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Great white shark bites swimmer in Southern California

Executive orders: Reagan vs Obama

OK, what shall it be tonight? "Airplane!" or "Caddyshack?"

Yahoo, the new Fox

Judge says man who raped sleeping woman is not a “classic rapist,” just “lost control”


The snowy owl

storm rolling down from the Catalinas

Is Fox News Trying To Kill The Republican Party? Or Is It Just A Happy Accident?

I'm 1/2 hour into watching "Parkland" (U bet your butt I'm buying this) assassination of JFK!!!

re Hobby Lobby: DUer pamela created this Pinterest page. Check it out

Eden Foods following in Hobby Lobby footsteps..

Take a trip on the Teabag Time Machine

Any State of Things (WUNC radio) listeners? I am going to be on the show on Tuesday!

Brutal, sickening: Video of American teen being beaten by Israeli police

On animal Planet in 20 minutes,

First lady bucks GOP on school lunch rules


Tumblr stuff for Hof (pic heavy, HOF THREAD)

And why blame Hobby Lobby? It's just a craft store, after all,

Here is your country

A wird to all U.S. Citiens

My Two Cents on the Reactionary Hobby Lobby Decision

Dallas Morning News on Abbott

EXCLUSIVE: Ordinary Web users far outnumber foreign targets in conversations intercepted by the NSA

small wildfire on the Mountain Behind the House (July 3)

NSA likely targets anybody who's 'Tor-curious'

LBJ's explanation of dog whistle politics


19th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution: Women's Right to Vote

Why you'll never hear this Feminist use the word "Mansplain"...

Hobby Lobby crafts: Make your own IUD

Is it possible for a moral judgment to be objectively true or false?

Illegals getting food handouts is nothing new....

Salon - Ronald Reagan stuck it to millennials: A college debt history lesson no one tells

History as Mirror

More McCarthyism Aimed Against Academic Freedom and Dissent

Caught this tonight,

Miles north along the river tonight, so not a great pic.

Aché Sue Paraguay’s Government over Historic Genocide (US-supported throughout, of course.)

Not for Sale / framing sex buyers as oppressed people


Hillary on the issues, she has been a busy lady.

"New climate change rules could add trillions to US GDP"

The Stuff

Coffee Agar with Cubed Pears and Syrup

Does your family gossip?

Off-duty GA police officer arrested for road rage assault...

China, S. Korea voice concerns over Japan military policy

"Nine Things You Didn’t Know About Jon Stewart"

Why did SCOTUS Justices receive lifetime appointments way back. It's never made sense to

Handy comparison chart

Family of Tarek Abu Khdeir calls for his immediate release after brutal beating and arbitrary arrest

High speed chase

Report: Georgia prisons are "out of control."

Ordinary people outnumber targeted foreigners in NSA data

Fireworks blamed for man losing (M-1000) his hand, Omaha house fire

Sheriff, Feds: Rancher Must Be Held Accountable (Bundy)

'Obama Presidential Library' float at Norfolk parade draws criticism

Largest British union refuses to offer support for peace talks

It turned out to be an abscessed tooth.

Hobby Lobby Protest in Madison (Monona) today

The same people...

I'd be surprised if there was still a bottom to this freaking barrel...

WTF ...21

House Ethics Committee quietly deletes requirements for members to disclose who pays for trips!

SF School Board member acknowledges there are "winners and losers".

The Southwest monsoon hath arrived, with a vengeance! (HEAVY PICS)

Beware the Andromeda Strain…

Mini Martin Van Buren is not amused...

Like Weegie said: "F8 and be there." You gotta BE THERE.

When parents can't care for themselves...

MIC at work in Ukraine. graphic photos.

Sharing is caring...

Calls to help sex-change kids as demand for gender reassignment soars

America Is A Cabaret. Things Are Crumbling As We Are Districted.

Hobby Lobby Protest in Albuquerque Monday July 7

Why in god's name would you do this to yourself, human?

WikiLeaks Documents Discuss Extraterrestrials, UFOs

Ukraine claims victory in rebel stronghold

Vaginas and Uteruses and Republicans, Oh My!

"Get Cracking or Get Packing" on Immigration reform.

From the depths of Hell comes the truest truism ...

Residential solar will be cheaper than grid electricity in 25 states by 2015 says utility CEO

Beating of Palestinian-American Boy Caught on Video

I want to learn to play the electric flaming bagpipes. Rock out!!!

