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Schools Get Green Light To Get Creative With Schedules, Teaching Methods

Daily Kos: Reason #1 SCOTUS Will Regret Hobby Lobby

Federal Judge tell Supreme Court to STFU...

Koch brothers putting big money into Ga races

The Persecution of Witches, 21st-Century Style

It's kinda fun watching "Carlito's Way" on NUVO.

Terminal Cancer Patient Rushed To Hospital During Felony Trial For Medical Pot

Uganda Claims 'Jail the Gays' Law Not Meant to Punish Gays

Whatever happened to Morningwood?

LAPD stops honoring some federal immigration detention requests

WTF ...23

I was in the upper Florida Keys this morning

JFK was thought of as a threat for being Catholic. Now 5 radical SCOTUS judges are Catholic.

LIVE STREAMING TOMORROW: IACC Full Committee Meeting, July 8, 2014.

Exclusive: California truck drivers go on strike

EPA: 'Coal Rolling' Is Illegal

Americans are down on America

Scientists discover the on-off switch for human consciousness deep within the brain


LBN and GD strike poll at same link

Ferdinand Cheval

LBN and GD strike poll at same link

Once again, Gomer shoots off his big bazoo...

Duke Gardens, July 2014 (huge - dialup warning!)

Germany missing 45% of its gold 'stored in US'

I'll take Things No One Has Ever Said for $1000, Alex

House GOP wants to spend $3.3M on Benghazi probe

Ignorance of History, and Its Price (Gary Hart)

UPDATED: Miss. GOP certifies Cochran victory over McDaniel

Here's a Worry for American Democracy...Bill Clinton running for President undr Guise of Hillary....

ASU "jaywalking" cop threw an unsuspecting student to the ground last November...

AP sources: Obama backs off border policy changes

First Of 3 Fuselages Removed From Derailment Site

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Strange Bedfellows! & a New Kitteh gif

He Saved 669 Children During The Holocaust… And He Doesn’t Know They’re Sitting Next To Him.

Arne Duncan dismisses union call for resignation

Benghazi Panel Gets More Cash Than Veteran's Panel-Rethug Priority

The misguided searches for Obama’s Watergate and Obama’s Katrina

Pope Francis begs forgiveness in meeting with abuse victims

Bahrain expelling top U.S. official for meeting with Shiite group

Barack Obama's Better Half

Princeton Mom: ‘Antagonistic Feminists’ Embolden Women to Ignore Husbands

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Court Room Packed for Voter Suppression Hearing – Hundreds Turned Away Hobby Lobby Fallout: Catholic Soy Milk Mogul Won't Cover Drugs That 'Prevent Procreation

‘Cuban TV Airplane’ Report Reveals $36M US Boondoggle

‘Cuban TV Airplane’ Report Reveals $36M US Boondoggle

Fan caught sleeping on TV sues ESPN, MLB for $10 million

Hate Cannot Drive Out Hate - ONLY Love Can Do That

PRESSING ISSUES: The Hiroshima Tile

"So you'll have to take maximum advantage of my death…It should be worth a couple of million votes."

If The Shoe Were On The Other Foot & SCOTUS Was Stacked Reverse - What Would The Repubs Do.....

AP: How GM's ignition switch redesign went wrong

Behold the new forest

Time for me to get off the fence.

Behold the new forest

CHZ-Circumstellar Habitable Zone. Earth Could Be Closer to the Inner Edge of the Zone Than At First

Are the residents of Murrieta California anti-vaxxers?

Which do you prefer?

Marijuana Proposals Fail to Get Signatures, Won't be on 2014 Ballot

Jewish hate of Arabs proves: Israel must undergo cultural revolution

So now Jeannie is a "tarantula whisperer".

Bernie Sanders telling it like it is!

Sixty-Nine Days: The Ordeal of the Chilean Miners

Well-Funded Western NGOs Whitewashing Venezuela’s Right Wing

In Jim Crow South, black people were denied vanilla ice cream, except on 4th of July

Black voter suppression in North Carolina: statewide numbers vs. local reality

William Davis, a miner

As a Buckeye raised in Illini country can I just say ...

Should the Democratic Party directly target income inequality in 2014 and beyond?

Initiative Launched to Increase Employment Opportunities for Disabled People in Venezuela

Unions more female, more gov't

Justice for Westhusing

Unions more female, more gov't

Latin America in brief: Venezuela; Bolivia; El Salvador; Chile

Hillary on strengthening the middle class

Homeopathy was quackery in 1796, it was quackery in 1988, and it will still be quackery in 2096

Demo against Hobby Lobby decision in NYC Thursday

NYC Demo against Hobby Lobby decision this Thurs.

