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Archives: June 12, 2014

John Fugelsang: ".. but Karma's playing the long game.. "

NYC strippers accused of drugging patrons, running up credit cards

A blast from the past...Noel Coward and "Mad Dogs and Englishmen."

Autopsy finds that Nakba Day protester killed by live bullet

How VA Outsourcing Hurts Veterans

BREAKING NEWS: UFW's Arturo S. Rodriguez arrested for Civil Disobedience in WDC

Report: 3D Printing Makes Headway Into Heart Of U.S. Manufacturing

"Recession tied to increase in suicides"

Obama: Cantor Loss Not Death Knell of Immigration.

Hyundai's Hydrogen Electric Fuel-Cell Car Makes US Debut

They're on a roll tonight!

The US has spent $1 billion on a weapon that has no mission. And started an arms race with China

Colombian paramilitary financier says Uribe extradited him to keep quiet about regime’s paramilitary

Colombian paramilitary financier says Uribe extradited him to keep quiet about regime’s paramilitary

Gov. Scott Walker's administration starts processing gay marriage licenses

In 2009, McConnell and Cantor pushed to make Obama a one-term president...

The sun is burning

After Eric Cantor ouster, a skittish GOP and perhaps more gridlock (CS Monitor)

President Obama at...Worcester technical high school

Several Private Education Foundation Revising Their Efforts Due to Accountability Issues.

Every once in awhile stupid outstrips the evil

Cantor lost because he gerrymandered his district to the extreme right, which he

Pension Retirement Security of State Workers Such as Texas Teachers.

New charges brought against Zuluaga ‘peace talks hacker’

Hidden Racial Anxiety in an Age of Waning Racism

Iraq Asked U.S. for Strikes, Officials Say

World Cup 2014: Coach Klinsmann says U.S. can't win ... and he's right

The best laid plans . . .

Judge Rules Exxon Must Face Negligence Lawsuit Over 210,000-Gallon Oil Spill

The best laid plans . . .

Judge bans Idaho from removing (Occupy) protester tents

NYC cracks down on businesses leaving out open bags of trash

I've been getting an error when I use spell check.

Jose is a very insightful kid.

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseeker Check In! Church Night! Washington Post Goddam

In our small town, I'm running for council with two other amazing women.

The 8 Biggest Lies Men's Rights Activists Spread About Women

A lazy media once again misses how politics has changed

Report: Effects of Kansas tax cuts 'understated'

60% disapproved of Cantor BEFORE!

Immigration Minister Chris Alexander hangs up on As It Happens

Another irony meter blown: Dr. Oz to testify in front of the Senate’s Consumer Protection Panel...

Morning After Tea Party Win, House G.O.P. Proposes End to Social Security, Return to Child Labor...

I'm ready to give up on MSNBC and the lame stream media altogether.

So I heard Cantor lost his primary and literally laughed out loud. It was a full Nelson.

Just a few outdoor pics (Dial-up warning)

mormon women's group founder faces excommunication

US Eyes New Aid To Iraq To Curb Insurgent March

mormon women's group founder faces excommunication

Rachel Maddow is a treasure. She's been on Cantor's loss since

Victims call for investigation of another former general linked to paramilitary massacre

Union Seminary pulls investments from the ‘sin’ of fossil fuels

Jeopardy question..

Oh no I just thought about something..

Calif. man among 5 soldiers killed in Afghanistan

The Stock Act!

This is from a friend's page-good to know.

Ice Soccer


Hillary Clinton Interview with Diane Sawyer of ABC

O.K., i'm doing this. A goat and a donkey...

I love that commercial, with the dog finding the woman with the scarf

The Forever War: U.S. Nearly Used Nukes During Viet Nam War

Florida woman by the name of Crystal Metheney is arrested for firing a missile into a vehicle

California's Lone Wolf Protection Program

Destabilization campaign continues in Venezuela

Exclusive: California Legislature Moves to Restrict Citizen-Requested Election 'Recounts'

Obama: "We should be ashamed."

Jahi McMath (brain-dead Oakland girl) graduating from middle school.

Emmylou Harris, Joan Baez and Jackson Browne - Guantanamera

Louis CK on black and white in America

Author of DHS' Retracted 2009 Report Warned About Rightwing Extremism Again in 2011

There are at least two things that the NSA does that should be ruled unconstitutional:

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Thursday, 12 June 2014

U.S. minorities on pace to be majority in months, not decades

Woman jailed over truancy fines found dead in cell

Clinton: Cantor opponent 'ran against immigrants'

Rangers win 2 to 1 over LA.

Senate Blocks Elizabeth Warren's Student Loan Refinancing Proposal

Thread to call things by their true names

"Is Cantor’s Loss Part of a Transpartisan Movement?"

