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World Cup: Millions Watch Glorious Brazil Exit By Team USA

Anti-Gay Rights Catholic Bishop Accused of Same-Sex 'Misconduct'

I'm on my second week of antibiotics for my chemo rash.

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Wednesday, 2 July 2014

June 30th, 2014

Egyptian 'Jon Stewart-Style' Comedian Ends His Show

George Takei Blasts High Court's Birth Control Ruling, Calls For Hobby Lobby Boycott

Iraq crisis: Parliament in deadlock as Isis advance continues

Mewsday Catblog: Sumrtiem Cativities

Just a thought ... didn't the Supreme Court just grant Hobby Lobby ...

OK. Who's getting holier than thou posts from fb friends/family re the Hobby Lobby decision?

Every argument against religion is an ad hominem argument.

Epic Rap Battles of History: Mr. T vs. Mr. Rogers

5 Stories the Media Constantly Lets Republicans Blatantly Lie About

America's Real Foreign Policy: Global Corporatization by Force --- by Noam Chomsky

Powerful Republican state senator in New York charged with lying to the FBI

Okay, Everybody in the Pool!

25,000 Jamaicans Rally to Save Antigay 'Buggery' Law

Where are the Palestinian Mothers?

The kind of background checks Congress doesn't mind passing...

Group Winners - 8 for 8

women now have

Man reunites with gorilla he raised and released

Former French President Sarkozy placed under formal investigation over alleged influence peddling

The states with the worst prescription painkiller problem

Totally Stoked about the Hobby Lobby Ruling!

A Trail of Clues Leading to Victims And Heartbreak

Politics Done Right on KPFT -The politics of religion

Samsung factories are still a horrible place to work

Dockworkers' contract expires, but trade continues

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Iraq, By the Numbers & a new Pallas cat gif

Senior Fatah official: Most Palestinians support kidnapping of three teens

GM Has Officially Recalled More Vehicles In 2014 Than It Has Sold In The Last 7 Years


Captain Morgan thinks his name is "No No No". He purrs when I say it to him after he's done

I smell a Republican hoax.

The real IRS scandal

Protesters block buses with migrants in California

Unions Celebrate LGBTQ Progress; Look Toward Continuing Challenges

Rachel, World Cup Fake Fouls John Boehner and suing the President

Meanwhile over in GD....

Meanwhile over in GD...

Meanwhile over in GD...

Obama Sets A Trap By Flat Out Telling Boehner and The Republicans, “Sue me.”

Twin Cities Archbishop Nienstedt under investigation for sexual misconduct

Local gathering planned to remember slain Israeli teens

Hillary Clinton destroys Hobby Lobby decision to cheers, applause

OK, this is on Hobby Lobby's home page......

South Florida Man Related To Slain Teen In Israel

Felon with the attractive mugshot hires modeling agent

President Obama Taunts Boehner: 'So Sue Me!'

In photos: Israeli soldiers destroy kidnapping suspects’ family homes in retribution attack

So I'm considering whether or not to grind my face off with a belt sander...

Cool post in Anthropology group.

Don't mess with Texas

Incarceration Nation: A statistical blind spot that makes the US crime rate seem lower than it is

The Myth Of Mental Illness And Gun Violence

Here's my question...

Lizz Winstead on Hobby Lobby:

Militant urges Muslims to build Islamic state

"The data is brutal: the GOP has a real birth control problem"

How ironic is it

GOP-led House quietly eliminates annual disclosure requirement for lobbyist-sponsored travel

Keep Workers' Comp Voluntary, Abbott Says

Hillary Clinton works out the kinks

Doctors Are Examining Your Genitals for No Reason

Religious Tax Exemption

Hey "some" men of DU

World of Warcraft: Finding love with an online avatar (video at link)

Abbott: Ask Chemical Plants What's Inside

Now here's another guy who knows how to Relate to Women on HobLob Decision.. Dax Shepard Tweets..

Iraq's Problem Is Power Politics, Not 'Ancient Hatreds'

Took this pic coming home from Las Cruces today

Go home SCOTUS You are drunk

13-year-old being held after Cass County fatal shooting of father and 12-year-old

Lone Star Crazy: How Right-Wing Extremists Took Over Texas

The precedent of "not a precedent"

Colorado recreational marijuana industry begins major transformation

Despite boom, Sandia Drilling Company faces bankruptcy

Retired Army Colonel Rips Dick Cheney: He Isn't Immoral, He's Amoral

"How the Nation's Biggest Closely Held Corporation Reacted to Hobby Lobby"

Minnesota Archbishop Nienstedt under scrutiny for same-sex relationships

A bit of light and hopeful (per shift in public opinion) in Indy Star.

