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Archives: July 29, 2014

Who do you trust more, Israel or Hamas?

Lawmaker sorry he mistook US officials as Indian

Carol Schwartz issued the following statement on July 28, 2014 at 7:55 pm.

Cannabis... Legalize it!

at last! is changing back their shitty layout

National Geographic: War Dogs

America really is two different political countries these days

Federal marijuana bill would legalize some cannabis strains

Crawford TX no longer the place for Bush sightings...

Posting one's sexual kinks on DU...

WATCH: Texas open carry advocates fume after ‘skanky topless libtards’ disrupt pro-gun rally

Monday, car show day! (Pic heavy)

Make all parking lots like this

Dollar Tree steps up fight, buys Family Dollar

Geraldo Shocks Faux News 'Outnumbered' Hosts: A Wife’s Greatest Asset Is Her ‘Youth’

U.S. Condensate Oil Export Requests Put on Hold for Now.

48 Shades of Brown

Conservatives Blame Democrats For Conservative Impeachment Threats

Paul Ryan's Worst Idea

NY cop puts 7 months pregnant woman in chokehold: for outdoor GRILLING???

Bloomberg’s anti-poverty initiative shows mixed results

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! The Out of Towners & a new Kitteh gif

Russians’ Test Called Breach Of Missile Pact

Dog faints from 'overwhelming joy' when owner returns after two years away

the president’s day

Harry Reid: Israel May Need More Aid

Peyton got Rick-Rolled

White House: EU, US to Impose New Russia Sanctions

Susan Rice Launches Staunch Defence Of Israel Despite 'Alarming' Gaza Death Toll

Max Bruch

Charles Pierce: What Are The Gobshites Saying These Days?

Bruce Campbell returning to TV as Ash in a new "Evil Dead"

Sorry if this is old news re. equal rights:

Rocket blasts off with U.S. ‘neighborhood watch’ spy satellites

Israel is going nowhere.. Palestinians are going nowhere...

Guess Where Grover Norquist is Going?

Forget the pro-Israel press - what are anti-Israeli Egyptian commentators saying about Hamas?

Sharknado 2--"The second one" Wednesday at 9 EST.

Meanwhile, in Israel and the West Bank...

Israeli embassy puts Mona Lisa in a hijab — ‘Israel now, Paris next’

States Rush To Get Ahead Of SCOTUS Ruling Against Obamacare Subsidies

Margot Adler Dead: Pioneering Pagan Activist, NPR Journalist Dies At 68

The Nation: Brutality and Humiliation in American Jails (Cecily McMillan's NYT Op-Ed)

Frankly these ads are not strong enough

Outrage as Belfast synagogue target of two attacks by thugs

Latest update on Market Basket 7/28

I think I'm good...

A consolidation of Porn opinions from my reading on DU...

‘Lone soldiers’ and young ideologues from around the world contribute to Israeli war crimes

US Says Russia Tested A Cruise Missile In Violation Of Cold War Treaty

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Twin Liquors Settles With TABC, faces $500K fine and end of some wholesale operations

All but Illegal--Texas abortion clinics brace for closure

‘Modernization of Poultry Slaughter Inspection’ Rule Would Eviscerate Inspections: Experts

Texas Department of Insurance Hikes Long-term Care Rates 75%

Group Accuses NYPD Officer Of Placing Pregnant Woman In Choke Hold

"How Harry Reid Might End Up Saving Obamacare"

In Memory~ Jackie Kennedy, who would've been 85 years old today.

The Trouble With the Enterprise Fund

Over 1,000 Wendy Davis Volunteers Gather For Leadership Summits Across Texas

A public service announcement from the pooches.

Texas Congressman Pete Gallego Saves Choking Child on Airplane

What is it with kittens and putting things in their mouths and carrying

In Dallas and Across Texas, Teachers Keep Leaving Jobs as Fast as They Take Them

Tweets Coming Out Of / About Gaza Tonight: "I Feel I Am Going To Die"

The National Research Council in Ottawa had to shut down today

The BEST band you've ever seen live:

Bratton's Broken Windows and the Death of Eric Garner

Corporate Artful Dodgers

Obama urges African nations not to make economic 'excuses'

List of families targeted by Israeli shellings, airstrikes

List of families targeted by Israeli shellings, airstrikes

Lively ( and funny) thread re. Campbell Brown in NY Forum

Former Colorado Jail Might Transform Into a Massive Marijuana Grow Facility

See the really big smiles of Campbell Brown and Plaintiffs as they sue teachers for due process.

U.S.: Venezuela threats freed general on drug charges

1-800-Adopt-A-Dude: Because Hundreds Of Thousands Of Dudes Struggle Each Day

Poll: Majority Of Floridians Support Legalized Marijuana; Super-Majority Endorse Medicalization

Today's funny: Cable Confabulation

Caption Putin!

