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John Oliver deserves wider exposure. Network TV.

Hillary Clinton's Tweet on the Right's continuing War On Women...

Robert Reich on today's SC decision...


Russian becomes sixth journalist to be killed this year in Ukraine

This "Nader" talking point is convenient

Just found on Facebook

Since Conservatives want Corporations to be treated just

College GOP chairman resigns, joining Democrats (Mississippi Federation of College Republicans)

Arizona Man Arrested After Mistaking Car For Alien Spaceship

Pipeline proponents consider explosives in ocean to scare whales from potential oil slicks

I slaved all day (some may find NSFW)

I think the Potus

What is wrong in this picture?

Ginsburg's Hobby Lobby Dissent | Song A Day #2007 -- Amazing!

I am woman watch me grow--wisdom born of pain

The SCOTUS made women separate and unequal today.

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Hobby Lobby

Cassini Probe Celebrates 10 Years at Saturn Today

The Golden Buddha

S&P 500, Nasdaq score sixth straight quarter of gains

Rep. Louise Slaughter (NY) on Chris Hayes tonight. HOLLA!

Ninety-nine percent of the ocean's plastic is missing

Virtually all crops doing better than last year

Taking aspirin regularly may reduce a person’s risk of developing pancreatic cancer in half


Bernie Sanders: Progressives are the Majority (InZane Times)

Progressive post in GD

Progressive post in GD

LePage denies he discussed ‘executing’ Maine Democratic leaders

Towns in New York Can Prohibit Fracking, State’s Highest Court Rules

Towns in New York Can Prohibit Fracking, State’s Highest Court Rules

What are you paying per month for water & sewer?

BREAKING: Obama Announces New Exec. Order

Why Even the US Government is Afraid of Blackwater's Mercenaries | Brainwash Update

Looking For The Recipe To Tom Colicchio's Potato Salad In Mustard Vinaigrette From 'wichcraft'...

Greenwald: NSA is Attack on our Dissent..."Good People Don't Hide...Bad People Have to Hide"

How Hobby Lobby failed to think this through.

Towns in New York Can Prohibit Fracking, State’s Highest Court Rules

Hey, Supreme Court Five! A little something for you from my favorite musical:

Defrocked For Abusing Boys, Catholic Archbishop To Face Trial

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Corporations Are People, My Friend & a new

Where Do You Fit in the Political Typology?

Is DU slow for anyone else, again??

Tweet from Hillary.

US court: Constitution protects teen on Mexican soil shot by US Border Patrol agent

US court: Constitution protects teen on Mexican soil shot by US Border Patrol agent

disappointment with rachel this evening, so far.

Hey, Supreme Court: What about States’ Rights? (Harris Vs Quinn)

holy crap folks. I think the Gulf of Mexico has been moved to Iowa

Victory vision

McCamy Reports: Church of Christ,Scientist Membership Doubles as Employers Convert in Record Numbers

In light of right wing religiosity crammed down our mind holes today...

Take that and that

WTF ...16

Eden Food -- attempted to overturn BC mandate.

Started a shitstorm on FB this evening, re: Holly Lobby

When does a corporation become human? At conception?

"it’s a sad day in this country, when the SCOTUS is allowed to become our preacher, doctor, and"...

Let's talk podiatry (I'm a Pisces/feet) - flip flops - DANGEROUS?!1

A conservative union member at work today about SCOTUS Harris v. Quinn Ruling

I am a worshipper of The Goddess. I believe that men who cannot achieve an erection have ANGERED Her

"Needed: A Drastic Economic Transition"-- by Robert Kuttner

sheba the cat... 1992-2014

How many people want to bet that if a Social Justice case was brought before the High Court...

The Church of the Subgenius Asks "What's In This Supreme Court Ruling for Bob?"

Bush's REAL Legacy...

9/11 trial dealt blow as defendant asks for alleged CIA torture records

A Sad Today

So who will be the judge

Barra/Lauer Interview: reframing the question

Soooooooo... the USSC allowed a corporation to define what "contraception" is too!?!?!?!?

Can we impeach one of these bastards?

The Treason of Nader


Religious Narcissists and Ruth Bader-Ginsburg’s 8 best lines in her dissent

A Toad

If men could get pregnant, Birth Control Would Be Bacon Flavored!

The Supremes did WHAT ....

Great comments re. Hawaii's Dem. Governor, Neil Abercrombie, former great Rep. Abercrombie

Nader 2016!

Growing disputes between Fatah, Hamas threaten unity government

Wanna start a Nader thread?

One of the best things I've ever made with eggplant....

Don't Forget: Hobby Lobby Invested In Numerous Abortion And Contraception Products While Claiming...

Joe Holland Cheverolet of West Virginia opposes contraception mandate.

Judge dismisses Zimmerman's lawsuit against NBC

This is what I find most disturbing about the Hobby Lobby case...

Chilean Court Rules U.S. Had Role in Murders

Chilean Court Rules U.S. Had Role in Murders

ALEC’s Keynote Speaker in Dallas: NC Gov. Pat McCrory

It's time for term limits for Justices

NARAL's petition against anti-gay, anti-choice judicial nominee Michael Boggs

(photo man trapped) Fast storm blasts its way across Nebraska, Iowa (my daughter had slight damage)

Cooked beet greens last week,

"Traditional Ties Between Business Community, GOP Are Fraying On Capitol Hill"

In other mews, it's time to play Meownopoly!


