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Scientology head can’t be forced to testify, Texas court rules

Elaine Stritch has died.

"Fuck every cause that ends in murder and children crying"

Wastewater injections to resume Friday in well that caused Greeley earthquake; fines possible

Wastewater injections to resume Friday in well that caused Greeley earthquake; fines possible

I have a crush on Sandra Bullock.

War is the Deadliest Disease

Turkish Jews urged to apologize for 'Israeli killing of Muslims'

FM:West Bank status quo can be model for Gaza reoccupation

Powerful Anti-War Statements From Peaceful People Of Faith

Israel destroys el-Wafa hospital as staff evacuates all patients

Taking responsibility for ourselves

Moon rocks are coming to town

Huntington's Kitchen

Ted Cruz pushes to undo 2012 deportation ban for young immigrants

Someone Left A Loaded Gun In A Walmart Bathroom

Do not support “the old Jewish lady”

How Do We Respond to This Really Horrible Day?

Legitimacy crisis: Netanyahu acknowledges Israeli assault lacked legitimacy

Vice President Joe Biden heckled at Netroots Nation 2014 'Stop deporting our families'

In Memory of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising and Destruction

Melbourne-bound AIDS 2014 delegates among those on MH17 flight

Palestinian-American Boy Beaten by Israeli Authorities Returns Home

What's your boxing nickname?

A personal influence died today. Yes there is more "important" news, but in case anyone cares...

White House Announces Climate Change Initiatives

I wasn't sure where to post this, but I thought it was worth sharing...

Sophia: The Christian Mystic's Path To Wisdom

Top Researchers Traveling To International AIDS Conference Killed In Malaysian Crash


Krauthammer: Moral clarity in Gaza

Fugitive former agriculture minister sentenced to 17 years for embezzlement

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! & a new Kittehs gif

Any thought on a DU app on Apple/Google?

Question ? Did Jimmy Hoffa ever physically assault RFK ?

So DINO State Sen has 2 million $ from 167 donors and primary challenger has 123 k from 3800 donors.

Woman punched by CHP officer files lawsuit alleging excessive force

Afghan ballot audit starts; Kabul airport attacked

Over A Thousand Fast-Food Worker Activists Expected At Chicago Convention July 25th

Vladimir Ras-Putin

The world went a bit crazy today | so I went and got a haircut

Texas officials warn of possible measles exposure at softball tournament in Kansas

Are children working on Minnesota school construction sites? (second possible case)


GOP congressman finds Honduras too scary to leave his hotel, but perfectly fine to send kids back to

Cartoon: Bible Stories for Newly Formed and Young Corporations

ok, wtf. last years latham yellow rasberries

GOP Congressman Says Central America Too Dangerous for Congressmen—But Not for Kids

Castro's Toronto speech on LGBTI rights in Cuba

What Kind of Person Sells Terrorists Surface-to-Air Missiles?

July 17, 1894 Charles Luth?

Egypt blames Hamas for IDF's ground offensive

Events to commemorate 80th anniversary of 1934 strike

Twice as cute

Labor's Turning Point

Malaysia Airlines plane crashes - the plane was shot down by a missile

McResources "Help" Line

WV Veterans and Warriors to Ag

Medicaid change allows reimbursement for I.U.D.s

OS's Labor posts around the DU 7-17-14

President in my state today

OS's Labor posts around the DU 7-17-14

Cuomo’s progressive foe popular with Downtown clubs

According to CNN, Russian propaganda is saying

JFK Assassination Wiki Article Anonymously Edited By Congress, Report

More than a 100 AIDS researchers and activists were killed on MH17

It's Here! First Local Chikungunya Cases in Florida

Despite misinformation effort, U.S. is targeting climate change

I finally got a job!

C’mon, Congress—Isn’t 34 Years Enough Time to Ratify CEDAW?

C’mon, Congress—Isn’t 34 Years Enough Time to Ratify CEDAW?

church of england to welcome women bishops

church of england welcomes women bishops

Fox news and their coverage of downed airliner

To my fellow American Jews

I got off work early today ...

Purr special request, the Purrsday Papurr Shortage Thread

Great toon - First Class Warfare at the Daily Kos

CEO Whitman takes chairman post at Hewlett-Packard

Judge tells Detroit man he needed a beating

For 1StrongBlackMan and anyone who wants a smile

The human rights community’s consensus: Israel is committing war crimes in Gaza

"Guerrillas Killed in Combat" and the Colombian Military's Persistent Impunity

Fancy Farm (August 2 political picnic) says: Keep it civil!