Demo in NYC Thursday against Hobby Lobby decision

Demo in NYC Thursday against Hobby Lobby decision

Look Out, All You Smarty-Pants Scientists! Heartland Institute Is Holding A Deniers' Conference!

I want a new Star Trek weekly series dammit!

Uber Technologies App To Make Car Service Prices Cheaper Than Cabs

Mike Simpson (R-ID) Wants Exemption To Arsenic Standards In Drinking Water - Too Expensive, You See

Mexico’s effort to break up TV, telephone monopolies sparks criticism

Crumbs Bake Shop Closing Down All Locations

Y'all K'ada

Hobby Lobby Funded the Duggars' Allegedly Sex-Abusing Cult Minister

Songbird Shows Off Pipes

A Plan Only Banksters Will Love: WikiLeaks Reveals Trade Deal Pushing Global Financial Deregulation

The age of entitlement: how wealth breeds narcissism

Some anti-Rep and pro-Dem memes/toons some of you may enjoy.

Meownday Blues Cats

Did the Daily Caller run Communist propaganda as "news"?

Wtf is a "Raul LABRADOR" and how did he get to be a Rethug in Idaho, oh, BYU never mind

Democracy Now is hiring a Linux Sys Admin

Horrifying Graphic

Study: Kids Bullied in Gym, Sports Avoid Future Activity

Faith-Affiliated Nonprofits’ Obamacare Contraceptive Cases Next For Supreme Court

Magic Carpet Ride -- Steppenwolf --

Carousel on TCM now!

Vietnam War Eve Of Destruction

Can't decide if this is wonderful or nightmarish.

Pennsylvania Refuses to Release Route Info on Oil Trains

Will Chris Christie Resign In Return For A Suspended Sentence That Keeps Him Out Of Prison?

American accent you find most attractive

Iraq parliament delayed for five weeks, general killed near Baghdad

Every year, I watch more and more storms push toward the Valley only to hit the heat island.

"It's Hard to Claim the Good News Is Really Bad"

Unite, Britain’s largest union, Supports Maduro & Venezuela

Question: Whar about Hobby Lobby dependents?

Two 'abandoned' cylinders seized in Syria contained sarin - U.N.

More of that "liberal media bias"

Sen. Robert Menendez seeks probe of alleged Cuban plot to smear him

Vet Sues After Burial With Gay Partner Is Denied

The Sloths That Could Cure Cancer

Obama Administration Faces Diplomatic Isolation in Latin America on Venezuela

Christie defends refusal to meet with Sandy Hook parents

The logic of violence in the Islamic State’s war

FOX, Steve Douchey find new welfare rancher to fill Bundy moocher void

DAS wiretapping scandal (Colombia's intelligence agency)

Christian the Lion Hearted.

Ending détente, Hamas takes responsibility for today's spike in rocket fire

Anthony Bourdain visiting Palestine on CNN

It's Never Too Cold to Have Friends.

Is it just me, or has it been...

I can't discuss a matter of global importance on DU.

Congress May Spend More On The Benghazi Panel Than On The Veterans Affairs Committee

Supreme Court rulings jolt women’s groups into action

Where In The Hell Did You Go (With My Toothbrush?)

Abortion buffer zone laws begin falling after Supreme Court ruling

Uganda: Police officer shoots 'aggressive' tortoise (BBC)

Now *THAT'S* what high fashion is all about !

Giraffe legs' strong, skinny secret (BBC)

I am sickened by the men who think women are objects

Dallas county judge Clay Jenkins [edit] Restoring faith in humanity [/edit]

Deep dives of devil rays solve 'mystery' of warm brain (BBC)

"So tell me about this marijuana store." LOL ! Rick Steves, you sly subversive ...

Hillary's Wall Street Dilemma: Wall Street Offers Clinton a Thorny Embrace

Apple's Gay Pride Parade Video

Oh look who's at Murrieta terrorizing kids: Update from JimRob at Murrieta Border Patrol Station

Itty bitty practically brand new kitty

Please lock the following thread

If you witness sexual harassment in public, would you take action to stop it?

Home Grown tomatoes are in know what that means...

I thought of this reading that one thread this morning

How Do 18-35 Year Olds Consume Media? SurveyMonkey Audience Results (TYT)

Former monk plans to use $115 million lottery prize to support the arts

The Bricklayer's Lament

Running Into Alex Jones At Work

Gangs and swarms

This Bus Is Transforming The Lives Of San Francisco's Homeless

Guy raises $15,000+ on Kickstarter - for potato salad

Florida man steals police cruiser while 'cuffed

I'm not suggesting this is the only reason, Republican control and globalization play a part as well

Colorado offers free birth control: teen pregnancy drops 40%, teen abortion rate drops 35%.