I like the term Mansplain woo Woo

Ecclesiastes 9:11, "The race is not to the swift, nor the battle to the strong."

When You Fall Flat on Your Face What do You Do?

What do you do to make the lives of others a little better?

Know Your Labor History, July 5, 1934: San Francisco police fire at striking longshore workers

1%er mentality. - This is war.

Why Aren’t Nicaragua’s Children Fleeing to the United States?

Ancient Caliphates - They're Not What You Think

We're Number One!!!

Latest big NSA story in the WaPo.

NYC firefighter killed battling Brooklyn blaze

Harry Reid’s land sale to gold mine is boon for him and opportunity for Searchlight (NV)

Nine out of 10 people in Edward Snowden's NSA intercepts were not targets

After Hobby Lobby, time to face the real war on religion

When Cosmopolitan magazine understands the constitution better than SCOTUS...

Even After Hobby Lobby, the Religious Right is Still Terrified (Gene Robinson)

Zingermans show how great employee programs make a terrific company

Food Commonly Imported From China--Like Apple Juice and Rice--Poses a Stunning Health Risk

The 2000 Election was stolen

First super typhoon of season expected to slam into Japan: Hong Kong Observatory

7 Vilest Right-wing Statements this Week—Laura Ingraham Hates Immigrants More than O'Reilly Does

Elizabeth Warren got 59 percent of Women Vote, 47 Percent Men

Does a Christian White-Supremacist Business Have the "Religious Freedom" to Discriminate?

The carbon foodprint of 5 diets compared

IBM's Watson computer creates surprisingly delicious BBQ sauce

Big Media Hits and Misses of the Week From Hot Dog Eating Contests to How Republicans ...

Blackwater founder Erik Prince to help Chinese firms set up shop in Africa.....

Meet the Billionaires Using Their Fracking Fortune to Bankroll Extreme Right-Wing Christian Agenda

Conservatives Are Purposely Making Their Cars Spew Black Smoke To Protest Obama And Environmentalist

Students Joining Battle to Upend Laws on Voter ID

GOP Pines After Bush With 'I Miss W.' T-Shirts

AMAZING! Dancing Pit Bull! Choreographed Dance with Belly Dancer!

US 'Profoundly Troubled' by American's Beating in Israeli Custody

Here Are The Alternate Versions Of The US Flag That Were Forgotten By History

Many Founding Fathers Were Shockingly Young When The Declaration Of Independence Was Signed In 1776

Baptist church in Ky. plans first gay wedding

THIS made me laugh.

Catherine Austin Fitts: The software targeted her for her "busy bodiness"

Mr Ambassador and Mr Smith

Media Miss Substance Of Clinton's 3 Hours And 45 Minutes Of Interviews

In the Colombian rainforest, an experiment in community-driven climate protection

Water supply key to outcome of conflicts in Iraq and Syria, experts warn

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Soda Pressing Edition

5 Mind-Blowing Lessons from Psychedelics Experts

Food Commonly Imported From China--Like Apple Juice and Rice--Poses a Stunning Health Risk

Horrific, Mosquito-Borne Virus Invades U.S. for the First Time

Evolution vs. creationism: Does this cartoon belong in Grady High School biology class?

Off-duty GA police officer arrested for road rage assault, calling victim a ‘low-life n*gger’

Man Shot In The Head By Stray Bullet During Celebration At North Carolina Buddhist Center

Predatory Capitalism and the System's Denial in the Face of Truth

Woman Says Dead Grandmother Sent Her A Selfie

This means Warren: Obama backs challenger to Hillary (NY Post)

Sunday's Non Sequitur- Monopoly

The Cost of Texas' "Miracle" Economy, Gag Orders and EPA Interference

Tulsa Protestors Rally Against Hobby Lobby, Supreme Court Decision

The US Re-Militarization of Central America and Mexico

Giant Corporations, Giant Failures

I Used to Walk Past This Building on Lexington Ave. All the Time...

GOP, the Next Time You Talk About Abortion, Make Sure You Know These Numbers

Students Joining Battle to Upend Laws on Voter ID

Onsite Hydrogen Production via Electrolysis

If Boehner can threaten or sue Obama, could members of SCOTUS also be sued?

