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Archives: July 13, 2014

This is your "enemy," America?

Tenn. governor may talk Medicaid with new HHS chief

Israeli Lawmaker Calls for Genocide of Palestinians…Gets 5,000 Facebook Likes

Name the TURKEY!!! (it's not about an elected representative)

tularetom appreciation thread.

Caturday Catnip Capers

Transgender women claim mistreatment at W.Va. DMVs

20 kids who need a better role model

"Mr. Netanyahu, tear down this wall!"

Just so you know

At what time is the World Cup game on

Republican Thinking

Where are the bombs and missiles

Afghan rivals clinch deal, easing political crisis

South Miami Mayor: Marco Rubio Is An 'Idiot'

I guess I do want to say something nice about someone here

Ex-Bush Lawyer Convicted Of Trying To Kill Wife

I want to say something slightly off topic

Puppehs pile on Mom and Dad dogs

Wow, I'm loving Santa Cruz.

Warning: This is very upsetting and graphic: Reporting Rape, and Wishing She Hadn’t

Describe your pefect America

Israel says cease-fire possible only if it ensures long-term quiet

Rubio said "I can beat Hilary". What a poor choice of words.

Five-time Olympic gold medalist Ian Thorpe comes out as gay in interview

Gitxsan First Nation Evicts CN Rail, Logging Companies From Its Land

South Florida's Rising Seas - Sea Level Rise Documentary

Memory lane, "He saw war and tried to stop it..."

The Senate is giving more power to the NSA, in secret. Everyone should fight it

Does Justice Ginsburg need to resign...

Desmond Tutu plea for 'assisted dying' before historic Lords debate

McConnell believes ‘most of the barriers’ for women ‘have been lowered’

Attention all Loungers . . .

A fairy tale (meme) - I love this :)

Three Steps We Can Take to Solve Poverty, From Someone Who Knows Firsthand

oh fuck. my asshole neighbors are setting off explosive fireworks. can't see anything, just

Is Hamas Trying to Get Gazans Killed?

Experts Say Rare Summer Cold Front on the Way

UAW Local 42 Union Formed at Volkswagen Chattanooga Plant

TCM Schedule for Thursday, July 17, 2014 -- What's On Tonight - Crime Remakes

TCM Schedule for Friday, July 18, 2014 -- Friday Night Spotlight - 100th Anniversary of WWI

TCM Schedule for Saturday, July 19, 2014 -- The Essentials - Music by John Williams

All the people underwater

Gah! Wormy radishes!

Israel's Iron Dome Is Amazing, and That's a Problem

A solution to the current refugee crisis:

US Needs New Answers In The Middle East

Rockets from Gaza land in Bethlehem, Hebron

the really beautiful woman

The Awful Reason Florida Is Bulldozing One of the World’s Rarest Forests

Is Netanyahu Already Looking Beyond Gaza To Iran?

The Equal Rights Story Behind Prez's Barbeque Joint Fistbump

Found this quarter inch bug on a spearmint plant.

Boca Jewish group gathers for Israel

‘American Jewish voices are most critical in the world’ (to end idea that Jewish lives matter more)

Philly Jews Show Solidarity With Israel

Jewish groups launch emergency campaigns for Israel

"Volkswagen and UAW to create union at Tennessee plant"

Jewish Federation hosts Las Vegas rally in support of Israel

Grandpa guessed right - Grandkids in CAVS swag

Jewish Federation of Broward hosting rally for Israel

Moms With Guns founder shares Obama pic on Facebook, adds ‘where is assassin when you need one’

Rockland Jewish community offers support to Israel

"Meep Meep Watch" - The Dish by Andrew Sullivan

Pro-Israel students ‘assaulted’ at Boston protest

Happy SuperMoon 2!

This Gordon Lightfoot song is so good it deserves its own OP:

Israel-NY flight makes safe emergency landing

Republican Jews Alarmed at the Prospect of a Void in the House and Senate

Israeli Ground Troops Enter Gaza in Raid

‘Protective Edge’ has nothing to do with protection

Marco Rubio: I Can Beat Hillary Clinton


Christie Blames Obama in Part for Mideast Unrest.

