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Bernie Sanders Thinks Hillary Is Eric Cantor

Help responding: Minimum wage and motivating people to improve themselves.

WTF ...11

Obama is sending 275 troops to Iraq. There are 278 Republicans in Congress.

Let me help you get your groom on...

Common Construction Wage Works!

Honey Badgers!

Why the Arab World Is Lost in an Emotional Nakba, and How We Keep It There

Man with gun protects family from naked man who had shit on kitchen floor

Ocean rescue plan has urgent five-year deadline to act: report

Think about climate change like this...

Titan May be Older than Saturn, a New Study Suggests

3-year-old Palestinian girl killed by misfiring Gaza rocket

Concur ...

Court orders US to pay conservative group $50K

Should our 2016 nominee feel obligated to promise a U.S. troop pullout from Iraq?

Missing People: The Pain of Waiting

Overweight and obesity problem in the United States how to solve?

Chris Hayes reporting NOW - 2nd Bridge Inquiry Said to Be Linked to Christie

Loyalty > Royalty

Judge Raouf Abdul Rahman who ordered Saddam Hussein’s death in 2006 reportedly killed by jihadists

Only if we get another Republican dimwit as President, Crashcart.

Attention, Idiot Media, it is not "anti-incumbent fever", it is a hostile takeover bid for the GOP.

Cholera in Detroit ?!!

AFT Pres. Weingarten Announces $10 Billion Investment in Infrastructure and Workforce

Rich guy with the last name "Fux" crashes his rare Ferrari

His parents are probably still cracking up over that one...

Maryland election results:

Rednecks intentionally making their vehicles worse for the environment

UNION pensions building infrastructure in LBN & UNION rally for jobs

UNION pensions building infrastructure in LBN & UNION rally for jobs

BPA May Make Breast Cancer Cells Resistant To Treatment

Uh oh. The GOP's latest Obama scandal.

AT&T Merger With DirecTV Could Bring 16,000 More Workers Into Unions

Orphaned kitty update.

Second Bridge Inquiry Said to Be Linked to Christie

AT&T Merger With DirecTV Could Bring 16,000 More Workers Into Unions

Tom Gallagher: Democrats should hope Bernie Sanders runs

I think Obama is fucked in Iraq

Tea Party-backed candidate wins Florida special election to replace ex-Rep. Radel

Chuck Toad's Comment on HRC Makes Me Want to Puke

You need to read the manual, ok?

Ukraine: Continued Attacks on Unions

If Only True Believing Christians Should Be Prtoected By Constitution Should Rest Of Us Leave.

Un needed in Detroit to stop govt from preventing people getting water

Why should money be considered sacred when human life clearly isn't?

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Private Parts! & a new Kitteh gif

I so love a glass that leaves room for the head

Huge Numbers of Steelworkers Rally for the Save Our Steel Jobs Tour

Peter MacKay lauds moms for changing diapers, dads for moulding minds in holiday messages

Bill Cosby, understanding Southern

Freedom Summer

EDIT: ORIGINAL Mississippi Senate primary election results, so NEVERMIND!

Sci Fi Films that need a remake or reboot

Campbell Brown lawsuit fights due process rights for NY teachers. Robert Gibbs battles teachers also

"White House to spend millions to curb undocumented children crossing border"

*REALLY* Dumb Criminals: Connecticut Man Hides 19 Bags Of Weed In Socks During Probation Hearing

U.S. deploying military assessment teams in Iraq; Flying 30-35 manned and unmanned flights a day

Letter Carriers Once Again Have Highly Successful Food Drive

Brazil forcibly displaced thousands of people to make way for the World Cup

I suspect Mr Potato Head is planning a 2016 run

Thad Cochran vs. Chris McDaniel: Live Mississippi election results, analysis and interactive map

John Baird defends Conservatives’ response to Egypt convicting journalists

Michigan 'Breastfeeding Anti-Discrimination Act' signed by Gov. Snyder protects nursing mothers

Cats being hooked on new strain of catnip known as Meowie Wowie.

NY-21 Tea party candidate Elise Stefanik defeats establishment gop candidate Matthew Doheny.

U.S. Intelligence Sees Iraqi Militants Gaining Strength

NY22- Congressman Hanna wins.

Pentagon Pushes Back Against Israeli Critique Of Iraq

State Of Emergency In 35 Minnesota Counties - Flooding Only Getting Worse - NYT

Detroit residents seek U.N. intervention over water shutoffs

Japanese Lawmaker Apologises after Sexist Remarks in Government Assembly

NBC Sports: Effort to unionize NFL cheerleaders could be coming

Port of Seattle considers wage increases for some

After 11-year wait, rare corpse flower set to bloom in Costa Mesa

Global Oceans Commission - Maybe Five Years Left To Un-Fuck The Planet's Oceans

Chicago Jobs with Justice Endorses HR 676 (national single payer)

A 1% murder- where is Dominic Dunn when we need him?

