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Archives: July 22, 2014

Hey, remember when it snowed a couple years ago? So much for global warming!

Detroit: “Let’s Tax Wall Street, Get Our Money Back, and Turn on the Water!”

Middle East Friend Ship Chart

“I’m a ‘bleeding-heart liberal...’

WRAL TV is airing A Place at the Table - documentary on hunger in America.

How America’s Wild West Gun Policies Are Fueling Central America’s Refugee Problem

Giants take a chance on Atlanta's Dan Uggla

Isis militants 'seize Iraq monastery and expel monks'

I absolutely love this idea: The Bad Boss Tax

At $1000 a Pill, Hepatitis -C Drug, Sovaldi, Rattles Medicaid Programs

Rule for this page: you are allowed to make as many anti-immigrant comments as you want...

Teen Takes Heat for Ill-Conceived Selfie at Concentration Camp

Hospitals In Medicaid Opt-Out States Are Beginning To Face Money Problems


Why Do We Have Wars?

I came across this ad on Craiglist

OH England fair England

Setenil de las Bodegas, Spain: The town that is literally living under a rock...

The growth of this group over the last couple of years has been..

i need help with a song/video

Senate report outlines plan to combat Lyme disease

Putin has blood on his hands...

Bill would set tighter regs for clothing donation bins

Hopelessness And The Rise Of Fascism

"Russian Billionaires Have Lost More Than $14 Billion In 2014"

James Garner changed what a hero could be like

The Biden Agenda

Jews must take action against Israeli brutality

Breaking tropical wave forms Invest 92L

Hidden network packet sniffer in MILLIONS of iPhones, iPads – expert

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! The Eastern World, it is Explodin' & a new

3 Cats, a horse, a legend, and a moron walk into a bar

Bebeh meerkat cam!

Joaquin Castro: Perry Militarizing Border

Finally, Israel is alienating the US mainstream media

TIME WARNER DIGS IN: Board Removes Ability For Shareholders To Force Vote On Fox Offer

Great photo of Garner & McQueen (& actor Jud Taylor) from THE GREAT ESCAPE

Cat rescue cam: squee!

May I invite your attention to a particularly vexing thread in GD, please?

Netflix tops 50M subscribers as 2Q earnings soar

Mike Luckovich Toon- Found the Black Box

MH17 tributes in Moscow: 'Forgive us' Did Police Exaggerate Account of Child’s Death in Hot Car?

PSA: Don't get blackout drunk,

Mark your calendars!!! July 30!!!

Comedy: Superman is Undocumented - Hari Kondabolu

Mass. Governor compares immigrant kids to Jews turned away in 1939, offers to shelter them

La guillotine! La guillotine!

This is big news in MA & NH. Non-union employees rally to demand that their CEO be reinstated

These lyrics, from British songwriter Robb Johnson, seem appropriate today:

Stephanie Miller site hacked.

Just found a bag of new clothes. They fit. I have no recollection of ever buying them. They

Wish I lived in Virginia! I'd video tape Sen Pat Roberts as

Rebels release train with bodies from downed jet

Moment on the Acela with 'Marty' O'Malley

omg videos (video heavy)

In all the talk about Federally-funded faith based organizations not being able to discriminate...

What could go wrong with sending the Texas Guard to border???

Who is Deval PATRICK & why do I love him? not a question n/t

Good news everyone, Simpsons - Futurama crossover coming in Fall.

Last call for Ohiosmith

first women's rights convention--seneca falls, 19-20 july 1848

declaration of sentiments-seneca falls 19-20 july 1848

declaration of sentiments-women's rights convention-seneca falls 19-20 july 1848

A racist anti-immigration rally, headlined by Kooky Kongressman Steve King - what could go wrong?

Warren at National Council of La Raza: “We have to get louder, and we have to get louder together”

Indignity of the dead

Israeli mood turns dark with mounting casualties

Johnny V and me!


Keep your eye on Market Basket.

How crass can WND get? How about trying to profit off the Israel-Gaza fight?

Conductor gives lecture on Islam to the queen of Holland. Orchestra walked out

Renouncing my Israeli citizenship

Netherlands opens war crimes investigation into airliner downing

Sarah Palin's next speech

Netanyahu Thanks Christian Supporters

What the h3ll is wrong with this country??????

Anyone here have a Chrysler 200?

Urge the U.S. Government to stop arming Israel

S Korea ferry boss Yoo Byung-eun death confirmed

What Really Drove the Children North

Gov. Perry the mighty Texan is afraid of Children! Somebody send

The fake outage by the right wing is getting so old

One Man's Trash Is Another Man's Soccer Ball

Why can't I change my avatar?

UCM Back to School Drive

Luxury Apartment Building Will Have Separate Door For Poor Residents

Before you go glorifying this journalist or that journalist for reporting whatever CT you believe...

