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Archives: June 24, 2014

Kate Kelly laments her ‘painful’ excommunication from Mormon church

Stocks slip below records; FMC falls

Harper Shill - Our Dollar

California joins Vermont in calling for an Article V Convention

Automakers to recall air bags in humid parts of US

Went to Cloverdale again today

Egypt’s hidden prison: ‘disappeared’ face torture in Azouli military jail

Pennsylvania ex-prosecutor, wife, plead in adoption abuse case

To sleep, perchance to Dream

Iowan with a question re: this primary, or is it runoff in MS...

Heads, You Lose | James Howard Kunstler

168 Juveniles Recovered in Nationwide Operation Targeting Commercial Child Sex Trafficking

Hamline adjunct faculty members vote to join union

"Chill out! Smoke a doobie! I'm an assassin!" Best Rethug candidate EVER!

Hamline adjunct faculty members vote to join union

19 arrested last week, 15 today, protesting the republican "wrecking ball"

Need help with my Galaxy S3

Key Baiji Oil Refinery 'Seized By ISIS Rebels'

Deconstructing the Perfect Burger

Hillary is lousy at campaigining. she sucked in 2008 and ran a disaster of a campaign

Quite possibly the best Pride Parade picture EVER

Oh look, there's Obama's former campaign manager defending Hillary

Roses of Picardy

Netanyahu’s new Middle East equations: Iraq=Iran and Hamas=Al-Qaida + ISIS

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! With Us, or Against Us? & a new Lion gif

Obama says US should have paid maternity leave

Good Greenwald interview with Ronan Farrow. "What Does Terrorism Really Mean?"

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Tuesday, 24 June 2014

June 23, 1848 (workers take to the streets after the French government cuts public works programs)

Over in GD June 23, 1848

Over in GD June 23, 1848

APNewsBreak: New York City to issue municipal IDs

APNewsBreak: New York City to issue municipal IDs

South Dakota Republican Convention Passes Resolution To Impeach Obama

TV Ad Campaign for Greater Transparency for Hospital Finances...

Suicide car bomber wounds 19 in south Beirut

Fox’s Shep Smith accuses Glenn Greenwald of calling U.S. military troops ‘terrorists’

Looking for Suggestions: My Letters to the various news medias

Most Latino Workers Are US-Born And Not Immigrants, New Study Finds

OK - quick soccer question

Madison Kimrey Wows The NAACP ‘Moral Freedom Summer’ Kick-off Meeting

*Lawrence is back!

The Dutch--famously smart, famously frugal, and famously below sea level--are spending billions

Suit by Protest Groups on Spying Is Dismissed

AZ State Superintendent of Public Schools Anonymous Blog Posts: Welfare recipients are lazy pigs

F-35A fighter jet flights suspended after fire at U.S. air base

The Mink.

Police shoot and kill 95-year-old nursing home resident who didn't want to go to hospital

:-) check google home page logo today ?

AP: Ni hao, y'all: US hinterlands woo Chinese firms ($15 per hour)


Wendy Davis Calls For Re-Examining State’s $44 Billion In Tax Loopholes

Dumb question....

Report: Story of girl getting tossed from KFC hoax

Monday's Black Cat Capers

8 Minutes, 15 Seconds (by Levi Jacobs)

Just guessing: Soccer/Foosball/World Cup

Sectarian Monster Reawakened: Redrawing the Map of Iraq, Again | Ramzy Baroud

Maiden's Bruce Dickinson jabs Judas Priest.

Long Island Rail Road Update

Kerry: ISIS Threat Could Hasten (US) Military Action (Might not wait on new Iraqi govt.)

Long Island Rail Road Update

In memory of Ann Yasuhara, Social Justice Activist

Did that Cop Just Beat Up a Little Kid for No Reason?

What happens when the IDF embeds Israeli reporters

A Safety Tip Warning Sign

Question for resident geneticists

Fear of anti-semitism accusation did not stop Presbyterians from witnessing occupation

Question for LGBT group hosts

Man in Shorewood, WI commits multiple voter fraud, for GUESS what party?

Carson, California - Police beat and humiliate a defenseless citizen - Grafic video

Don't Go To Georgia Without A Bullet Proof Vest - Guns Anywhere Legal July 1 In Georgia.

WP Editorial Board Has Moment Of Clarity: Oxygen Produced In Ocean Is Important!

NCDC/NOAA - May 2014 Global Land & Ocean Average Temperature Highest For May On Record

Congressman Larson's West Hartford Town Hall on Iraq, Sunday June 22,2014

Sea Star Wasting: "Largest Mortality Event For Marine Diseases We've Seen"

Wisconsin governor under criminal probe, CNN

BLM Warning Western Ranchers That Drought May Mean The End Of Grazing Rights As They Know Them

Most Congressional Warmongers Are Republicans, Of Course, But Plenty Of Democrats Are Too

Hard drive help needed, please

US to Fine BNP $8+ Billion, Suspend Access to Dollar Clearing

Today, I got to see the Upper Antelope Canyon, which is the most beautiful place I have ever seen.

