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Weird pesto & yogurt marinated chicken.

New study: In 14 States, gun deaths exceeded motor vehicle deaths.

LIRR union coalition forced to set strike time

Drunk History tonight. The Reagans.

James MacGregor Burns, historian and FDR biographer, dies at age 95

Guess who is going to be on Real Time with Bill Maher Friday?

GOP Candidate mistakes YMCA bus for migrant children

WTF ...43

What are the chances that Republican intransigence is behind this problem?

Hold on, I'm gonna get you out of there!

Hospital Union Claims Victory in Johns Hopkins Contract Fight

Hospital Union Claims Victory in Johns Hopkins Contract Fight

Microsoft to Announce Job Cuts as Soon as This Week

US Military Admits Spending Millions to Study Manipulation of Social Media

Court upholds University of Texas affirmative action plan

FCC swamped with last-minute comments on net neutrality

U.S. House passes $10.9 billion transportation funding extension

Restraining order stops NYCO test mining

Is anyone else watching the All Star Game?

Got a Rash? iPad and Other Devices May Be the Cause

Is Mike Trout really wearing these spikes?

N.J. Takes Out ‘Bridge Loan’ to Cover Expenses, Again

Hillary's Candid Motto for Democratic Party: 'Represent Banks'

Dozens of trains haul volatile Bakken oil to NY weekly: railroads

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Balloons! & a new Kitteh gif, It's Maru!

Greenburgh Town Hall Hosts Testy Meeting On Controversial Gun Range

The NSA Has Taken the Beauty and Power of Digital Technology and Turned It Against Us

OMG it's ebola, it's a bus full of ebola! Stop the bus! oh

U.S. House Passes Ban on Federal Funding of Efficient Toilets

Tennessee toddler saves elderly man trapped in hot car.

So Senator Scott introduced, or was supposed to introduce a bill saying union dues

Drought Conditions Linked to Human Activity

California adopts $500 criminal penalty for water waste

Obama runs from Income Inequality because Fox said...

Glenn Beck says he cant sleep at night thinking about the children

Derek Jeter has my vote for MVP so far.

Mall shooting in Vegas right now.

White House Defies Darrell Issa, Says It Won't Send Senior Adviser To Testify


My 10,000th post.

New York City Couple Reunited With Long-Lost Class Ring

Harvard Study: Aging Liberal Men Have More Sex than Conservative Counterparts

Israel’s Vow To Strengthen Attacks Against Hamas In Gaza Puts U.S. In Tough Position

Six Californias Measure Heading For 2016 Ballot, Backers Say

Gibbons APES playing with baby tigers - LOL

Corporate America Is Enriching Shareholders At The Expense Of The Economy

Israel’s Bloody Status Quo

I am watching my friend hosting an amazing event! #LadyPartsJustice

"Poll: Boehner lawsuit a 'political stunt'" the Hill

Heartland, Cato, Other Professional Liars Are No Longer "Deniers" - They're "Climate Optimists"!

The Rise of the Non-Working Rich by Robert Reich

Agency toughens protections for pregnant workers

Rick Scott makes the hall of fame!

Tulo's swim move.

Japan Meteorological Agency - Global June Was Hottest Ever Recorded (Before Possible El Nino Impact)

Hamas has agreed to a ceasefire, says senior Palestinian official

Gaza Public Rejects Hamas, Wants Ceasefire

Bold GOP Leadership! WV Rep Adds Amendment Forbidding DOE, Army Corps From Dealing With Climate

Cameron DIAZ or ANNISTON - a poll

U.S. Navy nurse won't force-feed Guantanamo detainees

Poachers Slaughter 558 Rhinos In South Africa, Up +/- 100 From This Time In 2013

Your Summer Cooking Tool Kit

Cameron Gets Rid Of "The Green Crap": Sacks Environment Minister, 2 Other Senior Ministers Resign

Has anyone ever used Priceline for car rentals?

Fired manager sues Twitter for age discrimination

A federal agency is about to answer the question: Who do you actually work for?

Derek Jeter voted for Obama

Citigroup: The Original Gangsta

From Kos - Mountaintop Removal: The Perfect Symbol For America Today

From the land of OMG

LOL. Arizona lawmaker confuses YMCA campers with migrant children.

Airstrike in Eastern Ukraine Kills 11 Civilians

10 Wisconsin stereotypes that are TRUE!

JPMorgan pulls back from mortgage lending on foreclosure worries

Can't we just get abortion practice declared an organized religion?