SPINELESS: Target Didn’t Really Ban Guns In Their Stores, Gun Nuts Continue Carrying Assault Rifles

UPDATED Israel has arrested Jewish suspects in Palestinian teen's death, AP says

Open Carry Ammosexual Shows Off His Penile Extension AND His Debit Card PIN (Video)

Antonin Scalia: Women Don’t Have Constitutional Protection Against Discrimination

What would the Founding Fathers have thought about our libertarian crazies?

Tea Party phonies: Doing the conservative zigzag and right-wing flip-flop, based on who’s president

Ronald Reagan stuck it to millennials: A college debt history lesson no one tells

Protests Against Hobby Lobby Go Nationwide

The Anti-Gay Archbishop Who Can’t Stay Out of Trouble

The god that sucked: How the Tea Party right just makes the 1 percent richer

Reports: Jewish suspects held in murder of Arab teen

Reports: Jewish suspects held in murder of Arab teen

Even After Hobby Lobby, the Religious Right is Still Terrified - By Gene Robinson

A lesson in "go with your gut."

Unease in G.O.P. Over Mississippi Tea Party Anger

Shut Out of White House, G.O.P. Looks to Democrats of 1992

How sure are some corporations that the TPP will pass? This sure:

Plain Talk: Corporations 'citizens'? Then act like it .......

Out in the Open: Netflix Unleashes the ‘Monkey’ That Keeps Its Systems Secure By Klint Finley

Religious Powerball winner plans to use most of the money to support the performing arts

The Right’s Push to Deny Birth Control Is All About Controlling Women

ANOTHER WORLD: Duke summer program reaches out to rural N.C. girls

Listen up, wimmin! It's all our fault!

Guess what Hobby Lobby?

Eliot Cutler Maine

“My eyes water with the smell of freedom.”

Jeff Danziger toon....

Listen up, folks. Get ready for tomorrow's GOP talking point re Hobby Lobby decision!

WATCH: Now That Corporations Have Freedom of Religion, It's Time to Lay Out the Corporate Commandmen

llinois Supreme Court Ruling on Pension Benefits Could Aler Landscape of Detroit's Grand Bargain

Wimbledom Spoiler...I had a dream and predicted the winner...

Why Hobby Lobby could open a Pandora’s box of legal discrimination

Arthur hits eastern Canada, causes power outages

When Beliefs and Facts Collide

Miles Davis

Coming to U.S. for Baby, and Womb to Carry It

Birth control. Hobby Lobby style

Birth control. Hobby Lobby style

Late homers help Giants top Padres

How not to attract women to coding: Make tech pink

GMO Vaccine-Strain Measles vs Cancer

“A smorgasbord of tainted food”: How the FDA leaves us vulnerable

Keep Your Hobby out of My Lobby

Remembering the Workers of the Domino Sugar Factory

Can someone help me with a Bible question?

Time for the McCain Graham show - Farce The Nation

Kurds to push ahead with (independence) referendum despite Iraqi govt protest

Cincinnati -- Magistrate: Sharonville abortion clinic must close

Calif. Mayor: We Didn't Mean To Turn Buses With Migrant Families Away

here is the video of Couric's interview with David Brooks...

seems like a dream got me hypnotized

Abbas to UN: Investigate crimes of settlers

Rights of disabled still fueling fire of soon-to-retire Tom Harkin ( signature legislation: ADA)

Does He Pass the Test? (Paul Krugman Reviews Geithner's new book)

IDF arrests Hebron terror suspect, Palestinian media says

Bill Ayers on the Erosion of Teacher Tenure

Study: Job applicants less likely to get interview if they list LGBT activism on résumé

Newspaper Comment Sections Become Cordoned-Off Hate Crime Scenes

GOP congressman: Hobby Lobby case is proof liberals want ‘Stone Age tribalism’

To those women who are buying extra at Hobby Lobby

Governments Lie: Howard Zinn on Class Warfare, Immigration, Justice, Film and History (2007)

Sheriff & feds agree BUNDY needs accountability but they're too busy squabbling with each other

In the Dog House

When S.F. waterfront was scene of bloody riots

Judge to Mull Senator's Suit Over Health Exchanges

Announcing Marta and I have a new baby mouth to feed photo

I love this Horsehead activist!

Firefighter Gordon Ambelas Killed In Brooklyn High-Rise Blaze

If you think that Snowden ought to have gone through channels, consider this.

