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Iraqis Somehow Manage To Screw Up Functional Democracy U.S. Left Them With

George Will, The Damage You Are Doing is Atrocious

All 15 Of Clayton Kershaw's No-Hitter Strikeout Pitches In One GIF

CNN gives ISIS free publicity for their Western terrorist recruitment effort......WTF?

Wish everyone a happy Litha!

Mary Jo White of S.E.C. Seeks to Make More Bond Market Data AvailableThe Securities and Exchange Com

Sunset now!

Use of the C word here is insulting and demeaning to women.

NYC’s $40M Central Park 5 Settlement Resolves Wrongful Jailing Fueled by Race-Baiting, Police Abuse

This evening,

Weekend Economists' Sumer Is Icumen In June 20-22, 2014

Every time I open my refrigerator, *every time*.......

Stocks manage small gains; Dow, S&P 500 at records

Why The World Should Care About The War Against Guatemalan Women

Why The World Should Care About The War Against Guatemalan Women

Obamas want daughters to get taste of life on minimum wage: Parade

Can we finally agree that Obamacare is working?

Fitch Upgrades New York To AA+

cheney. chalabi. wolfowitz. miller. this shit is giving me ptsd.

Trying to make World Cup soccer more interesting

Interesting. A Star For Sharon Tate Sought On The Hollywood Walk of Fame

Here’s What ‘10,000 People’  At NOM’s Anti-Gay Hate March Really Looks Like

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF! Hittin’ the Highlights! & a new Kitteh gif

In this phase of my Randi Rhodes grieving process

Dumb Criminals: Florida Inmates Smuggle Guns Into Prison In Scheme To Sue Prison System

Which is a future Lounge poster and which is a future serial killer?

Jerry Brown signs budget; California government 'actually working'

Reputed white supremacist gets 58 to life for race murder

I've had a crush on a woman for 34 years. I finally get to see her next Saturday

Judge Rules for Family in Texas Fracking Case

Friday Talking Points (309) -- Meet Brian Schweitzer

STEM and charter schools

We're trapped between the food industry and health industry...

Crosspost from TexasTowlie: If anyone wants to help, PLEASE DO.

Dick Nixon Before He Dicks You......

Steve Leser vs Eric Bolling re: IRS "Scandal" on Fox News The O'Reilly Factor

Gentleman George Will is getting damned tired of having to explain rape to you guttersnipes

Costa Rica's president says no plans for corruption probe

Texas day care facing investigation over photos of toddlers held down with duct tape

Guest Lineups For The Sunday News Shows

A short guide to American populist movements

18 years after execution, judge asked to unveil prison drawings (2 youths tortured & killed)

Presbyterians Vote to Divest Holdings to Pressure Israel

A short guide to American populist movements

The "what about me?" syndrome

A beautiful tune nobody else has ever heard

The Immaculate International Missions of Obama

"You're missing the vagician" - The Best Way To Teach Your Daughter Not To Lie

CWS Game 12: Weather suspends play; game will resume at 2 p.m. Saturday (weather photos)

Obama Cautious on War, But Successor Won't Be

Iceland diverts road construction to protect elves...

Teh Furriday Nite Cats on Catnip Thred.

G. Greenwald is addicted to arguing, isn't he?

UK bans teaching of creationism in any school that receives public funding

99Rise - Kai Newkirk interview on RT

A single 'frack' uses 5 million gallons of water

The Media Just Sucks!!!!!!!!

"Can Progressive Religion Claim the Center?" and "Culture Changers"

The Terrible News Economists Are Trying to Hide About American Jobs

MIT Invents a Radical New Way to Heat Buildings: Spotlights That Follow You

In Rare Consensus, Sunnis and Shiites Tell Cheney to Shut Up (Andy Borowitz)

We watched VICE on HBO Debriefs: Playing With Nuclear Fire & No Man Left Behind

Ya know, the Bumblebee was meant to fly with an orchestra..

