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Things Are Getting Better

Dumb Cops: Washington Police Shoot And Kill Agitated Cow

Longstanding record/tape store in Park Slope to close

Alison Grimes for US Senator

tribute thread for pinboy3niner

Sen. Sanders: Do Republicans Want America to Become a Third World Country?

Gorillas Fight Back Against Loathsome Poachers

Pastor, church members plead guilty to beating 13-year-old boy

Cross the white line - pay the price. >>

Merry X-mas

My choice for the worst fan catch ever >>

Waterloo judge who claimed he was assaulted with a toilet-tank lid indicted on multiple felonies

‘We all agree’ Mars is the same temperature as Earth

Walgreens shouldn’t have a say about how the U.S. government does anything.

Home care workers file for largest union election in Minnesota history

Does anyone know what just happened on America's got talent?

Maureen Dowd pines for the "good old days"

USA used to be Tallest country in the world--but is now one of the Shortest of all developed nations

Blackwater Made Death Threats To Keep Money Flowing & It Worked

LBN: Largest union election in Minnesota history!

LBN: Largest union election in Minnesota history!

"How are you going to sell cars to all of these machines?"

De Blasio vows to act on carriage horses, living wage

July 8, 1862 Ella Reeve Bloor was born

Reparations, pay up and shut up.

Well, she went there.

Missing Washington teen left a chilling note before her disappearance

I'm asking this group for a favor

You love him or you hate him.

The Kochs’ Anti-Civil Rights Roots: New Docs Expose Charles Koch’s Ties to John Birch Society

I think my laaptop was made in Holland

Compared to U.S. Presidents from Truman to Bush, Obama stacks up well

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! The BBC vs. FOX, NBC, ABC, et a! & a New Kitteh gif

Question: we can't jury our own posts, so why can hosts lock their own threads?

IBEW Organizes 700 Comcast Workers Who Saw Pay Slashed While Profits Soared

2014 Job Creation Faster in States that Raised the Minimum Wage

Gohmert opens his mouth and stupid stuff comes out.

IBEW Organizes 700 Comcast Workers Who Saw Pay Slashed While Profits Soared

shout out to my Washington homies ...

Haha- Rachel revives Jeff Gannon

U.S. condemns rocket fire against Israel

Virginia campus removes Confederate flags

Chevron admits Oil Shale Will Use Huge Amounts of Western Water.

Banish those Hobby Lobby blues!

“All cats are libertarians..."

NYC borough won't prosecute low-level pot offenses-Brooklyn

A strange tale about Mrs. Lib

Prez Has Pizza With Locals at the Wazee Supper Club in Denver - Then Beer and Pool w/ the Guv

Hobby Lobby decision rips the corporate veil

League City (TX) bans undocumented children

Poll: Hillary Clinton ahead, Rand Paul leads GOP

Could you please clarify the rules regarding Meta posts in GD?

Terminal Cancer Patient Rushed To Hospital During Felony Trial For Medical Pot (GRAPHIC PHOTO)

Meet Jack Trammell in Midlothian.

Wombat in a washer.

FYI: Wendy Davis interview coming right up on Maddow Show!

"If We Are Able To Cure Aging, It Will Only Benefit The Ultra Rich"

The Corporate Illogic of Outsourcing and Offshoring

FairPoint Employees To Hold Strike Authorization Vote

Members of Congress Declare "Immunity" from Insider Trading Probe

FairPoint Employees To Hold Strike Authorization Vote

How does a heavy clay flowerpot filled with dirt get knocked off an outdoor table?

Profiteers Cashing In on Nation's Catastrophic Water Crisis

Global slump and the new normal

The two male salsa dancers on America's Got Talent kicked arse.

A Message From God:

Hobby Lobby Crafts (Make Your Own IUD!)

Anyone familiar with the "Recovery Version" of the Bible?

Time for my annual post of an old poem I wrote years ago.

"Sarah Palin just joined the ‘impeach Obama’ crowd. That’s bad news for the GOP."

Is there any way to put a dot or something by the names of host who are online?

Justice Breyer’s opinion in the recess appointments case deals a blow to originalism

How Corporate America Shut the Courthouse Doors to Average People

Another study finds that despite rare adverse events, childhood vaccines are safe

The State Republican Party in Texas Is Now the Craziest in America

"Beginner's Guide to Endings". Quirky indie film.