Russia offered to jointly monitor borders and include OSCE & Ukraine soldiers on Russia checkpoints

Bank customer leaves some, uh, deposits on the floor

Are members of the religious right seeking "legal separation" from the rest of the country?

Swedish guy's name is 63 words long

Stephen Gaskin, founder of The Farm, dies at 79

Hobby Lobby...for all our reproductive needs.

If you're a celebrity, you can yell bomb in an airport.

Hobby Lobby still invests in birth control

Police: NC teen hid pregnancy from parents, gave birth, buried baby in backyard

UPDATE Put aside the religious/gender wars for a few minutes and hear me out.

Religious Freedom

Supreme Court Rules JCPenney Allowed to Sacrifice Employees to Appease Cthulhu

Oregon anti-discrimination law means landlords can no longer advertise 'No Section 8'

Colorado clerk REFUSES to stop issuing same-sex marriage licenses!!

Here is something we could do everytime the Republican party askes for money

Foster Freeze says contaception is not expensive (from 2012)

Richard Clarke interview: 9/11 and CIA Malfeasance

Univ. of Arizona Professor FIRED after receiving approval to study PTSD and mmj.

The big money and profits behind the push for charter schools

My very best furry friend and firework fear: Thundershirt?

Idea for a local business

Could BNP Conviction Signal the End of “Too Big To Jail”?

John Corabi recorded ONE album with Motley your LEAST FAVORITE lead vocalist replacement

Please help = Did any one hear a segment on NPR today about the peyote/religion decision?

I have to sleep with a 115 pound Great Dane/Poodle Mix in the bed because he's a big baby...

xposting: Did any one hear a segment on NPR today about the peyote/religion decision?

In Texas DPS statement, Wendy Davis pushes vet. funding program

Rand Paul might have a hard time living this down.

The Daily show blasting Dick Cheney tonight was priceless

The Belgian PM: A red-blooded American's worst nightmare

donated 12 inches of hair to Locks of Love

Fun, fun, fun, 'till your daddy takes your retriever away...

The Supreme Court decided…

Do you want me to talk?

Colombia’s biggest coal companies dodge specifics over “payment to armed groups” allegations

Colombia’s biggest coal companies dodge specifics over“payment to armed groups” allegations (Alabama

If you are in crisis...

Syria-Iraq 'Caliph' Incites Muslims To Holy War

Palestinian Teen Abducted, Killed In Suspect Revenge Attack

Can I put in a good word for Viagra?

Cuban diplomat promotes trade opportunities while in Pittsburgh

SCDEW finds that Latta, SC Sheriff Crystal Moore was fired without cause.

All good!

Nutrition Group Lobbies Against Healthier School Meals It Sought, Citing Cost.

German food is underated.

Victims of wiretapping scandal call for deportation of Colombia’s ex-spy chief from Panama

My email to Hobby Lobby

Caribbean corals could vanish over next 20 years: report

Help wanted...Detroit

Venezuela Leader Says Ties Restored with Panama

Central America: what's causing child migration?

4 Suprising and Outrageous Ways Private Companies Are Fueling the Student Debt Crisis

Half of undocumented Central American kids in U.S. say they left because of violence

Question about the Hobby Lobby decision.

Such fun!!! Trying to share my bed

Why We Might Be on the Verge of Another Financial Crash

black farmer head wants part of indian settlement

thousands attend utah counterculture fest

Limiting Rights: Imposing Religion on Workers (NYT editorial)

NSA Spied on a Conservative Political Party in India (is this supposed to be the big news?)


guatemalan boy left for better life, died alone

Sale of 4,000 U.S. Missiles to Iraq Is Readied

$19 billion for WhatsApp. $3 billion for Beats by Dre

Vacation-Phobic Americans Donate a Million Years of Work Annually

Hobby Lobby Discounts Outweigh Dismay Over Court Ruling

American military advisers are masterminding Ukraine’s surge against pro-Russian separatists

China Deploys Drones Against Pollution

Fed. Trade Commission sues T-Mobile for ‘cramming’ clients with bogus charges

Michelle Howard becomes first female vice admiral in U.S. Navy history

France's Former President Sarkozy Taken Into Custody

U.S. Marshals’ bitcoin auction produces one anonymous winner

Expect us!

