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Archives: May 30, 2014

wouldnt a du cruise me cool?

US faces worst measles outbreak in 20 years

Echoing Sarah Palin Crosshairs

Who is watching Chris Hayes now? Jim Himes (D-CT) on re: VA mess.

Arizona to set up new child-welfare agency after abuse scandal

God sure messes w/ the GOP

Nevada man claims ‘stand your ground’ after shooting couple sleeping at his vacant property

Edward Snowden responds to release of e-mail by U.S. officials

Israel navy detains 4 fishermen in Gaza

Majority of Israelis support halting ‘peace talks’ with Palestinians

Best/worst first pitches in BB

CNN: U.S. Officials Confirm Lying About Russian Troop Movements and Buildup

LeVar Burton Breaks Down In Tears After Raising $1 Million For ‘Reading Rainbow’ Reboot

Travel tips for seniors

Travel tips for seniors

What stamps prevent you from opening mail?

TCM Schedule for Friday, May 30, 2014 -- Friday Night Spotlight - Australian Cinema

Man intentionally hit and killed trooper on I-81....

If you don't find this horrifying, I simply don't know what to say to you.

The Atlantic: Misunderstanding orange juice as a health drink

AMAZING WEATHER VIDEO - 60 Minutes of HD Tornadoes, Hurricanes and Lightning!!!

Legal wrangling heats up as Club for Growth opposes prosecutor's move (John Doe)

Goat riding a guy riding a bike.

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! 1984, Redux – Redux & a new kitteh & Doggie gif

What's So Scary About Smart Girls?

9/11 Museum Yanks Commemorative Cheese Platter After Outrage

Report: More Than 2,000 Incidents of Anti-LGBT Violence in 2013

Former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer has signed a binding agreement to buy the Los Angeles Clippers fo

2 billion dollars?

Vice President Biden is coming to Delaware...

UC Santa Cruz student government votes for divestment from occupation-linked companies

Two Billion for a sports team?

What did I learn from asking believers and atheists what they want from each other?

Nebraska Mayor Flips Out at Atheist: ‘Minorities Are Not Going to Run My City’

TCM Schedule for Saturday, May 31, 2014 -- The Essentials - Pygmalion Stories

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Friday, 30 May 2014

Hi all.


Did you folks just watch Russel L. Honoré on Rachel

One Wisconsin Now says WEDC money going to Scott Walker donors like Edgewater

Witch riding a dragon, her white hair flowing out of her beret.

spacex reveals dragon 2 live webcast 7pm pt thursday may 29

We polled 1,000 tea partiers....

Florida League of Women Voters Releases Bombshell Charter Study

This video (xpost from Lounge) will restore your faith in people and maybe make you tear up

SpaceX Dragon Version 2 Unveil - live webcast

My Favorite Cartoonist Smashes A Sexist Fairy Tale Trope In One Hilarious Swoop

"State Bills Family Of Homicide Victim For Nearly $12 Million" News story.

Church stops woman from feeding the hungry - because she's gay (E action)

about the discussionist site

Abele to release thousands of pages of emails from Doe probe

So the cat just brought a LIVE FUCKING SNARK into the living room.

I could support General Shinseki's replacement...

Next year, burqas!

Emergency dispatcher suspended over conversation on Angelou’s 911 call

Detroit airport terminal on lockdown

Congratulations Rangers!

Alameel Threatens Cornyn Campaign With Lawsuit

Christie staffers get hefty pay increases; some of the biggest go to former campaign aides

Elon Musk unveils spacecraft to ferry astronauts

Idiocracy: Oklahoma Gun Range Awarded Liquor License

CA: District addresses Oakland school officer attack on student in wheelchair

So if Shinseki gets fired, who will the rethugs agree on to replace him?

Want a $120 a week raise?

Want a $120 a week raise?


Solar Energy Dominates First Quarter With 74 Percent of New Electric Capacity

The War On Coal Miners: How Companies Hide The Threat Of Black Lung From Watchdogs And Workers

TCM Schedule for Sunday June 1 - Essentials Jr.: Cary Grant and Howard Hawks

Cat People Are Smarter Than Dog People, New Study Shows

Back to earth.