For the Women of DU~

Obama Accused of ‘Overreach’

Have any of you used the ACA?

Why Ted Cruz is such an asshole

Chelsea Clinton pushes for more girls in math and science careers

3 questions - First: What is the format that is used by Youtube to run its videos?

In a Do-Nothing Congress, Blake Farenthold is Enjoying the View

My message to Chelsea, the Obamas and future presidential kids.

Clintons' CGI America opens with big money goals, guest list

Lee Camp: The Shocking Reason Gun Control Doesn’t Matter

Memo justifying drone killing of American Al Qaeda leader is released

Cop Runs Over Man in Street in Tacoma WA

Report: Story of girl getting tossed from KFC hoax

Is employment worth more than humanity?

In West Bank raid, soldiers kill mentally-disabled man, as toll rises to 5

A new spider species with amazing camouflaging abilities has been discovered

Time lapse - Lake Granbury rises 5 ft. in 24 hours

Okay folks, I usually don't post arrest photos, but...

One of these is not like the other

Verdict upheld against 'Girls Gone Wild' founder

Hillary double standard

10 of the most sexist commercials from the 50's and 60's

Aquariums just strike a chord with this cat

State telco Hondutel should be privatized - former director

A place for everything and everything in its place

Let's talk reparations.

Sugar House man wants officer fired for shooting dog in his backyard

Police: Cop killers heavily armed, wore diapers

Invest 95E moves NW in Pacific

Conflicting messages about conflict

David Barton Says San Antonio's Non-Discrimination Ordinance Has Criminalized Christianity

Venezuelan man arrested for allegedly terrorizing Newtown residents after Sandy Hook shooting

I think I heard the dumbest reason for why other country's have less gun deaths.

Rachel punks the Cheneys

Venezuelan man arrested for allegedly terrorizing Newtown residents after Sandy Hook shooting

AG Abbott loses again--Judge Dietz can stay on school finance case

I'm the target of a FBI investigation

I didn't know James Woods was a dumbass confederate...

Big man in Japan...

New whistle-blower says Phoenix VA concealed deaths

The Glories of America’s Wars: “Made in Hollywood” by the Pentagon’s Propaganda Machine

To Helen back...

This morning June 24th look at the Eastern sky

One Of The World's Richest Countries Wants To Ban Begging

Collective Panic in Venezuela

US police departments are increasingly militarised, finds report

RIP Gerry Conlon -- wrongfully jailed for 'being Irish in the wrong place'

Boko Haram ‘Kidnaps Another 60 Girls and Women’ from Nigerian Villages

Meet the Guy Stealing Your Retirement Savings Right Under Your Nose

7 Craziest Right-Wing Conspiracy Theories About Interment Camps

Stop Pretending You’re Not Rich: Why Are Clinton and Biden Playing Down Their Wealth?

The Shocking Ways School Kids are Being Restrained, Isolated Against Their Will

Egypt President Sisi 'will not interfere' in al-Jazeera case

Iraq's Destruction Is a Reminder of the Ugly Face of American Empire

Why the Internet Hasn’t Transformed Politics (Yet)

Why Boston Has the Best Tasting Tap Water in the Nation

Another Atrocious Corporate Trade Scheme Planned in Secret Comes to Light

The media’s moral center: How John Oliver became the sheriff of cable news’ wild west

Bill Maher on how we cannot change Iraq

The Southern Liberal Resurgence That Has the GOP Scared

The Food Industry's Hiding Something: How to Expose America's Most Secretive Industry

Second Bridge Inquiry Leads to Christie

The songs of bats

IGNORANCE ON PARADE: South Carolina governor says Ford, GM, Chrysler union jobs not welcome in state

what wealth gap? danish welfare narrows disparity

Wow! Brownback apparently is turning Kansas into a wasteland.

I finally received the new lens I ordered in January.

Prognosticating with Ivy Leaves.