Study: Spilled chemical could be more toxic (WV)

What People Choose to Dream About: Sex and Flying

UN: Israeli strikes on Palestinian homes could breach laws of war

In honor of Radiohead announcing their return to the studio in September...

Oh crap, look what we did now.

Spectacular 'Supermoon' Rises This Weekend


I am liking Murder in the First.

Elvis in the Rain - John Coinman

Occupy Radio: Class Warfare with Egberto Willies - Hosts: Rivera Sun & David Geitgey Sierralupe

Big full moon, ~ 8:29 PM -> 6:30 AM, Pacific time.

Evangelicals Are Changing Their Minds on Gay Marriage

This National Blood Drive Is Fighting the FDA Ban on Gay Donors

Woman (former Dan Quayle speech writer) has proof Obama is a communist...

4 Israeli Soldiers Hurt In Ground Attack On Gaza Rocket Site

What I learned in the Religion group today.

Manassas, VA police won't serve warrant seeking photo of teen's penis

It's fascinating photos all over the map - starts with POTUS - so I figured it's OK to post in GD :)

Please help me find a cartoon

Russian-speaking Australian Jews voice solidarity with Israel

"We will hoof you..."

Bic Creating Globally Crowdsourced, Finger Written, Eventually Downloadable Font

Turkish singer writes anti-Semitic tweets over Gaza

America's Dumbest Congressman compares migrant children to D-Day invasion, demands 'ships of war'

So, does anybody have any tips on starting a charcoal grill/smoker?

Leashed Cats in Olive Garden Appreciation Thread.

The Georgians and the birth of celebrity and gossip news

Israel’s Strategy and America’s Mythology

NYT: A Two-Page Form Spawns a Contraceptive Showdown

Nothing new under the Gaza-Sderot Sun

Tempest in A Teapot, or Yard Sale Wars

why is the media propping up a fool such as rick perry?

I See You...

PIC: two friends in Austin, Texas on Israel

Was Iraq's Top Terrorist Radicalized at a US-Run Prison?

A Democratic Party icon visited me at the fire lookout today!

Naval commandos wounded in first Gaza ground battle

Here is a great song by SHINEDOWN!

My Boss Didnt Like My Attitude So I Put It Back In His Face

Eyes are on Mexico’s untapped potential

Ever have an ingrown toenail operated on?

News from the Blue Bell creamery in Brenham


WTF ...30

I watched Hannity's sickening love-fest with Rick Perry this past week.

Giants' Vogelsong again gets no support in 4th straight loss

So what do you say to a person who spews this (regarding economics)?

Analysts Confused as Venezuelans Say Their Country is Second Most Democratic in Region

Venezuelan Yukpa Chief: Paramilitaries Trying to “Erase” Us

Jordan Reluctant to Host Syria Rebel Training

AZ Gov. Jan Brewer Pardons Anti-Masturbation Mascot Arrested For Masturbating In Public

Mechanical Pumps Turning Oases into Mirages

Time in a bottle

Hiya! Flying visit. Hope you're all well. Nina Paley has something to say about the I/Pal conflict

Surge Of Refugee Minors Includes Pregnant Mothers - Moved To Permanent Facilities

Pastor Led Son’s Gay Wedding, Revealing Fault Line in Church

The last Ramone is gone

God is not vindictive – He's just giving His verdict on our vanity and bad taste

Interfaith Iftars Bring Muslims And Jews Together During Ramadan

Guatemalan Government Moves to Expel Witnesses to Police Violence at US-Canadian Mine Site

Linda Ellerbee

How Mark Levin typically "wins arguments" against liberal callers

Old Dutch Ketchup Flavored Potato Chips

US official: Iran nuclear talks positions 'inadequate and unworkable'

Ran into Albert Flasher the other day.

