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Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson says bibles in schools will prevent school shootings

"Sterling Reportedly Has Alzheimer’s"

EU Voters Turn Against Austerity

My Brother’s Keeper Sets Its Sights on Mentoring, With Help From Magic Johnson

did the math today, pride month

Rolling Stone: Six Memorable Quotes from Edward Snowden

Venezuela’s Official Poverty Statistics Worsen, Contradict Maduro Narrative

Isn't the VA issue the lack of doctors to see patients - isn't that why the waiting lists were fixed

The Letter That Changed the Law

WTF!! "Father Gets Probation For Making Son Walk Home From School"

Who remembers John Isner of that epic tennis game

Parenting: It's a skill like anything else...

Congressman pitches bill to disarm FCC in net neutrality warfare

Friday Talking Points (306) -- End Of Reefer Madness?

Kansas tax collections fell $217M short in May

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF! Exit Strategies & a new kitteh & Bunny gif

Seven Key Takeaways From Joseph E. Stiglitz’s Tax Plan for Growth and Equality

*WIlliams/Snowden interview on MSNBC, Rachel show, now.

NBC Exclusive: “Inside the Mind of Edward Snowden” on msnbc NOW!

An Open Letter To All My Male Friends...

Stephen Harper presiding over Tories’ self-destructive madness: Hébert

Florida Man Identified as Syria Suicide Bomber

Eric Shinseki is out of a job today because...

"Obama taps Army Ranger as interim head of troubled veterans agency"

NSA recruits "fragile" personalities?

Did You Think Democrats Protected Tenants From Predatory Developers?

Obama Administration Plans To Let Some Young Undocumented Immigrants Join The Military

Pic of the Day: American Hero

Scott Walker: No way I’m throwing fellow conservatives under bus in “John Doe” probe

How in this day and age does anyone become a great orator?

Scotland Yard surveilled suffragettes in 1913

Interesting commentary on the current dating scene

Drinking a smoothie made of frozen spinach, tomatoes, celery and hot sauce. Note to self:

VR Responds to GOP "Bad Idea" Ad Attacking Jason Carter - Avoids "Medicaid"

Would you support cannabis legalisation?

I was surprised so many Democrats called on Shinseki to resign. From the Atlantic Wire today.

Venezuela leader praises US rejection of sanctions

Aurora plant's reopening features what may be Nebraska's 1st batches of sugar-based ethanol

Scott Stantis is a rightwing Republican cartoonist.

Who could hate this video?

He just realized his shirt says "hemorrhoid".

FCC considers improving its definition of broadband to a video-friendly 10Mbps


(NE) High court: Police lies that preceded murder confession not grounds for reversal

Said good-bye to my orange baby boy kitty today

Conservative tide continues to ebb, particularly on social issues

IMF's Insistence on Economic Austerity Could Derail Ukraine's Chance of Survival

Why Republicans are slowly embracing marijuana

Swarms of Locusts Plague Madagascar

Thomas Jefferson and the Tyranny of Religion

Dow, S&P close out May at record highs

A reenergized Mark Sanchez ready to make most of his time in Philly

Did "Joe the Plumber" just fuck over the N.R.A.?


Small left-wing parties throw support behind Santos’ campaign for President of Colombia

FL man claims he can prove ‘time warp’ caused him to kill NY state trooper with his truck

House Dems unveil new gun bill

Turkey PM Erdogan warns youth to ignore Taksim anniversary

Norwegian Bachelor Farmers

Woman Threatens To 'Shoot Everyone' Over Stale Cinnabon


are jurors abusing the process by voting to hide teleprompter jokes from rightwing cartoonists?

Accused Father And Son Urinal Thieves Flushed Out By Cops

Cruel joke: Sta Barbara shooter manifesto targeted a guy named Lucky Radley

SWAT raid leaves toddler paralyzed and in a induced coma


Insider trading inquiry includes Mickelson and Icahn

Clinton's chapter on Benghazi was leaked to Politico. Look for bull**** on that. Here is

Nevada ranchers stage horseback rally against federal land policy

Curmudgeons, cranks and misanthropes beware: Dementia is more likely

RE: Ukraine. I discovered this blog. the Saker. Just putting it out here...

darmok and jalad at tanagra

He followed me home -- can I keep him ?

