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Archives: June 13, 2014

Papantonio: Will Faux Tea Party Populism Fool Voters?

Action Programme for WP-GB............

Mexico boasts a staggering genetic diversity, study shows

Apparently, this is "bitter losers whine at the President" day.

I'm thinking of trying sous vide cooking. Before I do, does anyone have any tips or warnings?

Been a while since I've posted any new fractals (Dial-up warning)

“The shocking move to criminalize nonviolent protest”

This is sort of a big deal: Target Bends to Labor, Tells Contractors to Meet With Unions

30 Random Acts Of Kindness That Will Make You Love The World

"Anarchy in the GOP: The End of Authority in the Republican Party"

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Friday, 13 June 2014

Wow Highly place source at Canada's Globe and Mail says Globe's owner over rode editorial

Presidential Preening

New Study: "FOX "News" Is Demonstrably Harmful To Republican Party"

On DU2, you had an option to not display images in a thread, would you like that option again?

So we are supposed to be shocked, shocked I tell you that Hillary changed her position

The White Right’s Impunity

......a good strategy to stay out of the Iraqi mess

don't laugh

Introducing the World’s First Lesbian Cemetery (Berlin)

"Dave Brat Blames Atheists for Subprime Crisis"

Teachers’ Union Presidents Call on Scholastic to Settle with Newspaper Guild

Teachers’ Union Presidents Call on Scholastic to Settle with Newspaper Guild

Barbara Boxer: 'GOP Cheerleaders' Of Iraq Invasion Are Now Joining 'Blame-America-First Crowd'

OBAMA, issue-by-issue, an unofficial poll

Chris Jansing to cover White House for NBC

Memory Shocker For The Media: November 17, 2008, Bush Admin., Iraq Ratify End of U.S. Incursion

Note To Brat Free Markets Are Not Calvinist

Houston Chronicle reporter subpoenaed for Perry grand jury probe

Why is there a nipple alert in the Lounge?

Just saw Senator Grahamstand...

Give Bush credit, not many presidents can say they've fucked over two countries beyond repair.

My right wing friend today told me that Obama signed an executive order today to confiscate guns.

46 years after Glen Campbell sang the song, I wonder if the Wichita Lineman is STILL on the line?

Iraq has asked for help in defeating the ISIS. What should be President Obama's response?

ALEC to Kick-Off ACCE (American City and County Exchange) at Dallas Meeting

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! The Brat Pack & a new kitteh gif!

3 men detained for participating in slaying of anthropologist during Guatemala's civil war

Ousted New York Times editor Jill Abramson to teach at Harvard

warning: manly nakedness

3 men detained for participating in slaying of anthropologist during Guatemala's civil war

Court ruling allows Occupy movement to restore tent city in Idaho

Damn Rachel Maddow is good

Stochastic Terrorism: Triggering the shooters.

Man kills and eats the heart of ex girlfriend's new boyfriend.

Pope Francis Holds Private Mass With President Of Viciously Anti-Gay Manif Pour Tous

Hillary Clinton Had 'Shouting Matches' With Russian Pols on LGBT Rights

The Cutter.

What President Obama Said About Withdrawing From Iraq

Iowa Democratic Party newest Joni Ernst video. UN is gonna get us all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Over-rated band of the night...

Strangers Shamed This Mother for Doing the Most Natural Thing in the World (boob photo warning)

Diane Ravitch Picks-Apart the California Teacher Tenure Decision

Hey, Dubya,

you all got me wonderin with all the male shirtless pics

Solar Flares May Send 'Shockwave' To Earth On Friday The 13th


Venezuelans face shortage of coffins amid scarcity of materials

HEARTWARMING: Volunteers help Hospice patient see the outdoors one last time


One more cat

This woman is proof positive that not everything from Westboro Baptist is hate...

BREAKING: Pete Sessions Drops Bid-House GOP Taunts Tea Party with non-crazy Cantor Replacement

Did NORAD admit Russian Bombers spotted near CA?

May we please have an Elder-caregivers group under Home & Family?

Bicycle Prayer - Harley Mantis

Catholic Archbishop: Change Constitution to Ban Same-Sex Marriage

Iran Deploys Forces to Fight al Qaeda-Inspired Militants in Iraq

The 50 States Of America If They Were Actually High School Kids. California Is Perfect.

Don't look Ethel! She'd already been incensed... (warning naked guy photo)

Obama Sets McCain Straight On 'Fighting the Right War' in Iraq

Reflecting on the 47th anniversary of ‘Loving v. Virginia’ at the Supreme Court

Jury mistake frees Fresno felon, who is fatally stabbed an hour later

Health "Metrics": A New Way to Discriminate Against the Sick and Poor

Proof that being naked and hideously ugly can lead to a long and healthy life

God said to Abraham "Kill me a son", Abe said "God you must be putting me on."

