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Archives: May 22, 2014

I turned all that CRAP off!

Woman Arrested At Philadelphia Airport Carrying Loaded Gun and Knife

North Korea Wants Pro Wrestlers From U.S. For Summer Tournament

A Brazilian Street Artist Has Created the World Cup's First Viral Image

Rush Limbaugh Compares Obama To Hitler, Stalin And Castro

Dems Now Slightly Favored to Retain Senate - 57% chance

Classic: Russia Today champions Alex Jones, too RW/loony for FOX.

Trudeau's abortion policy lays groundwork for 2015 election

Dallas based Tenet Healthcare: "Tenet gains from Obamacare in states that expanded Medicaid"

Future Bruin Josh Rosen shows how sports culture is changing

Cyberbullying bill surveillance powers alarm Ontario privacy watchdog

Steny Hoyer kept Alan Grayson off the Benghazi committee

Harper gave Jack Layton advice during '08 election, says author

Why Alan Grayson Was Kept Off Benghazi Committee

House Democrats break with Obama, call for Shinseki's sacking

Genting’s bid to dominate the downstate casino game

No worries

Monuments Men now available on video

Okay children, what sounds did we hear on the farm?

Christie is almost history - coming up on Chris Hayes

A Call to Arms: An Invitation to Demand Action on Climate Change (Bill McKibben, Rolling Stone)

"Oh, good grief"

Retouching and our image of beauty

Couldn't he have called off the engagement before the wedding invitations were delivered

Please sign this petition to help baby elephants!

Facebook to Google Say NSA Spying Bill is Unacceptable

Colombia: Uribe’s party bound to lose, vows not to recognize election results

'Insane' DOJ Anti-Recording Policy Has Finally Been Reversed

Had lunch at the local college today

duplicate post...glitch

Shinseki Opposed Iraq. How Soon We Forget, and Throw a Man to the Wolves.....

Heads Up/ "Dial Up" DU'ers! PBS/FRONTLINE: "NATION OF SECRETS" (Pt. 1) TRANSCRIPT is Available:

The largest tropical forest conservation project in history is good news for the Amazon & the planet


Have you ever had a thought like "that female politician looks too much like a prude?"

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseeker Check In! Church Night! Over Their Dead Bodies

USA! When the Public demands McDonald's pay fair wages-McDonald's sends cops in riot gear

UNASUR Ministers “Re-Open” Communication between Venezuelan Government and Opposition

Dissident blogger launches Cuba's first independent online newspaper

Can falling between the cracks of health insurance still happen?

PBS FRONTLINE: "Nation of Secrets" (Part 2)

Rape victims shouldn't have to suffer in silence and keep their rapists' secrets

Texas State Senator Claims That Obama ‘Thinks He’s God’ During Republican Debate


Follow-up: Ex-Collin Street Bakery controller pleads guilty to embezzling $16M from historic bakery

Modern Family.

Former CEO of Frisco-based insurance company sentenced to federal prison (ripped off Va. Tech)

Former CEO of Frisco-based insurance company sentenced to federal prison (ripped off Va. Tech)

California's Fracking Boom Just Got Busted

Israel pushes West Bank toward economic disaster

SHINSECKI or whatever his name is is NOT the problem. Rachel just hosted a vet scapegoating

Alex Jones on Russia Today: 'UN a Nazi movement'. The true nature of RT revealed.

The Case for Reparations

Republicans pouncing on another bullshit conspiracy theory..

Mrs. Lib and I hit anniversary #40 last Sunday

TEPCO begins releasing groundwater diverted at Fukushima plant into sea

‘Moral Monday’ protesters return to Raleigh quietly, but outspoken

Lawyers argue over whether changes to Scott's district were racial, or political [Virginia's 3rd]

OAS deploys observers in Colombia for Sunday’s presidential election

Republicans who designed Common Core say public has been misled

What's Really Happening With Rape Isn't 'Brainwashing'

Is Andrew Cuomo a Democrat?