Ryan's *Making* Love to the Poor, But He's Still *In* Love With Rand

"the noose has tightened around the death penalty"

Amid Threat of New Sanctions, U.S. Says Russia is Flouting Key Arms Treaty

#GazaUnderAttack Go see what our $ to Israel is buying tonight

Hundreds Of Thousands Of U.S.-Supplied Weapons Missing In Afghanistan

what happened to all the pro Rus-Si-A tools?

Debunking Israel's 11 Main Myths About Gaza, Hamas and War Crimes

Pope Francis Weeps for the Children of War

Van de Putte proposes 5 lieutenant governor debates

Proposed West Texas shelter would be largest in US

Federal appeals court strikes down Virginia’s same-sex marriage ban

North Carolina to drop opposition to same-sex marriage

South Carolina won’t stop supporting the state’s same-sex marriage ban

I nominate Glenn Greenwald for host of MTP.

Poll Numbers Show A Democrat Could Be Oklahoma's Next Governor

You can watch AtheistTV via Roku or free online

Best Freeper reaction to $99 Sarah Palin Channel...

My party has lost its soul: Bill Clinton, Barack Obama and the victory of Wall Street Democrats

Why does the GOP keep saying President Obama is not American? They have nothing else!

If You Could Pass a Bill About Legislative Procedure...

In February 1976, the Koch brothers supported Holocaust denial.

My picks for the best and worst albums of 2014 so far:

Best landing strip I've ever seen!

Born under a bad sign...

Bay Area for-profit colleges shut down

Study: 35 percent in US facing debt collectors

i hurt myself awfully badly and need some sympathy. updated: ankle is fractured

Brazil: indigenous lives not worth a traffic sign

Some women don't want you to say hello to them or talk to them.

Atlantic: How Military Guns Make the Civilian Market


Florida Man Allegedly Fakes 911 Call to Evade Speeding Ticket

FBI and Local Police Investigate Cross Burning in Clarksville, Tennessee

August 5th Primary Election

I Want My Religion Back – You Can Keep the Ugly Baggage

Satanists Demand Religious Exemption From Abortion Restrictions, Cite Hobby Lobby Ruling

Calling all opinionated poets

Paul Krugman Lays Bare Latest Corporate Scheme to Rob American Taxpayers

Media Titan Rupert Murdoch's Latest Media Takeover Plot Is His Most Audacious Yet

GOOD NEWS! My Fire Season is so OVER! Outta here on 8/9/2014! (PIC HEAVY CELEBRATION)

Afghanistan bomber kills president's cousin Hashmat Karzai

Gun Safety Group Pressures Key GOP Senators In Dramatic TV Ad

Police probe possible link between 2channel postings and Sasebo, Japan killing

Robert F Kennedy is not anti-vaxx

Iran's Ayatollah tries to Promote himself with fake concern for Gaza

A Straight Kid Gently Smacks Around Some Homophobic Politicians--

The NSA's New Partner, Saudi Arabia

San Juan County Democrats Endorse Lapointe over Rick Larsen in CD-2

Some Food Companies Are Quietly Dumping GMO Ingredients

What Recovery? You Probably Became Poorer In the Last 10 Years

Music for today since it it's the way I feel.

Will Dems Ever Stop Being Craven Tools of Wall Street?

Wall St. Landlords on a Cul-de-Sac Near You

How Military Guns Make the Civilian Market

Good AM fellow Loungers, 79.3 F/26.3 C here, clear skies, muggy as hell....

The U.S. Navy Wants Nonlethal Weapons

Atlantic: Invest 93L moves W; Pacific: TS Halong moves NW, Invest 91C & Invest 92C, TS Hernan WNW

Wasserman Schultz opposes Florida medical marijuana referendum

study: 35% in US facing debt collectors

"U.S. Rep. Pete Gallego saves child on plane choking on chicken nuggets"

Thank goodness there was a TX Dem Congressman on the plane!! x-post from TX grp.

Worley, Pirates hand Giants 5th consecutive loss

The Highland Midwives

The Rude Pundit: California's Dry Fucking

Gather ye rosebuds

How the Fk is this even possible???!!!

Photos show border militias moving across Texas

Senate Leader: Israel May Need More US Aid for War

This is how I excited I get when I log onto DU

Heatwave kills 15; more than 8,000 hospitalised

The first map of the (Ocean) depths

With the new hosting system what will the process be for A&A?

So how will the religion hosts deal with the new system?

Why is Kudlow wrong again?

