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Archives: June 16, 2014

I hear the train at times

Hilarious. Someone calling Putin "dickhead" causes meltdown by Russia Today/Putin TV/Kremlin

Iraq crisis: West must take up Tehran's offer to block an Isis victory

Cubs get lesson in dumpster diving!

Ukraine crisis: Kiev faces halt to gas supply

After incident with 3 year old, JetBlue will be requiring sensitivity training.

Why Hillary Clinton Should Go a-Knocking on Ralph Reed’s Door

Warning: Yahoo News sometimes reprints content from right wing websites.

Red America’s Anti-Gay Backlash

Texas' oil, gas regulator refuses to talk to media

Archie Bunker’s Brilliant (?) Summary Of What Equal Pay Would Do To America

Recycle bins in Turkey - recycle bottles, automatically feed stray animals

More things change, the more they stay the same

Anthony Bourdain

Mass Moral Monday! Stand Up For Workers, the Poor, Women and People of Color

For the record, Just because I'm wearing a kilt doesn't mean you can touch me

Colombia's Santos wins re-election, to continue peace talks

Kerry Points Finger at Hamas in Israelis' Kidnapping

Ruh Roh: Connecticut ‘hoarder’ killed after floor collapses

So the Baghdad airport has been destroyed, Internet cut to the U.S. Embassy...

SUCKER! Fox News freaks out over 4Chan hoax that feminists are plotting to end Father’s Day

Usama Bin Laden strikes from the dead

Iraq, Simply Put......

Love Song from Mutiny On The Bounty

Preserving the soul

Congressman adjourns Idaho GOP convention amid infighting and jeers from attendees

Anybody else suffering from CWS ('Cosmos Withdrawal Syndrome') tonight??

Why is there a Father's Day anyway?

Meet Captain Morgan, the newest edition to the Applegrove household. He

New Drugs in New America 2.0

How about a "Notice" section or a bulletin board?

Why I couldn’t possibly vote for Zuluaga

Last day on the Phones was slow and uneventful.

Goshen College article cites staring as an example of "Psychological Rape"

WTF ... 4

An OB/GYN writes to George Will about college rape

Chinese investors buying up U.S. golf courses

When One Party ...

A real surprise after my car was worked on Wednesday

"George Clooney 'mulling run for California governor'"

Lindsey Graham urges simultaneous war with Iraq and Syria

Chris Hedges: The Rules of Revolt

This is fabulous. Jazz Cows!

Religious hat

Germany sells guidebooks on renewable energy sites

"House GOP approves more tax breaks without paying for them"

In this terrible news day, a bright spot:

Favorite band named after plumbing supplies.

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Monday, 16 June 2014


Colombia’s funniest election video

Warren Watch: Could Heinz Ketchup bear fruit for Ford? Research underway (plastic from tomatoes)

Happy EOBB&H day!

"Lindsey Graham Urges Discussions With Iran On Iraq"

Conflating liberal opposition to.... just about anything, with rightwing opposition

Raul Labrador Adjourns Idaho GOP Meeting As Party Hits 'Rock Bottom'

Was Joe Biden right?

Where are the jealous douchebags???? I guess we know now why he

Western Colombia election official recorded chanting drunk praise for Zuluaga, paramilitaries

Goal-line technology used for first time at World Cup

Suck on it you jealous douchebags!!!

Bullpen falters again as Rockies sweep Giants

It Just Doesn't Matter

Starbucks offers online college program to workers

Brazil cops shoot live rounds during Cup protests

I absolutely want a season 3 of Orphan Black

1997 NBA Draft

Celente - This Key Bubble Will Collapse The House Of Cards

Losing streak lengthens for foes of gay marriage

I just found something out about Hillary and now I am forced not to give her my support.

Ten Essentials Exercises for Strength and Flexibility

I think this whole "stare-rape" 4-Chan incident is a beautiful, accidental Rorscache test...

With all the anti-Hillary posts lately, maybe we should put this in context...

Tesla's 1901 vision for wireless power transmission is reborn

Kerry points to Hamas role in Israelis' kidnapping


Steve Perry with Eels (and my son, The Chet)

Spurs beat Heat 104-87 in Game 5 to win NBA title

Do you expect to vote for the Democratic candidate in 2016, regardless of who is nominated?