Ralph Nader Apologizes For His Part In Electing Bush.

Today: the war on women broke wide open.

Crafters United Against Hobby Lobby

Union benefits without union dues

"It's Called Religion, but it's got nothing at all to do with God"

Don't Boo

A problem?

At least Obama is sane...

From now on, five members of SCOTUS should now be called SCROTUS.

Supreme Court Majority Calls Case a Dispute Between Women and People (Andy Borowitz)

A break in the angst

PSA: Check your air conditioners.

Guest post at Atlanta Journal Constitution. The 'bizarro" state of American education today.

I just saw Ralph Nader protesting outside the SCOTUS buffer zone!

Tropical storm watch issued for the coast of East-Central Florida as of 11 PM EDT

Welcome to the USA

Oh. My. God. Hollywood is remaking the Japanese horror movie "Audition".

Anyone want to guess the proportion of potentially qualified non-voters to Nader voters in 2000?

John Oliver on Hobby Lobby and corporations being treated like people

Obama sends up to 200 more troops to Iraq (up to 775 for those scoring at home, plus heliocopters)

There is one hard truth that many of us will not directly admit here about human nature

The events of today should be the bold writing on the wall for every man & woman who feel betrayed.

WE'RE #1, WE'RE #1, WE'RE #1, WE'RE #1, WE'RE #1, WE'RE #1!!!

"Automatic" 401K enrollment & deductions


Mike Malloy - Supreme Court Strikes Down Abortion Clinic Law

Atlantic: Tropical Storm Arthur

The ED Show - Corporations are people, my friend

WVFree: Reproductive Education and Equality in West Virginia

Lots on Hobby Lobby today.

"10 Instant Emotional Fitness Tools"

The ocean is swallowing up Virginia so rapidly that its leaders are forgetting to bicker about clima

Germany are through (just)!!

Good to see an administrator speak out at AJC about Arne's policies.

InTrade formally shutting down now

Now change to SINGLE PAYER HEALTHCARE and take it out of the corporations' hands

wingnut columnist: if women would just admit everything is their fault, we'd all get along better

Planned Parenthood

NCAA reopens investigation at UNC over academic misconduct

Is it just me or is it getting hot in here?

8 Other Laws That Could Be Ignored Now That Christians Get To Pick And Choose

"we want to punish the Democrats, we want to hurt them, wound them"

I Am 24 Year Old, I Am Doing Nothing With My Life? Where Did I Go Wrong?Seriously?

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, July 2: Talk to the Animals

The ED Show - Major loss for unions in the courts

Wow $846.81 for a used paperback copy..

7/1/14 1 am EDT anyone awake? n/t

Israel Strikes 34 'Terror Targets' in Gaza After Bodies of Israeli Teens Found

Japan pushing on with military reform despite fiery suicide bid

MIGRANTS: Transfers from Texas set to arrive (Murietta, CA)

2 journalists sue Oakland police over tickets

Jean Quan didn't give insurance proof after wreck, lawyer says

My heart goes out to all the young women tonight who have a conservative boss at work

Anyone remember the Impeach Earl Warren signs?

Hobby Lobby case: What birth control is affected?

Where is Alice?

I remember when bc was illegal

Hartmann: The Dirty Secret of Negative Political Ads!

Where's the "Legislation from the Bench" crowd now?

Any idea how the Republicans will react now that President Obama may go

"Political Suicide" Here is an old animated music video from my band...

ASU English Professor Assaulted by Campus Police

Man confront police about his dog being shot and killed on his own property

President Obama Speaks at Pride Month Celebration

Al Franken & Joe Conason destroy Ed Klein (2005)

On moderation and the middle(wo)man

French bank BNP guilty of US sanctions violations

French ex-President Sarkozy 'held' over influence claims

At this tragic moment ...

Seriously, how do we start a movement to impeach and remove 5 "supreme" court "justices"?

Nanny left young kids in hot car so she could go tanning

By Nader they mean "the political left".

you know what's weird and short-sighted about RWNJ ideological fight?

Massachusetts to cover transgender medical care in state health plan

London Pride: When the police meet up with topless male dancers... What do you think would happen?

Hartmann: The Radical Right Wing Supreme Court Is Acting Like It's a Monarchy

Doing the Radical Right's Dirty Work: Supreme Court’s Latest Blows Against Women and Unions

My discussions about Hobby Lobby on various web sites is already having an effect -

Megalithic Sites Photographed at night around the world

"Are you there, God? It's Me, Hobby Lobby"--Mother Jones

Hobby Lobby is only symbolic with zero practical effect

Elizabeth Warren takes on the south....

Supreme Court’s Hobby Lobby Debacle

Now that I've had a little time to contemplate today's decision. I can honestly say.........

Chile court: US had role in 'Missing' killings

man claiming link to Las Vegas cop deaths arrested

Dear Sandra Day O'Connor,

System off Florida coast now Tropical Depression 1


Sorry I have to do this.... The Australian Experience (aka, Why is the US so extreme?)