On This Fourth of July, Meet Your Unpatriotic Corporations

Howard Zinn -- We Should Welcome the Collapse of the US Empire

Can we please change the lexicon from "pro life" to "pro birth"?

Minimum wage hike may propel Nebraska Democrats this November!!!

July 6, 1889

Left Forum 2014: Why Revolution Now

Halloween Nightmare for Hobby Lobby--for 2 months before the Mid Term election

States look to gun seizure law after mass killings

Why we must now sue the President - By John Boehner

Alito's Mayhem

Want some 80's kickass rock?

"Abstinence Only" Rep Cassidy's unwed teen daughter is pregnant. Can he work AND be good father?

David Gregory Reminds Rep. Labrador It's Bush-Era Law Preventing Deportations Of Central Americans

Liz Cheney on emergency contraception: Liberals think ‘abortion rights trump everything’

ABC News Cuts Off Rick Perry In The Middle Of An Insane Obama Conspiracy Rant

What in the world are we doing to our oceans??

Fracking responsible for 22,900 percent increase in Oklahoma earthquakes since 2008

Hobby Lobby Argument from The Right

Thom Hartmann: Our economy is a house of cards!

Why Term Limits are Bad

Children of same-sex couples happier, healthier than general population, study finds

Martha Raddatz Schools Rick Perry On The Real Reasons For The Migrant Children Crisis

Perry Still Pushing Conspiracy That Obama May Have 'Ulterior Motive' To Let Crisis At Border Continu

California Law Professor Rips Tea Party Senator Ted Cruz For Lying When He Said Democrats Are Repeal

Talks set to resume this week to avert LIRR strike

Darrell Issa's cat

Dalai Lama urges Buddhists to halt violence against Muslims

Employees Working For Business Run By Religious Owners Violate Conscience If They Use BC.

Sigh. Haven't we been here before?

Atlanta biology teacher: Evolution from Satan and the cause of racism, divorce, gay people

Reclaim Our Economy from Wall Street Public Banking: Funding the New Economy

This is what "patriotism" looks like in wingnutland:

Corporations Making a Killing As Billions Are Poured Into Border Enforcement

I'm having a problem.

Unelected pardon President hang with his asshole advisors.

Gitmo detainees' lawyers invoke Hobby Lobby decision in court filing

Pope Francis to Meet Sexual Assault Victims for First Time Ever

Gunmen kill at least 29 people in Kenya coastal raids

"God is the greatest abortionist of all", according to the American Supreme Court.

In a bow to internationalism, here's something on ......

Gitmo detainees' lawyers invoke Hobby Lobby decision in court filing

Anybody paying attention to South Africa?.......

Germany Arrests Double Agent Recruited by US to Spy on Berlin's NSA Inquiry

Conservative Illogic 101

Malaysia: National harmony law violates Rukunegara with nod to atheists, Muslim NGOs say

Red Cross: How We Spent Sandy Money Is a "Trade Secret"

History Is Made By Stupid People

Hey. Want to read something beautiful?

Congress can't establish a religion. But these guys will certainly try.

"Certainly, Dr Andreas Vlachopoulos, a specialist in prehistoric archaeology, didn’t think so when h

What's for Dinner, Sun., July 6, 2014

What really happened at Tiananmen Square?

China flooding forms seven-metre-deep lake in Hunan province

Dear Hobby Lobby: "It's Not Nice To Mess With Women-You've Made A Big HUGE Mistake"

A Year Ago I Posted a Petition to Impeach the 5COTU5 Five.

Analysis: Is Iraq's Sunni-Shiite Conflict Really About Religion?

Students Joining Battle to Upend Laws on Voter ID

Catholic Church booming in Dalton as thousands attend St. Joseph’s and its two new missions

Rehoboth Beach Voyeurs Beat 2 Women

Koterba toon: World Cup Soccer

I punched the man who broke into my home – it came naturally

Democratic party does not like to spend money on "non competitve" races

Uganda militant attack leaves scores dead

Rescuers Surround Freezing Truck Yard Dog

National Geographic show tonight, "The 90's"

Turning Texas Blue --- merchandise at Cafepress.

Petition: Nominate former President Bush to be named the next U.S. Ambassador to Iraq

Gitmo detainees' lawyers invoke Hobby Lobby decision in court filing

San Francisco School District set to change its school assignment process AGAIN.