Vitamin D deficiency may be reason Sauron lost his bid to rule Middle Earth

Elijah Cummings On His Benghazi Assignment: 'Do Not Allow Any Untruth To Go Unchallenged'

Derrick Gordon (First Openly Gay NCCA Division 1 Basketball Player): Tedx Talk

Why is Progressivism so SCAAAAAARY??

Why Do Millennials Not Understand Racism?

An opera singer’s backlash wasn’t just sexism

has everyone seen the google doodle for today--mary anning's 215th birthday (paleontologist)

Here Are the Enemies of America's Veterans.. :( It's not Eric Shinseki..

Here's something really beautiful...

A star cluster in the wake of Carina

Reuters: 100 mln will die by 2030 if world fails to act on climate - report

McDonald’s Campus Closes Because of Fast Food Protests

America's Oldest Gay Bookstore Closing in Philadelphia.

Desperate to keep their jobs at all costs. According to Republicans that’s “freedom.”

Respect, nothing more. Just a simple show of respect

Reps Introduce Legislation to Ensure All Married Same-Sex Couples Have Access to Social Security

Dumb Criminals: Yes, This Would Be Idaho Bank Robber Got Arrested Wearing This Shirt

Texas Legislature Left Out of Loop on $5 million from British Petroleum to Governor's Office

How Drug Smugglers Are Taking Advantage of the Texas Oil Boom

Ex-Dallas ISD Employee Charged With Stealing $162K in Worker's Comp Funds

NBC personnel change

Pat Sajak thinks global warming alarmists are unpatriotic and racist. Cause apparently

Frighteningly familiar

Counties sue narcotics makers, alleging 'campaign of deception'

Zuluaga continues to skyrocket in new poll

Petco and PetSmart to stop selling China-made pet treats

he Obama admin.vows to stop using health workers and fake vaccination programs in CIA Operations.

Scientists Politely Remind World That Clean Energy Technology Ready To Go Whenever

Somewhere I heard about Aviator, a browser...

about 1:30 AM This morning, the dogs needed to be let out. at 3 AM the doorbell rang

Sharia law; "Why single out the Beverley Hills Hotel?" Why indeed?

What's everybody drinking tonight?

Dumb Criminals: "Why Yes Officer, I Am Smoking Pot."

James O'Keefe is back with his usual M. O.

Ann Coulter Was on CNN Tonight

"House GOP Wants School Lunch Program To Feed Only 'Rural' Kids"

Anybody know an affordable solar route for people in Illinois, specifically Chicago?

Can we all stop jumping right to the level of demanding resignations left and right

As a general Public Service Announcement:

Caribbean countries call for global protection of marine biodiversity

My care from the VA is excellent.

You Can Now Pre-Order Harvey Milk Stamps Online

So we had the "make him comfortable" speech today...

Purple jellyfish with multiple mouths could be new species

Venezuela Government blames airlines suspending/cancelling flights on... the World Cup

If prayer plays a role in your life, how does it do so?

Ann Taylor LOFT Photoshop Disaster Removes Chunk of Model's Waist

Obama Designates Half-Million Acre National Monument in New Mexico

Anyone else having trouble getting DU to load tonight?

Federal judge to decide Conyers' ballot status Friday

Ride of Silence

Africans slaves on Chinese vessel in Uruguay

Africans slaves on Chinese vessel in Uruguay

Who knew there was a market for this?

This Land is Ours (Bruce Babbitt)

Having trouble getting DU to load,

Coexist ... :)

My prediction as to what will happen at the upcoming Benghazi fiasco in the House...

Password Magagers

World’s first “vertical forests” bloom on Milan towers

M3.2 earthquake near Richmond, Va.

TCM Schedule for Thursday, May 22, 2014 -- Robert Osborne's Picks

White House Vows Defense Bill Veto Over Gitmo

End Child Sex Tourism (NSFW subject matter)

lonely? feeling kinda blue? maybe a little down?

It's been a long time and I had forgotten why I stopped doing it

Updated: Explosives Attack In China Leaves Dozens Dead, More Than 90 Injured

An Honest Man: Sec. Shinseki (Gen.-Ret.) Versus the GOP

Gregg Jarrett, Fox News Anchor, Arrested After Incident At Minneapolis Airport Bar

Everyone in the Courtroom Knew They Were Punishing an Innocent Man: The Innocence of Gerardo

WH negotiated with House GOP to WEAKEN surveillance bill. Dems protest.