KFC probes whether scarred girl was asked to leave

Salmon migrate by truck during California drought

Krugman: 'Mr. Obama is looking like a very consequential president indeed'

Drone Knocked Unconscious By Thrown Shirt

Iraq conflict: US considers talks with Iran

Poachers Kill Satao, One of the World's Largest Elephants

The kidnapping is indefensible – but Israel helped provoke it

OMFG!!!!! " Romney blasts Hillary Clinton as 'clueless' "

My new book

My new book

Gaza child succumbs to wounds 3 days after Israeli strike

The wisdom of the Doctor

What a shitty way to end Father's Day: shot a sick raccoon and had to talk to my daughter about it

PutinTV (Russia Today) has RW nutter "ex-CIA agent" to spout anti-Semitic conspiracy theory

Well, I guess we won't be seeing Luminous Animal here for awhile...

Post-Tropical Cyclone Cristina moves NW in Pacific, Tropical Storm Hagibis thrashes China

Big changes here ... adios for a while

Its b-a-a-a-ck......

Mitt Romney: Hillary Clinton's Record Is A 'Monumental Bust'

Is privacy loss worth 8% car insurance discount?

Salon: The day I left my son in the car

Smoking Popes - "Gotta Know Right Now"

Full Scale Civil War in Moscow

Wall Street Journal: Colombia's Peace Gamble

If Hillary's past stand on marriage equality disqualifies her, it disqualifies most of the party.

The Metaphysics of Money

Major environmental victory in Patagonia

Major environmental victory in Patagonia


Uribe charges massive fraud in Colombia vote

Medical Marijuana, the illegal miracle, parts 1 & 2

The Case That Shows How Far Indigenous Mexicans Are from Achieving Equality

Who else missed the first annual Bigfoot Festival in Leetonia OH?

What conservatives have blamed on Obama...

Topless Feminist Stabs Putin Dummy in Paris Wax Museum. Obama Figure Looks On. (photos)

11 Ways Our Society Treats Us Like Caged Rats: Do Our Addictions Stem from that Trapped Feeling?

Just Stumbled Across This: Rand Paul Vs. Bernie Sanders --- Is Health Care a Right?

The elections in about 3.6 months: how does your state look for Democrats ?

How Republicans Are Creating a Crisis of Competence in Government

How often do we have to have bullshit from "Russia Today" thrown at us?

Icelandic Bank to Start Charging Low Earners

Paraplegic Man Kicks Off World Cup - What You Didn't See On TV

Iceland: Less Painful to Drop Capital Controls Quickly?

Imagine if the government gave a fee to religion out of the national treasury?


Iceland Bankers Found 'Not Guilty' on Most Charges in Aurum and Imon Cases

Sunni Militants Capture Another Iraqi Town

Campus Election Engagement Project seeks part time fundraiser

What are you reading the week of June 15, 2014?

My dream Meet the Press is

Surrounded by War In Sloviansk - Vice News


Florida enacts abortion law requiring doctors to evaluate foetus survival

On June 26... snicker

Ukraine Crisis: Lugansk Refugees Flood Russian Border (Starts at 13 seconds in)

Adorable puppy turns into vicious man eater with leaf blower

The coming 'tsunami of debt' and financial crisis in America

F1 legend Michael Schumacher 'out of coma'

How Our Government's Behavior Post 9-11 Has Thoroughly Trashed the First Amendment

…And I, for one, believe her.

Hillarious! If you don't want to view RT (Russia Today) then stop posting them!

5 Extreme Acts of Greed that Screw the American People

Bitter Old White Men Want To Take On Iraq, Round 3

Kentucky Fried Chicken asks girl attacked by pit bull to leave for ‘disrupting the customers’

Political Polarization Hits New Extremes as Republicans Move to Far Right

American Voters Need To Realize The Terrible Urgency Of 2014

Colorado man pleads not guilty, says he ‘mercy’ killed wife after accidentally shooting her

Rare footage surfaces of Rush Limbaugh exiting swimming pool

The Persecution Myth: New Report Takes On The Right's Deceptive Rallying Cry

In and In

Tony Blair: The West must intervene in Iraq

THe Fucking Fog of Fucking War. Baghdad Edition

"And a fuck for the Bishop of Cork!"

So How Many Tesla Patents Are There?

