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Dick Cheney is a lying, theiving, murderous, war criminal

Obama to Congress: Hands Off D.C.’s Marijuana Policy

Report: In Call to Netanyahu Kerry Declared U.S. Opposition to Gaza Ground Operation

Silicon Valley...who else loved this fun romp at the cutting edge of technology?

Democrats Set Up Senate Vote On Bill To Overturn Hobby Lobby

Sex drugs and Rock and Roll

Some Swimwear Plays Peekaboo. A Monokini Shows What These Women Don’t Want To Hide (corrected)

Are the charities helping the illeagals with Obama $, similar to the money changers?

California drought: Weak to moderate El Niño not likely to bring much rain

Web giants call for equal Internet traffic rules

Patricia Sheridan's Breakfast With...Gen. Wesley Clark

Volkswagen Workers Become UAW Members!!!

i got to turn off my airconditioner, run thru the house opening windows. from 91 to 66 in minutes.

Video needs an R

Video needs an R

Republicans, Would You Refuse These Refugees?

Congressional campaign fundraising: Paul Ryan sets new personal record

'Unprovoked' police beating sends Canadian filmmaker to Rio hospital

NSA, Snowden, fascinating stuff. But I need to eat tomorrow.

Obama to Congress: Hands Off D.C.’s Marijuana Policy

Liz Cheney's Bold Climate Change Plan: Do 'Nothing'

Russian TV sparks outrage with Ukraine child 'crucifixion' claim

Texan who met Obama calls Rick Perry an "old queen"

Charities help immigrants at the Texas-Mexico border

Man donates $1M dinosaur skeleton to Creation Museum

Today is Malala Day.

Giant dead parrot unveiled in London to pay tribute to Monty Python

Arab World Hopes Israel Destroys Hamas

US companies look overseas for tax bill relief

AFSCME Helping Chicago Cab Drivers Push For Greater Voice

AFSCME Helping Chicago Cab Drivers Push For Greater Voice

what i did rather than go to work today (lots o' pics)

Watch CNBC's Tea Partier Get Told How Wrong He's Been (VIDEO)

Equal Pay Act, again and again. Be Heard!

Republicans do not want any talk about impeachment because they know

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Thank You Texas Teabag Representative Louie Gohmert

I refuse to sacrifice...

WTF ...38

Missouri governor vetoes teacher gun legislation

Dr. Housing Bubble 07/14/14

Iraq crisis: How Saudi Arabia helped Isis take over the north of the country

In a thread in the GD, a member of this Group ...

7/14/14 White House Statement on DC MMJ Laws: 'GOP, Butt Out'

Fired Gay Teacher Gets His Apology — 42 Years Later

Court KOs New Jersey bid to block ocean blasting

PRESSING ISSUES: 69 Years Ago: Unholy Trinity and the Birth of the Atomic Age

Pretty remarkable

can any bird/nature people help me out?

Judge dismisses lawsuits challenging fracking delay

I give this guy three days here.

White House Says Marijuana Policy Is States' Rights Issue

This just in: Jesus would denounce DU.

Compassion and Empathy the Path to a Peaceful and Just Middle East

DiNapoli still skeptical of Cuomo’s projected budget surpluses

MSNBC rising stars (NE & KS)

Clash intensifies over travel to Cuba

Would a new federal gun law that addresses this problem be too restrictive for strict 2A adherents?

Dumb Criminals: Delaware Man Tries To Smuggle Heroin In Baby's Diaper

Hamas rejects cease-fire without truce

I tend to be skeptical of coincidence.

Smart-ass answer from DFER (pro-school-privatization) to Donna Brazile on new anti-reform...

Dumb Criminals: Iowa Man Tries To Pay Bar Tab With Gun Instead Of Money

President Obama & skater Jason Brown (via Jason's Twitter account)

The Myth of a 'Part-Time Economy' Under Obama

Man tries to hang himself from U.S.-Mexico border fence in Calexico

Dumb Criminals: Two OC Men Arrested For Smoking Heroin In Chuck E Cheese Bathroom

What do you think to this?

Planeload of U.S. deportees met by officials on arrival in Honduras/LAT

Progressive star Warren campaigns with Tennant (WV)

Archie is going to be killed off??!!??

Iraq crisis: How Saudi Arabia helped Isis take over the north of the country

Imagine what can happen when people work at playing together

For my Lady (and all fur friends who have passed)

Murdoch: "Look Up To And Admire" Abbott; Stop Building Windmills "And All That Rubbish"

Abandoned Pit Bull Overcomes Leg Injuries and Needs a Forever Home!

