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Monica Lewinsky made a poor choice when she had sex with a married man.

"Couple Sues Over Abortion Coverage In Access Health CT Plans"

How Big Money Can End US Oligarchy, Oklahoma's Earthquake Epidemic & ALEC's Charity Scam

So I went to a Pilates class, and I don't think this is going to work out.

Family of Cameron Redus files wrongful death lawsuit against University of Incarnate Word, officer

Union Members Brighten Up the Easter Holiday for Boulder City, Nev., Children Displaced from Family

Hallelujah Time

That lockdown at the WH today was after a suspicious car followed the

This will probably get locked

Proposed Law could abolish elections in PA. cities and towns that have many low-income residents

On May 10, Join the Letter Carriers and Help ‘Stamp Out Hunger’

Democrats should boycott latest Benghazi charade

Japan, France agree to develop defense equipment, nuclear reactor technology

NARAL Ramps Up Attacks On Obama Nominee Michael Boggs: 'He's Worse Than We Thought'

Kentucky Investment in Blackstone Fund Shows Desperation/Cluelessness of Some Public Pension Funds

The Next Frontier In The War Over Science - political control over research funding

New Mexico Gov. Susana Martinez, chronically Republican

Sen. Warren Introduces Bill On Student Debt

Cecily McMillan Verdict Proves Dissent Is Dangerous

NATO commander says must consider permanent troops in Eastern Europe

I forget...

Car trailing Obama daughters' motorcade prompts White House lockdown

Report: Federal judge ends John Doe investigation

Russia demands $3.8bn security deposit from Visa and Mastercard

Sea Bright Mayor Who Endorsed Christie.....


Pop Music Sales Plummet As Top 10 Sells Around 300K Copies Total

Santos tells BBC Uribe supporters are neo-Nazis, says to seek to end polarization

Good evening!

What is your purpose in life? Why were you put on this earth?

World’s largest legal pot facility to open


US officials: Extent of Israeli spying ‘shocking’

Proper Dem Response to Benghazi Hearings

What genre would the movie of your life be?

Clay Aiken leading NC Dem Primary - house

Santos’ spin doctor resigns after allegation he received drug money

Chris Hayes may have just redeemed himself in my eyes.

Surf's up! (Dialup warning)


Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Apocalypto! & a new Kitteh gif

"The Global Nightmares of the Young Exterminatory Worlds, Then and Now"

Why green olives come in jars, but black ones come in cans

Yep, FCC Chairman was full of crap

Federal judge halts John Doe probe into Walker recall

Remember that time you caught Skip Intro allerting on himself, pretending to have

I found a link to what I forgot -

Did you know: Pat Robertson once owned the rights to sinful TV like "Rhoda"?

Improving U.S. infrastructure starts with tax reform by John Delaney

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas Sending Letters That the Bronze Plan Has

Christian' America Lacking In Compassion

Lynne Cheney Suggests Hillary Approved Monica Piece to ‘Get It Out of the Way’

Join me in wishing an awesome man and DUer A HERETIC I AM Happy Birthday.

Boko haram and the GOP. Both see public education as an enemy to their ends. Just saying

Support for Venezuela's Maduro drops to 37 percent: report

Thom Tillis wins GOP Senate primary in North Carolina

THIS guy, THAT quote.

Remember the post about my oldest daughter being in great pain?

"60 Deaths" :(

Vermont becomes first state to call for Constitutional convention to reverse Citizens United!

Another clandestine wiretapping operation discovered in Bogota

In regard to Obama

Activist steals the show, walking with a sign between cameras and pro-fracking march at PA Capitol

A message from Michael Douglas

Luckovich Toon: Early Climate Change Deniers

NJ Shore Town’s Fire Siren Silenced By Osprey Nest

cnn 'special report' monica embarrassment to journalism

Hey guys, remember that time Hillary Clinton's husband cheated on her ...

"Time to activate Windows"...Is it a virus? UPDATED

OWS Activist Found Guilty of 'Assaulting' Cop Who Allegedly Sexually Assaulted Her

Senator Shaheen Joins Fellow Senators To Reduce Student Loan Debt

OWS Activist Found Guilty of 'Assaulting' Cop Who Allegedly Sexually Assaulted Her

I've never followed anyone on Twitter. That may have to change.

Forensic sculptor recreating face of 1600s French colonist found in Texas

Senator Bernie Sanders scheduled for Reddit AMA WED May 7 5:30pm EDT, 2:30pm PDT

Henri 9 - "Blight of Spring"

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Wednesday, 7 May 2014

May 6, 1937

"Koch brothers face an unexpected new foe: tea party conservatives"

My Two Cents on Monica Lewinsky

What is it with the NO PET in Washington PA.

