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The pictures from Gaza that anti-Israel people don't want you to see...

This Is The Former Russian Military Officer Who Might Be Behind The Shooting Of MH17

'Lost' Amazonian tribe returns to the rainforest despite the threat of violence and disease

'Lost' Amazonian tribe returns to the rainforest despite the threat of violence and disease

"States That Raised Minimum Wage See Faster Job Growth, Report Says" NPR

Typhoon Matmo moves towards Taiwan, Tropical Storm Wali goes ‘poof', Rammasun dissipates


High winds push growing Washington wildfire

Qatar to Host Gaza Ceasefire Talks

My Outline for a Solution for Gaza: By Moshe Feiglin

Anger Management, or People I Could Never Trust With A Gun (NSFW!!)

I'm officially bawling my eyes out - Just watched "Sophie's Choice"

Eyeless in Gaza

Given life term, drug offender hopes for clemency

Mexico starts moving children out of squalid shelter

Gaza is a concentration camp, and it’s an American delusion not to recognize that — Weschler

Anyone familiar with Bone Growth Stimulators

Republicans are going to win the Senate??

"Jeb Bush Draws Tea Party Ire Touting Education Record"

"These states are trying to stop young people from voting"

Some Americans have flown to the Moon....

Biggest bank robbery that ‘never happened’ – $400m ISIS heist

"...Roosevelt called President Hoover a 'fat, timid capon' "

Sandista Day: Nicaragua Vive! 35 Years Since the Triumph of the Sandinista Revolution

This place needs something to get excited about. >>

If it's Sunday...

Obama’s Executive Order to Protect Gay Workers Will Have No Religious Exemption

There are posters who vigourously support HRC

How Panama Cut Poor Kids Out Of A Florida Millionaire's Will

This thread's about six weeks old, and has been my favorite since it was posted ...

High winds push Central Wash. wildfire

DAMN IT! It's July 19th!!!

"Economists agree: Raising the minimum wage reduces poverty"

They do not know

We in Canada are a month ahead of where we should be in regards to forest fires. And that is

Officer in fatal NY arrest stripped of gun, badge

Sunnis in Iraq push back against extremists

This place needs something to get excited about. >>

Euthyphro's Dilemma

Shoulder pain. It feels 20 times better when I hang

I asked in fitness and exercise - shoulder pain

gratuitous kitty pics - indignant and undignified edition

Law firm in Hobby Lobby win is playing key role in religion cases

Remember an old TV show called "Longstreet"?

Putin denies Cuba spy base to be reopened

Video: Texas voters say they wouldn’t vote for ‘a known heterosexual’ for President

Video: Texas voters say they wouldn’t vote for ‘a known heterosexual’ for President

Charismatic Catholics want more from church

In Moscow, conspiracy theories abound, along with disdain for the separatists

What happened with Flt 17?

That's a big island.

The NYPD is a rogue, out-of-control criminal enterprise!

Israeli bulldozers destroy Hamas tunnels in Gaza

'It is vulture funds that act in bad faith’ (Argentina)

World Lacrosse Championships (Spoiler Alert)

22 shot in Chicago over 12 hours, including girl, 11, killed at sleepover

Journalist Group Calls for Interior Minister Urresti to Resign

Anyone see these haters today?

Did you watch the Moon landing, live?

Conservatives in Uruguay Want to Put More Youth in Prison. Civil Society is Saying No.

Widow wins $23 billion settlement against big tobacco

The heart of the problem with Israel: The mass expulsion of the Palestinian people

Why did Chuck Norris cross the road?

Two teen girls film themselves torturing a tortoise. Police are considering criminal charges.

Found while searching online: Saginaw News Dec. 1, 1899:

Democrats expect gains in state Senate(Pennsylvania)

Mourn the victims... but don't turn one tragedy into a global catastrophe

Killing is murder. We treat war differently partly because

Electric Bacteria Connect To Form Wires

'Obama agrees with Putin on MH17 and vice versa. Poroshenko isolated'

Bill Maher: Why aren’t Tea Party numbskulls complaining about militarized police forces?

kid friendly place to eat dinner in Olympia WA?