I'm not perfect

The Hobby Lobby shock: it's high time for an equal rights amendment

NWT Fires Already Double Annual Avg Burn; Yellowknife @ 20% Of Rainfall, No Rain In Sight For Months

88 Acres Of Rare FL Remnant Forest To Be Bulldozed, Become Wal-Mart, Chili's, Chik-Fil-A

Montana man facing felony charge after 178 pot plants found in home

July 12, 1933

NBC - Core Of W. KS Agriculture Peers Into Abyss; Study Projects 70% Of Ogallala Water Gone By 2060

The Democratic Party is searching for its soul...

Bob Beckel's non-apology for using a racial slur

Atmospheric CO2 Monthly Average For June, 2014 - 401.30 ppm

Damn repug governors who refuse medicaid expansion under ACA.

BP Loses Legal Bid To Trademark The Color Green In Australia

Hamas Scores Rocket ‘Success’ and Seriously Wounds Israeli Bedouin Girls

It made no difference whether their letters, papers and effects came from France, England or

US comic icon Archie dies saving gay friend

'I know he saved my grandson’s life': Retired officer uses Heimlich maneuver on choking boy

I thought it may be the Onion when I read this title, but it is just the Washington Times

Egyptian ceasefire proposal leaves Hamas cornered

Two-Thirds Of Republicans Think Impeaching Obama Would Be Justified

New pro-public-school group. Democrats for Public Education.

Refugees vs. Immergrants?

Got lost on the internet again...found this:

Why Do Cowbirds Leave Their Eggs In Nests Of Other Birds?

WTF ...39

Abandoned baby horse meets 4 ft teddy bear. Adorable pics.

How anti-atheist stigma affects the mental health of American nontheists

Rick Perry Signed Reduced Budget On DPS Border Security, Wants GOP To Kill Bill Addressing Crisis

Humanists win right to solemnize their own weddings in Indiana

Georgia physician republican lawmaker voices concern immigrants from S America carry Ebola virus

Suspect in Benghazi attack found dead = Start the Clinton conspiracy theories now

Humanists win right to solemnize their own weddings in Indiana

Suspect in Benghazi attack found dead

Sen. Reed: Add Unemployment Extension to Emergency Border Spending Bill

Email from the White House

Akin compares himself to Joseph McCarthy


A Man tries to drink a gallon of honey while covered with bees ** warning **

The Leftovers: confusion and doubt mirrors my religious journey

Video shows Tsarnaev, Tazhayakov at gym day after bombing

Never enough is it Dick?

Some conservatives: Holder playing racial politics

Sing it Women! Let ONE Voice Emerge!

Texas GOP’s secret anti-Hispanic plot: Smoking gun emails revealed

Frothy Ricky defending Scumbag Sammy and both are scared of teachers in red shirts

Cliven Bundy’s Son Facing Arrest In Separate Criminal Case (Felony Conviction-Burglary/Weapons)

"South Miami Mayor: Marco Rubio Is An 'Idiot'"

Feds: Texas voting maps deliberately discriminated

Chris Hayes: Ask Jose Diaz-Balart to ask his brothers why people flee Central America

ACLU: Refugee Children Report Serious Abuse During Detention Including Squalid Conditions

Listen: Attempt to cancel Comcast service turns into an endless nightmare.

"Early Returns on Health Care Reform"

lamar alexander..from TN where our gubnor is denying medicare expansion

Krugman: Why the Real Story About Obamacare Is Not Being Told

Industry withdraws more applications for GMO cultivation in Europe

Looks like Deal's staff involved in pressuring Ethics commission despite denials

Rock Star reception greets Elizabeth Warren

Dolan: Anti-immigrant protests "un-American," "un-biblical," "inhumane"

Why does the media (and others) blame parents and a supposed softening of immigration policy?

Jon Stewart Returns from Break to Discover 'The World Has Gone Mad!'

B'Tselem info sheet: 52 Palestinians killed in bombings of homes in Gaza Strip, which are unlawful

Please sign this petition re: Honduras

How America Built Its Highways to Serve the Wealthy and White

'Who Rules In Honduras?' Coup's Legacy Of Violence

How are Central American immigrants getting to the US?

If Boehner is filing suit against Obama for issuing an executive order delaying the employer mandate

I was thinking of making a thread

Car seats for the younguns

I'm only on book 5. Who else loves "Wheel of Time,"???

"Wilderness High-Tech Fire Lookout Overlooking Major Metro Area"

Sucks when you've lost too much weight

VIDEO: John Oliver Rants Brilliantly About Income Inequality and the Deluded 'American Dream'

This bullet can change direction mid-air to track down its target

ohheckyeah wants to play with one of my photos, and I invite you all to play, too!

I'm thinking about building a bicycle designed for myself, a visually impaired person (VIP).

I met my old lover on the street last night.

How to Spot a Communist

40 Central American immigrants deported

Fitness selfies fight terror!