Nebraska now alone in denying driver's licenses to young immigrants

Evangelicals Are Changing Their Minds on Gay Marriage

The Christian Do-Gooders Secretly Attacking Gays

TYT Detroit / Wolf Pac MI / DavidPakman / BestoftheLeft / Netroots Nation Epic Meetup Thurs July 17!

Chavez pitches A's to 5-0 win over Giants

Honduras: new death reported in land struggle

So these guys are going to patrol the border, and then start a revolution if the cops show up?

Just to add a glitch to the glitches you already have to deal with....

Go, baby!

Colorado to Spend Ten Million on Medical Marijuana Research

Reason #1 SCOTUS Will Regret Hobby Lobby

Color of Change Goes After Black Congress Members For Attacking Net Neutrality, Supporting Telecoms

#HobbyLobbyLove is a thing, but it's not going well

Homemade Solutions for Hobby Lobby Female Employees -- Hilarious DIY Birth Control

A Potential Foreclosure Crisis Looms Over America

Greenpeace Loses Its Shirt After Senior Employee Bets on Currency Markets

ISIS demands muslim women to engage in Sexual Jihad. ("Let us rape you.")

Several EU states impose arms ban on Russia

How Politicians and Scientists Have a Vested Interest in Spreading Panic

Ukrainian Employer of Joe Biden’s Son Hires a D.C. Lobbyist

Hotel owners face prison, fines for hiring undocumented workers

Its a matter of perspective

trade talks on $1 trillion in environmental goods

A Simple Blood Test Could Predict the Onset of Alzheimer's

How "On demand" should work.

chronic dryness hinders fight against west's fires

South Korea ferry 'sank due to negligence, corruption'

Alarming Developments on the Ground

An observation about words like "Palin"

Northern Ireland: 'Gay cake' row could end up in court

Eight of the most outlandish food health claims

Bwaaaaaaaaaaaah hahahahahha sorry ReTHUGs and other anti-minimum wage morons

Conservatives Are Hoping These 10 Words Will Finally Destroy Obamacare

CIA was involved in ‘double agent’ spying operation against Germany

SPIEGEL Interview with Hillary Clinton: 'Surveillance on Merkel's Phone Was Absolutely Wrong'

Police: Officer that killed his family, and himself, drugged and raped his wife

Opinion: Watch Out for Little Green Men

Growing Influx: Germany Caught Off Guard By Surge in Refugees

Lady's Thistle

Lucky Lamb

EPA: 'Coal Rolling' Is Illegal so get your trucks fixed

Did You Know That Antonin Scalia's Son Is Sabotaging Wall Street Reform?

How to Win Billions in Federal Contracts on a Permanent Tax Holiday

Pope Francis: Catholic sex abuse ‘like a sacrilegious cult’ that sacrifice boys and girls

‘Catastrophic’: Egypt’s Sisi warns Iraqi Kurd secession would splinter Mideast

Sugar plant removed safety device 13 days before temp worker was buried alive

Man uses HD firearm to run intruder from home.

Eye on Japan-The interesting shaped #eye of super #TyphoonNeoguri

Man Fires At Men Who Tried To Hit Him With A Car

Crumbs Bake Shops Closed on Monday - All of Them

The Limits of Corporate Citizenship: Why Walgreen Shouldn’t Be Allowed to Influence US Politics If I

Millions of Soldiers and Veterans in Trouble

The Rude Pundit: Yes, Everything Is Worse Than It Seems (Part 1: Hobby Lobby, Science, and You)

All Eyes on Keys Same Sex Marriage Case

Fracking Fears Grow as Oklahoma Hit by More Earthquakes Than California

Super Typhoon Neoguri headed for Japan

Paul LePage Is in Trouble. Again. (Politico)

Pssssssssst - this needs more coverage - Former George Bush WH Lawyer on trial for attempted murder

Arsonists Posing as Firemen: How GOP Sabotages Government for Fun and Profit

LIVE UPDATES: Netanyahu orders IDF to prepare for Gaza ground offensive

The new great regional game: Saudi Arabia and Iran

U.S. District Court Judge takes heat for critical post on Supreme Court's Hobby Lobby ruling

Afghan runoff may lead to civil war

Who is considered ostensible ally by the US?

