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Spoiler Alert!!

Finally, a Perfect Term for When White People “Discover” Things

CNBC caught soliciting essay that would call global warming a ‘hoax’

White House sends $60 billion war-funding request to Congress

Billionaire: Free Market Essential for Happiness

Papantonio: Boehner's Lawsuit Will Backfire On GOP

Fuck yes my city does something right! St. Louis marries 4 same sex couples, challenges state ban...

Andrew Wiggins Picked First in NBA Draft

Spoiler Alert...

Question over Snowden's internal complaints brings up an interesting point...

Spoiler Alert: Don't Look!

Was Howard Baker's death an extinction level event for good Republicans?

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Friday, 27 June 2014

OK, I have to say this. I've seen the meme that "Obama backed Putin down"......

Help me out law smarties...

Supreme Court Strikes Down Abortion Clinic Buffer Zone(s) incorrect headline

NASA highlights the role of women on the Curiosity Rover.

PA Senators Can Now Choose Between UPMC and Highmark. Constituents Cannot.

JANIS(Full Janis Joplin Documentary)1974

Inspire her mind....

Regarding NSFW tags, spoiler alert, etc.

So long DU

SPOILED Alert.......

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Plunderstorms! & a new Kitteh gif

White House nominates U.S. Attorney Robert Pitman to be federal judge

Obama names three Texas judges in apparent deal with Cornyn and Cruz

Israel and the Kurds, silence is golden

Fox's Ablow Is "A Little Suspicious" That The World Cup Craze Is Designed As A "Distraction" To Help

I'm finding


Libyan women’s rights advocate Salwa Abugaigis assassinated

Libyan women’s rights advocate Salwa Abugaigis assassinated

Federal judge upholds Colorado's new gun-control laws

Austin City Council Unanimously Backs Urban Rail Proposal

Sudanese authorities close women’s rights centre

How New Transmission Lines Are Bringing More Wind Power to Texas Cities

Politics vs. women's rights

North Alabama's only abortion clinic hopes to re-open soon

On Her Meowjesty's Secret Purrvice

Pew: 40% of Americans know which party controls House and Senate.

Ideas for a 10,000th post? Since it's coming up and all...

FDA grapples with oversight of fecal transplants

I'm going for take-out. Can I bring anything back for you?

Older moms much more likely to become old ladies, study says.

Hold those you love close

You Can Now Design And 3D Print Your Own Dildo

We've gotta help Detroit residents pay their water bills. Anybody familiar with Kickstarter or ....

Michael Quinn Sullivan Goes Mute--Refuses to Testify after TEC Subpoena

So, Soccer substitutions......

How To Make A Hit Pop Song

Bolivia Charts Its Own Path on Coca

Robyn O'Brien | The New Food Economy | TEDxFrontRange2014

can someone translate this?

Just for fun . . an exchange with a Foxbot on Facebook

Anyone here volunteering or working for Terry Adams?

Martin Scorsese - The Art of Silence

Ice Station Zebra is on TCM now....

Ack! Some sort of white ugly bugs in my onions!

Bernie Sanders Goes After Monsanto, June 14, 2012 C-SPAN

UK facists wave Israeli flag at rally

Deploying Morals Against Weapons of Mass Destruction

ISIS gains in Iraq put Saudi Forces on highest alert.

Is Monsanto Evil? TYT

I should have taken a picture...

Scientists Talk About, Inside Monsanto, The Truth.

The Whole Truth About Monsanto (The Real News)

Scott Walker Supporter Charged With Major Voter Fraud Claims Amnesia

The difference between Faux and Rachel Maddow...

Lobby Pushback: US businesses run ads against sanctions on Russia

Mike Malloy - Boehner Is An Incompetent Alcoholic Freak

Mike Malloy - The American Apathy

Republicans Lose To Democrats For Sixth Straight Year

"Cuban-Americans Are Getting Over Republicans"

CNN Ticker "Obama, the Bear,(In Minn) is loose and trying to reconnect with voters" lol (pic heavy)

New gun safety ad features kids playing with sex toys

The Quiet Clash Between Transgender Women and Drag Queens.

Obama asks Congress for $500 million to train Syria rebels (Not the Onion)

Mike Malloy - A Universal Declaration Of Resistance

Yeah, anal glands need to be dealt with.

"60 Minutes" repeating the smear job on disability...

