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Poor guy...

The Tony Awards are on!

Steak chimichurri - quick help appreciated

so everyone I was cheering for this weekend lost

Medical Marijuana - what's it good for?

People's Climate March

Guy suing Rachel Maddow just CAN'T be honest...

Va. lawmaker to resign, paving the way for state jobs for daughter, self

Solar Plant Achieves Supercritical Steam

PHOTOS: Israeli authorities destroy Palestinian family's valley of fruit trees

Olivia DeHavilland will be 98 July 1. Will the Kennedy Center Honors follow?

GOP trashes top military leaders' unanimous decision on Bergdahl. See Joint Chief Chair's Statement:

A couple of non spoiler questions about Orange is the New Black

Spiritual Singles!

What is this?

Old barn and wheat, EDITED, a few for perspective.

I just had two marpurritas with Gato Wabo, ask me anything...

Texas Voter ID Law Discriminates Against Women, Students, and Minorities.

'Vegan' kitten nearly dies

little dog meets BIG cat!

I love reading Graigslist.

Hansen: Inside bunker, SAC crew feared WWIII was on its way (1979 incident just like Wargames)

Apple uses Windows on Mac Pro production line

An Edible Pot Company In Colorado Is Getting Sued By Hershey Over Reefer's Peanut Butter Cups

Ron Reagan appears on commercial during Cosmos (support separation church & state)

Obama to sign executive order easing student loan woes

Quebec sees second jailbreak involving helicopter

Indiana GOP puts opposition to marriage equality back into platform

Mass Shooting at Walmart Las Vegas, 2 Officers Ambushed and Killed

Obama on fossil fuels;


TCM Schedule for Tuesday, June 10: Robert Osborne's Picks

As of June 7, the Great Lakes are finally ice-free

Hillary Clinton remains popular for her time as secretary of state, viewed apart from Obama

Snowden didn't take an "oath of secrecy"

Jon on the tax code

The moral struggle that will define this century

The Pale Blue Dot

Paul Watson: Help Me Help the Oceans


TCM Schedule for Wednesday, June 11: Sam Peckinpah Westerns

GOP Straight Up Bribes Democratic Senator In Effort To Block Obamacare

Phenomenal Black Women

"Democrats unveil new data program to boost voter registration"

118 degrees in New Delhi

"SEC chief plots major rules for high-speed traders"

Google adword, keywords and SEO, what a pain. Really seems like a scam

Rumor Has It

Tightening the U.S. Grip on Western Europe: Washington’s Iron Curtain in Ukraine

Should any group of people be banned from videogames?

Unconfirmed report: concealed carry permit holder died in Las Vegas Walmart shooting.

Report: Caltrans overrode worries about Bay Bridge

An Elder Cat Introduces A Kitten To The Life And Ways Of Being A Family Cat.

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Monday, 9 June 2014

Chemo Brain.

Happy 80th Birthday, Bill Moyers

I have a friend who is elderly and owes money in medical bills. If she quits paying them

Catholic leader seeks Irish probe into mass graves

Getting right down to the pure essence of the gun movement

New Zealand: Landslide kills rare flightless parrot

Teen finishes 40-mile walk while carrying brother

Where Do the Guns Traced in Your State Come From?

Elizabeth Warren and Barack Obama are stirring up some trouble when it comes to student loans....

War Kitteh!