The Gun Sense Voter Federal Candidate Questionaire

The Gun Sense Voter Federal Candidate Questionaire

Robert Scheer: Hillary Clinton Flaunts Her Surveillance State Baggage

Hints of Widodo's approach

Vet sues after burial plot with gay partner denied

Chlodnik--Cold beet soup

Vet sues after burial plot with gay partner denied (xpost from Veterans)

Rick Perry Snubs Obama's Offer Of A 'Quick Handshake' On The Tarmac

White House invites Perry to meeting in Texas

Law Of Capture Biting TX Water Users In The Ass; "The Last 50 Yrs, We Haven't Been Proactive Enough"


Political parties are just like family. We support them even when they drive us crazy.

Ted Cruz slams ‘D.C. machine’ over Mississippi runoff, wants voter-fraud investigation

This is a religious civil war: Hobby Lobby only the beginning for new religious theocrats

EU's united front on Russia falling amid gas needs.

Nicaragua approves route for £23bn rival to Panama Canal

Rush Limbaugh: Men who support the contraceptive mandate are “pajama boy types” who just want “sex,

Vet sues after burial plot with gay partner denied (xpost from Veterans)

Interest groups spent $518 million lobbying PA. state govt. last year

Aircraft carrier Ford tests anchor system

Eugene Robinson: NSA’s misguided snooping--If you try to know everything--You end up knowing nothing

Ed Klein, king of hacks: A deluded conservative’s return to infamy

Trade talks on $1 trillion in environmental goods

Erick Erickson slams John Boehner for latest “political stunt”

Congress has little time to finalize VA, defense bills

Mike Malloy - Your Typical Gun Owner

Mike Malloy - Neil Cavuto Destroys Michele Bachmann Over GOP Lawsuit

Mike Malloy - Tea Party Leader Mark Mayfield Commits Suicide


WI DNR To Sell 10,000 Acres - - Nice Round Number - - Of Our Land

Obama's op-ed in Haaretz: "Israel cannot be complete and it cannot be secure without peace"

John Atcheson: GOP sabotages government for fun and profit

‘Little Free Libraries’ legal --- thanks to 9-year-old Spencer Collins

The Rise of the DIY Abortion in Texas

Democracy Now! talks with Julian Assange

"July 4th Note to Tea Partiers: Your Politics Would Baffle the Founding Fathers"

Japan upset as Chinese paper prints mushroom clouds on map

The 10 Most Hilarious Quotes From 'Blood Feud' Book About The Clintons And The Obamas

Ah, 15,000

Venezuela Is Running Out of Cookies and Coffins

Obviously someone didn't get the memo....

Sleeping Yankees Fan Sues ESPN

A simple picture that shows why not voting hurts Democrats (and the Left as a whole):

Will the U.S. keep spending taxpayer money on dirty coal plants abroad?

What recent movie (theater or rental) did you end up enjoying a lot more than you expected?

Papantonio: House GOP Votes For Corruption

'Paedophilia is natural and normal for males'

Why the Supreme Court’s Attack on Labor Hurts Women Most

How the Moral Mondays ‘Fusion Coalition’ Is Taking North Carolina Back

Minimum wage boost for 4 million Germans

Dear Democrats: Economic Inequality Is Not an Act of God

If she's elected I fear she'll bomb something immediately to prove she's Tough Enough

Moscow accuses United States of 'kidnapping' Russian hacker

On inequality, the progressive position would win both Democratic primaries and the general election

Mayan People's Council Organizes National Strike in Guatemala

NY to add $3B windfall to state budget

7 market myths that make investors poorer

Heads up, Boston DUers! Protest alert!

Mike Malloy - Guns Everywhere Is Law In Georgia

El Salvadoran Farmers Successfully Oppose the Use of Monsanto Seeds

El Salvadoran Farmers Successfully Oppose the Use of Monsanto Seeds

Lots of closely held religious belief that women belong at home.

Illusion of Local: Why Zoning for Greater Density Will Fail to Make Housing More Affordable

Cancel womens' right to vote based on the Bible? re:Pittsburgh Post Gazette LTTE.

Mike Malloy - Protestors Block Buses of Undocumented Children (very emotional and raw)

Job Openings and Labor Turnover Survey News Release

Luckovich: What's next?

Newspaper Comment Sections Become Cordoned-Off Hate Crime Scenes

The New York Times Dishes More Ukraine Propaganda

Cleveland station running replay of the Lebron James announcement

"...She did."

The U.S. Re-militarization of Central America and Mexico

The temp worked died because the company removed the safety!!!

The Fifth Anniversary of the Bagua Massacre in Alternative Media and Art

New Deal Festival, July 12

The worked died because the company removed the safety

Choice between two conservatives in Senate primary frustrates moderate Kansas Republicans

Vacuous: The Perfect Word For Describing Republicans!

How did they ever get this on television?