If the trailer is any indication, Santorum's soon to be released movie, is spectacuarly bad

Gov. Perry to visit Valley, tour immigration facility

Harper Accused Of 'Hiding' After Northern Gateway Pipeline Decision

When Does Saying No, And Giving In, Become A Yes?

Dental cleaning - is the anesthesia risk worth it?

Peru's Congress backs probe finding Garcia offered pardons to narcos

Roof where OCCC prisoner escaped well-known hot spot for incidents

This man’s mug shot is heating up the Web, and that’s provoking a backlash

The weight (sigh)

Quote from Hillary's book(Hard Choices).. The O Team's Rebuttal..

From the etymology of "shit": an old joke

Sickening! 22 yr old assisted living supervisor won't let staff call 911. 80 yr old patient dies.

Eight arrested during Mountaintop Removal protest

Groups say Justice’s Tennessee mines pollute water

Can we review what is acceptable speech on DU?

Invest 95E forms in Pacific, may move north towards Baja California

Technology suggestions?

James Baldwin Debates William F. Buckley (1965)

D'backs send Giants to 6th straight loss

CIA hatched plan to make demon toy to counter Osama bin Laden’s influence

Sept 17, 1993 First Lady Hillary Rodaham Clinton Keynote Speaker

Uruguay Delivers President Obama's Message To Cuba On Trade Embargo

A balancing act!

Groups Appeal to UN for 'Humanity' as Detroit Shuts Off Water to Thousands

Groups Appeal to UN for 'Humanity' as Detroit Shuts Off Water to Thousands

Berkeley may put climate warnings on gas pumps

Open Invitation to Publicly Debate "William Seger" regarding the work of P4T.

What a muttley crew! Peanut the snaggle-toothed mongrel crowned 'World's Ugliest Dog'

US Fired Depleted Uranium on Civilian Areas in Iraq: Report

Neoliberalism and the Subjugation of Latin America

Watch this with me: Michel Foucault and Noam Chomsky debate

Court overturns Los Angeles ban on living in cars

What's for Dinner ~ Saturday ~ June 21st

Neoliberalism and the Subjugation of Latin America

Tharpe! .... Sounds painful in comic parlance...

The President and First Lady.

Happy Summer Solstice!!!

Anyone else following this?

Merkel wants barriers to Mercosur trade removed

Testimony of Class-A war criminals shows folly of leaving things solely to politicians

In the 2000s, I thought we would've been way better off with McCain as prez instead of Bush...

Stephanie Kwolek, inventor of the super fibre Kevlar, dies at 90

Chief Justice Warren Burger on the 2nd Amendment

Muslim Brotherhood leader Mohamed Badie and 196 supporters sentenced to death in Egypt

Massive Fracking on Federal Lands Overwhelms Critical Inspections

Three U.S. troops killed by Afghanistan explosion

Chinese police shoot dead 13 attackers in Xinjiang

Government to ban widespread use of 'spy cars' by councils

Stephanie Kwolek, Chemist Who Created Kevlar, Dies At 90

Leading scientist ejected by audience after 'trying to crowd surf' at classical music concert

Goldman Sachs trader sues over skimpy $8.25 million bonus

The peaceful death of my sister-in-law this week gave me pause

30 killed today, 300 in past week, in Pakistan attacks on Waziristan militants; 200k flee

This meme says it all.

CLASSY AS F**K: Conservative ‘Christians’ Place Obama Figurines In Urinals At Conference

Potential Book Title: "Dumbass Bosses"

Texas man admits abducting, brutally beating a gay man

Sheriff Joe Arpaio says he ‘turned down’ being governor to pursue Obama’s birth certificate

9 Signs of Dangerous Gun Nut Craziness in 2014

Yet Another Responsible Gun Owner Shoots His Own Penis

Irish Wakes

On the death of a virgin in Ireland

'Fetal Personhood' Is Religious Right's New Dangerous Word Trap in Abortion Debate{long read}

Iraq: Ayatollah Sistani hints that Parliament should dump al-Maliki as Muqtada mobilizes “Peace Bri

