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Restaurant workers alarmed by open-carry display, police say

The Ballad of the Military Lovers:

"Maybe the Democratic Party should hire John Fugelsang to write their narratives"


montreal canadian hockey player-saban

Montana man shoots 17-year-old after deliberately leaving garage door open

The most patient and docile cat ever!

Panel Approves Troop Reductions, Not Benefit Cuts

News Flash: Not everyone wants you

Supply side economics - MO Gov. Jay Nixon points to Kansas as one more reason for tax-cut veto

best friends - playing for the first time

Pres. fell asleep in the barber's chair methinks. Whoah, short...n/t

Amid continued defiance, Ukrainian official vows: 'We are not stopping'

Arkansas Attorney General Supports Gay Marriage, But Will Defend State's Ban

For those, like me, who missed it...

Remember "Trapper John" in the TV show "MASH?"

So sad . . .

Today Transportation Workers Lost A True Leader, Congressman Jim Oberstar

'If looking gobsmackingly stunning was an impeachable offense'

Diagnosing Paul Ryan’s psychopathy: Arrogant, manipulative, deceitful, remorseless

Transportation Workers Lost A True Leader, Congressman Jim Oberstar in GD

WhiteHouse Correspondents' Dinner on live now at CNN.

Transportation Workers Lost A True Leader, Congressman Jim Oberstar in GD

I think I found Harry Dresden's Beetle on Craigslist....

Anyone watching the Correspondents Dinner?

My fuddyduddyness is showing.

Wisconsin Republicans nix secession resolution

Who are those pro-Russia rebels in Ukraine, anyway?

NBA will lead search for Los Angeles Clippers CEO

House Republicans call for special prosecutor on Tea Party targeting

Honduras to extradite wanted Sinaloa cartel drug trafficker to US

May the fourth be with you

No even remotely liberal person thinks this economy is Good for the People

Discrimination associated with mental health woes in black teens: Racism a common 'toxic stressor'

Sober driver arrested for OWI when deputy crashes into her car

Support Senator Jeff Merkley!

Lifeforce (1985)

my thoughts on guns brought to you by Jello

Woo-hoo! "Sinister Ministers" upcoming on ID Channel.

Has justice been done after Guatemala genocide trial?

Our system has a mandate to not let Unemployment get too low

Which is gramatically correct? Game 7's

Donald Sterling banned from Bunny Ranch brothel following 'racist' rant

Ecuador's president warns indigenous community

Anyone ever tried this? It seems like it might work

4% of Death Row Inmates Are Innocent

"Reality be dammed. We don't need no stinkin' reality. Slut-shaming is so much easier than balance."

Things that remind you that DU is less than woman-friendly

Russia adopts war-time rhetoric in showdown with Ukraine

Important show coming right up on H2 about America's prisons.

Good evening

PSNI granted additional 48 hours to question Gerry Adams

Tonight, Fox news hour long show..

VPOTUS and POTUS being silly!

A New Simon's Cat Episode!

So doughnuts or donuts which way do you spell it

'I really wish Eric Cantor would stop writing me!'

If you want to get paid for not working,

Posing as U.S. Officials, Yes Men Announce Renewable Energy Revolution at Homeland Security Congress

"If you want to get paid for not working, you have to sign up for Congress

'Does anyone know how to fix this???'

Apparently privatization has created an increase in incarcerations.

I absolutely loved that ending with Kathleen Sebelius

Too Big to Jail: DOJ Charge Two Banks with Criminal Acts, But Not Hold Them Criminally Accountable

The Reagan legacy: The bad, the ugly and the unforgivable

This Joel Mchale is great


A lesson in economic history ...

How to turn your seaplane into an amphibian

A water bottle you can eat

Gunman, Three Others Killed in Arkansas Shootings

Just completed actual jury duty service. Ask me anything.