Chris Hedges: Kneeling in Fenway Park to the Gods of War

Civil rights groups weigh in on Westchester fair housing settlement

Burnside man fires rifle, points gun at neighbors, sheriff says

Who Shot Argentina?

Am I in the wrong place? Are We at DU not ready to do something about the Money in our Politics?

Scientists discover that atheists might not exist, and that’s not a joke

Free cell phone for people over 60. Is this true and how to I find out about it?

Man accused of brandishing handgun in Pocatello bar

Rice Energy buys wells from Chesapeake Appalachia; plans expansion

Getting educated on Murietta (video)

List of impossible-to-find goods grows in Venezuela

Regional powwow indicates improving Korea-Cuba relations’

Audit finds low morale at Office of Cuba Broadcasting

Supreme Court Upholds Wheaton College's Religious Objection To Contraception

D'Snooza doesn't want history taught in history classes...

Rachel Maddow - Stark contrast seen in immigrant reception

Just as I figured, "leader" of the Murietta bigots is a far-right kook.

Fatal crash renews talk of regulations

Eastern Kentucky getting $1 million grant as part of SOAR program

Once again, Trump the Chump opens his big bazoo...

Eastern Kentucky getting $1 million grant as part of Soar program

Rachel Maddow - Rare compassion shown to unaccompanied minors

Louisiana court's ruling that Catholic priest testify about confession criticized by diocese UPDATED

UN Pushes for Migrants to Be Called Refugees

UN Pushes for Migrants to Be Called Refugees

Smokers at Auburn public housing units to be banned from smoking inside homes

When you give up your citizenship you can no longer vote, so if a Corporateperson

Wow! A whopping $11,000 fine for poisoning 300,000 people!

Arthur Miller: Before Air-Conditioning

‘Civility’ in contemporary debates about antisemitism – David Hirsh

Any acceptable candidates at least a decade shy of medicare???

Rachel Maddow - Political cynicism seen in Christie gun veto

Hot damn...Senate announces hearing in response to Hobby Lobby ruling -

Finding Kathy Hochul

Government of Ecuador Can Sue Fugitive Bankers in U.S.

Capitalists encounter Millennials (toon)

If you truly want to know a DUer and have them truly know you - take this quiz!!

Scalia in 2011: Constitution does not protect women against discrimination

Court docs show role of Pixar and Dreamworks Animation in Silicon Valley wage-fixing cartel

As Israel strikes back, fake Gaza images dominate social media

Ben Carson says Pharrell Williams' song "Happy" is a communist plot...

Legal marijuana goes on sale in Washington

Rolling coal: Possibly the stupidest-ever form of political protest

Why Holly Fisher pisses me off

I don't get why people say President Obama is really an atheist.

Pic Of The Moment: LOL: Even Conservatives Think Boehner's Plan To Sue Obama Is BS

House GOP will spend $3.3 mill on its Benghazi conspiracy—more than the entire Vets Committee budget

Hands Off Venezuela! What Has Been Happening Since February and Why It Matters

just don't...

Louisiana GOP Gov. Jindal Trails Convicted Racketeer in Hypothetical Match Up

With all these posts about shaving

Does anyone design websites?

The laugher for the day: Tony Perkins Fears Obama Will Start Putting Christians In Jail Any Day Now

Rachel Maddow - Koch-backed AG helps hide chemical dangers

Alison Grimes releases first ad against McConnell

Cleveland chosen to host 2016 Republican National Convention


Chile: judge confirms US role in 1973 killings

what's for dinner - tuesday, july 8

Bad news for California - El Nino looks like a bust

70% of Colombia’s agricultural land being wasted: govt

SCOTUS Rules JCPenney Allowed to Sacrifice Employees to Appease Cthulhu

Beth Israel’s Ex-Pharmacy Director Accused Of Stealing Nearly 200,000 Oxycodone Pills

5 Simple Ways Men Can Better Respect Women

Is it proper for hosts to do each other favors- locking a thread, where the OP staunchly refuses

Obama admin has 'til 6pm to explain why GITMO detainees have fewer religious rights than Hobby Lobby

You know how when a domestic terrorist commits domestic terrorism in the US you hear "Lone Wolf"?