There is No Such Thing as a “Classic Rapist”

do you like harmonia by the shortwave set


Billionaire's breakup plan would chop California into six states

Elizabeth Warren Splits Progressives On Mortgage Reform.

ERA ACTION: This Day in Women's History

Nobel Peace Laureates Slam Human Rights Watch's Refusal to Cut Ties to U.S. Government

We Are Women Rally Washington, D.C., September 12th & 13th, 2014

Nobel Peace Laureates Slam Human Rights Watch's Refusal to Cut Ties to U.S. Government

1 in 6 men have experienced abusive sexual experiences before age 18

Private medical school planned for NMSU

What does DU think of the idea of of "fat shaming" and fat acceptance?

US Signs Agreement for $11B Arms Sale to Qatar

After a break up

GOP Self-Destruction Complete: Millennials Officially Hate Conservatives

The World Financial Cup

Moon after storm!

"Women Against Feminism" may be confusing and wrong, but it is not meaningless

US consumer bureau sues debt collection law firm

VA Cites Progress on Backlog; Congress Disagrees

Israel’s Security Cabinet Accepts Egyptian Cease-fire Proposal.

univ. of phoenix faces gov't financial aid review

Democrats begin to fight back against corporate education policy

NEW..Hacking Online Polls and Other Ways British Spies Seek to Control the Internet

Pentagon’s big budget F-35 fighter ‘can’t turn, can’t climb, can’t run’

Report: Bush Tax Cuts Gutted Americans' Incomes 6.6 Trillion Dollars

Chris Christie's Real Budget Choice: Corporate Friends Over Retirees

Elizabeth Warren bashes Wall Street in West Virginia

Gove out as Education Secretary

America's Biggest Arms Sale Of 2014 Is To A Country With 250,000 Citizens

Progressives turn from Obama to embrace Warren

Billionaire Champions Plan To Chop California Into Six States

The SKYLAB III UFO Encounter - The Evidence and the Contradictions


Here Are 4 Ways We’re Accidentally Teaching Kids That Consent Doesn't Matter

Alabama Engineer Behind Huge Supreme Court Case Accuses Democrats Of Illegal Voting

China Bought $22 Billion Worth Of US Homes Over A Recent 12-Month Span

In GOP idea mix, Santorum says it's time to think blue (collar)

Buddleia: The plant that dominates Britain's railways.

The Economics of Global Warming

$83,000 Is The New $75,000 Happiness Benchmark For Annual Income

13,000 year old battle on the Nile .. upper Egypt

Typhoon Rammasun assaults the Philippines, Invest 90E moves west

U.S. tariffs on Chinese solar panels break trade rules, WTO says

Rejecting victimhood: the case for Palestinian resistance

Hundreds defy protest law in Cairo march for Palestine

Hundreds defy protest law in Cairo march for Palestine

Stalker in the Attic: The Cyberbully Who Spies on 12-Year-Old Girls in Their Home

Conservative Groups Move To Kill GOP's Highway Trust Fund Bill, But Republicans Aren't Nervous

Calling Presbyterians anti-Semitic a tactic to silence Israel critics

Euthanasia Should Be Legally Painless

Israel accepts truce plan; Hamas balks

The Inequality Piketty Didn’t Examine: It Starts in Womb in U.S.

Airbus wants to patent the most uncomfortable plane seats ever

Pat Robertson tells mother: Your son’s stomach pains are caused by a witch ancestor

Senate To Vote On Bill That Would Reverse Hobby Lobby Decision

10 dead, 100+ injured in Moscow train derailment

Republican: Climate Change a Hoax Because Earth & Mars Have Same Temperature

Iowa Governor Signs Proclamation Calling For Prayer, Repentance

Should We Tax Cigarettes, Marijuana, Alcohol, Sex?

Merck pushing to renew cattle fattening/growth drug deemed dangerous and inhumane

F-35 Stumbles While New Long-Range Strike Bomber Starts In Secret

Farnborough Fancies: The F-35, Expectations And Illusions

Why Democrats and Republicans Alike Love to See Elizabeth Warren on the Campaign Trail

Navy Finally Admits It Can’t Afford Fleet, Esp. New SSBNs

Kenny Loggins vs Obi Wan Kenobi: Choose One

‘Boy, Do I want To Get Away From Being The Trillion Dollar Airplane’: Bogdan

If I make you breakfast in bed...

This is a powerful testimony in front of Congress and definitely worth watching (video).

Northrop Takes The Lead From BAE On $11B T-X Trainer

13,390 year old Clovis culture hunted the gomphothere. elephant

‘My Last Ship Was Older Than I Was’: Sailor Quizzes SecDef On New SSBNs

Licking your wounds.........helps

Let's Ride…

US Nuke Focus Has Drifted ‘A Little:’ Hagel

So, it was YOU all this time!

Looks like Greg Ballard may have some competition for his job.

