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"Freedom, Power and the Conservative Mind"

'NSA is corrupt. If WE did that we'd be thrown in jail'

Forget selfies -- make way for 'dronies'

Some tasty pop metal for you: Avatar.

MSNBC went bye-bye for the holiday.

Love the smile~

Chris Christie Vetoes Gun Reform Bill Despite Pleas From Sandy Hook Parents

if only men

now would be a great time for Dems to introduce a comprehensive JOBS BILL. what are the odds?

Shooting reported at El Paso Community College Northwest campus

Ninety-nine percent of the ocean's plastic is missing

Fourth Of July Weekend Protests To Focus On TPP Threat To U.S. Jobs

Second post in LBN today!!!

Second post in LBN today!!!

Phones, shoes to face scrutiny as airport security tightened: U.S.

(R-LA) Senate candidate Bill Cassidy discloses that his teenage daughter is pregnant

Dr. Drew thinks the hot car dad's actions were a result of sex addiction

Whoever posted the link to GeoGuessr - a challenge!

Obama nails it on why we need to invest in America's infrastructure—and why it's not happening

Egypt's Embattled Atheists

dumped dog

July 3 over in GD is doing well too

Throw away the keys for those parents in Georgia

July 3 over in GD is doing well too

Proud to serve adopted country: A ‘Lost Boy’ from Sudan makes his home in Air Force, in Omaha

Fox News Greets Good May, 2014 BLS Jobs Report With Same Old 2013 BS: "Is Jobs Report TOO Good?"

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Freedom! Freedom! & a Kitteh gif

Lucy Lu is a telepath.

Man run over by semitrailer truck entitled to van, other compensation (work comp)

Man run over by semitrailer truck entitled to van, other compensation (work comp)

New Massachusetts Law Gives Domestic Workers Labor Protections

Hurricane Arthur nears landfall on N.C. coast

New Massachusetts Law Gives Domestic Workers Labor Protections

Broad new tax to fund D.C. health exchange challenged in court

Bourbon Street shootings prompt Jindal to send 50 state troopers to New Orleans through Labor Day

Donald Sterling to seek ban of medical records in dispute with wife

4 protesters awarded $185K over 2004 RNC arrests


Join the week of action to protest the Hobby Lobby decision & attacks on women's rights: July 3 - J

Dallas County IDs Three Potential Sites For Immigrant Children Who've Crossed Border

Top Ten Cute Puppy/Dog Videos

Descendants of 1934 Teamster strikers carry proud legacy

Descendants of 1934 Teamster strikers carry proud legacy

the courts will protect our rights--women don't need the ERA or any kind of legislation.

Female Justices issue searing dissent over new contraceptive case

the courts will protect your rights--the ERA and other legislation not necessary.


Where are the hardest places to live in the US?

Today in History, July 3rd (women & children)

L.A's first cannabis farmer's market to open Friday

Women & children in GD

GRAPHIC WARNING: You'll find this to be a LOT easier to look at

Women & children in GD

Hillary Clinton Goes to Bat for GMOs at Biotech Conference

trying to think if there is any reason at all to celebrate "independence day" this year. can

XKeyscore Exposed: How NSA Tracks All German Tor Users As 'Extremists'

Purrsonal Hygiene: Teh Purrsday Catblog

Teabillies very worried about African American voters

Which Democratic consultants are the biggest losers?

I am fortunate to live in one of the most beautiful places in the US...

Teabillies very worried about African American voters (X-post from GD)

Nader threads? You want Nader threads? Fine! I need someone to take a walk for me in TN.

Facebook WTF?? - Piss in your mouth for todd carney - (I'm not making this up!)

US opposes independence referendum for Iraqi Kurds


Brown: Employers Should Be Able to Deny NH Women Basic Health Coverage

Report: Rare leaked NSA source code reveals Tor servers targeted

think I will be ill--watching a former dem gov defending fracking:

German Student Under N.S.A Scrutiny, Reports Say

The sky has turned to a deep orange...

Ecstasy Leads to Rare Aneurysm in College Student

My daughter is involved in a worthwhile event in Seattle - posting a link

My brother in law who is a right winger told me I was a loser who's sucking off tax payer money

Who wears glasses?

Supreme Court Deals a Blow to Home Care Workers

Supreme Court Deals a Blow to Home Care Workers

Bout time to start our illegal fireworks.....

