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Archives: June 5, 2014

JUST IN---NYT Wrong Again: Bergdahl Did NOT Leave Note When He Abandoned Camp

At Gitmo, the guilty go free, the innocent remain...

The GOP has jumped the shark with Bergdahl

I heard on CNN that Bowe Bergdahl had wandered off the base a few times

Are there a lot more alerted posts than in months past?

WH Says NYT Report Claiming Bergdahl Left a Note Behind "NOT TRUE. There was no statement"

If we can show a pattern of war-mongering against our leaders by the right...we can nail them.

Postal Service Cuts Hours At 21 San Francisco Post Offices Near Staples Stores

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Thursday, 5 June 2014

Keurig Green Mountain Connected to Group Threatening Vermont GMO Suit

Scott Brown paid to advise Florida haircare-internet-firearms firm with no actual products

What these men and women marched for...

Troubling new pics of cow abuse at Darigold (graphic warning)

Maine and Vermont lead nation in annual warming trends

The Opinionated Bitch – The Swiftboating of An American Prisoner of War

NY Times: The closing of the right's mind

The storm hit the Organic Crop Improvement Association farm we bought a share in

Donald Sterling agrees to Clippers sale, will drop lawsuit against NBA

Maureen Dowd's Eating Disability

Harvard Students Protest Sexual Assault Policy At Commencement (PHOTOS)

June 2, 1929

Officials in Bergdahl's Hometown: 'Stop the Hate - That’s Un-American'


RIP Fourth Amendment

Conservative Media’s Lack Of Empathy For Bowe Bergdahl And His Family Is Sickening

Pickled Vidalia Onions. My son gave me a 10# bag of Vidalias last weekend

Al Wilson's "Show & Tell"...

Fox News Poll: Americans Evenly Divided Over Bergdahl/Taliban Exchange

I love my town

What's up with Fonzie (Henry Winkler)?

Another head-shaker

Officials in Bergdahl's Hometown: Stop the Hate

5 injured in protest, Ven National Guard repression (Spanish)

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseeker Check In!! Church Night!!

if I delete the op then....

We Apologise For Any Inconvenience Caused While We Frack Under Your Home

Rachel has just exposed John McCain for the 360 degree lying hypocritical ReTHUG asshole

Fox’s Shepherd Smith contradicts network ‘yakety yak’ on Bergdahl

Experts: New EPA rules could help us breathe easier

Mississippi Senate: Crossroads Is Out; USCOC Is In

McCain makes me so sick when he pretends to care about the troops.

Adopted in February UN Security Council resolution on allowing aid to Syrians deemed a failure.

Goats to the Rescue in Fire-Prone Bay Area

Another day - another poll: Quinnipiac has Wolf +20 over Corbett (53-33)

Two ancient worlds found just 13 light-years from Earth

So if we assume that not every P.O.W. has Audie Murphy's resume the Rethugs have

Attorneys for Oregon bomb plot defendant argue for new trial

Texas GOP taking aim at parts of Gov. Rick Perry's legacy

June 9, 1954 - "Have you no sense of Decency Sir?"

Gary King.

Modernized Space Camp Allows Kids To Simulate Frustration Over Lack Of Funding

'Walmart moms' walk off the job in protest at pay and conditions

Is it too early to prepare for this years war on Christmas?

American Lung Association Touts New Carbon Rules In TV Ads

McCrystal: Don't 'Judge' Bergdahl And The Prisoner Swap Yet (VIDEO)

Republican Congressman Says It Doesn’t Matter If Bowe Bergdahl’s Health Was In Jeopardy

UT to nursing students: No 'short-shorts, cleavage'


Another suspect arrested in Colombia peace talks hacking scandal

Lara Logan Returning to 60 Minutes After Absence

I wasn't doin' anythings!

Local women go topless to raise awareness for equal rights

The Potential Downside of Natural Gas

Three RCMP police officers killed, two wounded in Moncton, New Brunswick. Manhunt under way

EU criticized for silence on human rights in Colombia

T-Mobile and Sprint Zeroing In on a $32 Billion Merger

Forget ‘saving the Earth’ – it’s an angry beast that we’ve awoken

The aftermath of yesterdays storms in Nebraska

The sharks out there have no respect for intertube neutrality

Activists Call On Target To Ban Guns

Why Don’t the Unemployed Get Off Their Couches?

Police Sergeant Whelan found nothing suspicious about the mass grave of 800 children.