The Pitchforks Are Coming… For Us Plutocrats. Story by NICK HANAUER

Ice wall to contain Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant isn’t freezing

Welcome to Williston, North Dakota: America's new gold rush city

NASA’s Long-Lived Mars Opportunity Rover Sets Off-World Driving Record

Israel Steps Up Attacks Against Hamas in Gaza (Strikes Gaza's Only Power Plant)

Tahiti memorial commemorating those impacted by French nuclear tests in danger of removal

Small farms, big problems: Labor crisis goes ignored in idyllic setting

A request to another DUer to discuss an issue:

Locals visit White House to explore rural economic opportunities

Tohoku University evicts 105 students from dorm over drinking

Gaza conflict: Palestinian rocket misfire hit Al-Shifa Hospital

Ohio House leaders move to repeal Common Core

Israel is flattening neighborhoods

The Ballad Of The Chrome Nun

1953 US does't lie to you

UK Energy Minister Can't Name A Single Village Where Residents Favor Fracking

McCain: 'There Just Aren't The Votes There' To Impeach Obama

Boozy, ignorant, intolerant, but very polite – Britain as others see us

Dinosaur extinction could be a case of ‘bad timing’

North Carolina AG: It's Time To Stop Fighting Gay Marriage In Court

As TV ads kick off in W.Va.’s U.S. Senate race, coal is still the theme

14 Concepts For The Trash Heap Post-Meltdown: "Environment"; "Invisible Hand"; "Cryosphere"

Sea Temperatures Off Plymouth, UK Warmer Than Santa Monica (68.7F) - Telegraph

Fox News’ “War on Christianity”: How right-wing hacks created a sect of victims

Fukushima evacuee collects memories of those who can never return

Sarah Palin’s new TV network shows just how far her star has fallen

Slowpoke Toon: Sincerely Screwed

Jason Box On Tracking The Dragon's Breath; What Is Happening With Arctic Hydrates?

Grieving parents hit with $200,000 in student loans

The Gaza trap

IHI unveils tsunami-proof 'Noah's Ark' for those unable to flee

Palin TV Will Be Comedy Central

A Happy 100th Birthday to Professor Irwin Corey

Wow, that felt GOOD!

After reading this, I am speechless. (warning: graphic details)

Tuesday Toon Roundup 1: Rethug Channel

Tuesday Toon Roundup 2: Middle East

Boaters Panic as Giant Iceberg Collapses, Induces Massive Wave

Tuesday Toon Roundup 3: The Rest

Sarah Palin will make money with her show because the curious will subscribe. The thought

Center of main rebel city in Ukraine hit by shells

When You're Poor, Money Is Expensive

Robert Reich: Corporate nationality is increasing irrelevant

Poll finds Israelis don't believe charges of excessive force

Gaza official: At least 100 killed Tuesday in Gaza

When is too much too much?

Wisconsin - Report: WEDC awarded taxpayer funds to four MORE companies that outsourced WI jobs

Study finds methane gas leaks throughout Staten Island

Walker administration to pay $1.7 million to outside companies to identify state buildings to sell

Sending jobs away from the Badger State (MSNBC vid)

Powerful domestic violent ad

Sending jobs away from the Badger State (MSNBC vid)

Anyone else having trouble using the Facebook button here on DU ?

The Politics of Lying

Venezuela Marks Chávez’s Birthday, Maduro Says ‘Little Bird’ Returned

Peddlers & Profiteers: Wall Street's Finest Pushing Tax-Dodging Mergers

The Politics of Lying

senator ron johnson....'palestinians evil...must be defeated'. tell that to the children ron.

Study: 35 percent in US facing debt collectors

Where’s the big fix for the Port Authority terminal?

I had a nightmare about the last two combatants standing .. facing each other

Past-due debt prevalent across U.S., with South the highest

Extremist bigots EW Jackson and Louie Gohmert get together, hilarity quickly ensues

Venezuelan court remands in custody retired military officer

Denialist Roger Pielke Dumped From 538 Blog By Nate Silver

Sue Obama over removing work requirement for Welfare/Old lie makes shameful return

Remember the Pain Ray? The US has been working on it

ExxonMobil, Chevron Locked In Bidding War To Acquire Lucrative Pennsylvania Senator

(R-NE) Rep. Lee Terry’s seat is in an increasingly endangered political species: the swing district

Companies proclaim water the next oil in a rush to turn resources into profit

Democratic pastor running for Congress: Strip club endorsement a blessing

First-term Rep. Paul McGowan dies unexpectedly

Did you know that the German word for "head" is "kopf?"

Note to this group on the hosting changes coming to the site today.

State Cuts to Jobless Benefits Did Not Help Workers or Taxpayers

Sarah Palin is starting her own Cable Channel - let's suggest some potential TV shows

Lets do experiment with the rightys you know in real life...

Just a reminder about a huge success story

Question about lying.

The IRS Says It Will Finally Enforce the Rules Barring Pastors Endorsing Candidates from the Pulpit

Democrats ramped up ads as Cuomo girded for Times hit

I heard yesterday from a staunch Republican that

Plane crash leaves two dead

Did YOU hear RFK, Jr. mentioned in the Public Eye over the last 18 months?