Frying Pan Tower, NC Coast

A sign of where Ukrainian conflict could lead? "like a scene from the Eastern Front in the WWII"

NSA targets Linux Journal as 'extremist forum': Report

Obama's Greatest Failure

Gore won, and Nader lost

With friends like these . . .

State court rules that fired Paratransit driver cannot be denied unemployment benefits

Cats really know how to chill with each other....Pico and Sam, pals for life....

Ted Rall: At Some Point, Progressives Need to Grow a Pair and Stop Having Anything To Do With...

Fla. residents await Miami judge's decision on gay marriage ban

In your opinion...

Rauner cut from the same cloth as Romney

by Robert Reich

Overpass collapses in World Cup city

U.S. grounds entire F-35 fleet pending engine inspections

There are actually YouTube reviews of (Teva, not "Tevos"), some up to 8 minutes long

After Getting Busted Congress Caves and Will Require Members To Disclose Trips From Lobbyists.

Well after a decade plus of having it I've said goodbye to my long hair

ATTENTION! 1776 on TCM Friday at 1:30 PM Eastern Time!

*Public Service Announcement! 1776 on TCM Friday, 1:30 PM, Eastern time

Recovation the Independence of the USA.....

"What starts with F and ends with K?"

Rights advocates fear rollback of women’s gains in Afghanistan

Mother Jones: "...they have only one option: figure out a way to take back Congress in 2016."

Renaissance of American Responsibility (ROAR) from Morris Communications -- RW Propaganda???

California lawmakers pass tax credit for developer of stealth bomber

Red Skelton: The Pledge of Allegiance

So. What do we do?

Throw-back the UCLA Sculpture Garden, my daughters and me...

At least one celeb, Lupillo RIVERA, confronted the Murietta "patriots" and got spat at

The Declaration of Independence as Thomas Jefferson originally presented it.

Awesome video of the SE Arizona "Radio Fire" (a lightning start from7/2)

LEGO: Lord Of The Rings

Urban Farming: 6,000 Pounds of Food on 1/10 Acre

Happy Birthday America. You don't look a day over 238.

Lesbian Film - I Can't Think Straight

Thousands protest in Tel Aviv: Destroying Gaza won't lead to calm

Women. We will not go quietly into the night.

So. Three days ago, I got married.

Port Authority settles suit over atheism ads(Pittsburgh)

Happy Independence Day DU!

President Obama is the Fracking-Supporter-In-Chief

TPP Would Gut Buy American: Happy July 4th!

High court blocks contraception mandate for Christian college

After Hobby Lobby, Faith Groups Reject Push To Perpetuate Discrimination Against Gays

151 years ago today.....

Post on Facebook that cracked me up.

Pentagon leaders: Iraq probably needs outside help to retake seized territory WP

I still post in GD in spite of posts dropping. Can't cross post here...

Commentary: Blame U.S. policies for influx of Guatemalan migrants

Commentary: Blame U.S. policies for influx of Guatemalan migrants

Australia's snazzy new Border Force logo

14 Years

The Energy Department Just Announced $4 Billion For Projects That Fight Global Warming

Coastal Winds Intensifying With Climate Change, Study Says

El Salvador Ends Dispute With U.S. Over Seeds

El Salvador Ends Dispute With U.S. Over Seeds

YO! Conservatives! Have you thanked a Democrat lately?

World Jewish Congress calls on European Parliament to ... to fight ...anti-Semitism

65 Million Americans Are Not Having a Happy July 4th

Memorial vandals say Athens synagogue is next

"Post-Hobby Lobby, Religious Orgs Want Exemption From LGBT Hiring Order"

THREE Sweet Victories in California battling Citizens United.

Fracking Company Offers Pennsylvania Residents $50,000 In Hush Money If They Promise Not to Sue

I now know WHY Peter Piper picked that peck of pickled peppers

What's for Dinner ~ Friday ~ July 4th - Independence Day Edition!

I Worked at Hobby Lobby and Saw the Troubling World of Corporate Christianity

12 of the Most Inhumane American Presidents{long read}

Happy 4th. of July! DU Lounge style!

As You Celebrate the 4th, Remember Why America's Working Families Need Unions to Stay Strong

Can someone explain the purpose of a life insurance policy for a child?


Band to play in an airtight, soundproof box until they run out of oxygen

Your favorite founding father?