Baseball icon Zimmer dies at 83

Co-founder of Burt's Bees says he was ousted

Ven national guard shoots a guy that was already detained video

Why Was Miss. Tea Partier In Locked Courthouse With Ballots On Election Night?

Jake Tapper: Soldiers say Obama was right to negotiate Bergdahl's release.

Got a question for Elizabeth Warren?

Hailey Idaho releases statement on cancellation of Bergdahl celebration

Money and Second-Class Citizenship

800 babies buried in septic tank at Irish home for unmarried mothers

Want to be a job creator? 15% off USA made clothing

The documented, yet ignored horrors of Ireland's baby homes.

Grace Garcia, Texas Political Leader, Dies at 59

Emer O'Toole to the Irish Bishops: Tell us where the rest of the bodies are.

Grace Garcia, Texas Political Leader, Dies at 59

90,000 Californians Voted For Birther Queen Orly Taitz As Attorney General

More fun from France. We knew they liked Jerry Lewis, but line dancing?

Henrik Lundqvist is a beast....

Stay with us! Marriott targets LGBT travelers

The Best Craigslist Ad Ever. This Man Is A Genius.

Okay, Arkansas, You're Up.

Ammosexuals and Gundamentalists

The Way to Stop Corporate Lawbreaking is to Prosecute the People Who Break the Law

Darrell Issa questions federal inquiry in heron-injury case

Hockey fans - Can you name this handsome devil (not Devil)? - updated

Military Jet Crash Sets Homes Ablaze in California

Kings take game 1 in OT

Epic open letter from the NY City Council to Walmart

It's Six Degrees of MrScorpio time

Anyone else besides me planning to see "Guardians Of The Galaxy?"

And We Wonder ...

Terence Mckenna - The solution to cultural illusions

NY top court considers local bans on gas drilling

At Henry Clay's estate.

Moncton shooting: 3 RCMP officers dead, 2 wounded

S.F. city attorney files legal charges to halt Muni sickout

Blue Angels dived into porn, homophobia and harassment, study says

Some Senior Thoughts

Rubber duck race in Fort McMurray ends in sadness

Marching on Moscow - Foreign Policy in Focus

Lottery often gives aid to affluent, takes from poor

Release of Taliban detainees shows Obama has power to close Gitmo. (H.R.3304)

Jury duty question.

99Rise - Lawrence Lessig joins the march

Manziel, Staubach help their cities in bid to land GOP convention

Fighting Rages in Eastern Ukraine Town; Residents Flee

Edibles 101

Perry orders state universities to review benefits spending

White House faces growing fury in Congress over Bowe Bergdahl deal

A fishing story told in slavik

Retrieve Old Posts?

C-Peg How is Chris?

Read this amazing piece I found on the KOS today...

Economy Group Issue: SMW and concurrent economic discussion at crossroads.

Child Abuse MUST be stopped. Beautiful 3 year old beaten to death by mom and boyfriend

Last original Navajo Code Talker, Chester Nez, passes away

Inspired by Curmudgeoness

D-Day: A German Jew survives the Holocaust to fight the Nazis

Europe's Jews grapple with 'new anti-Semitism'

Venezuela to pursue coup plotters judicially in the US

ADL: Mural ‘highly offensive and anti-Semitic’

(x-post) ADL: Mural ‘highly offensive and anti-Semitic’


Anti-Semitism: Not a Threat to American Jews

Let Colombia End Its Civil War

No Misogyny or Homophobia Here: Blue Angels dived into porn, homophobia and harassment

Remember these phrases?

UK will have to gamble with nuclear safety to provide power, analyst warns

Europe Likely to Get Negative Interest Rates. What Does That Even Mean?

Bergdahl escaped captors twice

Where does this idiocy come from?

Woman testifies that ex-boyfriend raped, killed UNH student

The Medical Marijuana Amendment in the House

What Maureen Dowd's Cannabis accident tells us

Irish scientists discover new bird species

Preliminary archaeoacoustic analysis at Tarxien Neolithic Temples, Malta

Thai junta 'brings happiness to the people' with parties and selfies

SF: 4th Day of Sick-out Feared

It is our wedding anniversary 6-5-1975

4 Inconvenient Facts Conservatives Conveniently Ignore

500 films of social change

500 films of social change - free to watch online

Fox News' Vicious, Unhinged Attacks on a Military Family

Walmart's Women Can't 'Save Money' or 'Live Better' with Wages and Hours Like This

fiber blocked cable dsl monopoly

My Nephew was Killed in Isla Vista. Are You Going to Remember This Time?