Travis County DA Lehmberg: Prosecutor fired over racially insensitive statements

Austin State Supported Living Center closure forces dozens out

Local schools to benefit from Hobby Lobby settlement


Vermont becomes first state to create long-term climate plan

American scientists controversially recreate deadly Spanish Flu virus

LGBT groups ditch support for weakened Employment Non-Discrimination Act

Judge allows water, food infusions stopped for Casey Kasem

Elizabeth Warren To Hit Back At Mitch McConnell By Campaigning For Alison Lundergan Grimes

Iraqi American Reconciliation Project Invites you! 6/22.. hear from Iraqis visiting Twin Cities

Behind the scenes video from Cantor's "victory" party...

Lessons Celebrating Eric Cantor’s Primary Loss

preliminary thoughts on cantor’s loss

Tonight's Moon from the Bay Area

It's so sad that Flashheart has passed away

My cactus in black and white

To obtain cellphone location records, warrant is needed, says federal appeals court

John Boehner Tears Up As Eric Cantor Announces Departure

Someone just "poked" me on Facebook.

Iowa Teachers’ Invention Could Save Lives in School Shooting Situation

Ancient Mayan Sculptures and Artwork Discovered in Guatemala

Juan Cole: The Fall of Mosul and the False Promises of Modern History

late night gratuitous kitty pic

Please ignore

Should it be legal for parents to abandon their children over state lines?

Empire of Prisons: How the United States is Spreading Mass Incarceration around the World

Beaumont ISD conservator demands more admin cuts

New York City Agrees to Largest Occupy Wall Street Settlement Ever

Bigots not welcome in Detroit - MRA conference canceled

Colombia, No. 2 rebel group unveil peace process

Charles Pierce: Point The Second: I still miss Howard Dean.

Murder suspect claims gay victim ‘tried to rape him’

Iraq Sunni Militant Group Vows to March on Baghdad

This would stop me from swimming for a good long time!

Fight Over Calif. Oyster Company Splits Chefs And Land Defenders

If I have said it once,…

Mother Of 7 Jailed For Kids Truancy Fines Found Dead In Cell

Singapore casino stops serving shark fin

When A Dude Says That Maybe She's Asking For It, She Has The Perfect Response.

Why so many police used in raid of Korean church?

Wikileaks Says Ukraine's Poroshenko 'Was US Informant' World

Congratulations, David Brat: Your Win over Eric Cantor is Totally Meaningless

A Vinyl Renaissance Is Supporting Record Stores Across the Country

1 priest killed, 1 wounded in Phoenix attack

Mass Grave of Dead Babies in Ireland Used as Guinea Pigs for Pharmaceutical Company

Ukraine's information war

Russia warns Finland against joining NATO

Ruth: Home-grown terror

12 Devastating Testimonials from Americans Who Did Everything Right Still Fell into Economic Ruin

Snowden deploys epilepsy-inducing robots against reporters!

The Ayn-Rand Loving Billionaires and Vast Right-Wing Machine Behind David Brat

The Truth About Child Abuse and Poverty

Snowden (who really does, apparently, have epilepsy) helps an epileptic.

Dick Gaughan-Revolution

Police Raid Activists’ Homes, Arrest 8 On Eve Of FIFA’s World Cup

Iraq: The frontman whose group took Mosel

Senate passes bipartisan bill offering veterans more medical care options

Bizarre trivia of the day

Why Does the Right Embrace Ignorance as a Virtue?

Share your vacation disaster

Teachers Sound Alarm over 'Anti-Public Education' Ruling

How US Private Prisons Are Making Millions by Jailing Migrants in Deplorable Conditions

America Strong: Stranger Raises $35k for Exonerated Prisoner

Bloody Legacy of US Invasion as Tattered Iraq Teeters on Edge

So Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Powell, CRice - how's that

Iraq: Looming War of Shiite, Kurdish, Extremist-Sunni Militias

There’s nothing left to argue: No fact or tragedy will change any minds — but here’s what will

Do Black Lesbians Have a Right to Self-Defense?

After Piketty, is the Study of Economics the Study of Rising Inequality?

Claudia Burkill, 8, of Market Rasen, England, is ‘the first to beat brain cancer’

Indiana GOP candidate: ‘No one has the guts’ to let poor people ‘wither and die’

The geopolitics of the World Cup

Jon Stewart: Don’t act like Cantor’s loss ended Congress’ ‘golden age of cooperation’

David Brat Refuses To Say If He's For Or Against The Minimum Wage, will he cut Social Security?

The Ayn-Rand Loving Billionaires and Vast Right-Wing Machine Behind David Brat

Why Does the Right Embrace Ignorance as a Virtue?