Hypocrite Greg Abbott heads to DC, city he despises, to round up campaign cash

Former Idaho Gov. John Evans has died

Kirsten Powers to Billo The Clown: "I'm So Tired Of Your Mocking"

Open letter to Quinnipiac (the Bastards)

WTF ...24

Bay Area governments make big electric-vehicle buy

Legal weed! (photos) (Washington State)

Rape isn't wrong because it's illegal...

PLEASE tell these DUers what happens when safety rules and child labor laws are ignored

PLEASE tell these DUers what happens when safety rules and child labor laws are ignored

If Chris Dodd had won the Democratic nomination in 2008, would he have beaten John McCain?

Presidents' Body Counts

Good cop stops traffic for duck family

Immigrant Surge Rooted in Law to Curb Child Trafficking

Why Housing Will Crash Again--But For Different Reasons Than Last Time

Christians I know

David Swanson inadvertently provides insight on the sudden Republican interest in impeachment

Mesolithic shamanistic meteorite talisman unearthed

Something Rachel brought up tonight...

Acropolis Maidens Glow Anew

Having heard all the complex arguments about the immigrant kids, IMO we should let them stay

The Strange and Mysterious History of the Ouija Board

The Occult and the Telephone

US backs Israeli ‘right to defend itself,’ UN chief condemns rockets

LOL ...

Politics Done Right on KPFT - America can afford Medicare for all

Does anyone use audiobooks?

Experience existential horror by watching this video.

TeslaMania Music Video

New gift shop available at Diamond Head State Monument

Why won't evening news shows host actual economists when covering the economy?

Well, it looks like I'm heading back to my orthopedic surgeon again.

Green Cheeked Conures (GCC)

Trivializing Women’s Harms: The Story of Cyber Gender Harassment

I heard something today that sent chills down my spine...

*&^#$@. I'm committed. I *need* to be committed. I'm going to Phoenix. In August.

Politics Done Right - Hobby Lobby Decision Should Scare Us All

A Strong Woman

How to tell if your dog is involved in a sex scandal:

Why Brazil Lost? Mick Jagger's "cold foot."


WI Lumberjack rescues BLACK BEAR with milk can stuck on head

Tweety demonstrates abysmal ignorance of

The Planet Just Had Its Warmest May On Record

Welcome to Puerto Rico, Mr Neugebauer! (and fishy PAC funding for Perry presidential campaign)

Obama’s Evangelical Gravy Train

145 Nominees Still Can’t Do Their Jobs Because Republicans Won’t Do Theirs

No Sheit ...

California pastor and parishioners plead guilty to forcing 13 yr old boy to dig his own grave

Le Peuple de l'Herbe - Parler le fracas

Tiny Birthday For A Tiny Hedgehog

Just a small thing.

Top Obama official blasts Israel for denying Palestinians sovereignty, security, dignity

100 Religious Leaders to Obama: No Religious Exemption in ENDA Executive Order

Back when Lions and Cucumbers could lie down together:

34 Most Demented Things in the Texas GOP Platform

More Words of GOP Jesus

Corps of Engineers allocates $50,000 to study deepening Mississippi River to accommodate bigger ship

TX Rep. Gohmert: Obama should send U.S. military into Mexico to stop immigrants

US workers encountered man left in cell for days

Frontier Airlines pilot buys pizza for 160 passengers stranded on delayed flight

Hightower: The Absurd Lengths Corporations Will Go to in the Name of Saving a Pittance on Taxes

Let’s Nationalize Amazon and Google: Publicly Funded Technology Built Big Tech

How America's Biblical Ignorance Allows Christian Right to Use 'Religious Freedom' For Own Agenda

5 of the Worst Pundits Spreading Propaganda About the Middle East

Village Voice Workers Ratify New Contract, Avert Strike

Syracuse New York reacts to plans to place immigrant children there:

Suit says Maine blueberry industry exploited labor

Editorial There's family value in paid parental leave

Talk of peace is futile without regime change

The refugee children at our southern border - this generation's MS St. Louis moment?