Anti-Vaxx Insanity: New Study Highlights the Dangers of Science Denialism

WEE: vacation free for all

Sometimes, I hate how I am

3 Sneaky, Dangerous New Ways Pharma Is Churning Profits

Fracking Company Offers Pennsylvania Residents $50,000 In Hush Money If They Promise Not to Sue

Robert Reich: 'Freedom' Is Just Another Word For Letting the Rich Get Richer

Israel and Canada Join To Study and Implement Medical Marijuana Uses

BBC News-Are Republicans the 'stupid party'?

Lockheed F-35 Fleet Grounded by U.S. Military After Fire

Even With Sanctions, U.S. Sales to Russia Hit New High

July 4 Barbecue Costs Climb to Record: Chart

Hamas 'ready for Gaza ceasefire' if Israeli raids stop

Super-grid: China masters long-distance power transmission

Andy Coulson jailed for 18 months for conspiracy to hack phones

Climate policies could lift global GDP by $2.6 trillion/year - World Bank

Study maps fracking methane risk to drinking water

NPR-"Purling In Anger: Arrest Breaks Up 'Knit-In' At Vermont Utility"

UPDATE 5-U.S. grounds entire F-35 fleet pending engine inspections

We do it like our lives depend on it 'cause, duh...

UK - Study maps fracking methane risk to drinking water

Peru's interior minister Daniel Urresti accused of journalist's 1988 murder

When the Taliban Meets Hobby Lobby

The F-35 Fighter Jet Is A Historic $1 Trillion Disaster {image heavy}

NEW YORK OBSERVER-"Homeless children may become "left-back" generation"

Neighbors lived in ‘constant fear’ of Missouri ‘doomsday prepper’ with gun stockpile: police

Mitt Romney is tan, rested, and ready to lose again, so let’s do this thing

NPR-"Freedom To NOT Celebrate Independence Day"


Borneo’s adorable vampire squirrel is threatened by deforestation

America the Violet: Take This Quiz To See Where You Fall on the Political Spectrum

POLITIFACT-"Getting the facts straight about the Founding Fathers"

Maine governor admits to meeting with individuals tied to domestic terror movement

More Bad Luck

Richard Mellon Scaife, Influential U.S. Conservative, Dies at 82

Americans Insist on Being Delusional About Racism

Unlucky in Love

Just so you know, not all religious groups rejoiced over Monday's 'Hobby Lobby' decision

Michigan man kills 2-year-old girl by shooting her execution-style to torture her dad: police

Previously uncontacted Amazonian tribe in Brazilian rainforest faces extinction

Happy Fourth!

Chimpanzee language: Communication gestures translated

How to Turn a Grueling, Thankless Job Into a Movement


Yay Cops.... Yes, Another Beating Caught on Tape... CHP Beats Woman Down

Hillary Clinton Goes to Bat for GMOs at Biotech Conference

The Declaration of Independence

hey baby !

Supreme Court Rules JCPenney Allowed to Sacrifice Employees to Appease Cthulhu

People Prefer Electric Shocks to Being Alone With Their Thoughts

Fourth of July Toon Roundup

La. Supreme Court upholds gun restrictions

Guest Editorial — Susan Bruce: Big Daddy Hobby Lobby Knows Best

U.S. judge upholds Colorado gun restrictions

Damage? Is everyone okay?

Paul Krugman- Build we won't

Drag Queen Schools Bigots: You Need To Drop the Hate

Broader right to object to birth control - New SCOTUS injunction 6/3/14

300 Koch-Led Businessmen Pledge $500 Million to Turn the Senate Over to Republicans

Some music to celebrate this 4th. of July with!

Not just race relations...

Can atheist and theist family members get along?

Re: a previous post

Finding food amidst nature

29 days since my glorious return to DU--- and not one Jury hide.

The more things change.....

The New Law of Religion

Fascinating graphics show who owns all the major brands in the world

Gay Couples May Soon Have to Choose Between Getting Married and Not Getting Fired

Pastor Rick Warren Wants Obama to Let Religious Groups Discriminate Against LGBT

Hobby Lobby Fallout: Catholic Soy Milk Mogul Won't Cover Drugs That 'Prevent Procreation'

Vatican Officially Endorses Exorcism

Obama on Fourth: Rights, equality fuel US success

What did $7 billion spent on opium eradication in Afghanistan buy? More opium.

Happy Fourth of July to my friends in GlennBeckville!