This Just In! New Poll Finds Americans Reluctant To Acknowledge, Deal With Looming Climate Disaster

As Cochran Courts Blacks, Tea Party Vows to Police Polls

See the ‘Cringe-Worthy’ Clip of Nancy Pelosi, John Boehner, Harry Reid and Others That Set Social Me

Six meme-like things.

Cochran narrowly leads Miss. tea party challenger

Urgent Recommendations For Tesoro Refinery Safety Were Suppressed

What's going on?

Mississippi race tightening,

At WalMart, food safety is their #1 priority. Ha ha ha ha ha! GOT you, sucker. Enjoy your beef.

Mike Malloy - March For Marriage (I Mean Against Gays)

NY-1 Lee Zeldin wins Gop nomination and will go up against Congressman Tim Bishop.

Mike Malloy - Christian Fascists Are Focused On Body Parts

Percentage Of California In Level 4 "Exceptional" Drought Rises From 25% To 33%

Live election results: Charles Rangel's district primary

NY 4 DA Rice wins dem nomination to succeed Carolyn McCarthy.

Number of Palestinian children in Israeli jails 'surpasses 250'

Why Cling To Faith?

Colorado Repubs pick Bob Beauprez to be their nominee

Vatican observer to the U.N. denounces gay marriage & families

Looks like whoever loses the Mississippi repub senate primary will contest the results

Ex-hospital administrator (whistle blower) has had difficult time finding new job

Mike Malloy - Oath Keepers Against "Socialist Tyranny"

Cochran still in close race but fans remain confident:

Hillary Clinton unveils youth jobs initiative

True Blood Premiere for final season

Hi-Viz. I'm a Believer

Republican Andy Harris, from Maryland, seeks to prevent implementation of D.C. law

John Boehner Is Getting Ready To Mount A Potentially Gigantic Lawsuit Against Obama

*Chris Hayes up LIVE now. *AP calls race for Cochran.

Congress honors Martin Luther King Jr.

AP calls MS Senate runoff for Thad Cochran.

Mike Malloy - How To Destroy Dick Cheney In 3 Minutes

Has anyone had trouble with being locked out of your computers recently?

when the same crew...

Sen. Thad Cochran will successfully fight off a tea party-backed challenge by state Sen. Chris McDan

Iraqi prime minister's focus is to defend Baghdad

Kurds Fight for Control of Kirkuk: The Battle for Iraq (Dispatch 3)

NY-3 Gop primary too close to call. Winner gets to lose to Steve Israel.

Why are BLM Field offices ignoring MANY documented reports of trespass livestock on OUR public land?

Rangel has likely won.

Lesbian’s nomination to Puerto Rico Supreme Court confirmed


Man made global warming is real

Meeks, Velazquez, and Serrano have won their nominations easily tonight.

House: New York 13

NY1 calls the race for Rangel.

TCM Schedule for Thursday, June 26, 2014 -- Star of the Month - Rock Hudson


I hate heaven.

Dick Cheney...

West readies package of sector sanctions on Russia

Anti-Gay UN Assembly President: An Unnecessary Obstacle

Gee thanks, George Takei. Now I'm hungry

Uganda tax hikes could lead to anti-gay riots

gratuitous kitty pics - selfie edition

Danny Jowenko!

Glenn Greenwald will be speaking at Socialism2014 conference

Nan "Hayworthless" wins Independence primary over Maloney in NY 18th

It's on!

Where are the verified Aero Engineers supporting William Seger?

Mes Aynak that DU helped save...

Why I am A Marxist and My Political Ideology

Cochran wins runoff; McDaniel refuses to concede, plans challenge

US Weighs Lawsuits on Alleged Insurance Kickbacks.

Freeper whines about Thad Cochran voting for Martin Luther King Day!

Politics Done Right on KPFT - Elizabeth Warren school Chris Matthews

Hillary Rodham Clinton storms to the top -- of bestseller lists

re: George Carlin and his use of the c-bomb (NSFW video)

TCM Schedule for Friday, June 27, 2014 -- Friday Night Spotlight - Pirate Pictures

They tried to in Iran, then Syria

Looking at trucks…nobody makes the small ones any more!

Wendy Davis tries to widen appeal without hurting base

RIP, Tuco. Eli Wallach dead at 98.

John Boehner forms group to address child migrant crisis

TCM Schedule for Saturday, June 28, 2014 -- The Essentials - Starring Jack Benny

Cat in the Box -- The Supurr Special Encore Edition

When Hillary is the candidate (and I've little doubt that she will be).

See how New York Man responds to an OWL flying into his home!

What is wrong with this picture?

