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Bill Maher tells America: Like a bad ex-boyfriend, Iraq is never going to change

Just Maybe we Have To Much......

That is total bullsh*t!’: Glenn Greenwald and Iraq War vet square off on Snowden leaks

Police burst into wrong apartment, shoot innocent woman hiding in closet

To the Fuckety Fuck Squad -- Congratulations on your success!

The story of "The Thing" as told by the Thing's perspective

Why was Bosnia-Herzegovina's goal disallowed?

Rest area

What should I wear to a Summer Solstice party?

House votes 293-123 to cut funding for NSA spying on Americans (but snowden didn't matter)

Uh Oh!-DOS Spokesperson Psaki Does it Again! Does she ever Really Answer a Question from the Press?

Homeless numbers down, but risks rise.

Has anyone had a senile dog they put on drugs

Edward Snowden rejects German plans for meeting in Moscow

Pilger before and after: Damage photos from around town (tornado)

Top Floor, Bottom Buzzer---Morphine

Obama's new Iraq strategy is just a cover for expanding his worldwide secret wars

Love this Lord Byron quote

Police mugshots in the 1920s

In Mafia region, pope declares mobsters 'excommunicated'

Java Runtime update

I just slew my first housefly opponent of the summer in righteous combat

Does DU have an Amazon affiliate link?

(Cross posted from GD): If you're going to buy something online

UN Mideast peace envoy condemns Israel's arrest campaign

Presbyterian divestment makes waves in mainstream media

Would you buy into this?

My wife became a U.S. citizen today - Ask me anything

Storm swells rivers, Omaha metro area remains under flood warning (1 dead more rain on the way)

The American Jihadist: Eric Harroun In His Own Words

A silent thread for the word "fuck"

Nazi sympathizer invades pitch during World Cup match

Make ‘hasbara’ a household word

Orchestrated tales in ex-Blackwater guards' trial?

Married man, 27 arrested for 'sexually assaulting teen lesbian couple before shooting one dead'

Police shoot teenage special-needs girl within 20 seconds of arriving to ‘help’

Jon Stewart explains how to make GOP senators care about climate

Koterba's Political Toon from 2004 W and IRAQ

Gymnastic classes saves biker who collides with car.

On these days we lifted our voices! LINKS to antiwar protests 2003-2005

Pope Francis is on the wrong side of history (again)

GOP Wonders What The Hell It Will Do About Rand Paul's Foreign Policy

Homepage layout problem

An oldie from Greenwald. NSFW. Trigger Warning. BAD Language. You've been warned.

I just got home from a trip to Tennessee

Names of the Summer Solstice

"Group challenges Ohio ban on campaign lies"

The Four Most Widely Believed Myths About Gun Control

U.S. Rep. Rush Holt speaks at Secular Coalition of America Lobby Day 2014

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, June 24: British Oddities (with American Stars)

Ramadan approaching; religious freedom something to be celebrated

Vermont religious leaders join Sanders to denounce economic inequality

Residents of Appalachia try to give new life to old mines using a beloved chestnut tree

Iraq Insurgents Reaping Wealth as They Advance

Starry nights...

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, June 25: Starring Lawrence Tierney

Woman Asks About Vegan Options, Restaurant Says 'Shut Up Fat Girl'

I'm over this... the gull of some people here on DU is absurd!

Authorities Arrest Man Who Allegedly Shot Lesbian Teen Couple in Texas

If it's Sunday, it's Meet The Right...

Anti-Welfare Robertsons Get $70,000 Per Episode In Taxpayer Money For Duck Dynasty

S.D. Republican Party calls for Obama impeachment

I recently scanned three books on early US history (PDFs are inside)

Weed The People: A Talk with Abby Epstein

I'm guessing that is wasn't hard enough for some guy at working at WNDU...

Just wanted to share a little something (depression)

Along with additional tax revenue these industries have benefited from Colorado's

Miami police kill 2 unarmed suspects by shooting disabled car 377 times

Consol reps calm fears of Laurel Creek residents

Canola field

Spring runoff

Mentally ill prisoner died hooded, strapped to chair while guards chatted nearby, suit claims By Tom

Religious Freedom for All - As long as you're Christian (Beebe AR Church dispute)

White House announces steps to address immigrant surge.