Fertilizer storage facility on fire in Athens

Democrat calls Republican Leadership Conference a 'massive gathering' of Jindal's 'stupid party'

Republicans at conference have their eyes on 2016

The Alaska Zoo cares for wolf pups abandoned in Funny River fire.

Scientists Report Finding Reliable Way to Teleport Data

Finally cutting the cord. Cable goes off this weekend.

GOP thinks Duck Dynasty is awesome.....who do we think is Awesome?

TCM Schedule for Monday June 2 - What's On Tonight: British Invasion

Thoughts on Edward Snowden’s Interview

Bret Michaels rushed off stage during concert because of medical emergency

Steve Israel's Reptilian Plan To Keep John Boehner On As Speaker

Colorado Symphony Cannabis Concert

Finally. It's well and truly Spring

Rural Communities Push El Salvador Towards Ban on Mining

Former Ecadorian president sentenced to 12 years in prison

Long-time DUer ArcticDave visited me at the lookout today! (Big pic fest in honor of that visit!)

UC Santa Barbara students paddle out to honor Isla Vista victims

Police shootings in California: court finds officers' names should be revealed

Can I brag for a moment? My kid rocks at chess.

What is the purpose of registering and insuring cars?

How hard is it to turn a door into a wall and match cabinetry?

Joe The Plumber: 'Guns Are Mostly For Hunting Down Politicians'

Ok, Ok, Ok, let's celebrate women's and men's rights!

Pelosi and Kerry Capitulate on Benghazi Hearings to Win the Long Game

Need a giggle?

Xanadu - Rush 1977 studio video

House Votes To End DEA Raids On Legal Medical Marijuana Operations

House Blocks DEA From Targeting Medical Marijuana

The Dam is Cracking.

my life is terribly hard

I didn't know "House" could sing...

Title 21 : Congress must amend

Inequality and the unfree market

Asylum Granted to Colombia’s ex-Intelligence Chief is ‘Unconstitutional’: Panama Supreme Court


Measles is making a comeback — because people aren't getting vaccinated

i'm done holding my marriage together with duct tape and chicken wire

US Should Support ICC Jurisdiction In Palestine

10 reasons it's better to be a renter

Science magazine has a whole issue devoted to the subject of inequality

Ikea refugee temporary housing

Two transwomen assaulted in Atlanta, it continues on my Facebook feed

From Elections to Mass Movements: How Wealthy Elites Are Hijacking Democracy All Over the World

London Economist: Health-care fraud in America--

An Assault from Obama’s Escalating War on Journalism

Cuomo's camp admits to keeping Republicans in control of Senate

If there is a Demon of Politics, here She is ...

Kerry's Latest Snowden Comments Are Moronic, Offensive, and Dangerous by Natasha Lennard

Some renewable energy not so renewable - solar panels drain the sun's energy - could be catastrophic

So where is the plane ?

As of 304 AM EDT, Flood warnings/watches in parts of LA, MS, AL and FL

This abandoned town is a giant playground for trials bikers.

App turns iPhone into turntable that plays music printed on paper

Ben(Uncle)Carson puts foot in mouth again with his stupid veterans comment

Giants start trip with 6-5 comeback win over Cardinals

[NC] Senate budget would cut elderly, blind and disabled from Medicaid rolls

Royal Nightmare: Saudi princesses locked up by father suffer from hunger & isolation

Google launches 'right to be forgotten' webform for removal requests.

Interesting permission slip conversation...