Poll: Obama, Republicans face broad disapproval over handling of child refugee crisis

Brat raised nearly $400,000 by June 30, Trammell $141,000.

Breaking News: Cardinals Pitcher admits to throwing All-Star game

Don't worry, you can outrun it.

"Chris Christie Targeted By Conservative Group"

Thom Hartmann: Is Monsanto's herbicide causing fatal kidney disease?

Gun deaths outnumbered motor-vehicle deaths in Oregon & 13 Other States-in 2011, study shows

Mexico Rescues 458 Children From Squalid Refuge Amid Abuse Fears.

Behind the scenes of the short-lived cease-fire

How do the songs Arnold Layne, See Emily Play, Flaming, Matilda Mother and Bike rate next to

It's coming back. NOOOOOOO!

Are we a nation?

Point made

Watch John Oliver Explain Why "It's Your Fault You're Not Rich" Is Bullshit

They like banning trolls

Governor Rick Scott-RidicuList

If you stare at this long enough you will see a table leg

Too stoopid

Signs of Love, Welcome Outnumber Another Hateful Bus Blockade Against Refugees

Common sense

ReadyForHillary donated $ to these Democratic groups in the last quarter

Lonely Guy Turns His Shower Head Into A Girlfriend, Rest Of World Is Creeped Out

Republican Party War Against Infrastructure And Growth

The A's have home field advantage for the Series!

Alderman Joe Moore witnesses shooting.

Stuck in Visa Debate, U.S. Risks Losing Researchers

Definition of Joy! Baby elephant experiences the ocean for first time.

GOP Congresswoman: Men Must Talk 'Down To A Woman’s Level' If They Want To Be Understood

10,000 deaths each year can be blamed on congress' refusal to fund infrastructure

10% of conflicts are due to a difference of opinion and 90%

Emily's list chooses an anti-choice woman for Hawaii's 1st congressional district.

Update from Dave Peiser's campaign

Hillary Clinton on the Daily Show

Typhoon Rammasun lashes the Philippines, Invest 90E continues moving west

The Crisis at the Border Reveals the Real Sodomites

Why do people suck so much???

What's going on !!!!

'Hotwives of Orlando': How do you parody what's already ridiculous?

A Sunken Nazi Sub Is Visited Off The Texas Coast [Updated]

Abbott says he was “unaware” his office acted to keep chemical sites secret

Woman spends $35,000 to look exactly like Kim Kardashian

Everyone Is Banding Together to Save Arturo, the World's Most Depressed Polar Bear, From a Zoo

Texas judge upholds $3 million fracking verdict

Former Romney adviser helping prep Perry

Syria Conflict: ISIS Marches Further Into Syria Tipping The Balance Of Power In The Civil War

Brave duo attempts to schlep across Eurasia in solar-powered tuk-tuk

AZ charter school’s ‘Tea Party’ history book claims whites envied the ‘freedom’ of slaves

Report: Industry proposes to phase out older tank cars

Who We Are (A Rumination)

You might want to skip the movies this month--Greg Abbott hits theaters to reel in new voters

Hamas is playing a dangerous game with Gazan lives

''Men do tend to talk about things on a much higher level''.

A question for HOF

Federal prosecutor sends lawmakers a reminder on eve of (Pat) Quinn probe hearing

Missouri execution on hold after late stay granted

Interfaith leaders launch daylong unity fast for Mideast peace

Republicans confuse “Atlas Shrugged” for the Bible

Catholic church lawyer details cover-up claims on sex abuse

Belgium Rally Calls for 'Slaughter' of Jews

Pro-swastika group flies offensive symbol over New York in bid to change its meaning

Are you okay with the right wing calling Hillary Clinton a bitch?

Putin and Rousseff discussed doubling bilateral trade ahead of BRICS summit

How?........................... Insensitive-

Arizona charter school history book says whites envied “freedom” of slaves

Jon Stewart: "What are Gazans supposed to do? Evacuate to where?

Senate panel backs 1 percent pay increase (for military)

37% of Mississippi Republicans Say They Would Would Back Confederates over United States

Daily Show: Hillary Clinton, Full Interview:

Lizzy Warren had the facts

GMO giants’ pesticide use threatens rare Hawaiian species

Pelosi and Reid: Call for national repudiation of the Confederacy

How Kansas and California Debunked the GOP's Tax Cuts Argument

I need some information about SS retirement benefits and I can't it on the net.