A video demonstration of how mercury destroys brain neurons,

Congressman: 6 US men freed from Honduras prison

How the Top Iraqi Terrorist Was Helped by a Bush-Signed Agreement

can anyone identify the location of this photo?

San Jose: Postal inspector charged with stealing cash, valuables from mail

Are you guys interested in seeing some of the photos from the Denver pig roast and pool party?

President Bachelet Promises To Buy, Return Disputed Lands To Chile's Tribes

DU has not "changed"

TCM Schedule for Sunday June 29 - Essentials Jr: Carol Reed Double Feature

Bjorn Lomborg Is Part Of The Koch Network — And Cashing In

Poll: Should Deniers Be Allowed To Post In E&E?

"Republicans Lose to Democrats for 6th Straight Year in Congressional Baseball Game"

New species of mouse-like creature with 'elephant trunk' discovered

No tropical activity

TCM Schedule for Monday June 30 - TCM Spotlight: Music by Quincy Jones

Arne Duncan and Special Education – A Dangerous Mixture

The Dynamic Duo

Question: is there any evidence that the Iraqi army did not 'evaporate', but instead joined forces

Tracking Animal Crimes Data in the FBI’s Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) Program – A Huge Step Forward

One Year After Wendy Davis’ Famous Filibuster, Here’s How The Country Has Changed

Why Tau Trumps Pi

Three dozen people in Katy sent to hospital due to floor collapse

Evacuations in Hillsboro reportedly follow concerns about grain silo fire

I'm tired, I've had enough of this place, I'm leaving.

The Daily Show, in rare form, explains rape culture.

Star Trek star, Ambassador tout gay rights

Cat behavior question for cat people

Growing popularity of soccer a sign of moral decay

Trololo, trolled

White House requests $500 million to aid Syrian rebels

Hillary Clinton Calls Out Rick Perry For Anti-Gay Comments

Planet Express is REAL

Support the Smarter Sentencing Act!

Fred Frith documentary...

Hillary Clinton: I was ‘ridiculed’ by Uganda’s President when I challenged him on gay rights

Caring about the World Cup is a sign of the Nation's moral decay.

AP and Politico call Wendy Davis 'defiant'

Ironically, the S. Court has a large buffer zone to prevent protests on its 252-by-98-foot plaza

Our state celebrates NC

Production for Use

Tiny and Bubbles would make an awesome super duo.

Follow-up: Justin Lookadoo, Who Says "Dateable Girls Shut Up," Arrested in Puke-Stained Car

Follow-up: Justin Lookadoo, Who Says "Dateable Girls Shut Up," Arrested in Puke-Stained Car

PIC: true transparency on capitol hill

do you trim your cat's claws?

Is Ann Coulter normally this stupid?

EXCLUSIVE: Drunken NYPD cop punched Bronx woman 20 to 30 times after breaking into her apartment

How a Solar-Powered Water Wheel Can Clean 50,000 Pounds of Trash Per Day From Baltimore’s Inner Har

DU personals. Lookin' for a spoopy girl.

EU Has No Wish to Tighten Sanctions Against Russia – Diplomat

Archaeologists find 25 quipus at Inca site in Peru

Why the Ebola outbreak in Africa should concern us all:

On-location video: Can a cable car save this lost Inca ruin?

On-location video: Can a cable car save this lost Inca ruin?

Mass. supermarkets failing scanner tests: Report

Peru Judge Jails Governor Opposed to Newmont Mine Amid Probe

Study finds 'severe' brutality against women in Papua New Guinea

Regular Cannabis Smoking not associated with lung cancer

Imagine Strangers Screaming "Murderer" an Inch from Your Face While You're Trying to Get Medical

7 Weird Things Money Does To Your Brain

This Is Why You Should Care That the Government Can Know Everything About You

Secrets of the Creative Brain

Boring, I know…I'm a non-drinker who's had more than a few tonight.

Auditors probe £16bn green energy contracts

OMG! Squeeeeeeeeee!

Gun Nuts Are Terrorizing America: The Watershed Moment Everyone Missed

Brooklyn College Defends Academic Freedom By Saying No To Koch Millions For Its Business School

Why Tennessee is the most corrupt state in the union

How can we break the cycle of bigger farms and fewer farmers?

Yes, it’s getting hotter in the U.S. — but the humidity will kill you

Jon Stewart rips the GOP: It’s time to cut big-spending Republican ‘warfare queens’ off

Rush-hour protest by teachers to target the Gates Foundation


Not available... shame.

