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Anheuser-Busch reveals ingredients for first time

The policy on Iraq needs some clarification.

Another "Sovereign Citizen" (translation: Loser) arrested for murder...

Bawlmer HonFest

When does McCain blame Obama for Vietnam?

lazy caturday gratuitous kitty pic

Why aren't white people ever called Terrorists???

The Divide UPDATED

Fox News Must Die

A powerful disertation / rant on racism in America given by a white man...

Church group latest to boycott Redskins over name

Ukraine vows to punish rebels who downed plane

U.S. should not get involved in the Saudi Arabia/Iran proxy war happening in Iraq period!

In the play and movie 'Driving Miss Daisy', there's a character named 'Boolie'.

Pics of my garden

Americans Will Tolerate a Variety of In-Laws. One Exception: Atheists.

The Appalachian Community Fund

Bill introduced in Senate to affirm U.S. commitment to international LGBT rights

Pete Sessions(R-TX): 'GOP must model the Taliban to create a GOP Insurgency'

Senior NSA Executive: NSA Started Spying On Journalists in 2002

Recall that gun - HELL NO

17 yo wants a graduation party...what's the norm?

Is This Woman a Criminal?

In aid of memory: Roll Call of the 2002 Senate vote on the IWR.

The Fog Machine of War - Chelsea Manning

Chelsea Manning Op/Ed in NYT: The Fog Machine of War

A comparistion and contrast between Mahatma Gandhi and Narendra Modi

ÈS.E.C. Conducting Investigation of Port Authority ProjectsÈ

Republicans wheeling out the same stale stuff IRS thing, Benghazi, Obamacare etc.

My keyboard has suddently become a french one. How do I change it back to english

Boy! Romo sucks!

Cultural Hegemony and Why It is Important to Understand

Obama order forces Philly rail workers back on job

Aging gracefully

Vintage Vinyl Time!

Does anyone have any idea what Dave Brat is up to since he beat Cantor?

Video: Colbert Warns America About the ‘Black Lesbian Robot’ Uprising

from the New Yorker - "The Iraq Mess: Place Blame Where It Is Deserved"

We all know that PBO cannot do anything right

Vanadium: The metal that may soon be powering your neighbourhood

Swiss Town Unveils Memorial for 'Witch' It Executed — 232 Years Later

Netflix Couldn't Give a Sh*t About Verizon's Feelings, Releases Letter Criticizing Their Speeds

Black cats: Dark myths, bad luck and the truth behind it all

The Immaculate Inning

Progressive/Socialist News Report Live!

The Most Famous Lesbian Couple of the 20th Century Get Their Own Opera

Guardian: Pentagon preparing for mass civil breakdown

You must remember this!

WOW! I knew Ed rendell was Skeezy but I didnt know that he along with the philidelphia Police Chief

WaPo: U.S. Officials Scrambled to Nab Snowden ("Decision to Force a Foreign Leader’s Plane to Land")

Domestic Terrorism Task Force 'More Than Overdue,' Experts Say

Photo of suffragette Ada Wright beaten and arrested 1910.

Low-Cost Fusion Project Steps Out of the Shadows and Looks for Money - By Alan Boyle

It is Oligarchy.

Is it possible we harp too much on the Koch brothers?

Enough of the Iraq Protection Racket

9/11 Debris!

What are we protesting?

Iraq crisis: Tony Blair rejects 'bizarre' claims 2003 invasion caused current situation

Florida man hides pot under his stomach fat

Man leads police on 18-MPH tractor chase


Pew study: Voters almost as polarized as Congress

18 year olds registering to vote in Florida because of MMJ ballot initiative

Meyerson WP: What happens if America loses its unions?

Children hurt when parade cannon malfunctions in Orem (Utah)

Redacted Tonight

It's "Bizarre" to think toppling Saddam Hussein had impact ' on Syria and Iraq

1992 George H.W. Bush (keep in mind when CNN fluffs him Sunday)

Ask Jesse!?

Bad Cop No Donut, 15 June 2014: Tacoma officer runs over man lying in street

Here's what I think the Faux Noise/PNAC crowd are REALLY mad about with the Bergdahl thing

Resigning House Leader Cantor Reflects On All The Accomplishments He Thwarted

Let The Right One In...

4 in 10 higher risk wells aren't inspected by feds

Florida Mom Kidnaps Daughter to Avoid Vaccines, Learning Black History

Senator pushes plan to manage Grand Canyon bison

First they create the mess.