Hagel Hits The Road To Pressure Congress On Sequester

America Sets Sail: New Amphib, LHA-6, Leaves Shipyard

Let's get a move on...

Mideast Conflict: Palestinian Rocket Fire Persists After Israel Agrees To Gaza Ceasefire Proposal

What a disconect!

Electric Auto Sales Skyrocket as Oil Price Rises on Iraq, Libya Woes

From Doctors Without Borders: TPP: Still a Terrible Deal for Poor People's Health

Afghan market car bomb 'kills 89' in Paktika province

Tuesday Toon Roundup 1: Degrees of Insanity

Hunting American Spooks: Germany Prepares Further Spying Clampdown

Tuesday Toon Roundup 2: The Rest

A Wisconsin lumberjack saves a bear with a milk can stuck on its head.

Most guns seized in 8 U.S. cities are pistols, not assault rifles

Leg Charm

TSA PreCheck. Apparently, I have been cleared without applying & without being a frequent flyer.

This Mr. Rogers Remix is too good not to share...

Foot Charm

Shelby's Story: Why We Need Paid Family Leave

Tory Russian donors with Interpol arrest warrants

Alert! Call Your Senators: Vote for the Not My Boss' Business Act

My Comment to the FCC on Net Neutrality

Let's have an electricity fight...

3 Niobrara brothers' names may soon be on the Wall at Vietnam Veterans Memorial

George Clooney is cute in every movie.

This tells you all you need to know about how F-ed up the Security State is.

It is Michelle Obama's fault!!!!!

American Family Association claims that Burger King will soon only sell ‘gay’ burgers

Why does the Government continue to fight the requirement to obtain Warrants?

I got my car fixed. Thank You!

Let's play cat pong...

Rutgers Chemists Develop Technology to Produce Clean-Burning Hydrogen Fuel

Gaza militants reject ceasefire with Israel, respond with rockets

Unfair promotions

Elizabeth Warren selling out her progressive principles?

An Exceptional Decline for the Exceptional Country?: The Empire as Basket Case

Alert! Call Your Senators: Vote for the Not My Boss' Business Act

Let's put the dictionary aside for a moment - racial animosity poll.

Slashgear: Apple reportedly toying with idea of fuel cells in electronics

Greenwald: Leaked Docs Reveal Agency's (GCHQ) Digital Propaganda Toolkit

Why Nothing Has Changed In Australia's Surreal Climate Change Circus - Guardian

This is not snow, and it was taken last night!

E&P Companies Flailing Financially: "Discoveries Have Been Too Sparse"; "Market Is Dysfunctional"

My "WTF?" story of the day, spoiled brats edition...

San Diego- minimum wage going to $11.50 by 2017

Israeli military says it's resumed Gaza airstrikes

Brownback & Santorum Hold Rally @ Used Car Lot, Then Expel Teachers From Public Event In Wichita

How a 12-Year-Old Girl’s Science Project Changed the Way Scientists See Lionfish

Iran could accept deal to halt nuclear program for seven years, FM says

Florida Man returns! Racist swine edition...

Maziarz and the erosion of the Senate Republicans

Louisiana ruling on confession upsets Catholics

The ‘modern-day Norman Tebbit’ is now a Treasury minister. Be afraid

Southern Poverty Law Center shows rise of anti-government gun activist domestic terrorist groups.

Papantonio: Will America Survive to 2020?

City set to approve contract for pre-K background checks

Neil Young Cancels Israel Show

A Nice Jailing Should Teach This Terrible Mom To Let Her Nine-Year-Old Daughter Go To Park By Hersel

Social Security Quiz: True or False?

Has anyone here ever had sedation dentistry? I am about to have major

Grandmother Sentenced to 1 Year in Prison After Protest at US Drone Base

The Republican plan to change the 'war on women' narrative needs work

Atheist to give invocation in Greece

Coming to Netroots nation? Not familiar with Detroit?

Report: Bergdahl Won't Speak To His Parents

silent thread in support of bowe bergdahl's family

Tea Party Founder Told Live On Air ‘It’s Impossible For You To Have Been More Wrong’

On behalf of Detroit DUers, I'd like to welcome Netroots Nation to the Motor City this week......

Kerry slams Hamas for bucking ceasefire with Israel

Scientists Are Beginning To Figure Out Why Conservatives Are…Conservative

Tech Investor Says Plan To Split California Headed For 2016 Ballot

Ariz. Conservatives Plan To Link Arms To Block Bus Full of Kids

DU July Photo contest, still some time to enter!