Should I self-delete an earlier post because it seems to be annoying people on DU?

I can't say why I like this picture -- I just do ...

Westboro Baptist Church plans to protest at Angelou's funeral

Man steals $350K worth of human skin

question for you on the new site.

U.S. to Miss Deadline for Removing Nuclear Waste From Los Alamos.

Heeeeeere’s Jimmy: Intel’s 3-D printed robot will hit the market later this year (CNBC)

Death row inmate receives Sacrament of Confirmation

Tom Corbett Met With Jerry Sandusky Investigator Examining His Handling Of Sex Abuse Case

GOP Senate Candidate Terri Lynn Land Overwhelmed By Reporters: 'I Can't Do This'

gratuitous kitty pic

The current wave of anti science, is just a rerun of the "know nothing" era,

Worst Places on the Planet to be a Worker

Habersham Sheriff Logic: Dealers Are Domestic Terrorists, So It's Okay to Burn Babies in Their Cribs

GIANTS rock Wainwright, beat Cards 9-4

McCamy Reports: GOP Bold New Proposal, Abolish ACA, Let White Folks Keep Their Insurance

Cryptome pushes Greenwald's ZOMG button.

Anybody up late? Got a nice Midas Touch buzz-on...

McCamy Reports: GOP Bold New Proposal, Abolish ACA, Let White Folks Keep Their Insurance

Sharyl Attkisson Wastes No Time Linking Jay Carney's Successor To Benghazi

Dem Poll Shows Tea Partier Inching Ahead Of Sen. Cochran

Is Solitary Confinement Rehabilitation or Torture? Don Siegelman

China's Executing One of Its Richest Men | China Uncensored

Dumb Criminals: Birmingham Police Flush Out Two Suspected Toilet Thieves

New GOP Stance On All Things Climate: "We're Not Scientists"

Total Abandons $11 Billion Alberta Tar Sands Play

GOTV 2016!

Why hasn't Snowden revealed 9/11 truth?

2004 The General who got it right on Iraq.

Come On Down to "Big Earl's" the Hottest "Gay Bar" in Pittsburg, Texas, 1 1/2 Hours East of Big D

Let's have a laugh--Share the dumbest things you've heard a Conservative poster say somewhere online


Darrell Issa Throws a Temper Tantrum After Being Outsmarted By Obama’s White House

U.S. Warns China Against Aggression As Allies Seek More Cooperation

Daily Californian: Former Berkeley resident, ‘Peace Mom,’ runs for governor

I was away out of town for a week, so I'm not in the running for the DUzy Awards

Donald Sterling's antitrust suit against NBA adds new wrinkle to saga

Real Folk Blues

Sunset Double Rainbow Over Samos Island, Greece

Edward Snowden on 911

Installing British Summer

Detroit business owner fears robbery, fires gun, hits and kills bystander

Former Air Force toilet-unplugger wraps self in flag, clutches guns, tells you to ‘Google’ history

Happiness taken seriously in Vermont

The True Terrible Tale of Mrs. Blunden of Basingstoke

By Halifax Law

I wish I knew some of you in real life

WATCH: Rand Paul ‘not sure’ if he wants to dismantle his state’s Medicare expansion

Moyers: 10 Disgustingly Rich Companies That Will Do Anything To Avoid Paying Taxes

Moyers: 10 Disgustingly Rich Companies That Will Do Anything To Avoid Paying Taxes

Why the Oil Industry is Running Into Major Trouble

5 Craziest Laws Passed by GOP Legislators, Just This Month

"Walmart Moms" Plan Nationwide Strikes Ahead of Corporation's Shareholders Meeting

Mandel, Renacci subpoenaed to testify at federal campaign funds trial

What Gov. John Kasich's stance on Senate Bill 310 says about his politics - and what it doesn't say

Kanawha delegates split by party line on abortion special session

BREAKING: Talks heating up between Cuomo, Working Families Party — deal could be imminent

Court lets DEP use lower standard on pollution reviews

America’s middle-class defeat: How Canada shamed the wealthiest nation on earth

Is the US Mil. Training of African Special Ops a prelude to disaster?

My Jam...

