WI GOP Begins Retroactive Decriminalization of Scott Walker Fundraising

U.S. delivers 50 tons of ammunition to Syria rebel groups

I Found The MY GIRL Willow Tree ! ABANDONED Movie Location

Zaid Jilani: Bernie Sanders Is Exceeding Obama's Historic 2008 Run in Crowds, Donors and Polling

John Oliver Rips North Dakota Over Giving Big Oil A Free Pass On Rig Inspections

Dog Who Survived Oregon School Shooting Grieves Lost Owner

We're finishing up our prepping

Just got off the phone with a woman who is my cousin.

Tourists record great white shark devouring seal near Alcatraz

Which one of you Tom Brady cultists had this sign yesterday?

It's not easy to make Orly Taitz look like a sane one...

What's for Dinner, Mon., Columbus Day, Oct. 12, 2015

Trigger-happy cop tries to shoot pet in self-defense, hits 4yo girl (she didn't die).

Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-SC) declined to go on the record and possible be caught in a lie

An Open Letter to Canadian Prime Minister, Stephen Harper

Hillary recalls tearing up in '08: "I felt drained." (You'll want to read this personal story. HRC)

Look at the first paragraph in this article. I sent an email to this author correcting him.

California governor vetoes bill mandating campus sexual assault sanctions

We need to contact members of the Progressive Caucus

UK-born Angus Deaton wins economics Nobel Prize for work on consumption, poverty

Partial settlement reached in deadly Texas fertilizer plant explosion

MotherJone: Here's What Bernie Sanders Is Like as a Debater

France drops bid to appoint gay Vatican ambassador, reports say

France drops bid to appoint gay Vatican ambassador, reports say

12 Steps for Self Care

How Bernie Sanders turned himself into a serious presidential contender

The Greatest Threat to America:

***October Photo Contest is open for Submissions****

***October Photo Contest is open for Submissions****

Charles Koch wants to "fight special interests." USA! USA! YES! Take THAT, Saddam! USA! USA! YES!

I've put up links to the October contest in both GD and The Lounge

Things just haven't been right since women got the vote

Right-wing brings dark money to campus elections

Now we have the "Butt Catch":

Wha-a-a-t? "Emergency Debate Podium" at-the-ready for Biden Last Minute Announcement. Not The Onion

Sanders nears debate test, once refused request for more than 6 debates

Happy Indigenous Peoples Day - #IndigenousPeoplesDay

Why South Carolina?

Charles Pierce: The Ungodly, Destructive Power of the Citizens United Decision

Former Governor Martin O'Malley (D-MD) at the No Labels Problem Solver Convention.

How did this headline...South Carolina, Nevada CNN polls find Clinton far ahead

A True Hero

A True Hero

G - G - GHOST!!!

So What Do They Spend the Billions in Dark Money On during Campaigns?

COLUMBUS DAY Is The Most Important Day Of The Year

AP 'investigative' story relies on spoonfed material from @SenRonJohnson just to tell us still no ev

An Evening in May--October is domestic violence awareness month

Former Governor Martin O'Malley (D-MD) at the No Labels Problem Solver Convention.

An Evening in May--October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month


Bernie Sanders The Reddit Candidate

Andy Dalton and Bengals need to be taken seriously after Seattle win

Some pictures from my parish

Woman fights off intruder with sword, medieval combat skills

Graffiti Artist Tests the Patience of Local Authorities with this Hilarious Experiment

Media is predicting a very low viewership on the Democratic debates

"Vice President Cheney for speaker"

For a high court justice, Eakin displays a low-brow sense of humor: Good read

Ed Schultz News and Commentary: Monday the 12th of October

So the US regularly spends a trillion dollars to "keep us safe", and we

Rep. Tulsi Gabbard uninvited from debates thanks to DNC, Bernie has her covered

Californians are naming their kids after ‘Game of Thrones’ characters

Only 4% of black voters in South Carolina support Bernie Sanders.

Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) is getting his very own comic book.

Probability that Joe Biden announces his candidacy for president

Pic Of The Moment: Why Paul Ryan As Speaker May Be The GOP's Best Chance To Unite The Party

The First Democratic Party Debate for the 2016 Election

Charles Koch: I'm fighting against special interests

Tickets on sale this week for Nov. 6 Democratic forum.

Bernie Sanders is beating Obama's 2007 record in three key areas!

Questions: how to watch the Democratic debate live?

Flooding Threatens The Times’s Picture Archive.