Republicans Love Big Business So Much, They Forget About Reducing the Deficit

Cecily McMillan's guilty verdict reveals our mass acceptance of police violen

Tax cut vote casts light on freshman legislator

This is kinda creepy -

Toon: FEDERAL Budget cuts and the Omaha Housing Authority (low income homes)

Purina suing Blue Buffalo "misled consumers in its advertisements marketing its healthy pet foods"

Obama on Nigerian Girls: We'll Do "Everything We Can"

Pride and Prejudice from another angle.

NWA Washington County, Request help on the Nonpartisan Judicial Election May 20

More than 400 dams planned for the Amazon and headwaters

NYC Teacher/Union Activist Running for LT. Gov on Green Party Line.

Is your shampoo safe?

Nigerian girl describes kidnap, 276 still missing

Stanford (University) to divest from coal companies

New climate report fuels calls for action in W.Va.

Look who's the Doodle on the French Google homepage today...

Valerie Plame and Joe Wilson to host ‘Ready for Hillary’ fundraiser

Benghazi & Blowjobs

Grammar, Identity, and the Dark Side of the Subjunctive: Phuc Tran

Princeton Essay on "Check Your Privilege" Raises Legitimate Gripes

I find the phrase "slut shaming" offensive

If the GOP "draft Mitt" movement succeeds...

Fox News wants meteorologists to ask Obama about Benghazi

LOL Colbert: talking about the "budding romance" between Rupert Murdoch

I found this quote hilarious when I heard it on the radio. It was made by Chief Beck (LAPD)...

Fox News Claims Climate Change Report Is A Distraction From Benghazi

Starting May 15-- You can text to 911...

President Obama to speak Friday at Mountain View Walmart

Jewish extremists target car, olive trees in 'price tag' attacks

In Landmark Decision, Supreme Court Strikes Down Main Reason Country Was Started

Long Exposure Photographs of Fireflies

Nestle CEO: Water Is Not A Human Right, Should Be Privatized

1 Dead, 1 Injured After Neighbor Dispute Over Feeding Deer

It's the 1990s all over again!

Posting here, as there is NO way the lounge isn't full of animal lovers!

STUDY: Reviewers Find More Errors In Your Writing If They Think You’re Black

Circus acrobat wants to return to ring after fall

The GOP Broken Record

Someone probably explained this somewhere and I missed it; but

Bard Owl Seranade

Had A Funny Thought - Usually Repubs Blame Women In Cases Of Adultry & Rape.....

DPS Mounted Patrol Unit Aims to Deter Crime at State Capitol, Texas Style

Oil and Gas Companies Are Now Poaching Employees From Each Other

All Hail!

The CIA's role in the overthrow of the progressive govt. of Austrilia

NASA Plans to Demolish Rocket Test Stands

Poll: Do you support the attempts to slut-shame Monica Lewinsky

So, Minnie Pearl.

More than 17,000 children working in central Colombia

So did you know President Obama started his career off in a 90's music video...

Game of Loans

Republicans Call On Obama To Not Wait On Imposing New Sanctions Against Russia

I'm curious... Who would you vote for in a primary...

How Websites Today Would Report The Monica Lewinsky Scandal

FCC phone and email for net neutrality comments

I remember once as a teenager hearing my stepfather justify using the N-word (language warning)

GOP calls for Eric Shinseki resignation

Pussy Riot meets with US Senators; asks for more sanctions for Russian officials

Fargo is awesome!

Many people don't know the opposites of these words! Do you?

I'm on a country kick tonight. It happens. Here's some Dolly.

Where’s All The Animal Vagina Research?

Reaction Time: Keep Holocaust Denial Out Of The Curriculum

obama sings can't touch this

Robert Parry: Ukraine's 'Dr. Strangelove' Reality

Getting serious about a single payer system

Special Report: Billions unaccounted for in Venezuela's communal giveaway program

Crackdown on US Nuns Continues Under Pope Francis

Global school tests under attack as OECD accused of killing 'joy of learning'

Tunisia Synagogue Damaged in Anti-Semitic Attack

Los Angeles now spending more on Wall Street fees than on maintaining roads

Bodies Found, 15 Missing after India 'Election' Massacre of Muslims

Bloomberg: Food Industry Braces for Vermont’s GMO Labeling Law

Winter weather statements for parts of CA, OR, NV, WY, MT, NE, SD, NY, PA, NJ and CT

Salt-Water Fish Extinction Seen By 2048

Mark Twain's Fascinating Letter to Walt Whitman

'We're already not in Ukraine' - rebel east readies secession vote

The world is being radicalized

The Case of the Dead Brazilian Torturer Gets Murkier

Tucker Carlson: Being sexually assaulted by female teachers (trigger warning)

Talgo, one the world's biggest producers of passenger trains, is pulling out of Wisconsin

Have you been to Moscow or any part of the Russian Federation ?