Ex-Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson named CEO of pot firm

Washington State Is About To Face A Serious Weed Shortage

Deepening fraud dispute delays presidential election results in Afghanistan

Japanese pacifists unnerved by lifting of ban on military intervention

Man 'bends car door' of burning vehicle to save driver

Maine’s GOP governor met with ‘sovereign citizens’ who seek execution of Dems: book

Hong Kong police detain hundreds after mass protests

NSA can intercept any communications ‘concerning’ all but four countries

Editorial Cartoon: Go Forth…

Iraq says death toll in June highest since May 2007

Birther Queen Orly Taitz Still Fighting Fraudulent Liar Obama

Santorum: Founders Were Right to Prevent Black People from Voting

India launches four satellites into space using less money than Hollywood spent on ‘Gravity’

White Supremacists Set Up Hate Rally to Recruit KKK Members, Tens of People Show Up

Powerful New York GOP senator charged with lying to FBI about getting his son a lucrative job

Rick 'Old Frothy' Santorum’s Hobby Lobby movie warns Christians that U.S. is becoming Nazi Germany

Fox’s Megyn Kelly tells Bill Ayers: Criticizing the Vietnam War ‘sounds like Osama bin Laden’

As gridlock in Congress continues, Obama tells Cabinet to find areas open to executive action

10 charged with illegally selling firearms at Dothan flea market; 200 guns seized

El Hierro becomes energy independent

Shias killed in clashes with Iraqi police

Indiana: The Ultra-Right-Wing State Nobody Mentions

Not War on Poverty but War on the Poor: Washington’s Real Foreign Policy Aims

New Google Policy - Dangerous Products or Services

US Viceroy Paul Bremer’s Neoliberal Fatwas at Root of Iraq Crisis

Powerful Boycott Still Crushing Limbaugh's Career - Media Expert Holland Cooke Says It Goes

Congress resists Obama on Myanmar

HYPOCRISY on PARADE: Abortion Helps Keep Hobby Lobby Profitable

Another cure for a sore throat

The Zeroth Amendment: The Basis of All "Modern" Conservative Jurisprudence

Pepe Escobar: Arab Spring, Jihad Summer

I knew it, I knew it, I knew it! Seniors moments vindicated

The magic of the King's Blood

Out of land and almost underwater, the country of Kiribati may move to Fiji

After 2 weeks of screwing with Windoze 8, I quit.

Over 50 "friend of the court" or "amicus" briefs filed in Holly Hobby case.

Baltimore air polluter fumbles, and kids score one for their hard-hit community

Atlantic: TS Arthur churns north; Pacific: TS Douglas moves NW, P-TC Elida moves SE

Tomorrow, the next round of TPP negotiations start in Ottowa

Hobby Lobby Funded Disgraced Fundamentalist Christian Leader Accused of Harassing Dozens of Women

Five years after Augustine: How does the panel feel about NASA’s Space Launch System?

Check out We the People Website - change the name of the Reagan National Airport

Fish kill in eastern Ohio might be linked to fire at fracking well

More Money Please: A New Plan to Boost Europe's Straggling Investments

Fighting Google: Europe Eyes Digital Agenda to Better Compete with the US

Got an new Shinai Bag for Kendo!

Palestinian teen killed in possible revenge attack

OCO-2 Satellite Goes Into Orbit to Track Carbon Dioxide

SCOTUS Rules JCPenney Allowed to Sacrifice Employees to Appease Cthulhu

Interfaith Dialogue with Atheists

Georgia lawsuit still causing trouble for GM

NSA internet spying is legal, Obama-appointed privacy board says

So now what's our take on Religious Freedom Restoration Act?

Veteran Character Actor Bob Hastings dead at 89

Arab Spring, Jihad Summer

Hilarious warning signs that prove humans beings are literally the worst

After the murder: the hijackers began to sing. Tape (full abduction)

Can meditation help prevent the effects of ageing?

NSA's Internet monitoring said to be legal

Fairbanks Natural Gas seeks rate hike

The thing that ate America

Senior moments

Recently released Bergdahl venturing off-base, rubbing elbows with public

Boehner Decides Helping Hillary Win Is Better Than Passing Immigration Reform

Cartoon: A closely held company...

Why HL decision should be taken as the threat it is.