Bat Shit Crazy WATCH: Rick Santorum says gay marriage hurts the economy

Inside Mosul: ISIS fears Popular Uprising; Baathists cry Foul

Bible-waving MN GOP Supreme Court nominee places God above U.S. law

Republicans’ Pathetic Last Resort: When Jeb and Mitt Are Your 2016 saviors

Afghanistan Elections: Abdullah refuses to Concede, Protests Erupt charging Fraud

Female genital mutilation exposed in Swedish class

Border Patrol

Why College Grads Are Wearing Red Tape at Commencements Nationwide

Fiji to Rich Carbon-Spewing Nations: History will Judge you for Sinking Us!

Global Warming is about to Decimate the Building Blocks of Life in the Ocean

Michele Bachmann: Hillary Clinton Should Be Disqualified From The Presidency

A Customer Wants To Make A Waitress' Life Miserable. So The Waitress Blurts Out The Truth.

VA: 80 percent of senior executives got bonuses

Flood of PTSD cases coming, scientists warn

Having some issues with a new piece.

World’s Richest Gain $16 Billion as U.S. Stocks Hit Highs

There are real reasons to worry about that Modi election in India

Iraq crisis: Maliki’s days in power numbered as Iran and US lose faith

Legal Pot Estimate Cut as 44% Washington Tax Curbs Demand

One of these is not like the other.. found on "I Love My Dog" FB page.

Systemic neoliberal “rationalism” recruited to prepare us for nuclear war?

Reviving the Myth of the "Successful Surge"

Another blow against methane: LNG is worse for climate than coal at real-world leakage rates, says D

The enormous humanitarian crisis developing in Iraq: 1 million+ have fled their homes

Prosectutors view of fundraiing roles in Walker John Doe. Great visual!

EPIC Les Misérables Wedding Flash Mob

Stories that mark World Refugee Day

If marijuana became legal in your state, would you apply to grow it?

Army strips Brig. Gen. Jeffrey Sinclair of two ranks, reducing retirement benefits

From the Dept. of We Never Learn: Iraq’s Next PM? Ahmed Chalabi, Chief Peddler of False WMDs, Meets

Presbyterians to divest as protest against Israel

The Owl Swifferer

Abducted Israeli teens must be released, Israel must cease collective punishment of Palestinians

Weekend Toon Roundup

Ed Gillespie Says Dubya Ran for President in 2009 (uhhh); Touts Work for Dick Armey. Mitt Romney

The right fears the emergence of a new caliphate. I'm not quaking in my boots

Best state in America: Vermont, for its healthy kids

Help for those visiting New York this summer

Judge Orders Deployed US Sailor To Attend Custody Hearing Or Lose Daughter, Face Arrest

Utah’s Catholic bishop: If you’re pro-life, you’re pro-Medicaid expansion

Another Atrocious Corporate Trade Scheme Planned in Secret Comes to Light

Stonehenge summer solstice celebrations see thousands gather

Prosecutor: Testimony in Perry probe winding down

A 2016 Question

Rockport sunrise

A ‘new anti-Semitism’ rising in France

Obama & Key hopeful of TPP deal

A superpac headquartered at an African American mega church?

Tokyo assemblywoman heckled by male colleagues during women's rights speech

Leader’s Words About Women Jolt Morocco

OK, Ed "Reformers"; You're ON!

The day trip that devastated New York's Little Germany

Anybody else having a problem with ActBlue?

What God does to your brain

Some are attempting to censor me!

Report: Half of vets with PTSD got treatment

My TEDx Talk: Reality Reconciles Science and Religion

Juan Cole: Obama Prepares for Drone War in Iraq

DOD sending team to Madigan for audit on military health care

Letter from a Minister

‘Bullsh*t!’ Greenwald and Iraq Vet Blow Up on Real Time over Snowden Leaks

george will has joined the crazies.....'Stopping a lawless president'

Cost of scramble to solve VA wait crisis: $54B yearly

Gov't moves to ban drones in 400 national parks

Smoked pork chops

It's Official. Big Food Sues Vermont

Sea bed iron mine rejected

Dissolving sea stars hit San Diego

Bad day for Vampires

Energy-crisis restitution: $76.5M

The Standstill Provision of the Corporate World; Crisis Could Come To Consumers and Governments.