Drones are cheap, soldiers are not: a cost-benefit analysis of war

Argentina closer to defaulting on $1.3 billion debt after U.S. federal judge’s ruling

New Poll Shows Majority Of Kentucky Voters Side With Alison Lundergan Grimes On Taxes

Louie Gohmert demands Obama stop ‘luring’ lice and scabies-ridden immigrant children

Boston ramps up police presence around abortion clinics after Supreme Court ruling

NYC approves creation of ID card program for undocumented immigrants

What Orwell might have said about today’s Big Brothers

Mass. SWAT teams claim they’re private companies and don’t have to tell you anything

The Breastplate of Judgment

The Truth Behind Today’s Long-term Unemployment Crisis and Solutions to Address It

Knucklebone Floor

Fastest-Growing Metro Area in U.S. Has No Crime or Kids

Red Cross: How we spent Hurricane Sandy money is a ‘trade secret’

New Species! Photo Of Elusive Cat-Sized Wallaby Revealed For The First Time

Barclays shares plummet as British bank faces U.S. fraud lawsuit

DAILY GOHMERT : WI GOP Candidate Warns Gay Marriage Means 'Two Sisters' Could Marry

Iran is sending ‘small fleet’ of drones and weapons to Iraq to help fight ISIS

Advice to Gay Couples Nearing Retirement: Get Married

Screwy Louie Gohmert Photobombs GOP Colleague on Fox News

No momentum from no-hitter as Giants get shut down by Reds

Corporate tax schemes hurt developing countries, IMF says

Emails prove that Virginia Dem Senator was offered Tobacco Commission job BEFORE his resignation

Louie Gohmert demands Obama stop ‘luring’ lice and scabies-ridden immigrant children

whole body donation...

Thanks, struggle4progress...we are down to just one host here (me!) - who would like to


OBAMA should counter sue

We can help Detroit residents get their water turned back on!

Thousands flee Ukraine for Russia; truce nears end

The Last Person You See Before Getting an Abortion

Patrick signs Mass. minimum wage hike: $9/hr on Jan. 1. $11 by 2017

There Are Alternatives To The Neoliberal Blind Alley!

Survey: Massachusetts companies and schools not well-connected

Is Russia Replacing US in Iraq?

Unconstitutional: Top 4 Ways the US Gov’t has Shredded the 4th Amendment

FAA insists on Regulating Delivery Drones

What if...?

Supreme Court Requires Warrants for Cell Searches, But won’t Protect Internet Streaming

Despite crying ALCOA all the time, I'm normally not a very tin foily person, but is

how can I find john heilemann's email address?

Fear and loathing at Hotel Babylon

Matt Lauer Asks Sexist Question Of GM’s Female CEO

The beginnings of the angry Muslim

Friday Toon Roundup 1: Sue-happy Party

Friday Toon Roundup 2: War

Friday Toon Roundup 3: The Rest

IMF issues stark warning to tax-cheats

Kagan and Sotomayer at least should give us a justification for their vote with

Petition to stop a UK exemption for EU-banned neonicotinoid insecticides

Johnnie Walters, IRS commissioner under President Richard M. Nixon, dies at 94

"I'm not going to apologize for trying to do something while they're doing nothing."

J Randy Forbes: China. There, I said it

Don't Do Koch

Voters Needed. Poll Workers Even More So

EU envoy: Europe losing patience with Israel over settlement building

Hillary Clinton And Elizabeth Warren Are Totally Crushing The Right In Book Sales

A Cop Without a Plan

If You Were An Iraq War Critic, You're Probably Not Being Asked To Go On TV

The Coming Demise of the US Dollar?

Iran Trapped: Thinks the US Needs It

Oil From U.S. Fracking Is More Volatile Than Expected

The scourge of chiggers and what you can do...

If You Were An Iraq War Critic, You're Probably Not Being Asked To Go On TV

Iraq's top cleric calls for deal on PM by Tuesday

Are we sure that Seth Rogan and James Franco aren't CIA?

Fracking may not be freaking good for soil, wildlife or humans

Bulgarian central bank says banking system under attack


COBRA’s Mother Takes on Wall Street in Fight Over 401(k)s

New Vision Or Just New Style? Boston Catholics Reflect On The Church Under Francis

Editorial: Japan must step up on TPP or be eased out

It's getting real in Latta, SC. The Mayor hired a new sheriff before the old one can be reinstated.