20 Dead, 150 Injured In Moscow Subway Derailment

This GOP Mayor Marching 273 Miles to Demand Medicaid Expansion

Facebook Newsfeed question

Federal Reserve's Yellen Has Good News For Congress

A New Gameplan for Taking Down Privatizers

Edward Klein: the difference between the truth and a lie

Question about jury duty

ENN: EPA to Ban HFCs in Cars, Grocery Stores for Fast Climate Mitigation

Citigroup: The Original Gangsta

Hobbled IRS can't stem 'dark money' flow

Navy robots normally deployed to disarm bombs have a jollier mission: entertaining kids at summrcamp

Government Has Created Massive Spy Apparatus: 6 Chilling Examples

Absolute Zero is 0K

Cleveland Woman Makes ‘Duck Face’ in Viral Mugshot.

After Two Towns Beat the Fracking Industry in a Top State Court, Can Others Follow?

US advisers in Iraq risk assassination by troops they are trying to train

ProPublica: US Taxpayers Are Subsidizing Defense of Alleged Killers of Palestinian Teen

An Exceptional Decline for the Exceptional Country?: The Empire as Basket Case

Ultra Right Ideology Continues to Gain Ground From Europe to the U.S.

Inmate’s Gassing Death Latest In Complaints Against Florida Prisons

The door is open.

NYT: Israelis Watch Bombs Drop on Gaza From Front-Row Seats

2014 is the most important mission.. 2016 does not start till then

Pic Of The Moment: Liz Cheney Sums Up Republican Plan For Climate Change

Girl Wakes Up At Her Own Funeral

Action item! Call Your Senators: Vote for the Not My Boss' Business Act

CIA releases important files in a FOIA request

I have AT&T land wifi

Fines on corporations are such bullshit

Union, Yes: Writer-Producers at Reality TV Production Company that Makes 'Swamp People' Vote to Join

Union, Yes: Writer-Producers at Reality TV Production Company that Makes 'Swamp People' Vote to Join

Forever a Golden Girl: The Art of Being Bea Arthur

Organic Food Is Healthier Confirms New Analysis

Maine Labor Advocates To Show Movie SALT OF THE EARTH in Solidarity For IBEW-CWA FairPoint Workers

In another couple weeks, I will have been a member of DU for 11 years.

July 14, 1912

My Kitty is fixed and going to be OK! 8-)

Slaphappy: Koch brother vs the union organizer

22.8 million New Yorkers' personal records exposed

Erdogan claims Israel’s mentality ‘no different from Hitler’ as daughter joins Istanbul protest

Liberman calls to retake Gaza, denounces truce efforts

This news story has everything: GOP Freaks Out at Democrat Using Drone at His Gay Wedding

Arrest of Tokyo vagina artist sparks free expression protest

Screwy Louie Gohmert Proves That God Exists

Slow day in clinic. Ask me anything.

Ever Notice The Prominence Of Red Neck Bubbas On Television These Days.

It is over for south Florida. It is as simple as that.

#IAmJada - Mocking of teen rape victim prompts major internet backlash

There are states where you technically can’t hold public office if you’re an atheist

Iraq MPs break deadlock and elect speaker

Honest Political Ads - Healthcare Costs

At least one school in Britain gets it - A letter to children.

Powerful storm flips over retired F-16, leaves 'widespread' mess at DMAFB

Two former Utah Republican Attorney Generals arrested for corruption.

One hell of a very touching commercial

Here it is, persecution of American Conservative Christians has finally started. Crucifying? No.

Exclusive: After Subpoenas in Walker Criminal Probe, WI GOP Sought to Quietly Change Law

Dick Cheney’s biggest regret: Not invading Iraq and Iran at once

Kerry seeks to extend deadline on Iran nuclear deal

Police 'lose explosives' in French airport exercise

Analysis: Embarrassment, anger keep Washington quiet while Germany fumes over spying

2014 NFL training camp: reporting dates and locations

There's something very ugly in this rage against Israel

Moral Monday returns to Asheville! 1 Year later!

DiNapoli: LIRR Strike Could Cause $50 Million In Economic Loss Daily

U.S. court sides with Chinese firm in dispute with Obama

10,000 Can be as Lonely as the Number 1


Interfaith Leaders Launch Daylong Fast For Peace In The Middle East

Millennials and Complementary and Alternative Medicine use: Some depressing news

The cognitive dissonance of our every day lives...trying to make sense of it.

Dick Cheney: Screw food stamps & anything else Defense should be #1 priority

Rev. Charles Moore, Pastor Who Self-Immolated, Spent A Lifetime Protesting Injustice

Festivus is anti-Christian persecution!

Feds to rule soon on pipe-pipeline.

Wars without winners

New Scandal at VA: Workers Hid and Shredded Benefits Claims

Rude Pundit and I co-hosting a radio show? Be afraid. Be very afraid.