Delta to offer free entertainment on U.S. flights

Fist bumps less germ-riddled than handshakes

US home price gains slow for 6th straight month (link fixed)

Mary Ann Tétreault: Behind door number 3 in Iraq

Rachel Maddow - Criminal trial of former governor begins

Rachel Maddow - Governor's criminal trial to focus on gifts

Comic-Con's dark side: Harassment amid the fantasy

Army 2020 it's not just about cutbacks

Back on the 4th of July, I was in my garage...

Time Warner Cable News/Siena Poll: NYers Willing To Gamble On Casinos

Rachel Maddow - Obama working, do-nothing Congress resists

Millions Pay for Rare Opportunity to Hear Sarah Palin Speak

Obama begs Republicans to impeach him to motivate Democrats for mid-terms

TVHR--a solution to the feral cat population?

Rachel Maddow - Women's clinic cites GOP pressure in closing

Turkish PM Erdogan returning Jewish American award

Meet Paul Singer - Vulture fund investor, extortionist, exporter of American jobs, GOP sugar daddy

From WaPo: The one thing everyone in Israel seems to agree on: John Kerry blew it

Is the internet now just one big human experiment?

Breaking: Consumer Confidence in U.S. Rises to Highest Since October 2007

U.S. Homeownership Rate Falls to 19-year Low in Second Quarter

In Orange County, voters will be asked to approve 56 hours of sick time per year...

"A GOP Ultimatum to Vlad"

Challenge to Teachout focuses on residency

Russian Lawmakers Draft Bill On 'Aggressor Countries'

Rachel Maddow - Congress targets Obama before long vacation

English cricketer banned by International Cricket Council from wearing Save Gaza wristbands

‘Education reform’ now a pejorative term to many progressive Democrats

New Generic Ballot Surveys Don’t Show Signs of Republican Wave

Cliven Bundy Ignited a Hellstorm of Right Wing Hate

So the Satanists are on the side of Good? Really? No, seriously, really?

Cuomo: Ethics panel a success

TYT: Sarah Palin Channel All About Getting Money Out Of Wallets

Think you can make it on minimum wage?

The 'Terror Tunnels'

Rachel Maddow - Boehner resurrects Romney's debunked smear

Time to pile on David Gregory

"Democracy Now" interviews Professor Ilan Papp'e & Info about the Three Killed Israeli Teenagers...

A $200M Medicaid bill

China Raids Microsoft Offices in Anti-Monopoly Investigation

The US has lost tens of thousands of AK-47s in Afghanistan

Boehner Calls Impeachment Talk Democratic 'Scam'

Gaza violence casts a pall on Eid celebrations

One reason Time Warner execs are happy to sell: $80-million golden parachutes

TYT: Actress Convicted For Sending Obama Ricin-Laced Letters

Dog vs Politician

Agressive Rufous hummingbird!

All the Blood in Your Body (re: Ebola in Africa)

Fist Bumps Relay 90% Less Germs Than Handshakes

The Crude Gamble of Oil by Rail: Bomb Trains

New Yorkers lag as potential organ donors

OK---let's play the "NO SHIT" game...

Gaming Israel and Palestine

One thing I've learned: You cannot apply the same ethical standards to those without power as ...

Best News Bloopers July 2014

Crist promises Day 1 order banning LGBT discrimination in state agencies

Superstorm Sandy: Brooklyn's Recovery 18 Months Later


Did I miss the DU threads about Alex Wagner resigning from MSNBC?

Larry Klayman is back, just as stupid as ever...

Pic Of The Moment: Refuses To Expand Medicaid In The State Of Mississippi...

...and to the Koch brothers, you don't have enough damn money to buy us away...

Mining and using coal is "God's will!"

Poultry Salad

Keep the kids....

Cop Arrests Man, Forced Him to Leave Family Pet on the Side of the Freeway to Die

Bill O’Reilly: It’s ‘part of the culture’ in the ‘ghetto’ for 9-year-olds to smoke weed

Feeling Left Out of Global Turmoil, North Korea Threatens Nuclear Strike on White House

Protecting Oil from Mexico's Drug Cartels: Cocaine & Crude

Catholic parishioners to leadership: "We've had enough. We want a change."

Voters: Most lawmakers do what s best for themselves

More break down of that KY poll that came out showing McTurtle with 2 point lead

House whip won’t rule out impeachment

U.S. State Department: China Tested Anti-satellite Weapon

54 Fabulous Colorized Photos From the Last Century

NRA's Murder Mystery

So the latest GOP talking point is it's the Obama Administration who's bringing up impeachment

Handle With Care: Pot Issue Unnerves 2016 Contenders

Luckovich toon

2fer: Protesters against Open Carry. & NRA's top attorney criminal history

Tech Companies Reel as NSA's Spying Tarnishes Reputations

From MSNCB: Hillary Clinton's "many good friends"

No Prospects of Russia-US 'Second Reset' in View - Russian Diplomat

"We are you and you are us..."

