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Kim Redigan: Why do we hate the poor?

St. Pete Pride brings out happy crowds

Katrina vanden Heuvel: Bill Kristol Should Join Iraq Army

Why do we hate the poor?

Repurrcussions - Another Catblog

The Right Wing Attacks Me Relentlessly – Out of Fear

Texas Tech Football Prospect Punches Female Basketball Player in Pickup Game

Today's Safety Warning: Do not make hard candy when you're half asleep

Oak Lawn’s Legacy of Love Monument vandalized with spray paint

Oak Lawn’s Legacy of Love Monument vandalized with spray paint

Full documentary on Aaron Swartz now available on YouTube . . . .

When Hunter S. Thompson ran for sheriff of Aspen, Colorado

Watch: rare ‘waterspout’ twisters strike off the coast of Norway

St. Paul schools looking to ease concerns about discipline, disorder

Six Months of Legal Marijuana And Colorado Has More Cash And Less Crime

Peru now has a ‘licence to kill’ environmental protesters

Peru now has a ‘licence to kill’ environmental protesters

*WARNING! GRAPHIC!* Man sets himself on fire protesting Abe's militaristic policies

This poor guy certainly didn't get his wish:

Texas Democratic Party Platform

Interesting two comments from Stephanopoulos show

Bill Clinton: Let States Legalize Marijuana.

Mark your calendar to pull up SCOTUSblog live blogging at 10AM eastern

Boehner May Not Have the Ability to Sue Obama After All

Winter Haven 12-yr-old found safe

Harming the innocent: The 'Awad family home in Idhna, 23 June 2014

This was jaywalking at its absolutely most benign.

Fox news has a real hard on for War -- Repeating a major Scarathon

Dear GOP, You Don't Own Me.

Remember this tomorrow morning with the Supreme Court

I support Hillary, but Bill Mahar is right.

Vive les personnes

Healthcare debate lacks factual arguments against Obamacare

TrueBlood Season 7, Episode 2 -- Epic Spoilers.

Biden's new job

What then is 'really existing capitalism?'"

This is old post I thought worthy of retrieving....

North Korea says to try two detained U.S. citizens

Spent a week in Scotland and this is probably my best one........

Latest Turn-on-Hillary Plan is a BUST - Majority Polled Say Hillary Can Relate to Average People

I don't see how there can be a goal, in philosophy.

A Street Cat Named Bob

"Raise your right hand." "A little higher."

Most Americans think Hillary Clinton can relate to average people

HOLY SHIT: Blackwater Head in Iraq Threatened to Kill State Dept. Investigator

For those who missed it, journalist Jeremy Bigwood's speech posted on Magbana's journal,

"Cold Beer and Titties": Sexism at Texas Boys State Conference

"Cold Beer and Titties": Sexism at Texas Boys State Conference

I talked with Kali.

I haven't seen this PooPourri ad before


Swing Dancing in Nashville.


What's for Dinner ~ Monday ~ June 30th

I give up. What colors should I pick up at Michaels if I want a faux Tuscany

"Charlatans, Cranks and Kansas" by Paul Krugman

Just saw this statement about Country Music on another board, cracked me up...

Never Say Never Again > Any Daniel Craig 'Bond' Film

18,000 New Species Were Discovered Last Year

The question has not been answered.........

Keynote by the Honorable Hillary Rodham Clinton - 2014 New America Conference

I was doing a search for Lionel Mandrake in LBN.

Fucking Boko Haram... once more: Launches Massive Attack, killing dozens

A Culture of Waste: Free Trade Agreements and Environmental Destruction

Met former state senator Dede Feldman today. She has a great book out about NM politics

Hillary’s Hardest Choice (and the Democrat’s Dilemma) by Robert Reich

Highly recommended, Inequality for All by Robert Reich

District defends kindergartner's sexual misconduct discipline

Sufferin Succotash ...

Texas Democratic Convention Videos

Germany's glut of electricity is causing prices to fall

Good vibes request for stepdaughter's kitteh...

Washington D.C. set to put marijuana legalization on ballot

How Vermont really got universal health care

Hard Work, An Ode to All Who Work

There, there. Its ok to be crabby.

I am sooooo happy that right now...

Incredible Rainbow Over Toronto During World Pride Day

Let me tell you about Hookers

Dumb Criminals: Former Chik-Fil-A Employee Accused Of Robbing KFC

Braves Sweep Phillies !!!!

Grass Roots

Former Auburn TE Phil Lutzenkirchen died Sunday. He will be missed by many who didn't know him. Why?

My Tony is gone. (Updated with thanks)

Stormy Monday, 6/30/14

Robbers raid Holocaust victims’ mass grave in Ukraine

2,000 could lose food stamps in Racine County. WI

Harris v. Quinn: Will the Supreme Court Abolish Public Sector Unions on Monday?