California university sex assault policies are lacking, audit finds

Russian Foreign Ministry Says Israeli Actions Against RT TV Channel Unacceptable

Kiev Has No Intention to Turn Down Russian Nuclear Fuel - Ukrainian Energy Ministry

WaPo: Syrian aircraft bomb Sunni militant targets inside Iraq

Two more school districts have money stolen

Suspect arrested in 2012 shooting of teen lesbian couple in South Texas

Suspect arrested in 2012 shooting of teen lesbian couple in South Texas

In Rematch, Rangel Holds Lead in a Tight House Primary Race

Community wants DOJ investigation into Andy Lopez shooting

Mother Jones-Is it Obnoxious to Support Health Care For the Poor?

Putin says US trying to derail gas pipeline plan

Did the Kraken exist after all?

Giants' pitchers making winners out of losers

Joseph Farah of WorldNetDaily carried loaded gun to airport

UK faces 'significant' shortage of farmland by 2030

Dylan's Like a Rolling Stone lyrics fetch $2m record

Oh Oh, Steve Marmel on Chief Justice Roy Moore in Alabama.. "I fixed his name plate.." He had to:(

Protect the Pacific Northwest from coal exports

Roy Hodgson assisting with Iraq ‘early exit’ strategy

Germans oppose permanent NATO base in Poland and Baltics - poll


Anderson Cooper on the international student who got stuck in a vagina

Al Gore joins Clive Palmer on climate

8 Things You Should Know About the Shocking Legal Memo That Justified Assassinating a U.S. Citizen

Boehner looks like he is in pain and McConnell looks like he forgot how to breathe...

Why Corporate 'Negative Speech Rights' Is as Dangerous as Corporate Free Speech

How the Feds Are Recruiting Spies at Campuses Across the US

The GOP Is the Pro-Death Party

An inordinate fear of no water | By Mark Morford

June 23rd: the day that Obama took his lawless tyranny one step too far:

Guns & Police - Evidence vs Anecdote?

Bankrupt Detroit hit with new debts involving dump trucks and nuclear research

Hightower: Officer Friendly Is the Policeman of the Past -- Now They Look Like Navy Seals

Ukraine insurgents agree to ceasefire as Obama warns Putin of new sanctions

ACLU victory: Federal judge rules no-fly list violates the Constitution

California-based skyTran to build futuristic levitating public transit system in Israel

Syrian aircraft bomb militant targets inside Iraq

My economic life has become a sinking ship....

Who else thinks that the DirectTV marionette campaign is really, really creepy?

After decades of GOP support, Cubans shifting toward the Democratic Party

Iraq in last Throes as Kurdistan Seeks Independence, Syria & Iran intervene

The Devastating Disease That Might be Cured by Marijuana

'The Magnificent Seven' and 'The Misfits' actor Eli Wallach dies at 98

Growing pains of China's agricultural water needs

New York man walks calmly into McDonald’s with a knife sticking out of his back

UK faces 'significant' shortage of farmland by 2030

Is Obama Fulfilling the Neocon Dream of Mass Regime Change in Muslim World?

Pennsylvania Woman Opens Fire Near Children Playing With Squirt Guns

Iraq Crisis: It’s the Oil, Stupid!

(Canadian) Government says climate change will make weather more extreme

Syria is bombing ISIS (and gawd knows who else)

The Manga “Oishinbo” Controversy: Radiation and Nose Bleeding in the Wake of 3.11

The Ultra Rich Are Hoarding Cash As Inequality Anger Simmers

Nigerian atheist kidnapped by family, sent to psychiatric ward

Double trouble in China

US-soldier asks for asylum in Germany after going AWOL to avoid deployment in Iraq

14 Fascinating Facts About The Majority Of Americans

ISIS releases a map of 5 year territorial expansion plan.

What an Atheist Told His Daughter When She Asked About God

The Vermont GOP is effectively dead. Not sleeping. Dead.

Are you a smoker, or have you known smokers, who don't litter with their cigarette butts?

Send in the drones (with apologies to Stephen Sondheim)

39 Members Of Congress Urge Court To Block Chesapeake Cleanup Because Hitler And Tyranny And Freedom

No, jailed rocker Tim Lambesis didn’t try to kill his ex-wife because of atheism - See more at: http

So ReTHUGs are eating ReTHUGs this morning

The White Rabbit

Abandoned Oil & Gas Wells In PA May Be Leaking Methane - Oh, And There Are 900,000 Of Them

Frid Stool, Frith Stool, Peace Chair

From the My Lai Massacre to Abu Ghraib Prison!

Wednesday Toon Roundup 1- Send in the neocons

NH GOP Senate Candidate Takes Koch Pledge, Then Complains Can't Float "Bold Solutions"

(Japan) The Supreme Court and the US Military: Do Not Overlook Shady Judicial Rulings

Wednesday Toon Roundup 2- $$$

Wednesday Toon Roundup 3- Hunger Games

After 2 Months' Rain In 1 Week, IA GOP Nom Claims He's Read "Credible" Debunking Of Climate Science

Wednesday Toon Roundup 4- The Rest

'Peace President' Obama paradoxically made the world more dangerous

What’s Causing the President’s Foot Pain?