Poltergeist Under Couple’s Bed Turns Out to Be Meth Head

Immigration activist Jose Antonio Vargas detained by US border officials

Four Disney workers exposed as pedophiles

Wisconsin media covers up Walker giving taxpayer handouts to outsourcers

GE, NY announce major semiconductor expansion

New York braced for railroad strike after LIRR talks break down

Alabama Allows Voter Intimidation Devices In Voting Booths

Student: Expelled from college after gay marriage

A second try at cyberbully law

Devil vows taken out of Christening services as Church of England aims to widen appeal

SLOWPOKE TOON: Krap-Mart's Big Box of Poverty

Todd Akin continues to make a total ass of himself...


The Rude Pundit: Yeah, It's Pretty Much Time to Panic Over Climate Change (Miami Edition)

Less than 1% of scientists have published 41.7% of all papers between 1996 and 2011

China tells U.S. to stay out of South China Seas dispute

Ellmers urges men to bring policy ‘down to a woman’s level’. RENEE Ellmers.

Remembering Don Eugene Siegelman - he's still in jail

I need some help finding the facts about the report that illegal immigrants are getting medicare

10 Pictures of Piglets That Will Melt Your Heart!

Blackhawks' logo deemed offensive

Why they aren't showing this daily on Broadway just makes no sense - The Nightman Cometh...

Former Utah Attorneys General John Swallow, Mark Shurtleff arrested, face 23 charges

Self love...

Why I’m Not a Liberal

Report: Corporate polluters rarely criminally charged

Charter School Scandals Resemble the Subprime Mortgage Crisis..short but powerful video.

New GOP Idea That Can Close the Gender Gap: Bring Policy “Down to a Woman’s Level”

Paris Wants Landlords to Turn Vacant Office Space Into Apartments—Or Else

Gaza chose terrorism over building a Palestinian paradise

Great video compares charter school scandals to sub prime mortgages. Many similarities.

"If ‘evangelical morality’ harms others and can’t justify itself, is it ‘unfair’ to mention that..."

Israelis Watch Bombs Drop on Gaza From Front-Row Seats

First Israeli death of Gaza operation as mortar shell kills man at Erez Crossing

The Palestinians Must Put an End to Suicidal Hamas

Snowpiercer in movie theaters AND on Amazon Instant Video...wave of future or fluke ?

Stop Staring!

Maybe There's Some Hope For Kansas After All ...

Amazon Prime has "John Adams" on line streaming

WEDC-backed Kestrel had "financing issues" in Maine before moving to Wisconsin


Palestinian loss of land to the present:

How is denying the evolution of Racial science ...

Journalist Jose Vargas, symbol of immigration debate, detained at airport

Microsoft Plans Biggest Round Of Job Cuts In 5 Years

Merkel Resists Cutting U.S. Ties Over Spying Affair

The new foreign affairs team

U.S. Says Russia Is Stoking Ukraine Conflict Before Talks

Rosetta's target is 'double' comet (BBC)

Pope Francis: Migrant Children Must Be ‘Welcomed And Protected’

The Zealot: Larry Pratt Is the Gun Lobby's Secret Weapon

Room to Criticize Israel Grows—but Are Policy Changes on the Table?

Watch the take off on this 787-9 and the landing doesn't seem to need much runway.

Churches' Official: 'Everyone In Gaza Considers Themselves A Target

Scottish music thread

What's for Dinner, Tues., July 15, 2014

Blues in the Windy City!

Sorry, Sarah Palin: House Conservatives Oppose Impeachment Of Obama

I don't think JetBlue should even bother scheduling flights anymore.

"How Fundamentalists Promote Atheism"

CNBC’s climate-denying ‘expert’: Carbon is demonized ‘just like the poor Jews under Hitler’

Mass. Christian college facing review after requesting right to discriminate against gays

What the tea party thinks of African Americans.

Politics Done Right on KPFT - Houstonians speak out on the immigration crisis

Germany ‘may revert to typewriters’ in wake of NSA spying revelations

Funniest two minutes in a long time

Thor is now a Woman


Cuomo: Private Market Will Guide Casino Success

The Gnome

Let's talk about sexism on DU

US SoS gave former British Foreign Secretary a Knighthood

Nestle is buying water from a drought-stricken area in California: And it's legal.

Long Tail Feathers Adorned Four-Winged Dinosaur

The Democrats’ Brilliant Idea for How to Stop Unnecessary Abortion Clinic Regulations

From the land of OMG

The Republican Plan for Immigration

Do you exercise?

The Forgotten Woman Who Made Microbiology Possible

Ann Coulter On Border Crisis: ‘All Countries Suck Compared to America’

5 Ways Every Conspiracy Theory Makes the World a Worse Place

So heartsick...had to have DeeDee euthanised.

Iowa Was Surely God’s Favorite Damn State Yesterday Because Brave Governor Signed Big Damn Prayer Pr

Police reports detail South Texas appellate judge's arrest

You thought Michelle Bachmann was Minnesota's crazy?