GOP Rep.: Hobby Lobby Ruling Keeps Liberals From Reinstating 'Stone Age Tribalism'

Movie "Seven Psychopaths" has vanished???

After D-Day, 'Somewhere in France' (photos)

A very important article to read:

July 4, 1930

Amnesty International: Egypt is failing at every level to protect human rights

GOP Rep.: Hobby Lobby Ruling Keeps Liberals From Reinstating 'Stone Age Tribalism'

Update on petition to Whole Foods to stop sellling Eden Foods products

(Illinois) State Supreme Court says retiree health benefits are protected by constitution

observation about Fox News

Netanyahu unequivocally condemns murder of Arab teen Abu Khdeir

I wish Bill Cassidy's daughter well, but I have a question for Mr. Cassidy.

A Sunken Kingdom Re-emerges

Are we backing the wrong horse in Iraq??

Argus-Leader: What's in a name? In S.D., Redskins controversy isn't a priority

No more free tickets for Puerto Rico's elderly

US Signals Intention to Eliminate Its Land Mines, Join Treaty

Veterans Not Surprised Iraq's Army Collapsed

ABC cuts off Rick Perry’s conspiracy rant about Obama, immigrants, drones, and hurricanes

Chuck Todd Explains Why Republicans Shouldn't Be Celebrating Hobby Lobby Decision

anyone using new mac dictation?

Link for online voter registration. To vote in the primary, the deadline is 7/7/14

U.S. steps up security on electronic devices at overseas airports

"Open Carry"...done right.

Doctor visit means hundreds of miles for some vets

Exhaustive (and exhausting) list of obstacles to Democratic victory in 2014.

"We Didn't Mean To Turn Buses With Migrant Families Away"

Germany demands full explanation from US on arrested spy

Nice timing Hobby Lobby.

BBC staff instructed to stop giving time to science cranks for the sake of editorial balance

Mama and Baby Bird Found Snagged Together by Fishing Lure

Ya know why we no longer have slavery? The corporations don't want it.

Skeletons Found in El Salvador Shed Light on Pre-Hispanic Life

Skeletons Found in El Salvador Shed Light on Pre-Hispanic Life

I feel like a dork when I use voice recognition to send texts, because

John Roberts----We thank you & SCOTUS---NO BUFFER ZONE AT HOBBY LOBBY

United Reform Church fails to reach agreement on gay weddings

Acapulco Gold

Norfolk delivers another major archaeological discovery - experts reveal second timber circle dates

OPEN CARRY at Hobby Lobby

this is the MOST COOLEST, MOST NEATEST video

Athletics / Cubs big deal

The Myth Of Mental Illness And Gun Violence

Typhoon Neoguri churns towards Japan

Study Projects Average Phoenix Metro Temperatures 6-10 F Hotter Than Now By 2100

Call Hobby Lobby...

Crawford for NE Congressional District 1 seat in the US House

With Dam Remnants Going By Year End, Elwha River Valley, Fish Populations Recovering Quickly

Landslide leads to Sohag archaeological find

I just got back from Paris. Great trip, but lots of lines and lots of people.

Prophetic Discussion - The Impact Of Globalization - GATT - Clinton's Contribution To American Decline

Comedy vs anti-science; 10 amazing videos that show how humour can make a difference

In the 1980's, Blue Cross at my employers wouldn't pay for

July 4 Parade Features 'Obama Presidential Library' Outhouse Float

Happy Independence Day! Atmospheric CO2 Drops Below 400 ppm For First Time Since 8 May

Whales declared ‘engineers’ of the Sea by Scientists

Racist anti-Obama float featured at Nebraska parade.

Prophetic Discussion - The Impact Of Globalization - GATT - Clinton's Contribution To American Decline

Cat Adorably Nuzzles Friendly Horse

How can Democrats win this election?

What are you reading the week of July 7,2014?

BarbaRosa's mom passed away last night.

It's a quiet Sunday afternoon, on the deck, under the tent, listening to jazz on a Philly

Bennett: Israel must impose same law against Jewish and Palestinian terrorists

Why Dinesh D'Souza's 'America' Features Clips of Matt Damon, Woody Harrelson - See more at: http://w

3 Things Everyone Should Know Before Growing Up

For your listening pleasure - BURNING CHROME on Mixcloud

Erectile Dysfunction Pills - Marketed as a Recreational Sex drug, not for Procreation.

