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Google workers predominantly male and white, rare peek shows

Southern Baptist Membership Declines For 7th Year

Tonight on Nature: The American Eagle

Outside Republican money is flooding in to defeat Jason Carter in the Georgia governor's race.

Texas Man Whips 14-year-old Daughter With Belt For Dancing With Black Friend

Who's Miss Andy? I don't know any Miss Andy...

U.S. Media Lie, Yet Again

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Thursday, 29 May 2014

"Republicans for More Fat Kids"

Toons Honoring Maya Angelou

"Not One More"

Oh Dear - Chris Hayes is tearing Judge Randa a new one

Carlyle Group says it doesn't own Montana water company because it owns the companies that own it

Caution Advised: Medicare's Physician-Payment Data Release (New Eng Jour Med)

30 percent of world is now fat, no country immune

The Jewish Experience in Appalachia: Resources

The Medicare Physician-Data Release — Context and Rationale (New Eng Jour Med)

Misandry is real, misandry is out there...

watching Chris Hayes

Ominous- Justice Kennedy asks litigants to weigh in on Gay Marriage appeal

EXCLUSIVE: Edward Snowden Tells Brian Williams: 'I'd Like to Go Home'

City Considers Reversing Ban, Placing Regulations On Ferrets As Pets

Invitation from Appalachian Group

New bill would slap city fines on hit and run drivers

Exclusive: FBI spied on Nelson Mandela during first U.S. trip

Defense demands abuse evidence in USS Cole bombing case

Expert Says Florida Election Map Heavily Biased

$59 trillion to go to heirs, charity by 2061

Republican Leadership Conference announces speakers! (NOT The Onion!)

BP asks U.S. Supreme Court justice to block Gulf spill payments

Glenn Greenwald Once Called Brian Williams ‘NBC’s Top Hagiographer’

Grumpy McCain, the V.A., and his War drumbeat

I did a little experiment earlier today.

Fried Chicken & Coffee...

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseeker Check In!! Church Night!!

WTF????? So the Christie appointed Attorney General is hiring lawyers for Christie's gang


‘Duck Dynasty’ star Phil Robertson to address Republican Leadership Conference

Maya Angelou~ And Still I Rise

The entire VA mess is a gift from Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld

Darwin was RIGHT. We DID evolve from apes. Well, SOME of us. The Dave Champion Show. Enjoy!

Torture in 2014: Stories of modern horror

Donald Sterling Saga Now Immortalized In Porn Film

Forbes: Wisconsin's Progressive Police State Betrays Campaign Finance Folly

Obama Defends Controversial Policy Of Not Invading Countries For No Reason

The Onion’s Tips For Passing Gun Control Legislation

I've lost the last remaining shred of the mountain of respect I once had for John Kerry

Cops: Boy, 3, fatally shoots 18-month-old brother in Arizona

John Kerry was very clear about his feelings toward Edward Snowden today.

And now the Gettysburg Address, as recited by "Game of Thrones'" Hodor.

Top Obama Aide Who Runs Pro-Clinton Super PAC Shills for UK Conservatives on the Side

Chris Hedges: Thomas Paine, Our Contemporary

Man Found With Shotgun and Machete on NYC Subway

"If you are a feminist, then you are a hater; you are just as bad as those in the KKK."

North Carolina GOPers Catch 'Convention Of The States' Fever

Chiune Sugihara

I think I just accidentally went on a date with a republican...

The vast majority of DU supports President Obama and his policies

*********The Official "It's Not About Meeeee" Snowden Interview Live Thread*************

Hard to swallow

The phone rings. I answer: Hello. Caller: from the Franken campaign

'Unusual event' at Oyster Creek nuclear plant

10 Things to Remember about Author Maya Angelou

Sen. Sanders:Fixing the VA System

As Guatemala replaces attorney general, some see setback to rule of law

Insurers Push to Rein In Spending on Cancer Care

Two more Northern California counties may support breakaway state

how obama could score a win from va scandal.

Mel Reynolds back in Chicago, rips media for misreporting ordeal

Snowden IQ

Light coaxes stem cells to repair teeth: Noninvasive laser therapy could radically shift dental trea

Some Democrats Talking Up Health Law On Stump

Looks like SAF just might have a new sugar daddy

Why do we have to keep learning the same lessons? Re: Snowden's comment.