Judge puts ‘theft’ of Illinois pensions on hold

Obama’s Evangelical Gravy Train

Former Fort Carson employee arrested after alleged terror threats

Two years and counting

House Ethics Committee does U-turn on travel requirement

colorado's gay marriage fight echoes drama in 1975

California cop spared charges for killing 13-year-old boy carrying toy gun

Evening meetings boost attendance at House VA panel

10 states where guns are most (and least) likely to kill people

The will of the people

The Looming Foreclosure Crisis: As the Fed Runs Out of Bullets, Local Governments are Stepping In

Here's Why Militaries Around The World Prefer To Buy Russian Weapons

SHALE REVOLUTION: Forecasters Say The US Could Become Energy Independent In 20 Years (a good resource for info)

More Than 550 Memphis Police Officers Protested Benefits Cuts By Calling In Sick

Climate Denying 'Coal Rolling' Fad Actually Illegal

CO Offered Free Birth Control, Teen Births & Abortions Fell Drastically

The Atlantic: What a Muslim American Said to Defend His Patriotism

LIVE UPDATES: Elderly woman killed in IDF strike on Gaza; rockets fired at Tel Aviv

EPA will use Vermont's response to Irene as national blueprint for flood recovery

You May Be Denying Climate Change, But The US Military Isn't

US, China vow to improve cooperation

The US Military Clued Us In On Its Research About Facebook And Twitter

Two different GIFs of Kim Jong-Un ...........clapping on posts written on DU

The Boehner Lawsuit Against Obama Is Beginning to Take Shape

Top Corporate Tax Cheats: Corporate Behavior So Bad Even Fortune Magazine Can’t Stomach It

Don't allow your children to "fall into the grip of Satan"!

Giants score, but not enough to overtake A's

Joseph Stiglitz: No, Spiraling Inequality Isn't Inevitable

Why are the forums that I favor - occupy, progressive, labor, women, etc so non-active?

Natalie Tennant for West Virginia, Alison Lundergan Grimes for Kentucky

Women are so crazy. (toon)

Want a laugh? You must meet "Mr. Bunny"- the guy the VT repubs are putting up for Governor:

So what's this white winged thing that sits on the National Mall like a moderne gargoyle?

Lamb's Wool

Mary Ann Cotton

TYT Detroit / Wolf Pac MI / DavidPakman / BestoftheLeft / Netroots Nation Epic Meetup Thurs July 17!

Jury nullification becoming an issue in pot prosecutions

Eyewitness account from Gaza: Doctor Mona El-Farra

For your enjoyment

TYT Detroit / Wolf Pac MI / DavidPakman / BestoftheLeft / NetrootsNation Epic Meetup Thurs, July 17!

"The Hard Part Of Teaching"

Iraq Says 'Terrorists' Seize Chemical Weapons Site

"It’s too modern to fail"

Ukrainian charged with Russian journalists' deaths

Nazareth mayor looking into allegations against police chief

Every Conservative needs to listen to this. I doubt if many know these facts.

The best worst president ever | By Mark Morford

Memo for next board meeting:

Costco & Hobby Lobby: When the Double Standard is the standard

Colin Wilson RIP, author of The Outsider, Religion and the Rebel, The Occult, ...

Iraq crisis: Fifty bodies found south of Baghdad

Bush Trifecta lands on Obama: Gaza, Iraq and Afghanistan Imploding

Luckovich: Welcome to Five Guys

The Letters That Warren G. Harding’s Family Didn’t Want You to See

A question the right has to answer from Bill Maher

Middle school hormones, myth or reality?

Missouri Gov. Nixon vetoes copycat ALEC bill that legislature shouldn’t have passed

Glenn Greenwald is naming names---NSA Spied On Five Politically Active American Citizens

As someone who has been a member of DU for over 13 years I know posting this you will judge me badly

Wednesday Toon Roundup 1- Immigration and courts

Wednesday Toon Roundup 2- The Rest

Popular Agrarian Reform: An Alternative to the Capitalist Model

In Hunan - China's Breadbasket - Rice Output Eroding Under Growing Toxic Metals Contamination

Edward Snowden applies to extend his stay in Russia

** starts opening up the DU Lounge Cafeteria and posts today DU Lunch Special **

More like "Aging Asshole Of The Senate"

1 Year After $6 Billion Alberta Flood, Saskatchewan Flooding Damages At $1 Billion And Climbing

The government has asked Verizon for customer data 149,000 times this year. And it’s only July.

Finland's Disease-Vector Ticks Move 185 Miles North In Less Than Ten Years - Now In Arctic

If an acquaintance adopted 2 random pitbulls and let small children play with them

If Mike Gravel had won the Democratic nomination in 2008, would he have beaten John McCain?