Jon Stewart rips Oliver North: Are you mad that prisoner-trading has ‘gone mainstream’?

Three New Ways the Koch Brothers Are Screwing America

9000 bodies etched into the Normandy sand:

The Dark Vicar and the Big Black Hen

Ohio May Take Away Low-Income Women’s Access To The Most Effective Form Of Birth Control

Almost 800 babies buried in septic tank at Catholic-run Irish home for unmarried mothers

Hershey lawsuit says Seattle dispensary’s ‘Reefer’s Cup’ pot candy confuses customers

Animal Torture Courtship Ritual for Shrove Tuesday

Witnesses: Boko Haram Slaughters 100s in Nigeria

Joe Scum (attacking the WH re Bergdahl) - I don't say this as a partisan

“Citizen Koch”: The movie about our sick democracy PBS tried to kill

Perez's unlikely homer lifts Giants past Reds 3-2

The Ocean is Heating Up for Hurricane Season

No Congress for Old Men And other lessons from the 2014 primary season.

Last of Navajo World War II ‘code talkers’ dies in New Mexico

Wokay...Branstad ad just aired.

state governments may be expanding wealth gap

FIFA preparing ‘biological passport’ for every World Cup player

Facial Hair, Patriotism and the Enemy in American History

My "Close Encounter Of The Turd Kind" With A teabagger Yesterday.

Boat Launch

Climate Change, Economic Inequality Are One Debate, says Sen. Warren

Failed Republican Changes Name to Cesar Chavez, Runs As Democrat

The Bergdahl-issue can be resolved with a symbolic vote in Congress.

NRA Forced to Apologize for Rare Common Sense Comment

(Bleep)-ing Freakers want to impeach Obama over Bergdahl....

McDaniel rep among three locked in Hinds County courthouse (Updated)

Obama has shown he has to power to release the detainees, he should release them all

Thousands of Bedouins to be removed from West Bank lands slated for Jewish apartments, farms

A Carpet Of Gold Or A Carpet Of Bombs?....


Tea party takeover of Texas GOP is nearly complete

Ye Gawds!

My Ongoing VA Journey (part Duex)

Diary of a D-Day Weather Forecaster

Immigration to Germany: 'Better Qualified than the Domestic Population'

Opinion: Europe's Juncker Bond

Merkel's Mobile: Germany Launches Investigation into NSA Spying

Cameron's Empty Threat: Britain Risks Losing an Ally in EU Feud

June 5 Today is the Feast of Light

Christie chief of staff O’Dowd called to testify before GWB panel

New York lawyer sued by U.S. over tax shelters

ECB slashes interest rate to 0.15%

A ‘decompression’ process for Bowe Bergdahl before he heads home

GM recall probe prompts executive departures

From Bergdahl to Benghazi, Republicans fire up the scandal machine - By Dana Milbank

BP, Andarko must face fines for U.S. gulf oil spill: court

Anyone ever use radish leaves for anything?

Single Dose of Antibiotic Found Effective in Quelling MRSA

Ring of Fire: The Method to Republican Madness

Defense Secretary Hagel calls Bergdahl family

Doctor killed in Pakistan called ‘servant of humanity’

Today's BEST Video: Pool Repairman Saves Squirrel With CPR

Mesmerizing!!!!! D DAY Photographs, Then and NOW!

Next time you're having a bad Day, think of this guy....

90% Of US Experiencing Higher Summer Temps Since 1970 - Avg. Increase 0.4 F/Decade

Jeebus, Joe Scar started screaming at Chuck Todd today!

Month #2 In 400-Land Ends; May Average Atmospheric CO2 Content 401.88 ppm - Scripps

Now Columbus: Diocese adds to morality clauses to teacher contracts

Today's Non Sequitur: Ben Gazzara

Parts Of Florida Will Be Uninhabitable Within The Term Of A 30-Year Mortgage Signed Today

These Hoes Ain't Heard: On the Women Who Remixed "Loyal"

“Citizen Koch”: The Movie About Our Sick Democracy PBS Tried to Kill

Bowe Bergdahl’s court-martial by the press

At the border near me, the Germans are giving the Dutch hell, and this time, they're right

NGOs: Early parliamentary elections in Ukraine must be announced not later than July.

I’ll just say it!!! If you’re a Republican you’re a racist!!!

