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Teen Dead After Alabama Police ‘Cut’ Throat Open to Retrieve Drugs

Georgetown police arrest suspect in Target credit card breach

moment of surrender

The 'Glenn Miller Story' on TCM now.

CNN Poll: Did ‘Space Aliens, Time Travelers or Beings From Another Dimension’ Make Flight Vanish?

Rensselaer County executive approached to run with Astorino

These dogs won't hunt

This is scary, Scientists Create First Living Organism With 'Artificial' DNA.

Texas Land Commish Jerry Patterson Endorses David Dewhurst over Dan Patrick for Lt. Governor


Should the US try to free the kidnapped Nigerian girls using military means?

Another Awkward Moment at Fox "News"

Kerry After Visit to (Fistula) Clinic in Democratic Republic of the Congo

Gall (2): brazen boldness coupled with impudent assurance and insolence (Merriam-Webster)

New US ambassador to Colombia arrives in Bogota

High-Speed Rail Authority approves Fresno-Bakersfield section

psalm 40

NBA strategy to force Sterling to sell centers on documents he signed

They know, they just don't care.

Reports: Sterling's girlfriend now under criminal investigation for blackmail and extortion

Do you believe in a hell or a place of punishment when you die?

"Here's the simple truth..."

Colorado lawmakers approve plan for pot banking

Poachers take chunks from California redwoods, put majestic trees at risk

16-Year-Old Graduates From High School AND College In Same Week

It's easy to be wise.

Update: Tucker's surgery went beautifully!

Take great free online courses from the world's best universities

Perry Misleads on Jobs

I think Yahoo is dead to me now

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Float Like a Butterfly, Sting Like a Bee

Ukraine - Videos show the truth. Army harrassing and shooting at unarmed civilians - Disturbing

KKE Statement on the escalation of violence in Ukraine -

A few minutes before the polls close, the chief election judge comes outside

Tesla Will Break Ground on Multiple Gigafactory Sites - And California Is Now in the Running

Which Version of "Sexyback" do you prefer?

Americans Raid 401(k)s, Replacing Home Equity Withdrawals as Way to Make Ends Meet

Google, Amazon and other online giants warn FCC on net neutrality

Universities Rethink Fight Songs To Ban Lyrics

Zuluaga’s campaign director caught on video with wiretap suspect, critics call for resignation

The Art of Manliness.

Toon for those that have been following the restored Rembrandt in Omaha

Texas native and NFL hopeful Michael Sam talks nerves ahead of NFL draft

Bible in high-school studies is part of Hobby Lobby president's evangelization push

Russian diplomat: Pussy Riot activists are sexually frustrated and ‘need a good f*ck’

Obama wants to expand H-1B visas to spouses of guest workers, cites "We The People" petition

Norwegian reality show features elebrities planning their funerals

"Democratic leader needles GOP: tea party has already won civil war"

Stephen Colbert looks at Georgia's 'guns everywhere' law

"Raising the Minimum Wage to $10.10 Would Benefit 4.7 Million Moms"

RadFem Joe Biden

Teachers in Oakland Catholic Schools Forced to Sign New Personal 'Morals' Code

5,600-year-old tomb found in Egypt

Question: Could an individual Senator, or a handful of Senators...

When and why do you recommend an OP

Colorado lawmakers approve plan for pot banking

That escalated quickly

The siuntists at Fox have discovered volcanoes

Twice as Much Methane Escaping Arctic Seafloor

"There Are No Mainstream Republicans Left in North Carolina"


Satellites reveal browning mountain forests

nothing like picking apart the conspiratorial articles posted by RW kin on facebook;

I went to Quarryhill Botanical Gardens today

B Springsteen, Conan O'Brien & Liam Neeson To Help Commemorate 20th Anniversary USC Shoah Foundation

New population of critically endangered Darwin’s fox discovered in Chile

USA is sending drones to Nigeria to help find the missing girls and fight against Boko Haram.


Horseshoe Casino employees told some will be forced out of health benefits

when will greenwald tell us what snowdens docs said about russian surveillance?