"Texas Republicans Adopt Hard-Line On Immigration, Gay Rights"

Soucheray: The good priests deserve better archbishops

My Country tis of Thee

BREAKING: Suspects in Vegas Walmart shooting wanted ‘revolution’, commit suicide after killing

"Benghazi, Bowe Bergdahl, and manufactured brouhaha"

Relay for Life

Lakeland man hit brother with marijuana plants

Israel’s Unwavering Reply To Every Question: More Settlements

Attack On Pakistan Airport Leaves At Least 23 Dead

Bleacher - i wanna get better

Iran, US Announce Surprise Nuclear Talks

Tuam mother and baby home: the trouble with the septic tank story

The Pentagon has estimated that since the start of the current conflict in Iraq, more than 5,500 U.S

Mexican leader hints he could allow changes to laws prohibiting marijuana

Mexican leader hints he could allow changes to laws prohibiting marijuana

84-month car financing surges in popularity

Shooters in Metro Ambush That Left 5 Dead Spoke of White Supremacy and Desire to Kill Police

Thank you, Neil deGrasse Tyson, Ann Druyan, Seth MacFarlane, and Steven Soter.

in the new age of social media, the KKK has new ways to do business. Leap to Impeach

Can we have a "Ha. Ha ha. Ha ha ha ha ha HA!" smiley?

The first time I read “Phenomenal Woman”

I just ordered Glenn Greenwald's book, No Place To Hide.

A huge thank you post!

More NY bridges in dire need & no funds available for public works projects

Michigan's Torrid History of Promises Made Not Kept: Why Retirees Should Vote NO on 'Grand Bargain"

How Solar Will Destroy The Power Companies, In 5 Easy Steps

What's your favorite line from The Big Lebowski?

What's your favorite line from The Big Lebowski?

Best Political Cartoons of the Week

Four attacks by right wing conspiracy theorists in the last 2 months.

GOP Straight Up Bribes Democratic Senator In Effort To Block Obamacare

I inherited a mixed airplane from Uncle living in woods.

Ben Ghazi is a really nice guy

News Corp accuses Daily Mail Australia of plagiarism

Mystery Solved: Ancient Italian Etruscans Came From Turkey

Snowden signed a non-disclosure agreement to get the Federal security clearance

The War on Drugs ......WTF?

Brian Ross on ABC's This Week: propaganda, no other word for it

One of Big Pharma's Most Disastrous Drugs Destroyed This Man's Spine

Water Falling Over Things 2014: Part VI (Victor Falls...vanquished photographer)

Fox host Chris Wallace asks if death penalty for Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl should be ‘on the table’

Wall Street Journal editor: Don’t hike minimum wage because workers ‘learn’ from poverty

When law enforcement is ambushed by gun carrying citizens, like what happened

5 Doomed, Hilarious Efforts by the Religious Right to Disprove Science

How a Big Agribusiness Firm Infiltrated the EPA and Made a Mockery of Science

I support Bowe Bergdahl. Period. I support his parents.

Rise of the myth busters: Why Piketty and Tyson are the icons America needs

Google and Gay Pride Month

Here’s how enviros plan to push for stronger EPA climate rules

No shortage of info in Detroit bankruptcy

Louisiana governor signs law to block suits against oil industry

The Holy Hand of Father Arrowsmith

Holy Rood Day

TSA to extend 'risk-based security' system to screening luggage


Look inwards, Washington

A world war between classes, not countries

Islamic Prayers to Be Held at Vatican for First Time in History

Tepco Hires U.S. Company to Filter Water Stored at Fukushima

What the Americans Discovered in Romania

World stocks rise on higher Japan growth, US jobs

Amory B. Lovins, CEO Rocky Mountain Institute: Twenty Hydrogen Myths

War Gear Flows to Police Departments

When the CIA Becomes Poliomyelitis’ Ally

Las Vegas rampage leaves five dead, including two police officers

President Barack Obama Reignites the Cold War

Wanted ETA member arrested in Spain

Juan Cole: GOP Backs Bundy, Open Carry; Sovereign Citizen Shoots Up Courthouse

Draped a tea party flag on the dead officers body?

So tea-publican terrorists carried out a suicide attack in Las Vegas.

Why call him Sergeant Bergdahl?

GOP Straight Up Bribes Democratic Senator In Effort To Block Obamacare

Bergdahl Says He Was Tortured By Taliban Captors

5 Doomed, Hilarious Efforts by the Religious Right to Disprove Science

Virginia "Democrat" Sells State Senate to Republicans for 30 Pieces of Silver

VA state senator Phillip Puckett resigns his seat.