The damn raccoon is back

Please sign petition

Here, Let Me Simplify This Guardian Op-Ed Title; History Will Piss On Tony Abbott's Grave

TCM Schedule for Sunday July 20: Silent Comedians

China 3 Yrs Late And Counting On Offshore Wind Plan; Less Than 10% Of Projects Installed

Germany pledges $1bn to UN climate change fund

So what do you do about a manager taking credit for your work?

Johnny Winter, one of the best all time blues guitar players and brother of rock legend Edgar Winter

As far as I'm concerned, those Russian separatists are no better than al-Qaeda

Cool! NPS Confirms Hatching Of California Condor Chick In Zion National Park

*Hillary on Charlie Rose tonight.

TCM Schedule for Monday July 21 - Based on Agatha Christie

Chris Christie is happy that a third of Iowa Republicans surveyed hold a negative view of him.

Bill can only hold her wrists so long before...

news of the day

I always wanted to make the cover of Rolling Stone Magazine - instead my cat did....

Remember your inner peace.

History is simply repeating itself in Israel.

Vulgar University of Oregon police department list draws Internet sneers

Until just this minute I did not think to share with you that I was involved in a 48 hour movie

Stephen Colbert's child immigration segment tonight is genius.

Dr. Housing Bubble 07/17/14

Sad news announcement...

Do conservatives know Obama does not have magic plane powers

Did federal shutdown really cause July baby boom in D.C.?

$250 Billion Lawsuit against Big Banks

Fed up with Hamas

Hobby Lobby Owner Plans Bible Museum in Washington

If I offered to sell you a Nazi era BMW motorbike complete with SS insignia and death's head

Detentions of migrant kids at Texas-Mexico border drop, Border Patrol says

The view of the night sky over the planet Krikkit is the least interesting sight in the Universe.

Former member of State Board of Dental Examiners pleads guilty to recording female employee

Airbnb rebrands neoliberal bullshit as genitalia-shaped bullshit

Gov. Perry security on Palau trip cost nearly $50,000

For how long did the Jews say "next year in Jerusalem" before they actually got to Jerusalem?





I don't know about y'all but we have some freaky weather going on...

Horse Ham

Hillary Clinton's Post Cold-War Fairy Tale

10 Previous Flightpaths of Malaysian flights

Ahhhh I'm losing my mind!

BBC Documentary 2014 Decoding Dinosaur`s Real Documentaries

Turkish Jews urged to apologize for 'Israeli killing of Muslims'

Confederate memorial in Bellmead vandalized again

Spoke too soon, Typhoon Rammasun to assault China soon ! , TS Matmo and TS Wali also

Sysco to pay nearly $20 million in improper food storage settlement

FBI, NTSB Investigators Headed to Site of Downed Malaysia Airlines Plane

Christie says he backs Hobby Lobby ruling in Iowa visit

The Truth About Killer Dinosaurs - Documentary films

What bigots sound like when they say marriage equality affects them...

Rare ocelot found dead on highway

Arizona teacher files $4M claim in prison rape

GOP fights to give Obama MORE power over Congress

FOX NEWS FLASHBACK - Sept. 2013: “Putin Is The One Who Really Deserves That Nobel Peace Prize.”

My Favorite Religions: Interfaith Family Perspective

LTTE: U.S. helped create suffering in Honduras

Buddhists can be terrorists, priests can abuse: Why religion doesn’t preclude inhumanity - See more

Latin America: from 'backyard' to development vanguard

Prominent HIV researcher Joep Lange was among the victims of flight MH17

“Las Patronas”: Meet the women helping child migrants as they make their way to the U.S.

Foreigners join far-right militias in Ukraine’s fight against rebels

Citing 'Harm,' Utah Files Supreme Court Emergency Request To Deny Married Couples Benefits

Obama Connects with New York City like Few Before Him

The Family That Walks On All Fours - Documentary

Christine Lagarde's numerology lesson on number 7

The Boy With Divine Powers - Documentary

America Is Ripe For Authoritarianism

Americans Are Leaving Religion Behind and It Scares the Hell Out of the Christian Right

Net Neutrality Fight Isn’t About Saving Internet Freedom, It’s About Saving Internet Commerce

This Isn't the First Time: 5 Other Commercial Airliners That Were Shot Down

I agree with Chris Christie? Regarding the kids at the Border

This Drug Trafficking Case Says A Lot About What's Wrong With Undercover Cops In America

Were TWO planes shot down over Eastern Ukraine yesterday?