Conservative Critics of the Bergdahl-Taliban Swap Have Some Explaining to Do

4 questions we should be asking about the Bowe Bergdahl prisoner swap

TNC: The Radical Practicality of Reparations

Dear conservatives: yes, Malcolm Turnbull is one of us

Missing man found dead, with loyal dog by his side 23 days later

Why would gay ally Jonah Hill let fly with a slur?

Kerry privately urges Poroshenko to provide evidence of Kremlin involvement with separatists in Ukra

See what the Germans are doing with clean renewable solar power

How to cut down a tree.

The Hillary Clinton age trap

Flying Pig Update for 6.5.2014

Hypocrisy be thy Name

The bergdahl story is a laser pointer wielded by conservative sociopaths and a lot of reporters are

Here's a Little Perspective for You

Journalism at its finest: Jon Stewart interviews Gigi Ibrahim

Support our troops!*

Invest 90L forms in Gulf of Mexico

Why Oil Prices Haven't Gone Crazy

"we only get away with it because everyone is prepared to look the other way."

Expect more tumult about prisoner exchanges & Benghazi--U.S. soon to recover all jobs lost in crisis

Straight Man Testifies He Was Forced To Receive Blow Job From Gay Man, Jury Not Convinced

Jon Stewart rips Oliver North: Are you mad that prisoner-trading has ‘gone mainstream’?

Bergdahl Not Alone in Disillusionment

President Obama: On My Upcoming Trip to Indian Country

Workers' Wages Sink as 'Domestic Outsourcing' Grows

This Southern Republican defies GOP in coming out for the Medicaid Expansion to Obamacare (VIDEO)

Two Senior Police Officers Shot in Eastern Ukraine’s Horlivka


Awesome Woman Scares Groper So Badly He Craps His Pants

Maddow jabs McCain hypocrisy on Bergdahl: The ‘Rosetta Stone’ of what’s wrong in D.C.

I would really like to let PEOPLE know...

An announcement to my DU friends.

The cartoonists 'get' it...

Colbert Gives Amazon the Finger For Shady Book Selling Tactics

Don’t Desert Bergdahl

The Bowe Bergdahl Story Is Right-Wing Crack

Hagel: Decision To Free Bergdahl Was Unanimous

instant deck

Artisanal Union-Busting

Privacy? What privacy?

Hobby Lobby President Insanely Compares Biblical ‘Exodus’ To KKK-Inspired ‘Birth Of A Nation’


Railroads seek to limit disclosure on oil trains

Edward Snowden’s lawyer on Russian asylum: We assume that it will be extended

Japan looks afresh at Russian pipeline gas.

Law professor tells senators: If money is speech, outlawing prostitution is unconstitutional

Name dropping and campaign fund raising.

Cartoon: God-Man versus multiverses

Charles Krauthammer backs Bergdahl deal

Fellow Former Hostage-Letter to Bergdahl : 'You'll find many are blaming you for your own captivity"

Don Zimmer

Hillary Clinton: I've Had One Concussion, But Paul Ryan Has Had Three


TLC's 'Who Do You Think You Are' Season 5......

Scarborough And Todd Get Into On-Air Shouting Match Over Bergdahl's Dad

McDonald's CEO: 'We Will Support' A Minimum Wage Hike

All adults should have the right to marry and divorce as they see fit.

Obama: 'I Make No Apologies' For Bergdahl Release

"This is not some abstraction; some political football...As CiC I'm responsible for these kids"

Ben Carson Goes There Again, Claims Obamacare Is Worse Than 9/11

Different Common Core exams, very different reaction

John Oliver Tells Charlie Rose He Did Not Crash FCC Website

Men's rights activists raise $25K to protect themselves from feminists

Wingnuts Think It’s All About Them, Breitbart Edition

Yankee legend, baseball fixture Don Zimmer dies at 83

Leaked Repub memo shows what will be slashed in PA. budget to make up billion $ deficit

Republicans hate the military, and the troops and it's on full display for the world to see.

Thursday Toon Roundup 1- The RW Hates Soldiers

Thursday Toon Roundup 2- Paying the environmental price

Thursday Toon Roundup 3- The Rest

New Mix Tape. I want to make a kickass headbanger, hairband Mixtape.... post your suggestions here!

OMH battling office bedbug

124 States of America

America...what the hell is wrong with us?

I had an interesting discussion with a patient yesterday who is a black conservative.

NYRA adds $730,000 in top pay

Mea culpa to members of CHaS

Bitcoin continues to grow up...

2015 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame - who do you think deserves to get picked on their 1st year

Reagan Campaigns for Truman in 1948

NY leaders make tepid push for Obama library

The Audacity of Oliver North to Compare Himself Over President Obama. Sickening.