D.C. kids to counter-protest Westboro Baptist hatefest

What I sold last week

VA senator resigns leaves state senate 1 vote short of control.

Bergdahl trade - something to consider

World Cup 2014 (Predictions)

KRUGMAN:...think about global warming from the point of view of someone who grew up taking Ayn Rand

Neighbors: Couple suspected in Las Vegas killing spree vowed to commit ‘next Columbine’

The Value of Diversity

When do you trust the information that the media puts out? ...

Australian man arrested for driving drunk on beer cooler

If you apply NRA logic to other situations...


Vinyl Records Excavated at Famous ’60s Commune Challenge ‘Hippie’ Stereotype, Study Says

NOT possible to imagine historians will look back at Obama’s presidency & conclude not much got done

Wait a minute (Morning) Joe ...

CIA might try & LOL away its record-BUT-world STILL dealing with consequences of CIA's interventions

Police officer safety or surplus zeal: Military equipment spurs debate

Virginia State Senator Resigns After Cutting Shocking Deal With Republicans

Tyson wins bid war for Hillshire with $7.75B offer

see, it's simple: "Good Beard or Bad Beard"?

Here's Clear Evidence That America Is Still The World's Police

Supporting the troops is a nice mantra in Washington. But this past week has proved it’s all bunk.

He ate the baby Jesus.....

Root Boy Slim (July 9, 1944 - June 8, 1993)

The CIA is not that cute.

Millions in natural gas industry $ - Corbett's lifeline and also his albatross

Ring of Fire: The Fall Of The Tea Party

FARC formally admits responsibility for victims of Colombia conflict

A Christian Climate Scientist's Mission To Convert Non-Believers

Religious Constriction

In Texarkana, Uninsured and on the Wrong Side of a State Line

Monday Toon Roundup 1: Hating the Troops

Monday Toon Roundup 2: The Rest


So sick of living in this area

OK, Here Is How People Learn From Poverty:

Glucosamine causes death of pancreatic cells, increasing risk of Diabetes

GOP wimps cave to the right: New plan resumes Obamacare fight, ditches immigration

chuck toad is now calling the opposition to bergdahl release 'bipartisan'

Ted Cruz’s Reagan strategy: What’s behind his sinister plan for 2016

Bergdahl’s return causes clash in US values

Moocher Militia's Real Leader, Carol Bundy,Expresses Shock At Mass Murder: "We are peaceful people".

Obama visit to Worcester, MA on Wednesday

Well, That Was Fast - Chinese Official Begins To Downplay Scope, Timing Of Possible Emission Cuts

Neighbors: Las Vegas Shooters Bragged About Taking Part In Bundy Standoff

Homophobia in Russia Is Taking a Kafkaesque Turn

Invest 94E ambles westward in the Pacific Ocean

So, they were part of the Bundy Ranch standoff AND they draped the bodies with a Gadsen Flag?

TOM TOMORROW: Let's Talk About Gitmo

Young voter turnout almost doubled from 2010 to 2012, which massively helped the Democrats...

Star Wars sorted alphabetically

GOP’s Biggest 2016 Problem: Clinton’s Numbers Among White Voters

#800deadbabies: A Fresh Catholic Horror

Does this statement from a Taliban terrorist justify drone strikes?

Heads up! Tonight.....

Venezuelan Prostitutes Earn More Selling Dollars Than Sex

Stunning Photos Of Contemporary Nomads Who Live As Hunter-Gatherers

New Indie Film "Obvious Child" Regarding Abortion.

Religious Constriction - By Charles M. Blow

Venezuela prostitutes earn more selling dollars than sex

A Musical History of Death: 'Exit Music' by Tom Allen

Greed Is Good? Where Will America's Sick Obsession With Wealth And Money End?