Iraq analyzing tape purported to show top militant

Egypt's Sissi: Independent Kurdish state in Iraq would be 'catastrophic'

Going skydiving on Saturday - what can I expect?

Gallup: POTUS Job Approval Leaps 5 Points in 6 Days

The White House Nails David Gregory For Using Republican Misinformation on Immigration

Calif. Mayor: I Didn't Want Protesters To Turn Migrant Families Away- Just Encouraged It Day Before

3D printer drones will take to skies by 2040, claim BAE scientists

Billionaire Koch brothers are big oil players in Alberta

Jewish Extremists Held Over Palestinian Boy's Murder In East Jerusalem

What Will Happen To Immigrant Kids In Border Crisis? Obama Official Evasive.

Study: Kids Bullied in Gym, Sports Avoid Future Activity

Experts Analyzing ISIS Video To Determine If It Is Of Self-Proclaimed ‘Leader Of The World’S Muslims

Thousands Cheer Pro-Russia Rebels At Ukraine Rally

The NSA Said Edward Snowden Had No Access to Surveillance Intercepts. They Lied.

Give me

Just for grins

Fourth Of July Open Carry Demonstration Draws A Deuce

Ban "Coal Rollers". They Are A Public Nuisance And Road Hazard.

Hey anti-contraception GOP!


When one side tries to use reason. and the other side uses guns

Rick Perry Won't Back Away From Obama Border Conspiracy Theory

So, who else loves...

Question to you guys..?? A Pastor in my town unexpectedly ran into a demonstration

Not wanted

by Robert Reich

Mining companies face lawsuits as US government rallies to their defence

Another commie pinko thinks we need more gun control laws.

Well, Mr. Polster, I guess you showed us!

Mississippi's Modern 'Jim Crow' Law Now In Effect

BREAKING AFP: More than 60 women, girls reportedly ESCAPE abductors in Nigeria (Updated)

Rapper Flavor Flav runs afoul of Las Vegas fireworks law

I had to post this somewhere...When looking how to Clean my Resin Deck Chairs....

Egypt's Copts may soon regret supporting Sisi

Sorry but I want to scold you.

A Newspaper Actually Used a Headline Calling Obama The N-Word In The White House

Meet Pastor Nick Reed who ran into Protestors at new Hobby Lobby...

What's on fire at or near Phoenix Sky Harbor? Anyone know? Never mind. They say

Cat4 Typhoon Neogur(make that Cat5) heading for Japan

Hillary Clinton's Immigration Misstep

Not to interrupt the tennis-gasm, but the Pirates completed their first sweep of the season

How a crooked politician acts in Japan

"Men Are Second Class Citizens"

First Beaten Black And Blue By Israel, Palestinian-US Teen Now Under Arrest

How is everyone doing with the

what is this fee

Ginsburg's Hobby Lobby Dissent Song

'MURICA!!! Why I <3 Drones!

NBC - The Last Drop: America's Breadbasket Faces Dire Water Crisis

Jihadists Destroy Mosques And Shrines In Iraq

In NSA-Intercepted Data, Those Not Targeted Far Outnumber The Foreigners Who Are

Pro-Russia separatists vow to keep up the fight

Open Joke: Why was Ann Coulter banned for life from all Red Lobster restaurants?

An EU Agenda: Keeping British In, Russians Out, Germans Down

You would think the Christian conservative "pro-life" crowd would love child refugees, but NO!

I think it's time for another post of oldie-but-goodie "An Open Letter to Dr. Laura Schlesinger"

Here’s How We Can Stop Illegal Logging and Poaching on the Spot (video added)

Only 2 People Showed Up To July 4 Richmond Open Carry Demonstration

i sure am lucky to live in such a pretty place

just plain tired

Netanyahu Must Stop The Immoral Demolition Of West Bank Homes

Iran Reiterates Firm Stand against Israelis' Dreams for Disintegration of Iraq

Kansas gay marriage foes to seek protections again

Nevada sheriff: Cliven Bundy ‘must be accountable’ for ‘stepping over the line’

Obama's Foreign Policy Is Forming Alliances We Never Thought Possible

More Than 60 Women, Girls Escape Islamist Abductors In Nigeria

When Do We Start Stoning & Burning Again Adulterers, Fornicators, LGBT & Witches.

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Monday, 7 July 2014

'Enough Is Enough': Berlin Outraged By Alleged US Spying