'Personhood' Issue Haunts Colorado Senate Candidate

Jet Wreckage Bears Signs of Impact by Supersonic Missile, Analysis Shows

Tennessee GOP Challengers Struggle

Eddie Vedder shrugs off controversy over recent anti-war comments

A Simplified Way to Tax Multinational Corporations

Alan Dershowitz: Death Knell For J Street

Rockford Files; two episodes that reflected James Garner's politics.

So, where is the proof that "rebels"/Russians shot down the plane?

Sacked Tory Env. Minister Slams "Green Blob" Of "Unelected Busybodies" Damaging Britain

PHOTOS: A Gaza funeral for 26 members of one family

Yum, Indeed: China Shuts Down Major Supplier To KFC, McD For Selling Tainted, Expired Beef, Chicken

Colombia’s new Congress president already facing accusations of corruption, parapolitics

Can we talk about RIP? (rant)

O'Malley Petition Calling on Congress to Preserve Law Ensuring Children Can Make Case for Asylum

Gosh, Who Knew File #5,187 - 143 Fires Now Roaring Through British Columbia's Beetle-Killed Forests

VIDEO: Sniper shoots and kills a man while he searches rubble for relatives

Colombia court throws man in prison over slanderous comment on news website

Hillary Clinton's Gay-Marriage Problem

The 1st And 2nd Laws Of Monckton; Denialsphere Melts Down Into Cannibalism, Hilarity Ensues!

We don't want you here .....

In Christianity, is God an idolator?

Link to live Gaza cam --

24 hours of happy

Jet Wreckage Bears Signs of Impact by Supersonic Missile, Analysis Shows

Today I witnessed the passing

10% of Colombia’s 2010-2014 Congress kicked out of office

9 Reasons Why Kids Are Total Dicks (And Why We Should All Thank Our Parents)

Two unknowns race for Cantor’s seat in VA.

Jack Trammell video interview with Luke Russert. (Xpost.)

Israeli artists who oppose the war find social networks a minefield

Beef environment cost 10 times that of other livestock (BBC)

World's oldest ham turns 112, museum claims it's still edible

Derek Jeter Will Get Unlimited Lap Dances And Lifetime Free Entry At One New York City Strip Club

The German officer who tried to kill Hitler (BBC)

Saw this on Facebook today . . .

Seals 'feed' at offshore wind farms, study shows (BBC)

Hospital Slumlord Update: Workers testify that hospitals’ owner interfered in billing

Somebody... Have mercy!

Brat’s surprising rise to prominence ‘fun but exhausting.

Moth hunt: Public asked to look out for woodland moths (BBC) {amazing photos!}

Can drones help tackle Africa's wildlife poaching crisis? (BBC)

The Cornish beaches where Lego keeps washing up (BBC)

UPDATE: GAB refuses to allow election observers to use cameras

Jury Service on mobile

President Obama Signs Non-Discrimination Order With No Religious Exemptions

Do you work at home?

Why America Lost the Vietnam War

Hillary Clinton defends Israel on Gaza

'Exciting' drug flushes out HIV (BBC) {preliminary, not a cure ...}

Thomas Berger, ‘Little Big Man’ Author, Is Dead at 89

Journalist Who Accused MSNBC Of Pro-Israel Bias: I've Been Canceled!

Hillary Clinton meets the trolls in Facebook forum

The myth of Hamas’s human shield

Israel Sniper Executes Palestinian Civilian in Gaza--YouTube video GRAPHIC

A Walk Through Ancient Miletus

I wish there would be a spinoff movie of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Babylonian Neurology and Psychiatry

An Israeli Soldier's Story - Eran Efrati

Thai Good Stories

An Israeli on Why Israel Should Stop What They're Doing in Gaza Now

James Garner supported legalization of cannabis

Indonesia's likely loser in presidential race tries to delay result

Argentina asks U.S. judge to put debt payment order on hold

First pictures from inside the 'crater at the end of the world'

Questions About Tactics and Targets as Civilian Toll Climbs in Israeli Strikes

Query to determine the time value of the ".".

Oregon First State to Map GMO Crops

Werner Heisenberg was out driving one day when he was pulled over by a traffic cop...

What's everyone doing for fun this summer?

The Argentina Debt Case

The Argentina Debt Case

Somebody had to post this.

Ortega calls attack on supporters in Nicaragua a "massacre"

Scientists Can Now Cut HIV Out of Human DNA

Even a Small Nuclear Showdown Would Mean Worldwide Disaster

Giants' Cain, Belt to DL; Uggla signs minor-league deal

Sabotaging Self-Sufficiency: Obama Aid Ravages Third World Farmers

MH17 Plane Crash Site Seen from Space

Student Pallbearers Serve the Underprivileged

Hazards in the Retail Workplace

World stocks rise as Ukraine plane tensions ease

China meat scandal hits Starbucks, Burger King

All this talk of Jewish control of the media...