My husband and I did the scariest thing ever today

Russia reportedly agrees to reopen spy base on Cuba

Any Shelton folks in here?

Jon Stewart on Gaza Israeli conflict

Will President Obama veto the D.C. appropriations bill?

How to Help a Grieving Friend

Why Do People Hate? And Is There a Way to Counteract It?

League of Women Voters Targeted (Literally) for Supporting I-594

Here Are the States Where You Are Most Likely to Be Wiretapped

The "Rich Idiot" Effect: Why Rich Republicans Are More Opposed to Climate Science Than Poor Ones

Disposable Americans

NO connection between #StopandFrisk & shootings in NYC

Does Uncle Sam Have a God Complex?

Excellent News - BRICS set up bank to counter Western hold on global finances

Israeli calls for Palestinian blood ring at fever pitch

japanese plant deemed safe, nears restart

Dems Launch Six-Figure Ad Campaign Attacking Nikki Haley

Priest convicted of murdering nun dies; diocese plans funeral Mass

Open Carry Texas Schedules New Date For Armed March Through Black Neighborhood

You Won't Believe How This Heartland Baseball Team Celebrated "Atheist Night"

Typhoon Rammasun kills at least 10 in Philippines- Category two storm shuts down Manila

A time when people weren't stupid and annoying.

Denial is now a river in Miami

INFO at a glance: Gun violence since Newtown.....

Bill Press doesn't want centrist Hillary to be the ONLY candidate

Typhoon kills 12 in Philippines, spares Manila

ASSHAT OF THE DAY: Michele Bachmann calls immigrant children ‘invaders’ and compares them to rapists


The Brides in the Bath Murders

Darrell Issa's Latest Circus Has Lawmakers Shocked That DOJ Fights Fraud

Australia Has Nowhere To Put Its Shipment Of French Nuclear Waste

Calls for Resignation Mount for Minnesota Archbishop in Scandals

How The Right Will Try to Destroy Chris Christie

David Rovics: "They're building a wall"

SO...You're against immigration, eh?

We Are Witnessing The Biggest Rift In Republican Foreign Policy Since The 50s

1500 ballot boxes destroyed in fire before recount - Malawi doesn't mess about

GCHQ has tools to manipulate online information, leaked documents show

Here's The Sad Truth About Prostate Cancer Treatment

Gaza’s water system collapsing due to IDF strikes, says Red Cross

Papantonio: Obama Fails Miserably on Disclosure

Irony Alert: Head of Overwhelming Old, White Party Claims Dems are "Pasty" "Old White Guy" Party

How the Mexican Drug Trade Thrives on Free Trade

Stocks up after China growth report, Asia dawdles

66 Percent of Americans Now Live in a Constitution-Free Zone

Hobby Lobby: A new tool for crushing workplace unionization?

Dutch state liable for 300 Srebrenica deaths

Multiple Jellyfish Species Swamp Popular Maine Coast Resorts, Including Casco Bay

Rupert Murdoch Said to Have Made Offer for Time Warner

Wednesday Toon Roundup 1- The endless war

Past 2 Years For Downtown LA Driest Since Recordkeeping Began In 1877

Wednesday Toon Roundup 2- Immigration

Catholic Bishops statement on women bishops

The Monetary System

Wednesday Toon Roundup 3- The Rest

Irish solutions on women’s rights not enough for UN

Rupert Murdoch Said to Have Made Offer for Time Warner

Christie to Test Presidential Hopes in Iowa

PA Fish and Boat Commission seeks funding to investigate gas drilling violations

Word of advice - pull out your Home Owner's policy and check it!

Sandra Bullock's story reflects how threats to women not taken seriously

"Why Net Neutrality Matters (And What You Can Do To Help)" NSFW

Meet Bill Maher's new boss...

"Demonization Of Carbon Dioxide Is Just Like"

Trinity: First detonation of a nuclear weapon, July 16, 1945

MLB declines to honor Tony Gwynn at All-Star Game

45 years ago today

5 Scientific Reasons People Act Like Assholes

Ku Klux Klan Offers Up Invitations In The Form Of Candy

Here is a good article about Iron Dome

The Christie Investigation May Seem Quiet, But.....

Sciatic pain after microdiscectomy

Do we turn our backs on Children?