Latest intra-repub battleground: Dem bill to fund government's export promotion agency

Climate Forecast: A Heat More Deadly Than the U.S. Has Ever Seen

(Cananda) Our U.S. ties are fraying – as they should, perhaps?

Tea Party’s hot mess: Inside a noisy, disenchanted movement

Higgs boson even MORE likely to actually be Higgs boson - boffins

Dentist accused of stealing more than $16K worth of dental gold, equipment from Omaha VA center

'She'd Probably Get Shot at the State Line'

Oooops, I think Google got their flags wrong on today's image.....

Ex-Im Bank: Republican infighting over fate of government-run business lender

If you want to know where the 97%-figure comes from...

Koterba toons: Politics (2 of them)

Could Elizabeth Warren become the go-to Democrat this election cycle?

Surprise, surprise: Gary Oldman (kind of) apologizes

Bankers Could Go To Jail by Dean Baker

I think I know why Joe Scar is so hysterical over the IRS scandal...

Toyota to sell fuel cell vehicle in U.S., Europe from 2015

Asiana Airlines flight 214 crash caused by Boeing planes being 'overly complicated'

Maliki calls for Iraqi unity as battle rages at former U.S. air base

Spanish Judge Recommends Princess Cristina Is Charged in Corruption Probe

Sales of new U.S. homes surge in May to highest since 2008

My feelings about the IRS "scandal"

WND head guy busted!

The $1 trillion F-35 tries to be all things, but succeeds at few, say critics. But is Australia’s ne

Report: WND Founder And Birther Leader Stopped At Airport With Loaded Gun

5 Things We Can Do To Fight Gun Violence - Cliff Schecter Discusses

US economy shrank at steep 2.9 percent rate in Q1

Top Tea Party Activist: If Cochran Wins In Mississippi, 'GOP Is Done'

Eco-Friendly Chopsticks

NC GOPer Compares Gays To Pedophiles In Debate Over LGBT Discrimination

Mentally Ill Man Dies Hooded and Strapped to Chair While Prison Staff Make Jokes (warning)

N Korea threatens 'merciless' response against US over Kim Jong-un film

DNC Chair: Primaries Proof GOP Thwarts Attempts At New Voter Outreach

Diane Sawyer Stepping Down From ABC's 'World News'

Mississippi Burning; A lesson in evil sent packing when good people do something simple. Voting.

A stunning victory (even a small one) in South Carolina!

If the Balloon Boy thing is a hoax, it's a justified hoax.

Killer Kitty waiting on the chipmunks.

Tea Party’s hot mess: Inside a noisy, disenchanted movement

If Hillary doesnt run,what happens to all the money she is soliciting ?

NATO will not offer Georgia membership step, avoiding Russia clash

The Tea Party has already succeeded.

White House: Senate GOP harming national security by stalling ambassador nominations

Thad Cochran Defeats the Tea Party—and So Does Everyone Else

PA school director wants kids to learn the Tea Party ‘science’ of global warming denial

What is a Republican These Days? (from an inside source)

Dare You Peer Into the Secret Files of Dick Cheney?

Butterflies use magnetic compass to fly across America

Seattle Archdiocese to pay $12 million to settle child sex abuse claims: lawyer

Jobless rate increases for 45 of 55 W.Va. counties

Proposed Gun Shop In Niles Faces Opposition

In brutal rematch, Charles Rangel bests Adriano Espaillat, paving path to 23rd term


IRS pays $50K to anti-gay marriage group

U.S. Supreme Court Pulls the Plug on Aereo's Streaming TV Service

De Blasio: Fair pay may not mean price hikes, but if so, 'still worth it to create a more functional

Kasich, Husted, DeWine fighting federal court subpoenas

Wilmot unveils new $425 million casino resort plan

Speaking of gardening, how do you keep critters out?

Citizens United: A "Get Out of Jail Free" Card for the Rich

Papantonio: Republicans Are Making Congress Stupid

Cellphones Can’t Be Searched Without a Warrant, Supreme Court Rules

Stefanik cruises to a win, as Doheny blames Rove

Vladimir Putin, this is how you pull off the shirtless look. **NSFW**?

The women of Appalachia - fearless and still fighting

Cuomo energy czar signals shift in grant strategy

The Map Of Native American Tribes You've Never Seen Before

Tiny Cactus believes in me...

Conservative Columnist Earnestly Asks: 'Why Not The Washington Reagans?'

The KFC hoax - is it getting attention because it distracts from the pit bulls

Two years ago today, America’s Profit-Driven Health Care system killed my only son.

Great parenting is like second nature...