Caracas mayor alleges US, Colombia plot to assassinate Venezuelan president

Caracas mayor alleges US, Colombia plot to assassinate Venezuelan president

LeVar Burton makes a 'Reading Rainbow' plea

Spaceship with 3-man crew docks to space station

Former Counterterrorism Czar Richard Clarke: Bush Committed War Crimes

Ta-Nehisi Coates on how we created the ghetto

Rick "I'm Not A Scientist" Scott Won't Admit If He Thinks Climate Breakdown Is Man-Made Or Important

"Open carry" extremists target women and survivors of gun attacks

Brazil Pledges "Greenest World Cup Ever" Blahblahblah "Scoring Green Goals" Blahblah

Whining Owners Of "War On Coal" Victim-Plant Thriving Three Years After Epic Anti-Obama Whinge

Put A Lid On It

Dumb Criminals: Virginia Woman Ran Illegal Strip Club Out Of Home, Busted For Cheap Drinks

Ravitch Mulls Cuomo Challenge

good news

Why Mexico is the new Germany, in 1 map

Border Patrol agent killed in S. Arizona crash

John Oliver: One failed attempt at a shoe bomb and we all take our shoes off

Calif. Senate vote falls short for moratorium on oil fracking

Ambiguous thread title without context ...

The sharing economy is disaster capitalism

Family Research Council's Ken Blackwell Links Isla Vista Massacre To Gay Marriage Laws

BOOM! Houston, You did it!

"Ring of Fire" expanding to WEEKDAYS!

'The Transcending Gender Project': Celebrating Transgender And Gender Non-Conforming Individuals

Did I miss anything interesting on NBC tonight?

United Methodist Church Faces Schism Over Same-Sex Marriage Doctrine

Well, I'm having fun with my left shoulder...

When I hear the name Snowden, Oswald always comes to mind. Is he dangerous?

Maya Angelou supported Obama, but she blasted his school reform policies.

GOP Voters Managed To Nominate Just One Woman For 50 Races In Texas

Airbnb sponsorship of gay pride parade draws criticism from grand marshal

Two more Calif. counties to vote next week on secession

Greenwald said that he will release the names of Americans that were spied upon

Family moved and chose not to take their German shepherd along

Cows listening to live jazz

It bugs me we're doing nothing about Syria

I just went and saw Ray LaMontagne

Russian Rocket Launches International Crew to Space Station

(Japanese Daily OpEd) Japan's shrinking population forces us to reconsider how we live

Meanwhile, back at the Clown Ranch.

Maya had a wonderful song

Say "Ahhhhhh"

Edward Snowden: 'I can sleep at night,' have done the 'right thing'

Netanyahu To Settlers: I'm Fighting For You, But There Are International Constraints

Terror’s Front: Local Groups, Eyes on West

TCM Schedule for Thursday, May 29, 2014 -- Orson Welles and Henry Jaglom

Google Introduces Driverless Prototype Cars It Designed

Violent scuffle as Brad Pitt is targeted by prankster Vitalii Sediuk on Maleficent red carpet

Google discloses its (lack of) diversity

Sci-Fi Movie fans, this one looks interesting;

State Bar to hold hearing on complaint against former Robertson County DA John Paschall

Former UT All-American, Heisman winner Saxton dies at 74

President Santos opens National Peace Council to speed up peace talks

Guns, ammo seized at UC Santa Barbara student's Isla Vista apartment

Good news

A cosmic kiss, and then a merger ... of galactic proportions...

Lawmakers Ask State Dept. to Review Support for Honduras

Lawmakers Ask State Dept. to Review Support for Honduras


Texas: Can't tie water contamination to drilling

Texas: Can't tie water contamination to drilling

16-year-old sent to Utah prison for 15 years after judge changes terms of plea deal

Moms to EPA: End Monsanto's Poisoning of America

Male athletes turning to human breast milk as a natural alternative to energy supplements

The Worst Places On The Planet To Be A Worker

Crews rescue a litter of wolf pups from the Funny River fire

A note from an educator friend about the WA State Dem's education platform.

Sriracha war cools: Irwindale says factory no longer a nuisance

U.S. investigates reports of American suicide bomber in Syria

'Very bad news for dollar': Bucks slipping as world's reserve currency

Three Lat Am Presidents Among Forbes List Of 25 Most Powerful Women

Over all - do you support President Obama and his policies?

Japan oil tanker explodes off SW coast; 1 missing

Brazilian teachers' protest met with batons and tear gas

How to Pill a Cat Cross posted from Pets

What's for Dinner ~ Thursday ~ May 29th

Elizabeth Warren Speaks and Democratic Party gets out new focused messaging for its future direction

Molecular halal testing has turned up pig DNA in Cadbury’s chocolate

Ben Cayetano on why he is supporting David Ige for governor

How to Make a Hand of Glory

The Cagots

Gun Fanatics Express Their Support For a Mass Murderer’s Second Amendment Rights

Asian relative of cane toad threatens Madagascar havoc

Disgraceful: 30 Murders by Guns in England 2012 vs. 8,855 in U.S.

