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Who wants to watch a good old-fashioned ass kicking?

The Top 10 Beer Drinking States

I'm having German Bratwurst and German Potato Salad for Independence Day.

Raw Story: GOP-led House committee balks at turning over insider-trading documents to SEC

Does anyone have a link for the livestream of the White House's

Neymar fractures vertebrae, out of World Cup

We do not only use 10% of our brain.

KGUN9-"Burger King supports LGBT with 'Proud Whopper' "

While The World Watched

Crazy ants - broke the A/C

While The World Watched

One would "think" people would look at the big picture before passing judgments.

"1776" (The Movie) - The Signing of the Declaration

We just finished the second superb audio book via Audible - The Book Thief

California Highway Patrol officer was caught on tape punching a woman

Enjoying sun and fun, Ben and Jerry's, and Amend-o-Matic on the 4th

Do you remember your first computer network experiences?

Wylie cat sanctuary welcomes 5-year-old white tiger

Dirty Wars and Football

FLOTUS, Sunny, and Bo Wish a Happy Fourth!

Wither(ing) Journalism?

Washington's Truly Offensive Name

PA Man Arrested in NY Carrying Terrifying Arsenal and Note: ‘I Want to Die in Combat So I Can Go to

Here's The Crime-Ridden Hellscape That Is Colorado After Legal Weed

Papantonio: The Hobby Lobby Hoax, Why this decision is not a good thing for corporations

"Supreme Court women lash out at birth control decision"

Selective Attention Test.

Nom nom... Needs gravy...

Neymar Out Of World Cup With Broken Vertebrae: Brazil Team Doctor

Far-right reps from France and the UK refuse to stand for Europe's anthem at opening of parilament.

So, You're Against Immigration?

ASU has put "jaywalking" arrest officer on leave and asked FBI to investigate possible violations.

"Apocalypto" is on. I canNOT fathom how a jerk like Mel GIBSON can make a GREAT work of art

Oil industry's wastewater wells blamed for triggering Oklahoma quakes

The Declaration of Independence: A Transcription

I baked a chicken in a clay pot for the first time.

Oil industry's wastewater wells blamed for triggering Oklahoma quakes

Celebrating Independence Day-President Obama commemorated Independence Day

Founding Fathers - Trevor Moore.

Clergy Protest Supreme Court By Handing Out Condoms At Hobby Lobby

Krugman: Build We Won't

Joint Chiefs chairman won't rule out more U.S. military involvement in Iraq

From Spain: A Charter for Democracy

Have an iphone? Want to pull a prank?

West Wing Week 07/04/14 or, "Cynicism is a Choice... Hope is a Better Choice"

...nor deny to any PERSON

What was that Sousa parody that had "and that duck was your mother" or something?

Eating Salad With A Scientist.

HOBBY LOBBY: Word is getting around. Profit Driven Bible vs Christian Bible

Obama Family Watch Fourth of July Fireworks From the WH

US plan to destabilize Cuba 'very foolish policy'

TMP-"Two Guys With Guns Have Showdown On First Day Of Georgia's New 'Guns Everywhere' Law"

anyone been on a boat cruise in western Europe?

Happy 4th!

(UPDATE:7am)That was weird.Heard someone(something) beating on or around my bedroom window.

Star Spangled Banner sung in a minor key. wow!

I'm for Truth no matter who tells it...

The Furriday Furth of July Catblog

A fun way to protest Hobby Lobby

Power-to-gas energy storage could help displace use of fossil fuels

Boy hit in Arizona target-shooting accident dies

Half of Mass. voters OK with legalized marijuana

Nothing lasts forever..

the sounds of fireworks

As Perry Exits, Texas GOP Shifting Away From Toll Roads

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas refuses to ship some HIV drugs to certain doctors

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas refuses to ship some HIV drugs to certain doctors

Do you need a 5 second break of pure sweetness?

Tibetan altitude gene inherited 'from extinct species'

How does a drag queen keep her figure? For Mistress Ginger, vegan does it

Anyone else following Wimbledon?