The 18 Worst Things For Left-Handed People

U.S. preparing unilateral sanctions on Russia

AFSCME Adds More Than 90,000 Members

Health survey gives government its first large-scale data on gay, bisexual population

The Coming Democratic Schism - by Thomas Edsall

Iraqi army remains on defensive as extent of June debacle becomes clearer

So, why conservatives are always mad at Obama, when after all, they're why he's president today?

25 Famous Paintings Photobombed By A Fat Cat.

Ariz. Candidate Goes Shirtless, Pumps Iron And Vows To Fight 'Obamanization' In Ad

Lower prices the selling point for gas with higher ethanol content, but questions remain

Denton city council rejects partial fracking ban; issue goes to November ballot

Du'ers Needed To Put This Petition Over The Top

Hillary on Jon Stewart:

"An enemy invasion force is not particularly dangerous until it can reach and open its own cereal"

The mandatory minimum corporate infrastructure use tax.

Pope Says Children at U.S. Border Must Be 'Welcomed and Protected'

Egypt sentences 8 to life for sexual assaults

One of my favorite songs....

White House defying aide’s congressional subpoena

Louie Gohmert appreciation thread

CSpan3 10:00 House Rules Cmte Lawsuit Against President Obama

Mortgage volume tanks; Jamie Dimon bashes the FHA

The Gun Lobby And A Dumb Law Are Keeping Us From Safer Guns

Arraignment for prostitute in Google exec's death

Police found to be lying about 911 calls to conduct illegal searches.

KIDS! Don't try this at home! Man trying to kill spider caused house fire...

I was poor, but a GOP die-hard: How I finally left the politics of shame

more consensus on the "conservative brain" issue--Yes Repubs are cognitively different

Oh Please, Really?!?: “Men do tend to talk about things on a much higher level”

The distorting reality of ‘false balance’ in the media

Talking openly about Obama and race

Global AIDS epidemic can be controlled by 2030, U.N. says

Alabama GOP county chairman resigns after being arrested for growing marijuana

Tea Party Economics Don't Work

Israel can't win this or any future conflicts by bombing Gaza

Me? I'm just looking for Katy Perry. Don't mind me.

Louie Gohmert: Obama won’t ‘defend women’ from ‘hundreds of thousands’ of immigrant rapists

US factory output rises for 5th straight month

Jay Walljasper: How to inspire more Americans to ride bicycles

Warren Buffett gives away a record $2.8 billion to charities

Once a niche, local foods becoming big business

Faux's Megyn Kelly once again shows how stupid she is...

UK police arrest 660 suspected paedophiles

TIME: 15 years after JFK Jr.'s death, remembering what could have been

Manuel Noriega Sues Video Game Maker for Using Him in a Game

Bill O'Reilly, the 50's called. They want their John Birch talking points back.

Woman Faces Sentencing For Ricin-Laced Letters To Obama

When A Loved One Is Dying

Open Carry Texas Schedules New Date For Armed March Through Black Neighborhood

Elizabeth Warren Supporters Launch ‘Ready for Warren’

Domestic Terrorist Three Percenter: Enforce Laws We Don’t Like and ‘Somebody Is Gonna Get Shot’ (Vid

GOP/Republican False Economy SINdromes Ending

GOPer: Child Migrants Are 'Gang Members' Bringing Culture Of Violence Into The U.S.

Republicans to Cut Obama’s U.S. Border Funding Request

CA winemaker behind neo-Nazi website flees to Canada to escape FBI

PA. hangs plaques under portraits of former legislative leaders to note which ones went to prison

Industrial food has manipulated cheap prices for excess profit at excess cost to everyone.

What Does Grief Feel Like?

D’OH! POS Tea Partier Mistakes YMCA Campers for ‘Fearful’ Immigrant Children (Video)

Seaplane almost lands on whale

Even without expansion, Texas Medicaid rolls rise

Giant hole appears at 'world's end'

STOP Playing BS Middle School Games With The Lives Of Desperate Children

Who has read Ayn Rand?

Blueberries - we have some old (15+?) plants that we have never pruned.

Headteacher's tender note to her pupils goes viral

Now we know who's been lying to those Central Americans sending their kids here....

Starbucks Warns Baristas to Stop Making Record-Breaking Espresso Monstrosities

Congratulations - "It's A Corporation"

Moran Ass Hat Rep. Steve King: America Will Be Overrun By BILLIONS of Illegal Immigrants

Check this out (Voting rights)

Satan Is Behind Opposition To Ex-Gay Therapy

Why Are Immigration Detention Facilities So Cold?