News Release: Single Dose Reverses Autism-like Symptoms in Mice

NJ Sen. Menendez calls for federal probe into alleged smear plot by Cuban agents

It seems to me that if a corporation uses an animal image in its logo, that corporation should

2016 Republican National Convention will be held in...

Right-wing nutjob latest outrage- "Costco pulling deSouza's book"

Tatboy's new tat:

A Sunken Kingdom Re-emerges (NYTimes)

The rent is too damn low, and the taxes are too damn high: landlords

Meet Sean Haugh, the Libertarian pizza guy who may deliver a Senate seat in NC

The Democratic divide on inequality is about message not substance

'Purrmanently Sad Cat' May Be the Saddest Kitten on the Internet

Internet evangelist hopes to convert ISIS leader through online video insulting Islam

3 Injured In Explosion At Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum

Our 21st Century Energy Wars

Senator Lindsey Graham Doesn't Know Details Of NSA Abuse, But Sure It's Fine Because 'WE'RE AT WAR!'

Confronting Terrorism With Peace

Prof. Brian Cox takes on Deepak Chopra; Chopra out of his depth in both physics and language

gratuitous kitty pic - equal airtime edition

Eric Holder: U.S. must ready now for Syria threat

Most Unpopular President Ever? Yeah, Right.

Why You Don’t Know Obama Has Created 4.5 Million Jobs (& why Dems could lose in 2014-16)

Original Bowlmor Lanes In Greenwich Village Closes After 76 Years

Exclusive: DN! Goes Inside Assange's Embassy Refuge to Talk WikiLeaks, Snowden and Winning Freedom

The Hillary Bashing -

Note To Conservatives: Do NOT drink bleach.

US military studied how to influence Twitter users in Darpa-funded research

My wife and I just attended a reading of the Declaration of Independence at Independence Hall.

Stray bullet that injured bystander could have traveled miles

My Cat Misty of 16 years has been drinking alot of water and urinating alot also.

The fiercest war lies ahead

Will the media call out The Daily Caller for forwarding communist propaganda on purpose?

Ilargi: Overshoot Loop and Evolution

IMF package for Ukraine "not enough", minister says

Congress May Spend More On The Benghazi Panel Than On The Veterans Affairs Committee

Dow 17,000 is on the Wrong Side of History--"Market Watch"

Has anyone seen the latest front page of the Huffington Post?

Listen to the Oldest Song in the World: A Sumerian Hymn Written 3,400 Years Ago

TV Christian Has Long Record of Preventing Terrorist Attacks

Google's Growing Silence on Saving Open Internet Leaves Fight to Startups

Want to Get Active in Democratic Politics? It's Easy.

The age of entitlement: how wealth breeds narcissism

Results: 6 Months of Legal Weed in Colorado

i *think* fat cat is putting on some weight

Finally, Science Explains Why Rush Limbaugh Gets So Mad About Women Having Sex

Why Are the Super-Rich So Angry?

Pistorius trial: Defense ends its case

Semi-Final: Brazil-Germany

Rick Perry declines offer to meet Obama at airport

The Cupcake bubble has crumbled

For Brazil, Winning Trumps Aesthetics

Hello to all...has anybody had experience.....

For you DU...

Posted also in small business group.....has anyone had any experience with debt collection/recovery

Jackson 5's "I Want You Back"...CUSTOM made for William Shatner, eh?

Here's how the parties did in each host state

Mysterious secret past of Alps murder victim

But never forget, it's the gays that are ruining marriage.

Republicans Will Hold Their 2016 Convention In Cleveland

Airbus: Pilots don't really need windows

Senator's Cuban Spy Claims Put Several Conservative Journalists On Defense

LGBT Group Pulls ENDA Support After Hobby Lobby Ruling

Pollution, Hate, and Stupidity!!

Why haven't any "open carry" activists been shot by cops like blacks waving wallets?

The Rude Pundit:Poll Naming Obama "Worst President" Since WWII Proves that People Are Fucking Idiots

Analysis: Even MS Voting 'Irregularities' Are Too Few To Contest Runoff Results

Churches should NOT be tax exempt except..

Stickbuilt: NC Sculpture by Dougherty

Hometown Editorial: McDaniel Isn't A Racist Because He Played Basketball

The Kochs’ Anti-Civil Rights Roots: New Docs Expose Charles Koch’s Ties to John Birch Society

Sarah Palin Calls For Obama's Impeachment

Brat campaign for Congress replaces campaign manager.