Archaeologists in Peru have discovered a 3,500-year-old temple

Right-wing anti-immigrant freak wishes violence on President

I hope no one interprets this as sacrelege - I just thought it was so funny

New Age leader sues ex-students over leaked video of her drunken racist anti-gay rant

Ugly Right-Wing Underbelly of the Libertarian Cause on Display at Silicon Valley Conference

Things Go From Bad To Worse for Mitch As Kentucky GOP Leader Resigns To Protest McConnell

5 Reasons It’s Time for the 4-Day Work Week

Conservative 'think tanker' tells tea partiers: Being drawn and quartered ‘too good’ for Obama

Secretive National Prayer Breakfast Group, "The Family" Linked to Hobby Lobby Case

Senate panel set to debate wave of corporate inversion deals

WATCH: This 3 Minute Video Totally Annihilates Right Wing Immigration Myths

‘Fair and balanced’ CNN wins no hearts in the U.S.

World's largest aquatic insect specimen found in China

GENIUS!! Man Robs Restaurant, Then Returns To Order Food Wearing Same Outfit

To dream of your lover

Half of All New Energy Capacity in the US This Year Is Renewable

Knapweed Lovers

‘Sovereign citizens’ get 10 years for duping debtors with phony federal treasury scheme

Stop the violence!

Ukrainian rebels hand over MH17 black boxes and call for cease-fire near crash site

(UK) Right-wing youth leader threatens his ‘gay’ dog on Facebook: ‘Don’t challenge my principles’

Female Genital Mutilation summit: Parents to be prosecuted under new measures

Idaho Indian Tribe Drops Ted Nugent Citing Rocker’s Racist Legacy

Detroit workers, retirees vote in favor of city’s debt plan

I am very glad of John Kerry's so called " gaffe". Are u, fellow DUers?

Video Report: Forced marriage: 'I had no say and I'm not happy here'

Tony Dungheap: Still an Asshole

It's time to mess with your mind...

NC takes five kids from pregnant, homeless mom who sought home for them on Craigslist

We are the Universe...

'Eighty new genes linked to schizophrenia'

Detroit retirees back pension cuts by a landslide

Would you support the intentional extinction of the 40 disease carrying species of mosquito?

Requiem for the American Century: Turning 70, Paragraph by Paragraph

Lindsey Graham is mad because the President didn't call Putin a poopy head...

NYPD Choke Guy to Death For Standing On Sidewalk While Black

Blockade at First Tar Sands Site in US Challenges 'Brazen Disregard for Climate Crisis'

I just phoned French President Hollande's offices....

Scientists Got A Close-Up View Of That Mysterious Siberian Crater Here's What They Found{IMAGES}

Right wing economics and plan for unemployment summed up in one paragraph

Typhoon Matmo continues towards Taiwan, Invest 91E moves west; Tropical Depression Two moves west

is there a reason the opening page of DU has NEVER carried a news item on the carnage in Gaza,

Permanent 'Trash Islands' Are Forming In The Ocean

'Silence is Consent': Thousands Worldwide March For Gaza

AIDS experts blast countries with anti-gay laws

Most would-be US Terrorists Wouldn’t have Committed a Crime without FBI Entrapment

If the crash site is supposed to be a safe zone

The Boomerang Effect: Sanctions on Russia Hit German Economy Hard

[updated] Just got released from VA psych ward yesterday

The Tragedy of MH17: Attack Could Mark Turning Point in Ukraine Conflict

US Loses Patience with Europe: Washington Wants Tough Russia Sanctions

How US policies sealed Iraq's fate

Orwell alive in Palestine, Ukraine

A hospital was shelled, killing and injuring staff and patients-defend this too

The Bear's Lair: World War I is still damaging us today

UI researchers find early predictor for preeclampsia

The charge of the Atlanticist Brigade

An Iraqi Group Helping Women and Gays Is Receiving Death Threats

For the First Time, the US and China “Reconfirm Their Strategies”

Germany, France, Italy condemn anti-Semitic demos

Americans Can No Longer Buy Kalashnikovs, Although They’ve Been Ordered Three Years in Advance

The Supreme Court’s Coming Paralysis

Sunday Talking Head Shows Devote 65 Whole Minutes To Climate This Yr - More 2010-13 Combined

Water: The Blue Gold that Threatens World Stability

11 parents of Nigeria's abducted girls die

NWS - Winter-Spring 2013-14 Warmest On Record For California; 5F Over Avg Jan-June

ODU/UC Boulder Study - Western Pacific Sea Level Rise Anthropogenic, Not Naturally Driven

Evangelical Group's Plan To Convert Children Upsets Secular Portland

Am I missing something here?? "Progressives Today" ???? rabid liberals?? Yikes.....