Toddler critically burned during SWAT raid

Now having drugs is worse than burning babies in their cribs: WARNING graphic pics of newest victim

*** The June topic: "Wide Open Spaces" ***

Ukraine is a Prize Neither Russia Nor the West Can Afford to Win | Brookings Institution

Traitor or Patriot? What a silly question, after ‘Inside Snowden’

16 Questions Edward Snowden Wasn't Asked

Russia's FSB reports detention of Right Sector members

Handy Dandy

The Last Woman Hanged in England

'Permanent Protest Vigil' Launched to Confront First Tar Sands Mine in US

Solar Roadways passes $1.4 million in crowdfunding: Just short of the $56 trillion required, but not

Thousands of Workers Exploited as Greedy Universities Grab Petrodollars to Globalize and Corporatize

5 Companies Ripping Off America and the Simple Tax Change That Could Make Them Pay Up

Are You Sick of Terrible Service from Comcast and Time Warner? It's About to Get Much Worse.

5 Craziest Laws Passed by GOP Legislators, Just This Month

The Newark School Reform Wars

Photo of fat woman flagged as "pornography" by Instagram

5 Things About Maya Angelou that Most People Don't Kow

Washington doesn’t care about your cable bill: Why the Comcast merger is inevitable

Creationists Try to Outsmart Neil deGrasse Tyson on the Great Flood and Climate Change

Formal countdown begins for Scottish vote that could break up United Kingdom

Thousands of Workers Exploited as Greedy Universities Grab Petrodollars to Globalize and Corporatize

Wall Street cop’s shameful scheme: Inside an infuriating bureaucratic turf war

Robert Parry: How Neocons Constrain Obama's Message

Russian-led rebels dig in for Ukraine attack

Snowden’s Crypto Software May Be Tainted Forever

This Is What Happens When You Hack and Extort the ‘Bitcoin Jesus’

Snowden Fan Club, Sorry, But Snowden Lied about the email to the NSA General Counsel

“Are you a boy or a girl?”: Our trans-bisexual love story

West Curtailing Missile Defense Cooperation With Russia – Foreign Ministry.

The fight is on: Obama’s climate rules aren’t out yet, but both sides are already slugging

Crises in Ukraine, Iraq and Libya have similar mechanisms.

Yikes, the eagles are all grown up......

Borowitz: Obama Defends Controversial Policy of Not Invading Countries for No Reason

Seattle Police File Federal Lawsuit Over 'Use of Force' Policy

Posterity Will Hate Us: Building a Lasting Legacy of Death

Former Counterterrorism Czar Richard Clarke: Snowden Should Be In Prison. NSA did nothing wrong.

What should be done with teh flake ... (poll)

Lawsuits a necessary weapon against gun sellers

The Newark School Reform Wars

Houston,Texas City Council Approves Gay Rights Ordinance

Joe The Plumber Says Guns Are For Hunting Down Politicians

If the Law Is Bullshit, You Must Acquit

Obama’s leadership is right for today - by Fareed Zakaria

GOP Hypocrites Call Vets Benefits Too Expensive But Want a $600 Billion Tax Cut for Business

Climate Change Meets Kitchen Table as Issue Gets Personal

Squirrel getting his nut on

GOVERNOR STEVE BESHEAR: The Affordable Care Act in Kentucky: It's Working

Science - Extinction Rate Far Higher Than Thought - Up To 1,000X Prehuman Rate

Mr. Kerry: Why Snowden can’t “Make his Case” in “Our System of Justice”

Sorry, NSA fan club, Snowden is still alive to respond to your accusations

Snowden: NSA Revealed Only One Email, Shows NSA Lied Before... Also: None Of This Matters

Now What? WV Landfill Won't Take More Shipments Of Mildly Radioactive Fracking Sludge From PA

Big Energy inhales tobacco's lesson

Kalamazoo bishop warns Catholics not to participate in 'Womenpriest' ordination ceremony

Man who had 'guts' to sue prison operator CCA presumed drowned

Mr. Perfect from Warsaw: The Rise of Poland's Foreign Minister

food rave of the day (5/30): bagels

Hillary Defends Not Going On Sunday TV After Benghazi: It's Not 'Jury Duty'

Why India's sanitation crisis kills women

Someone please say "Walter Reed Hospital" to Joe Scarborough, et al

Friday TOON Roundup 1 -The Obama Doctrine

Friday TOON Roundup 2 - Prohibit Donuts!