Nebraska governor candidates spar as minimum wage becomes key issue

GOP Senator Calls Veteran’s Care ‘Entitlement’ We ‘Can’t Afford’

Exposed: Texas Instruments employees with cancer eligible for compensation

The Shocking Lack Of Diversity On This Week’s Sunday Shows

BREAKROOM: Resignation of mayor sought over dog poop incident

LGBT Groups Opposing the TPP because of Brunai

7 Myths about the Radical Sunni Advance in Iraq

Only America can Prevent what in Iraq Bremer?

Russia cuts gas supply to Ukraine

Blair-Bush & Iraq: It’s not just the quagmire but the Lawbreaking & Deception

Hobby Lobby aims for Obamacare win, Christian nation

The Atlantic: Comparing Hillary Clinton to Russ Feingold, Whose Record Is Better?

We need new Maps! That’s how much Arctic Sea Ice has melted

Three ways climate change is going to ruin your beer

“If you take down the central gov’t…you could… see… pieces of Iraq fly off”- Dick Cheney 1994

Christie on Bridgegate: You'll get over it

What was God's role in Auschwitz? A question often prohibited, but always asked

Miracle Crop: India's Quest to End World Hunger

Jihadist Sites Boast of Massacre Showing Widening Iraq Rifts *** CAUTION - graphic pic***

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, June 17: TCM Guest Programmer: Gene Wilder

Schumacher leaves French hospital, out of coma

Chris Hedges: American Socrates (Noam Chomsky)

income gap widens as factories shut down

War profiteer advertising on D.U. Yes, its true.

Oil history permeates Iran nuclear deal

My Son Claims I'm A "Girly-girl"

Good Read-The only silver lining over Iraq is rapprochement between the US and Iran-Simon Jenkins

The Almighty Mess in Iraq (Courtesy of Bush & Cheney)

Lindsay Graham says Obama must "sit down and talk" with Iran

Malia Obama Is Working on the Set of Extant

Fukushima's Children are Dying

Hawks Push for Iraq War: The Rule of Law Prevents It

No Peace and No Democracy: Two Occupations Ending in Hopeless Disasters

US-Based Medtronic Is Buying Covidien And Moving To Ireland In A $43 Billion Mega-Deal

I had started listening to THE KITE RUNNER on audiobook. **SPOILERS**

Boris Johnson: Tony Blair's Iraq comments 'unhinged'

'Bionic Pancreas' Astonishes Diabetes Researchers

A Development That Should Have Wall Street Terrified

If you are going to explore Space.....

I'm going to see how this works

Dead Americans and the Gadsen Flag

Sunni militants capture northern Iraqi town

Local Police Are Using Surveillance Tactics The Obama Administration Doesn't Want You To Know About

'Bionic Pancreas' Astonishes Diabetes Researchers

Everything You Need To Know About Missile Defense In One Paragraph

US Forces in Korea

Wendy Davis going beyond Texas for campaign bucks

Meme found on Facebook Iraq...

I support Hillary Clinton

Modern-Day Debtors’ Prison? Judges Push Back Against the South’s Privatization Wave

Kerry: U.S. drone strikes 'may well be' option in Iraq

Unbelievable. Joe Scar had Paul effing Bremer on MJ today talking about Iraq...

Oh Mayor Leffingwell is there nothing you won't do for the corporations?

If the bible is the most important book in your life that is fucking scary

Hobby Lobby aims for forced 'Christian' ideals...

this would be a great place to talk things over

Quinnipiac: Voters say no to East River tolls

I'm seriously contemplating having to defriend a friend on FB over last night's Game of Thrones.

UH...WHAT? Republican: Why Can't America Be More Like Saudi Arabia?

Christie To Donors: 'You'll Get Over' The Bridge Scandal

MacDill set to receive more tankers under budget plan

Sen. Diane Savino says supporters won't be deterred by Gov. Cuomo's concerns about medical marijuana

Idaho GOP convention unconventional: Disunity abruptly ends event

Small holes found fuel tank at Navy’s Red Hill storage facility

The Good Obamacare News That's Been Flying Under DC's Radar

Gay Oklahoma soldier's discharge upgraded to honorable

Foreign holdings of US Treasury debt increase

Injunction Ordered On Moral Monday Protest Rules in NC!