Koterba toon: 4th of July

Juanita Jean, Bristol Palin, and Hobby Lobby (you know it's

While Suppressing Good Jobs Data, Fox News Slams Obama For Trying To Create More Jobs

Preparing a desktop to sell - what is the minimum I need to do for security?

P&G ad hits 'Like a Girl' (article and video)

IN CONGRESS, July 4, 1776

Retired U.S. Navy commander pleads guilty in bribery scandal

Dick Cheney’s demented last laugh: Neoconservatives destroyed American exceptionalism, but made Obam

The Founding Fathers backed Thomas Piketty – and feared a powerful 1 percent

We Don't Need Patent Monopolies to Finance Vaccine Research

Outrage Forces House to Reinstate Travel Disclosure Requirement

NOW President: We Will Politicize Hobby Lobby Decision

Goodbye, Richard Mellon Scaife

Evolution vs. creationism: Does this cartoon belong in Grady High School biology class?

The lady that is going to beat the snot out of Mitch McConnell

Privacy watchdog files complaint over Facebook emotion experiment

Bad week for a celebration for independence and concepts of individual freedom for all.

Notice anything about all the people in the Hughesnet commercials

Researchers found 1/4 of women & 2/3 of men chose --- electric shocks over their own company

SCOTUS Doublspeak

Feathers Before Flight: New Evidence from Crow-like Dino

Rethinking the 4th of July

Juanita Jean, Bristol Palin, and Hobby Lobby (you know it's

Top Reviewers On Amazon Get Tons Of Free Stuff - biased reviews, another WTF of many.

New wedding trend - bride and bridesmaids showing some skin

Land of the Free, Unless You're a Woman

Hobby Lobby still covers vasectomies, Viagra, condoms, and heavily invests in Plan B manufacturer

Fuck Scaife, I mourn Steven R Kangas.


Syria conflict: UK planned to train and equip 100,000 rebels

The best way to celebrate the Fourth...

Illinois Clergy Protest SCOTUS Ruling By Giving Out Condoms At Hobby Lobby

Go, sin no more and await the coming of glorious Corporate Personhood!

Seems To Me We Should Be Seeing The President's Poll Numbers Go Up.....

Elephants Eat the Strangest Things

When the Spirit of America was a Woman: The Goddess of Freedom: from Libertas to Lady Liberty

Catholic Church Responsible For Immigration Problems

WATCH: Disturbing footage of police beating Palestinian in Shuafat

Indian monsoon starting season very weak

No nipples but NSFW for The Nipple Alerter.

Worst Flooding On Record In Paraguay As 300,000 Flee Homes; 50,000 Displaced In Brazil

Armchair criminal lawyers and prosecutors are as useful as armchair brain surgeons or rocket

Great post at Muckety on widespread influence of Campbell Brown, hubby Dan Senor.

Yes Romulus Augustus did cause Gore to lose the election.

Keep those ignorant immigrants outta here!

New Rules For BBC Programming Staff: Stop Inviting Cranks & Nutbags Onto Science Programs

Asian stocks rise on strong US jobs report

From kidnapping to collapse: The beginning of the end?

Are Jewish gangs in Rome taking revenge for teens' murder?

73 Years Later, Amelia Earhart Flies Again

Beijing Engulfed In Smog, But New Photo Software Solves Problem By Turning Smoggy Skies Blue!

Wally Pfister, Oscar-winning cinematographer of the Dark Knight Triogy

No Way!!! West Virginia Streams Contaminated By Mountaintop Removal Wastes Have Fewer Fish!

Germany arrests suspected double agent spying for U.S. - two German politicians

U.S. Mail is Not for Sale: Join the Boycott of Staples—‘It’s That Easy’

Iraq's Sunni insurgency waged by convenient bedfellows

TransCanada To ON Town: Here, Have A Rescue Truck, And STFU About Us And Our Operations

Not for Nothing ... but, Am I the Only One to think that it is a travesty that of ALL the times

A Scary-Sounding Sleep Disorder: Exploding Head Syndrome

Historically, is this SCOTUS

Quarterfinal: France-Germany

Kiev's forces in E.Ukraine raise alarm over poor ammo, rotten food

For sale - One Dollar. Price: $2.00 plus $6.07 S&H

Happy Sweet 16 Malia Obama!

Did SCOTUS Spark A Constitutional Crisis?