For Him, Satellite Reboot is like connecting with an old friend

Cuomo On Bills: ‘Only If You Really Need A New Stadium’

IRAQ/SYRIA is becoming like GAME OF THRONES...

I don't know which is worst - that I played to most politically incorrect game in this world...

Tea Party candidate falls short in Central New York district

"The ends justify the means..."

France warns citizens: Don't invest in Israeli settlements, Golan Heights

Group F: Bosnia and Herzegovina-Iran & Nigeria-Argentina

Rep. Charles Rangel doesn't understand why Mayor de Blasio, Rev. Sharpton did not endorse him

Shout out to Red State Liberals

Obama Administration Widens Export Potential for U.S. Oil

City Council grants based on new, poverty-based formula

Looking for a new hair style ... ?

Just a FYI.

Remember In November GOP Meme "Wasteful Spending" Means People Benefitting Programs.

There's a sense among the liberal community that their battle for a different kind of Russia is lost

Pic Of The Moment: New Poll: Large Majority Of Americans Regret The War In Iraq

Rich countries pay zombie fishing boats $5 billion a year to plunder the seas


Mississippi Tea Party Candidate Refuses To Concede In Furious Post-Election Speech

Why is Petreus briefing the GOP House Conference? Didn't he retire?

Republican Sally Atwater Faces Lawsuit Alleging She Shoved Student Who Wanted Candy

How to stop Russia in Ukraine? Sanction ExxonMobil

Nigeria: Abuja blast in Wuse district kills 21

Occupy protesters arrested for satirizing NYPD reach $22,000 settlement

Virginia's GOP House Speaker Has Capitol Police Break Into Governor's Secure Office Suite?!?

NJ school has RF-tags on students, teachers. Teachers' lounge, classrooms wired video & audio.

What is the Manufactured Scandal of the Day?

Great White Shark Spotted Off Rockaway Beach

More Women Starting Businesses Isn’t Necessarily Good News

Tweets from David Corn

When American "advisers" in Iraq are attacked and/or killed, what do you think will happen?

Newt Gingrich likens Hillary Clinton to Kim Kardashian

Former girlfriend of indicted Staten Island Congressman Michael Grimm in plea talks with federal...

Occupy Google!

Toon: She's right! Elephants are from Kenya!

Pro Gunner Advocates are gonna have a hard time with this!!!

Warren Buffett backs Democrat for Nebraska governor with $100K

Norwegian wins bet on Suarez World Cup bite

North Carolina leaders were outraged by climate predictions. So they changed them.

The truth about Google and evil

Obama: OK, I decided to send onr troop to Iraq...

Best Korea threatens war on US over Kim Jong-un movie

Fed up with CNN

Unbelievable use of surveillance tactics in Belleview NJ.

North Korea threatens war on US over Kim Jong-un movie

The core Moral Value that both parties basically ignore

Your Laugh Of The Day...

Looks like fun in Colorado...

NBC: Not Worth It: Huge Majority Regret Iraq War, Exclusive Poll Shows

Federal judge strikes down Indiana ban on same-sex marriage

The Map With Only 38 States

For the True Detective fans here

If U.S. land were divided like U.S. wealth

Don't like those scary climate change forecasts? Just order them changed-North Carolina did.

People have an opinion about canidates for a reason..

10th Circuit Rejects Utah’s Ban On Same-Sex Marriage **UPDATE**

Louisiana's Poverty Point earthworks named a UNESCO world heritage site

The England team visited an orphanage in Brazil today

Now Google Glass Can Turn You Into a Live Broadcast

Louisiana's Poverty Point earthworks named a UNESCO world heritage site

Berlin's House of One: a church, a mosque and a synagogue under one roof

Indiana and Utah have had rulings declaring gay marriage bans unconstitutional

If the "Tea party" did this there would be 24X7 coverage.

Eli Wallach has died

Seralini Redux: Roundup-Ready GMO Maize Causes Serious Health Damage

I am not the enemy!


Fabian Johnson has a black eye

At least four!!

First trailer for Brad Pitt's WWII tank film, "Fury":

First trailer for Brad Pitt's WWII tank film, "Fury":

Instead of attacking Hillary who hasn't even declared her 2016 candidacy yet...

A red-letter day for the Courts!

Gordon Klingenschmitt, The Demon-Obsessed Anti-Gay Exorcist, Wins GOP Primary In Colorado

Dallas-to-Houston high-speed rail review set to begin following feds’ OK today

Two interesting comments from Jon Stewart: one funny one serious

Sunset Advisory Commission Hears Input on Fixing Major Flaws of Texas Agencies

$3M Donation Brings Huston-Tillotson University Closer to Building Mental Health Clinic

Climate action could spur $2 trillion in economic growth in 2030 alone

A marlins fan cheers his team on.