YOUR DAILY BAT SHIT CRAZY: Fox News psychiatrist: ‘Crazy’ that men can’t force women to have babies

Medical expenses, stagnant wages mean trouble for American employees

Monbiot: The Impossibility of Growth Demands a New Economic System

New Document Details Obama's Contractor War in Afghanistan

The GOP-Tea Party Merger Is Complete

Thom Hartmann Guns Should be Regulated Like Cars


Abe administration ignored massive public opposition to nuclear power - 95.2% of public comments

Meet the Wealthy New Egomaniac Helping Bankroll the GOP

Lib Dem Crisis: What about the Deputy Leader?

8 Things You May Not Know About Elliot Rodger’s Killing Spree

He couldn't have her

China tells its banks to remove IBM servers over snooping fears

8 vehicles earn top rating for collision warning

Not Snowden but *Keith Alexander*: Hero or Traitor (the debate we should be having)

Fred Kaplan: Obama Lays Siege to His Critics

White House touts energy policies as rules loom

Endless War! 5 Disturbing Things in America's Military Budget

Colleges Rack Up Huge Debts, Leaving Students to Pay For Them

Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan set up new alliance

Pro-Russia rebel 'shoot down' Ukrainian military helicopter

White and male, Google releases diversity data

(AK) Judge has issues with Army Corps plan to allow road, bridge to NPR-A

That one time, when I got misandried...

(AK) Native corporations join forces to oppose oil tax referendum

ISS seeks ouster of most of Target's board

Does Misandry exist? Sure. Is it a significant social and cultural factor?

Legislators enter a bilingual-ed time warp

Rabies from a red tail hawk??!!

The Rude Pundit: Justice Alito Sure Wants to Kill the "Mentally Retarded"

CNBC Knows Reason For China's Slowing Economic Growth - Efforts To Fight Pollution!!

Eviction by ‘Rent-a-Cop’

The Envelope Please: Most-Polluting U.S. Utility Is AEP @ 141.2 Million Tons C In 2012

New Docs Reveal Extensive Monitoring of Occupy

MAP: Where offending a religion could get you executed

Trafficked Teachers: Neoliberalism’s Latest Labor Source

The Impossibility of Growth Demands a New Economic System

Worried About A Crumbling Social Compact? Relax With Some "Inclusive Capitalism"!

Utility puts Carlsbad power plant on fast track

Ukraine military helicopter shot down; general among 14 killed

Putin creates ex-Soviet trade bloc, denies new USSR

The Private Equity Limited Partnership Agreement Release: The Industry’s Snowden Moment

Two India girls 'gang-raped' and hanged in Uttar Pradesh

Wells Fargo must face L.A. discriminatory lending claims

Housing Bubble 2 Already Collapsing for the 99%

3 Reasons To Doubt Snowden's Claim That He 'Has No Relationship With The Russian Government At All'

Obama Seeks Climate Legacy as Coal-State Democrats Cringe

WMO - Every Northern Hemisphere Station Reported 400+ PPM CO2 For Entire Month Of April

U.S. Chamber says new EPA rule could cost economy $51 billion a year

Official 911 in under 5 minutes

Expect More Derailments & Serious Train Accidents As Higher Summer Temp Spikes Warp Rails

Asian relative of cane toad threatens Madagascar

The 13 Most Bizarre Things from Edward Snowden’s NBC News Interview

Libya apologises for detaining UN officer on suspicion of black magic

Sudanese woman facing death for apostasy gives birth

Reproductive Failure Underway For New England/Maritimes Puffin - 10% Success Rate In 2013

IG: Phoenix VA hospital missed care for 1,700 vets

Rally today at noon to stop fracking

Snowden Gets Personal: Gov't 'Exploits' 9/11 To Justify Spying

Deutsche Bank Dumps Bumitama (Indonesian Palm Oil Company)

Officials: Army hospital chief relieved of command

Alameda: Police cars to get license-plate readers

Biden challenges graduating Air Force Academy cadets to create a 'new world order'

It's either age, apathy or just plain not caring anymore...

Selling God

SunPower announces new solar plant in southern Colorado

4 Worker Fatalities Linked to Used Fracking Fluid Exposure

Syrian Rebels Describe U.S.-Backed Training in Qatar

"Dick" Cheney: Obama is 'weak, weak, weak'--a Weak President!!!!!!