Harris v. Quinn: Will the Supreme Court Abolish Public Sector Unions on Monday?

Ghost Adventures

Alarms Were Sounded on Blackwater Well Before the 2007 Iraq Shooting

U.S. soldier suspected of murder in Panama likely to face military justice

U.S. soldier suspected of murder in Panama likely to face military justice

UK government bids to overturn US haggis ban

Anyone ever see a Boeing 767 that looks like this?

"Christian group peacefully protests Seattle gay pride"

STUNNER in Sunday's NY Times concerning Blackwater!

Don't you hate it when that happens?

Virginia Republicans Find Unity Elusive

World Cup 2014: Arjen Robben apologises for dive against Mexico

Lizz Winstead: This is what happened to me when there was no buffer zone at an abortion clinic:

Why Russia Probably Will Not Bomb Kiev’s Forces in Eastern Ukraine

How One GOP-Controlled Committee Is Waging a War on Science

11 Shocking Facts About America's Militarized Police Forces

Power outage leads to MH370 hijacking theory

Pistorius was not mentally ill when he shot girlfriend, experts conclude

5 Facts to Set the Dangerously Deluded Education Reformers Straight

The Debacle of the Caliphates: Why al-Baghdadi’s Grandiosity doesn’t Matter

Italy finds 30 bodies in migrant boat

Who Violated Ukraine’s Sovereignty?

Scotland Has Billions of Barrels of Shale Deposits, Report Says

LA GOP candidate for Congress: Climate change is a hoax, can be disproved with thermometer

Senior Australian Catholic bishop charged with child sex abuse

U.S. offshore tax evaders facing new scrutiny starting July 1

Congressional report on gun violence in U.S.

Congressional report on gun violence in U.S.

Arizona fire slowing

Meet John Strange

Detroit and Iraq: Both Devastated by the Same Thieves

‘Responsible’ Ammosexual Accidentally 2nd Amendments Woman at Gun Show

Bideford Witch Trials

Jenny ‘Anti-Vaxx’ McCarthy and Sherri ‘Flat-Earther’ Shepherd FIRED from The View! (Video)

Nearly 300,000 Veterans Have Lost Out on Jobless Compensation Because of the Disdainful House GOP

Paint Company Creates Racist-Themed Paint Named After Gay Black Employee, Promptly Fires Him After C

Define Succotash

DAILY MORON: Rick Santorum: Founding fathers had right idea limiting those who could vote

False Dilemma: The Mideast doesn’t have to choose between Dictatorship & Caliphate

NO SCIENCE HERE! LA GOP candidate: Climate change is a hoax, can be disproved with thermometer

Supreme Court to hand down verdict on Hobby Lobby birth-control dispute Monday

The Debacle of the Caliphates: Why al-Baghdadi’s Grandiosity doesn’t Matter

Uncle Dick, Uncle Rummy and Little Dubya

Hyenas vs. Rhinos: Who could the NYT get to write an Op-ed on Iraq? Hmm…

Foursome flaunts carrying assault weapons

Doing Away with a Cluster Risk

Jewish leader slams attack on elderly man at German rally for kidnapped teens

Where Will the Children Play?

Russian sailors arrive in France for amphibious assault ship training

Israeli plan for East Jerusalem: A trial run in annexation

New N.S.A. Chief Calls Damage From Snowden Leaks Manageable

Why do so many nations want a piece of Antarctica?

Oops! Pistorius was not mentally ill when he shot girlfriend, experts conclude

Obama taps business exec to oversee troubled VA

Labor Unions Have a Choice: Fight Back or Die

Why Do We Hate the Poor?

Sometimes I don't think I can bear any more stupid.

Forgotten Photos are a Window into Early Days of Gay Rights

Midwesterners, how's the weather now?

Atlantic: Invest 91L moves SW; Pacific: TS Douglas moves WNW, Invest 97E moves NW

Accused kidnappers are rogue Hamas branch

Birthing the Solar Age

John Oliver: Calling Uganda’s anti-LGBT laws ‘harsh’ is like calling Stalin ‘a bit of a grump’

Why We Can't Talk About Gun Control

Iraq crisis: Tikrit turns into a 'town of ghosts' as Isis occupation leaves PM al-Maliki on the edge

Researchers Discuss Origins of Melungeon Heritage at Annual Event

Black Dog Syndrome Why do people discriminate against dark pets?