Recession linked to more than 10,000 suicides

Shakespeare's Cat

Stay Out

Meet the ‘ex-gay’ man behind the Texas GOP’s reparative therapy plank


Tonight's Super Moon won't happen for another 45 years

Watching Iraq disintegrate makes me want to break things.

Ancient Mayan Altars, Sculpted Artwork Discovered in Guatemala

TCM Schedule for Sunday June 15 - Essentials Jr: Family Guys

KRUGMAN: How big a deal is the surprise primary defeat of Representative Eric Cantor? VERY.

On Lawrence show just now,

We had more troops die in Afghanistan under Obama than under Bush and America yawned

Pooh and Piglet on Iraq.

Company Recalls 4K lbs of Beef Due to Mad Cow Fear

Tesla Motors has opened all their patents

TCM schedule for Monday June 16 - What's On Tonight: Hammer Noir

Fayette District Admits to Promoting Religion in School

Four Fundamental Econ Facts Missed By Economist Cantor-Slayer David Brat

House GOP approves more tax breaks without paying for them

Murdered With Impunity, The Street Children of Central and South America.

IMF sounds global housing alarm

Ethno-Religious Map of Iraq - is This A Sunni Kurd Invasion?

Murdered with Impunity; the Street Children of Central and South America.

Grocers sue Vermont over GMO food label law

Challenging Israel's contempt for murder allegations

Net Neutrality with John Oliver....

Rep. Charles Rangel drops out of third televised debate

Stanford won't expel student in sexual assault case

How Obama Can Increase Taxes on Carried Interest

Gov. Cuomo isn't sure how local property taxes are assessed but maintains they're too high

Our Embassy in Baghdad is the Largest & Most Expensive in the World

Uncle Sam Doesn’t Want You — He Already Has You The militarized realities of Fortress America ...

Talks between Muni, union break down

I hope we make enough noise on Iraq to get as much attention from the President as the right-wing

First team to a 100 points wins??

'Our embassy in Baghdad is the largest & most expensive in the world. Get ready to kiss it goodbye.'

For your consideration

Ontario election 2014: Liberals return to power with majority

Ontario Liberals re-elected with 'stunning' majority; Tory leader Hudak to step down

Side by side

Fuck President George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, and Condoleezza Rice.

Gun Control Protest at City Hall This Weekend Funded by Ex-Mayor Bloomberg

Yesterday was a beautiful day...

Wow, did the Spurs walk the dog on the Heat (again)

"Fans" are streaming to their cars in Miami after a second straight HUMILIATION!! is real.

Haqqani that captured Bergdahl killed in drone strike

What's with this IRAQ THING?

Obama is letting this happen and doing absolutely nothing to stop it!

The peril of hipster economics

The winds of change! California on the verge of joining Vermont.

"Ontarians do not hold prejudice in their hearts...we have so proven that tonight," - Kathleen Wynne

U.S. Contractors Are Evacuating Iraq Amid Growing Turmoil


My dream ticket in 2016

Growing partisanship is splitting America into two

Lawmakers Urge SF Catholic Bishop Not To Speak At NOM’s March For Marriage Rally

I've been so bummed that my cucumber plant

New 9/11 Eyewitness Evidence of Bombs at WTC

Go Kathleen, Go Kathleen!

At this point, what is our "National Interest" in Iraq?

Would it be possible to add jury results as a link in hidden posts?

Fine. I'll say it. I was not the bulge alerter

DU is really milking that nipple situation

Iraq changed who we are as a nation. A new moral tone was set.

The Trouble With Wingers (With Apologies To Alfred Hitchcock)

Jewish Family Gets $68 Million for 1938 Nazi Store Seizures

The new Premier of Ontario, Canada is a fully "out" lesbian. WOW, talk about progress!

Bugs flooding Windows XP

Woman who drove with dying man on car gets sentenced 55 to life

my ma could really use some of those patented lounge vibes

Question about 401k

Hurricane Cristina wends westward in Pacific, Tropical Cyclone Nanauk aims for NE Oman

Jamaica to decriminalize personal marijuana possession

Anyone looking at the Soccer Games? Brazil won over Croatia. Am a Soccer fan, just asking if any


NDT on funding ALL branches of science....

We come on here, we agree and sometimes we disagree but all in all DU is my favourite site.

Applying Anti-Vaccine Mentality to Car Seats

the Writing of Tipperary-June Tabor

Those who are celebrating the Cantor loss should be aware.