Pacific Northwest Social Forum in Portland 10/26-10/28

8 Other Laws That Could Be Ignored Now That Christians Get To Pick And Choose

Ukrainian forces launch full-scale attack on pro-Russian separatists as ceasefire ends

The Ocean Garbage Patch Is Mysteriously Disappearing

Snowden Applies to Extend Asylum in Russia, Report Says

The 12 Best Hobby Lobby Signs At The Supreme Court Monday

Senate Republicans Copy Democratic Fundraising Emails

Since Hobby Lobby is such a christian, child friendly place,

In about 1 hour NASA will launch OCO-2 to measure man made greenhouse gases. I am sitting here

An illustrated guide to american personhood plus new business signs

Supreme Court delivers bruise to unions, not a KO

Boycotting Hobby Lobby (Update x2)

Lipstick on your collar ............

The very scary undertone behind the Hobby Lobby verdict. (well, scary to CEOs...)

GM safety crisis grows as recalls mount

Now, I don't own my sig line, of course, and I usually don't care who uses it. However.....

Bideford Black

To Cure the King's Evil

Renewables to Get Most of $7.7 Trillion Power Investments

GM recalls another 7.6 million U.S. cars after more crashes and deaths

The Potty of No

There's a dup. in here guys.

Georgia Coal-to-Solar Pivot Shows the Way on Climate Regs

Angry at yesterday's Hobby Lobby Decision? Here's something we can do.

So When Does The Church of Hobby Lobby File For Tax Exempt Status?

My New Religion: Dentistrism

book suggestion

American Unexceptionalism

'bad' video game behavior may lead to pro-social behavior in real world

Immigration and Switzerland's unlikely World Cup heroes

Chris Hedges in Boston: Pity the Children

Ku Klux Klan flag erected in east Belfast

Cartoon for June 30, 2014: Congress Fried Chicken

Hamas member killed after Israeli teens found dead

Mayfield's family planning to sue police (?) over Tea Party attorney's suicide

The Silence of American Hawks About Kiev’s Atrocities

Anyone know what kind of health insurance Hobby Lobby offered before the ACA?

Gary Moore - Parsienne Walkways Live Montreux 2010..RIP

Your move, Rastafarians...

The Christian right’s twisted notion of religious freedom

Hillary’s Hardest Choice (and the Democrat’s Dilemma)

Juan Cole: Arab Millennials Will Be Back

What the Arab Youth Movements have Wrought: Don’t Count them Out Yet

Ruling Hindu Tea Party wants to “Develop” India for its 1%

So.. You could walk into a Hobby Lobby with a handful

Take My Breath Away ...

My prediction: First major use of Hobby Lobby precedent.

Higgs boson spills secrets as LHC prepared for return (BBC)

European Court upholds French full veil ban

Countries where 'the pill is free':

Obama Advisor John Podesta: 'Every Country Has a History of Going Over the Line'

Braves come from behind beat Mets 5-3

Pope Francis jokes 'woman was from a rib' as he avoids vow to reform church

Old dog's RANT: Hobby Lobby vs. Common Sense....

Obama Seeks Power To Return Immigrant Children Back Home To Central America

This has to be one of the most irritating political commercials (video)

Rick Santorum's EchoLight Studios plans to release a movie exploring the Supreme Court decision that

US Department of Justice and the US Attorney General Over Immigration Law and Interpretation

Time for A Raise? What You Need to Know About the Minimum Wage

Do you think there will be a day when

That all you got? Utah man sent to jail for fight over church seats.

Tuesday Toon Roundup 1: Discriminating Court

Tuesday Toon Roundup 2: Losing my Religion

Do Atheists have religious rights?

President Obama To John Boehner: F**k Your Lawsuit

Tuesday Toon Roundup 3: The Rest

Has Gregg Abbott or Rick Perry ask Speaker John Boehner and the US House to Appropriate Funding

The Supreme Court and Fox News Channel: Partners in Stupid

This is why the republican party will go Extinct

Iraq Kurdistan independence referendum planned

Sorry but-----

WTF? Russia bans swearing in the arts

Why Women Aren't People (But Corporations Are)

The Rise of the DIY Abortion in Texas

Anti-Unionol: Get Yours TODAY !!!!

End the Tax Exempt Status of Churches!

20 dogs die in Arizona heat after air conditioning kicks out on senator's son

Admit it, Canada, you're obsessed with the maple leaf

Jesusland .

Is left wing outrage as unhinged as right wing outrage?

Bodies of kidnapped Israeli teens found near Hebron; strong reaction from U.S. Jewish organizations

A New Breed ...


The 2010 Election.

will we see Carville and Matalin advising separate campaigns this cycle?

The newest "Ladies Against Humanity" card:

Arkansas Renters Law

B'Tselem strongly condemns the abduction and killing of the three Yeshiva students

The government must refrain from acts of vengeance and security forces must prepare for possible act

Sen. Bernie Sanders criticized a “very troubling” Supreme Court ruling toda

Venezuela hospital care pictures

Clash in cabinet || Ya'alon proposes new settlement in memory of murdered teens

Slick Rick Scott's way of making money?