Ukraine’s Battleground Blurs the Lines Between Civilian and Fighter

2014 Election Commericals are off and running, first Stewart Mills ad is running

Trouble in Bundyville - Cliven afraid to leave ranch for fear of arrest? Filing in Chickens/Roost

Patton Boggs Surrenders to Chevron (Equador Pollution Case), Will Pay $15 Million

six pack

wheels of change-the bicycle and women's rights

wheels of change-the bicycle and women's rights

A Boy Shot, and Regret on Montana ‘Castle’ Law

I know it's been said many times many ways but

Brazil's 'chainsaw queen' takes on environmentalists

Brazil's 'chainsaw queen' takes on environmentalists

Cliven Bundy standoff: Locals want armed militia out, lawmaker says

Democrat Loses Committee Spots After Tax Cut Vote

They call it football

I know it's not apple season, but this looks interesting.


Sorry, but losing patience fast

Faux "news" just keeps digging deeper...

Please help

What's the max size for a sigline picture? I thought it was 200x500, but it seems smaller now. nt

Global Absolute Poverty Fell by Almost Half on Tuesday (sort of)

Here are three things about the 90's I still don't care about-

Obama: 'Disquiet' Breeds Political Cynicism

CO Senate OKs Co-op Banking for Marijuana Bizzes

INTERVIEW-Guatemala sees opium poppies as potential revenue-spinners

Nintendo defends decision to disallow gay relationships in game

arely staircase has been blocked from the group.

Self-loathing Senate Republicans

The chances for class action just got better ....

Should a High School Graduate

Fox News used images of 'random sad Asians' in South Korea ferry report

I've been waiting for this day!

The DU Archives just got a bit hotter...

Boy, 2, Believed To Be With Suicidal Mother; Amber Alert Issued (Update,both found ok)

Thom Hartmann: ALEC is Trying to Take Down The EPA

Fitzgerald-Neuhardt's Campaign Knows The Road Ahead Will Be Rough...

Thom Hartmann: Richard Wolff "Time for Democracy in the Workplace"

Do members here want blockings posted in the group.

A grave message on Net Neutrality from Senator Franken

White male suicide rate could exceed Black male homicide victimisation rate within thirty years

Thom Hartmann: Why the EPA Isn't Checking Air Quality in WV

Game of Thrones

Coincidence? Putin backs down from Ukraine invasion only hours after Russia booed at Eurovision

Nigeria abductions: UK experts to provide advice

After genocide trial, has justice been done?

TV journalist accused of attacking police in Guatemala

Scott Olsen, NLG Bay Area and We Copwatch Launch Campaign To Rid OPD of “Less Lethal” Weapons

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, fizzgig!!!

So a house in my neighborhood burned down

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO): Other Countries' Presidents - François Hollande

The Affordable Care Act and African Americans

CPRIT attack turns personal for Democratic political activist

TCM Schedule for Thursday, May 8, 2014 -- 1960s Stage To Screen

What's for Dinner ~ Thursday ~ May 8th

"One US-Backed Rebel Group Cooperates With Al Qaeda in Syria"

Senate Republicans Support Energy Efficiency Bill, But Hold It 'Hostage' Anyway

Satish Kumar, Peace Activist.

(Utah) BLM workers on alert after wrangler threatened with gun on I-15

New Zealand Spy Agency Head Denies Claims of Mass Surveillance on Kiwis

White House hails bill reforming NSA

Russia Declares War On Bloggers With Sweeping New Censorship Law

Nigeria abducted schoolgirls: Malala Yousafzai urges action

There Will Be Blood | China Uncensored

Japan cab driver held for drugging women with diuretics

Mr. Fish gets a message on his computer.

Does the universe have a purpose? By Neil DeGrasse Tyson...

Syrian state television reports 'huge explosion' levels hotel in northern city of Aleppo

Purity Balls, Plan B and Bad Sex Policy: Inside America's Virginity Obsession

Severe thunderstorm warnings as of 5 AM EST in parts of MN, IA, and SD

Cliven Bundy standoff: Locals want armed militia out, lawmaker says

How Patriarchy affects men, a self perpetuating cycle of denial and excuses.