Views on Religion, the Bible, Evolution and Social Issues (PEW)

Giant fake penises; guns- same thing

Statistically the greatest World Cup?

The wackos are being rallied: Republicans launch digital effort to rally evangelicals to the polls

German government cancels Verizon contract in wake of U.S. spying row

Elizabeth Warren says the U.S. economy is rigged. Many americans agree.

Analysis Mississippi Tea Party enraged by blacks voting Republican

Politicians and Judges

How the Clintons went from ‘dead broke’ to rich: Bill earned $104.9 million for speeches

U.S. Increases Scrutiny of Employee-Stock-Ownership Plans

Would US have tied or beaten Germany with Donovan?

EU leaders clash over limits on budgets and debt

Days of Terror: Iraqi Christians Live in Fear of ISIS

Please consider this petition to protect America's wildlife....

Is Justice Scalia's Wife an Anti-Abortion Pregnancy Counselor?

Consume, Conform, Obey: About Homeland Security’s Targeting Of Anti-Consumerist Activities

Your thoughts on opinion piece - "Wolf is Corbett 2.0 on public education"

The Constitutional People and Slavery by Another Name - Bob Moses on Reality Asserts Itself

Dick Cheney Says Obama Cuts Defense to Spend on Food Stamps

Why is it anti-choice people are the same people who don't want to teach sex ed in schools?

Contaminating the Air We Breathe, Ala Monsanto

U.S. to no longer produce anti-personnel landmines

Evidence of Hobbling, Torture Discovered at Ancient Massacre Site in Colorado

Fox News Host Rips Michele Bachmann Apart For Being A ‘Silly’ Hypocrite (VIDEO)

German government to drop Verizon because of U.S. spying

Reproductive rights activist Bill Baird: Supreme Court decision on abortion clinic buffer

His father's eyes

The Broken Thread of Culture | John Michael Greer

Drug stop by Idaho cops who mistook "Nickleback" for "nickle sack"

In Shameful Guantanamo Ruling Judge Calls Torture "Foreseeable" - Kevin Gosztola Discusses

Top Ten "High Crimes and Misdemeanours" to Impeach Obama. Harken to the Evidence.

Meriam Ibrahim: Sudan 'apostasy' woman freed again

How That Revolving Door Works, Former Sen. Blanche Lincoln (TYT)

Vatican tribunal convicts former envoy of sex abuse

Here we go again, Wisconsin charter school closes abruptly...

Virginia will pay you to take up Bee Keeping!

Putin’s Anti-LGBT Law Turns One

To all the right wing shit-heads who bash PPP polling

Get Ready For Wild West Unless We Stop Open Carry Gun Toters.

Russia warns Europe over re-selling gas to Ukraine

Red Cross Can’t Tell You How They Spend Your Money Because Then They’d Have To Kill You

In light of the SC decision disallowing buffers surrounding abortion clinics...

Did you see this thread.....

a tarantula walked right by me last night

Women’s Rights Measure Qualifies For Oregon Ballot

Visa urged to to sever links with National Rifle Association

Papantonio: The Roots of the V.A. Disaster

More In Sorrow Than In Anger...

Ann Coulter: Real Americans hate soccer

Iranian gay-rights activists mark Pride Week in Turkey

Hemant Mehta on eight years of atheism writing, pro-life atheists, and catching up with Christians

I see pitchforks...

A sober reminder in the wake of the recent SCOTUS ruling on buffer zones

Gay marriage battle hinged on a great love story

Stop U.S. hunters from killing the elephants

Chicago Public Schools lays off 1,150 workers

Senate Dems still back IDC challenges, for now

He Stopped Her At A Train Station And Told Her She Was Beautiful. That's When The Nightmare Began.

Robert Reich on America's Koch Problem

Pennsylvania school district contract to cut 15 percent of teachers

Love this!

Fox News's Dr. Keith Ablow: World Cup is distraction from Obama scandals

Emails show that Puckett job was in the works before he resigned from Va. Senate

"It's a really, really rare occasion when you get to achieve a mission as an organization."

Majority Believe Marriage Equality And Religious Liberty Are Perfectly Compatible

After deal, G.O.P. attacks de Blasio and ‘illegal immigrants’

USA-Germany Game Scores ESPN's Third Best World Cup Ratings

Jenny McCarthy booted off The View...