Fine, but only if it's consensual.

Hillary Clinton really needs some new advisors

When is a priest not a priest? When he's molesting a child, diocese says in defense of lawsuit

IE 11 really sucks for HTML5

Neil deGrasse Tyson Explains How Republicans Blew It on Climate Change

Is the U.S. Headed toward Another Recession? - TRNN Webathon Panel

McDaniel Staffer 'Accidentally' Locked In Courthouse With Mississippi Ballots

Man gives CPR to a squirrel

They'll eat basically anything, but red meat is their favorite.

I wonder what effect the latest GOP tantrum will have on

Radio Margaritaville.

Brooklyn stabbing suspect linked to Chelsea subway stabbing

Rant: Are there no checklists? Have we lost the art of organization?

Was curious of how Angela Merkel felt, being in the G-7 summit

New York in $105M national drug settlement

Animal Farm: Watch the Animated Adaptation of Orwell’s Novel Funded by the CIA (1954)

WOO HOO ... gotta share...

New U.S. Military Recruitment Poster: "We leave no man behind.*" *Excludes men the media dislikes.

First StartUp NY firms are named

Global late Quaternary megafauna extinctions linked to humans, not climate change

Human rights groups accuse NBC of deceit about ‘DIG’ filming locations in occupied East Jerusalem

Hydrogen Fuel Finally Graduating From Lab to City Streets

Democrats Unveil Program to Boost Voter Registration

College Graduates Struggle to Find Employment Worth a Degree

7 Reasons Why American and the World Will Fail on Climate Change

I wish they'd remove news channels from hospitals

Israel in the West Bank: A 47-year-long temporary occupation ( B'Tselem )

1952 Eisenhower ad

Obama Says Allies in ‘Lockstep’ on Confronting Russia

Is there anyone who is pro-Snowden and against the Bergdahl prisoner exchange?

Anti choice Goon Squad at it Again

Negativity changes the structure of water

East EU Split on NATO Troops as 1968 Invasion Remembered

California city votes to hike minimum wage to $13

To the poster who asked you about Climate Change discussions...

Kitteh Yoga

GOP Against Release of American POW Because They Are Afraid of What the Enemy Might Do

This is what happens when impeachment is "off the table."

Mr President, since heads are exploding...

Reflections on an Agricultural Massacre: Destruction at the Tent of Nations farm ( 04 June 2014 )

Israel Plans New Settlement Homes Amid Hamas Rift With U.S.

Tweet from FLOTUS on ending veteran homelessness

Interesting question re: Bergdahl exchange...

Toon: JOBS!

Redneck A Song

On parade

Fewest Americans Filed Jobless Claims Over Past Month Since 2007

Should the wage difference between women and men be addressed or left alone?

U.S.-Taliban prisoner swap: Five points the critics are ignoring

The Soldiers Creed

Putin Goes On Sexist Rant About Hillary Clinton

Wait a minute. I had a post hidden - so I can no longer post?

Why closure of Kyrgyzstan air base is point of no return for Afghan war

Thom Hartmann: "Leave No Man Behind" Comes w/Caveats from GOP

Thom Hartmann: Stop the Insanity of Right To Work For Less!

The second-largest religion in each state

Zoo Veterinarian tranquilizes escaping gorilla

Forget Christopher Hitchens: Atheism in America is undergoing a radical change

Officials: Congress not told of swap because Taliban threatened to kill Bergdahl if it leaked

How do you say "No problema?" in French? nt

Are there any Gulf War I vets' advocacy and support organizations?

Seek and Ye Shall Find a Hottie

Worker Dies After 5-Story Plunge Down Elevator Shaft In Queens

Sen. King: Release Bergdahl video to public

Should DU be an English Only site?

Racism Lives On Under the Cover of 'Religious Freedom'

33 pictures of awful parenting

Bergdahl Walked Away Before, Military Report Says

El Niño 70% likely to arrive in summer, says US weather forecaster

30 Commonly Mispronounced Food Words (and How to Say Them Correctly)

Due to recent problems on the DU Elevator, we've posted some new rules......

Oldest depiction of female form shows that modern archaeologists are pornsick misogynists


Mississippi Police Probe Actions By Tea Party Senate Candidate's Supporters

First Run Features - 75 LGBT movies 25% off.

G7 Tightens Defenses Against Syria's Foreign Fighters

With Bergdahl, Republicans again manipulate their base against the President.

Is it possible that Bowe Bergdahl is mentally ill?