5 things to know about salmonella in chicken

Conservative Christianity’s “Come to Jesus” Moment in Wake of Elliot Rodger Shootings

Whether some DUers like him or not

Atheists lose latest legal fight over ‘In God We Trust’

Stephen Hawking reveals formula for World Cup success

Poland’s Hidden Religious Diversity

UC Berkeley prof: many Democrats are willing allies of Repugs in War on Women

Fire at Guadalajara Grill shuts down portion of Prince Road

Companies Commit Human-Rights Abuses in America, Too

ELCA members to vote on opposition to 'religious freedom' laws

The Toxic Appeal of the Men’s Rights Movement

Snowden Supporters versus Obama Supporters - I don't want to join either of your tribes

I wouldn't know the 'Happy' song if it came right up to me and slapped me across the face

In VA Scandal, Accountability for All -- Including Congress

Staten Island Rapid Transit train hits barrier, derails

You'll approve of this use of 'guns'

Not to be cynical . . . .

Housing Bubble 2 Already Collapsing for the 99%

Edward Snowden made a calm, compelling case for clemency last night. He's a patriot.

Judge who ended probe of Koch activities in WI regularly attends Koch-funded junkets

Blink fast.

Port Authority plans public-private ‘hybrid’ to fund 3 W.T.C.

Lance Stephenson

I Am Not an Angry Feminist. I'm a Furious One.

Staggering Images Of Brazil's Indigenous Tribes Taking On The Riot Police

Electric suitcase set to change travelling forever

Serial humor.

Top NSA officials struggled over surge in Foia requests, emails reveal

Coup Needed to Prevent Civil War, Thai Military Says

Students upset to discover yearbook photos were altered to show less skin

If You Find A Fawn Alone, Leave It For Mother To Come Back At Night.

Today is Ascension Thursday.

Today is Ascension Thursday.

Congress puts Veterans in eight different priority groups to receive V.A. health care.

Antarctic Ice Sheet Began Melting 5,000 Years Earlier Than Previously Assumed

Dish to become largest company to accept bitcoin

Sudanese woman sentenced to death for refusing to recant her Christian faith gives birth

Good morning

First drop in U.S. economic growth in three years

Mother Nature Network

FBI, state attorney general probe Halfmoon land sales

NYT: Rebutting Critics, Obama Seeks Higher Bar for Military Action

Pro-Russian Rebel Groups Clash in Donetsk

Can anyone sell me on Discussionist? Anyone at all?

Tonight: Brian Williams reveals little-known secret of Snowden's past

States Refusing Medicaid Leaving Over 250,000 Poor Veterans Uninsured

At This Zero-Waste Grocery Store, Plastic and Packaging Aren't Allowed

Republicans Backing Environmental Devastation

The Price of Misinformation--Who Pays for Info Wars: St. Petersburg Economic Summit

The Campaign for Junk Food - by Michelle Obama

One Artist's Take On Religion

Let's Cook! with Richard Sherman and the Seattle Seahawks

Obama appointed judges tip critical appeals courts to Democrats

Fox News's Old Viewership Is Getting Even Older

I got two ads in the mail today opposing the ACA

TX Governor and Legislature Leaving Thousands of Poor TX Veterans Uninsured

Orrin fa-chrissakes Hatch

No need for gun control at all. Put a ten dollar tax on EACH round.


Email Supports Snowden Claim He Questioned NSA Practices

Hookah research reveals cancer-causing agents; N.Y. elected official wants shops banned

Chris Hayes: Isla Vista Shooter and the ‘Men’s Rights Movement’

'Resist urge to control e-cigarettes', WHO told

Pic Of The Moment: Important PSA For Homophobes

Thursday Toon Roundup 1-RIP, Dr. Angelou

Parks commissioner embraces ‘park equity,’ vaguely

Thursday TOON Roundup 2- Aftermath of UCSB

Thursday TOON Roundup 3- The Rest

A thread in GD will probably need some love today

Why are we producing monsters?

What if prostitution were legal?

Poverty? Really?

Email to Sen. Cornyn. Feel free to cut & paste to your own Repub sen.

As of 1106 AM EDT, Fire weather advisories in parts of AK, UT and CA

Heard on the radio this morning that snowy said the NSA are tapping your phones when they are off

You say gun control doesn't work? Fine. Let's ban guns altogether.

Register by Friday to vote in federal primaries

Snowden did not reveal anything "illegal"

Westchester legislators get boost in efforts to break log jam on fair housing settlement

Sergeant accused of sexually assaulting soldiers

I think the NSA fans would feel safer if we brought back this system......