Scientists "fingerprint" a culprit in depression, anxiety and other mood disorders

Frederick Ludovick, Destroyer of Stuff, has died

in word, I am opening docs and then suddenly

i think we should see all the pictures

Family, not religion, will influence our attitude to assisted dying

Poll Finds Americans’ Favorite Faith Group Is Their Own

Workers Say McDonald’s Fired Them for Union Activity

Scott Brown would rather hang out where men poop than answer your dumb Hobby Lobby questions

Maryland GOP candidate is a neo-Confederate who believes in creationism, but not state laws

Prostate Cancer Treatment: Unproven Proton Radiation Therapy Wastes Millions of Dollars

Mexican Bishop Raul Vera Lopez Slams Homophobes For Being 'Sick' And 'Heartless'

Blow-Back: How Bush-Cheney Reduced Iraq to Ashes

Health Catastrophe in Gaza after Israel bombs water infrastructure

Kurdish Diva Backs Independence Defies “Islamic State” Fundamentalists


Long Rope Day

US urges Ukraine ceasefire for crash probe

Iran balks at Kurdish statehood threats

Atheism, Race, and Social Justice

Standing Up to Disaster Capitalism in Detroit

Zarif and Kerry signal nuclear momentum

What Do the Recent Supreme Court Decisions Mean for Women’s Economic Security?

The Next Religious Liberty Case

BRICS size up big opportunities

US Weaponizes Nearly Every Major World Conflict | Brainwash Update

Buy the ticket, take the ride...

Challenging Corporate Media To The Limit

The Pope Francis Haters

Knucklehead MN GOP candidate: ‘Knocked up’ women don’t deserve dinner, dancing at their wedding

‘You’re so goddamn dumb’: Fox Business guests clash over Malaysian plane crash

Slate's Fred Kaplan: Israel’s Deadly Gambits

Hatred as politics in Myanmar

NOPE...NOT ENOUGH PUNISHMENT : SC man gets 10 years for dragging dog behind truck

ASS HAT Limbaugh: Airliner Crash ‘An Opportunity’ For The Media ‘To Abandon Bad Obama News’

Austerity Economics Is Walking US Prosperity Off a Cliff

A great actress Elaine Stritch dies

Finally, Charles Krauthammer comprehensively discredited

America's Scarborough Shoal dolchstoss

Family who lost two members on flight MH370 have lost two more on MH17

The Death toll

I survived my birthday.

With Surge in Child Migrants, New York Forms Task Force on Aiding Them

With Surge in Child Migrants, New York Forms Task Force on Aiding Them

AbbVie, Shire agree on $55B combination

Invading Iraq was the Original Sin

Rand Paul And I Agree On Criminal Justice Reform - By Sen. Cory Booker

Has anybody seen today's google doodle?

CIA Driven Away from Berlin

Can anyone tell me how to find a local eBay seller?

The Nato promise


US must address its responsibilities south of the border

Canada must diversify its energy pitch to U.S.

Clinton: Will have ‘specific agenda’ if she runs

Koterba toon: Christie

Wars without winners

Who are they supposed to dry hump now?

Confusion over whether Malaysia black boxes found

Israel launches ground incursion in Gaza Strip

How the Constitution May Screw Rand Paul for 2016

From a Dutch friend regarding Flight MH17

Chris Christie Now Supports The Hobby Lobby Ruling

One cause: Reflections on the true roots of the conflict

GOP lawmakers increase pressure on Congress to fast-track controversial Pacific trade pact

Adopted son of ex-Penn State coach tells Oprah: Sandusky sex abuse became ‘bedtime ritual’

Shooting target left outside Capitol Hill office of League of Women Voters

The Bear's Lair: Technology appears to be wrecking markets

C. C. Boycott

One French supermarket chain's fight against food waste

German Foreign Minister: 'Further Escalation Not Out of the Question' in Ukraine

Malcolm X meme re The Newspapers

How Cuomo got his picture-perfect LIRR moment

Coal Miner Whose Brother Died On The Job Was Fired After Flagging Dangers

Is Abortion Next in Hobby Lobby Slippery Slope?