Everyone in the Courtroom Knew They Were Punishing an Innocent Man: The Innocence of Gerardo

Tight polls and blossoming scandals agitate a once dull Colombian presidential race

Research and links on why public money shouldn't be given to unregulated charter schools.

someone is up, right?

Sign on a church I passed today...

Fracking could begin in NC

Ed Schultz Ends Radio Show, Moves to Web-Based Broadcast

Senate president defends secret meeting in redistricting deal (Florida)

NASA is getting ready to communicate with aliens (Update 2)

New York Police Chief and Rabbi Among Those Busted in Child Porn Roundup

Dear Lord, more of this?

Soma Mine Disaster: Pro-Erdogan Newspaper Blames Jews for Death of 300 Miners

Best Kept Secret - Trailer - POV 2013 | PBS

Terrorism in Venezuela and Its Accomplices

As of 335 AM PDT, Severe Thunderstorm watches in parts of KY and IN

Woo-spreading chiro-quack closes up shop...

Guatemala's New 'Right-wing' Attorney General Raises Questions and Fears

Argentina: Journalism and Propaganda

Injuries to Matt Cain, Santiago Casilla mar Giants' win

Lion and Tiger and Bear...OH MY!!!!!!!!!!!!

In the Real World, the So-Called ‘Boy Crisis’ Disappears

The Solar-Powered Pump System that Could Bring Clean Water to the 800 Million People Without It

Thanks to the Roberts Court, Corporations Have More Constitutional Rights Than Actual People

What's wrong with Fox News anchor Gregg Jarrett?

North Brother Island

More Hispanics Declaring Themselves White

How Right-Wingers Are Amping Up Their War on Science and Reality

Ukraine crisis: Many soldiers die in Donetsk attack

The Race Wealth Gap Is Even Worse Than You Think

Feds reveal Boston bomb suspect's hide-out note

Russia seeks explanation from Britain over Prince Charles' Putin remark

How to bone a hindquarter of beef. (Graphic content)

Endless War: Top Obama Lawyers Tell Congress the President Can Do Anything In War On Terrorists

Why American Conservatives Are Suddenly Freaking Out About Guillotines

(WA State Sen) Pam Roach’s ‘Democratic’ opponent: conservative who’s called for Obama impeachment

‘Incarceration if you’re poor, payment if you’re rich’: Reports warn of debtors’ prisons

Hair Lore


Thai army chief announces military coup

Mortgage Companies Break The Law And Their Own Promises To Homeowners

One-legged Romanian millionaire, 50, sets record after marrying same woman six times

Tony Hayward, Ex-BP CEO, Gets His Life Back as Kurdish Pipeline Opens

The Americans Finale (spoilers)

Ukrainian PM Yatseniuk asks for immediate UN Security Council session

AP Exclusive: Air Force security failed nuke test

Ukraine separatists commit war crimes (NSFW/NSFL/GRAPHIC):

New Procedure Offers Shot-Based Alternative to Traditional Dog Neutering

What Conservatives Fear Most Is a Well Educated America

RFK, Jr. and Seder: U.S. Postal Service Fighting for Survival

Pdvsa signs agreements with Halliburton, Schlumberger and Weatherford

UN warns about looming recession in Venezuela

House Republicans move to slash summer food aid to urban kids........... but can’t explain why

Juncker-Verhofstadt: Lobbies and groups of interests in the EU are unavoidable!

overlooked gold from the DU archives: "Meet the Harmonica Man" (feelgood news clip)

Is military justice going soft? Why courts-martial, NJPs have hit historic lows

Kitty Carpet!

Saudi Arabia, Spain sign security co-operation agreement

The lilacs are in!

Find something to be happy about today (Thursday May 22, 2014)

Change your ebay password ASAP

So the Obama Administration is prepared to stop a Benghazi II

Why No One Is Buying the Air Force’s Argument To Ditch the A-10

Here's an idea...