Friday TOON Roundup 3 -The Rest

The plight of Niger's child brides (Video)

The First Modern School Shooter Feels Responsible for the Rest

Virginia state Senator Richard Black praises Syria’s Bashar Assad

Why Forcing VA Secretary Shinseki to Resign Is a Bad Idea

Juan Cole: Mr. Kerry: Why Snowden can’t “Make his Case” in “Our System of Justice”

The 100 Most-Edited Wikipedia Articles

Why do families kill their daughters? ("Honor Killings")

Colombia presidential candidate drops threat to end FARC talks

Anchorage's USGS Map Store falls victim to the digital age

Inside California's Crazy Race For The GOP Gubernatorial Nomination

Why Is It So Acceptable to Lie to Promote Trade Deals? by Dean Baker

UK to count prostitution, drugs when measuring GDP

French bank's shares slump over US fine risk

Residents of southern Appalachia regard coal slurry dams as looming threats

You people aren't saving enough for retirement! Shame on you!

Duck Dynasty Star Praises Monogamy To Republicans

List Of Americans Who Have Been Individually Spied On Will Soon Be Released "biggest disclosure yet"

The Big Casino

GOP Senate Candidate: UCSB Shooting An 'Unfortunate Accident'

Lacey company ups minimum wage to $17 per hour

Redskins team tries to hashtag bomb Harry Reid, but it backfires

Ford issues 4 recalls affecting 1.4M vehicles

(CA) State orders users to stop pumping from streams

John Kerry hits back at former Vice President Cheney

Coming home to Appalachia: Photographer Roger May

Shinseki apologizes for VA health-care scandal, proposes changes

U.S. consumer spending dips; inflation creeps up

riddle me this

11-Year-Old Deemed ‘Suspicous’ For Baggy Pants And Hoodie

'I'm sickened': Dead soldier's mother slams Iraq Inquiry 'whitewash'

Photos from behind seperatist front lines in Eastern Ukraine

Elizabeth Warren to Obama: Fed nominees should crack down on Big Banks

The House Science Committee Spent Thursday in a Climate Change Denial Echo Chamber

Report: Car, truck crashes cost whopping $871B

Does anyone want to discuss ADD/ADHD?

Documents Show the VA Debacle Began Under George W. Bush

Bummer--MFM's favorite restaurant had a fire

Daniel Ellsberg: Snowden would not get a fair trial – and Kerry is wrong

Arkansas cop points gun at stepson and threatens to blow his jewish brains out....

Senate budget tries again to move SBI from attorney general

Immigration holds cease at county jails

Senate budget would cut elderly, blind and disabled from Medicaid rolls

Almost 2,000 people (283 women and 567 children) have been killed by Syrian government air attacks

Putin's Ukraine ambitions hinge on allies he can't rely on

Court upholds Navy Complex plans

The Invisible Refugee Crisis in Ukraine

A 1st in 52 years: Co-champs at the Spelling Bee

Democrat Turns The Tables and Blasts House Republican for Voting Against VA Funding

A.G. Spanos sees optimism in stadium plans

The RW populist parties are shaking a fist at the pluralism, turbulence and heterogeneity of

Sister Simone coming to Pasadena***UPDATE

The MacGyver Cure for Cancer

More gun madness - Florida 6 yr old kills his grandpa with AK 47....

what do you guys do for vision and dental?

San Diego bypassed in first wave of Cox upgrade

What do you guys like on your pizza?

Fareed Zakara: Obama’s leadership is right for today

Great Read: Drought yields only desperation

French EuroMillions winner to give away €50m (~$68 million) of €72m (~$98 million)

Keeping women's issues in the news

Think Detroit's Bankruptcy 'Grand Bargain' is such a 'great deal' - Think Again.

Sony Pictures Imageworks moving L.A. headquarters to Vancouver

MSNBC: Law and disorder on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation

Global warming and the vulnerability of Greenland's ice sheet

Putin's Ukraine ambitions hinge on allies he can't rely on

Repubs prove they hate Women and now children too, MICHELLE OBAMA FIGHTS BACK ON NUTRITION

Teen skeleton found by Mexico cave divers has scientists breathless

SpaceX unveil 'no runway' Dragon V2 space capsule (BBC)

Ellsberg inadvertently makes the case for why Snowden should have stayed in the U.S.