GOP Congressman Says Central America Too Dangerous for Congressmen—But Not for Kids

How does one properly answer this most frightening of interview questions?

State proposes Indian Point shutdown in warm months to protect fish

V for Vendetta Valerie's Letter (shortened)

Russian govt: 'unacceptable' to call shooting down of airliner 'terrorist act'

Hilarious Chart ---Considering How Much Airtime Has Been Given To The Cheney Neocon Rehab Tour

Largest US insurer's move signals industry shift

Gotta be the stupidest thing I've ever heard. From a "Democrat" no less.

New poll finds Jason Carter leading in GA's governor's race

What Happens When Detroit Shuts Off the Water of 100,000 People

Hope in the Village

City libraries target six-day service, eventually

Why is Chris Christie still considered a presidential candidate?

Two Lives Collide, and End, at an Elvis Shrine

Mass. would house hundreds of migrant children

Why Poor Schools Can’t Win at Standardized Testing

Friday TOON Roundup 1 - Shot Down

Israel deepens Gaza push to destroy Hamas tunnels

Friday TOON Roundup 2 - North American Taliban

Friday TOON Roundup 3 -Nation of Immigrants

Cuomo spent $161 million on tourism, business ads

Friday TOON Roundup 4 - The State of the Holy Land

GA-Gov: New Poll Has Jason Carter (D) Beating Nathan Deal (R) 48-41

Friday TOON Roundup 5 -The Rest

Going to be a long day - you'll need this

But What About Poor Kids In Our Own Country?

UPDATED: Obama To Deliver Statement On Ukraine At 11:30 A.M. ET

Fallout from Moreland Commission continues

McCain: I'd Have Been 'Reluctant' To Start Iraq War If I Won In 2000

OK, just one more - really, just the one

"GAME CHANGER": I think Josh Marshall has it right:

US port strike fears hit supply chains

I would like to apologize.

Supreme Court okays pro-life challenge to Ohio election speech law

Sentence against Ithaca drones protester is a farce and an outrage

New York Post Reporter to Occupy Activist Cecily McMillan: "You Look Fabulous! But You Should Eat...

Falluja and Gaza: Why Counter-Terrorism fails when the Problem is Political

Chicken Sh*t House Republicans: Central America Too Dangerous To Leave Hotel, But Not For Kids

This Drug Trafficking Case Says A Lot About What's Wrong With Undercover Cops In America

Human rights court: Europe cannot be forced to redefine marriage

"Run Liz Run"

How Americans Feel About Religious Groups

Russia Today London correspondent resigns in protest at 'disrespect for facts' over Malaysian plane

Letter to Boehner: What the hell, pal?

Meshaal speaks out on possible cease-fire

Do you see a cat in this picture?

Obama opens East Coast to oil search

The administration just took Obamacare away from the territories

Cops murder Staten Island man accused of selling cigarettes.

Chuck Schumer Announces Opposition To Embattled Judicial Nominee Michael Boggs

Sudan: Appeal launched against acquittal of Meriam Ibrahim

Cannabis lobbyists form alliance

Keep in mind: The Malaysian flight was broadcasting a civilian signal

The World Health Organization calls for the decriminalisation of drug use

Reporter stopped by TSA agent who didn't know District of Columbia is in US

NYSUT makes first round of endorsements in legislative races

Gaza crisis: Obama administration accuses Israel of not protecting civilians

Timeline: Koch brothers 50 years in tar sands

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie introduces himself to Iowans

Lawyer: Terror-case client is 'terminally ill'

“Political correctness”: decoding a vicious, pernicious code word

Michele Bachmanns latest tweet about obama

Peeling the onion: Almost everyone involved in developing Tor was (or is) funded by the US governmen

New San Francisco billboard warns workers they’ll be replaced by iPads if they demand a fair wage

Papantonio: Homegrown Terrorism Scarier than Al-Qaeda

EPA to propose limits on Alaska’s Pebble Mine project

FedEx faces U.S. criminal charges over online pharmacies

Dad, What Religion Are We?

Russia Today Anchor Resigns, Admits To Spreading 'Lies' For Putin

Fidel Castro says 'pro-imperialist' Ukraine downed jet


Miner to Obama: Syracuse welcomes migrant children awaiting deportation

Income and Happiness

Ukrainian separatists were formerly war reenactors

High-tech spycraft tracked missile's path to Malaysia Airlines jet

PA. Appeals Ct. Refuses to Overturn Gag Rule on Physicians Talking about Fracking Chemicals

BlueCross BlueShield withdraws from Medicaid managed care program

Religious Right Will Take Away Women's Reproductive Rights By Any Means Possible.