NYC Book Club Goes Topless 'To Make Reading Sexy,' Succeeds (NSFW PHOTOS)

Oklahoma Earthquake Rate Breaking Records, and Fracking Could Be to Blame

Purity Balls, Plan B and Bad Sex Policy: Inside America's Virginity Obsession

300,000 Were Exposed to a Toxic Chemical in W. Va. the EPA Is Only Investigating Four Months into It

4 Burning Questions for Janet Yellen as She Testifies Before Congress on the Economy

Chinese and Vietnamese Ships Collide Amid Oil Rig Dispute

Panama's president-elect plans price controls on basic foods

Greek PM says won't seek more bailout money

Ill. Corn Growers want to expand trade with Cuba

labor plans fast food protests for US, overseas

Miss. deputy charged in death of basketball coach

Gun Culture 'Way out of Balance'


Wedding Customs

Rassmussen:POTUS job approval SURGES to 49 percent dems lead by 4 on Congressional Ballot

Stanford researchers identify strategies for 'remaking' Appalachia's polluted waterways

Five ways we’re killing ourselves with climate change

Rep. Paul Ryan targets Poor as his “Signature Issue”, and I do Mean Targets (Cartoon)

Reece Museum (East Tennessee State) features exhibits on Appalachia

Guns and Fun Unter dem Totenkopf

Hey Joe Scum - at least Monica Lewinsky can talk

Rebels begin evacuating Syrian city of Homs

Bordentown police chief shot by own gun fired by preteen

Morning Jerk is talking about rock star politicians using young interns/staff

Learning life lessons in Appalachia

Joe Scab, methinks thou protest too much

Thai prime minister ousted, found guilty of abuse of power

Welfare Photos Shame Holders as States Target Abuses

Great Barrier Reef's 'unprecedented' threat from dredging, dumping

Dwindling witnesses of the Holocaust

Madame Piaf. Damn, this Resistance girl was amazing...

Sympathy for the Christian bigot - Mark Morford

Climate Change Impact No. 326: The Birds Start Sleeping Around

New Tyrannosaur named 'Pinocchio rex

Republicans Block Hearing on Long-Term Jobless Benefits

Oldie but goodie EDM !: Mr Sam feat Kirsty Hawkshaw - Insight(Atb Remix)

Citgo’s Corpus Christi Environmental Crimes: Too Big to Punish

Elderly Woman Shot & Killed By Hearne Police Officer

Thom Tillis: We Must 'Divide And Conquer' People On Public Assistance

Ukraine won’t trigger World War III: Accept the new global disorder

Humans could go extinct within 100 years, says renowned scientist

I am willing to impeach Obama over "Benghazi" in trade for...

New videos show more rebel groups in Syria have U.S.-made anti-tank missiles

Sober at the gay bar

Maine agency drops plan requiring disclosure of formaldehyde in children’s products (LePage, Kochs)

Boost Win7 USB Transfer Rate by Increasing Maximum Transfer Size

Worst “Slate take” ever? Why there’s nothing “ugly” about a $15 minimum wage

Exclusive: Fast food strikes in 150 cities and protests in 30 countries planned for May 15

Matt Taibbi: Minding the Wealth Gap

Philosophical Advice For A Lesbian Atheist With Religiously Homophobic Future In-Laws

This Lawyer Enabled the Extrajudicial Killing of an American

The Six Principles of the New Populism (and the Establishment’s Nightmare)

feel like this sometimes

Were Mark Jackson’s religious views an issue with Warriors?

Why the $200 billion Alibaba IPO matters to YOU

Interview 876 – James Corbett Blows the Lid Off of Benghazigate

Torture the Little Children? The Catholic Church Says It’s Not Responsible

Wisconsin - Mary Burke: I’m a “fiscal conservative”

Col. Wilkerson on Ed show recently

Elephant and Dog - Best Friends

Israel to U.S. and EU: Palestinians deceived Kerry

Hardcore pastry chefs in China.

Russia's Putin tells OSCE chief ready to discuss Ukraine crisis solution

FDA now discourages hysterectomy fibroid procedure

Israel drops probe into illegal construction at Beit El settlement

Scottish American football flops to star in film

Peres: Netanyahu derailed peace talks 3 years ago

"We've got to rein in... an almost article of faith that anybody can have a gun anywhere anytime."

Good Morning

For anyone who insists Russia isn't involved in Eastern Ukraine: Putin's "Novorossiya" speech

Can you believe.....