For DU, for dreamers, and me.

Dutch Prime Minister Urges Kiev to Stop Fighting Near MH17 Crash Site

Proposed GOP Lawsuit Against Obama Backfires, Helps Democrats Raise Millions, $1 Million in a day

'No-Labels' becoming exactly the scummy, insider-D.C. institution pretty much everyone expected

Analysis of Recent Mass Shootings

Russia Eyes Banning U.S. Chicken And Some European Fruit

America's Hypocrisy on Ukraine

Check out guitar player Andy Mckee.

More than 2,000,000 kids live in homes with unsecured guns...

Check out insane guitar player Andy Mckee. nt

Boston Globe: Pressure mounts on Market Basket board of directors

Today in New Jersey: Cops Shut Down Wedding After 300 Guests Brawl

Remember the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD)?

Room to Breathe: Breaking the Chains, Unleashing the Imagination, and Taking Responsibility

Iraq Gets Court Order Seizing Kurdish Crude Off Texas


And then Boehner says...he says...

Grimm’s Legal Defense Fund Raises $67K

Ballotpedia must read DU

The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies - Teaser Trailer

Poll: Hillary Clinton Does Better With White Voters Than Any Democrat Since 1976

The Koch Brothers’ Fake Libertarianism: War, Forced Pregnancies, and Homophobia

Power, TV and Radio Stations Hit in Gaza


Russia Grants Refugee Status to 233,000 Ukrainians – Russian Ombudsman

"Social Engineering": Why and How it CAN Reduce Poverty

Durbin touts Chicago's new gun crime intelligence center

Forced Out, Older Workers Are Fighting Back

Imprisoned Pussy Riot Members Sue Kremlin for $175,000

Facebook Plan to Monitor User Web Browsing Rouses Alarm

Need help. I have a number of questions about the Israel/Gaza conflict.

Don't worry, children, grown-ups will sort everything out in Gaza

I read Forrest Gump, which is a lot different from the movie.

Here Comes the Next Big Supreme Court Gun-Rights Case

George Zimmerman 'patrolling' Central Florida shop after gun theft

Former Clinton aide on how Democrats lost their way chasing Wall Street Cash & Need for New Populism

Obama Said to Plan Giving Millions U.S. Work Permits

Confused Cats Against Feminism

Obligatory NSFW: Japanese Artist Arrested After Turning 3D Rendering of Her Vagina Into a Kayak

Jewish? Peace-loving? Jewish Voice for Peace may be for you.

Are Republicans Backed By China? House Republicans Block Critical 'Make It In America' Bill

Louie Gohmert is back, now he agrees with Sandy Hook truthers...

Pink Floyd - Song for Palestine / Roger Water's (Pink Floyd) Song For Gaza:

Arthur T. Demoulas’s offer to buy the Market Basket grocery chain is the only bid left on the table

Cutting taxes for the wealthy? Again?

Hedwig’s owl centre helps special needs children

The middle class is 20 percent poorer than it was in 1984

Anybody hear the Tea bagger on Stephanie Miller today...Revolution-Sarah will be Pres!!

Study: 35 percent in US facing debt collectors

White House To Boehner: We Did NOT Start Impeachment 'Scam'

Workaholism Is Hurting American Economy

Netanyahu unaware of Camera, talks about controlling America

Michele Bachmann's biggest backers (cartoon)

New CBS/NYT Senate Battleground Poll shatters media myth that Republicans will surely take Senate

Orkney dig dispels caveman image of ancestors (Scotland)

NASA: 12% Chance of Catastrophic Solar Storm in Next 10 Years

Ukraine's Government Had Used Short-Range Ballistic Missiles Against The Rebels: US Officials

Rep. Ellison-End the Gaza blockade to achieve peace

Pink Floyd - Song for Palestine / Roger Water's (Pink Floyd) Song For Gaza:

Question about emails at work. How do you handle this scenario?

Train runs over women attempting to cross railroad bridge; women survive

Basketball dunk over NYPD car in Dongan Hills scores points with the community

Hosting changes - what do they mean for this group?

Amazon launches 3-D printing store

Video of Israelis mocking the deaths of Palestinian children

A Modest Proposal For Eric Holder - David Dayen Discussess

Conservatives Launch ReaganBook: 'Facebook For Patriots'

Kerry: Netanyahu Asked Me to Help Broker Gaza Ceasefire

Texas: Open carry + Stand Your Ground + hatred for immigrants + militia border patrols

Court: Florida Can Block Doctors From Asking Patients About Guns

‘My Party Has Lost Its Soul’

Nursing Professor killed in Gaza

What? Louie Gohmert says Obama is a bigot for deporting Mexicans instead of child refugees

FRANCE 24: Calls mount to ban France’s ‘violent’ Jewish Defence League

U.S. Appeals court throws out Iowa artist’s Obamacare challenge

How can it be that Bill Clinton was essentially impeached for cheating on his wife....