It should be easy to prove where the missile was fired from that brought down fl17

an app to translate Louie Gohmert speak.

Court Rules for Gay Marriage in Oklahoma Case

Pic Of The Moment: Rep. Steve Pearce Visits Honduras, Says Migrant Kids Aren't Fleeing From Danger

Falluja and Gaza: Why Counter-Terrorism Fails When the Problem is Political--Juan Cole

Black Southern Voters, Poised to Play a Historic Role.

Ukraine. Discuss. nt

Jeff Klein Received 10K Donation From Mob-Tied Real Estate Firm

Cable or satellite company horror stories?

Earth-like soils on Mars?

Louie Schwartzberg: Hidden miracles of the natural world

Obama Reversing Ban on Oil Drilling off Most U.S. Shores--(Sonic Boom Exploration)

Report: Climate changing more rapidly than at any point on record

Over 100 AIDS specialists were on plane shot down over Ukraine

Two Malaysian airliner crashes in less than 5 months. What are the chances?

Star Trek 'engine' goes where no one has gone before

tell me about pot and the pee test. please.

U.S. researchers call for greater oversight of powerful genetic technology

#Mandela Day

Executive Order Curtails Kalashnikov Imports from Russia

5 atheist and Muslim billboards that drove the Christian right nuts

POTUS Speaking Right Now about Ukraine

Rapping Korean nuns fire up prayer competition

2016: I'm giving a lot of thought to supporting Gov. Martin O'Malley of MD

Well This Is Awkward (Elizabeth Warren at Netroots Nation)

Young science genius solves sandbagging...

President Obama takes Putin to the woodshed.

Do you think Rick Perry...

Who benefits from war between Russia and Ukraine?

What's for Dinner, Fri., July 18, 2014

Indiana University doctoral student was on Malaysian Airlines flight

Driving dogs?!

Jesse Ventura is mad

Gauge of US economy rises 0.3 percent in June

Teachout: ‘Cuomo’s Albany Is Structurally Corrupt’

CNN boots reporter from Israel-Gaza conflict after 'scum' tweet

rebel who fired missile at downed airlplane: "i was just cleaning my rocket launcher"

Footage emerges of BUK missile launcher being smuggled back to Russia and missing TWO rockets

Dick Morris:Immigtation Border crisis could wipe out democrats in the midterm

Two Lives Collide, and End, at an Elvis Shrine

Joe Conason: Border Crisis Tests Religious Faith — And Some Fail Badly

VIDEO -NY father dies after being put in a choke hold with police

The six states of California... revisited.

As a Russian government owned entity, RT cannot be trusted

The six states of California... revisited.

Rhode Island accidentally decriminalized prostitution, and good things happened

I wonder if Sarah Palin will have a comment after Obama's press conference?

In an alternate universe where McCain/Palin won 2008 and 2012...

Arkansas’ Cotton sees food-stamp recipients as ‘addicts’

OSCE agrees on statement re MH17 crash

Lost all my tabs on Firefox...

It's Friday

No translation necessary.

Solution to the refugee crisis

Duma speaker blames Ukraine for allowing civil airliner to use airspace over war-torn area

Hey, I'm planning to start replying to other people's ATA threads.

Is it possible that Putin is not in total control of his military?

Closing outsourcing loophole: Schumer proposes bill to bring jobs back to America

Limbaugh: ‘Eerie’ crash of Malaysian flight is an ‘opportunity’ to save Obama from border crisis

Marino Staffer Arrested for Bringing Gun to Cannon

This Is How Comcast Is Astroturfing the Net Neutrality Issue

Uno mas en espanol.

Todays Lesson from Prof. Warren

Obama news conference: 'Israel Has The Right To Defend Itself'

NYT map graphics on the MH17 attack -- good reference

California adds 24,000 jobs in June, surpassing pre-recession peak

Shouldn't this be enough

Does anyone have advice on shipping currency?