15 Killed in Strike on Gaza Police Chief

The Fire Next Time (1993)

Massachusetts Sen. Warren Hits Road For Democrats

'Pretty Much a Catastrophe': Anna Deavere Smith and the Disaster of the School-to-Prison Pipeline

Ukrainian authorities struggle to win favor after rebel withdrawal from Slovyansk

Crowdsourcing Our Way Out of the Crisis of Democracy

Swimming Olympian Ian Thorpe reveals he is gay: reports

Moms With Guns founder shares Obama pic on Facebook, adds ‘where is assassin when you need one’

Orbital poised to launch cargo ship to space station

Israel says cease-fire possible only if it ensures long-term quiet

Many Young Kids Are Sexting, But Should Parents Panic?

Margaret Thatcher 'personally covered up' child abuse allegations against senior ministers

Isolated Amazonian Tribe Reaches Out For Help

Isolated Amazonian Tribe Reaches Out For Help

workers struggle in hamptons, playground for rich

One man killed as shell from Ukraine hits Russian border town: reports

This Map Shows Why The South China Sea Could Lead To The Next World War {LARGE IMAGE}

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Summer of Squeee Edition II

Who says turtles can't be fun?

Gas Export Terminal Draws Opposition From Marylanders, Faith Groups

This Year's Deficit Will Probably Be The Smallest Since 2008

Durham police officers accused of faking 911 calls to enter homes

Those Kids Crossing the Border From Mexico Wouldn't Be There If Obama Hadn't Supported a Coup the Me

There is NO need for the Investor/State Dispute Settlement system in the TPP or TTIP.

U.S. doctors migrating north

Long Waits for Doctors’ Appointments Have Become the Norm

Christie is the first idiot to blame Mideast unrest on Obama and there will be more idiots

More women, better Cabinet?

New York is having sleepovers all over the city, and for all ages

Tater is taunting me now:

Tropical Storm Rammasun churns towards the Philippines

Egypt’s New President: ‘I Will Not Sleep And Neither Will You. We Must Work, Night And Day –Analysis

Horrifying New Details On the 'Viral' Rape of 16-Year-Old Jada

Roman Catholic magazine in Cuba might soften its political side

Warren's Message Popular On Campaign Trail Across Country

Christie Blasts Obama's Policy Toward Israel: 'Failure Of This Presidency'

Faith Forum: How do religions view recent decision?

Sunday's Doonesbury- The Fox Rumor Assessment Unit

Does this sentence re. Ian Thorpe comprise a punctuation emergency?

Wisconsin: Counties push back against Walker's BadgerCare decision

Sob. Poor little Exxon says that PA prosecutors are picking on them over fracking spill

Spaghetti fork

There is that

Robert Fisk: The true Gaza back-story that the Israelis aren’t telling this week

what to try next? 15 lb cat should weigh 12

The problem with “coming out”: The flawed cultural expectations of gay life in America

Obviously these kids are flooding the border to take advantage of welfare benefits ...

Appeals court upholds EPA’s mountaintop removal crackdown

What the military did while Benghazi post burned

Pastor Led Son’s Gay Wedding, Revealing Fault Line in Church

McKinley would bar Energy Department from considering climate change

Vegetarian diets produce fewer greenhouse gases and increase longevity, say new studies

Iraq crisis: How Saudi Arabia helped Isis take over the north of the country

I just realized something odd about myself

Rand Paul’s twisted race lies: His new views on civil rights are as phony as the old ones

After Sochi, Russia's Putin to Spend Billions on 2018 World Cup

I'm So Glad

Fox News pulls a "Diane Sawyer".

Working Class Hero

The Tea Party Isn’t a Political Movement, It’s a Religious One

Maureen Dowd aims her snark at Chelsea Clinton

read this and weep: "CNN: Palestinians Want to Die"

Who Am I

Why Reverse Racism Isn't Real

The original version

What are you reading the week of July 13,2014?