Disinvestment In Direct Form; 100s Of Aussies Closing Bank Accounts Over Fossil Fuel Investments

"Ludicrous" Amounts Of Rain In AL, FL Storms; 5.68" In 1 Hour In Pensacola Before Gauge Failed, More

Freedumb! Heritage Action Urges "No" Vote On Energy Effiiciency Bill

El Paso Chihuahuas grab first win at Southwest University Park

Virus hunter Peter Piot: My journey back to Ebola ground zero

Link to Joel McHale speech at WH Correspondents Dinner

Link to President Obama's speech at WH Correspondents Dinner

CO State GOP Chair: Democratic Rep. Jared Polis "Terrorist" Because He Favors Local Fracking Rules


Emaciated Seals, Sea Lions Turning Up In Record #s In California; One Found In Modesto Almond Grove

My Doc just started me on this last week.

I need some advice.

I wish people would stop making jokes or slams about Lindsey Graham being a closeted gay, queen, etc

NOAA - Net Heating Effect Of GHGs Up 1.5% Globally In Just One Year From 2012 To 2013

GOP Candidate Opposed To Marriage Equality Once Worked As A Drag Queen

Horsford urges elected officials to push out 'armed separatists'

Science - Densely Planted US Corn Crops Far More Vulnerable To Drought Than Previously Thought

Palestine adopts UN human rights treaties

Artic Methane Releases From Permafrost Melting "Certain To Trigger Additional Warming",

President Obama and Joel McHale's speeches at WH Correspondents Dinner


April 2014 Average CO2 Content 401.33 ppm; 401.44 1 May 2014; 401.96 2 May 2014

Time to get your funny on...

The darker side of the US-Colombia war on drugs (Part 1/3)

Open Source Seed Network's Only Restrictions; You Can't Legally Claim Them As Your Own

Mitch on FaceBook.......begging for comments....priceless

U.S. post-mortem on peace talks: Israel killed them

A New Low For Big Green; Environmental Defense Raising Money For Lindsey Graham

Valar Morghulis...

Obama's Crony Capitalism will Kill Net Neutrality. New FCC Staff in Bed with ISPs

Water Used By Power Plants ...

Some one please explain to me, clearly and concisely, the negative ramifications


What's for Dinner ~ Sunday ~ May 4th

What do you call a thousand bankers on the bottom of the ocean?

This thing with Cliven Bundy is not going to end well.

The occupation doesn't have an 'image problem'

My Saturday Night Mental Health Call

Benghazi. Benghazi, Benghazi. Benghazi!

New Mexico taking aim at drone use in hunting

Thousands of toilets in Hong Kong, so no excuse for public peeing

Senator Tim Kaine stands with Elizabeth Warren....

Racism Sin Vergüenza in the Venezuelan Counter-Revolution

Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Joe Biden: White House Correspondents' Dinner 2014

Just how often does one need a full shower or bath ?

May The Fourth Be With You!

The Web We Want: An Open Letter (from Mozilla / FireFox)

High wind advisories for parts of CA, NV, and AR

Boston Bruins' President Denounces The Fans' Post Game Racist Tweets

Nerdy Wonka Tweets Pres Obama's Zingers @ Corporatemedia & @ Corrupt Republicon(Christie)~

Wouldn't it be cool if CNN focused 1/10th the attention on the girls Boko Haram is holding...

Yikes DU - can't believe no buzz about the

South Korea ferry was routinely overloaded

Biden should go to Hollywood when he is done in Washington.

Let's Face It (Snowden)

GOP Using Benghazi To Fire Up Their Base (FOX Propaganda unit for the GOP)

Hillary Clinton Receives Order of Lincoln in Illinois

The US Blockade of Cuba: Its Effects and Global Consequences

A Crossroads for Socialism: Cuba in Transition (Introduction)

Guest Lineups For The Sunday News Shows

Federal Court: The Police Can Stop and Search You for Behaving Innocently

Here's a good explanation for those who insist the US doesn't have a blockade on Cuba:

Woman falls 150' from zip line. Cause of death yet to be determined pending autopsy report.

Kremlin: ‘Thousands’ Beg For Help

Michigan Loses ‘Right To Farm’ This Week: A Farewell To Backyard Chickens and Beekeepers Read more a

OOPS... US Air Force fries air traffic computers and shuts down LAX

Vermont legislature looking at legalizing Recreational Marijuana- extends Medical Marijuana

Environmental Prize Winner Opposes Fracking- and other fracking news

So a trailer comes out for CoD: Advanced Warfare...