ACEEE - US Ranks 13 Out Of 16 Nations In Energy Efficiency, Behind India - Germany #1

"There are, despite everything, reasons to be hopeful”

Detroit activists block trucks sent to shut off water

Tuesday Toon Roundup 1: Shot down

Tuesday Toon Roundup 2: Eye for an Eye

Dinesh D'Souza's laughable embarrassment (review of his new movie)

Tuesday Toon Roundup 3: Immigrants

Tuesday Toon Roundup 4: The Rest

The terrifying 1970s manual that shaped the pickup-artist movement

Young Couple Brutally Murdered After Arranging for Sex on Craigslist

Crucifixes, Not Condoms

Evangelical Group Aims to Convert Children as Young as Five

For 440,000 Euros, Bill Clinton Will Define Solidarity

Federal Wildlife Refuges In NW, Hawaii, To Phase Out Neonics By January, 2016

How the West Chose War in Gaza

Ukraine votes to call up more military reserves to protect border

1/4 Of McDonalds In China May Have Been Serving Expired Or Tainted Meat

'Liberal' is not a bad word

Smearmaster Glenn Greenwald's smear campaign against George W. Bush

Let's think good thoughts for California, send them good vibes (drought not going away)

Missouri Governor Jay Nixon To Visit Iowa

Shooting an elephant in Burma

Glenn Greenwald showed his true colors when he addressed a socialist/Trotskyite conference in 2013

hilarious: Maverick spoofs Gunsmoke...

Venezuela National Guard shooting students again

Russia blacklists U.S. soldiers for Guantanamo ‘torture’

Goodbye to the Republican Wave?

Progressive radio stations?

Definitely At The Seasonal Turn; Atmospheric CO2 Below 400 ppm Since July 11th

Warden’s offer of Christian rehab suggests Black Panther’s 35 years in solitary was political

Florida stay on marriage equality upheld after judge’s ruling

Chokehold case raises police brutality concerns

SE Colorado Drought Grinds On And On And On; After Generations, Ranchers, Farmers On The Edge - WP

Worf doomed to Hell

Check out the crystal tools ancient Americans used to kill their dinner

Elizabeth Warren Offers Democrats More Than a 2016 Candidacy—She Offers a 2014 Agenda

"People were more religious before education became compulsory" according to a Notre Dame

Your Brain Is On the Brink of Chaos

Jon Stewart exposes GOP lies about Reagan's response to downed airliner

Huppenthal Takes Another Run At Explaining His Blog Comments (And Other Things)

Donald Macintyre's Sketch: Nicky Morgan’s ministerial debut haunted by the ghost of her predecessor

Don't Send Your Kid to the Ivy League

All Respect to Godwin, but Putin and his Repub Fan Club DO Support Nazi-style Atrocities.

Faux's Ralph Peters still (hearts) Putin...

Idiot Gov. Rick Perry sends national guard to Texas border

El Salvador: workers win back pay in plant closing

Monarch butterly -- email/petition from my rep Chellie Pingree

China to launch satellite for Venezuela

New Morse Code: Line Dot Dot Tat

Ethnic cleansing on Peru's jungle border


Rachel Maddow - A flop for protests against immigrant kids

Taller, Fatter, Older: How Humans Have Changed in 100 Years

People who are bored and have nothing to do all the time -

Football Legend goes home

TN man arrested for asking local official to speak up amid dispute over wastewater plant

"One inch of water"

Is 600% markup too much?

Marco Rubio is a disgusting, hypocritical, heartless, selfish, horrible excuse for a human being!!!!

Is Antarctica Really Getting Icier? New Study Raises Questions

Some of fhe texts of responses are blinking.

Casino bidders seek local property tax breaks

Florida father who beat up son’s alleged attacker speaks out

Grieving Father Writes Open Letter To Putin: 'Thank You For Murdering My Child'

Breaking Free from the Church

First company withdraws from state health exchange

'Pompeii of the North' is found at County Durham excavation site

Germany remembers the plot to kill Hitler

ANALYSIS: Did Obama finally thread the needle on gay rights and religious freedom?

Governor Bozo GOODHAIR wants fed reimbursement for his $12M/mo Smart Glasses

Welcome to the Search Engine Image Scavenger Hunt

Bratton critics call for ‘reexamination’ of Broken Windows

Catholic Bishops Respond Gov. Perry's Plan To Send 1,000 Guard Troops To The Border

Auschwitz, selfies and crying into the digital void (CNN)

Crash victims' remains reach Ukraine-held city

Why are white armed militia called rebels/separatists/militias, any other skin color, terrorists?

"You Stay, You Die"

BREAKING: Joko "Jokowi" Widodo wins Indonesia presidential election

Catholic Charities calls for volunteer attorneys to help young migrants

There are an average of 38 "hot car deaths" in the US and 32,000 "gun deaths" per year

Juan Cole: Is Rula Jebreal right about US Media Bias against Palestinians?

Donald Sterling, Steve Ballmer meet

It’s time to admit that America will never really include black America

Appeals court panel deals blow to Obamacare

Don’t give up on America’s long-term unemployed just yet

BREAKING: Federals Appeals Court Delivers Serious Setback To Obama Health Care Law

CFO says Sterling needs sale for debt

The right’s bin Laden defense: How an attack on Gazans went off the rails

UK definition of terrorism 'could catch political journalists and bloggers'

Sacramento wins summer-league title

Kelly: Who killed Jimmy Hoffa? PBS asks Omaha native, who's a retired FBI agent (on PBS TONIGHT!)