Breaking: James Garner, Legendary Actor (& Democrat), Dead at 86

The Rockford Files Theme

Weird Al's new video (his best ever!):

John McCain says if he had been president there might not have been an Iraq War

James Garner RIP

Some portraits

At least 20 dead in Israeli attack on Gaza district: medical officials

Ukraine: Rebels Have Taken Away All Plane Crash Bodies to Unknown Location

New Peru law weakens environmental safeguards

Gazans Flee Shelling As Israel Expands Ground Incursion

CNN Removes Reporter Diana Magnay From Israel-Gaza After 'Scum' Tweet

There’s No Evidence the Ukrainian Army Crucified a Child in Slovyansk

Dog travels eight miles each night to feed her friends

No Solutions: Laws to Make Everything About Homelessness Illegal Have Increased Dramatically

Mother Jones--“Who’s Behind Newsweek?”

Threatening Whales and Planet, US Opens Up Offshore Oil Exploration

It’s the Greenhouse Gases, Stupid!

File under G for Greedy and S for Stupid: A fracking problem for Dems

The Seven Silly Things Right-Wingers Got Angry About Last week

Americans are losing their faith in religion

Phillip Mamouf-Wifarts For Senate

How America's Sporting Events Have Turned into Mass Religious Events to Bless Wars and Militarism

Drug Testing and Racial Profiling Go Hand in Hand

Let's see if this will work

UNRWA Transferred Rockets to Hamas

At least 40 dead in Israeli attack on Gaza district: hospital

New Megalith Discovered at Baalbek Stone Quarry, Lebanon

The Importance of Eating Together

The Anti-American Pastime

Florida jury hits cigarette manufacturer RJ Reynolds with $23.6 billion judgement

Killer mosquito-borne virus arrives in eastern Massachusetts

California Halts Injection of Fracking Waste, Warning It May Be Contaminating Aquifers

Ukraine rebel leader claims Flight MH17 was filled with already-dead bodies

Designing an Operating System for Democracy

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Fuzzy Green Toy Edition

Nicaragua Vive! 35 Years Since the Triumph of the Sandinista Revolution

Which politician would you most like to see exit the U.S. political scene?

Another Billion-Dollar US Company Moves Across The Pond

The Depths of Hell in Honduras: Honduran Collapse, Mining and Organized Crime

Could the cat gene pool in England be slightly different from in other countries, so that cats there

The games Putin plays

This Is How The Media Chooses To Profile A Female Activist

The Oil Industry Hits an Unexpected Roadblock

U.S. opens door to East Coast offshore oil and gas drilling

Workers Force Indie Bookstore To Live Up to Its Values

Mosul w/out Christians for First time in 1,900 Years as Radical Fundamentalists Threaten Minorities

Ignore the Smears: Germany’s Green Energy is 1/3 of its Power, Price Falling, Coal Down

United States Assessment of the Downing of Flight MH17 and its Aftermath

Firefox spell check using British language spelling, not American.

Democrats expect gains in state Senate

This Photographer Captures The Incredible Human Side Of Animals {IMAGES}

NYC anti-frack.billionaire to spend money in PA gubernatorial campaign

Avoid 'mission creep' in Iraq

Appeals court puts Arizona execution on hold over drugs details

Taking welfare, but not paying taxes

HIV Diagnoses Rise Among Young Gay Men as Total U.S. Cases Drop

There's two ways to be fooled.

What is Hamas, Really?

Is Israel’s Operation Protective Edge Really About Natural Gas?

Latest State of the Climate: Yup, Still Getting Hotter

My political views are pretty basic

Domestic Terror

The path we choose, the cost we care about

Making Jesus Proud

So what do the fish know?