Ukraine ready for talks with the east, not with 'terrorists'

Guatemala sees opium poppies as potential revenue-spinners

Gazprom: Ukraine Missed Payment Deadline as IMF Sends Aid

Poll: Most Ukrainians want a unified country

Atlantic hurricane season begins June 1st, per National Hurricane Center

California city aims to fight bullying by criminalizing it

I've gone to church occasionally in the past with my wife.

Ride a cock-horse to Banbury Cross

U.S. rejects California driver licenses for undocumented immigrants

100 years of wandering

Former Berlusconi cabinet minister arrested by antimafia police

Quite Possibly the Dumbest Plain Dealer LTTE in Five Years . . .

Atlanta woman using ‘stand your ground’ defense found guilty of murder

206 House Republicans Scramble for 7 Spots on Benghazi Committee

North Korea slams U.S. on gun violence: ‘Like a malignant tumor hard to cure’

The average age of Fox News viewers is 68 and a majority of them...

Murdered for Her iPhone

Ukraine separatists plan to go ahead with referendum despite Putin's calls for dialogue.

One U.S.-Backed Rebel Group Cooperates With Al-Qaeda in Syria

Senate Republicans Support Energy Efficiency Bill, ....But Hold It 'Hostage' Anyway

Government says no need to park recalled GM cars

What the recent poll tells us about Ukraine and Crimea

Around the World, Social Unrest Starts with Soaring Food Prices

Neil deGrasse Tyson 'Goes There' on Climate Change: Creationists and Right-Wingers Freak Out


New Tennessee Law Criminalizes Moms, Turns Doctors Into Informants

Mike Malloy - Supreme Idiots Allow Prayers On Council Meetings

Meet the Right-Wing Tycoon of Missouri, One of Conservatives' Biggest Money Men

Bizarre factiod of the day.

Venezuela to Ration Electricity After Colombia Cuts Gas

Mango, a 19-year-old male Syrian brown bear, rests on a bed.....

Sexism, Lies and Videotape Imperil Women's Privacy

Peregrine Falcon Nest Livecam

West Virginia’s climate change disconnect continues

Wisconsin campaign finance probe can continue: appeals court

Colorado Will Go To Bat For Workers Whose Employers Steal Wages

Amy Goodman: Solitary Confinement Is Not the Answer

I'm 99.99999 % sure this is BS, just want someone who knows something to confirm...

The World Will Have Its First Trillionaire Within 25 Years

Gunmen kill Pakistan lawyer defending blasphemy case

This is Not Cool: Is a new El nino brewing?

Another study highlights gas boom’s climate problem

Who's Fighting for Public Workers?

The GOP's Latest Anti-Obamacare Talking Point Just Went Down In Flames

Fukushima worker sues TEPCO for exposure to radiation

Venezuela to Ration Electricity After Colombia Cuts Gas

Choosing Unemployment: Macroeconomic Policy and American Inequality

Have you seen Joni Ernst's new ad, "Shoot"?

Colin Pillinger dies after brain haemorrhage.

Blatant lie in 2014 John Kasich (OH Gov) ad.

South Korea cracking down on operator in Sewol ferry disaster; CEO arrested

Pulitzer Prize-winner James Risen threatened with jail time re: confidential sources

Botched Oklahoma Execution Tells Us All

Vietnam: Chinese ships ram vessels near oil rig

Why It's Perfectly Normal to See Jesus in Toast

International Space Station Earth Viewing Experiment

Shorebird wood chipper massacre reported in Oakland

Obama HHS nominee gets first turn before senators

German Lawmakers Want to Interview Snowden

Old, white and angry...the Faux news demographic

Survivor Cagayan - May 7 Episope Recap

Death Panels, revisited.. (toon)

Mother-daughter look-alikes

Ohio poised to slide into the dark on its energy policy

Coloradoo Progressive Talk 760 KKZN to change format.