6 Yrs Into Alberta Climate "Plan", No Emission Cuts, No Monitoring, No Publications - Auditor

Seattle City Attorney Buys Legal Pot for 'Personal Enjoyment'

If Barry Goldwater had won the nomination would he have beaten Johnson?

Gay rights groups withdraw support of ENDA after Hobby Lobby decision

South Sudan wants to take stock of its child soldiers

What fashion designers in 1939 thought we would be wearing now

GOP congressional candidates boycott League of Women Voters forums (WI)

3 Women of Color to Lead the NEA, the Largest U.S. Labor Organization

Why college graduates struggle to exist around DC even with a "decent" entry-level job

The Right is full of grifters and scam artists

Caracas' poor go thirsty amid political strife and poor planning

Cuomo Maintains Huge Lead Over Astorino, Poll Shows

The Bible supports abortion

UK sold sarin gas components to Syria

Furries? Feet? Forget it: This flower’s weird sexual hangup has us humans beat

On immigration reform, de Blasio backs Obama

Uncontacted tribe in Brazil ends its isolation

Wal-Mart's warning to the world

Mysterious blast at Chevron plant shakes pollution-weary Texas town

Parakeets over Tokyo

If McGovern had won the nomination in '72 would he have beaten Nixon?

Environmental free-trade deal could help tar-sands producers

Police seek ex-con in harassment of Columbia student paper staff

Protect civilians from the impact of hostilities ( Gaza Strip )

Carbon12 nucleus, without which there would be no life here on Earth, resembles equilateral triangle

Luxury auto boom leaves Cadillac behind (Boo hoo)

Fox's Powers Lets O'Reilly Have It For His Phony Christianity On Immigrants

Death toll from Central New York storm rises to 4 in Madison County

If Bill Richardson had won the Democratic nomination in 2008, would he have beaten John McCain?

A Jellyfish Tank Installed in an Abandoned Building in Liverpool

America the cruel or America the compassionate? How America treats the child refugees will tell.

Colombia military court bill ‘recipe for impunity’: HRW

Tip workers ask NY for a raise their minimum wage

Univ. of Miami Football Players Accused of Sexually Assaulting 'Physically Helpless' Classmate

Republican Voodoo Economics Fails Again. As it Always Does.

Countries having fun with 'American Bible, flag gun girl.

Challenge! I've been working in Alte Saxony the last few weeks,

Apple loses China patent case, separate suit against Apple continues

Meet the Creative Genius Behind Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck and Willy E. Coyote

Obama’s faith-based advisers divided over religious exemption for anti-gay discrimination

The Most Dangerous Politician In Latin America Wrote A Chilling Op-Ed About His Negotiations With He

Centinela school board votes to fire high-paid superintendent

The Most Dangerous Politician In Latin America Wrote A Chilling Op-Ed About His Negotiations With He

Mexico Lawmakers Approve Telecom Bill Challenging Slim’s Power

Rachel Maddow - Legal battle waged against GOP war on voting

Papantonio: Corporate Media Enables Tea Party Oddballs

Tiny Houses Big With U.S. Owners Seeking Economic Freedom

SCOTUS said 14th amendment does not apply to women

Stringer cites ‘out of control’ legal claims

Hundreds rally in Boston to support women’s rights

Is the New GI Bill Benefitting For-Profit Colleges Instead of Veterans?

"Mom's Demand Action" (aka Bloomberg) loses another one in Niles Illinois

Dark money: Lawmaker's attempt to toss complaint rejected

Dark money: Lawmaker's attempt to toss complaint rejected

Another Teachers’ Union Could Call For Obama’s Education Secretary To Resign

China's incredible high-speed rail system

NSA 'Bombshell': Agency Spied on Prominent American Citizens

What's for Dinner, Wed., July 9, 2014

Study: Many school districts need to work smarter

Jay Z, No Doubt, Tiësto Set to Headline Free Global Citizen Festival

Massive school of anchovies looks like oil slick!

Rachel Maddow - Conservative invented news comes at a cost

Diplomatica: 'I believe in the project Cuba is developing,' Cuban president's daughter says

Colo. same-sex marriage battle echoes Boulder drama of nearly 40 years ago

The Rise (and Fall?) of the Cupcake.

Good to know that Obama went to the right place for a Jucy Lucy.