Sarah Palin: Hillary Clinton may change mind on abortion once she’s grandma to ‘real baby’

One very good question.

Wednesday Toon Roundup 1- Obsessive-compulsive Party

Seems like no matter where I go, I'm always here.

Federal Judge Says No To Washington Family's Medical Marijuana Defense

Wednesday Toon Roundup 2- Pray

Wednesday Toon Roundup 3- Climate

Ok looks like it will be Kay H. and Tom T. in Nov.

Wednesday Toon Roundup 4 - The Rest

Democrats Walk Out of Kane Impeachment Hearing

TOLES! --- "What The Court Gives To Whom":

GOP to examine claim that EPA blocking probes

Israeli PM Pushes Constitutional Law on Jewish Exclusivity

The Day We Meet Again

Michael Tomasky: The B Is Back: The Benghazi Hearings Are Bullsh*t

New York City Councilman arrested in corruption probe

This is what politicians debating global warming will look like soon...

Caracas to begin four months of water rationing

Students beaten by national guard, police, paramilitaries (pics graphic)

New water wheel joins fight against harbor trash

The Republican Party is the default

Who will choose our 2016 nominee?

Soldier from New York killed in Afghanistan coming home

Ruh roh...

its a mystery

Student critical after being shot by National Guard (photo graphic)

Cuomo to W.F.P.: Trust me

Just saw mom off on her Honor Flight.

I watched a quadriplegic vote yesterday.

Luckovich: Dark as a Dungeon

Thanks Monica!

“I buried Paul.” Remember the rumors that Paul McCartney was dead, and while it hadn’t been

Papantonio: Paul Ryan’s Middle Class Destruction

Why Religion Is More Progressive Than Sports

Wide Majorities Losing Faith In John Roberts' Supreme Court, Want Term Limits

Oil and gas industry blasts Flower Mound research, attacks researcher's credibility

Elizabeth Warren on Diane Rehm NPR

The end of the full-service hospital in Cobble Hill

Krugman: Three Charts on Secular Stagnation

Any primary election results to post?

All the Presidents’ Bankers: The Hidden Alliances That Drive American Power

Who will Jack Ma support for POTUS in 2016???

How 37 banks became 4 banks in less than 20 years

Anger Over Odessa Reaches Donetsk: Russian Roulette in Ukraine (Dispatch 34)

My son and I met Bill Clinton (wearing pink gym shorts) in the park across from the WH

I always thought that Monica was paid well to tempt Clinton.

Multiple Shootings at SAME Georgia School

Frogs, blood water, locusts, boils ..... and the Cheney family

NY hires firm to identify new Bills stadium sites

It can't be posted enough: these 41 Senators just blocked veterans' benefits

Fox News Uses Video of Other Asians Instead of Actual Koreans

Stop freaking about Monica Lewinsky

Cross post (not my OP)... Long exposures of fireflies, pretty cool!

Newly Signed Law Could Give Putin Total Control of Russia's Internet

Supreme Court Justice Argues That States Should Be Permitted To Set Up Official Religions

Journalists Aren't the Big Fans of Leaks That They Used to Be

Blue state DU - Please consider helping to fund crucial Senate races in purple/red states.

1984 - Hits from Coventina's collection

Gang-raped Indonesian woman may be caned publicly

Monica Lewinsky does Hillary Clinton a big favor - By Ruth Marcus

so the legislature over-rode Nixon's veto on tax cuts

National Grid electric bills to provide a shock

Well there goes art... The Carter Family Potraits

UPDATED: Russia Pulls Its Troops From Ukraine Border, Putin Says

Participation Rate: Trends and Cohorts

USA a Sinkhole: What’s Worth Fighting For?

Boko Haram Islamists attack Nigerian town, kill hundreds: Report

ISP Question which is the best?

Forecasts and Short-Term Energy Outlook. Includes Graph Of 5 Energies With Natural Gas Showing.

UAW Calls in the Cavalry to Combat ‘Culture of Fear’ at Nissan Plant

OSCE to propose to signatories of Geneva statement roadmap on Ukraine in next few hours

Orlando: SunRail Exceeding Ridership Expectations: Officials

Pic Of The Moment: So You Want The Truth About Benghazi?

Bronze Sculpture Of Nude Pregnant Woman Upsets Some L.I. Residents

NY: Clock ticking on Hudson crossings, Amtrak warns

Already happens: Capitalism destroys human labor force and goes to the next phase

Gun-rights activists say Fort Worth incident is overblown

Is Effective Transit Possible in a Transit-Hostile City?