CDC says more lab workers may have been exposed to anthrax

Watch an El Paso cop shoot and kill a prisoner whose hands are cuffed behind his back


President Obama has my complete confidence.

Tea Bagger talk.

Carl Sagan - Who Speaks for the Earth?

Eleven Minutes of Beauty

Al Qaeda is old news. Get ready for ISIS backlash in the UK, says founder of anti-extremist think ta

What I learned on E-Bay:

Europe must face up to the new antisemites

Palestinians Seek UN Help to Stop Israeli Raids After Kidnapping

Invest 95E wanders north slowly in Pacific Ocean

South Dakota Republican Party passed a resolution calling for the impeachment of President Obama

911 Operator Listens To Intuition, Saves Alleged Rape Victim

John Kerry Arrives in Egypt on Unannounced Visit

If ISIS is worse than Al Qaeda, why aren't we bombing them?

Texas man dies in shootout with deputies after failing to gun down ex-wife

6 Despicable Right-Wing Outrages This Week—The War on Women Rages On

50,000 protest austerity outside BBC; BBC ignores

GOP’s Sudden Scandal-Mania: Why Criminal Probes and Infighting are Taking Over the Party

WELFARE DYNASTY: Duck Dynasty Cast Receives $70,000 from Louisiana Taxpayers PER EPISODE

Ammosexual Open-Carry Women With Children Invade Target With Assault Rifles (Images)

Dying Iraq War Vet’s Final ‘F*ck You’ Letter to Bush and Cheney Should Be Read by Every American

How Women of Color Are Driving Entrepreneurship

I think we're going to end up back in a full fledged war in the Middle East.

The Koching of America — and of PBS

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Summer of Squeee Edition

This IS foreign policy: Obama pushes for TPP deal by November

Scientists Find The 'Achilles Heel' Of Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria

Mineral water - I've been on a business trip to Germany and have gotten

Obama Admin 'surge' on immigration enforcement: More detentions and ankle bracelets

New Brockton / Western Mass VA Investigations

New Brockton / Western Mass VA Investigations

Khamenei says Iran strongly opposes US intervention in Iraq

Army veteran: Key to getting benefits is persistence

Israeli Cops: Palestinians Flooding Emergency Call Center With Fake Kidnapping Alerts

Neo-Zangid State erases Syria-Iraq Border, cuts Hizbullah off from Iran

With Atlantic article on reparations, Ta-Nehisi Coates sees payoff for years of struggle

Gaza in Crisis: The Strong Female Voice of Hamas

Anyone Can Speak in Tongues

Mayday: Berlin's Ill-Fated Airport Faces Insolvency

Buying Up the Planet: Out-of-control Central Banks on a Corporate Buying Spree

The U.N. Has Been Undercounting the World's Poor—by 400 Million

When Will It Pay to Take Family and Medical Leave?

Ukrainian Independence Supporters Seize 221 Tanks From the Obama-Installed Government

Iraqis Are Not "Abstractions"

let's measure the job market the way we gauge stock market health

Sunday's Doonesbury- Denier at the Doctor

GOP: Show Me the Money!

Heather Zichal, former Obama energy aide, named to board of fracked gas exports giant Cheniere

Down memory lane with English language lessons - what's that word again?

John McCain Is Very Upset Chuck Todd Made Fun Of Him

Chris Hedges Interviews Noam Chomsky

ACLU: CIA’s Linguistic Somersault Takes to the Sky

Moral Monday Comes to Wisconsin

Another US spying problem in Latin America: The DEA

Terror apologists blame Israel for abduction

Iraqi hydrocarbon prize of U.S. invasion in danger

Update on my Tramadol experience for spinal arthritis...

For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge

5 Links Between Higher Education and the Prison Industry

When drones fall from the sky

Credit Rating Industry Dodges Reforms, Despite Role in Financial Meltdown

Giants strike first, hang on to beat D-backs

All of the bad actors from the Iraq invasion/occupation are crawling out of their holes .......

Japanese Parliament to Women: Breed, don't lead

Police officer came to my house last night.