Let's Cook! with Richard Sherman and the Seattle Seahawks

After Bribery Scandal, High-Level Departures at Walmart

Have the politics finally lined up for a (U.S.) Niagara Falls revival?

As Medicaid Expands, Hospitals See Declines In Charity Care, Self Pay

St. Augustine on Biblical Literalism

Walmart workers demonstrate at Lynnwood store

Has Angela Merkel Weakened Her Security Pledge To Israel?

Oxfam reaction to G7 summit outcomes

70 Year Old Italian Hires His Son’s Girlfriend as his Escort

City Council Tells Walmart To Stop Donating Money To NYC Charities

This aweful man had been making the social media rounds

The Great American Menu: Foods Of The States, Ranked And Mapped

1st Q: Personal Wealth Up $1.5 Trillion; Stocks At Record Highs; All Recession Jobs Lost, Regained

"You'll Need to Relearn How to Be a Person": A Letter to Bowe Bergdahl From a Fellow Former Hostage

Well it's official. I've spent nearly half my life with you losers.

Senate Majority Leader Reid: Bergdahl Notification Controversy Is 'Big Deal Over Nothing'

On parade

Here's The Simple Reason Congress Hasn't Fixed The VA

Veterans Group Targets Mitch McConnell, Richard Burr In New Ad Campaign

Putin TV (RT) announces the USA is the worst place to live on the planet

GOP congressman draws parallel between Bergdahl, John Kerry

U.S. Marshals Seize Cops’ Spying Records to Keep Them From the ACLU

Sweet onions - Vidalias or Walla Wallas?

NY eases birth certificate gender policy

Barra: 'We failed'; GM Fires 15 Over Ignition Switch Crisis

CBC Is Tweeting A Blow-By-Blow Account Of D-Day, And It's Incredible

U.S. Marshals Seize Cops’ Spying Records to Keep Them From the ACLU

Americans must pay taxes on bank accounts in Israel

Moving DKos post. Bergdahl witnessed killing of child in 2009. It was covered up.

Fitch: NYC bond outlook "stable"

here it is, word for word

The End of the Dewhurst Era--Will the Senate strip the powers of the next lite guv?

Cuomo-Hochul Ticket Given WFP Nod, Officially

Wars are easy to start and very difficult to end.

I just finished some food preservation!

Traces of another world found on the Moon {maybe}(BBC)

Senate confirms Burwell as HHS secretary

How does a football (soccer) tournament cost $11 billion?

US fossils dealer jailed for dinosaur smuggling (BBC)

The Hightower Report: Fast-Food Chains Stealing From Low-Wage Workers

SO, they realized that six soldiers did not die searching for Bergdahl

Just on my mind today.


bamboo flooring and urethane glue

Quincy Jones, Bridge Over Troubled Water

Well, well, well (re: playing with budget numbers)

Someone Left A Loaded Gun In The Toy Aisle Of Target

Abbott at the Republican Convention

Since his hypocrisy flared again...anyone wonder why NO Arizona veterans' family contacted McCain's

Thom Hartmann: Are Your Taxes Paying For CEO Bonuses?

S.E.C. Chief Calls for Sweeping Changes to Stock Market Rules.

Since when has Republican hypocrisy ever stopped them?

Status Quo - as they used to be

SBVT Former co chair: Kerry not hero, just like Berghal!

Senators Announce Accord on Improving Veterans’ Care

Watch 'The Beast' Asteroid Fly Past Earth On This Livestream Right Now

Taliban threatened to kill Bergdahl if details of prisoner swap leaked

Comedian Matt Binder exposes Charlie Daniels hypocracy on Bergdahl!

Tea Party Express caught coordinating with Chris McDaniel?

Hegar And The “Cumbersome” Property Tax

Huge coverage of this digusting SBVT reanactment attempt , both against JK and Bergdhal

Remember Taxi to the Dark Side? The death of Dilowar?

Luckovich: GOP State of Denial

France steps in over fears of US fine against bank

Kleberg County attorney's job unclear after suspension

nothin' fer nothin'

What's all that white stuff up there?

Is pulpit plagiarism on the rise? Some blame the Internet

Gov. Pence tells the DOJ that trying to prevent prison rape is just too darned expensive

But try not to...

Can you name the country whose leader has a PhD in Physical Chemistry?

Do you think it was realistic for Obama to prosecute Bush?

Police discover dismembered body of Medellin prosecutor

ok I have tried discussionist and I am done with it

After reading all BNP case. I wonder...Is BNP France's BCCI?