Happy Canada Day!!!

Hyenas vs. Rhinos: Who Could the NYT Get to Write an Op-ed on Iraq?

If you work at Hobby lobby why dont you quit?

The 49-page Supreme Court Hobby Lobby ruling mentioned women just 13 times

The Uncomfortable Question: Should We Have Six Catholic Justices on the Supreme Court?

Hillary Clinton won't run for President.

Israel fears kidnappers fled Hebron after teens' bodies found

Advice for new entrepreneurs in the theocracy age

The tea party would rather burn than submit to Washington

How can they live with themselves? (SCOTUS)

France Is Still Disposing Of Bombs From World War 1

Reverse Stripping (A.K.A. Putting pants on without hands)

Do men (some women) think that women are 2nd class citizens?

Conspiracy of the Plutocrats: Secrets of the Wealth-Inequality Explosion Revealed{interview}

Get ready for an even bigger threat to Obamacare

Papantonio: Another Bush Goes To Washington


Christian right secession fantasy: Spooky neo-Confederate talk grows louder at the fringes

Ok Hobby Lobby didn't ban most birth control, just IUD types?

Great News! Four Countries Exempt From NSA Spying

Justices to take up pregnancy discrimination case

New PA. Budget - The Year of Magical Thinking. Passed on strict party line vote.

Another deranged ARPAIO fan of confused minority descent: Frankie MUNIZ

Rupert Murdoch’s interest in Time Warner fuels industry speculation

Happy Canada Day!

"You can't really heal if people are telling you that it's your fault. But that's what Will did."

Can a bunch of us file suit now to stop paying interest?

SCOTUS violated itself?

Tea Party’s secret advantage: Why the far right is stronger than everyone thinks

And today's game is: Let's Minimize the Unequal Treatment of Women!

Justices act in other health law mandate cases

The Completely Blind Hunter

A look at testing in the "pre-No Teacher Left Unblamed era". A retired administrator speaks out.

I'm surprised Hobby Lobby did not seek to have this covered

2 Things

Court sends labor cases back for further review

Hopefully, Barack Obama will issue an executive order banning any closely held corporation...

The United States: A Current View of the Internal Situation

Supreme Court to consider KBR whistleblower case

Atlantic: TD1 off Florida coast; Pacific: TS Douglas moves NW, TS Elida spins off Mexican coast

Crossroads books $20M in TV ads for 6 Senate races

Officer’s Conviction in Cannibalism Case Overturned

European Court of Human rights upholds France's ban on full face veil.

Rachel Maddow - Alarmed churches fear 'Hobby Lobby' fallout

Tropical Storm Arthur moving north at 7 mph and is 220 miles SSE of Charleston SC

Strategists are saying that HRC can run on her record of being able to get things done.

The Speed of Hypocrisy: How America Got Hooked on Legal Meth

Dems are struggling mightily for a solution to the hobbling of the Hobby Lobby decision

Mississippi Democrats who helped Cochran win should demand support for Obamacare as a payoff

Rachel Maddow - Obama carries weight of do-nothing Congress

Rachel Maddow - SCOTUS claim of narrow ruling defies reason

Round of 16: Argentina-Switzerland

Toon: Losing our Religious Freedom

For all of you who seem to think that the Hobby Lobby decision is just "hair on fire"

Musician turns Justice Ginsburg's Hobby Lobby dissent into a song

Round of 16: Belgium-USA

Support turns to grief for Israeli teens

A Dubious Record Is Set

Supreme court upholds Little Caesar's right to feed christian employees to lions

Inequality Begins at Birth

Buffer zone buffoonery

Glenn Grothman gets an endorsement from...Rick Santorum!

Report: SWAT Teams Armed With Military Equipment Spend Most of Their Time Waging the Drug War

Congress Quietly Deletes a Key Disclosure of Free Trips Lawmakers Take

I think Roe V Wade was the last very honest, non-bias'd Supreme Court Decision ever made

Sacked Saudi defense minister named spy chief

Hobby Lobby-Religious Freedom? Only if you don't get swallowed.

I've got a little message for Hobby Lobby.

Senator Mike Lee (R-Utah) calls birth control, "recreational."

Japan takes historic step from post-war pacifism, OKs fighting for allies

Juvenile Eagles hanging around nest!

Report: NSA Authorized to Spy on 193 Countries

California bill would limit full-contact high school football practice

Ever Wonder Why The Romans Fed Christians To The Lions?

Ahmad Chalabi May Lead Iraq

The real world reminder why SC decision bigoted

Prom King Died From Caffeine Powder Overdose

Hillary Clinton Slams Corporate Personhood and Hobby Lobby Decision

many Americans have already migrated within the United States.

One point in the Hobby Lobby case

Very proud of my alma mater after this post on Facebook

Only Eight Years of President Hillary Can Take the Supreme Court Away From Conservatives

Marriage News Watch: Marriage wins in western states

Sixteen companies submit casino proposals

Supreme Court Declines to Hear Anti-Gay Quacks

The Doctrine On Sexuality, Marriage & Contraception Originally Catholic

SCOTUS Offers Obama A Way To Fix Birth Control Coverage Gap

As I've gotten older, I'm becoming a wimp, and I don't like that!