911 Truth vs the BBC

Border Patrol union under fire for 'racist' tweet listing 'burrito wrapping' as part of new job desc

Thom Hartmann vs. Dinesh D'Souza: Baby Boomers are Spoiled Brats!

Woman Shoplifted 7 Lobster Tails By Sticking Them In Pants: Cops

Thom Hartmann vs. Noel Flasterstein: Time to Halt Open Carry?

The Game of Thrones Graveyard

Cameron: 'Stop being bashful about Britishness'

Economic Recession Linked to 10,000 Suicides

The "American Way" : Solidarity Requires Sacrifice

Tropical Storm Cristina moves NW in Pacific,Tropical Storm Hagibis moves north towards China

The Bush, NeoCon and Pro-War Liberal Blunders That Produced the New Mess in Iraq

If you blame Barack Obama for Iraq, you're completely removed from reality.

A theory about why some people DON'T want schools to fight bullying:

PF Chang’s Credit and Debit Card Breach Confirmed

A minister says rape is 'sometimes right'! Sign the Avaaz petition

Mad, I really admire you, how do you get the energy to post on here!

New Horizons spacecraft will wake up today

War in Iraq Cost $4 Trillion, An Enormous Loss of Life: 8 Warmongers Who Would Take Us Back

Sons make pilgrimage to WWII airfield (466TH BOMBARDMENT GROUP)

7 Odious Right-Wing Statements This Week: The Ignorant Bash Gays in Even New Ways, Edition

The Amazon's Tiananmen: Peru’s “Bagua Massacre” Haunts the TPP

Tom Hayden: Behind the Madness in Iraq

How Libertarian Agenda Drowns Out Rational Approaches to Major Social Problems Like Guns and Auto

4 in 10 higher risk wells aren't inspected by feds

Archaeological cave dig unearths artefacts from 45,000 years ago

No NATO Bases in Czech Republic and Slovakia

How You Signed Away Your Right to Sue Corporations for Screwing You Over

Solar Parking Lot in Schwabach, Germany

LEAK: U.S. Refuses to Consider Regulation of Financial Services in TTIP Negotiations

Marriage equality came to Mass. 10 years ago and these people still aren’t over it

Obama calls upon emergency board to settle Penn. transit strike

Economist: 'TTIP serves the major corporations'

Parliamentary Candidate Shot Dead in Kosovo

A teen makes amends for his father's crime:

The BULLSHITTERS are laying it on thick at the Miami Herald

A few things HRC supporters could do to make things easier for her in '16

Obama gets standing ovations at UC Irvine commencement

Dad took a turn for the worse yesterday, and I have to face the fact that I am

Dept. of Labor investigates worker deaths at Amazon distribution centers

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Catellite Dish Edition

Richard Schiff and Bradley Whitford Discussing The West Wing and Politics

After the Harvest — Learning to Leave the Planet Gracefully

There Is One Problem With Harnessing Britain's Tides

Alan Grayson has put up a petition in DU politics to

Repatriating Taxes: An Unwarranted Gift to Unpatriotic Corporations

Behind the Madness in Iraq

Ukraine faces gas supply cuts as no deal is reached in row with Russia

Are there any elected democrats

Reading Coffee Grounds and Tea Leaves

Like Butter

Libertarianism as direct experience: My defense of a misunderstood philosophy

Guns & Georgia

Militants post images of mass killing in Iraq

El Niño is going to make your 2014 miserable

Republican fundraising for 2016 presidential race off to a slow start

WIRED Space Photo of the Day

FBI agent kills shooter at East Peoria sports bar

Ricky Martin Brilliantly Protests Morocco’s Anti-Gay Laws

Absurd Creature of the Week: The 120-Foot-Long Jellyfish That’s Loving Global Warming

It’s Not Surprising Two Harrier Jets Have Crashed in a Month

Contrast pre-Iraq war views of Bob Graham and the Clintons. We need to remember.

Why You Should Only Spend $500 on Your Next TV

Oil Drilling Contaminated Western Amazon Rainforest, Study Confirms

Why we disagree...

What the hell does “sustainable” even mean?