"And that's what happens when they know you're recording"

Lone Survivor with Mark Wahlberg ... very well done, I thought

NC moms hold nurse-in at Walmart after woman ordered to breastfeed in a toilet stall

Hamill: Rogue NYPD 'cowboy cops' need to go

The Rude Pundit: Big Thanks to the Hippy

Conservatives Launch ReaganBook: 'Facebook For Patriots'

Bill O’Reilly: ‘Part Of The Culture’ In The ‘Ghetto’ For 9-Yr-Olds to Smoke Weed

Twitter sheds $14 billion in value this year

Butler Co. Sheriff's letter requests money for Mexican criminals

Manhattan Democratic Party Mistakenly Announces Legendary Pol’s Death

What's your favorite white noise for distraction purposes?

First we are told to shut up.

Is there any way to estimate how many hummers are visiting a feeder by the amount

Armed Militias Guard Border Against 'Threat' Of Immigrant Children

'Milestone' for child malaria vaccine

Detroit Water Department Placed in Mayor's Hands.

And then Boehner says...he says...

Honduras’ Killing Fields

The Health Benefits of Trees

Islamic State Jihadist Group (ISIS/ISIL) Opens Marriage Matchmaking Office

Dems eye linking immigration reform to border bill

City of Albany, KeyBank team up to fight hunger

Larry Lucchino, John Henry, Still Major Assholes (in case you've forgotten)

Putin Says Russia’s Defense Industry Absolutely Self-Sufficient, Safe From Political Risk

Virginia Is for Gay Lovers

Anyone else

Jesse Ventura wins defamation lawsuit against Chris Kyle

Ladies...if you are in need of a testosterone shot

Roger Federer Not That Good If Different Surfaces Were To Exist – Giles Simon

Ex-Host Of Christian Radio Show Pleads Guilty In Child Porn Probe

40 Myths We Believe Now Due to Tiny Mistakes Years Ago

Israel Creates ‘No Man’s Land’ in Gaza, Shrinking Strip by 40 Percent

Now the WH is practically begging Israel to stop undermining Kerry's ceasefire efforts

Sexual Violence and Neoliberalism - Historical Materialism NY 2013

What we've learnt from Cuba - Marius Fransman

Hackers Plundered Israeli Defense Firms that Built ‘Iron Dome’ Missile Defense System

Senate Nominee Argues Low Minimum Wage Is ‘Appropriate for Iowa’

Right Wing Protest MN Planned Parenthood, Even Though They Don't Provide Abortions

I would appreciate some advice

BP Oil Spill Is Much Worse Than People Think, Scientists Say

Kirk Douglas: Remembering My Friend, Elaine Stritch

Joshu Sasaki Roshi Dead: Leading Zen Buddhist Teacher Dies At 107

10 States Most Dependent on the Federal Government

What George Zimmerman Was Doing Outside Florida Gun Shop

Mississippi Abortion Clinic Law Struck Down By Appeals Court Panel

Three days and nights of despair: PHR-Israel team worked to facilitate the evacuation

Miami jury convicts last two defendants in $200 million Medicare scam

Question remains whether assaults were launched to punish Hamas for something it didn't do

Yeah but Be Specific....

Japan Looks at Hydrogen for Power Generation

Escaping a Failed State

Wow, this is a bit sad.

Leaders’ chat leak a ‘severe violation of a private discussion’ (Obama and Netanyahu)

McDonald’s Says Regulator Rules It Is a ‘Joint Employer’

Ex-Councilman Halloran Guilty On All Five Counts

Reducing portion size and cutting snacks, plus exercise....will it work?

Omaha man whose hand was blown off by fireworks is determined to recover, get back to work

Port St. Lucie, FL mom arrested after allowing her 7-year-old son to go to a nearby park alone

Pay-Cut Clock Documents Billions of Dollars Lost by Minimum-Wage Workers

Israeli Jewish Congress President: We're looking at the beginnings of another Holocaust in Europe

Obama to deliver a statement on the situation in Ukraine (Tues July 29, 2014 2:50 PM EDT)

Josh Earnest WH Press Secretary Apprieaction thread

Inquiry finds "indications" of organ harvesting in Kosovo conflict

Statement From Center for Biological Diversity on Failure of Obama Administration Crude-oil Shipmen

Public Education: Who are the Corporate "Reformers"?

I am so fu*king sick of a$$hole$.

Need ideas for selling a LOT of vintage fabric

Zlatan Ibrahimovic Taekwondo Goal in PSG Training

what's for dinner - tuesday, july 29th?