Missing Malaysia Airlines jet not in search area, officials say

GD is Dead to Me...

Militant faction announces break from Pakistani Taliban

Politician Hunting Season begins

The War on Drugs is not Biblical in nature, so where does it come from?

Appeals court rules First Amendment protects cell phone video of cops on duty

Quantum phenomenon shown in $15m D-Wave computer (BBC)

Rep. Pricey Harrison addresses rally on fracking in Raleigh, NC

Laverne Cox Is the First Transgender Person on the Cover of Time

Earworm time...

Regarding Kerry's "man up" comment:

Why is a Russian investment consultant the Prime Minister of the Donetsk People's Republic?

Experts, residents keeping eye on Collbran slide

If VA accountability means firing the person denying veterans lifesaving care...why not GOP guvs?

Phil Robertson: GOP needs to ‘get Godly’

(Air Force) Academy revamps flight programs to address neighbors' concerns over noise, safety

"Snowden fan club"?

Cat Haven

Separatists' bodies "repatriated to Russia". Donetsk leader calls for more Russian 'peacekeepers' to

IT'S THE WEEKEND!!! Let's make a Weekend Video Mixtape to get us in a good mood!!!

8 states release action plan to promote clean cars

Obama: Clinton would be a very effective president

Final Air Force plane maintained at Boeing facility leaves Wichita

Elvis shows the younger generation how to properly scare the crap out of a backup singer

Former Air Force toilet-unplugger wraps self in flag, clutches guns, tells you to ‘Google’ history

Swedes test a future of less work, more play

Shinseki resigns...

Do You Believe This Whole VA Scandal Is All About Privatizing The VA?.....

Time line - Santa Barbara County Sheriff's office re: the killings in Isla Vista

Goddamnit......Shinseki resigned

A Happy story

The President should stand firm on keeping Shinseki.

President Obama: "Hillary and I, we're buddies"

Judge: Jury will hear about Oregon couple’s faith-healing beliefs in trial over dead child

UPDATED: VA chief resigns in midst of health-care scandal

I'm going to say it now, I hope the President taps Russel L. Honoré to head the VA

2 ex-Army soldiers laundered Afghanistan bribes

Father of accused rapist arrested in India for viciously beating victim’s mother

Unbelievable...Gun Activists With Assault Rifles Harass Marine Veteran on Memorial Day

Pic Of The Moment: Window Into The Mind Of A Gun Nut

Rickets. About 20% of my neighborhood has rickets.

Sissi wins weak mandate from crushing victory.

"Bring Reading Rainbow Back for Every Child, Everywhere."

"Bring Reading Rainbow Back for Every Child, Everywhere."

Scott Walker is falling apart: The little corruption problem he just can’t shake

3-Year-Old Shoots Baby Brother Dead with Neighbor's Gun

Documents Show the VA Debacle Began Under George W. Bush

Giving Homeless Housing & Care SAVES 68%

An ‘unfortunate accident’?

Ellen the DeGenerate: How America's Favorite Lesbian Ruined the Prom

Sent. Sanders to reintroduce veteran's bill next week!

Shame! Shame! Shame! A decorated veteran is treated like a pariah by a

Goldwater statue replaces Greenway in Statuary Hall

Gen. Shinseki: this Marine bids you fair winds and following seas.

Sloan Gibson..USO..Did he take from the poor & cut himsellf a fat check?

Ellsberg inadvertently makes the case for why Snowden should have time-travelled to 1972.

Where does the phrase "let's put in a pin in that one" come from?

Time for a reasoned post about Secretary Shinseki

Documents Show the VA Debacle Began Under George W. Bush

Yeager Not Alone: Radical Right Reacts to Gun Control

I'm going to another country for the first time.