Guantanamo Endgame

From War to Sleeping on the Street

CNN to Fmr Neo-Nazi: Don't Mention Tea Party Connection To Mass Shooting

Elizabeth Warren Declares War on Mitch McConnell After He Blocked Her Student Loan Bill

How ironic - JoeScum is bawling about a new report on the significant ideological divide in

Virunga Park oil hunt in DR Congo halted

US House of Representatives Has Become a Garbage Heap for Anti-China Sentiments

Spirits of the Well

The Mariach Shine

Uranium games in Niger and the US-Franco competition

Wisconsin: Republican AG candidate defines "the essence of representative government"

CNN to Fmr Neo-Nazi: Don't Mention Tea Party Connection To Mass Shooting

Catholic Archbishop Didn't Know Sex with Children Was a Crime

America’s dirty secret

Recession 'led to 10,000 suicides'

World Cup 2022: The Dark Side of the Qatar Dream

German Defense Minister: 'Russia Has Destroyed a Massive Amount of Trust'

Ukraine National Guard collapsing? 'We're not paid, we don't have food'

US embassy raises flag in support of TLV pride week

on ABC News just now -

Will Islamic Insurgents Take Baghdad? That's Where They're Headed.

The Bergdahl Swap and Beyond: The Fundamental Lie of the Afghan War

Islamists unleash all-out assault on Iraqi cities with US weapons

How 100,000 Homeless People Found A Place To Live

today on "On Point": "the mega-build-up coming in fracking"

Washington's Cold Shoulder for Defrauded Students and Soldiers

West Virginia Democrat Unveils Bill To Let Coal Plants Emit Unlimited Carbon Pollution

Dr Milton Wolf on CNN just now (TP candidate running against Pat Roberts)

Why David Brat is completely wrong about climate science

A Matter of Principle: The True Aims of the Terror War

Mehserle on Grant: 'I thought he could be going for a gun'

Eric Cantor’s Opponent Beat Him By Calling Out GOP Corruption

Dissident Fetish

Abbott 44 Davis 32

Some Small Parts of the Atheist Movement May Be a Joke

Friendly? All Deaths Are Shameful in a War That Shouldn't Be

We anti-war protesters were right: the Iraq invasion has led to bloody chaos

"Progressive" Religion Or Just Religion?

Brian the Mentally Ill Bonobo, and How He Healed

Dog The Bounty Hunter Calls Stand Your Ground Laws 'Bull Crap'

David Brat: Catholic, Calvinist, and Libertarian, Oh My!

Very Serious Superbugs in Imported Seafood

In Appalachia, coal remains king of the hill

Executive of French bank leaves amid US probe

Iraq crisis: Capture of Mosul ushers in the birth of a Sunni caliphate

Today's Gun Violence: Phoenix Priest Shot Dead, Another Wounded at Catholic Church

Lawyers: GM seeks bankruptcy shield from lawsuit

Catholics Against Capitalism

AM General to update Humvees at Indiana factory

Breast-feeding mom's college graduation photo stirs controversy

I need stain removal help--big time!

Tacoma Dome's test run could pave way for Warhol flower

Eric Cantor's Legacy Is One Of Economic Destruction

Former Managers Allege Pervasive Inventory Fraud at Walmart. How Deep Does the Rot Go?

BAT SHIT INSANE: Rick Perry Compares Homosexuality To Alcoholism

America at War: A Record of Unparalleled Failure

Problems starting for Brazil World Cup

House Committee Invites Witness To Go On Anti-Gay Rant, Because Religious Freedom

Why Are Rhode Island Democrats Blocking Minimum-Wage Increases?

$1 million contribution to Corbett would have been illegal - if it had not been laundered

DU this poll, ruin a teawinger's day!

Al Gore: Snowden Performed an ‘Important Service’ by Revealing Spying That Threatens Democracy

Al Qaeda splinter group gains more ground in Iraq

About the Supreme Court

Afghanistan presidential campaign stays away from Bergdahl release

U.S. drone strike reported in Pakistan, ending 5-month pause

For Brazil's new middle class, life's still a struggle

My apologies for the Michelle Malkin link.

Bush Hacker Gets Four Years, Bush Gets Good Times And A Friggin' Vanity Library

It's a sign

Army investigates white supremacist literature found on Fort Carson

Hey Journalists, Don't Want to Be "Blindsided?" Read the Political Blogs!

Clinton’s women-centric approach to foreign policy could shape her campaign

El Paso County (CO) wind farm project's new owner eyes springs 2015 construction start

Pew Poll: Republicans put more value on living with family/friends who share their politics.

Why Cantor’s loss is especially bad news for big business

Denver officials to discuss spending pot taxes

Are We Suffering from Too Many or Too Few Workers?