Log Cabin Republicans officially denounce Texas GOP Platform

Log Cabin Republicans officially denounce Texas GOP Platform

Russian MPs back law on internet data storage

Opponents of Houston’s Equal Rights Ordinance say they have enough sigs to put repeal on ballot

Opponents of Houston’s Equal Rights Ordinance say they have enough sigs to put repeal on ballot

Guatemala rebel convicted for killings during civil war

Amount billed: $35,539.00; Amount you owe: $0. This is why we need Universal Healthcare Coverage.

Bands one either loves or hates there's usually not much of a middle

Dallas police release description of suspect who tagged 11 sites with '666' in anti-gay hate crime

Dallas police release description of suspect who tagged 11 sites with '666' in anti-gay hate crime

Office skirts selection panel to hire Walker aide

Revealed: 'Collect It All' NSA Targets Those Seeking Web Privacy

Man rams Reno adult store, steals Batman rings, corsets

80 House Members Sign Letter to Obama: Seek Authorization Before Military Action in Iraq

Mayor vows not to return to days of mass arrests in Baltimore.

My new scanner arrives Tuesday!

Retired Republican insurance exec comes out in favor of single payer

X Post from LBN - Office skirts selection panel to hire Walker aide

Where did Hobby Lobby employees get their contraception coverage prior to the ACA?

TCM Schedule for Saturday, July 5, 2014 -- The Essentials - The Battling Burtons

HRC's book still on track to be among top sellers this year -- 26,000 copies this week alone,

Politics of madness.

We inherit the Earth from our Ancestors ...

Official on key EPA fracking advisory board has suspect degree - School targeted as a diploma mill

Symantec Identifies Malware Targeting Energy Companies in Leading Nations

A 20-year battle won, and new hope for Paraguay's indigenous communities

So I was out in the garage, work on some optics mounts

Merrill Markoe Tweet: "Well, I guess its time to sit the dogs down and explain...

TCM Schedule for Sunday July 6 - Harryhausen Fantasy

TCM Schedule for Monday July 7 - Oscar Hammerstein

We, The People Are Violent And Filled With Rage: A Nation Spinning Apart On Its Independence Day

What many Christians get wrong on July 4th

Which books, fiction or non-fiction, have had the largest impact on you?

Taking on Hobby Lobby After Turning Away From a Religious Past

One Nation, Divisible?

A friend of ours signed up for Obamacare...

George Takei nails it again.

Celebrate the Fourth! Use privacy sites and privacy browsers.

How come I end up where I started?

Giants shut out for 3rd time in 5 games

"Hooked on Humboldt"

French comic mocks Jewish murder victim

Baby and Dog being cute or something more???

What the Dietary Supplement Industry Does Not Want You to Know

6 Rabidly Right-Wing Republican Governors Who Might Get the Boot

From a daily lurker: OMG I love this forum!

Dying for Dollars: The Corporatization of Hospice Care

5 Scams and Rackets That Can Turn You Into a 21st Century Indentured Servant

Not Following Rules: Cities and States Refuse to Enforce Federal Immigration Regulations

Come on .. ADMIT IT!!!

Self Evident Truths

5 Signs the U.S. Is Failing to Protect Women’s Rights in the Workplace

State high court to rule: Does 'stand your ground' protect felons who shoot?

State high court to rule: Does 'stand your ground' protect felons who shoot?

Info graphic on our Milky Way Galaxy

NASA is building robots to 3D-print infrastructure on Mars

Russia Blinded By Loss of Missile Detection Satellite

Rhino to Elephant Poaching Prompts Namibia to Deploy Army Unit

Hobby Lobby Is Already Creating New Religious Demands on Obama

This Is How "Unsettled" Australia Was Before The British Arrived In 1788

good book about immigration

Independence Day Fireworks

America's got it bass ackwards

Why debate one "morality" and ignore another?

On taxes, representation, and revolution.