Andy Coulson to face new trial on hacking charges

Bill Virgin: Maybe we should lower our expectations for economic recovery

Whistleblower brings scrutiny to Lakewood lab that handles veterans’ blood

The unknown ex-pastor

Oil trains: South Sound first responders try to get grip on what new data mean for safety Read more

TN Officials Confirm Cases Of Chickungunya Virus In Knoxville, Memphis

Reince Priebus Upset Bill Clinton Says Mean Things About Dick Cheney

CFR Maps Let You Track Outbreaks Of Preventible Diseases, Anti-Vax Clusters

CBS's Sunday Morning - Feel Good TV for Oligarchs

Medicare could penalize local hospitals

Lesbian marriage in early America

Fast-acting, inhaled insulin Afrezza approved by F.D.A.

Unions Fear This SCOTUS Case Could Bring Their 'Final Destruction'

Free markets killed capitalism: Ayn Rand, Ronald Reagan, Wal-Mart, Amazon and ...

GI Bill funds go to for-profit schools

Israel drops anti-Hamas Ramadan lollipops on West Bank cities

2007 State Department's Blackwater Investigation Documents

If insurance is premised on assessing and placing a numeric value to risk ...

“A very ugly blame game”: How Great Recession is affecting people in totally unexpected ways

Men’s rights conference takes aim at feminism

Benghazi Case Unfolds Against Political Backdrop

Tropical storm Arthur forecast

Despite ridicule, Egypt pushes ahead with AIDS, hepatitis 'cure'

Sectarian genie is out of the bottle from Syria to Iraq

John Oliver: America Celebrates Gay Pride While Peddling Homophobia Abroad

Terry Fox

Marine Who Disappeared In Iraq In 2004 Back In US

Critics say climate program would create 'hidden gas tax'

This is what free speech looks like to Google

Economic fallout from Fort Carson troop cuts could be 'devastating' - if the worst plays out

Global stock markets mostly inch higher

Pension dispute could send Colorado Springs, PERA to trial in October

BNP Paribas braces for $9 billion fine

A Summer Day

GOP bucking business priorities on Capitol Hill

live blogging SCOTUS link

Koterba toons: SCOTUS decisions

Nigeria: Chibok Burns Again - As Gunmen Kill 51, Burn Churches, Houses

Samuel John Gurney Hoare

George Washington vs William Wallace

dupe....story link

Dads on Sitcoms

Military question about ISIS

5 Facts to Set the Dangerously Deluded Education Reformers Straight

TOM TOMORROW: The Droney Memo

Anti-LGBT twins compare reality TV show cancellation to martyrdom, D-Day, ‘Braveheart’

Papantonio: Republicans Bastardizing Second Amendment

Kipling's quote on the middle east is ageless:

Voila: World War Three | James Howard Kunstler

Try to remember the times when you were little and I would read the same story night after night...

Two Paths Diverged in the South

DKOS: Blackwater Story Is Exactly Why NYT's James Risen Must Be Shielded from DOJ Prosecution

SCOTUSBlog live blogging the rulings now

Live Blog of Opinions, June 30, 2014 LIVE

Fox News decides there’s a ‘feminist war’ on men’s rights after protest in Detroit

KRUGMAN On KANSAS --- "There’s an important lesson here — but it’s not what you think."

A majority of Americans oppose restrictions on contraception insurance coverage, says poll

Please post Spoiler Alert for any SCOTUS threads. I'm DVR'ing for later

Wisconsin GOP candidate: Marriage equality will lead to sisters marrying sisters

Supreme Court strikes blow to public sector unions

BREAKING: Supreme Court: Can't Make Employers Cover Contraception (Hobby Lobby Case 5-4)

Closely held corporations have Religion, my friend.

KKK at Gettysburg: Those opposing white revolution will be ‘going in the ground’

Scalia to America

Time to really boycott some companies.

Why would an employer prefer to pay for maternity care, delivery, then dependent insurance

TOM TOMORROW: The Droney memo

Hobby Lobby and The disgusting MEN who decide these things.

Which DUers do you wish to leave off your list of DUers you wish to meet just to piss them off?

A majority of Americans oppose restrictions on contraception insurance coverage, says poll

So Hobby Lobby and the bigots win...

Once more, the SCOTUS proves why important to have DEMOCRATIC presidents...

Unions and Hobby Lobby. It's just too much

Now we understand why the buffer zone decisions came first

Worst court ever for human persons

Question about the SCOTUS decision on Hobby Lobby

Do we have a DU group or forum with businesses and their profiles?

Harris v. Quinn - Unions have NOT been busted, the Court has a very narrow decision.

Shouldn't We ALL Just Incorporate?

Posting 3 happy pics to provide a break. I could seriously blow a gasket. SCOTUS-MEH!

New York’s highest court has just upheld the right of towns to ban fracking within their borders!