IGNORANCE ON PARADE DEUX: Nikki Haley's hatred of unions brings South Carolina only more poverty

Jack O' Lent

Why you need an EV: Radicalism in Iraq Menaces the World’s most Important Oil Fields

US Will Lose Up To $100 Billion Worth Of Coastal Property To Climate Change In The Coming Decades

Obama’s Drone Memo Revealed: US Gov’t can over-rule 4th Amendment

How WW I, British Greed, and Oil Distorted Modern Iran

7 Global Consequences Of Soaring Oil Prices

Queen's Quandary: Chancellor Merkel's Power Erodes in Europe

Japan unveils growth strategy to boost growth

Financial Scandal: Organizational Change Has Led to Chaos in Greenpeace

Man showing off his gun to friends accidentally 'Second Amendments' himself in the head

Putin asks lawmakers to cancel authorisation to send army into Ukraine

Iraq and the emerging regional disorder

Thanks to WiKiLeaks, Americans can discuss Alarming new trade deal

North Carolina Day care and mentoring program busted as a front for child porn operation

US-Iran rapprochement: Are they there yet?

WHY NOW? Open Carry Texas Group Calls Off March In Predominantly Black Neighborhood

Robert Scheer: Where’s Saddam Hussein When the U.S. Needs Him?

Jon Stewart mocks ‘America’s Tragedy Herpe’ Dick Cheney and his ‘Sith apprentice’ daughter (VIDEO)


Why the U.S. immigration system is so broken

#Beeghazi!: The conservative war on Obama, science, common sense, and bees

Hey ReTHUGs - May was hottest on Earth since records began

Damage to Tuna Fishing Boats: US Navy Should Face Issue with Sincerity

Officer suspended over teen’s suicide in back of squad car

EPA Extended Legal Victories for Climate Change Moves


Maher to Stewart: ‘Drugs are good, religion is bad’ and Obama’s spirituality is ‘bullsh*t’

The US Military’s 2005 Naval Port Plan: Futenma Replacement

Welcome to the New Warm Normal: Global Temps Break Another Record

The baaaaadest cat on Earth:

KFC and the pitbull victim--- its a hoax

According to the FBI, Web Slang Is ‘NIFOC’

The Stories of our Grandchildren | John Michael Greer

Mike Huckabee's 2016 Themes? God In Textbooks And Attacks On Judges

Hacking trial: Brooks cleared of charges, Coulson guilty

TODAY'S GOHMERT: Man came to court hiding pot in left sock

FREE THE AL-JAZEERA 3!. Hey, Al-Sisi, you want those Apache Missiles?

The Legal Price of Adultery Goes Down

This Abandoned Dog With Dreadlocks Gets Rescued And Receives Lots Of Love

Tuesday Toon Roundup 1: Send in the troop

Tuesday Toon Roundup 2:Economy

Tuesday Toon Roundup 3: Extremists

Iraq Agrees To Give U.S. Troops Immunity


Tuesday Toon Roundup 4: The Rest

"Classic" songs - to which I can no longer listen

BBC - Neonicotinoids Global Impact Comparable To DDT; 20 Years/800 Papers In Review

What is going on with our hummers?? They're not visiting our feeders anymore.....

World Cup Update - Polio Virus Discovered In Brazilian Sewage In Host City Of Campinas

Pentagon says missile defense system hit target in test

Oh, excellent! I just saw a pushback ad slamming Ernst by using Palin

Now climate hawks have their own super PAC

As frozen debris field slides toward Dalton Highway, state makes plans to move road

Third day and doing great - update: 3 months today!!

Decades in making, salmon-deboning machine going to market

Money men tally cost of climate change

And Who Do We Thank For Crapping Tony Abbott Onto The World Stage? Rupert Murdoch, Of Course

Re:Chelsea Clinton: Did peoples' spin-detectors suddenly short out?

Automakers to recall air bags in humid parts of US

Winds Syncing Up For El Nino Trend That Continues To Grow In Strength

VA challenged on handling of whistleblower charges

Tacoma Rail says it moves 3 crude oil trains a week

(WA) Pettit Oil bankruptcy turns into a train wreck

World Heritage Committee Takes 10 Minutes To Dump Australia's Plan To Drop Forest Protections

Searching for Answers in Very Old DNA

Right-Wingers Finally Found WMD in Iraq!.... Or Not..............

Wet-Bulb Forecast For SE, South; "It Will Be Functionally Impossible To Be Outside" Days @ A Time

"Southern States to be Hit Hardest by Climate Change"....but most southern governors think

Virginia lawmakers launch ‘{Washington football team} Pride Caucus’

Yoo-Hoo! Deniers! Physicist Offers $10,000 To Anyone Who Can Disprove Global Warming

Gallup - Polling Shows Steady Growth Of Young Americans Who Reject Creationism, Creation "Science"

How long will bond holders take disappointing returns?

Senate GOP leader rips Inslee‘s budget-cuts exercise as ‘fear mongering’

I think this speaks volumes about what Politico is really about:

Feds could tap JBLM to house minors detained at U.S.-Mexico border Read more here: http://www.thene

Amazingly, GOP Leadership Shakeup May Have Made Party Even More Lobotomized On Environment

Retailers to make price comparisons easier

So let me get this straight? To understand the poor, you once had to be poor...