Fred Phelps’s Son Is the Subject of a Documentary About His Abusive Childhood and Escaping Westboro

Apple Patent Would Let Cops SHUT OFF iPhone Cameras, Video Recorders

"Reparative Therapy" platform in Texas even losing support of the East Texas faithful

Justices let stand $70M in awards to smokers

Why The World Is Awesome in 60 Facts - Geek Week Special

Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal says suing oil companies for damages caused by Fracking is "frivolous!"

GOP struggles to recruit black voters, candidates

Mood rings

GOPers Persuade Virginia Dem To Resign In Effort To Block Medicaid Expansion

Target stores may stop gun carriers

How insects could feed the food industry of tomorrow

Macon-Bibb officials talk of push back on new gun law

"Gentlemen, you can't fight in here! This is the War Room!"

I bet I can make you a little less intelligent in one hour and ten minutes

Teens face possible charges in fatal gun accident

Black Man, 2008-2016, White Woman, 2016-2024, Transgender Black Woman 2024-2032 - next?

Court: Children over 21 go to back of visa line

Actual headline: GOP's push to woo blacks

Deputies say man accidentally shoots and kills friend

And now, another episode of Modern Problems

Complimentary colors

Let Puckett know your thots

Air conditioning raising night-time temperatures in the US

Rik Mayall dead: Comedian and actor dies aged 56

The Rodger shooting in I.V. has disappeared from the headlines

The Las Vegas shooters left a manifesto.

Two unions tell IDC Leader Jeffrey Klein they will pull support unless talks begin to re-unify NY Se

How To Annoy A Mexican Church

Until.... (Bowe Bergdahl)

After consulting, Cuomo ally to oversee Medicaid money

"...a three-fold increase from six years ago.

World's oldest man dies on Upper West Side at age 111

Look at me! I'm a Labrador Retriever!

Kelley Byrdsong confronts Senators who vote to enable mass killers

George Will: Sexual assault victims enjoy ‘coveted status’ on college campuses

Ukraine Swears In a New President: Russian Roulette (Dispatch 47)

A coalition to move de Blasio along on bus rapid transit


Tennis Emporium - Halle

Today's Moral Monday Protest Focuses on Education, ..11 Arrested Last Week

Texas GOP goes all in anti-vax

At 42-21, Giants match 63 game team record not seen in 52 years

NY To Help Fund Bulletproof Vests For Police

Message for Republicans:

Old White Folk Story

Daniel Ellsberg on oaths vs. nondisclosure agreements

indian minister on rape-"a social crime-sometimes it's right, sometimes it's wrong"

indian minister on rape: it's a social crime, sometimes it's RIGHT, sometimes it's wrong"

24 Hours Without Sleep...

The Millers were some seriously disturbed individuals (LV shootings).

Another girl found hanging in Uttar Pradesh, rape attempt on judge

Who do you love?...

Another girl found hanging in Uttar Pradesh, rape attempt on judge

Thanks only took me 26 seconds to answer that question...LMAO

Cable Corps. Setting up Phony "Consumer Groups" to kill Net Neutrality

Lean Retirement for U.S. Generation X as Wealth Trails

U.S. Government Ties El Salvador USD 277 M Aid Package to Monsanto’s GMO Seeds

Clint Eastwood at the Tony

Dear Tucker Carlson - I'd like to try an experiment with you

Ukrainian Leader Says Eastern Violence Must End This Week

Giants finish off sweep of Mets, 6-4

Bribes, Bribes, Pay to play, I'll scratch your back you scratch mine, bought judgeship?

Las Vegas Walmart shooters interests: Benghazi, chemtrails, guns, Ron Paul, and revolution

Patients' End-of-Life Wishes Granted, Study Finds

The United States of Paranoia

Are you laughing now, Rand?