At Days End

Chevron and BP are pulling out of wind and solar

European Wind Power: Denmark, Portugal, and Spain Leading the World

Make A Wish

Grandstanding putting American's public lands at risk

GOP candidate Brad White leads fundraising in campaign to control House of Delegates

Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) to bicycle from SF to LA next week for HIV/AIDS services

The GOP’s Grifter Problem

How the melting Arctic could spread invasive species far and wide

Christie gave raises to 27 staff members this year, report says

Making history? Three gay candidates hold fundraising edge in House races

The President's Weekly Address: Reducing Carbon Pollution in Our Power Plants

Phil Robertson and the GOP’s outreach problem

The Opinion-Makers: How Russia Is Winning the Propaganda War

The Devil in Nigeria: Boko Haram's Reign of Terror

Was Snowden spying for Russia seven years ago?

The Illusion of “Humane” Killing

Ahead of the World Cup, Brazil’s churches work to protect children from sex abuse

Huge Victory For Obama: Endgame New Orleans

Well, here's the shock of the year -

No Data Privacy, No Free Trade Agreement

Forgiveness of college debt + VA loan eligibility

Measles cases in the US reach 20-year high

Ocean waves influence polar ice extent

Over Coming Decades, Wealthy Tax Dodgers Will Deprive The Government Of Trillions Of Dollars

Someone finally polled the 1% — And it's not pretty

MAP: Where offending a religion could get you executed

How Did Google Get States To Legalize Driverless Cars?

Motorola Closing Only U.S. Smartphone Factory

Americans Would Rather Do Business With White People Than Black People

Keeping guns out of the hands of criminals

New Federal Database Will Track Americans' Credit Ratings, Other Financial Information

Science is Their Enemy

Deal to Eliminate American Unipolarism

Vancouver: The most expensive housing market in North America (Billionaire glut)

Activist, Academic, Candidate: Zephyr Teachout Bids for Governor of New York

Obama’s hope for all our fears

Today would have been John Bonham's 66th birthday

(Denmark) Opinion: Obama in retreat

Daniel Ellsberg: Snowden would not get a fair trial -- and Kerry is wrong

PA Gov.Corbett holding firesale on state's natural resources

VA Problems Far From New

Medicare Ordered to Consider Covering Sex-Change Surgery

What an atheist learned from working with Zoroastrians

As of 851 AM EDT, Flood warnings in parts of LA, MS, AL, FL, MN, WI, MT, WY, CO, UT, ND, and NY

Obama makes public health pitch for carbon rules

‘Regular’ American, who liked Dunkin’ Donuts and Cheetos, took part in Syrian suicide bombing

Weekly Address: Reducing Carbon Pollution in Our Power Plants

Virginity, Violence and Male Entitlement

Rockland loses fight to deny funds to religious students

Suntech Says Solar PV Costs to Match Coal in China by 2016

Lamb barley soup

A litany of 'thou shalt nots': Catholic teachers challenge morality clause

SNAFUkushima: Updating Meltdowns

Why doesn't Obama just say to the 'pugs: "YOUR WARS and your funding cuts caused the VA 'crisis'"

Light painting with fire in Paris

Like Madoff telling a bum to get a job: After Running from his Antiwar Past, Kerry Tells Snowden 'Ma

Sources: Deal in works to deliver Gov. Cuomo the Working Families Party endorsement

War: A History According to the Tea Party (and Fox News)

Hundreds of planned pre-K centers have building code violations

George Monbiot: "The Dangers of Continued Growth Now Demand a New Economic System. ASAP."

I am in exemplary company!

YouTube Flash crashes

The Right's Gamble

The Isla Vista Shooter: This is Not the Autism Spectrum

Why has Arizona become a hotbed of atheist political participation?

Golf course holes latest tax tussle

My Girl’s A Vegetable: A Father’s Response To Isla Vista Shootings

bulb- cfl or led?

Interfaith Leaders Condemn Gun Violence After Santa Barbara Shootings

Dengue Cases Quintuple In 10 Years In Central, South America - 2.3 Million Cases In 2013

Just for fun -- album of zoo babies

Rolling Stones’ first Israeli concert delayed to accommodate religious fans

Get this women some mental health treatment -Accused Hillary Clinton Shoe-Thrower 'Controlled' By

Hong Kong Air Contains 2.5 Pm Toxic Trace Metals At Levels 10-20X Times US Averages

Bill de Blasio takes on Teamsters and Liam Neeson as he tries to ban New York's horse carriages

May Warmest On Record For Sydney - Breaks 1958 Previous High By .5C - SMH

Denial Is Not A Policy.