(CA) Homelessness on rise in beach areas

Mississippi repub primary runoff today: Wingnut v Wingnuttier

Anyone else having trouble loading

Female Genital Mutilation -- Misogyny, Madness and Homophobia

Oshkosh Waterfest Concert Series books Ted Nugent. Please sign the petition ....

Monsanto's Stock Is Still a Long-Term Growth Story

Polio virus sample found at Brazil airport

Some of the lyrics of this song sound kind of creepy...

CNN launches new research project: Using drones for journalism

Pressure builds against France's ban on fracking

Thoughts on why atheist/progressive believer cooperation is rocky

Time to vote, New York! Here's how

Bipartisan Report Tallies High Toll on Economy From Global Warming

Pallin' around with Terrorists

Debtors Prisons Are Taking the US Back to the 19th Century

Oil transportation firms pay little into state spill fund

Reconnecting with AT&T has hang-ups

Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit

Foreign debt default is unavoidable, Argentine officials say

A guide to NY’s medical marijuana law

Anybody know anything about MAYDAY PAC?

The Israeli government has adopted an official policy of harming the innocent

Transgender activist found dead in O.C. mourned as leader

Remember how Bushco shut out the Ba'athists in the Iraq Government? They're back......with ISIL

I am so effing tired of reporters in Brazil complaining about the heat.

At Lenox homecoming, Rangel mocks gentrifiers

Does anyone think the people funding ISIS are like the Koch's

Is the middle east ready for democracy?

What's for Dinner ~ Tuesday ~ June 24th

Shorewood man charged with 13 counts of voter fraud

Iraq: Now & Zen...

Can someone please explain why we didn't insist on a unity government

NYC’s Rent Guidelines Board Votes To Allow Rent Increases In Stabilized Apartments

For those of us envisioning a Sanders/Warren run...

Thomas Franks, the Clintons and "phony" Democratic populists in the New Gilded Age

Most of World's Population Will Breathe Stagnant, Sooty Air by 2099

Ugandan judge OKs crackdowns on LGBTI rights groups

Bye-Bye Tricolored Blackbird as Population Crashes 44 Percent in 3 Years

Showed up as one of DU's google ads

Steve Wozniak and other tech moguls launch Super PAC to fight ‘big money’ in D.C.

Michael Grimm Taking Voters’ Temperatures on Bergdahl Swap

Cold Dead Star May Be a Giant Diamond

Alright I am addicted!

Happy Anniversary! Curiosity Rover Marks 1 (Martian) Year

City tells app to stop auctions of parking spaces

Jealous Douchebags unite!

Cheyenne Mountain complex ready to face monsoon after $3.6 million in stormwater work

BBQ Breakfast

"Amazon's New Phone is Not Your Friend" -- Its a Panopticon in Your Pocket

Military Probe finds problems at Valley VA (TX)

$29 million intelligence unit planned at Ohio base

Lawsuit settlement allows woman who says she was raped 10 years ago in Lincoln to see police file

Kidnapping highlights Israelis' surrender to settlers

Group D: Costa Rica-England & Italy-Uruguay

The Rude Pundit has an exchange with a gun lover.

Harrison Ford's Injury May Have Completely Screwed Up Episode VII

Atheists, the “Ultimate Other” in Turkey

I call BULLSHIT with this outcome about the PA AG office and Jerry Sandusky

Is DU turning into Anti-cop blog

Tobacco companies have made cigarettes deadlier than ever

Why these Christian, Muslim and Jewish women despair at religious dating sites

Gay Teens Are Ripped From Their Homes in the Name of God in ‘Kidnapped for Christ’ Trailer (Video)

Military pay is outpacing civilians'. Is it justified?

U.S. gets legal protections for commandos in Iraq

Agent to Heat: LeBron opting out

New York State Challenge Planned on Teacher Tenure Law

Data Storms and the Tyranny of Manufactured Forgetting

Sudanese Christian woman rearrested, legal team says

Catholic priests to vote on whether married men can be ordained

Corruption IS A National Security Problem: Ukraine, Iraq, Afghanistan

The Sharing Economy and the Mystery of the Mystery of Inequality

I hate WordPerfect. I hate WordPerfect. I HATE WORDPERFECT.

Death to the infidel. Will that be cash or charge?

Rift With Presbyterians Likely

Workaholism is hurting the American economy

New evidence bolsters Higgs boson discovery: Confirmation of particle responsible for mass

GOP wants to impeach Obama for breathing while black

Should the Higgs boson have caused our universe to collapse? Findings puzzle cosmologists

List of "Bad" Sites (Not to Be Linked) ???