Iraq Crisis: Sunni Caliphate Has Been Bankrolled By Saudi Arabia

The Ontario elections should be a lesson to the all-or-nothing crowd.

Iraqi Crisis Could Drive Oil Prices Up To Recession-Era Levels If Insurgents Expand South, Analysts

Iowa Senate Hopeful 'Appalled' Her Husband Called Janet Napolitano A 'Traitorous Skank'

Peru to relax environmental rules to spur economic growth -govt

Wisconsin AG Warns Clerks Issuing Gay Marriage Licenses Could Be Prosecuted

Incan rope bridge named UNESCO World Heritage

“We can’t return to years of hate and fear,” Colombia women activists say

In the face of climate change, Tesla Motors making patents public

To CNN, Murders Like My Son's Don't Count: An Open Letter From a Parent

Australian PM Abbott Won't Rule Out Following US Military Into Iraq As Civil War Threatens

As grandly cosmic as it is human...

Blaming Obama for Iraq’s Chaos

"I wish I had Sam* in my pants right now"

Hillary Clinton: ‘Sexism’ in 2008 Obama campaign

First Aid Kit on Letterman again tonight...

Repugnant Republicans: Fear and Loathing on the Far Right

Low-wage corporate exploiters dressed as mom & pop | Posted by Jim Hightower

Arrest Warrants Issued for Three Venezuelan Opposition Figures, "Terrorist" Activity Condemned befor

The La Penca, Nicaragua Bombing Remembered 30 Years Later

Ukraine's humanitarian crisis worsens as tens of thousands flee combat in east

Donald Sterling aims(hires 4 firms) to 'dig up' dirt (on NBA)

13 Ways Neil deGrasse Tyson's Cosmos Sent Creationists into Total Freakout Mode

8 Reasons Some CEOs Make 331 Times As Much As Their Employees

It's Time to Stop Fox News:: "The Right Wing Wants to Destroy Everything Great About This Country”

When Did Mass Shootings Become so Frighteningly Mundane in America?

NAFTA, Insecurity, Power Vacuums and Violence in Rural Mexico

The Real Two Party System.

VA-7 will end up either with Bratwurst or Brat-worst

Beginning of November last year I started dating again

WildLeaks: New site helps stops poaching, illegal trade, wildlife crime

$2M bail for accused killer of Nevada trespasser

Montana to open voting offices on reservations

Giants avert sweep by Nationals in clash of titans


up at an ungodly hour gratuitous kitty pic

When you're worse than Palin you're a real special kind of guy

Tesla Motors turns all its patents over to the open source movement

White supremacists distribute fliers at Ft. Carson asking soldiers to fight in coming race war

Let’s try out conservative economic theories on rich people!

Defense Dept. studying protesters to prepare for ‘mass civil breakdown’

White People Think One Black Person's Success Proves Racism Is Over

Just heard McLame will be on Boring Joe this morning.

Why The Middle East Is Now A Giant Warzone, In One Terrifying Chart

Sao Paulo police crack down on anti-World Cup protest

Sanctions hinder Iranian students quest to bring solar-powered car to the United States

Kerry to adress on ending war rape.

‘We are in shock’: Baghdad ‘empty’ as Iraqi capital prepares for jihadist siege

John McCain and his minions are worried about the five detainees from

North Carolina Senior Stripped of Diploma After He Strips at Graduation

Fuzzy Math The guesstimate that struck down California’s teacher tenure laws.

MuckRock sues the CIA for denying Freedom of Information Act requests

Sec.Kerrys statement on Iraq crisis

David Brat, the Libertarian Who Beat Eric Cantor, Doesn't Believe in the "Common" Good

If states were high school kids...

White supremacists distribute fliers at Ft. Carson asking soldiers to fight in coming race war

Reuters. Bergdahl arriving at Texas base

WALKING THE WALK: Tesla Motors turns all its patents over to the open source movement

The Second Iran-Iraq War and the American Switch

How Neuroscience Reinforces Racist Drug Policy

Catholic Bishops Vote to Double Down on Culture War

It's Really Hard to Be a Good Guy With a Gun

St. Michael's Well

St. Fillan's Well

Bigoted ass hat to file lawsuit to stop Milwaukee County same-sex weddings

Iraq: Looming War of Shiite, Kurdish, Extremist-Sunni Militias

Climate change could flood your streets with doo-doo and toxic waste

can schools be democratic, and if not what replaces them?

The 5 Craziest Planks in Draft Texas GOP Platform

Bowe Bergdahl and the Pathologizing of Dissent

Political expert Ted Nugent Compares Republicans’ Only Jewish Congress Member To Nazis....