More Creative, Positive Ideas From The GOP; McTurtle Will Propose Bill To Block New Power Plant Rule

State advisory board set to release findings

Japan Hits the Skids

Finally, some honesty when it comes to indocrinating kids into religion.

Sensible, Frugal KY Legislature Budget Cuts Over 1/3 Of Positions At State Mine Safety Agency

A candidate to school Marchione

VA Scapegoat Sacrificed, So Now Can We Fix The VA?

Harry Stiles catches a fan's tossed bra. Priceless, honest reaction.

Sometimes timing is everything - U.S Massive sinkhole opens up near Florida's Legoland: police

Senators Alexander, Corker angered American Legion with VA votes

What's for Dinner ~ Saturday ~ May 31st

The True Meaning of the Second Amendment

F-35B Will Fly, Hover, Not Land Vertically At RIAT, Farnborough

Hagee The Lesser Speaketh: Christians Shouldn't Believe In Global Warming

Buried Carbon Causes Deep Concern

Obama’s Collapsing Syria Policy


Coal and Nuclear Nearly Invisible at Platts Global Power Markets; Storage Set to Take Off

Have you seen those family pics where they recreate a scene from when they were younger? We didn't

Cop brings gallon of milk and plays catch with student. Heart warming video.

Bias Claims for Insurers in Coverage of H.I.V. (NY Times)

Social Security Threatens to Close All Field Offices

Ring of Fire: America Going Trade Deal Crazy

Chris Christie quietly implodes: Why his big “accomplishments” have fallen to pieces

Any rattlesnake stories here?

The Jane Collective.

6 Cleveland police officers charged in fatal chase

Want a Democratic Congress? Hope you'll contribute if you can afford to.

David Sirota: Big Cable’s Almighty Dollar

Our Economy Wants You to Be In Debt—5 Things You Can Do to Take Charge

Weekend Toon Roundup

What a bunch of hotheads ...

Beyond Petroleum? Not anymore. These two oil giants plan to stay oil giants, with emphasis on oil

San Francisco woman breeds rats, releases them in public parks

Defensive shifts become bigger part of baseball

WIPP probe: Emails raise new questions

St. Regis Mohawks reach accord on buying land

Maya Angelou's Poem "On the Pulse of Morning"

take back the night. help me educate a few youngens about this.

Environmentalists urge more green energy for NY

DU's administrators took my advice.

NBC's Snowden Interview Overlooks Pre-9/11 Data Collection by the NSA

Is it possible that the rightwing pundits who are on the wrong side of everything

"The Homosexuals": Mike Wallace's 1967 CBS Documentary

"You go to war with the army you have" Donald H. Rumsfeld 2004 to complaining troops.


the very worst form of abuse

Artist Stops Oil Pipeline Cold

"Thx 2 Reince Priebus?

Big Second Amendment Victory: District Court Upholds D.C. Firearms Registration Law

Two Dogs Share An Ice Cream, And This Is Why Daisy Always Goes First (repost from the DU Lounge)

Federal manufacturing designation to benefit Finger Lakes region

For Lessons About Class, a Field Trip Takes Students Home

Eric Shinseki fired for failures at VA. Gen Hayden not fired for failures at NSA.

IBM Prototyping System That Converts 80% of Solar Power

No Deal Finalized Just Yet, WFP Says

The March for Democracy continues on through Central California

In reference to abortion rights...

BREAKING: U.S. Exchanges Gitmo Prisoners for U.S. Soldier Held by Taliban Since 2009

Ukraine says prepared to pay gas arrears to Russia if gets contract first

{Indonesian} Volcano ash clouds force Australia flight cancellations (BBC)

Something posted by Xchrome in GD that needs to be here too......

POW Bowe Bergdahl released....

Grimm 'photo bombed' GOP Capitol Hill event, House aides contend

where do I find the list of current MIRT?

Worst rip off as of late: Maybe it's just me but:

Only American P.O.W. From Afghan War Is Freed

Take a look at the beautiful submissions for "Spring" - Seasonal Contest coming up/Photography Forum

Guest Lineups For The Sunday News Shows

Meriam Ibrahim: Sudan 'to free' death row woman

Should DU allow rightwing propaganda to be promoted here?