Behavioral characteristics of Appalachian community contribute to epidemic of hepatitis C

Not Following Rules: Cities and States Refuse to Enforce Federal Immigration Regulations

Balzheimer's disease

ANOTHER WORLD: Duke summer program reaches out to rural N.C. girls

ANOTHER WORLD: Duke summer program reaches out to rural N.C. girls

Worker-Owners Cheer Creation of $1.2 Million Co-op Development Fund in NYC

“Something the Supreme Court is not supposed to do”: Are Christians getting preferential treatment?

autopsy shows kidnapped Palestinian was burned alive

ANOTHER WORLD: Duke summer program reaches out to rural N.C. girls

When You Hit That Pothole This Weekend, Thank Corporate GREED

Real or Satire?

Getting myself ready for Hobby Lobby protest in the D.C. area

Howard Zinn’s July 4 Wisdom: Put Away Your Flags

Friends and Fellow Citizens


Lady of the Lamb

Remember the ladies

For after the 4th of July - A Bit of Fry and Laurie

What the Dietary Supplement Industry Does Not Want You to Know

Brrrr. What a cold front.

Palestinian kidnap victim was alive when burned, PA says

6 Rabidly Right-Wing Republican Governors Who Might Get the Boot

Why Did a University Fire a Govt-Approved Marijuana Researcher With No Explanation?

Gay Couples May Soon Have to Choose Between Getting Married and Not Getting Fired

Good Riddance to Common Core Testing

2014 Job Creation Faster in States that Raised the Minimum Wage

New nuclear watchdog commissioner received additional industry payment

5 Startling Numbers Reveal the Militarization of U.S. Drug Policy

Acetaminophen vs NSAIDS -

Fr. Carl Kabat spray-paints huge sign at NNSA’s nuke-parts plant in Kansas City

Germany summons US envoy over spy case

India Plans World’s Largest Floating Solar Power Project (50 MW)

Police officer pushes a paralyzed man out of his wheelchair

3rd Philippine senator arrested in corruption case

In Midst of Tikrit Campaign, al-Maliki refuses to step Down

Parliamentary paralysis

Nuclear export group divided over ties with India - diplomats

Jimmy Carter blamed for Iran Contra on UP no correction

Supreme Court women lash out at birth control decision

Surprisingly (to me), #1 of the 9 Deadliest Animals in the American South? Dogs.

Price Wars: Amazon Battles Traditional German Publishers

How The Websites Of Fox News, MSNBC, And CNN Are Covering The Jobs Numbers

NSA Experts: 'National Security Has Become a State Religion'

We just donated to Grimes, Davis, and Burke. Who else is imperative?

Bird known for mating dance may decide Senate fate

Commission interim report ‘sets stage’ for soldiers’ pay reform

India - now nuclear and environmental dissent is a crime

Price tag for the American dream: $130K a year

Children raised by same-sex couples healthier and happier, research suggests

Soldier welcomed home after losing limbs

NSA Public Relations tweets on the Fouth

Richard Mellon Scaife - July 3, 1932 - July 4, 2014

Bill Moyers & Jim Hightower: Grass roots grow against greed

Fuego on the Fourth

Why Don’t Americans Take More Vacations? Blame It on Independence Day

Obama's 4th of July

Countersuit for Hobby Lobby?

By 2045 'The Top Species Will No Longer Be Humans,' And That Could Be A Problem

In 10 years there have been 7 wiretap requests turned down, out of over 20,000+ requests.

Floppy book stomp- Hillary's best seller dropping like a rock

"Widening and deepening inequality is not driven by immutable economic laws ..."

Any Christian Motorcycle Association members on DU?

If you ever visit Budapest, do not drink and drive.

Oil train shipment data kept secret

Human Rights Watch Daily Brief, 4 July 2014

Syria Rebel Chief Warns of "Disaster" Without Aid

NEA Calls for Secretary Duncan's Resignation

can someone help me find which speech this is and the original, unedited feed?

Water,water everywhere

4th of July fireworks brought to you by China

Transcript of Estonian FM Bombshell Revelation - by Martin Hellman

Dalai Lama Celebrates 79th Birthday: A Look The Buddhist Leader Through The Years

How a Loss of the Senate Could Help Obama

Hobby Lobby case summarized

Behold, The Nexus Of Stupid: KY Legislators Discuss Climate & Energy Policy

Why the Shift from Production to Speculation?