Germany investigating second U.S. spy suspect: security sources

Cuba unveils 'modifications' to improve education

Federal Judge Orders Release of 14 More Pages of Wisconsin John Doe Documents

In Deal to Cut Corporate Taxes, Shareholders Pay the Price

Ed Gillespie: Minimum Wage Job "where you play on a softball league...go for a beer after work"

Countries that Dump their "Unwanted Children" on the US Border

Colombia officially declares ‘Star River of the South’ as protected area

Enough is enough: from TV’s “crime porn” to endemic violence, the assault on women has to stop

Man Killed By Grandson After He Shoots Son In Family Dispute

Reuters banner: Former New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin sentenced to 10 years in federal prison

Now for something a little different

Ex-New Orleans mayor Ray Nagin sentenced to 10 years

U.S. judge tosses Miami mortgage discrimination suit against BofA

Everything We Thought about Porn is Wrong

Somewhere a bridge has gained its Troll back.

Bill seeking sanctions against Venezuelan officials backed in the US

Tropical Storm Neoguri moves ENE, Fausto becomes a TD

Joni Ernst tries to walk back Obama 'dictator' comments

No peace in Palestine in 2014

What have all of the "investigations" of the Obama Administration cost taxpayers?

Question about jury

How-to kit on sale this week at Hobby Lobby:

Boehner disagrees with Palin on impeaching Obama

In dry California, water fetching record prices

College named after Robert E. Lee is taking down its Confederate flags

What's this stuff about Obama and flyers encouraging illegal immigration?

Senate Democrats: We Will Fight For Women

FARC, Colombian government to resume talks in Cuba

Cracking Down on Elmo and Mickey

Larry Klayman is back, and this time he really has stuck his foot in it!

Support pours in for Justin the Raynham rescue kitten

Hey, you immigrant-hating gun-toting bigots on the border (and cowardly GOP egging them on):

If John Edwards had won the Democratic nomination in 2008, would he have beaten John McCain?

Political courage at La Moneda palace

Repubs will not touch immigration issue with ten-foot pole

Obama is enforcing the law - William Wilberforce Trafficking Victims Protection Reauthorization Act.

If "ifs" and "buts" were clusters and nuts....

Is there a feminist spring?

Go home English, you're drunk

‘Flee or die’: violence drives Central America’s child migrants to US border

Most ridiculous baby names from 2013


Koch Bros Hatchet Man Attacks Harry Reid In Politico Chop Job

Cause I'm happy...and I remember these jackets...

Appellate court ruling in Virginia gay marriage case seen as imminent

When These Experts Savage U.S. Drone Policy, It's Time to Worry

What's wrong with the security on the border??

The Police Brutality Epidemic In Albuquerque - Candice Bernd Discusses

Sugar Plant Removed Safety Device 13 Days before Temp Worker’s Death

Mike Luckovich: The HamBurger Court

"StandWithDinesh" on facebook has no one talking!

Peru: WikiLeaks cables shed light on US massacre role

Goblin King on the Iron Throne: Just so much win.

Wall Street vs Social Security:

Pic Of The Moment: How The GOP Is Prioritizing Your Tax Dollars

CDC: Alcohol responsible for 10 percent of all working age adult deaths in America

Mexico Mayan Site Gets Double Heritage Status


U.S. Senate confirms San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro to head HUD

Reading Rec

Do you have kids with ADD?

The 1% meet in the valley.

Have any of you tried meditation?

Astounding success of the Oligarchs...stand back, it is STUNNING

Venezuela: Maduro initiates gov't 'shake-up'

r>g A Formula of Inequality Told in Four Generations

Ukraine Recaptures Sloviansk


New Orleans ex-mayor Ray Nagin sentenced to 10 years

Logically, Shouldn't The "Right-to-Lifers" be fighting to protect and help these immigrant children?

Gomer says Latinos will vote republican since "They believe in God."

Abbas: Israel committing 'genocide' in Gaza

Anger mounts as Germany unearths second U.S. spy suspect

Fox News: Marriage Equality Leads To Marrying Your Dog

What do Udall's Colorado supporters think

On the next episode of LAW & ORDER: SPECIAL VICTIMS UNIT

Congratulations to Germany, FIFA 2014 World Champs!


Want contracts? Work harder, women's org. CEO says

The Painful Lives of Our Youngest Pawns

Are Foreign Based Corporations People Here In The U.S.?.....