Rally in Paramus draws 500 to support missing Israeli teens

A Private Putsch Against Public Schooling

The 9 Potential Scenarios For Team USA

AP corrects and mostly withdraws the Irish Orphanage septic tank story

The Turning Point: New Hope for the Climate - By Al Gore

Cartoon for June 21, 2014: If Obama Had Been President in 1975

First He Came Out as Undocumented. Then As Gay. Here's What It Means For Immigration Debate.

Australia seeks World Heritage reversal to open Tasmanian forests to logging.

The Return of Sixties Values

Republicans: Never Wrong About Anything

Good news in Sacramento. Officers Sedate, Capture Mountain Lion That Wandered Into Sacramento

Future of gay marriage in Arkansas uncertain, separation of powers under attack

The reason why MSNBC sucks now: Are verbal 'takedowns' no longer allowed?

San Francisco's Youth and LGBTQ Homeless Left with No Answer

Insect Spy Drones

Kerry in Cairo for talks with Egypt's new president

Presbyterian Church (USA) Makes Controversial Divestment Move Against Israel

Election Rigging, Dark Money in Cantor's "Upset" Loss to Koch Stealth Candidate

Organization is Helping Bisexuals Be Happily Embraced By God

A nonbeliever, curating religious art at the Morgan

Could use some prayers & vibs. My brother had a motorcycle accident last night. They think he had

Jewish groups anticipate rupture after Presbyterians vote to divest in protest of Israel

Group H: South Korea-Algeria

Group H: Belgium-Russia

How TPP-Trans Pacific Pack Would De-Regulate Financial Market And Everything Else

Group G: USA-Portugal

@jonathankarl is the biggest BFEE bootlicker since @brithume

Bandaids vs Peace Plan

Glen Greenwald thinks this person is 'Amazing'

France begs its citizens to lighten up with tourists

New Statesman : Why Elizabeth Warren should take on Hillary Clinton and run for the US presidency

Israel Threatens Witnesses to its Killings of Palestinians, and it Must Stop

Hispanic Newborns at Higher Risk of Neural Tube Defects

Not everyone who needs state intervention is a deadly threat.

Vive la libération: St. Louisans celebrate as their city is declared a George F. Will-free zone

(For Mass.people here): Boston Globe: Local names hard to find in Clinton’s book

PA to request Security Council meeting over Israeli 'aggression'

Senators To Obama: Hey You Can End Bulk Phone Data Collection Today; Obama: Ha, Ha, Ha, Nope!

49ers Levi's Stadium: (almost) ready for some football

Boko Haram crisis: Dozens killed in villages near Chibok

"If Black People Said The Stuff White People Say"

Rand Paul: Republicans ‘unfairly tarred’ as trying to suppress minority voters

Gay wedding canon Jeremy Pemberton faces service ban (UK)

Hillary Clinton Says She Isn't 'Truly Well Off' Saturday Guardian news

I think it's time we all listened to the stereotype song again-

Mike Malloy - Megyn Kelly Owns Dick Cheney Over Iraq

Mike Malloy - War Criminals In The Media Again

On This Day In Walmart History.

Dying vet’s ‘fuck you’ letter to George Bush & Dick Cheney needs to be read by every American

Hypersensitivity - A Dose of Buckley

Exciting Airplane Trip

catholic hospitals and women's health care (trust me, it is not pretty)

Even for the non-religious, this should give one great pause...

Mashed potato spillage closes Yorkshire road for five hours

catholic hospitals and women's health care (trust me, it is not pretty)


Anybody know why the Army ditched the green Class-A's?

Texas Day Care Investigated for Duct Taping Children to Sleeping Mats

Talk about being rightfully pissed off....

Jindal - "People Ready For Hostile Take Over Of Washington" - Huff Post.

Fox Host Wonders Whether Lost IRS Emails Will Lead To Obama's Resignation /SMH

Virginia man arrested in murder plot against wife, “Gotta love the gun show loophole"

Appreciation Thread: For those who post totally worthless Crap--Which makes up 98% of the news today

DICK: “We’re decimating the defense budget, not Al Qaeda."

The priest dropped the Host during Communion this morning.

Do you think this could have actually happened?

Mark of Cain

Wing-shooting: How valid is its nobility?