The 3+1 heads of the neoliberal monster in euro elections

'Shield'ing the People from Independent Journalism: The Free Flow of Information Act of 2013 and its

Baby boomers moving back home with mom and dad from the silent generation

Of racism and occupation and apartheid ...

What's the matter with Kansas? It's running out of water due to cattle production

Charge: Alaska man, 19, shot troopers from behind

Panamanians vote in tight presidential election

Listen To These Lovely Cats. No, Actually, Don't

Sarah Palin Leads 7 Vilest Right Wingers This Week: "Waterboarding is How We Baptize Terrorists"

Power and pitching again propel Giants over Braves

OK, have we got a glimpse of Hillary's Democratic opponent?

Rush Limbaugh's California Ratings Debacle

How Fracking Is Exposing People to Radioactive Waste, Far Away from Drilling Sites

This year’s wildfires could incinerate the nation’s fire budget

Carbon Dioxide Hits Record High in April

How Hedge Funds Are Pushing Companies To Leave America

why do I

CEOs Are Spending More And More Of Their Company’s Money On Vacations

The day is off to a great start!

Obama takes humorous jabs at health care stumble

Peregrine Falcon Cam

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Spring Squeeefest 2014 Edition

REMBRANDT REBORN (goes on view tomorrow Monday 5-5-14)

A call for sanity in U.S. incarceration rates

Asking how to make an execution better is like asking a life guard how to make a drowning

Sunday's Doonesbury- Going Viral

Bubble gum warning - do not swallow.

Please help to keep this thread kicked

Yosemite National Park Has A Drone Problem

California Faces An Extremely Cruel And Dry Summer

Game of Thrones 4.5 "First of His Name" (spoiler alert!)

Afghanistan landslide: Day of mourning declared

PROFESSOR: These Are The Charts That Explain Climate Change

Burglar killed in Wynnefield home invasion

What It Means To Be Middle Class Today

Embrace of Atheism Put an Indonesian in Prison

Donald Sterling's "slippery slope": The limits of our new anti-racist consensus

Google - Audrey Hepburn's 85th birthday

Thank women's religious orders

For NBA teams, religion can be unifying or divisive

Cyclists hit the streets for Five Boro Bike Tour


Norwegian cruise ship having trouble docking in Manhattan

A Heartbeat Away From The Presidency - 2016 Style......

Kent State University victims and students remember May 4th, 1970 shooting 44th Anniversary

Listen To These Lovely Cats. No, Actually, Don't...

Towels just laying around.

Michigan Ag Board which ruled against small farmers are all Rick Snyder appointees

Mom-and-pop players compete for New York casinos

Buncha Protesting Sheep!

Chris Christie is a glutton...

NY freshwater fishing season is now open.

The One Percent (documentary)

The Class of 2014 The Weak Economy Is Idling Too Many Young Graduates

Hassan Rouhani faces growing criticism in Iran over nuclear talks

Anti-Semitic graffiti painted in Borough Park

happy star wars day

Even GOP is getting sick of Benghazi deceit

When Crumbling Infrastructure Actually Crumbles

Comparing Bundy To Occupy Movement Seems Misguided & Inappropriate.

Why Escalation Happens

A Conversation With Helen Slottje: anti-fracking lawyer considered hero, foe

Happy birthday, MFM!

Clear Rules Eyed on Church Sex Abuse

Atheists, Christians stand together against the mixing of religion, government

I like watching Meet The Press

"Language is the greatest obstacle to communication."

Watch Julia Louis-Dreyfus And Biden In Epic Correspondents' Dinner Video

Ukraine PM appeals for unity after Odessa tragedy

If you already thought BP was unfit to handle its own oil,

It's 7:18am on Sunday morning. Wanna help me with a regular expression?

1973 'One Weekend with the guard buys you anything here' Recruiting poster

A Dog Helps This Dad Find His Voice (Alzheimer’s )

Hey Folks!

L.A. Times SOS Endorsement

Netanyahu: Israel is home to one people - Jewish

Reporters Honor First Black Journalist To Attend Presidential News Conference

If only these girls were white...