GOP Senator In Lawsuit: I Could Lose Re-Election If Obamacare Helps Me

And now this, Long Island, NY - another child left in hot car

American Apparel used this photo in an ad for the 4th of July:

Anyone else have a cat that does this?

Strong mind?

NYT: Supreme Court Ruling on Union Fees Is a Limited Blow to Labor

The problem with gay advertising

Obama TPP trade officials got hefty bonuses from Big Banks as “reward” for joining govt

Today's the Day on ESPNews Live Feed Noon EDST (it's not soccer)

This date in baseball history, July 4th 1905 ...

Happy (In) Dependance Day to everyone!

President Obama is about to swear in some new citizens, live on CNN.

'Man vs Food' Star's New Show Put on Hold After Instagram Rant

News station posts badly Photoshopped pic of escaped killer, hilarity ensues (Facebook)

The Beginning of Air Conditioning

Post mortem from Crooks & Liars

Idiot politicians in Oakland nearly lost the Athletics

Richard Mellon Scaife has died

Clashes break out during Palestinian funeral

Anthony, from the "Opie and Anthony" radio show has been canned...

I am grateful to live in this country

German intelligence employee arrested on suspicion of spying for US on Bundestag NSA committee/DW

Taking a stand: Trade union chairman fights back against Walmart BBC staff told to stop inviting cranks on to science programmes

Founder of law firm that sought out Hobby Lobby clerked for Alito in Reagan administration

Mitt Romney is tan, rested, and ready to lose again, so let’s do this thing

Bear attack in Columbia Falls

Why guns scare me.

Neighborhood 4th of July Parade

Why the Beatles broke up

Has anyone read the book "House of Leaves" ? nt

Partial list of racist college sports teams names; racism is a cultural message hammered home daily.

I keep hearing the Republican Party is self-destructing or in a lot of trouble...

Centinela Valley school district loses labor case against teachers union

Happy San Francisco Fourth of July from me and the Grateful Dead. (VIDEO)

Papantonio: No Outrage Will Kill Democracy

Centinela Valley school district loses labor case against teachers union

GOP lawsuit becoming a blunder

Rick Perry criticized for not wearing cowboy boots

Fox News diversity

another (surprising) anti women company

Why we can't have those illegal immigrants in the US

Huffington Post: Terminator 4: Rise of the Freeloaders

Huffington Post: Terminator 4: Rise of the Freeloaders

Atlantic: Hurricane Arthur moves NE; Pacific: TS Neoguri moves WNW, TS Douglas moves NW

Reality check - does anyone have any idea how the Hobby Lobby decision

I've finally figured out what my one wish would be, if I had only one.

Going Without Water in Detroit

Celebrating the 4th

Obama Gay/Michelle a transsexual?

Labor Unions To Gov. Scott: What's The Plan To Deal With Climate Change?

DC firm busted for impersonating (Chris) McDaniel camp

New Hobby Lobby coming to St. Paul

UPDATE 2-Ukraine parliament gives preliminary nod to emergency energy plans

7 Key Ways Labor Rights and Civil Rights are Forever Intertwined

Happy 4th East Coast DU'ers and stay safe and dry !

Monkeys, the IS and the US

China attacks Japan for 'barbarous' past

Guess what they are calling today, down here in Alabama?????

where mah peanuts at?

Thousands protest ‘wave of hate’ in Tel Aviv

Don't you hate it when you lose your short term... whatchamacallit?

Our comrades in NUMSA are making some revolutionary noise.....

Low-Wage Villain of the Week: The NCAA

Say Goodbye to America's Landmarks This Independence Day

I have been called several times to jury posts in groups I have on full ignore.

Yankee Doodle Dandy

Left coast representing in Florida!!

TYT: Burying Good Job Numbers Isn't Enough For Fox News

SCOTUS 'Originalist' Antonin Scalia as a young Man.

Inside the wreck of the Costa Concordia

Book Culture rehires four managers after union dispute!!!! (Columbia University RWDSU)

Upsy daisy.

This Week In Crazy: Ted Nugent Saves Independence Day, And The Rest Of The Worst Of The Right

Why I love a country that once betrayed me -George Takei

Puzzling Conspiracy between Dark Matter and Visible Matter

MTA Welcomes Involvement of National Mediation Board in Ongoing LIRR Labor Dispute

MTA Welcomes Involvement of National Mediation Board in Ongoing LIRR Labor Dispute

Independence Day

Rolf Harris jailed for five years and nine months

Happy Independence Day! This land is YOUR land, this land is MY land...really?