House to Advance Bill to End Mass NSA Surveillance

Midterm Election Turnout Isn’t So Different From Presidential Year Turnout

Congress Is Terrible at Science—and This Should Make Us Worried

Uncle Sam runs $114 billion surplus in April

Alert Process

No-go ‘zone’ a state of mind

Sen. Ted Cruz pets tail-wagging pig

Uncle Sam runs $114 billion surplus in April

Goldman’s Bullish on Boston Bloods Staying Out of Jail

Protestors to Occupy FCC to Fight for Net Neutrality

Fracking From Sea to Shining Sea Seen by Drilling Pioneer

Donald Sterling Setup By His Wife?

Today is National Children’s Mental Health Awareness Day.

Sore Winner Calls For Violence

Oil Industry Risks $1.1 Trillion of Investor Cash: Study

Thursday Toon Roundup 1-Drowning in ignorance

Video shows the police beating that never happened.

Tuesday Toon Roundup 2- Do not be like the hypocrites....

Questions about Benghazi? Answers about Benghazi!

Thursday TOON Roundup 3- Rethugs

The cliff climbing dinosaurs of Bolivia

Thursday TOON Roundup 4- The Rest

Big Money Comes to State Attorney-General Races

UK deploys a destroyer to track Russian aircraft carrier

Don't drink and text.

Amidst GROWING PUBLIC PROTEST--100+ TECH GIANTS Blast FCC Chairman's Attack on "Free & Open Internet

Young Ukrainians Brush Aside the Crisis and Voice Optimism About the Future

Bye-bye, whiny white dudes: Tucker Carlson, Tal Fortgang and the weakening grip of entitlement

Putin to join Obama, Merkel at WW2 event in France

Party of moral failures: Why Obamacare foes are about to pay a price

Stephen Colbert ridicules Fox News’s latest hilariously uninformed Benghazi conspiracy that we're getting a Select Committee on #BENGHAZI!

Palestinian dead end highlights the right of return

If Hillary Clinton testifies before the Select Committee, should she...

10 most absurd right-wing Christian billboards

Harper Government Brands Charity Aiding Palestinians Orphans A 'Terrorist Organization'

One Atheist's View on Public Prayers

MLB receives decent racial, gender marks in hiring

Pakistan releases American identified as FBI agent

Question: Is Republicanism hurting you and your loved ones?

A Very Important Public Service Announcement

It is the rich who are the real victims

Papantonio: Labor Can Save The Economy

Foreign jihadis in Syria pledge their own 9/11

Hundreds Rally Outside US Capitol against TPP: 'FAST TRACK!' -- WE SAY 'FIGHT BACK' (2 photos)

"File this under: Stop Punching Yourself in the Face."

New York City teachers union set to vote on new contract

Stephen Colbert Warns America: 'There's A War On Religion,' And Satan Is Coming To The OK Capitol

what is the most important aspect of the interaction between belivers and non believers

Shot in Missoula: The Tragic Death of a German Exchange Student

Objective look at canine temperament

Michele Bachmann ties women’s museum to ‘eugenics’ and the ‘elimination’ of blacks

City Teachers’ Union Votes to Back Espaillat Over Rangel

Trey Gowdy’s embarrassing start

ARDA resources offer religion data that tell the full story

Voters Say ‘Yes’ to the Republican Who Said ‘No’ to Wall Street

Stop by - just brewed a fresh hot pot of coffee.....

GOP megadonor to rape victims: Stop ‘getting mileage’ from your trauma if you want to heal

Companies: Obamacare is hurting our profit!

Brooklyn doctor pleads guilty to lesser charge in lipo death

Rebels blow up historic Aleppo hotel in Syria

Christian group accuses HGTV of ‘intolerance’ for axing anti-gay Benham twins’ reality show

Pipeline and Politics

Walkergate: John Doe Knocks Out Randa In The Seventh (COG DIS)

Magellan Jets

Obama DOJ Threatens Pulitzer Prize-Winning Reporter James Risen for Not Revealing Source/Media Alert

Rush Limbaugh Randomly Attacks CNN Anchor for Being Gay

NYS Dems call GOP "schizophrenic" on campaign finance; GOP charges hypocrisy

Two Ugandans Are About To Become The First People Ever Tried Under The Country’s Anti-LGBT Laws

Mozilla's Plan to Save the Internet


EU and US draw new red line on Ukraine

Nancy Pelosi leaning toward boycotting Benghazi panel

Ready for a face-palm

De Blasio set to announce drop in small-business fines

Something DUer Might Want to Know About Moises Arias and the Willow Smith Photo

Insight - End of oil boom threatens Norway's welfare model

Tapir !!!