I came to Capitol Hill 20+ years ago working for G. V. "Sonny" Montgomery

Blair should ask Chilcot to publish full Iraq letters to Bush, says Major

A drone tried to kill me at a Gizmodo party

The unmaking of a LICH deal

A "thank you for your service" post for General Shinseki. Duer's please

Is having a big chest freezer really worthwhile

Student in wheelchair attacked by security guard, school officials say

Thailand elections not for a year, says coup leader

"We don't have time for distractions," Obama said. "We need to fix the problem."

Yellow Politicians, Yellow Media and Yellow Cake

The Republicans will not play politics and quickly confirm a new nominee for VA

On eve of W.F.P. convention, no obvious outcome

Coming soon to a brain near you: An implantable retraining device.

Responsible gun owners with assault rifles pursue, taunt Marine vet on Memorial Day


Paul Krugman- Cutting Back on Carbon

Norway rejects Greenpeace appeal over Arctic drilling: Statoil

RKBA brownshirts terrorize Marine vet on Memorial day (with video)

Ayn Rand’s Harry Potter and The Sorcerer’s Stone

11 Kinds of Bible Verses Christians Love to Ignore

Researchers design a new structure that absorbs all sound

Political Activists Say the NYPD Still Silent After Its Undercover Cops Were Exposed

House votes to restrict DEA marijuana raids

City Council members, union heads call on Mayor de Blasio to halt 911 emergency call system

In Seattle, Elizabeth Warren Urges Democrats to 'Fight Back'

Scientist consider new names for Climate Change - Borowitz reveals the ones in English

The Worst Media Reactions To The UCSB Mass Murder.

Meteorologist rescues kitten from tornado rubble

Museum selling Viking ships to the public

Texas Supreme Court denies Lance Armstrong’s appeal in case over $12 million in prize money

Why Do Republicans Always Say ‘I’m Not a Scientist’?

Capital Energy: Coal creeping back; State unprepared for oil trains

Your Princess is in Another Castle: Arthur Chu Calls Out Nerd Guys

Why has Arizona become a hotbed of atheist political participation?

Mixcloud: a little bad news for my DU listeners

Health Orgs Accuse 4 Florida Insurers Of Discrimination

Happy Towel Day: Six Life Lessons From Marvin The Paranoid Android

Mixing soul medicines - Religion and Psychiatry

Question: Is any NSA revelation by Snowden discredited by his candor (or lack of)?

More religious groups to join suit against same-sex marriage ban

Anti-gambling expert says residents can stop East Greenbush casino

Big Questions: The politics of sainthood, marriage equality and the evolution of the Catholic Church

Near death, explained

Oregon - Kitzhaber, Merkley hold almost identical double-digit leads over GOP rivals, poll says

Name the Academy Award winner who died at age 31 and is buried in a Potter's Field.

The Rude Pundit - Famly Research Council: God's Gonna Get Pissed Because of LGBT Pride Month

Greenwald's No Place To Hide tumbling down the NYT best sellers list

Insurer to pay post-Sandy penalty over inspections

Another reason to love VT: Vermont Christians Urge Patrick Leahy To Oppose Obama Nominee

Fraudulent faith healer jailed for 10 years

Arrests made in scheme to use food stamps from mental health patients

The 81-Year-Old Newspaper Article That Destroys The Redskins’ Justification For Their Name

Clean Coal Test: Power Plants Prepare to Capture Carbon

National Park Service announces effort to mark historic LGBT sites

Maya Angelou on the Noble Story of Black Womanhood - FASCINATING

Zephyr Teachout declares candidacy for WFP nomination by attacking Gov. Cuomo

From D-Day to the horrors of Dachau and on to the fall of Berlin: Hollywood director's son unearths

So this Rodgers guy had a BMW - and 3 roommates?

I just came down hard publicly on an old aquaintence who is a strong footsoldier for St. Baldricks

Ellsberg on MSNBC Today (VIDEO)

A blurry photo of the newest rescue kitten, and an update...

80's Punk Star Claims Santa Barbara Shooting Was Elaborate Hoax

A squirrel is creeping me out

J.R.R. Tolkien Reveals TRUE Meaning Of 'The Lord Of The Rings' In Unearthed Audio Recording

Abortion before Roe v.Wade.