"Revealing Ramadan"

2 ag-gag laws facing federal court challenges

Rape at College, Then Rape by College

Typhoon Rammasun: Monster storm buffets south China

Japan should honorably resign as host of 2020 Summer Olympics

lightning a threat to ND saltwater disposal site

Jamaica Unveils World’s Largest Wind-Solar Hybrid Installation

Number of Palestinians killed in al-Shuja'iya [East Gaza] rises to 40

You Know Your Country Sucks When You Look Wistfully Back at Stalin

Right-wing obstruction could have been fought: An ineffective and gutless presidency’s legacy

How Dumb Do You Gotta Be?

Objective Evidence Found That Voter ID Law Support is Racially-Motivated

Sunday's Non Sequitur- Which Religion?

July 20, 1969: One Giant Leap For Mankind

Armed Rebels Demand Emergency Workers Hand Over Bodies From Plane

Black Boxes Found

'Death and horror' in Gaza as thousands flee Israeli bombardment

Among other things, today is National Ice Cream Day

Police offered no medical help to Eric Garner

LIVE UPDATES: Fighting resumes as Hamas breaches 2-hour humanitarian truce

Is it Time to Send Lady Liberty Back to France? - By Gene Robinson

45 years ago. july 20 1969,10:56 pm EDT

Christian Radio Host Says Obama Politicized MH17 to Normalize ‘Sexual Deviancy’

White House not worried about Ginsburg retirement chatter.

Israel: America’s Frankenstein Monster

Meet The Putin-Loving Congressman Who’s Worried About Fluoride In Our Drinking Water

Who is this Nina Khrushcheva who's been all over the TV?

More Than 100 AIDS Researchers and Advocates Perished on Downed Malaysian Jetliner

U.S. Senate unanimously approves resolution giving full support of Israel on Gaza

Arrrgggghhhhh - Canada, FFS

Imagine What We Could Buy If We Didn't Have to Spend Billions on Police Brutality Cases

Police: 25-pound boy nearly starved, beaten by family

Warriors won't overlook defense in Kevin Love talks

Europe leaders warn Russia to get crash zone open

Bombshell Study: America's Wealthy Even More Obscenely Rich Than Anybody Thought

Some personal good news to share with the BOG!

UPDATED ~ Kerry: Ukraine rebels likely downed passenger jet

Breath of Dissent

James Garner: bleeding heart liberal

Options for idle hours

EPA proposes strict limits on Pebble mine to protect salmon

Armed Rebels Demand Emergency Workers Hand Over Bodies From Plane

Female NYPD officer punched in East Harlem; suspect sought

Sunday Toon Roundup- Vlad Putin, Master Strategist

In U.S. gay marriage cases, children emerge in the limelight

Sharpton sees ‘real test’ for de Blasio in Garner’s death

Rock slide closes Metro-North & Amtrack lines

Malloy on Cheney Event

Prosecutor to monitor for-profit college chain

After eating cereal, did you like drinking the milk left over in the bowl?

Federal judge sends key GM case to Georgia court

After Ukraine tragedy Vladimir Putin should shackle his dogs of war

Sales tax bill calls for choice between schools and city bus service

UK artist Tasmin Archer's tribute to space exploration

Joan Walsh on McCain: ‘Cowardly’ is putting Palin ‘a heartbeat away from the presidency’

Major Crimes Renewed for a 4th Season

Ohio scientist to test water before fracking

22 People Shot in 12 Hours in Chicago

Help UNICEF. You could be in Star Wars: Episode VII.

Pipeline company faced $270K in penalties

Refinery owner loses water cleanup legal challenge

GE to invest $20M, open new plant in Puerto Rico

Tea Party, KKK and Bundy-Style Militia Message: Shoot Immigrant Children

Actor Robert Brown Settles Racial Profiling Lawsuit With Macy’s

Driver Says God Told Her ‘I’ll Take It From Here,’ ; She Promptly Runs Over Motorcyclist

BAT SHIT CRAZY Gun Owners of America CEO: Threatening to Shoot Politicians Makes Them ‘Behave’

Something to hide...