World Bank: Fighting Climate Change Would Boost Global Economy Up To $2.6 Trillion A Year

Why the Voting Rights Act and Freedom Summer matter in the climate justice struggle

Oil and Gas Industry Buys Colorado Fracking Election

A Veterinarian Locked Himself In A Hot Car For 30 Minutes.

Amendment To Block D.C.'s Marijuana Decriminalization Law Passes

Russell Brand Attacks Judge Jeanine Pirro - Fox News More Dangerous Than ISIS

Survivor: Blood vs. Water contestant Caleb Bankston died Tuesday in a freak railroad accident.

Court sides with employees in retirement fund case

Russell Brand: Fox News is ‘fanatical, terrorist, propagandist’ and ‘more dangerous than ISIS’

Phil Collins to donate Alamo treasures to Texas

Rogers (MN) High student sues district over fallout from online post

PALIN: "If Republicans are going to act like Democrats, what's the use in getting all gung ho...?"

So how was yesterday's elections "bad for Democrats" and "good for Republicans?"

How long do you think Chris McDaniel's temper tantrum will last?

Form of breast cancer is "particulary aggressive"

Port expected to approve free airport WiFi

I recently received a email from google

Eli Wallach, Veteran Character Actor, Dies At Age 98

I'm out the door to take my beloved to her mother's side at the hospital. UPDATE: See Post #64. nt

Clinton- The Musical

Video: Triumph The Insult Comic Dog Poops On World Cup-Loving NYers

finally the huff comments seem appropriate. wonder why

Crist now says he has no time to visit Cuba

Happy Day! Judge Struck Down Gay Marriage INDIANA

I wonder if we could figure out how much in taxes Hillary and Bill

Remember the Filibuster

Wyoming County, West Virginia, coal mine may be idled

Austin Cap Metro Endorses Rail Proposal, Considers Airport Extension

Curiosity takes a "selfie"...

The Investigation Into Scott Walker Could Be Way, Way Bigger Than Scott Walker

The plans of Europe's extreme right to try to sabotage the EU from within were hit after

Thom Hartmann: GOP...The Pro-Death Party .

What's for Dinner, Wed., June 25, 2014

The Rude Pundit - Results That Clearly Demonstrate That Republicans Can Go Fuck Themselves

Canada is trying to destroy its postal service, too, eh?

Some observations about Sarah Palin

"Charlie Crist at Prayer in Temple, Wows Dems at Boynton Beach Rally"

Here's one word for "white privilege" that might piss many of you off...

Who said it? George Orwell or George Michael?

The turtle is okay!

Iran Secretly Sending Drones and Supplies Into Iraq, U.S. Officials Say

North Korea declares war

From Robert Reich: 3 biggest right wing lies about poverty in America.

Group E: Ecuador-France & Honduras-Switzerland

ISIS Suicide Bomber Blows Up Part of Beirut Hotel: Official

Help me pick a new hair style

Well the old guard survives and goes on the pro forma return to Congress.

NY-13: Where will the paper (ballot) trail lead Adriano Espaillat?

PA school director wants kids to learn the Tea Party ‘science’ of global warming denial

John Kerry: US troop deployment to Iraq is not intervention--Calls on Kurds to Stand With Baghdad

McCall's SUNY chairmanship extended until 2021

#FreeAJStaff: Al Jazeera Reporter Sentenced in Absentia Decries Egypt’s Imprisonment of 3 Colleagues

FL Dad Killed by Stray Bullet As Family Welcomes Newborn Baby

KNUCKLEHEAD ALERT: Pat Robertson Says People with Jesus tattoos are still heathens

Glenn Beck on tea party loss in Mississippi: "We've been played! We're pawns. Period. Period."

Greenwald: Disclosure of NSA Targets 'Imminent'

Bernie Sanders talks about the VA crisis...

Florida Teen Killed Grandmother, Drove Body Around For 5 Hours

Next Frontier in Common Core Fight: Cut Budgets, Jail Teachers?

Hobby Lobby Ruling Expected This Week

TIME: Kerry Says U.S. Air Strikes in Iraq Would Be ‘Act of Irresponsibility’

Pols Call for Use of Eminent Domain to Stop Home Foreclosures

State halts expanded tax credits for rehabbing historic buildings

kooky theory of the day re: Iraq

What happened to leveymg?

House Passes Bill To Aid Koch Brothers, Deregulate Wall Street

Five seconds to solve, no spoilers.....

Open letter to medical professionals and the AMA: Start the conversation

Putin talks with Germany, Ukraine about truce

Where am I?

Does anyone else have

Rio at night...