The politics of Cannabis Oil

White House Unveils Climate Change Initiatives

Good read: Wales, the first and final colony - by Adam Price MP

How quickly issues move off page one

10 Scientists want Meeting w/ Florida's Governor to explain Climate Change

Good News! French ex-National Front member jailed for chimpanzee image

"Could Have Kept Silent About The Court’s Decision. Instead, They Chose To Sing."

Texas Judge Pleads for Leniency, "You Are Going To Ruin My Life"

Bible Stories for Newly Formed and Young Corporations (Tom the Dancing Bug)

Hey remember Russel Pearce, SB1070 crafter, they're trying to give him a job at the treasurer's

Robert Reich: "We're on the cusp of the largest inter-generational wealth transfer in history."

Capitalism's Deeper Problem by Richard Wolff

Pic Of The Moment: Republican Rep. Tells GOP To "Bring It Down To A Woman's Level"

4 children killed as Israel shells Gaza beach

DICK: "Carter might have been a better president than Obama, & I didn't think I would ever say that"

In the good old days, desperate children were able to immigrate here without their parents legally

The ED Show - Cheney crew's return to the spotlight

Senate derails Army bid to take Guard helicopters

The Data of Hate

Is there a job search engine that ranks jobs according to distance

Mysterious giant hole in Siberia likely caused by global warming, not UFOs or meteors.

How to make the US economy strong, again.

How The Anti-Union Harris SCOTUS Ruling Affects Women - Sarah Jaffe Discusses

what happens to america when murdoch owns all of our media? it's just a matter of time.

Jon Stewart: "Have You F_cking Seen Gaza?"

Representative John Carney's father passed away last week

MSNBC Poll: Should Elizabeth Warren Run For President

The ED Show - Fixing our nations crumbling roads and bridges

Minnesota Republican Bob Frey: 'dinosaurs have always lived with man'

Privleged Male Senate Republican Accuses Democrats Of Giving Women 'Preferential Treatment'

70,000 Healthcare Workers Voting for Strike at 100 Locations

House GOP too busy for impeachment?

I think it sounded better in the original German ...

Japanese nuclear plant deemed safe, nears restart

Is this one our Heat fan's kid?

Scott Brown’s Senate Bid Is Going About As Well As His Last One..

Strangers Photoshop baby's picture for grieving dad

The World Cup Golden Dive Award

Deepak Chopra Issues $1 Million Prize Challenge to Richard Dawkins, New Atheists...

Cable News: A White Man's World

Sen. Warren's BLASTS Hobby Lobby Decision

Swedish court upholds detention order on Assange


What do you think of flower beards?

The Rude Pundit: Kansas Is Trying to Regain Sanity, But Rick Santorum Wants It to Stay Crazy

Gov. O'Malley defends criticism of WH plan to return refugee children - Questions motive of WH leak

Thursday: Far-Reaching Marijuana Decriminalization Law Takes Effect in the Nation's Capital

How can we hold Congressional elections if districts are unconstitutional?

Your trivia hit for today ...WHO WAS THE FIRST PRESIDENT OF (what we now call) THE USA?

LOL! Scott Brown Forgets Where He's Running

Record numbers as Transgender Lobby Day attacks ENDA religious exemptions

Boston Casting put out a notice calling for extras

Squeee!! Finally got a new camera!!!

Maybe more grocery stores and shopping malls should offer free childcare to customers

Ariz. Protestors Mistakenly Blockade YMCA Bus Instead Of Migrants

Kountze councilman charged with theft; pockets proceeds from gravestone

Dallas Cowboys release Kyle Orton; move adds $2.2 million of dead money to 2015 salary cap

State of Texas is mineral owner in the Barnett Shale--money pumped into Permanent School Fund

Wendy Davis draws from trial lawyers, labor and Hollywood to boost her campaign

Methodist pastor who championed gay rights commits suicide by lighting himself on fire

Is Barack Obama making the same mistake that George W Bush made?

The MLB All-Star Game should not determine home-field in the World Series.

Officials Hope to Locate Undocumented Immigrant Children Living in Prince William Co.