Russia bans Va. Congressman, 12 other Americans

No, JAMA does not now recommend chiropractic care first for low back pain

Tattoos hold recruits back from military careers

Military's tobacco discount: Up in smoke

Putin's hard line on MH17 will only push Russia into an ever-tighter corner

Freeper Immigration Protests fizzle out...

I don't care if it rains or freezes 'long as I have my - wait, WHAT?


The Moon Communion Of Buzz Aldrin That NASA Didn't Want To Broadcast

60 Palestinians killed today including women and children- it was actually 120 killed

British PM Cameron Enabling Wall Street’s Takeover of National Health Service

With US encouragement, VA disability claims rise sharply

To the Fake “Human Rights” Activists

Meet Your Minimum Wage Replacement...

Lockheed Sales Outlook Dimmed As F-35 Misses Airshow

Richard Wolff: "We can't even discuss public banking? We can't discuss converting banks into coops?"

Nobel peace laureates and celebrities call for military embargo on Israel

My neighbor just bought their kid a trampoline.

Airline Horror Spurs New Rush to Judgment

Man sends wife spreadsheet detailing the times she denied him sex for the last month

The Criminalization of Black Youth and the Rise of Restorative Justice

America's Troubled F-35: Five Ways to Replace It

R. Reich: You may not like everything Obama has done-but for next 2 1/2 years he’s our president

Thinking Dangerously in an Age of Political Betrayal

Opposition mayor assassinated (Rio Caribe, Venezuela)

MT. Rushmore (From The Canadian Side)

Researchers to Map Washington Volcanoes; Internal Plumbing

from Robert Reich

"Feminists are not responsible for educating men"

Monarch Butterflies -- Have you seen any this year?

IDF set to open field hospital for wounded Gazans

Netanyahu: Hamas wants ‘telegenically dead Palestinians’

When Drinking Liberally Goes Wrong: Tucson Group 86'd by The Shanty

Massacre in Gaza: At least 60 killed in Shuja’iyeh, over 60,000 in UN shelters

Photos Show Tariq Abu Khdeir's Family Home Ransacked By Israeli Police

Rep. Keith Ellison wants to make union organizing a civil right

On this day 100 years ago Marcus Garvey's UNIA was formed in Jamaica

Hot mic catches John Kerry's reaction to Gaza: "Hell of a pinpoint operation"

Nearing the end of political Islam

Top Kurdish security official warns West of Iraq blowback

Feeding Time

Crashed MH17 flight 'was 300 miles off typical course'

3 hrs of original video footage of Apollo 11's moonwalk in HD:

13 Israeli soldiers killed overnight in Gaza

The Guardian: Unguarded comments suggest Kerry frustration at civilian toll in Gaza

NYPD takes gun, badge away from officer who placed man in chokehold

CBS coverage of Apollo 11 lunar landing (provided by NASA)

Don't ask for a living wage or you'll be replaced by an iPad

Fox Host Questions Kerry About Comment On Israel Caught On Hot Mic (VIDEO)

Warren's Commandments-

So I decided to watch the talk shows this Sunday morning.

Did Elizabeth Warren really campaign

Brad Pitt Foundation to Build Solar Homes for Native Americans

The mayor has landed - de Blasio family arrives in Rome

Lessons Learned - Breakfast Quiche

This Jew can’t support Israel

Vikings Admit Coach Said ‘Nuke…All The Gays,’ Insist He Was Otherwise Completely Respectful Of LGBT

Thinking Dangerously in an Age of Political Betrayal

Ellsberg and Snowden Rock the House at Hacker Meet Up in NYC

Michelle Cohen Corasanti: "... 'never again' should mean never again for anyone ..."