I have a dumb question

Now that the Sureme Court version of Sharia Law has now passed

Thanks again, Ralph Fucking Nader.

SCOTUS Will Eventually Allow Discrimination Against Gays On Religious Grounds.

In aggregate, religion is a negative force in society. nt.

Monday Toon Roundup 1- Rethuglicans

Monday Toon Roundup 2- The Rest

McCamy Reports: SCOTUS Rules Insurers Can PAY YOU to Take Birth Control

NEWS FLASH - SCOTUS Replaces Constitution With Theocracy.

****WCGreen Update --Monday June 30, 2014****

Right wingers afraid of Sharia Law

Where do they stop?

If Hobby Lobby is a church,

Loincloth-wearing anarchist plotted suicide bomb attack on Indiana courthouse, cops say

SCOTUS gives us working folk one more worry in the jobless recovery: What is the religion of my

Rolf Harris guilty of indecent assaults

Universal Healthcare would fix this. Just saying...

One more step backward for mankind. "Beam me up Scotty," this place is too fucken stupid to

Rep. Vance McAllister will run for re-election

President Obama needs to start stacking the Supreme Court now,

Ginsburg: 'Radical' Hobby Lobby Ruling May Create 'Havoc'

Hobby Lobby's lawyer, Lori Windham, just said contraceptives "could

Politics Derail Science on Arsenic, Endangering Public Health

U.S. court revives Abu Ghraib detainees' torture case

Udall: U.S. Supreme Court Wrong to Insert Colorado Women's Bosses Into Their Private Health Decision

Are Viagra and Cialis covered by companies bawling about religious rights?

Supreme Court rules women can be discriminated against in health decisions

SCOTUS: To Discriminate again people 1. People should have "alternative", 2. Have fewer "owners"....

S.O.B's. eom

Nobody cares what I want...

On the bright side...

Return to the Dark Ages

Okay, if you don't want to deal with Hobby Lobby, check out NPR.

Boom Meets Bust in Texas: Atop Sea of Oil, Poverty Digs In

True Blood.

The ACA is very largely still intact

Vandals Target Dallas GLBT Monument, Church, Media Buildings

The Hobby Lobby decision confuses me.

Judge dismisses Zimmerman's lawsuit against NBC

Sen.Reid: If the Supreme Court will not protect women’s access to health care, then Democrats Will

"They're going to have to get by me first." Maine Gov. LePage, on FEMA bringing in Russian Troops

AP will use robots to write some business stories

Toon- Maybe "Boom" isn't the right word to use....

It's really SCROTUS not SCOTUS:

Baylor and Tupelo in the Pool

Pic Of The Moment: Wingnut Of The Weekend: It's A Tie!

Take the Religious Nutter quiz!

Why does the ACA mandate coverage of birth control pills, IUDs, and diaphragms, but not condoms?

Anyone have anything against Michael's Art's and Crafts? If not, we should make (UPDATED)

Emperor penguins at risk of extinction, scientists warn


The worst part about this stupid SC decision?

Five takeaways from the Hobby Lobby case

2014: women are still second class citizens and corporations are people.

Bayer CropScience's new $30M investment in RTP

"Should Saying Someone Is 'Off The Reservation' Be Off-Limits?

O'Malley gets this

I think, now I know how women feel about sloppily written female roles

The writing was on the wall

Reid: SCOTUS Men Need To 'Stop Deciding What Happens To Women'

A very scary direction

The 8 Best Lines From Ginsburg's Dissent on the Hobby Lobby Contraception Decision

30 gov. officials address Texas Boys State conference. Zero for Girls State

Apparently I've been boycotting Hobby Lobby for over 30 years now.

So Greenwald weighs in...telling us to read Kennedy's concurrence, noting that Ginsburg is incorrect

Stop Saying the SCOTUS Ruled Corporations Are People, THEY DID NOT!

Round of 16: France-Nigeria

Axl Rose Criticizes Utah Police After Officer Kills Man’s Canine Companion

Dress code

don't forget this is mainly a political attack on ACA

Patterson Tackles Our Dumb News Culture in ‘Informing the News’

I'm really into crafts, sewing and holiday home decorating.


Anyone want to buy a South Dakota town?

How Long Before Family Planning Ruled Illegal Where Contraception Of Any Kind Used?

Tiny Barbuda Grapples with Rising Seas

George Takei as Grand Marshall of the 40th Seattle Pride Parade

Senator Murray:“Your health care decisions are not your boss’s business – period.

Hobby Lobby Contact Info

SCOTUS ruling? Its gonna piss off millions of women....