Question: on perms and coloring hair. My hairdresser says wait two weeks after a perm before

Let there be whiskers

Borowitz: Cantor's updated LinkedIn profile

You catch (and kill) more flies with this sweetener

Indiana Republican: ‘No One Has the Guts’ to Let the Poor ‘Wither and Die’ - See more at: http://www

Veterans in Fayetteville, region say they can attest to VA health care delays

Making it easier to fire teachers won't get you better ones

Kurdish Troops in Control of Key Iraqi Town, Official Says

Where would I be able to find the voting record

The face of modern conservatism: Indiana ‘sovereign man’ protests suspended driver’s license w/ gun

"Humanist Counter-Theory in the Age of Misandry"

Applications for US jobless aid up modestly

This map shows every school shooting since Sandy Hook

If the Tea Party took power....

"Legislation that benefits a person who has contributed" equals "representative government"

DU members who are MD's, question for you.

Watching Dateline OJ what the jury didnt hear

'I felt like a superstar': For Benson JROTC cadets, trip to France a lesson in duty, honor.. (D-Day)

No manslaughter charges for well-connected cop who plowed into a car at 81 mph (in a 40mph zone)

West Virginia Hospital Fundraises With Gun Raffle

Every Democratic Voter in the Country should read this article

Romney tries to re-emerge as force in GOP politics


Hospitals have big stake in Medicaid debate in N.C. legislature

Who would your state be as a high school kid? (Warning: State stereotypes abound)

Report: Effects of Kansas tax cuts 'understated' DOH!

Fourth woman found hanged in Uttar Pradesh

US opens investigation of air bag ruptures

Toyota expands recall for air bag glitch

Former Poet Laureate Pens Poem Telling Scott Brown To Scram

Wonder why Mitch McTurtle is really against Elizabeth Warren's student loan reform bill?

Perry, Texas hospitals propose plan for VA backlog

47 years ago today, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in Loving v. Virginia.

Mormon Women's Group Founder Kate Kelly Faces Excommunication

Did Cooter From ‘Dukes of Hazzard’ Beat Eric Cantor?

General Assembly poised to pass state budget

Navy report blames sailors on sub for ship collision

Bergdahl's "Rat Out Platoon" member allegations newsworthy; Domestic Terrorism not so much.

Libertarian host who inspired Vegas killers: They were ‘victims,’ murdering cops saves lives

Matt Cain walks 4 in 1st on way to 6-2 Giants loss

DEP: Jon Day impoundment contaminated groundwater

I'm SHOCKED! Brat didn't go to Princeton Univ.

Md. man charged with stealing Navy records

Perry likens homosexuality to alcoholism

De Blasio administration plans corporate tax reforms

Texas prosecutor boots black juror, likens her to a ‘white supremacist’ for NAACP ties

Man convicted in 2011 crash that killed Bellevue toddler is ordered to serve at least 5 years for pa

New York City Council to take up Avonte's Law

Irish baby scandal: forced vaccine trials.

Air Force adds bonus pay as part of nuke reforms

Greece: Mass layoffs have just started

Fight looming over secrecy of oil shipments by rail

The Bergdahl Timeline

URGENT: Tell Your Senator to Invest in Alzheimer's

Those nutty Victorians, Emily BRONTE viciously beat her beloved dog (once?) & hated cats

Southern Baptist Church considers joining failed Operation American Spring protest

Navy sub returns from rare "surge" deployment

Gentile Sees ‘Smaller and Smaller’ Pockets Golden Can Rely on to Win-My state senate district.

OK GOP Senate candidate: ‘All men are created equal’ doctrine led to Rwandan genocide

Shelby Osborne - First Ever Female College Defensive Back

Schedule for Watching the World Cup

Ukraine accuses Russia of allowing tanks across border

RNN Interview: Does Eric Cantor's Historic Defeat Signal The Ending of The Republican Party?

Congress, Please Don’t Treat IT Purchases Special: Kendall Aide

Nebraska company cited by OSHA for 10 violations; workers exposed to 'serious amputation risks'

Stunned By Cantor’s Loss, HASC Leaders Will Still Battle Sequestration: Rep. Rogers

Thanks @onetoughnerd

Nebraska company cited by OSHA for 10 violations; workers exposed to 'serious amputation risks'

Jack Hatch (IA-Gov) campaign ad

Shelby Osborne - First Ever Female College Defensive Back

Texas Retired Teachers Association Found Houston Hedge Funders Deceiving Public about Teacher

Just when you thought sequestration was working.....

Gigaboom: Obama Adds One More Reason to Like Tesla's Battery Factories

Thursday. Mental Health Day in clinic. Ask me anything.

HAC Votes To Retire The A-10

Concealed Carry Laws Don't Decrease Gun Violence -- But the NRA Continues to Say the Opposite

Concealed Carry Laws Don't Decrease Gun Violence -- But the NRA Continues to Say the Opposite

Koterba toon: Tea PARTY!!!

There's a serious hurricane in the Eastern Pacific today - Cristina

Lockheed Says It Can ‘Easily’ Improve LCS

Walter White's fictional son wishes him a Happy Father's Day! Breaking Bad

15 of 206 posts on Greatest page refer to guns and gun violence.