Conservatives Ready 'Religious Freedom' Bills In Hobby Lobby's Wake

Israel foils seaborne attack from Gaza Strip

US CDC says finds smallpox vials from 1950s in FDA storage room

Research reveals a gender gap in the nation’s biology labs

'America' Filmmakers Demand to Know Why Google is Getting Their Search Results Wrong

Has anyone read _Terra Nova: The New World After Oil, Cars, and Suburbs_,

Validity Of CDC Autism Rates Questioned

The Progressive Problems Of An "Inevitable" Hillary Nomination - Gaius Publius Discusses

No, an Uzi Was Not Found at a Philadelphia Charter School

Pride: Thousands Of Apple Employees Celebrate San Francisco Pride In Moving Video

Israel vows 'lengthy' offensive in Gaza

Daily teeth gnashing: Hillary Clinton remains comfortably ahead among Democrats for '16

A Blue State’s Road to Red (West Virginia)

Higher Cancer Rates and Tainted Local Foods Linked to Tar Sands Operations

Ready For Hillary Starts Spreading Its Money Around To Key Dem State Parties and Organizations

Detroit activist slams reporter on air for lying about water shutoff to thousands

Democrats Draft Bill to Override Contraception Ruling

Fox News’ “Dependence Day” Mocks the Poor, Elderly

Abused elephant rescued by Wildlife S.O.S.

Pap and Seder: Republican Governor Wants to Hang Democrats

Obama Asks Congress For $3.7 Billion For Immigration Crisis

Safety Advisory: What to Do if You're Somewhere and You See a Person

Texas ACLU urges against ‘hate-based vigilante groups’ on border

Losing Sparta (Tennesee) The Bitter Truth Behind the Gospel of Productivity

Proposal 14-1

Belfast’s Kincora scandal and MI5 must be part of Westminster paedophile inquiry – Ken Livingstone

Hillary Clinton Agrees With Thomas Piketty: Inequality Is 'Very Threatening To Democracy'

Gomer tops himself from earlier today...

Thank God We Won't Have That GOP Slime & Scum In Denver For Their Convention.

Somebody greased the pole

Remember Cliven Bundy? "Eeeeee's BACK!"

De Blasio Endorses IDC’s Klein And Avella

What will it take to break DLC/New Dem/"Centrist" "lesser of two evils" trick on voters?

British Airways BANS passengers from US flights if their mobiles are not charged

ThinkProgress: 5 Reasons Cleveland Is A Terrible Choice To Hold The GOP’s 2016 Convention

This is what happened when I drove my Mercedes to pick up food stamps

Renewable Energy Provided One-Third Of Germany’s Power In The First Half Of 2014

Hobby Lobby Spent Millions Funding Accused Child Molester and Cult Minister Bill Gothard

Now available at the DU Lounge Electronic store....

Top Tory has family link with offshore banker who gave party £800,000

I'm cooking a port shoulder, rather elongated

World Cup semifinal spoiler

Out on the road today, I saw a Deadhead sticker on a Cadillac.

Yemen Shiite Rebels Capture Northern City

Assistant Public Defenders fired for Facebook posts about Palestinians

Hillary Clinton Says Political Dynasties Are No Problem in US

Facebook: Do not sell our information to advertisers

Watch out for the sinkhole on Maplewood

And so it goes...

Turn on Univision, right fucking now!

OSHA goes all Medieval on Freedom Industries...y'know, or not. Like, at all.

Typhoon Neoguri moves north, Tropical Storm Fausto moves west

Members of the Wedge and other local Coops- Please petition them to stop stocking Eden Foods.

Cruz Seeks Investigation Into Mississippi Runoff

Unreal! NYDOE gave principals 24 hour notice to clean, clear space for Success Charter Academies.

Lyft announces launch in Brooklyn and Queens Friday night

Palin calls for Obama's impeachment over border crisis

Unreal! NYDOE gave principals 24 hour notice to clean, clear space for Success Charter Academies.

Israel OKs Call-Up Of Additional 40,000 Combat Reservists

Labor Sec Perez wants to 'punch' those who blame unemployed for being unemployed

Family Of Slain Palestinian Refuses To Receive Peres

Rich Candidates Risk Clinton Gaffe With Senate in Play

Futbol...Christ the Redeemer

Concern Over ‘Severe’ Pullback Sends U.S. Stocks Lower

MTA, LIRR Union Talks Stall As Strike Nears

New Hampshire suit challenges state abortion clinic buffer zone

Russia Threatens Response If Sectoral Sanctions Imposed

Abuse victim calls meeting Pope Francis a ‘life changing experience’

"Hillary Bashing"

Has Clark County Nevada fallen.........

Does anyone remember reading a book called "Man without a Country" back in Jr High?

Israel Strikes 150 Gaza Targets by Air, Sea in Operation to Halt Rockets

German Spy Scandal Tests Merkel’s Partnership With U.S.

Who are the great Dem candidates this fall in your

Your favorite Titanic scene?

America's Richest Families: 185 Clans With Billion Dollar Fortunes.

Job Openings in U.S. Increased to an Almost Seven-Year High

Smallpox vials just found in U.S. government storage room, no big deal

British pair who travelled to Syria admit terror charges

yep yep

Tuesday Toon Roundup 1: Are they not Human too?