MTA removes all cars from Queens subway derailment

North Korea's Got Talent?

gingrich-calls-for-public-ownership-of-professional sports, how about public ownership of politician

‘Fox & Friends’ links Benghazi, missing Malaysia flight — and blames Obama for both

Nearly 9 MILLION Pounds Of Beef Recalled, USDA Inspector Had Relationship With Foreman

Good Neighbors Make Good Fences

Obama Teaches Us All A Lesson About Cliven Bundy

Venezuela Pasta Shortage: Empresas Polar Halts Production After Government Fails To Pay $463 Million

3,000 PA officers 'to join Gaza security forces' in unity step

Law surged New York auto insurance rates when it was supposed to lower them: study

A Bishop’s Decision to Divorce - By Gene Robinson

Venezuela Motorcylce Gang Videos Show Terror And Violence In Support Of Maduro

President Obama Zings CNN, MSNBC, Fox News At White House Correspondents' Dinner

Oh for f***s sake ..... Lindsey Graham is on Face the Nation to talk about Benghazi right now.

"A Black Show with Elon James White"

Ford suspends operations in Venezuela until May 30 (Spanish)

Happy Birthday to me!

No, Rick Perry...

Michael Grimm's actions speak louder than words, say body language experts

Deal Book Embraces Unintentional Self-Parody ( William K. Black )

A Tiny Nation’s Imposition Of Death By Stoning For Homosexuality Could Have Wider Reverberations

Joel McHALE's gem of a riff on CHRISTIE's self-investigation. (Paired with the Full COLBERT)

Context Matters: The Cliven Bundy Standoff -- Parts 1 & 2 - good read

Apple Removed Encryption Protection for Email Attachments, Researcher Says

New state law changes makes opening charter schools in New York City easier than any other in nation

David Sirota: We’re All Just Grenades in the Partisan Wars

Asian gets sentenced to death by stoning for adultery in Abu Dhabi

A not so simple math problem

Sen. Charles Schumer Asks FDA To Block Powdered Alcohol

Gabourey Sidibe’s Speech About Confidence From The Ms. Foundation Gala

Israeli settlers mob police over racist attacks investigation

"The Divide: American Injustice in the Age of the Wealth Gap"


Why is there a long-standing federal prohibition on most interstate tolling?

Amy Schumer’s Speech About Confidence From The Ms. Foundation Gala

Egypt's eliminationism policy redux

FBI: Flow of foreign fighters into Syria growing

‘Strictly Seniors’ Cat Adoption Event Gives Older Cats Second Chance

I distrust anyone who asks to be "listened to".

House Democrat Slams Darrell Issa For His Latest Benghazi Publicity Stunt

GOP Candidate Anti-gay once Female Impersonator

States seek a spot in retirement plan landscape

States seek a spot in retirement plan landscape

A Clinton In-Law Seeks Office, but Where Are the Clintons?

Pick any issue of right vs left and I can trace it to racism, almost any

Medical marijuana seen to have dramatic effect on symptom relief

Imagine the wall to wall coverage the kidnapping of 200 white school girls would generate.

Well, as of last night, I'm no longer watching "Fargo". (spoilers)

George Will: Dems Will Make Benghazi Investigation Look Like ‘Obvious Partisan Exercise’

(2014) "Noam Chomsky": The Anthropocene Period and its Challenges

Brett Hulsey KKK stunt goes viral

1986 - Hit songs from Coventina's collection

Unions: Press Boeing on enigineering jobs

THE Pope: "Let's Review EVERYTHING That JESUS Ever Said About Abortion & Gays & Contraception..."

Gerry Adams to be released without charge this evening

Desalination around the world- how other countries are making fresh water from the ocean

Pssst Hey, John Kerry,...over here.

Find Two Hours To Watch Glenn Greenwald Debate Michael Hayden--Mike Masnick/Tech Dirt

Papantonio: Hey Democrats, Listen to Elizabeth Warren!

Gisele Bundchen, Don Cheadle, Yaya Toure, Ian Somerhalder Kick it for #WorldEnvironmentDay

Did anyone see the initial RT coverage of the Bundy Ranch crazy?

George Will: ‘I’m an amiable, low voltage atheist’

The May 4 Shootings at Kent State: The Search for Historical Accuracy

Dylan in Maui

The VIDEO: Glenn Greenwald/Michael Hayden Debate on NSA Surveillance Program

Every Dem in TN state Senate, 21 Dems in state House voted to jail women for outcomes

supply. demand. 200 girls. demand. the disconnect.