Perry rouses delegates with call to take back the White House

Joy Reid kicked some ass today against gun nutter.

Zuluaga attacked with eggs at campaign event in western Colombia

Colombia ex-President latest to endorse Santos

Kerry says " needs to find a fair solution in BNP case"

Uber to expand further into black-car territory

from the Southern Poverty Law Center:

Bergdahl "Release Video" RELEASED - judge for yourselves

‘Deeply serious’ CNN segment likens Bergdahl to ‘Homeland’ TV terrorist Nick Brody

Texas GOP platform embraces discredited therapy to cure ‘unacceptable’ LGBT people

Business group: Overturn Seattle’s $15-an-hour minimum wage

Rep Charles Rangel supported scaling back Wall Street reform law to aid donors, not constituents...

What's for Dinner, Thurs., June 5


On the subject of threads and posts about religion....

Fox News’ POW slur: How loopy GOP grandstanding is Obama’s secret Bergdahl weapon

NYC cab driver beaten with skateboard over ethnicity

On Forest Lane, an ‘ugly’ skirmish over a wall covered in a groovy mural (Dallas)

Fox News Says Girls Are "More Likely to Have Hateful Little Minds"

The Hemp Wars: Is DEA Dazed & Confused Over Industrial Hemp?

Good Protesters—and the Bad Kind

Public Reading Of Soldier Testimonies To Be Held In Tel Aviv On Anniversary Of Occupation

I think both Hunter and SBVT former co chair desrves a trial on deffamation indictment.

Go Spurs!

Good on this neighbor

Time Cover Fixed

Michigan Republican Rebrand Update (featuring Glamour Magazine)

Just go play in the dishwasher!

This is how little it costs for states to go renewable

These Simpsonized NHL Logos Are Fantastic

Six new nuclear reactors per year planned in China

America's Longest War: A Film

How the United States is Spreading Mass Incarceration around the World

How the United States is Spreading Mass Incarceration around the World

New Texas GOP Platform Calls On Politicians To Ignore Climate Change

For those republicans claiming ...

Yet Another Wrongful Conviction in Brooklyn and the NYPD's Review of Murder Arrests

Report: Bundy Owes US Gov't More Money Than All Other Ranchers Combined

Israeli Apartheid Exposed At The Airport

Tucker Carlson: We Have To 'Pretend' Boys Are Statutory Rape Victims

This Is How We Talk About Female Leaders (Hint: It's Not Pretty)

Just to show women can do things just as bad as a man too...

The Real Villains of the Bergdahl Tale

Midland PD: Man viciously kills pit bull with knife

Kia hamster actor charged with disability fraud

Abilene woman fatally shot as she clutched newborn

Peru: Five years on from Bagua violence and still no justice for victims

Special Forces: "this is a dirty war. You don't know what is happening"

Seven-Year-Old Boy Launches Anti-Bully Club To Repent For His Days As A “Former Bully”

Baseball loses Don Zimmer, 83

TAKE THE QUIZ: How long could you survive chained to a bunk bed with a velociraptor.

Seven-Year-Old Boy Launches Anti-Bully Club To Repent For His Days As A “Former Bully” (xpost)

Locals Hope SpaceX Will Launch South Texas Economy

Remember Citizen Koch? The hard-hitting documentary the Koch brothers blocked from PBS? It's launchi

NBC News has info from former Taliban on finding Bergdahl

Charles Krauthammer Backs Bergdahl Deal

TAKE THE QUIZ: How many Baboons could you take in a fight armed only with a giant dildo

More on the ancient worlds of Kapteyn's star

Can anyone share their personal experience with Supartz with me?

Dr Neil Tyson; a Thorn in the side of Foxsnooze

Corbett and Christie Coming to Philly; Protesters Await

Lone Star Circle of Care Gets $1M Lifeline

Why Can’t Scott Walker Just Give A Straight Answer?

ESPN’s ‘Hillsborough’ Documentary And 30 For 30 Soccer Stories Now Available On Netflix

DuckDuckGo Launches Special Logo For Reset The Net Day!

Safety Board: Equipment In BP Oil Rig Had Multiple Failures, May Still Be Issue For Some Rigs

Anyone up for a WKRP reunion?

Reset The Net Day is Today!