I hope the National Guard is there to turn those idiots back in Murrieta

Insurer Drops Suit Against Tyler Widow

MAG Corps closes investigation into killing of Lubna al-Hanash without indicting soldier who fired

Happy 4th of July Baseball Fans!!

For my 40,000 post I wish you all a great and safe Independence Day.

*1776 is on TCM NOW!

FLOC launches ambitious plans in tobacco fields

FLOC Launches Ambitious Plans in Tobacco Fields

Wishing you a Happy Fourth from San Francisco!


The Irony of Ironies Supreme Court’s Latest Anti-Union Decision


The economy must be getting better because only two people applied for the job we posted

Why is it the *GREEN* Party Understands Ed Issues and the DEM Party Does Not?

Portland doesn't want to invest in Wal-mart

21 Men Holding Signs Quoting Their Rapists

We are ALL immigrants. Never forget where we came from..Barack Obama gets it..and so do I

Near Hobby Lobby? Call re availability of coat hanger decoration kit...

Andy Coulson jailed for 18 months for conspiracy to hack phones

May the Mighty Eagle Soar Once More

North Carolina coast survives Hurricane Arthur

Good Idea! NC Requires Duke To Install Monitoring Well For Homes Next To Coal Ash Pit

10 Misconceptions Rundown

Is it ironic that GEM$NBComcast thinks the best way to celebrate Independence Day

In this hyper-partisan era, most presidents will struggle with approval...

Now At Three Months And Counting With Atmospheric CO2 Above 400 ppm

Putin to visit Cuba and other LatAm nations

Anyone else tempted to do this (Hobby Lobby)

Letters are strectched out sideways. control + and control - not helping. How to fix, please

While We're Supporting a Boycott of Hobby Lobby,

Just Heard On Seattle KOMO TV Channel 4

Happy Birthday to America!

CNN:Kindergarten teacher stabbed, killed in front of students in France

First Habitable Planet Discovered Might Not Exist

Germany Detains 'Double Agent' for Spying on Spy Investigation

Germany Summons U.S. Ambassador Over Spy Allegations/WSJ

Reuters/Ipsos poll: 53%-37% in favor of contraception coverage in all cases.

A reply to an old post on a pretty amazing picture.

What is a "traditional true blood Second Amendment state", and why would a gunmaker call it that?

Vladimir Putin Wishes President Obama Happy July 4th

WTF ...19

Orwell’s Dystopian Future Is Almost Here: A Conversation With Glenn Greenwald

Happy July 4 Party, family arrives!

Family arrives to prepare for celebration!

What about vasectomies?

Individuality by Robert Ingersoll

Someone went into a Hobby Lobby and told them what we're all thinking:

BREAKING, SPOILER. Hot dog eating contest

One overlooked key point about health insurance in the Hobby Lobby case.

Who is Dr. Mark L. Hopkins?

Klitschko urges LGBT community to cancel gay parade in Kyiv

At what time is the afternoon World Cup game on in CA?

GMO woo being used to pile on pro-science Democrats

LA Fireworks: Stolen Tesla Splits In Half And Explodes After Crashing In West Hollywood

Fox Business Host: Jobs Report Might Be "Too Good For The Stock Market"

My fundie neighbor is apparently a socialist

Tribune-Review publisher Richard Scaife dies

Chris Matthews Made Elizabeth Warren Angry On-Air. Probably Shouldn’t Have Done That.

Independence Day Special: A Dozen Facts About America Conservatives Would Like You to Forget

Six Months After Legalizing Marijuana, Two Big Things Have Happened in Colorado

‘Opie And Anthony’ Host Fired By SiriusXM After This Brutally Racist Tirade On Twitter

Giants' 7-2 loss to Cardinals ends 2-8 homestand

“Cop brutally beats woman for her “own safety” Your gut will turn..

"There is nothing wrong with America that cannot be fixed by what is right with America."

Quarterfinal: Brazil-Colombia

3:40 in the afternoon & i just heard my first firework for the day

Today there is one less right wing conspirator

Google's Fourth of July Doodle

Sad Tennis News: Victoria Duval battling cancer

The greatest eater of all time!

Iraq's al-Maliki signals his intent to stay in job

World Cup

Happy 4th Of July!!