Man drives almost 1,900 miles with dead girlfriend riding shotgun in van


Alleged Las Vegas Cop-Killers in ‘Patriot’ Movement, Warned of ‘Sacrifices’


Louisiana Legislature Passes Bill to Keep Pregnant Women on Life Support Against Wishes

Louisiana Legislature Passes Bill to Keep Pregnant Women on Life Support Against Wishes

Israel Stops Wealthy Palestinian Mediator Masri From Gaza Entry

Two kittens hugging video

Iranian President Visits Turkey First Time in 18 Years

InfoWars calls Las Vegas shooting a 'false flag' incident

Tea Party terrorist has a journal at Alex Jones site.

Vodafone Privacy Disclosures Seen Spurring Rivals to Follow

What's for Dinner, Mon., June 9, 2014

TAUBE: The myth of the mellow pothead

Audit: Over 57,000 awaiting initial VA visits

OK, soooooo how much longer?

The stupid runs deep in these people.

Todd does his best to not call a spade a spade on Va. bribe.

Texas Gop Somehow Stakes Out Even More Hardline Positions On Immigration, LGBT Rights

as a former contractor to a military contractor, my clearance was granted by... the government

If Asians Said The Stuff White People Say

has everyone seen the google doodle for today--the 2014 google 4 winner--what a story!

Syrian Leader Declares ‘General Amnesty’ for Prisoners

Japan to resume whaling; Prime Minister Abe calls it 'research'

Godzilla was pretty good. Not life changing, but pretty good.

OK, so I'm taking a history class this summer and . . .

First Vine From Space Station Catches Sun That Never Sets

Israel Presses Ahead With Law Allowing Force-Feeding Of Palestinian Prisoners

Hey Tea Baggers and gun totin' God nuts...

Now over 2/3 of spent fuel in Unit 4 (Fukushima) has been removed.

5 fast facts About the shooters.....

47 billion years!! WOW

Las Vegas ‘revolution’ shooters ID’d as right-wing conspiracy nuts with a deathwish

I agree with none of it, but like the Texas GOP platform

I see nothing on this man's face that would tell me if he was safe carrying a gun or not.

Rik Mayall, star of The Young Ones, dies aged 56

Kerry's speech that speaks of how leaders who use rape as a tool in war can't get a US Visa

Townhall,Red State,Free Republic all oddly quiet

Wait a minute. A little late to the party here...

Why is ageism suddenly all the rage on DU?

In Texarkana, Uninsured and on the Wrong Side of a State Line

SloMo: "Do what ya want."

Dear Kitten - advice from a wise old cat

VICE reports on Fukushima.

How about "old white Republican men" instead of "old white men"?

any advice on the primary in NVa tomorrow to replace Moran?

Las Vegas Revolution Shooter video Jerad Miller

Bergdahl Wasn't Only Soldier to 'Walk Off' Afghan Outposts

I eat salad with my fingers. Does that make me a slob?

It’s Time To Play Political Hardball On Gun Control

Miss Louisiana, Brittany 'Effin Guidry Subjects Herself

Department of Homeland Security Brands Independent News Organization a ‘Threat’

Florida sheriff: Man guns down 3 daughters, wife, himself in ‘everyday USA’ mass killing

The fourth-richest men in America target low-wage workers, minority voters and unions

'Ok, who brought the dog?'

U.S. Top Court Declines to Block BP Spill Payments.

Florida sheriff: Man guns down 3 daughters, wife, himself in ‘everyday USA’ mass killing

So, Am I a Prepper Now?

Cheney polling firm Vox Populi has Ernst leading Brailey 48-42.

Ok, Du-- can you identify which famous fictional books go with these maps?

SC gov. calls to ban ‘black biker week’ after shootings, but not white Harley week

7 Years After The Blackwater Shootings In Iraq's Nisoor Square, Guards Go On Trial

Breaking Tomorrow: Huge mass shooting somewhere in the United States of Gun Totin' America...