New shipping channel will carry natural gas through the Arctic

Kidney stones: One more thing to look forward to in our climate-changed future

Rocket attacks on Tel Aviv from Gaza, sirens in far North near Lebanon

Hamas rejected Egyptian proposal to hold fire

i Want To Take You Higher

The Senate is giving more power to the NSA, in secret.

Facebook Has All the Power

Holder: Palin Not A Good VP Pick, So 'Even Worse' Judge Of Impeachment

No Support for Cease-Fire Seen Among Israel’s Leaders or Palestinian Militants

Empire built on other people's blood about to be put up for grabs

Are cellphones killing the restaurant business?

The Rio the World Cup didn't show

Equal Rights Story Behind Prez's Barbeque Joint Fistbump

ANGRY tree attacks man

Moroccan Jewish Community’s Rabbi Badly Beaten In Anti-Semitic Attack on Friday

Bats,bats and more bats

Anybody want to buy a condo in the Dayton, Ohio suburbs? Listed at $29,900, I'll take 22k.

Emma Watson Crashes United Nations Website With Her Goodwill Ambassador Announcement

supermoon (link fixed)

The Corporation: "Mindset"

Synagogue firebombed near Paris in renewed violence

Professor Richard Wolff: Global Capitalism July 2014 Monthly Update

Monsanto's Herbicide Linked to Fatal Kidney Disease Epidemic: Could It Topple the Company?

10 Things You Should Know About the American Seafood Supply

Target security officer fired after reporting shoplifting cop

Convicted Spy Arthur Walker Dies in Prison

Hillary Clinton Cheerleads for Biotech and GMOs


Noam Chomsky on Free Market Capitalism

Appreciation Thread for my Dog

Rick Perry on Ron Paul's foreign Policy

I Me Mine ...

Delete Yahoo account, anyone?

Margaret Thatcher 'personally covered up' child abuse allegations against senior ministers

Jewish man attacked in Melbourne

Kosher iftar: UK synagogue marks Ramadan with interfaith meal

Hamas denies claim it fired rockets on Israel from Lebanon

Crushing wingers with the science that they themselves fund

Hey Sarah....

You shall treat the stranger who sojourns with you as the native among you (graphic)

The deafening silence of racism's accomplices in the United States

Oh fish LLLL Sunday Morning blame everything on Obama thread ...... over the top posts are welcomed

I couldn't resist the YouTube search LOL

Berlin media are feeling optimistic about the final...

Is "Uber" the transition app to driverless cabs?

Exhibit A Demonstrating Rich People Are Stupid: Mike Bloomberg

When we trip the light (remember we are lost together)

Pope Francis reassures the faithful: Only 2 percent of Catholic clergy are pedophiles

Swedish man beaten for hanging Israeli flag

An extraordinary win for the Raiders' cheerleaders

Moms With Guns founder shares Obama pic on Facebook, adds ‘where is assassin when you need one’

WTF ...31

It's Still 1945 in Europe - In Washington's View--Eric Margolis

Tyrant on FX. Anyone else watching?

LOL ...

Palestinian rockets: The conversation no one is having

Trump Plaza in Atlantic City to close

Bill Maher Blasts ‘Useless Obama Hacks without a Shred of Intellectual Honesty’ (NSA spying)

"The Antonym of ‘Indispensable’"--American Exceptionalism....Where is the Morality?

Time to “Drop the Knife” for FMG in The Gambia

Davis presses attack on Abbott over chemical plant ruling

Star maps point to Aboriginal songlines

Reproductive Rights Take Centre Stage at U.N. Special Session

My moon

Paying Employees to Stay, Not to Go...

Chris Christie: Gay marriage debate not over

Macomb company (Weingartz) continues Hobby Lobby fight against contraception

Martin O'Malley warms up in Iowa for possible Democratic run in 2016

Protesters rally outside Hobby Lobby in Bangor, Maine

The more he looks the madder he gets.

Protest staged at Hobby Lobby in Seekonk, Mass.