Gregory Crawford's Weekly Rant! The Pathology of Wealth

Be on the Alert all you DU heathens

Florida judge won't let man marry porn-filled computer

Blue is the Warmest Color

Obama is well to the left of Bill Clinton.

Bronx residents attempt to claim Manhattan's Marble Hill as part of borough

Florida legislature 2014 ... firearm bills, what passed and what failed. ...

New bid to topple Obamacare in court: Did Harry Reid bend the rules?

Joy Behar ROASTS Chris Christie. OUCH!!!!

Citing Martin Luther King, Thomas Jefferson and Gandhi, Some People Will Use E-Cigs In Central Park

Pic Of The Moment: Boehner Says New Benghazi Committee Is "Not Going To Be A Circus"

FCC commissioner asks for delay net neutrality rules

How Arne Duncan Is Undercutting Senate Democrats On Student Loan Reforms

#TBT Elizabeth Warren -

State Police Cite Driver for Having Fake Passenger in HOV Lane

" matter what I become in life, to always, always be kind."

The Birth of a Universe

Poll: Tea Party Opposition Ties Record High

Krauthammer: Climate Change Is 'Superstition' Like 'The Rain Dance Of Native Americans'

Clinton's Republican-Lite messaging was dead wrong, and so is Barack Obama's

House race divides LGBT advocates

Health insurers just say no to marijuana coverage

Casino foes fear loss of town's character

Prominent Ugandan LGBT advocate seeks asylum in U.S.

Elite Dangerous: Anyone watching out for this one?

Creeeeeepy- Seattle severed foot, is the thirteenth foot found in B.C. or Wash since 2007

Parents, Students Protest Planned Construction Of 20-Story Tower Near UWS Elementary School

Cat is found pierced by arrow; $1,000 reward is offered to find culprit

American Philanthropy and its Discontents

Osprey, awaiting hatchlings?

ARGH! Popular campground faces slide threat, with ‘potential for loss of life’(WA near Oso mudslide)

The Kidnapping of Nigerian Girls, A Primer

How much impact can we have on Climate Change

Right-wing big names hold shindig in Statuary Hall in DC...

White House: Don't discourage undocumented from schools

Cosmos, episode 7: Submitted for the discussion of political implications

Engineering Majors: You’re Hired!!

Break out your puke bags....

Lt. Gov. Robert Duffy makes a "life decision" not to seek re-election

Top Anti-Gay Lawyer Tells Court Brown v Board of Education was Wrongly Decided

City and charters settle on an expensive Catholic-school ‘Band-Aid’

Farley Mowat, Canadian Writer and Wildlife Advocate, Dies at 92

Who has been the WORST President of YOUR lifetime? And Why?

"Death On The Installment Plan"

Arne Duncan Undercutting Senate Dems On Student Loan Reforms

The Most Republican Company? The Makers of Wonder Bread.

Residents: 50 bodies found in Nigeria violence

Clever girl! >>>

Advocates lobby for bill giving access to condoms

John Doe investigation halted again after finding that appeal was 'frivolous'

Sean Hannity's culture of death

How Maureen Dowd painted Monica Lewinsky as a crazy bimbo—and won a Pulitzer for it.