Game of Thrones 4.10 "The Children" - Season Finale (Spoiler Alert)

Anatomy of an assassination: Two fateful days that sparked decades of horror

Ugly, paranoid, divisive politics: The GOP are all Know-Nothings now

The Begula whale that tried to talk human to his Navy captors

One environmental activist is killed each week while trying to save the Amazon rainforest

Sukumari Bhattacharji: Marxist, Atheist, Sanskritist

U.S. hosts talks to save oceans under ‘siege’

Group F: Argentina-Bosnia and Herzegovina

Right-Wing Activists: Yep, ‘Religious Freedom’ Protects Discrimination Against Jews

Group E: France-Honduras

Group E: Switzerland-Ecuador

Bernie Sanders Is Beating the Austerity Hawks

Catholic converts on the rise: East Tennessee among nation's top 10 growth areas

Natalie Maines and the Dixie Chicks were correct

First Pregnant Man to play in a World Cup game scores a goal

Jaysus. Tony Blair: west must intervene in Iraq. Denies invasion led to current crisis

Why Uruguay's World Cup Uniforms Are Ridiculously Tight

What did you do with your copy of The Scum?

World's largest water reservoir found deep in earth

AAHH! The breakfast of champions

Militants Claim Mass Execution of (1,700) Iraqi Soldiers

Obama likens denying climate change to thinking the moon is made of cheese

Most Admired: 42% Bill Clinton, 18% Barack Obama, 17% GWB, 16% George H Bush

Right Wing Republican Sunday: The Talking Heads Edition

George Takei Is Still Guiding the Ship

Least annoying place to buy a large appliance?

Happy Father's Day!

Into the way-back machine, Sherman! To October 21, 2003!

Defense Dept. studying protesters to prepare for ‘mass civil breakdown’

Pride Flag at U.S. Embassy in Tel Aviv Incites Fury

meet the press has an 'exclusive' with mitt romney today...bwahahahahahaaa

EEK! screen viewing upside down

Richard Wolff: It's time for a powerful unified left organization in the United States

Richard Wolff: It's time for a powerful unified left organization in the United States


Why boarding schools produce bad leaders

$40 billion missile defense system proves unreliable

Today is Trinity Sunday.

Today is Trinity Sunday.

(Forget DU infighting) 7 reasons the Democratic coalition is more united than ever

Off with their heads! Eric Cantor, the Tea Party guillotine, and the certainty of conservative sell-

Pride in Tel Aviv **PIC HEAVY**

Richard Wolff: "The rising wages? It's over. .... The rising standard of living? It's over."

The Crisis Leadership of No-Drama Obama

Happy Father's Day from HRC

Supreme Court has 17 cases to decide by June's end

Ooh, That Stings! WV Water Company Criticizes Continuing Freedom Industry Spills As "Unacceptable"

Museums Soft-Pedal, Omit, "Forget" Even The Most Innocuous Climate Information

The Kerry Initiative: The Next Round


Water below the earth mantle is fools gold. False hope is being spread because

Listening to Mitt Romney on MTP -- Content aside, he is one whiny bastid

More Gettin' Tough! Beijing Cracks Down On Polluters: 114 Firms Fined, Average Fine Of $3,460

there’s a lot in common between the Tea Party types and the Elizabeth Warren liberals

How are folks thanking/remembering the fathers in their life?

Baghdad didn't fall last night - McCain weeps in frustration, disappointment.

Seattle's Elected Socialist, Kshama Sawant,- Left Forum 2014

Taxpayers' cash should not be used to fund faith schools, say voters (UK)

This Iraq mess reminds me of the movie Poltergeist.

Weekend Toon Roundup

How Losing My Daughter Changed My Faith

Who dat?

New natural gas pipeline to NC could dampen interest in fracking

$6 Rides for BART's Oakland Airport Connector

Sunday Rethug Propaganda Shows

Taxpayers' cash should not be used to fund faith schools, say voters.

California fire prompts evacuation of homes

To all who are full of JOY on Father's day - 10 000 singing "Ode to Joy" Beethoven.

Sea Rise Threatens Oakland's Sewer System

Iraq and Washington’s Failure

I need your help and expertise.

Romney: Hillary, Obama Have 'Repeatedly Underestimated' Threats To US

I only thought I was happy

The Astonishing Privilege of Fatherhood

Legendary radio personality Casey Kasem dies at 82

Legendary radio personality Casey Kasem dies at 82

Bowe Bergdahl on what he saw in Afghanistan(deep truths from a young soldier)

They're sending the USS George H. W. Bush into the Persian Gulf.