Leah Libresco engages Catholics and atheists in ‘better fights about religion’

Michelle Obama Will Fight The GOP Until The Bitter End

RNC offering 'I Miss W' t-shirt

American Religions Born In The U.S.A. Bring Home The Country's Rich Religious History

The Cost of Iraq War Immunity

KS Confirms Two Cases Of Chikungunya Virus In Winfield (S. Of Wichita)

Pope Francis’s China conundrum—traditional Catholics or Communist Party Catholics

Philadelphia fire kills four, leaves dozens without homes

Las Vegas - Stuck On Stupid; Even "Long-Term" Additions To Water Supply Fail Needs Of Eternal Growth

Dragnet Jack Webb "Alcohol VS. Marijuana & LSD"

Inside the wreck of the Costa Concordia (full 8 minute video):

LIVE UPDATES: Resumed rioting in north, rockets in south

Seven Reasons You Should Thank A Feminist Today

To Those Who Laughed

We've created a monster.. porch kitty update.. pic heavy

July 5th: Larry Doby Day

San Francisco’s Healthy Corner Store Movement: Getting it Right

238 years after its first birthday, America is in deep denial.

Nun, almost 84, becomes oldest woman to complete an Ironman

****WCGreen Update --Saturday July 5, 2014****

Quarterfinal: Argentina-Belgium

I need help. (LAWD PEOPLE. I HAVE ENOUGH. I am completely overwhelmed by this!)

Let’s Just Pretend We Didn’t Offshore Manufacturing

5-Year-Old Cited for Sexual Misconduct for Taking Off Pants on Playground

What Too Much Glenn Beck And Fox News Consumption Does

Earth-like planets Gliese 581 g and d likely don't exist, study says

Texas Pastor Shot During Home Robbery With His Own Gun

UNPATRIOTIC US CORPORATIONS Becoming Hot Political Issue That Unites Right and Left

6 Rabidly Right-Wing Republican Governors Who Might Get the Boot

BTW, want to lock the presidency? Clinton/Warren ticket

Hospitals face increased scrutiny for charging facility fees

Sins that cry to heaven for vengeance: The Hobby Lobby Decision

Defenders of Bees Celebrate Retreat of Corporate Pesticide Peddler

Colorado AG Sues County Clerk For Issuing Gay Marriage Licenses

Democrats' Florida push calls for US shift on Cuba

Democrats' Florida push calls for US shift on Cuba

Hillary Clinton Says It's Up To Snowden If He Returns To U.S. For Trial

US Food Manufacturing—Science Based or Reckless?

So I was poking around my news feeds and came across this article.


Atlantic: P-TC Arthur rains on Canada; Pacific: Typhoon Neoguri moves WNW, P-TC Douglas moves NW

EU court rules inadequate transparency of commission planning TTIP

Beaten Palestinian youth is U.S. citizen

OT - I'm a grand uncle! My twin sister's daughter had a son last night. Ushered in with fireworks.

BBC staff instructed to stop giving time to science cranks for the sake of editorial balance

Bomb threat causes Austin convention-center evacuation

by Robert Reich

Old school Republicans

tea partyers can't believe in global warming since the solution requires international cooperation.

Tysons’s small retailers don’t fit into grand development plans spurred by Silver Line

In the Struggle for Health Care Justice: Interview with Marianne Hoynes | Mickey Z.

LIVE RADIO NOW: Hobby Lobby Decision Should Scare Us All

Iraqi Islamic State leader purported to make public appearance

Militia groups moving to help secure Texas-Mexico border

declaration of sentiments--seneca falls 19-20 july 1848

declaration of sentiments--seneca falls 19-20 july 1848

Did you feel it?

A friend sent this joke to me yesterday

Israel doesn't have peace because peace and fear don't mix well

Where do they find these people?

Oh that sixteen year old Palestinian boy was burned alive

BookTV - Sunday at noon (EDT) - In Depth: Reza Aslan

Shedding New Light on Dark Money Politics; FCC Disclosure Rule and Website Kick In Today

TransCanada Buys Town’s Silence On Tar Sands Pipeline Proposal For $28K

Hillary Clinton Says She’s Donated All University Speaking Fees

Unknown culture discovered in Peru

Unknown culture discovered in Peru

Off-Duty Police Officer's Heroic Move Saves Elderly Man In Burning Gas Station

Caught on Cam: Officer Saves Man From Burning Truck


MUST-SEE Texas cop saves woman from path of speeding train

Carver Police Officer Dives Deep to Save Dog Submerged in Car

What the fuck is with the pro-cop rah-rah posts?