Obama is about to undo Bush's victory in Iraq

CNBC Anchor Confronts Rick Perry About Remark Comparing Gays To Alcoholics

As wars end, Army and other branches of the military cut enlistment goals

Siena: NY voters ready to re-elect Gov. Cuomo, but happy with NY Senate set-up too

Anyone have strong opinions on Montgomery County local election candidates?

Article on what is going on in Iraq: U.S. considers action with Iran against Iraq insurgent onslaught

Little-known Treasury fund has tab for VA settlements

Why The Worst Get on Top in Economics

Mitt’s pathetic self-delusion: Why Romney will never be elected president

TOM TOMORROW: The Anti- Party

I am completely against the death penalty, but by golly I want to see MUCH harsher penalties

Fired German teacher files EEOC complaint against Middlebury Community Schools

Great Resume, Too Bad About Your Religion

A Civilized Critic of Savage Behavior - Robert Johnson on Reality Asserts Itself

Raising city minimum wage to $13.13 would generate $6 billion a year, controller study finds

Q about content of the Bible

Union in fight with private hospitals over free health care for members

If someone discovered a lost civilization next year ...

21 years ago today, I held his hand and kissed him goodbye ...

US could allow Iran sanctions to expire in 2016

After oil, natural gas may be next on North American rails

Group G: Ghana-USA

Group F: Iran-Nigeria

'Deep Throat' garage from U.S. Watergate scandal to be razed

Group G: Germany-Portugal

"796 Babies In A Septic Tank": Does An Anti-Catholic Bias Help Explain This Hoax?

Starbucks will pay tuition for many employees to finish college

Undocumented immigrants in New York could become 'state citizens' under new bill

The Unelectable Whiteness of Scott Walker...

SUNY reaches deal with Fortis to sell LICH

A 2016 Presidential Primary Clue? Vermont’s Socialist Senator Bernie Sanders Heads To New Hampshire

Taliban warns foreign companies to leave Pakistan

What exactly constitutes an acceptable human being around here?

China Inc borrows $14 trillion, overtakes US as top corporate borrower

Cuomo’s charter-conference video

Breaking - Divided Supreme Court Shoots Down 'Straw' Purchases of Guns

Rocker Melissa Etheridge, a breast cancer survivor, calls for NY to legalize medical marijuana

18 Things White People Should Know/Do Before Discussing Racism

Supreme Court deals rare blow to gun purchases

Supreme Court deals rare blow to gun purchases

Report: Ukraine president proposing cease-fire

Mayor de Blasio gears up to make good on Stanley Cup bet with L.A.

Possible Darwin Award winner...

Drunk,waving a gun,yelling about his 2nd amendment rights

Empathy for President Obama

Texas’ oil, gas regulator refuses to talk to media

"Absolutely Nothing" Warning: Graphic images of people EXPERIENCING war...

N.Y. grapples with cost of life-saving Hepatitis C drug

Pope tells super rich, bankers to find some ethics

NSA Tracks All Emails, Texts, Phone Calls in Iraq

Stuyvestant Town residents find themselves fighting, again

Bush/Cheney Were "Entitled" to Their Lives, Now They're Not "Entitled" to Care

Rifle-toting MI man won’t be charged after frightening cops

just had something odd happen here at the Las Vegas DMV

New York Times' Baquet has malignant tumor removed

Mike Malloy - 1.3 School Shootings Every Week

Mike Malloy - George Will: Rape Victim Is a ‘Coveted Status’

“Historic”: NY looks to add canal system to National Register

Supreme Court lets stand a ban on using churches for graduations

Poll: Common Core rollout breeds confusion

PETA Linking Dairy Foods to Autism

Do you still have your wisdom teeth and if so, why?

Cities Wired for Fiber Internet, Lobbyists Prevent Usage

Ireland was no country for young women but for men another story

If you believed a Candidate was a Believing Christian, would you be more or less likely to vote

Mayor de Blasio and First Lady Chirlane McCray will not march in parades that exclude LGBT members

Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld & Co. should go get their shower of flowers & chocolates on streets of Iraq

Ring of Fire: The Untouchable 2nd Amendment

The total area of solar panels it would take to power the world, Europe, and Germany

When Pro-Putin "progressives" attack: the latest

ONE SMALL STEP: Supreme Court rules on 'straw purchaser' law

(Baseball) Hall of Famer Tony Gwynn dies

Nonprofit Holds First Pride Event For Transgender Community

The FCC Wants Your Opinion: Should the Government Kill Free Speech on the Internet?