Rockville, Md., couple charged with abusing twin 22-year-old autistic sons

(Irish Times) Hidden pregnancy hasn’t gone away, it just has another face

Across Latin America, a Struggle for Communal Land and Indigenous Autonomy

Objections filed to Zephyr Teachout's petitions to challenge Gov. Cuomo in Democratic primary

NYT Rewrites Gaza Headline: Was It Too Accurate?

"The Carter boy and the Nunn kid are the cleanest ticket the Democrats have had in a long time"

Gunshots fired at Al Jazeera bureau in Gaza

Annoyed by long wait-times at the clinic?

Israeli professor's 'rape as terror deterrent' statement draws ire

California Halts Injection of Fracking Waste, Warning it May Be Contaminating Aquifers

Appeals Court Deals Major Blow To Obamacare

George Harrison Memorial Tree Killed by Actual Beetles

Goo Goo Goo Joob

Goodbye to the Republican Wave?

Doing the Math

40 Mexican bishops are taking an 'intensive' exorcism course

Government agents 'directly involved' in "NEARLY-ALL" high-profile US terror plots

Tensions High Before Staten Island Death in Chokehold

Woman Lets God Drive Car, God Immediately Runs Down Guy On

Paid vacation for the masses? James Melton: and a publicity stunt liberals can love

Reston-based Truland Systems suddenly closes its doors after more than a century in business

Imagine if Snowden/Greenwald had done their exposing under Bush.....

Internal NYPD report on incident with Staten Island dad Eric Garner does not mention chokehold...

US Accused of Forcing EU to Accept Tar Sands Oil

Studies Sound Red Alert On Beef’s Global Warming Toll

Bond set at $5M each for suspects in murders of 2 homeless men

US airlines scrap Israel flights over missile fear

Sacramento wins summer-league title

DR Congo rocked by shooting in Kinshasa barracks

What If Fashion Ads

Republican Modus Operandi Defined

Kingdom of the Blue Whale

A light came on for me this morning, while watching ...

'Most Favored Nation' status suggested – for U.S.

Netanyahu Stops Pretending To Support A Sovereign Palestinian State

John Haggerty, GOP operative who stole from Bloomberg, goes back to prison

New republican meme on Obamacare: 'Start over' instead of 'repeal'

Is the media to blame for how angry and intolerant American has become?

Internal NYPD report on incident with Staten Island dad Eric Garner does not mention chokehold...

US stocks climb as earnings reports roll in

In 30 countries, heads of state must belong to a certain religion

Astorino: Christie Should Step Down From RGA If He’s Compromised By Cuomo

National Do-not-call registry is useless

Catholic leaders offer legal support amid border crisis

USA! Keeping kids in kennels

Anna Conte-Girl whose family fought for medical marijuana has died

Susie Madrak: Now don't panic this ACA ruling by these two wingnuts won't stand

Pic Of The Moment: Mitch Treads On Tea Party, Gets Bitten

Guilty dog apologizes baby for stealing her toy:It is never too late for apologize for friends.

Kill the Messenger (2014)

Just in time for lunch - Deep Fried White Castle Burgers, Deep Fried Doritos and for dessert...

Watch Jon Stewart quell myth that Reagan outdid Obama on airline downing.

Opponents will have their little moment on Obamacare - WH and others don't think ruling will stand

The rise of "algorithmic regulation" and the "death of the welfare state"...

Security company with MTA contract caught underpaying guards, will pay $1.3M settlement

Halbig v. Sebelius is about one sentence in the law

Halbig v. Sebelius - let's meet the plaintiffs

Obamacare challenge shows how willing republicans (and others) are to lay waste to Americans’ lives

Police Investigating Mysterious White Flags On Brooklyn Bridge

Hey idiot wingnuts: Illegal immigration still near record lows

Obamacare hit by ruling, but subsidies to continue

Papantonio: House Science Committee At War With Science

Landmark status for Albany Pine Bush Preserve

Hold your horses . . . 4th Circuit UPHOLDS Obamacare against same challenge to subsidies

Manatee's Protected Species Status In Danger Because Of A Libertarian Boat Group

Say what you will about SC, we have some good manners.

Vote today! July 22

Rick Perry is sending his National Guard to the border. What exactly are their rules of engagement?

Saving Democracy in Florida

Why does the far-right support Israel? CWA give an honest answer, for once.

Carlton Complex Fire is largest in Washington history, over 4 times the size of Seattle

Grayson: The Democrat the Republicans Love to Hate

Syrian Opposition Coalition Dissolves Interim Government

Separate U.S. appeals court upholds subsidies under Obama health law

When you can't find a birth record

And today's Weird Picture of the Day:

De Blasio’s Garner test

Israel Gaza Crisis: German Protesters Chant 'Gas the Jews' in Anti-Israel Rallies

Italy: Human Traffickers 'Stabbed 60 Migrants to Death' in Latest Boat Tragedy

BREAKING: FAA orders US airlines not to fly to or from Israel

19 Sobering Confessions That Capture America's College Rape Crisis

White Flags Mysteriously Appear Atop the Brooklyn Bridge.