High court upholds local fracking bans

The 100 Largest (by annual revenue) Closely Held Corporations in America

I’ve never worked there, I’ve never been to school there, I’ve rarely travelled there,”

Sandra Fluke: The Hobby Lobby case is an attack on women

Iraq, Two Bullets and the Long Arc of History

European Rights Court Upholds France’s Ban on Full-Face Veils.

I See A Lot Of Religious Conversions Coming Up In The Corporate World.

International corporate power is the curse of humanity.

Proving once again that it's okay for US religions to discriminate, as long as it's against women.

The Time A Corporation Cited Religious Freedom As A Way To Avoid Desegregation

Moderate Syrian Rebel Application Form

More right-wing stupidity...

There is no outrage around here. Local papers more concerned about getting

The RW Conservative Christians Push Personhood For Fertilized Egg To Make Contraception Criminal.

SEIU 1199 All In for Regular Dems

The Holy Grail of Greed and Power! PROPAGANDA-MONOPOLY

What You Need to Know About the Coming Jellyfish Apocalypse

Texas Responds to Hobby Lobby Contraception Case

There Are 1,401 Uninspected High-Risk Oil and Gas Wells. Here's Where They Are.

Pic Of The Moment: Unfortunately For Women...

Why Dallas Should Host The 2016 Republican National Convention

Thank you SO much, George W. Bush, for giving us the SCOTUS that gave us the Hobby Lobby decision

Limited Abortion Access Endangers South Texas Women

US manufacturers expanded in June but more slowly

Greg Abbott and Dan Patrick Celebrate Reduced Access to Contraceptives

Things You Have To Believe To Be A Republican Today (July 2014)

State deadline demands Boulder stop issuing same-sex marriage licenses

The Politics and Economics of Inequality

Noam Chomsky: Our Govt. Is Capable of Creating Total Catastrophe for Humankind -- Can We Stop It?

Sexual Assault Survivor Referenced By George Will: I Don't Have 'Privileges'

Alexander pleads for no Trident Replacement again

Scalia's words on government as "minister of God" with power to avenge.

Hello Loungers!

Fox News Hypes Bill Ayers Interview Like It's 2008

Obama on Alito during his confirmation.

TEPCO Submits Plans for Unit 3 Spent Fuel Removal

'Vampire' squirrel has world's fluffiest tail

Fort Worth Olympian's Lawsuit Against U.S. Anti-Doping Agency Moves to Federal Court

Women may get mad but....Are they going to do anything about it. I doubt it.

What's for Dinner, Tues., July 1, 2014

Are Serbs, Croatians, and Bosniaks really different ethnic groups?

The Middle East and the Return of History

Rolling Stone: How nutcase wingnut extremists took Texas over (back)

A Carrollton Worker's Boss Punched and Stun-Gunned Him in the Junk, Lawsuit Claims

There Are No More Honest Conservatives, So Stop Looking For One

US Embassy Huge Target Iraq War 2014.2

Next president is going to be a clone of Obama?

Texas Democrats United and Ready After Successful Convention

State Sen. Libous Indicted on Federal Charge

Getting another litter to foster. Coming tonight.

The Supreme Court don't just sit there and take it!

can a closely-held jewish firm refuse to cover colonoscopies and radiation treatment?

Erick Erickson't tweet actually made me sick to my stomach. I really hope my fellow females are as

Sometimes I get the best Ideas!

The "correct" quote (to steal Cheney's line)

Stealth Attack: What You Need to Know About the New Abortion Laws (Large graphic)

Gay couples have right to marry in Kentucky, judge rules

Johnny Manziel Responds To Criticism By Partying With Justin Bieber

So how do we push back?

I Just Moved Back To Britain After 20 Years Abroad — Here's Everything That's Changed

Whose Security? How Washington Protects Itself and the Corporate Sector

The Hightower Report: Cheney swings at Obama but hits himself

Animal rights campaigners outraged as Texas cheerleader poses alongside the animals she kills


The $400 Million in I-35 Fixes That Could Be Bundled With Urban Rail in Austin

EU warnings to Israel remain unheard

The difference between DU and Discussionist is obvious this week.

Oh sorry, but paying for that violates my spiritual beliefs...

Okay, NOW we get it.

Netanyahu considers challenges on left and right

Woman surrenders for beating of New Jersey mom in front of her 2-year-old son (WARNING Explicit Vid)

Houston media helped spread lies about city's NDO

Is The United States of America a corporation? If so, are we the stakeholders?

Punishing the "Shameless Hussy" is at the heart of denying contraceptives to women.

Federal judge in Kentucky strikes down marriage ban; 23rd pro-marriage ruling in 1 year

The Time A Corporation Cited Religious Freedom As A Way To Avoid Desegregation

Uh-oh - Hang on to your hats Coastal Carolinians. Arthur is coming to town

Study finds employers discriminate in favour of straight applicants

Eyes on defense deals, Western powers rush to court India's Modi

Thank you Hobby Lobby

Is It Time For A Million Women March On D.C.?.....

Lawmaker appeals to President on Detroit water shutoffs

Anyone old enough to remember when DU got together and sent loads of roses to Helen Thomas?