Pointe Magazine June/July Issue

U.S. Women Saved $483 Million On Their Birth Control Pills Last Year

The Non-Jewish Out-class must be "Concentrated"

Conan O’Brien Ribs President Obama Over Traffic: “Skype works”

Republicans Want to Impeach President Obama—Without Looking Crazy

CEO Of Biggest Fast Food Chain Comes Out In Favor Of A Minimum Wage Increase

Second Amendment in real time boils down to politics

A maritime send off for Jim Oberstar

First Peony

Gold Basin campground faces slide threat, with ‘potential for loss of life’ (MtBaker-Snoqualmie NF)

1983 - Hits from Coventina's collection

Report: Christie approaching record for credit rating downgrades

Old Jobs Not Coming Back Meme - Pathetic.

Magnitude 6.8 quake strikes southwest Mexico, shakes capital

TX GOPer: It’s a ‘Myth’ that Planned Parenthood Has Anything to do with Women’s Health

Climate Change Moves Firmly Into the Present: Blockbuster National Climate Assessment

Toon: It's just outrageous...

Henri 9 - Blight of Spring (The Existentialist Cat)

Super Typhoon Haiyan Storm Surge Survey Finds High Water Marks 46 Feet High

93-year-old woman is shot and killed by a police officer at her home in Hearne.

Tony Perkins clarifies what 'religious freedom' means, it's only to protect 'orthodox' beliefs

Putin Tests Combat Readiness as Separatists Press Ahead

Obama taps tech world for cash amid privacy debate

Judge reinstates harsher probation restrictions on man who raped 14-year-old

The $45 Billion Question: Will Comcast Deal Put a Chokehold on the Internet?

Council Members Preview Mayor’s Executive Budget Plan

What conservatives call politeness is really deference to authority.

U.S. Retailers Post Best Monthly Sales Gain Since 2011

Black Americans Left Behind as Rights Milestone Nears: Economy

BLM worker threatened on I-15 in southern Utah

Check out this ultimate selfie...

Boko Haram Threat Not Just About Girls and School (all children)

The USA Freedom Act: Bill To End NSA’S Bulk Collection Of Phone Records Advances

Fairs curtailing swine shows in wake of disease concerns

The 5 NFL Teams That Should Just Move Already

Japan Makes First Arrest Over 3-D Printed Guns: Reports

Does Judge Rudolph Randa Have a Conflict in Scott Walker Case?

Business interests increasingly in conflict with national interests

FTC: Snapchat deceived customers

If you were out of the US for a while, what would be the food you would seek out

Catholic Church Demands Israel Act After Vandals Attack Jerusalem Offices

Russia Test-Fires ‘Several’ Ballistic Missiles

Report: A designer boom in New York, especially Brooklyn

well yes, I have a lot of serious complaints about many Democrats, however..

Alison Lundergan Grimes goes on the air (KY-Sen)

Ghoulish Ghoul Krauthammer calls climate change a "Superstition"

Tea Party Support Plummets Among Republicans

Is it too late to clone Buddy Ebsen?

The real V.A. Scandal

Today is National Coconut Cream Pie Day

Frame this ...

The Rude Pundit: Clayton Lockett's Bad Execution Is Not About Him

Puppy Love: Study Tests Power of Dogs Against Cancer

Bill would ban automatic magazine renewals

Some of the most amazing places I've never been to ... but would like to go

Even the CNN morons want no part of Benghazi

U.S. Navy SEAL Smuggled 10 Kilos Of Cocaine Into Miami

Embattled VA Secretary Shinseki refusing to resign

Touching Troop Commercial Surprises You With An Unexpected Twist

Feds issue another crude-by-rail emergency order, advisory to enhance safety

Greenwald Says Supporting the Effort to Find 270 Kidnapped Nigerian Girls is “Horrifying”

Got KI in your kit? Pills recommended around Indian Point

Hatch's numbers improving over Branstad?

the senate is actually doing something?

For those of you who avoid the Religion group, I don't want you to miss this:

Human Rights Watch Daily Brief, 8 May 2014

Important jobs

Towel warmer

Clinton: Even Killing Goldman Sachs CEO Wouldn't Satisfy 'Blood Lust'

Republican AG Candidate Ken Paxton Voted on State Contracts for his Own Businesses in Legislature

Government orders rail companies to warn communities about hazardous train cargo

Pap and Seder: Anti-Gay GOP Candidate Was Once a Drag Queen

Shouldn’t Giant Corporations Pay Taxes They Owe?