Representative for Iraq's most senior Shi'ite cleric urges people to take up arms

This lunar event on this particular day will not ocurr again until 2049.

Dear America: You’re in the Army Now

The only thing that holds a fake country together is a dictator

Jihadist Gains in Iraq Blindside American Spies

Pakistan's enemy within

McCain has totally lost his mind...

Pyongyang and Tokyo’s surprise

Soccer in space

Clear the ambiguity over joining MD

The World Is Coming to A Middle!!!!!!!

Plastic: An Invasive Species We Created and Must Confront

The "rules" on mass shootings:

Mitch McConnell Fundraised for GOP Sen. Who Used To Do ‘Indecent Things’ with Animals

Perry is a total idiot!!! Homosexuality and alcoholism

CEO Pay Continues to Rise as Typical Workers Are Paid Less

Over One-Fourth of Men 25-34 Years Old Earned Poverty-Level Wages in 2013

Exclusive: UK to step up collaboration with US over nuclear warheads

Frankenstein Fears His Monster: The Gates Foundation Wants You To Boycott High-Stakes Tests

You know what?

VA, IG warn against rush of vets into private care


John McBlood

Ontario elects its first female and first gay premier.

Did GOTV really work?

Slap a flintlock in McCain's mitts and his send desiccated ass back into Iraq...

Friday's Pharisee: Bryan Fischer Says Commemorating Harvey Milk Is Like Honoring Jeffrey Dahmer

The Wilks Brothers: Fracking Sugar Daddies For The Far Right

McCain is on CNN talking about how he and Lindsay G had negotiated an offer to

The Campaign Manager Who Beat Eric Cantor Just Deleted His Facebook

Conservatives Are So Conservative They Think the Congressional GOP Are Moderate Squishes

Had McCain been elected in 2008, instead of Obama...

Wanna win a war without one shot from your side?

Ford says it overstated gas mileage of hybrids, Fiestas, plans refunds

This Gun Nut Says Most School Shootings Aren’t Real

Earth May Have Underground 'Ocean' Three Times That on Surface

Hedge funds stung by wrong-way bets in slow markets

The GOP's Distraction Meme: The 'Real' Scandal Is Always Another One

From Afghan Sell-Off To Pacific Build-Up: The Strategy Of Logistics

Insurgents seize Iraqi city of Mosul as security forces flee

Eric Cantor and the Death of a Movement, The Fix isn't In

Navy plan for carrier-based drones takes flak from lawmakers

Onionhead religion has reached long island and its even weirder than scientology

David Brat’s Campaign Manager Scrubs His Facebook Page: Here’s What He’s Hiding (Images)

BAT SHIT CRAZY: The Guy Who Beat Eric Cantor is Totally Nuts

Urban Rail Proposal Might Mean Roads, Too

There's no such thing as an atheist baby

Beyond the war on science: Why the right embraces ignorance as a virtue

Why not here? Australia's Gun Ban Has Worked Big Time

the federal government doesn't allow you to refinance your college loan if you're paying too much?

A problem the United States can’t solve

how fucking absurd that the right is bashing Obama over their invasion of iraq.

When shit gets real...

Fareed Zakaria: Who lost Iraq? The Iraqis did, with an assist from George W. Bush

Eugene Robinson: Overdosing on tea

Rest In Power, Ruby Dee

David Ignatius: Maliki’s Iraq disaster

Infant Mortality Rates In Detroit Now Higher Than Those In Mexico, Thailand, China

Teabagger School Bd. Pres. uses HS Graduation Speech to attack abortion & deny climate change

Dana Loesch Poses With Same Model Weapon Used In Sandy Hook Shootings For Book Cover

Please, don't piss it off...

Kerry confident U.S. will move 'rapidly and effectively' on Iraq

"I get Bergdahl- been there." Words from a young Iraq/Afghan Vet

9 June 2014 - Atmospheric CO2 Content 401.48; 10 June 2014 - 401.52; 11 June 2014 - 401.62

wide open spaces (that shouldnt be)

Iraq is Vietran.

Maine governor blocks aid for illegal immigrants

Beijing's Major Polluters Enact Bold New "Do Whatever The Fuck You Want" Emissions Policy

Should the US switch to the metric system?

ISIS? When Was The First Time You Heard Reference To This Group?.....

ACLU sues Peoria for going after owner of parody Twitter account

‘Ready for Hillary’ is spending money like crazy

Mosul. Tikrit. Fallujah. Ramadi.

XOEyes smartglasses boon to productivity, or Big Brother in the work place?

How to deal with Iraq:)

Tag, you're it!

Subglacial volcanoes melting West Antarctic Ice sheet, say scientists

Kerry: US to act in Iraq only at Iraqui govt. request.