Do right-wingers not understand how insurance works?

The California nanny who has refused to move out claims she wasn't fired. She quit.

“This Land is Your Land”: The Forgotten Verses (Know Your History) | Mickey Z.

'Pass a darn bill' says President Obama to GOP complaints

Childhood Vaccines Deemed Safe, Again

Owner of the dog kennel where 20 dogs died of heat stroke - You are so mean to me!!!!

Serving Time - a newer approach

Halbig vs Sebelius (now in the DC appellate court).

Letitia James: NYC should mirror new state regs on birth-certificate gender ID

Surprise power grab

Rick Snyder approval at 37%/Disapproval 54%.

Fuck Nader and his supporters...

Hillary Clinton Doesn’t Need Liberals

UN to outlaw corporations' human rights abuses

why I suspect reaction to Hobby Lobby is somewhat hair-on-fire

How to Wage a "War on Women" By Proxy, Supreme Court Edition

Movie or fictional heroes, maybe this has been done before...but

Big flaw in Hobby Lobby decision is in assuming 'corporate personhoods' can hold religious belief

There is no ‘cycle of violence’

Heading out to Hobby Lobby. Anyone want anything?...

Fox "contributor" weighs in on all single women...

Maine repuke gov LePew met frequently with "Sovereign Citizens" extremists!

Conviction overturned in NYC cop cannibalism case

Guns and strange voices-Old West style

After the last incident at the DU Auditorium we've had to post some new rules

Lost IRS Email Outrage vs. Lost Bush White House Email Amnesia

Papantonio: Hobby Lobby -- Shots Fired in War on Women

Time again for bands you'd wish would reunited and finally do that reunion tour.

Rockets fired at southern Israel as three teens buried

What a Difference Five Years Makes

Radioactive leak shuts down neutrino study

Science Reveals How the Brains of Social Justice Activists Are Different From Everyone Else's

Time to put Hobby Lobby Out of Business.

Democrats Cautious On Palestinian Unity Government After Murder Of Israeli Teens

Pakistan has convicted zero people for rape over the past 5 years. zero.

Hamas not fit for government

Have any of Hobby Lobby's employees spoken out

From McJoan at Daily Kos. Supreme Court clarifies it means ALL contraceptive coverage in ACA

My religious beliefs dictate that I watch the World Cup

As a Gay man I just have to say this

IBM'S plans for E. Fishkill plant may be near

Thom Hartmann: Courts Again Say Corporations are People - Women Are Not

SCOTUS clarified yesterday's ruling today:

Christians Call Out Hobby Lobby For Hypocrisy

The Appeal of ISIS

Tompkins anti-fracking activists celebrate court ruling

Christians Call Out Hobby Lobby For Hypocrisy

Anyone interested in co-hosting Appalachian Group?


Justices act in other health law mandate cases (AP)

New medical marijuana law carries stringent rules

Just Dance!

Pot researcher abruptly fired by University of Arizona

sez right heere...........

Chrispie Christie sez: 1% pay too much Tax!

Report: Health law sign-ups dogged by data flaws

E.J. Dionne Jr.: Supreme oligarchy - a great piece on the political based Roberts court

Texas Democrats respond to GOP, call for ban on gay conversion therapy in party platform

Report: Arabs Attacked IDF Ambulance Transporting Bodies of Murdered Israeli Teens (PHOTO)

French Ex-President Sarkozy Questioned Over Inquiry Leaks

Philadelphia’s Ban On ‘Vaping’ In Public Goes Into Effect Today

This recently declared 'war on contraceptives' which took hold in the last presidential election

How is the new Open Carry gun law working in Georgia?

2 Pro-Israel Arab Boys Under Threat, Now Looking for Safe Houses Abroad

Good job! Kerry reaffirms the huge mistakes of 2003 Iraq war.

Where are you watching the US v Belgium match?

From Sarajevo to Baghdad: The Lessons of War

America's Real Foreign Policy: Global Corporatization by Force


Poll: Dems Show Promise Over GOPers In Michigan Senate, Guv Races

Why We Should Be Fighting For Free Public University Tuition - David Dayen Discusses

John Oliver mocks companies for wanting to be people

Elizabeth Warren on Hobby Lobby ruling: 'Supreme Court has headed in a very scary direction'

Obama to call for infrastructure funding (by closing unfair tax loopholes)

Employee memo:

Gov. Cuomo's plan to end HIV/AIDS crisis commands praise from Elton John's foundation

Request for a separate Supreme Court/Hobby Lobby FORUM Please.

This latest supremes decision is part of the last stand of fundies

Hobby Lobby and the Constitutional Right to Be Stupid

EU countries delay Russia sanctions despite ultimatum

Men Sue Off-Duty NYPD Officer For $90 Million Over Apparent Random Shooting

Thom Hartmann: Who Can Sue the Supreme Court?