GA Confederate flag supporters face terrorism charges

Jewish Israeli teens lean right, many support ‘price tag’

Mississippi Confederate flag protest: Hundreds call for new flag

Young amputees will soon get 'Iron Man' and 'Star Wars' bionic hands

Trump calls Merkel "insane" for Germany's refugee policy

When Republicans Own The Joint,....

Jeb! turned out to be the Fredo of the family

Martin O'Malley at Odds With Hillary Clinton on Syria No-Fly Zone.

Bernie Sanders’s Big Chance To Woo Non-White Voters

CNN is live streaming the dem debate, no password or login required

If Bernie is cantankerous or Hillary is inauthentic at the debate will it affect your support?

Fear of gun laws

I want these people to come to my hometown parade.

Feel The Bern

Benghazi Committee Rigged To Take Down Clinton

HC: We’re not going to “get over it,” @JohnKasich, we’re going to protect Social Security for the ne

Absolutely fake "miracle" by Zimbabwe preacher...

The Nobel prize in economics was awarded for showing the world as it is—not how it should be

Hillary has a lock on South Carolina by a landslide...

How LBJ scared visitors at his ranch

How dare Hillary be ahead in polls today! HRC ROOM

No Charges for Cecil the Lion's Killer

Barney Franks tells it like it is!

Has Russia saved Lebanon from ISIL?

tough questions at event with 2016 presidential hopefuls from both parties.

Tulsi Gabbard was uninvited to debates after calling for more.

National Nurses United to march for Bernie Sanders outside Tuesday's debate

Why people don't trust Hillary

'When Jimmy Carter entered the Democratic Party presidential primaries in 1976,

China aims to become world's top nuclear power producer by 2030

Israeli Teen, 13, Stabbed While Riding His Bike In Jerusalem

Political parties slam ANC over ICC decision

Why Did Anne Frank Hide Like A Coward Instead Of Killing Nazis Dead Like A Real Man?

Extensive radiation study finds no internal cesium exposure in Fukushima children

ABC News: What to Expect From Bernie Sanders at Tuesday's Democratic Debate

California craft beer brewers balance drafts and drought

Philip Bump: Was Kevin McCarthy right that the Benghazi committee has damaged Hillary Clinton?

My support for Hillary just plummeted

Bobby Jindal – Vote Republican Or ISIS Wins

Meet A Generation That Has Grown Up Free From Mass Shootings

WaPo: O’Malley gets 4 percent support from home state

Do liberals fall far from the tree?

NC senators, who voted for fast track, come out against TPP due to tobacco rules.

TPM: Clinton Talks Reparation Checks, Black Lives Matter With BuzzFeed (AUDIO)

NYT: Hillary Clinton’s Summer of Decline Had an Upside

US Airdrops Ammunition to Syrian Rebels

Statistics on the cost of gun violence

Congress Axes a Lifeline for Small Colleges

Just watching MSNBC

The seats are set, the podiums are in place.

"The media’s lying to you about Bernie Sanders ..."

Big Pharma still reeling from TPP but global health advocates not happy either

Ben Carson’s Former Patient Blasts Surgeon for Ruining Her Life: ‘He’s a Liar’

Will the Debate Be Hillary Clinton's Moment of Economic Truth?

Bernie Sanders leads off Al Sharpton's "Politics Nation" in 15 minute interview.

Gunman waited for victims outside Manhattan nightclub in fatal shooting

Dutch Safety Board: MH17 Was Brought Down By Russian-Made Missile

"There is power in a union: Here’s how we beat inequality & rebalance our economy"

Poll: Clinton support falls substantially in Virginia

Russian MLRS using cluster munitions in Syria near Sukayka

Mutual Fear of Attacks Divides Israel Further

Poll: O’Malley gets 4 percent support from home state

New Yorker article on Sanders: The Populist Prophet

Confederate flag supporters face terrorism charges

going into debate i think bernie has real chance tomorrow

National Nurses United Planning to March at Democratic Debates in Support of Sanders

Toronto fans start petition to have Canadian mounties investigate conspiracy against Blue Jays

Russia says it broke up ISIS cell in Moscow

Anyone else here give as much of a shit as I do about the democratic debate tomorrow?

What Bernie should do during the debate...

Remains of St. Maria Goretti, the youngest Catholic saint, arrive in Chicago.

Ga. Confederate flag supporters face terrorism charges

Happy Columbo Day!!