Edward Snowden should have right to legal defence in US, says Hillary Clinton

Hi All Please Read Thanks

"I Didn't Do It!"

(Oldie but goodie? 06-19-14) Tweety pisses off Senator WARREN, gets his clock cleaned

Hobby Lobby protest

Two human beings sharing Love

Nader DID have a hand in electing Bush...but forget about Florida.

1776 Musical: The Brave and the Brony... Wait What?

Ugh, Joan Rivers opens her big mouth again.....regarding the POTUS and FLOTUS

What Independence Day Meant To These Folks

Germany and China: A special relationship?

Swedish court sets date for Julian Assange rape case hearing


Joey Chestnut wins again in 4th of July Hot Dog eating contest on Coney Island

2 convicted in Dirty War death of Argentine bishop

I am going to predict this right here right now for 2016 and 3 senate races

2 convicted in Dirty War death of Argentine bishop

The greatest time bomb ever laid beneath history was laid 238 years ago today.

Are there any Christian Motorcycle Association members on DU?

Ukraine: Russia lets rebels attack from its side

Not Just A Bull Market, Obama Recovery Points To A Strong Bull Economy

Let's thank Hobby Lobby and the Green family!

*July 4, 1894...My grandmother's birthday*

True patriotism isn’t simply about securing our borders from outsiders-It's about coming together...

Melinda Gates: Contraception is not controversial.

Believe it or not, Pat Robertson supports contraception.

Ten strangest “hand luggage” items people have attempted to take on a plane

On Ramadan, Socialism and the Neighbor’s Beat up Car | Ramzy Baroud

A little reminder for today from 14 years ago for those who see no problem with the NSA--

France: student's mother kills kindergarten teacher in front of class

Thousands pray for peace at Rainbow Family fest

An open letter to the people who hate Obama more than they love America

how often do posters threaten violence against other posters here?

" is regarded in some circles as highly radical and highly inflationary."

A Message For Those Who Sometimes Feel Defeated By The World...

For-profit college to sell most campuses

Oy. Chappaquiddick getting whipped by Arthur...

Federal government to appeal ruling reversing 'cruel' cuts to refugee health

Hi everyone, Happy 4th. Check the interesting link.

Univ. of Texas President Powers refusing ultimatum to resign

The 33 Weirdest Music Videos of All Time (some NSFW)

I just watched a discussion on C-Span about Mars

BBC staff told to stop inviting cranks on to science programmes

Diana Hobby, former Lt. Governor's wife, dies


"Founding Sources: A New Book Examines The Philosophical Underpinnings Of America's 'Heretical'

Hamas official vows more kidnappings of Israelis

It would cost me $22,000 to prevent pregnancy from now until menopause. Cheap my ass.

Teabag McDaniel is bat shit crazy!

John Fugelsang

Presby. Church USA brings shame upon itself

Quick Change Justice. While you were sleeping, Hobby Lobby just got so much worse.

July 4th Note to Tea Partiers: Your Politics Would Baffle the Founding Fathers

Vatican Reasserts 'No Grounds' for 'Homosexual Unions'

Jeff Masters - Arthur's formation is not a harbinger of an active hurricane season

Because they were Jews

After reading some of the Twitter Hobby Lobby Love posts,

Happy 4th of July from Boo & Buddy!

Twilight of the Idols

Fireworks from a Drone ... Cool

The view from Ghana: A Big Blow to Campaign Against Witch hunting in Africa

For 4th of July...which I Always Honor. Flag is Outside my House for WWII Veteran WWII, FIL

Help the Reform Super PAC to End All Super PACs

National gun violence protest spreads to Des Moines

Ladies and Gentlemen, I present...

Feminist professor offers extra credit to women who stop shaving legs and arm pits

"The Hobby Lobby decision should have been 5-1, since the women should've recused themselves ..."

Protesters gather at Murrieta to await buses of immigrants

Tea Party Misspelled Signs - Teabonics - Picture Heavy

Some very colorful outdoor pics (Dial-up warning)

Something I noticed at our 4th of July. There were the usual generic DSLRs, but

Did Hobby Lobby buy a full-page "In God We Trust" ad today in your local paper?

Rick Perry, hypocrite on immigration

On Forth of July, at 116, Arkansas Woman Named Oldest American

U.S. House Says Staff Absolutely Immune in Answer to SEC

Immygrunts stoled my brane