“Racism isn’t limited to Texas — we’re just more out and proud with it”

National Guard and chavista paramilitaries attack residences in Puerto Ordaz (Spanish)

Those of you not at work now, what do you do for a living? NSFW!

Elizabeth Warren, Not Hillary Clinton, Should Be the Next President of the United States

Liberal victory in Ontario is a victory against 'cramped, mean notion of what government can do'

John McCain, Mika Brzezinski Spar Over Handling Of Iraq

Welcome home Bowe Bergdahl.

Gulen Charter in Il, OH and IN raided by the FBI.

The Iraqi Army Was Crumbling Long Before Its Collapse, U.S. Officials Say

Australian trade at risk over East Jerusalem decision

Palestinian professor resigns after taking students to Auschwitz

GOP civil war explodes anew: Raging tension amid bitter fight to lead House

The World Cup Of Everything Else

The right’s despicable class war: Why they paint the poor as anti-American

Sanctions hinder Iranian students quest to bring solar-powered car to the United States

Ex-BP engineer convicted over Gulf oil spill wins new trial

NRA’s “really big problem”: Why it’s dependent on a dwindling fringe

Venezuela inflation tops 60%

P.F. Chang's confirms breach in credit card data

Bergdahl Back In The US To Continue Recuperation

Group A: Mexico-Cameroon

Here's a bit of analysis that got zero consideration from the main stream media.

Group B: Spain-Netherlands

lindsey graham 'we have another benghazi forming here' ...he's talking about iraq.

Alarmed by Iraq, Iran open to shared role with U.S. - Iran official (Exclusive)

I am non American . But if I were I would no vote for Hillary. This Is why.

Group B: Chile-Australia

"Right now the Iraqis are working out just who gets to be considered an Iraqi"

What the hell is wrong with people?

Old school Loungers. I stumbled upon DU2 and this was the top thread.

Soldiers love peace, generals love war, politicians love power.

Fantastic 120-Year-Old Color Pictures of Ireland

Exclusive: Bergdahl Explains in Prison Letters Why He Vanished

Cenk Uygur nails McCain, the punk/Colossal Failure

If there are US airstrikes in Iraq, then what? How does intervention improve the political crisis?

Former NJ teacher Mark Geiger gets World Cup referee assignment (Greece-Colombia)

Elizabeth Warren, Not Hillary Clinton, Should Be the Next President

Sam Stein Confronts McCain: Does ‘Victory’ in Iraq Mean Endless War?

Atheists, do you personally try to persuade others to become atheists as well?

Jamaica to Decriminalize Weed

The Greatest Greatness of George W. Bush

Remember? History will prove whether they were right or wrong in Iraq.

Obama Tea.

Food processors' lawsuit against Vermont's GMO law admits the extent of GMO in our diet

The pioneering woman the world forgot: Nokutela Dube

Allen West on FB - Bikers going to Mexico to free Marine

Chikungunya virus cases confirmed in NC, US Virgin Islands

5 conservatives who are still mad women have the right to vote

Spider-Man Statue Removed From South Korean Playground Because It Has A Gigantic Boner (NSFW*)

Somalia's women told to wear the niqab or they will be whipped

We finally found some voter fraud! Republican caught voting multiple times in multiple states.

New: Willie Nelson - Band of Brothers

Veteran Victims of Ron Johnson

Yes, this is suitable for the Lounge

GM Recalling Camaros for Ignition Switch Problem

Cool it, America. Iran has our back, they have TWO Battalions of elite troops on the ground now.....

MikeMikeMikeMikeMike! guess what day it is?!

Friday Toon Roundup 1: Can't-or

America did not “leave Iraq too soon”.

Meetings - the professional way to avoid work

Friday Toon Roundup 2: The New Religion

Why am I not invited to the meeting?

Friday Toon Roundup 3: Iraq

On the menu

Friday Toon Roundup 4: The Rest

Shock ... and ... AWWWWW!

Friday 13th and full moon

Remember the song "Everything old is new AGAIN"?

A Plan B for Climate Agreements—U.N. negotiations are going nowhere, and greenhouse-gas emissions…

This isn't the usual DU OP but interesting. Clooney and his fiancee will marry at Downton Abbey in

Obamacare wrinkle: California bill seeks to reduce state's seizure of Medi-Cal recipients' assets

A-Bombing North Carolina

POTUS statement on Iraq at 11:50 a.m (on now 11:59)

"I support the NSA, the only government agency that actually listens to the people! "

So it takes a month to get an appointment at DMV

Reynolds High School teacher's post on Facebook

Teachout prepares petitions for possible Cuomo challenge

VT GOP on life support: Vermont G.O.P. Finds Candidates in Short Supply

P.S.C.: State utility customers overpaid by $250 million

UPDATED 2 x : WATCH LIVE: Obama To Deliver Statement On Iraq

Some kid's decorated mortar board for graduation

Look! It's a turd! It's a lame! No, wait, it's Second Amendment Man!