Help! Cisco has listed my website as 'poor' in its SenderBase database

Scott Walker supporter voted FIVE TIMES in recall election...

Trade Treaties and the Coming Rule of the Global Corporatocracy

Can conservative "Christians" EVER be honest?

One map that puts America's gun violence epidemic in perspective

Papantonio: Big Business Funding Attacks on Wage Earners

One map that puts America's gun violence epidemic in perspective

Regional speech patterns or just laziness?

On the words "slut" and "prude"

A SWAT Team Blew a Hole in My 2-Year-Old Son (UPDATE...)

#DidYouKnow the term “debugging”

Jesus Tyrion...

Yet ANOTHER Horrible Corporate Trade Scam!

True Blood Fans - I think this poster for season #7 is a huge spoiler for the ending.....

Riddle me this:

More Guns + Weaker Gun Laws = More Gun Deaths

US Forced to Release Memo on Extrajudicial Drone Killing of US Citizen

Ike to Obama - 60 Years of Campaign Ads

off to the intake for couple's counseling

Why the Internet Hasn’t Transformed Politics (Yet)

I noticed something in ads for casinos...

Rep. Darrell Issa’s subpoena mania

The Onion fools many with ‘stop-and-kiss’ video parodying NYPD

House IRS obstruction hearing

The Refugee Trail of Tears; Murder and Crime In Central America - Region Tops Murder Rate List

Adlai for President

'I’ve never seen anything like this in my life,' rocker Bret Michaels says of Pilger destruction

Gary Oldman revealed a lot by saying we all use racist, homophobic language. James Mee

TV reporter Judy Sanders dies after a round of emotional goodbyes

Israeli raids in West Bank fanning flames of hate

Ukraine army helicopter 'shot down' despite ceasefire

Federal agency cites Buffalo VA’s violation of sterilization procedure standards

watch live hearing on unaccompanied children crossing border

Leading Supreme Court Blog Barred From Supreme Court

I like Edward G. Robinson

That Other Primary Day

In Scotland...

Fired Logan, Iowa, city clerk gets her job back, $400,000

Fired Logan, Iowa, city clerk gets her job back, $400,000

Malala Yousafzai: We can finally give the world's poorest children the education they deserve

I have never known someone who was poor who didn't think about money a lot.

Cuomo reassessing pension bills

Would American football be as popular if TDs were only worth 2 pts and FGs 1 pt?

Baby gets crawling lessons from her best friend

My Old Friend The Blues

There is no such thing as a "lost email"

Pic Of The Moment: Effort To Rid Syria Of WMDs Ends In Success

Dogecoin very Capitalism. So much internet. Wow.

Boehner backs off support for Export-Import bank

Trade Treaties and the Coming Rule of the Global Corporatocracy

Mike Tipping book "As Maine Went," on Maine under Paul LePage

Ticks can carry more than Lyme disease

Little Girl Getting Kicked Out of KFC Was Reportedly a Huge Hoax

John Spencer's Emmy Win

Military's pricey F-35 fighter jet catches fire during takeoff in Florida

Thom Hartmann: The Return of the Neocons

A special-needs challenge in pre-K expansion

The boss...

How I became an avid gun control supporter.

Africa's ecosystems imperilled by mining frenzy

Asiana Crash Pilots Overreliant on Automation, NTSB Says

Building boom in Buffalo

iTunes has an number of 'LGBT Movies' in HD on sale this week for $9.99.

Need a reason to kick your Starbucks habit?

The Mississippi Senate Primary Has Cost More Than $17 Million

Judge Dread

Did Petters Ponzi Receiver Kelley Admit Deceiving the Public? (Possible Fraud).

Phony Populism for the masses

Politics Done Right on Coffee Party Radio - Left & Right Wings agree. No more war in Iraq?

McCain tells Saudi' to fund what has become ISIS....

Last week, I went "home" ...

Robin Thicke's video: further evidence that we're romancing the stalker-esque

Pet dog scares off bear to save Japanese boy from attack

Mormon activist excommunicated fighting for women's rights

Toon: Now enterin' Angrywhitemenistan...

Rep. Dan Maffei's infrastructure plan: Bridge and road improvements, high-speed rail, expand...

Surface Transportation Board orders BNSF, CP to provide reports on grain service improvements

There are voices just MADE for Rock n Roll...others not so much........poll

In Fox News today...

Sequels/Prequels to movies you pretend never existed.

Sneaky Religious Bastards in Pennsylvania

US new home sales rocket higher in May

These are not left or right issues.

5 Things Red State Liberals Want Blue State Liberals To Know

Doctors vote for ban on UK cigarette sales to those born after 2000

Republication of the Seralini Study

An accurate definition of Homophobia...