Scary black man saved America from complete humiliation

America and Global Order

Up to Its Old Tricks, Monty Python Reunites

WTH??? Poll taps Obama as 'worst president' since World War II

Hillary Clinton is not the only presidency-bound pantsuit-wearing woman

Paying to protect ourselves from North Dakota crude

'Community' Lives! Yahoo Has Saved Greendale for a Sixth Season

'Community' Lives! Yahoo Has Saved Greendale for a Sixth Season

U.S. Economy Added 281,000 Private-Sector Jobs in June, According to ADP National Employment Report.

LIVE UPDATES: Netanyahu orders swift probe after Palestinian teen found murdered

If Co-Existence is Impossible, Then What?

Squiggy the dolphin found dead with fishing hooks in stomach

British Hawaiian Italian Western Music

Sigh, black raspberry season is over for another year.

"I don't think people in that town should be against little kids,"

Slut-shaming for the righteous | By Mark Morford

This is why Central Floridians are trapped in a political vortex.


Supreme Court Justices Looked to Personal Views Rather Than Legal Arguments for Hobby Lobby Decision

What are the chances of a boycott putting Hobby Lobby out of business?

Narrow decision? Hobby Lobby decision likely to open a legal floodgate

Attend a Patriotic Event on July 2/3 to Support the U.S. Senate Vote on a Constitutional Amendment.

omg. so early.

“You can murder — but do it on your own dime!” -5 Myths About Hobby Lobby Debunked

PA. is No. 1 and 2 AGAIN - in the most expensive public universities for state residents

What's for Dinner ~ Wednesday ~ July 2nd

Pentagon denies 'mission creep' in Iraq as new U.S. troop presence reaches 650

OOPS! Boehner Just Screwed The GOP And Helped Hillary At The Same Time

Support Progressive Radio in Seattle.

Support Progressive Radio in Seattle

Russell Brand Calls Out Bill O'Reilly For His 'Rubbish' And 'Bigotry'

Can we get some billboards please?

Canada Day: How to Be Patriotic About a Country Built on Diversity

Well, I'm glad people are finally concerned.

Do Public School Teachers Have Any Friends in the Obama Administration?

Beware of an article circulating about North Carolina being evenly divided politically

I just ordered this new bumper sticker

10 things rich people know that you don’t

Delgaudio Case: Were Loudoun County hiring policies violated?

The Devil Uterus and Hobby Lobby:

You Could Save a Life! It's Easy!

Eeyores with Pom-Poms, Cheerleaders for Team Apathy.

"Free Trade" Champions Betray Us All

Does Capitalism Inevitably Produce Inequalities?

AP: Police: Child’s 911 call led to arrest in mother’s assault

Target 'respectfully' bans shoppers from packing heat

Towards Full Employment and the Democratic Prospect

First Chikungunya Case Confirmed In West Virginia

Papantonio: Scott Walker In The Criminal Hot Seat

Winner of Nazi’s 1935 ‘most beautiful Aryan baby’ contest revealed to be Jewish

Kerry warns U.S. will deport undocumented Central American children By Patricia Zengerle

Kinder, Gentler NC Bill Would Give Duke 5 Years To Close Worst Sites, Handy Deadline Extension Plan

Bloomberg Projects Another 10 Years Of Growing Chinese Coal Use

Didn't your father have this talk with you?

Here's an idea

And people say NOTHING ever gets done in the GOP-Controlled House

Just like in 2004? Why Ohio’s early voting cuts hit African-Americans hardest

Maybe we should stop calling it 'birth control'

This is stuck in my head...

Fifty Years Ago Today: the Civil Rights Act of 1964 was signed into law

Bill Would Privatize Evictions In Illinois - Rebecca Burns Discusses

Wednesday Toon Roundup 1- Creators and Destroyers

What if corporations were made of metal?

Blazing Saddles......great movie? could it be made today?

Wednesday Toon Roundup 2- It's different for Girls

Wednesday Toon Roundup 3- The Rest

SO GOOOOD NEWS WOW!!! France's Sarkozy faces corruption probe in blow to comeback hopes

2014 and the zealots are still fighting birth control.

Lately, I can't get enough of The Cure

I find it interesting that the FTC singled out T-Mobile for something all carriers have done

Not a single atheist/agnostic on the Supreme Court

Why Abenomics Flopped by Mike Whitney

This SUCKS right before the 4th! Meat Prices Skyrocket After Cow Smashing Machine Gets All Beefed Up

Lincecum stellar again as Giants beat Cardinals 5-0

The Inevitable Stock Market Reversal: The New Normal Is Just Another Bubble Awaiting a Pop

Missouri EMS Pros Vote to Join AFSCME

Missouri EMS Pros Vote to Join AFSCME

The Ceasefire That Wasn't: Russian Roulette (Dispatch 52)

What's to keep SC from saying employer can dictate how employees spend the MONEY they pay them?