Scammers target families of undocumented child immigrants to U.S.: FBI

"Israel to Pay Students for Social Media Propaganda"

From Nietzsche to Richard Dawkins: a brief history of modern atheism

Warning: By clicking here you agree not to 'alert' due to offensive/graphic humor

Sea turtle 'hugs' surfer who cut it free from nets (Video at the link)

why-how-what imagines a house of gods for multiple religions

7 Sexy Things Guys Do Without Realizing It (Safe for work, porn for women)

Death toll rises to 22 in Egypt border post attack

Religious aspirants get help with student loan debt

13 Words that Will Win the November 2014 Election for Democrats

In the Spirit: UW study finds religion -- some kinds, anyway -- may protect gay youth

A simple question. Would you knowingly kill civilians for your country?

Accordion doors: pain in the neck?!1 Any advice?

Sky News Apologises After Presenter Rifles Though MH17 Passenger’s Luggage Live On Air

Florida Gov. Rakes in Campaign Cash From CEO Who Makes Millions Locking Up Immigrants

Here men from the planet Earth....

Hey Washington State DU'ers! (and near Oregon folks also!!

Examining the Growth of the ‘Spiritual but Not Religious’

Faith-Based Fanatics

I Guess "The Who" Were Wrong

Very Ugly Anti-Immigrant Protest today in Bethlehem, PA

Israel using flechette shells in Gaza

MH17 crash: Compelling body of evidence emerges over responsibility

Morons --- "If you arm one, you have to arm them all. Otherwise, it isn't good sport."

New religious emojis part of Unicode update

This Woman Has Been Confronting Her Catcallers — And Secretly Filming Their Reactions


Iran eliminates sensitive uranium gas stockpile under nuclear deal: IAEA

The root of all that is wrong with the world

Israel-Gaza conflict: Gaza death toll rises as the world protests

Rockford Files theme

Colombian drug lord El Ratón arrested in Spain

Rahm Emanuel's Top Nemesis Just Might Take Him On

What I learned the last couple days about the Ukraine.

The pro-Russian separatists are paranoid beyond belief

Border Crisis: ‘Lax enforcement’ is not the culprit—U.S. trade and immigration policies are.

Giving undocumented Americans a chance to dream

Women go online to protest 'everyday sexism'

Should the downing of this airliner have any long term effect on our relationship with Russia?

Buckingham Palace Band plays Game of Thrones theme.

Video Shows Malaysia Airlines MH17's Black Box at Crash Scene

GM Didn't Warn Customers About Ignition Switch Problems For 11 Years

“An Ineffective and Gutless Presidency"

The 56 year long love story of James Garner. Beautiful tribute.

On the 45th Anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing, 45 images from the mission.

What's your favorite James Garner role/film/series?

Caroline Wozniacki and Rory McIlroy won on the same day

Israel-Gaza conflict: Israeli military ‘using flechette rounds in Gaza Strip’

Three people show up at anti-immigration rally, say others "must have got the wrong address."

When abuse becomes a teen meme

How much empathy do you have? - a professional psychological test - The Empathy Quotient (EQ)

Question about air conditioning.

what's for dinner - sunday, july 20th

U.S. atmospheric and environmental scientists modeled what would happen after"limited, nuclear war

Appalachian Transition Fellowships

Bolivia Legalizes Child Labor

Professor Paul Krugman gives the President an A-; says he's the most consequential since...

Ron Paul stands up for Putin

If we can land on the Moon in 10 years can we do this?

BOG//Professor Paul Krugman gives the President an A-; says he's the most consequential since Reagan

Zarif and Kerry Signal Momentum on Nuclear Pact

Tiger roars at little girl

Obama to Netanyahu: U.S. seeks immediate cease-fire

The Humans are fighting again

Seen at Munich airport...

Tune in to MSNBC. They are debating whether the NSA has made us

Grifterella's Photo Op with the "Rocky Mountain Black Conservatives."

More than 1,000 city residents claim to be victims of NYPD chokeholds, CCRB says

Some photos of the Apollo 11 Spacecraft you might not have seen.(Orig. posted 2009) *VERY Pic heavy*

Iraqi bishop urges world to act after Christians forced to flee

Iraqi bishop urges world to act after Christians forced to flee

A nice small plate sweet dish - Figs, apricots, toasted sesame seeds, honey, mint. Yogurt side.