A civil request: Please defend President Obama on these policies and actions.

Cat Welcomes Home Soldier (awesome)

NASSCO competing to build huge warship

Book Review: The Bonobo and the Atheist

Coco Vandeweghe wins first title

Republicans Court Religious Conservatives At Faith And Freedom Conference

Growing coalition presses Obama to end policy on religious discrimination in hiring

GOP’s “anti-establishment” con job: A cynical gambit to secretly talk about class

I want to thank all the LGBT Du'ers who helped me with this research

Tea Party’s embarrassing irony: How its ideal nation rejects basic American beliefs

A thread thanking all the LGBT du'ers who made my research possible

Catholic Charities Fort Worth has assisted about 200 unaccompanied minors

Coming soon to American politics: An unholy alliance between the GOP and Silicon Valley

The Russia as "Imperialist" Thesis Is Wrong

TPP would hurt farmers, America

At long last, Dick Cheney is finally the right man at the right time.

UN says 10.8 million Syrians need humanitarian aid

President Obama Speaks on the Situation in Iraq

Natural Gas Pipeline Construction Worries Rockaway Peninsula Beachgoers

President and Mrs. OBAMA Pose for Parade Magazine...

Israel sees Palestinian unity as possible casualty of kidnapping

Dear Dick Cheney

My first batch of vinegar is done. It's delicious.

Rev. Al Sharpton Urges Comptroller To Approve $40-Million Settlement For ‘Central Park Five’

Delusion much??

"In Rare Consensus, Sunnis and Shiites Tell Cheney to Shut Up"

Detroit News: DPS plans bigger classes, but won't close schools amid $49M loss in revenue

You can call them military advisers, but they are simply U.S. soldiers being sent back to Iraq.

New study: More women shot & killed by domestic partners than all US soldiers who died in Iraq/Afgha

The Left-Right Political Spectrum Is Bogus

Lawmakers back NYC tax break for solar panels

Fear Is Driving Young Men Across the U.S. Border

The well stocked pantry: What do you consider essential?

State: Long Island could soon see new area code

Thank You, Citibank-Goldman Sachs-Crooks: You’ve Moved The Poverty Conversation

Group F: Nigeria-Bosnia and Herzegovina

Group G: Germany-Ghana

Group F: Argentina-Iran

I am NOT a number!

Bears' longest-tenured player in franchise history retires

When keeping your eye on the ball goes horribly wrong...

5 Entities in the Running to Get Yellowstone Bison

Educating for the Status Quo

Say what?!?

Cats and Sushi

Apparently, he doesn't even have the sense that God gave geese...

Your mothers, sisters, aunts, grandmothers and grandchildren are on DU.

Prospective 2009 Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, President Barrack Obama, has given peace a chance, and

Breaking - England get second chance as Ref is charged with match fixing offences

VA Gov to State GOP: "I'm going to expand Medicaid without you."

Christie Says He Has 'Complete Faith' in Scott Walker, Talking Points Memo:

by Robert Reich

Here's what you do when you're sick of your "in-box" congressional e-mail

everything is awesome! everything is cool when you have a cup of hot tea!

99 Rise on the Move: The Occupation of Sacramento (Truthout article)

I am just sickened by the attitude in this thread.

Murder charge still pending against woman at 102

Your Military Industrial Complex at Work

New study: More women shot & killed by domestic partners than all US soldiers who died in Iraq/Afgha

ok, while at work I read on CNN or CBSnews or one of those things

Luckovich puts Cheney right where he belongs...