Russia's Low-Risk Gambit in Syria

PA. League of Women Voters' Guides for Voters

Sidelined by Democrats, Larry Lessig considers running against them

Anyone else seen The Martian yet? I have a question about his potato crop (spoiler alert)

WSJ: The Two Parties Aren’t Crazy, Just Changed

Clinton announced over 30 endorsements from Virginia last week

Amid Russian Airstrikes, A Putin Craze Takes Hold In Mideast

cross posted from farm/rural life- woo000ooot

AK Federation of Natives conference opens to renaming of Columbus Day in city/state

Virginia state poll Oct 12: Clinton 40, Biden 23, Sanders 23 Hillary Group

Pew poll: 5 Things about Democrats - #1: They've become more liberal.

Meet A Generation That Has Grown Up Free From Mass Shootings

Rep. Keith Ellison hands Sen. Bernie Sanders his second congressional endorsement

Four big differences between the leading Democratic candidates ahead of Tuesday’s debate.

so, who's going to a watch party? great chicago spot-

Report: John Boehner Is the Guy Who's Kept the Hillary Email Scandal Alive (HILLARY GROUP)

The Adults Take the Stage The Democratic debate may be boring, but the contrast will be striking

I had such a bad week last week and the DU came through BIG for me anyway!

Bustle: 4 Throwback Hillary Clinton Videos From The 2008 Debate That Will Get You Pumped

Paul Ryan is not going to run for the Speaker's position

Sit Back And Enjoy The GOP Shit Show

Mars Curiosity rover sends a postcard

Native American Day 2015: Facts And History For North America's First Residents, Before Christopher

My endorsement of Senator Bernie Sanders for President

NYT: How Bernie Sanders Connects With His Crowds

Obama won't shrink from 2016 race

What Caused the Two-Decade Dip in Crime Rates? Not ‘Good Guys with Guns.’

You know what gets me enthusiastic about GOTV activism?

Bernie Sander’s supporters bernin’ up downtown

Maryland State poll Oct 12: Clinton 43, Biden 26, Sanders 2O, O'M 4% Hillary Grp

New fossils intensify mystery of short-lived, toothy mammal found in ancient North Pacific

"If I can't dance to it...

Bob Dylan is a welder. Who knew?

best person to be Speaker of the House..........

Maryland State poll Oct 12: Clinton 43, Biden 26, Sanders 2O, O'M 4%

Columbus Day is the Most Important Day of Every Year

James Taylor's mother dies at Martha's Vineyard home

Virginia state poll Oct 12: Clinton 40, Biden 23, Sanders 23

Hillary Clinton: The Downside Of Her Time At State

Keith Ellison Endorses Bernie Sanders

A what muscle car?

I'm feeling pessimistic about the upcoming debate

Tad Devine, Sanders' top strategist, on the Ellison endorsement: "It says we are beginning to break

Drake student Kenia Calderon becomes 1st DREAMer to endorse for 2016

Halloween Anticipation

Firearms are no longer a hobby of mine

Florida woman allegedly live streams herself driving drunk on cellphone

Who says you can't have fun in the General Discussion (Forum)

I Support Bernie Sanders for President and I Also Support the Black Lives Matter Takeover in Seattle

Bernie Sanders Destroys NoLabels Talking Points On Social Safety Net

BP Manages To Turn $20 Billion Fine Into Tax Write-Off

Trudeau, Mulcair reject any suggestion of backing a Harper minority government

Why Bernie Sanders isn’t going to be president, in five words

Rep. Keith Ellison on why he's backing Bernie Sanders for president

Pharrell Williams: "It's Hillary time in 2016".

Democratic debate: Can anyone disrupt the Hillary vs. Bernie show?

Wild Game 4 in Houston. Anyone watching?

Epic fight between two Republican congressmen explodes on Meet the Press

Rep. Flores eyeing run for speaker

I am so discouraged. My poor kitty is sick. Cost of treatment? About $1100.00+ or -.

Why Bernie Sanders isn't going to be President in two words.

Is Hillary Clinton a capitalist?

CNN urged to add liberal panelist for debate

Georgia - A monument to MLK will crown Stone Mountain

About ready to give up. One thing after another. Being a Senior is not fun.

Jim Webb is speaking at the No Labels Conference in New Hamshire LIVE on C-SPAN now.....

Anybody here use high-mileage oil in their vehicle? What do you think about it? nt

MSNBC: RNC slams Clinton over supporting Iraq war in 2002

MoCo MD for O'Malley debate watch party.