Jeb Bush courts religious right

Republicant Arithmetic ....

Scott Siepker (Iowa Nice Guy) new video after losing Father to cancer.

Sometimes the tree wins

Ukraine police station in Odessa attacked

Link to GD post---Scott Siepker (Iowa Nice Guy) new video after losing Father to cancer.

Gerry Adams freed in Jean McConville murder inquiry

Libyan parliament elects new PM

Former NYPD cop arrested in Brooklyn vandalism

The Bible In Comics: How Genesis, Other Biblical Stories Come Alive Through Illustration

Dozens of 'Al-Qaeda fighters' killed in Yemen

Brookings Institute Report: U.S. Religious Progressivism is "Way of the Future"

Salvation Army Refuses Housing Shelter To Transgender Woman

Ringling Brothers performers crash to ground during aerial act

I joined Weight Watchers online 2 weeks ago.

Boehner crying uncontrollably toon video...funny imo

Browsers (esp Firefox), cookies, 'DOM storage', browsing history and privacy

Toxic waste [from WV chemical spill] injected into Ohio well

Toxic waste [from WV chemical spill] injected into Ohio well

Toxic waste [from WV chemical spill] injected into Ohio well

Fox’s Brit Hume shouts down Democrat after she compares Benghazi to Area 51

In Iran, a story about the quality of mercy and the death penalty:

Westerners fear Obama preparing monuments land grab

Move over Triscuits!!!!

Efrem Zimbalist Jr. dies at 95; starred in '77 Sunset Strip' and 'FBI'

Gov. Rick Perry to President Obama: Leave execution policy to the states

American Democracy Now An Oligarchy | Joel S. Hirschhorn

A model's career is very short.

Some great humor from the WHCD last night

Circus Acrobats Plunge in Horrifying Collapse

Proposed mine by wild Smith River roils Del Norte County California folks

Lawyers’ association calls on Stephen Harper to acknowledge chief justice did nothing wrong

Combat veteran convicted for hitting someone in the nose; Scott Walker is not issuing pardons

Harper’s former adviser to release book in early May Add to ...

Hey Kids! We just got alert-nannied in our safe haven yet again.

EuroMaidanPR video - *Our* Right Sector

Any rose experts here? I'd like help/advice if you're willing...

Lincoln and Obama: Parallels and Differences with our Two Presidents from Illinois

EuroMaidan PR - Our Right Sector

Hmm...Is voting in a poll considered posting?

Dishonesty and thoughtlessness in believers.

Has anyone expressed an interest in running for President as a Democrat

Pics from today of the pups and Mom at 6 weeks

Fugelsang on Benghazi

The Nation - Cold War Against Russia—Without Debate

Gas prices have likely peaked. Don't expect drop because the U.S. is exporting petroleum products.

Cold War Against Russia—Without Debate (The Nation)

Global protesters call for release of Nigerian girls: 'These are our sisters'

Rethugs discover the grand unifying force behind all human and scientific events:

Sunday afternoon mind expansion - 36 maps that will make you see the world in completely new ways

How much control over their medical decisions should a person with mild/moderate dementia have?

May 2014 Is Saturn's Month.

Did The White House Release The Photo That Didn't Work Last Night....

Hospital doctor tells mother 'not to speak Welsh' to her daughter

High five.

Rice Not To Speak

FL Teabagger blocks financial literacy course in state schools

About those weird lights in the sky I saw the other night

:-) this made me happy!

racism in sports...

Obamacare supporters hopeful for continuing enrollment

There's NO reason the minimum wage should be below $10.10/hour

The DNA sat nav: find your ancestor's home from 1,000 years ago

Obamacare signups slow in smaller counties

May the farts be with you!

Ocelot tracking program improves roadway crossings

Woman trapped in real-life Hitchcock horror as 300 birds invade home every night

S Sudan army captures key towns from rebels

It's spring, and our tree is blooming:

Right Wing Militias are Prone to Crazy Drama

Dewhurst, Patrick square off Wednesday in second lieutenant governor debate

Young blood rejuvenates brains and muscles of old mice

McCord's latest attack on Tom Wolf - some of his company's cabinets are made in Indiana!