City’s ‘First Children’ To Serve As King Neptune, Queen Mermaid At Mermaid Parade

He went to jared

I might be overall pro RKBA

Daniel Snyder Gives Up 'Redskins,' Ignites Firestorm With New Nickname

Ralph Reed Compares Fight Against Same-Sex Marriage to Fight Against Slavery

American Interactive Map of Hate, Southern Poverty Center, Alabama is Number One

Anger grows at Arizona’s ‘bullying’ Border Patrol as funding for border protection increases

A happy and blessed Summer Solstice

Rest In Power, Horace Silver

in the botanic garden

Bicyclist dies in Calhoun County crash

Police: Zapped driver sheds stun gun barbs, flees (from NH to MA)

I'm dealing with some stuff right now ..

Alternative Obscenities

Appreciation thread for those who post useful stuff...

LIVE RADIO NOW: Left & Right Wings agree. No more war in Iraq?


Damn, Peggy, that ain't you, is it?

At least we have a little time to go before they become our masters...

Shall we play a game?

Mississippi Runoff Tuesday-- KKK For McDaniel, Brett Farve For Cochran

What forces are responsible for your successes and failures?

Catholic group calls on the faithful to vote.

In the 2008 primary, Hillary was called....A Suggestion for a Compromise on a Certain Word

Books not to write...

....and then there is this...

Combine conservativism and woo...

Reply not working in a thread in the Education group.

Our "Pick to make you sick!" for the day...

Starry Nights

South Korean soldier 'kills five comrades, wounds five'

ISIS Control of Border Crossing Between Iraq & Syria: Fighters Prepare For Likely Assault On Baghdad

A Mother-Daughter Test: London, Together

Wolf creates Political Action Committee, to be independent of party bosses

Mass immigrant graves uncovered in Texas cemetery

Scenic Hudson pays $468K for 80 acres it will protect

Chicago vigil for kidnapped teens set for Monday

For LGBT People, the Pope Is No Hero

TYT for 99Rise and the March to Save Democracy


Rand Paul defends Obama against Dick Cheney

Shiite Militia marches through Baghdad

Led Zeppelin IF the levee breaks (Photo of Bellevue, NE this AM)

A Life of Activism Gives You Hope, Energy and Direction by Maude Barlow

So much meta, so little time...

Herman Cain says "stupid people" are ruining America?

Hope Solo Arrested for Domestic Violence

Injured men sue Vancouver company after Guatemalan mine shooting

What is a slur? Redskins case forces us to decide (AP)

Washington Post: Kochs' Americans for Prosperity nation's third-biggest party

Hey Gorgeous, what would you like to do tonight?

Obama Gets First 3D-Printed Presidential Portrait

In honor of DK's wise words on Iraq

The Solstice Blues

Rite of the Sitting Dead: Funeral Poses Mimic Life

Great White Shark is Coming Straight for Texas

some might argue You were, sir.

Dammit! Dammit! Dammit!

There are plenty of jobs to be had.

Madison Keys wins first career title

Will the 300 military advisers Obama sent to Iraq be helping these folks direct attacks?

my old phone, android, died and took WinAmp with Shoutcast with it. looking for a comparable

Another great reason to legalize it....

A quick question for mechanically inclined.

A great quote that fits this jerk...

Tony Blair 'was told of Syrian WMDs' says former intelligence chief


Two events, Gallery Hop and a small car show. All cut short by a gully washer.

Barack Obama's presidency is spiraling downward (by a UChicago professor)

Largest Company by Revenue in Each State

Adam "Pac Man" Jones legal troubles

Birds helped acacia trees travel 18,000km from Hawaii to Réunion Islands

‘Magnificent’ year for Scots treasure hunters

TBogg at Raw Story has written the definitive takedown of George Will.

Edward Snowden portraits are all the rage in China

Hundreds Of Twitter Users Believed To Be 4chan Trolls Posing As Feminists

Pentagon Pain: F-35 stealth fighter jet 'one of worst planes we've ever designed'

Religious reproductive rights group to honor 2 women

BECAUSE Pat Robertson says so, THAT'S WHY!

The Crash and Churn of Lawrence O’Donnell

I'm trying to be original here, ok?