Just wondering, is Hillary in the same bracket as Taylor Swift?

right wing folks seem to be controlling the discussions on some left leaning sites

#HappyBirthday Wilma Rudolph! Born today in 1940,

TN teabagger wants hisotry books changed...

Support Brad Schnieder for IL-10!

Support Brad Schnieder

Poll: 52 percent disapprove of President Obama on Iraq

Lawrence of Afghanistan: Rise and Fall of a Special Forces Legend

Obama’s True Foreign-Policy ‘Weakness’

A Fresh look at directions...

Thom Hartmann apologizes to Keith Olbermann for calling him pro-war

You just might be a "Moran" if you beleive this Cop's story

seditious creep on Limbaugh.

Turn on the blender, add some rum, and let's sit out on the DU deck...


U.S. House votes to increase funding for IDF missile defense system

Oops - spoiler

Toon: 'DICK' Cheney's freudian slip is showing...

Quizzes for scuba divers. Fun and educational!

US consumer confidence reaches a 6-year high

RAVITCH: Common Core Writer Blasts CC Basic Reading Standards

Thom Hartmann: Hobby Lobby Says Life Begins When You Think About Sex!

Fox News guest: Bill Clinton plotted using own death to make Hillary president

Wisconsin 4-year-old foils sitter’s plot to blame ‘home invasion’ and robbery on ‘black men’

Want to Stop Hillary? Here's a Place where You Can Donate

3,948 High School Students Use Guns Responsibly - Thousands of Rounds Shot with Zero Casualties

California Passes Historic Measure To Change The Constitution

Why does the right wing hate President Obama so?

All of this Hillary bashing is not going to end well. It might be fulfilling for some

Hillary Clinton’s Secret Iowa Campaign Cadre

Mike Malloy - Open Carry People: I Respect Them As I Respect A Jar Of Spit

iTunes - Podcasts - Appalachian History by Dave Tabler

RAVITCH: U.S. Dept. of Ed. Bails Out Failing For-Profit College Chain

It’s the Oil, Stupid! Insurgency and War on a Sea of Oil

I'm invited to a reception honoring Jack Trammell,

California Turns To Private Prisons To Address Overpopulated Jails - Victoria Law Discusses

Group C: Greece-Ivory Coast & Japan-Colombia

Fucking Suarez.

Luis Suarez bites Italian defender at the World Cup, referee nicknamed Chiquidrácula sees nothing

The coarseness and lack of compassion in the Republican Party is evil.

Footage of Fox news anchor resisting Police

So David Cameron's communications chief Andy Coulson was found guilty

Dismissed: Recall effort against Delgaudio tossed out

Gas case against Yulia Tymoshenko put to rest

Sudanese Christian woman arrested again, legal team says

Who are the top contenders for the 2016 Democratic Presidential nomination?

Warming oceans may shrink Florida stone crab supply

Took my camera for a walk around my yard and gardens this AM....dial up warning!

United Methodist pastor reinstated after defrocking over officiating gay wedding

It is not that the Clintons are rich

Elizabeth Warren's mission

When will the SC Criminal Five release their next attack on the Constitution/Hobby Lobby

Luckovich: Hillary

On Luis Suarez, for those who just saw that game.

Charles Krauthammer of Faux Newz and Glenn Beck attack Hillary Clinton over her wealth comments

Archivist: IRS didn't follow law with lost emails

Brown Bears Caught Performing Oral Sex

*** Gets out her staple gun and posts today's DU Lounge Dinner Specials ***

Where's your ceiling cat now?

Thom Hartmann: Did Congress Just Go After the NSA?

Scotland Yard want to interview Rupert Murdoch about phone hacking

Venezuelan ex-President Ramón J. Velásquez dies in Caracas

I would like to say thank you.


Why Repression Continues in Honduras

How The GOP-Controlled U.S. House Committee On Science Is Waging War On Science

Why Repression Continues in Honduras

Sudan death row woman Meriam Ibrahim 'detained'

Tonko & Sheehan Host Event For NY-21 Dem Woolf

So I have IMHO a great idea...

Egypt president refuses pardon for journalists

EW Jackson Teams Up with Pastor who Dragged Girl Behind his Van by a Rope


There's no biting in soccer!

GOP:The Party of Satan. (Ayn)Rand Paul, GOP's 2016 Messiah is the Anti-Christ.

Max Crumm to Star in 'The Fantasticks.'

Poll: Can the US end the 1400 year old Sunni/Shia conflict by bombing Iraq now?