Disney reaches tentative deal with 6 unions, thousands of employees

Final Facebook post of passenger of downed Malaysian flight goes viral

Obama Points to Pro-Russia Separatists in Downing of Malaysian Airlines Plane

Massive wildfire burns homes, leads to evacuations

MH17: Separatists block crash site access as evidence grows against them

Elizabeth Warren's 11 Commandments of Progressivism

De Blasio deputy ‘looking very closely’ at plastic bag fee

"If I Had A Rocket Launcher"

Seeing the light: Boehner Drops Obama Lawsuit; Says It Would Mean Doing Something - (Borowitz)

Cliven Bundy-style scofflaw jailed in Miami over threats to shoot county commissioners

And awayyyy we go! Allen West blames Obama for the ariliner being shot down...

Remembering the Sandinista Revolution -

NASA's OCO-2 will track our impact on airborne carbon

Transcript of Pres. Obama's remarks this morning on Ukraine and Gaza

Four lobbying groups can keep donors private

Jet Attack Puts Putin in Corner; 'This Isn't His Plan A'

Report: Shots Fired At Investigators At Plane Crash Site In Ukraine

A college friend is going to work in the Obama Adminstration

Payrolls Rose in 33 U.S. States in June, Led by Florida

Russia's Fast Breeder Reactor BN-800 at Beloyarsk Nuclear Power Station Reaches Criticality, "Closed

Will someone please escort Pop Pop McCain to his room!

Woman goes NUTS in McDonald's Drive Thru over lack of McNuggets

AIDS researchers murdered by missile

Consumer Sentiment Declines to Lowest in Four Months

Schneiderman starts campaign petition drive to promote Reproductive Rights Act

How the downing of Malaysian flight 17 could lead to more fracking in the United States

"I opened the door and I saw people falling. One fell in my vegetable patch"

Not Ready for Clinton, Democrats Adopt Tea Party Tactics

"It means we kill"

The only way to stop a bad guy with a surface-to-air missile ...

Netanyahu Orders Military to Get Ready for Wider Gaza Incursion

GOP Senate Candidate: I Forgot About My Bank Account With Oodles of Money in It

Climate-Denying 'Expert': Carbon Demonized 'Just Like Jews Under Hitler'

NASA: Humans Will Prove Not Alone in Universe Within 20 Years

Donate to your local charity if you shop Amazon Smile...

I Don't Care If You Like It

As China Stalks Satellites, U.S. and Japan Prepare to Defend Them

Conservatives Attacked Obama Over 23 Dead Americans on Malaysia Airlines—Who Didn't Exist

Pretty chilling audio of passenger plane after shoot down

Church pantry worker fired for being a lesbian sues Catholic diocese

Douglas County can contribute less to retiree health plans, high court rules

WTF ...52

Russia Not Going To Take Away Crashed Plane's Black Boxes: Lavrov

Denis Pushilin, Ukraine Rebel Leader, Resigns; Now in Moscow

Australia becomes first developed country to abolish carbon tax

Why is one of the first questions always "Were there any American casualties"?

REPUBLICAN: public needs to see classified pages of 9/11 report before we do more in Middle East

These Republicans Belong In a Bedpan So We Can Ralph On Them, So That's Where I Put Them

WTF ...53

Washington Wildfires Update: Carlton Complex Fire Explodes in Size, 100 Homes Burned

Forbes sold to Asian investors

New Study Shows That Children Exposed to Religion Have a Hard Time Distinguishing Fact from Fiction

Big Oil Meme

How horrible is THIS ?? Kurdish Teenager's "Honor Killing" Fades to Memory as Iraq Violence Swells

Just got into a short YouTube argument

Just saw Charlie Crist in West Palm Beach

LTTE from a "friend" of Boehner. Good comment.

Just got into a short YouTube argument

Letter to Boehner: What the hell, pal?

CBS Head Les Moonves Interested in Acquiring CNN

Quinn Schansman Identified As Sole U.S. Victim Of Downed Jet So Far

Earth Just Finished Its Warmest Quarter-Year Ever Since Record-Keeping Began

80% of California is now in extreme drought, new data show (LA Times)

'Daughters are the best': President Barack Obama congratulates Rep. Dan Maffei on birth of daughter

This Is The Feared Russia-Born Separatist Who Allegedly Boasted Of Downing An Airplane

How much is the Europe to blame for MH17? After all it did next to nothing

Putin urges Ukraine cease-fire after plane attack

Kip Adotta - Wet Dream

Seven NATO countries end Black Sea war games

U.N. accuses Islamic State of executions, rape, child abuse in Iraq

WTF ...54

Providers still have questions

In another thread, Elizabeth Warren's "11 Tenets of Progressivism" ...