Rockford Files: Grand Jury 101

FAA bans U.S. airlines from Israel over rocket threat

Holy Mackerel! Man catches 26-pound fish in Lake Ontario

Pulling Back the Curtain of Production Concealment

Weird Al has done it again ... the grammar police should love it. and Moran has a guest spot

Benham's group disrupts Unitarian service...

Support for Israel and blind support for Netanyahu's right wing government

Separate U.S. appeals court upholds subsidies under Obama health law

Just Heard From A Friend Of Mine That Voted For Obama & Is Now Disillusioned......

What being a BIG goverment Democrat means: just one example

Border Sheriffs Perplexed by Rick Perry's Plan to Send 1,000 Troops to Stare at Mexico

Gun bill change worries police

Owning the Machinery

Single-payer freakin' healthcare as a fundamental human right for

"Racism" & Group Psychosis


This cat is the perfect embodiment of all of our cats as they observe our daily actions.

The Rude Pundit: A Lynching in Staten Island

Courts Issue Conflicting Rulings on Health Care Law.

Bad beer

God Told Her That YOU Should Pay For Her Law Degree

Non-believers now offering invocations rather than fighting them

Can I post a small petty rant?

Doors to enchantment

zip it up

I need prayers, vibes, whatever.

Glad to is on this.

Right-Wing Media Find A Way To Make MH17 Crash About Benghazi

What Could Happen To Premiums State-By-State If Obamacare Ruling Stands (MAP)

Police fire 137 shots into unarmed couples' car after chase, killing both

Malaysia Airlines Tuesday confirmed one of its planes flew over war-torn Syria

Libous Wants To Return To Normalcy

5 giant companies that are screwing the American taxpayer

Bloody Scenes Haunt Kids as Bombs Fall in Israel-Gaza Fight

Does anybody know what happened to US laws against War Profiteering?

Six Shakhtar Donetsk players refusing to return to Ukraine due to conflict

Russia's Iron Curtain Descends on U.S. Tech Firms

Previously Owned U.S. Home Sales Rise to Eight-Month High

Us & Them in Israel & Palestine

1199 SEIU and nonprofit hospitals reach agreement

Wall Street Cut From Guest List for Jackson Hole Fed Meeting

Feds look to start trial of GOP Rep. Michael Grimm in October, one month before Election Day

Iraq's Waterless Christians: The Campaign to Expel a Religion

Oranges and Sunshine (2010)

SOP Forum Alerts link on mobile issue.

UNRWA condemns placement of rockets, for a second time, in one of its schools

'Hypocrites!': Hollande Hits Back At Cameron Attacking France Selling Warships To Russia...

New York immigration groups closing after fraud accusations

Beyonce Shuts Down Women Against Feminism With A Single Snap

Higher Calling, Lower Wages: The Vanishing of the Middle-Class Clergy

‘Telegenically Dead Palestinians’: Why Israel Is Losing the American Media War

First Amendment...not so much, apparently

Right-Wing Professor: Raping Arab Women Is ‘The Only Thing That Deters Suicide Bombers’

Fighting the Good Fight: The Relationship Between Belief in Evil and Support for Violent Policies

SWAT Teams & The Militarization Of Police - ACLU's Kara Dansky Discusses

Native American tribe rejects Ted Nugent.

Egypt:Kerry and aides frisked at Detector in Sisis Presidzntial palace.

Some seem to think if ACA dies it would be a shortcut to single payer

"Particle Fever"

Falling Skies & mooing Mechs

4th District Court has ruled Subsidies are legal for Obamacare.

Issa’s surprising new enemies: Why Republicans are mad at him now, too

VIDEO: Hotel Workers Deserve Better

My James Garner Connection

Four vying for NYC Board of Elections seat

EU calls on Hamas to disarm, condemns use of civilians as shields

Obama Judge Trolls Obamacare Opponents With Cheeky Pizza Analogy

Meta-Homophobia? Christian Rightist says being gay is caused by gay demons that other demons hate

Doesn't the federal government have jurisdiction over the IRS?

EU imposes new sanctions against Russian officials

In West Bank, Israel revives home demolitions

Joe Scarborough Like Most Republican are Delusional “Video”

Obama judge trolls Obamacare opponents with cheeky pizza analogy

Proposal for the CA ballot: Divide Tim Draper's assets into six bonfires.

Browns set 3rd preseason game as deadline to name QB

How a budget fight in Raleigh could hurt Republican chances of taking back the U.S. Senate

Airlines cancel flights to Israel

Maloney, Gibson urge FERC to abandon capacity zone

God hates fish

Astorino and Teachout team up to attack Cuomo on corruption

Unbreakable or The Problem with Praising Blackgirl Strength

New Anti-Abortion Legislation Requires Doctors To Scale 18-Foot Wall Surrounding Clinic

Bradenton man (guess which state!) calls 911 twice because he couldn't lock his door

Debunking Myths About Who Pays No Federal Income Tax

Ohio man accused of enslaving woman gets 30 years

Some criminal bank executives should go to jail

Our deer friends--back again.