POLL: Plurality Against US Air Strikes / Majority Against Current Plan of Action

2030: The Year Retirement Ends

Pope Francis Halts Motorcade To Bless Disabled Young Woman, Roberta (VIDEO)

**UPDATE** Indiana: Weddings Begin After Federal Judge Rules Marriage Ban Unconstitutional

Citizens Union: Two Primaries Leads To Low Turnout

WorldNetDaily Pundit Attacks Christians For Encouraging Hispanic 'Invasion'

Why Presbyterian Divestment Feels Like Anti-Semitism

Fascinating set of detailed Kerry interviews over the last few days

AP Calls Race For Rangel

3-year-old says she saw Jesus after nearly drowning in pool. Hmmmm.

Why the Arabic World Turned Away from Science

Cops See Reason for Concern in Landmark Cellphone Ruling

Pope Francis Asia trip to honour Korean martyrs

Jay Walljasper: Anchor institutions can stabilize inner cities

THE ROVING EYE: "Burn, Men in Black, Burn"-- (Pepe Escobar's latest on "Isis")

From HuffPo: What Your Subway Sandwich Order Says About You

Heh, Rangel

"Low maintenance" planting beds for in front of a home business

Follow the Money to Putin Inc. to See Why U.S. Struggles With Russia

California Upgraded by Moody’s to Highest in 13 Years

Watch Tom Corbett’s New Video About How Everything’s Fine, Just Fine

MinnPost Article on Douglas Kelley Scandals Links to My Story Calling Kelley Frank Nitti

When is it LBN and is it an analysis?

Now Controlled By Kurds, Kirkuk Oil Fields Are Up for Grabs

Pat Robertson: People With Jesus Tattoos Are Still Heathens

From Raw Story "To foil Medicaid expansion in VA, GOP lawmakers broke into governor’s office"

Maliki Rejects Ceding Power as Kirkuk Is Hit by Blast

The NRA Is Suddenly Concerned About Gay Couples (TP)

U.S. Economy Shrank in First Quarter by Most in Five Years

Google just had a three hour technology and product event without a mention of Google Glass.

Dam you google doodle with bouncing soccer balls!!! Captain

"That's not much of a platform."

Kerry Issues Warning After Syria Bombs Iraq

Borowitz: Boehner Calls Obama's Practice of Accomplishing Things Unconstitutional

Army Clears Bergdahl of Any Misconduct During Captivity

If Claire can get something done about this she'll have my vote forever.

Boehner readies frivolous anti-Obama lawsuit

For the umpteenth time: Calling out racism is NOT racist or divisive

Jefferson County (Wis) Residents Seize Control of Enbridge Line 61 (Tar Sands Pipeline) Hearing

Former Colombia spy chief remains in Panama following asylum appeal

Massachusetts high court says accused criminal must decrypt computers for police

Iraq War Redux: Dick Cheney Warns Fox That Nuclear Weapons Are ‘Spreading’ To Terrorists

Native American group threatens Cleveland Indians with $9 billion lawsuit

Lawyer gets 15 years prison for massive U.S. tax fraud scheme

Curt Schilling: 'I am in remission'

I don't think people are fully understanding what happened today with the 10th Circuit Court of

GM suspends sale of 2013-14 Chevrolet Cruze for potential airbag glitch

LBJ was bullied into VietNam war same way they are bullying Obama now...

Venezuela ruling party suspends leader for echoing criticism: media

How the Iraq War Launched the Modern Era of Political BS

Hydrogen breakthrough could be a game-changer

Rush Limbaugh On Worst Economic Drop Since 2009: ‘This Is What I Meant When I Said I Hope He Fails’

Scientists Study mmj for Sickle Cell Disease Pain

World Cup: How to Skip Work to Watch U.S. vs. Germany

Philly Daily News: city police union overrides departments ability to remove bad cops.

Conservative Freakout Blames 'Uncle Tom' And Voter Fraud For McDaniel Loss

Syrian Qaeda wing pledges loyalty to ISIL in border town

Spain to make up for persecuting Jews, but not Muslims

nothing "racist" about calling out racism

Boeing reportedly still having problems with S.C.-built 787s

Boehner says to file lawsuit over Obama executive actions

Energy Independence Meme A Lie When You Export Energy.

State DOH Releases ACA Statistics

Atheist Mom Talks 'Losing' Her Religion While Raising 7 Kids

Yemeni judge orders that 'disappeared' US citizen be produced in court

Enviromental responsibility...

Sharpton: ‘Let’s move on,’ Rangel won

Scientific American: Music Changes The Way You Think

Are Lutherans Catholic?

US to extend privacy protection rights to EU citizens

Emergency Food and Shelter Program slated for major cut in the Senate

Not sure if this has been posted - a new browser plugin called Greenhouse.

Escondido Planning Commission Rejects Shelter For Immigrant Children

After the Demolition: Update on Al Arakib 24 June 2014

Emails: IRS Official Sought Audit of GOP Senator

Whole Foods fined for overcharging

I don't trust myself to caption this.

American Far Right Jubilant Over European Far Right's Electoral Success

Ha ha ha! Fox News takes a p!ss on Boehner's lawsuit, and Michelle Bachmann's shoes

"Did Obama Know that ISIS Planned to Invade Iraq?" Mike Whitney -Some controversial/interesting bits

Here is a question for repubs...