Air Force Quietly Implements “Stop Loss” Provision to Fill Deployments

'Glocker Mom,' Other Israeli Settlers Carry Guns Amid Palestinian Violence

Black Fox News Staffers Sound Off About 'Difficult' Work Environment

Buzzfeed: That Time Hillary Clinton’s Campaign Attacked Obama In 2008 For Flip-Flopping On Guns

Palestinian youths stab Israeli boy of 13 as violence rages on

Guatemalan mayor lynched by crowd over attack on rival

KCPD officer says Olive Garden wouldn't serve him

Alabama’s Civil Rights Memorial

"The media’s lying to you about Bernie Sanders ..." (crossposted)

"You're carrying a gun to class? Yeah well I'm carrying a HUGE DILDO"

Bumpy Road Ahead For U.N.-Proposed Libya Peace Deal

some backstory to the Sanders congressional endorsements

Alaska mulls extra oil drilling to cope with climate change

What the GOP Presidential Candidates are Saying About Paul Ryan

Seems there is Florida Woman too...

Elections by Polls - Feeling Manipulated?

Delhi police question two men after girl of four raped

Donald Trump Terrifies GOP’s Young Voters, But They Love Bernie Sanders

Jeff Masters - Sizzling October Sunday for Northern Plains

Want evidence of how far right the party has drifted under establishment democrats?

Robert Reich: The Big Banks Need to Be Broken Up

Universal Background Checks for firearms

U.S. probes allegations AB InBev seeking to curb craft beer distribution

Three Black Brooklyn Congressmembers will give a Presidential endorsement tomorrow

See y'all for Game 5 in Kansas City!

UAW locals compact Fiat Chrysler voting to two days

"Prophet's Prey" on Showtime

Brother of Colombia’s comptroller general murdered

Leaked letter adds intrigue, confusion to Vatican bishops meeting

Syrian Army, Russian Jets Drive Back Rebels In Fiercest Clashes For Days: Monitor

The growing backlash against Southern kitsch

Rahm Emanuel endorses Hillary Clinton for 2016

‘College Students for Bernie’ chapters explode nationwide

Ben Bernanke Leaves GOP Citing Their Obsession With VooDoo Economics and Conspiracy Theories.

Anti-Muslim rally turns into tolerance rally (TX)

I'll ask again: How will a Democratic Socialist work with Tea Bag Republicans?

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Arkansas judge orders state to disclose source of execution drugs

DU Endurance Test

Exclusive: Ex-Benghazi investigator alleges Rep. Gowdy violated federal law

Emma Watson's feminism.

Anyone think O'Malley could be the big winner after the debate?

It’s something that might have been called neocon ... her supporters are not going to call it that

Students want Confederate memorial removed from UNC’s campus

Fall is my time of year for breadmaking with natural yeast

Republican numbers...

The media won't bother to care, but Hillary released a really smart Wall Street reform plan yesterd

FiveThirtyEight Endorsement Update: Hillary 354, Biden 16, Sanders 2, O'Malley 1

London Police Stop Watching Ecuadorean Embassy For Sign Of Assange

What a true 'Murikan nightstand looks like

Illegal immigrants who refused to learn the language but still got food assistance and housing.

Exclusive: Ex-Benghazi investigator alleges Rep. Gowdy violated federal law


Funniest Political Protest Signs Ever

Addiction’s innocent victims: Fetal alcohol syndrome ravages Pine Ridge Indian Reservation

Addiction’s innocent victims: Fetal alcohol syndrome ravages Pine Ridge Indian Reservation

If you could improve your standard of living earning a degree, but

Spiders Invented Knees

The stupid republican governor of Texas jinxed the Astros:

A Badge, a Gun, and a New Gender Identity

My Face as I watch...

A Badge, a Gun, and a New Gender Identity

Let's go Cubs!!

Pigs Unearth Hunter-Gatherer Civilization

Need a list of live stream of debate that is NOT CNN

Small software glitch, re: advanced search.

Baby, the spaghetti inhaling rat from the Netherlands

Democratic debate a breakout chance for O'Malley, others

Breaking from Jamaica - Sangster airport Montego Bay closed because of fire on

Decapitated Gladiators Found in England - video


For those of you who watched 60 Minutes last night, I hope you are as outraged as I am

SAG-AFTRA Takes on Ad Agency Droga5 Over Non-Union Work

Is it fair to call Bernie Sanders a Socialist?