Happy father's day. That is all. n/t

Koterba toon: Iraq options

A thought. If Bachmann hadn't announced her retirement ......

Terminology, vocabulary and definitions

Graham: Obama 'stubborn-headed,' 'delusional' on Iraq

Isis: What I don't understand is why we are hearing of them for the first time.

The Real Reasons Why Eric Cantor Lost

And I thought MY cat was a pain in the morning...

America's Allies Are Funding ISIS

Cool Change

Papantonio: Income Inequality is Killing Us

Indonesian villagers cooking with gas and paying for healthcare - from garbage

Just surreal

Secret state: Trevor Paglen documents the hidden world of governmental surveillance

Richard Wolff: "The rising wages? It's over. .... The rising standard of living? It's over."

Amazing! MHP spoke with Barbara Lee this morning about no more wars


AP: Unions push legislatures for labor history courses

Eaglets preparing to leave the nest

Drone pizza delivery

AP: Income gap widens as American factories shut down

36 hours of rain in Natal, Brazil where the USA plays Ghana tomorrow

What's for Dinner, Sun., June 15

Why I won't be sending you a Father's Day card, by Paris Lees(from The New Statesman)

AP: Income gap widens as American factories shut down

Intelligent Design: Obama is coordinating with Syria and Iran to send latest Bundy-like militia

Today's Meet the Press .......Transcript

Sunday programs on message today. Fall of Iraq = for sure another 9/11.

What's an iDad? Look here, Nate Behler illustrates (Father's day cartoon)

Sump pump is working constantly

Happy Father’s Day, 44!

The Iraq Mess: Place Blame Where It Is Deserved

Fathers Day - the dad I had, and the dad I am....

Call him the baby soother....

On this day...

Who's the deserter?

Calling Back a Zombie Ship From the Graveyard of Space

NASA figures out how to smell Uranus (and other planets)

Nearly Half of High-Risk Oil Wells Near Forests, Watersheds Not Inspected

10 lessons from Bush's fiasco in Iraq

A woman working the overnight shift to earn money

Father's day is not a celebration of male necessity

"You can skip this ad in...."

Peter The Elephant Uses His Trunk To Play with Cellphone

How the unquestioning Media was sold a War

Manning: Iraq leaders election corrupt; tortures and murders to quell dissent.

What Happens If You Have No Welfare and No Job?

Hillary Clinton terms Chávez "a self-aggrandizing dictator

Keith Richards & Willie Nelson & Friends - Dead Flowers ( Live)

The Allmighty Mess in Iraq

Atheists, who are the best atheist bloggers/commentators/thinkers today?

Will California's Ruling Against Teacher Tenure Change Schools?

Hey, buddy, can you spare a dime?

What do the NFL, NHL and PGA all have in common?

Putin TV (Russia Today) wheels out Steven Seagal to support their murderous takeover of Ukraine

What do the NFL, NHL and PGA share with religious organizations?

Twilight is getting used to a knew kitten. He's afraid and doesn't know

Surprise, surprise...

HANDS UP from EVERYONE who thought Cantor wouldn't play the "I did it MYYYYYYYYYYY way" card.

How the EPA Faked the Entire Science of Sewage Sludge Safety

The "stadium in a rain forest" is actually in a city of 1.8 million people. Beautiful Manaus.

Tensions in Ukraine rise as Ukrainian Diplomat calls Putin a "Fucker"

NPR - 4 Key Things To Know About The Islamist Surge In Iraq

Colombia cliffhanger a referendum on peace

Just now saw this on Twitter. Makes me kind of proud.

Flight Attendent Forces Child to Urinate In Seat

Just want to say Happy Father's day to my dad

Somewhere, out there in the universe, there's a AM radio capable civilization...

I worked graveyard shift while I had a young child

Mitt Romney blasts Hillary Clinton as 'clueless'

Happy Father's Day!

Lindsey Graham: The Next 9/11 Is Coming from Iraq...and it's 'inevitable' (here we go again)

Texas State Rep. Bryan Hughes On CNN's Anderson Cooper 360: Being Gay Is A 'Mistake' You Can Fix

Texas State Rep. Bryan Hughes On CNN's Anderson Cooper 360: Being Gay Is A 'Mistake' You Can Fix

The mystery of Eric O'Keefe - Walker supporter could single-handedly kill the John Doe probe.