Detroit 3 Automakers Pledge $26 Million To Support City Pensions, Help Save Art Treasures

Little Green Footballs and SouthernPovertyLaw center have tons on Vegas shooter

Apache chopper ride over the Arizona Desert

Rand Paul Calls Hillary’s Book Not Worth Plagiarizing --claims Andy Borowitz

Supreme Court Says NC Homeowners Can't Sue Company That Polluted Drinking Water

Let's call them what they are - the Tea Party is this generations KKK

Hillary Clinton Defends High-Dollar Speaking Fees

Stormy Monday, 6/9/14

Very detailed police press conference on the LV shooters on CNN now.

Palestinian kids detail abusive interrogations, arrests

Been busy...

Why on earth don't younger voters ( under 50) want to do political polls?

What Is The Argument By The Repugs To Not Do Something That Eases Student Loan Debt?.......

George Will: Focus On Rape Has Made 'Victimhood A Coveted Status'

10 Strange Stories About Frank Sinatra

Standard Right Wing Propaganda: Guns And Religion Don’t Kill People, Abortions Do!

UNL graduate shot to death in Las Vegas loved being a police officer, father says

Human Rights Watch’s Revolving Door

Human Rights Watch’s Revolving Door

It has been a crazy week.

Q from an atheist: "Why do you believe?"

Posted on Jerad Miller's Facebook.

Effort to end rape as a tool of war - the US leads by changing Visa policy to bar offenders

Bulgaria halts work on gas pipeline after US talks

How much does right-wing rhetoric contribute to right-wing terrorism?

Favorite Wes Anderson Movie

The Rude Pundit: Photos That Complicate the Whole Vegas Shooter Narrative

AAPL stock splits 7-to-1, opens trading at $92

Washington’s Iron Curtain in Ukraine

Kitten rescued from Santa Cruz storm drain 'a talker'

That Obama 'Bear' Is Loose (Again)!!

A Jerad Miller Posting at Infowars?

URGENT News From the Shallow End of the Gene Pool....

Hopping From Venezuela To Colombia To Evade Currency Controls

George F. Will: being raped grants one a "coveted status that confers privileges"

California 2016 Marijuana Legalization Campaign Getting Underway

FL official has a new application of "Stand Your Ground"

Give me a break! I was just watching the live presser on the LV shooting, when I hit Gawker, there's

Because why the Hell not

Advocate for the disabled says lawmakers are turning a blind eye to abuse

Bill would expand TAP eligibility for students

Police probe ties between Vegas shooters, Bundy

Rand Paul’s speech: Don’t say these things - By Jennifer Rubin

Gail Ernst (Joni's husband) refers to Hillary as a "hag".

Tea Party killers quit their jobs and sold everything so they could fight the Feds at Bundy Ranch

The Voices of Black Women

I think the word "old," especially applying to everyone in the boomer generation,

BREAKING (~weird~) Va state Senator who resigned is NOT taking the tobacco job

Morgan Accident Among Hundreds for Wal-Mart Trucks.

Amid firestorm of criticism, Puckett won’t take tobacco commission job

I need somebody's ass kicked. Who am I gonna call?

A little something for all us old hippie liberals here.

Academic, activist or apatheist: What kind of unbeliever are you?

For those that say if I had a gun when the guy entered the store, I could defend myself....

Uruguay's Mujica: New global role model?

US Supreme Court Ruling Means Texas Can Continue To Keep Execution Drug Supplier Secret

Chris Christie Hammered By ACLU For D+ Record On Civil Liberties

A picture is worth a thousand words.....

Texas Republicans Adopt Hard-Line On Immigration, Gay Rights

Amy Van Dyken-Rouen, 6-Time Olympic Gold Medalist, Suffers Broken Back In ATV Crash

Think 12 or 24 hour watches are a little short-sighted?

I'm just gonna lay this here....have at it.

Pucket's judge daughter must forever recuse herself from EVERY CASE involving

Caption this!!!