“Don’t let my Baby Sister Die” How the ‘War on Drugs’ is Killing Children

My conspiracy theory about Iraq and ISIS.

Woman in jail for kids' skipping school dies in cell

ISIS just stole $425 million and became the ‘world’s richest terrorist group’

Care advocates carry demands to Assembly

NY Senate votes to make 'revenge porn' illegal

Poll: Grimes Holds Slim Lead Over McConnell

Fuck you John McCain

Supreme Court says inherited IRAs not protected from reach of creditors in bankruptcy

Rick Perry draws comparison between homosexuality, alcoholism during California visit

Pinehurst No. 2: course challenges unlike any other U.S. Open

Right Wing Radio defeated Cantor.

A closer look: How many school shootings since Newtown?

Pap and Seder: The Dumbing Down of America

My wife and I are celebrating our 31 yr anniversary today, I feel like an old fart

Did anyone see Anthony Weiner on Bill Mahers?


EU's top court may define obesity as a disability

David Brat Represents A 'Taliban-Like Insurgency'

In US, political split outgrows the voting booth

‘Good day for billionaires,’ bad day for student loan borrowers

Activist Can't Explain Why Christians, But Not Others, Deserve 'Religious Liberty'

Anyone had termite treatment lately? Environmentalist vs home owner battle here help me decide.

"In the Battle of Iraq, the United States and our allies have prevailed." w bush 5/1/2003

Heat look to target Carmelo Anthony

Tom Tomorrow.. If Terrorist did this.

Fred Kaplan: If jihadists control Iraq, blame Nouri al-Maliki, not the United States.

One of the Bills calling for a Constitutional Convention

Libertarian host who inspired Vegas killers: They were ‘victims,’ murdering cops saves lives

Impoverished Mother Dies In Jail Cell Over Unpaid Fines For Her Kids Missing School

Lindsey Graham, R-SC, advocates for US airstrikes to stop ISIS advance in Iraq

Sour sour nasty and evil ----I just caught the tail end of Boehner's Press conference

Who's your World Cup Winner?

I like Brat!

“I Think Immigration Reform Is DOA. The American People Spoke Through Virginia Yesterday.....

How many of You in DU land are squirreling away your money?

When all your party's chickens come home to roost (Cantor)

the new ERIC CANTOR MEME. (feel free to post your own)

When all your party's chickens come home to roost (Cantor)

NY Senate passes tougher drunk driving penalties

Court Forces Family To Give Teen Chemotherapy Against Rabbi's Advice

Do you think Immigration reform has a better chance with Kevin McCarthy than it ever did with Cantor

So, I presume "ISIS" is going to be the new American casus belli?

Woodstock Town Board wants hunting banned on NYC-owned property

Orwell was a brilliant man

A friend has written a fantastic article about the future of the Democratic party...

Crystal Meth Arrested in Florida

At spring conference, U.S. Bishops highlight efforts against gay marriage

Translate "I don’t have a well-crafted response on that one." (Brat on the minimum wage)

FDA sparks cheese aging dispute in New York

US retail sales rose 0.3 percent in May

Washington Doesn't Care About the Havoc It Has Wrought in Iraq


Sparks fly between GOP Rep. Michael Grimm and Democratic challenger Recchia in wake of Cantor's down

I'm proud of you Virginia...

Top Palestinian negotiator rips into ‘discredited, useless’ Abbas

OMG!!! A n*pple was posted in GD! NSFW! NSFW! NSFW! (Why are you people

I'm sorry but...

Labor Unions Plan To File Lawsuit Against City Pension Reform Law

Check out the afterparty

Labor Unions Plan To File Lawsuit Against City Pension Reform Law

Widespread outage, Roadrunner mail.

When we end up cheering the defeat of Cantor, let's consider the long term implication

(((((((((((((((((((Warning))))))))))))))))))) ((((((((((((NIPPLE))))))))))))))))))

Danger, Will Robinson. This thread contains the dreaded nipples. NSFW!!!

Pols Blast Bloomberg During Security Announcement at P.J. Avitto’s Home

Chris Hedges has been accused of serious, serial plagiarism

Iraqi government has more than enough troops and weapons to defend Maliki

Steelworkers at Ormet to Rally for Extended Unemployment Benefits

Church Hires Convicted Sex Offender, No Kids Allowed At Sermons

How to Watch the 2014 World Cup

Cuomo ‘not overly optimistic’ about end of legislative session

How Seattle’s $15 Minimum Wage Victory Began in New York City’s Zuccotti Park

Off the grid livig in a micro-home (trailer)

There is a man in our community who is being harrassed by the police,

NYSUT: Teacher evaluation talks ‘in a better place’

There is a great interview with Hillary on NPR's "Fresh Air" today

Milwaukee bar sets up fake Brazilian favela for World Cup viewing

Millennials Struggle to Find Jobs: But Who’s Really to Blame?

what's for dinner - thursday, june 12

Group A: Brazil-Croatia

It’s time to fight Fox News: “The right wing wants to destroy everything great about this country”

Going for a swim in Australia - things can get interesting quick

Canter down, McConnel gong down, Bachmann leaving, Boehner may be leaving .......