The Rude Pundit: What's Happening in Gaza: A Savage and Obviously Anti-Semitic Blog Post

Just how big of a hypocrite is Putin?

In memoriam: Elaine Stritch, 1926-2014

WND Still Clinging To Last Birther Hope

CNN Removes Reporter Diana Magnay From Israel-Gaza After 'Scum' Tweet

Happy Friday, Lounge.

Branstad Admin nixes Solar power grant

CONGRESSMAN: public needs to see classified pages of 9/11 report before we do more in Middle East

Poll has Martha Coakley, Charlie Baker in dead heat (Massachusetts)

Texas Woman Who Sent Ricin Letters To Obama, Gets 18 Years In Prison

Washington’s Uninsured Rate Plummets to 8.65 Percent--Thanks to ACA

Court Overturns Conviction of Berlusconi in Sex Case

The House always wins

Capitol Hill staffer arrested for carrying gun in congressional building

Run, Elizabeth, Run! Why an Elizabeth Warren presidential bid would be good for all Americans.

Oh boy, Discussionist.

‘USS America’ warship drops anchor in Cartagena to strengthen US-Colombia ties

Samantha Power at UN Security Council: "Russia can end this war. Russia must end this war."

Feds Clarify Obligations To Kids With Autism

Message To The Cackling Cacophony of Chickenhawks Who've Wanted Us to Arm Syrian Rebels For Years...

Fallin: Marriage ruling an example of federal courts trampling on states’ rights

"Staggering discovery" says UK scientist upon finding drug resistent bacteria (superbgs) in UK river

5-Ft-Tall Kacy Catanzaro 1st Woman To Finish 'American Ninja Warrior' Course

Even Elizabeth Warren Supports Israel.....

Everyone LOVES bankers...

Workers Say McDonald’s Fired Them for Union Activity

About that fracking thing...

Obama's LGBT Hiring Executive Order Will Not Include Religious Exemption

Fort Worth Mortuary Manager Faces Abuse of a Corpse Charges

Weird laws from every state

6 ridiculous conservative responses to Malaysia Airlines flight MH17

Excellent read: Putin’s proxies: How much did he control Ukraine’s rebels?

Weird Al: "Foil"

Police: Fla. father beats accused child abuser

"Is Obama (Today's Decision) Really Anti-Drilling?" (Speculation of Trade Off?)

"Black Southern Voters, Poised to Play a Historic Role"

Airbus Plans New No-Frills Enhancements In Addition To Bicycle Seats.

President Obama makes statement on plane crash in Ukraine - 7/18/2014

How long until the people saying Ukraine or The USA downed the plane until...

Papantonio: Ending Big Pharma’s Patent Monopoly

Is snacking the solution to jetlag?

Israel Steps Up Ground Offensive, Civilian Casualties Grow

Hunter S. Thompson's Birthday

from Jack Trammell: We need you now.

Document Dump Shows Bill Clinton Was Skeptical About Osama bin Laden

Geez South Park.....your NSA episode....geez

Some of Israel’s Top Defenders Say It’s Time to End U.S. Aid

Separatist Alert:

Article 54 of the 1977 Protocol to the 1949 Geneva Conventions

Gavin Bryars- Four Elements

North Carolina’s New Poet Laureate Bows Out

One person shows up to Lubbock protest on undocumented immigrants

Mexico puts Gulf deep water oil treaty with U.S. into effect

Mexico puts Gulf deep water oil treaty with U.S. into effect

Don’t Accuse Israel of Apartheid

Hamas Interior Ministry To Social Media Activists: Always Call The Dead 'Innocent Civilians'...

Mugshot of guy caught sexually abusing an 11 year old boy--after dad got done with him

AP: US funds political groups in Venezuela despite ban (Go past the obligatory spin.)

Dinesh D’Souza’s ‘America’ Slams Google Again Over Missing Search Results

15 Ridiculously Adorable Baby Owls

About that fracking thing...

Gnarly large rust stain on the bottom of my toilet bowl

The Boy With Green Hair (1948) - A pacifist Vision

Obama reaffirms U.S. support for Israel's Gaza incursion

Top pro-Russia rebel commander says passengers on MH17 died days before the plane was shot down

The REAL reason for the MH17 tragedy

America’s Long History of Immigrant Scaremongering

Gaza: Israel's $4 billion gas grab

Jerry Brown signs gun control bill

Thom Hartmann: Capitalism's Deeper Problem...