National Gallup polls show Clinton far head by 29 points...

Just one - please

Bernie Sanders ... the comic book??

SAG-AFTRA Takes on Ad Agency Droga5 Over Non-Union Work

48-million-year-old horse-like fetus discovered in Germany

Mysterious ripples found racing through planet-forming disc

‘Bring Back Our AMERICAN Traditions!': Parents Flip Out When CT School District Cancels Halloween

Badger Guns 'failed miserably' in handgun sale, officers' attorney says

NYT Editorial: A Law That Hides Police Misconduct From the Public

Martin Sheen reflects on life, Catholic faith

With the Democratic Debate imminent...

Pew Poll: Democratic voters want the next president to continue Obama’s policies.

Ex-staffer's lawyers--Benghazi chairman Trey Gowdy breached confidentiality

Australia's largest carnivorous dino yet

I knocked another item off my bucket list this morning, saw a haunted place, and an angel too

Bernie Sanders comes out against CISA, a controversial cybersecurity bill

The electoral system that Lessig hopes to reform is keeping him out of October's DNC debate.

[ActBlue] You're making a difference -- daily update for 10-11-15

Photo retailer B&H faces unwanted exposure over worker safety

How many House seats will we pick up in 2016?

I knocked another item off my bucket list this morning and saw an angel with huge wings too

Photo retailer B&H faces unwanted exposure over worker safety ( x-post from Labor Group)

Study: Fracking Industry Wells Associated With Premature Birth

Photo retailer B&H faces unwanted exposure over worker safety ( x-post from Labor Group)

Immigration center employees want a union contract

Immigration center employees want a union contract

Immigration center employees want a union contract

GOP Attack Dog Mauls Sanders For Helping Vets

TV broadcasters try to stop Charter/Time Warner Cable merger

Anti-Gay Pastor Calls LGBT Protections ‘Most Dangerous Thing That’s Ever Been Orchestrated’ -Houston

Volkswagen identifies 1,950 faulty cars in China, could have EU loans recalled

Bernie & Larry Sanders:candidate's brother crosses Atlantic to watch debate

Texas GOP Attorney General, Lt. Governor Push For Indiana-Style Religious Freedom Bills

Gay Widower Who Fought Texas For Accurate Death Certificate Dies

Tiny ancient fossil from Spain shows birds flew over the heads of dinosaurs

Police: Former Texas A&M football player randomly hacks jogger to death in Dallas

Ben & Jerry's co-founder shares Bernie Sanders ice cream idea

Scholars Debunk ‘Times’ Article on Temple Mount

The corporate media all day has been talking about how Clinton

Why Ben Carson would be the first black president for white conservatives

Desperate Syrian Refugees Return to War Zone

The Last Time Republicans Shut Down The Government Misleads to Accuse Sanders of Misleading

Confederate flag backers indicted in Ga confrontation

Police defend use of Taser on city official in Texas

Mid October and I'm still killing mosquitos

The Weekly Standard: Sanders is a Meany-Pants!

'Thoughts and prayers aren’t enough—we must act to protect families from gun violence.'

Alaska renames Columbus Day to be Indigenous Peoples Day

Movement To Change The Name Of Columbus Day Gaining Momentum

2-year old shoots Grandma in the back

Hillary Clinton's plan to "rein in" Wall Street banks will be just great for them, and her, and Bill

60 Minutes script: 30 Years on Death Row

Breitbart: Sanders' Support of BLM Undermines the Universal Declaration of Human Rights

60 Minutes script: 30 Years on Death Row

New Hampshire forum has candidates touting bipartisanship.

This artist transforms Bratz dolls into empowering role models

This pains me as a Gator: Florida QB Will Grier suspended for banned substances

Pick a candidate, ask them a question

Sightseeing in DC

We know that the polls are totals of people voting Democratic, but has anyone seen a poll

The Stupidity of the DNC: No One is Registering Voters at Sanders'

My brother's Teamster's Union pension was just cut....

Just an FYI on Portlander23's hidden post...

New video shows accused stabber posed no threat when shot

The Right’s Nauseating Columbus Day Hate

Pharma CEO Shkreli failed to respond to Sanders about his drug hike — and Sanders is not happy

Global marine analysis suggests food chain collapse

Sweden moves to a 6-hour work day because it's better for everybody

MoCo MD for O'Malley debate watch party.

Debbie Wasserman Schultz...