Just have to say this about the Hobby Lobby decision

US Army looking to update smoke grenade

the religious right is taking over america thru the scotus

Conservative Supreme Court Justices Just Made A Huge Mistake by Making Women Really Mad

Otherworldly Photos of Mysterious Megalithic Stones

So long, DU.

GM won't limit ignition switch crash compensation

Article (thinkprogress): What The Hobby Lobby Decision Means For Your Health Care

A Newbie Question About Today's Supreme Court Judgement

Two Words explain why the ACA is fatally flawed. Hobby Lobby.

Is "gluten-free" just another fad?

There’s been some speculation that Hobby Lobby employees may be able file a Civil Rights Act Title V

Gliese 832c: Potentially Habitable Super-Earth Discovered 16 Light-Years Away

High court rejects Google appeal in snooping case

What if there are no health plans that DON'T include birth control?

Corporations are people

Hobby Lobby's health plans covered the birth control methods prior to ACA; only objected after ACA

If Hobby Lobby invests in companies that make contraceptives then can they be charged with lying

France on security alert for World Cup showdowns

Picket Hobby Lobby with signs that

D'Souza: African-Americans Better Off Because Ancestors Were 'Hauled From Africa To America'

Hmmm... I am also getting those same jury full notifications.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg Writes Scathing 19-Page Dissent In Birth Control Case

Solution to Hobby Lobby Decision: Medicare for All. Let's get it done. nt

So, what's the difference?

Maybe it would be f'in easier to list the companies that are cool

Hobby Lobby DOES invest in contraception makers:

Nuclear deal boosts Cumbria's Moorside plant plans

Maybe they taught me wrong in school but....

The Supreme Court is destroying the Middle Class one vote after another

Canada proposes guaranteed income

Entire Unitarian Church Votes to Divest from Fossil Fuels

White House: Will work to make sure women affected by ruling will have access to contraception

College GOP chairman resigns, joining Democrats

Hundreds of People Have Disappeared in Eastern Ukraine

Ruth Bader Ginsberg Appreciation Thread

If people were dogs and cats

So, it's OK for the govt to force people to buy insurance, even if it's against their religion (say

Isn't it grand to know that corporations have more "human rights" than women?

Court Rules That New York Towns Can Ban Fracking

Young Voters Should Heed The Message & Really Get Engaged In Politics Or Suffer The Consequences....

Anyone else having trouble with DU loading right now? nt

(Supreme) Court Rejects Challenge To Law Banning Gay Therapy

Hold still ...

From The Top Secret Files of Dick Cheney

White House Considering Ways for President Obama to Mitigate Effect of SC Contraception Ruling

LeBron James wants max salary

hobby lobby-- an idea

The Rude Pundit: Random Observations on the Hobby Lobby Decision

Golden Retriever Adopts Rescue Kitten: Cutest Photos Ever?

School to Prison Pipeline

After today's SC decision, I have one thing to say to those with kids:

Rescued Baby Hummingbird

10 Big Fat Lies and the Lying Liars Who Told Them

"Stare Decisis, my ass." says Chief Justice John Roberts (OK, I'm only hypothesizing that)

Supreme Court institutes Sharia Law!!11!1!

got fat cat's labs back

Far-right nitwits crowing about their "victory..."

As a Devout Christian.. My question for the Hobby Lobby

The Supreme Court opened a box it did not want to open

Hobby Lobby: The best eight lines from Justice Ginsburg’s dissent

Single payer vs. ACA Mandate

SCOTUS wants to know if you will Get Out The Vote in 2014 & 2016? Or roll over and lose?

10 Years Since Historic Legal Victory Protecting Rights of Guantanamo Detainees

Supreme Court puts a dagger into women's rights

Dress code

Hobby Lobby Ruling Means Little To 9 In 10 Employers Already Providing Contraceptive Coverage

Net environmental impact assessments of various green technologies

Hobby Lobby Invested In Numerous Abortion And Contraception Products

Sen.Blumenthal: Congress must act to restore workers' rights to make their own health care decisions

The Gospel according to Hobby Lobby

What happens if I go to hobby lobby with a gun?

Fuck Hobby Lobby


Bodies of Three Missing Israeli Teens Found Near Hebron, Source Says

this is not my rant. this is the rant from a psyche worker in chicago public schools. karen lewis.

It may be time for another one of these...

SCOTUS Decision Will Allow Hobby Lobby Et Al To Fire Women For Using Contraception

Breaking news....

Women can destroy Hobby Lobby if they want to.

Hey, I figured out the difference between SCALIA law and SHARIA law.