The Other DDay ( far less celebrated) : Southern France Landing

Kids Can Cook

Texas GOP platform embraces discredited therapy to cure ‘unacceptable’ LGBT people

Actual book title: "I Wish My Kids Had Cancer: A Family Surviving the Autism Epidemic"

World's first (?) waste-to-biofuels plant opens in Edmonton

"I always said the best defense against a bad guy with a gun is a good guy hoarding guns....

Supervisor Threatened to Hang Two Black Employees If They Drunk From "White" Water Fountain.

Follow-up: Georgetown PD suspends cop that tripped and pushed students after state soccer tournament

We have had some very difficult times

"I don't know that much about, what do you call them? Oh right, IUDs, but they should be banned."

I would like the opt out selection of jury service to have an explanation

Peru arrests governors in corruption probes

"This Computer Genius Just Fixed Our Democracy"

Nearly 40% of parents who applied for public school pre-K did not get a spot

Windows live mail

The Indian Ten Commandments

Indian Official Says Rape Is ‘Sometimes’ Right

Oh, look, here's a former CIA op indicted for lying about Iran/Contra making claims about Bergdahl

Loaded gun found in toy aisle of South Carolina Target

LEGO To Release Female Scientist Figurines

The Great Chickenhawk Squak

Michelangelo Signorile says Obama should have put W and co under investigation day one of prez

Mass Fish Deaths: Millions Have Been Found Dead All Over The World In The Past Month

Oh joy. Lost sound on main system. Windows 7 Home Premium X64

Hillary Clinton: I've Had One Concussion, But Paul Ryan Has Had Three

NC to start drilling for natural gas to lure energy using your tax dollars

Informative Amy Goodman interview with a Bergdahl compatriot--

If you have 51 minutes to invest and want a trip back to the 80s.....

Tornado Watch (Nebraska)

Texas GOP may support "ex-gay therapy"

Do you think re-using paper plates (to use for, say, cat food) is a "poverty mindset"?

What are you reading?

Woman wants divorce because husband doesn't like Frozen

Hillary Clinton on Iraq: ‘I got it wrong.’

Woman sues hospital for posting her STD test results on facebook leading to harassment

Someone Left A Loaded Gun In The Toy Aisle Of Target

Lana Del Rey: 'Feminism Is Just Not An Interesting Concept'

Berghdahl another example of UNPRECEDENTED hate and obstruction of Black Prez

Crazy Russian Hacker boils Coke

Re use Coke bottles

44: winning every day

It's good to see firemen have a basic understanding of railroads.

11 of the Weirdest Solutions to the Fermi Paradox.

Does Anybody Care How Bowe Bergdahl Was Able To Walk Away In The First Place?

4 injured in shooting at SPU; suspect arrested

Hillary Clinton on Iraq vote: ‘I still got it wrong. Plain and simple.’

UPDATED: McCain: Those Accusing Me Of Bergdahl Flip-Flop Are 'Lying'

My dad is still a spunky old guy

UPDATED: White House: ‘No evidence’ Bergdahl fraternized with Taliban

Pocono Mountain Charter School's charter revoked

NEW Robyn O'Brien - Food and Politics: A Solutions Based Discussion with Marianne Williamson

I can't tell...

Taliban relatives and fighters celebrate release of POW's, like civilized people do.

WaPo: How much do Oklahoma legislators hate the Common Core? This much.

Whatcha Doin'?

Egypt: Writer Karam Saber Sentenced to Five Years in Jail for Atheist Book

Hydrogen Fuel Finally Graduating From Lab to City Streets

The Truth Unfolds...

Race to the Top isn't really working......

Let's add sexist pig to the terms we can use to descibe Putin...along with facsist asshole

In an alternate reality...

Catholic group exempt from U.S. contraceptives rule

Now… Really?

Anyone know of legitimate companies that assist former students with student loan debt?

After 48 years, I finally solved a mystery

The Right's Turn Away from Representative Government

Candidates Who Signed An Anti-Immigration Pledge Are Losing Their Primaries

How can a team win a game with only one hit?

beautiful sunset reflecting the coast off of a large wave

It's getting ugly in GD.

Soldier Calls ‘PR Campaign’ Against Bergdahl ‘Disgusting’

Joe Klein sucks

I am Palestinian, and I am human, and I am here

Republicans Kiss the Gays Goodbye as GOProud Closes Up Shop

A bill on the sale of sex or the sale of Conservatives? Tim Harper

One comment attributed to Bergdahl is disturbing me

On Jerusalem Day, thousands of settlers celebrate ‘conquest’ of the city and say ‘Kahane was right’

Something that's been bothering me for a long time...

AP was there: Hitler's Atlantic Wall under assault