“What I have Witnessed in Susiya” By Rabbi Arik Ascherman

NYSUT Pledges to Defend Teacher Tenure Against ‘Celebrity Dilettantes’

Steady job growth boosts US consumer confidence

A moment in the NBA draft that you should see:

Clinic Violence is Real

The Explainer: what does the new synod working document tell us about what will happen in October?

Win for 'Rightful Stewards of the Land': Canadian Court Sides With First Nations

Feds worried about city sewer funding, but not de Blasio

Miss. Tea Party lawyer (Cochran video team) has committed suicide

Day 3: Boulder, Colo., continues issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples

The Broken Thread of Culture

St. Louis Archdiocese condemns city for issuing same-sex marriage licenses

The justices get to enjoy a sprawling buffer zone outside of their own building...

When It Comes to Undocumented Minors, Texas Republicans Aren't Just Wrong - They're Causing Harm

Omaha police officer is stabbed; suspect in custody (UPDATED)

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: FIFA and the World Cup

The Compelling Conclusion About Capitalism That Piketty Resists

Sources: Miss. tea party leader Mayfield commits suicide

The Ultra-Right-Wing State Nobody Mentions

The NRA's utopia

WingNutDaily: World Cup a "leftist plot"

Westchester housing monitor moves to compel Astorino to submit to sworn deposition on compliance...

Red Cross/double cross?

has anyone installed solar panels for electricity?

TEPCO 'breaks vow,' refuses more compensation for Fukushima nuclear victims

Opponents of East Greenbush casino file Article 78 suit

Gun Safety ad that has me ROLFMAO

uh-oh. Jakie's last pee pee on our walk this am was bright red. :(

Louie Gohmert: $1M for lost IRS emails

How the Bicycle Paved the Way for Women's Rights

Schools brace for new snack standards, possible sales hit

Armed U.S. Drones Flying Over Baghdad

Breaking...LeBron to stay with Heat...

Ecuador lawmakers propose unlimited presidential terms

Espaillat: ‘I’m not upset. I’m happy’


The Rise of British Jihadists in Syria - VICE

U.S. prepares for sale of bitcoins seized in Silk Road raid

Watching over me:

SOP of groups particularly safe havens should as specific as possible as to what is OK/Not OK

Harvard Seeks Fund Chief for the Long Haul

Clashes Continue as Frontline Tension Escalates: The Battle for Iraq (Dispatch 4) VICE

Just learned in another thread that sucide by gun is a genocidal act

The Moderate Syrian Rebel Application Form

Any Peace Corps or former Peace Corps volunteers in the house?

Bushmeat and the Ebola Outbreak in Liberia - VICE

Analysis Article - Secret Trade in Services Agreement (TISA) - Financial Services Annex

Gay Marriage is Winning: Utah & Indiana!

Analysis Article - Secret Trade in Services Agreement (TISA) - Financial Services Annex

Sean Hannity's Groveling Softball Dick Cheney Interview

Atomic Cafe

Is our government in a dysfunctional "crisis"?

In another thread ...

Republican Hypocrisy ...

Positive thoughts and vibes coming you way.

What can you say?: MS Tea Partier who conspired to photograph Sen. Cochran’s wife commits suicide

Ga. Schools Resist Arming Teachers Despite New Law

Oath Keeper tells Fox News radio that God gives Americans the right to disobey gun laws

Visa urged to to sever links with National Rifle Association

Pic Of The Moment: Fox News Buffoon Claims World Cup Is A Distraction From Obama Scandals

Inmate smuggles drugs via her vagina

What's for Dinner, Fri., June 27, 2014

Wasn't sure where to post this......any single malt scotch lovers in da house?nt

The Catholic Church will not be changing its views on sex. It cannot and it should not.

Can It Be? I Think My Teabagger Sister Is Getting Deprogrammed.

Illegal migration: Fruit of an unjust order

Is Washington "open carry?"

Thom Hartmann: US policy towards Central America and the refugee child crisis

They believe these people aren't entitled to even basic human decency. It's sick.

I SHIT YOU NOT: GOP Candidate Charges Opponent Is Dead, Represented By A Body Double

The "Fun Room"

Top comment regarding the Ann Coulter soccer story

As F-35 flights remain grounded ahead of international debut, doubts rise about jet

"Is Russia Replacing US in Iraq" Maliki buying Russian fighter jets to use on ISSL--Juan Cole

Why are jurors not paid (at least) minimum wage?