Senate majority could rest on the sage grouse

Will Adm. Michelle Howard be on someone VP list and should Hillary/Warren be worried.

Quarterfinal: Netherlands-Costa Rica


How Bad Is It For The Republicans You Ask?

You Are Triggering me! The Neo-Liberal Rhetoric of Harm, Danger and Trauma

The Combat Jack Show!?


I didn't stand for the national anthem

Since 1978

:( :( July 3 -Lost Our Dog Shadow To Tumor. Now Big MT Space In Our Home And Hearts.

Warning: Corporate Interests Are Not Public Interests

Dark snow: from the Arctic to the Himalayas, the phenomenon that is accelerating glacier melting

Monday we got Hobby Lobby. Meanwhile, today is the 66th anniversary of the National Health Service.

Ex-Dr Pepper town seeks new image to boost tourism

What should, and shouldn't, "have consequences."

Japan DU'ers, Typhoon Neoguri may be headed your way very soon

gratuitous kitty pic - i have the hardest life ever edition

Inside the Fireworks.

Neymar arrives at the hospital in Fortaleza

One of Raygun's Legacies--Mountain of Debt for college students


President Obama Keynote EU Speech in Brussels (FULL Statement) March 26th, 2014 & Full Transcript:

Ultra-rich man’s letter: “To My Fellow Filthy Rich Americans: The Pitchforks Are Coming”

what's for dinner - saturday, july 5th

Papantonio: Hell on Wheels – Big Rig Dangers

The Founding Fathers Backed Thomas Piketty—And Feared a Powerful 1 Percent

The Declaration of Independence: A Revolutionary Document - By Sen. Bernie Sanders

Atlanta biology teacher: Evolution from Satan and the cause of racism, divorce, gay people

WTF ...20

Does anyone have suggestions about "socially responsible" investments in mutual funds?

"Actors and Actresses: What Hollywood stars have a reputation for being difficult to work with?"

new visitors to the critter cafe

Hey guys - if I may - I'd like to start a series of discussions regarding "Going On OFFENSE."

If a Communist wants to help the poor--

GOING ON OFFENSE Part One: Challenging the concept of the "Sincerely-Held Belief"

At Wimbledon (where seats sell for £3,500)

Clashes spill into Israel over ‘burned alive’ Palestinian teen

Native American Shuts Up Anti-immigration radicals

GOING ON OFFENSE Part Two: "Christians"? They sure don't act like Christians.

Ebola 'out of control' in West Africa as health workers rush to trace 1,500 possible victims

fireworks from july 4th

Beaten into confession - Illinois Supreme Court defies making a decent ruling and ignores JUSTICE:

GOING ON OFFENSE Part Three: NEVER Underestimate the Enemy

LOL ...

Undocumented immigrants get food assistance...

The Presbyterian speech we needed to hear

"Death is nothing at all"

GOING ON OFFENSE Part Four: Understanding the Enemy - Why They ARE Domestic Terrorists

Why won't companies that are not closely held sue

GOING ON OFFENSE Part Five: Challenging the "Meh, Both Parties are the Same..."

The Robot/Computer Singularity is Predicted for 2040 – 2045, But Will The Human Race Kill Itself Off

Anthony Fired for Racist Tirade (Opie & Anthony Show)

Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi: The ISIS Leader Who Is Now More Powerful Than Al Qaeda’s Chief

Why are women so outraged over a single issue? Because the 5 ungulates on the S.C.

Sen. Bernie Sanders: It’s Time To Declare Independence From The 1 Percent

A Reproductive Rights Moonshot

Self Evident Truths

How do SCOTUS Justices ever get removed? n/t

Cantor’s loss a blow to state GOP fundraising.

US-German Relations Strained Further With Arrest Of Alleged Spy

We don't want equality!