Governor LePage: "We did not discuss execution"

Dr. Housing Bubble 07/02/14

Paramedics Drive into Storm to Save Patient

The Bible and Student Loans (Internet Meme)

Rachel Maddow - Obama happy to invite contrast with Congress

Birth Of A Nation......great movie? could it be made today?

Help Save the Monarch Butterfly -- email/petition from my Rep Chellie Pingree

Group that met with LePage denies terrorist links

Scientists withdraw claim about making stem cells

Frank Underwood, von Clausewitz, Rumsfeld and Yogi Berra

They Vote

UPDATED: Big Win For Gun Control Groups: Target Bans Guns In Its Stores

It's time to start an impeachment movement concerning the Supreme Court radicals.

Court to reconsider Barry Bonds' felony conviction

Colo. County Clerk Rejects Ultimatum: Same-Sex Marriage 'Legal And Just'

Congressional report on gun violence in U.S.

religion and the awkward interview questions

It's almost the 4th of July - Time to ask - What's In Your Hotdog?

Rachel Maddow - Boehner caught flopping on political pitch

American History X......great movie? could it be made today?

"Cannibal Cop" set free.

Another anti-gay activist caught in gay sex scandal...

Impeaching Obama: ‘Thelma and Louise’ strategy for GOP?

In latest poll, Corbett is in third place, behind "undecided"

John Oliver had it right -- If Corporations are people, make them die within a human lifespan

Just one more idiot who shoots himself (not a dog or innocent person this time!).

PA. Repubs STILL blocking Phila's ability to raise tobacco tax to keep their schools open

Chris Hedges vs Dinesh D'Souza "2016 Obama's America"

Real-time wind map of Tropical Storm Arthur:

Two Million Will Strike On July 10 (UK)

Barry, Once Washington’s ‘Mayor for Life,’ Tries to Shape Legacy With Autobiography.

McCain meets with Syrian opposition in Turkey, discusses strategy

The Assault on Organics, Ignoring science to make the case for chemical farming

Home Care, Child Care Providers Resolute in Face of Supreme Court Decision

The Hummingbird Whisperer 1 & 2

The One-Sided Culture War Against Children Left and right unite against ‘kids who want it all’

Two Guys With Guns Have Showdown On First Day Of Georgia's New 'Guns Everywhere' Law

U.S. troops in Baghdad to fly Apache helicopters, drones

Nevada punk band mistaken for Pride-bombing terrorists.

TX Land Commissioner: Perry Could 'Pass For A West Coast Metrosexual'

Pic Of The Moment: Descendants Of Immigrants Proudly Tell Other Immigrants To Go Home

Photo Of Perfect Aryan Child Used In Nazi Propaganda Was A Jewish Baby

Is SCOTUS's Harris v. Quinn Ruling on a New Version of the Infamous Dred Scott Decision?

The Day After in pictures

Whoa! Anonymous-Affiliated Hackers Have Declared War on the Islamic State ISIS

We don't have to impeach SCOTUS, just hold them to the same standard

Aren't there just a few too many Catholics on The SCOTUS? Toon>>

Elizabeth Warren Brings Populism Down South. Is Hillary Paying Attention?

Chris Hedges Speaks at "One Nation Under Surveillance"

hobby lobby hypocrisy

Why We’re Marxists

Remembering Dr. King - Civil Rights Act of 1964 enacted 50 yrs. ago today

The gop warned us about their war on women (warning these guys are mean)

First day of ‘guns everywhere’ law in GA sparks convenience store showdown

Moaning Moguls - Why are the super rich so angry?

Greg Allman hospitalized.

Kitten Rescue Cam!

Burger King Proud Whopper

Mayor de Blasio signs bills to report on charter schools, waive Sandy rebuilding fees

Benghazi bombing suspect heads back to Virginia

HCJ continues to approve punitive house demolitions and the policy of harming the innocent

$2.5 Million. Spilled Coffee... Remember this Huge Story?

What is the Democratic Party doing wrong?

Worst-case recalibration-Indian Point Plant

Any thoughts?