I'm pissed and pissed women vote. n/t

Court Birth Control Ruling Opens Door to More Challenges

LIVE UPDATES: Israeli forces find bodies of three kidnapped teens

I am listening to Fugelsang arguing with christian on Steph Miller

Well, that's it. I'm going to incorporate, so I can conduct all my affairs based on *my religious

Corporate Rights Trump Women's Health in Hobby Lobby Ruling

Kmart's Corporate Religion

Megavote - 6/30/14

So much for the so-called "deal" on women's health care issues

McCamy Reports: Hillary Puts on Her Pantsuits One Leg at a Time

corporations are now 'people' with religious beliefs

What our descendants will deplore about us

What's worse than Conservative Christians crying 'PERSECUTION'? Those same people when they win

Screw Hobby Lobby.

Good news, ladies!

Anti-Fracking Win in N.Y. Court May Deal Blow to Industry

Hurricane Readiness Time

Confidence in SC 30% President 29% Congress 7% Gallup

Boy Dies of Self-Inflicted Gunshot Wound at Boy Scout Camp: SDPD

If the Democrats don't make 2014 all

SCOTUS v. UTERUS: Court’s Ruling Violates Women’s Reproductive Freedom

I just don't understand why so many women vote republican. Every step of

Pending Sales of U.S. Existing Homes Rise Most in Four Years

Maybe I'm mistaken but isn't this new court decision a major encouragement for corporations to...

After I get off work, my daughter and I are going to Hobby lobby

New York court upholds ex-Bloomberg aide's larceny conviction

According to your RW activist judges corporations aren't just people-

Ruth Bader GInsburg: Who Will Replace Her? You Tell Me. After All, it Depends on YOU!

Why Today’s Hobby Lobby Decision Actually Hurts People Of Faith

U.S. Supreme Court will not intervene in fight over California cross

If you are a women

Disturbance East Of Florida May Threaten Mid-Atlantic Coast July 3 And 4 As Tropical Storm

Hobby Lobby's Supreme Court Win Sets Up Battle Over Anti-Gay Discrimination

Humans of New York

Information about the Detroit Water and Sewerage Department

Please use to link to right wing/other crank sites.

McCain Brags That Consistently Wrong Jennifer Rubin Thinks He's Right

Does anyone remember Adelphia Cable??

Report: Texas Tech (football) recruit punched female basketball star in face

Isn't there there something in the Constitution relating to womens' rights?

Boycott Hobby Lobby and put them out of business!

"Hobby Lobby does not object to covering male employees’ costs for vasectomies."

Why Elizabeth Warren must be the Democratic Party Presidential nominee.

Share your thoughts with Hobby Lobby

107+ degrees in Sacramento today. Time for porch ribs!

Florida DU'ers, be advised, we may have a tropical storm soon off to the east...


I work for a corporation. How do I determine that corporation's religious beliefs?

Conservatives have often stated their beliefs that illness comes at displeasing God


U.S. forward Jozy Altidore cleared to play in World Cup game vs. Belgium

Catholic Church Teaches A Fetus Is A Person AT Conception. SCOTUS IS Mostly Catholic.

Elder Scroll video by The Onion.

Hobby Lobby Invests 401(k) Funds in Companies that Manufacture Emergency Contraceptives

Does Hobby Lobby project their "Christian Values" when buying from Chinese manufacturers?

Russia demands investigation into claims chemical weapons were used in Ukraine amid frantic efforts

More hell is about to break loose. Israeli teenagers found dead.

Who pulled the cord? - Emergency slide inflates mid flight

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, July 1: Star of the Month: Maureen O'Hara

We are supposed to have a government of checks and balances. Who checks and balances

3 Lies About Birth Control That Were Just Reinforced By The Hobby Lobby Ruling

Help me understand - RE: Hobby Lobby

GDF Suez, Toshiba to go ahead with Europe's biggest nuclear power project in UK

Ultimately Women Are Being Told That They Can ONLY Have Approved Sex

What Republicans want from women:

Mark Fiore: Religious Liberty for Corporations

Hobby Lobby supports forced Abortions and Gender Abortions

i suspect that every corporation will now decide a religious affiliation...

Wanna hurt Hobby Lobby? ORGANIZE THIS:

"The pitchforks ARE coming" - A billionaire warns his fellow Oligarchs what is coming down the pipe

President Obama doubles down on Executive action

Will Hobby Lobby be cutting its ties with the forced-abortion capital of the world?

PASS a bill and don't just say NO if you're so concerned about my Executive

Very Cheap, Very Useful, Easy To Get and Easy to Use..

White House: Boehner won't seek immigration vote

ASU police throw Black professor to the ground, arrest her for jaywalking

The USA is not a Christian Nation...The USA is a Free nation


Krystal Ball Debunks Public vs. Private Sector Myths about innovation and the role of Govt

SCOTUS, Hobby Lobby and the ACA

Best book title

Is anybody else incredibly angry today?