Boosting the force of empty space: Theorists propose way to amplify force of vacuum fluctuations

Pope Francis To Visit Mafia Stronghold But Won't Compromise On Anti-Organized Crime Message

A slice of insanity or absurdity

An Imaginary Budget and Debt Crisis = Krugman

Google Suggest Reveals The Internet's Offensive Religious Stereotypes

Previously Uncontacted Tribe Have Contracted Influenza

Hillary Clinton is rich. She is not Mitt Romney rich.

USS Reagan sailors not exposed to high radiation levels in Japan, report finds

So to recap: Teamwork is ...

I think I'm in love with Janet Yellen -

15% Of The World's Countries Require Their Heads Of State To Be From A Certain Religion

Satellogic Aims To Launch A Constellation Of Small Imaging Satellites Around Earth

Idaho casino dumps Ted Nugent

Dr. Housing Bubble 07/21/14

Mom’s boyfriend said to be kidnapper in Kansas abduction, shootout that ended with 5-year-old girl's

France's Jews Flee As Rioters Burn Paris Shops, Attack Synagogue

DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM~ from a survivor of the Irish homes for girls

Detroit, Other US Cities, States ,Slashing Pension Benefits While Subsidizing Sports Stadiums

Cuomo Approves Labor Protections For Unpaid Interns

Does anyone else hate it when a performer injects hi/her political beliefs

Former Congressman Gary Ackerman Endorses John Liu

George Harrison memorial tree killed -- by beetles

NY Conservative Party chairman rips Christie: He’s “in bed with Andrew Cuomo”

Elizabeth Warren Continues To Push Back On 2016 Rumors: 'No Means No'

Bulls making push for Kevin Love

It looks like the ACA is going back to the Supreme Court?

Sources: NBA warned touring stars of participating in events in Manila

Did Chile cut ties with Israel over Gaza attacks?

Cuomo green lights red-light cameras for Yonkers, New Rochelle, Mt. Vernon

Guinea worm is almost eradicated, in one of the biggest public health wins ever

McDonald’s Fires Mom Who Was Arrested For Letting 9-Year-Old Play In Park Alone

Rob Astorino: Chris Christie should consider stepping down as RGA chairman if he can't support me

Study looks at how kids are faring

Luxury New York Condo Will Have A 'Poor Door' For Lower-Income Residents

So, according to the USCCB, firing gay people for acting gay is "Just Discrimination"....

Games PsP - Sweet Fuse At Your Side

Formerly Homeless Boy Is Giving People A Fresh Start

Ch.10 Israel (Video): Gaza youth say Hamas prevents people from evacuating to safer places

Oregon Will Vote on Marijuana Legalization in November. The initiative made the ballot.

How Democrats could shut out Republicans in 2014 election

California State Fair - Rides Edition

Seven wonders of the buddhist world BBC Documentary

Like Bush and Cheney, Netanyahu NEEDS to keep his country at war to stay in power.

Catching Up With France on Day Care

Netanyahu: Hamas Wants 'Telegenically Dead Palestinians'

Meet the newest fraudulent sub-prime market: car loans

I could use a hug right about now

Obamacare tax credit ruling could affect up to 500,000 Michiganders

Carpenters' protest looks like picket line, but postal workers cross into Pa. Convention Center

Carpenters' protest looks like picket line, but postal workers cross into Pa. Convention Center

You are what you eat: how diet affects mental well-being

Russia to U.S.: Show Evidence Kremlin-Backed Rebels Downed MH17

U.S. to release intelligence on Malaysian plane downing: State Department

Where was all the poutrage about this paid speaker?

America the pawn!

Etiquette poll: Holding up cell phones throughout a concert?

George Harrison Memorial Tree beetles; LA Times


Georgia seeks same-sex marriage lawsuit dismissal

Go Grandpa Go

No gun deaths involved, but familiar NRA talking points in the thread.

Who's the guy with the iPods for dementia people.

Sheriff: Found body is that of final mudslide victim (4 months, 43 victims) Oso, WA

Urgent Call for National Day of Action on Gaza Thursday

Pat Boone - Crazy Train

FBI Entrapment Created 'Illusion' of Terrorist Plots: Report

New report shows negative impact of names like R*dsk*ns on Indian and Alaskan Native children

States That Increased Min Wages Gained More Jobs

I need joke help!

Louie Gohmert: Obama Will Not Defend Women from Illegal Alien Rape!

Anti-Immigration Rally Blows Up in Tea party's Face

OMG hot hot hot

Achievement unlocked: successful family reunion

Atheist group urges Congress to allow humanist military chaplains

Lawmakers call for more bank oversight

Wave energy in Hawaii

Ukrainians report sightings of missile launcher on day of MH17 crash

Need Your Opinions Here

The ‘Splainer: Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 and religious burial customs

Alison Grimes has a new ad...