Syria's Assad Sworn In, Gives Defiant Speech

'Prime Time' Sanders says Prime Prep Academy students being 'punished'

GOP Candidate Mistakes YMCA Kids For Migrants, Describes 'Fear In Their Faces'

Nope, no racism here! GA Officials Are Going After Black Leaders Who Organized Voters

Texas City closer to landing $2B methanol plant


"I was going to give (Jeter) a couple pipe shots" -- Adam Wainwright

Worker fired for hanging Bama flag on Kyle Field said he sabotaged stadium

Roof replacement and fascia/soffit repair

Fast food worker hopeful for labor revival (fixed)

Republican Obstruction Gives Way to Reduction

Random thought ..... Are republicans trying to tank the economy and make people suffer because ....

Israel Naval Ship 'Bombs Palestinian Children on Gaza Beach,' Killing Four

Crazy monkey taunts tiger cubs

Ron Howard to helm documentary about Beatles' touring years

MSNBC: Hobby Lobby: A new tool for crushing workplace unionization?

Anti Trust Enforcement ought to be a Litmus Test for all Democrats

O'Malley defends position on immigrant children and Carroll site

How DU can avoid getting ratfucked again by the GOP during the 2014 election cycle:

Ghibli's Tale of the Princess Kaguya Gets English Voice Cast, Release Date

WTF ...44

what's for dinner - wednesday, july 16th

Sexism; Misogyny; feminists,

Cops Demand Teen Get Erection for Penis Pics

Former Clinton Advisor: Unaccompanied Minors are ‘Refugees of Drug War We’ve Created’

Brooklyn DA Will Not Prosecute People Caught with Personal Marijuana

First ever Mississippi mayor states support for equal marriage

WTF ...45

Symptoms of “Normal” Grief

Warren slams Sen. McConnell for favoring tax breaks for billionaires over student debt relief

Dems Launch Six-Figure Ad Campaign Attacking Nikki Haley

Suggestions for Coping with Grief

The GOP and Climate change.

What does the right wing think Obama going to the border will accomplish?

Naked Capitalism on the Citibank Sellout

Dick Cheney Says Iraq Was Stable When He Left Office...

Grieving During the Holidays

Once again, liberals are being taken for granted by the Democratic Party (cartoon)

Solar Sail Spacecraft to Hitch a Free Ride on a Light Breeze in 2016

Hamas tells Egypt it rejects Gaza ceasefire

Timeline: 100 Years of Birth Control

Vote Gil Fulbright - An Honest Politician!

Interesting challenge by Dr. Deepak Chopra to Richard Dawkins

The Haircut

BMW Recalls 1.6M 3-Series Cars for Air Bag Problem

CNN anchor grills ‘reckless’ AZ sheriff for publishing bus route of refugee children

Weird Al Yankovic is BACK!!

CBS Sports' Sean McManus: NFL Announcers Might Not Say 'Redskins' On Air

So I still have the Tibetan prayer rugs. Dang

Rupert Murdoch wants HBO so badly, he’s willing to buy all of Time Warner Inc. to get it.

Four children 9-11 years old killed while playing on the shore

Friends share similarities in thier DNA

Here's to the DU community. Cheers to us.

KWASMAN's "Children In Buses With Fear In Their Faces" Were Actually Laughing-Taking Pics On IPhones

Union Campaign Wins Big Raise At Rocky Mount Engine Plant

Israeli Ground Offensive in Gaza Increasingly Likely, Official Warns

Physicists detect process even rarer than the long-sought Higgs particle


Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson has introduced his gun control legislation

Rupert Murdoch just tried to buy Time-Warner for $80 billion.

GOP Moderates Revolt In Kansas (100 Republican Leaders Endorse Democrats)

Federal panel backs SEPTA in union dispute (11.5 percent)

CNN anchor grills ‘reckless’ AZ sheriff for publishing bus route of refugee children By David Edward

“Gaza … is a maximum-security facility. It is difficult to visit and impossible to leave."

How The Koch Brothers Are Buying Their Way Into The Minds Of Public School Students

ReTHUGs struck down Senate Bill against Hobby Lobby

Gaza Invasion Is Likely, Israeli Official Says.

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned? Really? How often ...

Senate Republicans filibuster bill to overturn Hobby Lobby

Today's Good: 7/16/14

A new way to say thanks: Nebraska driver's licenses now honor veterans

i am having one of those days where all i can focus on are the things that

Life Without CPAP: A Cautionary Tale About Public Healthcare Resource Rationing

Reminder, how Reagan destroyed the United States

With Power GOP Will Cause Depression As The Cut ALL Safety Nets. Count On It.