Judge delays his ruling against DC handgun ban

Expert: No accident with gun in porch shooting

Nifty Shapes of Grains

It’s time to start making mass transit free!

Business denies hiring Zimmerman for security

Because serendipity is sometimes needed.

Footage from Latest Strikes in Gaza: This Just In

Israel Still Swears Hamas Kidnapped Those Teens

Treyger Denounces Anti-Muslim Flyers Found in Bensonhurst Building

LGBT rights defenders receive death threats in northern Colombia

U.K. orders child back to Japan under Hague Convention

The Rockies pull a Natinals. Times 15,000!

My Captivity in Ukraine Shows Amateurs Succumb to Hatred

McDonald’s Says Regulator Rules It Is a ‘Joint Employer’

Court orders Russia to pay $50 billion in Yukos case

The Gangs That Inherited Pablo Escobar's Drug Empire: Cooking with Cocaine

Islamic State evicts Iraq farmers

The Man who Documented the Last American Tribes

Good-Government Advocates: Stay Neutral

19th Century Anarchist Bakunin, Investigated By Brazil’s Police As “Suspect”

Americans Are Really Terrible at Paying Their Bills

Cats (& dogs, too) Don't Need Feminism

Transparency: going going gone?

The Right to Expel

Texas attorney general: 'ban on same-sex marriage promotes childbirth'

Barak Ravid: John Kerry Made A Huge Mistake - But He Got The Message

Due to increasing workload, I'm retiring as a host of the Health Group.

What Does the Democratic Party Actually Believe?

Ex-governor's corruption trial focuses on marriage

The Snowden Effect: This Is Still Not America

America's Top 10 Most Hated Banks

Toon: Obama made us do it...

John Pilger - "The War You Don't See"--(Propaganda & Press Used to Create an Invisible Government)

Congratulations to the 30 new Forum Hosts...

Majority of American public blames Hamas for current conflict

Hundreds of witnesses report massive explosions at the base of the towers

Boss of man gunned down in West Village called cops after seeing him on John Walsh show: sources

Greg Abbott Denies Petitions for Same Sex Marriage, Says They Don't "Naturally Produce Children"

Greg Abbott Denies Petitions for Same Sex Marriage, Says They Don't "Naturally Produce Children"

Ground Zero cross can stay at 9/11 museum, appeals court rules

Israel’s Tarnished Moral Calculus

Urban Meyer: 'I still don't get' why St. Timmeh is out of an NFL job

The Rude Pundit - Right-Wing Delusions, Part 1: Your Stupid Idea Is Stupid

Wow, what a beautiful drawing...

Detroit’s mayor given control of water department

With Israel At War, US Lawmakers Give Full Support

Body of young stowaway found in US cargo plane

Alex Wagner is wearing glasses.

New Android 'Fake ID' flaw empowers stealthy new class of super-malware

How Israel defines "inappropriate" and "offensive"

Demoulas factions work to complete Market Basket sale

Toon: Clap if you think global warming is a hoax...

Israeli Official To Obama: ‘Leave Us Alone’

Staten Island Woman Finds Wedding Dress Lost After Superstorm Sandy

A question for New Yorkers - are you aware that Cuomo is

Israeli Intelligence Officers Doubt Hamas Involved In Incident That Sparked Gaza Assault & Invasion

UPDATE: Greg Abbott chides Wendy Davis for raising money in Hollywood, plans his own California fund

FEATURE-In Kansas, a Democrat makes hay on Brownback's budget woes

This should piss everyone off....

I don't understand the 99% support for two spoiled brats fighting for control of the family

Thom Hartmann: NY Times says "legalize it!"

Thom Hartmann: Ocean Drilling is a Death Sentence for Whales

The Strain...who's watching?

Report: Hamas executes alleged spies, shoots protesters in Gaza

The GOP’s impeachment dilemma will only get worse

How One Unlikely Rodent Is Saving the American West

Coming soon to Utah liquor stores: cannabis oils?

Hamas: No Truce Without Israeli Withdrawal, End of Blockade

Ravens fans give Ray Rice standing ovation during practice

Are we taking bets anywhere on Palin's show?

Neil Young Teams With New Kickstarter Campaign to Save the Rainforest

What I wish Charlie Rose asked Mashaal

New baby Amur tiger at the Indianapolis Zoo!

Can't help but wonder how Curt Clawson might have regarded these folks

Mission Blue: Saving The Oceans

Really trying to like Hemlock Grove

If the House passes a Bill of Impeachment, do they even have to send it to the

Woman leaves kids in car while she's in another car giving head to boyfriend

Bolivia: Global trade unions call for anti-capitalist struggle

An atheist praises a religious group

Pentagon Employees With Top-Secret Security Clearance Owe Millions In Unpaid Taxes

Despite Boehner's Blaming Dems, Clear Record of Republicans Pushing for Obama Impeachment

Interesting facts that chavista fascists never talk about

Rights group: Torture in Brazil still a problem

Poll: Miss. gay community leads region in religious, military trends

Any market for skeins of 100% wool yarn?