Officer pulls woman from railroad tracks seconds before train arrives

Staten Island cops save dying woman with shot of Naloxone

GOP congressional candidate (obviously): 'Most People Think Islam Is A Religion, It's Not'

Officer saves driver in fiery gas station crash

Arkansas: The Worst Place to Rent in America

Maher to Stewart: ‘Drugs are good, religion is bad’ and Obama’s spirituality is ‘bullsh*t’

Higgs Boson Seems To Prove That The Universe Doesn't Exist

First 130 U.S. Troops Have Arrived in Baghdad

Fellow Hoosiers in Central IN: Take Cover!

A History of the World's Most Evil Corporation

FBI Probes Medicare Billing at Los Angeles Clinic

Meanwhile in San Antonio, the 'Chase For Seis' has begun.

Failing Aboriginal Australians

US forces flow into Baghdad to assess Iraq troops

A Secret Plan to Close Social Security’s Offices and Outsource Its Work

Rice: Protecting gays most difficult rights issue

Judge: No-Fly List Violated Constitutional Rights

Hillary Clinton’s opportune moment

Arming Missouri Teachers: Hugs Are No Longer Appropriate

Actor Gary Oldman takes on Nancy Pelosi and Hillary Clinton in expletive-laced Playboy interview

Unlearning the lies we learned from the theologians of slavery

PARANOIA.... ‘Texas Values’ leader says gay people planning ‘concentration camps’ over wedding cakes

ISIS Terror Group Controlled By Saudi Royal Family

Not waiting for Hillary: Sen. Bernie Sanders heads to New Hampshire


De Blasio huddles with I.D.C. to talk about reconciliation

One dead in a firing incident on PIA aircraft in Peshawar

Pap and Seder: Cheney – The King of Iraqi Blood and Oil

UMMS scientists show that monarch butterflies employ a magnetic compass during migration

Mississippi, dependent on federal largess, murders their cash cow today

Dumb Criminals: Washington Baby Sitter's Home Invasion Plot Foiled By Four Year Old

Southern GOPer Says Only Christians Should be Protected by Constitution

Dumb Criminals: After Gettng Tazed, High Speed Pursuit Suspect Keeps On Drivin'

Porn star’s tweet prompts (Rep.) Steve Stivers (R-OH) aide Adam Kuhn to resign

Your Daily Dose of SQUEE®

Federal judge rules U.S. no-fly list violates Constitution

Death Dealers: Pathetic GOP Candidates Are Giving Away Assault Rifles to Buy Votes


MTA Prepares for Potential LIRR Strike With Commuter Parking Plan

Prop 8 - HBO Movie "The Case Against 8"

(Christian radio host) Prosecutor: Balyo admitted to sexually assaulting boy

Ben Carson’s breathtaking marriage equality compromise: Don’t let gay people get married

U.S. court refuses to undo gay rights ruling in pharma case

Sometime in mid-2016, DU will resemble the new HBO series, The Leftovers.

June 26th Marks 11 Years of Legalized kinky sex....

News Corp. Faces Possible Corporate Charges After Hacking Trial

What does a local food system look like? Why is it better?

GENDA bill, 'gay cure' ban both die in Senate

I hate to break it to you folks, but...

Grand jury rips Florida’s DCF for ‘deliberately’ undercounting child deaths

What effect would Bernie running as an independent have on the Democratic race?

West Bank crackdown 'to end in days'

US prevents UN condemnation of Israel over West Bank deaths

Poll watchers warned in Mississippi

D.A.: Criminal charges against Stanley Marsh 3 dropped for now

TN football player wants rape case dismissed because unconscious victim was ‘promiscuous’

Can I donate to DU electronically...

I guess Liam Neeson really likes his Chobani Yogurt...

So who do you think will win in Mississippi today?

Open Carry Texas insists ‘we don’t see color’ after calling off march in black neighborhood

Methodist pastor defrocked for holding gay marriage wins church appeal

From the George Takei Facebook page...

The Slow March Back Into Iraq and Toward Disaster

Who wins a fight between Jack Bauer and Red Reddington...?

Justice for Our Veteran's Act fails in final days

UPDATED: Arkansas GOP Official: Hillary Would 'Probably Get Shot At The State Line'

Woman getting dressed in 26th floor apartment terrified by peeping drone

If you like my historical trivia

Domestic violence groups ask for more NYCHA apartments for the homeless

More U.S. Cubans Are Shifting To Democratic Party

New York accounting executive who held small stake in Madoff's firm pleads guilty

Bill Clinton Defends Hillary’s Middle-Income Ties

Iraq Would Be Full Of American Troops If Hillary Had Her Way

Wealthy Clintons Use Trusts to Limit Estate Tax They Back

Bill Clinton: Hillary's Answer About Our Finances Was 'Factually True'

We practice fiscal cruelty and call it an economy. We practice legal cruelty and call it justice

Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson Endorses Dick Cheney's Alliance for a Strong America

NY man in 1980s sex abuse case fights for exoneration--Friedman case from Long Island

Judge Dismisses McDaniel Supporter's Lawsuit To Prevent Crossover Voting

Frank Schaefer's Defrocking Overturned By United Methodist Church

Question on DU features:

Jon Stewart Tears Into "America's Tragedy Herpe" "Dick Cheney"

Koch brothers look to rebrand in national ad campaign

Norht Carolina's Lt Gov gets out the Bible...