Final days for legislative session

Saudi is funding a lot of Sunni rebels in Iraq: are they on our team or gone rogue?

What would make this group "acceptable" to some people?

Ukraine Foreign Minister Calls Putin A ‘D*ckhead,’ Russia Explodes

Hall of Famer Tony Gwynn dies

KSTP/SurveyUSA: Franken(D), Dayton(D) Have Single-Digit Leads in Minnesota!

#EndFathersDay: Trolls being trolls, or “black propaganda” designed to tear apart feminism?

Actually the Bible is probably the most important book in my life too.

Food product abuse

Tips to Improve Father-Teen Relationships

Tips to Improve Father-Teen Relationships

Schumer Wants Tighter Trucking Regulations

ISIS is Being Exploited in the Media as a Bogeyman- Iraq in on the Brink of Full-Blown Sectarian War

"(Word With Sexual Connotation) Random Word": What do you think?

Global renewables race opens up

People wonder why I consider chriopractic to be woo?

Gov. Cuomo: I won't be part of a medical marijuana system that will 'wreak havoc'

THis is an ACTUAL e-mail I just received.

Cuomo Shrugs Off Teachout, Insists He’s Been Progressive

After this past weekend incident in the DU Bathhouse we have some new rules....

OK. Now I know why I can't watch soccer matches...

Meth lab found at California retirement community

Monday puzzle....

Wes and Tony with a lesson on Complaining

Obama Drafting Executive Order On LGBT Job Discrimination

Sen. Elizabeth Warren's religion is very important to her

The Texas GOP Wants to Test Welfare Recipients for Drugs

While the war criminal Poodle Blair is spewing crap on BBC

Fahy, McDonald, Steck call for stricter oil train laws

How many championships did you say?

I think a Hillary Clinton - Elizabeth Warren ticket would be unbeatable.

The influence of Genghis Khan in the Middle East..

US Supreme Court rejects Argentina appeal in bond fight

SCOTUS Rules For Anti-Abortion Group In Case About Campaign Lies

Raspberries coming in nicely, despite the brutal winter.

When The Might of the State is Deployed Against the Oppressed: Thoughts on my Arrest

No fires, no overturned cars, no riots. S.A. celebrates – with class.

Stunning pixs of Iceland

Post Partum Depression

5 Million people have watched this video...

Who Funded the Sunni Warlords in Iraq? the USA Did...

Obama Administration Announces Executive Order Protecting LGBT Employees Of Federal Contractors

Let Them Eat Soccer Balls

Krugman: 'Who Cares What Centrists Think,' Obama's Having A Great Year

Did the Clinton Costco photos leave you wondering

US factory output rebounded in May after April dip

Johnny Manziel is so cool...

Memo to Congress: Why the NRA's Absolutism Is Indefensible

BREAKING: Obama To Sign Executive Order To Protect LGBT Federal Contractors

Fox News Praises George W. Bush’s Ability To Anticipate Problems In Iraq, Think Progress:

The Rude Pundit - Bobby Jindal: Fetus and Jesus Lover and Hypocritical Motherfucker

John Kerry introduces his "Our Ocean" conference

CNN's 4 hours on Bush 41 funded by Bush Library!

With the defeat of Eric Cantor, 100% of Congressional Republicans are Christian and all are white...

The Unanimous SCOTUS Decision in SBA List v. Driehaus is extremely important.

Religion and Politics.. More important than you think

Iowa Court Tosses Sentence in HIV Exposure Case

So where do I buy reliable seeds?

Libya's Benghazi rocked by fierce fighting

U.S. Marines, Army soldiers deployed to U.S. Embassy in Iraq

Atmospheric CO2 Crosses "Ominous Threshold"

What do you consider credible news reporting?

Whose hungry?

You Might be a Republican ...