High CEO salaries can be bad for business, U. study finds

Albuquerque protesters put police chief on mock trial for police brutality

Most Important Story Of the Day!!!

Hong Kongers defy Beijing, cast votes in ‘illegal’ referendum

Democrats use climate change as wedge issue on Republicans

The stranglehold on America by two EVIL BROTHERS.

When two people are getting started with exploring sexuality together,

Warren isn't 2016 obsessed, stresses focus on midterms

WI Dem Convention and impeachment of Bush

‘Noah took baby dinosaurs on the ark because adults were too big’, says creationist museum

Eric Alterman: Neocons' Stunning Iraq Revisionism: Why They're Still Divorced From Reality

Don't Go Back to Iraq! Five Steps the US Can Take in Iraq Without Going Back to War

We have begun

What's for Dinner, Sun., June 22, 2014

Hundreds of Calgary Muslims protest ISIS violence in Iraq

Dick Cheney Doesn’t ‘Intend Any Disrespect’ By Suggesting Obama ‘Guilty Of Treason’

Last year at this time we were fighting a bitter war about fucking snowden and fucking greenwald.

Kerry Hints That U.S. Would Support New Leader for Iraq

Kentucky city to build discounted 'socialist gas stations'

If I could change my DU name, I would.

Why words matter..You can say anything you want..but it matters

Physicist offers $10,000 to anyone who can disprove "man-made global climate change"

I challenge you all to donate, today, to Free Speech TV

Atlernative history 1: Timeline of the Kerry Administration (President Kerry)

Alternative history II: Timeline (President Gore)

Little break from all the snarling...the Portsmouth Sinfonia does the "Blue Danube."

Thoughts on the Koch money that blew up Cantor…

Stephen Fry on the joys of swearing.

getting the band back together....

Ghana soccer player hands out cash to impoverished locals, Brazil police shut him down

Family of WWII vet killed by beanbag gun files suit

Saturday Ramble

The Obama administration implicitly endorsed Egypt’s new military-backed government Sunday

The Battle of St. Leonard's Creek, War of 1812,

Our imperialist nature is based upon our perceived superiority. It's been a long time since...

Believe it or not: Karl Marx is making a comeback

Ignite Church attempts to recruit young men by giving away AR-15

The American dream gives way to a new reality: social immobility

After deadly attack, Israel weighing options against Syria

Scenes of a Crime (false confessions documentary)

Being a Neocon Means Never Having to Say You're Sorry

The big emotional, financial costs of childhood poverty

Bill Maher believes Hillary Clinton could totally lose in 2016. Thoughts?

David Brooks calls it right this time. Then a broken clock is correct twice a day.

Never Thought I'd Say This--Rand Paul

Tim Koechlin: Inequality and the case for unions

Baby Goat Learns To Walk Again

Allen Carr's Easyway to Stop Smoking (the video)

When the Police Come to Your House, Ask Them Why.

Red Tide Bloom Closes Maine Waters to Shellfishing

Dirty words and context

Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld and Wolfowitz didn't promise peace in a decade or two.

Feeling guilty - must confess

I have just come across an incredibly painful ex-Muslim blog post

It's time to stop infantilising the Palestinians

Post-Dispatch Op-Ed Editor: Readers Were Horrified By George Will's Sexual Assault Column

Israeli settlers open fire at mourners in Ramallah, 1 hurt

The Hobby Horse and the Concertina Player

by Robert Reich

Report: Polish minister says US ties worthless

World Cup 2014 - General Happenings

Why Immigration is Good

Is the ACLU supporting the constitutional amendment to limit money in political

WTF ...9

What to do when your husband brings home 10 heads of romaine

Home veggie gardening, very small scale.

Until the countries like Iraq, Afghanistan, etc. learn to separate their

Jim Carrey ... Commencement Speech

WTF ...10

Fukushima Angry Japanese farmers say their animals are poisoned by radiation

When did we finally start singing "Take me Out to the Ballgame" in the seventh inning again?