World Cup 2014 opening ceremony

For those billionaires trying to screw the 99%

As McCain’s rants about how Obama is responsible for the current assault by the ISIS...

It’s okay to marry a Republican or Democrat, just not an atheist

Oh My, Ruby Dee has passed..

I feel kind of bad about this

Prominent pastor/radio host offers chilling advice to parents with adult kids who are gay

Attacks on Organized Labor

Attacks on Organized Labor

Actress and civil rights activist Ruby Dee dead at 91

Science vs Right Wing [email protected]#t

Soccer Legend Dresses Up As Old Man And Shocks Everyone At The Park (Video)

Tesla Motors Releasing Its Patents to Auto Industry (Going Open Source)

5 Things to Know About the Armed Men in Your Local Chipotle

Yes, Iraq and Iraq Redux are Shrub's fault. This (US) poor, wretched country

Big Majority Wants to Keep Obamacare

NYT: New York City Hotel Workers’ Contract May Grow More Lucrative

What we need to do is think out of the box: the old left/right paradigm doesn't work anymore

Boehner Announces Ambitious Plan to Avoid Eye Contact with Cantor.

Barry Lynn of AU wont agree with Dipshit Gohmert all non xtians go to hell

I Believe That We Will Win

To avoid the fracker tax, Repubs propose to cut farmland preservation, parks and trails funding

95% of Minnesotans now have health insurance

from Jack Trammell at FB:

95% of Minnesotans now have health insurance

Obama and Confronting Campus Rape.

Eric Cantor Defeated by a Conservative Who Rips Crony Capitalism--John Nichols

The Salvation Wagon

Phoenix priest murdered, another injured at rectory

"An unknown professor"

Louie Gohmert says if you don't believe in Jeebus you are going to hell.

Iraq was going great!

Without Highway Bill, 700,000 Jobs at Risk

Supreme Court Says Coca-Cola Can Be Sued Over Juice Drink

Senators Torch George Will For 'Ancient Beliefs About The Realities Of Sexual Assault'

Rescue Dog Coco Nurses Abandoned Kitten Along with her own Pups

Neat tweets...and a toon...

UPDATED: Obama: Iraq Is Going To Need Help From Us

TOON: How To Tell The Difference Between An Open-Carry Patriot And A Deranged Killer

What to do with all that summer squash?

Meet the Democrat who will face David Brat, the man who beat Eric Cantor

WI sees much slower growth than the rest of the nation

UPDATE 2-Gazprom to halt gas to Ukraine if no payment by Monday

How Is Enlistment Going Given We Don't Have A Draft Anymore?.....

OAS members demand Cuba's inclusion in next summit (USA promptly rejects proposal)

David Brat on What Caused the Financial Crisis

Politico: Democrats Still Need Blue-Collar Votes

Pay raises go mainly to those in select industries

Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl Heading Back to U.S.

Sheets???? what's the best type of cotton sheets to buy???

The Unicorn Hunt

While the entire world is watching World Cup Football

Amazon Prime Music

Help us ensure dignity and respect for farmworker women!

Social Homosexuality and Rick Perry

The Friends of Dave Brat

Did anyone honestly believe we were going to win the Iraq War? Anyone?

Didn't Cantor have a big lead

How Border Patrol Handles The Immigrant Children Streaming Into Texas

Sheldon Adelson/GOP pump money into FL to stop medical mj legalization

"I get Bergdahl- been there." Words from a young Iraq/Afghan Vet

Stocks slip in afternoon trading; oil prices surge

Activists poured concrete all over some "anti-homeless spikes" this morning

Kaepernick faces no charges in Miami...

Overwhelming majority of Americans want GMO labelling

ISIS (ISIL) terrorist group, compliments of Bu$h & Cheney

"I’ve never seen such a hostility from residents as I have on this issue."

David Brat: Embrace Christian Capitalism, Or Hitler Will Come Back

Van Hollen: Clerks issuing licenses to gay couples could be charged

Florida School Bus Driver Smacks Special-Needs Child in the Face: Report

Poultry worker's safety on the chopping block

Poultry worker's safety on the chopping block

Truly horrific horrific slavery on Thai shrimp ships. Thai shrimp IS havested by slaves

Really cool color pen!

We're still waiting on that outrage....

Bergdahl Writing, Posts Show Frustration, Struggle

Given the ISIS is Sunni, will Iran send in troops to protect Shia?