So What Are You Doing at Home To Lift The Minimum Wage.

Journalism and the Cuban Embargo

33 Amazingly Useful Websites You Never Knew Existed

Braves Fans: No chant, tomahawk or other, can beat good pitching & defense ...

Where's the outrage over government run street lights?

Canadian ‘Experts’ Comfy with Radioactive Pollution of Great Lakes

Energy Tower developers in Midland confirm twin towers

Terminator-style liquid metal connects severed nerves

The Wipe-Out of Canada’s First Nations

Fill 'er up.

The most depressing news-No Amount of Alcohol Is Safe

Russia to Prosecute Crimean Tatar Protesters Over Unrest

It may have been better to keep the fly zipped...

Did Snowden offer proof that he could see every purchase crossing his computer screen?

Why did he do that?

Ashes to ashes, dust to dust. {ATA, DTD, MFM.}

Victim blamed for being struck by Police Officer.

Fukushima evacuation split 50% of families: survey

More experts challenge Tepco's 'Great Icewall' for Fukushima No. 1

UN's Ban Ki-Moon: 'Nature is Now Sick. We Must Listen'

Hundreds Get Heads Shaved at AT&T Stadium in Arlington for Cancer Charity

Naked man doing push ups on road is hit by vehicle and killed.

Bachelet Announces Pension Reform

Gordon Brown calls for British Military Aid over Nigeria kidnappings

A post of the (complex) sequence of events yesterday in Kiev

Not your every day string quartet

New Jersey sports gambling suit tab: $2.8M, rising

Salut, MFM

Corpus Christi King High School Student Arrested for Writing on Bathroom Stall; Faces Felony Charge

Surprised no one has posted this from The White House

May 4, 1919

This pic is what a Right Wing friend thinks is funny..

PBS Documentary:Mulberry Child

Ukraine Violence Flares Across Country as Kiev’s Control Slips

A couple more R's gets this on the front page!!!

A couple more R's gets this on the front page!!!

Texas Gun Group’S Protest Sends Restaurant Employees Fleeing For Freezer As Cops Respond

NYT - Friedman - It’s Not Just About Obama

Water Falling Over Things 2014: Part II (Up The Creeks)

Just having a little fun in the sun!

What ought to be the response every time Republicans bring up Benghazi....

Germany calls for second Geneva meeting on Ukraine

Switzerland has frozen $193 million in Ukrainian assets: report

Playing the Pops with the Pachyderms

Southwestern Univ. Sociology Major Wins 1st Place in Nat'l Comp. on paper about restaurant servers

China's 'ordinary' billionaire behind grand Nicaragua canal plan

Truthout: Deride and Conquer: Dismantling the USPS

What are you reading the week of May 4th, 2014?

Sanders gets gold, Leahy silver for social media


Lawsuit: Whole Foods Suppliers Pressured To Lie About The Origin, Quality Of Their Fish

CATO Institute - just a very active club of right wing extremist Ayn Rand fanatics

Russian Bombers, Fighter Jets 'Seen Over Crimea'

One of the Koch Family-Controlled Foundations Has Quietly Folded

Report: CIA and FBI Helping Ukranian Government Quell Rebellion In East

Fed Up - Official Trailer

Edumacated kitty sez:

Aging Baby Boomers Becoming the Roommate Generation

OMG, I hope Darell Issa hasn't seen this

She just wants to read

Just saw where the miners, chemical workers, and metalworkers in Ukraine....

Young Blood May Hold Key to Reversing Aging

The Decline Of Deterrence; America Is No Longer As Alarming To Its Foes Or Reassuring To Its Friends

Kennedys honor former President George H.W. Bush with award for "courage" in raising taxes

Kind of late but CNN is airing a special on Kent State 7-8pm n/t

How to deliver pizza in a tall building.

Putin’s American Toady at 'The Nation' Gets Even Toadier

Deaths increase in West Virginia oil, gas industry

WA educator sends scathing letter to Arne.

Oh oh about to have a conversation with my very right wing cousin on Benghazi ....

Magnitude-6.0 quake near Tokyo; report says trains temporarily stopped

the mic drop heard around the world