Score 1 for me!

London and Paris

Every Worker Is Not Going To Have Advanced Education - Only About 30% Have Advanced Ed.

5/6 Drought Monitor; D4 Growing In S. Plains, CA; D3 From San Antonio To NE, San Diego To Oregon

Vatican calls for release of kidnapped Nigerian girls

Miami Finds Itself Ankle-Deep in Climate Change Debate

Autoimmune - I am thrilled that I seem to be in remission for now -

After Abuse Under State Supervision, Transgender Connecticut Teen Held in Solitary Without Charge

Chevron settles Ecuador dispute with Patton Boggs for $15 mln

GOP woos Mike Pence for 2016, and Indiana governor says he’s ‘listening’

The Most Republican Company? The Makers of Wonder Bread

Cuomo announces official 'start' of $1.5B Goethals replacement

Why I am Not an Atheist: Better Apathetic Godlessness than Illiberal Scientism

With regards to priviledge and affluenza....

If you love your mom, don't send her Proflowers

Hearne police officer who killed 93-year-old woman was involved in previous shooting

A Prayer for Liberals

Today is Draft Day

Grimm barred from FBI offices, report says

Glenn Greenwald & the Nigerian Schoolgirls

What do you think?

Toshiba's FY 2013 net profit down 34% on stalled nuclear power project

One of the best editorial cartoons I've ever seen.

Cecily McMillan Found Guilty For Instinctively Defending Herself From NYPD Sexual Assault

Yankees to retire Torre's No. 6

The influential Catholic whose love is boundless

"Democracy Now" Reports on the Aftermath of NC Primary's and Why it's Receiving National Attention.

Thailand’s Yingluck Shinawatra indicted over rice subsidy scheme

Linsey Graham:GOP has learned there lessons on over reach of scandal a

Rural, Underfunded, with a high incidence of Mental Illness

New York City to Move Unidentified Sept. 11 Remains to New Museum Site

I used to dream of going riding with my dog tagging along

State Surveillance: The Munk Debate (Glenn Greenwald & Ohanian v. Dershowitz & General Hayden)

How Cable News Covered The Landmark Climate Change Report

Hoods - BLM contracted wrangler threatened by hooded men at gunpoint in Utah

State Surveillance: The Munk Debate (Glenn Greenwald & Ohanian v. Dershowitz & General Hayden)

Question: If violence against Mexican officials is so bad, how is the President safe?

Obama: GOP has filibustered 500 bills

Venezuela arrests hundreds of youths in crackdown on protests

U.S. Puts Sanctions On Russian Bank With Syria Ties

7 Things About the Inevitability of Hillary Clinton You Probably Haven't Thought About

Appeals Court Puts Brakes On Judge Who Shut Down Scott Walker Investigation

SCOTUS Decision On Prayer A Victory For Dominionist Movement

Long-time Terrorist Commandos Intended to Attack Cuba Again

ECB: capital flight from Russia has hit $220bn

Separated at birth---- Mr Zorg/ Rep Trey Gowdy

Taxpayers Pay for Auto Leases for Congress Critters

The lost girls of Nigeria

A question:

I forgot to bookmark. Can't find a thread from a few days ago on climate change and

Russian Sanctions Take Bite In Europe

New York Times completes ‘innovation report’ led by Sulzberger scion

Gregory Crawford's Weekly Rant! -- The Pathology Of Wealth

OUCH!!! What a waste! National Guard's NASCAR deal leads to virtually no recruits

GOP Will Certainly Move Us Back To 1900 When It Comes To Labor. Retirement Was A Coffin.

U.S. Fed proposes rule to limit size of merged banks

Some more fine posters from the FFRF in Ohio

New probation terms applied in rape case where judge blamed victim

You would think a gun was a bible, the way people cling to them...

The GOP Is The New Death Panel Because Of Denial Of Medicaid In States It Controls.