Don't Honor Torture

Republicans to Cut Obama’s U.S. Border Funding Request

Gaza Invasion Is Likely, Israeli Official Says.

Court to decide whether PA's gag rule on physicians talking about fracking chemicals is legal

Sen. Warren's Floor Speech on Hobby Lobby - 'I Can't Believe We're Still Debating This'

From now on when I write a post I will bring it down to a woman's level.

US stocks rise in midday trading on earnings news

Issa; "The people deserve to know if their tax dollars are being used for political activity"

Sen. Warren's Q&A with Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen about ending 'too big to fail'

it's pouring outside, and pouring inside

Two kitties!

Nearly 600 jobs coming to Fort Monroe

Camp Lejeune and the U.S. Military's Polluted Legacy

Deal could move Reynolds closer to union

"Weird Al" Yankovic FOIL

Deal could move Reynolds closer to union

Surviving the Death of a Life Partner

Drought, disease and cold weather are leading to surging food prices in the U.S.

"super-secret spy glasses" - Republicans caught using spy glasses at Schauer campaign fundraiser

Gilbert & George review – a dirty-mouthed atheist onslaught

Scott "Code" Brown ‘took shelter in the bathroom’ to avoid contraception questions

Federal Judge Rules California's Death Penalty System Unconstitutional.

I support Corporate Personhood!

Study: Jews Most Popular Religious Group in the U.S.

Republicans caught using spy glasses at Schauer campaign fundraiser

Conspiracy hobbyists zero in on a new target: Catholic Charities?!

U.S. House Votes to Allow Banks to Accept Deposits from Marijuana Stores and Dispensaries

Democrats fail in attempt to reverse Hobby Lobby contraceptive ruling

House Democratic Women Calling for ‘Clean’ Border Funding Bill That Preserves Anti-Trafficking Law

Giant crater found in Siberia near 'end of world''

National Liberal Group Doubles Vermont's Food Fight Fund (Move On)

Over 63,000 bible contradictions, Someone found them all

Obama Widens Sanctions Against Russia

Obama Should Have Replaced All The Replaceable GOPPERS When He Took Office.

Hungry U.S. Power Plant Turns to Russia for Coal Shipment

Sen. Elezabeth Warren hard at work trying to get the GOP to do what is fair

Jerseys to be worn at El Paso's 2nd "Bark at the Park" night on Aug. 3:

Israel agrees to UN request for six-hour cease-fire in Gaza

Was this cruel present really sent to the Argentina team?

Fleeing Iraqis Relieved That Cheney Has No Regrets About War

Cat Poo Fighting Cancer?

Bath time

Bob Lord: Who is worth more, one man or an entire city? (Spoiler, we're talking about the USA)

The Washington Post with what I think and hope is a loony tunes prediction

You're having a dinner party.Only 7 people can be invited..

Cornell Study finds 12% of PA. fracking wells were improperly constructed, causing methane leaks

So, I carefully planted individual zinnias and cosmos in flats under lights last March.

An Honest Political Ad

Yes, Cheetos, Funnel Cake, and Domino's Are Approved School Lunch Items

Copy of Das Kapital sells for $40k just as Dow Jones hits record high

Joe Scarborough wants to talk about Hillary's car elevators...

White supremacist sorry for bringing shame on movement as she’s sentenced for killing spree

U.S. veterans agency needs $17.6 billion to clear wait times: acting head

The scholarly wisdom of Cleetus the Ammosexual

BLEEDING KANSAS - By Charles P. Pierce

Did anybody catch "The Strain" on FX on Sunday night?

Great tactical move by Senate Dems

My peach tree was very generous this year (warning: pic heavy)

"These kids have been brought up in a culture of thievery. A culture of murder, of rape."

Israel Calls 5-Hour Truce In Gaza After 4 Palestinian Children Killed On Beach By War Planes

Federal Judge Rules Death Penalty Unconstitutional in California

Guantanamo judge’s secret order on secret motion is so secret defense lawyers can’t see it

The Intifada Will Be Live Streamed — Is That Bad?

Which Famous King or Queen Are You?

COWARD: Darrell Issa Abruptly Ends Hearing Before Witness Can Debunk His White House Attacks

Top dog: Chihuahuas' cap voted best in MiLB

C-SPAN Limiting Viewer Web Access to Cable and Satellite Subscribers

Now the government in WI is also a person who can obtain a harassment injunction against you

TV reporter: "young black men growing up without fathers" cause cop killings

My personal huge and heartfelt thanks to all DUers...