After 20 years, I finally broke down.

Dear Oklahoma - "can't you love me if I love her"

Here is a moving video, at least for me.

The GOP's Woman Problem

"Catholic Principal Regrets DeGeneres Dance Photo" (on invitation to students' grad dance)

DARPA’s ULTRA-Vis Augments Reality For Foot Troops

Ron Johnson To Dem Colleague: 'God Help You For Implying I'm A Racist'

Rep. Scott did not scream and holler on the floor when rethugs voted against bills

Navy kickbacks leader wants sentence thrown out

Why the Left Should Look to Jackson, Mississippi

Bernie Sanders and Harry Reid screen new film, "The Koch Brothers Exposed: 2014" - Watch it free

That time Lyndon Johnson made a killer case against unbridled growth

Robert Reich: The Practical Choice: Not American Capitalism or “Welfare State Socialism” but ......

Palestinian court sentences exiled Abbas rival to two years in jail

These Clinton Haters Can’t Quit the Crazy

Report: N. Korea fires near S. Korean warship

Colorado tightens control on marijuana edibles, concentrates

100s of Activists Arrested At McDonalds Headquarters Protesting Low Wage Labor

"Alabama's climate change deniers refuse to save the state". Stupidity. What else can we say?

Inside a Hollywood Hit Job: How James O’Keefe Tried and Tried to Sting His Latest Victim

Despite HCJ ruling, military trains in Kh. Jenbah fields, South Hebron Hills

21, 22 ... Surprise! Mama bull mastiff gives birth to a litter of 23 pups

Get the facts: The bizarre claim that the Bedouin “invaded” the Negev

Ex-Politicians Keeping $100 Million in Private Slush Funds

****Gov. Patrick to Sign Early Voting Bill****

How Right-Wingers Are Amping Up Their War on Science and Reality

FBI: Confirmed Sightings of Missing Boston Artwork

The Roots of the GOP’s Race Problem

America: Europe and Canada’s Willing Chump

5/20 Drought Monitor; D4 Regions In Panhandles, S. TX Getting Worse; D3/4 From SD To OR, N. Nevada

Dem Davis leading Repub Brownback in latest poll!

The beauty of scars ( very moving BBC video)

Congressmen Defend Repairing Oil Pipes With Trash Bags And Duct Tape

I saw the documentary "Chasing Ice" yesterday .........

Daily Climate - Central Valley Fog, Key For Fruit Trees, Fades Away As California Withers

Oops.. (French trains are too fat)

Thursday Toon Roundup 1-Becoming TP

Slideshow - 14 American Landmarks & Popular Destinations - Now With Extra WAIS Water!

CIA Successfuly Conceals Bay of Pigs History

Thursday TOON Roundup 2- Just Accept it

Thursday TOON Roundup 3- Expensive Education

Tea Party gimmick gets exposed: Why it was always a tool of the Republicans

Chikungunya Virus In Caribbean - Caseloads In The Thousands Since Arrival Late Last Year

Benedict Cumberbatch to Take On Bulger Role in ‘Black Mass’

Thursday TOON Roundup 4- The Rest

Toon- End of the Year!

Levin Wants To Shut Off The Corporate Offshore Thievery

Bobby Jindal’s pathetic decline: How he became leader of the “stupid party”

World stocks mostly up after China factory data

Happy 100th Birthday Sun Ra!

Talk me off the ledge (Brazil's World Cup related)

Committee OKs end to door-slot mail for millions

House rebuffs Pentagon on defense spending

Why pushing for tough sanctions against Russia is easy for Washington

How Vermont is doing implementing single payer

Write-down of two-thirds of US shale oil explodes fracking myth

Koch Brothers Exposed: The Chilling New Documentary Republicans Don't Want You to See

Thoughts and prayers for No. Az

Physical Limits to Food Security: Water and Climate

Bat Shit Crazy Louie Gohmert Argues Immigration Reform Debate Leads To Child Sex Trafficking

Greenwald Poses For A Selfie With Snowden

History will remember 60+countries,100+ NGOs demanded justice4 Syria Russia calls it publicity stunt

Rand Paul and Marco Rubio’s worst nightmare: Trapped between crazy GOP base and actual reality

Straight From the Loser’s Cakehole

Corporation creates reams and reams of false evidence for trial

Credit Suisse’s Guilty Plea: The WSJ Uses the Right Adjective to Modify the Wrong Noun

Ranch-style beans

French ex-president Sarkozy wants to scrap EU border-free agreement

This, my friends, is an *actual* coup.