Deadly Super Rainbow Tears Through West Coast

Hit song 'La Bestia' about Mexican death train released by US border agency

Starr County Sheriff's Office: Girl stabbed 20 times by father

Hobby Lobbyist

GOP Ex-Lawmakers Endorse Dem Candidate Over Kansas Gov. Brownback

Planned Parenthood to open new Dallas abortion clinic that meets ambulatory surgical center standard

The State of the American Dog

Dumb Criminals: Restaurant Owner Accused Of Having Sex On Roof Of Neighboring Chipotle

Dumb Criminals: Hotel Guest Refused To Leave After Check Out, Poses For Mug Shot

Grimm’s Fundraising Tanks

Weird Al's Newest Parody - Word Crimes (Blurred Lines) hits the Tea Party where it hurts....

Hawkish Danon fired for opposing Netanyahu's acceptance of Gaza truce

Thanks, But No Thanks

I've never said "what if?" so many times when reading a book.

Sheldon Adelson's newspaper: return Gaza to the Stone Age

Pulitzer Prize-Winning Undocumented Journalist Jose Antonio Vargas Arrested At South Texas Border

So I'm curious - what makes a fetus so much more important than an immigrant child?

Biden making pitch to liberals (this week, in Detroit)

Mitch McConnell’s Nightmare Gets Real: Democrat Alison Grimes Sets Fundraising Record

Martins: Cuomo Needs To Take Role In LIRR Talks

New GOP logo

The painted warships of WWI (BBC)

Erdogan Dismisses Reconciliation With Israel Over Gaza ‘Terror’

Letter to Think Progress on Education Reform

Yellen Says Weak Job Market Shows Economy Still Needs Stimulus

White House Adds New Disability Adviser

The Billionaire Who Wants to Split California Into 6 States Has the Most Embarrassing YouTube Feed

Bolivia Shows How To Dismantle Corporate Sovereignty Provisions In Treaties Without Losing Foreign I

Conservative Groups Protest Central American Children By Marching With Guns

This is How You Should Tweet When Your Baseball Team Runs a Promotion with an Atheist Group

Denton Council expects overflow crowd at fracking hearing

I have had the hiccups for an hour HELP edit. Thanks...the breathing helped

Sen. Sanders: Save Net Neutrality

LGBT community already feeling the impact of religious exemption

Can genetics explain political partisanship?

Deal needs to answer these questions.

Weird Al's "Happy" Parody--Because Dammit, We Need a Laugh!

Left and Libertarians Unite to Amend House Spending Bills.

Dear Oklahoma

Tom Wolf for Governor (PA)

Biotech Center a Tough Sell

The Supreme Court Hobby Lobby Decision - Julianna Forlano Discusses

Thank you very much MIRT members for taking action

Hillary's Candid Motto for Democratic Party: 'Represent Banks'

The Democratic Party is searching for its soul????

Notre Dame Buys Historical Bible of First Catholic Priest Ordained in US

Board member asks Cuomo to withdraw Tappan Zee loan plan

APWU Response to Staples Announcement That They Are Shutting Down Pilot Project with USPS

WaPo factchecker is a GOP Toady. He attracts a lot of TP Nutjobs. It would be nice if some rational

"Hagan appears to have a modest but clear lead at this point"

Over 100 Veterans Come Out To Endorse Sen. Shaheen

Noam Chomsky calls on Iran to release imprisoned journalist Marzieh Rasouli

Moral Mondays are for everyone

Obama Administration To Join Voting Rights Cases In Wisconsin, Ohio

This is what a bail-in looks like in Spain:

Why Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned is sexist

I have an idea for an APP. Developers, start your engines!

Koterba toon: Spy vs Spy

Randi Weingarten Re-elected AFT President

Randi Weingarten Re-elected AFT President

Thor Will Now Officially Be a Woman in Marvel Comics

A new American political order?

About aging eyes:

KKK Capitalizing on Border Crisis to Recruit New Members

The Nation's Bob Dreyfuss: The Palestinians must put an end to suicidal Hamas

How to look smarter - Andy Borowitz has the answer (and it’s pretty simple)

Thom Hartmann: Banksters Get Help - But Not Homeowners?! Are We Crazy?

Todd Akin: "Joseph McCarthy and me were assassinated by the media..."

Senate Panel Votes For Defense Bill That Doubles Money For Israel's Iron Dome Missile Defense

Thom Hartmann: Citigroup Gets a Slap on Wrist

In Our Collective Name

Comcast Serves Up What May Be the Worst Customer Service Call in History

Nuclear plant in Kyushu moves toward restart

The Cost of Passage

A Woman Scorned vs. A Woman Wronged

Female firefighter is first to muscle into FDNY beefcake calendar

Obama praises Egypt's cease-fire plan for Israel

John Fugelsang just finished Ed Shultz's discussion on the Cheneys with this

We're dog-sitting Rudy.