I unfriended a bunch of old classmates yesterday.

Ecuador to sign financial deals with Chinese bank for oil refinery

Charles Rangel sticks with race-card characterization of NY-13 primary; Mayor de Blasio won't endors

How the Right-wing Echo Chamber Helped Spawn the Las Vegas White Supremacist Shooters

River pollution could cost Colombia govt $11.1B to clean up: environment minister

Senate Dems make paid family leave an end-of-session priority

Obama moves to ease student loan burdens

Gov. Cuomo says he's open to signing a medical marijuana bill--if it makes sense

A Chilling Medical Trial

Atheist Raising a Believer

John Morgan: Debbie Wasserman Schultz should resign as Democratic chair

Report: Vegas Shooters Planned To Take Over Courthouse, Execute Officials

Texas shooting suspect indicted in 4 more deaths

Puckett decides not to take the bribe... I mean job, yeah, job... after all.

ANXIOUSLY awaiting my Swiss Army Knife replacement (clipped by airport security on 5/12)...

North Hollywood, CA: Armed Pursuit Suspect Reportedly Barricaded In North Hollywood Home

Question for DU, when are we going to start calling the tea party terrorist

Baptist Joint Committee Urges Supreme Court to Side with Muslim Inmate in Religious Freedom Dispute

Jeff Bridges' quote...

Turning 14 in Cincinnati: 'I worry about surviving'

Sometimes What Goes Around Does Come Around

Tehran says Geneva nuclear talks with US ‘constructive’

DU this poll!

Did anyone else know that June 8th was Gabby Giffords Birthday???

Too early to confirm 2025 Orthodox-Catholic summit

Mexico City joins in banning animals in circuses

Mexico City joins in banning animals in circuses

Council pushes ban on condoms as evidence

Video Emerges of Vegas Cop Killer Jerad Miller Speaking at Bundy Ranch

Holder announces tribal voting access plan

Daniel Nigro Sworn In As New FDNY Commissioner

Connecticut town paying $450K in civil rights suit

So, I was in JM Cremps: The Boy's Adventure Store on Saturday

Call Your Senator to Support Defunding the DEA's raids on legal MMJ

Boat Driver Pleads Guilty In Fatal Hudson River Crash That Killed Bride-To-Be, Best Man

Dispatcher who handled deadly Observatory Park call is fired

Jaguars fans can watch games from poolside cabanas

Planned Parenthood Advocates Forms A New PAC

Finally they can't tell us any shite about lone wolf

Did you see that thing that happened at Walt's Inn?

Zuluaga strikes pre-election deal with striking farmers in key rural states

Flanagan Expects Agreement On Teacher Evaluations

Yuri Kochiyama, Internment, and the Activist Life | Mickey Z.

New "natural parenting" trend: Furniture-Free

NutWorks! | Philip A. Farruggio

Las Vegas Libertarian Killers: Rand Paul 2016!!!!

corbett gets silent treatment at MU graduation

Senate may vote on heroin legislation next week

corbett gets silent treatment at MU graduation

Net Neutrality

WTF? Coffee County man accused of killing, beheading woman

Woman arrested & stripped naked, plans to sue Floyd Co. Jail

First there was Florida there is Florida woman:

Driver s licenses for undocumented immigrants going nowhere: Cuomo

Hillary Clinton Says Her Family Was ‘Dead Broke’ After Leaving The White House Read More Here: Http

Use of Chinese steel on Verrazano-Narrows Bridge project continues to spark concern

What's The Difference In Beards From The Guys From Duck Dynasty & Bergdahl's Father.....

Obama Promised to Do 4 Big Things As President. Now He’s Done Them All.

Coasting Toward Zero | James Howard Kunstler

Bergdahl swiftboater on Hillary supporters: kill them all

Overwhelming Majority of Americans Say: 'Just Label It!'