Bachmann opposes proposed national women's history museum....says it will be a "shrine to abortion"

Mayor de Blasio unveils his "fiscally prudent" $74 billion budget

Oklahoma court agrees to 6-month stay of execution

Benghazi Select Committee announced: 7 Republicans, 5 Democrats, 8 Fox News producers

Congratulations, Vermont!

Assistant to Judge who killed John Doe is wife of lawyer for Walker’s campaign

Dear Americans, Your Hashtags Won’t #BringBackOurGirls

Help us find a kidney! Give the Gift of Life!

Top 10 “Consequences” of Big Labor on College Campuses

Ecuador rejects petition to stop oil drilling in Yasuni national park

R.I.P. GOP Anti-Obamacare Talking Points

Are you an atheist? Get mad at the US supreme court. Believer? You, too

"Conservative Pro-Growth Policies Don't Actually Produce Any Growth"

"GOP wants more control over picking 2016 nominee"

A Stunning Shot Of Our Pale Blue Dot Rising Over The Lunar Horizon

Prison Officials: Inmate Doesn’t Need Sex Change

Honda H20

A map showing percent who walk to work in USA

It's Gowdy Doody Time ... Here Comes The Circus! --->

US voices 'concerns' at sale of French warships to Russia

OK, everybody...what's your *real* favorite movie?

did Sterling himself release the new Tapes ?

Dem.Rep. Readshaw's daughter tries to run over Planned Parenthood demonstrators.

The Rolling Stones - Far Away Eyes

Corbett Won't Appeal Ruling Striking Down Penn. Voter ID Law

Tornado pics

When in Doubt: #Benghazi

Choosing Unemployment: Macroeconomic Policy and American Inequality

When all you’ve got is #Benghazi, everything looks like #Benghazi. Also: #BENGHAZI!

Ukraine: siege mentality pushes south-eastern region to precipice of civil war

I just had the pleasure ...

Dems Weigh Boycott of Benghazi Select Committee

Were Mark Jackson’s religious views an issue with Warriors?

How to Help in Effort to Bring Back Kidnapped Nigerian Girls

Former New York mayor tells Colombia to use drones against drug cartels and rebels

Former New York mayor tells Colombia to use drones against drug cartels and rebels

Morgan State students protest Nigerian girls' kidnapping

Papantonio: Big Oil Republicans Endangering Your Children

Indian rights activists say treaties give them a say on pipeline route

Kellogg Agrees to Change Labeling on Kashi Line

Cats opinion of humans thinking they have authority over them.

Amanda Hess Eviscerates Maureen Dowd For Spectacular Cruelty Against Monica Lewinsky

Tony Perkins of Family Research Council: only my kind of Christians have marriage rights

Luckovich Toon: Fox News Edition

Justin Theroux Begs Jennifer Aniston For A Non-Alcoholic Wedding

Suspect in Utash beating posts bond, will wear a tether

Let's say, just for the sake of argument, that I wanted to write a book...

OK!! Who ever said that Windows was better than a Mac...

Harry Reid Rips Chuck Todd and the Corporate Media for Covering for Republicans

Portelos Wins Termination Case: He's Back In the Classroom

FEC Clears Campaigns to Solicit Bitcoins

Clive Bundy wants to teach schoolkids history...

Proud father

We saw the new Ivanpah solar plant off of I-15 near the CA/NV border...

Colombia trains troops Washington is ‘restricted from working with’: US general

FINALLY, a reason to have children.

Colombia trains troops Washington is ‘restricted from working with’: US general

House votes to create new Benghazi investigation

Fox News Goes Searching For Outraged Americans, Finds Fox Hosts

Police closing in on Houston serial pooper!

In need of prayers, good feelings any thing that might help. I have written about my severely

1500-Year-Old Bible Discovered In Turkey Indicates Jesus Christ Was Not Crucified

Have you known any conservative religious people who became more liberal over time?

Mob Cuts Penis Off Man Accused Of Sexually Abusing 3-Year-Old Girl

A ‘serial pooper’ on the loose in Houston was caught on camera

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Jim Oberstar buried in Maryland today. This kind of hurts - is it just me?

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