Thom Hartmann: Sanctions Don't Work...


What is the US interest in the Ukraine?


Playing your car stereo ridiculously loud...

Schumer: Putin has "blood on his hands" for deaths of Malaysia Airlines passengers

Today has been one month since we had a puppy move in with us.

Cover-up: Ukraine rebels destroying all links to MH17 air atrocity

Couple and new baby bumped from Malaysian flight that crashed

Florida (lily-white) Man strikes again!

Malaysia Airlines MH17: Missile expert arrested near border, Ukraine government says

Obama humiliates Muslim guests at White House Ramadan event, endorses Israel’s Gaza assault ,

"My face for the world to see." Two martyred saints by Caravaggio.

Why haven't I been banned?

Surprise, surprise: Israelis have more confidence in Obama than ever before

RT reporter quits over their coverage of the Ukrainian plane crash.

Allan Lichtman:Why the democrats need Hillary in 2016

DU Attorneys, I'm having a Contract Brain [email protected] ...

Kevin Spacey Photobombs in Boston...

Response from Seward Coop on Eden Foods

Central American leaders to meet with Obama

Top Colorado Court halts Denver gay marriages


Sometimes I give thanks for BBC International

HIV’s Greatest Foe Went Down With MH17

Cavs, Wolves talk Kevin Love trade

Big Cats vs. kiddie pools

New attorney for GOP Rep. Michael Grimm with court date coming on Monday

Southern Black voters to the rescue in the Senate?

Oops-Maryland man killed while testing bulletproof vest

WTF ...55

Ball spokesman says “slander” will be handled “with absolute force”

He's the oil and gas President, not the environmental president.

2016 Polls: Hillary Clinton in the lead....Joe Biden is beating Elizabeth Warren

Crystal Metheney busted for throwing "missle" at a vehicle.

Breaking: Supreme Court Temporarily Grants Utah Request On Recognition Of Same-Sex Marriages

Well, this is just sad.

Counting on the ladies

Earthquake Maps Reveal Higher Risks for Much of U.S.

Pro-Palestinian rally in Berlin features anti-Semitic chants

Climate-Denying Physicist Compares Carbon Dioxide to Jews

2 things:

I really don't like this fella...

O.C.G.A. § 16-5-25 (2014): "...any opprobrious or abusive language used by the person..."

Believe it or Not! Congress once sought to nationalize the arms industry

Russian government edits Wikipedia on flight MH17

Iran Nuclear Talks Extended by Four Months, Diplomats Say

China: Giant yellow rubber duck swept away in flood (BBC)

Were Those Aboard Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 the First Victims of ‘the New Cold War’?

Lincolnshire cat could be world's oldest (BBC)

New Poll Shows Close Race For Oklahoma Governor !!!!!!!!!

To the Word Police and the Habitual Offenders...

Mike Miller wants Ray Allen on Cavs

TWO stories in LBN 7-18-14 McDonalds & Disney

U.S. Medicare program scales back hospice drugs restrictions

TWO stories in LBN 7-18-14 McDonalds & Disney

Cheers for Warren at Conference Offer Peek at Democrats' Mind-Set

The Heart of the Problem With Israel: The Mass Expulsion of the Palestinian People

Denver enters border crisis debate by seeking to house children

Adam Silver considering NBA midseason tournament

Silver: Sterling ownership transfer may not be resolved by start of season

This is a big part of "why not Hillary?", at least for me...

Any good actual restaurants in Myrtle Beach SC?

US stocks mount strong rebound on company earnings

Out of curiosity....

This Voter Guessed How Old Elizabeth Warren Is. The Answer May Surprise You.

Run the Honest Politician for U.S. Senate

Weekend Economists' Bad Boys' Review: Benedict Arnold July 18-20, 2014

This is what Gaza looks like right now. PHOTO HEAVY

Would you agree with this statement.

How many news outlets, CNN included, have satellite vans broadcasting in the middle of a gravesite?

Scandal taints Georgia’s GOP governor as Democratic challenger surges in polls

NBC News Reverses Decision on Gaza Correspondent Ayman Mohyeldin - Will Send Him Back

New accusations pile-on for Colombia’s already imprisoned ex-security chief