Op-ed: Lots of reasons not to replace property taxes with higher sales taxes

Coporate Journalism at Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Imitates Real Journalism (Uppity Wisconsin)

Interview: David Alameel, the Dallas Dentist Who Wants to Fix Washington

Second debate between Dewhurst and Patrick begins at 10:30 a.m. CDT (Livecast)

The Shifting Religious Identity of Latinos in the United States

I apologize to all the Christians on the board, sincerely.

Please send Good Dog vibes. Tucker has surgery today.

Historic MLB game played at PNC Park in Pittsburgh, May 6 2014

Ultimate Dog Tease

1960s Vox Continental EXS24 Instrument

Explaining the Emergence of Boko Haram - Nigerian terrorists who kidnapped schoolgirls

Lewinski is only indirectly about's about re-damagin Bill foremost

Another wingnut "fact" implodes: Bloomberg reports that 80-90% of Obamacare enrollees are paying

Government isn't the problem, republicans are. nt

Think you're a Simpsons fan?

Raids target synthetic drugs, sellers across US

Just finished 'A Fighting Chance.' Anyone else read it?

A Mysterious Republican Committee in the Virgin Islands

How to Create a Universe

Insurers Say Most Who Signed Up Under Health Law Have Paid Up

Another dumb Rethug comment..

DNC Chair: Pelosi Should 'Seriously Consider' Boycotting Benghazi Panel

Protestors take over Missouri Senate, Demand Medicaid Expansion (Live Updates)(Full Video)

GOP Nominee Regrets Phrasing Of 'Divide And Conquer' Line But Not Point Behind It

Christie's Lawyers Billed More Than $1 Million In January Alone

I don't think she's smart enough to pull a con....

More Chinese than Europeans identify themselves as environmentalists with a greater sense of urgency

On-line Etymology Dictionary "slut"

Joe Scarborough Goes Off On 'Pathetic' Female Columnists Shaming Lewinsky

Beautiful Web Comic Illustrating Perhaps The Nicest Thing Richard Dawkins Has Ever Said

The Eastern Pacific hurricane season officially begins May 15.

How high is too high to drive? States find no easy answers

The Democratic Governor's Association abandons Wendy Davis but embraces Mary Burke.

Insurers Plan To Debunk GOP's 'Rigged' Obamacare Study In Front Of Congress

Charlie Crist: ‘Intolerable’ racism and hate for Obama is why I left the GOP

Racist Idiots PR: "Who let the dog whistles out?"

Jet Magazine is going fully digital next month

Harry Reid: Kochs Are 'Main Cause' Of Climate Change

Russian president to attend informal talks with CIS leaders

custom playground

The Giving States and the Mooching States

Neil deGrasse Tyson, What's our excuse?

Anybody seen any ads on TV for a new prescription drug to nag your doctor for,

Cancer Doctors Join Insurers in U.S. Drug-Cost Revolt

For JK speaking-in-French lovers.....

Sarah Palin: Hillary Clinton May Change Her Mind On Abortion Once She’s Grandma To a ‘Real Baby’

Japan: Locals hold 70th memorial service for U.S. B-29 crew who crashed in Wakayama

I'm I missing something I though the NC primary was for the republicans

Yellen Says ‘High Degree’ of Accommodation Still Needed

HGTV cancels show about vicious bigot Benham brothers...

Boko Haram and the Lord’s Resistance Army: Hunted Children & the Problem of Fundamentalism in Africa

High School Seniors in U.S. Fail to Show Reading, Math Progress

U.S. Officials Want Judge to Lift Ban on Russian Rocket Engines

Russian Stocks Surge With Ruble on Putin's Claim of Pullback

If you are a gambling person and you go to lunch with co-workers, here is a game for you!

Boko Haram strikes again, attacks Nigerian village

Human chain of knowledge

Pat Robertson Says Fighting Climate Change Will 'Destroy America'

Texas has to turn over e-mails and memos in redistricting case

Florida’s Fuel Dwindling as State Braces for Hurricanes: Energy

The Keystone Pipeline Is Quickly Becoming Obsolete

Scooby Doo has great life lessons to teach:

Home Sales Topping $100 Million Smash U.S. Price Records

Get Ready For Round 2!!

Think the SCOTUS opening prayer ruling is no big deal?

Fox News used footage of random sad Asians instead of actual Koreans mourning the ferry

Town of Waukesha hires Kathy Nickolaus to three-year contract as clerk-treasurer

Texas Oil and Gas: The Kingmakers

Cool! Live Stream From International Space Station, 24/7

Maps and more Maps

Health insurers: Payment rates above 80 percent

Sweden's Vattenfall abandons research on CO2 storage

Durbin To Headline Missouri Democrats' Biggest Fundraising Event

Public Library Abandons Plan to Revamp 42nd Street Building.