How far will the Cubs go to make a buck? Apparently this far.

Devotion: Not Just For Mystics and Clergy

28 May 2014 - Atmospheric CO2 402.11 ppm; 27 May 401.74 ppm; 25 May 401.35 ppm

Well, Shinseki has resigned. Everything will be OK, now, at the VA.

Photo: The house next door is special TODAY!!!!

No GOP opponents for Sen. Savino and Assemblyman Titone, but vote suppression theory could backfire

Ever wonder what happens to the wives and mothers of men who turn to Islamic extremism?

Seekers and Guides: Witches of Cyberspace, Part 1

Jay Carney resigned

Issa releases Kerry from Benghazi testimony

Placebo doctors

Panel: Baker must make cakes for gay weddings

Corporations Playing Both Sides of First Amendment

Please DU: Watch for motorcyclists and bicyclists, and always designate a driver

Jesus = Zeus

Texas Gun Nuts Go After a Marine Vet on the Street on Memorial Day

Police didn’t search database showing Calif. shooter had bought guns

Montana House candidate: If immigration isn’t halted, GOP faces ‘extinction-level event’

Architect proposes a Sunken Forest for the Rockaways

Police didn’t search database showing Calif. shooter had bought guns

Jay Carney Steps Down As White House Press Secretary

Breaking on NYT - Jay Carney resigns

what's for dinner - friday, may 30th

Medicare Lifts Blanket Exclusion On Covering Transgender Surgical Procedures

John Doe targets sue Wisconsin election officials in Waukesha County

Der Speigel on Ukraine: How Russia Is Winning the Propaganda War

Family of slain jail employee will pursue $250K wrongful-death claim

Ok I want a show of hands - who here has received their subpoena from Issa?

Family of slain jail employee will pursue $250K wrongful-death claim

High school graduation ruined by giant penis!

Let's talk about Healthcare EDUCATION reform

H.R.499 - Ending Federal Marijuana Prohibition Act of 2013

If women were the primary shooters in all the mass murders we have seen in America..

Powerful social advertisements

Helpful tip for gun enthusiasts

5 yr. old, 90 yr. old - suspicious

A number of people think Snowden would not have received a fair trial in federal court

Seafood industry under threat from climate change and ocean acidification, report states


Another journalist murdered in Honduras, no end to violence in sight

Snowden and NSA Go Tête-à-Tête over Internal Emails--Incomplete Leak Shows NSA Has Something to Hide

Kelvin Helmholtz clouds (

House GOP Votes Down Measure Aimed At Curbing Wage Theft

Some tweets about Shinseki and the VA

Kerryworld Logic: Will the U.S. deport asylum seekers?

Are you ready?

Lies, Damn Lies, and Global-Warming Rules

Toon: Kids! Can you spot the difference?

UPS delivered a package not addressed to me last night...

And with these people we are supposed to accomplish anything?

Sen. Sanders Reacts to Shinseki Resignation

Florida may be forced to redraw political districts before midterms

Maya Angelou: Still I rise

Virginia atheist couple: Court-appointed officiant told us we had no right to get married

Shinseki Wasn't the Problem: "Taxpayers Get What They Fucking Pay For"

Romney Praises Iowa's Joni Ernst: 'She Didn't Just Sit At Home Needle-Pointing'

The Willow Bunch Giant

Have we had enough posts about cocks trying to impress the chicks yet?

what do you rhink the legal age to consent sex should be?

Yesterday's House vote on HR 4660 amendment to defund the DEA re: medical marijuana was historic.

Supreme Court justice(s) has close ties to BP's lawyers .

Anyone have a bad experience on Tramadol?

You'll never guess what Westboro Baptist Church is planning to do.

Death threats made against Mandela during U.S. trip

Greg Abbott's 1997 Ruling Gave GOP Means to Ban Log Cabin Republicans in 2014

Want to spot the next bubble? Look at where Harvard grads work.