Tony Perkins' reaction to Pennsylvania marriage equality ruling is comedy gold

Better Late Than Never for Ted Kennedy's Law Diploma

Explosions kill 31 at market in China's troubled Xinjiang region

Harlem mourns death of Elombe Brath, lifelong warrior in battle for pan-African empowerment

AP: Inmate died after 7 days in NYC cell

Exposing NC Legislators Harsh New Bill to Conceal Fracking Chemicals Disclosure from Public

Log Cabin Republican Tokenism Gets Kind Of Gross

The Metropolitan Museum of Art Releases 400,000 Images Online for Non-Commercial Use

Scale And Size Of Bosnia/Serbia Flood Damage May Exceed Toll Of 1990s Balkans Wars

LA anti-abortion bill awaits Bobby Jindal's signature, likely to shutter most clinics

LICH advocates strike a last-minute deal

Debbie Stabenow Endorses Potential Hillary 2016 Bid

50 Senators Tell NFL To Change Washington Redskins Team Name

Iowa Faces Criticism After Granting State Funds To Construction Of Christian Park

De Blasio proceeds with East 91st Street waste facility despite protests

House set to vote on measure to repeal America's post-9/11 war powers

Is a Pet Dog Really Killed by a Police Officer Every 98 Minutes?

Koch Brothers Exposed - Documentary Trailer Video

Germany sees ‘spectacular increase’ in immigrants (now 2nd to the US)

Road Rage Morons

Early Irritating Cat shit

Fox News Anchor Arrested After Incident At Minneapolis Airport Bar

Poll: Rangel, below 50, leads Espaillat by 9

Facing eminent domain, Carlyle Group tries to sell Montana water company

Republicans' obsessive need to stigmatize children in poverty is not only sick, it's pretty insane.

A young girl hands the President a US flag

Q-poll: State closely divided on allowing fracking

Poll shows voters still distrust state government

Mark Jacobs is weaselly?

Just when you thought it was safe……..(Matson cartoon)

US & Russia: Bipolar Relations? Mickey Kantor and Dr. Jerrold Green Disuss in Moscow Interview

Defense Department Refuses to Tell Senate Which Groups We’re At War With

Stellar behemoth self-destructs in a Type IIb supernova

Apocalypse when? New documentary examines failed prophet Harold Camping

Super PAC Targets Climate Change Deniers

Fifty Senators send letter pushing NFL to change Redskins name (guess which 50)

Christian Exodus From Middle East Shadows Papal Visit To Holy Land

Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod partners with American Heritage Girls...

Pic Of The Moment: Why Hasn't The President Delivered On His Promise To Help Veterans?

Is Sarah Palin sort of lazy too?

Where's Mitch McConnell?

Ta-Nehisi Coates: "THE CASE FOR REPARATION" A Must Read-Let it marinate in your mind & read it again

Sears 1Q loss widens, sales remain soft

TECO wants to buy NM Gas Co...good or bad for us New Mexicans??

I know what you're thinking - 'I'd enjoy Chick Tracks more if they came in movie form....'

I'd like to ask about this DU jury decision . .

Wall Street Finds New Subprime With 125% APR Business Loans

Former Montana Governor Brian Schweitzer Auditions as Hillary Clinton's Populist Challenger

Coney Island Ceremony To Mark Official Kickoff Of Summer Season In NYC

Just home from putting a young man on a bus.

Watchdog to investigate private colleges' potential misuse of millions

Schweitzer for president?

Egyptian doctor to stand trial for female genital mutilation in landmark case

Pro-nuke position on Fukushima?

How do you look for work?

English Podcastt: Daily Chores on a Farm

CONFESS!!!! Who do you love??