All Is Lost~ with Robert Redford

How to find retirement statistics?

Bolivian President Isn’t Radical Enough for Corporate Media

5 Reasons Cleveland Is A Terrible Choice To Hold The GOP’s 2016 Convention

Corbett(PA teabagger)care plan cuts aid for disabled

Democrats unveil bill to reverse Supreme Court's Hobby Lobby ruling

These Anonymous Messages Sum Up What Many Veterans Experience When They Return From War

Hamas: We attempted to hit the nuclear reactor in Dimona

24-Hour Time Outs

Democratic senator skipping fundraiser with Obama

Faith Groups Seek Exclusion From Bias Rule

Glenn Beck Getting ‘Violent’ Emails & Loss Of Donations Because of His Plans to Aid Migrant Kids

ah shit. i'm gonna have to fight the ex for doctor dog.

Prez to republicans: You mad?

Claire McCaskill released her report on college sexual assault, and the findings are grim

Mental health care deal reached

New York lawmakers back coverage for ostomy supplies

WacoTrib and others: "Abbott siding w/chemical companies against neighborhood residents

Strib: Dayton asks Obama for major disaster declaration, adds metro counties

Colombia asks US to investigate unauthorized resale of German-made weapons

Colombia asks US to investigate unauthorized resale of German-made weapons

LeBron to announce decision at United Nations

Texas repugnants EXPECT federal help with border security to keep brown people out but...

How often have U.S. presidents met people wearing horse head masks?

City Human Rights Commission handing out anti-bias stickers to businesses

Get this man some boxing gloves...

U.S. Supreme Court green lights 9/11 victims lawsuit against Saudi Arabia

Ranchers taking advantage of USDA disaster program

Domenic Recchia Lashes Out at ‘Bully’ Michael Grimm on NY1

Researchers simulate the gait of ancient arachnid

Police Obtain Warrant to Take Pictures of Teenage Boy's Erect Penis

GOP Congressional Candidate Says Obama Has Rare Mental Illness

Happy 50th Birthday, Courtney!

Enough! Most Say They're Over Sarah Palin, Poll Shows

Report: NY tax breaks don’t do much to create jobs

If you go Nazi, don't settle for anything less than FULL Nazi...

"Do you want to hit this?" a man asked President Obama in a bar in Denver

Sanders backs VA pick

Georgia GOP sued for Racism

Boehner says no to impeachment

GOPer Ernst Reverses: No Evidence Obama Should Be Impeached

Cuomo: A LIRR Strike ‘Not An Option’

Semi-Final: Netherlands-Argentina

"This is what happens in a surveillance state"

That was a weird sight

‘Rathergate’ Drives ‘Truth’ Film; Robert Redford To Play Dan Rather, Cate Blanchett To Play Producer

Short Review of Pat Buchanan's New Nixon Book

Hummingbirds in the Rain Forest - To bring some joy to Solly Mack and others

Universal Feline Political Affiliation...

Peru: The Dark Future Of La Oroya

Is Dennis Kucinich still a Democrat? Doesnt sound like it

So what?

I need your help recommending a thread for two women running for Senate

Another fun Windows Update glitch.

Ben Carson’s coming takeover: What Tea Party’s new star means for 2016

Is the President wise not to go to the border for a photo op?

Sen. Patty Murray

Update on Raju the Elephant:

TYT: Kansas Gov Sam Brownback Fulfills Promise To Destroy Kansas

LIVE UPDATES: Abbas says Israel is waging war on all Palestinians

Just wait until these rocket scientists find about Wayne State University as well...

52% of Americans believe the economy has improved under Obama. BUT...

War in Afghanistan: Enough Is Enough

Harkin Joins Colleagues to Introduce Legislative Fix to Protect Women’s Health

6 tips to avoid accidental child deaths in hot cars

A Hillary Rodham Clinton Appreciation Thread: Everyone's Mother

The Fast & The Furious: Atheists Fake Ramadan Hunger to Avoid Jail

Freddie and Fannie ride to Stuy Town's rescue

TCM Schedule for Thursday, July 10, 2014 -- What's On Tonight - Classic Documentaries

Palin’s impeachment blast: A great opportunity to call out Republicans’ bluff

If Joe Biden had won the Democratic nomination in 2008, would he have beaten John McCain?