Racism Complaint Filed Against Tech Giant Apple-‘Black Employees Don’t Reach Management’

Why It’s So Hard for Men to See Misogyny

The Many Cases That Have Tested the Limits of 'Stand Your Ground' Since Trayvon Martin

U.S. Seeks to Censor More of Memo That Approved Drone Strike on American

Supreme Court issues unanimous decision defending police in fatal shooting

Fred Hiatt is the quiet little monster that subverts the heart of the American spirit.

The Battle for Donetsk International Airport: Russian Roulette (Dispatch 44)

Some of the Gungeoneers will be surprised to find that the VPC

Men Who Read Magazines That Objectify Women Are Less Likely To Respect Sexual Boundaries

NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton sacks detective who accidentally shot partner amid night of drinking

Colombia boasts 3rd best universities in Latin America: QS report

Yes, All Men: Every Man Needs to Understand Internalized Misogyny and Male Violence

Congressman Peter King Leads the Rage Against NBC's Snowden Interview

Fox Host: Kerry Should ‘Look in the Mirror’ When He Calls Snowden a Traitor

Some Democrats join calls for Shinseki to resign

Swedes test a future of less work, more play

Is this an official Facebook page? Re: Todd Kincannon from SC

"Men's Rights" cracks me up.

Marissa Alexander Legal Fund Benefit Book - Mariame Kaba Discusses

Jenga Cat

Obama admin to announce initiative on LGBT history at Stonewall Inn

Putting a value on environmental change

Argentina to repay billions in debt

Report: AR cop pointed gun at stepson, 5, threatened to blow his ‘Jewish brains out’

Billionaires' Secret Agenda

Rare snow leopards born at Akron Zoo: Cuteness Alert

Why Girls Today Think Sexual Harassment Is Normal Stuff

National Parks Service Aims To Identify/Promote Historic LGBT Sites

Two Indian sisters 'gang-raped', killed and hanged from a tree

The Need For Professional Photographers At Progressive Protests- Zach Roberts Discusses

Regarding "let the people decide about gay marriage," this must be pointed out

Spies Like Us: Valerie Plame and David Ignatius Speak

Snowden: "...NSA has in writing emails that show I raised concerns..." (SIC)

Seattle Police sue to use more force.

'First drafts' of human protein catalogue published (BBC)

Lee Morse - my latest time machine crush - "I'm An Unemployed Sweetheart" (1931)

Poll Shows Tea Party Doesn't Believe In Science

A cartoon.

I would seriously lose it if this happened to me

Billionaire claims he owns the road, the beach and the tides

5 charts that prove Congress really is getting worse

West Wing Unaired Twitter Feed. If you are a West Wing fan, this is a must read.

Freedomically Incorrect

Corporate Logo Fails

About this whole MRA thing,

CNN's Climate Expert: Ann Coulter?!

Russia Sanctions Threat Seen Abating Amid Recession Risk

NBC poll on Snowden totally flipped since yesterday.

Elliot Rodger’s half-white male privilege - by Joan Walsh

my post, in a thread asking if we might ought to serve up our women

Measles cases hit record in U.S.

Putin Forms Ex-Soviet Trade Bloc to Challenge EU, U.S.

Disgraced Queens Councilman Dan Halloran plans to pursue insanity defense

Google’s New Car Is Tiny, Cuddly, and Could Change Transportation Forever

Corn Set for Biggest Monthly Drop Since June on Sowing

Obama planning executive action on carbon emissions

“Muslim gospel” excites “Da Vinci Code” conspiracists

Wasp uses zinc {compound}-tipped drill to lay eggs (BBC)

Obama Will Use Executive Authority to Mandate "Strongest Action Ever" on Climate Change

Syria to Be Solved Internally Not by U.S. Action: Obama

Chelsea career institute raided; officials arrested in fraud case

NRA finally meets its match: Why Richard Martinez should have them shaking

This video will make your day...seriously!

For you Red Sox fans who wish it was 2004 again:

Cuomo: Without Public Financing, Senate Coalition A Failure

This guy is not conforming to the status quo

Appeals Court Rules First Amendment Protects Cell Phone Video Of Cops On Duty

Violence Against Women Is a Global Pandemic

‘In God We Trust’ on currency does not violate First Amendment, federal appeals court decides

Crew of Russian, German and U.S. astronauts dock with ISS

Welcome to:

Could someone please explain what this thread is about:

Obama admin to announce initiative on LGBT history at Stonewall Inn (Washington Blade)

A modest proposal for altering the structure of FISA Courts.