Bernis Sanders on Hobby Lobby: 'Bosses shouldn't be able to impose religious beliefs on employees'

Protesters Swarm Beverly Hills Hotel

Chair Of Mississippi College Republicans Resigns To Become A Democrat

Young woman claims she was kidnapped, found in Palestinian village

House Ethics Panel Weakens Disclosure Rules for Free Lawmaker Junkets

"I wanna be a Canadian," American singer

May the memory of the slain be a blessing for their families: Rabbis for Human Rights

Bill Ayers Blows Megyn Kelly's Pretty Little Mind

'Ayotollah' Roberts decrees workers are not free citizens but serfs of their employer Lords

T-Mobile put lots of bogus charges on customers' bills, FTC alleges

WTF ...17

My soccer racism nightmare: How to keep the beauty in the beautiful game

Did you know? The Belgium XI are called the Red Devils.

Do you play the Lottery? Don't tell your employer.

Walmart To Pay Up After Closing Store That Voted To Unionize AP

Hobby Lobby And The True Gangsta Life Of Justice Alito

Is there Evidence Hamas Killed the 3 Israeli Teens ?

A simple response to the Ayatollah Roberts Court ruling for employer-Lordship over Serf-Workers..

President Obama Turns Up The Heat and Is Daring John Boehner To Sue Him

Corporations are people?.....

This feels like a Bait and Switch campaign

NYTimes: Limiting Rights: Imposing Religion on Workers

Maybe it's time for a lawsuit against the Hobby Lobby owners -- personally.

Crude Oil Spill Closes Highway At Patoka, Illinois

CK-One "for us, for all of us"

The 5 Justices aren't just Catholic they are pro-fascist, Opus Dei Catholic, which is a cult.

Okay, NOW we get it.

And they say the pocket camera is dead. New Sony M3 - Wow!

I wonder what it would take to unionize Hobby Lobby, Conestoga Wood Specialties and Autocam.

Iraqi Kurds to Vote on Independence

SCOTUS confirms today (Tuesday) that decision applies to all forms of contraception provided by ACA.

For years...

***July theme poll voting will end on July 3 at 6:00 p.m.***

Planned Parenthood’s Cecile Richards on Supreme Court Hobby Lobby ruling

And the momentum continues....Judge strikes down Kentucky gay marriage ban

UK Oil: Cashing in on Iraq collapse

The Rude Pundit: Religious Liberty Wins, But Only If You're a Rich Corporation Owner

Thom Hartmann: The Supreme Court is Officially A Monarchy

Feds indict NY Senate No. 2 Republican, son; another blow to GOP

Dinesh D'Sousa's new movie-- who plans to see it?

5 Bizarre Belgian Insults To Know So You Can Yell At The World Cup

Papantonio: Our SCOTUS Is A Dismal Disaster

DOT shares cash management plan with States as Highway Trust Fund runs low

Amazing Dogs Surf for Charity

Abortion clinic tomorrow what should

Important laundry instructions for those with small children:

Space: Russia Breaks a Record

I think that Ginsberg is right.

Chile creates DNA bank for Pinochet-era adoptions probe

Chile creates DNA bank for Pinochet-era adoptions probe

Jury finds in favor of BART officer in lawsuit filed by Oscar Grant's father.

Hobby Lobby may be just the beginning of an attack on all contraceptive rights and on Griswold

Facebook is completely dead.

Slain Israeli teens remembered

Gawker: "What Happened to Glenn Greenwald's Big Scoop?"

For the lounge cat lovers. The Grumpy cat Cheerios commercial.

After murder of teens, WJC mobilizes Jewish communities, opens online condolence book

I find it very frightening that people like this serve in political office.

It's interesting watching many of my female facebook friends change their political affiliation

War is against my Religion. Time for another lawsuite from the masses!

I am hysterical AND my hair is on fire --

So, waiting in line at the Pittsburgh airport...

European Jewish Congress calls for EU to cut ties with Palestinians

Mayor de Blasio open to easing alternate side parking rules

Obama Vows to Act Alone, Taunts Republicans

Willie Nelson Has Important Political Message for Stoners

Climate news: Arctic seafloor methane release is double previous estimates, and why that matters

Hobby Lobby ruling in one image

Tens of thousands of Israelis mourn slain teens

I used to believe it was against the Law to discriminate because of religion.

Is It My Imagination Or Are "Conservatives" More Out of Control Than Ever?

Hobby Lobby meme/quote graphic thing you may like.

Passions run high as Hong Kong marches for democracy

Halfback passes to center. Back to wing. Back to center. Center holds it. Holds it. Hoooooolds it!!

Go to the Supreme Court, win $25,000!

A pretty lonely place indeed

SCOTUS, Hobby Lobby and Canned Worms

Peru - Mining & Human Rights Defenders

Salpingectomy and Tubal Ligations and ACA

New FBI records: A chilling find in a dumpster; 9/11 “person of interest” re-enters U.S.

They're relentless

Hey, Coulter! Prez Is Watching World Cup Soccer

Open carry at Hobby Lobby?

Last Minute US Govt Claims Put Halt to Greenwald 'Bombshell'

Wanna make some $$$ Climate Change Deniers? Here's yer chance:

Does anybody recall that the 1993 Religious Freedom Restoration Act was Unconstitutional?

Interesting Consumer Info Discussion going on in Lounge....on cheap, easy to use, and easy to get.