Wed. Livestream debate: Resolved: “Legalizing marijuana saves money and lives.”

The Data Of Hate. Some brave columnist waded into Stormfront to produce this.

White House: "My Front Porch est. 2014. The President wants to know what's on your mind. What.....

IDF warns 100,000 Gaza residents to evacuate homes

Behind 'Smokescreen' of Charity, Global Financial Elite Pillage African Nations $60bn Each Year

US Appeals Court Rules University Of Texas Can Use Race As Factor In College Admissions

That "other place" getting you down? Tired of being "alert trolled?" Tired of "scare quotes?"

Newly passed highway bill contains attack on worker pensions.

Obama: Even after truce, status quo unsustainable

Boehner’s Lawsuit Against Obama Backfires as Democrats Trounce Republicans In Fundraising

US black female gold Olympian Alice Coachman Davis dies

Amazon tribal chief’s SOS: the white man is destroying everything

House votes to extend moratorium on Internet taxes

So What Is The Repubs Reasoning & Their Response For Not Putting Money Into The Infrastructure?..

Cuomo Has $35M War Chest

Why 104 Kansas Republicans just endorsed a Democrat for governor

Behold, Paul Ryan's Non-Answers About Climate Change and Medicaid Expansion

Best female actress to play Thor in the next movie (if there is one)

Obama: Even after truce, status quo unsustainable

Democrats Rally in Support of Anti-’Hobby Lobby’ Bill

Responses to alerts

In spite of Branstad's demand that Iowan's not provide sanctuary to the children on the border,

75 yr. old teenager dies saving gay friend

Happy Birthday to Maggie Walker

This Group Is Starting the Elizabeth-Warren-for-President Campaign

Arizona politician mistakes 'Y' campers for migrant children

No bed room


The Most Poignant Photo of Michelle Obama You've Ever Seen

570+ police killings in Florida since 1999 and not one policeman

Serious question

De Blasio, Mark-Viverito call for release of detained immigration activist Jose Antonio Vargas

Toon - ScanDeal!

Very powerful painting

Denton could become 1st Texas city to ban fracking (update Denton voters will decide on fracking ban

Lake County firefighters rescue kitten from drain pipe

Guy Consolmagno, Jesuit Brother, Wins Carl Sagan Medal For Achievements In Astronomy

UT may use race in admission, appeals court rules

GOP Congresswoman: Men Must Talk 'Down To A Woman’s Level' If They Want To Be Understood

Abbott Drive Around Policy

And another U.S. company heads through customs at JFK.

RE2PECT Derek Jeter -Congrats

Henry Kissinger 'resting' after heart valve replacement

Atheist gives 'historic' invocation in Greece

B'Tselem: Israeli Forces Failed to Provide Connection between Bombed Houses and Military Activity

We been ringing the bell for just about 3 years now..

Weird Al thread (His new album dropped today)

When Running and Religion collide.

Cheney: Impeachment Talk Is Nothing But A Distraction

WTF ...40

Journalist Jose Antonio Vargas Released By Border Patrol

Guy Consolmagno, Jesuit Brother, Wins Carl Sagan Medal For Achievements In Astronomy

Does anyone have tips on consoling a person who has lost a loved one

Why Rush is so worried about the refugee children

-81 construction could force hundreds of Syracuse public housing residents to move, director says

WTF ...41

WTF ...42

Casella reaches agreement with N.Y. over waste-hauling contracts

Stumbled across the best comment on Discussionist

Microsoft To Layoff More Than 6000 Very Soon.

Core Truths: 10 Common GMO Claims Debunked

I just re-enabled my participation the DU jury system

Woman Searches the Globe to Find Dog’s Favorite Toy (formerly abused dog see photo & next story)

NYC's St. Vincent's site to open as ER

So are progressives really turning from Obama to embrace Warren? Well...

This day in history..July 15, 2014...

SICK.....Daughter's rep: Casey Kasem's body still unburied

Atheist Set To Deliver Invocation At New York Town Meeting

Mike Malloy - I Will Go To Laugh At Cheney´s Memorial Service

Stumbled across the best comment on Discussionist

Years Later, Google Finally Dumps Its Ill-Advised Real Names Policy: Drops All Restrictions On Names

This Is How It's Done

Nano chief on IBM Fishkill future: “All we’ve heard are rumors”

Shaq Attack

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Techdirt's Comments To The FCC On Net Neutrality And Preserving An Open Internet

$11,675,000 spent by the UK so far "guarding" Julian Assange 'cuz Sweden refuses to come to the UK.

Cheney: Any attempt to impeach Obama would be distraction

Hey, I'm watching the All Star Game.....4 Brewers playing....

Is modern "conservatism" on the decline?