Jorge Ramos: Reporters ‘Cozy with Power,’ Act Like They’re in a Club

Fact Checker: McConnell's New Obamacare Claim 'Not Credible'

People! NBC has submitted FOIA for Snowden's other emails to NSA.

Scientists Hacked Monkey Brains to Electronically Control Their Decisions

Europe Has An Even Bigger Crisis On Its Hands Than A British Exit

A blog post on "Men's Rights" groups (blast from the past)

Time to rewrite the 2nd Amendment -----

‘We Don’t Have to Agree With Everything’: de Blasio Reveals His Cuomo WFP Pitch

Robert Reich: The next Civil Rights struggle

Kerry: Snowden should 'man up' and return to U.S.

Mitch McConnell ...

"John Kerry's Latest Snowden Comments Are Moronic, Offensive, and Dangerous"--Nathasha Lennard

Abbas designates PM Rami Hamdallah to head new Palestinian unity cabinet

Maybe you knew this: separating egg yolks from whites:

Why does my dog like rocks!

The Seductive Lure of "Ideas"

Israeli housing minister: 'No more' settlement freezes

8 Powerful Quotes from Dr. Maya Angelou..

Good to see James Taylor still supporting President Obama

Dante and Chiara de Blasio Crowned ‘King Neptune’ and ‘Queen Mermaid’

Indian court asked to rule on whether Hindu guru dead or meditating

This afternoon the judge kicked media out of Florida redistricting trial. GOP operatives testifying.

Hamas leader stresses 'concessions' in reconciliation deal

End the U.S. blockade on Cuba?

We could erase the second amendment and it wouldn't change where we are

Texas GOP Blocks Gay Conservatives From Having Booth At State Convention

The OCC Carefully Studies How to Fail


Know your BFEE: Dick Cheney FRACKED America

My experience with a "potential rapist."

If Republicans Have Bad Candidates, It’s the Democrats’ Fault

Mass Shootings: Time To Wake Up

Just a question: Did you ever hear the term "skinny biscuits"?

The one image that best sums up misandry

Paul Krugman: Cheap Climate Protection

Americans are somewhat more open to the idea of an atheist president (PEW)

Dan Patrick Gets Votes of Only 3.4% of Texans, Calls it a "Mandate"

Why is my font all wonky?

Has anybody else read David C. Johnston's books, "Perfectly Legal",

A mother's love & determination

American Right-Wingers Push Anti-Gay Agenda in Africa

East Texas restaurant to couple: "We just don't like fags."

Deal reached on release of 'gist' of Blair-Bush Iraq talks

Glenn Beck Blames Progressives for CA Drive-By Shooting

How Congress Offers the Worst Job in America

Fox News Channel’s Bret Baier, Greta Van Susteren Land Hillary Clinton Interview On June 17

Have stomach pains all the time. Wonder if it has anything to do with meds? Metforim, Crestor,

What will climate change deniers say?

Steve Perry (of Journey) with Eels

Reality is an illusion

Box O Cats

Hillary Clinton Is Going On Fox News To Promote Her New Book

(1) Richard Sherman (2) His Seahawk Sous-chefs (3) FLOTUS

Giants beat Cubs 5-0 behind wild Lincecum, 5 others

Ukraine Army Deflated As Guerrilla Warfare Unfolds

Water Falling Over Things 2014: Part V (May's Grand Finale)

I think Daniel Radcliffe has a winning movie with, "What if"

"Man up" is not sexist. Its just a figure of speech. It doesn't denigrate women.

A well regulated militia...

Medical professionals, researchers cite new anti-fracking evidence in letter to Gov. Cuomo

because apparently some people think this is up for debate

Crickets in two places fall silent to survive

Guard in hot cell death has record of leaving post

A List of the Latest Developments in Renewable Energy Technologies

Happy 97th Birthday, President Kennedy!

Edward Snowden: ‘Sometimes to Do the Right Thing You Have to Break a Law’

Toon: Leave room for the Pope!

Off duty NYPD detective arrested on drunk driving charges

Snowden email fell short of NSA criticism

‘Big brother’ is watching: dark side of big data exposed

Jobless Benefit Applications Near 7-Year Low

Sub folders within left-side Topics menu

McDonalds workers make $21-hour w/paid sick leave, overtime pay, fair hours... in Denmark...

Piketty's Capital: An Economist's Inequality Ideas Are All the Rage

Newtown dad writes letter to Richard Martinez

The ANSWER to all our problems

Picture Of The Day

What's this?