Clintons honored at Wildlife Conservation Society gala

Oh to be greeted like this when asking for cuddles!

Papantonio: A Decade of Mayhem in Iraq

Soco Halts Oil Exploration in Africa's Virunga National Park.

After Bitter Election Loss, Charles Hynes Shredded His Office Documents : Sources

Maybe he was trying to symbolize...

Clinton’s Popularity Drops to 52% as 2016 Edge Shrinks

Newspaper's Iraq Front Page Takes A Big Shot At George W. Bush

Getting High

Consumer Sentiment in U.S. Decreases to a Three-Month Low

6 crazy things that happened at Sao Paulo’s World Cup riot

Johnson won't back nominee for ambassador to Norway

Glacier Park Plows Reach Logan Pass

The gates of Hell just cracked open on the White House lawn.

Don’t get so excited about Brat’s populists statements concerning the Jailing of

Ukraine Prepares for Gas Cut as It Seeks Interim Price

Guess Which Women’s Group Rush Limbaugh Has Donated Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars to?

The Most corrupt states/least corrupt

Someone changed my husband's name (NOT adoption related)

it doesn't get any cuter

two tiny snails kissing

Joe Conason: As Iraq Implodes, Neocons Still Have No Plan Except ‘Blame Obama’

Ohio State University Races to the Finish as the Winner of EcoCAR 2

Cuomo Has Raised Millions Through Loophole He Pledged to Close

When you gotta go, you gotta go!

Abbott Asks Feds for $30 Million for Emergency Border Operation

Facebook Lifts Ban on Exposed Nipples in Breastfeeding Pictures

I was dating a psychic but she left me.

Iraq Crisis: Bush and Blair said Iraq was a war on Islamic fascism. They lost--Robert Fisk

President Obama: NO military action in Iraq in the absence of political plan

Low-wage contract workers at regional airports getting long-awaited raises next month

Thoughts on Father's Day...Caroline Kennedy

Tweety's Advice

Do you think the President knows what he's doing?

Here's the new plan for Iraq...

Seriously, where were the NSA/intel warnings about the current Iraq situation. Isn't this just

Toon: The Republican alternative to Obamacare will see you now....

Yes...I know....BUT, he makes some Excellent Points (Lets look Forward and Not Backward)

What's a few trillion more? Right, Sen. John McCain?

To be clear: any policy starting with "we broke it..." ends with "we occupy Iraq forever."

Religious Discrimination and the Violence Against Women Act

Private School Tests in Flux in New York City, Causing Fuss

The Full Employment Route to Poverty Reduction by Dean Baker

Cop who punched Occupy Wall Street protester gets tax-free disability pension

Fukushima VICE Investigation

Dubya, 2007: "I firmly believe the world is better off without Saddam Hussein in power."

Toon: Which is the most power place in America?

Should US launch a new Iraq intervention?

Rockefeller billionaire's son dead after single-engine plane crashes minutes after takeoff in Westch

Do you Americans for most do think global economic crisis can put tje world at risk of new WW????

I start chemo on Tuesday. The doctors want me to do both chemo & radiation.

Screaming 'Rape Victim' in Van

What happened last time when we tried to "help" Iraq? How would it be

Louie Gohmert: The 'Good News' is Non-Christians Are 'Going to Hell'

Joe Biden deserves lots of credit for being right about Iraq.

Fmr Intelligence Operative: Obama Tried to Kill Me

Baltimore police shoot cow running loose in city

The media is complicit with war crimes in Iraq. They delivered the propaganda, cheered the shock and

June 14, 2012: Richmond judges appoint Thorne-Begland to bench

What happens when terrorists carve themselves a state?

Rockefeller son dies after his plane crashes

What's happening in Iraq was inevitable the second we decided to invade them.

The Inconvenient Truth About Jews From Arab Lands: They Were Expelled

New Mexico Park Honoring 1868 Mass Murderer Kit Carson Renamed to Red Willow Park

Not one dime for Iraq without a wealth tax to pay for it. It's called leverage, Mr Mcain.

McCain calls on Obama to fire his national security team and replace them with Bush-era neocons

What's for Dinner, Fri., June 13, 2014

Water Cake!

I keep hearing Senator McCain talking about ...