The ultimate weapon agains those idiotic "Rolling coal" blowers

George Clooney Denies Amal Alamuddin's Mom Opposes Their Marriage on Religious Grounds

Algae testing coming to Seneca Lake

Kentucky effort to resume executions hits snag

Anger mounts as Germany unearths second U.S. spy suspect/Globe & Mail Canada

Why Stopping Corporate Personhood in Appalachia is not the way to go:

The Senate, Democrats and the state of West Virginia need your help!

Saltwater pipeline leaks on ND Indian reservation

US, Cuba hold migration talks in Washington

US, Cuba hold migration talks in Washington

"Crazy cat" goes berserk in Florida; owner calls 911

Germans probe 2nd spy case reportedly involving US

Vatican names new bank president, restructures financial offices

Bank Thieves Saw Through Roof Under Cover of July 4 Fireworks, Steal $290k

Why is it with Fox news and GOP leadership that if Marriage is not between a man and a woman,

Robert Reich: Expatriate corporations should lose privileges

Don’t know Jack? Post Cantor, Democrat gets new life in 7th.

I Watched Israeli Police Beat My American Cousin. Most Palestinian Victims Don’t Even...

Netanyahu, Liberman divorce finalized by Knesset House Committee

IBM Superfund Site Cleanup Approved

Love the World Cup? Get ready for the World Lacrosse Championship

IDF's Gaza Assault Is To Control Palestinian Gas, Avert Israeli Energy Crisis

Wednesday Blues Break: Broke and Hungry - Wells, Cotton, Bell, and Branch

3 rockets fired at Israel from Egypt, officials say

Bill Powers resigns as University of Texas president, will leave in June 2015

The True Gaza Back-Story That The Israelis Aren’t Telling This Week

One from the Vaults: "How Redstone Sold Dan Rather for 20 Pieces of Silver"

Iran: From 'Axis Of Evil' To Last Best Hope In The Middle East

Black, Latino defendants more likely than other races to be held on bail, denied release: study

Help! My Fifteen Minutes Are Just About Up!!!

White House Says US Can’t Stop ‘Tsunami’ Of Boycott And Isolation If Israel Won’T End ‘Occupations’

The bashing of some DUers who have opinions that dont suits mainstream DU global thought must STOP!

Utah to appeal gay marriage ruling to high court

Julian Assange on Aiding Snowden, Tiff w/ The Intercept & If He'll Ever Leave Embassy Refuge,Pt. 2

Derivatives, Credit Default Swaps, etc: how much of a problem now ?

Remember EW Jackson? He's still at it.

Pat Buchanan: I don’t see a single GOP candidate who could beat Hillary

There's a new Just Salad opening near where I work!!!

Home Depot becomes exclusive distributor of Dinesh D'Souza's latest book

Mexico Mayan Site Gets Double Heritage Status

The 50's, 60's and 70's were the golden age of education in this country

World Cup semifinal spoiler

GOP sued for Racism

A fair question.

Car Insurance Companies Want to Track Your Every Move—and You're Going to Let Them

BP Wants Unspent Spill Recovery Money Back

Not sure if this was posted yet, but shared with me by a friend - changing politics by age...

Pap and Seder: Southern States Are Keeping Children Stupid

35 Taken to Hospitals for Chlorine Exposure at Camp Letts.

Lawsuit: Former Georgia GOP Staffer Claims Party Officials Targeted Her With Racial Slurs

Would you marry your dog if you could?

(Holy $%*! Shit!!) Islamists take control of Iraqi chemical weapons site

Men Wanted

LA TIMES: Southland homes draw foreign cash

DMV allegedly refuses transgender women, then humiliates them (WV)

Why so many kids can’t sit still in school today

You're doing it wrong

You're doing it wrong

When an 11 year old shoots his grandpa after his grandpa shoots his dad,

"People Who Call Obama Worst President Since Second World War Also Blame Him for Starting It"

So what?

Koch-Funded Texas Gubernatorial Candidate Limits Public Chemical Disclosure After Deadly Explosion

Chelsea Clinton Follows Parents’ Lead as a Paid Speaker

Jury: Dodgers partly responsible for Stow beating

Let's fight for these refugee kids

Dang I'm old. Saw a Toyota MR2 with an historic plate today.

BREAKING: Palin wants to impeach Obama because he is black

Finally! American goldfinches come to drink out of the ant cup on my hummingbird feeder

Papantonio: Dark Money Poisoning Politics

America to Sarah Palin: Please,just stop .