When the high school...

Fox Host Bombarded With Hate Mail After Testy Interview With Bachmann


Moonie Times editorialist comes up with the "perfect" new name for the Redskins

Moderate Syrian Rebel Application Form

Pap and Seder: SCOTUS Rules Against Presidential Recess Appointments

Hinds County (Miss.) GOP Chairman: Allegations of 700 Illegal Votes False

Did you catch this? Google to pay for women, minorities in tech to learn more code

Klinsmann optimistic injured U.S. star Altidore will be able to face Belgium

If you do not hate Fox News and the NRA with a burning passion, you are on the wrong site.

World Cup Referee Accidentally Grabs Stack Of Hundreds Instead Of Yellow Card

ISIS Iraq Massacres Confirmed, as US in Unintended Alliance with Iran

Hague Appeals for Unity in Baghdad, as Maliki Turns to Syria and Iran

"Don't Shred On Me"... Texas musicians "open carry" rally.

France bans Amazon free delivery of discount books

A Blimp Flew Over the NSA in the Name of Surveillance Reform

Mexican Helicopter Fired Shots In Arizona Near Border, U.S. Says

Spain, Italy Warn Against Investing In Israeli Settlements

Why not a nationwide moratorium on SWAT raids?

I had a truely awakening experience today......

Charlie Crist Files Brief in Support of Florida Marriage Equality

Man steals chicken suit from store, wears it to bar down the street on "wing night"

YouTube Complaints 2014!

Jihadi MANPADS: History Teaches 'Precisely Nothing'

Quebec unionized Wal-Mart workers win Supreme Court victory

Please act accordingly.

Who in their right mind gives a 5-year old boy a real gun?

Pap and Seder: Boehner's Asinine Lawsuit Stunt

Bill Clinton Tears Dick Cheney a New One For Trying To Blame Iraq Violence On Obama

Democrats take on the Koch brothers

Another Responsible Gun Owner Kills Baby Sister With His New Rifle

‘Congresswoman!’: Sparks Fly When Neil Cavuto Calls Out Michele Bachmann Over Obama Lawsuit ‘Charade

New gun safety ad features kids playing with sex toys

I love good puns. Last nights Daily Show was a hoot.

The Rude Pundit: Antonin Scalia Now Thinks Parts of the Constitution Are Anachronisms ...

Paul Krugman: Depression Economics and Climate Policy

New ‘anti-rape’ jeans to combat abuse crisis in India

It's gonna be a good weekend, my friend

Altidore will play against Belgium!

So long and thanks for all the fish!

Some photos from the Third Annual Vignola pig roast and pool party

Michigan GOP candidate: Ignore my arrests for publicly masturbating in other people’s cars

has George W Bush spoken up on ISIS/ISIL yet?

Recipe for Kimchi Rice Chicken Stir-Fry

East Bay Blues fans, my band is playing in Hayward tonight.

Balsamo Busted, again

The "EU" is different than "Europe". It has become a technocracy of the 1%


Democrats: SCOTUS validates Senate rules change

How Patents Are Stopping Your Microwave From Being Awesome

In Celebration of the working man

Marine Lands Jet Vertically Without Nose Gear

Bosnian Serbs erect statue to man who ignited WWI

First Nations, first dibs, says Canada’s Supreme Court

July 10 in the UK: Strike against government policy on cutting public sector costs and jobs.

Cartoon: Neocon Reunion Tour

Court Rules D.C.'s Tour Guide Regulations Are 'Unconstitutional'

Activists: Hundreds of LGBT Refugees Have Fled Uganda

Mental Health Furriday

U.S. Expediting (800) Hellfire-Missile (used on US drones) Shipments to Iraq

Source: Mexican helicopter crossed border, fired shots near U.S. agents

Could Drones Finally Expose One Of The Country’s Most Secretive Industries?

Do you agree with this concept: 'You break it, you fix it'?

PA MMJ legalization advances

Blair has never stopped being PM

Mississippi Tea Party leader dead in apparent suicide

Lock 'Em Up Nation

Damn, I guess I'm a racist

Protecting Organic Seeds From GMO Contamination

I am Flaming FURIOUS!!!

Chris McDaniel claims to have found 1000+ invalid votes so far.