Hey women of DU - I need some suggestions-

Paul Krugman- That Old-Time Inequality Denial

China Lashes Out at U.S. and Japan


U.S. Consumer Sentiment Down In May, Wages A Concern

"Walmart Moms" Plan Nationwide Strikes Ahead of Corporation's Shareholders Meeting

It's really not about politics to the typical conservative anymore

Zone 5 midwest gardeners with blackberries or raspberries??? A question for you.

Judge hits Black man and tells him "Run N word Run" handicapped no less

867-5309 -- I wonder if anyone was ever so unfortunate as to have that

An Assault from Obama’s Escalating War on Journalism

Documents Show the VA Debacle Began Under George W. Bush

An excise tax would give states a role in fighting climate change. Delaney

Sometimes, when a horse is dead, it is time to stop beating it -

The Library...Where all the cool kids hang out....

Prime Minister Stephen Harper Attacks Vladimir Putin And 'Evil' Communism

A realistic horror movie plot

Bilderberg - why democracy is going down the toilet

Obama v. Reagan: Fun Comparison

Just finished watching "The Switch".......

Luckovich cartoon: Shots heard ’round the world

Latvia's Ernest Gulbis: Women Should Focus On Family & Kids Instead of Playing Tennis

Moving right along!

More than just a madman

Dutch Scientists Achieve Quantum Teleportation Breakthrough

Michele Bachmann quote ...

Hey guys...I have a musical mystery that needs solving

Texas family wins $2.9 million fracking lawsuit, setting stage for more lawsuits to follow

Obama Administration Calls Out 7 GOP Governors Refusing to Crack Down on Prison Rape

Biden to visit Colombia following the World Cup

Why do you think Snowden is a "traitor"?

Move over, Christian televangelists. Atheism is coming to television.

This Mom Is Sick & Tired of Gun Violence -- So She's Doing Something About It

Texas family wins $2.9 million fracking lawsuit, setting stage for more lawsuits to follow

Bear in a Hammock

Just had a robo call from "Iowa Gun Owners"

House approves measure to cut funding for feds unless they crack down on legal weed

George Clooney Is Planning To Move Into Politics After Marriage to British Lawyer Amal Alamuddin

Sudan to Free Death Row Woman in Apostasy Case

I repeat, "Someone please tell John McCain again that he is not the president and

lmao. we are in the fuggin' majority. by far. too funny.

Republicans Forsake Federalism to Support Big Govt. Nanny State Prohibition

One Arrested After Hand Grenade Found in carry-on in Los Angeles Airport

Well, I did something right.

A couple of miscellaneous shots just for fun

Huffpost: Issa says now Kerry dosn't have to testify on BENGHAZI, releases him

I don't really know what a 'liberal' is...

How Covert Agents infiltrate the Internet to Manipulate, Deceive, and Destroy Reputations

Ex-Marine Gets Death Sentence in Sailor's Killing

30 Years Into The Leveling Process, Some Banks Withdrawing Funding From Mountaintop Removal Mines

Found a Big Box of Graphic Novels and Some Great Comics for $17

So the only American POW in Afghanistan has been exchanged for prisoners at GITMO


Over at Discussionist--Look who is there.

Drinks Are Served...

Center for Reproductive Rights Commemorates Work and Legacy of Dr. George Tiller

Democrats add recreational marijuana legalization to party platform

The World of Pawel Kuczynski, Which Is All of Ours by Abby Zimet

Does anyone remember which 70's radio show...

How Many Dead People in the Third World Does It Take to Extract 1 Barrel of Oil?

These 3 States Are The Current Battlegrounds In The Fight For Reproductive Rights

German foreign intelligence agency wants to access social media sites in real time

Christian Doctor On Why He Performs Abortions: ‘I Came To A Deeper Understanding Of My Spirituality’

Ukraine Crisis 2014 | Death Road to Donetsk Airport - Warning - Graphic

IPCC's Climate Report: Ind Land Use Change estimates:"highly uncertain, unobservable, unverifiable"

Women won't stand for abortion-rights rollback

CBO: Republican Surface Transportation Proposal Bankrupts Highway Trust Fund

Bill O'Reilly Stunned When Jorge Ramos Calls Him Out For GOP Bias

CA legislation re: syringe exchange programs (SEP), personal use of Narcan (opiate antagonist)