Oscar Nominated Actor/Director Paul Mazursky dies at 84

League of Conservation Voters lists Wisconsin Republicans on 'dishonor roll' (Cap Times)

Hobby Lobby Ruling Creates Huge Incentives for Corporations to Find Religion

Supreme Court justices earn quarter-million on the side; Read their disclosure reports

‘Human agency is our source of real faith and optimism’

The men Israel blames for the deaths of Israeli teenagers and their violent family history

Man charged with making threats against KLBJ staff

Neo-imperialism - this time from gays and Biden says the far-right

Conservatives On The Supreme Court Have Turned The Constitution Into A Weapon of Mass Destruction

Any DUers like Wimbledon more than the World Cup......(spoilers).......

A Minefield of Extreme Religious Liberty

Raffaele Sollecito distances his appeal from case against Amanda Knox

And on a lighter note...

What if all women everywhere who disagree with SCOTUS quit wearing their tops?

Just a short thought about closely held companies

What's happening at the Bundy Ranch? Did everyone go home?

Big Pharma Vs Hobby Lobby

Is this true?

Hobby Lobby Verdict is a Victory For Ultra-Right Roman Catholic Co-Conspirators With Chuck Colson’s

A ten minute office visit (six of which I waited...) for a tetanus shot: $307.44

So the problem is Plan B and not necessarily all birth control?


Film director Paul Mazursky has died.

We Have Done It Folks - The Democratic Underground ("The Leftest Army") Has Rush Limbaugh Worried

In wake of teen deaths, Israel vows to crush Hamas

Any word if a test-case is going to be initiated re: ACA coverage for Viagra and vasectomies?

Now we can concentrate on real Football.

Federal judge: Arguments against gay marriage 'are not those of serious people'

How long before the wingnuts celebrate USA's loss against Belgium?

Rome will be conquered next, says leader of Islamic State

Fantastic Facebook Meme -

Slain Israeli Teens To Be Honored With NYC Memorial

Pet chickens and cats playing ice hockey!

Hobby Lobby Invested In Numerous Abortion And Contraception Products While Claiming Religious Object

Warren Brings Populism Down South. Is Hillary Paying Attention?

US auto sales surprise with strength in June

Cochran Camp Fights New Racially Tinged Claims From Tea Party Dead-Enders | TPM

CDs Available from Many Vintage Vinyls

Texas Gay Dems: #WeDontNeedFixin

Hobbylobbyfamily's GSI intends to place a Bible-based academic curriculum in US public schools

Washington County approves Economic Development Program for Tempur-Sealy

My spiritual beliefs have been violated

Ex-New Mexico Gov. Johnson named pot company CEO

A dozen Hobbylobbyfamily members (Pentecostal) met with Pope Francis a few months ago.

20-day-old malamute learns how to howl --- squeee


If you had a mortgage serviced by Ocwen Loan Servicing, and were forclosed on

Not Nader. These Clowns.

I want to know if Pope Francis, etc., communicated with the USSC5 prior to this ruling.

Team USA Appreciation thread

This was penned in 1890.

Are you satisfied or dissatisfied with your freedom to choose what you do with your life?

Portrait of Obama

Pentagon: No Iraq mission creep. We just need 'FLEXIBILITY' . . . oh, and yeah, maybe more troops

What is this for?: 21 critters puzzle over soccer ball

Hobby Lobby only has 2 ‘religious’ issues…the control of women that they consider property & profits

The solution is not taking off our tops

Is it possible to overturn but the Supreme Court did this week

Asking for some feedback

Can we all agree the Revolutionary War was won at Ocracoke Inlet?

We are Women Constitution Day!

Right Wing Watch - War And Peace: The Tea Party And The GOP

Employee memo in light of the SCOTUS Hobby Lobby decision:

Séralini, et. al. - RoundUp-GMO Study Re-Published

These are Americans blockading *buses full of child refugees* while waving the flag

GM reunites Detroit veteran with stolen '79 Corvette after 33 years

Burger King sells ‘Proud Whopper’ in San Francisco

How Boko Haram is beating U.S. efforts to choke its financing

Yellowstone Park - Amazing day! Saw baby Grizz Cub and watched a Mountain Lion stalk its prey!

Who knew? Eden Foods v. Sebelius

Dow, S&P end at records in fireworks before the Fourth

Weather Update: Arthur 3 July 14

Boulder clerk refuses to stop issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples

Thinking Backwards

George Zimmerman loses defamation case against NBC.

T-Mobile Accused Of Making A Ton Of Cash From Bogus Charges On Phone Bills

The solution is getting unmarried women to the polls come November,

July 1, 2010

The MN Companies as Plaintiffs in Holly Lobby case

Four Ways to Craft Your Own Birth Control Using Hobby Lobby Products!

Retired Army Colonel Lawrence Wilkerson Rips Dick Cheney: He Isn't Immoral, He's Amoral

This may not mean anything to any of you...

When you drink because you are bored...then

Papantonio: Women Who Vote Republican Are A Pathetic Embarrassment

Ted Rall Toon- Dear Female Laborer

Libertarian Politicians move to marijuana industry

"Faith healer" con artists begin their flim-flam young...

Our problem with selective sympathy for young victims