I am SO fucking tired of hearing the worn out canard of "personal responsibility" regarding

Some comic relief!

Papantonio: Dick Cheney and the Shameless War Pimps

Police: Boy Dies After Shooting Himself In The Head At Boy Scout Camp


Brutal Mississippi Primary Prompts College GOP Chair To Switch Parties

Reid: Boehner Killed Immigration Reform To 'Appease The Tea Party'

LBN hosts are locking national news stories for invalid reasons.

I'm going to incorporate and my corporation will exercise it's religious beliefs

Everyone should apply for a job at Hobby Lobby.

US Conference of Catholic Bishops applauds Hobby Lobby decision

Round of 16: Germany-Algeria

Reid: Boehner Killed Immigration Reform To 'Appease The Tea Party'

Today, the Supreme Court of the United States has succeeded

Here Is the Supreme Court's Decision in the Hobby Lobby Contraception Case.

Supreme Court decision on birth control shows why health insurance should be divorced from job

Jacobin weighs in on the Supreme Court

NSA Cats

Supreme Court Majority Calls Case a Dispute Between Women and People

The "Jury", The Law, and "William Seger"

Lawrence Lessig's Super PAC wants to kill Super PACs - Lessing talks to Ezra Klein on

Senate Republicans Copy Democratic Fundraising Emails

In light of the SCOTUS Hobby Lobby decision, I present this cat .gif...

SCOTUS Just Undermined Thousands Of Domestic Workers' Rights

Since the gov't can pay for contraception per the SCOTUS...

Don't be sad! Get mad! Message to Republicans

Our neighbor was having his driveway sealed

VP Biden Heading To Philadelphia’s Fourth Of July Festivities

Can a corporation force you to live by their religion? Yes

NY Communities Triumph Over Fracking Industry In Precedent-Setting Case

What? No thank you thread for J. Ginsburg?

Well, golly gee...if Republicans won't listen to women who insist they be able to make decisions...

The Dangers Of Cities Privatizing Their Water - Ellen Dannin Discusses

Supreme Court rejects appeal by Google over Street View data collection

Isn't birth control cheaper than pregnancy? Won't insurance cost more for companies that

Lobbyist For Arizona's Anti-Gay Bill Revels In Hobby Lobby Ruling

What do you think about Bob McDonald's appointment as head of the VA?

Abortion gets much more difficult to obtain in Florida on Tuesday July 1

Obama Delivers a Middle Finger To Boehner and His Lawsuit By Acting Alone on Immigration

If we had gotten the public option, would this Hobby Lobby decision even exist?

If Consensus Objector must defend their beliefs before a draft board so to Hobby Lobby should

Hobby Lobby Won the Contraception Case, but the Christian Right Lost a Major PR Battle

Appreciation tread for karynnj, blm and MBS

Confidence In Supreme Court Hits Record Low, Poll Finds

Why LGBT Americans Are Leery of Supreme Court's Hobby Lobby Ruling

The Richard Dawkins Facepalm Watch, Vol. III

Abortion gets much more difficult to obtain in Florida on Tuesday July 1

But What About The 20 People He Didn't Shoot?

Opinion analysis: Does the new religious exemption go far enough? (UPDATED)

A Reminder from Pilots For 9/11 Truth

Hillary Clinton Calls SCOTUS's Hobby Lobby Ruling 'Deeply Disturbing'

NBC's McFadden services GOP in interview of Valerie Jarrett - what happened with Obama's ratings?

How many of you ever visit the "Women's Rights & Issues" group?

Why is it that serial Mastorbators always look like serial Mastorbators?

Tune in to Big Ed (MSNBC) to find out more about the OTHER court decision today

Church leaders' condescension an affront to Catholic laity's intelligence

I screwed up the roast - EDIT: No, I didn't!

The SCOTUS decision shows only how too far religion and politics are mixed together in USA

Karl Rove Says That Wearing Seat belts Causes People To Fly Through The Windshield

A bigoted ruling carving out exceptions that pertain specifically to women.

Dumb Criminals: Florida Man (Obviously) Arrested After Turning Barber Shop Into Strip Club

Which of these two things has been worse for America?

If you give in before you fight, you always lose. We can beat this Congress. Stop giving in to them

Dear American Woman...

President Obama Orders New U.S. Troop Escalation in Iraq - Drones, Helicopters, Security Forces

Why the Supreme Court's Hobby Lobby Decision Is the New Bush v. Gore

Conservatives want to take away birth control.

Look for a wave of conversions to Christian Science...