Bill would help vets transition into New York state during and after military service

The U.S. is the world leader in climate denial

Tony Dungy's comments on Michael Sam are disappointing … and hypocritical

Freda Payne "Bring the Boys Home" from 1971...

Fox Pundit: Obama Forcing 'Militant LGBT Agenda' on Christians

A Japanese Artist Launches Plants Into Space

Empty Mansions: The Mysterious Life of Huguette Clark

Check out this video of a toddler in diapers,

Holocaust survivor speaks out for Gaza. Amazing statement.

Sen. Bernie Sanders interviewed on NPR's "On Point"

US: No link to Russian gov't in plane downing

Nation Apparently Believed in Science at Some Point

Nine Inch Nails or Johnny Cash - Who sang Hurt better?

Perry Boosts Presidential Stature by Using Troops for No Reason

Netanyahu asks Kerry to lift FAA travel ban

Union seeks to intervene in NYC suit over tenure

Doing the Right Thing for Eric Garner

There's an interesting thread on the Market Basket labor action in the MA group.

Teen Missionary on Kenya Trip Allegedly Raped Orphans

Can anyone provide a good argument FOR religious exemptions in any context?

There is a good thread in the MA group about the MB labor action.

Female celebrities speaking up (HOF THREAD)

White flags planted on Brooklyn Bridge, American flags missing as mystery deepens

Beretta USA Announces Decision to Move Its Entire Maryland Manufacturing Capabilities to Tennessee

Mitch McConnell on the issues

France's Jews Flee As Rioters Burn Paris Shops, Attack Synagogue

Cuttest doggie pic ever - promise!

Teenage girl says Clairton police beat her after curfew violation

Teen Missionary on Kenya Trip Allegedly Raped Orphans

The Business of America is Dirty Tricks

Hold your horses, the light's still red.

CNN: "HAMAS...they use Telegenically Dead Palestinians For Their Cause"--Netanyahu

Goodwill, Feds Investigate Possible Data Breach

I Guess I Have My Tinfoil Hat Screwed On Tight Tonight Because......

What's for Dinner, Tuesday, July 22

Can this woman convince Elizabeth Warren to run for president?

Russia Today Faces UK Investigation Over MH17 News Coverage

Jimmy Carter calls for end to fighting in Gaza

When Did David Tyree Decide To Be Straight?

10 Former Athletes That Should Have NEVER Pursued a Broadcasting Career

Don't Panic!

Don't Panic!

TMZ: Palin Explains Speeding Ticket: 'I Wasn't Speeding, I Was Qualifying'

'Anything other than social media?' State Dept's MH17 evidence secret

Beyoncé Supports Low wage Working Women! Good Jobs Nation

George Harrison memorial tree destroyed by beetles

Locking a thread

Didn't everyone learn this in Sunday School? "Suffer the little children..."

Israeli Journalist Gideon Levy on Ending the Crippling Blockade of Gaza.

Mystery solved. The bug I photographed is an Ambush Bug

FAA grounds flight to Israel. I used to fly Athens-Tel Aviv in the mid-to-late 80s.

Blinking text...

New arrest linked to gun used after Boston attacks

Gov’t arrests 192 on immigrant smuggling charges

Poll: we'd like to get your feedback on the Atheists & Agnostics group's hosting situation

Just read in my e-mail that the JAMA is urging caution on medical pot.

For an otherwise lacking understanding of Israel/Gaza/Hamas, please watch this video

Kill Obamacare? Okay, Then We Go For Single Payer. Full Stop. Unrelentingly.

Greenpeace Activists to Shadow Costa Concordia During Tow

Poultry Inspectors Union Calls for Public Review of USDA Outsourcing Plan

I was laid off from Broadcom 5 days before Christmas this past year ...

“They pull thousands of teeth here. At the end, they’ll have buckets of teeth...”

Postal Workers Protest Staples in Chicago

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Foreign neo-Nazi fighters in Ukraine (BBC report)

if you think court actions striking down the ACA will lead to Single Payer in the short term...

Surrender and Subordination: Birth Mothers and Adoption Law Reform

Governor (D-NH) Hassan Signs Paycheck Fairness Bill Into Law, Advocates And Legislators Applaud

Eliot Spitzer backs analyst-ranking firm

Nietszche's words have been echoing in my ears for the past week or so.

Governor (D-NH) Hassan Signs Paycheck Fairness Bill Into Law, Advocates And Legislators Applaud

785 of This Year's Unaccompanied Migrants Were Under 6 Years Old

Lesbian Couple Bria and Chrissy Sing To Support #LikeAGirl Campaign

The Rude Pundit on today's Court Decision

RESIST is Hiring a Part-time Director of Operations

Mother Swan giving babies a ride. I can't stand it. Too cute.

MH17 crash: Did Russia pull the trigger? Ukraine says yes