The Rude Pundit - The Drone Murder Memo: Your Puny Laws Say Nothing That Can Stop Us

The state Democratic Party has an on-line photo album to celebrate the third anniversary of marriage

Chris Christie faces yet another Port Authority scandal

Gods ...

Mercury poisoning adds to humanitarian crisis in west Colombia: govt

Anyone REALLY Confident This November??

Requesting prayers for my first cousin

Time for an exit strategy...

Political Sweat Equity and the Real Greg Abbott

New Report Suggests Walmart Heirs’ Foundation Is A Massive Tax Dodge

Multi-millionare Elizabeth Warren made a statement about wealth in 2012, much like Hillary Clinton

I was visiting my daughter and asked if she had a newspaper.

Three great walls would end tornado threat on the Great Plains

Should we ban cigarettes forever?

I was visiting my daughter and asked if she had a newspaper.

Ex-Queens Councilman Dan Halloran: My corruption trial added stress to Phil Ragusa's final days

Boehner, is planning lawsuit against President Obama over executive actions

LBJ - Ice Cream 1964 Campaign Ad

Do Primaries Hurt Our Democracy?

APNewsBreak: Oil Train Info Shows Heavy Traffic.

I just lost my job - again. Any suggestions for a 59-year-old IT guy?

Here's the real scandal....


I just don't know what to say about this...

DHS SWAT excessive force raid on innocent couple

Why does Belichick hate America so much?

Maybe you should reply to that Nigerian scam email?

More than 400 former Colombian paramilitaries to be released from jail by December 2014

David Blight lecture series on the Civil War

“Seed to sale” system will help with medical marijuana issues, Cuomo says

Obama Polls Down, Republicans Worse, But The Real Loser Is

Some perspective on Hillary's money **Hillary Clinton Group**

Hacking trial: Coulson guilty, Brooks cleared of charges

U.S. Ruling Loosens Four-Decade Ban On Oil Exports

Crowdfunding campaign raises $2.2M to build solar roadways

Obama alums join anti teachers union case

Israel can’t force-feed occupation to those who hunger for freedom

DiNapoli: NYPA renting at below-market rates

Breaking out of the two-party (ballot) box

I have a question.

Anti Peacenik McCain just said...

Boehner Planning House Lawsuit Against Obama Executive Actions

My first Monarch of the season

Hillary Clinton to announce youth jobs push **Hillary Clinton Group**

Mayor de Blasio in playground clash with Environmental Protection Agency over Gowanus cleanup

How much of a role is the CIA playing in this "new" Iraq War??

In 2016 I will vote for whomever promises to get OUT OF IRAQ.

Grassley's Hunt For An Obama Insider Trading Scandal Backfires: Nabs GOP Staffer instead

Fox News guest: Bill Clinton plotted using own death to make Hillary president

I am predicting a narrow Rangel win tonight over Espaillat.

I won Guardianship in Court!! But Dad passed the next day anyway...

'She'd Probably Get Shot at the State Line'

GOP Divisions Emerge In First Major Battle Of The Post-Cantor Era

30 Years in Appalachia: Moving Beyond the Hillbilly Clichés

Strawberry Fields Today

MTA Eyes Surveillance Cameras On All Subway Cars

Here's something good about Bill Clinton: Clinton Says Cheney Criticism of Obama on Iraq 'Unseemly'

Apparently a comrade from Barotba in Ukraine has been kidnapped.....

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Spain's plane home was struck by lightning.

June 24, 1944 The Americans advance into Cherbourg

DETROIT Resumes Cutting Off Water to 150,000 Residents, Prompting Appeal to UNITED NATIONS for Help

Zionist and Proud of It

Top Conservative Cat's tweets are a hoot!

Christie Gains on Hillary Clinton in Iowa Poll (+6 over Rand Paul, Paul Ryan/+7 Huckabee, +13 Bush)

Cute baby eating sour lemon...too cute

Nigerian man detained on psychiatric ward for "atheism"


Link to tonights election results from Politico. You can get results from other races in other

Who thinks Murdoch wasn't doing the same phone hacking in the US??

Anyone else encounter a sign carrying teabagger at an intersection today?

Judge: Warrantless bulk surveillance is legal

Is it Obnoxious to Support Health Care For the Poor?