Scientists have developed a material so dark that you can't see it

Juan Cole: Stop Saying ‘If X fired Rockets at U.S.’

Everyone loves a slinky

Even Bill Kristol wants Palin to STFU about impeachment: She ‘makes Republicans look extreme’

Who schedules commercials on what shows?

Hobby Lobby opens a new front in the ‘War on Women’

We need to build a new Statue of Liberty and stand it on our southern border

Violence in Human Evolution

WTF...WTF..WTF....Indian 13-Year-Old Raped as Retribution For Her Brother's Crime...

Rep.Luis Gutierrez Calls Out Xenophobia In Immigration Debate, Urges President Obama to Protect

Hey, Reince and GOP - fixed your George Bush shirt

My "Naked" Truth

LOL ...

This Story Of A Dog’s Last Day On Earth Is Beautiful And Utterly Heartbreaking

Strangest drought consequence to date: A broken ankle

Protestors oppose SCOTUS ruling at Hobby Lobby in Huntsville; supporters defend religious freedom

49ers Legends beat NFL Legends in final Candlestick football game

You can't make this shit up....**facepalm**

Why Ron Paul is no longer actively campaigning for president

Hey there, sexy...

Fuck the poor...Warning: NSFW

This is where I get off...

Is there somewhere to find how a congressman voted on a bill?

No Sheit ...

gratuitous kitty pics -engaging warp engines, sir

Lorin Maazel, Brilliant, Intense and Enigmatic Conductor, Dies at 84.

IAF Pilot calls off strike on Gaza target after spotting children nearby

Amazing Technology Invented By MIT - Tangible Media

World Cup Final: Germany-Argentina

GOP Rep.: I Saw Some Teenagers At Border That Looked Like 'Threat' To US


The Map: A Palestinian Nation Thwarted & Speaking Truth to Power - Juan Cole

(aside) Watched the 60's special on CNN last night -

What was one of the first things the National Security State accomplished?

R > G!--the never-ending inequality. . .

Worship the Zygote, bless the Blastocyst, praise the Placenta, but demonize the child.....

Democrats are now losing the immigration debate because the Washington Post said so.

The GOP's top 2016 hopefuls all have one thing in common.

2 neglected dogs seized from dirt cellar at 10th Street home

20, 40, 60

Conservatism is the dread fear that ...

what's for dinner - sunday, july 13th

Abbas to UN: Give Palestine international protection

Moms With Guns founder calls for Obama's assassination.

A Bitter Sweet Story About a WWII Veteran's Friendship with a Toddler

Ten Reasons Women Are Losing While Gays Keep Winning

Do you have any proof that politicians regularly read the post

Watching the World Cup Final completely stress free

"We are barbarians..."

I tried something new...

Man doing manly things to sell women's soap?

Colorado Guv Hickenlooper: 'Prez is a shark. . . literally before my eyes he ran like four balls'

Is it just me, or does Firefox suck especially hard these days?

Militarize the border? So the refugee claimants can turn themselves in easier? I favor it then.

D you have any political views that would be unpopular on DU, so you keep them private?

Memory Lane: Religion and Politics (Just for fun)

One Percent’s Rental Nightmare: How Wall Street's Scheme Blew Up in Its Face

Who belongs in the kitchen?

Getting health care in Canada?

Apple Denies China Assertions on IPhone as Security Risk


INFLUENCE GAME: Shaping railroad safety rules

They called this gentleman the "Prince of Pork"? I'd call him a damn good congressman.

damn it

Taliban survivor Malala, in Nigeria, pledges to help free girls

First Teaser for American Horror Story: Freakshow Delivers Gruesome Beauty

Indyk: Israeli 'Bluff' Of Mobilizing Tanks Hasn't Worked

Profile of an early suffragist, Lenna Lowe Yost

Prominent Women in Appalachian History

First Full Doctor Who trailer with Peter Capaldi released during World Cup Final half-time (video)

My Super moon wearing a Chador

Danger Zone: Major Nuclear Waste Dump Continues to Emit Dangerous Levels of Radiation

Detroit's Bankruptcy, An Unique Opportunity To Transfer Wealth Assets-The March 2013 Interview

Quayle speechwriter called interracial marriage of Obama's parents 'unnatural'.