American Jews Are Running Out Of Patience With Israel

Lamb Crunchys Dog Treats Recalled

Next to my cottage,

Derpitude: Open Carry Group in Texas sues because they can’t approach motorists while fully armed

So the cat just brought a LIVE FUCKING SNAKE into the living room.

This is an accurate analogy of the House Republicans..

One of two "Manhattanhenge" events is tonight. Check out this very cool interactive map

Classes Resume at Community College of Philadelphia Day After Gun Scare

Federal funding agreed for NuScale

Can we all agree that Elliot Rodger did NOT write a "manifesto?"

Tyson enters meat brawl with Hillshire bid

Complaint accuses Fla. insurers of discrimination against HIV patients

Time's new cover.

Has anyone seen The Paradise?

We signed up as parents with no strings attached!

Do you want to Stop War? It's simple.

ROFL! (Fedora)

Google's Employee Demographics: Mostly White, Mostly Male

Shinseki resigning will not solve the problems of the Veteran's Hospital. Another

Catholic Church forces woman to leave job after gay marriage is revealed

Harry Reid’s attacks on Koch brothers send GOP donors into the shadows

Wanna cuddle?

Yes, Elliot Rodger is White: What the Santa Barbara Shooter Can Teach Us About Race and Masculinity

Boehner, Pelosi reserve judgment on VA's Shinseki

On Power, Privilege, and Patriarchy...

Scott Walker campaign seeks to deflect talk of John Doe settlement

PSA: When no really means no...

Lawmakers To Obama: Shinseki Must Go

Two of three expert witnesses say admitting privileges not necessary for safety of women

Plumbers Task Force Investigation of Other Illegal Activities-A DU discussion of the history

Dr Neil Tyson schools Foxsnooze on Climate vs Weather

Do you carry information about your local battered women's shelter?

Really Rudy!

NSA Releases Email Snowden Sent Before Leaks

What does Iggy Azelea have in common with the Beatles?

Barack and Hillary Lunchin' (WH press losing their minds over not being told in advance)

NSA Releases Email Snowden Sent Before Leaks

Guard who left her post in NYC hot cell death case has a history of walking away

They're at it again.

Russians Invade Donetsk

U.S. measles outbreak sets record for post-elimination era

Ayn Rand was one sick puppy

Sierra Leone Ebola patients removed from clinic

Nearly Half of Americans Don't Care Who's Going to Congress ... In other words .

Charlie Pierce has a question for the "Snowden-is-a-traitor" faction.

Rogen, Apatow surprisingly unsympathetic to accusation that their movies caused IV killings.

US Winds Down Drone Strike Program In Pakistan

"Capitalism Eating Its Children"

Brian Wilson Surf's up - Live 2004

Libertarian Attorney General candidate 'DWI Dude' accused of client theft

Krugman: Free Markets have never worked for Healthcare

SpaceX gets federal clearance for South Texas launch site

Donald Sterling most hated man in America

Why It’s So Hard for Men to See Misogyny

Your Worst Fear: Not all men. Just some.

The best GIF in the universe!

Seriously what kind of a name for a dish is bubble and squeak who names these things

We can do both: Applaud increased scrutiny of NSA and question Snowden's resume, timing, motives

Groups file U.S. data request on four 'terrorists' arrested in Cuba

You might want to drive past Big Earl's if you're in Pittsburg, Texas

The Rude Pundit: Grappling with Edward Snowden, Part 1: Thoreau Would Be Proud

Adventurous Russians Go Camping On A Thick Sheet Of Floating Ice

Groups file U.S. data request on four 'terrorists' arrested in Cuba

**UPDATE** on this thread: Well, I'm having fun with my left shoulder...

Kerry: Snowden should come home and deal with the consequences

The "Trusted" Source For News............

President Obama, Hillary Clinton meet at the White House

Apple makes progress in sourcing conflict-free minerals

Queen to release first new album in 20 years featuring unreleased Freddie Mercury vocals

Re: Guns - Take The Bad With The Good

Utah School Alters Only Girls' Yearbook Pics - Need to 'Dress Appropriately for Things'

Ancient 'Fish Lizard' Graveyard Discovered Beneath Melting Glacier

The bloody NRA money...

If you liked the vuvuzela, you'll love the caxirola!

May Department Stores heir makes biggest LGBT group donation ever by a living person

Joe the Dumber

Creative Activism, friends of mine have been using these colorful signs

Well, looky here! Guess who has the best record in the majors?

Freepers have nothing good to say about Maya Angelou.