Law Enforcement Propaganda Against Medical MJ Legalization

Cantor, a reliable 'yes' vote for raising the H-1B visa cap, is unseated

Local officials have some say on Keystone XL pipeline, federal regulator says

Wisconsin: Does this explain the Geobic mine? Any geologists here?

So say you were going to pick everything up and go live somewhere else (in the states), where? Why?

Is there anything Dubya touched that didn't turn to complete shit?

Why the GOP is terrified - Report: Children of Latino immigrants a rising political force

Every 19 minutes...

Youth Win Reversal In Critical Climate Recovery Case

More of those DGus that never happen. The reddit DGU list.

Good info: connection between Alex Jones & the Las Vegas Murders

House @GOP releases ag budget -EXCLUDES urban kids from summer lunch programs-but includes Rural kid

Hurricane Cristina trundles WNW in Pacific Ocean, Tropical Cyclone Nanauk moseys NW in Arabian Sea

UPDATED: Hillary Jabs At NPR Host: 'You Are Playing With My Words' On Gay Marriage

Anti-FIFA Protests in Brazil Much Bigger Than Expected, Clashes – Live Blog

Iraq's crisis: Who's involved and what can they do about it? (CS Monitor)

"Rick Wiles Fears America is Transforming Into a 'Godless, Pagan Cesspool of Free Mason Fascism'"

Sunni and Shiite Islam: Do you know the difference? Take our quiz. (CS Monitor)

Exam set for accused Hillary Clinton shoe-thrower

Biking the TransAm through Kentucky, Missouri, Kansas - sure does not look like a recovering economy

Dave Brat and the Triumph of Rightwing Populism - By John B. Judis

Atheism explodes in Saudi Arabia, despite state-enforced ban

The Killing of President Kennedy (very rare 1978 BBC documentary)

Turkey’s ‘Rockin’ Imam’ gets green light from religious authorities

A Koch and National Public Television?

Pre-Emptive Blogging: Talking Points For a Coming Attack From the Right

State lawmakers push water quality bill

St. Paul charter Community School of Excellence votes to join union

'Duck Dynasty' Continues to Slide

Dana Loesch poses for her book that makes her look and sound like an ass...

Dozens of Council members and NYCHA residents protest senior and youth center closings

UK rules out taking military action in Iraq

Word Play Masters (from 2009 but still clever)

Elizabeth Warren To Hit Back At Mitch McConnell By Campaigning For Alison Lundergan Grimes

Timothy Cardinal Dolan turns up pressure on Gov. Cuomo over education tax credits

Thom Hartmann: The Dark Money that Beat Eric Cantor

Thom Hartmann: Fracking - What about Town Rights?

Americans Being Evacuated From Iraqi Air Base

NSFW doesn't always mean "work"

Kurds took control of $1.06 Trillion worth of proven oil reserves in Kirkuk

I've come to the conclusion that GD needs an enema.

World Cup Game 1: Brazil v. Croatia about to kick off (4 PM Eastern)

Hurricane Cristina Just Set A Scary Record

Senate Approves Two WEA Planks

The real divide in the GOP over immigration

Savino: Three-Way Talks Underway For Medical Marijuana Deal

OH SH*T, Iraq war again,

NSFW - A Plethora of Nipples - Including Close Nipples.

Rick Perry’s gay fixation - By Jonathan Capehart

Pentagon preparing for mass civil breakdown

Catholic Bishops Vote to Double Down on Culture War

i believe there is nothing wrong with any part of the human body on display

UK activists pour concrete over 'anti-homeless’ spikes

How Hilarious Is Putin TV (RT) Propaganda? Bill Clinton's ‘NeoCon,’ Ukraine Opposition Like Taliban

Fine! I'll say it--GD is in a breastfeeding nipple flame war as we speak.

I started the GD Baby Nipple NSFW Wars!!!11!

Okay. The nipple alerter was brave enough to identify himself.

Evolution...What really happened...

Buddy Holly...

The Lounge phrase of the day is "nipple alert".

Democratic Senators Slam George Will For 'Antiquated' Column On Campus Rape

Who says big Gov. doesn't do any good?

I posted a Thread yesterday concerning how Police have never really seen the Extreme Right as

Harrison Ford airlifted to hospital from set of Star Wars after ‘breaking ankle and suffering chest

Be not too hard

When you guys call a congressman or senator in DC,

Hilllary Clinton was on NPR's Fresh Air today.

"...but I sent that card to Nana and Papa!!!"

Why don't they have an opening/closing ceremonies contest and forget about the sports?

California State Parks - June 2014 Parklands E-Newsletter

Obama administration advising local police not to disclose information about cellphone snoop tech

California State Parks - June 2014 Parklands E-Newsletter

*oh the sickening irony* Politico headline -- GOP on Iraq: We told you so

jberryhill played GD like a fiddle, lol...