Kevin Swanson, mo-ron: 'Links Dumbledore and Gobber the Belch to Pedophilia'

Pope Francis chooses Albania for his European visit

Factories Boost U.S. Output as Builders Gain Confidence: Economy

High court: Ohio's false statements law can be challenged

Portland Raging Grannies (PRIDE)

The Hillary hatred has gone far enough

A Grande And A Degree: Starbucks To Send Employees To College For Free

Professor Richard Wolff's Economic Update: "Capitalism's Mounting Contradictions" (audio link)

Insurers flocking to ObamaCare

Underworld Threat to Melting Icecap

Army begins Bergdahl investigation

Stiffer penalties proposed for assaulting a process server

The Family was founded as an anti-labor movement. More about power than religion.

Must regain control.

"It’s Fun to Bang the President"

A New Spin from the Inequality Denialist Set

McCain: ‘Height of folly’ to work with Iran on Iraq

Nielsen ratings scandal widens; Univision executive implicated

Toronto lawyer tries to block another Harper government judicial appoi

A Dads life does not end after Fathers Day...

Bill C-24 would undermine rights to citizenship

suggestion: Improvement to Jury system

Private Wealth, Public Squalor: America’s Dilemma

Traumatized vets would get special consideration if they commit certain crimes, under proposed law

Rick Perry questions gay therapy

WTF ...5

Crazy beer trick

Five Strategies to Stop the Northern Gateway Pipeline from Being Built

Caption This Photo: Drop And Give Me Twenty, Mike Coffman!


SUNY plaza to host year-round farmers market

If We Want to Build Powerful Movement for Economic Justice, Work on Poverty Can’t Be “Separate Thing

Julian Vasquez Herilig:

Deciding whether to use military force in Iraq is not up to Obama alone

GPS tracking case has left unsettled questions

Caption This Photo: Drop And Give Me Twenty, Mike Coffman!

The end of legal abortion in the south?

Final environmental report issued on Virginia Avenue Tunnel project

Dallas Friends of Public Education blog spot...

BREAKING NEWS: Scandalous Revelations Stun Hillary Clinton Supporters

Roger Federer wins a semifinal match in Germany, has absolutely no idea he'd won

Sonic's Chicago Dogs

Moody’s Upgrades NY

Hillary Clinton doesn’t have a problem with liberals. Not hardly.

A Closer Look at NASA’s FY 2015 Budget Prospects

Who will pay for air strikes in Iraq? Me??? F*CK NO! That is all.

dog escapes kennel, and then opens a few more cages (and then they all go eat)

Talk Poverty - Greg Kaufmann Discusses His New Project

Fracking decision may affect local areas

Who am I? U.S. adoptees finally winning birth certificate rights

Don't know if this is proper or not---

The people who jumped on Hillary for her statements on religion now look pretty silly

The Best Cheap Prepaid Phone Plans You've Never Heard Of

It's time for the Democrats to take it to the people.

Did we really expect Hillary to cite "The Gospel of the Flying Spaghetti Monster" as the most

A Bush heads into conflict

Flashpoint: Maliki's Violent Crackdown on Iraq Protesters 1 year ago:

I'll take the high road and refrain from suggesting he do it....

U.S. healthcare ranks last among 11 developed nations, report says

Gossip site wins appeal of cheerleader's lawsuit

What does what words we have say about our culture?

Why Is Sheldon Adelson Trying to Defeat Medical Marijuana?

Anti-Israel Activists Thrilled by Abduction of Israeli Teens

Why HRW’s Ken Roth won’t condemn kidnapping of Israeli teens

Animal shelters/rescues should team up with Goodwill

LMAO! George Takei's Sean Hannity Photo!

First day started at 5 a.m.!

Spurs' Success: Maybe a few socialistic principles at work?

Tea Terror

Behind the scenes at the World Cup.

Hillary Clinton has demonstrated that she will say anything to get elected

Old vs. new John McCain

NY Gov. Cuomo Exhibits Signs of Latent Reefer Madness

Signature-drive sponsors can remain anonymous, appeals court says

Thomas Becket

Computer folk: Why doesn't Youtube play on my internet explorer?

Toon: GOP Horror

Here's What World Cup Teams Would Look Like If Immigrants Weren't Allowed To Play

No more fillings as dentists reveal new tooth decay treatment

Happy Bloomsday!

Pat Robertson on Bush/Iraq war "We were sold a bill of goods!’"

Are there soccer players who have publicly come out as gay?