Democratic leader to file ethics complaint, says Heineman (R-NE) should drop NU bid

We Need This Like a Hole in the Head

Dumbass Neocon Talking Point of the Week: "How Long Did We Leave Troops In Japan/Germany?"

John Lennon book art, poems going to auction

Awful but True: Pings Were Not From Malaysia Airlines Flight 370

Free safety advice, from Devin McCourty.

Salvage effort underway for grounded freighter

GOPers are saying they are not qualified to discuss climate change. So what...they

How aboot those Blue Jays, eh?

All About Nationhood: Dispatch From Bolivia

Cover Oregon: Kitzhaber says it's time to sue Oracle for health exchange disaster

Woman hears the "Abraham" story in a sermon, kills her daughter because God didn't tell her to stop.

Uruguay's José Mujica: the 'humble' leader with grand ideas

Uruguay's José Mujica: the 'humble' leader with grand ideas

Report: Israel suspends soldier after Palestinian teens killed

Maya Angelou: And Still I Rise!

Woman ticketed for Facebook post

I Am Not an Angry Feminist. I'm a Furious One.

Study: Species disappearing far faster than before

Thomas Piketty Responds to Criticism of His Data.

Autopsy: Homeless man shot in the back by police

Mayor de Blasio signs bill expanding rent program for seniors

Despite clear calls for VA resignations, voting records for vets still cloudy

Olympic Luger John Fennell Comes Out as Gay

Complaint accuses 4 Fla insurers of discrimination

Man Gives Worst Explanation Ever for Abandoning Dog

I killed my first wife, stoned Pakistani woman's husband says

North Carolina teen severely beaten by her boyfriend over snarky texts. She required brain surgery

TOUGH GUY: Public Schools Cop Shoots At Fleeing Kids Who Had Been MAKING OUT

Care 2: Dr. Maya Angelou: Her Lifetime of Moments Took Our Breath Away

BLOOMBERG: American Gun Deaths to Exceed Traffic Fatalities by 2015

#TBT Elizabeth Warren -

Islamic militants claim American carried out suicide attack in Syria

can we have a DIzzy as a counterpart to the DUzies?

The failure at the VA is intentional to prove "government" can't do anything right....

U.S. Teacher: I Did 7 Months Of Forced Labor In A Chinese Jail

Tweety SHUT UP!!!! on trying to blame the President

Somehow I managed to buy a 1974 Karmann Ghia

Janet Porter warns of Disney World’s Gay Day’s ‘public displays of perversion’

The report of the Pakistani woman stoned to death? Get this.

Former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer to buy Clippers for $2 billion

Hey DUers - there's a Jamaican in the Scripps Howard spelling bee final tonight

Franklin Graham Is the Worst Thing to Happen to God in a While

Joe The Plumber: 'Guns Are Mostly For Hunting Down Politicians'

You have to be a dog lover... (update #2)

Do you know me?

GOP Michigan Guv Backs LGBT Workplace Protections

Scientists Report Finding Reliable Way to Teleport Data

You can't blame president Obama for this continuing economic stagnation.

In 1996 the republican congress and senate created 8 priority groups for Veterans health care

Been a wee bit under the weather

HARD FACTS: 10 Pro-Gun Myths, Shot Down

A sampling of great women in History.

Affidavit: TV 'Millionaire' in extortion bid

City Council passes 11 traffic safety bills as part of Vision Zero push

"U.S. probing 15 banks, payment processors for fraud"

Houston Passes Wide-Reaching Non-Discrimination Ordinance

Diane Ravitch Says She’s Not A Candidate

14,000th post: make me rant!

"Blessed are the children . . .

The 5 Worst Things about ex- Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer buying The L.A. Clippers

NY MoveOn members support a progressive challenger to Gov. Cuomo

Rachel Maddow Is Super Amused By GOP Senator Who Fled CNN Reporter

Fort Snelling buildings converted to homeless Veteran housing (MN)

Ballmer buys L.A.Clippers

Report: Donald Sterling to sell Clippers to former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer

Simply amazing...

Prez Needs a Helmet or Something

Steve Ballmer buys L.A. Clippers for $2-billion

My nightly visitor

Oh please! Michael Bloomberg Blasts Ivy League For Liberal 'Censorship'

Is is AMAZING how much time the NSA, and Dianne Feinstein and John Kerry are spending on Snowden!

Green hydrogen facility opens at Berlin airport, with first refueling of fuel cell vehicle

I wish God would shut the Fuck up

Fox News hits 12-year low in 25-54 primetime ratings