Ashleigh Banfield on CNN skewering Hobby Lobby for investments

Deal takes shape to bolster Citi Bike

Stocks edge higher after hiring surges in June

Nothing Stops Hobby Lobby From Saying No Portion Of Salary Can Be used For Birth Control....

NY-13 campaigns fined $105k for illegal signs

Apple is not killing Aperture, they are folding it into the OS.

This sport beats the hell out of soccer:

I'm sorry

If I listed the gun trolls active in the last hour, would you alert on my post?

Colorado state congressional candidate claims Obama and Hillary have "demons..."

How to Read That Poll in Which Obama Is Seen as the “Worst President”

SCOTUS Hobby Lobby Ruling Not "Narrow", Applies To 90% Of US Corporations

We failed her. Big time. Boston Children’s was experimenting on Justina Pelletier,

Revolving Door: Heather Zichal, Former Obama Energy Aide, Named to Board of Fracked Gas Exports Co.

Distort D'Newsa has a new movie out.

Egypt's Ridiculous New "Cure" for AIDS and Hep C

SHOCKING NEW POLL!!! Republicans LOVE Reagan and HATE Obama.

U.S. spying row overshadows McCain's trip to India

U.S. privacy board says NSA Internet spying program is effective but worrying

Good News: Gun Sales Falling

How one of our vets is spreading awareness ..... about PTSD veterans and fireworks

Should Pregnancy be reclassified as a 'High-Risk Medical Condition' or as a 'Short-Term Disability'?

Single Women Emerge as Political Powerhouse (or, why the Hobby Lobby decision matters)

Graphic Designer Responds to Craigslist Ad by Texting a Series of Boner Logos


Gas prices, wow

Inside the libertarian version of Burning Man: Guns, booze and bitcoin

Twin Cities jobless rate -- at 4% -- is the lowest in U.S.

Griswold v. Connecticut

Sack: After Hobby Lobby

Russia's Gazprom gives Kiev extension into next week in gas dispute

AP Exclusive: Child rape case leaves mysteries

Need advice on stacking baked cookies for the freezer.

Mitch McConnell Promises More Abortion Restrictions If GOP Wins Back Senate

Wisconsin girl not fit to stand trial in Slender Man stabbing case, doctors say

After Harris v. Quinn: The State of Our Unions

Vatican gives official backing to exorcists

Wage Theft, Dangerous Conditions and Discrimination: Inside New York’s Food Industry

BREAKING: If you conduct a poll made up of....

Russia seeks closer ties with breakaway region after Moldova's EU move

Freedom Isn’t Protected; It’s Practiced

ISPs take GCHQ to court in UK over mass surveillance

Chrysler To Sell 707 HP Dodge Challenger

Was the immigrant GTA Issa behind those protests against little children in Murrieta?

Why shouldn't Hobby Lobby have to pay its women employees more?

Noticed a "Hobby Lobby coming soon" sign in Savannah

Sheldon Silver's earnings from Weitz & Luxenberg jumped by at least $200,000 in 2013

No contraception=more pregnancy/children=TURNOVER

Help needed. Whom Should I Contact About Health Discrimination?

Sarkozy just gave his post-detention interview......

Hedges Interview on Role of Media

The GOP-Controlled South Is Essentially A Solid, Grim Block Of Poverty

Pols blast downsizing plan for Section 8 tenants

France's Sarkozy says justice twisted by politics in corruption probe

Hi Guys!

DAY AFTER: Religious Leaders Send Letter To Obama Ask For Exemption From Discriminating Against LGBT

First black female student-president at New Jersey prep school forced to resign over offensive pics

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford: I Was Drunk But Never High at Work

Mandated Paid Maternity Leave: It's Time to End the Divide Between the 'Haves' and the 'Have-Nots'

It's not just Hobby Lobby, an "organic" food company too.

Papantonio: Atrocious SCOTUS Deals Blow to Labor Unions

Kenwood Academy eyed as potential housing for undocumented children

Shark found in pond. Florida, of course.

I'm not Belgian

Jamie Dimon has CA aka Cancer of throat

Ceasefire in E. Ukraine, OSCE observers at Russian checkpoints agreed at Berlin meeting

Drag Queen Takes on Ranting Conservatives in Seattle

Interesting ISIS analysis....or just crap? (video)

Upon which CNN locates the bottom of the barrel, claws through it, and wallows in the mud beneath.

FCC Chairman Tom 'Dingo' Wheeler Confronted By NM State Senator Jacob Candelaria

Scientist creates new flu virus that can kill all of humanity

CNN/Fox shocked their Bergdahl propaganda hate campaign has had no effect on actual people outside

An homage to the working men and women of America....