Conductor and composer Lorin Maazel has died

The Beautiful Game...

No Holds Barred: Israel Must Not Make The Same Mistake Twice

OK, all right...I apologize...

Mideast Turmoil Could Rally Neocons to Hillary (Le Figaro, France)

Saint, Saint, Muslim anti-Christ

GOP leader calls for migrant children 'warehouses' in Central America

Thought for the day

APD to buy 350-plus AR-15 rifles

Human Blowback from US Interventions

GOP leader calls for migrant children 'warehouses' in Central America

Christian Amber Alert

Human Blowback from US Interventions

World Cup Spoiler

When I switch to a different site, while on the internet, I am finding that

Small SC town rallies for fired gay police chief

(Video) PA Official Admits: Israel Follows International Law, We Don't

Florida mom murdered son and daughter as teens slept: autopsy

Gas pipeline expansion plan fuels fury in Peekskill, Cortlandt

Palestine 1896

Macro with a 135mm lens, and extension tubes.

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Monday, 14 July 2014

City pols blast anti-Semitic banner flown above Brighton Beach and Coney Island

Exclusive poll: Karen Lewis could give Rahm run for his money

For those who need a monster du jour fix... SPOILER

This Road Work Made Possible by Underfunding Pensions

When marijuana is legalized, what will be the position on private growth?

MTA and LIRR unions to meet again Monday

Götze volley gives Germany their fourth World Cup title

Hamas Rocket Strikes Gaza Electric Supply, Israel not Fixing It

Women. BE HEARD (Picture Heavy)

I do not like Obamacare...I do not like it Obama-man (Green eggs & ham)

See, MERKEL didn't have a personal space problem, it was a Shrub-ASSAULT problem!1

See, Angela MERKEL doesn't have a personal space problem, it was a Shrub-ASSAULT problem!1

Paris Shul Firebombed as Anti-Semitism Flares Across Europe

Russell Brand: Politicians exist "solely to protect the interests of the rich & powerful"

Knock, knock, who's there?!........."Your friendly neighbourhood F16 bomber with your parcel, sir".

Bernie Sanders: Talkin' 'Bout A Revolution

House unanimously voices support for Israel in current Hamas fight

Dowd: "Isn't It Rich?"

Israel 'Pinpoint' Strikes Kill Mostly Gaza Innocents — Entire Families Wiped Out

Israel/Palestine and the latest violence in Gaza

Thought for the day

Benjamin Netanyahu Hits U.S. Television To Plead Israel's Case

Gaza Interior Minister Tells Residents To Ignore Israeli Evacuation Warning

Siren Goes Off In Real Times On Dermer’s iPhone During TV Interview

LIVE UPDATES: IDF shells Lebanon after cross-border rocket attack

Ukrainian forces launch offensive against pro-Russian rebels, Putin and Merkel say situation is dete

How would you feel?

Martin O'Malley warms up in Iowa for possible Democratic run in 2016 - Your thoughts?

Historic MLB game played in San Francisco, July 13th ...

I'd love to reach through my tv screen and grab Reihan Salam

Acclaimed US classical conductor Lorin Maazel dies (BBC)

Pope vs. Pope

Food Prices Are Soaring And Washington Doesn’t Care

American among Volunteer Human Shields at Gaza Hospital

Some people just have a need for religion.

5 Pathetic Failures of the American Media This Week

Two films about activists. I wish I could stream them both on DU.

Outfoxed, The Film Exposing Fox News As Right-Wing Propagandists, Is Re-released With New Section

How to shower the people with a wave of inspiration

How many people need to be shot and killed in a news story

Jesus said nothing about marriage equality, but

We named the turkey after a politician...

About the children coming into our country from Central America without visas.