House considers a prayer plaque at WWII monument; interfaith coalition says ‘no’

PA. total Primary votes Dems vs.Rep

15 days until season #2 of 'Orange is the new Black' - take the Quiz

Infographic: Is Britain a ‘Christian country’?

Aliens Are Almost Definitely Out There & Will Be Found In Next 20 yrs -Astronomers Tell Congress.

Loebsack letter to Tom Wheeler - a big deal.

Restaurant Review Says Waitresses Should “Show More Skin.” You’ll Be Glad The Owner Agrees…

Forecast gives Dems 56% chance of retaining control of U.S. Senate

Christian emigration looms over pope’s first Holy Land visit

Santorum-backed judge brings marriage equality to Pa.

Israel isn't, and will never be, an apartheid state

Koterba toons: The VA, and China spys too

Russia and China veto UN move to refer Syria to international criminal court

States are falling for marriage equality. Which will be the last one standing?

Say no to fracking petition for NC

WATCH the Jon Stewart interview of Tim Geithner from last night:

Arrests over ‘Happy’ video highlight Iran rift

Casino team looking at local sites

GOP lawmaker defends duct tape pipeline ‘fix’ in wildlife refuge.

Bill would close mail-order drug loophole in New York

Google Fiber: You Know How Comcast Is Making Netflix Pay Extra? We Don't Do That Kind Of Crap


Tom Corbett is DOOMED!!!

The NSA and civilian gun-owners. Some musings.

'Price Is Right' viewers complain about President Obama interrupting show with speech

Democrats set to take Governor Drownback out in November

Creation Museum To Display Dino Skeleton It Says Proves Bible

The VA "scandal" should not be about assigning blame.

Obama Takes An Impromptu Stroll, Causes Tourists To Lose It (VIDEO)

NYT Book Reviewer Wonders If Glenn Greenwald Should Be Locked Up

eBay Data Breach -- The 'Inexcusable' Impact on 233 Million Customers

Years of Living Dangerously - need info.

The Rude Pundit: A Countdown of What the Lousiana Legislature Has Done ...

Wendy Davis on Greg Abbott's Refusal to Debate (video and transcript)

Clyburn Compares Benghazi Probe To Jim Crow South

Update on my cancer.

Update on my cancer.

Sales of Existing U.S. Homes Rise for First Time in ‘14

$21 per hour working for McDonalds with sick leave, overtime and 2 days off per week.

Report: FAA too reliant on Boeing for battery test

Americans’ Outlook for U.S. Economy Falls to Seven-Month Low

Mark Glaze compares Armatix pistol with Diebold voting machines

Facebook mobile apps to start recording sounds, looking for matches

The truth about Russia Today: giving hatenut Alex Jones forum to spout anti-Obama tinfoil hattery

Weekly Jobless Claims Jump To 326,000 After Hitting Seven-Year Low

Russia Sees U.S. Balking on ‘Nuclear Threat’ of Wider Sanctions

NY Senate OKs harsher penalty for harming kids

Gain in U.S. Leading Index Points to Second-Quarter Rebound

NSA reform bill passes House, despite loss of support from privacy advocates

America Moving Backward: Abortion Limits Sweep Through The South

Arianna Huffington on Stephanie today

No Recovery for Workers in the Middle

Legal battle over same-sex marriage intensifies across the U.S. **UPDATE**

New York doctors group wants credentials on display

USCCB Subcommittee Chairman Calls Decisions in Oregon and Pennsylvania Travesties of Justice

Drummond sues Tyson Gay and the USADA

Pennsylvania Just Legalized Same Sex Marriage And Rick Santorum Has Nothing To Say

Labor force participation in Oregon at lowest recorded point since 1976

Anti-fracking protest of Cuomo on Long Island

The Merrow. Selkie. Mermaid.

Minimum wage competitive says receiver of $9.5M pay package

Warning: Be careful what you click online!