Verizon Says It Wants to Kill Net Neutrality to Help Blind, Deaf, and Disabled People

Georgia Waffle House worker fatally shoots customer who refused to leave

Good news for the blind community - books (fair use) and currency readers

DC's NeoCons and Mainstream Media blame President Obama for Their OWN Iraq Failures....Robert Parry

Republican Civil War Hurtling Towards D Day In Mississippi

Poachers massacre 68 elephants in Congo park

I've just got an unsolicited call about my computer...

Sanders Puts His Foot Down--Breaks With The Political Elites Of Both Parties Over The Fed Reserve

Cuomo gets bill to ban toxic chemicals in baby products

Under Mayor De Blasio Marijuana Arrests are More Frequent Than Bloomberg and Guiliani.

OMG!!!! IT'S BEGUN!!! MY BOYS AT WARPED TOUR!!!!! Sorry for shouting, but it feels SO good!!!!!

Shun the Atheist Boyfriend

David Brat’s victory comes with a rise in the crossroads of religion and economics

Rape as terror

June 13, Catholic Father’s Day

Pelosi smack on Cantor yesterday "Handmaiden of the Tea Party"

Order in the courtroom, Here comes the judge.

Is Cuomo Killing the Democratic Party?


Fitbit - Is it useful? Does it work?

John Kerry, at conference in London, to address ending rape as weapon of war

Wendy Davis backs ban on reparative therapy; Greg Abbott dodges questions about Texas GOP plank

A question for McCain and his sidekick, Graham:

Weeks-old kitty rescued from storm drain

Militants Sweep towards Baghdad: Women's Rights Groups Mobilize

Between Rand Paul and Cruz........

The Banksters who Stole Uncounted Trillions Should PUT IT BACK.

Toon: This is all Obama's fault!!

A Girl like a Phoenix

Great Sioux Nation is alive and well, pow wow with Pres and Mrs Obama (great photos, streaming)

(•) (•)

McCain Left Classified Briefing ‘After Only A Matter Of Minutes’

Vero Beach man rescues kitty-cat

Sunshine (Iraqi blogger) is writing again.

NYC. 1962. Ruby Dee, Ossie Davis and their children protest at a CORE peace demonstration...

On this day June 13; President Johnson nominated Thurgood Marshall...

If so surely Hillary seems to be the nominee....why organize primary then?

Americans Will Tolerate a Variety of In-Laws. One Exception: Atheists.

Seriously, we Lounge Lizards need to step it up...

bobby ghosh just made a good point on m$nbc regarding iraq airstrikes.....

Palin: Immigration Debate 'Just About Driving Me To Renounce My Republican Ties'

We need to avoid the temptation to "fix" Iraq

Scott Walker Refuses To State A Position On Same-Sex Marriage

Ohio Becomes First State to Freeze its Renewable Energy Standard

CALIFORNIA: Let's help overturn Citizens United!

Iraq Front Page Takes A Big Shot At George W. Bush

NYPD s Approval Rating Drops in New Poll

Pat Boone has a meltdown...

FIFA Facepalm logo.

The Donald vs. Rahmbo. Ringside seats, anyone?

The 10 most corrupt states in the U.S.


Tea Party vs Cantor cartoon:

DHHS revokes Alexander Group welfare consult contract, demands $172k repayment

WFP To Liberals: Vote For Cuomo

Controller update: Yee overtakes Perez AND Evans!!

DU This Survey: Tell the WTO What You Think About World Trade

Army Press Conf. on Bowe Bergdahl, 4 PM ET

Can anyone recommend an online appointment scheduler?

Cliff Schecter: Five things you can do about gun violence

GOP Sen. Thad Cochran Has Absolutely No Idea That Eric Cantor Lost

What does "traditional family values" mean?

President and First Lady's visit to the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation

Watch as they build the hotel from "Grand Budapest Hotel" from Legos

What is the best response to George Will's Column (The privileges of being raped)

Radioactive Wolves Of Chernobyl - Full Documentary


Even for Non-Hockey Fans: Enoy the Game Tonight with Doc Emrick BINGO!

On Iraq, the TAZ Mission Accomplished Photo and the Content of the Subsequent Commentary....

Here is what I think will happen in Iraq

LGBT Undocumented Immigrants Face an Increased Risk of Hate Violence


International prizes for literature baffle me.

Minn. GOP Had No Idea Their Supreme Court Nominee Has DWI Case Pending

Little-Known Congressional Quota is Placing LGBT Immigrants in Grave Danger

Shep Smith: The Same People Who Were Wrong About Iraq Now Want Us To Go Back

What I would advise the President to do about the Iraq crisis?

The similarity and the difference between the last pope and the current pope.