City reaches a contract deal with two more unions

And so it begins!

Rescuing this NDE story from the ravages of GD :)

Russell Brand asks: "Is Fox News More Dangerous Than Isis?"

Con Ed pushes demand-sensitive air conditioners

Michele Bachmann: Congress should defund the executive branch of government

Years of research reveal more about iconic orcas

In Face Of ISIS Advance, Many Iraqi Christians Insist On Staying Put

Cavuto vs. Bachmann on Impeachment

Have you ever met Mark Begich?

Pope Francis Halts Motorcade To Bless Disabled Young Woman, Roberta

Papantonio: Billionaires Create The Perfect Keystone Lie

Giants Tim Lincecum no-hits Padres (one BB away from perfection)

Democrat Laughs in Do-Nothing John Boehner’s Face For Suing Obama

House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) confirmed Wednesday that he intends to sue Obama

Just curious about everyone's story. How many are

India's Holy Men To Advise On Ganges Cleanup Under New Prime Minister Modi

Detained on charges of forgery, Meriam Ibrahim is not yet free

5 Articles On Hillary Clinton From 1969

No tropical activity, stay tuned....

That's not a reflection.

Microsoft: Future 'bleak' if gov't continues unlawful data collection

SF Giants’ Tim Lincecum no-hits Padres — again

Listen to an excerpt from HARDCHOICES by HillaryClinton, in her own voice **Hillary Clinton Group**

Study: Interfaith civic groups bridge diversity with participatory prayers

Homeless Man Gives Free Books To Kids Because 'You Don't Have To Be Rich To Change The World'

RN’s To Picket Lawrence General Hospital For Patient Safety And New Contract

US Army's controversial 'all seeing' surveillance blimps get go-ahead to guard against cruise missi

RN’s To Picket Lawrence General Hospital For Patient Safety And New Contract

California drought helps state save oak trees from deadly pathogen

This will piss off the creationists...

I could please use some help......I need the video of Christopher Walking doing all his dance moves.

The Pugs of Westeros and Dragons on the Golf Course

Victory in Maryland.

Jack Trammell is a Candidate of Substance.

Girl on work experience makes major cystic fibrosis breakthrough: Medical student's discovery could

Georgia Police Left Two Teenagers In A Holding Cell With No Lights Or Food For An Entire Weekend

Lawyer gets 15 years prison for massive U.S. tax fraud scheme

Dumb Criminals: Minneapolis Man Busted After Forgetting To Close Facebook Page During House Robbery

How Black Voters Decided Mississippi’s Republican Senate Run-Off

What is the greatest antiwar movie ever made?

The Boehner lawsuit is racism plain and simple

States slow to change on life without parole for children

Japan to experience nuclear-free summer

Teen tells police he idolized Columbine gunman

Emails: IRS official sought audit of GOP senator

Issa casts a wide net in IRS fishing expedition, subpoenas 28 years of Lerner's records

GOP lose control of the New York Senate. Traitor Democrats come back to the Democratic fold.

Boehner lawsuit: tax funded by the American people.

What’s the significance of a 'settlement-free Europe?'

The combined strength of Britain’s hairdressers is now more than that of Her Majesty’s Armed Forces.

LOL- ISIS Runs Ad Campaign Featuring Photo With John McCain

I actually enjoyed "Hardball" tonight. Keep Kornacki, and let tweety fly. n/t

Playing Obscene War: On SWAT Teams and Baby Bou Bou

No criminal charges for officer who kicked boy

The Investigation Into Scott Walker Could Be Way, Way Bigger Than Scott Walker

Bachmann shows her true self on Faux "news!"

Jeffrey Goldberg, latest BDS smear: Presbyterian Church is anti-Semitic, David Duke supports it

Why no coverage of this on TV? Exxplosion rocks Nigerian shopping mall

Did Rep. Andy Harris inadvertently legalize marijuana possession in D.C.?

Diving into the deep end

The Washington Reagans Playbook.

Lawmakers Who Helped Break Iraq Are Angry Obama Hasn't Fixed It

Americans For Prosperity Spends Thousands To Spread Their Lies Via The USPS

Radioactive elements from Fukushima-1 can get into deep layers of groundwater - TV

Mewsday Afternoon Special: Haute Cature

Rowan Williams' anguish as an archbishop leading a communion riven with division is detailed by...

I got tonight's Final Jeopardy! (SPOILER ALERT!)

Another personal record (I believe) - 1824 posts in 90 days...

Things I should have done differently in the KFC thread I just self-deleted.

Denise O’Donnell recommended for federal judge post in Buffalo

'Morning Joe' Guest Gives Fox News Plenty Of Fodder On The IRS Scandal (Halperin)