Mets act fast on ownership tweet, other ‘distractions’

Innocent Woman Nearly Killed After License Plate Reader Mistake - ACLU-MA's Kade Crockford Discusses

The ‘atheist Pope Francis’? Uruguay’s president draws comparisons

MS Tea Party vice chairman arrested in Cochran case

Gun Safety Proponent Cites 'Fool-Proof' E-Voting Systems in SUPPORT of 'Smart Gun' Technology

Guns don't kill

North Carolina Passes New Protest Rules To Clamp Down On Moral Mondays

VA Hospital Abuses.......Where are the Veterans elected Representatives?

Ramen Grilled Cheese: It Was Only a Matter of Time

Huckabee, Clinton lead in Iowa

Freedom of Religion in the Workplace

Cosmos On Weed with Neil deGrasse Tyson

MS Tea Party Vice Chairman Arrested In Cochran Case (2 more arrests have been or will be made)

Pope Francis eyes religious reconciliation on trip to Holy Land

Why Former Spy Valerie Plame Thinks Hillary Clinton is A lot Like FDR

Dave Daubenmire Lashes Out At 'President Homobama,' Says Hillary Clinton 'Screams Lesbian'

The beautiful un-photoshopped body

Libertarian Brian Williams To Sit Down With Snowden For First American TV Interview

Watch: Jamaican gays and trans people forced to live in storm drain

MTA approves raises for transit workers

State Attorney's Office in Orange County, FL needs a clean up on aisle 5.

Big fine 'won't do much damage': Credit Suisse CEO

Florida seniors get low marks for multiple health problems, drinking study finds

Chatham House report on cases of near nuclear explosions/exchanges

Op-ed: Maine Report Lifts Veil on NOM’s Illegal Fundraising Scheme


East New York to be first of 15 neighborhoods targeted for affordable housing

Jamie Dimon’s sinister PR ploy: What’s really behind JPMorgan’s Detroit investment

Program for veterans with traumatic brain injuries endangered because Republicans and funding

Thom Hartmann: Sarah Palin was right - There are death panels in America

Thom Hartmann: Fast Lane...big win for monopolies - big loss for everyone else

#TBT Elizabeth Warren -

BILL MOYERS: Hedge Fund Managers not Teachers are 800 lb Gorilla in education "reform" fight

Work in progress today.

50 senators to NFL: Change Redskins' racist name

I went to Jason's Deli today and (holy shit!) they had a baseball game on instead of FOX News.

Creationists now losing their minds because Neil deGrasse Tyson explained electricity

Tea Party Chairman Arrested in Connection to Illegal Photographs of Senator’s Wife

Senate Republicans Hit an All Time Low Blocking Bill They Unanimously Supported

Daily Kos: Allen West questions the 'loyalties' of Rep. Tammy Duckworth

FIOS is the future.

GOP Hypocrisy: Republicans Deny VA Funding, Then Blame Obama For VA Issue

NBC News’s Brian Williams interviews Snowden, Greenwald

George Soros sells all shares of Citigroup, Bank of America and JP Morgan

Democrat Recchia unveils new ferry ad in battle with GOP Rep. Michael Grimm

Koch brothers’ Detroit abomination: Stunning avarice and cruelty reaches new low

FCC Incest: Meet the Cable Cronies Who Control Net Neutrality's Future

The real budgetary emergency and the myth of "burnable carbon"

Students Now Indentured to the Banksters

So, my daughter is a competitive figure skater

I hope this isn't out of line...

Thom Hartmann just announced his show will return to the 12 - 3PM (ET) time slot

Family of Chris Stevens - Letter to the Benghazi Show

What's for Dinner ~ Thursday ~ May 22nd

James O’Keefe’s anti-fracking scam backfires

Fox's Allen West Attacks Decorated Vet Rep. Tammy Duckworth: I "Don't Know Where Her Loyalties Lie"

Russia Today's anti-semitic code words: "Bilderberg" behind the new world order

He's looking rather happy I'd say...