Ted Nugent compares Jewish Congressman Eric Cantor to Nazi propagandist Joseph Goebbels

Excuse me, but Rick Santorum does not strike me as an expert on "bling."

Are We a Stone's Throw from an Epidemic of Anti-LGBTQ Violence?

Damn are DUers watching Spain v the Netherlands

This is an epic disaster for

Where are all our Miami fans???

Articles of Confederation vs Constitution

Kerry expects " timely" decisions from Obama on Iraq

Hey! Google doodle!

How to Stop Nightmares

Major foreclosure law firm just got hit by the Karma train.

Russia Has Sent Tanks to Ukraine Rebels, U.S. Says

Kerry s adress at London Summit "End War Rape"

In my mind, I see a helicopter hovering over the embassy building

CNN and Tumblr Team Up for Live Hillary Clinton Town Hall

Save the Warthogs....

Netherlands DEFEATS Spain

Hacker in clandestine wiretapping case had alleged ties to Colombia police officials

I'm only 2IC around here

* NOT WANTED * (for foreign policy advice)

Bill Maher lineup: 10 pm/HBO - repeat after the show Vice at 10:30 - tonight

McDonald's GOL! FIFA World Cup - Brasil 2014

ISIS linked organization takes responsibility for alleged kidnapping of three teenagers

Do you think Cheney, Rumsfield et al knew in 2003 we'd never be free of Iraq involvement?

Guest Lineups For The Sunday News Shows

Big dark cloud coming into Brooklyn.

Last American combat troops leave Iraq. I think President George W. Bush deserves some credit..

43% of the public think

High school senior strips at graduation, gets stripped of his diploma

The Elizabeth Warren effect

Methuselahs of the animal kingdom.

Retiree group: Don't move to Florida unless you'll try to make it better

Papantonio: Right Wing Domestic Terrorism Alive and Well

Report From Iraq: U.S. Invasion in 2003 Helped Set Path For Crisis Pulling Nation Apart

Beatles FANS only huddle-up!!!

#2 on Amazon's Kindle List trailing only Linda Goodman's "Sun Signs"!!!

Over 47,000 Unaccompanied Children Detained in Shocking Conditions..Warehouses/Plastic Containers..

"Girl scarred by pit bull attack asked to leave restaurant" (KFC in Jackson MS)

At MAD Magazine, an Unlikely Rabbinic Figure

SPOILER ALERT: Emma wins the Game of Thrones

National Center for Policy Analysis (conservative grp) says Goodman dismissed for sexual misconduct

FCC’s Wheeler on Viral Net Neutrality Video: “I Am Not a Dingo.”

Wage hike eyed for tipped food-service workers

Dallas health department falsifies STD records

JUdge Crabb upholds finding but stays WI SS marriage

Just found DU and I am really happy to be participating.

Syracuse has one of highest student suspension rates in nation, state attorney general finds

Germany says no more credit guarantees for nuclear exports

Whoops! I plum forgot I was carrying a hand-held instant death machine! 892 times! GunFAIL LXXII

Watch: Man with cerebral palsy calls out faith healer as a fraud before congregation


Double knit Fancies

Jamaica decriminalizes personal possession of marijuana, will clear past ‘ganja’ arrest records

R U into Herps? I went to great length today to keep this fox snake safe (photo warning)

Michael Sam Signed by St. Louis Rams

There's prequels and sequels, but what's it when the story takes place during the same time frame?

If somebody is in a "time out"

A Muslim reporter’s icy welcome from Texas GOP: ‘Where are you from?’

Weekend Economists Hit the Trifecta! June 13-15, 2014

Tweety tearing Bushco a new one on Iraq

Controversial election billboards reported in central Colombia

Actress Angelina Jolie made an honorary dame in the Queen's birthday honours list

Prime Time: The Secret Baby Trail

Bolivian president gives U.N. chief coca birthday cake

"On Iraq, let’s ignore those who got it all wrong"

"U.S. to Sue Citigroup Over Faulty Mortgage Bonds: Sources"

Federal judge says FBI fitness test discriminates against men by making it easier for women

Project NESM

"Koch Brothers Unveil New Strategy at Big Donor Retreat"

Dear the powers that be;

Facepalm moment from the World Cup.

40 years ago.

Hydrogen storage diffusion and embrittlement

IRS Lost 2 Years of Lois Lerner’s Emails with Outsiders

"Though you grind a fool in a mortar . . .

Tonight's guests on Real Time:

For tea party Republicans, House leadership hopes turn into disappointment or how stupid is the tp?

Air pollution linked to autism and schizophrenia

The Vegas Killers Were "The GOOD Guys With A Gun" ...