Lebanon: Anal exams still being conducted on ‘suspected homosexuals’ despite ban

You can vote for the ESPYs until 9:00 EDT.

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Thursday, 17 July 2014

Here's a 5 minute version of the gibbon taunting 2 bengal tigers.

The bourgeoisie did not respect its heavy heritage

O.M.G. So hilarious. Japanese artist 3D printed her vagina then expanded it to 2 meters to

Sometimes life doesn't suck - Yea me!

UB paid Hillary Clinton $275,000 for speech last fall

A appreciation thread that is really deserving, Heres to you Omaha Steve!

Isn't it sad that

Republicans blocked a bill that was designed to override the Hobby Lobby Supreme Court ruling.

George W. Bush racks up $15 million in speaking fees

Texas Tech to reinstate Bethel to football team; altercation with female basketball player on video.

Pat Oliphant toon - Beam us up!

Go fish

U.S. House Votes to Allow Banks to Accept Deposits from Marijuana Stores and Dispensaries

An Arizona congressional candidate mistook a busload of YMCA campers for immigrant children

What do you make of this Marist poll

22 women answer why they take birth

The summer of Donna Summer continues! - Free Outdoor Roller Disco Party Coming to City Hall Plaza

How Barack Obama Went From 68% Approval To 38% To 58% To 39% To 44%

Senate Republicans Block Bill To Reverse Hobby Lobby Decision...

Cycles of Violence with Gaza Rooted in Israel's Rejection of Palestinian Unity

I am feeding a feral cat.

Someone please help me understand

One injection stops diabetes in its tracks: Treatment reverses symptoms of type 2 diabetes in mice

WTF! "British Elections to have Obama Flavor" Dem Campaign Ops "Guns for Hire"

have some fun, my midwestern friends:

Eddie Vedder: Imagine That -- I’m Still Anti-War.

The Lighter Side: Tony Kushner’s Play

homemade fudge popsicles

Just listened to Don Gonyea on All Things Considered (2014-07-16 6:30 EST)

Bachmann: Hillary Clinton Should Be ‘Extremely Concerned’ About Elizabeth Warren

E-Cig Sales Slide as Regular Smokers Return to Real Thing

Ukraine conflict: 'White power' warrior from Sweden

Luckovich from Facebook:

Mother of Trans 6-Year-Old Sweetly Destroys Transphobic Myths

What is your annual family income?

Remember these from back in the day?

Immigrant rights group loses Catholic funds over gay marriage affiliation

Adam Silver floats the idea of Las Vegas hosting a midseason NBA tournament, for whatever reason

3-year-old boy saves elderly man trapped inside hot car

Cuomo: College rape cases should be handled by police

Why Are Immigration Detention Facilities So Cold?

Oil and gas interests are big donors to GOP Railroad Commissioner candidate

Buzzfeed asks 22 of their employees why they take birth control, epic answers!

Stephen Colbert looks at the race factor behind GOP lawsuit over Obamacare

"Florida scientists press Gov. Rick Scott on climate change"

Railroads: Up to 44 oil trains cross NY weekly

Pigs in Pennsylvania

Koch High: How The Koch Brothers Are Buying Their Way Into The Minds Of Public School Students

House Passes Spending Bill Slashing Funding For Wall Street Oversight

Surviving the Death of a Parent (as an adult)

"Think Abortion Laws Reduce Abortions? Think Again!"

Zero Emission Battery-Electric Buses Possible in Capital Region - See more at: http://albany.twcnews

Can House sue Obama? Legal expert warns of 'uber' president usurping power.


Daily News delivers horse carriage petitions to City Hall

Did the Other Shoe Just Drop? by Ellen Brown

Answering Children’s Questions About Death

Al Jazeera... Israel Killed Mostly Combatant-Age Males, Not Women or Children

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ROAAR for the Cats -- Exotic Cat Sanctuary Needs Help

Robert Reich: Children fleeing to the U.S. are ‘refugees of the drug war we created’

Christie's 'judge problem' will be a lingering concern among conservatives if he runs for president

Communicating with Grieving Teens

Ebola virus in Central America, stop lying Rethugs!!!!

It's Jimmy V week. And this is still one of the best speeches ever.

'Perversion of Justice': Anti-Drone Activist and Grandmother Sentenced to One Year

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