Reproductive-rights website says New Orleans women are buying abortion pill on the streets

"Collective Panic" in VZ - great article on lies of the oligarchy

Congrats to the Austin Chronicle

Meet Iraq's future president.

Biden Assaults the Press!! (annual summer picnic)

Holy Sheit ...

Just Say No ...

WATCH: Remote Canadian First Nation’s kids create haunting version of Cup Song

Max Keiser #616,'ll know it when you hear it. The kleptocracy runs amok.

RUSSELL BRAND Joins 50,000 In March Against AUSTERITY

Gay gubernatorial hopeful leads Maine pride parade

For Biden, Iraq crisis offers timely vindication

Group G - Spoiler

When did you stop reading stories to your kid?

Sympathy for the Devils: Scenes From the Social Conservative Collapse

Kidnapped Kurdish school children are being taught to be Jihadists by ISIS

This is amazing! Bird uses bread to catch fish

borowitz: New Painting from President Bush

Sen. Sanders on Iraq.

Carol Schwartz talks about why she decided to run for Mayor,

"Comedy air steward's alternative safety announcement" (funny video)

O'Malley Meets Iowa

Welcome David Young GOP turd for the 3rd

Places where there are more gun stores than museums & libraries...

To say that my town is as ignorant as an effin' stump is an insult to stumps everywhere

Protest in Venezuela: The Difference Between the Violent and Nonviolent Right Is Smaller Than You Ma

For all who stay out of "that other place," a happy and blessed Summer Solstice

Feds to house migrants at facility in Artesia (NM)

Mafiosi are 'excommunicated', pope says

"A Winning Strategy for Iraq and Syria" -- Powerfully Connected CFR, Leslie Gelb, Speaks Out!

"So what are we doin later, Joey ....

Cruz blames Obama for influx of Central and South American Child Immigrants.

Hope Solo Arrested on Domestic Violence Charges

A dozen toons and memes and whatnot.

Uniquely American GREED

Atlantic tropics are quiet

"I'm a Medicare Patient. Please Don't Hate Me!"

The Meteor Crater, Arizona:

First Nations leaders urge natives and non-natives to unite against Northern Gateway

Poll: Fewer Americans Blame Poverty on the Poor

My neighborhood tomorrow,

Deputies Drag Woman Out of Car for Trying to View Name Tag

Wrong about everything...

BUSTED! Prairie dog taken to jail, ‘charged’ with criminal trespass

I really want marriage equality to come to Michigan...

It's a surprise that I still have a roof over my head...

How America became uncompetitive and unequal

My sailboat:

Kerry: I won't run for any public office again.

If you're going to buy something online

When they call him a tyrant and a dictator, you know what that really means?

The New GOP Majority Whip Is A Climate Change Denying Koch Brothers Flunkey

"Just saw Titanic. How are you dealing? I had no idea your people had it so hard."

Florida man strikes again.


WBC may be protesting Jefferson City pretty soon.

More than 400 US military drones crashed in past 13 years, report says

Iraq's Next PM? Ahmed Chalabi, Chief Peddler of False WMDs, Meets U.S. Officials As Malaki Falters

2008: Bush Admin 'loses' 22 million emails related to Plamegate, Darrel Issa says 'don't sweat it.'

It's Caturday--Time for a Mew Catrear!

Wow, what a sensible guy

For Reasons They Will Never Admit Republicans Are Responsible For The Attack on Benghazi

Grateful Dead 1989 Summer Solstice Concert (VIDEO)

Why I fled libertarianism — and became a liberal

Miroslav Klose ties the scoring record!

Guy makes plastic rope from a plastic bottle.

(Disney's) ‘Tarzan’ among Rose’s best musicals review (and pix of audience & cast interaction)

Any DUers going to see Glenn Greenwald in San Diego this evening?


World Giraffe Day: No more than 80,000 giraffe left in Africa

Without fanfare, Obama advances transgender rights

Latest Wisconsin jobs data provide ammo for Scott Walker's opponents

Trees Communicate