Mayor throws dog poop in neighbor's yard; resigns

Egypt’s hidden prison: ‘disappeared’ face torture in Azouli military jail

Since we have been on the subject, a photo of the D-Day landing you might not have ever seen (update

Single payer: "Vermont to hire analyst for single payer design"

#NotJustHello - Street harassment stories told on Twitter

Local Sales Taxes

Isis captures more Iraqi towns and border crossings

El Salvador: charter to recognize indigenous rights

Kevin McCarthy: The Problem With Washington Is Harry Reid, Not Obama

Non-Union Working Women Face Greater Challenges on the Job

Tennis star Andy Murray saves a critter! :)

Evo Morales’ message of global solidarity

LOL ...

I need a web hosting site that is free and easy and intuitive to use.


Bolivia president marks Aymara Indian new year with citizens

Heard some suggestions on TV today about Iraq. Partition. Your thoughts?

Hotel Stripped of Franchise After Turning Away Family With Service Dog for Epileptic Boy (Video)

Perhaps it's time for plan B in Iraq and Syria?

Jindal says rebellion brewing against Washington

I keep reading about Republicans

My computer is saying everything I do.

No wonder they call these anti-democratic thugs American Taliban

Elon Musk Disruptor 50 Interview About SpaceX, Solarcity, Tesla & The Future

Most Michigan charter (school) companies don't follow financial disclosure law

From MSNBC - "Hillary Clinton stumbles on money questions"

Albuquerque activists hold 'people's trial' of police chief over brutality

Good luck to the US soccer team today against Portugal

Why aren’t there more atheist footballers?

Toroidal Sky - The first ever 360-degree time-lapse bends Space and Mind

Enjoying my backyard the other day.

Michele Wie

Sky is falling

Jindal Calls for ‘Hostile Takeover’ of Washington

In Egypt, Kerry presses Sissi to adopt moderate policies

Mystery object in lake on Saturn's moon Titan intrigues scientists

Moral Monday Tomorrow June 23rd, 2014

Watching soccer for first time

In Pictures: Life in Atmeh camp

Behold - the Archermobile!

Japanese-American man walks at high school graduation 72 years after World War II internment

Why Hillary Clinton Will Win in 2016

A Private Putsch Against Public Schooling

Credit Rating Industry Dodges Reforms, Despite Role in Financial Meltdown

My Husband Doesn’t Need to See Your Boobs

Russia's Institute of Cytology and Genetics has a monument to the lab rats used in DNA research.

U.S. Ex-US Attorney General Thornburgh Has Mild Stroke

Elizabeth Warren's birthday.

Rand Paul on Hillary Clinton: 'We will make her answer for Benghazi'

5 Links Between Higher Education and the Prison Industry

Why do Vets have so much trouble adapting to life back home?

17 dogs found dead at Gilbert (AZ) boarding home

Lawmakers call for investigation into mass graves

Helicopter prison escapees captured in Old Montreal

plant/flower people, can you tell me what this is?

Israel launches strikes on targets in Syria

Pope Francis’ new clothes: Why his progressive image is white smoke and mirrors

Photo of the Day: Legacy

Pope Francis’ new clothes: Why his progressive image is white smoke and mirrors

21 seconds

The Texas GOP’s Sara Legvold Problem

Drugs follow Eagle Ford energy boom

If you're going to appeal to authority in your fight against guns...

Mortar Platoon in the the front line in Normandy (June 21, 1944)

From year to year I forget how good real local strawberrries are

This July 4th, let's not have a repetition of last year's picnic, ok?

Texas Democrats: Women are key to 2014 victory

Story was in a friend's Facebook...

What Makes Goldfinches Wait Until July To Nest?

The proof that Stone Age man made great art

Today's Public Service Announcement: How not to submit a photo to a newspaper


It’s a boy! US exchange student rescued from giant stone vagina in Germany.

Cheney to Critics: Don’t Waste Time ‘Debating What Happened 12 Years Ago’

Rachel Maddow Op/Ed in WaPost: Congress, If You're Talking About Iraq, You're Talking About Vietnam

Ex-Goldman Trader Who Said $8 Million Bonus ''Too Low'' Involved in Fraudulent Activities

OMG really

I believe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Spoiler, obviously)

These Are The Real Reasons Behind Our Humanitarian Crisis At The Border


Toon: Live from the War Cup