The Little Girl and the Construction Crew

The Racist Housing Policy That Made Your Neighborhood

The Real Scandal: 258,000 Veterans Lack Healthcare Because Republicans Won’t Expand Medicaid

The War On Terror Shall Continue: House Rejects Bid To End The Endless War On Terror

I am so $*&#*&% tired of the rethugs always dominating the conversation

Las Vegas withdraws its bid for the 2016 Republican National Convention

Sometimes karma moves fast--transphobic radio hosts in Rochester, NY

Examining the Federal Response to Autism Spectrum Disorders

Evidence Suggested Tsarnaev Brothers Did Not Act Alone

Re-post from General Discussion: Near uses of Nuclear Weapons

El Paso proves communism works, says House rep who appeared to eat his own ear wax

Astonishing sculpture

East Bay sheriffs to release immigrants held for feds

Michelle Obama: Watch out, because Malia's learning to drive!

The Deaf Wife Problem (Joke)

Creationist prove their point

Benghazi member Tammy Duckworth, oh yeah, remember this ?

Search for Missing Malaysia Airlines Plane Resumes

Plan-B now available on Amazon at a deep discount!!

I got $5 that says nobody goes to jail over this.

HP earnings in line, to cut an additional 11,000-16,000 jobs

Chicago: Over 100 arrested near McDonald's headquarters in protest over low pay

Plan-B now available on Amazon at a deep discount!!

I found this useful in explaining net neutrality to the uninformed.

Nest Recalls 440K Smoke Alarms for Safety Risk

Majority of Palestinians support Marwan Barghouthi for president

Irish Joke

Goons get feelings hurt, demand unflattering comments be taken down as condition for bail

Wingnuts Erupt In Rage Over Coates “Reparations” Article Without Bothering To Read It

An Apology from Prince Charles we would not know about without Andy Borowitz

“Abortion Barbie” posters depicting Wendy Davis as a pregnant Barbie doll appear in Los Angeles

It Was A Job Interview. (For anybody who missed the true purpose of Rove's attack on Clinton.)

Actors find the human pulse in HBO's 'Normal Heart'

Rochester radio hosts fired for transgender remarks

Tom Steyer announces $100 million attack on GOP climate ‘deniers’

Scott Walker for President?

Ukraine Forces Suffer Worst Losses of Crisis Amid Unrest

Senate Republicans About to Screw Veterans -- All for a Campaign Ad

OPINION: Biden in Romania Talks Reveals Extramundane Nature of US Push for War

Russia, China Plan to Expand Payments in National Currencies

Guy Walks Into a Bar

Russia May Sign Agreement to Build 8 Reactors in Iran

Santos to request extradition of former Colombia spy chief

Credit Suisse’s Guilty Plea: The WSJ Uses the Right Adjective to Modify the Wrong Noun

A rabbi walks into a bar

Ethics watchdog calls for investigation of EPA assault on renewable fuels.

Texas: Where Corruption and Lying is a Prerequisite for Office

good news for you

Another blond joke

John Boehner gets called out: What does ‘Obamacare have to do with immigration?’

Prince Fielder done for the season.

Just heard on KCRG...Romney coming to the state to endorse Ernst.

State commission calls for closing 6 institutions for the disabled

Threatening call prompted incoming traffic lock down at Fort Hood

Gay minister hopes for change on same-sex marriage (Scotland)

7 tons of hummus recalled from Target, Trader Joes (Listeria contamination)

DOI probing whether criminality or incompetence led to 911 troubles

Nigeria violence: 'Boko Haram' destroy village

Behind the Koch Brothers: New Book Spills the Secrets of Nation's Most Powerful and Private Dynasty

I have reached the point in life where people I used to party with are getting buried.

For your listening consideration:

Government goes back to the drawing board on regulating controversial tax-exempt groups

Papantonio: SCOTUS Has Catastrophic Conflict In BP Case

US World Cup roster announced, Donovan among players cut

Dallas 1 of 4 finalists to host the 2016 GOP convention

Chile plans bill to relax ban on abortions

Do it! Let this be the year you get organized! Avoid the mad rush!

How Not to Oppose Imperialism: Ukraine, and the Russia Today Left

Dutch Eurosceptic party stumbles in European elections - exit poll

The 9/11 commemorative cheese plate?

US court sentences former president of Guatemala to prison for taking bribes

US court sentences former president of Guatemala to prison for taking bribes

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