Warren Sapp is a Cheap SOB

Fracking decision unlikely to have much impact in NYC s upstate watershed

Scott Lively is definitely unhappy after getting ripped by John Oliver

So will ReTHUG governor Pat McCrory be rejecting any help from FEMA

Virginia state legislator accused of underage relationship

Answer: "Tasted remarkably like chicken."

We need Hobby Lobby protest slogans!! NEED some DU love here!!!

Panel endorses some NSA Internet surveillance

The South Rises Up to Take on Wall Street and High Frequency Trading

Koppell Claims Klein Ally’s Comment ‘Smacks of Anti-Semitism’

Nixon vetoes 72-hour waiting period for abortions in Missouri

‘Cannibal Cop’ Out of Jail, Looking Forward to a Home-Cooked Meal

Is baseball legend Cal Ripken Jr.'s hair related to actor Bruce Willis' hair ?

Court upholds ruling that tossed out tribe s land claim

LOL -- GOP pollster: "The Republican Party is too fixated on this fiction of electability."

Reversing Genesis: The Ransacking of Temple Earth

Zephyr Teachout: Goal is 45,000 petition signatures

This is the coolest demonstration of self-driving cars I’ve ever seen

White House petition begun to rename Reagan Airport after Tim Howard

North Carolina DU'ers, are you prepared for Arthur ?

Things Tim Howard Could Save

The Recent SCOTUS decisions should be the last message we need.

Religious groups want exemption to discriminate based upon sexual orientation.

Lawyer for Libyan militant says evidence lacking

No devil in detail of Church of England's new baptism service

Exclusive: U.S. discloses secret Somalia military presence, up to 120 troops

Stephen Gaskin, founder of The Farm, dies at 79

Here's that Hobby Lobby slippery slope in action

White House report: Blocking Medicaid expansion will cost Florida 63,000 jobs


Legalize Polygamy! No. I am not kidding.

My thoughts on the Hobby Lobby Debacle

The Great Exception (That Wasn't) -- Or, Everybody but Me!

The Rude Pundit - A Midweek Reacharound: The Kentucky Gay Marriage Ruling Will Make Your Day

'Reading Rainbow' Breaks Kickstarter Record For Most Backers ($5.1 mil donations)

2 Solar Installers Sue State of Arizona For Imposing Industry-Crippling Property Tax

Maddow blog on Obama 'worst president' poll: the poll is utterly ridiculous and misleading

"Decision Looms In Lawsuit That May Actually Crush Obamacare"

Maddow on Q-Poll ranks of post-war presidents: "worthless & useless"

Angry shameful display of American disdain for those immigrants

11-Year-Old Boy With Autism Kept Inside Dog Cage at Anaheim Home: Police

A horrific mass shooting in Michigan leaves a toddler dead, two others wounded

7 Breathtaking Winners Of The 2014 Wilderness Photo Competition:

Supreme Court Rules JCPenney Allowed to Sacrifice Employees to Appease Cthulhu

Port Authority inspector general dies at age 70

Ecuador planned power plant in Yasuni national park, documents show

Freedom, Power, and the Conservative Mind by Robert Reich

Hobby Lobby to female employees:

Chris McDaniel in Mississippi is throwing an even bigger tantrum...

Rachel Maddow answers that ridiculous poll about worst President

Coalition: Keep $900M in shake-up-Environmentalists act to preserve programs

how do I get a visa?

The IRS Is Coming For Your Offshore Bank Account

Teach for America recruits just approached my friend on the street

We can fix the Supreme Court Decision on Hobby Lobby...

I am confronted with a decision.

US asks for more security at some foreign airports

The United States of America Has Gone Mad" -- John Le Carr'e REDUX

Maximilien de Robespierre to America:

Is it just me, or is it creepy when straight couples publicly

7 Breathtaking Winners Of The 2014 Wilderness Photo Competition

Romney insists he won't be a candidate in 2016

What's your "sincerely held belief"?

To all NYC Subway riders....

‘Hypocrisy at its finest’: CNN calls out Hobby Lobby for investing in birth control

‘Hypocrisy at its finest’: CNN calls out Hobby Lobby for investing in birth control

Today's Hero - Boulder County Clerk Hillary Hall

Dear "Worst President" Poll Respondents,

Cross posted from Photo group. Aperture is not dead, just renamed and

Ass Hat Limbaugh returns to slut shaming: Women who need the pill should stop having sex

On The First Day Of Georgia’s New ‘Guns Everywhere’ Law, Two Guys With Guns Clash

What should President Obama do to counter the attacks and threats from the GOP...?