WSJ Should Re-Read Kagan's Dissent In Public Prayer Case

Do you support the attempts to slut-shame Bill Clinton? And by extension, Hillary?

Texas Police Officer Kills 93-Year-Old, Shooting Her 5 Times At Her Home (w/ link to video)

Moronic GOPer Calls Melissa Harris-Perry A Dirty Ape

Horrible Racist Tells Black Woman ‘Go to the Back of the Bus’ (Video)


Lynne Cheney And Fox News Launch A Crazy Monica Lewinsky Conspiracy (Hillary is behind it ALL!!!)

Bill Nye schools S.E. Cupp on Climate Change

Tumble outta bed/ And I stumble to the kitchen/ Pour myself a cup of ambition

Arriving flight at LaGuardia declares emergency due to bird strike

Prosecutors file new appeal to keep 'John Doe' investigation alive (WI)

Medical marijuana bill gains first Republican sponsor in the NY Senate

The Rude Pundit: SD Legislator Who Knows Little About Anal Sex Has More on His Mind Than Assholes

Swedes and the political left fight for freedom of movement and against far-right's anti-immigrant

UPDATED: HGTV calls off show starring twins who hate gays, Muslims, divorce, and public schools

Not about fiction but words

The GOP’s Anti-Obamacare Propaganda Campaign Is Getting More DESPERATE Than Ever Before

Take out your #2 pencil, Test time

Why religion is more progressive than pottery.

Soviet Bear for Student Council

Recovery Has Created Far More Low-Wage Jobs Than Better-Paid Ones

Fabulous Movie Theaters Don't Give A Fuck, 'Cause Fabulous Movie Theaters Are Too Busy...

HGTV calls off show starring twins who hate gays, Muslims, divorce, and public schools

Salve for a raw soul. I thank you.

Report: California High Schoolers Holding NFL-Style ‘Prom Draft’

Gay Russians tie the knot in Denmark

Who remembers?

Ex-NSA Chief: Edward Snowden Being Manipulated by Russian Intelligence

NO radical changes to fight inequality, says Obama's Economist ....

Schneiderman Slams Councilman Wills’ ‘Shameful Breach’ of Trust

Did Mommy Blogger Lacey Spears Poison Her 5-Year-Old Son For Attention?

What the Hell Is Going on in Ukraine? (40 photos)

Benghazi = 7 vs 5

Mother Jones: "Bill Nye Debates Climate Change on "Crossfire"

The new piece of exercise equipment in the Lounge Gym!

Republicans think religion could help them woo Hispanics. They’re wrong.

The right’s 1990s problem: Hillary Clinton’s unique ability to provoke wingnut lunacy

Calif school district mandated reading white supremacist site as "credible source"

five days off!

I would like to see the jury results and alert message for mercuryblues hidden post in this group.

Richard Eskow Discusses The Zero Hour

Heroin Antidote Bill Passes NY Legislature

Gowdy Urges GOPers Not To Fundraise Off Benghazi, But NRCC Already Has


New York City Targets Spending $1.04 Billion on Homeless

Next Friday anti-Obama kook rally...

The People's Firewall - Action to Save Net Neutrality

Heeeeeeeere's... Hatemail!

Media Still Fawn Over Paul Ryan’s ‘Big Ideas’

We should have this pinned to our page, for the Quote-Mining Alert Nannies

Anyone see the first ep of Penny Dreadful? It's free online

Speaking of Gambers...

"Why Many Unemployed Workers Will Never Get Jobs" - conservative victim blaming from Huffpo.

Guess what day it is?( Not what you may expect)

Missouri House OKs Bill That Could Allow Babysitters, Bar Patrons, And Shoppers To Use Deadly Force

4 deaths from fire in mansion owned by former tennis star James Blake.

Cuba arrests four Miami-based exiles suspected of attack plot

What does this quote mean to you?

The contradiction runs strong

Fed Chief: U.S. Income and Wealth Inequality is ‘Very Worrisome’

Cuba arrests four Miami-based exiles suspected of attack plot

John Boehner = MC Tangerine Dream

Another Phelps Abandons The Westboro Baptist Church – Finds Gays Forgiving

Global warming has never been explained quite so beautifully

The Marlins are good at HOME

Proposal would reimburse counties for primary elections passed Elections Committee

I saw this morning that "Moms flock to Capital Hill" for gun control

Labor secretary presses Boehner to renew jobless aid for 2.6 million long-term unemployed

Illinois man hacked U.S. Navy, others

Ted Cruz: Christians Shouldn’t Be Required To Do Business With Gay People

just checking

"Reading fiction is a complete waste of time." - Discuss amongst yourselves

Bill would require schools to carry EpiPens

The 100 Most Important Cat Pictures of all-time (The best post Buzzfeed has ever done)

I know you will...