So I took my daughter, 16, to Planned Parenthood - bad parent?

The party never ends...

No, beachgoers are not watching Gaza airstrikes on giant screens

Should the same restrictions we are seeking about privacy from the NSA

There was so much very wrong about that election's ticket, starting with the top of it.

I think a post of mine was deleted.

What Did US Spy Satellites See in Ukraine?

The thing I love most about the ZOO!

"A beautiful brother went looking for his family in the death zone–"...

Age Old Arguments....

Man Uses Spreadsheet to List All the Times Wife Turned Down Sex; Wife Posts It on Reddit

US Military Once Planned on Building Surveillance System on the Moon

Comma usage...

Tiny Potato believes in me too...

CA Climate College - online lectures from CDFW

Hamas 'Captures Israeli Soldier' Amid Shelling

FDR, Obama and the need to stop comparing the two.

Can we talk intelligently about Russia and Ukraine?

PHOTO: James Garner at The March on Washington, 1963

U.S. Becomes Biggest Oil Producer After Overtaking Saudi Arabia

"…And they have the nerve to call US 'animals.'"

What are you reading the week of July 20, 2014?

Four emergency workers at scene of Eric Garner chokehold tragedy put on modified duty...

Fox Host To Cruz: You May Be 'Enemy Of The Good In Pursuit Of The Perfect'


The Front Page...

Something interesting happening in Massachusetts - Demoulas Supermarket

All GOPers Vying For This Congressional Seat Inclined To Impeach Obama

Time is running out for Iraq as nation spirals into chaos

CNN: Kerry caught on hot mic: Was he criticizing Israel?

The Burka Avenger!

Solar Freakin' Roadways: a 7 minute long video on just that. It's fascinating.

Market Basket's letter to it's customers concerning the strike

Ron Paul weighs in on the airliner shoot-down...

Sexist joke. (Hey, I'm a man and I still think it's funny.)

Dislocation, Italian Style

WTF ...56

More child "neglect" insanity: 8 yr. old son of dying mother skips church, gets dad arrested

John Fugelsang: This is why Democrats in Senate must call GOP socialists

Cheering and approving of the death of any person,

Krugman: Always Inflation Somewhere

My family and I went to church today!

Why You Should Not Take Photos Of The 7 Ugliest Buildings In D.C.

which presidential candidate are you?

THE ROVING EYE (Asia Times) "It was Putin's missile!"-- By Pepe Escobar

Black Republicans, I don't get it

Buzzfeed: This is what schizophrenia can actually sound like

Putin Should Be Ostricized From All Internantional Meetings....

Should the Lounge have its own sex spreadsheet?

In honor of the late great James Garner - favorite fake president from a movie / book / series?

$129M in outside money poured into 2014 elections; darker the state, the more spent (NC is worst)

New Jersey Police Arrest Man Suspected Of Killing Two Gay Men In Seattle

Robert Kennedy's Anti-Vaccine Craziness

UN Security Council to hold emergency meeting on Gaza

my favorite Maverick passed away. JAMES GARNER .... R I P

Job creation at record high. Stocks at record levels. Millions getting healthcare. Bin Laden dead...

The Queen's Royal Guard warning to the world: Winter Is Coming.

Boston Herald backs workers in Market Basket fight.

Has anyone else seen this place?

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Monday, 21 July 2014

Christopher Walken was right

Cozy again, and richer?

Question for DUers: Who Do You Trust Less--The GOP or Pres. Putin

Name the 3 branches of Government

A Young Man...Ain't Got Nothing in the World These Days

Israelis gather on hillsides to watch and cheer as military drops bombs on Gaza

Bon Jovi buying the Bills?

Netanyahu’s Operation Stupidity

Hey MIM!

50 years later

Firefighter Saves Dogs, Then Pays Their Medical Bills

Ready for your toes to squirm? The bile to swirl and the retching and the heaving..?

A picture's worth a thousand words...