Rachel Maddow blisters Tucker Carlson’s ‘Daily Caller’ for Cuban hooker story

Indiana Gov Pence to state Agencies- Pretend same-sex marriages didn't happen

Cuomo Primary Challenger Predicts She'll Have 3X the Required Petition Signatures

Nil -Nil


Officials say juvenile started California wildfire

CARTOON: Stuff Jesus said... Courtesy Daily Kos (BORS)

Ha! Ernst stepped in a pile with the "impeachment" stuff and now walks it back.

Fatca rules were intended to correct a tax loophole. Applied to Americans living abroad,

Evangelicals Are Changing Their Minds on Gay Marriage And the Bible isn’t getting in their way

Bratton: City will defend officers on marijuana arrests

BAT SHIT CRAZY: America's Dumbest Congressman says immigrants are Obama plot to take over Texas

Russia's Lavrov Would Not Suggest Attack on Crimea to Anyone

HA! Perry was at the airport

I Heard On The Radio Today That There's Been 50,000 Gun Related Deaths Since Sandy Hook.....

Breaking: SCOTUS Justice Alito Denies County Clerk Request -- Pennsylvania Marriage Secured

"The Truth of the Matter Is Walmart Is a Horrible Place to Work"

The Medicare Physician-Data Release — Context and Rationale (New Eng Jour Med)

The Quick and Easy Asperger's Test (Asperger's Syndrome is basically a mild version of Autism)

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Church hires convicted child molestor as preacher, then is shocked when he's busted again. (Updated)

Why did Brazil Lose? Mick Jagger!

Squadron and Camara: Marijuana Law Would Weed Out ‘Unfair’ Arrests

Drug wars fuel Mexico's hidden displacement crisis -rights group (Reuters)

Ha Ha- The Snow Grifter Stiffs Fox

Indiana Won't Recognize June's Same-Sex Marriages

Finally, Sheriff Joe Arpaio serves a search warrant on boarding facility where 23 dogs died.

Obama is the 21st Century Harry Truman.

Colorado’s same-sex marriage ban ruled unconstitutional, but ruling stayed

Australia lifts the seal of the confession

Episcopalian Church denounces humanitarian crisis in northwest Colombia

Pope's recent pr stunt (meeting with victims of sexual abuse) reminds me of Bush's Snowflake babies

We're all for Argentina, right? Right????? n/t

Refugee vs. Illegal Immigration

Colombia police capture alleged ‘chief’ of Buenaventura dismemberment ‘chop-houses’

Pope Francis’ promised reforms start to take shape with new leaders for Vatican bank

It's 1998 All Over Again

Kitty Marooned on a Roof is Finally Rescued… After Two Months?

Berkeley declares homeless camp a nuisance, plans crackdown

I haz teh hiccups

California poised to crack down on water wasters-- $500 fines possible

The John and Elizabeth Edwards Appreciation Thread or Why John Solomon and the MSM Can Burn in Hell

Rethugs don't want to fix the border issues..

Truck drivers are entitled to paid breaks, court says

To my Deadhead friends: 19 years ago tonight...

Gun control bill advances in Massachusetts House following 111-37 vote

Hmmmm... Hobby Lobby or Apple... who's winning the day here?

Ohio GOP sues Cuyahoga County Executive Ed FitzGerald

WTF ...25

Fed mulls policy exit, eyes October end of asset purchases

Six days in a row --monsoon YEAH!

Please tell me why the President needs to go to the border?

Would you lend a hand if I told you I was drowning?

Anyone else a little suspicious over the mass influx of in where did the propaganda

Get ready to start naming exoplanets!

Social Security Disability Insurance: What Does It Mean to American Workers and Their Families?

George Clooney slams story of in-law rift over religion

Tweety is ranting today and he has on his right-wing hat. eom

James Clapper Issues Non-Denial Denial Of Greenwald's Story About Surveillance Of Muslim-Americans

Air New Zealand pulls controversial pre-flight safety video amid feminist backlash

Obama urges Congress to move quickly on border funds, pledges to consider Perry’s requests

(Gubernatorial) Candidates picture Republican voters in dunce caps

Supernova Reveals Origins of Universe's Dust

Researchers declassify dinosaurs as being the great-great-grandparents of birds