VWI----Boehner --is he voting while under the influence?

Texas AG: 'ban on same-sex marriage promotes childbirth"

(Hungary's PM) Orban wants to build 'illiberal state' (like Russia and China)

New Catholic housing option for UW-Oshkosh students

Amira Hass and the end of Jewish ethical history

Richard Wolff in NYC on 8/6/14 @7:30

Russell Brand Turns His Attention to Sean Hannity

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Wednesday, 30 July 2014

In rare move, Canada accuses Chinese of trying to hack govt network

Israel has detained 15-year-old American boy for 26 days; US is ‘gravely concerned’

MSNBC is just like the schizophrenic-like Democratic Party, it wants to be two incompatible things.

Bernie Sanders and Jeff Miller discuss their Veterans' Affairs reform bill on PBS

Highway, bridge money at risk: Senate to vote

A little something for your anti-Ernst kit.

Progressive one-percenter Nick Hanauer on PBS NewsHour

Ebola virus: Top Sierra Leone doctor, Sheik Umar Khan, dies of disease aged 39

'No Market': Scientists Struggle to Make Ebola Vaccines, Treatments

Yes, folks, we all live in a bubble. Really. Ask the astronomers.


Last surviving Enola Gay crewman dies in Stone Mountain

"Assault on Gaza Fuels Surge of Civil Disobedience in Protest of Israeli Actions"

Israel plays America like a puppet...

Chile recalls ambassador to Israel

Bee foraging skills impaired by neonicotinoid pesticides

"If You Voted for Hamas, Israel Has a Right to Kill You, Says President of NY Board of Rabbis"

ESPN suspends Smith for comments on abuse

Good Reads has similar restrictions in the SOP text re: Israel/Palestine, guns, etc.

Support Pat Quinn in Illinois!

Support Pat Quinn Now!

Uruguay launches tobacco crackdown

This morning I was reading, "50 Shades of

What is the word?

July 26, 1990 ADA!!!

Gun Safety Group Pressures Key GOP Senators In Dramatic TV Ad ***Trigger Warning***

WATCH: Whole Gaza neighborhood destroyed in an hour

Someone mentioned furries!

New Mary Burke ad goes after Scott Walker's 250,000 jobs pledge

Blake Griffin has fracture in back

Calling Kansas City: "The President Wants to Meet You"

Sources: Suns relationship with star Eric Bledsoe on verge of irreparable

9-year old girl and her father dies after being struck by a plane that was crash-landing on a beach

Sarah Palin, Cindy Sheehan

Please, I need your help regarding the Palestinian civilian

In Bible Belt, gay marriage rights increasingly in flux

The sun conure suddenly stopped squawking in the other room....

Celebrating cheesy John Carpenter movies like "Black Moon Rising"

We make a life by what we give

Wall Street Has Raked In Almost A Billion Dollars Helping Companies Move Overseas To Dodge Taxes

Not about tunnels: Israeli tanks take aim at central Gaza

'Quantum Cheshire Cat' becomes reality

Montclair State to make SAT optional for admissions next year

Diet Affects Men’s and Women’s Gut Microbes Differently

The Nation: Hillary Clinton Has Joined the Neocons and Israel Lobby When It Comes To Iran Policy

Osteopaths (Doctors of Osteopathy) constitute nearly a third of new med school grads.

Large waves measured for first time in Arctic Ocean

Have you (re)considered making the new Host forum Read Only for the membership?

Michele Roberts named NBPA chief

President Obama likes to play God sometimes, just in order to annoy Sarah Palin

Mike Luckovich Toon- Just Desserts

A Moment of Peace to Ease Our Hardened Hearts

Sarah Palin Babbles: Plenty of Democrats Will Help To Impeach Obama


Alberto Cutié, Priest Who Broke His Celibacy Vow, Opens Up About Scandal

Larry Pratt, mo-ron: liberal politics caused San Antonio train station murder

Virgil's Rootbeer. Okay, I'm a believer.

"Israel's Attack on Gaza" MP George Galloway.."Let Me Be Clear! This is "Not Holocaust"..BUT...!

If there's one thing that really bothers me about the American voter...

What would you say to some mandatory civility?

Eid ul-Fitr 2014: A Celebration At The End Of Ramadan

Israel is finding it harder to deny targeting Gaza infrastructure

Gaza's only power plant destroyed in Israel's most intense air strike yet

SNAP’s clergy abuse victims mark 25 years and eye new targets

Jesse Ventura wins $1.84M in defamation suit; jurors vote 8-2