Report from Mosul: Another Viewpoint

Graham: Situation In Iraq 'Another 9/11 In The Making'

Iran warns Western nations against military intervention in Iraq

Some photos of my gardens, mid-June

A few things HRC opponents could do to make things easier for their candidates in '16

I thought DU overwhelmingly supported snitching?

Know your air passenger rights. Despite what some flight attendants think, they DO include

Out at Burr Oak farm in Lexington, Ky

U.S. Orders Evacuation of Many Embassy Workers From Baghdad

Hazardous chemical lists no longer public record in Texas

100 Most Frequently Asked Help Desk Questions and Answers

Kepler's gift

Calling Back a Zombie Ship From the Graveyard of Space

How can you tell if someone has read the books before they've watch the TV shows ?


What Happens When You Throw A Big Chunk Of Sodium In A Lake

SAS may have deployed to Iraq

John Fugelsang: To the single mothers on father's day

Interesting receipt

An Open Letter to Comcast / Xfinity


Lloyd Doggett in Lockhart Tx

Father's Day thread for Single Parents

Corbett's designation of forest as insect area questioned

Molly's June Astrology eading

Fasten your seat belts - Iran saving democracy in Iraq

Atheists, do you personally beat your spouses and eat babies? I'm just asking the questions everyone

For JonLP24...Mercury end 14-game losing streak to Lynx

It certainly feels like it in DU sometimes but

Very helpful maps and graphics to show the Iraq/Iran/Syria events.

Kenya hotel attack: Suspected al-Shabaab militants kill 48 people in Mpeketoni

So it looks like the new plan is for the GOP to run on invading Iraq in 2014.

Common Core, in 9-Year-Old Eyes

Thom Hartmann: GOP Thinks 'Rationing Boards' are Next...

Religious believers-which religion writers have the best and most convincing objective evidence

Lotus Formula 1 PR Guy Says He Was Fired For 'Supporting Gay Athletes'

"I'm not your inspiration, thank you very much."

Bible Is Biggest Influence on My Thinking, Says Hillary Clinton

We are the first and we'll be the last generation unless we do something about it...

The Billion $$ Embassy: U.S. to Evacuate Many Staff Members From Baghdad Embassy

Bill de Blasio’s Plan to Take Brooklyn Progressivism National

Muslim reporter describes being ridiculed at the Texas GOP convention

The Shocking Move to Criminalize Nonviolent Protest

IDF preparing for siege of Hebron

first post here

I haven't posted here in ages, but this Iraq stuff has me livid.

Op/Ed: Does Voting for Detroit's 'Grand Bargain' Deal Make Financial Sense for City Retirees?

Name one good reason why we shouldn't go to war in Iraq!

You can't POP Your Cherry! (HYMEN 101)

Do you believe that the Bible is the Biggest Influence on Hillary Clinton's Thinking?

TYT: Shame On These Democrats For Enabling Wall Street Deregulation

American Voters Need To Realize The Terrible Urgency Of 2014


President Obama Speaks at the Cannon Ball Flag Day Celebration

Egypt’s New President Sets a Cycling Example

I ran into my high school crush

One thing America learned in Iraq:

Can we put a 100 reply limit on posts?

The claws are out - It's time for a debunking thread

Juan Cole: Blair-Bush & Iraq: It’s Not Just the Quagmire But the Lawbreaking & Deception

The Poodle squeaks-Tony Blair: west must intervene in Iraq

ISIS Claims Massacre of 1,700 Iraqi Soldiers

CIA Agent Exposes How Al-Qaeda Dosen't Exist

Juan Manuel Santos reelected in Colombia’s Presidential elections

How One Student Uncovered Multiple Constitutional Violations at His High School

This is how it all started...

What did you get for Fathers Day?

Republican Candidates' Strength In 2014 Midterm Elections May Hurt Presidential Hopes For 2016

Israel Premier Says Hamas Kidnapped Missing Teens

Republicans Have a Big Bubba Problem: Clinton is The Most Admired POTUS of Last 25 Years

Brookings on Iraq

'Populist' Schweitzer courts Romney's donors?

white peacocks

Liberal Media Consults Bush Era Iraq Warmongers......for advise on Iraq?

Florida woman kidnapped daughter to avoid vaccinations, black history lessons

Iraq doesn't have to fall apart. It can be reformed

Funny tweet from John McCain in 2010.

Putin Seeks Paris Landmark as Hollande’s Russia Ties Defy Obama