Piano kid - must see

Two youtube videos of Vegas shooters anti government rants

I Received This 32 Page Catalog Today Featuring The Duck Dynasty Four In A Safety Products Series...

Demand is high for new green taxi permits

Wall Street Journal 'Weekend in Nashville' Picks Violate the Space-Time Continuum

Is faux covering this las Vegas right wing terrorist shooting?

New York data show most vets get timely visits

U.S. Rep. Steve Stockman, R-Texas, Suggests Obama Is A Secret Muslim And Terrorist Sympathizer

Radical Unionism in the Midwest, 1900-1950

NYC's High Line park celebrates 5th anniversary

The NRA Has Created a Monster

Jared Miller, the Vegas tea-publican libertarian killer, wanted answers from Obama about BENGHAZI!1!

MBTA approves pro-Palestinian ads in Boston subway

Egypt arrests seven over Tahrir Square sexual assaults

If you grow things, this is fascinating. If you smoke what you, or someone

I am Tired of Living in Hell

Would you prefer an older person or a younger person for President?

Some Freepers response to Vegas shootings..

Jon Stewart Nails It

Miss USA contestant weighs in on the Bergdahl matter

When Women Refuse: Website collects examples of violent attacks against women who rejected men

Occupy Activist is being released early

Starting right now...

In the Infantry I was an expert marksman.

I saved a woman's life without a weapon~and the same night a cop saved mine also without brandishing

Westboro Baptist punk'd in DC

Insurgents In Iraq Overrun Mosul Provincial Government Headquarters

The difference between shooters ...

U.S. And Iran Meet In Geneva To Talk Nukes

March with us in the Twin Cities Pride Parade June 29th!

U.S. Jews Growing Deeply Divided On Israel

Over in LGBT....

Over in LGBT....

Citigroup loses bid to stop L.A. mortgage discrimination lawsuit

Study: Alaska's future looks more rainy, less snowy

It All Began with O. J.

Scenes From D-Day, Then and Now

These People Whip Out Their Phones In A Movie Theater. They Never Saw It Coming!

Sen. Warren applauds Obama's executive order on student loans, says he needs more help from Congress

Dumb Criminals: Two Arrested At Florida Retirement Home For Public Sex

Dumb Criminals: Cross-Dressing Burglar Threw Sex Toys At Sex Shop Worker

Members of UFCW Local 1161 Ratify New Union Contract with JBS

Members of UFCW Local 1161 Ratify New Union Contract with JBS

Any support for a petition to the WH

UNITE HERE settles contracts with two hotels

UNITE HERE settles contracts with two hotels

Hillary Clinton Advised Barack Obama To Take Tough Line With 'Thin-Skinned' Vladimir Putin

It's hard to blame mental illness when 2 shooters are involved

Condolences to the good people of Oklahoma,

How Many Republicans Were Arrested RIGHT AFTER The 2014 Primary?

Airlines Change The Carry-on Rules (not to our benefit)

The VA Scandal Is Rooted In the Delusional Republican Belief That Wars Are Free

Rightwing group to air anti-Clinton, anti-Kerry spot on ABC Clinton interview tonight

Bundy Ranch Supporting Right Wingers Go On Mass Shooting

State Lawmakers Push Bill to Change Specialized High School Process

Car show Monday! (Pic heavy)

Our very own American Taliban. There they go again. . .

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Just disgust: Mob sex assaults on women overshadow Egyptian inauguration

Newlyweds reunite with missing Pit Bull after cancelling honeymoon

No luxury digs for Mayor de Blasio and friends at Stanley Cup Game 3

Here's Why ONLY ONE Banker Went To Jail For The Economic Crisis

New hydrogen fuel buses come to California

Las Vegas Mayor: We Must Be on Alert for ‘Sick, Cowardly’ People Hoarding Guns

Just imagine....

Wow! Look who's in the CWS.

Corbett can't visit state's largest city without mass protest

Driving While Sleepy- Millions of people do it