Guest Lineups For The Sunday News Shows

Danziger on Supreme Court recent rulings.

I don't watch most of the usual Sunday news / talk shows. Yet I don't miss Fareed Zakaria's "GPS" .

Logbooks Of 458 Voyages By English Arctic Whalers 1750-1850 Offer Views Of Far Bigger Sea Ice Pack

Y'all Grinched me today. Thanks.,

Shut down the Internet: ultimate cat picture

Israeli Police Are Exacerbating The Violence With Gag Orders

FL "Gets Tough" On Fracking Firm (Just In Time For Scott's Campaign); Sends Sternly-Worded Letter

Right wing conspiracy peddler dies.


World Cup

How should the online publication of explicit images without their subjects’ consent be punished?

Boeing fuselages in Montana river after train derails

How can the SCOTUS bench be increased to 11 from the 9?

“hopey, changey thing?” – working out excellently

One of the largest divides in our country


OK, I admit it. I'm a single-issue voter.

The Sheshe Appreciation thread

Autopsy report shows Mohammed Abu Khdeir was burned to death; reports spread of other abductions

Locals: Settlers try to kidnap 7-year-old in Beit Hanina

I want to see a list of how much every candidate running for national office gets for

International Socialist Organization Expels Obama After Dow Hits 17,000

Speaks for itself!

A Healthy 9-Year-Old Girl is Labeled Overweight By School Officials

Florida burglars fall asleep at crime scene, get arrested

Gotta love this Florida mom. Supports teachers, slams TPTB for testing extremism.

Shame on you America

Hospitals Are Mining Patients' Credit Card Data to Predict Who Will Get Sick

Democrats Introduce Bill that Could Lead to Impeachment for Justices Thomas and Scalia

Welcome to the Rolling Rebellion

The hard truth about health care: Government works

Are Neocons Getting Ready to Ally With Hillary Clinton?

TMP-Decision Looms In Lawsuit That May Actually Crush Obamacare

Artillery shell fired in gun show travels three miles before striking resident's home in Oklahoma

Could we use a little humor?

The Jesus Counter (Profanity Warning)

Train derailment west of Missoula closes river, spills Aircraft bodies

FREE Ready for Hillary bumper sticker

Plant Blasts Birds With Pollen Using “Bellows”

I'm still sad...I took in two more cats and they went into the Humane Society adoption...

Toon: The supreme Court's Summer Vacation Plans

States That Raised Their Minimum Wages Are Experiencing Faster Job Growth

"Not Made in China" Tee Made in USA free shipping weekend

Like-new Dell XPS 15 ultra-thin laptop

Am I allowed to try to sell something in a state group?

25 years ago today... Oliver North was sentenced...

GMO OMG Blu-ray Detailed (available for purchase on July 22)

They might as well just flip a coin

Newtown victim's animal shelter dream turning real

Are there still

Posted on FB by The Blue Street Journal

Ask not what you can do for your religion, but what can the government do for your religion.

"EMT strangles patient to death in ambulance"....

The South is America's poverty belt, and Republicans want to make all of America more like the South

Jews and Arabs protested in Haifa: "refuse to be enemies"

Why be uncompromising on reproductive rights, but not peace/economic issues?

Caturday’s Fud fur Thaut

Huff Post-Two Lesbians Raised A Baby And This Is What They Got -A White House Intern

Has anyone used Pet Armour products

Here's what happens to people in the intelligence community who use proper procedures to disclose

Joe Lieberman: Still A Troll

You're taking to long! Just get the hotdog! I'll light it!

On being fat

Soundcloud Appoints Universal as Account Executioner and Quietly Announces Data Mining

The new American tax dictate FATCA comes into force

Greece orders power workers to end strike

Galz 'n' Gunz--a crosscultural perspective

USGS: ‘Micro-Earthquake’ Hits Hudson Valley

Miss Shrub--Get Your New Tee Shirt

Krugman: Build We Won’t

funny merc retro story

Question about listening to French ...

Russia set to waive Cuba’s $35.2-billion debt

Giraffes CHOOSE to shutup!!!

GOP Remedy For Demographic Shift - Stop Th iRight To Vote Certain Citizens Before Tipping Point.