What should Iraq War 3 be called?

apathy and its rewards

When people who are against feminism post that Justice Ginsburg should retire

I just wrote to a lawyer about this gift card I have for Hobby Lobby

NBC's Cynthia Mcfadden asks Jarrett - "what happened?" to Pres. Obama's approval ratings

LA Jewish Leaders Extend ‘Condolences, Solidarity’ With Families Of Slain Israeli Teens

Now more than ever

I never post here much anymore but this seems appropriate today.

There is a very simple solution to the Hobby Lobby case

Sidewalk counseling in front of Hobby Lobby stores

Southern Baptists are very happy about Hobby Lobby ruling:

The 20 Best Movies Disappearing From Netflix Tonight

The sex-toy argument for gun safety

Hamas: Israeli Action Would Open Gates Of Hell

What do you call a meeting of Scalia, Thomas, Kennedy, Alito, and Roberts?

Tweets That Point Out the Absurdity of the Hobby Lobby Ruling

A side note on Hobby Lobby / SCOTUS. Elections have consequences.

When was the last time Lancet published a GMO crop paper?

The Nasty Party

The ONLY way to "defeat" right wing establishments

The global corporatocracy is nearing completion

Just sayin': Three Kidnapped Israeli teens murdered

Elizabeth: Why I Went To Kentucky?

Heads up there is a derecho building across S WI and N Ill.

Soooooooooo... now corporations can "define" what an abortion is?

The Bash Belgium thread.

U.S. Sends 300 More Troops, Drones, Helicopters To Iraq

Papantonio: Turd Blossom Rewrites History to Smear Obama

Hey eastern Iowans, how are you all doing after the wild storms?

Not the biggest NIN fan, but this song seems appropriate for today...

More pets go missing on holidays with fireworks than at any other time of year...

Supreme Court Justice is an oxymoron

Ukraine president ends ceasefire with rebels

It's time for us to make Erick Erickson's life miserable

Report: US oil growth having limited effect on energy security - Oct 2013 Roubini Global Economics

Kind of like one of the "Share me" FB memes, but here goes...

I left the Catholic Church several months ago.

Are there any 2000 Nader voters here

Court Out of Step With Public on Contraception Coverage

My wife who is a big arts and crafts person has sworn off Hobby Lobby.

Latest dismembered body in Buenaventura brings count to 15 on year

Prior to the BC mandate employees of HL could purchase BC. Has anything changed?

Welcome to Scalia Law, folks. It is happening.

Immigrants 'May Smile At You As They Hand You Your Cheeseburger' But...

Why Women Aren't People (But Corporations Are)

Jindal approved law allowing loaded guns into bars---9shot 2Critical-

Colombia’s ex-President Uribe ‘lied over electoral fraud’: FARC


Moyers on LIES: "War's First Casualty: The Truth..In Rush To War"...Interview with Charles Lewis


Anti-fracking win in N.Y. court may deal blow to industry

We deserve the court rulings. We have to stop being reactive and whining after the fact.

Dragonfly: Western Energy Companies Under Sabotage Threat

An abandoned mall in Bangkok has been overtaken by fish

Once and for all, Reproductive medicine is a normal part of healthcare for women.

Someone just turned Justice Ginsburg’s blistering Hobby Lobby dissent into a song

It's time to add "scalia" to "boycott", "quisling" and "santorum". Dan Savage added santorum in

Oh man, Kentucky loves Elizabeth Warren

Can scotus decisions be declared unconstitutional?

CrossTalk 6/30 - Good panel discussion on the impact of alternative media

It wasn't just Hobby Lobby: Don't forget Conestoga Wood Specialties: Call their 800 #

Women Voting Republican

Janis Joplin Stamp Artwork Unveiled

Any air conditioning DU experts????

Molly's Astrology for July 2014

I have an interview tomorrow! Wish me luck and good vibes!

Funniest Spay/Neuter Ad Ever!

so, has michelle bernard left the dark side?

Don't look now...

NSA searched data troves for 198 'identifiers' of Americans' information

Netanyahu Expresses Support For Kurdish Independence

France plays Germany?

Hobby Lobby: Supreme Court Decision Fans Flames Of Culture War (Democrats might get a bigger boost)

If you have a Facebook account share this (Hobby Lobby)

Sunni Extremists in Iraq Fire Mortars into Shiite Shrine

Eden Foods is among the companies who are suing not to cover birth control

If your boss doesn't believe in blood transfusions,

"Migaloo is back!" All white Humpback whale spotted off Sydney

Check out the Hobby Lobby Boycott Facebook page.


Don't just get angry - get energized!

PiL - "Rise" because

Iowa is getting hammered tonight. IA DUers, please check in!

If Ruth Ginsburg decides to retire, how about Obama naming as her replacement

Today's ruling on Hobby Lobby was religious privilege at work...