Wis. AG Threatens Clerks Marrying Same-Sex Couples

I got yer offensive nipple pic right here!

Bloomberg Poll: Demonstrates Dissent to ACA from the Left

Can we still say Carlin's 7 dirty words? (Don't click if your boss is behind you)

U.S. bishops vote for extension of religious liberty ad hoc committee

The Guardian: A eulogy to the NHS...

can't get this Ramones song out of my head the past couple of days

Want Democrats to win in 2014 ...

Just three words...

Cantor was defeated by Democrats voting in Virginia's open primary

'White Phosphorus' Reports: Ukraine Military 'Dropped Incendiary Bombs' On Slavyansk (VIDEO)

Metro Schools to offer free meals to all students

Ft. Carson and white supremacists recruiting of troops there

If your IT department let's you surf have nothing to worry about.

Obama Won’t Rule Out Airstrikes to Aid Iraq’s Army

Militants on March in Iraq Undo What U.S. Sought

Russia sending tanks across border into Ukraine, Kiev says (LA Times)

Avoid this garage in Melrose.

So what is the rate of school shootings since Sandy Hook, anyway?

Favorite music mecca named after a mollusk?

While I hate to divert from nipple disussions, Christopher Walken

Sarah Palin: Let Me Tell You What I See From My House

Can synaesthesia be learnt?

My employer has asked that DU start posting more nudity

Water Is ‘Biggest Obstacle’ Facing Golf, Says USGA

We have a guy at work who is always talking about nipples...

Sigh. My one and only NSFW nipple thread here in GD.

So Boehner's argument is that Obama made Cantor lose

Sarah Slamen is back. She is on Ed's show with Dyson.

Photo: Woodmen Tower falcon chicks named after 'Frozen' characters & link to live cam

911 Dispatcher Tells Rape Victim to 'Quit Crying'

"He needs to call off the dogs and turn off the fire hoses"; Wisconsin County clerk to anti-gay A.G.

PHEW - possession of less than two ounces of ganja is no longer a criminal offense in Jamaica

"Right wing populism" is fascism, just fyi.

Bill Black: How Hayek Helped the Worst Get to the Top in Economics and as CEOs

We lived on this continent before it was *discovered*...

Shit hitting fan in Iraq.

Trololol Cat rules your mind.

Guardian: Hillary Clinton's book is exactly as 'safe' as female politicians are forced to be

Privatizing America’s Public Universities as “Shock Doctrine” (or Not)

Substance abuse counselor sentenced to 55 years to life for fatal DUI

Obama Moves On Minimum Wage Without Congress

Iran vows to combat terrorism in Iraq.

A College Rape Survivor Responds To George Will's "Coveted Status" Remarks

Former RT Host Adam Kokesh Defends Vegas Shooters As 'Victims' Who Were Killing Cops To Save Lives

Federal Contract Workers Tell Obama: $10.10 Isn't Enough

Step Right Up and Place your Bets on Where Eric Cantor Will Go To Cash His Wingnut Welfare Check:

How Apple and Beats could shake up the streaming music scene

Isn't it a little odd??

A Woman’s Purse Was Stolen Along With Her Dead Son’s Pictures. Then Something Extraordinary Happened

Finally, A Way To Do Some Good While Looking At Adorable Puppy Photos

Its not that hard.........

“You Allow Your Heart to Be Broken Every Day”

Lawyer testifies she did her best to care for 100-plus cats

The Fork

Hope for the Indian rhino

Deconstructing David Brat's "Scholarship"

Fine. I'll ask it. What is the punishment for viewing images of breastfeeding babies at your

No Attacks On Iraq! Again! Or Still!

Tea Party Lawmakers Complain About Rushed GOP Leadership Elections..Aww

Luckovich: Open Carry

Oregon school shooter was carrying AR-15. School is in county where GOP routinely raffles AR-15s.

WB's Long-Term Plans For The DC Movie Universe Have Apparently Been Revealed

TOONS: Bush's Silence On Iraq? A Picture Paints A Thousand Words ...

One Chart That Shows Why The Middle East Is Now One Giant Warzone

Oil prices spike to levels not seen in months as violence flares in Iraq. George W. Bush responds...

We've seen this movie before: HOW IRAQ TURNS INTO VIETNAM BEFORE OUR VERY EYES-By Charles P. Pierce

Papantonio: How Citizens Media Destroys War

Random Drug testing in Middle Schools? This is bullcrap!!!

Over 700 games in Dota2

Resigning House Leader Cantor Reflects On All The Accomplishments He Thwarted

Hostile Work Environments and Graphic Photos

Let's settle this.

Amnesty Int'l: World must follow Denmark's example after landmark transgender law

Cantor toon

Rachel Maddow - Cantor leaves legacy of failed rebranding

Toby and Sheila are besties

Undecided by Linda Greenhouse