Proof that Michael Stipe has mastered Time Travel:

Moscow police detain gay rights activists at unsanctioned protest (Video)

CA legislation re: syringe exchange programs (SEP), personal use of Narcan (opiate antagonist)

Republican Gay Rights Groups Denied Booths At Texas GOP Convention

Plutocracy And A Dystopian Future For Our Children

Frank Bruni: Full Screed Ahead

Flag, Coat of Arms of Novorossiya

The War On Coal Miners: How Companies Hide The Threat Of Black Lung From Watchdogs And Workers

Herman Cain says he might run for president again

Remember the webcam spying by the NSA and GCHQ? Watch this (Both Funny and disturbing)

Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi: Gay Marriage Would Cause Harm

Bill Murray on finding "the one".

Texas Restaurant That Refused 'Fag' Customers Touted As Gay Bar Online

Desmond Tutu Calls Oilsands "filth", Urges Cooperation On Environment

Anti-Gay Christian Group Refuses To Accept Mail With New Harvey Milk Stamp

NBC Newshead Directed Questions to Brian Williams During Interview

Judge who threw occupiers out of WI Capitol building in 2011 has just thrown out citations against

Judge Albert Dismisses Citations For Singing In The Capitol (WI)

Judge Albert Dismisses Citations For Singing In The Capitol (vid)

First of two-part series in NY Times about how rigged soccer is

going through my flickr account and wanted to share (lots of pics)

Obama will speak from the Rose Garden at 6.15pm

Qatar World Cup: '$5m payments to officials' corruption claim

"Why the Snowden Hero/Traitor Debate Is Meaningless"--NBC Snowden Clip--Good Watch!

National NOW president Terry O'Neill to speak on preserving Social Security

by Robert Reich, about Sterling's 'gain,' and tax conseqences

Toon- Entitled Manchildren Magazine

SC Governor supports banning Black Biker Week?

Truth about the economy, by Robert Reich

The Rise of Sweden's Far-Left Militants

The 13 Most Bizarre Things From Edward Snowden's NBC News Interview

Modern Day Grave Robber

Shinseki was a scapegoat..

CEO Pay Gone Mad Due To Bad Law

my nerd collection

Scout Willis is on a campaign to free the nipples

Thousands March in Cyprus' 1st Gay Pride Parade

Cruz wins presidential straw poll at GOP summit

Feeling a bit down? Watch this--now this is a Democrat!

Faith-based Freaks - by Paul Krugman

Christians for Michelle Bachmann FB page

If you still believe President Obama is a secret Muslim who wants to spread Islamic law in the US,

If you risk your life and survive. America should support the healthy continuation of your life.

****WCGreen Update --Saturday May 31, 2014****

Released soldier's parents appear with Obama

Good odds that a mass extinction is going on right now as you read this.

Flashback: Fox News contributor attacks Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl in 2009 for being "a deserter"

Advertising's Image of Women

Snowden journalist set to make ‘biggest’ disclosure yet

I'll save everyone from having to watch the RW talking heads tomorrow

Sit-in at SCU: Putting Jesuit values to the test

That Old-Time Inequality Denial

GOP Lawmakers: Obama Broke The Law With Prisoner Exchange

Anyone else remember this?

Stop using #YesAllWomen. Now use #EachEveryWoman. Why?

‘Hidden Cash’ Man Plants ‘Epic’ Scavenger Hunt At Hermosa Beach

Scott Walker is falling apart: The little corruption problem he just can’t shake (Salon)

15-Year-Old Dog Stumbles Onto Hero’s Lawn and Both Get Swept Away (grab a tissue)

Business and tax breaks

Look of pure joy on Jani Bergdahl's face

North Korea, in propaganda war with RT's Abby Martin, offers Snowden free kimchi for life

Top Ten LA Radio Shows That Are Rated Higher Than Rush Limbaugh's

A message from Michael Douglas (again)

Wacha beats rain, Cardinals top Giants 2-0

May 31, 1889

Yelpers Take Hilarious Revenge on "We Don't Like Fags" Restaurant

The Library of Congress Wants to Destroy Your Old CDs (For Science)

“National Whistleblower Appreciation Day" For Heroes such as Manning and Snowden

Faux news: Obama negotiating with Terrorists