Woman tries to kill spider with fire; charged with arson

Walking outside into a heat stroke

Laura Ingraham To Republicans: Stop Talking About Iraq Already!

McDaniel: Tea Party Lawyer Who Committed Suicide Was 'Fine Christian'

Is it true that there are more people alive today than have died in all of human history?

Robert Reich:"...The GOP’s fundamental and most potent strategy is public cynicism."

LOL. Drunken bird antics?

Did CNBC host out Apple's Tim Cook?

Syrian ‘Moderates’ Aren’t So Moderate In Iraq

Russia Interested in Restoring Trade, Energy Ties with Libya - Putin

If there is good in 'friending' people from back home, they remind you

Thank you, BOG!

Hosts rarely lock GD threads, juries sometimes hide due to SoP violation

When did you come out as atheist? Or did it matter to do so in your life?

The Supremes will be delivering a major blow to public sector Unions Monday -

Sec.Kerry's statement of good wishes on Ramadan

How China views the TPP, the WTO and bilateral trade agreements.

What I said when I found out that USA is playing Belgium in the R16.

Belgium? How can Belgium beat the U.S. at anything?

Due to changes in my work-schedule,

For those who remember my trouble with my new terrified poodle Rosalind

The Dark Knight of the Soul

Religious Groups Ask President Obama for Special Treatment.

Nigerian Man Says He Was Declared Insane For Being Atheist

Marijuana food truck set to roll into Washington state this weekend

republicans are running the government

Adidas pull Luis Suarez Copacabana ad after it turns into a tourist attraction

Colombia labor union demands govt protection after chemical attack on member

In Ukraine yesterday. Ukraine Nationalists attacking the miner's Union and destoy the hotel

Remarks from Amy Klobuchar on the President's visit in MN today...

Colombia’s left must reorganize, unite: Patriotic Union president

Weekend Economists Celebrate the Boys of Summer June 27-29, 2014

Ex-soldier who murdered his daughter spared from first death penalty in Hawaii's history

Venezuela blackout leaves commuters scrambling, silences president

Weird news break: Man suspected of stealing AC parts "doesn't like air conditioning."

Obama blasts House Republicans over lawsuit threat

Rockets fired at Israel following Israeli strike in Gaza

Yes, if You Cut Taxes, You Get Less Tax Revenue

Carmakers to build $1.4 billion Mexico plant

OK republican wants you know that he isn't a robot unlike his opponent

Kitten thrown onto Causeway Friday survives after being rescued by bridge officials

Dem Chair Hinojosa suggests `reparative therapy’ for tea party “crazies”

Saw Jersey Boys today, so sharing first BIG song!

Missouri judge hears challenges to ballot measures

Drummond & Glencore subsidiary financed paramilitaries in Colombia: report

Amy Adams gives up her first class seat to a soldier

Ukraine crisis: President Poroshenko extends truce for east

some people just like to play games.

Former TV reporter sentenced for child sex assault

Barack Obama seeks $65 billion in war funds

Did you know if you are a VET you get a free grave and marker in a National Cemetery?

Inexpensive porcelain fermenting pots

Tony Blair accused of conflict of interests in Middle East

Hi! Longtime reader ( since early 2000's ) but infrequent poster, and I have a question for you:

Obama coming to Dallas and Austin for 2-day fund-raising trip

Tips on photographing carnivals?

"MN evangelical group says it will cure HIV at Twin Cities Pride"

A kitty being petted is a kitty being petted.

x-p: Regular Cannabis Smoking not associated with lung cancer

I have an I-Phone but currently no service plan...

Kansas Ready To Dump GOP Governor As Democrat Is Up 6 Points On Sam Brownback

After over 40 years as a couple Marta and I....

A bit about Camden and Rockport's history.

The Blue Jury Box is like, pinned to the top of every forum.

If a woman felt threatened due to protesting outside of a family planning clinic...

Golden Gate Bridge board approves funding for suicide barrier

UN: 110,000 fled Ukraine for Russia this year

Boehner’s highly selective concerns about executive power

Did McCain unwittingly Help Fund ISIS?

More Franki Valli-Four Seasons, OH what a NIGHT!

These quizzes are kind of fun - "How Republican Are You?"

Appreciation thread for President Obama

"Nanny who wouldn't leave" has disappeared...

Hardball with Chris Matthews was very watchable this week