After years of gridlock on climate change, Obama is about to play his trump card (executive action)

How Autism Can Help You Land a Job

The GOP’s Grifter Problem

TX restaurant: Will only serve "men who act like men and women who act like ladies"

Tweet from God

I shouldn’t laugh, but:

Mistrial in NYC crane case after owner's wreck

Gay, transgender Americans to get markers in parks

Pennsylvania man accused in theft of human skin from hospital

North Korea news announces its victory over RT for best state-sponsored propaganda

Stealin' Stealin'

A More Conservative Texas?

Teddy Roosevelt Park

Insane Crazy Blues

The Isis Project: Empowering Girls Through the Celebration of Extraordinary Women (Pic Heavy)

Viola Lee Blues

Europe's hidden hand in deforestation

Texas judge orders 'affluenza' records turned over

To all the DUers I've argued with, and even the DUers I don't like or respect very much:

Kyle Field construction companies fined for violations related to worker's death

Minglewood Blues

Coffins full of slain Russian fighters for the People’s Republic of Donetsk travel to border

Hillary: GOP Exploits Dead of Benghazi

What's going on in Diablo Canyon?

Automobile Blues

Pentagon Papers Whistleblower: Snowden Won't Get a Fair Trial

Blair should ask Chilcot to publish full Iraq letters to Bush, says Major

Eric O’Keefe now suing Wisconsin’s Government Accountability Board (blue cheddar)

US Blues

Poll: Did you watch all of the NBC Snowden interview? What did you think?

Greenwald now says Snowden's email is irrelevant after calling it the "biggest news" one day ago

Snowden to John Kerry: I happen to have Daniel Ellsberg right here

Please contact your state Senator to VOTE FOR medical marijuana

'Permanent Protest Vigil' Launched to Confront First Tar Sands Mine in US

French Protesters Take Stand Against Hate, Far-Right National Front

republicans defund, then blame democrats when it crashes

Police: Driver hit, killed N.Y. state trooper on purpose

Clear Channel Radio Idiots, 'Armstrong and Getty', Giggle/Laugh Over Death of Maya Angelou

Two days & counting

Soylent Green is people!! And it's here!!!

Today is Kaamatan

What’s an Octoberfest without beer?

Bull Doze Blues

In Texas, Democrats Won The GOP Primary

When The Levee Breaks

Some OP on GD about Kerry are really disturbing

C C Rider

Feds: Arch Coal Workers Took $2M in Kickbacks

Florida redistricting trial gets surprise witness — and a closed courtroom

Peter Beinart: Is the World Losing Faith in Obama?

When I was in Texas thirty years ago, people there rightly called it "God's Country"

It's almost time for a big "Welcome Back" to Willy T

Palestinian Leaders Blast BDS, Putting 4 Activists on Trial

You might want to follow the Matt DeHart case

At Pier 17, piles of rubble and plans for the future

Cow slurry fetishist David Truscott given jail term

1,200-Foot Tower Planned Near Grand Central Terminal

Montana Republican Congressional Candidate: If Immigration Isn't Halted, GOP Faces Extinction-Level

Sources: WFP’s Future At Stake In Endorsement Fight

Next time you hear about the "fascist coup" in Ukraine, remember this chart

Interactive Swinging Pendulum Installation That Encourages Participants to Dance

File This Under "Gee, What Could Possibly Go Wrong?"

"Morning Plum: Conventional wisdom on Obamacare is changing. Really."

Accused Sandy Hook Sign Thief Claimed Massacre Didn't Happen, Police Say

Attack Dogs are going after Jason Carter already

I have never read a book more beautiful and sad than 100 Years of Solitude...

Russia Web Journalism Award Named For Edward Snowden

Here's what I don't get

Drug Could Protect Fertility in Breast Cancer Patients.

Former Upstate Medical president agrees to repay $100,000 in unauthorized pay

New York Public Library Temporarily Closes Reading Room.

PSA: Watch where you sit.

81-Year-Old Newspaper Article Destroys Redskins’ Justification For Their Name

Drug helps breast cancer patients keep fertility

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Isn't there anything else on?

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