Confidence In Supreme Court Hits Record Low, Poll Finds"

The endgame of the logic used by the SCOTUS to interpret the RFRA

White House to Rick Scott: Medicaid expansion would create 63k jobs

Olbermann's advice for American soccer fans

Check out the Notorious RBG t-shirt here (Ruth Bader Ginsberg)

Ex-minister Lord Brittan under scrutiny over 1980s dossier of sex abuse claims

Howdy from Texas

GOP brainwashing thoughts

Goldman Sachs ‘Boy’s Club’ Accused of Mocking Women

US Govt Get $946M From Puerto Rico's Popular Bank

32 states trail US as a whole in job recovery

If the IRS can issue a regulation which changes the wording and intent of a LAW

Supreme Court Rules JCPenney Allowed to Sacrifice Employees to Appease Cthulhu

Russia and Ukraine 'agree steps' towards new truce

I nominate Rush Limpdick as #1!

Most Americans Think It's Illegal to Fire Someone for Being Gay. They're Wrong.

What To Do About Doctors Refusing To Take Obamacare Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Texas.

Sandhill Cranes chilling out.

Independent lawmaker requests AG’s investigation of LePage meetings with radical group

Aussie Rugby star sacked over auto-watersports photo

AP and AP Excite seem to have a majority of the Breaking News stories at DU...why is that?

When Religious Freedom Clashes with Access to Care (New Eng Jour Med)

SC upholds Little Caesar's right to feed Christian employees to lions.

U.K. investigates Facebook news feed experiment

Santorum: Founders Were Right to Prevent Black People from Voting

Which country does the most good for the world?

At Shooters Grill, waitresses carry guns for Jesus

Unconventional Warfare: The Political Destabilization Campaign continues in Venezuela

The ideal organic farm

Mandatory evacuation issued for Hatteras as NC braces for storm

Hobby Lobby's Pinterest Page

Have you read the story about Detroit Pensioners!!

I believe the corporate takeover of this country is a done deal

"House GOP cuts spending on policy staff, boosts spending on PR and spin"

DC37, city's largest labor union, strikes $1.75 billion contract deal

MSNBC Names José Díaz-Balart New Host, his brother is part of the problem in Central America

Researchers Discuss Origins of Melungeon Heritage at Annual Event

Nazi's 'Perfect Aryan' Baby, Hessy Taft, Was Actually Jewish, And Now She's All Grown Up

"Koch teams up with Fox employees"

Researchers Discuss Melungeon Heritage at Annual Event

I can't help but notice

De Blasio: Move away from stop and frisk did not lead to spike in shootings

Patricia Bath

Missouri Governor Vetoes 'Extreme And Disrespectful' Anti-Abortion Bill

Occupy activist Cecily McMillan released from jail after two months

Dog Flees Fireworks and Has Sweet Surprises for Rescuer :-)

Being Biden Vol. 16: Reflections on Signing of the Civil Rights Act, 50 years ago today

JPMorgan headm Jamie dimon, announces he has throat cancer.

Space without the space

The 'Five Extra Years' ad

Machine Devours Trees in Seconds

This is pretty ingenious

Humanitarian crisis.

President Obama's statement regarding 50th Anniversary of the Civil Rights Act

I've got to have a 'conversation' with a patient tomorrow. It looks like she's got ovarian cancer.

Life Itself’: A Fitting, Heartrending Tribute to Cinema’s Great Appreciator Roger Ebert


Dennis Prager really makes an ass of himself, calls AIDS among heteros a "manufactured crisis"

What US city--NYC and Chicago excepted--has the most beautiful skyline?

Action Alert: Remedy is to repeal RFRA

Florida Man strikes again -- this time at a defenseless little rabbit

Vintage aviation photos. New York City. LaGuardia.

hobby lobby/scotus – why?

Yankee Stadium plays host to IDF fundraiser

When the Tea Party and The Rethugs( who claim they are not the Tea Party)..

Are things running slow again or is it just me?

Resigning House Leader Cantor Reflects On All The Accomplishments He Thwarted

Coastal NC DUers - stay safe and dry

I think that Steve Kornacki is as obnoxious as Chris Matthes

In the Deaths of 3 Israeli Teens, Likud Policies are also Implicated