OK let's get one thing straight about this Monica Lewinsky Crap.

GMO bill passes Assembly committee, ready for floor vote

Farley Mowat, 'first eco-warrior,' banned from U.S., dead at 92

President Obama Never Fails To Disappoint

Please post anything you find on the GOP fund-raising with Benghazi.

Atheist TV: Coming soon to a television near you

California school cracks down on 'prom draft'

A&M researchers now studying religion through funny Internet memes

"Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition" or Trey GOWDY.

Elizabeth Warren on Politics Nation with Al Sharpton

(grumbling) ........ ya bunch of fairy skippers...

Pap and Seder: OWS Activist Convicted After Police Brutality

Electronic Frontier Foundation Praises the Tea Party, FreedomWorks and Klayman

Duped by bogus Obamacare enrollment figures: Insurance execs humiliate wingnuts

Net Neutrality: Please consider signing Al Franken's petition (& consider calls/letters to...

White House to pull Russia from trade benefits program

Germany takes the minimum wage very seriously.

Howard Dean, Rudy Gulianni op-ed criticizes diplomacy with Iran.

Northeastern University Allows Rapist To Transfer

Scientists discover 'one weird trick' used by ancient Egyptians to build the pyramids

The potential conflict in de Blasio’s teacher accord

Fox Cuts Away From **GOP** Jobs Press Conference Until "More Interesting" Benghazi Questions Occur

Benghazi with the Blue Dress, the Blue Dress on.........

Found on twitter. The Scripture is clear! How can any good Christian support gay marriage?

Sowing the Seeds of Love

NASA May Bring Greenhouse to Mars With Next Rover in 2021

Nuclear reactor sysadmin accused of hacking 220,000 US Navy sailors' details

In a Fahrenheit 451 situation where books were being totally

Scientists seek to revive long-extinct species

Marlins sweep the Mets

Crist Leaves GOP because they are motivated by Racism

First female submariners in Royal Navy's 110-year history

Major news outlets call the FAA’s drone restrictions a violation of the First Amendment

Tillis wins primary "backed by the Republican party establishment". IMO that makes him a teabagger

Dems ‘emboldened’ on ACA defense

Portland police cuff 9-year-old; mother objects

Cuba Arrests Four Miami-based Exiles Suspected of an Attack Plot

Fox News viewers will pretty soon they'll be expired...

At least hang up the phone first...

If book characters from the past wrote personal ads today.

what is more important

Democrat chief sees shift in Texas, blasts GOP for undermining voter rights

e-cigs NOT a gateway to new smokers, study finds

What's with all these copy cat attacks?

Michelle Alexander: The War on Drugs and the Politics Behind It

Richard Sherman signs record deal

Tsarnaev defense asks judge to strike down death penalty (as Unconstitutional)

Behold: The state Senate yogurt debate of 2014

13-Year-Old Willow Smith Poses on a Bed With 20-Year-Old Shirtless Man

Boko Haram attack in Nigeria border town kills hundreds

Donetsk: Eastern Ukraine descends into chaos, lawlessness

What's for Dinner ~ Wednesday ~ May 7th

In the last hour...

This cartoon gave me a jolt. Have we seen it? Pat Bagley

Arizona pastor: Women in yoga pants are ‘partially responsible’ for rape

First lifeforms to pass on artificial DNA engineered by US scientists

The Perfect Essay

Statement of Communist Party of Ukraine on Explusion from Parliament

My friend, Linda, posted this on Facebook. What do you think?

Good Afternoon

Putin thanks Snowden for inspiring law cracking down on bloggers

Framing a tree

On Witness Stand, Muslim Cleric Mustafa Kamel Mustafa Denies Supporting Terrorism

Climate change making food crops less nutritious, research finds

Masala dosa to die for

Mr. Sulu nails it!!

NYS Senate Democrats not keen on softening campaign public financing bill

"A virtual Universe"; a short video not to be missed.

UFT urges state teacher union to back Adriano Espaillat over Charles Rangel

Repugnants set up "Obama and Hillary are guilty of somthin re Benghazi" 'investigation' commitee

Zuluaga and Uribe under fire after admitting wiretap suspect worked for campaign

Oh, no...

Houston Baptist University PRESIDENT Compares Gay People To Arsonists

Yes, it's been one year since Kate passed away...

Angela Y. Davis on what's radical in the 21st century

from DSCC, which I'm not promoting, but for info, about NC Senate race

US Companies Often Assume Black Job Applicants Do Drugs

Banksy has say over disputed Mobile Lovers artwork

"Oh, wealthy job creator..." (cartoon)

coworker showing me his new phone accidentally displayed a hardcore porn pic

Tech leaders lobby for coding classes in California schools

Blind Pole-Vaulter Flies Fearlessly (teenage girl..16 years old)

Michelle Obama for president in 2016! Who can be her running mate?