Tuesday Toon Roundup 2: The Inhuman Party

Tuesday Toon Roundup 3: The rest

Middle School Students Plan To Break Dress Code: Principal Screams Terrorism

Loud explosions rock Jerusalem after air raid sirens sound

Iowa GOPer: 'Dictator' Obama's 'Impeachment' Should Be An Option

Nikki Haley is getting a republican challenger.

Faces of Courage: Intimate Portraits of Women on the Edge (Kickstarter project)

Iraq tells U.N. 'terrorist groups' seized former chemical weapons depot

GOP Rep. Jason Chaffetz: Romney Will Run And Win In 2016

Here is a link to the actual document Boston Childrens told Justina Pelletier's parents to sign.

Cute picture of Liv Tyler

Watch your behind

The Supreme Court Turns the First Amendment Into a Weapon for Corporations

Voter ID case is going to trial (Texas' motion to dismiss mostly overruled)

The Dubliners - The Button Pusher

Hypothetically...could a teabagger controlled Congress simply remove Obama from office?

5 Years of Obama

U.S. warns Afghans against forming 'parallel government' amid protests

Janet Yellen Lives In A Gated Community, And Her Neighbors Are Not Happy About All Her Security

If Senate Is In Play & House Safe For GOP - Proves How Screwed Up This Country Is.

Hamas fires rockets at Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and Haifa

Women Post Awful Tales of Workplace Harassment on Secret Sharing Site

Boy with toy gun said to be high when shot by cop

Papantonio: U.S. Being Colonized by Multinational Corps

Mark Kessler is back too, the "sheriff" who had his own militia.

The Democrats need to have a poll taken to show how misinformed the public is by M$M

Rengan Rajaratnam cleared, U.S. insider trading streak snapped

Seriously, Visa?!? A CHILD!?!?

Two Miami players arrested for sexual battery, dismissed from team

Hamas decides to go for broke

Florida lawyers fired for calling Palestinians 'swine,' 'cockroaches'

CUNY students eligible for $800 scholarships revived in city budget

Like His Dad, Charles Koch Was a Bircher (New Documents)

So the Brazilian president is reading the sports page

Warring Episcopalians in South Carolina court over $500 million in property

Conservative thinking 101; Companies can take away your contraceptives but not OUR crappy products

Keith Olbermann will be on Letterman tonight. Unfortunately, so will Joan Rivers..n/t

July 8, 1867

Unions Discover Teenage Boy Working on Elementary School Construction Site in Minnesota

Beating Palestinian boys ‘to a pulp’ is a tradition among Israeli forces

Got your .gop domain yet?

California Governor Signs Bill Recognizing Legal Gay Marriage

Georgia becomes first US State to open trade office in Colombia

"The End of a Douchebag"

Remains of 11 victims murdered by AUC discovered in northern Colombia

Sean Hannity: President Obama Is the ‘Manchurian Candidate’ (wingnut right going off the deep end)

Diddley Bow

A Wonderful NPR Show about "NC Tomato Man" Remember that Guy? SEED SAVERS..

Pastor pleads guilty to brutal treatment of 13-year-old

Fighting for women’s rights in Georgia – a state where women need it most

DEC Defends Bridge Loan To EPA

Host Brazil Stunned by Germany in Semifinal

Can we just call those kids "unaccompanied minors"? or "refugees"?

It's uncanny.

Reporter On Menendez Story: 'No Indications' My Sources Worked For Cuba

And so it goes...

Crevice Cat.

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Hillsborough County (you know which state!) construction hacked, displays very obscene message

Colombia: Prospering economy overshadows thousands of political prisoners

Where Are the Asians in the Asian Republican Coalition?

Domino's store accidentally charges a guy $300,000 for one of their disgusting pizzas

Life is hard and then you die

Woman only eating pet food for 30 days

Let's invade!

Senate committee adopts cybersecurity bill opposed by NSA critics

Question for those against unions: "What is the Chamber of Commerce"?

I feel better about our 1-0 loss

Syrian conflict: Key sarin ingredients sold by UK firms (Leaked Foreign Office Docs)

Just saw Al Franken's opponent's advertisement......

I'm more open to a Sanders candidacy for president because of the way he's respected Hillary

Davis camp rips Abbott as RNC picks Cleveland over Dallas

Papantonio: Get Angry or Die

Horsey cartoon. GOP meets with base, tries to reason.

If Dennis Kucinich had won the Democratic nomination in 2008, would he have beaten John McCain?

Heads up East Central PA and Southeastern PA (and possibly Jersey) folks - nasty weather on the way

Where is Negroponte these days