Grant and Sherman made plan at Burnet House that ended Civil War

Florida Veteran: Medical marijuana can help veterans with PTSD

The NRA Monster

Monday Toon Roundup 1: Iraq

Monday Toon Roundup 2: The Rest

It's one thing to have a cat sitting on your lap while using the computer, but ...

Brokenhearted farmer donates millions for lost love

Hillary: 'I Couldn't Break Faith With' The Military To Renounce My Iraq War Vote

‘Zero Dark Thirty’ Filmmakers Eye Pic On Freed POW Bowe Bergdahl

Hillary: 'I Couldn't Break Faith With' The Military To Renounce My Iraq War Vote

Why is Terry Richardson not in jail for sexually assaulting women/children?

What would you do in this situation? (Kinda long)

Mosul intelligence haul provides detailed information on Isis

I may be sticking my head into the lion's mouth here...

GOP Sen. (Vitter) Says If Elected Governor, He Might Embrace Obamacare

We are all Dixie Chicks now...and we are still not ready to make nice.

Colombia journalist threatened after former president Uribe singles him out on twitter

Man faces new accusations of having sex with pool float

Thad Cochran "I grew up doing all kinds of indecent things with animals"

Toon: "Are the guns ok?"

Colombians living abroad voted for Zuluaga amid high abstention

One of the greatest pictures taken at the White House...

Michael Franti & Spearhead - Yell Fire

What's for Dinner ~ Monday ~ June 16th

APPle Macbook pro (about 4 or 5 years old) question.

What Book had the biggest influence on you?

Opinion: Often Unspoken, Racism Within The Latino Community

The NRA has made millions selling this lie...

What's that smell?

Shocking Game of Thrones finale leads to 5 million piracy arrests

Fox News: Iraq violence proves Bush was right about ‘pretty much everything’

Poll: should we re-engage militarily in Iraq, yes or no?

Guess Why Conservative Heads Are Exploding Over Google’s Definition Of ‘Bigotry’

Chuck Noll died on Friday....

Captain's Log...

Employer hands out $61K in bonuses — all in $2 bills

Pantex nuclear weaopns plant tests reveal public threat

George Takei covers "Let It Go". Anyone else see this yet?

Why Does The NRA Keep Comparing Women To Guns?

Rick Scott signs "Charlotte's Web" medical mj bill

MKs: US should take responsibility for kidnapping

Beaumont ISD loses appeal of state takeover

Jimmy Carter on his Faith-Filled Presidency

Weekly Address: The President Wishes America's Dads a Happy Father's Day

Let's put a few things into perspective regarding candidates and the Bible/Christianity

Ta-Nehisi Coates and the boundaries of legitimate debate

West Wing Week 06/13/14 or, "I Am Hip To All These Things"

Recovery Denied: Growth and Prosperity Continue to Go Their Separate Ways

Mike Malloy - What David Brat Is All About

GMO mosquitoes to stop mosquitoes (and all the diseases they carry)

U.S. Health Care System Ranks Lowest in International Survey

Hillary's major donors

Tech Giants Seek to Halt Overseas Snooping by US

Obama Considers Special Forces To Help In Iraq

GM Recalls Three Million More Cars Over Ignition Switches Issues

UN secretary general praises Cuba for hosting Colombia govt, FARC peace talks

Rachel Maddow....GOP congressman says impeachment could ‘probably’ pass

TX GOP votes to add Hemp to Platform, nixes mmj

Thanks Anti-Vaxxers! California’s whooping cough outbreak is officially an epidemic.

Still makes me smile and cry..

Louisiana shrimp season threatened by US ethanol policy: Larry McKinney

Louisiana shrimp season threatened by US ethanol policy: Larry McKinney

City Council members to call for rent freeze

Steve Laffey?

I wonder who is funding ISIS?

Suspect in Mosque Stabbing Arrested Again for Emails Threatening to Kill and Castrate Director of Mu

Pelosi praises budget, Obama's handling of Iraq

Would you vote for an Atheist?

SCOTUS Today "Dealt a Rare Blow to the Gun Lobby"

Singer Carlos Vives brings 200 family members of Colombia team to Brazil for World Cup

State to loan $511M for new TZ Bridge

Tornadoes Hammer Stanton County (tornado warning North Eastern Nebraska!!!)

from Robert Reich

So now Methodists are the hated group du jour? Really?