Just for everyone's information, since I see Pat Bagley's cartoons here regularly,

Tesla loses $50 million in 1Q as costs rise

If you like Frozen, you will like this Dewhurst Video attacking Dan Patrick

Nintendo: Gamers can't play as gay in an upcoming life simulator game

The Benghazi Sex Scandal

'Shovel Girl' Fight Video Triggers Criminal Investigation (Miami County, OH)

Monica nostalgia

Legendary NASA test pilot Bill Dana dies at 83

The Truth About The U.S. Corporate Tax Rate The Right-Wing Media Doesn't Want You To Know

Federal appeals court stays ruling halting Doe probe into Walker recall

City forced to sit on Hurricane Sandy money for small businesses thanks to federal rules

So, I think I was just photographed as I was walking the dog...

Basketball Legend Michael Jordan Admits to Racism in New Biography: "I Was Against All White People"

Michelle Obama: prayers with missing Nigerian girls

I am getting fucking FED UP!!!

Lynne Cheney attacking the Clintons

The import of the Marshall Islands nuclear lawsuit

NM Rep: ABC Opposes Union Election Rule Change Because They Want to Intimidate Workers

Some news on the strikes in eastern Ukraine........

It's past time for 60 Minutes to be up!

Betting Odds Are Set For An All-Federer Mixed Doubles Final At Wimbledon

Would someone please forward Kevin Durant's comments to his mom today

One Thousand Times More Americans Were Killed in Iraq Than Were Killed in Benghazi...

Drug mule, 90, gets 3 years for hauling cocaine, seeks to delay imprisonment

Another "Clean and Safe" Natural gas well spill! Homes evacuated

N.H. Supreme Court upholds COPSLIE vanity plate

"Three Reasons Why Reviving 'Benghazi' Is Stupid -- For the GOP"

Where Do Federal Tax Revenues Come From? Indiv Inc tx: 47%, Payroll txs: 34%, Corp Inc tx: 10%

Michelle Obama joins worldwide protest over kidnapped Nigerian schoolgirls

US experts join hunt for abducted Nigerian schoolgirls

Kerry's Propaganda War on Russia's RT

NLRB Considering Legalizing the Use of Company Email for Organizing Purposes

The G.O.P. Can’t Ignore Climate Change. by Jon Huntsman

Look who just jumped on the "Benghazi deaths" bandwagon...

NLRB Considering Legalizing the Use of Company Email for Organizing Purposes

What words or phrases drive you crazy?

I'd like to bring something to your attention

Republicans hit IRS’ Lois Lerner with contempt

Why the NRA is more monstrous than you think

First Amendment Only Applies to Christians? Tell the Alabama Chief Justice to Resign

Judge says ex-cons under supervision have the right to vote

House votes to hold ex-IRS official in contempt

Disgusted Democrat Slams Republicans for Running the House Like a Political Circus

Which do YOU believe in?

Jewish Americans Ask: What Does It Mean To Be ‘Pro-Israel’?

Dear Ted Cruz, My Religion Tells Me You are a Murderer, and Therefore I Must Not Save Your LIfe

BREAKING NEWS UPDATE: Charges Filed Against Alleged Killers of Sea Turtle Conservationist

"How Shall We Establish a Nuclear Power Industry in the United States?" - Alvin Weinberg

Odessa - This time, the Fascists will be Wearing Uniforms

Alabama Chief Justice is on a roll. (toon & comment)

South China Sea Tensions Rise As Vietnam Says China Rammed Ships

Spelling error turns up on subway signs in the Bronx

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Thursday, 8 May 2014

Thank you skinner for your help!

To All People in Ukraine, The US Regime Cares Not a Wit About You

The 1 Chart That Reveals Just How Grossly Unfair The U.S. Tax System Has Become

"Look me in the eye"

WW2 helped end the great depression

A Thought On The Gap Between Snowden's Supporters And His Embarrassed Foes

Punish Andre Robinson, Man Accused of Kicking Stray Cat in Brooklyn, NY to Full Extent of the Law

They're Talking About The U.S. Going In And Rescuing These Nigerian Girls - Precarious As I See It..

The Fifth Wheel: America’s Political Economy

Too bad Arbor Day was a couple of weeks back...

Israel, U.S. Divided Over Iranian Nuclear Enrichment Deal

Internet's biggest names stand up against FCC net neutrality plans

Please help me troubleshoot - I'm having an issue with my 70-200 f/2.8 lens