No, Mrs, Clinton, this doesn't make sense; not unless you mean Bush's view of supporting the troops

Greg Abbott Uses Private Plane Owned By 'Gay Conversion Therapy' Funders

Hospital Uses Executive Bonus Money To Give Its Workers A Raise

Obama considers special forces to help in Iraq

Texas Politics To Be Lone Star Of New HBO Series

Papantonio: The Tea Party Crazies’ New Attack on Immigrants

Caregiving Resource Center

Uruguay's austere president urges leaders to fight 'culture of waste' growing in poor nations

USA got it's first goal within a minute

Group of 77 and China Agree to Fight Climate Change

The bible is a book of fantastical, strange, and thought-stimulating stories.

Sometimes you read something and just realize "here is pure truth." This was one such time:

Don't let 'em get away with it!

New study aims to rapidly test lung cancer drugs

Deputies say 450-pound man tried hiding drugs in his stomach fat

Gunman kills 2 people during high school reunion at East Peoria, Ill., bar

Colombian election result leaves Uribe party on the sidelines

Only in America...

Head to the White House! Right Effin' Now!

How can we best support the separation of church and state and fight bigotry against atheists?

Yahoo hijacked my "new tab" screen for both my Firefox and Google Chrome browsers.

Landmark victory to protect Target janitors’ rights

Illinois man shoots ex-wife, her boyfriend in head as 100 people watch at high school reunion

White House moves on funding for possible Iraq action: congressional aides

[b]CrossTalk: Game of Hawks[/b]--Fantastic Disussion, and...Check out the Affiliations of Guests

Judge reneges on promise to deaf girl with 65 IQ, sentences her to 15 years in baby’s death

Iraq crisis: In Baghdad, the fear index is the price of a bullet and it has tripled

Chelsea Clinton joins Jenna Bush and Megan McCain in High Roller Fees for Family Connections

Women in space

Kitty revenge!

We Must Stop Letting Racist Ranters Off The Hook

14-year-old Idaho boy claims ‘stress’ of brother’s autism made him murder father and brother

Elon Musk (SpaceX) in Washington. CNN Jun 12, 2014

White supremacy meets “black boy rage”: Why Tupac’s needed more today than ever

'Bombs away' but not too fast: 9 nuke states slow in curbing 16,300 warheads.

ISIS memory drives recovered reveal their net worth as of 2 weeks ago is $875,000,000

Lintrac Services Complies with Settlement Agreement

Swarm of earthquakes in Alaska puzzles scientists

BREAKING NEWS: Obama: 275 US Forces Deploying to Iraq

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Thank You George W. Bush! (updated)

I finally lost it on Facebook today, and this rant cost me 27 'friends'!

Care Home Escapee Veteran Receives 2,500 Birthday Cards

June 16, 1933

Manhattan Seeing Surge in New Office Construction: Report

The Navy's top secret submarine base in land-locked IDAHO where its new stealth technology

Rob Astorino top consultant refers to Senate GOP Leader Dean Skelos as Gov. Cuomo's 'prison punk'

Tea Party Election 'Shenanigans' Worry Hinds Supes

"My kind of loyalty..."

Heading toward a dead planet

Seth Rogen comments about smoking a joint...

President Obama: US to send up to 275 troops to Iraq

PREDICTION: If GOP loses the House, Lame Duck Session WILL Impeach Obama.

On defending Hillary :/

Early signs point to a strong, disruptive El Niño

Soon to be available .... prime real estate in Baghdad ..... our $750,000,000 embassy

Anthony Weiner might still be sexting

ROBERT FISK: Bush and Blair said Iraq was a war on Islamic fascism. They lost

SURPRISE! Guess Who Wants Us To Send Troops Into Iraq?

UPDATED: Legislation introduced to repeal Michigan abortion insurance law

Spurs' Success: Principles of Socialism?

Meanwhile at the 4th round of the U.S. Open Cup.

Pat Robertson unloads on Bush for latest Iraq crisis: ‘We were sold a bill of goods!’

Amazing game.

My favorite answer to the "favorite book" question

When you are poor and have an iPhone....

Huge win USA

So have the wingnuts flipped out over this McDonald's World Cup commercial yet?

Corporations and their tax shell games: Time for a global crackdown